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    Link to the PC: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/3xs-vengeance-aura-ti-sli-overclocked-intel-core-i7-8700k-32gb-ddr4-2x-11gb-asus-gtx-1080-ti-strix-o Anybody can join this giveaway (whitelisted people), winner will be picked on the 12th. Post below to join.
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    @Dewskeet Skeet @Tom @Dusty @Randle @Kevin @Zorbz @Jewell @ExoticRainbow @Blake @Shane @Pep @Shroud @Skinner @Lucius @Seiceps the Deceiver @Sleepyhead @Jamie @Viking @osku197 @Mexi @Joffrey @Erik @Undead @focus - Top Tier RPers... probably the absolute best RPers on the server tbh, and should be awarded as such. There's absolutely nobody who compares. Bunch of RNs (real ni🅱️🅱️as) that you can always rely on to have your back when the going gets tough and the shit starts flying @angry_skipper @twig @Dustin1 @Emily Jones @Chewy @Sxcomba @HEARTLSS21 @i am Bambi- You all helped me get more involved in this shit show, and I thank you. I'll also never forgive you. @Pado @Macbrine @Lady In Blue @Aiko @Jade @Iso @SnipZ @Rainey @Anouk- ya'll cool too, don't go to the forums tomorrow
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    Why put this in General Discussion if the only discussion that is happening is going to be through private messages to Rolle?
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    Today is the day where we address the problems we have been having regarding hostile RP in our community. Hostile RP is this beautiful thing that can inspire roleplayers or it can totally defeat them. After putting in more effort into my roleplay and changing my style of rp… I have realized how much of a predicament we are truly in as a community even after the last resort of a lore wipe. Before the wipe, we were truly at the brink of roleplay. To me, it felt like almost everyone had given up on trying. So they jumped on the hostile RP bandwagon so they weren’t initiated on everyday and forced into an hours worth of boring hostile rp. It was almost as if it were put on a loop over and over again each and every single hostage. Many of you will disagree with me, however, very many of you will agree with me in silence and in public. Many threads have been made like this before, however, the only difference with this one is that there will be no public shaming. I will be sticking my neck out and accepting any sort of berating and or accusations so that you don’t have to. This is the least I could do for all of the shit roleplay I have provided in the past. Yes, I am definitely saying that very many hostile rpers have been abusive over the forums towards those who have protested the current “bad” hostile rp issue. The common excuse is they are salty, roleplay didn’t go how they wanted it to, and they are just upset about losing their gear. These individuals will explain how you have free reign to talk to them, but in actuality you don’t. I, and many… many others have tried. All that matters is whether these hostile rpers are having fun. However, to many of them, our fun does not matter. They can protest this as much as they want, but many of you have seen the lack of care towards others fun when they are put into a position of power in that specific style of roleplay. Yes, we are salty. Yes, we are upset with how roleplay is going. Why? Because hostile rpers ALWAYS have roleplay go there way. You take people hostage, they do what you say in fear of death, they sit there with their mouth shut and follow your every boring order, and your lack of creativity is impeccable. Yes, I used to be one of these people, but that has changed when I had learned of this different perspective. You may be asking yourself, I talk about myself a lot in this particular issue as if I’m some righteous roleplayer, but that is because I have been on both sides of the spectrum. I know how they work, and I know how the people who don’t participate in that sort of roleplay work. Now, let's get down business. How are we going to fix this issue… Well, after me and my friends brainstormed of different ways we could avoid these rpers we came to a conclusion that there is no way. They are unavoidable, because again, roleplay goes their way, so they get what they want. The chances of many people on the opposite side of the spectrum aligning forces to create a war against such individuals is unlikely. Let’s be honest, these guys know how to pvp, they know how to work around the rules to their benefit, and these hostile groups have a tendency to align themselves with one another creating no way to avoid them. Maybe you could be like Viridian and RP in a private location amongst yourselves, or on an island like UPS, but at the end of the day these guys will find some way to fuck up your day, and many of them don’t even realize it or they do, and do it anyway. Why do you think people are leaving the community? Why do you think we are shorter on some of the greatest roleplayers that have ever graced this community. They left because didn’t wanna deal with it. All of this is important for you to know. Talk shit about me, I don’t care anymore. I’m doing this for those that don’t get to have a voice because you make them look stupid, irrelevant, and salty. The rules can be changed, they can be modified to eliminate this issue from progressing and remaining at the current state it is already in. So that is why I and others have made a collaborative decision to create a hidden discussion from you. In this discussion I will only have the staff member @Rolle, our community’s owner. Everyone that does not want their voice to be heard publicly, will be added to this mass PM chat over the forums. Rolle has noticed what’s going on, the hostile RPers have noticed it, all we have to do is give him a push. This will be a petition of sorts. Send me a PM. I and several others will monitor the chat to make sure none of these hostile rper’s will weasle their way into it to meme on our parade. In the chat, I would like you to express your concerns regarding the hostile rp that has been going on and what you believe would help fix the issue. I must clarify, this is not a petition to remove hostile RP. As I’ve stated in the first paragraph, it can be beautiful. So, we have to make it so that those that cannot control their urge to initiate on these people they have have no reason to besides the fact that it’s what they want, are going to be limited. They always get what they want, breaking the rules or not. In the home page of DayZRP it says that this is an immersive roleplay community. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s fix the problem. EDIT: PM'S HAVE A CAP AT 10 PEOPLE SO I WILL BE MAKING MULTIPLE GROUP CHATS FOR ANYONE WHO PM'S ME. WE ALREADY HAVE ONE FULL GROUP CHAT.
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    @Sullyy @kiwienne @PalmtreeWhale - Even though I don't play with you guys enough anymore you were the first real friends I made on here, I will always remember the last few months of the last lore with you guys with the trading company, even more so with getting @Whitename kicked off of the island that one time...that was legendary. Love you guys <3! @Wungus Bill - One of the last good funny RP-ers standing that hasn't been permed yet. A true Wungus through and through, nobody else I'd rather have leading a pirate crew with me on it. Akachi will rise one day. @Boston - Definitely one of my best pals on here, known you for a good while, always fun to talk to in TS or PVP scum with or play bootleg EFT simulator. @Galaxy - Known you since the symptom, haven't really stopped hanging around with you since. You're pretty ok for a wannabe staff member. @Iso - Potato dad. Went to you for advice on something once I believe and we haven't really stopped talking since. Always a good conversationalist, very straight forward, we're same wavelength on a LOT of things, so it's pretty easy to just shoot the shit and talk on steam. Appreciate 'ya. @Lyca - Definitely one of the main reasons I didn't quit the community a few months before the lore wipe. As I said in another post, you guys finding me in Kab was definitely a game changer for me, taking me under your wing RP wise and recommending me for The Symptom definitely changed my course on here, always thankful for that. Outside of that, you're a good friend and one of the handful of staff members that truly cares about what they're doing here and is clearly passionate about it. Don't know that i'll trust any new admins that take your's and @Ender's places when you guys are gone <3 @Chewy - I always forget how we first met. I think it was when I applied for Vehm way back when and then never joined up because I was a dirty whitename that was scared of committing to a group. Either way, we've been pretty good friends, and just as I said above, you're one of the most dedicated staff members I know of and definitely one that any aspiring staff member should look up to when looking on how to deal with things. @SweetJoe - Easily one of the most well spoken people on here. Like, the number of times i've just joined into your and @Infamous's channel just to ask a quick question or say "whats up" real quick and then end up staying for like three hours because i've been sucked into whatever conversation you guys were in is astounding. I think we're yet to run into a topic that you aren't well spoken on or that you don't illustrate your point on with pretty sound logic. Great guy, gives the best Sweaty Joe's. @Dirty Dan - One of my best pals on here, always talk to whenever we're both on, always a good time to be around whether it's just shooting the shit on TS or the forums or in RP. Definitely one of the better roleplayers (and more importantly) people on here. You are loved my dood <3 @Rory - Well, Phoenix, you're definitly one of my favorite roleplayers on here, you're super dedicated to the community itself, and you're not afraid to speak your mind on whatever matter is at hand whether it's the popular opinion or not. And just like Mr. Sweaty Joe, even if we don't agree on everything you always defend your stance on topics with sound logic that can't really be debated on. That's always a fantastic feature to have. You're a great friend, and you introduced me to the V-Team which I will always be thankful for. "Wow" - Bowen Shilson @Honeybee - You're my twin. It's kind of creepy how similair we are (Even more so in appearance...my mom has some explaining to do). One of my best friends I have, very glad to have met you on here, even though you never answer my snaps anymore Luh U bihdj Sorry to anyone I forgot, you are loved too, i'm just incredibly scatter brained!
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    @Strawberry Your love for feet has inspired me to get in game again. @Hebi Kotei your accent is cute @Jade I enjoy looking at your keyboard in snapchats @Lyca Momma forever @Spartan - @Spartan @Oliv - Coolest Italian man I know @Brayces you have nice toes @Skinner Saved my ass a lot IC @Chewy U get yourself down sometimes but youre pretty great @Ender My new poppa so I like u a lot @Jamie OG pappa, wish we talked more @Infamous Idk why but everytime I moderate one of your conversations you call me out to see if im paying attention, it gives me a giggle. Overall youre a pretty chill dude. @Galaxy My hun hun @Refacture Idk why you changed your name, but you the OG home boy. @Rudolph Youre an alright hockey/lax player @Lady In Blue Idk who you are but you followed me on the forum so you must be pretty cool Alright thats all the people I can think of off the top of my head.
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    @Dusty - I'm your number one fan. You was always my favourite GM, I will make sure you behave! You are going to hate me but I'm just going to protect you. Trust. -Flicks her emo fringe to the side- I love you. First one to have killed me, first one I have met in game by you killing me. I was your shadow! 💙 @Macbrine - Few of the first humans I have met and got married too. Never will I forget the first time we had met. Was a dark night, in a ally we had met, I was in my dress, you had no gear on, I gave you my cereal. You told me your name and said.. "You better not forget my name Quinn." Two days later we met and you was with a lot of people, Dusty and Vytis and so on, you asked me what your name was so I told you, then at gunpoint I got made to marry you once you proposed after I had ran away. 💙 @Vytis - Thank you for giving me water and locking me in a room and being you. You are amazing Vytis! Hope we can play together soon. 💙 Dean - o7 /Will never forget you. Rest in peace, I still visit your grave everyday. You always picked on me, but only you was allowed to do that. Stuck up for me and helped me. I fucking miss you. 💙 @Gowbe - Skittle Kingdom will always be a thing! I miss our times together. I really do. Hope we can do it again! 💙 @Infamous - You dislike me. We both know this, but I like you. I like how you don't hold back, I think you are a pretty cool dude. 💙 @Mr.Panda - I adore you. You was so fun to be around. You coming up to me when I was tied up was pretty funny. Thanks for the rescue! @Cody Husky - I had much fun with you while everyone else was asleep. Glad I wasn't the only one awake with no one to be with! Hope we can meet in game more. 💙 @Hassan - Thank you for the fun times. Hope you come back soon. 💙 @Ark - Another favourite GM of mine.. I know you probably think I am weird but I like you. My legs broke remember!? 💙 @melon21 - I loved the first time we had met, I broke down a door and I seen you in the corner screaming at me in Russian, aiming your weapon at me, I wore a clown mask and had no pants on, didn't know anyone was in the room, I ran away screaming! @Beni - Didn't stay in your group long, or been with you long, but you tried your best to point me in the right path. You a cool dude. 💙 @MatthewFC - Your name reminds me of a footballer fan, having FC on the end. I love how the first time I met you was when I killed you. You wanted to report me but you ended up loving me and we became friends. 💙 @Levi Ackerman - You are not alone my dude. I know things have changed and I haven't had this talk with you. Sorry that I made my character into something you dislike, I miss the old times. So much love in this community, it isn't always hate. 💙 @Eagle - You took me in despite a lot of people not approving. Thank you for taking care of me. You is one of the best GM that is around! To me anyway. 💙 @Puncture - You find me weird, we know this. But you will always be my Blueberry, like it or not. 💙 @Lucass - We had good times. Despite the hate I get, you join in, but you still like me. 💙 I want to thank you for doing RP with me. @JimRP - Thank you for never judging me and pointing me in the right directions. You is nice, not many people see what people like me see. One of the best roleplayers. 💙 @Squillium - You chill asf tbh, play with the emo kids more, your farts are dank asf btw. @OnionRingOfDoom - We haven't spent much time together as I would have liked, you are one of my favorite humans that is around. I love our memes and I miss you. 💙 @Jango - I remember when I first met you in game, you said you were mayor and I objected. Funny times. 💙 @Undead - You are fun. I can't wait to see you in the game again. And I can't wait for me and you and Dusty to play Dota2 together. 💙 @Pado - You scare me a lot. When I see you in the game I want to run away because you want to kill me. But you make me laugh, memes aside. 💙 @BrickWall - I love you! Always be my Boris and never PK! Wouldn't know what to do! Never change. Remember Deans kebab shop? You better be taking care of it! 💙 @iBUYCHOWDER - Abuuka will always be one of my favorites. He bowed before me. 💙 @WildCurtos o7 - I love Josefina Lopez - My favourite character in RP! I MISS HER. @TommyGun_ - I love how deep down you are confused and scared when you RP with me and talk to me, never admitting it. I adore you. I miss that soft voice you would do for Taylor, little Ernest! Bring him back soon! You are someone I love to RP with, I love how we had to pretend to be husband and wife because of Joe. 💙 @SkinVest - I miss the good old days in Severograd with Dean and Boris. So much great memories! I hope we can all go back one day, somehow. 💙 @Ronin47 - You rolled with me when I first joined, that black dry bag I wanted though. Thank you. 💙 @SoalXtractor - You are a favorite meme of mine. Never change. Hope we can play more together in the game. 💙 @Mr. Blue - One of my favorite humans. His RP is amazing. Never change my dear dude. 💙 @Dvlinhb - You are probably confused on why I am giving you love? Well, I like a challenge, if someone dislikes me I like looking into it, see what I can do to change what makes one dislike me so much. You haven't got to know me OOCLY, our short time ICLY - you have taken it OOCLY. Sitting down and talking to someone changes many things. Please stop having so much hate for me, it becomes daunting. 💙 @Wolfstorm23 - I remember when we first met. Good memories. Here is a little bit of love! 💙 @Galaxy - I adored your character, Stephen. Jesus.. Why did you PK! Miss him. I loved our stripper dance times. I miss the times in Severograd. I enjoyed being in the same group as you. 💙 @Darion - I'm not emba- UGH. -Hides in a bush and becomes one with the bush- I miss Severograd times! Hope we can all go back somehow. 💙 @Jman14102 - I like your character, I love his personality, it's very unique. Hope RP has been more fun for you, I know Severograd times was daunting and repetitive for you at times. 💙 @Taryn - Can't believe I can forget you, forgive? You always helped my Quinn out and always looked out for her, I admire that! Not many girls would do that! You is bae. Thank you for the great RP we had together. 💙 @Rory - I knowwwwwwwwwww things are strange with rumors, but I honestly think you are a beautiful young lady who I love seeing around in the game. 💙 To the rest, o7 I know you all would most likely not mention me, but despite not being liked, cared about, and so on by many. I like you all, I really do. 💙 Just woke up.
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    Don't worry Coreena, I'm already on it, about a dozen members will soon be removed from the community, those who focus on OOC, have shitty attitudes, or aren't here to role play, but to provide minimum of what is required by the rules just to kill other players without the exposure to KoS on public servers. I think that will set the example to the rest about what is expected of role players in this community and what the consequences are for not following our core values.
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    @Para you're my boy on here tbh, we started off rocky and I thought you were a bit of a shit, but in all honesty you proved me wrong in the end, love you baby <3 @Galaxy again, another person I started off badly with, but I think we've both made up for how things started, you've cleaned up your act and now I've got massive respect for you, even if you never will make it to CH @Lyca my staff buddy, always had my back, always had yours, great roleplayer, great staff member, pretty shit at DBD @Jade one of the three, love having you around to meme with and be chill with, probably one of the few people who uses this place for fun and not drama <3 @Buddy you're a bitch but you're my bitch, I'll love you forever for putting up with the aids that spews out of my mouth on a daily, more like hourly basis <3 you and your lady deserve all the happiness in the world @Majoo my beautiful Norwegian bride, I will forever treasure our midnight conversations, memes and RP, I miss you @Brayces we don't talk anymore but I enjoyed our late night conversations, thanks for those <3 @Spartan deep down, somewhere in my blackened, burnt heart, I love you
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    Horsemen were a big influence on my RP, watching how they did hostile RP with others (whilst hostage) gave me a few ideas on how to conduct myself in any hostile RP I had in the future. Not really 1 standout figure, it was moreso the principal and conduct of the group that influenced me. @Lyca a big influence on how I RP'd Max out, had a big part in his progression as a character and several story arcs, taught me a few things about the value of 1-1 character progression and good ol' road talks. @Infamous oh back to my whitename days (as if they ever ended tbh) and Louie's boys, first big group I ended up running with, introducing me to large-scale group RP, internal and external in different measures. I miss those days @Spartan Nasinec had an impact on how I RP'd outside of the video game, in a way you and your group got me into in-depth text RP, internal and Chernarussian RP. I doubt I'd be on a Chernarussian character without you or @Oisin, @Razareth, @PatZ and @Grimnir or any of the other excellent Chernarussian RPers I've had the good fortune of meeting <3 You guys really gave me the confidence to try out a new thing, which is never easy, so thank you for that @Brayces gave me an appreciation for the more descriptive side of text RP, though I doubt I'll match you for it, I enjoyed learning nonetheless <3
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    You want more I've got my PC back now. Just say the word dude. @Para, @Lyca, @Ender - Thank you. So fucking much for getting me through these hard times. Thank you especially Para and Ender for making me realise what I needed to do. Thank you for supporting me. @Saffypie101 - You're a godsend. I wouldn't be back on my PC without this case. You're awesome. @Galaxy - Again hmu if you want those dank roleplay mini events unless I'm ingame with you- we're in the same group now PS I still hold that blackmail against you but it's okay you're coo', it's just a meme at this point. @Hebi Kotei - Teach me. Great guy great GM chill to be around, I'm excited to try this group out @HEARTLSS21 @i am Bambi @angry_skipper @Dustin1 @twig @Vytis @Emily Jones You guys are my dynamic fo' life and I'll never tire of hanging out with you on teamspeak. You're like my family. I love you guys. To anyone I missed, please don't hate me. I love you all.
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    We are closing this. It is going no where. If you want to make a change, and have evidence to all of this send a PM to Rolle. There have been too many threads like this with the same exact response. Bring the evidence forward to make a change. /closed
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    That's actually because they all got permabanned in March of this year, not because people are leaving because they don't like hostile RP. Look, this entire thread is just you complaining about hostile RP and being condescending as fuck to others. If you actually want to fix things, perhaps you shouldn't be a hypocrite and act condescending towards the people that you're criticizing. If you actually want to change something, try to maybe act like an adult and actually work with the people who you think need to change instead of just talking down to them and talking shit about them behind their backs, like everybody else does. You've been a hostile RPer before. You know how things go. You are a hypocrite. You yourself have brushed off valid criticism as salt. Get off of your high horse and try to meet people half way. Nothing is going to change just by you talking condescendingly and acting elite. You yourself are also guilty of everything you're upset about in this thread. Stop acting as if you're some saint.
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    "These individuals will explain how you have free reign to talk to them, but in actuality you don’t" Yes you do. Anyone does. That's what you're doing. I guess we know whos been spam pm'ing rolle making him think that some of the people on this community are garbage, nice. Coreena in what world are you an authority on hostile RP? You've definitely done some and i've seen it, i've seena lot of it. You're not bad at all but i'm sorry you're hostile rp has never been anything insanely over the top. Neither has mine but don't think to hold yourself above any other hostile rp'er lmfao. You act like your a crusader to the down trodden but cmon who asked. If someone looks stupid in a public forum that's probably because they are acting stupid. I'd love in on these group chats so I can stop the echo chamber that i'm sure is going on in there. I'm happy to discuss any of this on teamspeak at any time. But this entire thread is a bad fucking meme and honestly i'm pretty grossed out. You did the same shit as these people when you had guys in your dynamic or group backing you. Just because you now do something else doesn't change that. Of course hostile rp can be better, any rp can be better. But making a salt post and then spam pming people who don't get in game to make other people look bad. Nice memeronis.
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    This thread is Elitism at it's fucking finest. This is more cancerous than any bad RP experience members of the community could come across.
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    OK, @Chaostica @Yoshi @Simon @Hebee @Sylvester Todd @Jade @Darion @neckrorazul @The Marshal @ItzThatcher @Combat Logo @Coda852 @Spartancrg @Lucky1911 @Jack the Ripper @Roach @Buddy @Rory @DatBlueWolf @Shikaka you all made a fantastic story along with many many others in the last lore wipe and I am eternally grateful for how much you guys put into your roleplay. These are just the first names that come to mind but many many others also take credit as I would be tagging a LONG time. Here's to all of you amazing roleplayers and here's to a future when we all start RPing more and create another amazing story.
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    First of all @Stagsview "Jitka" and Cerna Liska helped me to get a healthy start, showing me everything you need to know as an angry xenophobic chernarussian. Then @Spartan as "Sara Cernik" in the Last companions as well as @Ron @Lemons @Majoo. Then the beginnings of Milice Zachovani, later Nasinec. Some more ppl from the later version called Nasinec @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @[email protected] @Razareth @Harlow @Slash until the death of Domek and the beginnings of Matyas. Also on later chars, such as Borya i had very intense char dev. with @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Ron @Terra and the rest of Odveta.
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    You’ll Never Leave South Zagoria Alive I am a man of South Zagoria, born and raised here, hardened by the land, resolve strengthened by the toil and fierce living this province inflicts on you. My father was a strong, iron-willed man, a product of the hard labour and drinking he was forced to do to keep his children in clothes, his family fed and his house in order. We did not have much but his commitment pulled us through, kept us fed and clothed, Mama made sure we were loved and cared for; that is how things work in South Zagoria. Family must work as a team to survive, nobody can make it here alone, not even the toughest son of a bitch the rocks of Skalisty would spew out. Criminality, army or factory, they are the only choices, short, brutal careers for unimportant, unwanted men. I am determined not to become another cog in that meatgrinding machine, I will not be my grandfather or my father, perishing in the quarry or poisoning my liver until I die spluttering and yellow in a piss stained bed. Ne, I will leave South Zagoria alive, by any means necessary, even if it means carving a path for myself by taking chunks out of others. I will, I must, or my father’s prediction will come true. This is how I will leave South Zagoria alive. 04/12/2017 Vadek, Today was cold and bitter, in more ways than just the weather. Ano, Papa, you would be proud of the things I have done. I awoke this morning, head banging, filling my mind with thoughts of the future, a good life, a beautiful woman, anything to take my head out of the gutter that I had woken up in. Now I am in charge of a streak of boy piss named Ben, he is a good kid for the most part, it is unfortunate that he was caught up in this mess. After I had slaked my thirst, I went to perform Ben’s morning frisk, I did not expect anything except another boring morning. All was well until I felt a sharp metallic object protruding from his pocket, ano, I felt an anger boil inside of me, I had warned the stupid boy not to carry sharp items, anything that could harm one of the guards. Surely that would be his death if any other guard had found it, a lesson was in order, one that he would never forget. We found ourselves on the roof of a factory, flat, with grooves weathered into it, easy to lose your footing on if you were not careful. Boy was scared out of his mind, maybe he thought I was only trying to scare some sense into him, frighten him silly then climb down with him, laughing about his stupidity. Ne, this is serious business where people get hurt every day, there is no room for bad work, too much money and too many lives are at stake, including my own. The boy had to believe he would die… my eyes fell on to the edge of the roof and, before I knew it, I felt myself dangling him over the abyss, my fingers and strength of muscle being the only things between him and a brutal, swift drop. Ano, the boy was scared, too much perhaps, ne sense was coming from his mouth, only pleas and cries for mercy. His weak fingers struggled against me, trying to pry himself free, not knowing that that would be his end. True fear lit his eyes up, a few more minutes and we would’ve needed new trousers for him, there was death on his mind and I was its harbinger, there was not much else to do but slam the message home. Twirling, he found himself in a heap on the roof once again, and I once again found myself wondering how to deliver the message. A stroke of genius struck me, ano, it would have to be with the very tool which he had attempted to conceal from me. Feeling the sharpness of the opener in my hand, I stepped forward and relieved him of one nail, the screams and blood etching the moment into my mind forever. I had never tortured a man before, I had never even shot anybody before, yet here I was, enforcing our law with fear and blood. I told myself this was the price of being born in South Zagoria, one must climb through mountains of shit to reach the top but… the look on his face… I think that will haunt my dreams for some time. I’m not sure why I did what I did next, instead leaving him the opener, instructing him to remove another fingernail from his hand, less he find himself dangling off of the roof again. The boy did it, with some hesitation… perhaps there is more to him than meets the eye, a hidden steel beneath the mask of complacence and weakness. It takes a man to hurt himself, to do what needs to be done to keep himself safe, ano, I felt some respect for the boy then, despite his stupidity. Lesson learned I told myself, and we climbed down, leaving the bloody can opener atop the roof, his stifled sobs and whispers echoing in my ears as I continued my rounds, as if nothing had ever happened. Astrid… ano, the woman intrigues me to say the least. I am simple man, I know what I want, a bountiful farm, a beautiful woman to have many babies with, clean, soft living for my children, bliss. Astrid… well I can’t quite figure out what she wants beyond teaching the lambs. A little girl named Fin was unfortunate enough to meet our crew today, found herself under Gio’s thumb quickly, then under the fiery scrutiny of Astrid’s code. Poor girl was out of her mind with fright, guns in her face, sharp metal tools, not things Americans of soft living are used to seeing. I watched Astrid go to work on her… the woman is effective… if anything. I doubt the girl will ever disobey her again, but I hope her plans to… depart, succeed. I could stop her, save the boss man some money and, if I was a cruel bastard, I would. Ne… you would not approve of hurting little girls Papa, ne matter the personal cost. A man would not do such a thing, not even for money. There is no law anymore but a man still has his line, the one which he will never cross. Hurting children is mine. Astrid… she has no such issue… that is what makes her so dangerous and, perhaps, interesting in her own way. She could be useful to me, if I keep her on side, a dangerous, crazy bitch with a knife happy attitude is always a good thing to pull out of the toolbox in a desperate situation. Is that not what you taught me Papa, to scrape my way out of the dirt, bloody piece by bloody piece, until I can see the light? I try to think of the things that will come after this, that I will do these bad things so many good things can come for my family later and, ano, maybe that is true. Maybe I will do many bad things and, just maybe, it will earn me enough to get myself out of here but… is it worth it if all my children wake up to at night are the screams of their Papa, all my wife feels is the fury of her husband’s anguish, if the home I built out of my own blood, sweat and tears becomes a prison for my babies… ne… that is no life. But what other choice does a man like me have… what other choice is there if I am to leave South Zagoria alive? Ano Papa, right as always, there is ne choice. There is only a direction, and that is forward. Always forward.
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    @Chief @Chaostica @Yoshi @Simon @Lucky1911 @HatofSpades @Hebee @Leeway3787 @Shikaka @RedSky I've known you guys for as long as I've been in the community. Even if we all don't play together like before and even if there's been some troubles in the past honestly you guys are like family to me at this point and I love you guys, even if the feeling isn't mutual. Sorry for not keeping in touch and being around to play other games with you guys btw ;-; but if you guys ever need someone to chill with I'm always here. @Autumn @Ender @SarcasticSurgeon @Revocane @Doc Phlox @Dishes @Dolphin You guys were the second.... technically third group I was apart of in the community. I miss being in the Chernarus Post with you guys :< but at the same time mail is for nerds. Probably wasn't the most exciting group we were all apart of but I had a good time hanging out with all of you, keep in touch. @GUARDtheHAM Come back bb ;-; I miss playing Ken and Naomi, had a lot of good laughs. But good luck with real life you nerd if you ever decide to come back hmu @Mexi We don't talk much anymore but you an A+ guy, take it easy and if you ever want to rp again just lemme know you always hold a place in my heart @Iso Pls change ur name back to Elmo. Anyways we haven't known each other for super long but I still think you're pretty cool I enjoyed working with you in staff and I enjoy hanging out with you now, if you ever need help with something hmu I got u b ✌️ @Para I've known you for a year now and I hope we still stay friends for years to come . Someday we'll hit rank one in dbd but next time we play I'm going to sandbag you git gud kid. @Shane Ur a scrub but I made a promise and I'm going to keep it. Just wait a little longer and then Jidboat will live once more. @Drbeans U stink, go smell somewhere else stinky kid <3 There's also a ton of other people I want to list but some of them aren't here anymore... or have changed their names so I can't find them now But you should know who you are anyone I've ever come in contact with.
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    @Boston - Holy shit, boy, if we ain't been through a lot here, I dunno what to say. So much kept us from being friends for the longest time that was so dumb and miscommunicated. Glad we got it settled because right now, you and @Cody Husky are some of my closet friends here. Thank y'all for taking me in and shit. @Wungus Bill - There is too much for me to put here because you've been with me through literally everything. Even playing spongebob COD:WAW Nazi zombie maps. It's been great with you, man, and here is many more years of friendship to come. @Bubblegum - Dunno what I did for you to take up for me like you have in the past few days/weeks but god am I sure glad to have you as my lawyer. I owe you, indefinitely. Good friend and I hope it stays this way. @Refacture - Really good RP'er and even though we haven't been around each other much OOCly nor ICly, it doesn't change the fact I think we're pretty good friends and I'm glad to have you around. Stay here, yeah? @Joffrey @Undead @Keira - I felt like the Offworld crew deserved an honorable mention here. Even though the time we spent ICly was short-lived, it was really fun rp'ing and being around you guys in general. Great group of people and I hope you guys stick around the community for a good while. @Keira led to a lot of breakthroughs in my personal life that helped me fix my friendships with a lot of people and also gave me the chance I needed to prove my innocence to a lot the people that mattered the most, so thank you very much for that, Keira. I hope you stick around more than you do now. @Method - Oh boy, Method. Rainbow Six adventures are great and idk why you haven't been around me more since we binge played and then suddenly stopped. You're a good guy, come around more often. @Reliics @A1steaksauce57 - I don't even think I really have to explain for these boys, you guys are the OGs of my time in video games and we've been friends wayyyy long before this community. Glad to have brought you here and hopefully we get the chance to hang out around more often than we usually got to. @Infamous @Eagle @OnionRingOfDoom @Lucass @Puncture @ExoticRainbow @Pepe Jones - The BF boys are also worthy of an honorable mention. We ain't spent a great deal of time together but rolling around with you boys being the big baddies is hella fun. Not everyone is probably very happy with us, sad to say, but that's ok. This trip has been fun with you guys and thank y'all for giving me a chance to prove myself in your group. @Loscham - Stormfront was a crazy series of events that led to something I never would have expected with my time in this community. Glad you brought me in, even if our group got tossed around a little bit by all the bandits, the hostileRP was fun and made for good character development @Walnuts @ApronedCrusader @Classic @Shifty1441 - Last but definitely not least, we've had some rocky edges but the time of late July with you guys was really fun. Adventures in Gorka ended in... unexpected results but hey, it was fun, right? Anyways, it was really interesting to see how that brought us all together for a while and I'm glad to have spent that time with you boys. @Classic and @Shifty1441'S adventures with me also go way further back than just DayZRP. It's been a crazy ride, gents. If I missed you and we had some good times, PM me to remind me because I am only human and probably forgot.
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    @Brad My one and only, my forever white knight, my personal fuck boi <3 We joined this community together and met playing this stupid game on public servers; totally bizarre, just like us. There's a world of things that could be said, but there's nothing that I haven't told you in person a hundred times before. Essentially, thanks for being there to hug me and make fun of me for crying over stupid things... like videos of baby pigs. Don't worry, even though I love their squishy little noses, I still love you more... for now. My Unnamed Crew: @NishiUrban @Cid @Aurora Sky @Arcarius @Ender @Silicon Palidin @Lil_Beefy and others whose forum names I can't remember. Brad and I met up with the Unnamed about two days into our adventure on DayZRP, and it was the best thing for us coming into this community. The Unnamed was great for many reasons, but the main one was due to the friendships that were born both in and out of character. Not to mention, some of the best role players I've encountered. Seriously, a ton of fun times, even though towards the end we were shooting each other over chocolate bars. That... wasn't our proudest of moments My staff people (or, those left at least...): Honestly, I might add more as I think of more, because I know for a fact there were way more people that should be mentioned. Staff was such a long time ago, and I'm and old lady now, with a bad memory. @Ark @Ellie @Jamie @Terra @Conor @Hassan @Josh @Autumn @Clumsy @Shark @Oliv Man, we all argued a lot --argued about stuff that didn't matter. Whether it be disagreeing on points, rules, or verdicts, we were able to yell at each other one second, and the make each other laugh the next. I know that for the majority of you guys, we haven't kept in touch as much as we once did -- it happens, especially when one person leaves staff. This being said, I want to let you all know that your friendships during my time in staff came at a time in my life where I was feeling quite lost. I had no job, and was able to delve right into staff work and obsess over it -- earning nicknames like script kitty, and macro queen. There were lots of late night verdicts, or cards against humanity games, and whether it be for work or fun, I genuinely enjoyed the company <3 Man, this post reminds me of some of my massive staff feedback threads.... aren't we fucking glad I'm not in staff anymore for that reason alone ;p My beautiful @Nocheluz <3 One of the best, most genuine friendships I've made on this server. I'm convinced she is the most beautiful woman alive, with the warmest heart. I definitely didn't do anything to deserve this friendship, but I cherish everything that comes along with it -- especially our girl talks. Please, please get into game more <3 I miss you. @NishiUrban He was mentioned before, but I think he deserves his own little blurb. Honestly, he's kind of like the older brother I never had. He's an amazing friend, one that's effortless to hang out with, and one that is too funny and smart for his own good. Not to mention, one of the greatest roleplayers I've met on this server. I have roleplayed with Nishi for a stupid amount of hours, and it never stops being entertaining. @Roach A great friendship that came out of very unfortunate circumstances. Let's just say, I had FAITH in the fact that we would become friends, even though we went through all sorts of drama in and out of character. I'm glad to have worked with him on many projects since! A great roleplayer, and an even better guy to have as a friend. There are so, so, so many more people. I'll probably need to make as second post in all honesty... Ah, now I'm going to go and start that one
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    Christmas is around the corner so why not! If you're Hall Of Fame that means you'll be getting Tycoon, so you can still enter! Post below to join, 10 winners will be picked on the 12th.
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    @Nathan Osbourne Like you said, there's way too much to say in one post, but I'll always be thankful that by some weird random chance we met on public. You and Matt took me in and basically taught me everything about Dayz. If it weren't for you I'd probably never had found DayzRP and I'd missed the chance to meet so many other good friends on here as well. Even though our RP tends to have us playing with different groups you're still my best friend. @Bubblegum Honestly I'm extremely glad that we became friends. If it weren't for you then I'd probably be done with DayzRP right now since Abu got banned. You're a great RPer also and I have a lot of respect for that as well as the fact that you do all kinds of RP without being elitist about any of them. I also enjoy our conversations about any and everything that we have when we're in game or otherwise. We don't agree on everything, but we do have a lot of the same interests which not everyone has which It's nice to have someone to talk to about. @iBUYCHOWDER & @WildCurtos o7 I feel like I need to mention you two together since you're my two best British friends and I met you basically at the same time. You guys are both funny and good RPers and the times we've had together in the last 6-7 months has been hilarious. I've also loved the few times where I've played with either of you separately from the group and really enjoy talking to both of you. @Stickzz I'm so glad that you're finally making time to play again. I honestly forgot how much fun it is to be in game with you and honestly the way you play without giving a shit about what anyone says and just being ballsy as hell ever since we met is one of the biggest reasons why I RP the way I do now. @Peaches When I met you and Abu in game for the first time it was honestly one of my favorite RP experiences ever. You both provided good RP while make it really funny. For the longest time me and you were the ones always in TS together playing whatever game and we had a lot of good times back then. Also Peaches the character as well as your ideas were a huge inspiration to my RP. @Ruan @Walnuts @EpicShipshock and any of the other Hobo-depot boys I may've forgotten to mention. Hobo Depot was one of the most fun RP experiences of my life and I'm glad I got to share it with you guys. You're all good RPers and should really play more when you get the chance. Ruan I'll never forget all our long conversations about RP or the way we met back in the day. @tacticaltahko You're still one of my best friends I've ever met in Dayz. Running we the people and Stormfront with you as a whitename are still some of my favorite memories. You're also my favorite friend to just meme around and be cancer with. We haven't played together much recently but I hope that changes soon because you're one of my favorite people to just walk around the map and screw around with. @Loscham We haven't talked much or played together much at all since the lore wipe, but there's a lot of things I've wanted to say to you that this gives me the perfect opportunity to. I'm going to skip the stormfront stuff and just give a quick mention to the fact that I have a ton of respect for all you've done and gone through as a person. Those are both important to me but I've talked about those to you before. What I really want to touch on is the fact that you were basically my mentor after I met you. You're one of the best RPers I've ever played with and when I was just a dirty whitename who was trash at RP you helped me improve in many ways. You were the first person I ever met who I really labeled a good Roleplayer. I have so much respect for all you've done in the community as staff, and as a person in RL, and I'm extremely grateful that you took me under your wing back in the day. @Abu Muhammad & @Moody o7 Two of my favorite guys I've met in my entire life. Both hilarious, good RPers, and two of my best friends. I'd give anything to have either of you back in the community and It's honestly not the same without you two. o7 boys. If I forgot you I'm very sorry, but just because you're not here doesn't mean I don't consider you my friend. Edit: lol what a surprise I forgot @Galaxy I know that I constantly give you shit, but I do consider you my friend. You're a good roleplayer and you never let anything get to you which is why I like you. There are few people that can take banter like you do without eventually getting upset. We don't talk too often but I always enjoy it when we do.
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    @Ron as Mary, @Jamie, @DeeBlack as David and the other Wolves shaped Nora Wilson. The development of that character was real intense. @PatZ as Domek, @Ron as Jaroslav, @Helsing as Dima, @DeeBlack as Merik & @Razareth as Pepa helped me shape Sara Cernik to become the tough bitch she was. Domek had the most influence on her development by far. @RogueSolace as Beth, @Harvey as Reed, @Lemons as Hawk, @Oisin as Merek & @Faith have/had the most influence on Ella. Beth has the most influence on her by far though.
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    Winston @Taryn , @Jman14102 , @Otter , @CorbSlayer , @neckrorazul , @Raptor ; and the rest of the guys. Literally if you guys where not with Winston then i would not be playing here , legit the best rp i have had on this server and you shaped him to be the best character that i have made . Coward who does not kill turned into phyco who is addicted to killing , can't write that shit and his death was perfect . His mental issues stopped and then he got shot. Wolfgang (Mr.Winter) @Vito , @neckrorazul You guys allowed my cunt of a character to have a job and a purpose in life . Yea , it made him cocky and he payed the consequences of that (rip eye) . But the future and ending of Wolfgang are in mind and he will return in 63.
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    Well Pre lore wipe there was a ton Loads of people from the Vigil (Timmy and Jabba) @Para @Franko etc, then waaay later the next most influential would have to be my time in Nasinec with @Spartan @Iso @Razareth @Helsing @PatZ and @Grimnir that was an amazing time and really opened up a new side of rp to me and brought about some really interesting and unique characters and interactions Post lore we are still waiting for largely influential things But all the guys in Janska @Ron @Terra @Conor @Oliv and @Demaabd had a huge influence on Elaine which was really fun
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    Took me a while but I'm finally done editing a new Siege Highlights video. It includes fucking around with Valk cams, me almost getting @Beni killed, @fletcho1 getting spawn peeked, @Dr Willsky breakdancing & more but I'm too lazy to name it all...
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    @Ghoozov @DeeBlack @Don @Harlow @Scouser @Dingoz @Ducky @Giraffel @Galland @Bulgarian Bombshell @Buster and the rest of the Zbois, you guys are all the best top tier RP and great ideas, we managed to bring law and order and made fully working town even with terror attacks. great memories and probs still the reason why im still here.
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    Ark was no longer part of the group when the verdict was written. Just thought I'd throw that in here to get it all cleared up. IC relations of peoples characters with other groups are not monitored or enforced.
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    Nominee : @Coreena Reason: Its the most worthy thing ive seen all year for this topic . In my opinion that thread is a mess Evidence :
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    This thread is the equivalent of "I'm taking my ball and I'm going home." Fuck that, fuck that shit attitude and fuck that lack of community spirit. This thread will cause nothing but shit. /close thx
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    Was gonna weigh in but this thread is already on fire so... uhhhh.. I mean I see points on both sides. Been in both shoes. So TLDR, a thread isn't gonna change it.
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    Keep it up, you're only fueling the fire. Also you didn't even read it smh.
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    @Jack Bandit Thanks for being the first friend i ever made in this community and for always having my back almost 3 years later. <3 @Cid - Thank you for giving me a chance and letting me join the Unnamed. it was and always will be the best group i ever joined <3 @Autumn - Thanks for being a fantastic guy and mentor figure to my character. @Chief& The Trust, Thanks for giving me a great group and family to join. you all are fantastic people. @Arcarius - I've got so much love for you dude. You have always been there for me. always had my back when i was trying to get in to the unnamed. I love you dude. and i'm here for you when ever you need me. thanks for being the best father my character has ever had. and last but not least. @Lyca I love the fuck outta you. and i'm not afraid to admit that. You've made me the happiest person ever. and i cant wait to RP with you more. //Edit to add more awesome people. @Mischief & @Buddy the second most beautiful couple on dayZRP behind me and Lyca. You two are so disgustingly adorable its amazing. I love you both and feel like i i don't ever have to worry around you two. @SarcasticSurgeon DayZRP's pimp daddy. Literally put down 1500$ on me for my new computer that i am currently using. all around great guy.
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    Been browsing the forums lately and I've noticed that there's a lot of hate sometimes. Entire threads turn into warzones where people just throw shades at each other. There's no need for nonsense like that, we're all here for the same reason. We're here because we all enjoy roleplaying and creating our own story. And in the (Almost) 2 years that I've been part of this community I've been part of some amazing stories. So instead of throwing shades I suggest we throw some LOVE! @BlindingGMAK @brk @OxeN You guys are the OGs for me whom I started playing with almost 2 years ago and still play with to this day. We met in-game, but we've been friends ever since. @Eddie Sorella @JoshuaKav @Gavin Corleone To this day I still remember how I met you guys in Stary. You took me into your group and we did some amazing things. We had a good run, but all good things eventually end. @Castiel Although you may not remember me, I still remember when I asked you stupid questions like "How do I add spoilers" when I was creating my own group, you were always there in the helpdesk when I needed to ask a stupid question. And last but not least @Rolle You brought all of us together, people from all over the world people come here to enjoy DayZRP together. If it wasn't for you I would not have met these great people! So tag those you love and let 'em know why you love them! And don't forget...
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    NoFuckin' ell, come back to all these things, that make me wanna tear up. Time to get the true waterworks started. @Pipski @Halven @Kenyi @SomeWeirdAssGuy Fucking God, how long has it been since I met you four? Y'all were a fuckin riot in the NFC and to be honest I love all of y'all. You guys gave me a chance, and I'm happy to call you all my friends. Much love y'all. Long live the Northern Free Company. Edit: Forgot one. Rectified this matter. @Ark You have and always will be like a brother to me. I've been able to trust you with everything I've ever dealt with in this community and to be fair I confide in you like no other. You're like family to me, just remember that. @Clumsy We had our past and yeah, miss you to lassie. I hope everything goes well with your family that you are making. You are going to be a great mother. I know you will. @Ellie How about you come back sometime! Everyone misses you. @Hassan Yeah we don't agree, but much like Ark you're a bro. You're a homie. @Ender My son, my little shit of a son. I love ya buddy. Been some time and it was a pleasure having you in my group. @Faith I met you when I was a GM, you've always been a rock steady person and tbh you're one of the more resilient people I know. Keep on trucking, you got this. @Jade Sweetie Jade, the one thing I can say above all things is I am very, very, very proud of you. In how far you've gone and where you are as a person. You've got miles to go, and where you are now is just a stepping stone to your future. Love ya. @SarcasticSurgeon So when you gunna come say wassuh? Nah I've been long away hurricane boi. But I love ya and you are one of the first people I've ever met on DayZRP that I made a lasting IC friendship with. I can't believe you made me deliver human meat. You're still a dick for that. @RedSky @Fluffles @Demaabd My lovely DKZ lads, y'all have and always will be some of the greatest RPers I know. Not to mention y'all are chill to hang out with. I'll be seeing you all soon once this semester is over. @BostonSon. It's been 15 years since I went to get cigarettes. I came back with some memes for you. @Anouk Well. Hello there. @Lyca Awoooooo, 10/10 would break your legs again. @Rolle So like thanks for letting me back into the community, you've been pretty chill about that tbh. Thanks, hopefully things go well for you this upcoming year. @Terra Hey Aboosive Aunt. Thanks for being a guiding hand in my time in staff. You taught me so much shit and made me uncomfortable many, many times. Cheers. As for everyone else I haven't mentioned, sorry if I missed you. But I'll tell you what. I love the lot of you, life's too short to hold onto hatred. And while y'all have indeed taken away years of my life and thousands of hours of game time I'll never get back. Thank you @Hicks @Kanen @Nocheluz @Oisin @Stagsview @Chief @Pussy @Red @Helix @Storm @Bunny @Mohawk @Arcarius @Brad @Volke @Dishes @Coreena I'll leave a candle on for those lost this year. They know who they are and I miss quite a few of them. But yeah. That's some love y'all.
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    Two beans away from being half-way relevant. Time to post some dank content.
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    @Squillium - My main bitch and my second favorite punching bag after @focus. Real ass dude through and through and someone I see myself hanging with for years to come @Alex Vivian - Inactive Canadian cuck. If rp gets lit again you better get on more as Robert McKenzie, we are like an army of two (retards). Play more games with your friends too @Hebee - One of the coolest dudes I've met here and a god in pvp. You also need to play less rust and more wow tbh @Pepe Jones - My favorite rape victim and one of the most creative rpers I've ever seen. This man can do just about any voice and would make a great cartoon villian. @Eagle - Favorite staff member followed by @Shane. People give you way too much shit, you're a good lad and a real one @ExoticRainbow and @Puncture - PvP duo and closest people to getting permabanned I know. Don't ever change. Also puncture you're underage haha gottem @Shroud - We need to finish a Stellaris campaign one of these days. Funny guy with a terrible soundboard. I could fill up a page showing love but these boys are some of the realest ones I know.
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    @Para Someone I met this lore wipe and always enjoyed your RP, well thought out and played characters. Someone I can talk to if I need to. @Strawberry & @Brady My boys where I get a blast from the past and a good conversation/laugh with you guys! @Bubblegum Another person I can talk to about anything, good at having a laugh and has a good perspective on things. @Wungus Bill & @Refacture My favourite trollers, in other words you play weird characters but you do it properly! @Iso Started off weirdly, after talking love you play around with ya, has a good different perspective on things which is pretty dope and 100% appreciated. Straightforward n' respectable <3 @Lyca Got my back even when I do fuck up, appreciate being to talk. @Ender Pretty dope too, always having a great laugh. @Jade & @Clumsy & @Drbeans Loving the RP out of all you rn, nice to meet new people OOCly and ICly and appreciate ya'lls mix or maturity and having a laugh. Also @Rezaak is my blue fish Dory <3 @Chewy Always giving me them RCON theme tunes driving me into depression. Appreciate having you about! @Hebi Kotei <3 @Sleepy & @Jamie & @osku197 @Rainey @FBIBoi Loved the cannibal RP and in my eyes the first group that I have seen do it right since I joined the community. Miss ya'lls RP! @Brayces Very mature, and also very modest but still likes to have a laugh! @Spartan Ily <3 Don't change for the world! Good quote "no no no no no no no no no" There's a lot more others I can post here but some don't use the forums anymore and i'd be here all damn day! <3
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    Real discussion hours @Coreena @Undead @ExoticRainbow @Galaxy @Methias @ a lot of other dudes too: Video is low quality so it wouldn't take as long to upload and render. Chat is pixellated due to personal pokes and conversations. Also, enjoy my edgy music in the background
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    GET THE HELL DOWN THEIR FIRING SALT! P.S: Why was I added to this elitist private PM? I have no problem with the current hostile RP except and I don't remember ever voicing any distaste for any of said individuals.
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    Oh, I read what you posted. You feel that there is a problem, which there is (I don't need to be in-game to realize that, it's evident through discussion threads, group threads, and report threads), and now instead of just being private with the problem that is evident you are making a big deal out of it and trying to out the people who are causing the problem and just pit them more against you as well as people who wish for a more peaceful RP experience. This post is not to fix it through Rolle and Rolle alone. This post is for attention and unneeded drama in a community full of drama. He has a PM box that he reads if you want his attention.
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    Ngl... I don't see a need for this thread at all. Whilst you make some good points, the big man is already on to this. It's a thread that i can only see causing more issues than it fixes. Even then, I've made a hostile group to actually try and improve the quality of some of the hostile rp on the server and so far it seems to be going well. No offence Coreena, but If you've got proof of problems, take them to @Rolle in PMs and when you actually prove some of the issues, he will fix it. Think this can be /solved tbh
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    Right back at you @Chief, was always fun plotting and scheming against you. Much love to my favorite clowns, @CrushedMayo @Payne @[email protected] @DatBlueWolf @Luckydente @Jack Allen @Hebee @Finn @Kevin @Lucky1911 @Peaches and of course, much love to my other founding members, wherever they are.
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    @Drbeans tbh you were the highlight of my day, torture, deep convo and mocking your character's closeted sexuality was great fun, hope you enjoyed it too @Hebi Kotei smoke out @Jade stay scared kid @Rory I know about your plans, you'll never leave us >:D @Saffypie101 erotic or terrifying, I'll never be able to decide @Para I love you too