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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: No because you won't read them anyway, I will just get to the bulk of the feedback that you will probably also ignore. Feedback: Fact 1. This was a fairly poor written response, back during my time in staff people were actually expected to put thought into their closing statements it's a shame that you're not. But then again you never had to put anything towards your rank other than money so I'm not surprised in this. Fact 2: I did not directly call any Transgender in this thread mentally Ill. I suppose one can argue indirectly yes I did as you stated in your "Closing statement" , I was merely stating that maybe Macbrine and Joe should not make fun of those people. Allow me to explain: We are constantly fed a narrative that we should not make fun of "transgender" people because it is discrimination and the deeper argument behind this narrative that if you do indeed tell them that they have a problem and tell them that they are not the gender they truly believe they are it is bullying and is the reason that 46% of most young transgender people commit suicide. This is entirely false. We as human beings should not mainstream delusion it is unhealthy and unethical. The fact that those numbers of suicide are only equivalent with Jews under Nazi Germany rule should really speak to you on something. Because I can tell you this, they are definitely not treated the same, and if you believe this you are as delusional as the people with this illness, that need help, and should really considering taking a read in any history book. So the only logical conclusion for even an untrained professional in the medical field to come to is that there is something deeper than just a bullying issue, it is a deep seeded mental issue, This progressive movement that holds these beliefs true are actually the most regressive form of people and you, are showing this exact attitude in this appeal. If anything I was telling people to not joke about such a thing, to not laugh at such a thing, as it is not funny. We do not tell schizophrenic people such as my mother that the people that they are afraid of in the walls are real, and that society is just being mean to them by telling them they're not. We do not laugh in the face of bi-polar people when they have breakdowns and freak the fuck out. We help these people seek treatments for the disorders, encourage them to get help by making them face facts even if it is sad and harsh, trust me no one wants to be diagnosed with these issues. I could literally go on and on all day and explain to you that why ignoring these facts are bad for these people but I will not because you will not read this anyway more than likely. Either way, it is never okay to make fun of the mentally Ill, and the fact that gender identity disorder, now referred to as gender dysphagia is legitimately a mental disorder plaguing people and I choose to address it as such as many others do and I state it is not okay to make fun of these people is utter hogwash. You had no basis for my post to actually be flaming, or actually being hate speech. You simply asked a rhetorical question then /yeeted my thread. With probably one of the saddest excuses for a closing statement that I've seen in a while. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Have some fucking pride in your work and what you say, because as an administrator that closing statement was pathetic. 2) Become educated on issues before you have an opinion, because it is clear that you are not when it comes to this topic. 3) Stop being ignorant when it comes to facts such as this, it is only hurting these people, not helping them get better, as I said we as humans need to stop mainstreaming delusion and need to start calling things what they are.
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    You must think we are idiots by giving us the "charismatic person" excuse. Your points will be doubled.
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    What? You, and a small group of friends have gotten hopelessly surrounded by the undead. During a scavenger run into Lopatino, your scout shouts out "Hey, heads up! a fuck ton of walkers heading this way!!" You look over towards the scout.. and see a large heard of undead coming over the hills into town... you don't know why they were attracted... the town is a bad position to hold out. "We need to head to the barn! We can close the doors and hold them off there!!!" Your small group agrees... and hope your small amount of weapons will hold off the hoard... Where? Lopatino, in the red large barn. OOC Details. Up to 4 people are going to play "The Survivors" The Scout; Armament: any single shot gun. (repeater, mosin, ect.) Ammo alloted; 20 rounds. The Scavenger; Armament: Any melee weapon. The Medic; Armament: any medical supplies, and a low caliber pistol with 5 shots. (Optional 4th) The Coward: Armament: Any gun in the game, ammo unlimited, but no magazines or clips allowed. All shots must be loaded and shot, one at a time. Everyone else: ZOMBIES!!!! Armament: Any melee weapons. (Except chainsaw) (Must say "Braaiinnnsssss" a lot.) Since I assume everyone is going to want to be one of the four characters, it will be a lottery drawn from the folks who sign up. If you are chosen as one of the 4 survivors, you will be given 48 hours to obtain your said armament. Everyone else signed up, will be a melee zombie, trying to overrun the barn. If we do not have enough zombies signed up to be a viable threat to the survivors, we will lower the amount of survivors.. to balance the team. When? December 9th, a Saturday. At 4:30pm Central US Time. Server time tbh soon. Put down in the comments below if you will attend, we will draw the lottery of survivors from your comments of commitment. <3
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    I guess all good things come to an end at times. I had some really fun times during my short stint here in DayZP and met some great people who I am happy to call friends. Unfortunately, I am just unable to continue on and I must focus on my real life. For over the past decade, I have fallen back to playing games to help combat depression, and that's starting to turn into alcoholism. While I love playing with the friends I've met here, I've come to the conclusion that I need to take things head on in real life and it's long overdue, and I cannot have any more distractions or burying my head in the sand and pretend that everything will be OK. These past few months has been especially difficult with several unexpected family tragedies in such a short period of time, and it's made me realize that life is too short. I wish you all the best. @Tom @Dusty @Lady In Blue @Dewskeet Skeet @ExoticRainbow @Undead @Keira @Joffrey @Jade @Aiko @Chewy @i am Bambi @angry_skipper @Dustin1 @Emily Jones @Anouk @SnipZ @Chewy @Jamie @Sleepyhead @Pep @Lucius @Doom If I forgot anyone, I'm sorry. o7
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: n/a Feedback: Jim, what are you doing dude? You can't just point a post that was put on your wall and then deny the ban appeal made from it. That's literally everything a staff member is not supposed to do. Even @Rolle isn't exempt from this as shown from his response in Jamie's appeal so I'm not sure why you would be. You are a co-owner of this community, but you are not exempt from the expectation that staff shouldn't get involved in matters they are biased in. I've never seen someone give points for a post they were involved in and then deny the appeal afterwards but I guess there is a first time for everything. Suggestions for improvement: Just stop.
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    This coming Friday following my final exams I'll be coming back as Loremaster. I probably should have just taken a break when I left a couple weeks ago, work was crazy and I had like 4 ongoing projects and 3 papers to write + I let nonsense on here and feeling like I had to show up and do stuff to be active get in the way. I had every intention of leaving and staying gone, but I thought for a few days and talked to the admins and decided to go on break over the tail end of school, Thanksgiving, and finals. I should have taken more consideration into my decision, and I'm not going to lie I feel pretty shit about the fact that I very much gave the impression that I was going to stay gone (which I was), only to return weeks later. Part of my decision to come back also has to do with my prospects and classes over the next year, which are a bit more allowing for DayZRP and other personal stuff. Looks like we will have a full LM team this time next week aswell, I have talked a bit with the admins and I am sure we will come to a final agreement then on who we get. Anyway, looking forward to the future and what we can accomplish. Christmas is going to be a perfect period for me to be able to work on stuff I haven't had the time to do since Summer when Lore Factions were still a thing and everything else was going on. Can't wait to get back into it. See you in a week.
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    "I also don't consider myself involved" Oh really, how so? Considering the pointed post was on your profile and also.... YOU WERE THE ONE TO GIVE THE POINTS!
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    Nominee: @Caesar Reason: Managed to slip under the radar and low-key flame while dodging points to maintain 0 points. Evidence: Post history and status updates.
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    The Aarsvolds are a typical American family. Dad is a construction worker. Mom is a high school history teacher. They have two children and live in the suburbs. They live in the Portland suburb known as Gresham, Oregon. Susie, the mom, works at Gresham High School and Don works for All Phase Residential Construction LLC. This summer was a big one for the Aarsvolds, as Don had just gotten a promotion and a salary increase in January. He promised his wife that they would take this new wealth and have a huge family reunion and cross-country trip. The family saved everything they could to make this vacation extra special. Finally, the school year was over and Don had just gotten his vacation time approved so they rented an RV and started going cross country. The plan was simple, drive up to Washington, then head East towards Maine, stopping along the way to explore the country. They spent a few days in the Rocky Mountains, continued down to Yellowstone for a weekend, made their way to Mount Rushmore, spent a day at Adventureland in Iowa, and continued towards the North East making small stops in between. Along the way they visited family members in various states. Some of which tagged along for several days while others just the evening. Once they arrived in Maine, the idea was to turn in the RV and fly back home to Portland. However, Susie was on Travelocity and saw a discount for a cruise in the Mediterranean. Grandpa Bill had decided to tag along with the family from his home in Rochester New York and had accumulated some success in his life. When he saw how excited the kids seemed to be to travel to Europe but the family just couldn’t afford the trip, he paid for the trip and made it happen. They booked a flight from Houlton International Airport in Maine and flew a direct flight to Rome just 2 days before it was time to leave. They spent this time wandering the city and posing in front of the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, and other ancient attractions. Finally, it was time to board the Costa Risacca and begin their beautiful mediterranean cruise. The trip was wonderful. They visited Tunisia, Crete, Cyprus, and the crystal blue waters of the sea that the mediterranean had to offer. One evening on the ship after a long day at sea, the captain had notified the guests of rough waters just off the coast of Chernarus. It was only 15 minutes after this that the whistles began blasting, notifying the passengers to get to their lifeboat stations and begin the boarding process. The family got together and made their way to station 24 where the assigned crew members were already at handing out life jackets and readying the boats. The Aarsvolds got in their boat as the Costa Risacca began sinking while the crew headed towards the nearest land, just a few miles away. Document our entire vacation in a scrapbook Make great family moments Explore Chernarus for historical monuments Don Aarsvold - @Santa Troy Aarsvold - @Nihoolious Gerry Aarsvold - @Puncture Tom Aarsvold - @Hollows Alfred Aarsvold - @Ark Skeeter Aarsvold - @Pepe Jones
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    @Para some intrigue going on between our characters, this group is going well so far, I'm looking forward to what the rest brings >:D @Clumsy enjoyed getting to know your character today, was a pretty good RP experience with you @Jack the Ripper sorry about your arm you eternal edgelord @Methias had me in tears for most of my encounters with your character, I love you <3 @Rezaak you've integrated well so far, in the sense that we shoved you in like an unfitted jigsaw piece and now you're trying to adapt to your situation >:D great RP from you today and yesterday, looking forward to more @Galaxy some tension brewing maybe? Feeling like our chars will butt heads more often, I'm looking forward to what we can offer each other c: @Jade you play a bitch well, too well @ExoticRainbow I had another armband thanks for the RP today, was a nice tense interaction @Drbeans lit RP from you today, Ben was an unexpectedly fun char to roll with
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    @Enigma @Bigtoe @Zero @MeenMuginLovin @Dustup @Hellspawnceri @Keira Always fun rolling with the group and getting into all sorts of shenanigans. @Roach and all the others present. @Mr. Blue and company, enjoyed your RP today, it was great for Ivan and Ken to finally meet face to face. @Undead Stunning hostage RP from you today, I hope you enjoyed it. @Taryn Loved the emotion from your character during the hostage situation and Jacks infection.
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    Apologies, I really feel that this needs to be mentioned. I ask that you listen instead of just dismissing it, in regards to how this rp was handled. Please understand that this is creative criticism. It's not insulting. It's calling out particular things that are flawed, and trying to offer helpful suggestion as how to fix them, a lot of people don't understand that. I'm trying to help. 1: “Just hit F2 when you’re initiated on.” = Just, no. What you’re not seeing is that by saying that, all you are saying, is ‘your opinion doesn’t matter to me, I’m going to bully you, you’re going to shut up and take it.’ That’s not acceptable; this is not a community of bullies, and all pvp. I have every right to try to run, or do other options to continue the roleplay. You have the option to shoot me if I do, at the same time, get creative. A foot pursuit and talk after also provides a lot of rp. We are all here to have fun. I look forward to rp in the future with you and your group, I also want both of us to have fun during it. 2. “When I went to the church I honestly felt based off their reactions and them insulting me that there was no hope for negotiations and since we're at war with them we will try it the forceful way.” This was your choice to act this way, to respond with violence. If you had clarified, WHY you were there, besides just I want to talk, (then demand her) and actually been patient, you would have gotten your conversation and peace You were not told ‘NO’ in your wanting to talk to Rory. You were told she was gone, and to go wait outside while we did something important. Why didn’t you? If you had gone outside and waited as asked, the wedding would have continued and finished. After the wedding, once we realized you really did just want to negotiate, we would have let you. Your response IC was essentially having a tantrum because you didn’t get what you wanted, exactly when you wanted it. You couldn’t be patient, and accept waiting outside for a bit? F2 logic here, why didn’t you follow what we said? Because you didn’t like it as your option? Well, welcome to how we feel when you tell us to shut up and comply. You need to make your demands clearer. Also analyze what you’re doing. You walked in to place with a lot of people with guns out (obviously on edge about SOMETHING). That’s typically the first sign of ‘bad idea’. You then, go in anyways, and ask to talk to someone, that the people inside only know that you want to hurt. Also, the majority of the time when I hear someone reference, “talk to someone”, it actually means beat the shit out of them. Then you demanded her and got mad when people were being protective. What I would highly suggest if something like this happens again, would be to say “Hi, I’m so and so, leader of the black fangs. I’ve been talking with my people, and we want to broker a peace with Rory and her people. I really want to get it done as soon as possible, can I talk to her?” Then after being told to go outside, “Okay, I’ll wait a maximum of (say 30 min). I really want to get this done and its obviously important for both of us. This needs to be taken care of." I hope this will help in understanding some of our frustrations with how this rp was handled. I also hope that it can help all parties in the future to interact better with one another.
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    @Para @Rezaak @Iso @Galaxy @Jade @Ender @Jack the Ripper @Methias @Hebi Kotei Sub par RP from everyone, especially @Jade. Maybe next time. Nah it was good <3 Also @Clumsy was there.
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    Still not feeling well but I'm back live with some DayZRP! https://www.twitch.tv/soprano__gaming
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    Nominee: Edwin Ashford by @Aristocat Reason: Pre-lore wipe, Edwin Ashford was a character that could tick all the boxes of a polished and complete character in the world of DayZ. He was the Captain of The Cavaliers and never failed to bring interest and intrigue to a situation. The character was so influential on everyone that attached themselves to his story line. The credit should fall to Aristocrat for making Ashford more than just a character played by a person in a computer game. He was larger than life and anyone that had the pleasure of having their own character bump into Ashford can also attest to his legacy. He entered a room, people gravitated to him and he would repay the attention by conducting an encapsulating piece. He was one of the only truly believable characters that I've run into- in his own nutty, British way. Evidence: My own encounters recorded. Had no idea what to choose. He was constantly on point.
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    All went ok so far... now getting more and more involved in verdicts and appeals. Please, just dont!
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    You should really decide for yourself imo. Getting ideas is good but you have the tattoo for the rest of your life on your body and only you need to be happy with it. I dont think that every tattoo has to have a personal meaning to you - The ones I have all have a personal meaning to me but I know lots of others which have tattoos that only have one meaning, which is "it looks good" - and that is ok too. For the location on your body I can only give you an advice: It depends on what you want you do later as a job and if you can show it. I started with tattoos which have not been visible to others if I did not want to show it. Over the time I got more tattoos which I can't hide that easily anymore but in my job I also dont have to hide it.
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    Nominee: @Western Reason: He's a cool fella and helped me out when I came back into the Dayz community Evidence: Look up any of west's old stuff
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    2017 DayZRP Community Awards are here. I just wanna ask you all to please NOT nominate me for Media of the Year this time guys (I will not accept the award this year in the event that I would win, if at all). I know some may nominate me but I already won 2 years in a row and PLENTY more people deserve this title now. Even I have a hard time to pick. If you thought about nominating me, thank you but I'd rather see nominations on other DayZRPers and their talents and contributions Love y'all. https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/320-2017-community-awards/
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    Nominee: @Hellspawnceri Reason: The rp with him is just great and I had some of my best moments on the server with/because of him. Evidence: I think Tony made a bunch of videos where he is in, not sure which exactly since I didn't watch them and I am judging this more from my RP with him.
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    Pre-Lore Wipe Rap Initiation by yours truly..
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    “Isn’t it perfect?” “I don’t understand, how… ‘perfect’?” “Look around you, tell me what you see.” James looked around himself, peering at all of the broken buildings. “I see rubble and ruin.” “Opportunity. A chance to begin anew. Why would you stop your work now? You have no laws to hold you back, to stop you from doing what you do best.” James puzzled the thought and glanced at the buildings around him. “But why now… there’s no money to gain from it?” Archie chuckled and shook his head, sighing softly. “My boy, but now we have an opportunity to make people work for us. We don’t need money anymore…” He paused again briefly, before continuing, “And besides, you remember our little agreement, don’t you?” he said with a brisk smile. (The above is an extract from the conversation between James and Archie as they were reunited in Chernarus). As the majority of the lore revolves around James Manning, more detail on the rising of this group can be found on his character page. a place of business for Nexum to conduct. This will be a small territory that they claim to conduct their business from and force our property to work at. IC: 1. To Establish "The Auction". (i) To increase our influence in South Zagoria, recruiting like-minded individuals who are willing to get dirty when required. This will be need to be done by day 211 (so within 4 weeks.) We aim to have at least an increase of 50% of the current security force, (roughly 5 more people). (ii) Establishing "business" relations with various groups in South Zagoria, forcibly or otherwise. We aim to have some form of business 'relation' with several groups by day 225. (iii) To claim a place as our own, a place of business for Nexum to conduct its affairs. This will be a small territory that they claim to conduct their business from and force our property to work at. We aim to do this by day 225 also. (iv) To fully expand to "The Auction", a public, larger and guarded base of operations. This will be where people are taken to work more permanently, to serve their debt to us fully. This is the end game goal, and as such we do not have an eta on it yet. OOC: 1. To provide a unique dynamic of internal RP. 2. To bring life back to hostile RP and build various different stories with others. 3. To cater for multiple styles of RP. 4. To bring tension back to hostility. CEO - The brains behind the operation. (Those in Charge) President - The figure head of the group. He is the one who appears to run the show. (Those in Charge) Head of Security - The leading role of all the security. It is his job to ensure the security follow orders. (Those in Charge) Slave Handlers - Senior Security who handle the slaves to keep them in check. They are responsible should anything go wrong. (Those that handle) Security - In charge of acquiring new 'merchandise' and defending our claimed land. (Those that follow) Slaves - The people that work for the group / at Lacuna Vetois. (Those that serve) (Click on the picture to find the character page). - - - When applying to this group, you can choose which sub-group to join. As a regular member you can choose to either apply for a Security role or a Slave role. Slaves roll with us in game permanently. They are the people that will serve the group ICly which means when you choose to to be part of this role you are fully able to be tortured / harmed at our disposal (through emotes etc.) We will never outright kill our slaves unless we absolutely have to. Additionally, the slave role is an entirely RP based role and as such you will likely never carry any military gear / weaponry at all. You are servants, not guards and will have to follow what others tell you. Or don't... helps us build a story . It is a unique role that you opt in to being. Security are essentially the meat of the organisation. If the group gets large enough this may diversify but for now a security member's role is to keep servants in line and enforce our presence in Chernarus. You will be free to abuse slaves as you see fit provided it makes sense in the current RP. You will also be the ones expected to fight for the group if needs be though we will try to opt into a diplomatic resolution wherever possible. When sending in an appilcation, please send it to @Para, @Methias, @Elmo and @Galaxy in a PM with the correct template. The Template can be found below: Note: The group is currently not accepting any more applications from any Slaves due to the high quantity already in. A big thank you to @Clumsy for the Group's artwork! Also to @Iso for helping with the group lore!
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    *Holmen would take a break from the running, leaning against a fence as the pulls his radio out, Out of breath he would start speaking into the radio.* ''Faith..... I know that your afraid, scared, confused, but we need you to come back to us. *He takes a moment to gather himself and take a few deep breaths* ''There are people here that care about you, people that wishes to help you get through this. This isn't something that you've go through alone, please tell us where you are or come back towards the encampment, please...'' *Holmen keep going in a fast pace through the town, looking around with the radio in his hand*
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    Wooden spoon awards seem to just be ''You got banned once yay have an award'''
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    Don't be afraid to reach out
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: What I said was not hate speech or flaming. Jim had just denied Hebee's appeal and I was responding to that by leaving a message on his profile, debating his standpoint. I have no issue with transgender people, their life choices are their own and I'm not gonna hate someone for doing their thing. What I do have an issue with is the labeling of scientific fact as hateful speech and suppression of said comments. Recently this idea has been rejected by people that don't believe in biological genders and other scientific fact so its still a disorder to me. Whether its fact or its my opinion, the way I conveyed it was not worthy of points at all. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I would like to ask why @JimRP decided to give me points for a post I made on his profile. That would make him involved in this issue and unless things have changed since last week, staff members are not supposed to issue punishments in matters they are directly involved in. JimRP why didn't you have one of the lovely Moderators issue me the warning instead? I know @Samaritan viewed my profile at the same time you did, why couldn't you have given him the activity? I'm not sure why you're doing the work that other members of staff are supposed to do anyways but thats another conversation for another day. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of points What could you have done better?:
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: It is not flaming, nor hate speech. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: First I will link the definition of "Hate Speech" and explain why that is not true. Simply put, stating a fact is not hate speech. While liberals might like to make you think it is because they do not like facts, it is not. Now, One might ask, "Well then Dr. Professor, Ex- Administrator Hebee, how does this tie into your post?" Well sit down kiddo and strap in for this fun ride and I will explain to you how. I simply put that it was not funny to make fun of the mentally Ill. Now looked at with no context this is a harmless statement, not meant towards anyone and is most definitely not an attack. And I am very sure that most of us WOULD AGREE that this is not okay to do. This was a response to those engaging in playful banter about transgender people, or as the DSM- 5 now refers to as Individuals with Gender Dysphoria. Now this is where I believe the points come in that are "flaming / hate speech" when in actuality it is just a fact that people do not like. My guess is that the SJW members of the staff team took this as a quick dig at the transgender community. Well this is not true. I would not promote anyone making fun of mental disabilities such as this, schizophrenia, clinical depression, bipolar disorder, or any other list of serious mental illnesses that plague this world that we all share together today. This is why I simply stated that it is not funny to joke about those individuals, or take the piss out of them as some dirty foreigner slang goes, because I mean it is pretty obvious that Macbrine is not a transgender, I mean would you look at him he is the perfect masculine specimen. How this is seen as flaming or hate speech is beyond me, never did i flame and never did I spew hate speech. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Point Removal, as this is not hate speech and I was not flaming. What could you have done better?: Nothing.
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    @Bigtoe @TateRinefield @Jack the Ripper @Zero @MeenMuginLovin @Enigma @Taryn @Hellspawnceri <3 @Undead @Joffrey @Aiko @King Harvey great RP tonight!
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    I love the idea. Seems like it'll be fun to RP with several of y'all again.
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    Nominee: @JakeWalford Reason: Has done so much for the community, brought people together and overall just a great person. Evidence: - -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST-
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    Nominee: @JakeWalfordReason: An amazing community member with amazing role-playing skills. Many should strive to be like him.Evidence: -USER WAS WARNED FOR THIS POST-
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    Nominee: Black Fangs group thread Reason: Its got everything. Nice graphics, salt, drama, highly intellectual debates and discussion between members and Rolle. What more could you want? Evidence:
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    Plus one. @Undead playing Ermak has always provided awesome background RP for the VDV to act upon, and he built alliances no one else could have.
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    Nominee: The Lost Souls Reason: A hostile group that actually made up their own reasonings in order to initiate on people. "Marked people" as week and strong, had strong character development and very interesting roleplayers within their ranks that kept you wanting to find out more and more about them, and you'd just love getting captured by them. Evidence: Personal Experience
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    Nominee: @Lady In Blue Reason: Has been extremely relevant in game and in the lore that happened in game. She was the queen of Severograd, was held hostage and almost forced to kill her character or else all the other hostages would die. Also has been pretty relevant in the community in general since joining it. She also likes edgy music, so that's pretty lit too. Evidence: Can't be fucked to find the report, but it was definitely a thing. Also these things
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    Nominee: @Spartan Reason: Hell of a staff member who have helped me out a bunch of times! Deserved Admin a long ass time ago! A great person to hang out with even though he exploits me for clips.. Not a bias staff member and is great at his job along with being a great group leader in the past! Evidence: A load of Reports, basically go to any report and see his mark..
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    Nominee: @Buddy Reason: The amount of effort that he put into mentor program Evidence:
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    Nominee: @Buddy Reason: Puts more effort in the mentor program than some members of staff in their work. Evidence: Mentor program
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    Nominee: @Skinner reasoning: he's the best staff member at the moment . Evidence: see any conversation with him ever, any of his posts . The man is a legend .
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    Nominee: @Buddy Reason: Commitment to the Mentor Program (he revived the dead program after the old guard departed) and newcomers, outstanding forum behaviour, lascivious gestures. Evidence:
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    Back when Zbor controlled Zeleno I captured this pic when @Terra and her friend were taken captive and executed.