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    No no, what most of Evan's friends are saying on this thread, there is clearly a vested interest here so anything that is said should be taken with a grain of salt. The flagrant bashing of staff on this thread for doing their job and this alleged inconsistency is frankly ridiculous, as well as the petty downvoting of answers that don't follow the herd mentality, its clear that a discussion is not really the object in several posts on this thread. Doesn't seem like that from my perspective, moreso it seems like somebody with 126 warning points, as well as a final warning, decided it was a good idea to post a video and not much else which, to anyone who knows the rules, is clearly a breach of rule 1.4, linked here in case anybody reading the thread hasn't brushed up on their rules. Furthermore, he decided to not bother scrolling through the whole thread, with ample time (roughly 2 hours) between posts, to see if there was any other content there that perhaps he should've noted and taken into consideration. How staff can be faulted for him not scrolling through a thread I do not know or how they can be faulted for his decision to put up an already pretty naff post is beyond me completely. Again, the motivation is clear, he's a friend and the objectives of most of the posts seem to be to level completely meritless accusations in an attempt to challenge the validity of the points. For anybody with a brain, that usually doesn't work. Cody's post on the other hand came 2 minutes after a thread warning which, as any regular forum user knows, can be missed when you are writing a post in reply and have not refreshed the page. The instantaneous snip, again another 2 minutes for his realisation, differentiates the posts enormously, as there was adequate time for Evan to acknowledge the warning, whereas there was inadequate time for Cody to acknowledge the warning as the timestamps clearly demonstrate he was writing a post at the time that the warning was issued. Its pretty much common sense and differentiating a genuine mistake from carelessness. Anyways, that about wraps this up, if I haven't reached -15 downvotes in 2 minutes, I'm going to be very disappointed in you guys
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    Hello friends, I was slightly confused about something earlier. I would like to know the procedure when it comes to snipping posts before points. There was a case yesterday when @Cody Husky missed a warning on my report and posted some irrelevant shit, but then snipped it before he got points. I'm not keen on the guy, but it would have been silly if he received points for missing a warning, I'm sure we could all agree. But yes, he snipped it when he realised he missed the warning and he did not receive points. I heard about our retard Evan received 3 points today for an unnecessary post on a group thread which led to him being permanently removed from the community. The post consisted of a pretty shit tier meme. The thread had been warned previously, so I would understand him getting points, but I'm just confused because he snipped his post as well, very much alike to the example above. What is the difference between the two? The cases are almost identical but the outcomes are totally different. Some explanation would be great. Thank you for your time. Reference 1: Reference 2:
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    Spent the day at work Christmas-izing the office.
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    Perhaps I'm wrong but when you start a post of with, and I quote; "All right, after Dusty’s leaving thread I need to chime in here. I resigned from staff a while back to focus on my Masters, so at this point... what I say is open game. I am about to drop a damn pipe bomb." The tone of your posts seems to indicate that you definitely do have some sort of OOC issue with certain community members, need I remind you that flaming people is not allowed community. Not to mention your entire anti VDV propaganda that you pumped out with such zeal and haste, which to me is now clear was based on OOC feelings. Another thing I found interesting is that most of your post revolved around the fact that how "certain people" believe staff is biased and overly strict towards those community members and that they only whine about it without trying to improve themselves. Unfortunately for yourself and the rest of your staff team the person who hid your post actually disproved your entire essay and in fact did show how biased they truly are, because as we all know - If it was anyone else in the community that staff didn't generally agree that had posted what you did they would have inevitably been given points. Perhaps typing up a response wouldn't prove your point in this discussion but do feel free to hit me up with a soundcloud link of your thoughts on the matter.
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    That doesn't contribute absolutely anything whatsoever towards my question. Take your "wise" shit elsewhere please.
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    Big brother is always watching waiting and listening in the shadows for their chance to strike down the righteous, prepare yourselves gentlemen and lady I guess .
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    It is clear that staff is biased towards certains players, not all rules apply to everyone. An even worse example would be when @Tony wrote up with a gigantic essay mostly consisting of flaming certain community members and rumors that are just genuinely not true. Not only did he not receive points for the post, he also didn't even snip it himself and interestingly enough it was hidden by a staff member.
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    Solid content boys let's do it again tomorrow when someone else tries to play victim after breaking the rules
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    The few memes i get from these dynamic shits ill put here.
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    Just finished The Last of Us and this made me think of you guys. Good stuff
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    Lol wait she got/yeeted?? Oh man the white knights are gonna ddoss me now...
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    Shout out to all those who are spending the holidays alone like myself! I know during this time of the year it can feel extra lonely and sad seeing everyone post about their families, but know that you're still wanted and loved! That even though we're spending the holidays alone and by ourselves that your friends and people you do keep close will be back after the holidays are over. <3 Keep your chin up, keep your head held high. If you've made it through all the bad stuff that has come before, you can make it through this holiday season as well! I'm thinking about you, even if you think no one else is!
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    Re-posting for the European crowd! The Mentor Program is currently accepting new applicants to join the team. For further information, check out the post in the link below! Love you guys!
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    Salt level forecast for today: Petrifying
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    Server and location: Server 1 Stary Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Something like 06:00 server time 11-24 Your in game name: Lesnitski Pavelchev Names of allies involved: PAU (Only one to come to mind rn is @ExoticRainbow) Name of suspect/s: @warmr (Tia Holloway) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Alrighty, So me and the boys were wondering around in stary, looking for some RP, we're doing pretty good, having some laughs, all is well. I'm walking around on the north hill of Stary, getting attacked by some zombies so I quickly take them out with a couple suppressed shots with my AUG. After shooting the infected I make my way down to the town and run into the accused here, as I walk up to her she immediately starts a bitching fest about how I "Shot at her" And how I was trying to kill her or something dumb. None of my shots were even near her, she just heard snaps and assumed that it was at her... I sat there and explained to her that If I was trying to kill her we wouldn't be having a conversation right now, you'd be dead. She didn't understand that. This is where my recording begins.... So after some yelling at each other and some names being thrown around by both sides the accused becomes so engulfed with rage that she tries to take her axe to my neck but misses. I raise and gas. She dead. I then quickly send the other man away threatening to kill him. I wish the situation could have ended differently, I would have loved to have someone so mouthy as a hostage, would have been good fun for everyone I think. The accused had no rights to attack me, not to mention that it was NVFL...
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    @Duster & @Lady In Blue - that edgy shit killed me, 10/10 song. @Odap the Corruptor and everyone else who attended that beautiful musical performance, was a lotta fun!
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    @isaac lineheart why do you talk shit and make threats on the radio on one character, yet you play another character? Kinda seems like you can't handle consequences...
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    Yes, and this thread is totally not biased, friends of Evan down voting anyone who doesn't agree with them and patting each other on the back with BeanZ like it's Thanksgiving (oh wait). Face the reality lads, your friend gathered three permabans worth of points in a year, he was not permabanned already only because a mistake with expiration dates when the points were issued in the first months of new website, he was given one last chance in form of final and he fucked up once again, resulting in his removal. Even his final appeal was just recently denied because his attitude and behavior hasn't changed shit since the final was issued 3 months ago. He broke a rule that is clearly listed under the rules page (irrelevant posts), even without my personal warning in that thread it is still subject to warning points, whether you like it or not. Or have you already forgotten this and the sticky with group thread rules about group threads not being used for memes, but feedback and group updates? Staff are not under any requirement to ignore people's rule breaks because "it was just a mistake", anyone could then post shit and snip it right as a staff snake tells you that the post was reported, repeat. We have all the paragraphs and procedures on our side, including this website owners blessing. You have petty accusations of staff bias because" it was a mistake" and things didn't go your way. Deal with it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And here is a special Thanksgiving video, brought to you by: @Fil Vandren, @Dvlinhb, @Madkilla67, and yours truly.
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    You know, I like you lads. I think you're a chill group of people, but every-time a friend of your circle or a group member does something wrong or gets in trouble everyone pulls a "he dindu nuffin wrong" card even in instances where they clearly did something wrong. It's already a well known rule to not submit useless posts, gifs, or memes on group threads or other serious threads. With that being said I didn't know him. I'm sure he's a cool person and perhaps he can appeal his ban and hopefully gets removed from the blacklist.
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    The peoples republic of south zagoria, i like this group idea overall Good luck.
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    So there I was in stary role playing on Edd. We had an interesting experience with dusty on his new character before all of this which resulted in Dusty dying. I had to log out however due to my shadow play causing extreme frame loss. I ended up giving up and just shutting it off and logging back on I could not figure out the issue and it was only doing it in dayz. After about a minute of being logged back in someone tries to KoS shroud and fails miserably then runs into the church and hides there. A standoff starts and w fire fight breaks out which I die in. I then log out for the week.
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    So we out here raping bitches huh ?
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    If I had learnt one thing in my life it is to not anger a German .
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    Hey, he trusts you, just doesn't approve beating a woman when she, from my character's perspective, didn't do anything wrong and just literally saved your life. Some great RP tho, looking forward to see you guys - @Sophie, @FieJaxon, @Silk at the weekend (perhaps some longer session? I'll be free for 24 hours xD)
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    @Joffrey @warmr @The Traveler I present to you, the Fish-Slap https://clips.twitch.tv/SeductiveKnottyBoarDoritosChip @The Drunken Scotsman and others, Rolling R's https://clips.twitch.tv/BigAcceptableOrangeCharlietheUnicorn
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    Alice Garcia POV So around an hour before I killed @Anouk, PAU initiated on my friend @Mr.Panda and released him in stary. So @Jango @Boston and I walked up to the church looking for PAU. A few minutes later @Jango finds one of them and attempts to kill him but fails miserably, after he misses the point blank shot we all run in to the church and take cover from the rest of the PAU. As we're hiding inside of the church @Pepe Jones and @Mr.Panda were sniping them from the hills, and after killing a few of them they retreated towards kabanino when @Mr.Panda got sniped while trying to run away. So all of us in the church pushed out and killed one of the PAU and flanked towards lonely house and back up to kab. Once we enter'd kabanino we saw @Anouk on the road and another member of the PAU around 50 meters behind her running in to KAB coming from stary. Once she noticed us she quickly scooted off in to the woods on the side of the road, so I jogged up to her and killed her. Shortly after shooting her we began taking shots from the PAU member that was around 50 meters behind her so we ran in to town and wrapped back around and killed the man shooting at us. After doing that we began taking shots from the KAB pond so I push to torture compound and kill @Odap the Corruptor then get sniped while trying to bandage. Why I shot @Anouk For the last week @Anouk was seen several times running around and helping out the PAU so when I saw the PAU member with the orange armband behind her I jogged up to her and killed her. And before I killed her I noticed that she was also double carrying an ak74 and an AUG so I assumed at the time that she was double carrying for them. Also after I died I alt tabbed out and saw Anouk and another member of the PAU both in the same channel with there mics disabled.
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    4 months ago, I met the love of my life. Dan, you are the only one I feel like I can PvP with, you are helping me cope with quickscoping faggggggggotz that I hate but you give me hope. I can't believe I am the lucky guy who gets to PvP with you. I luv you, baby <3
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    @Joffrey @The Traveler and a whole bunch more whose names I didn't catch, terribly sorry, but it was some dank RP tonight. I leave you with this little gem from Joffrey...The Fish Slap: (The text RP says *Attempts to sneak up on Iosif* //does it work? //yes) https://clips.twitch.tv/SeductiveKnottyBoarDoritosChip
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    I agree with certain things you've stated here so I'll dissect them. 1) Everyone is biased in the community as you say - yes they are. But the people that we rely on when it comes to verdicts and deciding on who deserves what should NOT be biased, because if that's the case why are they even in staff? They should be able to look at things from a non-biased objective position and reach a conclusion based on that perspective and then distribute punishments or praises - which should be equal all around. 2) You feel like you should've gotten points? This just solidifies what I've already been stating. Even you know what you did deserved points and you did it knowingly and willingly (with a hint of maliciousness - whether you admit it or not). Why is it then that you did not? The answer is quite simple isn't it. 3) Again perhaps a result of the language barrier that I experience every now and again things might have came out wrong, but please let it be known that I never throw half assed shade and if I did start throwing you'd notice it right of the bat. 4) People do make mistakes - I agree here aswell. Again I didn't intentionally pull anyone in here to rain on them, I just felt like naming the individual in question as the situation at hand would not be understood in the proper manner had I not. I believe everyone should be held accountable for what they do, and in that way I believed that by not calling you in I would be doing you a disservice by basically stealing what you had said and not mentioning the author. I'm sure no one would want that to happen to them nor do you I imagine, afterall it is effort and time that you invested and you should be appropriately mentioned as the creator.
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    And no offence, but guys, people are giving you solid answers here, and all we get is this petty BS? Thanks guys, but I'm unplugging for the night. Enjoy.
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    The reason I made this thread was because of half assed warnings and double standards. A shit harmless meme gets posted, corrects after 27 minutes after seeing Rolle's warning, staff go ahead regardless and don't give a fuck about the merit behind the snip, he gets removed from the Community. It's nice to see that the staff team took my feedback on board before I left about being robotic nobheads. It's clear that you guys listen to the Community. No wonder it's slowly dying.
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    A huge thank you to @Fil Vandren, @Dvlinhb, and @Madkilla67 in this video I made about our RP from yesterday:
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    You talking about the post Cody made 2 minutes after a warning and a post Evan made over 2.5 hours after a warning? And after the thread owner asked people to stop posting useless crap? Those two posts? I just want to make sure I'm not confused about the situation.
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    @The Traveler @Loscham I've had some not so good experiences in Stary lately but your characters were perfect, loved the hat slam so much. Wish I could have rolled around with you guys for longer.
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    Well, Goddamn, some old Feels today, James is really going back to his roots thanks to the people forming him today. @Silk Beautifull, just beautifull. @pijkaCZ Brother in need, still doubting James actions tho, loved the RP! @SgtSmithy Thank you for that small beautifull moment, forming James into the man he used to be. @Jarvis You just got dropped into the basement boy, sit the fuck down! Some unexpected twists.
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    Hello and good evening fellow beloved community members! I'd like to inform you all that the Mentor Program will be accepting new additions to the team as we make our way closer to 0.63 Beta release hopefully before my hair turns grey... We're looking to take on 2-3 American based and 3-4 Euro based. All information as well as the application template needed for new applicants can be found in the bottom of the original post right here. If you have previously submitted an application and still have interest then please do "bump" your submission with your application included so that we may review it with the rest. Thanks everyone for taking the time to check us out and always remember; the future roleplayers who apply here rely on the guidance of people like YOU who put their best foot forward and offer a helping hand! - Mentor Team
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    Hey Sergeant Rummel, You say that you respect our rules but in that shown conversation you flame him on several occasions. At 0:47 & 0:56 you said "Fuck him" and "Fuck Dusty". At 1:02 you then proceeded to say "How is my gun you fucking n....". Which makes me wonder to be honest. Any explanations since you just said that you didn't say that?
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    Interesting how those certain people never come to us with their concerns, never make reports from the situations where a rulebreak supposedly occurred, and only go to you immediately any time something they have a concern with happens. Instead of attempting to make us see the supposed error of our ways, they only want to get our groups shut down. Rolle, if a rule was broken, tell them to make a report or tell them to approach us with their concerns like adults instead of children tattle-tailing to their parents. Fucks sake. We're all adults in this community, or at least old enough to act like it. They should be able to come to us directly with their concerns instead of running to you the moment they get a juicy video that will get us in shit. God forbid we're a group of people trying to have fun on your server. Get rid of the active and consistent bandits and then nothing ever happens, and then the community dies. Perhaps you should focus more on other ways of improving the community instead of trying to weed out the few groups of active people that are still around in this community. I beg of you, take a step back and let the admins and staff team run the community. A majority of the active community would be much happier if you did so. I can almost guarantee you that every "complaint" and "video" you've received from those "concerned community members" isn't anything that would ever get us in shit in a report, but of course it will get us in shit with you.
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    When you become a family man you do family man things. More to come!
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    Welcome @Mass04 to the group! Roster updated, and goals.
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    About 1.8, if someone presses ctrl + f and looks for Galaxy they wouldn't be able to find you. It's as simple as that and rule 1.8 requires you to have your forum name on TeamSpeak, not your character name, plus people that do know you need to have your forum name on TeamSpeak will look for your forum name, not your character name. As for the second part, when I asked you what you needed I was simply in a rush, I didn't mean to sound aggressive towards you, not in that room and not through my pokes either, I am sorry if I scared you or hurt your feelings considering earlier that day I was talking to you just fine and I was expecting you to understand that I was doing exactly what you ask for through your feedback, enforcing the rules. I'd poke anyone and I even tell people in the same room as me to always include their forum name in their TeamSpeak name, you're not being "targetted" or "harassed". Also I was indeed helping Sophie, since she poked me while I was down in another channel and she needed help about the report she put up afterwards/wanted to talk to the people involved so we were simply waiting there. While waiting I poked you and several other members on TS3, including Grover about their name, which is why I came down there to begin with. Besides that, my in-game activity is low but it should be going back up soon, since I've sorted my uni schedule and everything is going smoothly IRL, plus I have a great group to RP with. Also when it comes to my forum activity with appeals and such I was told from the very first minute I was into PR and after that I should not be involved in such things and mostly helped around on TS. Now that I received Rolle's approval as of a week or two ago I should start involving myself a lot more. Lastly, bare in mind that the only reason I enforce rule 1.8 so heavily is because if people can find each other on TS3 and talk about things easier than bringing it to a report I'd be making things easier for the people that'd be involved and staff. When it comes to your suggestions, most of them have been answered in what I said above. About the ones I did not answer, I always act professional when I am in the helpdesk, which is when I am performing staff duties. Outside the helpdesk, I am always friendly towards everyone Also, I always enforce rules no matter what, I don't let my friends slide away with things, I'm not that type of person. I also have to say that I don't shit talk other members of the community. I have money to make and better things to do outside of DayZRP rather than wasting my oxygen on bullshit. About your last point, nice one, I don't expect to get my dick wet on DayZRP considering I already have a relationship for the past three years. I am always nice and generous to everyone, as much as I can be.
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