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    @SergeantRummel @Rolle As one of the two black members of the community I must say I'm appalled by this guy's behavior out of character, I'm gonna have to catch his ass in game now.... edit : It's clear this guy has no respect for people of color or having the grace to accept the fact he got domed so... all I'll say is the revolution shall not be televised !
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    Fuck around get smoked (Sorry to the radio dude, thanks for being chill as fuck) Remember kids, racism is never the answer:
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    Sometimes you have to enjoy the beauty of nature. Having some "important" meetings. I think the UN was here? (@Malet) Catching some fish. (@cheeks) Getting some cooking lessons. (@RogueSolace) Major Moses showing off his muscles. (@DinoCasino)
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    Shoutout to seriously the most laid back and awesome crew I could ever wish to hang out with Love you kiddos @Dirty Dan @SportingStrike @Harvey @RogueSolace @Malet @DinoCasino @Lemons @Eddie Sorella @Grey Heath @bloodcrusader @Pein @DrMax @SgtSmithy Thanks @Fil Vandren for the good med rp, enjoyed it. Also enjoyed meeting @Rogério SkyLab in Gorka as well as @Sarilla and @Kirby Kunkka briefly
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    on one hand I want to say good luck, on the other hand, well...yeah it hasn't exactly been a hot streak for groups from you to be honest. You kind of just hype them to shit (even poking people on TS with them that one time) and make a million status updates and radio chatters about them, then they usually fall through within a week or so, or they just simply exist in group limbo for a while and never really do anything. Also, this is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but everything you do is always very self servicing. Like every group, settlement, radio chatter, everything you do is centered around yourself. It's just kind of weird and oddly self righteous in a way. It's like you want the reputation of this legendary figure in the server but also don't want to put any work in to attain that, so you kind of make these groups and characters as short cuts to that. I'm hopeful that this won't be the case again, but this is one of those thing where A)I'm going to have to judge this based on track record as stated above and B) only time will tell. best of luck. edit: on the topic of everything being very centered around yourself, I counted 20 "Endeavour"s in the lore alone. Jesus.
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    That's a funny way of saying "broken the rules".
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    https://www.dayzrp.com/hallofshame/ @evanm23 @Pep @Beni @Odap the Corruptor @JakeWalford @ExoticRainbow @SergeantRummel @JoshuaKav @Infamous Top 10
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    Stream Highlights 3 / New Stream Intro! @jangoskull @EdgyNova @Joules @Dank Mems @Mr. Blue @Keira @Joffrey @Undead @Nathan Osbourne @tacticaltahko @Classic @Kevin F Connors @logan_moyer @Taryn @ChocoCharizard
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    https://www.dayzrp.com/halloffame/ https://www.dayzrp.com/hallofshame/
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    In the spirit of staying true to the native languages of the region, I'd like to suggest "Тортуга", which, for those of you who aren't quite able to read between the lines, represents the Russian translation of a certain ongoing meme... In simpler terms:
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    Hah! Thank you too @Rogério SkyLab, also a huge thanks to all the others that showed up later, I don't know the names of all of you, but I remember @RogueSolace - Pleasure to meet you! The awkward silences... I almost died laughing back here @Rory - Nice to see you again, atleast this time I was able to talk and didn't get thrown in the ocean! @Sarilla Your accent is amazing! I hope you talked it out with your boyfriend, you two yellow bags are such a sweet couple ^^
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    Aye boys, thanks for the great session today! I'd like to thank @Sam Fields, @pijkaCZ, @Sarilla, @Kirby Kunkka for the ridiculously amazing RP in Stary to Gorka! Thanks also for @Combine for providing that last piece of information I needed for my... Shady plan Great RP coming from @RogueSolace and all the other guys that came by Gorka. Can't tag 'em for I don't know their names Hope there's more to come
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    @SebbePwnYou https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-247/
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    Just popin in to say Y'all bois gotta s t o p with making your character pages look like a fucking group thread. You're not special and you're not cool. k you mite b Thank you for your attention.
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    Photograph of Captain Okeke and his loyal crew on their way to Star- I mean Tortuga. @Wungus Bill @WildCurtos o7
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    д = D, Л = L Please somebody do something its killing me inside
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    Disregarding the fact that you said basically the exact same thing as myself while also saying I'm just saying it for Beanz, I do think it's relevant to bring up past groups when this is a revival of a past group he's made, and that group was a revival of another group he's made, and so on and so forth. The pattern was pretty clear to me based on track record. If the man keeps remaking the exact same group and the exact same scenario plays out every time he remakes the group, it's not too far of a stretch to consider that the same thing would happen again, no? I just don't think I've said anything unfair here, nor anything that wasn't relevant.
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    Wait you ran away from being potentially tortured? Can I swap places with you? Because the last time I tried to look for someone to hold me up on a full server I didn't even get a fucking "Hello" from passer-bys. Come -on-. Hostile RP isn't that bad..
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    Thank you to: @Dvlinhb , had a great time with your insane greek god character haha, looking forward to more RP with him. @TheThrawn , your character should be the next Daryl Dixon. @trent_rouls , really sorry that glitch killed you, hoping to get back to you soon. Thanks everyone!
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    So this is what doctor yennin vitson looks like @WilliAM
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    Going to be out for the Thanksgiving Holiday until Nov.29. Can't wait to jump back in DayZRP when I return! Hope everyone has a great & safe Holiday! To my Viridian Family , gonna miss you guys, stay safe and "SAVE ME SOME MORPHINE FOR FUCKS SAKE!"
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    I can't chill my beans when people are doing this kind of shit. We're finally getting some events done, people have started to play more (we're at > 420 weekly players now, up from 350 or so) and the second the event starts a mass initiation is dropped. It boils my blood. Maybe, just MAYBE these people just want to shit on and disrupt any attempts for peaceful RP to happen or just pick easy targets to PvP because they knew that people will be there. The people can do this "organic, random, free" RP all the time when there ISN'T an event ongoing, which is like fucking 99,999999% of the time. So don't tell me that people need to be left alone to "freely RP as they see fit", they have PLENTY of time to do that outside of the events. I'm sure that if the event organizer wanted a mass initiation and have some key people related to the event die just as the event starts, they would mention it in the event description. This will be a shameless advertisement, but if people are interested in this kind of "organic" RP I recommend DayZ Underground. Their servers and RP are in fact so organic, they don't even have a no KoS rule. So you can just organically RP with your bullets. But that "organic RP", "let people do what they want" won't work during events. There's too much as stake, too many people got in the server early to get a spot to participate, too many people planned these for days - sometimes weeks and then some group decides to fuck everything up with a "drop weps 10 secs" because "hey, there's a lot of gear here". There's a huge difference between doing genuine hostile RP and being an gear whore and PvPer disrupting events with mass initiations for some stupid reason like "we need 556", the latter won't be tolerated by me. The GM team is great, they solve 94% of the reports correctly, but they cannot use rule 4.2 which is very conveniently applicable here, since it says that actions that damage role play may be punished by admins. Damn right I'm pissed off. Thankfully Joffrey said it worked out in the end, which is great news, otherwise I would be all over this shit right now.
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    What i expected of everybody when i first joined
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    I don’t think it’s necessary to bring up past groups that didn’t work out. I get it, you guys want beanz and the easiest way to get them is to shit on someone. I too am a bean whore, but seriously at least bring up something actually relevant to the thread. As for actual feedback on the group, the lore is very centered around yourself. There are also some very noticeable grammatical errors and run on sentences. I would go through it, or have someone else go through and correct the mistakes. As for the lore, I would try to expand it more outside of your own character. I’m going to sound like a hypocrite, but it seems every group you make is completely centered around your own character. Not saying you’re a narcissist but it is a pattern. Also, it would be a good idea not to make a group completely from scrap. Have people that make it with you or help with the lore. For example, my group of friends and I are almost always on the same page. We made the VDV, then tried out an experimental group, and then moved on to the Mujahideen and now PAU. Each time we had multiple people pitch in on the lore and goals, and we already had at least 10 active people on the roster immediately. This allowed our groups to be successful and get off the ground immediately. When making s group alone and basically from scratch, it can be very difficult to get the group going and to keep it going. So, TL;DR: Dab on the haters, fix grammar and spelling, make lore/group not focused on you, don’t make group from scratch. Last bit of advice: Join a group of people and become friends with them. Somewhere down the line, if they like your idea for s group, then you’re pretty much set. Good luck with this either way.
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    Kinda amusing that this pops up right after @Major resigned, one might think it has something to do with the last group he had to review for you. Hope this one goes better, good luck.
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    That's great to hear, I can't wait for the next one. Perhaps I'll even get DayZ installed and participate Should we get around 500 weekly players we can also bring S2 back which would allow more people to participate in the events, as we could reserve one of the servers..
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    Or... Maybe, just MAYBE.. You allow the RP that is happening there to transpire and allow it to be ORGANIC and leave the small community you have left to RP freely and as they see fit, events like these are kinda mean't to have something like this possibly happen. Plus, if a report goes up for it and somethings fucky it'll be dealt with by the GM's that were hired I'm sure. Chill your beans mang.
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    Puppy Time! Exactly a month now. Last one is an older pic Same place, month difference.
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