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    on one hand I want to say good luck, on the other hand, well...yeah it hasn't exactly been a hot streak for groups from you to be honest. You kind of just hype them to shit (even poking people on TS with them that one time) and make a million status updates and radio chatters about them, then they usually fall through within a week or so, or they just simply exist in group limbo for a while and never really do anything. Also, this is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but everything you do is always very self servicing. Like every group, settlement, radio chatter, everything you do is centered around yourself. It's just kind of weird and oddly self righteous in a way. It's like you want the reputation of this legendary figure in the server but also don't want to put any work in to attain that, so you kind of make these groups and characters as short cuts to that. I'm hopeful that this won't be the case again, but this is one of those thing where A)I'm going to have to judge this based on track record as stated above and B) only time will tell. best of luck. edit: on the topic of everything being very centered around yourself, I counted 20 "Endeavour"s in the lore alone. Jesus.
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    https://www.dayzrp.com/hallofshame/ @evanm23 @Pep @Beni @Odap the Corruptor @JakeWalford @ExoticRainbow @SergeantRummel @JoshuaKav @Infamous Top 10
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    https://www.dayzrp.com/halloffame/ https://www.dayzrp.com/hallofshame/
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    Aye boys, thanks for the great session today! I'd like to thank @Sam Fields, @pijkaCZ, @Sarilla, @Kirby Kunkka for the ridiculously amazing RP in Stary to Gorka! Thanks also for @Combine for providing that last piece of information I needed for my... Shady plan Great RP coming from @RogueSolace and all the other guys that came by Gorka. Can't tag 'em for I don't know their names Hope there's more to come
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    Photograph of Captain Okeke and his loyal crew on their way to Star- I mean Tortuga. @Wungus Bill @WildCurtos o7
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    So this is what doctor yennin vitson looks like @WilliAM
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    Going to be out for the Thanksgiving Holiday until Nov.29. Can't wait to jump back in DayZRP when I return! Hope everyone has a great & safe Holiday! To my Viridian Family , gonna miss you guys, stay safe and "SAVE ME SOME MORPHINE FOR FUCKS SAKE!"
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    I can't chill my beans when people are doing this kind of shit. We're finally getting some events done, people have started to play more (we're at > 420 weekly players now, up from 350 or so) and the second the event starts a mass initiation is dropped. It boils my blood. Maybe, just MAYBE these people just want to shit on and disrupt any attempts for peaceful RP to happen or just pick easy targets to PvP because they knew that people will be there. The people can do this "organic, random, free" RP all the time when there ISN'T an event ongoing, which is like fucking 99,999999% of the time. So don't tell me that people need to be left alone to "freely RP as they see fit", they have PLENTY of time to do that outside of the events. I'm sure that if the event organizer wanted a mass initiation and have some key people related to the event die just as the event starts, they would mention it in the event description. This will be a shameless advertisement, but if people are interested in this kind of "organic" RP I recommend DayZ Underground. Their servers and RP are in fact so organic, they don't even have a no KoS rule. So you can just organically RP with your bullets. But that "organic RP", "let people do what they want" won't work during events. There's too much as stake, too many people got in the server early to get a spot to participate, too many people planned these for days - sometimes weeks and then some group decides to fuck everything up with a "drop weps 10 secs" because "hey, there's a lot of gear here". There's a huge difference between doing genuine hostile RP and being an gear whore and PvPer disrupting events with mass initiations for some stupid reason like "we need 556", the latter won't be tolerated by me. The GM team is great, they solve 94% of the reports correctly, but they cannot use rule 4.2 which is very conveniently applicable here, since it says that actions that damage role play may be punished by admins. Damn right I'm pissed off. Thankfully Joffrey said it worked out in the end, which is great news, otherwise I would be all over this shit right now.
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    Notice this is a WIP and took me like 10 minutes. Don't expect anything great besides I was tired of putting it on my Background. November 1st, 2017: I've watched the world collapse around me, people get executed, eaten, held hostage among many other things. I've been losing hope that anything is really worth it anymore. The things I've been working for in the recent weeks have been if you may silly and a waste of time. I wish I could've seen my foolishness sooner but I didn't and now I have to pay for what I and my now dead friend's actions have brought upon me. I really wish this could've gone differently. If I could I'd go back to when I hadn't met anyone I know now. Except for a few that I'd rather not mention. I also met Mikhail Volkov. Last time I spoke the lad was when I was in a gunfight in the main tower in Cherno. I hope he stays safe. He has saved me so many fucking times. After I finish this battle with the "Muslims" and "King of Svet and Severo" I will abandon the Queen and move on. Something I'd never thought I think much less write down in my little journal. I should've made this journal sooner. I may have seen this coming. Anyway, today we got shot up including me. I've woken up near where I got shot and I plan on heading back to the Queen to stay by her side even if she doesn't really want it. Once I finish this fight. I hope I can bring myself to leave......what am I thinking writing this down. Nobody cares anyway. _______________________________________________________________ November 2nd, 2017 (Early morning hours) I've been awake for about 2-3 hours now. I've been robbed by someone I believe to be a member of the K Brothers. I'm such a fool.. next time I'll be the one robbing him. He also took Matt's car, I'll keep this a secret for now. I'll be writing down my plan. _______________________________________________________________ Nov, 2nd, 2017. (2 hours since last entry) I'll be hiding around Tisy Military base for a while. Hopefully, I'll find some ammo for this M4 and maybe a gun for the Queen. Quinn is trying to push me away again as well, It really hurts but I don't wanna leave. I'd end up hanging anyway because of other things if not her. (Audio log) Levi: Who are you? Unknown: The Devil himself. Levi: The Devil? I see have you come to claim my soul? Unknown: *Sadistic laughter* I've come to claim more than your soul. *Gunshots* -Static- _____________________________________________________________ 11/2/2017. Late night. (Audio log 2) *Zombies screaming and weird meat sounds as if someone is being eaten* *You can hear the faint sound of a gun being loaded before you hear a loud bang and then a sudden thud* -Static- 11/7/2017 I've shot IV with a FAL. The queen... *Down his face ran tears* She is dead. I'll be killing everyone. Every single last one of them. Those fucking pieces of human trash. I'll slay every last one of them. I'll make violin strings out of their guts and ill use their fat to make bars of soup. *His voice grew unsteady* I should've forced her to go with him *He slammed the table causing it to collapse* I'll kill them all everyone! Ivel! I can't I can't do this anymore I just can't. This is all our fault and theirs! I could've me and Brandon. We fucked up. She would be alive right now. *He grabbed his bag, AK101, and a couple spare mags then screamed* Quinn...*He wiped the tears from his eyes* I'll kill them all. Torture them, eat them, I'll fucking kill their families. *The crying slowly became lower and lower and eventually it faded away* _____________________________________________________________ 11/8/2017 Funeral is today. I'll be watching. Most likely through a scope. For some reason from what I heard on the Radio this all seems like some game. It's like we are all being manipulated. *He dozed off into thought for a moment* NO! DON'T TELL ME THIS IS... She *Tears streamed out of his widened eyes and flowed down his cheeks as he faced the camera* You can't be serious... Fuck I'll have to show up to find out if this has been. *He went silent, faced the camera and turned it off.*
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    I miss the good ol' days where The Family, The Clowns, and Blackwood were around. Back then, roleplay was probably as good as it gets. I just feel bad all the newbies around didn't get a chance to see any of that.
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    You prety chill, dont go to school tomorrw
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    me and my friends during Halloween My friend as Guy Fieri me the blue crayon and my other friend as the queen of crayons
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    There is no contradiction, as i said above if you read it, i'm aware of who he is, and previous reports. I did not go seek him out on a fuckin witch hunt to try to get him banned, he put himself in this situation. You guys can keep bringing that up, but it holds no volume here. And not that I care one bit about people seeing what I said, but I'd still like to bring up the fact of posting Private messages to try and trip me up. It's a nice attempt to try and show I'm "out to get him" but sorry that's a no go at this station.
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