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    Oh boy... Here we go boys. Hope you enjoy. Hol' tight @Oliv for censoring me
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    @FrozenBullet You're a member from 2014 mate, you should know what we stand for and the quality of RP that we expect. You seem to have lost touch with what is required when role playing on our servers. I understand, it's been a long time since you've completed your whitelist. I will give you a chance to refresh your memory by removing your whitelist from 2015 and hope that reading the rules will help and you can provide better role play after you've gotten whitelisted again. Whitelist revoked.
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    A Rainbow Six Siege megathread. We had a megathread a long time ago made by a now perma banned player that wasn't updated or touched in a year. This is a new, improved and more expanded thread that includes general information about R6S, information about all the operators & a playerlist will people of this community who want to play Siege with eachother. Fill in the template below and I'll add you to the list. This thread is meant to discuss and share any Siege related topics & to find new people in the community to play with. Thanks to @Solo for the awesome graphics. Click on the image for more information and pictures of the map! Click on the image for more information of the operator! Spetsnaz: GSG9: GIGN: SWAT: SAS: JTF2: Navy Seals: BOPE: S.A.T. : GEO: S.D.U: G.R.O.M: Click on the image for more information of the operator! Spetsnaz: GSG9: GIGN: SWAT: SAS: JTF2: Navy Seals: BOPE: S.A.T.: GEO: S.D.U: G.R.O.M: SoonTM Below you can find a playerlist of community members who play R6S too and wish to play with new people. Fill in the template below the playerlist and I'll add you to the list.
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    TeamSpeak sucks. Like really, it's not even a meme. I like Discord much more, it's better. Let's switch to it. Discord Pros: FREE Cannot be DDoSed, doesn't lag Easily accessible anywhere you are through desktop app, regular browser or mobile app Can message people when they are offline, see what games others are playing Notifications and mentions, just like on the website Much more secure (no alts, VPNs or proxy trolls etc) Better chat and voice quality Better group management Bots with custom functions like custom commands, activity tracking, quizzes, tons more Much better looking (TS looks like it came bundled with Win98) Multimedia extensions (embed images, videos) Frequently updated with new features We can have a widget on the front page showing who is online Everything else Discord Cons: None, you have to overcome your fears, enter 21st century and let TeamSpeak go
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    It's been a while since I've made one of these, but feel like I should: @cheeks always a blast having you accompany me. @Lemons you will always be a aspiring lootwhore gypsy, but I still love you. @DinoCasino it is always a treat travelling with the famous Moses . Also a treat to see you not dying during a session. @Malet from a weird start to a rather pleasant experience throughout. I hope to see great things from your new character. @RogueSolace a pleasure as always having the doctor with us. Not a lot of RP between us today, but seeing your medical RP always enjoyable. @Oisin nice to see some friendly Chernarussians out and about. @derNils didn't get a chance to talk much, but always nice to see you. @Mass04 first time running into you, but hopefully not the last. Overall a fun evening. Who doesn't love a near death expierence? Am I right?
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    Oh boy, after almost 7 hours of stellar RP, I owe some people a shoutout and special "Thank you": - @RogueSolace: Your RP in general and the medical RP in specific is some of the finest I've seen in my (almost) three years here. You're awesome <3 - @Mass04: I was sincerly impressed by your roleplay and how you handled the entire situation today. It was a pleasure RP'ing with you. - @DinoCasino & @Lemons: That moment when you think you will die and then the freaking cavalry arrives. Love you longtime, you northern bastards. Moses & Alex - @Razareth & @Oisin: Cheers for saving my sorry ass. Oh, and sorry for the fuck-up with the car. No idea what happened there
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    Aha, thanks for creating that situation in the first place, @Malet, some pretty good injury description let us have a really in-depth look at your character's hand, discussing what types of bone were broken and such, it was great. @RogueSolace, I got him off the roof but you get the credit for saving Maksym, I was your assistant for those surgeries and you've shown me the kind of detail I aspire to write during RP. @Harvey, it was short in comparison to the rest of the day but our character's conversation about the infected, sharing details over what makes them tick in order to more effectively avoid or kill them was exactly what I was hoping for. Can't go without mentioning that chat about upholding a positive attitude during moral dilemmas, too. "Chernarus is one, big grey area." There were more from Rogue's group today that I didn't catch your names of, the work you put into defending the area while we worked on Maksym and transporting us was realistic and effective. If you met Cotton today, you know how you are. Ninja edit: Never been mentioned in this thread before today.
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    By: @Galaxy Hello everyone, im making this guide for a variety of reasons. Some being the amount of reports for 6/10 involving hostages and some form of bad roleplay that one side was not happy with. I'm going to discuss the sides of taking a hostage and being one. Obviously I can't talk about every aspect of being and taking hostages because that would take me an unprecedented amount of time since every situation is unique in its own with being the people there and the roleplaying reasons to exist for a hostage scenario to happen. This aids my Hostile RP Technicals guide quite closely, so this guide is the step after you have initiated. Now both roles of this need to contribute to the roleplay, no side can function without the other and remember, always think about the others party's role play, what would you want to see in the others person's eyes and push them towards its subtly. To make the most enjoyable situation you can't just think about yourself or you may find yourself receiving some flak because you didn't put the effort in that is expected when you take or become a hostage. Remember these rules 6.2 All hostilities must focus on the role play experience of both attackers and victims. Both sides should actively participate and contribute to role play in all situations, any disputes or issues can be discussed and resolved afterwards. Now i'm going to start with mindset for a variety of reasons, if you don't want to be a hostage or play along like you should be in RP if you have warranted being taken a hostage or taken one at all don't log into the server or don't comply. There is nothing worse than a hostage that does not want to be there because "You are wasting their time" or "They don't like the RP". If you are not open to going down the two way RP street from the beginning you are going to be a very salty individual and just lose ICly and just get mad. If you go into situations with abit of effort, a lot of emotion of what your character is feeling not you then you will be 100% more likely to enjoy the RP and feel it. Now if you do find yourself not enjoying the RP from the takers for genuine reasons I.E they are just all silent not interacting with you or they are just surrounding your bag not emoting anything and not even seeing you as the person they took only the stuff then you can get abit more unhappy BUT don't go into OOC chat to complain about it. Wait until after the situation, if they are not interacting with you that give you plenty of time to get up your recording software, take the screenshots (Takes loads in a row in you can't record and get like a mini slideshow video if you get what I mean if its that bad) to do what needs to be done after the situation. OOC chatter should really be only used for RP reasons such as finding radios/asking permissions and examining people's details. RP until the end being your death or realise and don't let yourself get ahead of your RP because at the end of the day if you really want any room to talk and/or file a report you atleast have to set an example of what you expect in return or at least their best effort. The use of emotes during hostage situations can make all the difference in detail and meaning, if you want to be more relevant in others storylines than just another person they need to deal with. make the situation unique and meaningful with detailed or specific emotes about your character, such as emotions and surroundings BUT don't just emote *Feels scared* that's irrelevant since only you can know that. Show you are looking scared *Shudders from the shouting man*, something where people can pick up on situations. Personally I thinking emoting is the key to a great RP experience, it adds more immersion to the situation and adds that extra bit of tension since you are typing trying to get the detail in as fast as you can to be prepared for what happens next. Emoting what is going around you, what you see and what you are doing will give the RP experience that more detail that the hostile RPer can go off. This especially goes if you are being hurt, or tortured. Now not all people want to scream down VOIP because most of us have neighbours and a police department near us so 7/10 times the person will emote their screams, there is nothing wrong with this but don't just emote *Screams* then go back into your normal VOIP talking, get out of breath. RP that you are bleeding from certain places such as *Blood streams down his face covering his eyes as he tries to rub it away with his sleeve* stuff like that. It makes it more dramatic, if you think this is cringy and what not you are in a roleplay community, this is what should go down. Being human is about winning and losing, if you have been taken hostage most the time you are on the losing side of the equation, now no one wants to lose and everyone is out to win BUT if you do not allow the hostile RP party to win the situation by you being a cocky fuck the whole time (Could be your RP nothing wrong with that) because you know that they do not have executions rights and you are salty this is the worst thing you can do and it is all fueled by OOC interaction, or if you don't try because the other party is someone you dislike OOC and don't want them to have that satisfaction keep that shit OOC. IC is a different character and a different person so leave you shit at the door when you put in the password to the server and join. Being a hostage is a great way to lead to winning but also amazing character development getting to know your character a bit more and knowing what kind of mould it is, think about the positives that come in the future of RP and just not the now. I'm not going to bring permadeathing into this guide but if you want to read more about the importance of it you can find that here. Don't be a robot RPer, have emotions don't care about your gear unless it's sentimental such as your fathers compass or something like that not "My grandfather gave me that M4 back when he was in the battle of hastings" or some stuff like that. RP > Gear is the simple thing people need to remember and embrace. I'd like to thank you all if you made it this far into the guide since hopefully you have walked away with something new, if not you must already be doing great! Wanted to make this since as a Rper i've been in a lot of situations and seen a lot of situations where people are lost what to do, especially for newer VOIP RPers and RPers in general. Use this as a base to what to add but at the end of the day the story and context is up to you to create. Don't be a NPC and let people come up to you and add you into their story, make your own storylines and make RP fun for yourself. To many folk think standing around waiting for something to happen is the best thing to do, it's not. Get yourself into these situations winning or not and have some fun and gain the friendship and respect of others OOCly for putting in that level of effort (Even if you don't see it, it will be there) Thank you for reading this guide! In b4 the press f2 for compliance comment
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    Here is my first post on this little thred, and its a file that I have been working on about the infection. I made it becuase I thought it would be kinda interesting to have a sort of "average joe shmoe's" take and study of the infection. Please keep in mind that the fallowing posts I do here is little collection of private papers and files put together by the Character Tivian Echca. These Notes and files are are hidden ICly and are not to be used in game unless the character lets you see them in game. Also would love some feed back as to how I could Improve these little things. Thanks for stopping by and reading! And here we go page five and six of the infection file! I would also like to thank the role play provided by @Rory, the rest of Viridian, and people who RP being infected that helped me deduce what the symptoms of the infection would be. Tell me what you all think of the symptoms I deduced as signs of the infection. You all think that they make since and work or would have you have chose something different? I will start releasing bits and parts of different files Tivian made on a few groups that have popped up in the server over time. To help prevent meta gaming or the use of the stuff in the files, I will only be posting the files of groups if they have archived. That being said who's file would you all like to see first? NATO, United Nations, or Aegis?
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    *Elyse kneeled beside a pond & took her radio out of the pocket of her bag as she listened to the broadcast. Once the message had concluded, she looked around the quiet forest while debating on whether or not she should answer. She used the water in the pond to wash the blood from her hands and face before standing and reaching for a pen in her bag. The girl wrote the set of numbers on the palm of her hand and after a few minutes of pondering she gently pressed down on the PTT. Taking a small breath, she began to speak.* "Hello.. Uh, this is Elyse... I think I may know of the situation.. or situations... that you're talking about." *The girl's quiet voice made her seem detached. She took another nervous breath before continuing to speak.* "We can have a meeting.. I think that it's probably a good idea for your people as well as mine. Perhaps we could host you to a meal of sorts & have a civilized conversation. I'd personally love to have you for dinner." *Elyse let go of the PTT and picked up her bag before heading inside to change out of her shirt that had recent blood stains on it. She sat the radio down on the table and waited to see if there would be any other responses.*
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    Check out their ToS. https://discordapp.com/terms more importantly their Guidelines. https://discordapp.com/guidelines Any of those reasons can warrant warnings and with enough of them a removal of the Server or the Accounts associated with it. Sometimes without any prior warnings! Some of that stuff is a obvious no-go even here in DayZRP. But some of the other reasons are something to worry about within DayZRP. The last server I saw go down was a SSBM Server, who knows the exact reason why but it was a widely used and suddenly all Accounts and the Server were gone and no one was 100% sure on why. I haven't ever been on a TS Server that was randomly shut down for any ToS Violation, usually they just don't pay the Server Fees. I say, if you can have someone monitor it correctly and quickly then go for it. Set up a structure for the Voice Channels, Open Comms and what ever else. Place some cool bots in there. Make sure to filter what Users have access to what, including coming in under different names. Make sure users keeps their forum names while in Discord and not set up random Nicknames and lock down NSFW Channels. We allow 16+ users to visit and play on DayZRP but NSFW is 18+ in the US where Discord is based. Just be aware of salty people who may mass report the Discord and it's users to try and get it shut down. :T Food for thought! Yep! Which is a good thing, I remember being on Discord when they out right banned ANY NSFW content. They finally gave in and allowed NSFW under locked channels. If the channel is not locked and users post NSFW content into it, the Server can be reported for it. D:
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    Did I file the report? No. To assume that I love getting people permed, even though i've never done that before, is quite frankly stupid and baseless. I'm not replying to this headache anymore unless asked to by the Admins
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    Hey, sorry I saw your profile and I just thought you looked cute in your picture, I really wanted to tell you that)) It's really rare to see girls playing video games haha! I don't know why its a guy thing honestly im like really against misogyny and like ill be the one in the kitchen making sandwiches. We should really play l4d2 sometime its a really cool zombie game with a lot of scary moments, but don't worry ill be there to protect you sorry that wasnt flirting I swear Im just trying to be friendly I really like your profile picture sorry was that too far? Really sorry i'm really shy I don't go out much haha add me on skype we should talk more you look really nice and fun xxx *cough* joke *cough*
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    Hey everyone, So for those of you that don't know, I'm a 11B (infantryman) in the Texas National Guard - Blackjack Company, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. I've been a Specialist (E4) in the army for about a month now, and a serviceman since last summer. Anyways my company is being deployed to Nigeria to liaison with the Nigerian Army and provide rear-area security for what I assume is humanitarian aid missions. For a while, it was looking like I would not, in fact, be deployed, as I was in a car accident not to long ago, and injured my leg. But the pieces are falling into place, and it is a definitive yes that I will leave in six days. Boko Haram (an offshot of Al Qaeda) has been more or less pacified in the recent months, but some parts of Nigeria remain an active warzone. As such I ask for any prayers/thoughts/blood rituals that you can do on my behalf. Hopefully, I'll return in one piece, with a combat patch and some cool stories to tell. Anyways. I just want to say that these past three months on DayZRP have been the most fun I've ever had in this game. I love this server, this community, and the people within it; and you can be damn sure that at the end of my deployment I will return with a vengeance. So, without further ado: @Major Wish I had more time, mate. Really do. Enjoyed the Skype call, hopefully there's still room for a quasi-whitename to be a Loremaster when I get back. @Taryn Best firearms instructor in the world. My will states that you will receive the half-empty can of beer in my left hand should I die. @Loscham Wish we could have played more together. Your a pretty cool dude. @Lady In Blue Just the tip. @Lyca 10/10 support your claim to the throne. @Dusty Pass the OOC salt, please. (Just kidding - you seem like a good guy, and an even better Gamemaster) @Bubblegum Someday, I will hit something with that damn Winchester. @Zero Put that group on hold for me, bruv. I'm gonna be SO pissed if I miss out on all that fun. @Jonal Honestly one of the coolest guys on this server. If I get the chance, I'll send you that Xmas present. Still got that bottle of wine? @Dovin In the event of my untimely death, my 4th grade spelling bee participation trophy is yours. Treasure it always. @Stoobs Good luck with the voice acting. You've definitely got the talent for it. @Levi Ackerman RANGERS FOREVER! Also in my will you inherit the box of poptarts sitting atop my fridge. @Galaxy 10/10 would take down the back car tent again @TiviylScratch Hey Tivian, you ever thought about joining the Rangers? @Kriss Blade I promise that I will never burn off your nipples with a flaming sword ever again. Or throw you off a building. Or take a sledgehammer to your kneecaps. Pinky swear. @SandDancer97 (AKA the REAL PsiSyndicate) Are you initiating on me? @Boston Sorry, I was kinda pissed off @Cody Husky For whats its worth I really hope you stay on the server. Also you don't fuck with a man's sand-castle. There's just some lines you don't cross. @Jamie @Sleepyhead to the cutest couple in DayZRP. Thanks for all the RP tips back in the day. You guys taking the time to talk to a whitename meant a lot. Best of luck with the new group! Also sorry to everyone that I poked. Oh, and just to reiterate - thanks, everyone, so much, for these past three months. Some of the best times I've ever had playing video games in my life, and believe me, the first thing I do when I get back is hop back on. Okay that's not true. Probably gonna get blackout drunk and laid first. Cheers, everyone.
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    No Also @Coreena this has been discussed a shit ton on the forums.
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    maybe going back home is for the best.
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    And people suggest this more often than Italy switches sides. -1 from me
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    From the album: Dvlinhb

    While wandering the woods, Everest comes upon more evidence of a fallen empire from a world long since gone...
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    Hello everyone, My name is Beni and I am the Grand Wizard of the AWKO [Anti White-Knight Organisation] It has come to my attention that this thread has gotten hot. Now, to the OP. You're getting these replies because you're in fact female. I have a thread and a video explaining this here. If you have any issues with White-Knights in the future, do not come to us. As we are not white knights. Thank you for reading.
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    Just such an effortless, smooth program. It'll bring many of the lurkers out. I don't really see anything negative about it?
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    I have the urge to point out that that is LITERALLY the opposite of PAU, but anway, The group, good luck with it and all that.
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    No... Oh god no... Please not fucking Discord.... Please. We're happy as we are.
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    Thanks to all the squad tonight for the RP, @Zero @Otto @Bigtoe @MasterAralo @MeenMuginLovin @Dewskeet Skeet and @Duster, thanks for the RP you guys delivered, it's been a long time since I've been taken hostage, and I actually really enjoyed it. I hope to run into you and your group again. @MeenMuginLovin, not gonna lie.... that shot was fucking savage, goddamn Wanted style bullet curve. Thanks to the Black Fangs for coming to our aid, we'll be sure to return the favor somehow
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    Now that all the PoVs have been added, we will abide by OP's wishes to close this report. We will leave some comments about what went down in this report however. There was unnecessary OOC in chat from both parties as seen by the logs. While this is not a punishable amount, we still feel the need to mention it as it was not needed. We would also like to remind Keira that you go AFK at your own risk. Even if you have to sit in a queue, you are still responsible for what happens to your character once you get in the server. That being said, the initiating party didn't have the best reason to do so. Just because someone is AFK doesn't mean you must rob or kill them. However nothing really came of this since the items were returned once Keira came back. 6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation. See also rule 5.3. Closed by @Nihoolious, @Spartan, @Chewy
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    Here's to the legend himself, the gay savage
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    There is a German saying: Jemandem die Hand untern' Arsch halten. word.
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    Happy Birthday @Jamie & @Para I hope you have a great day!
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    *Is jealous* i miss you two!!!!!!! ? Thanks! I had a lot of fun with you too! Really great medical rp! I believe some of the people you are looking for- @Razareth @DinoCasino @Lemons @Oisin Also of course @Samti for the great radio rp
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    Memes are what keep me and this world alive
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    @Razareth @RogueSolace @Mass04
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    Forum name: Solo Uplay name: SnakySolo Timezone: GMT Top 3 attackers: Fuze, Glaz, Thermite Top 3 defenders: Mute, Smoke, Pulse Level: 50 something, I'm a noob Rank (or last rank you had): Lol never Additional info: Part of the SS (Special Squad),' I'm useful so hit me up if you want the best clutches and funny moments.
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    Background Music Initial Intentions How it began Early Days Rebirth - Hunt down, and torture the enemies who have revealed themselves over the past weeks. Make deals with them, to bring them back into the fold of our dominance. - Diplomacy will ONLY be handled at Green Mountain, it will also be used as an outpost where we keep our prisoners. - Establish ourselves as a For-kill-hire business, our deals will not be the greatest and also be debt inducing. - Be smart about how we operate and who we rob, stealing from people and sometimes killing them that we don’t have much reason to do so only increases the risk of losing our own men. Prioritize our enemies and people who fuck with us, instill fear to those who don’t without extreme measures. - All allies that are made are done so with them understanding that they are not equal, we are doing them a favor by allying and it will be recognized or it won’t happen at all. Leaders Caleb Gallagher - Hassan Jhon Derek - Eagle Luke Krey - Infamous Veterans John Laski - Laski Hondo Hunt - Mr. Panda Members Viktor Chesnov - Lucass Jayden Renolds - Puncture Rick Gunderson - Venzzy Finleigh Shaw - Rory David Anderson - Nathan Osbourne Yegor Yemelin - H1ber Joey Thompson - Ryan Carter Boris Orlov - Its Boris Viktor Padella - G19 Leo Lynch - ExoticRainbow Recruitment will be strict, we're looking for people who can hold their own in PvP and also are experienced in RP. We want this group to be a bunch of friends that are having fun in RP, I doubt we'll recruit a lot of people but we do need some more members so if you feel you could fit in with us send @Hassan or @Infamousan app. Age: Character Page (If you wish to make a new one for the group let us know): How active will you be?: Why us?: Previous groups?:
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    Ye, not shitty mods and a map that people have to pay to play on.
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    Yes but unlike DayZ, teamspeak isn't a broken pile of poo.
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    You make me cringe so much omfg stop.
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    My inbox is always open to the birds of the community... Just don't expect a fucking reply.
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    I see you looking at my profile *shows leg*
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    Still applies to today apparently.
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    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Kill Logs: Chat Logs: Calling in the following people to post their POVs and video evidence: @Boston - Dalton Low @Coreena - Andy Archer @Cody Husky - Dustin Brooks @Stoobs - Shelby Jackson @evanm23 - Omar Mosa @Puncture - Jayden Renolds @LadyInBlue - Quinn Gray In order to keep this report clutter free we will only be calling in the Hostage takers at the moment. If anyone else who was involved wishes to post a POV or video please PM myself or another GM for permission. This is also your only warning that unnecessary back and forth will be pointed. @MatthewFC Please upload the full unedited version of the situation.
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