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    Server and location: S1, Berezhki Docks Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): October 29th, 2017 at around 00:13 server time Your in-game name: David Banks Names of allies involved: @Ronin47 @Dvlinhb @Lady In Blue @Mr. Blue @TiviylScratch Name of suspect/s: Unaware, assuming Alex Smtih Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None, requesting logs Detailed description of the events: After traveling to the docks of Berezhki, I was talking with @Ronin47 and 5 people all with weapons out. A man approaches our front and initiates by himself, saying "Everyone put your hands up or you're going to die" (something to this effect) and within an actual 2 seconds, all of us were dead with only one visual initiating party. I believe this person is not valuing their life and killing random people on site in reference to rule 7.1 and also did not allow enough time for people to comply with enough visual individuals to show their power over us.
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    this map will be needed to understand the POV. Allies: @Vytis @Randle @Watchman @SmashingMedal and 2 more that I can’t remember. POV: @Randle, @Vytis, me and some people from Sleepyhead’s group were heading from Severo to Novaya on the road. As we were reaching the end of Ratnoe we met a man with a pink hat on the road (marked 1 on the map), and began talking to him. Seconds later one of Sleepyhead’s group members spot a man on the hill crouching around while trying get eyes on us (marked 2 on the map). Vytis, me and 3 more of Sleepy’s group members decide to give chase to the guy and see what’s up with him while Randle and SmashingMedal stayed with the man on the road roleplaying. After a brief chat, one of Sleepy’s group members initiate and we start taking shots instantly from the east treeline (marked as arrows on the map), resulting in one of the group members dying and the hostage running away. Same time as the initiation dropped, Randle and one more person from Sleepys group are instantly sprayed down by the man with the pink hat that we initially spoke to on the road. I ran back to where we last spoke to the pink hat man to see the him running up the woods in front of me, where I saw him shoot Vytis and break his legs. I then shot the pink hat guy, killing him just a bit further down the hill (Marked as 3 on the map). Shooting stopped for around 2 minutes when Watchman calls out that he spotted another man ( @Play3rFTW) crouch running from where the first shots after the initiation came from (marked as arrows on the map) to where I killed the pink hat guy (Marked as 3 on the map), possibly trying to get to his dead friend but then taking a left into the same woods that pink hat guy shot Vytis from. I then spot him in the woods crouch running around and then I shot him dead. (Marked as 4 on the map). I don’t understand how this could be misinterpreted as KOS or false ID as the individual in question was with the group that started firing first after the initiation was dropped by Sleepys people and was in fact in the same TS room as the rest of them and was completely aware of the whole situation that was unraveling and the ongoing firefight and then still decided to linger on in an active firefight area crouch running around effectively trying to reach his dead friends bodies while trying to stay hidden or trying to get involved in the firefight himself instead of leaving the immediate area. The OP also states that he was trying to not get mis ID’d“I decided to keep off the road to try and keep from being falsely IDed and kept low in the bushes I remained a pretty decent distance from the main road”” but instead of running away from the firefight or putting his hands up while in the area, he opted to sneak around and got spotted almost immediately merely meters away from the same area where one of his group members got killed not too long ago. I would also like to point out that Randle and one more member of Sleepys group that were talking to the pink hat man on the road were immediately sprayed down with no initiation or warning as soon as the initiation was dropped almost 300 meters North East up the hill away from where they were having the conversation with the man in the pink hat. Another thing that I find curious is that the OP usually records firefights and roleplay but has no evidence for the situation at hand. He also recently deleted an hour long video from his Youtube from a firefight that happened with my group a week or so ago at Green Mountain when one of our members pointed out to them that there is clear evidence of metagaming from multiple members of their group in that same video. Again, to me and everyone else who has found themselves in a firefight, seeing someone sneaking in the forest hiding behind bushes is indicative of someone trying to not be seen - not someone who doesn’t wish to be mis ID’d. You can imagine that seeing a person who you do not recognize as one of your own or as a member of your dynamic group acting suspicious in that immediate area you can only conclude that he is part of the enemies group as no sane passerby who would find themselves there would risk their lives in such a way but rather would vacate the area immediately or put his hands up in order to not get killed. In the end the OP was; 1)A part of the oppositions group 2)Was in their comms 3)Was aware of the situation at hand and willingly stayed there while attempting to do who knows what which got him killed. No video evidence.
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    I'm more thankful than words can express for Rolle and this community, and glad to have had the opportunity to play mod and SA, from firefight-happy PvP focused clans through settlements to the best RP I've ever witnessed. That said, SA is a shit game, and the mod was a shit game. And we were all addicted. It's not the game, it's the community. We play DayZRP despite the shit game it uses as a vehicle. Will SA ever have a resurgence of popularity? I hope so. But until the DayZRP community is free of edgy tweens and cannibals, would it even matter?
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    When Season 2 Hits you in the feels @Bubblegum
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    Nostalgia glasses are always nice up until the point you try it out again and figure out you can't recreate what once was. Then you blame the community or staff
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    Sometimes you just have to laugh at some people in this community
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    The Chase and hide n'seek with @Karma Always nice seeing the lurking shadow Mr.Ivan @Jack the Ripper It was great meeting the maker of Valley of the balls @Chaostica Always fun with Beth @RogueSolace Well cause Nedved is just cool @Razareth How dare you help Rose over me! @Harvey
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    @Kyle_Jones This still makes me laugh how savages this was. @Loops, @Bubblegum, @kiwienne
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    I don't know you but according to the comments below, it's your birthday today sooo.. - USER HAS BEEN WISHED A HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Hope you have an awesome day today!
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    We get it. You were here in the mod days. Honestly we get it, jeeezh. Everything in mod was not better. ArmA 2 is shite for RP. The only thing that is good is the PVP element. But yes, it is loosing popularity.
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    I approve of this profile! i totally don't have an addiction. i can stop at any time
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    Ken constantly trying (in vain) to get Quinn @Lady In Blue to come back to his group
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    Did you buy a position in citadel as well? Genuine curiosity.
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    Server and location: S1 Sevet Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2017-10-29, 21:11 Your in game name: Aaf al Abad Names of allies involved: @Lady In Blue sortof Name of suspect/s: @Jack Rees-Mountbatten Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): @Para Detailed description of the events: I was waiting in the que and I came back dead, heard that it was the accused, talked to him, his apology did not sound sincere.
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    55 minutes of work to go.. things need to speed up
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    Rolle jumped the gun. Its ok. We know whats in the works and those interested can brainstorm till the mid to late November. @JimRP. People still salty that you spent alot of money here? Jesus, people need to get a new meme about you.
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    They were told to take down the servers by Bohemia, they took them down for like 1-2 weeks then brought them back under another name. Only time until another take down is ordered or they're sued.
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    Because it's illegal to do?..
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    I'm hanging around for that pizza. It was promised! *thumbs up*
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    I have to laugh at the amount of people complaining about how long this game has been in development. Sure, it's been slow, but look at the team that started development. Dean Hall is notorious for starting things and walking away before it's completed. He probably saw the cash rolling in, while not much work was being put in and did a Monty Burns finger pyramid of evil contemplation. Fast forward and you have a new team working on the game, they add some content and realise the game, at least what they have to work with, is utter shit. The games engine is not built for what they wanted to do. The engine works for Arma, a pvp centred game, with a game like Arma you don't have to worry so much about loot economies, zombie (or any NPC, really) mechanics, crafting, hunger and hydration, illnesses, or any of the other fancy stuff Dayz separates itself from Arma with. (sure some of that is in Arma but Arma is a grab a gun and pew pew pew game.) That's only the stuff we had in the legacy version of Dayz, So much more (some of what they have teased us with) simply couldn't be implemented into the engine without seriously fucking up other things. What was the decision? Build a new engine! Game engines are no simple task. They are such a huge undertaking that many games use pre existing engines simply because to make an engine per game, you would be adding at least a year onto development (and that's with dev teams like Rockstar who have hundreds of developers all over the world each working on a section of the game, unlike Dayz's dev team of about 40 all working on the engine AND the entire game ) So progress has been slow, sure, but once the engine was fully completed, then it comes to recoding EVERYTHING into the new engine. add in the new sounds, they have to be recorded, the new animations, need to get mo-cap sessions and then animate those and code it all into the new engine. Then all these systems have to be tested, the vast majority of bugs squished (though not all bugs are ever removed. Even from "fully released" games. Skyrim, Assassins Creed, Fall out Grand theft auto.. just some AAA games from recent years that have bugs.) Then it goes to experimental (or what would go to a team of play testers, but here it goes public) to locate any bugs switching from a few people playing a game to full servers and hundreds of testers and seeing what problems arise, then deal with those problems.... When it comes to Dayz, the dev team have been getting a lot of flack from the gaming community due to lack of this or that and the other, the time it has taken and yadda yadda, just read this thread for specifics. So what are they doing? Well, in order to make the community happy and to deliver on what past teams have promised, they are cramming as much into beta as possible. while adding the groundwork for additions to follow. Meaning updates will be more frequent and work. Games take a long time to get released, but we as joe public don't see this cause we get told when it's pretty much ready that it's coming out. You think Bathesda or Rockstar start development and 6 months later we get a new game? Nope soon as one game is released and if a sequel is warranted (did the game make money) then they will begin development on a new game. These games take years to make too. Grand theft auto V took several years with a dev team of close to 1,000 people, dayz dev team is about .4% of that so by comparison Dayz is doing pretty good. The problem Dayz has it it came out in Alpha. The players began to demand what they wanted and the devs tried to make it work. Had they done the most of the work behind the scenes dayz would have been an entirely different monster. TLDR: Games take a long time to make, stop bitching and wait and see what Beta will bring. After all it's more or less a new game.
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    OH MAN I REMEMBER THAT GAME, I loved it back in the day as well. I always picked that swordsman guy.. Shinjo I believe his name was. But yes you're absolutely right. We always remember the good things and overtime forget about the bad things which makes it seem like things were better back in the day.
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    I was a huge advocate of the mod version right up until we switched over to SA. SA was out for a while then there was a call by the community to open a mod version server, I was one of those voices. You know what happened, after a few days the mod server was empty, even though SA was broken (still is) the community played SA and the mod server was shut down. About 6 months later there was another call for a mod server, again I was one of those asking for it, eventually it was put up and same thing happened it got shut down because no one played it. I get it, nostalgia is a powerful thing and although people talked the talk they didn't walk the walk. The mod was awesome but it has had it's day. Nothing we do will create those early days and I hate saying that. However we have the opportunity to provide a great experience using SA and that can only be done by people getting in game. It's the community that makes a game great.
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    Problem is to the new players its all 'nostalgia'. Face it the Mod was great because it was firefight city with RP elements, it felt balanced for PvP and RP players alike. With SA the community moved more into RP and any PvP that happens is now a sin. Jump ingame now and your more likely to not find anyone because they are hidding to protect their gear or simply logging in to gear whore with lots of tents miles away from major hotspots. I miss the Mod, it was a time when the community felt more together (probably because of less members that were actually dedicated to the servers and splashed out the cash to help it) and simply the game was fun, imagination ran wild with somali pirates and such. You make a group of somali pirates now and everyone will jump down your throat at how unrealistic it is. Face it mate we will never get them mod experiences back but we can enjoy the fact that we lived during the golden age of this community with 2 full servers every night, Altar castle, diesel plant, ravens nest and that CLF camp (refuge?) aswell as fun firefights, impossibly inacurate but fun imaginative groups and a general togetherness between all members and staff.
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    Vytis' Guide: How To Cannibal Role Play (Ft. I Am Bambi) @i am Bambi
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    Jesus christ, you spend a Weekend away from the Website and you come back to 50 Notifications and all of it is shit posting
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    If there was an award for best music on profile ... i would win tbh.
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    Great RP tonight with @Chaostica (I will never let you live down the Valley of the balls and Valley of the blue balls ) @Jack the Ripper (Mr.stubborn <3 ) @Lemons (That chase was great and now maybe next time you will just let me drive when I ask ) @Harvey (We make a great team against Lemons ♥ ) I know there were others but Im bad with names Overall tons of fun tonight
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    Roleplay has me like this dude
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    Dayz itself used to peak players at around 40,000 now it barely makes 4000 and its dropping steadily. So as a whole yes. Eventually DayzRP will be dead, it still has some years left on lifesupport though. Best call was the citadel I think. Eventually it'll be time to jump onto another game similar to DayZ, most likely Arma III. I hope for Rust thoigh it has had a fairly consistent player base up around 50,000 and its fun, has a lot of potential and there are mods for it, if people don't mind going to the real wastelands I'm sure it'll be radical. Though Rust also lost a lot of steam years back but made a major comeback, because they REDID THE GAME FROM SCRATCH, into something much more enjoyable.
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    I'm over the game, not the community. I can't stand the map anymore, beyond bored of Chernarus. Just really needs to be refreshed.
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    Hello, Muslim extremists & The (new) Kingdom. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ // Updated Diplomacy.
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    Connection Logs: Hit Logs: Death Logs: Chat Logs: N/A Calling in @Pep - Saif Al Jabari Ibn Saeed - To post their full and detailed POV and any unedited video evidence and/or allies they may have.
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    No, he and a group had kiddnaped us about 20 mins before we saw him in town, he was working with a group but I do believe he was not a member of them, however he may have been. We knew it was him because during the encounter he had walked right in front of us and threaten to chop our heads off with his chainsaw. He had the exact same outfit, which was quite unique, we noticed that he was wearing the exact same outfit as the person who just worked to kidnap us. He also had the exact same load out as during the encounter, an m4 and a chainsaw. so because of the fact he was wearing a very easily remembered and distinguishable outfit and the fact he was standing there with a chainsaw( an obviously very rare item) we didused that it was him and let Jack initiate, obviously we wanted RP from the situation, this is why we sent Jack and didn't just confirm his identity and enact our kill rights
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    Can't get on tonight, Walking Dead time!
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    Alrighty then. *puts on Loremaster glasses and turns lamp on* I would recommend running the whole passage through Grammarly to eliminate as many grammar issues and misspellings as possible, as there is one in the opening sentence. The wording in "The Beginning" is a bit dicey and difficult to understand. I'd read it aloud if that helps. Castle Black? I wouldn't really mind the GoT reference if there was a proper explanation for why you named Devil's Castle this name other than that it was "ominous". The Crows reference in your character backstories given the name change to the group is also a bit iffy. It also has a very well-known and established name that is pretty well known to tourists and Chernarussians alike (Devils Castle). Don't forget Chernarussians have GoT too. You'd most likely just confuse people in either situation and it would look a bit awkward. Throughout this section you talk about moving from place to place and doing "business". But it is mostly just talk of how you did things, not why or what you actually did and the reason behind it. You mention hunting people down, but you don't provide any examples of people you hunted down or things you did. Way too many generalities and rambling about how things are and flip-flopping between topic. Now for the first character Alex Menendez. It is stated he joined the Marine Corps in 1999 and was deployed to Somalia to fight in the civil war. The last US and UN troops pulled out of Somalia in the 1994-1995 timeframe, and to my knowledge Somalia did not received anymore troops from the US or UN until later if at all. https://timelines.ws/countries/SOMALIA.HTML Also, this character was in a Chernarussian jail for 8 years? Why was he imprisoned? This needs addressing as this makes zero sense. Bradley knew about a potential PMC opportunity Menendez told him about and drove through Europe to get to Chernarus? I thought Menendez was jailed? Why would you need PMCs in Chernarus? Also, are you guys the Crows or the Bounty Hunter's Guild? Not trying to tear your background stories apart but I can't really find much rhyme or reason in your thread for why things are the way they are, and what is listed there just presents more confusion. Your roster is formatted like that of a military organization, which is odd as most of your members are not military and it doesn't make much sense for them to be bounty hunters. I'd also add most of the military characters lack a good story or human element as to why they are here or their actual personality or story other than their service, which is critical for a group such as this when you have little story as to the formation of the group and only how many missions your character(s) might have conducted. As for your goals. "Grow our ranks in both men and material to present an organized force is South Zagoria." Why? You are not a military force and would presumably need specialized individuals to work on your behalf as opposed to building a large force that just attracts attention. Steady solid connections to clients to ensure the survival and business of the men. Isn't bounty hunting sort of risky? Connections to clients are sort of over after you kill/capture/etc who they need taken care of. The rest are decent but it would be nice to have a more long-term goal that is unique and attainable. Keep IC IC & OOC OOC. Period. I have been in your comms briefly and you absolutely did not follow this goal, most of what I heard what just talk about other people or persons who had pissed you off IC or who you had beef with. I'd talk stuff out with people and keep it professional. Aside from this I'd like to know a bit more about what actual bounty hunting you have done, as most of what I have heard or witnessed is roadblocks, moral crusades, radio rants, and other shenanigans that make you resemble more of a budding gang or militia than an actual guild as your name suggests. I would lose the whole "reputation" thing and go for a group people respect because of their dedication, skills, and how they keep their word. I would also refer to the critiques of other folks who have posted on this thread, as they tend to echo each other. It'll take some work, but I am sure you can get this where it needs to be. Make sure you read over all the group requirements and get everything where it should be. I won't nitpick that till later.
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    I think you're just playing the victim. Get over it. Really, build a bridge and get over it. Literally a million implications with the statement and you pull the darkest one, how about you stop taking about school shootings, you're making me have PTSD from watching Elephant. Aside from someone using the card, o7 Dusty. You had a spine and were cool in my book as a GM.
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    Oh it was just great that I ran into you randomly Couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to get the ball rolling again
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    They are updating more often after 63 .... and the gameplay is very early in development. Stay on high hopes for the game , done with my end of this conversation.
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    Beta actually has a clear difference from the current version, here watch this video:
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    Made an edit that sums up some recent events
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    Hello Jake, We have decided to accept your appeal and give you a 6th attempt. This will be your last attempt, so please use the resources available to you, if you need assistance with questions or with your backstory please join the Waiting for Staff Help channel in our TeamSpeak. Outcome: Appeal Accepted; 6th and final attempt given.
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    Big shit coming tomorrow. Stay tuned...
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    Wow. You've somehow managed to try and make this post about yourself. Cool. stop. You know full well you've probably said "cancer" or "aids" or "kill yourself" before, so please, hop off the high horse before you lose all your brain cells from a lack of oxygen.
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