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    I know its a far leap from what i usually do, but im adding my final touches to a first episode of a new Youtube Series, about James Black.
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    I'm back Sitting in a queue but I'm live. twitch.tv/certifiedclutz
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    Hey guys, I'm going to finna stream my doods. I'm cool, look here finna stream. You can watch me on finna https://www.twitch.tv/pyrodementia @Dusty
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    Yeah so recently I have taken up the bandit role again and I have been noticing that people nowadays just can't accept defeat or they genuinely get insulted because we are mean to them via roleplay. I'm just putting this out here to let people know that because someone is hostile to you it doesn't mean they are trying to personally attack you as an individual people need to learn to keep IC IC.
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    Seems to be a common trend of people not realizing they've changed.
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    @Grimnir @PatZ Majestic as fuck.
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    Similarly to DayZ, I am not satisfied unless I have enough 5.56 to live off of. Unsimilarly to DayZ, I win firefights.
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    "When it rains, it pours" Life in Chernogorsk has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, emotions and moments of emptyness for everyone involved. The CDF Camp that once occupied the hospital building by the church vanished into thin air within a day. Stray CDF Soldiers would sometimes be seen wandering around the area with no real motive or objective. Eventually, they disappeared completely. Most of the survivors inhabiting Chernogorsk at the time were left alone, abandoned by military forces to face what seemed to be chaos and destruction by black sheeps that couldn't handle the current situation. While we sat and watched and tried to create a place where people could forget their worries, the world around us broke out into a wasteland of rebellions, mad at the forces that promised to help. Mad at the government for creating this shithole in the first place. What we all didn't realise was that there were more people just like us. People left to themselves with nothing left to care for. But where there's darkness... is there actually light? The occupants of the Bar were being haunted by a chainreaction of problems that didn't seem to take a turn for the better. The bar had to be closed due to constant thievery from outsiders that didn't want people to have anything nice to live for. Frequently, the place could be found completely beaten up. The food we relied on would be gone. Storage would be found completely destroyed. The strength it took to build the place up from nothing every single day, so that people would destroy it again at nighttime just was nowhere to be found in the end. We ended up moving it to a new location but the curse didn't stop there. A day later, one of us suffered a bad injury and a couple of us ended up getting shot at by strangers. It wasn't looking good for whatever we tried to accomplish. Anything we tried to build up, would fall back to the ground. Rory especially found herself in a bad place. The injury required a long time of healing which sat like a burden on her shoulders. Knowing that she would be out of the picture for a long while. No ability to sleep at night. The voices in her head were just too loud to cope with. But we all bonded. We all faced the same darkness and we all care just as much. What we need are friends that are able of keeping us going and lifting us back up. Figuring out our purpose and trying to find the strength to keep going. What the brotherhood taught all of us is that nobody could be trusted. Especially ourselves. We will continue upholding the legacy we all strived for as the brotherhood. We will never give up the focus. We will find others that have suffered the same darkness and help them find their purpose just like we have to now. Not everything can be solved with positivity. So if you want darkness, we take out the flame. W.I.P (Priority) Ensure our families safety and survival no matter what circumstances - (New) Start a new Pub to serve other fellow survivors - - Find a permanent home for us and build it up - (New) Settle our differences with a number of groups and Individuals - - Work on setting up new relationships and businesses with like minded survivors - - Provide other survivors with a family & home given they earn our trust - - Aid survivors with supplies & medical assistance whenever necessary - (New) Begin investigations on the infection & it's origins, using any current information or files we get given - Open IC Recruitment Our group members have been playing together for a long time and have a very close relationship with eachother. In order to become part of this very strong circle of trust, you need to get to know most of us In Game, hang out with us, gain our trust, etc. Once we agree that you've earned your place within our family, we will offer you an armband. We therefore will not be doing any OOC Recruitment since we realized that the IC Recruitment has been working perfectly in the last few months! However, don't be shy to send me a PM if you are interested in joining and would like some tips or information on our group. Contact Frequency | Media Thread
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    Live Now! Just Serial Killer thangs https://www.twitch.tv/roach_tm
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    Soon time to turn the clock 1 hour back for winter time and enter the dark and cold time of Sweden. well, at least fewer bugs!
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    Try and handle how adorable this pic is. Bet you can't. ...then she puked all on me like a minute and 20 seconds later...
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    //this is a radio chatter and i post it here because of stupid radio chatter rules! everything is in chernarussian bezpečný dům Maria *static* Ahoj buržoa(citizen), this is Maria. *static* i have *short break* a safe house in svergino with fresh water sources. *static* if you need food or a place to rest or trading come to the green house in the east of svergino. *static* everyone is welcome here. *static* maybe someone is willing to help me with this and *static* maybe we can raise the area to make a neutral zone around the safe house *static* we will see us there... hopefully *static* // you can also find a map in these towns: Cernaya Polana, Novodmitrovsk, Severograd, Gvozdno and Krasnostav
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    Really enjoyed the stream last night, wish I could have stayed for a bit longer. Wes Carter, very interesting character.
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    Hello fellow community members, As most of you know, the numbers have been a little low lately. This however gives us the opportunity to think about ways to make your RP experience better and attempt to make players go back in game more frequently! An idea sprung in my head whilst talking to some people with red badges earlier today. Seeing as GM's/Admins are able to send people messages in game, I figured it would be a fun idea to add in small little Text-RP events. This could be as simple as: *You may hear a mosquito/fly/bee/wasp buzzing by your ear* We even spoke about making a thread where players could sign up to have messages specifically tailored to their characters. For example when you have multiple personality disorder or something like that. You could let us know what direction you would like to go and we'd try our best to make your experience in game better! This might make those moments when you're alone travelling to town X a bit more enjoyable. I just made this quick thread to see how people feel about this and if it is something that you would like to see. Much love, Red!
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    AP calculus is learning some new shit, but since when was @Rolle a mathematician with his own theorem?
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    Did you buy a position in citadel as well? Genuine curiosity.
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    Had a really good time with @jangoskull, @jub_jub, @dubiouswig, and a few others. The scarecrows wont know what hit em next time.
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    Yo my boy said what's your snapchat. I wouldn't give it him to be honest, but still it's worth a shot. Bless him. fyi It's not for me, I've got a bird but still, it's for him. He's to shy to ask you for it, he's from the community though. And well, my halloween outfit is this: I couldn't find a smaller image... Sorry. Words can't describe how much I love this. In fact, myself, @Grimnir, @PatZ, @Steck, @Solo and @Doc Holiday are planning on making a clan of moonmen and going to a party together, so that's something.
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    Looks interesting, hoping for some Arma 3 and GTA stuff. Best of luck.
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    *After a long hike from the Crow's current base, Bradley makes his way into the broadcast room of the Altar radio station, he sets his pack down beside the chair and takes a seat, dialing in the settings of the transmitters to be as long range as possible. Upon getting everything set up, he begins* *a sigh is heard at first* This message is to anyone who may hear it. To anyone willing to help. The current situation in South Zagoria is quite FUBAR, being the dead are walking, though that's old news now. Something worse has come though, from Takistan. These Takis, the Mujahideen, are Islamic extremists. Terrorists. And all-in-all a pain in my goddamn ass. This isn't exactly a mayday call, more a warning to anyone who isn't Islamic or of that sort, they are quite the problem, and the Crows simply can not deal with it on our own. To anyone willing to help, God bless you. To anyone looking to side with them, go to hell. To anyone looking to live a relatively safe life... *He pauses* Good fuckin' luck. Just stay the hell away from here. First Lieutenant Mason.. over. *He stands and turns the broadcast off, leaving the station soon after*
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    *At the undisclosed base of the Crows, or bounty hunters, Lieutenant Bradley Mason grabs his spare radio from his pack in his right hand, a canteen in the other, pressing the PTT button after taking a swig* Hades, if you're still looking to join us, I'll gladly meet you in Severograd, although I'm not in charge of recruiting and training, so I won't be alone, I'll make a short appearance later today, any further info can be discussed on a more secure frequency. *He releases the PTT button, setting his radio to the side, taking a seat outside the base, and starts whistling John Denver’s Country Roads himself*
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    @Ronin47 Thanks but, no thanks, I don't mind the report, and I'd like to see it through. @evanm23 I'm well aware of what's in the video, with talking to a guy who's way too far away to be involved, then asking the one of the only survivors of last night who shot us up. I'm sure things will end up fine in the end. Besides, I don't hear anyone else on damage control. I'm going to leave this report as is for now. Let the staff make their decision.