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    "When it rains, it pours" Life in Chernogorsk has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, emotions and moments of emptyness for everyone involved. The CDF Camp that once occupied the hospital building by the church vanished into thin air within a day. Stray CDF Soldiers would sometimes be seen wandering around the area with no real motive or objective. Eventually, they disappeared completely. Most of the survivors inhabiting Chernogorsk at the time were left alone, abandoned by military forces to face what seemed to be chaos and destruction by black sheeps that couldn't handle the current situation. While we sat and watched and tried to create a place where people could forget their worries, the world around us broke out into a wasteland of rebellions, mad at the forces that promised to help. Mad at the government for creating this shithole in the first place. What we all didn't realise was that there were more people just like us. People left to themselves with nothing left to care for. But where there's darkness... is there actually light? The occupants of the Bar were being haunted by a chainreaction of problems that didn't seem to take a turn for the better. The bar had to be closed due to constant thievery from outsiders that didn't want people to have anything nice to live for. Frequently, the place could be found completely beaten up. The food we relied on would be gone. Storage would be found completely destroyed. The strength it took to build the place up from nothing every single day, so that people would destroy it again at nighttime just was nowhere to be found in the end. We ended up moving it to a new location but the curse didn't stop there. A day later, one of us suffered a bad injury and a couple of us ended up getting shot at by strangers. It wasn't looking good for whatever we tried to accomplish. Anything we tried to build up, would fall back to the ground. Rory especially found herself in a bad place. The injury required a long time of healing which sat like a burden on her shoulders. Knowing that she would be out of the picture for a long while. No ability to sleep at night. The voices in her head were just too loud to cope with. But we all bonded. We all faced the same darkness and we all care just as much. What we need are friends that are able of keeping us going and lifting us back up. Figuring out our purpose and trying to find the strength to keep going. What the brotherhood taught all of us is that nobody could be trusted. Especially ourselves. We will continue upholding the legacy we all strived for as the brotherhood. We will never give up the focus. We will find others that have suffered the same darkness and help them find their purpose just like we have to now. Not everything can be solved with positivity. So if you want darkness, we take out the flame. W.I.P (Priority) Ensure our families safety and survival no matter what circumstances - (New) Start a new Pub to serve other fellow survivors - - Find a permanent home for us and build it up - (New) Settle our differences with a number of groups and Individuals - - Work on setting up new relationships and businesses with like minded survivors - - Provide other survivors with a family & home given they earn our trust - - Aid survivors with supplies & medical assistance whenever necessary - (New) Begin investigations on the infection & it's origins, using any current information or files we get given - Open IC Recruitment Our group members have been playing together for a long time and have a very close relationship with eachother. In order to become part of this very strong circle of trust, you need to get to know most of us In Game, hang out with us, gain our trust, etc. Once we agree that you've earned your place within our family, we will offer you an armband. We therefore will not be doing any OOC Recruitment since we realized that the IC Recruitment has been working perfectly in the last few months! However, don't be shy to send me a PM if you are interested in joining and would like some tips or information on our group. Contact Frequency | Media Thread
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    The Bounty Hunters were formed a couple of months into the outbreak, a man named Menendez approached Bradley Mason, a former friend, and fellow Marine he had met earlier on. To form a new and coming concept that Menendez had been thinking of for a while, he wanted to gain profit and power off the back of honest work and he couldn't think of a better time to capitalize on this after the fall of all the bigger military units running the region. Bradley agreed on this, aided Menendez and talked about the foundations, laying out plans for this coming business. Menendez had many connections throughout Chernarus already, so it wasn't hard to find other individuals just like him who were also looking for work. Some because of boredom and some because of their own personal missions. Over time the group became more organized and led its way to have more of a name for itself, from an outsider and insider perspective. Even though the group itself wasn't kind-hearted, it gave a place and a home for many people who wanted more of a purpose. To keep their minds off the harsh environment they lived in. Some spoke about how they missed the UN evacuation and others talked about how they didn't want to go at all. Overall it was a place for people to stay safe and once more live with purpose. Richard was a man that stood out from the newer recruits, he had a knack for looking after others and he stood ready for when threats arrived and many did. He was promoted to lead ranger, more of a combat role to ensure that the survival of the employees would be sufficient that the business could still run properly. Like all businesses, Menendez has an incentive; power and wealth. Even though it was not obvious to the seeing eye, Mason noticed it and looked at it as something that wouldn't be an issue as long as some form of democracy was withheld and kept. So they went on building and growing outwards from the north leading from the airfields to the cities. Castle black was the place they called home, previously named “Devil's Castle”, an ominous name for the place that Menendez repurposed with Mason and he knew it would be perfect as a base of operations. They had taken over the once popular tourist location, now making it the face of the company. He called all his employees there and gave them a summed up briefing on how things are going to work from now on and how they would be taking more contracts because of their higher numbers, also they would have a new red/orange armband to accompany the new face of the enterprise they were building. Menendez, Mason, and Richard were the trio that had to try and pull everything together. Things were getting harder as there name and reputation got out more to the world, new rumors opened up opportunities for more people to attack them, some recruits even placed in larger populated cities, told to make sure information about them was correct by being present in higher populated areas and to ensure that business was coming in from people. The men kept around in their armbands, normally congregated in a group open enough to approach but closed enough to not be mocked by people trying to act smart. The employees tried to help everyone they could, though hunting people down is frowned upon by some, as dishonest work in a lawless world. So life went on, goods and services were traded for justice and greed. That's just how things were, the business was shaped each day, misshaped but things went on as usual and at least it wasn't the same thing every week... Many of the men were ex-military, some were just people learning. As much of a business as they were, they were most importantly friends. Although this was not the main reason of employment, the majority found camaraderie in the group. They were attacked and lost some lives, that's just the ways things are now. That doesn't mean that things don't hit home, even if some people don't show it. When shit hits the fan it's the friendship that powers them through, fear is the poison of combat. At Least you can overcome being scared with others around you. Alex Menendez - @CaptainTorch Bradley Mason - @TommyGun_ Pastor Clemens - @Play3rFTW Sully Sullivan - @Sully Sullivan Damien Hades - @Kevin F Connors Yusuf Petrov Ymir - @GrainSack Masaru Conrad - @Kriss Blade Henry Gaunt Clayton - @DerHundKaiser Laz Kelley - @Javoo Nikolai Kronin - @RussianPotato Jorge Smith - @Mack Roy Kalo - @Anoymouse Seek and complete mercenary jobs from other groups and/or survivors. Grow our ranks in both men and material to present an organized force is South Zagoria. Steady solid connections to clients to ensure the survival and business of the men. Fortify and secure the HQ to give a face to the business. Ensure that all members act appropriately at all time. Not rely on anyone but ourselves to get stuff done. Seek a formidable reputation. Provide fresh RP to the community and server. Work on all members RP and server knowledge through tic-tac learning. Give all parties a chance to RP with us. Ensure to at least talk to people before throwing up reports. Respect all people who we do and do not interact with as everyone is trying to help us roleplay with them. Limit radio use to limit the chances of rule breaks and also to keep immersion. Engage in hostile/hero and survivor roleplay to include as many people as possible. Keep IC IC & OOC OOC. Period. If you wish in hiring us we have an open frequency on 102.1, please make sure to bring IC sense into this and not just pluck this frequency out of nowhere. We will take things ICly and of course not let any OOC bias come out of anything. Things will be discussed such as terms and conditions BUT we do normally ask for a half payment up front. So don't be surprised. Please PM @TommyGun_ to send an application and we will discuss your IC and OOC presence within the group and see if you fit in. Know most recruitment is IC so try and meet us before applying. Character Name (Hyperlink to character page)? IC Reasons for joining the group? What timezone do you reside in or active in? Have you read the lore and understand the group ICly and OOCly (Be honest): What is the main focus of your character within the group? We would like to apologize for the first group edition of the group thread, it was like an EA battlefield launch and we hope we didn't come across to inexperienced but after a long talk with @Galaxy and a lot of help from him we came up with this, thank you all for your constructive criticism and we wish to improve even more!
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    Hello friendos I've decided it's finally time for me to be permanently done with staff. Also, decided to leave before they could kick me lmao. Anyways, I've given a total of 9 months over 3 different time periods to staff and I'm at the point where the amount of pros of being staff no longer outweigh the cons. Time for me to retire and just be a normal asshole instead of a purple asshole. My time in staff was aiight, but it's time for me to move on from the staff team. As a staff member, you're expected to be completely professional, and I'm just not down with that. This is a gaming community, staff is not a job, and nobody is getting paid. I'm all for being polite and courteous when it calls for it, but people need to stop acting like it's a huge terrible thing to not be professional in a gaming community. I'm not down with that. I'm here to have fun with my friends and play videogames, meme around and shit. And if someone is being an asshole, I'm gonna call them one. If that makes me an asshole, then alright, but I'm not gonna change who I am just because I have a shitty badge next to my purple name. Anyways, time to do some call outs: @Dewski - It was lit when you joined staff, but with you leaving, I don't really have a reason to stay as staff anymore. You're alright, don't come to school tomorrow. @Shane - Join us you fuckass. You never play games with your friends anymore. We miss you. @Chewy - You're a good staff member, but you are one of the people who take staff work way too seriously. There have been many times when you say in slack that something in the community is keeping you awake and making you lose sleep. It's lit that you're enthusiastic about doing a good job, but you gotta chill out and take it less serious. See it for what it is: a volunteer position in an online acting community. I think you'd have a much better time if you took it less seriously. Like I said, you're a good staff member, just take it slow so you don't burn yourself out emotionally or mentally. @Nihoolious - You're alright too. Wear red to school tomorrow. @Play3rFTW - The time and place is tomorrow in room 4 aka the roast zone in teamspeak. @ all the haters:
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    This. I'm with the Sheriff's Office on another FiveM server for GTA:RP, and I love it.
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    So, I read this report here: It's justified and everything, I won't go discussing the validity of said report... What worries me is the underlying circumstances of the report: Several groups numbering over 20 people went to steamroll some new community member's camp, made fun of them, tortured them, stole their gear, killed one of them, and squashed their dreams. I don't think a single one of the "Shakhovians" had over 10 days on the server. And I can only hope the non-banned ones will remain a few days more at best. Veterans know that bad things happening to your character can be an enjoyable experience, but people new to RP might not know. No, they most likely don't feel that way at all. It takes time for a new RPer on this community to discard their attachment to gear and IC success as the needed requisites for having fun. In fact, just jump on radio chatter and you'll see some so called veterans that still argue their asses off on who had the most IC success in the last firefight... thus the most fun? Maybe some never discard that attachment at all, but I digress. So, is this way how we will be welcoming new players? By immediately destroying their (in our experienced eyes, nonsensical) little projects and waving our huge e-penises around them? Showing them their IC place waaaay below us and just generally being assholes and bullies. It was some camp in a town in the middle of nowhere, no matter whatever grandiloquent name it may have had. Some hostility may have made a lot of sense IC, but this amount? For people that might not have set up around there for more than just days? How did the community become this toxic towards newcomers? Did their way of dressing, the fact they DARED make their little project public over the radio and any failures they might have had at portraying super-believable and fun characters to be around with, something that irked you so deep that all of this was justified? I mean, I can almost hear what the TS chatter was in some circles the last couple days, calling these new players all types of "cancer" and the possibility of having them banned all righteous and deserved. Shouldn't we have been teaching them? Encourage them to innovate whilst improving their RP? I mean, we are not getting all that many new players on this pre-patch slump that we can afford to be all that picky and maintain the community. Aren't new players something to treasure, at all? Because like this, frustration is gonna take most of them away. You know people, I know that I'm writing myself into a corner. Because there's no rule that might solve this without seriously undermining RP freedom and the ability of players to create new situations and even hostilities. At least I don't think so. But we need a little bit of change. And that change should come from within the community itself.
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    I have spent a week now with this group, and have seen a few different things. I want to get the criticism out of the way first. 1) They seem to enjoy to talk over team-speak rather than in develop their characters in-game through talking with one another. Instead of any IC interactions it normally results in someone finding something or someone then just making a remark out of character. Now I can understand this as just part of playing with other people you have to break character, but minimal effort gets put in by a lot of people. 2) I agree 100% that a few members are gear RP focused. I will not name anybody but to the people with tents at Tisy you know who you are. I am occasionally guilty of this myself, I will get robbed and attempt to keep my gear, and dying because of it. It has to be fixed. Now the good parts that should be continued. 1) I do really enjoy the times we actually get a job, this dynamic is a lot of fun and should be the main focus of the group to meet people and build relationships so that they can hire them down the road once they know of the bounty hunters. I remember getting a job to take a village hostage, find the targets and deliver them to the clients. This is what this group is capable of if they focus and do things right. My main suggestion is please focus on building contacts and being able to actually do what your mission statement is. Many groups start out make lots of enemies and cannot find anybody to do jobs for spiral into bandit groups. I really hope this does not happen.
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    Hello fellow community members, As most of you know, the numbers have been a little low lately. This however gives us the opportunity to think about ways to make your RP experience better and attempt to make players go back in game more frequently! An idea sprung in my head whilst talking to some people with red badges earlier today. Seeing as GM's/Admins are able to send people messages in game, I figured it would be a fun idea to add in small little Text-RP events. This could be as simple as: *You may hear a mosquito/fly/bee/wasp buzzing by your ear* We even spoke about making a thread where players could sign up to have messages specifically tailored to their characters. For example when you have multiple personality disorder or something like that. You could let us know what direction you would like to go and we'd try our best to make your experience in game better! This might make those moments when you're alone travelling to town X a bit more enjoyable. I just made this quick thread to see how people feel about this and if it is something that you would like to see. Much love, Red!
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    Calm it down please people. I'm not saying that I hate hostile rp. @Iso got it. The last hostile rp I was in was amazing. If there's good RP to it, reasons for it happening and it drives plot I have no problems for it. What annoys me is simple repetition of the same banditry over and over again. I got to provide overwatch to a group that didn't know I was watching them, while they were watching my group. Then I got chased with someone else down the railroad tracks by a truck with four people. It ended up not going at all where I thought it was going to, and ended it ended up being a ton of fun. I'm pretty sure there's a thread somewhere where I explain this in a lot of detail. I am more than happy to get out of our hole and role-play with people, the issue is that lately I keep getting hurt, that's going to deter anyone (esp cause i rp the actual injury), if it kept happening. Point made, ending discussion now. Thank you
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    Roleplaying a Personality Disorder: Film, science, and multiple personalities. By Brenna/RogueSolace So I’ve decided to put this together because I’ve been seeing lots of people come up with really good ideas in how mental stress would make them respond in an actual apocalypse. The problem is that most get it horribly, cringeworthily, wrong. I’ll possibly be writing a few of these about various disorders. This essay will specify Multiple Personality Disorder, or as it is known in science as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). While this is going to end up a very long read, as most of the readers of my stories know, it will be worth it. This is a very extensive illness and quite complicated. The more you understand about what it really is, the better you can be at roleplaying it. Schizophrenia The first thing is to understand the definition of what the mental illness is. ‘Crazy’ can cover a broad range of mental illnesses that tend to be lumped together into things that don’t exist. The most common thing we see, is a mix of DID and Schizophrenia. People have multiple personas, hear things, see things, etc.“Schizophrenia- (NIMH)- Dissociative disorder It’s estimated that 2% of people experience dissociative disorders, with women being more likely than men to be diagnosed. Almost half of adults in the United States experience at least one depersonalization/derealization episode in their lives, with only 2% meeting the full criteria for chronic episodes. The symptoms of a dissociative disorder usually first develop as a response to a traumatic event, such as abuse or military combat, to keep those memories under control. Stressful situations can worsen symptoms and cause problems with functioning in everyday activities. However, the symptoms a person experiences will depend on the type of dissociative disorder that a person has. Treatment for dissociative disorders often involves psychotherapy and medication. Though finding an effective treatment plan can be difficult, many people are able to live healthy and productive lives. - See more at: http://www.nami.org/Learn-More/Mental-Health-Conditions/Dissociative-Disorders#sthash.UK0cGSFZ.dpuf” Another explanation: “Dissociative disorders are mental illnesses that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, consciousness or awareness, identity and/or perception — mental functions that normally work smoothly. When one or more of these functions is disrupted, dissociative symptoms can result.” Symptoms and Signs of Dissociative Disorders via NAMI: National Alliance of Mental Illness describes 3 forms of Dissociative Disorders. Dissociative Amnesia- Depersonalization Disorder- Dissociative Identity Disorder- I think the second most important part is that most people seem to think that in order to have good roleplay they have to be violent. While some people can pull of very good hostile rp, the reality is that how often most people rp it and with their reasons, it’s completely illogical. What people also don’t think about, it gets really fucking boring, really quickly. People look at something and throw in violence for it to be easy. Some of the best RP’s I’ve done with people are mental. You can take mental, and not have it go violent. You can still get great story from it. You just have to be creative about it, think of it as a challenge. A SWTOR Example: In film, we see multiple things: Person has ‘another persona’ or multiples. The normal film traits of this persona: • The character either IS or IS NOT aware of the other persona • The persona is usually violent • The other persona is manipulative • The other persona is a personality who does ‘not want to leave’ and wants control, secrecy etc. • The personas can have conversations • Any sort of disassociation is shown as being emotionally numb and WANTS to inflict pain for whatever reason These are typically what we see when people ‘roleplay’ DID. The problem, is that it’s horribly, horribly wrong. This system is used for shock factor (Fight Club), etc. It’s used to tell a high tension story to make lots of money and entertain people. This is nothing like real life. So let’s break this down. You want to have a dissociative disorder, or especially DID? You have to break down what kind of disorder you are going to focus on. • Dissociative Amnesia- • Depersonalization Disorder- • Dissociative Identity Disorder- THING TO REMEMBER: Personalities develop as a thing to protect the mind and self. NOT to engage it in more dangerous behavior. Real life Examples: I made some really good finds on Reddit while looking into these. Here are some of the best I found. Describing Schizophrenia https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/comments/5pvjs3/for_those_who_have_suffered_from_schizophrenia/?sort=top Describing Psychosis associated with Schizophrenia (can also be a symptom of BiPolar Disorder) Psychosis Q&A • Q: When I read this it sounds like an episode of psychosis is just a like dream. Do you find the experience of psychosis to be similar to a dream? A: • Q: When you have the hallucinations, do they look just like real people or are you just too disoriented to notice that they aren't? Are they people you know or usually strangers? A: • Q: In the moment can you actually say to yourself "this isn't real?" Like you see the horse, maybe you even here it and can feel it, but can you close your eyes and wait? Or are you not that 'aware' in the moment? Like when I'm dreaming and I suddenly realize I'm dreaming I can change how I react A: • Q: When you close your eyes you can still feel or hear the hallucinations too? A: Observing people with Schizophrenia • Someones mother That's the most common thing you'll see in schizophrenia, aside from tangential/disorganized speech; unusual connections between things that otherwise wouldn't exist. • Step sister • Just want to clear up that common misconception. • Another mother Describing Others With DID • Someone describing a parent with DID- https://www.reddit.com/r/casualiama/comments/yblzy/i_spent_8_years_with_a_partner_who_suffered_from/?sort=top A very fascinating story about interactions with someone with DID. This is a very fascinating chat that I collected various parts to from a Reddit Q&A. STORY: Spending years with a partner with DID: Personalities- Four of them were kids, two boys and two girls. It was hard to peg their ages, but I'd say something like... 11, 9, 5, and 2. It's not really that easy, because the oldest acted about 11 but could also drive. There was Logic, whose purpose was to talk to me about what Jane was thinking and feeling without emotions. She was really useful, and helped me get into some areas that Jane herself couldn't remember. Then there was Fay, who liked (male) attention and thought she was oh-so-sexy and oh-so-interesting. For a short time, there was an entity that was basically a 4-year-old version of Jane. That one came out when we did regressive hypnosis, to try to figure out what the Big Trauma was. Finally, there was Hate, who I described elsewhere. She was a manifestation of resentment and anger. PSYCHOLOGY OF DID In regards to Jane’s Personas: Q & A for Jane’s Ex and her Personas Question: how much were you intimate with any of the personalities? A: Q: Did she eventually just "get used" to switching from one personality to the other? A: Q: I think you said some of her "entities" we're male, right? Did they realize they were in a woman's body? And if so how did they react? A: Q: In someone with DID, how do you really tell which personality is their true personality, not just the one which is displayed most often? A: Q: So did the other entities not have any memory of the childhood? Not even the kids? Do their memories start when they started emerging? A: Q: Did any personas not like you? Were any violent? A: Q: What if she was in a dangerous situation where she needed to snap out of it? A: Q: Did the personas know who you were? A: * Q: Did any personas remain after therapy? A: * Q: How did hate go away? A: Q: Did the kid entities ever "age"? A: Q: Was Jane eve able to hold a job? if so did she have episodes while on the job? you mentioned that some did not know how to drive which made me wonder how they would know how to handle themselves in a professional or semi-professional situation. A: Q: did the personalities ever try to trick you when changing? A: Q: Did the personalities know about each other? How did they respond to that? A: Q: How is ‘Jane’ now? A: Treatments for said disorders: Schizophrenia Treatment via Mayo Clinic Treatment By Mayo Clinic Staff Print Schizophrenia requires lifelong treatment, even when symptoms have subsided. Treatment with medications and psychosocial therapy can help manage the condition. In some cases, hospitalization may be needed. A psychiatrist experienced in treating schizophrenia usually guides treatment. The treatment team also may include a psychologist, social worker, psychiatric nurse and possibly a case manager to coordinate care. The full-team approach may be available in clinics with expertise in schizophrenia treatment. Medications Psychosocial interventions DID Treatment via Mayo Clinic Treatment By Mayo Clinic Staff Print Dissociative disorders treatment may vary based on the type of disorder you have, but generally include psychotherapy and medication. Psychotherapy Medication
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    *He sits in his chair in his home in Berezhki and tinkers with some of the equipment before powering on the radio and puts on his headset and sets his mic in front of him* https://puu.sh/y6Dnw/6a9740a140.mp3 *The broadcast repeats several times a day till the next one
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    Not saying that this is what you are claiming or calling for, but are we supposed to just treat people like little lambs and leave them alone? As said in the report, this "republic" was near an existing group's borders. Anybody that is a foreigner in Chernarus better have the force to back up any so-called "republic". Now, if these guys had done their little project a bit more under wraps then they might not have gotten duked on. Plenty of people are loudmouths and many have the force to back it up. Others don't. It's also a zombie apocalypse. Not the best idea to go about things the way they did. We shouldn't hold people's hand, and frankly it creates a situation where a turf war could occur which creates a story arc and furthers rp. If people have been shitting on them in TS then that's another issue. People are entitled to their own opinions, but at the same time we do need to try and ensure we create an environment where people feel open to do these sorts of things. I don't think we are in danger of driving people away by being nice and polite IC. It doesn't matter if there are 20 vs. 3. There is still plenty of opportunity for great hostage rp, and in this case one of the hostages fled after being given ample time to return before being killed. Was the rp bad? Maybe, video evidence will confirm it one way or another, but I know the people involved and I feel as if the rp was top notch. People are going to do propaganda and bitch at each other over the radio, which is very realistic in any war situation, especially in the case of non-military vs. non-military. Go look at Twitter and you can see plenty of people on both sides in wars like Ukraine and Syria blasting each other with insults and jokes. No 3 man group should proclaim a republic unless they want to die or be driven underground, which could create a story if they rise up. We shouldn't treat people like little birds because they might have an IC effort crushed by a bigger group. We have a safe-zone you know. If you have any proof of people talking smack then you should probably reference it as opposed to just saying you heard something in TS. All that stuff does is create hot topic border-line flamey threads that drag on for pages. There will always be elitism, but we need to be sure we separate IC and OOC and be very clear when we call people out for things like this.
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    Did you buy a position in citadel as well? Genuine curiosity.
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    Yo my boy said what's your snapchat. I wouldn't give it him to be honest, but still it's worth a shot. Bless him. fyi It's not for me, I've got a bird but still, it's for him. He's to shy to ask you for it, he's from the community though. And well, my halloween outfit is this: I couldn't find a smaller image... Sorry. Words can't describe how much I love this. In fact, myself, @Grimnir, @PatZ, @Steck, @Solo and @Doc Holiday are planning on making a clan of moonmen and going to a party together, so that's something.
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    Looks interesting, hoping for some Arma 3 and GTA stuff. Best of luck.
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    The radio comes to life as a broadcast begins to play. It repeats once every hour for six hours. “Ahoj. Jsem hlas lidí. Jsem ten, kdo pracuje ve tmě, aby očistil zemi nečistých a zlomených morálků. Jsem hlas mnoha lidí a rukou jednoho. Bůh nás vybral, abychom udělali to, co je třeba udělat. Dnes zůstanou čtyři. Za dva dny zůstanou tři. Žádné místo není bezpečné. Dnes večer jsme se přestěhovali do nového města. Budete vědět, kde včas.” The radio cuts out, followed by an English speaking woman. She sounds distressed and scared. Her voice may sound familiar, as in the background they demand she say her name, “My name is Taryn.” She pauses and there is a sound of what could be presumed as the previous speaker hitting her to coax her to speak. “Today, one more victim was taken to the city of Zelenogorsk and displayed for the eyes of God and all man to see. His name was Mate, as it reads on his identification. The sacrifices are being made to protect the human race. Blood spilled is-” She stops, sounding like she is going to cry. “Please, don’t…” She begs the unseen person. “READ!” They demand. “-Blood spilled is the only way to set right the sins of man and beg Him for His forgiveness. Interfere and meet your end... “ Her voice cracks and the sound of a pistol cocking can be heard, then the transmission cuts out.
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    I don't exactly know what the problem is, or even really how to describe it. Any character page with edited text, or pictures, media or anything won't load and will leave an ugly wall of random characters Example: Rory's character page I have no clue what caused it. Happened at random, and only on character sheet's background. I also tested on other devices and app, Google Chrome, Firefox, as well as on a separate computer and my phone, all the same exact issue. Any idea what the hell caused this, or how it's fixed?
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    *At the undisclosed base of the Crows, or bounty hunters, Lieutenant Bradley Mason grabs his spare radio from his pack in his right hand, a canteen in the other, pressing the PTT button after taking a swig* Hades, if you're still looking to join us, I'll gladly meet you in Severograd, although I'm not in charge of recruiting and training, so I won't be alone, I'll make a short appearance later today, any further info can be discussed on a more secure frequency. *He releases the PTT button, setting his radio to the side, taking a seat outside the base, and starts whistling John Denver’s Country Roads himself*
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    @Ronin47 Thanks but, no thanks, I don't mind the report, and I'd like to see it through. @evanm23 I'm well aware of what's in the video, with talking to a guy who's way too far away to be involved, then asking the one of the only survivors of last night who shot us up. I'm sure things will end up fine in the end. Besides, I don't hear anyone else on damage control. I'm going to leave this report as is for now. Let the staff make their decision.