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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
TODAY - 2018-02-24 23:00:00 (server time) - Starts in 16 hours, 31 minutes


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    *The man walks over to his jerry rigged radio set up and pours himself a drink. He sits down in his chair in his home in Berezhki and flips on he radio and puts on his head set and speaks into his mic.* [mp3]https://puu.sh/y2C6c/de797c3b8d.mp3[/mp3] *The broadcast repeats several times over the period of 4 hours*
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    When you make the effort to deliver outstanding medical rp and the person you're working on keeps asking in OOC how long it's gonna take. Really feels like a hit in the face.
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    Move the safe zone to GM and it'll change the popular locations to triangle - Zeleno area.
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    What I think whenever someone brings up anime or has an anime profile pic.
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    Testing new premium perk: username font style. As always, you edit it on your profile. Accessible to HoF and higher. Let me know if it works ok and suggest fonts to add from here: https://fonts.google.com/
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    im hero ill help anyone of course. its my job.
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    This is a friendly reminder to everyone that there are people playing characters in game from a different country. Some may not master the language of that character in real life. This shouldn't however be an excuse for you to test them IC. Treat them as if they are actually from that country regardless of how well or accurate they may present them. Thank you.
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    why make a triangle when you can make a pentagram.... >v>
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    Big shoutout to @jangoskull, @trent_rouls, @Roach, @BrickWall, and @TateRinefield for some amazing and funny RP tonight! 10/10, hope we meet up IC again!
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    But nothing will ever beat Green Mountain To Ninja, you won't find many people on the coast in DayZRP. Roleplay doesn't make 100 people die within 1 hour. Most are migrated within the map and yes, this time around, Severograd. There will always be a hotspot for population. For now it's Severo, tomorrow, who knows
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    Featuring Merek, Reed, and others! ( @Irish @HarveyJ , Can't remember the other ;; If you a tag just hmu )
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    @Rory @Eddie Sorella @Dirty Dan @Peg4YourBackpack @SkinVest = (bro do you really have a lil pump profile pic...) besides that pic that I just saw on Razz's profile you all have and will always be top notch RPers. thanks for it all ladies and gents. @Blake Quinn good shit as always man!
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    @ExoticRainbow @evanm23 @Vytis @Tom @Dew Firm hand shakes all around.
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    @Mexi makes a new friend. https://clips.twitch.tv/AmorphousSwissPistachioBIRB
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    i say we bring back triangle
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    Some good RP today from last light and others, props to @Irish @DinoCasino @Jade @Faith (The other girl soz forgot the name ) for the encounter!
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    Because one day someone decided to open a bar there, thus everyone began to flock to Severograd, after some time it was actually renamed to Cancergrad by yours truly. I've never actually seen the bar open myself despite being there quite a bit. People still come there because it's a trend I suppose and since everyone is going there for some odd notion, people just stay there. Personally I miss Kab. Area was more interesting.
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    Server and location: S1 Svetlojarsk Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21/10/2017 10:49 Your in game name: Dominic Leads Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Franklin Chorolla (@HazardousMaterial935) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I was sitting at the pub being a introvert and watching around as all the commotion was going on, then some dude runs up to us and screams "Remember my Johnny" then he starts shooting at the floor I assume trying to hit him, then he nearly shot me so I took out my pistol and fired a couple shots at him before taking out my SVD and aiming it at the guy, then he blows my face away, still looking for it FYI. Notes: He also said "I'm fucking lagging " in VOIP.
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    *As rory stands next to Jasper & Dan on the balcony of the new doctor's office, she stares ahead taking in the scenery when she reaches for her radio and transmits an open message* It was time to move out of Severograd for us. I know I said that before when we tried to make the summer camp work but we just ended up flocking back to Severograd because it was so close. I am opening a new doctor's office in a town called.. uhmm.. Svetlo...gorg? Anyways, it's east of Severograd two towns over or so.. Just follow the main highway until you hit a large rock wall. We're staying here I think. It's a nice place. Severograd got kind of tiring. So, to anyone who is looking for a new home. I think we can make this work together. New beginnings for us. *She releases the PTT*
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    This is the best post I've ever seen... Seriously give this guy mentor. But dude, wrong place lmao.
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    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: As mentioned in @Zilly's feedback, your service in Helpdesk the other day was greatly appreciated, as well as the conversation we had later on about the state of the community and how staff are looked at. It's good to see a Loremaster taking initiative and spending time in Helpdesk. You were professional, to the point, and knew what you were talking about. Needless to say, you're a productive member of the team, and it's good to see you in it. Suggestions for improvement: Keep being Major.
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    I guess so, but they sweat like crazy. I'll stick with my baggy hoodie for inside. Outside I wear this: Works wonders in a forest environment, apart from that armband though.
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    Sorry to hear about your dad... My thoughts and prays go with you and your family.
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    *pado would slide the rights to pau to randle* Its time. Ride out with me.
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    Anybody want to hook me up with some fruit roll ups?
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    Thank you @Classic for the 4am RP comrade
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    Welcome to the community my man, hope you enjoy the stay!
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    The only thing that was able to take Severograd from the Lost Souls........... The lore wipe
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    I'd like the RP to be spread around the map because random encounters are in my opinion a bit more interesting to have.Though with activity being at what they are right now, I understand that people rather would like the RP to be in a specific town/area. That way you can jump in and RP right away instead of having the wander around for ages to find someone.
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    Thank you for the RP! Hope I can meet the rest a bit better during the oncoming days.
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    Hey @Rexer welcome to the community!! Never be afraid to ask questions if you have any and best of luck on your whitelist
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    Thanks @Red for hanging out today!
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    Hotspots constantly change. Now it is Sverograd but in a month it can be any different town or place on the map. Green Mountain and Kabanino were a hot spot for a long time but now it is Sverograd.
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    *The following poster has been displayed on a few walls in and around Severograd and can be taken ICly* Note The Event will start at 8pm UK time and continue onwards
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    I too, like Japanese animation *German animation
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    Andro sits at the bar table with his fellow Bounty Hunter brothers, switching on their HF HAM transceiver to voice activation. The sounds of shot glasses clinking and joyful cheering can be heard in the background as Andro picks up the hand-held radio attached to the transceiver, placing it close to his mouth. "To Severograd and her people... The Mujahideen have entered your grounds and threatened your people, today's events were inevitable with the ominous threat of the Mujahadeen.Though, you should not be afraid. For those who witnessed the horror today and to those who do not know, we as Bounty Hunters gladly and bravely led a counterattack against these terrorist scum! We want to let you know that we are here to stay and we will not back down!" Andro can be heard shifting about as he jumps onto the bar table with his fist in the air and his voice proudly raised as he looks upon his brothers. "We swarmed these evil people like crows on a rotting body! We shielded the people of Severograd! We forced them to retreat and led the injured to safety outside of Severograd where they were treated!” "To the Mujahideen... This is a threat and a promise... The Bounty Hunters will say this only once, so open your ears; We are coming for you. We will behead your people and hang your lifeless corpses by their entrails from the apartment rooftops. You will be on display for whoever else wishes to threaten the innocent people of this city!" Andro raises both his fists in the air and loud cheering, whistling, and celebratory gunshots can be heard. Andro yelling at the top of his lungs "BOUNTY HUNTERS!!!" which then more prolonged cheering can be heard.
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    The Republic of Shakhovka was founded on the date of October 18th, 2017, approximentally 100 days after the outbreak in Chernarus. Its ideals are that of order, peace, prosperity, and a solidary government that does not require outside help in order to secure its borders. Its laws protect against foriegn threats, its location makes them a hub of trading, and its military makes it a force to be reckoned with. In mid-2017, the world ended. Jonah Blank, a simple ammunition worker in a factory down in Berezino was caught while going through a routine workshift, and the factory was overrun quite quickly by infected. His friends died before his eyes as he pulled out of the company parking lot, and into the streets. It was chaos. Fires and death and those things roamed the streets, making them impassible. Fortunately, Jonah survived through sheer determination, luck, and skill. As weeks turned to months, Jonah realized that there would be no rescue party, no knight in shining armour to help us, and no escape from the undead. So, as any human would do, he chose to better his chance at survival by helping people so they become allies, helping allies so they become friends, and recruiting friends to join him in this new venture. A few turned him away, a few didn't, but what matters is that Shakhovka is no longer a relic of a long forgotten world, it is the new cradle of humanity. Its place will be cemented in history books that will be written far into the future, and those books will be written in Shakhovka. It is not expected that all will join the URS in its quest to reclaim humanity, some people are just too far gone to understand the future it provides and mistakes it for a threat, causing violence where none should be needed. Unfortunately, that is just how life in Chernarus is, but not for long. Soon, the URS will make Shakhovka a city of peace. Soon, the URS will instill order into the land it holds. And soon, oh so very soon, the URS will make its mark on Chernarus, and maybe, just maybe, the world. Jonah Blank Polat Abbas Daniel Bash As for any great nation of any size, law and order must be instilled in order for the protection of the people, and the URS is no different. Weapons of large caliber may not be openly carried in hands while in the presence of URS lands. Faliure to abide by laws will result in either permanant recolation or termination, depending on severity of said crime. Illegal activities in the eyes of the URS include, but are not limited to: Carrying large caliber rifles in hand, using recreational materials in public spaces, rape, murder, treason, and the firing of an unsilenced weapon without due cause. Some laws are waived for URS citizens, and the ability to carry weapons and having the ability to circumvent food lines for their service to the country. This makes being a URS citizen quite benificial in some ways. Life in the URS is that of hard work, and although food and water are an abundant resource, and shops and markets are bustling with trade. A visit to the URS will seem almost unreal, for it seems as if the infection had never even taken place here. Dedicated workers are given many rights and privilleges, such as access to food reserves, ability to join the URS Guard, and many more. The people here live under the firm, but benevolent grip of the Grand Vizer, leader and supreme commander of all of the United Republic of Shakhovka. Shakhovka was a small settlement near the corner of Chernarus. Due to its small size and rather lackluster amount of loot in the city, it has been mostly untouched by infected and humans alike. It is however, completely self sustaining, with ample land for food production, as well as apple trees and a water pump. It has the basic nessecities for life, and that is what the Shakhovkan state wants. Life. The URS also had chosed Shakhovka for its close proximity to the coast, allowing for civilians that wish to move inland a viable option to buy and sell. Why bother with Shakhovka? Why not aim big? Why not take over all of South Zagoria? These are questions that will most likely be asked, and the simple reason is this: The URS is not idiotic. We understand the nationalistic tendencies of Chernarus, and we have seen what has become of the VDV and other nations that tried to stake a claim into Chernarus. We are not an army of fortune, we uphold a strict code of ethics to protect the people of Chernarus in any way we can, as well as make sure that our borders are secure against man and undead alike. IC OOC (Leader) Grand Vizer of the Republic: @TryaxReck (Jonah Blank) (General) Commander of the Republic: @Polat (Polat Abbas) URS Soldier: @Anaconda (Daniel Bash) URS Citizen: URS Agent: URS Medic: URS Customs Officer:
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    Hello @Wolfstorm23, I am personally quite experienced in playing mentally unstable characters. I find that most people go wrong with the fact that they think that every crazy person will attack people for no reason or just generally provide some pretty lackluster RP. Here are my tips to playing a crazy character: Have a reason for why he is crazy (i.e. he suffers from a severe form of Schizophrenia); Do research around mental illness (or disabilities which cause sanity loss) and its symptoms, read accounts from people in real life and see if you could imitate some of their actions; Realize that crazy doesn't always mean hostile; Just because you are crazy doesn't mean you need to be cringy; Have a backstory in which makes sense for your character to be crazy and stay away from the generic "mental asylum" and "evil doctor" cliches; Ensure that the roleplay remains fluid. If you want assistance in this type of RP I do recommend in asking some mentors in the mentor program if they could help you with this type of roleplay. Did this answer your question? If yes, please tick the check mark on the top left hand corner of the post to select this as the best answer, or on another answer in which you find better.
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    I'M GOING ON AN ADVENTURE ROAD TRIP!!! Be back in around 2 weeks or so... but I'll still have some semblance of access to the forums and whatnot. The Mentor Program is still very much going to remain active in my absence of course. Happy Tuesday all of you lovely people!
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    Recently I've been running out of jokes to say and I need you all to help me out. So here's how this is going to work. I need you to put your best/worst joke that you have. If I find the joke funny I will reward you with a picture of a dog. Good luck!
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    I'd just like to take a minute and say that as trolly as this group may seem, it's only following the example that some of the critics in this thread have set through their own character backstories and dynamic groups. MS-13 The Crips Italian Mafia families Western outlaw motorcycle gangs These are all examples of the exact opposite of what we'd expect to find in Chernarus, yet all but one of them (the one we're discussing) has been encountered and affected the lore of several groups this time round. It's gotta stop somewhere.
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    I have updated it and would ask that you take another look at the application. I would really appreciate it if you could do it today as it is my goal to be whitelisted on this server by the next day or two.