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    Take A Picture Because You'll Never See This Again What I am about to say may alarm you, as it has probably never been said in the history of any forum ever... I was wrong. After speaking with @Dew @Viking @Joffrey @Tom and Species on Team Speak. We came to the conclusion that the rules I were suggesting in regards to Initiation just had too many ways in which they could be abused. I had apparently overlooked some of the situations that could result in a player using the rules to their advantage. With that being said, I learned that RP buildup is something that is vital to an Initiation. Throwing your gun up and making a demand before first attempting to build up some sort of RP in the situation, will probably end in you being shot without any RP. That was made clear to me by the people I was speaking to and makes a lot of sense. Thanks to you guys for sitting down and (somewhat calmly) hashing out the differences. It was a good time Maybe someone else has a better solution to the problem (if there is a solution)
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    Ok I think I get what the guy is saying...but like maybe someone could throw some other ideas out? Instead of just kinda bashing his. Things are getting pretty fucking heated here .
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    We almost have the same style...
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    *Tion locked his studio door behind him as his guests were left outside to enjoy each others company. First time ever have someone up at his studio was a little nerve wrecking but he greatly enjoyed the company. Sitting back in his chair taking a swig from a bottle of water his stomach aching from some of the activities he recently took part in. He flipped his notebook open wiped his face, pulled the microphone up to his face, and began to broadcast* "Greetings ladies and Gentlemen of the New World it Is I that random Fucking Teenager broadcasting to you all from New World Studios on The New World radio. Tonight's stories are something to pop a seat and grab a snack for cause we're in for a weird one. Now to people just tuning in for the first time I'd like to refresh that as this is mainly my own opinion on most of the topics. The one's involving groups are what I hear from you my fellow citizens of this New World we call home.Now with that said let's start off tonight with something that makes me sick to my stomach...Cannibalism. Yes I did just say that and no I am not one, but apparently another one of these...interesting folk was seen earlier today...or should I say dealt with as one would someone who EATS OTHER PEOPLE!!! Like fuck people it's been what three months and we have people eating other people already like holy shit I can't seem to understand that shit for the likes of anything. But back on topic apparently a man had been stalking this one group of people, some i know quite well and are dear friends of mine, for about a day as they spent some time in Severograd helping out another person. Well when I went to meet said people to catch up there was someone watching us from afar in some bushes. It so happened to be that very same man and so that group of gents decided to pay him a full visist as he booked it up the mountain knowing he had been spotted. I waited by a church while someone filled me in when I heard a few gunshots come from the hill. Seconds later people who went to go say Hi come walking down and tell me that the Cannibal had been dealt with accordingly seeing they felt threatened. Now I clearly said I usually don't target groups however single individuals of a fucked up life style....Fuck em." *He wiped the sweat from his brow taking a long swig of water flipping the page* "Now for our Second story and probably the longest involves not one but two groups of people. Both I have not met personally but one I wouldn't mind meeting as I have been told these are swell people. See this story involves the people over at the Black Bear Garage over at the North East Airport, and if you guys are listening heard some good things about a Mr. James Black and the Garage itself so keep up the good vibes. Anyways back to the story so apparently there's a group going around being led by a Messiah of his own religion with his own disciples. I mean personally not a religious person but you do you anyway you seem fit. However this group from what I was told is not such a friendly group to begin with and are apparently not my words, but a Bunch of deceptive pricks. Now that last part I added in at the informers greatest plea due to his personal encounter with said people. So to add on to these said pricks apparently while around the Black bear Garage these men held up a man by the name of Ryan. Ryan happens to be a friend of the Garage and Mr. Black himself so hearing this a group of people went to go confront said Religious individuals and were answered with denial of the whole altercation. Now this is where it gets juicy people. Not seconds later after heading back from the garage a Man named Jack appears acting all strange and sketchy towards the group currently stopping by the garage. Few more minutes go by and everything seems normal then suddenly Gunshots wring out and the first one who was seen hit or maybe faked it to survive was Ryan. Now I don't know about you all but that some Sketchy secret society bullshit coming from some religious kids. Which happened to be the first and only suspects however I was personally not there so this information is coming from some of the people who made it out of said gunfight. So my fellow citizens if you're currently roaming with a weird group of religious kids I'd watch your ass, and most of your belongings." *He took a breath and a pause taking another long sip of water as a yawn over came him* "Yeah I had a third one for you my fellow citizens but honestly it can be held for tomorrows stories I bring to you all. So once again and personally thank you to the people who actually tune in to listen on what I'm saying. I personally hope I'm helping in someway spreading around information as best I can and gathering local rumors and stories from those I happen to come across. A Little shout out though to my fellow individuals who run there own little version of a radio station. Glad to hear some other people are taking it upon themselves to spread the word of what's going on around them. Well this has been that Random Fucking Teenager broadcasting on the New World Radio. Stay safe, Don't let the biters Bite, and as always Stay human." *He placed the cassette tape into the player letting the music finish out his broadcast as he closed his eyes relaxing*
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    Credit: @Munter 09/10/2017 Started. Endeavour was born into a family which was full of the greed of money and power. His father Richard Western was an abusive drunk while his mother Mia was a whore who stole from old men that had pockets filled with cash. Mia was at one of her ‘jobs’ and a man said he was from Africa and mentioned he was sent out to England to ask parents if they would send their children out to the plantation and work. The parents would get money for doing and whatever they child makes get sent back. The man Mia was with gave her his number and said ring him if they were interested in this agreement. Mia spoke to Richard about it and they decided to give Endeavour away to this stranger. They didn't even think about what would happen to Endeavour if he would be raped, killed or anything or they cared about lining their pockets. Mia phoned the man the following day on a payphone and the man came in a worn out van and picked up Endeavour. Endeavour was in the back of the van sitting down on a cold metal surface, there were few more children in the van and they all seemed to be scared, they were all under the age of ten. Endeavour was 7 at this point at this time and it took few days until they got to the plantation. When they arrived at the plantation Endeavour saw lots of people in the fields, with chains on their legs, all the children were moved to a brick building where they had to strip down and get a shower and they were given clothes and once they had done that they were moved through a door where a man was sitting down with a tattoo gun and the kids had to get a number on the arm. Endeavour’s number was 502. Then when they were finished they were moved to a fancy looking house and they had to wait one by one and their number would be called. When Endeavour was called he walked through the house there were men standing in the hallways with AK’s and one on the men pointed to the door. Endeavour opened the door and-and the man was sitting down on a desk and said sit down. Endeavour was in shitting himself at this point he just got taken away from what he knew home and family, he just got a very painful tattoo he then. He walked slowly to man and the man gave him a piece of paper and said ‘Can you read?’ Endeavour said ‘not very well.The man took the piece of paper back and took out a fountain pen and started to fill in the paper while asking Endeavour what he needed to know. After he finished filling in the paperwork he said ‘go back outside and wait for further instructions.
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    In the time I have been apart of DayzRP, I have seen many people shot, taken hostage, and even killed by a solo survivor or a group. I have usually ignored the kills (in an OOC fashion) because they have usually been apart of a larger roleplay event. However, I have noticed more and more, kills that, while not technically breaking rules, are not very roleplay friendly. These kills have more been like utilizing loopholes in the rules to gain something. An example (with fake names): Bob is told to calm down after he stated that he wants to kill someone. There are several other people around (it is a public place). Jim raises his weapon to Bob and calmly asks him to relax because he is acting insane. Bob instantly shoots Jim without any further conversation and runs off. This seems to me that Jim was trying to roleplay a situation where Bob was acting crazy and he wanted to calm him down so others didn't get worried. Why would Bob kill the calm man for no reason? Is it so his buddies can grab whatever loot is on the dead body and take it back to base? Who can say. This could be a touchy situation where Bob might say he was initiated on so him and his buddies had Kill Rights, but when a player, like Jim, is obviously looking to roleplay and not kill anyone, why would Bob decide to kill Jim without further conversation? I've noticed a large amount of players looting every building and hoarding up on gear without any roleplay relation. Why would 2 survivors need 6+ AKs and 100+ bullets? It seems people are resorting back to public DayZ server antics rather than actually roleplaying. I've seen many cases where someone pushes the rules to their absolute limits just to justify why an action was performed. However, it seems to me that they would not be looking to roleplay, but to gain some sort of in-game loot or OOC social status. I am not trying to start drama or arguments. I just feel that I should share my experiences and hopefully make the point across that I have noticed several people EDIT: (Newcomers and Veterans) drifting away from roleplay and moving closer to "loot what you can but follow the rules so it looks legit." I've loved my time spent on DayZRP so far and hope that it doesn't keep following the path of drifting further from roleplay. I know it's not anyones fault (meaning I'm not blaming admins or the like) and I just hope that everyone can bring it all back to fun rolpeplay encounters and not a sort of "roleplaying but actually just stocking up on loot." Feel free to share you're thoughts and remember I'm not here to argue about the server or its community.
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    Holy shit, where do i start? @Munter as always, an incredible partner, and support when James makes rapid decisions. @Sophie Great all around! Especialy when the shit went down with Ryan! @Amerdan, And of course, Dan, Amazing Doctor, and new friend to James. @BrickWall and Voodoo (Couldn't find you on the forums) Thanks for the help with the garage! And with teaching the guy a lesson. @jerimie adair @Chantaleena, The Cute couple, stop playing while James is having a fucking a speech! @OutlaweTV, Good job getting that bus! @Silk, Thank you so much for alowing James to become the old James. <3 *Im sorry if i forgot someone, a lot happened tonight*
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    I have been betrayed at the highest level.
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    As you can see from the screenshots I have provided below from the route planner on iZurvive if @Puncture had run straight from Solnichniy directly to the position he died in while taking the most direct route (as the crow flies, across various terrain and despite several obstacles along the way) it would have taken him 19m26s at a dead run the entire time to make the trip. Which seems highly unlikely, especially since he also states he was a Bambi and would have likely had to stop for food/water along the way if he did it at a dead sprint the entire time. EDIT: Also as per the most direct route he would have had to go across Khelm (as well as several other elevations that iZurvive does not account for) which is quite a high elevation and as we all know you cannot run up hills like that in DayZ so it would have slowed him significantly. If we look at the chat logs we have his last message at 22:33:26 and I killed him at 22:49:25. This means that he is claiming he made the trip from Solnichniy to the exact point he died in 12 minutes and 59 seconds exactly. Again when you take in obstacles and food/water and the terrain this makes his story seem even more unlikely. Also as per my original POV in my report (which @Puncture did not contest in any way) he was spotted coming towards us from the area on front of the hangers, around the right hand side of the building (if your facing north like I was when I shot him) and all the way around the back wall to the point at which I shot him. This would mean he had to have came from either the east or north east originally when entering the area which would have taken significantly longer then even the most direct and generous route in my screenshots. I don't believe @Puncture is being honest in his POV and in his answering of @Aiko 's questions.
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    We create rules when we see that bad things happen, we shouldn't create new rules preemptively because something *might* be a problem. So basically, we'll do it when we get there.
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    Throws up a group centred around a gang and you're unaware of who the kingpin is?
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    Waited 1 year for my Halloween Mercy skin. Only 1 - 2 hours left....
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    Someone brings up a point that others don't agree with. Must be a whitename. I shoukd call them that angrily, or just to make a point. That will show them.
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    The problem with this is what happened pre-lore wipe. It was nearly constant. People talk about becoming desensitized to killing so quickly like its nothing, but then pitch a huge fit as soon as someone just blinks at the gun in their faces, looks at them and goes 'really?'. "Well I'm desensitized to killing because of all the things I've seen/done! You're not acting right, you should be terrified!" Well... I'm desensitized to guns in my face and people screaming at me because it happens nearly daily to at least a few times a week. I've lost count at how many times its happened and just gave up trying to count. Then the torture, then all the crap just because they want to and I'm the helpless little victim. You're either going to shoot me and life is going to suck for me, or you're not. Pick one and let me get on with my day. (this was what came up in google and it was too funny to not use) That was literally me and I know a lot of others, pre-lore wipe. You can't expect someone to become so easily desensitized to killing. Its going to take a MASSIVE toll psychologically. After awhile do you become used to it? I'm sure for people who have no emotions like sociopaths probably. I'm sure for most people it eats away at them inside. Everyone wants to be the huge bad ass but doesn't realize how unrealistic the portrayal is. Guns are mostly used for intimidation factor. Most people carrying them probably have not shot anyone and want to keep it that way. It should take a lot, but yes you could become desensitized to killing/gunshot/noise etc. At the same time, to me its complete bs that someone can tell me the above, and then that I can't not become desensitized to being the victim. Everyone nearly was the same- point gun- initiation- yelling- threats- give me your shit- threaten to torture- follow up on torture or not- dehumanize victim- leave/hurt/kill. At that point, where it's that frequent, you sort of a get a peace about it. Well the asshole in front of me is either going to pull that trigger, or they're not. Because that's why they're doing this. They already HAVE the intention that they're going to hurt me or not, and it's out of my hands. If I die, I die. Am I SUPPOSED to be able to sway this by rp? Yes. Did it happen the majority of the time? No. My mental thought was usually- "Oh shit, this again? For fucks sake, really?!" *groan* "okay, I get it, you need to feel all powerful and whatever. Can I just go about my day now?" Is it a fun logic? hell no. It's true though. Hoarding- it really depends on the mindset. My characters drug addicted/sort of doomsday prepper, father made her learn all he knew. While annoying as anything at the time, its saving her life now. Think about it, things are getting bad and part of you inside is putting things together you can't mentally process yet. Shits going down. I'm in a foreign country, I don't know this place, I have what little luggage I brought. There is no leaving the country and going home. People are about to start rioting. Police are going places with tear gas etc. Your move. My character went into survival mode about 2 days in the airport. News reports etc. made her turn around and start researching and printing anything she could get her hands on that looked important information wise. Who are these people showing up? what are their policies? what do they do in emergency? Useful manuals, etc. This place has been bombed, what do I need to be aware of considering someone could drop a nuke on me or nearby? How do I survive? Food was not such a huge deal as things like chocolate, peanut butter, things we more enjoy. Those got bought in bulk and stashed. Then tools to ensure the ability to still gather food and survive. aka go to an outdoors hunting store or something. Stores were still open at that time from my understanding. When we realized shit was really going down, then it was the medical supplies. Anywhere she could get into that had things, she'd grab what she could. Mostly because people don't know half the stuff she was taking unless they were actual medical people. Also, she knew this isn't the stuff they're going to re-stock. Sterile medical kits, medications, all kinds of things. Hospitals have a TON of these things. Its confusing because while yes people are using them, a few months in, to me its not logical that a hospital would have been raided that badly, that fast. Even rural and third world countries as supplies would be mass flown in during the start. I've been doing a ton of research into this, for this reason. Medical places STOCKPILE the hell out of stuff when they realize something is happening or even the threat of it happening is. To a degree its logic, but at the same time its how your character thinks. I have a bunch of rp stashes. Personally I'd like to maybe keep a backup or two of things I have a hard time getting- my black jacket and vest from Tisy, backpack from Tisy, black boots and knife. Backup gun and ammo. But to stockpile everything IG is a bit intense. I'll do it with food, and try to keep a set or two of basic things around. As much as many people question my love of tents, I can get by with one green tent pretty happily. I just need somewhere to put some stuff and food. Others then come in and start adding to the piles and I get the blame Its really up to you on how you want to rp it. It also makes me crazy when bandits do things like take my jeans. My character is muscular and small. She's a female obviously. How the fuck, is this guy with a completely different body shape, who probably couldn't even get his leg into the pants IRL, expecting to fit in my jeans? Seriously? You think you're fitting into my little girlie jeans? I've actually called people out on this IC, usually they ignore it but its still a very valid point. Even between other women. I'm not even going into how hard it is to find a pair of jeans for a woman that just fit HER comfortably. There is no way in hell, I'm fitting into other types of jeans other women are wearing. Body shapes are different. Look up women's issues finding jeans that fit and girls clothing size problems. Overall its up to you, just try to make sense of it.
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    It's fucking lit boyos @Sleepyhead
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    With your example that you used in your OP, that doesn't sound like an initiation. I've seen several scenarios where people are pointing their guns, looking at people through their scopes. People retaliate by pointing their weapons back at them, telling them to lower it in a non aggressive tone. Both parties lower their guns and no KOS rights have been exchanged and the situation resumes. I think it's completely down to the GMs which are issuing the verdict to decide whether all the different factors involved made it a hostile initiation or a civil request and not a threat to their life. The main points I would personally look at are: Tone of voice. Character body language (shuffling around pointing weapons, etc.) The context. The actual request as to whether it was either an initiation or a request. It's hard to construct a rule which can have some easy clear lines to establish whether a rule was clearly broke or not. The same applies to the NVFL rule; there is so many different factors to consider when it comes to it, and it applies to this too. If the team reviewing the case think that it was souly a request but in technicality terms granted the other party with KOS rights which they used, then they will decide whether the kill was prioritising rules over role play. A classic example is someone punching someone in the road, and being gunned down for it. But yeah, just my two cents.
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    @Pirate You are an absolute Legend.
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    Some GIF's that describe some of the RP tonight. @Wolfstorm23 seeing Ken for the first time in a month and a half, and Ken executes somebody. @Pirate, @SnipZ, @Madkilla67, @jangoskull, @N-Tox, @Disco Soup Can. Thanks everyone, had a great night.
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    How to gain respect -Not get triggered by an insult and start thinking of ways to get the person banned. -think of a funny comeback *I laugh* "Hey that was pretty funny, you seem alright"
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    Verdict: @Wallinrobin [Mass KOS + Lying In a Report X 2 + Invalid Reason To Initiate + Combat Logging]: Guilty @smhikd [Assisting in mass KOS]: Inconclusive Explanation: A group of staff members has looked through this report and have reached a verdict regarding it: In this situation, the OP and his ally approach @Wallinrobin and his ally who have been watching them and trying to lure them away from town. When they get close to wallin, he comes from behind a boulder and while playing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ through his microphone, proceeds to kill both the OP and his ally. He then goes on to kill @G19 out of fear. And finally, wallin proceeds to log out only 10 minutes after killing G19. Even if it was not wallin’s intention to mass KOS while playing an interesting song choice through his microphone, he still did in fact KOS three people while doing so. He also states that he initiated simply because he wanted to, which is not a valid reason to initiate, if that was indeed his intent. During the time this report was up, there was also at least two different times that wallin has lied to us. The first lie that he is caught in, is when he lied to us about who his ally was. He states that G19 was his ally and that G19 also told him that he was mistakenly playing music through his microphone. However, G19 goes on to dispute these claims, stating that he was not with wallin, and that he was in fact with different people. The accusation of lying is then further solidified when looking at the video evidence that has been provided to us in the report. In @honeybee’s video, we can see that the two people luring them out of town are both wearing alice backpacks, and ghillied gun wraps on their rifles. We know that wallin had the ghillie head dress and an AKM, while his ally had a ghillied winchester. The outfits of the accused can be seen below: When looking at the video evidence provided by @Loscham, we can see that G19 is wearing full gorka clothing, camo hat, sposin backpack, with a non-ghillied AKM: With the evidence provided, we know for a fact that wallinrobbin was lying about G19 being his ally. We do not know who their ally is, but we know that it is not G19. The fact that wallinrobbin tried to throw a random community member under the bus for no reason shows very malicious intent. The second time that wallinrobbin is caught lying is when they state that their disconnection from the server was from a tempban. However, I did some digging and checked through the different log files we have access to, and even tested out some theories. When looking at the battle eye log files we have access to, it shows us more information than can be seen in the normal log files. For example, if someone is disconnected due to being kicked from the server either due to a ban, or due to being kicked through RCON, it will show us the message they were kicked with in the logs. I tested this out on myself, and my findings can be seen below, copied from an earlier post in this report: Because there was no kick message found in the battle eye log file, we know for a fact that wallinrobin was also lying about combat logging. The fact that wallin has been caught lying about at least two different things draws into question everything else they say in their point of view. If they lie about who their ally is, and lie about logging out early, then why wouldn’t they lie about their true intentions? We do not have solid proof that they meant to mass KOS while spamming music, but we have enough solid evidence to know that someone who shows this much malicious intent does not deserve to be in our community and play on our servers. With the evidence provided to us, we can confidently and comfortably permanently remove @Wallinrobin from our community. @smhikd We called you into this report as we suspected you of being wallin’s ally in this situation. However, based on conflicting POVs, and a lack of solid evidence regarding your participation in the events, we cannot come to a solid verdict regarding whether or not you assisted wallin in his mass KOS. Due to this, your tempban will be removed, and you will receive no punishment. And finally, the fact that wallinrobin went on to spam a meme video in the report shows us that he was only here to mass KOS and troll. With the above stated the following applies, Outcome: @Wallinrobin [Mass KOS + Lying In a Report X 2 + Invalid Reason To Initiate + Combat Logging]: Permanent Removal From Community @smhikd [Assisting in mass KOS]: Inconclusive - Tempban removed Verdict by @Dusty @Jade @Spartan
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    Evening all, Ex-Support Beni here, If you're reading this, you're most likely stuck on trying to find the passphrase in the rules section of the forums. In this guide I will attempt to help you on how to find the passphrase. Q) Why does DayZRP have a passphrase? - DayZRP has a rules passphrase so that way the staff team know that everyone who has been whitelisted has at least a basic understanding of the rules. If the community didn't have a passphrase, people could just look up the rules they needed to answer their whitelist questions. Q) What's stopping me from just asking my friend for the passphrase? - Each passphrase is unique to each individual user, so you can't use your friends passphrase. Q) What can the staff team do to help me? - Honestly, not much. The staff team can only give you tips on how to find the passphrase. Apart from that, they can't do much. Q) Do you have any tips on how to find the passphrase? - Don't refresh the page, the passphrase moves location and you have to start over. - Take regular breaks, starting at a wall of text can make you start missing things out. - Do not just " skim " through the rules section, the passphrase will only be found if you read it properly. Trust me. - Make sure you're logged in [Yes, this has happened] - Focus on reading, nothing else. So no music/TV in the background. This will only distract you and you may miss the passphrase. - Don't post a question thread. You'll only get the same responses as you're reading here. - Read each section twice, before moving on to the next. - Read the rules out loud. Q) Is all this effort worth it? - Honestly, yes. If you're making the transition from Garry's Mod Roleplay or ArmA Life then this is something completely different. You'll truly feel like you're not playing DayZ [Apart from all the bugs, obviously].
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    If its the hosting company's fault, I'm assuming adding another server wouldn't fix the problem but add another when that one crashes.
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    I'm confused as to how a European gang (especially this part of the gang that is from Germany and Czech Republic) would have American men and other men from different countries in it. At least two of your members are American characters, and there is no context as to how they were accepted or even allowed to run with the 19th block of the gang. Also, why would the gang allow you, a random guy who they've never met before, to basically run the 19th block that was still in Chernarus? It would make more sense if the German/Czech section of the Jeverish was actually made up of German and Czech men. It would also make more sense if any of the members of the group were already members of the 19th block, instead of having them all be basically brand new/appear from nowhere, and suddenly running the group. If you're gonna make a group, at least try to make everything continuous and logical, like the few things I mentioned above. As pointed out by others, there are many grammatical errors that need to be fixed, and perhaps some spoilers should be used to make the thread look smaller.
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    Once again you pull a really awesome profile theme.
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    I don't like your initiation idea, I think its simple, if you want someone to calm down, calm them down. Pointing guns at people doesn't calm people down.
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    (ignoring the childish suicide joke) I understand there are hostile RP'ers and that people like combat oriented RP. I'm not saying you aren't allowed to pick a fight, but you do have to have some sort of RP relation. And you have to make sure that it isn't used for OOC gains or dodging RP in general. IMO (Which I guess has n merit because I' m a "whitename") You shouldn't be allowed to pick a fight and then fire on someone as soon as they attempt to RP with you. Even if they do initiate by pointing a weapon and telling you to put away your weapon. Was also tired and went to bed after my last post. Soo what, I have to donate some money and I then I get respect? Don't worry sir. I'll stay down hear among the peasants to ensure I don't impede upon your bluename greatness...unless I throw some cash that way...then look out... Edit: Ha realized my name is actually green because I donated a year ago when I thought the community was a good place.
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    "Before I start the POV I just wanted to say that if @Puncture wasn't with the NEAF group/camp at the time I killed him then I do apologies" "And we were fairly certain he was with the hostile group (either trying to flee or spot our positions)" Fairly Certain isn't enough when it comes to identifying someone before shooting him. if that was the case, you can shoot anyone you see in a firefight without any consequences. You admitted to shooting him and apologized, and also admitted that just because he walked by you, you assumed he was with the other group trying to find out your locations. If you are not certain about someone in a firefight, either don't shoot at all, or hold him up- if he is with the other group, do whatever, if not release him. if he comes back to kill you that's ruleplay on his side, since he was not harmed and nothing was taken from him. and he will get punished for it. -I'ts always a gamble when it comes to those situations. A long lasting firefight, is usually the first 2 minutes when everyone sprays each other, and then alot of waiting, without a single shot fired. he could of walked by as the two sides were at that part, and no shooting occurred, the firefight was still active, but no one was shooting each other for the time being. And since neither of you reported hearing shots/shooting at all, I'm pretty sure it was that part. I can tell you right now, that the staff team doesn't take one's word for another. His POV was minimal because there is nothing much more to say, he died in a firefight in Severograd not long before, he respawned, went to NEAF, got shot in the back, end of story. I say take it on the chin, you made a mistake and was punished, at least you man'd up to it and apologized. @iBstoneyDave
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    Hi Aiko, thank you for getting back to me, just FYI you can call me Dave. Yes thats one of the related incidents. There were approx 12-15 people involved over the course of the whole encounter (not exclusive to the firefight, we had been at the airfield RP'ing for many hours). I believe this report was also based around it: HERE
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    Meh I am going to skip my normal greeting and just get into it. We always take into consideration why the victim was there, and if it was an accident or on purpose. If someone knowingly walks into a firefight you know that is NVFL. If someone is stuck inside a town and is innocent and get shot that is unfair to them as they were not involved what so ever. As its stated in the rules seen above, you have to make sure you identify your target. If all else you can re-initiate on said person. Our much like Jade said simply tell them there is a fight going on. Sorry to say that these rules aren't going to change but that is my thoughts, and honestly right now if you think shooting a human being is easy when you think they are innocent? You should probably second guess killing another person if you're not some super solider who has no heart. Even soldiers have problems killing innocents on accident when it's in a high-intensity situation. So it is realistic to second guess killing someone, that you are unsure is a bad person. Again that is my opinion
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    No, yea I have an open mind 100% Like I said I seriously appreciate the criticism. I just want to make sure it is in fact constructive. It seems @Dusty and @ExoticRainbow were completely confused on what I was proposing so I had to clarify. Calling my idea "bull shit" and calling me "boyo" come off as criticism that is not at all constructive. Especially when they were being directed to something I wasn't even proposing (there was a misunderstanding apparently). In regards to calling me the problem, I believe that the only problem we have here is some members of the community rejecting something that could possibly fix some issues I, along with others, have noticed. I'm not saying what I suggested would fix all problems. It is just a suggestion I have made. The people attacking my idea have mostly been around for some time and are completely rejecting the proposal without any legitimate reason as to why it should be rejected. Hmm...sounds to me like closed-mindedness. I have opened my idea to everyone and have responded to every point in a clear way. What I have gotten in return is something like "What you are suggesting is stupid" have I seen a reason as to why it is stupid? No. This is literally the opposite of constructive criticism. To say I am the reason the community is divided is to say that identifying a problem and actively trying to propose a way to not only hopefully fix the problem, but to make the RP experience better overall is the reason the community is divided. So what you are saying is that someone should NOT speak their mind and suggest a better way to play the game just because you were here first and you don't like the idea of change? Well @Odap the Corruptor no disrespect, but I think you are the one that should open up your mind a little bit. Change is something that constantly happens. If you shoot down an idea with no valuable criticism, then how are you anymore open-minded than anyone else.
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    Hello, I would suggest talking to the group owner first, to see how they like the rp to be played out. Some people might only want a radio chatter, or they might like the rp to be completely natural and for you to meet them in game by coincidence. Just send some PMs to the leaders of groups you are interested in and I'm sure you'll manage to get in a group sometime. Hope this helps.
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    Yes, there are other ways for you to join clans without metagaming. You can always just go on the DayZ group forums here: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/281-dayz-groups/ Look through the groups, see which one you like and shoot a recruitment PM to the leader of the one you feel as though you will fit in the best. Wait to see you got accepted, if you did I'm sure the leader well RP it out IG the first time you get in game with them.
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    *Finishes up carving his new Jack o lanterns and sets them up for display before walking into his house the activity some what calming his nurvz Picks up his radio calling up for some friends* *Releases his PTT sitting on the edge of the bed looking out the window watching the people mill about*
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    On a side note, most of the people doing this don't read the forums so this thread is kind of pointless No offense, I know your pain!
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    Yeah. Too many times I've seen videos from DayZRP where people are double carrying high-end assault rifles with 4+ magazines for each and hundreds of bullets more, but no food or RP items whatsoever and they are hungry and thirsty and not even taking care of those needs. It's sad really.
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    What about the industrial zone at Vybor? *Water pump for general hydration and farming, number of apple trees to keep the RPers alive and well. *Numerous large warehouse/factory buildings that various groups could hold meetings/marketplace-bazaars in. *In the triangle, hopefully drawing RP back to the center of the map. *Proximity to NWAF actually gives RP justification to the locale; "we're waiting for help" or some other stupidly optimistic shit. *Vybor proper has a pub, PD, and clinic for the various RP styles. *Fences make for clearly defined area. *Relatively far away from wolf spawns. Also far away from the irradiated zone.
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    "A noodle is dry until it gets wet. No, wait... A noodle is straight until it gets wet. That's what I was goin' for." - Julia Haas @Joules