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    So it has come to our attention that both @Puncture and @ExoticRainbow are involved in this report and in a dynamic with an Islamic Extremest group by the looks of it. For one, @ExoticRainbow is officially in the group with Aaf but decided to play on Ben instead, who happens to be an American PMC. @Puncture is on Jayden who is an American and Christian based on his character page In addition to the report the validity of this dynamic is coming into question. Why was Exotic not playing on his character that is actually officially in the group and why would a bunch of Islamic militants from Tahkistan be hanging out with a black Christian from the US?
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    I've decided I'm not going to speak to Sylva. In the conversation he had with Exotic, he lied about recording the conversation when Exotic called him out on it. That's extremely malicious, that he's simply looking for more things to get people banned with, which is pretty sad with the state of the server. I would think people would want to talk things out instead of look for more evidence, especially when the same has been done for them in the past. I don't talk to snakes. And lastly, I would like to further clarify some things that I can see are being glossed over. 1. The OP makes no attempt to separate himself from the robbery. As can be seen in the video here, he stands right next to the initiation, right next to them while they tie puncture up, and makes no attempt to leave, or distance himself from the robbery. In the video, we can see that @Loscham did separate himself and distance himself from the robbery. 2. The OP attempts to help them with the robbery by giving them rope or duct tape to tie the man up with. The OP can be heard saying "I have handcuffs to tie him up" here. 3. The OP gets closer to the hostage, in an attempt to steal things from him, which he did in fact steal from him, and the OP even admits to trying to get a look at punctures things so that he could take things, seen here: The OP is clearly lying about stealing things, and only made this report because they got killed and cannot handle the consequences of their actions. Lastly, the OP was not putting their hands up, when they ran into the bathroom of the pub, they were clearly trying to fight back if anything.
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    Date: - TBD Time: - TBD Location: - TBD The Club is a place where people can settle their differences in a controlled and professional environment. Similar to the MMA, The Club fights will be organised and will have pre-fight events such as press conferences. I thought The Club would be a good idea for groups who have issues ICLY to come down and fight toe to toe... So this way not only do they gain popularity in terms of being a fighter, they also get to publicly shame and beat their enemy in front of a crowd. I honestly think that something like this would be a lot better than a firefight, because it provides a lot of character development. The success of this determines on how far I will take it, for example there could be title fights and other things, it all depends on how well the community takes it. Once a fight has been confirmed by two sides OOCLY or ICLY, press conferences and such can take place. A press conference is pretty much a QnA/roasting session between the two fighters. Depending on how big the fight is, depends on how many of these that there will be. - [IC] Once two people enter the ring, only one leaves. - [IC] Weapons are not allowed. - [OOC] No Spam Punching - [OOC] You must stay in the hands up stance Send a PM to Beni with the following template: - Character Page Of The Fighter(s): - Is it a friendly or grudge match?: - Does your opponent know that you want to fight him?: - Your timezone: - Your Nickname [ICLY]: Current Fight: - Joe " Example " Blogs VS Wayne " Power " Power Another thing I want to say, If we have some sort of issue OOCLY, I'm willing to put them aside for the sake of the event. You know exactly who you are when I say OOC Issue, but who knows. Maybe the event will help us resolve the issue I don't know, but yeah. I'll put my issues aside for the sake of the event, so that means everyone is welcome. Also, The Dates/Times/Locations are chosen by yourself. So yeah. let me know what you think.
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    I don't want feedback right now or to talk about it, its been to much stupid stress OOC for me since lore wipe. For anyone who wants to look, here is the file that has the majority of my research that I've done for Elizabeth. This does not include any medical research, it is strictly research for the character via child prodigy and other things. Current page count 114. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Zhc5upIspAXrRgF4wgGKIJjLAuYW5ePiIXAHGWZyha0/edit?usp=sharing
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    Who has influence Ivan Lynch? The list is...... extensive. Pre-Lore-Wipe: @LoneWolfy has probably had the strongest influence, both on my character and on myself as a Role-player. He took Ivan hostage, made him see the world his way, taught him a new way of thinking that built him up from a generic, boring character into the complex mess he turned out to be. His RP inspired me to take risks, to be hostile and crazy and edgy and take things as far as I could. I learned how to torture RP from him, I learned how to hostile RP from him, and throughout our In-Character story, he went from a mentor, to a friend, to a rival, all the way to an enemy. Honestly, I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for his influence. @Sunshine is the reason I created Ivan's "Jack" alter-ego. After being taken hostage by her and her group, I decided to spice things up a bit, and completely made "Jack" up on the spot. Needless to say, the RP was exciting, engaging, and it kinda just stuck from there on out, making Ivan even more unpredictable and dangerous than he could've been without Jack. @Chief Is the person that made Ivan question his motives and actions at every turn. He made Ivan stop and think about what he was doing on several occassions, stopping him from going off the deep end. We've also had several conflicts that've progressed Ivans story in no small way. @Hebee and @Bjon are two of the most formidable and awesome enemies Ivan has ever had. The time I spent hunting both of them, the amount of hate my character held for them, drove him forward, gave him a purpose, and the RP that came from these encounters was nothing short of phenomenal. Ivan made many enemies, but none come close to Chase Williams and Micheal Jonas. @Chaostica was about the only person that Ivan ever showed weakness in front of, the only person he ever fully trusted. She was his one true confidant, she was like a mother, an aunt, and a sister all at once to him. Some of the most emotional encounter I've had in this community have been between Ivan and Nyleea. @Defiance is the person who turned Ivan from an edgy, total bat-shit crazy motherfucker, into an edgy-hardass motherfucker. He introduced me to the Jackals, and from there Ivan made friendships that he'd keep until the end of the lore, and honestly, some of the best OOC friends I've met on this community. @Hellspawnceri created my favorite group that I've ever been a part of, the Lost Souls. His character Duncan Evans taught Ivan the value of brotherhood and caring for his group. When he was killed, I brought Ivan back from Russia, to settle the score. If it weren't for that, I probably wouldn't have played Ivan again. R.I.P Duncan, and thank you. Some other influenital people, for various reasons, are @Shikaka @RogueSolace @MeenMuginLovin @Tony @The Marshal @TheGlassSpider @Ladybug @Bigtoe @Yoshi @Bauglir2011 (you edgy bastard XD) and all the rest that I can't think of at this late hour. You know who you are, and Ivan would not be Ivan without you. Post-Lore-Wipe Honestly, the only person thus far to have a massive influence on post-wipe Ivan, has been @Mischief's character Evelyn Windsor. The post-wipe version of Ivan is a lot colder and black hearted than his older incarnation, but the story arc of these two characters is having enormous changes on Ivan as a character.
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    What i'm trying to accomplish at halloween 2017
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    *the frequency would sound much clearer than before, suggesting the repairs were successful* "Sandman-1 this is Falcon-Actual. The higher-ups are currently less concerned with a remedy for the virus, they want a biological agent that can drop the infected in the tens of thousands, not something to revive them or to help the people who have gotten sick. Your research has been utilized here in Miroslavl, but has also been sent to one of our labs in Sweden for testing. The government has sent a regiment of CDF troops with chainsaws and lumber equipment to begin gathering and shipping wood back to Miroslavl and Primorsk for winter. Food stores currently are our biggest issue, as we only have 47% stored or so what is needed to get through the winter which is rapidly approaching." "We will attempt to get some sort of medical equipment and communication devices to you, the Chernarussians have subdivided the fuel between relief drops, combat sorties, and civilian consumption, so we rely heavily on shipments from out of country. We will contact you when and if we can get these supplies to you, over." *the frequency fades out*
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    "Raising my gun at the same time as my friend initiates on someone doesnt mean I actually initiated" This stuff gets funnier every day.
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    Shame Twitch Clips don't embed like YouTube videos, but this was just too hilarious to pass up. https://clips.twitch.tv/TentativeBeautifulPidgeonBrokeBack
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    Thank you @Roach, @Carg0cult, @Dvlinhb, @Blake Quinn, @trent_rouls, @TheThrawn, and anybody I missed out for the RP today!
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    @Taryn @Lexii @Fil Vandren @Kevin F Connors it was a lot of fun today. Big things are coming in the future. Slav power!
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    Enjoyed messing around Tisy with @Henning @Prince @PCJames Started off with Prince screaming like a girl when he got attacked by wolves for the first time. https://puu.sh/xRXKJ/18e28616b7.wav Ended with him dying of hypothermia:
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    I've decided to quit some while ago...but the attention whore I am here is the great thread. I haven't made thread about it before so i'll mention it in this one: STAFF TEAM, in general for me it was great experience in all ways. I've had the chance to look at the community and all "stuff" from the other side, I've made some good new friends while being in staff and so on...we all know this stuff no need to go long about it. Just wanted to say thanks for that to the old/new staff team & @Rolle Apart from that well as obvious enough I'm leaving, why? Cause Role-Play, DayZ and if im honest most of "gaming" in general is just boring me and can't be fucked to play anything really anymore. Maybe one day I'll change my mind but when that's gonna be fuck knows... And the basic shit...goodbye all friends I've made during my time in the community. We've had great time and i appretiate that. I'll try to tag most of you but probably won't get all but hey you know who you are. @Gowbe BFFs forever @Iso @Lyca @Anouk @Grimnir @Spartan @WulfeGirl @Brayces @derNils @Razareth @Helsing @Buddy @Chewy @Lemons @Irish @Ramon @Ron @Spooky88 @Terra @2Eazy @Lord Strawberry @Bauglir2011 @Conor @Crim @DarkStyle @Doc Holiday @Ghoozovich @Harlow @Ducky @Faith @PatZ @Solo @King @Cocomii @Corry @Cthuluz ... Also F ya'all who disliked/hated me. I believe ya know who you are.
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    Hello, I'm just posting here to let you know that If you get involved in a hostile situation where someone is captured. The hostage and his dynamic gain kill rights on EVERYBODY involved so when you started acting hostile towards the hostage and openly tried to give them a rope and was looking through his inventory this granted them kill rights. In future, I would recommend ya don't get involved in something that can put you at risk of dying. by looking at your account you are fairly new and to be honest, the rules can come across very confusing and can indeed conflict with each other so I would recommend using the mentor program *link* now I'm not calling you a bad role-player or anything but I'm pretty sure they can help you with miscellaneous things. I don't mean any offense to this post it's just some friendly advice. also a little explanation on how dynamic works and how hostilities work. so yeah if you read below it pretty sums up why they shot you. You gave out rope to assist in the hostage scenario you openly showed distaste towards the hostage and made no indicator to show that you did not want to be involved.
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    I openly told him I was recording. Unfortunately I mixed up the stop/start - as you can see in the video below, I stopped recording when I meant to start recording. So rest in peace. While I could go into detail about what was discussed, and the evidence it uncovered, without the video in support I don't believe I should say anything. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EYIUCch8nwc&feature=youtu.be On the same note, my character had a full inventory (even picking up the rope I had dropped). How could I have stolen anything? If I had wanted to fight back, or fight at all, or been involved, I would have had a gun out. My character remained unarmed during the entire ordeal, while both @GrainSack and @SandDancer97 had weapons drawn, the only thing to enter my hands was rope. Furthermore, if your getting shot at, have no idea what's going on, and am unarmed, what would you do? I ran, into the pub, then realizing there was no exit in the direction I went, ran into the bathroom to hide. When I realized I had no escape I put my hands on my head, and during the animation was drilled by eight 7.62x39 mm bullets. I would like to add: I do not believe that killing me or anyone else in this situation was justified. Starting at around 1:10 in Locsham's video, @SandDancer97 explains that @Puncture is accused of stealing something from the bus. At 1:43 he says specifically "We are not trying to rob him, we just want to see inside his backpack." At around 2:58, @Loscham tells him "just go along with it, they are not trying to rob or shoot him." At 4:34, @SandDancer97 even tells @Loscham to shoot him if he tries robbing @Puncture. @Loscham replies that "I won't shoot you in the head, but I will make sure they do not steal." To which @Puncture just decides to abruptly end the conversation, and run towards the pub. At 6:45, @Puncture can be seen taunting the group from the park, and flicking off the assembled group. At 8:10 @Loscham again remarks that he is there to make sure no one gets hurt. At 9:15 even @Dusty tells @Puncture to "just drop your bag, that is all that has to happen." So lets take stock. At 9:50, there are two men accusing @Puncture, armed, and two men @Dusty and @Loscham, who have said that they will intervene if @SandDancer97's group attempts to rob the accused. Furthermore, two of @Dusty's allies (the fireman and the other gentlemen by the park) Two-on-five, if worst comes to worst. Around 10:00, the accused claims that this is about race (as his character is a hoodlum from Chicago I can understand that). A minute later, around 10:58, I come out of the pub and accuse the accused of shooting and robbing me the day before. My gun is on my back, and while I level accusations, I never threaten him. For the record, I will post a transcript of everything said after I come out of the pub (starting at 10:58): snfsylva: "Hey! This- Wait, I know this man! He robbed me yesterday." Puncture: bruh Dusty: "Did he?" SandDancer97: "Are you sure?" Puncture: oh no Dusty: "That is...*inaudible*" snfsylva: *points* "Yes, he shot me in that house, right over there, he shot me." Puncture: Lies! SandDancer97: *inaudible* GrainSack: *inaudible* snfsylva: "It is miracle I survived! You were two inches from my cranium, but you are horrible shot." Puncture: When! Dusty: "Are you sure it is the same man?" snfsylva: "I recognize voice. I recognize his voice." Puncture: "Yall are so fucking racist!" Loscham: "Stop with this racist bullshit. Nobody is being fucking racist." SandDancer: "Put your fucking hands up! Put your hands up now asshole!" *Both SandDancer and GrainSack raise weapons. Loscham backs away, and I remain unarmed, though suffle my position. Puncture puts his hands up.* Puncture: You are all fucking morons. snfsylva: "I would suggest you be quiet." GrainSilo: "Tying him up." *GrainSilo procedes to tie up Puncture. In doing so, Puncture moves up to the curb, near me. I remain still, but turning and looking around.* Loscham: "I am not going to point my gun, I am just here to make sure nobody gets shot. Or hurt." *Loscham puts weapon away. I take three steps towards the accused, then take three steps backwards.* Someone: "I just want to say I did not pull gun." Loscham: "Nor did I." SandDancer: "Does anyone have handcuffs?" snfsylva: "I mean, I have rope?" *Drops rope, picks back up as he notices Puncture is already handcuffed* *Weapons fire* Dusty: "Shoot now, boys, shoot now!" My conclusion is this: When Lochsam looks back at the firefight (more like slaughter) at 12:22, There are three men armed outside the pub, and I believe a fourth in the background. While I am still debating whether or not technically you have kill rights, 7.5 Remember that kill rights are still subject to rule 5.2. You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them. Think about if using kill rights is viable in the current situation. 5.2 Your character must follow our lore and their back story must fit well within the current lore. Your character must behave realistically and appropriately to the different situations you participate in. Why did you feel the need to execute them? You outnumbered the @SandDancer97 and @GrainSack. I was unarmed. Why couldn't the situation been handled through RP, rather than by choosing to kill us? You had the numbers - if you had told everyone to put there hands up, they probably would have. Instead, approximately seven seconds after @SandDancer97, you and your allies mowed down three people. One of them (myself, whom, I cannot stress enough, was unarmed) ran and hid inside of a building. No shots were fired by the initiating party. They were in no clear position to retaliate - so I must ask, again, why was it necessary to kill everyone? There wasn't even a counter-initiation. Just shots, chaos, and no hope for survival.
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    I have been in an acoustic mood recently
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    Honestly the best song i've ever heard. (Read the lyrics if you dont know swedish :P)
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    You're not alone anymore @Ramon @Helsing
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    You're next on the list right after my neighbor bitch, you've been warned.
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    Hebee you're literally the definition of cuck, pipe down or else I'll stop your phone contract.
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    Please don't bring back The Children Of Eden....
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    Thanks @Zero and @Brayces for the kind words! AEGIS: A Mercenary’s Tale Chapter One: Arrival Although a rarity, the peaceful and serene Chernarussian countryside is a pleasant sight, the vast rolling hills accompanied by the dotting of small farming villages would surely leave a mark in anyone’s mind. This was interrupted suddenly by a small squadron of BlackHawk helicopters flying overhead, loud and low enough to shake the ground itself. “Take a good look, boys, this is the best it’s going to get!” John Baker, a young man from Zimbabwe (although more proud to call it Rhodesia) turned in his seat to see who was speaking. “You mean we’re not going to get this view once we land?” He asked with a hint of sadness. His commander, William Briscoe, a fellow ‘Rhodesian’ gave a huge grin as he let out a sadistic laugh. “Believe me, it gets so much worse!” He let out another loud laugh as he leant forward to nudge the pilot. “How long until we land this piece of shit?” The pilot, clearly annoyed at the sudden comment, half-heartedly replied. “Five minutes” he mumbled, before flipping the sun-visor down on his helmet and returning his attention to his navigation. Accompanying the two men in the helicopter was a collection of fine men, hand-picked by Aegis to carry out defence, reconnaissance, and to maintain public relations with the local populace. Of these men were two riflemen, named Michael Smith and Hans Olsen. Both fine young men with extensive military background. John, who at this point became mesmerized by the rolling hills flying past him. He produced a cigarette box from his jacket pocket before placing one in his mouth. “Olsen! y’got a lighter there?” he shouted. The young Danish soldier, who had been silent up until now leant forward and replied “Yeah I got one somewhere, give me a minute” before digging one out of his webbing set. He then attempted to toss it over to John. John extended his gloved hand to catch the lighter. He could only watch in despair as it skipped along his fingers before plummeting to the ground. In an act of instinct -a split second mistake caused him to let go of the handle, the only thing keeping him from falling to his death. For John, time stood still. Could this be it already? Could he really die before touchdown? And worst of all, over a cigarette lighter? John closed his eyes and accepted his fate, if he dies then that’s it, it’s too late now to change that. “John you fucking idiot!” came a loud roar. He slowly and shakily turned his head around to see the other rifleman, Smith, with his hand clasped firmly to John’s webbing grimacing in pain as he struggles to lift him back up. Next to him was Briscoe who had now got up from his seat and had started practically foaming at the mouth. “Sorry, sir.” muttered John, his voice still clearly shaken by the ordeal. Briscoe’s face suddenly turned from red rage to a hearty smile as he assisted Smith in pulling John back into the chopper. “Ciggies aren’t worth dying over, brother.” Briscoe said, calmly. Smith then piped up “But they’re going to kill him anyway, sir!” he shouted while laughing. Briscoe, who luckily saw the funny side to this comment laughed loudly before replying “We’re Rhodesians. We never die.” John, who somehow still managed to keep his cigarette in his mouth, placed it back into his cigarette box. “He’s right.” He grunted as he lifted himself back into his seat. “We either go down in a firefight, or in a hospital after severe alcohol poisoning.” he joked as he nudged Briscoe with a smirk. “Hah!” he exclaimed as he slapped the back of John’s helmet. “That’s why he’s Alpha command! He knows what really matters!” John left the men to their discussion as he reached for his canteen. He shakily unscrewed the lid and took a brief swig before re-securing it back in his pouch. John then continued scanning the horizon as the men’s laughs echoed around him. He chuckled to himself silently before looking up with a smile before saying quietly to himself. “Rhodesians never die.”
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    @Iso I would like to thank the whole Last Light crew for today's RP, most specifically @Malet for running the mission (Success!), as well as for the detailed and realistic RP that went into repairing the power station and relay tower, Letter really came into his own today! @Kinks = Unintentional Suicide Bomber. Mate, you made me laugh so much today, idek why but everything you said gave me a giggle! @Irish No1 Wingman, coming soon to an apocalypse near you!
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    I'd like to thank @Iso @Lyca @Roach @trent_rouls and the other 2-3 people who we ran around with today. We had so much fun, Desync's and Filmores. Treelines and talking grass. Crazy drugged weirdos and yelling matches on the beach, bad BAD puns and pianos! Super fun! Hope we can all do it again too, enjoying the bonds between Phe, Lo and Eamon that are forming. <3
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    Your gun was raised at the same time as your friend that initiated. Not only that, but you thankfully admitted to tying up puncture. So, lets count together, shall we? 1. You're friends with the guy who initiated. 2. You raised a gun at the same time as your friend, and held it raised for a ~5 seconds. 3. You tied up puncture. 4. You also took things from puncture while he was tied up. You keep saying that you were not involved in the robbery, but it's pretty clear that everyone in this report was involved. I'm done replying because it seems neither of you can accept the consequences from your in game actions.
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    This is one of my favorite documentaries. I think I've watched it more than five times, it's about PMCs and the invasion of Iraq.
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    Beth this round had heavy influencing from post wipe with - @Aristocat @Otter @Sam Fields @Faith @Brayces @Chaostica @The Marshal @Undead @King @Mason26 some smacking my head into a wall Since wipe major influences have been: @Brayces @Lyca @Tony @Spartan @TiviylScratch @Otter @Samti @King @Aristocat @Mason26 @HarveyJ @Skinner way too much time researching stuff, smacking my head into a wall, and some tears Tech. everyone I run into is an influence in some way, these are just the largest ones since starting.
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    This is a video of the events. Skip to 38:00 For the start of everything.
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    Everything you stated here is up for debate without the proper evidence. My inventory was full, and I must reiterate I didn't steal anything from puncture. And I can understand the confusion with the animation - but once again - if I am the last survivor, and you have five men outside to my oneself, why not at least ask for me to surrender? I was never given a chance. Furthermore I do not understand where you could be pulling those numbers from. 5v3 or 5v2 is the matter up for debate - but either way, its almost/more than double the people you initiated on had on hand, and you were in well-placed positions to gun everyone down. Why not ask for the surrender, at least? But no. Instead, you waited for @SandDancer97 to initiate on @Puncture and then opened fire on everyone. While I be more than open to continuing a civilized discussion, as your last post shows you have no interest in doing so, I will refrain from posting again until the staff has reached a verdict or my input is official requested. EDIT: Acknowledging of Zero's point of view, I don't see how someone not involved in this report was brought in for an opinion, and moreover, posted on this thread by a Gamemaster. I would appreciate it if you would take it down. Do NOT post in reports in which you are not involved! Only post in reports if you are directly involved in the situation in game or you are called in by a staff member. Only post appropriate content Posting any comments that do not directly address the report or that are in any way inappropriate will not be tolerated. A) I believe that was a private conversation between the two of you. B) Why, again, was someone who was not involved in this report's opinion posted? C) I was never informed by Zero of anything of the sort. Nevertheless, as I said before, I would have been willing, but your decision was not to come into TS and discuss.
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    Your inventory was not full when I checked your dead body. And when you ran inside the bathroom, it looked like you started pulling your gun out. Of course I am going to shoot you. So no, you were not unarmed. Lastly, it was not a 5 v 2. It was 5 v 4, 5 v 3 at the least. You were taking things from Puncture while he was tied up and even tried to help the hostage takers by offering rope. I don't understand why you can't just accept that their are consequences for your actions. I'm done with this shit.
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    Fuck me you can already tell she's a bird because of the amount of replies she's gotten, I mean jesus fucking christ.
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    Im going back outside again.
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    I won't I'll search for you and destroy ya...cya
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    We weren't wearing armbands as a group, I think Puncture and I were the only ones wearing them. Puncture was wearing a orange armband and I was wearing a green armband, hope this helps.
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    Gets in game for like a hour + and 2 new reports.... Whew
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    We dont have a Armored Division in the same way as the US does instead we have a Division (3rd Division) that consists of three "Armoured Infantry Brigade" numbered as the 1st, 12th and 20th. At the moment the 20th Armoured Infantry Brigade is what we call the "Vanguard Armoured Infantry Brigade" and has been training to deploy anywhere in Europe within 5 days... That being said the "Divisions" in our ORBAT are for the most part purely administrative and we operate with Brigade sized units in the field and many of our Brigades are also administrative and are only responsible for Recruitment, Training and Local Relations at home. Most units in the British Army are tied to regions aswell... For example the "51st Infantry Brigade" is the administrative brigade for units based in scotland.
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    Well done! I hope the feeling lasts when you first get initiated on ^^
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    OHGEE! This is a great topic idea. @King @Aristocat @Lyca @Tony @Iso ... I think are all major players. Each of them have taught Lo something and are helping her grow in good and in bad ways! Of course there's a ton of other people out there that help impact my Char. but these guys are the major players. Sad that three of them are MIA right now.
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    We are finally getting this up and running, and it has taken som time, but we are here now. And it’s all thanks to @Munter and @FieJaxon they have worked so hard to get this up and running, especially with getting this group page done. Thank you guys for putting so much effort into this, because of that, I really think we will succeed and have an amazing time playing and having rp ❤️
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    Why are we shutting down S2 when everyone plays there. Makes much more sense to get rid of S1 since everyone's camps and bases is on S2 where everyone plays anyway