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    Finally a group to really make you feel at home :).
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    I mean, fuck around get smoked I guess.
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    It's a fuckin' game and it's the internet. Why so serious?
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    God forbid you try to play a video game with your friends & have fun.
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    Hopped in RP for a good 30 minutes ran into no one, oh well I tried.
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    That moment when your Community Rep is classified as 'Noobie' but you've been here since 2013
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    Smile and wave boys. Just smile and wave.
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    Okay. So a long time ago, in a Kevin far far away: I used to be scared to post shit on the forums, or say/do things involving anything to do with this community in fear of being banned. That me has died long ago. I simply do not care. This place used to be a lot of fun, I used to base all my free time out of this place. Many fond memories were made here, and I've made some great friends here. All in all; a fairly good experience. I'm afraid that this place will never be what it once was, and that this place will just never return to how it was. I miss the people that I once played with, they were the only reason that I was here. The majority of people reading this won't even know who tf I am, or was. That's fine with me. To put things simply, I'm done. This community is just a forums now, cause there's no good projects and Dayz is dead. I do not wish to discourage anyone from continuing to value this community, God knows I once did. If you do plan on living out this community my one piece of advice would be don't take shit seriously. It's a fucking gaming community run by some dude living in Sweden. I'm not going out in some blaze of glory, that's just stupid. I'm just leaving. Introduction threads are for losers. I'm not @ing people in this post cause that's for attention craving, bean grabbing hoes. I'm out. Later niBBas
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    Here is a day I'm extremely glad to have slept through However in light of things, I feel that my absence is required for just a little while... I'm sorry
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    The shit I've seen on today is more than enough to warrant a right of opinion. This community, no matter how comfortable you are with it, is no place to start throwing political/personal beliefs around, regardless of any and all reasoning. This is absolutely disappointing and the fact that I'm even witnessing such things on a community about RP disgusts me.
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    https://plays.tv/video/59ca11747ce1910ab0/welp @Ender @Lyca @Aiko Explain to me what this is? First Off this has nothing to do with the community. so what community rules gives you the fucking right to ban them for hmm do tell me? Jake tells you that the nudes aren't anyone in the fucking staff via voice. But then you still accuse him. If it was a staff member you should ask the fucking Staff Members and not make fucking accusations. I'm gonna finish up with this, think before you give someone a ban, and do more investigating - Welden The Fucking OG #SaveMyPapaChiefAndThatOneXzeborDudeJakeWalford
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    Spiderlord is ddosing the server's. All is lost. "The End Is Night" - Joe Niggley 2017
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    If I was Lesbian I'd totally be @Honeybees Baby Boy
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    *opens dayzrp* *sees 36 notification* *closes dayzrp*
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