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    Dude, today's rp was the best I have had in a very long time. @Dusty you are a real dude for the perma on betrayal. @Skinner your rp was fantastic and all of your boys were great as well. Loved my conversation with the Finish NATO soldier @Isaiah Cortez, and my conversations with the other prisoners. Great form by all today.
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    90% of the day in FiveM with @Hollows @Nihoolious and @Pepe Jones. "What does that say? Share-Reeve? Is that some sort of... some sort of, you know, reference to the Koran?" - @Pepe Jones
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    I enjoyed RPing some 5.56 into @Galaxy The rest of the event was fun too. Props to @Pep (Best RPer on the server) @Dusty @ExoticRainbow @Jamie @Undead @Watchman @Darion @LewellynMoss @Duorhs The Conqueror @SmashingMedal @LadyInBlue +1 to all the UN guys and civilians, sorry I didn't get all your names. Was fun. Sorry if I missed anyone else. Oh... and I guess @Sleepyhead
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    First off for the event shoutout to @Skinner and @DinoCasino for getting this whole thing done, loved the RP and my logic is abit flawed and I know it Shoutout to my boys in Gremlins being @Darion and @LewellynMoss for being there for the main part (rest of you are bae aswell) Shoutout to @Mexi for having urges to loot the barracks @Jamie @Sleepyhead @ExoticRainbow @Pep @Duorhs The Conqueror @Dusty (Best initiation this lore wipe so far js) @SmashingMedal @Vytis @Watchman (Thats everyone I can remember) @Spanners Always investigating and @Boston Basher getting your f4 in before you leave love it @YourLeftHand Crossfire is deadly, my bad <3 And @Otter for being on whatever side you're on @Undead Much love for that speech Great RP for tonight from pretty much everyone, well done event even if DayZ is aids <3 Screenies here
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    @Spartan @Razareth They know, it has begun...
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    Going to be streaming again today Should be in around two hours. I'll update again when I'm all set.
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    The time has come, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of the group. This was my first time leading any group, and I certainly did not expect to be a part of the lead of a lore faction. Hopefully I didn't do too terrible It has been quite the learning experience doing this and I've had a lot of fun and enjoyable RP moments. Also made a bunch of wonderful new friends in the process and I'm excited for the RP to come! So thank you all again, for playing, helping and doing everything we did. o7
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: Just asking for forgiveness. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was banned for creating an underage account about 3-4 years ago when the server was just started on Arma 2. Being such a young kid at 14-15 i made a dumb mistake and attempted to make a new account which was also banned. It's been about several years since all of this and i just ask that you can forgive me for my actions. It was a stupid mistake that i made due to being an underage kid. But, now that i'm 18 i would love to return to the server and prove myself. I've also sent an email of my ID to the directed email. I just wanted to post the appeal because it only says i'm blacklisted due to the alt account i made ages ago. Thank you. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Possibly an unban. What could you have done better?: Just waited until i was of age to play on the server.
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    I'd like to report myself... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/175229067
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    That moment IQ feels neglected @Razareth
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    Great time at the event, though Extracting my ass off from the scene was the best decision I made. But two seconds too late, as some cunt ( <3) named @Galaxy I think came screaming to put hands up or die? I even gave you the ammo at AF after smokey situation. And then my friend died to a heart attack. And shit. Then some one shoots me! In the shoulder, it's damn fun and challenging to rp out a wounded man in the middle of the night though! Had fun, would get initiated again. Though getting shot is never my plan...
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    @Rolle What is whitelist?...
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    Going through my old video files, I found a lot of staff TS discussions, and also a file named this: @Conor is a slut in game.
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    Thanks @Jade, she really captured the face of regret after downing packets of diablo sauce!
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    I am the last UN officer, my 'Offical' contract says so.
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    >be me >logs in to RP with group, waiting through a 17 man wait list >Loses connection >Gets in again after a 7 man wait list >Loses connection >Gets in after a 5 man wait list >immediatly loses connection. >mfw
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    I had my kid's dad agree to watch my son tonight just so I could RP in this event. There goes that. Thanks for ruining my mood with your shit attitude all day.
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    Like Galaxy said, we wiped all old warnings from 5 years prior and kept stuff from November 2016 and onwards, as it wasn't really relevant to keep all the old stuff from DayZRP mod etc. Final warnings were supposed to be kept, but on another thought ain't nobody got time to review final warnings from 2 years ago. So you are free to go, sir, if you need another final warning we'll just slap one on you with rule 4
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    To everyone i've been hanging with recently, IC. Thank you all so much for helping me to make Taryn's story great. We still have much work to do, my loves. @WulfeGirl @Darion @Vito @Lyca @Aristocat @Dank Mems @Roach @Brayces @King @Mexi @Otter @Saintz @neckrorazul @mark3390 @Jman14102 @Keira @Ade @Galaxy @Abu Muhammad @Lucky1911 Forgive me for doing this so late after all the great rp we've had. Also, Thank you to all the new people i've met too that I dont know the forum names of yet. Edit: adding @Rory and @Buddy because you guys are the shit too.
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    Oh shit im creeping in the back there