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    Yeah, I'm leaving staff. Due to unfortunately circumstances that occurred yesterday, I received a staff strike. On top of motivational issues and other things, I've decided that this it's the best course of action. I wasn't contributing all that much compared to before, but it's been a cool ride. I've made loads of friends, had some awesome discussions with people, it's been eventful. I joined back in October 19th, so that makes it nearly 2 years. Sucks I didn't wait out the 2 months. But yeah, I'm not so good at these threads, so I'm gonna chuck a few names of people that are sick af that I met in staff. @Conor You and Shark brought me in, and I was pretty buzzed. I guess you're a cool guy. @Terra You were the scary ass German bitch that frightened me. Staff needs someone like that. <3 @roman - I like gary, he's a cool rapper. @Randle I thought you were a cunt when you first joined staff, but you're a chill guy now. Much love. @Kanen You were just salty because I got promoted first. <3 @Storm You post and I'll move. @Bunny GM buddy <3 @jannik I enjoyed working with you, but you can't write for shit. @Ellie Dirty shitposter. @Clumsy We had our ups and downs, but you're chill af. @Spartan @spartan @Dusty don't let it die out @wendsill You were cool to work with, but you went a little mad. RIP. @Defiance I'm sorry I didn't play siege with you. @Pussy You'll get that spot, dw. @Ron lesbian @go fish I miss u @Stagsview You're a cunt. @Alex you're just a banter boy. @Hebee Teach me the ways. @Brady You'll have to beg someone else to come back. @Major Hold the LM team. I'll chuck a few more names here since I'm lazy. @Castiel @William @Undead @Iso @DickSlide @[email protected]@Para @Shane I probably missed some people. You know who you are anyway. Just some general staff feedback. Don't be robots. I'm still gonna be around, this thread is purely for leaving staff. the game edit: I didn't paste the last bit. I love you guys @Oliv @Lyca @Ender @Aiko, good luck with the team.
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    The UN Evacuation Event was everything I'd expected to be plus a whole lot I was not expecting. There were ups and downs, technical difficulties and disappointments, and loads of people stepping up and adding really interesting plot twists and betrayals. The event concluded (as intended) with the archival of the UN/WHO South Zagorian 1st Response, so it was bittersweet for me, but I am extremely happy with the way things went and how they ended. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the UN for all the time, effort, and passion they've put into the RP and the portrayal of the UN as I had envisioned it. For the last 6-7 weeks you have all done an incredible job, the fact that we were able to accomplish what we did as a bunch of strangers who really didn't know each other at first OOC and we were forced to spend the first few weeks of the lorewipe just learning who each other were and what we were like, is incredible. I would specifically like to thank @Mercy and @Lemons because the time they put into the IC reports on our private forums, and their effort into documenting the "zombie lore" has been above and beyond what could have been expected. However, the daily commitment to the portrayal of the UN as a professional and realistic military element that is bound by UN guidelines and international law would not have been possible without @Shanoby @Malet @Red @Lankin @Razareth and the many other UN PeaceKeepers and WHO staffers (past and present) who gave such a tremendous effort and contributed to the RP. Most of all, I'd like to call out and thank @DinoCasino without your countless hours of leadership when I was on vacation or busy, as well as your constant assistance, advice, and opinions I quite frankly would not have been able to lead this group effectively. I was in WAY over my head and I drastically underestimated the amount of time and effort it would take to lead a group of this size, and even when I know for a fact that you either felt ill, felt burned out, or would have rather been doing other things you were ALWAYS there when I needed you. I can't thank you enough. As for the event, I definitely don't deserve the thanks for it, this was a community-wide effort and tons of people made it awesome. Most of all I thank @Chief and @Major for their constant input and guidance in terms of the lore. Even though I was initially skeptical of their role in the event, I'd like to thank @Darion and @Galaxy and your people for the your role in the event. The whole element that you added into the plot really caught me and Dino by surprise and it ended up adding so much tension and suspense, really well done!! Huge thanks to @Dusty and @Undead and @Jamie and @Sleepyhead and the rest of Raspad Vosstaniye for playing the role of "Bad Guys" in this event and doing a tremendous job of keeping folks afraid and entertained. Finally I'd like to thank all of the rest of the people who took the time to participate in this event. I know it wasn't perfect, but despite all its imperfections you all showed up and RP'd your guts out and made it amazing and memorable. There are way way too many people to thank individually and in fact I wasn't even able to get any 1-on-1 RP time with most of you, but the fact that you were there means so much to me. Thank you all, can't wait to see what amazing stuff you all come up with next!
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    “Humanity does not suffer from the disease of wrong beliefs but humanity suffers from the contagious nature of the lack of belief. If you have no magic with you it is not because magic does not exist, but it is because you do not believe in it. Even if the sun shines brightly upon your skin every day, if you do not believe in the sunlight, the sunlight for you does not exist.” ― C. JoyBell C. “There may never be another evacuation… This is your last and only chance.” Assumptions from the world slowly being infected by the virus, it seemed like we had a chance to go home and be with our loved ones. But that would never happen. Those who were at the airfield knew that in their gut there was more left to be completed. Whether it was to continue the mission, or naturally offer aid. Others didn’t even get the opportunity to board the aircraft. Left to believe and know they were to spend the rest of their life in a country where one wrong move could get you killed. The less fortunate would only have a few minutes to take in the view of their escape as the thunderous roar of the propellers hummed into nothing but silence back to Miroslavl. And eventually, maybe home... Those who saw and heard the aircraft realised they’d never forget that sound. The sound of escape and freedom, fading away into the valley. Those who knew they had that one chance felt a fire slowly being put out in their hearts. The hope and faith they had was dimming into nothingness. Everyone’s passion and desires to solve the problem started to become less of a priority and more a chore. “There may never be another evacuation… This is your last and only chance.” You’d never forget those words if you heard them. The replay in the back of your head until you break down into tears or snap at the person besides you. We will probably never get to go home and see our families. Most of us wished we could go back in time to give that goodbye hug a little tighter and a little longer. If only we knew this was going to be the last time we would ever see them again… But in those dim moments of hope, the almost two and a half months spent here, you really got to know who your true family were. Even if they weren’t by blood. Even if we couldn’t keep our loved ones safe at home, this gave us an opportunity to make things right. Even if it wasn’t the same. After we arrived to South Zagoria, high command went silent on us for a few months. Most of the Peacekeepers and civilians were losing hope. Others had to pick up the pieces. We had to trust each other to get through this. Otherwise it would be a lost cause. The family we made from trust and compassion gave us a place to have an open opinion… without a gun to our face. We corrected each other on a better path so mistakes could be avoided. Though most of us didn’t see eye to eye, we still stuck together with the bond we had. Through the hardest times, we got still through it. ACHIEVED, ACHIEVING, FAILING, FAILED (In-General) (Personal Goals) (For United Nations / WHO remnants) In-character channels shall remain strict radio comms unless to inform of emergency OOCly [ACHIEVED] When using radio comms we shall transmit in-character as well [ACHIEVED] Provide quality roleplay divided from all characters in group depending on moral compass (Campfire/Hostile) [ACHIEVING] We will not be using our group title ‘The Last Light’ as a name in character [ACHIEVING] Anyone who is inactive for 2 week (without warning) will be removed from the group. Staff (in the group) will have 3 weeks to notify us due to their work for the website it gives them a fair reason Permadeathed characters will be moved to Lost Lights - member will be removed from CP unless have another character that has close bonds to others All group recruitment is strictly done ICly. People within a group should not apply whilst being in another group. Do not request an invite to the group if you have not sent a PM it will be immediately denied Credit to @Lemons and @Dino for the idea, graphics done by @Mademoiselle photo banner done by @dimitri, lore wrote by @Lemons and @Mademoiselle, screenshots by @Lemons and @Malet
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    First & foremost, thank you to @Skinner & @DinoCasino for setting this entire event up. Without you guys, we would've never been able to have had so much fun as well as develop new & ongoing relations between characters & groups. Next, thank you to all of the members of the Rebellion that showed up & RP'd with us. You guys did amazing for the whole situation & I'm pretty damn proud. Rest in peace, Mikael. </3 @Jamie & @Dusty & @Watchman & @SmashingMedal & @Vytis & @ExoticRainbow & @Pep & @Undead & @Duorhs The Conqueror & anyone that I may have missed. Gremlins did an amazing job and were really good sports which we all appreciate & admire. Thank you guys for such a fun time. @Darion & @Galaxy & @LewellynMoss & everyone else. Special shout out to these guys for prior RP today as well. @Abu Muhammad& your guys on the radio + our hostage. @Keira & @Mexi & again, anyone else who I may have missed.
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    Hardest post I've ever...well...typed. Some of you know me, some of you don't. Some of you know the shit I've had to deal with, being a combat veteran and all that. First off, I'm not going anywhere, though I've contemplated suicide many times. I have too much to live for. I'm not leaving the community, and I'm not leaving staff, because you guys, even the staff team, are what keeps me going. So I'll start BLUF. I have decided to start my battle with the demon in my life known as alcohol. I've been through a lot of shit, done a lot of shit, and seen a lot of shit, and to deal with it, for the last year or so, I've turned to drink. I've gotten to the point where I can't remember things that have happened IG and IRL...some of the best moments in my life, and I'm putting my foot down on myself. There are those in this community that I feel I should mention because they've kept me from tipping over the edge, to the point where I can't control it anymore. If I "@" you, it's because I value you as a friend, and because you are the ones that are going to help me through this, because, well hell...you can't go to your parents about shit like this when you're 33 years old. If I forget you, I'm truly, truly sorry. @The Drunken Scotsman, you're my brother. I love you, mate. @Spartan, you cared enough to PM me when I had a rough day, and follow up on days after. @Mercy, whether you like it or not, you're my adopted daughter, and you always find a way to make me smile. I love you from the bottom of my heart. @Lyca, Schadz...Was kann ich sonst noch sagen? Du bist fantastisch. Ich liebe dich, meine freundin. @tacticaltahko, bro, as much as I rage at you sometimes, you're my fuckin' brother as well...or maybe an adopted son, more like. @Nihoolious, you taught me how to be the "bad guy." I'll always remember what you did for me when I was a dumbass fuckin' whitename, even if it cost me some scars. I love you all, even those I didn't mention. I've got a long, hard fight ahead of me. Fuck meetings. I can do this myself. Not taking another drink after tonight. All I'm asking for is your support as I go through this. Don't know why I'm even typing this...fuck it.
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    @everybody that was there (Warning: I scream initiate at 1:20) @Skinner @DinoCasino @Darion @LewellynMoss @Otter
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    /Archived by request. o7 to the max folks, this Faction and the way it went out were fantastic. I'd say the name of the UN has been redeemed despite all the issues that this iteration had. More to come from these blueberries I'm told. #SoonTM.
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    Dude, today's rp was the best I have had in a very long time. @Dusty you are a real dude for the perma on betrayal. @Skinner your rp was fantastic and all of your boys were great as well. Loved my conversation with the Finish NATO soldier @Isaiah Cortez, and my conversations with the other prisoners. Great form by all today.
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    90% of the day in FiveM with @Hollows @Nihoolious and @Pepe Jones. "What does that say? Share-Reeve? Is that some sort of... some sort of, you know, reference to the Koran?" - @Pepe Jones
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    Buster again, sorry for the delay. Okay here goes. So, I was hanging around near the pub in servo, watching the various groups of people. Eventually, the argument happens, guy gets called a coon, other guy gets punched out, guy gets up, silently leaves( or I at least didn't hear him speak, lot of noise going on). Five, maybe ten minutes later, the puncher is standing in the street, and gets shot. People scatter, and I decide to help him to his feet, figuring they only wanted revenge on that one guy. Anyway, soon enough we hear more shots, so I run for cover, ending up hiding behind a tent with a small group of others, including a friend of mines. Everybody is wondering what's going on, shots are ringing out etc. I look way up the street, and see a guy on a corner aiming at us. I look through my binoculars to confirm this, and say aloud, 'that guy is aiming at us, what the fuck? all the people in this huddle are crouching, with no weapons out by the way. Sure enough, a second later, we start getting shot at, and we dive around the tent. Sivister then leans around, and possibly kills the guy. Everyone else seks shelter in the pub. After a minute, I decide to go and check the guy is indeed dead, choosing a time it seemed to have quietened down. I do stop by a corpse, to check it's pulse, and not to loot, as I already had an AK and plentiful ammo and supplies at the time.. anyway I then have to take my melee weapon out to fight a couple of zombies that were heading to the pub. I finish the last one, and turn to the doorway, yelling, 'I got 'em!' and a split second later, I'm dead. At no point did I have a gun in my hands, and it honestly felt that people were just shooting anyone that moved, hands up or not.
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    I enjoyed RPing some 5.56 into @Galaxy The rest of the event was fun too. Props to @Pep (Best RPer on the server) @Dusty @ExoticRainbow @Jamie @Undead @Watchman @Darion @LewellynMoss @Duorhs The Conqueror @SmashingMedal @LadyInBlue +1 to all the UN guys and civilians, sorry I didn't get all your names. Was fun. Sorry if I missed anyone else. Oh... and I guess @Sleepyhead
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    First off for the event shoutout to @Skinner and @DinoCasino for getting this whole thing done, loved the RP and my logic is abit flawed and I know it Shoutout to my boys in Gremlins being @Darion and @LewellynMoss for being there for the main part (rest of you are bae aswell) Shoutout to @Mexi for having urges to loot the barracks @Jamie @Sleepyhead @ExoticRainbow @Pep @Duorhs The Conqueror @Dusty (Best initiation this lore wipe so far js) @SmashingMedal @Vytis @Watchman (Thats everyone I can remember) @Spanners Always investigating and @Boston Basher getting your f4 in before you leave love it @YourLeftHand Crossfire is deadly, my bad <3 And @Otter for being on whatever side you're on @Undead Much love for that speech Great RP for tonight from pretty much everyone, well done event even if DayZ is aids <3 Screenies here
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    @Spartan @Razareth They know, it has begun...
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    Going to be streaming again today Should be in around two hours. I'll update again when I'm all set.
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    What a fucking turn of events! We were back stabbed @Sleepyhead @Dusty and the rest of the Rebellion Then @Otter back stabbed the backstabbers to white knight us and we escaped into the sun set Dear God , Best RP I have had in a very fucking long time! All of it was completely Unexpected 10/10
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    The time has come, I want to thank everyone that has been a part of the group. This was my first time leading any group, and I certainly did not expect to be a part of the lead of a lore faction. Hopefully I didn't do too terrible It has been quite the learning experience doing this and I've had a lot of fun and enjoyable RP moments. Also made a bunch of wonderful new friends in the process and I'm excited for the RP to come! So thank you all again, for playing, helping and doing everything we did. o7
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: Just asking for forgiveness. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I was banned for creating an underage account about 3-4 years ago when the server was just started on Arma 2. Being such a young kid at 14-15 i made a dumb mistake and attempted to make a new account which was also banned. It's been about several years since all of this and i just ask that you can forgive me for my actions. It was a stupid mistake that i made due to being an underage kid. But, now that i'm 18 i would love to return to the server and prove myself. I've also sent an email of my ID to the directed email. I just wanted to post the appeal because it only says i'm blacklisted due to the alt account i made ages ago. Thank you. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Possibly an unban. What could you have done better?: Just waited until i was of age to play on the server.
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    I'd like to report myself... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/175229067
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    That moment when your screenshots were used for the photo banner, but you cant find your name on the roaster
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    Fun times even tho it ended the way it did
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    Hi, I cannot stress to you enough how much I advise you talking to someone professional or at least to try it. With all the best will in the world which includes me as well, this community will support you if you need us, to offer an ear should you need it and offer advice but talking to someone face to face, albeit difficult could really help. A very close family member used alcohol as a crutch and although resistant at first really benefited from the support you can get out there. They are 14 years sober now. As others have stated if you see me in TS I'll be there should you need a chat. Whatever you do I wish you the very best. This was on the mirror of the very close family member I talked about earlier, they read it everytime they were temtped to drink when they had a bad day. The Man In The Glass Peter Dale Wimbrow Sr. When you get what you want in your struggle for self And the world makes you king for a day Just go to the mirror and look at yourself And see what that man has to say. For it isn’t your father, or mother, or wife Whose judgment upon you must pass The fellow whose verdict counts most in your life Is the one staring back from the glass. He’s the fellow to please – never mind all the rest For he’s with you, clear to the end And you’ve passed your most difficult, dangerous test If the man in the glass is your friend. You may fool the whole world down the pathway of years And get pats on the back as you pass But your final reward will be heartache and tears If you’ve cheated the man in the glass.
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    @Strawberry & my soundboard battles seem to make you laugh. Meetings aren't a bad thing though, they helped my friend I told you about alot. You can always DM/PM me when you need someone or something bud <3
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    Thanks to everyone that attended the event, I hope you all enjoyed it, I certainly did. I would @ people, but I'm unsure who was who Was a first for me planning an event and being a part of such a group, so thank you all for the RP <3
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    This was from my PoV epic event today... thank you all who took part in it...
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    Great time at the event, though Extracting my ass off from the scene was the best decision I made. But two seconds too late, as some cunt ( <3) named @Galaxy I think came screaming to put hands up or die? I even gave you the ammo at AF after smokey situation. And then my friend died to a heart attack. And shit. Then some one shoots me! In the shoulder, it's damn fun and challenging to rp out a wounded man in the middle of the night though! Had fun, would get initiated again. Though getting shot is never my plan...
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    @Rolle What is whitelist?...
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    Pretty much what the title says, show your desktop... I'll start. I'm surprised no one made this to be honest [If they have, I couldn't find it]
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    *The simple ruffling of the insides of a bag could be heard through the radio, a suppressed shot of gun fire every so often and the shifting of movement could be received from others on the same frequency, unable to turn off the radio or even get the back panel off to remove the battery, unknowing who's on who's side. The unknown whispers of a survivor could be heard talking to himself and a voice soft and shaky, a sound of a gun jamming and giving a click after heavy breathing. The sound of what could possibly be the firearm or item sliding against the ground after clicking. The receiver's would hear an occasional long static as if the signal was being lost and re-gained.*
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    Alright, I will keep that in mind and add some music. Thank you for the help!
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    Going through my old video files, I found a lot of staff TS discussions, and also a file named this: @Conor is a slut in game.
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    IGN: Bill Sanders Country: The Netherlands English skills: Native DayZ Standalone Experience: Over 1000 hours Roleplaying Experience: 2 years What kind of In Game role best describes you: Campfire/hostile Have you been in any clan/group previously: The Firm (V1,V2) The Pagans MC (V2) and a fair few others. Additional notes: My schedule is all over the place. Probably will only play on the weekends Best way to contact you: Pm me on the forums Backstory: Check my character page
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    Bro I ain't really into people posting shit like this on the forums b because people can take advantage real fuckin' quick trust me, but like if you want someone to chat to lad hit me up still.
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    Welcome to the community (: hope to see you in game (:
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    Hey dude, I dunno what else to say other than wish you the best of luck. You've got my support, and I hope you beat this thing
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    [Ryan is riding his newly fixed harley when he takes out his radio, holding down the PTT, you would hear a lot of wind] "Hey Rory, David, anyone else. Im gonna be gone for a while, I aint leaving, just got some business to deal with up in Russia. Ill be fine ju- *You hear the bike slowing down, Ryan mumbles "what the fuck?" Before screaming can be heard* "alright ALRIGHT the engines off, who the fuck are y-" [A smack is heard, Ryan winces in pain, there are lots of voices before the radio is smashed and the PTT disabled]
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    Hello and welcome, if you need help with anything, feel free to PM me. Good luck in game and have fun.
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    I am the last UN officer, my 'Offical' contract says so.
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    >be me >logs in to RP with group, waiting through a 17 man wait list >Loses connection >Gets in again after a 7 man wait list >Loses connection >Gets in after a 5 man wait list >immediatly loses connection. >mfw
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    I had my kid's dad agree to watch my son tonight just so I could RP in this event. There goes that. Thanks for ruining my mood with your shit attitude all day.
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    Like Galaxy said, we wiped all old warnings from 5 years prior and kept stuff from November 2016 and onwards, as it wasn't really relevant to keep all the old stuff from DayZRP mod etc. Final warnings were supposed to be kept, but on another thought ain't nobody got time to review final warnings from 2 years ago. So you are free to go, sir, if you need another final warning we'll just slap one on you with rule 4
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    To everyone i've been hanging with recently, IC. Thank you all so much for helping me to make Taryn's story great. We still have much work to do, my loves. @WulfeGirl @Darion @Vito @Lyca @Aristocat @Dank Mems @Roach @Brayces @King @Mexi @Otter @Saintz @neckrorazul @mark3390 @Jman14102 @Keira @Ade @Galaxy @Abu Muhammad @Lucky1911 Forgive me for doing this so late after all the great rp we've had. Also, Thank you to all the new people i've met too that I dont know the forum names of yet. Edit: adding @Rory and @Buddy because you guys are the shit too.
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    Oh shit im creeping in the back there