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    Skyping James Corden I see...
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    Undated events (will be updated with proper dates, hopefully) August September October Taped notes in the back of the journal
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    "The most beautiful Imagines are absurd in a concave mirror"" What song is your song? Have you ever listened to a album that explains your entire life? An album that touches you, no matter how numb. you are from the drugs, your nectar or..how cold your entire body feels shaking in a peril of disappear....trying desperately to hide from that overlooking shadow. No matter how long you try to ignore it, you feed it. No matter how much you try to destroy it, it grows and no matter how much you challenge it, it consumes. But as soon as you confront it...you see it for what it is, it isn't a huge enemy that wishes to destroy, nor is it the devil in disguise..but it's you. It's who you are...It's what you are...And what you will become. Music is the heart of these feelings. What else can help you see yourself but somebody else that has seen it themselves. You can't ignore something that somebody else feels, and you can't stop drawing a picture around their art based around you. That...overlooking black sheep that gnarls against your neck, scratching your back all the way down your spine till all you can feel is its grip... And once it grabs you...you can't hide from it anymore, no matter how much you tried to ignore it, it still grips you, squeezing at you every moment you want to feel something, your relationships fall apart as you no longer care for your partner. You seek new thrills trying to feel something. Adrenaline rushes, alcohol, sex, drugs.......but nothing keeps the shadow at bay...not even prickles against your skin nor the marks on your neck keeps it at bay. In the end...It's all a distraction. Life, never starts this way though. You always search back to your past, comparing it to your present, no matter how much it hurts...at least you feel, no matter how much it scratches against you...at least it's something more than the needle or pill. For me.....It starts with my Father... My Father, we called him Rojo what honestly I could never understand since his hair was dirty blonde...but that's what his friends called him...so the name stuck....There was my Mother and my older brother José, My father was a soldier, he believed in order, faith and protection. He was a religious and traditionalist man, but this is something I can't blame him on., He was brought up during a time in Spain that this was expected in the country. The party rules the lands while faith lead the house. These idols procrastinated across my family, especially to my brother...who was what my father considered the perfect son. A military man, a man of faith and a man of order...just like my father. Something I to looked up to, something I wanted to do with my life, to be like my brother and follow in his footsteps. He was, he was the perfect example of what a man should be and that was something that my father knew, something we all knew very well. I looked up to him, I tried to be him but in the end it didn't matter, as my father had already decided who he wanted as a son and I became the forgotten one. At times he would grab me, beat me and shame me in front of family and friends when I did wrong...but my brother he wouldn't lay a finger on. My brother was my fathers son and he didn't want to disrespect him in front of others or in private...but to me he had no problem. At times, and as I got older I would challenge my father and ask him if I was the son he never wanted. We fought for hours...fists....kicking and at times weapons were drawn...only at these moments my brother would step in to calm my fathers rage. It was only he that would defend me in this godforsaken household while my mother, who also was like my father would sit back and watch. Making excuses why she sat back, allowing my father to do what he had to, telling me after it was for my own good, only because he loved me and wanted me to do better in my life. But as I grew older, I began to understand, she didn't say that because she believed it was for my good, it's because she didn't want to challenge my father. She was scared of him, she was scared that he would hit her also, as he hit me and saw me as the strong one that could take his wrath. At first all I felt towards her was understanding. I loved my mother to much to be blame her for what she did and always tried to find excuses for her, some excuse in the back of my mind that would justify her letting him do what he did. But as time passed, the excuses grew fewer and the beatings grew larger. A turning point in my life, was when I reached 15. My brother, who was 18 at the time joined the military like my father did before him and was out of the house more. My brother promised to take me under his wing to my father and introduced me to the military life and this is where I started to learn more about myself. From when I was young I always knew I had different tastes, i never had a girlfriend nor did I want one, but after meeting some of my brothers friends and companions I started to feel more. I felt comfortable surrounded by men, I felt calm knowing that a figure could protect me and actually cared for me. A figure in my life that I could understand and one that cared for me, one that was not flesh and blood but mind and soul. At first I denied these feelings. It was a sin to love a man over a women as the book said. My father was to say the least homophobic. He was a man of the book and one of values, and at first I believed every word he said and didn't want to disrespect him. No matter how much we fought and as odd as it sounds I still worshiped the ground he stood upon. He was my idol along with my brother in life, and disrespecting him through acts of sin was the last thing that came to my mind. So i ignored it, I ignored how I felt to my brothers friends. I tried dating women, some I did actually feel something, whether it was love or not i'l never know but I felt something special towards them. But these relationships never lasted and in the end, it always loomed the thoughts of my brothers older friends,. Those, figures of people whom I admired so much in my life would soon become a new important chapter in my life. We all have those demons inside us, but for me it was always a battle to figure out what demons are the real ones. Was it the ones all my life my father sort to destroy? Or where they the ones they inflicted upon me? This question was the one question I kept asking myself throughout all my life, each time coming up with a new solution towards it...but in the end...always ending up with the same problem. Why?
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    Updated Relations! It is good to have friends
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    Shoutout @Eagle for the nice talk @Enigma for the good medical RP @Para @Clumsy wasn't too long today but I enjoyed it! @Boston Basher good rp <3 @Hassan @Storm had fun being a rat
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    Me and my babygirl from last year...
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    Vlad POV: We roll up into the town and Steck instantly gets called out for being a white supremacist. Doc Holiday and I separate from him so we wouldn't get associated with him. After a while I see Steck getting knocked out by Darion and leave for a bit in order to not get into any bigger hostilities. I come back after a while and Steck gets pretty much chased out of the town, after which he leaves. I personally never heard the "Initiation" but I wasn't paying too much attention and it obviously isn't in the evidence. Steck leaves and after taking position retaliates with shooting Darion. I take position in the Red building and a firefight starts and multiple people are killed, for either being hostiles or not leaving the area like they are supposed to. After a while, I leave with Patz and we call it a day. BadRP: Yelling around and making trolly noises is indeed badrp, but I guess you are not reporting yourself so could you elaborate? (https://youtu.be/dHFTzZKzGhk?t=5m40s) Miss-ID Firefight: People decided to stay in an active firefight and straight up NVFLd, simple as that. I am also starting to feel like no one of the Pub owners were even misided since you list them as your allies. RulePlay: You initiated or Rdmed (doesn't matter in this case) and got hurt for it... not sure what the problem is. Potential Invalid RDM: Yeah... you are repeating yourself now. I did not shoot at anyone with their hands up.
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    Just to note, if you check the logs, 3 minutes before I shot you, I shot Enigma whom was running directly behind the school. I had my eyes set on the school. Only 3 minutes later from when I shot the second man (Enigma), you run out from the school. I suspected you could have been bait, or you changed clothes. I was willing to take that risk as it was a big coincidence, and a no armed man running within 20 meters of where I shot Enigma, and still within the firefight area brutally beating a defenseless chicken instead of running the opposite direction.
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    Darkstyle go prostitute yourself or something and get the people. I'll help you with the Lore and stuff when Charter fixes my fucking internet but you need to get the people.
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    Connect/Disconnect logs: Hit logs: Kill logs: Calling in to post their point of view and upload any video evidence they have: @LewellynMoss(Rylan Dailey) @Galaxy(Stephen Brackett) @IrishGhost(David Meeks) @Rory(Rory Taylor) @SkinVest(Razz McKenzie) @Grimnir(Vladimir Koch) @Doc Holiday(Josh Barrett) @PatZ(Domek Matousek) @Misuteri_Hakurei(Leon Kouketsu Black) - User will be tempbanned due to forum inactivity @Buster(James Robinson) @Eddie Sorella(Eddie Sorella) @Steck(Joe Tully) @Enigma(James Zima) @Honeybee(Avery Dailey) @Sivister(Dean Davis) @Coreena(Jessica Dailey)
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    BadRP: Yelling around and making trolly noises is indeed badrp, but I guess you are not reporting yourself so could you elaborate? How is mocking someone BadRP, Have you never seen anyone do it in real life? I confronted him he told me to get out his face I said do something he wouldn't he got mocked simple. Miss-ID Firefight: People decided to stay in an active firefight and straight up NVFLd, simple as that. I am also starting to feel like no one of the Pub owners were even misided since you list them as your allies. I listed them as allies simply for the fact that they where there in the situation. And I asked them permission to do so I have the message logs. RulePlay: You initiated or Rdmed (doesn't matter in this case) and got hurt for it... not sure what the problem is. I didn't initiate or we would of took all of you at gun point I chose to use fist to further the RP and what RDM? I made it very clear and direct that if he was racist i would knock him out Potential Invalid RDM: Yeah... you are repeating yourself now. -snip-
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    *The radio crackles for a moment before music begins playing, following by a voice* *The music fades off and the transmission ends*
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    POV Alexa St Thomas: I was an observer in this situation. I was observing and doing recon the whole time. I did not use the radio when people were close enough to hear me, but rather waited until I was far enough away to report my observations. I was feeding information to the lads around the town, then confirmed to them when they put you down. I do have a question, however, in this situation - for what reason was I specifically killed? I was an unarmed observer simply feeding information to the group from within the town. Also from my point of view, Darion was provoking/baiting a fight because he walked up to multiple people including Joe Tully and tried to start conflicts. Darion was screaming at multiple people and threatening multiple people whilst trying to bait a conflict out of someone. For the time I was inside the pub after Darion was shot, I only saw one person with their hands raised and that was @Rory.
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    *Carver raises his radio* I got batteries in my bag, I'll keep an eye out for the iodine and tetanus shots. If I see clean hypodermics or EpiPens I'll grab those too. I think I know of a place that hasn't been looted yet. I'll keep searching if you need to contact me directly use frequency 103.7. *Carver releases the PTT*
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    I'd just like to take a minute and say that as trolly as this group may seem, it's only following the example that some of the critics in this thread have set through their own character backstories and dynamic groups. MS-13 The Crips Italian Mafia families Western outlaw motorcycle gangs These are all examples of the exact opposite of what we'd expect to find in Chernarus, yet all but one of them (the one we're discussing) has been encountered and affected the lore of several groups this time round. It's gotta stop somewhere.
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    Western when are you actually going to post a group that doesn't require reworking and lengthy consultation of the LMs before being even close to being ready? Nevermind the fact that after I tried to help you one of the last times I joined your channel immediately after to find you trash talking me. So by all means, if the admins don't archive this before you can do whatever you plan on doing to it please let me know when you want me to look at it.
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    Uhm yeah let's start with the name.. Maybe pick a name that isn't all into our faces about YOU? Now.. let me point out that your last group Idea that was basically the same thing as this one and was not approved due to you having to change things and never did in the end. I hope this goes well? But... I'd say change the name.. Another thing is the fact that there's a bunch of spello's that need changing.
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    *Ripley rolls his eyes and lets out an annoyed groan, then stands up and picks the radio up off his desk. He clears his throat and broadcasts* Would you incredibly bad-ass individuals please stay off this frequency? I need this frequency clear for emergency communication and coordination of the evacuation, and I currently can't touch my radio without cutting my fingers due to all your edginess. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. To those of you who have expressed interest in attending the evacuation or even offered your assistance, your help is greatly appreciated and instructions will be provided at the meeting location. We're going to need to work together to succeed, I know things seem dire and many have already lost hope as well as their humanity, but you must believe me when I say that if enough of us stand together and help their fellow man then we can salvage this world, we can turn this around and we can beat this thing. I'm putting my faith in the survivors of South Zagoria, faith that your sense of humanity will shine through despite all the reasons you've had to abandon it, all the reasons you have to mistrust the UN and to hate the world. I'm asking you to return that faith, we can evacuate those who need it the most. If you turn your back on your own humanity, you've given up already and you're really no better than the infected. *Ripley pauses, hearing the familiar voice of a young woman expressing her own doubts* Taryn? Look, I know that many people have their own opinions about the rules of engagement I've put my peacekeepers under. Please know that I am taking no chances with this evacuation, I am not going to gamble with your lives or the lives of my peacekeepers. We will engage any threat to the safety of the evacuation, and we will use lethal force if necessary. We have enough peacekeepers and enough firepower to keep the runways clear of infected or hostile parties during the short time that civilians are being loaded on the aircraft. The plan is to have the wheels on the ground for no longer than 10 minutes, so speed and firepower will be our primary defensive advantages. If you wish to stay behind, that is your choice. We are not going to make you, we are not going to try to debate with you or change your mind, and I certainly don't need everybody to chime in on this frequency to let me know they're not leaving. All I want is you to think long and hard about this decision, because once we take off, you're here for good. Do not make this decision lightly. *Ripley places his radio back on the charging station and leans back in his chair, closing his eyes as he feels a headache coming on*
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    I forgot the VDV weren't actually a lore faction @Eagle, however I still think their impact was very significant on the server. I spoke to the VDV members about why they were doing things OOCly and it made sense. Yes they were fighting a lot of people, but they actually had reasons to do so.
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    In a way i can agree with Rory and yourself (majoo) over this. The lore factions haven't done enough to warrent a successful wipe. We have not had any events that promote these groups properly. UN have hid away, CDF became inactive and disbanded and Chedaki didnt last long enough to make an impact. The UN could have sorted out care packages for the people in SZ mainly in Cherno. Yes they were kicked out of Cherno (from what i heard) but IC transmissions could have been given for meet ups even just Ural drop offs. CDF became inactive which is a shame and Chedaki aswell but again this could have been working with simple mini events. Now inactivity is a huge problem on the servers and um gonna say this now, you cant just blame the game. Yes the game isnt as fun as it doesnt have alot to offer but for our servers its about 20% for actual game build with 80% based on RP. The game doesnt make our servers, the players do and if inactivity and falling server population is occuring then there is only one answer: -The RP isnt good enough TBH i fully agree with that, from my time online all i have is regret that i wasted my time logging in. Now im not saying everyday will be awesome but from my time in the last year playing i cannot tell you a memorable session. Ive seen trolling/badrp, ive seen the server practically dead due to people hiding away. Simple ongoing events could have spiced things up, simple supply runs and drop offs could have lead to many dynamic choices such as robbing the event or following it to the plan. Either choice would make the RP go down a certain road. Im actually worried now about the server, with the way it looks of UN disbanding after this weeks event all i can see is a server full of survivor groups, a majority of which will hide away. There will be no military groups to act heroic or even set up a new government. When you look to the past the servers were full of a power struggle which kept things interesting. Before lore wipe all groups were happy simply surviving and i can see that again. Basically to sum it up, we need a power struggle on the server that will last longer than a month to allow drama and dyanamic RP to flow. I thought we were getting there when i saw VDV, CDF and UN with suddenly Chedaki thrown in. I thought to myself, here we go this is like the good old days, map split into sectors war between groups, laws passed down... but no. Why anyone would stay in SZ when the UN have practically supplied a way out i have no idea. Why stay scavaging when you can be on a plane/helicopter transfered to a facility and supplied with food and clean clothing? So much could have been done. #vote4voodootobeLM
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    Cheers to @Clumsy @Para @Rory @Vito for some quality documentation of the wildlife @LadyInBlue Love you really, better than moonbag atleast... For the other night cheers to @Will for getting me on Heroin had a hell of a time shuddering Cheers @Taryn for the bed and breakfast, @Stagsview can agree Also big shoutout to my new wife @WulfeGirl was in tears! Also @Kill0 for some of the best hostage RP i've seen in a longggggg time! (Im definitely getting one of these)
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    I may as well hop on the "baby picture" bandwagon.
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    You were issued a warning not based on a thread warning, but based on the fact that your post broke our community rules which apply everywhere in the community, unless stated otherwise. The thread warning was just used as a reference or a reminder. We can issue warnings to users with or without thread warnings, they are just a friendly reminder from staff when things go towards possible rule breaks. They do apply, always. Regardless of thread intentions, OPs wishes or things being posted as a "joke", all community rules apply at all times, unless stated otherwise. The staff makes a decision based on the definition of the rules and their interpretation of said rules in a given situation, aka case-by-case basis. You may disagree that the rules do not apply in your situation, but unfortunately the staff team disagrees. I don't think telling people to go "fuck themselves" or telling them that because of their opinion they are "mentally fucking ill" can be misinterpreted, it is definitely against the rules and there is no "loose interpretation" involved in decision making - it's a pretty clear cut decision to make. You are free to share opinions, as long as they abide by our community rules. If they don't, then simply don't post or formulate it differently. Lastly I'd like to remind you that we are aiming to be a mature and friendly community and we not wish our members to spread hateful or discriminating content on our website. The warning will stay and will be increased to 5 points for flaming/attacking other members of the community, as it should have been categorized. Verdict by me, Aiko and Ender. They signed involuntarily.
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    Where is the next chapter? huh? I'm glad you started writing again, can't wait to see how things will go on