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    Oh Christ here we go. I'm going to have fun with this one. Deja Vu? Prolog. Wut is this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolog "People choose your life for you even if you don’t think that they are they do in some way but then there are those who are optimistic." Okay this sounds so bad it's as if I wrote it. Seriously, read this out loud. Commas please? What does this even mean in the first place? Nobody chooses your life for you unless you are a serf working the land or you happen to land in jail. "You decide who you are and what type of person you want to be known as. But I like to think that's a 50/50 sort of thing It’s either you choose your own life or you let others choose your life for you." Same thing. What does this mean? How do you decide who you want to be known as? Sure a person's actions determine who they will be and their character, but nobody decides who they themselves want to be known as, and people will say anything about anybody. I don't mean to be picky it's just stupid considering the general lack of other substance to make up for this quasi-intellectual jibber-jabber here. "You know what you do , but the real question is how do people recognize that not by talking to you. But by hearing , all the good and bad things you do in life. We have a reason to be here some are born to help people, some are born to kill people, but that's the gist we are all born to do something with our life. So why don't you choose your own thing and make the most of it. This is what Endeavour will thrive to do, choose his own life in this new world." Aside from the fact that this makes little sense, the grammar is utterly atrocious, and it is tedious to read. Why does he want to do this? Who tried to "choose his life for him", who had the greatest impact on him to make him think in this quite silly and convoluted manner. Endeavour left his home in central London and moved to a small little town called Kozlovka in Chernarus.Endeavour took a plane and arrived in Chernarus but once he arrived he was lost seeing that he couldn’t really read the language he asked around, eventually he managed to get on a train he was heading to Zelenogorsk a city near the small the town. Why would this Westerner...(ha ha get it) move to a little buttfuck eastern European nation and leave all the benefits of the west behind? You say here he moved to Kozlovka, then you say in the next bit that the farm was in Drozhino? From there he had to follow a small road that led to another town called Drozhino after that he would arrive at the farm house where he would walk up to the drive and be greeted by an old man , the old man had said he had worked for his uncle and that he would show him around the farm Few hours had past and Endeavour was unpacking his clothes in his new bedroom the old man knocked on his door and said he would be back in the morning. As one day passed it turned into a month eventually years and from that one day he arrived Endeavour has never left the country, as he would be working on the farm. A few hours, months, years? Also: He had built a small cafe and a shop where people came to eat and buy supplies. He eventually used all the money he had gathered up from the cafe and the shop and had bought himself more land at this point he employed more people. People who were in poverty and needed it the most people in the area were happy that Endeavour was giving out jobs to people who didn't have anything, he was the buying the supplies he needed from The Kovar’s Market not from places around the world where he could get it cheaper. He was giving something back to the people and the people loved him for that. Endeavour started a program where people who didn’t know anything about farming could learn from his own experience these people would come and stay with him for few months and he would train them up. This is where Endeavour found some his closest friends. Throughout the years Endeavour had a bit of trouble where people would come in and try to rob the store or take his animals but other than that it was a peaceful life he had. Where is this farm IG? Why not take some nice screenshots of the place and edit some photos black and white and have a couple of the workers waving at the camera or something? This is the year where everything it went to shit, early July Endeavour was determined to stay at the farm. He told his people and the workers they could stay here, where they would be given food and clothes as well as shelter. Endeavour had few rifles and shotguns in the shed locked up. He handed them out to the workers for extra precaution. Endeavour has been marking the days in his calendar it had been two months since the outbreak. People at the farm are getting hungry food and the farm is starting to fall apart and all the food saved up was dwindling. People eventually started to leave the farm leaving all the memories but most importantly leaving Endeavour alone, so he had a choice go out and find food and fuel for the machines or leave the farm... That's all for the Outbreak? Anything interesting happen? Why not leave or try and go to Miroslavl? What made him stay at the farm or help all these people, despite the fact they worked for him? Not much I can say other than that. I'd mention that the previous version of this thread at least had a nice layout and a tad more meat. There is no roster to speak of, and we require at least a name and the @-------- of the person playing them beside it. The only goal that holds any water is the one about agricultural knowledge, the rest are generic crap or ones like "hoard people from folks with bad intentions" which is a surefire way to have some nasty people knocking on your door unless you have some serious firepower other than those shotguns in the shed. You repeat "rebuild the farm" and don't really go over what that entails or why it needs rebuilding. If this thread were simply a couple roster changes or a goal improvement it would be a different issue, but this group already was completely "overhauled" and now makes even less sense then the previous Red Dead version did. This is not the standard of groups that we strive for here, and the only way it could have gotten approved in the first place was if the thread owners would have produced a fresh change from the previous version. There is a complete lack of care or consideration for the quality of the thread, and it is obvious that it was posted in a very rushed manner without any regard for the things listed above. We do not allow heavy WIP groups, and we are getting stricter on groups that need revisions to be approvable. /Denied and archived
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    So I did this today since to me Halloween is close (GoT White Walker) 1st practice
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    First day as a sales manager
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    I got a poke when you all were talking to rory she told me to come hear this i come in she is trying to have a discussion with you all and multiple people in the channel were laughing I was upset but i was not raising my voice or yelling at you guys and was met with hostility to which I told if you do not want to talk about then ill just make a report simple and then I got, and I quote "If your gonna make a report then get the fuck out of our channel" and here we are simple as that.
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    Skyping James Corden I see...
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    Undated events (will be updated with proper dates, hopefully) August September October Taped notes in the back of the journal
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    When you rat someone out ingame and he has no Idea about it IC but you tell him OOC and now he goes around ingame saying I'm sly. 10/10
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    Oh so i wasn't the only one that was randomly poked on TS with the link to this? @Western Please do not spam poke random people with your group link on TS, some people might be busy, or working, or even in game and do not want to be bothered with random shit. They will look at it when they want to. Do not shove it down their throats.
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    Uh, most of this is just hyperbole on my part, don't take anything I say as literal. Love you all, <3
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    This is the revamped thread of the old art thread I did except this time it won't just be profile pics. Want a cute but somewhat disappointing picture drawn for you in paint? This is the thread to ask! Will still draw 4 beanz Old Stuff New Stuff
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    "The most beautiful Imagines are absurd in a concave mirror"" What song is your song? Have you ever listened to a album that explains your entire life? An album that touches you, no matter how numb. you are from the drugs, your nectar or..how cold your entire body feels shaking in a peril of disappear....trying desperately to hide from that overlooking shadow. No matter how long you try to ignore it, you feed it. No matter how much you try to destroy it, it grows and no matter how much you challenge it, it consumes. But as soon as you confront it...you see it for what it is, it isn't a huge enemy that wishes to destroy, nor is it the devil in disguise..but it's you. It's who you are...It's what you are...And what you will become. Music is the heart of these feelings. What else can help you see yourself but somebody else that has seen it themselves. You can't ignore something that somebody else feels, and you can't stop drawing a picture around their art based around you. That...overlooking black sheep that gnarls against your neck, scratching your back all the way down your spine till all you can feel is its grip... And once it grabs you...you can't hide from it anymore, no matter how much you tried to ignore it, it still grips you, squeezing at you every moment you want to feel something, your relationships fall apart as you no longer care for your partner. You seek new thrills trying to feel something. Adrenaline rushes, alcohol, sex, drugs.......but nothing keeps the shadow at bay...not even prickles against your skin nor the marks on your neck keeps it at bay. In the end...It's all a distraction. Life, never starts this way though. You always search back to your past, comparing it to your present, no matter how much it hurts...at least you feel, no matter how much it scratches against you...at least it's something more than the needle or pill. For me.....It starts with my Father... My Father, we called him Rojo what honestly I could never understand since his hair was dirty blonde...but that's what his friends called him...so the name stuck....There was my Mother and my older brother José, My father was a soldier, he believed in order, faith and protection. He was a religious and traditionalist man, but this is something I can't blame him on., He was brought up during a time in Spain that this was expected in the country. The party rules the lands while faith lead the house. These idols procrastinated across my family, especially to my brother...who was what my father considered the perfect son. A military man, a man of faith and a man of order...just like my father. Something I to looked up to, something I wanted to do with my life, to be like my brother and follow in his footsteps. He was, he was the perfect example of what a man should be and that was something that my father knew, something we all knew very well. I looked up to him, I tried to be him but in the end it didn't matter, as my father had already decided who he wanted as a son and I became the forgotten one. At times he would grab me, beat me and shame me in front of family and friends when I did wrong...but my brother he wouldn't lay a finger on. My brother was my fathers son and he didn't want to disrespect him in front of others or in private...but to me he had no problem. At times, and as I got older I would challenge my father and ask him if I was the son he never wanted. We fought for hours...fists....kicking and at times weapons were drawn...only at these moments my brother would step in to calm my fathers rage. It was only he that would defend me in this godforsaken household while my mother, who also was like my father would sit back and watch. Making excuses why she sat back, allowing my father to do what he had to, telling me after it was for my own good, only because he loved me and wanted me to do better in my life. But as I grew older, I began to understand, she didn't say that because she believed it was for my good, it's because she didn't want to challenge my father. She was scared of him, she was scared that he would hit her also, as he hit me and saw me as the strong one that could take his wrath. At first all I felt towards her was understanding. I loved my mother to much to be blame her for what she did and always tried to find excuses for her, some excuse in the back of my mind that would justify her letting him do what he did. But as time passed, the excuses grew fewer and the beatings grew larger. A turning point in my life, was when I reached 15. My brother, who was 18 at the time joined the military like my father did before him and was out of the house more. My brother promised to take me under his wing to my father and introduced me to the military life and this is where I started to learn more about myself. From when I was young I always knew I had different tastes, i never had a girlfriend nor did I want one, but after meeting some of my brothers friends and companions I started to feel more. I felt comfortable surrounded by men, I felt calm knowing that a figure could protect me and actually cared for me. A figure in my life that I could understand and one that cared for me, one that was not flesh and blood but mind and soul. At first I denied these feelings. It was a sin to love a man over a women as the book said. My father was to say the least homophobic. He was a man of the book and one of values, and at first I believed every word he said and didn't want to disrespect him. No matter how much we fought and as odd as it sounds I still worshiped the ground he stood upon. He was my idol along with my brother in life, and disrespecting him through acts of sin was the last thing that came to my mind. So i ignored it, I ignored how I felt to my brothers friends. I tried dating women, some I did actually feel something, whether it was love or not i'l never know but I felt something special towards them. But these relationships never lasted and in the end, it always loomed the thoughts of my brothers older friends,. Those, figures of people whom I admired so much in my life would soon become a new important chapter in my life. We all have those demons inside us, but for me it was always a battle to figure out what demons are the real ones. Was it the ones all my life my father sort to destroy? Or where they the ones they inflicted upon me? This question was the one question I kept asking myself throughout all my life, each time coming up with a new solution towards it...but in the end...always ending up with the same problem. Why?
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    I would like to celebrate the fact that I have finally reached three followers! I know it's a tremendous occasion. With this in mind I think I will set my next goal to TEN FOLLOWERS! It's crazy I know but hear me out, with hard work and dedication I believe I can do it. For now in celebration of my three followers I will post a picture of a dog. Farewell.
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    Thanks for the addition to my username @Rolle, looks like I joined staff at the right time. Help me! Somebody Help me...
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    Knowledge I like the different people I am with but to be honest, I would have never hung out of with them. It’s the hostel that brought us together or the way away from it. Funnily enough, I trust them. Each one of them is good and unique in their own way. It is kinda sad to know that in a normal situation, I would have never got to know them. It is not like we are best friends but I think we are getting to a point of friendship that is much more deep and connected through a strong bond in a very short period of time. Samantha for example, she is more quiet most of the time. If she talks, she seems to be calm and what she says seems thought through to every detail. Jason I would call our leader. His knowledge about military stuff, weapons and so on, it helps us. He is a great listener and motivator for all of us to move on. I kinda had a mental breakdown. I could not see any positive anymore and at this moment I had no hope. It was him to talked me through. Even though he cannot bring us home, he at tries everything that he can, using his knowledge and experience. He seems to be a very strong guy. Pavel seems to be a strong guy too but in another way. He does not tell much about himself. He seems to have a troubled past which makes me believe is a survivor. I think he had to go through shit his whole life. Some say he is rude, I just think he speaks his mind, not holding back with his feelings and his thoughts. He has strong opinions and in his very own way, he tries to help. I don’t ask how as I am a little bit afraid of his answer. Writing about those people makes me question what I actually can contribute to this colorful and great clique of unique people. They don’t believe in what I believe. They actually sometimes make fun of me, calling me a hippie or “Tree hugger”. The only one I think is actually interested is Elaine. She is only 17 years old and super brave and strong. I kinda envy her for her ability to adapt to the situation. She knows her way around and since she found herself a girlfriend, she seems really happy. I think this relationship keeps away bad thoughts and makes the hopeless situation a little bit less hopeless for her. At the moment we are on our way to a camp, just taking a break to eat and rest our feet. We are warming up ourselves at a little fire in a nice little house in the middle of the woods. You would love it. It looks so beautiful that I could forget what is really out there. Jason heard there is a camp in a bigger town. The UN he said. He believes they can help and I think so too. If not them, I don’t know who. Maybe Thea is there. Maybe she found her way earlier than me and she is safe now. Mum, I can still feel her. I know she is alive. Even though I miss her, it is you I can’t stop thinking about. I worry about you. I don’t want to trust myself. If I would trust my own feelings and vibes, it would make me even more hopeless and sad. The bond between us seems to fade away and I cannot believe this and I won’t accept it. It can’t be true! Deep in my heart I know you must be alright. You must! Listen, I doubt myself and my religion at the moment. Nothing makes sense to me. Why would the gods put me and the people I love in such a situation. Maybe it is even out of the hands of the gods? Maybe there is even a higher power? Does that mean I start to NOT believe? Mum, tell me what to do! I should not doubt the gods, should I? Ok, we will move on in a moment to find our way to this camp. Wish us luck and pray for us as I will pray for you. Goddess of the Moon so fair, I ask thee harken to my prayer. In the shadows, evils hide, ready to draw me from love's side, but with your help I shall be strong, banish all that do me wrong. Send them away, send them astray never again to pass my way.
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    The beginning of Munter´s little post apocalyptic poem - There was a day of glory Back when people had a story Back when children were born and stayed alive - There were friends on every street Filled with hope, hearts would beat Back when days were meant to live, not just survive -
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    Tbh does it even classify as a shootout if Big C and the boys weren't there?
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    My net is fixed! Hazzah! I can now run 120+~mbps and I can get in RP! Missed having fun, gotta get warmed up again feelin' a little rusty.
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    @Estrogirl Z, I really enjoyed our interaction, even if it was short! (totally check this out) @MeenMuginLovin you know it already homie
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    Fuck that I'll buy a new HD webcam and sit there naked as a jaybird and give the fuckers a show.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I'm a fan of constructive feedback on groups, which is what 90% of your post was. The only thing I would leave out is the unneeded nasty jabs at folks. There were a few in there and it made it seem a tad mean. Cheers. Suggestions for improvement: Don't be mean. Heck, even here it says (Keep it respectful) in brackets for the template for posting feedback here yanno?
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    Updated Relations! It is good to have friends
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    Shoutout @Eagle for the nice talk @Enigma for the good medical RP @Para @Clumsy wasn't too long today but I enjoyed it! @Boston Basher good rp <3 @Hassan @Storm had fun being a rat
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    Me and my babygirl from last year...
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    Vlad POV: We roll up into the town and Steck instantly gets called out for being a white supremacist. Doc Holiday and I separate from him so we wouldn't get associated with him. After a while I see Steck getting knocked out by Darion and leave for a bit in order to not get into any bigger hostilities. I come back after a while and Steck gets pretty much chased out of the town, after which he leaves. I personally never heard the "Initiation" but I wasn't paying too much attention and it obviously isn't in the evidence. Steck leaves and after taking position retaliates with shooting Darion. I take position in the Red building and a firefight starts and multiple people are killed, for either being hostiles or not leaving the area like they are supposed to. After a while, I leave with Patz and we call it a day. BadRP: Yelling around and making trolly noises is indeed badrp, but I guess you are not reporting yourself so could you elaborate? (https://youtu.be/dHFTzZKzGhk?t=5m40s) Miss-ID Firefight: People decided to stay in an active firefight and straight up NVFLd, simple as that. I am also starting to feel like no one of the Pub owners were even misided since you list them as your allies. RulePlay: You initiated or Rdmed (doesn't matter in this case) and got hurt for it... not sure what the problem is. Potential Invalid RDM: Yeah... you are repeating yourself now. I did not shoot at anyone with their hands up.
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    Hello! Recently got back into Day Z after quitting in the early early days of the arma mod. And the first goal was to find an RP server. This seems like my kind of place, so figured I'd say hi while waiting on the whitelist to cooldown, I got the wrong date on the questionnaire. Which I should've double checked really since I read it yesterday and figured I remembered, my own fault but I digress. I have about just under two decades worth of experience with roleplaying, but admittedly this is my first attempt in a game like this, usually I'd stick to WoW or tabletop. So do forgive me if I make some mistakes early on. So yeah, hi to you all from the land of snow and polar bears. Hoping I'll get to play with all you of you soon enough! If not consider this my farewell thread to save space. Everyone loves a good two for one deal.
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    *edit* Please don't talk about the correct answers. Huh, that question must've really ran circles around me then. Thanks for clearing that up. I managed to submit on my third attempt at least though! Misunderstood the wait times.
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    Nyet, go fuck self. I will break hips like big siberian bear!
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    Gowbe: "Have you ever been to Ibiza? It's great!" Coco: "No but I really wanna go to Spain" Gowbe: "It's in Spain...." Coco: "Oh... Fuck"
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    Best RP I have had in awhile with @Mr. Blue and the rest of the guys
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    Fire, it's clearly a documentary
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    Straight copied me tbh Good shit doe c:
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    Sorry man, but we only lost two people and those got sprayed down while unarmed. Wrong scene, next time maybe use a scene of the Blitzkrieg... would be more accurate.
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    BadRP: Yelling around and making trolly noises is indeed badrp, but I guess you are not reporting yourself so could you elaborate? How is mocking someone BadRP, Have you never seen anyone do it in real life? I confronted him he told me to get out his face I said do something he wouldn't he got mocked simple. Miss-ID Firefight: People decided to stay in an active firefight and straight up NVFLd, simple as that. I am also starting to feel like no one of the Pub owners were even misided since you list them as your allies. I listed them as allies simply for the fact that they where there in the situation. And I asked them permission to do so I have the message logs. RulePlay: You initiated or Rdmed (doesn't matter in this case) and got hurt for it... not sure what the problem is. I didn't initiate or we would of took all of you at gun point I chose to use fist to further the RP and what RDM? I made it very clear and direct that if he was racist i would knock him out Potential Invalid RDM: Yeah... you are repeating yourself now. -snip-
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    Could have had him sign in worse places, just remind your mom of that. It's an awesome idea for a tattoo though
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    Where is the next chapter? huh? I'm glad you started writing again, can't wait to see how things will go on