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    So I did this today since to me Halloween is close (GoT White Walker) 1st practice
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    When you rat someone out ingame and he has no Idea about it IC but you tell him OOC and now he goes around ingame saying I'm sly. 10/10
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    Thanks for the addition to my username @Rolle, looks like I joined staff at the right time. Help me! Somebody Help me...
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    The beginning of Munter´s little post apocalyptic poem - There was a day of glory Back when people had a story Back when children were born and stayed alive - There were friends on every street Filled with hope, hearts would beat Back when days were meant to live, not just survive -
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    My net is fixed! Hazzah! I can now run 120+~mbps and I can get in RP! Missed having fun, gotta get warmed up again feelin' a little rusty.
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    Nyet, go fuck self. I will break hips like big siberian bear!
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    When I get my new shoes and aviators and hoodie in the mail
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    This is a nice family friendly profile you have here.
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    *Carver raises his radio* I got batteries in my bag, I'll keep an eye out for the iodine and tetanus shots. If I see clean hypodermics or EpiPens I'll grab those too. I think I know of a place that hasn't been looted yet. I'll keep searching if you need to contact me directly use frequency 103.7. *Carver releases the PTT*
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    I'd just like to take a minute and say that as trolly as this group may seem, it's only following the example that some of the critics in this thread have set through their own character backstories and dynamic groups. MS-13 The Crips Italian Mafia families Western outlaw motorcycle gangs These are all examples of the exact opposite of what we'd expect to find in Chernarus, yet all but one of them (the one we're discussing) has been encountered and affected the lore of several groups this time round. It's gotta stop somewhere.
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    Uhm yeah let's start with the name.. Maybe pick a name that isn't all into our faces about YOU? Now.. let me point out that your last group Idea that was basically the same thing as this one and was not approved due to you having to change things and never did in the end. I hope this goes well? But... I'd say change the name.. Another thing is the fact that there's a bunch of spello's that need changing.
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    In a way i can agree with Rory and yourself (majoo) over this. The lore factions haven't done enough to warrent a successful wipe. We have not had any events that promote these groups properly. UN have hid away, CDF became inactive and disbanded and Chedaki didnt last long enough to make an impact. The UN could have sorted out care packages for the people in SZ mainly in Cherno. Yes they were kicked out of Cherno (from what i heard) but IC transmissions could have been given for meet ups even just Ural drop offs. CDF became inactive which is a shame and Chedaki aswell but again this could have been working with simple mini events. Now inactivity is a huge problem on the servers and um gonna say this now, you cant just blame the game. Yes the game isnt as fun as it doesnt have alot to offer but for our servers its about 20% for actual game build with 80% based on RP. The game doesnt make our servers, the players do and if inactivity and falling server population is occuring then there is only one answer: -The RP isnt good enough TBH i fully agree with that, from my time online all i have is regret that i wasted my time logging in. Now im not saying everyday will be awesome but from my time in the last year playing i cannot tell you a memorable session. Ive seen trolling/badrp, ive seen the server practically dead due to people hiding away. Simple ongoing events could have spiced things up, simple supply runs and drop offs could have lead to many dynamic choices such as robbing the event or following it to the plan. Either choice would make the RP go down a certain road. Im actually worried now about the server, with the way it looks of UN disbanding after this weeks event all i can see is a server full of survivor groups, a majority of which will hide away. There will be no military groups to act heroic or even set up a new government. When you look to the past the servers were full of a power struggle which kept things interesting. Before lore wipe all groups were happy simply surviving and i can see that again. Basically to sum it up, we need a power struggle on the server that will last longer than a month to allow drama and dyanamic RP to flow. I thought we were getting there when i saw VDV, CDF and UN with suddenly Chedaki thrown in. I thought to myself, here we go this is like the good old days, map split into sectors war between groups, laws passed down... but no. Why anyone would stay in SZ when the UN have practically supplied a way out i have no idea. Why stay scavaging when you can be on a plane/helicopter transfered to a facility and supplied with food and clean clothing? So much could have been done. #vote4voodootobeLM
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    Where is the next chapter? huh? I'm glad you started writing again, can't wait to see how things will go on
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    @Samti says he loves you