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    I might be biased but I think my son has the cutest giggles.. Dont ask me why the velcro strap was so funny, I laugh at stuff that isnt funny all the time.
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    I don't care much for your excuses tbh. Either way I had valid rights on you and this report is null at this point.
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    This may be a little long winded I warn you. I do however feel that I must make this official due to both the huge positive and negative impacts this community has had on my life and my gaming life. I spent a great deal of time here and ran into so many beautiful and amazing people from all over the world. I role-played with so many unique people who had great ideas and came from all walks of life. It was truly a pleasure and honor to be allowed to play on this community with all of you. All the memories I have here from my time with Sanctuary to the Brokers and my best friends @Lyca and @Boston , they are all great memories. If you guys are ever in CA hit me up. Alas, all good things and bad things must come to an end. I have been out of the community for almost a month due to some intense RL issues with my health some of which is related to my computer usage. So I have decided to change my life completely and move away from computers altogether. I am currently selling my PC and moving into an outdoor oriented lifestyle to improve my health and overall wellness. While I enjoyed my computer gaming experiences it is now time for me to close this chapter of my life and thus depart on a new path. First of to every player here I wish you all the best of everything in life and I wish you all a life full of happiness and joy. May your lives be full of happy memories and the best of company To all those who know me (The list is long) regardless of whether we did or did not get along I wish you well. I will miss you all dearly my friends but life is for living and that's what I hope to achieve by doing this. - Aeryes signing of one last time.
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    I calculate my self-worth by my bean count
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    You get a bit too excited from time to time....
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    Had a nice conversation with "you" turned out it was your brother.
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    I would like to keep this report open for the time being to see staff views.
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    Thank you for posting your video evidence @Eagle this helps clear some stuff up. Allow me to continue and wrap this up so we can call it a day and all go home. At roughly 35 seconds in this video: You can hear @Reaper talking out front. He is the same one that at roughly 6:35'ish in the video calls out that he is dead and has been shot (haha metagaming xd). Your own group member even tells you when you rage at getting domed pieced that "You know why you were shot" which you did know, because you were initiated on. This is a blatant false report, that is nothing other than salt as a result of his death. Thank you ladies and gentlemen of the jury for your time.
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    Me searching for a purpose to live.
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    24h character cooldown switch is now implemented.
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    @dimitri Thank you for the new profile pic
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    Not sure I need your permission to keep a report open, it's on staff's side if they wish to close a report. There's no point in myself creating another report for the same situation. Would you care to address the accusations against you?
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    Been looking through my recycling bin and found a literal fuck ton of old photos from RP and my old groups, and some great bastards who were them. Can't deny I've had a great time in this community. I'll hop on sometime in the near future. Promise.
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    @[email protected] @SoalXtractor @Romenthegreat @Roach @neckrorazul As always, great RP with you guys today
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    Did some updating on my character profile https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-190/
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    Good luck with your new lifestyle man, hope it does you well!
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    @Galland Hat lange genug gedauert, ich weiß https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-525/
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    @Skinner @Mercy @Lemons @Malet (i forgot who else was there) Some other stuff from my little photo album: @Razareth @Lankin @VodkaWolf