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    This is my tutorial on how to make a character page, that isn't a meme on DayZRP Shout out to all the people I mentioned in this video without their permission... @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Hebee @Aiko @Oliv This is a half joke video, so yeah... Have fun.
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    You all make me want to die sometimes.
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    I don't think you have to do it during a firefight when there's no RP going on, but it's a requirement when RPing with other players. Plus I imagine in a firefight you're not within VOIP range with the enemy very often so you wouldn't be able to hear them anyway.
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    I was kind of on the fence about this, but now my opinion has swayed and I oppose these suggestions. Some form of permadeath rule would be cool, but I think the amount of deaths should be high, like 10+, and I think you should be able to regain a life every 48 hours or so. Other than that, I don't think forced perma would be a good idea. As a community member and a staff member, I feel that there is way too much staff and OOC intervention as it is. OOC has way too much of an effect on what happens in game. We should let RP be RP instead of trying to change it or influence it just because we don't like it, or want it to be a different way. Finally, I think we need less things that people can use to report and get each other banned over. I think these ideas are interesting, but they should stay as a cosmetic; something interesting to look at, but doesn't change anything.
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    Things just get worse and worse... This morning at 3am in the vets me and my mum made the decision of putting my cat out of pain... She had a blood clot that paralysed her legs and water in her lungs. It wasn't something she could recover from... Everything just hurts now... She was the only thing that was keeping me sane in my shitty fucking life
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    In-Game Name: Nikolai Trenkov. Affiliation: @Sleepyhead @Bravo343 @SmashingMedal Video Evidence: I recorded, but only got a black screen. Mic is aids as fuck, I'll check if I can hear anything worthwhile. Detailed Point of View: Myself and my allies venture into Chernogorsk in hope of finding some interesting roleplay. We do some idle chit chat with some people at the pub, and I sit under the bus stop and log out because of serving a customer at work. I log back into someone wearing a red shirt/jacket which was kinda awks. I apologized to him and jogged away. I was informed by my allies that there was someone sounding like Banks around the pub, and I gotta scram. I ran around the back of the small apartment buildings overlooking the pub, and sit up there with @Sleepyhead. We sit still up there observing the pub and @Banks, bare in mind there was no accent from him and he was using his own. He nor his allies did not see us in there or saw us going in. We observe for a while, as you can see from our cringe chat logs, and then Banks starts to powergame our location by saying he could hear whispering coming from the apartment building. We whispered the entire time and nothing was said via voice. He walks into the building we're in and meets @SmashingMedal. They do some chit chat and Banks says to him that he's looking for a place to sleep, ironically the room we were sat in. Medal tells him that there's plenty of buildings around and that there is people sleeping in there. The only reason he was looking around was because of our emotes in-game. I had not been anywhere near him and he had not been near us to know we were around. After some butt clenching moments, we escaped the apartment safely and began to idle around Chernogorsk messing around. We are then approached by Banks and Bravo. Bare in mind that he is wearing the exact same clothes from when he was talking normally before. We knew it was him once again. He approached me and spoke to me in a Russian accent and spoke with pristine Russian accent. Hmm, strange. I didn't realize that Russian was the same as English. But yeah, I knew that he was trying to keep is cover since we heard him speak earlier, so I question him about his actual country of origin and excetra. Also bare in mind that no Russian would wear a USMC (UNITED STATES MARINE CORE) jacket, so of course I was going to ask him about it. Some random guy came over to us and was giving away Zuchinis, and kindly gave one to myself. A customer then came at work, so I went AFK for 2 mins. Upon me coming back, I saw that @Sleepyhead had left and they were heading for Kovar's. I start running there and come across @Pepe Jones and his ally. I asked them if they were interested in being some muscle, which they agreed too. Then coincidentally, Phoebe comes running down the road with Banks running behind her and she whispered help as she ran by. I walk up to him with my boys behind me, and he ran away with a trail of brown skids behind him without saying a word. They ask me who they actually were and I tell him that it was Mars Corp, since I knew it was Banks from the beginning of the situation. Going around his trail of poop, we go ahead and log out. I'd like to flip the report on the OP and report him for Powergaming and Metagaming. Thanks for doing me a favour I guess.
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    Hello leader of the rebellion odap residing, The boys and I were booling out roleplaying as we do as the best roleplayers on the server, The roleplay between me and the gentlemanly chernaruskis turns to a little bit of a spitting match where I then become a dragon and spit fire that offends them, then captain chernarus raises his 9 at me and explains to me the city where is is from, and he is a just a city boy born raised in sout-... during his roleplay my boy @Dew informs this man to lower his gun, which he sadly does not, and then fires on the roleplayer killing him thus saving my poor foolish life. Then being the pvp god I am I ran away like a little bitch around the corner and come back to roleplay with the one we took hostage. Sorry for grammatical mistakes am not even sober
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    Had an amazing time with @Brayces @Tony @Lyca @King @Roach Thanks for making the day great. <3
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    New Video: A Basic Guide For Roleplay in DayZ (Will be featured on the Newcomers Guide section of DayZRP). Written by @leviathanapsu Directed/Narrated/Edited by @Roach Starring: @The Marshal @Deegan @Bun @Tony @Simatho @Joshie @BunDem @Chaostica @Buddy @Redbond9 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9zOe-zkyCek
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    So I'd like to point out a few things I see wrong. What I quoted is from the OOC goals of your page. - Provide good roleplay to DayZRP - @Banks I'm just going to call it out now - you came into our teamspeak for 4 seconds to see if we were logged in before robbing one of our vehicles which contradicts your goals of providing 'professional' security like roleplay (this happened also by a member called Ivan who was in your group too). This first incident @Razareth logged in on you doing this action which seems bit like abusing game mechanics and metagaming our numbers to take stuff of ours. Second occasion (which we have video evidence for) it seems like your guy either 1) thought we were offline or 2) flat out robbing us without roleplaying with us though we offered (which we have evidence of you coming into teamspeak from the first occasion and a recording of the other). Please don't do this again, it's disappointing. - Create friendly group roleplay - I don't know if this is supposed to be internal but the two times I met your character ( @Banks) 1) he was going through our stuff and acting cocky 2) You didn't even change your clothes - same ghille wrap, black pants, shirt and vest with the same gun with the suppressor ready to cause more issues in a camp and lying about not being called Prometheus when you had the same US accent on BOTH occasions. Nor was this at a professional standpoint if you want to get hired ICly.
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    Shoutout to a great RP session. @Tony & @Roach & @Coreena & @Brayces & @King & @jangoskull & @SoalXtractor & @Romenthegreat and everyone who was there at the camp. Was much fun today!
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    YAY! Had tons of fun and the chats with @Romenthegreat @trent_rouls @Coreena @LewellynMoss @jangoskull @SoalXtractor !! And everyone else who tagged along!! AWW!! Haha, I had a blast! If people aren't careful, Lo will be corrupted into a horrible person! She's been assigned 'tutors' who are going to teach her all sorts of ... fucked up things. >:) These moments of innocent are so nice though! Thank you! <3
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    Shotout to everyone that joined us today @Roach @jangoskull @Brayces @Dank Mems @Tony @Lyca and many more, La Familia has around 20 people now, all working together and its all through roleplay, it was an exciting time today and i cant wait to see where it leads, thanks to @Taryn and her group for that meeting, think i heard @Undead's voice in there as well. Now now Delores the deputy has begun learning some handy skills, was definitely fun having a little lesson with her and trying to keep that little girl as innocent as can be, not that others weren't impending that goal.
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    I just wanted to make a suggestion regarding of a position for someone who's job it is to check the character page. Some of the character pages have been a little erm, how should I say lacking if you get my meaning. I understand staff check through them on occasion but there have been times that some have slipped past and only been found out due to their in game actions. I would think it is more of a mentor type role, for someone to advise a community member on amending their page to reflect a higher standard if it requires it. I, like others in the community like to read through the character pages but some could be considered as troll pages (particularly from some new community members). I just think people should take time in creating at least a half decent character page, I'd like to know what others think about this? Thank you as always. Samaritan
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    To find out what happened you need to go to helpdesk and speak to a staff member (Preferably admin) You can make an appeal here: https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/forum/14-appeals/ Make sure to follow the template. Theres many reasons you can get banned for pre whitelist or if you used all your attempts. Just follow the appeal system and good luck!
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    Hang on a minute... How can a dick nugget back in march lead to points (which ultimately got the member banned) for being not safe for work but the real life pictures thread just gets a Mod saying 'Alright. Stop it. ' Where is the consistency?
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    I mean we could sit back and just say who gives a shit and go about our business like everyone else..
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    Don't get too excited, they're ERP'ers.
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    Yeah... This rule doesn't look that well defined at all. I've got a supports going ham like he knows what's up, and I'm not really getting a clear answer on what is acceptable when you're getting literally shot at. At least not from an admin... Ah well I'll just keep doing what I'm doing until I get reported I guess. Cheers.
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    -facepalms- Yeah funny as hell RP from Simon, a crazy irish drunk guy, and ramon, you're an interesting RP albeit wanting to kick you in the gnads. <_< And Trent, thanks for setting me on the steady... Also FYI Nikita did nothing with her uncle GODDAMNIT Thanks Mr.Panda / Buck Forge for always making my day a bit brighter. :3
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    Thank you everyone who dealt with me being drunk af tonight, u the best
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    Great roleplay today! @Honeybee I'm soooo sorry! Plz, dont hate me <3 @Darion You need Jesus! @Para Next time I will slap you to get contact with you! @Scar We will make our mission! Somehow..
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    You look like you should be an admin in a gaming community #Roasted
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    New thing learned tonight; vodka is not that bad.
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    Really @Jade...calling a whole country to post their POV?
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    I'm in trouble again.. I honestly don't see the point in me even trying to play in the DayZRP anymore. I tried so hard to obey rules lately and this keep happening, it was fun while it lasted. Sorry on my part if I said anything by mistake that was against rules, I do try my best and I am sure no one is perfect when following rules and breaks it by mistake.I really wanted to be apart of something great, but it seems I am having problems with that. Trying so hard and it just isn't good enough. Today I been so careful in what I say, still had fun. But more careful Because of the other report I am in. Now this creeps up, it's so upsetting. I had a nice time RP'ing with you, shame that you want to report me. I didn't even know I made a rule break during that time. if you want to talk to me about it, you can, I will be in TS.
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    Let's be honest any one place that contains a majority of the server pop at any given time is probably going to be a bit AIDS. Now, if we can take a hub like Cherno and make it a place where people can come for a hub, but also having unique places outside of that area to escape to. That way the "greasy spoon" off the beaten path places stay nice and the hub keeps its characteristical "hub feel".
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    Just keep reading, I recommend reading word for word outloud. it's definitely there man. You will know when you see it.
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    Cannot believe it has been 20 yrs since this beauty... Spent hours playing the multiplayer.
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    No pls. No more erp let it die.
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    -User was warned for this post-
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    I'd say you have too much time on your hands, but... I don't think that for a second. I enjoy content created to entertain folks. You don't need to rethink your life, you don't need to question your existence... and you certainly don't need to get it together. Nah, in fact... keep at it. Make more. I enjoyed this. If you wanna use your extra time to make something like this, to entertain other people... good on ya mate. If creators of any form of media kept getting shit on you wouldn't have a walking dead, a DayZ, a Dragonball or anything we all currently enjoy. So yeah, I hope to see more.
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    Hello! I'd like to open up a topic on peoples characters and the hard work some put into them, just for it to get lost in the website. I for one love to read peoples characters and see the cool things people come up with and what not, and I think that some really good ones disappear into the wind. So if you would like to share your characters link on this forum for all to see and comment on I'd love that! Here is mine btw: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1659/ Hope to see lots of posts and juicy backgrounds.
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    But don't you see how the people who come into Cherno just to pvp are ruining the experience for a lot of others as well? Trust me I don't mind hostilities and conflict, but I enjoy it when it's built off of actual good RP. I don't enjoy it when people are finding the pettiest excuses to PvP and ruin all of the good quality of RP that is happening. Cherno was nice, in fact the feeling of the city the first couple of weeks got me back into RP after not enjoying for the last year or so. There is issues on both sides, some people are too focused on causing conflict and pvp and others are too focused on not wanting to be around it regardless if there's RP that built towards it. I would like if people did more hostile RP rather than just resorting to initiating all the time, and if that hostile RP continues and builds then resort to shooting eachother. Killing others should not be seen as normal as it is two months into the infection.
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    I ran a trading group for a good few months but we preferred to stay on the move rather than be stationery. When we did setup shop we'd do it in other settlements ran by other groups by making deals such as Zbor or New World Mafia and on occasions would hire Lovec to provide security.