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    Things just get worse and worse... This morning at 3am in the vets me and my mum made the decision of putting my cat out of pain... She had a blood clot that paralysed her legs and water in her lungs. It wasn't something she could recover from... Everything just hurts now... She was the only thing that was keeping me sane in my shitty fucking life
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    Had an amazing time with @Brayces @Tony @Lyca @King @Roach Thanks for making the day great. <3
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    Hang on a minute... How can a dick nugget back in march lead to points (which ultimately got the member banned) for being not safe for work but the real life pictures thread just gets a Mod saying 'Alright. Stop it. ' Where is the consistency?
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    Petition to give me this tag on TS. Sign below.
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    "Yippee Double-A Motherfucker."
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    New thing learned tonight; vodka is not that bad.
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    Shotout to everyone that joined us today @Roach @jangoskull @Brayces @Dank Mems @Tony @Lyca and many more, La Familia has around 20 people now, all working together and its all through roleplay, it was an exciting time today and i cant wait to see where it leads, thanks to @Taryn and her group for that meeting, think i heard @Undead's voice in there as well. Now now Delores the deputy has begun learning some handy skills, was definitely fun having a little lesson with her and trying to keep that little girl as innocent as can be, not that others weren't impending that goal.
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    Really @Jade...calling a whole country to post their POV?
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    I'm in trouble again.. I honestly don't see the point in me even trying to play in the DayZRP anymore. I tried so hard to obey rules lately and this keep happening, it was fun while it lasted. Sorry on my part if I said anything by mistake that was against rules, I do try my best and I am sure no one is perfect when following rules and breaks it by mistake.I really wanted to be apart of something great, but it seems I am having problems with that. Trying so hard and it just isn't good enough. Today I been so careful in what I say, still had fun. But more careful Because of the other report I am in. Now this creeps up, it's so upsetting. I had a nice time RP'ing with you, shame that you want to report me. I didn't even know I made a rule break during that time. if you want to talk to me about it, you can, I will be in TS.
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    "He didn't have a reason to initiate"
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    Let's be honest any one place that contains a majority of the server pop at any given time is probably going to be a bit AIDS. Now, if we can take a hub like Cherno and make it a place where people can come for a hub, but also having unique places outside of that area to escape to. That way the "greasy spoon" off the beaten path places stay nice and the hub keeps its characteristical "hub feel".
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    Just keep reading, I recommend reading word for word outloud. it's definitely there man. You will know when you see it.
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    Cannot believe it has been 20 yrs since this beauty... Spent hours playing the multiplayer.
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    No pls. No more erp let it die.
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    DayzRP Trading Companies and Communities 1.Introduction Today myself and @Ruan have decided to discuss a matter we feel has been very detrimental to the server in terms of RP and RP potential. Some of you may know about the HoboDepot located in the Stary red barn, but for those that don’t know I’ll give you the basic rundown. Myself and several other Hobo’s gather clothing and basic tools from Stary and display them on the ground all for sale for 1 duct tape per item. We have sold M4’s, AUG’s, and AK’s all for a single roll of duct tape, however our primary good is the clothing we find, and rarely have anything much better than that to offer besides our company (RP). These factors alongside our extremely nice and accommodating nature to our guests has kept us from being robbed or initiated on for nearly a week in one of the most dangerous areas of the map during an extremely dangerous time on the server where with the lorewipe coming up nearly every group dynamic or otherwise is looking for a fight and looking to fuck people up for basically no reason. Contrast this situation to any other known trading group in the past who lasted for 2-3 weeks until they simply give up due to constantly being robbed and killed. This threat has kept people from seeking out a well thought out and long lasting trader RP which we feel has severely held back DayzRP. 2.Trading Companies and Their Benefits One of the earliest things that should happen in a real apocalypse is groups around the “wasteland” would begin creating small societies and organize into communities designed to combat the apocalypse as well as support other survivors. This would be beneficial to DayzRP as a server because it would create hives of activity around the map that would encourage large scale campfire RP, would improve the ease of bandit groups in finding potential targets for hostile RP, give “lonewolf” survivor type players who don’t have a group to play with a reason to travel around the map and allow them to have a fun time while playing alone, give hero groups opportunities to work as security or otherwise protect customers who may become prey to bandits, and all in all improve the atmosphere of the entire world built around DayzRP. 3.Why Trading Companies Have Failed Unfortunately trading companies in the past simply haven’t understood what the true goal of running one is (spoiler: It’s the RP). When a group decides to open a store or a trading post what their goal is is to somehow get personal gain in terms of gear and ammo which simply just doesn’t work out as it makes them a target for robbery, espionage, and other such negative aspects of the world of trading. A trading company’s overarching goal has to be to engage in and provide high quality RP over all else. Another failure on the part of the groups themselves is that they try to trade at equal or greater value and have some kind of unnecessarily advanced and confusing trade table when the easiest and in our experience most successful method to go about it is to choose a very mundane, nearly worthless item (I.e Duct Tape, pieces of paper, meat tenderizers etc.) that allows everyone in the game to collect it and doesn’t encourage anyone to rob the group. On the community side of trading company failure is the issue of simply bad hostile RP. Hostile RP’rs see or hear about a trading group and instantly just see it as a target and will constantly initiate on them for no to little valid reason. To them it’s an easy way to engage in bandit activities but in honesty allowing the trading company to thrive is the easiest way to get a steady stream of potential victims as their will be customers coming and going all the time and with the huge variety of characters on the server it’s very likely to find someone who actually gives a valid reason to hold them up. 4.Trading Companies and You If you’ve read this far you may be wondering what the hell I’m trying to say so I’ll try to sum up some of my points as well as elaborate on others. Essentially the large overarching theme here is that well regulated trading groups would greatly improve DayzRP all around. If you look at groups like New Gorka and Green Mountain Trading Co. they were really strong for short amounts of time but eventually die out for a multitude of the reasons listed, but when they’re fresh they become the hype of the server. This is really disappointing because Trader RP would be a valuable asset to all styles of RP on the server. One of the big things that helped spark this idea for myself personally was when I reviewed the Mentor Program forum post and there was a mentor style for every kind of valid RP with the exception of Trader RP. This however is the fault of a multitude of sources (see point 3). 5.How to Handle Trading Companies Forum-Side What we propose is that trading groups and communities be treated as their own separate entity among groups and factions and limit the number of them on the map. We feel the optimal amount of communities/companies would be 3-5 to A.) Make sure only the most qualified or highest quality RP’rs run these areas, and B.) avoid oversaturation of these groups to maintain the apocalyptic feel that is such a major part of Dayz and DayzRP’s identity. 6.How to Run a Trading Post Under this Proposed Change I’ve already mostly detailed this in previous points, however it’ll be more convenient to state the full topic on its own. This point will involve some repetition from previous points. To run a trading group or community you have to value the RP over the gear you sell and ideally should trade for a meaningless item that has IC meaning to you and/or your group. Creating a currency out of something like this gives value to something that would otherwise be pointless which greatly increases RP potential between individual players and groups. Another valuable asset to running a shop is displaying your items on the ground. This makes it easy for the shopkeepers to monitor the goods as well as being much more convenient to RP out selling the item and RP browsing the item. The group must also either undervalue high tier gear in the vein of M4’s AUG’s and anything else at that level if they intend on openly selling them, or alternatively only sell those kinds of items in an underground or secretive manner.
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    Hello! I'd like to open up a topic on peoples characters and the hard work some put into them, just for it to get lost in the website. I for one love to read peoples characters and see the cool things people come up with and what not, and I think that some really good ones disappear into the wind. So if you would like to share your characters link on this forum for all to see and comment on I'd love that! Here is mine btw: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-1659/ Hope to see lots of posts and juicy backgrounds.
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    But don't you see how the people who come into Cherno just to pvp are ruining the experience for a lot of others as well? Trust me I don't mind hostilities and conflict, but I enjoy it when it's built off of actual good RP. I don't enjoy it when people are finding the pettiest excuses to PvP and ruin all of the good quality of RP that is happening. Cherno was nice, in fact the feeling of the city the first couple of weeks got me back into RP after not enjoying for the last year or so. There is issues on both sides, some people are too focused on causing conflict and pvp and others are too focused on not wanting to be around it regardless if there's RP that built towards it. I would like if people did more hostile RP rather than just resorting to initiating all the time, and if that hostile RP continues and builds then resort to shooting eachother. Killing others should not be seen as normal as it is two months into the infection.
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    I ran a trading group for a good few months but we preferred to stay on the move rather than be stationery. When we did setup shop we'd do it in other settlements ran by other groups by making deals such as Zbor or New World Mafia and on occasions would hire Lovec to provide security.