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    bait beɪt/ verb gerund or present participle: baiting 1. deliberately annoy or taunt (someone). DayZRP rules say: 6.4 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defense (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions. This rule was created to prevent scenarios that include, but are not limited to following situations: 1. You leave a vehicle/valuable items at location and go away while keeping overwatch on the things you left from afar. Another player stumbles upon your vehicle/items and takes them. You initiate on the person and rob them from their items, or you straight out kill them because they are technically stealing your belongings which is a hostile action. You get banned for baiting, as you may not leave vehicles or items unattended and then claim them to be yours when someone in good faith takes them in belief that they do not belong to anyone or that the owner is not around. 2. You steal something from another player in a situation where: The item is of insignificant value or is not valuable enough to you to justify the need to steal it There is no IC reason to steal the item or it does not make sense in the current situation to be stealing things from other players You stealing the item would put you directly at risk of getting caught (for example stealing right in front of a player, surrounded by their allies) After you steal something, the person or allies of the person you stole from obviously confront you about it and either initiate or directly engage you (which is fair and understandable considering stealing is a hostile action). You, or your group then use self defense as a reason to kill the people you stole from. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that provokes another player to initiate on you and using that as means to gain self-defense kill rights is considered baiting. 3. You are at a hotspot location where a lot of players gather. You block a path leading to that area by for example blocking a road with a vehicle or stand with your character in a doorway. You do not initiate on anyone or act hostile towards anyone, but you don't move either, making it impossible for other players to pass. Finally, after talking and reasoning with you has failed to get you to move, someone initiates on you and tells you to move or you will die. You or your group use self defense kill rights to kill the initiating party. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that leaves other players no other choice but to initiate on you due to your behavior in order to continue their regular RP is considered baiting. 4. Two groups are hostile towards each other. Your group knows the position of the second group, so they send you in alone to their location so that you get initiated on and are taken hostage. Meanwhile, the rest of your group takes positions around the area in anticipation of the initiation. You get initiated on and draw the other group out of their cover. Your group then fires and kills the opposing group with ease, as your group didn't have to go through the risk of having to initiate on them and you helped to draw them out of defensive positions. You get banned for baiting, as risking your life and using tactics where people are sent in as bait straight to the enemy in order to gain self-defense kill rights for your group is considered baiting. Also, in all of these situations, as per rule 7.4, any kill rights gained from the baiting are invalidated and any killers from your group will also get punished for any invalid kills that may have been gained from baiting. Baiting is also a 5 day ban offense now. Of course, baiting can be done in many ways, but it's usually easy to spot since it has very close links with rule play (killing people simply because the rules allow you to - rule 7.5), NVFL (risking your life for something meaningless, just to gain kill rights for your group - rule 5.6) or disregard for fair play (using any kind of advantage that the rules may give you, even if it doesn't make sense IC or is not considered ethical/fair play OOC - rule 5.3). I hope this clears it up for both community members and staff who handle report verdicts on how the rule should work and be applied when enforcing our in game rules.
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    Going to keep it brief, taking some inspiration from @Brady for this thread. I'm taking a step away from the staff team on a permanent basis, though by no means am I leaving the community. Six months may not seem like a long time to be in staff and, for some of you who might read this, it pales in comparison to time you guys put in. Regardless, being a part of the team came with its fair share of ups and downs but, when it came down to it, what made it so enjoyable was the people. I mentioned some of you earlier in a previous thread but I feel as if you deserve a mention again, for all of your effort and how memorable you made my experiences here: @Lyca - Probably the first genuine friend I made in staff, you always had my back as a GM and being promoted to an administrator position didn't change that in the slightest. I learned a lot of what I knew about being a GM from you and Caesar, those lengthy report discussions, even when I was just a support, always stayed stuck in the back of my mind. Definitely one of my main rocks during my time, had you not been around, I'd have crashed out of the team months ago on a less positive note. @Caesar - You're not kicking about this place often anymore, with good reason, but nonetheless you deserve a mention here too. You were an example I followed during and after your latest tenure in the staff team, being able to come to you with problems and discuss them was great, I always feel like I'm learning something during and after our discussions. I don't think staff was really the same after you left, there are some shoes you just cannot fill. @Buddy - Not a member of staff but you deserve a mention for the sheer metric tonnage of shit you shouldered for me when I was at the end of my tether. Never lost your cool, told me to fuck off (despite much of the bullshit I spouted) and always listened well, couldn't have asked for any more. @Cid - We memed around a lot and you're always great fun to talk to, you were always one of the people I could rely on for a down to earth chat in the staff team. @Boston - We've had our ups and downs but we signed up together, you were the first person I properly spoke to during my time in staff, whether you knew it or not dude it helped me settle in immensely. You're a good guy, don't change. @Spartan - Oh darling, how I will miss tormenting the shit out of you in every way possible. @Majoo - You'll always be my MVP @SweetJoe - Never worked with you in any staff capacity but you spurred me on to put in that application, I doubt I would've if you hadn't given me that encouragement. @Jade - One of the three GMs that were kicking about back when I first joined the GM team, you've an undeniably good sense of humour, you always tried to keep things light and, whether you knew it or not, you taught me a few lessons about seeing things from the other person's perspective. @Eagle - First GM I ever worked with as a GM, you're a solid guy and a solid GM, we may have had disagreements but I have undeniable respect for you. @Para - Its a shame we couldn't work together as GMs, though I hope you learned something from our lengthy report discussions. @Brady - Your hard work to get into the team and your personality kind of rubbed off on me, I doubted you would ever get in but, thankfully, you proved me wrong. It was good working with you and I hope to see you back in green soon. Might seem a bit sentimental but, when I came back here a year ago, I never expected to have met with nor worked with any of you. I feel lucky and privileged to have had the experience I had here with all of you, makes me a little bit sad that its over but, when it comes down to it, I can gladly say I gave it my all and I hope that showed, not just to staff, but to everybody who knows me in this community.
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    Honestly there needs to be more events in game, it's the start of the damn lore and we've had nothing -too- big happen other than a global message about a nuke. Loremasters and players need to pull their thumbs out collectively and produce more events to further this lore instead of letting it sit there to rot. People get bored, people do stupid shit. People hated VDV, we gave you a hotspot area to have some RP but yanoooo..
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    Heck yep. I'm waiting to talk to Darra and Viktor.. but, even if Kovar's doesn't move, I'm really considering just pushing off from cherno and that cancer.
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    @APTerminator Not gonna lie, the character model and the guy look exactly the same https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-38/ @Spartan Have fun https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-2/
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    So hang on, I'm going to ask a stupid question here. Instead of trying to clear the air and correct the miscommunication that something you posted about was not in fact about the person who commented rudely on a status update of yours, you just deleted it and went about your day instead? Why would you not try and correct the miscommunication and misunderstanding if it had nothing to do with that person in the first place and was in fact about a completely separate situation?
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    I never heard the initiation, all I heard were tons of gun shots then I briefly ran into Bobby smith and another player i asked if either one of them had any idea what was going on. After this the player left I asked Bobby Smith if he was willing to barter for his red sneakers. As i was searching through my inventory looking for something Bobby would be interested in I was shot multiple times in the back while talking to Bobby in which i succumbed to my injuries and passed on to the next life (hell).
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    Hello, this was me and my boy @focus Dustin Mayfire POV, no video evidence: I'll give some context real quick: A small altercation occurs which ends in one of my boys killing a guy and dying, then the guy who killed my boy died, and we took the last guy hostage. We have the guy hostage in the church the entire time this situation went down. Anyways, after the dust settles, the random people there begin hitting the bodies with axes and hammers saying they were "Harvesting the meat" so the crows don't get it. I accuse them of being cannibals and run, only to return and initiate on everybody in the street. I hit one guy in the arm who kept on strafing back and forth after I initiated on him. He then puts his hands up, before dropping them a second later and trying to kill me. I run to find cover and bandage. Focus then comes out of the church and helps me find all of the people who didn't comply and whatnot. I eventually kill one of them at some ruins by the crashed airplane, and then we go to look for the rest of them. I hear voip from some of the guys who didn't comply with the initiation, and so Focus and I begin to kill the ones who didn't comply. I made sure to reinitiate multiple times on everyone there, but nobody complied to my initiation. We end up killing the rest of them, save for one of them who we mistook for a random guy. We then finish with the hostage and leave town. The end. Now, as stated in @PaulGG's POV: Paul acknowledges that he and Brynden received the initiation. So, when we killed Brynden, we were 100% in the right as he did not comply to our initiation. Likewise, I reinitiated multiple times on most of the people we ran across to avoid killing someone who was uninvolved. That was me initiating on you and everyone else around you. You clearly understood what I said because you looked at me for a second while standing still, and began to run back around the corner of the building. And finally, Paul admits to combat logging here in his point of view. He states that he not only received the initiation and did not comply, he also admits to shooting at me and Focus, then seeing us again when we reinitiated on him, and then admits to logging out.
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    From my perspective: I was axeing two bodies with Brynden and a man in a beanie came up and said "put your hands up you fucking cannibals!" and immediately shot at another guy who wasnt even beating the corpses. The guy nearly died and got all of his gear ruined. A few minutes later, the guy in the beanie shot Brynden and I went to go search for him. The same guy immediately shot at me and a few others that were with me and I shot in response with the SKS, and didn't kill him so I went into a house to hide. I heard the shots which also killed Eugene, and I ran outside and was told to put my hands up by the guy in the beanie AND blue tracksuit guy. They told me to get out of the town and they didn't want to hurt me, so I went outside and logged off. 100% these people are in the wrong and shot at many people for no reason whatsoever, and even if they did tell us to put our guns away they shot about 2 seconds after they said it. They also killed/attempted to kill (I can't tell) many of innocent people completely unrelated to what they were doing in the first place.
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    I'm bored at work so I'll post another.
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    It´s relatively simple - letters generally sound the same despite the words that contain them. There are some exceptions, but unlike English, they follow fairly strict rules, and there aren´t many of them. Czech alphabet: a, á, b, c, č, d, ď, e, é, ě, f, g, h, ch, i, í, j, k, l, m, n, ň, o, ó, p, r, ř, s, š, t, ť, ú, ů, v, y, ý, z, ž. The Letters q, w, and x typically exist only in foreign words. Vowels are short (unaccented) and long (accented), and can be simplified thusly: pronounce the accented vowels the same as the unaccented, just hold them twice as long. Guide a makes an ‘ah´ sound (as in ‘bus´) e makes an ‘eh´ sound (as in ‘red´) i makes an ‘e´ sound (as in ‘bee´) o makes an ‘o´ sound (as in ‘hot´) u makes an ‘oo´ sound (as in ‘book‘) ě makes a ‘ye´ sound (as in the ye in ‘yes´) y is pronounced the same as i The following consonants sound the same in Czech as they do in the English examples: b (as in ‘bed´) d (as in ‘dog´) f (as in ‘film´) g (as in ‘game´) h (as in ‘hot´) l (as in ‘lit´) m (as in ‘meat´) n (as in ‘not´) s (as in ‘sad´) v (as in ‘van´) z (as in ‘zone´) Consonants k, p, and t are pretty much the same as in English, just softer - never with the ‘aspiration´ that they may have in English. The others: c makes a ‘ts´ sound (as in the ‘ts´ in ‘its´) č makes a ‘ch´ sound (as in ‘cheese´) ch makes a ‘huh´ sound like in ‘Loch´ - with a bit more phlegm j makes a ‘y´ sound (as in ‘yes´) r is rolled, making a ‘rrr´ sound (same as the Spanish r) ř is the rolled r combined with a ž to make a ‘ rzhuh´ sound š makes a ‘sh´ sound (as in ‘she´) ž makes a ‘zhuh´ sound (as in ‘measure´) ď, ť, and ň are pronounced slightly different than their counterparts d, t, and n. They´re softer, and sound somewhat like ‘dyuh´, ‘tyuh´, and ‘nyuh´. When these three letters are followed by an ě or an i, they lose the hook but are pronounced the same. As I said before, all the letters will generally sound the same throughout the Czech language. A few exceptions: When ě follows an m, a mňe ('mnye') sound is produced. Double vowels: ‘au´, ‘eu´, and ‘ou´ are pronounced fluidly; all other double vowels are pronounced with a very brief pause in-between them. This is the toughest - paired consonants: occasionally, one consonant is written when another is pronounced. Sometimes b changes to a ‘p´ sound: g to k v to f d to t z to s h to ch ď to ť ž to š It happens when one of the letters from the first group (b, g, v, d, z, h, ď, or ž) ends a word (led is pronounced ‘let´) or starts a cluster of consonants that ends in one from the second (p, k, f, t, s, ch, ť, š) group (vstup is pronounced ‘fstup´). It also happens vice-versa when the last consonant of a cluster is from the first group (kdo is pronounced ‘gdo´). Adjectives The ending of an adjective changes depending on the grammatical gender of the noun it’s describing. There are two types of adjectives. If the basic masculine ending is –ý basic feminine ending is –á basic neutral ending is –é If the basic masculine ending is –í basic feminine and the basic neutral ending are also –í. Negation To make a verb negative, you just add ne-: Present tense add ne- before the conjugated form of the verb. Future tense add ne- before the conjugated form of the future tense of být (budu, budeš...) Past tense add ne- before the l-form (NOT before the conjugated form of být!) Examples: I don’t love - nemiluju She will not talk - nebude mluvit We didn’t have - neměli jsme (love - miluju, talk - mluvit, have/own - mít) Imperfective & perfective verbs Czech language has two types of verbs: imperfective and perfective verbs. Imperfective verbs describe an action like a video, like an ongoing thing and concentrate on the action itself. Perfective verbs describe an action more like a picture, like something that happened at a certain time and concentrate on the result. This means that most verbs come in pairs: to do - dělat - udělat to buy - nakupovat - koupit to cook - vařit - uvařit to repair - opravovat - opravit to eat - jíst - sníst to paint - malovat - namalovat to sell - prodávat - prodat to give - dávat - dát to write - psát - napsat to wash - mýt - umýt Learning the Czech Vocabulary displayed below is vital to the language. Czech vocabulary is the set of words you should be familiar with. A vocabulary usually grows and evolves with age, and serves as a useful and fundamental tool for communication and acquiring knowledge. Once you´ve got the pronunciation down, it´s time to move on to vocabulary. Here are some basic words and phrases that you´ll likely need to get around town Here are some words explained in detail: Greetings/Introductions – Těší mě I’m sure most of us know “Dobrý den” and “Ahoj”. For more formal situations, use “Těší mě”. It is the equivalent of – though not literally the same as – “Pleased to meet you.” Moving through crowds – S dovolením So you're in Kab and there is a lot of people that just won't let you pass ? Well, it's simple just use the phrase “s dovolením” is a polite way to request that he/she lets you pass. Disagreement/Dissatisfaction – “Ani náhodou!” “Nesouhlasím” – “I don’t agree”, and “Nelíbí se mi to” – “I don’t like it.” A little stronger is the exclamation “Ani náhodou!”, i.e.“No way!” It is not very formal and more appropriate amongst close friends. Pacifying – Nezlob se Here is a very useful sentence. You can use “Nezlob se” (or “Nezlobte se” when being formal or speaking to more than one person) when you want to defuse a situation or show you are not willing to do something, e.g. “Nezlob se, ale neudělám to” (Don’t be upset, but I won’t do it.) *Grammar point: in Czech the past participle is inflected for the gender of the subject. This means if you identify as male, the past participle ends in ‘l’, for those who identify as female, the participle ends in ‘la’. Yes - Ano (Ah-no) No - Ne (Neh) Good Morning - Dobré ráno (Do-breh rah-no) Good Day (formal hello) - Dobrý den (Do-bree Dehn) Hello (informal) - Ahoj (Ahoy) Good evening - Dobrý večer (Do-bree veh-chehr) Good-bye (formal) - Na shledanou (Nah skledah-noh) Good-bye (informal) - Čau (Chow) Good night - Dobrou noc (Do-brooh nots) Nice to meet you - Těší mě (Tye-shee Mye) How are you? (formal) - Jak se máte? (Yak seh mah-te) How are you? (informal) - Jak se máš? (Yak seh mahsh) I´m well - Mám se dobře (Mahm se do-breh) What is your name? - Jak se jmenujete? (Yak seh ymenooyete) My name is - Jmenuji se (Ymen-oo-ye seh) Excuse me; forgive me - Promiňte (Promeenyuh teh) Thank you - Děkuji (Dyekooyee) Do you speak english? - Mluvíte anglicky? (mlooveete anglitskee) I understand - Rozumím (rozoomeem) I don't understand - Nerozumím (nerozoomeem) Big - Velký (velky) More - Více (veetse) Hot - Horký (horki) Little - Malý (maly) Less - Méně (menye) Cold - Studený (stoodeni) Hands up! - Ruce vzhůru! (Ru-ceh Vzhooru) Stop! - Stůj! (St-ooj) On your knees - Na kolena (Nah koleh-na) Drop your weapon - Polož to (Polo-zhuh to) Do you understand? - Rozumíš? (Rozoo-mesh) Shoot! - Střílej! (St-rzhuh-lej) Fall back - Vrať se (Vra-ts seh) Run! - Utíkej! (Oot-ek-ej) Fuck - Kurva (Koor-va) - Sakra (Sah-kra) Bitch - Kurva Cunt - Píča (Pitsha) Asshole - Čůrak or Kokot (Choorahk) or (Kokh-ot) Goatfucker - yes we use this - Kozomrd (Kozho-mrd) Fucker - Sráč (Sratsch) Motherfucker - Vyjebanec (Vyjebh-nec) And that is it from me, if you want some more information or help, feel free to PM me or write down in the thread !
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): https://imgur.com/a/6f8cK Why the verdict is not fair: Not sure how I was flaming Mexi as it was more a jab at my buddy Jimmy/Redbond. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: While playing Ghost Recon Wildlands Me and jimmy and surgeon were attacking a medical convoy . We fail horribly. I get blown up. Redbond got ran over and surgeon got shot so we failed. Told Redbond if he would like for me to call the Wambulance and having friendly banter. Jimmy gets annoyed since he dies in every couple firefight in Wildlands and poke fun at him. In the Middle of a fight Mexi comes wanting to know about the channel name (pretty much told him talk to Chief about it) and found out today the channel name was a meme relating to Star Wars with mexi's name or something) he leaves our channel . Redbond continues to whine about dying in wildlands after Mexi leaves . Change my name to Lucky1911-Cry about it nerd to jab at jimmy in TS. We continue to play until Wildlands servers go down. Made a Status update to poke fun at Redbond's whining the whole time playing went to bed. Wake up and see Mexi's Rude comment on my status, deleted it as I was confused to what he was talking about , hopped on TS hatred for a bit and left to work. Checked the forms while at work saw that Mexi called me out publicly and a screenshot of his little comment. Was annoyed that he snooped that low reported the post went about my day. Saw that I got points asked Ender about it he explained. Saw that it was for flaming Mexi and made the Appeal. Extra stuff- If I had something to tell Mexi I would of when he hopped in to our channel asking about the name that was there before. I had no knowloge about whatever name was put in or did I care hence why I and most of the others said go talk to chief. If he had came in and asked like a mature person what was it with the cheeky name and update would of told him I was making fun of Redbond. Instead he makes a update calling me out for no reason. id like staff to give @Redbond9 permission to post a pov in my appeal to add some insight to events that transpired What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Removal of 5 points What could you have done better?: Waited a bit longer to poke fun at a friend of mine or banter in TS instead.
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    I'm going to miss our witty banter. Very few people can drive me nuts and make me smile all at the same time. Was a pleasure working with you, the muppet of all muppets.
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    POV: Hi there, the two individuals who were asking you for help were not with us. I was there during this conversation you were having and being a part of the opposing party (the one that the random civilian was snitching to you about ) . I listened as you talked about possibly going over there to help the hostaged party. I even mentioned it there that the men who attempted to rape my boss etc etc etc.I thought this would be the end of the chedakis interest in the situation but unfortunately I still heard talks of you going to that area to check it out so I jogged away from you boys and informed my men over the radio that the Chedaki would be heading over. They setup positions and await to ambush you, and do so when you walk up to their trap. That ends the invalid intation accusation. You don't comply and run and a firefight ensues. I run around and kill 2-3 people and it's all fun and well. None of our guys die to Chedaki, one died from puncture being a sneaky little civilan and the other to some white armbands we had to initiate on who were in the area of the previous fight. During the firefight there is a man mentioned wearing the black track suit (and I think hunting bag) was hostile, then we see this guy casually walk up to us put on a fake accent in a black track suit(same that had been called out earlier)and hunting bag or whatever. Someone from in one of the buildings calls him out and when they go past the dude who I assume was just trying to sneak past us to shoot us later Dusty kills him. We had other people around with kos on us and were still trying to clear the town. This is one of the people with KOS on us who walked right up to our whole group instead of hiding. I don't know how that's not NVFL. No metagaming, what do you think we pulse checked you, alt tabbed, searched your name, found you on the group thread, alt tabbed and gassed you in a matter of 5 seconds while walking past you on a road? Sometimes the inside man shit works out for you, sometimes it doesn't. Doesn't mean it's worth a report.
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    But Rolle that happens anyway from people. In the situation provided there is actual reason to initiate both parties acted in a way that pushed the rp towards those hostilities. I don't see what's wrong with it when the people could honestly just initiated to get the rifle they needed. I don't see how one is different than the other. Party A wants the large amount of loot that party b has because some of the bandits in party a have nothing they initiate on party b for said rifle planning on giving them extended solid hostile rp but party b doesnt comply and they all die. This is completely allowed by the rules but if some rp starts between the groups and they act hostile towards each other then I can no longer initiate ? I don't get it. One way or the other it doesn't put anyone at an advantage or disadvantage because you can initiate at any time. Half the time if you're walking around near the pub in cherno with the 20 or so people around there you're just waiting for an initiation to drop. I mean yea ic they get a bit fucked over but I don't see how that effects ooc . They have tons of options: 1. Comply, get hostile rp between the hostage taker and the hostage and then be let go fine and dandy no problems 2. Don't comply fight back, both sides have equal KOS rights at this point, the initiators actually have a disadvantage at this point because they have to wait for the hostages to act. They get the first move. Will they use dayz deysnc to drop one of the initiators , probably but then the fight begins. 3. They could win the fight and hold their positions defending their camp which is totally their option to choose 4. They could lose the fight and die, but thats a risk that is taken when you don't comply. I still don't fully understand why it would be baiting to have the rp beforehand. If you want to take it to private messages so it doesn't clutter your thread i'm fine with that, but i'd really like to get a solid understanding on how it's gonna play out in game in the future so I know how to change up my rp. Thanks!
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    Key word in the rule is baiting to use kill rights or self defense. If someone is stealing your car, you don't HAVE to use kill right. Weeeell you dont have to use kill rights, a simple right hook would have sufficed.
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    Thx @Rose for Your Great Rp Today and the Rest of You Guys i Have Run in Today was some Really Great Day after a Long time Away, Hope to Run into you Guys Again. And Sry that i dont Have all of yours Forum Names
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    Forgot to post yesterday @Buddy @Cocomii thanking you both for your role-play yesterday
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    This sticky was created to allow people to better understand the usual punishments that are given for given offences. Please use these names when reporting rule breaks. These punishments can be modified based upon the facts of the situation (seen below). Multiple rule breaks may incur stacked penalties, for example if you KoS someone and then combat log you may get a more severe punishment. Permanent: Multiple forum accounts Unwelcome or immature sexual RP Hiding a permanently banned player Duping, cheating or hacking, BattlEye global ban Blackmail or harassment Any behavior considered bad enough by the administrator team to use their "Rule 4" ability 7 day ban, 10-15 warning points Trolling Invalid Kill - on sight Lying in a report False report Griefing 5 day ban, 10 warning points: Bad RP Rule play Baiting 3 day ban, 10 warning points Abuse of Game Mechanics (AOGM) Unreasonable hostage demands (UHD) Invalid initiation Combat logging (CL) Ghosting Metagaming / Powergaming New life rule (NLR) No value for life (NVFL) Invalid kill (role-played) 2 day ban, 5-10 warning points Attempted invalid kill Invalid kill - firefight Excessive OOC Modifying factors: Aggravation: This can be used when the behavior demands that a harsher punishment than the norm is justified. Extenuating circumstances: Many cases have circumstances that may justify the removal or reduction of certain portions of a punishment, this is the mechanism that we use in such cases. Whitelist will be revoked for any new community member whose whitelist is under 1 month old and have been found guilty of a 7 day or higher punishment as stated here.