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    We are done filming the Newcomer Video. On to the editing stage. I have to take a minute to thank these amazing people who took time out of the past 2 days, to help create this project and make it what it is. 2 pretty big recording sessions successfully done and it was a ton of fun and hilarious at times. Thanks guys, hope you'll like the project. AWESOME PEOPLE ❤: @leviathanapsu @The Marshal @Killerwelden @Buddy @Tony @Chaostica @BunDem @Simatho @Bun @Redbond9 @Joshie And Marshal... It's too bad this didn't go any further lol
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    Getting ready for my weekend on DayZRP. New profile cause why not.
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    Holy mother of jesus I just realized what everyone has been doing wrong, ever in an RP sense. Has anyone and I damn well mean ANYONE ever RPed geting sunburnt? Didn't think so. I mean you're outside all day and as much as you might not get your arms sunburnt cus long sleves and shit, what about the nose or ears? Checkmate, everyone. Reported for BadRP
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    Cleaning up the Siege folder. Some clips from the last few days I didn't want to delete
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    *Presses PTT* I do not know if you have heard but she was executed at the UN camp that was in Kabinino a few weeks ago, she is dead. *Releases PTT*
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    Stream Starts Now - Tony Moretti - DayZRP https://www.twitch.tv/roach_tm
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    Posted this on my twitter so I figure I'd share it here on my wall. This little bugger is what keeps on my feet.
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    Well I'm writing this post not really knowing what will come of it but if I don't write down my thoughts I'll probably explode at some point soon. Anyway as many of you don't know, my father passed away unexpectedly 13 days ago. I've been struggling quite a bit with it. I've had good days where I'm able to act like normal. Able to make joke with my friends. laugh, play games, and even RP a little. Then there are the worst days, where I feel as though my little metaphorical bubble world is ending. Where all I feel like doing is sitting in my bed crying, trying the smoke the pain away. My Dad and I never completely saw eye to eye on most things. We had our issues with each other through out all of my life. Yet at the end of the day its still my Dad, above all else (the pain,anger,regret, sadness, etc.) I loved him a whole hell of a lot and I hope he knew that because me being the stubborn son the last thing I ever said to him was "You know why I don't come around and visit." Which isn't that bad I guess but given the history between us its gonna be the words that will haunt me for a long long time. This entire year for me has been one of the worst I have ever had. I had my grandmother passed away, my uncle passed away, and now my father passed away(this all happened in a span of 2 months or so by the way). I honestly don't know how much more I can take at this point. This whole year has psychologically stabbed myself in the head repeatedly. And if it continues I really don't know what will happen to me. But yea I don't know how to end this so I'll just leave a song here for you guys as it kinda symbolizes how I'm feeling. Peace. ~ Enigma
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    https://puu.sh/xcIQ8/56296c62fd.mp3 Nice little audio file of our wonderfull Siege time together with @Razareth & @Lemons.
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    So.. Who's gonna be online tonight?
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    Hey, could you do me a favor and kill this? thx
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    Ok, so a bit of a blast from the past for a late start to our Lore dump day/night. This covers clarification on some locations within the DayZRP/DayZ Universe that people have asked for. Planning on an updated thread to revive this. Cheers to Tomeran and Sumos.
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    This video makes me cry... So much heart into it...
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    Never again will I let a tattoo gun near my ribs. Shit is painful.
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    numerous occasions in the past I would capture someone and later on, they would run up and blast me It's what I get for initiating. Not everyone is gonna sit by the road and play the victim. Also, people have been killing each other well before the Apocolypse btw.