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    *Izaak rests against the storage boxes on the top floor of a warehouse. He begins a broadcast* It has been over a month since this infection first broke out. In that time, our country has been reduced to a wasteland with survivors attempting to fend off both the hordes of infected, and any scum human being that would look to take advantage of them. In the past few weeks alone, we have been invaded by a rogue battalion of Russian paratroopers known as the VDV. The UN Peacekeepers have been hunted down and expelled from South Zagoria with the help of the VDV, CDF and even NATO, their closest allies. And the average survivors have been forcibly moved from the north to the south into Chernogorsk, a town that was occupied by hordes of infected. This is the opposite of what should be happening. We should be rebuilding civilization, not fucking over those who are just trying to survive. But unfortunately, the invading VDV have forced both the CDF and NATO to comply to their demands through fear and force. Although they have withdrawn their "Quarantine Zone" back to the north, their influence can still be seen through the CDF. The Chernarus Defense Force, a shell of its former self has resorted to the barbaric tactics of the Russians that made them their bitch and are now no better. They claim to be helping the people in Cherno, but their methods have only resulted in more civilian deaths than before. And NATO are too complacent to speak out against either military and are content with taking a backseat. This is unacceptable. My name is Izaak Sirkov, and I represent a people called the Reclaimers. We are former soldiers and survivors alike and our goal is to restore Chernarus back to a functioning civilization. Our methods can be brutal, but we do this for the average survivor. We won't take your weapons, your supplies, your freedom. We will fight for it. In the time we have been operating we have bested the CDF numerous times and stood toe-to-toe with the VDV's finest. We fight not because we want personal gain, we fight so that others don't have to. Our allies and us have our objectives of removing the CDF and VDV for their war crimes, but we need your help. We are not asking you to fight for us, nor are we demanding your supplies to do so. We are asking for your support through peaceful methods. Resist the CDF and VDV not by shooting them, but ignoring and refusing to cooperate with their demands. Let us help you rebuild this country. Help us remove the hordes of infected so we can turn these cities into liveable areas again. To anyone who does wish to fight, you can seek us out directly in Chernogorsk. To every other survivor, don't give in to the military and their demands. They only want to take advantage of you and involve you in their schemes. They will lie to your face saying they are doing it for the people. Don't believe it. That is all for now. Stay strong survivors, don't give in. *The broadcast ends*
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    Verdict: @DeweyFew [Trolling + Baiting + Aggravated Lying in Report]: Guilty Explanation: A group of staff members has looked through this report and have reached a verdict regarding it: In this situation, @DeweyFew can be seen running around Cherno, potentially naked, and begging people for food as well as other supplies. He is told to get away from them multiple times by @LewellynMoss. Instead of getting away like they told him to, he continues to pester them. Eventually, they give him some food and he begins to eat it while growling and making trolly noises. After that, he starts chasing one of them saying “More food, feed belly!”. He’s told to leave again, but does not until he is finally told to get away from them or they’d shoot him. He then pulls out a gun after walking away and aims it at the OP and ally. @Coreena then kills deweyfew after he kills the OP. @DeweyFew We shouldn’t have to tell you that the RP you provided in this situation was absolutely terrible, and is not something that we want to see on our servers. While your reason for being naked is plausible as DayZ is still in alpha, the other RP you provided is not ok. Running around, chasing people, persistently begging them for food as well as baiting them to initiate is terrible RP. Not only that, but when you are given food, you start to growl and make animal noises while eating it. After that, you chase them around screaming “More food, feed belly!”. It is due to your actions, that you are found guilty of both trolling as well as baiting. Last but definitely not least, you blatantly lied multiple times in this report, as well as tried to pass off the blame onto another community member. You stated that some guy that was extremely panicked came up to you and gave you all of his supplies, then ran naked down the road that you were walking down. This was obviously an attempt to make it seem as if you were not the person who was trolling. You also state that you began swimming and were randomly shot at for no reason, and that you acted in self defense when you killed the OP. You continue to try to draw the blame elsewhere when you state that you don’t know why you were pulled into the report, and that people should look out for someone doing the trolly actions that you committed. The only time you actually start telling the truth is when you are called out on your bullshit. Only then do you apologize, however, it’s clear that you’re not sorry that you trolled, baited, and lied to everyone, you’re only sorry that you got caught in the middle of your lies. Had their been no video evidence, this report would have potentially verdicted inconclusive. Seeing that their was no video posted yet, you attempted to make yourself seem uninvolved and push the blame elsewhere, instead of owning up to your actions. Well, your malicious actions have terrible consequences. Due to your trolling, attempts to lie and wiggle out of the consequences for your actions, as well as your malicious attempts to blame another community member, you will be hereby permanently removed from the community. With the above stated the following applies, Outcome: @DeweyFew [Trolling + Aggravated Lying in Report]: Permanent removal from the community Verdict by @Dusty @Ender @Lyca @Nihoolious @Jade
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    *A man presses down his transmitter* Consider that NATO has been reduced from two 2000-man Battle Groups to about a company-sized force because of this damn virus and you'll understand our "complacency" as you call it. There is no moral high ground to be had when our command can't provide reinforcements and our home countries have all but forgotten us. We don't care about your petty political squabbles when the virus is the only real threat to any of us. If your goal is to continue fighting back the infected, you never should have defected in the first place. Your duty is to the survivors, not your nationalist agenda. This is a fight for humanity now. To you survivors, should you be listening, be pragmatic and cautious. We all must rely on each other. This craven desire to take advantage of the power vacuum caused by this virus is a farce. Your best way to fight is to survive. *Reynolds releases his transmitter*
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    In light of recent actions taken against a player, i want to state for the record that we as a group do not condone the actions that this player enacted. We support the decisions of the Mod/Admin teams in banning this player. He was a part of our roster (Or was supposed to be). We will move on from this and continue to strive to provide great RP for our fellow group members, as well as players outside of our little family. Thank you for your understanding. - Taryn and the Riptide family.
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    *Presses PTT* I do not know if you have heard but she was executed at the UN camp that was in Kabinino a few weeks ago, she is dead. *Releases PTT*
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    I just want to let you guys know I appreciate your RP and your efforts to provide quality RP on all levels
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    On our way to Berezino Entering the town! Watching the view. Beautiful view! Watching the guys watching the view. Sad Elaine.
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    Where is your Ultra Lord action figure collection?
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    Verdict: @JakeWalford [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed x2]: Guilty | [Powergaming]: Guilty | [NVFL]: Guilty | [Lying in a Report]: Guilty | Explanation: In this situation, @JakeWalford was taken aside by the VDV, along with several other civilians, at Kovar’s Market for questioning in regards to his possession of an assault rifle. After a short interrogation, Jake claimed to be a member of NATO and produced a challenge coin in order to prove this. In response to this, the VDV soldiers involved attempted to validate his claim of being a NATO soldier with the proper authorities and discovered that they had never heard of Jake’s character. As a result of this, he was asked to peacefully hand over his weapon as he was not considered military personnel. This resulted in the shootings of @Dew and @Otter, which resulted in Otter and JakeWalford killing each other in a trade. @JakeWalford, to address the validity of the kills, the team reviewing this case has determined that both of your kills were illegitimate. As seen in the video evidence provided by @Dew and yourself, there was no initiation given out by any member of the VDV, nor was there any action taken against your person which would grant you legitimate kill rights on them. Unfortunately, for all involved, you decided to shoot and kill Otter and Dew without any kill rights being gained in this situation, which would invalidate both of your kills. In addition to this, you also claimed to have been initiated on by the VDV prior to this but, as shown in the chat logs provided by members of the OP’s party, it was not the VDV who initiated on you or anybody else at the time when they allegedly did so. We have determined that any kills by you in this situation were invalid and, as a result, you will be receiving a punishment for your invalid kills. It is at this point that we would like to cite the following rule, in support of this conclusion: 7.2 Players gain kill rights when a hostile action is taken against them or their group, or when their characters life is at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last interaction during the hostile situation and can be used as long as their use do not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL. Secondly, multiple Game Masters have searched through the last month of server logs in order to determine if you did, in fact, pickpocket a challenge coin from another player. Our investigation into this yielded no results beyond the conclusion that you did not pickpocket a challenge coin from another player, on any of your characters. There are no records of you emoting this, nor are there any records of somebody else receiving this emote and emoting in response. As a result of this, we have concluded that you powergamed your challenge coin into existence in order to produce it in front of the VDV. Furthermore, your dishonesty regarding the matter has also been taken into account in this report, as you failed to admit to powergaming the item despite the overwhelming evidence against you. As a result of this, you will be receiving a punishment for powergaming and lying in a report. It is at this point that we would like to cite the following rule, in support of this conclusion: 10.1 You are not allowed to use powergaming against other players, unless the action is specifically allowed by the other player. Thirdly, after investigating the alleged NVFL, we have to the conclusion that the accusation also holds merit. As seen in the video provide by @Dew at 0:04, your apparent allies are walking away from the situation with their weapons away. At the time of this, you were looking in their direction and they were passing in front of your field of vision, impossible to miss, so it is safe to say that you were fully aware that they were walking away. Furthermore, there were several VDV members around you with military grade weapons, positioned at various angles whilst you were alone. It would have been clear to any reasonable person that attacking an armed party such as theirs without sufficient backup, which was not present, was a suicide mission. As a result of this, you will be receiving a punishment for NVFL as your actions were clearly not valuing the life of your character and only served to realise the overwhelming odds of death in that situation. It is at this point that we would like to cite the following rule, in support of this conclusion: 5.6 Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage and threatened with death if you don't stop. Despite being questioned further and given a chance to come clean by the team investigating this report, you decided to continue lying about several of the accusations presented in this report. Your statements in this post have been proven false upon further investigation, as explained in the above paragraphs and, as a result of this, the team reviewing this case has concluded that you were dishonest during this report. As a result of this, you will be receiving a punishment for lying in a report multiple times. On a final note, due to the multitude of rulebreaks, both in-game and out of game, your punishment will be aggravated. We hope you take the time given in your punishment to reflect on the poor behaviour you have shown in this report. Should you fail to correct this behaviour in future, it will be made clear that there is very little room for repeat offences. Outcome: @JakeWalford [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed x2] | [Powergaming] | [NVFL] | [Lying in a Report]: 10 Day Ban & 15 Warning Points Signed by: @Elmo, @Spartan & @Eagle
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    A Russian and a Chedaki walk into a bar... Not at the same time, but they end up talking and becoming amicable enough that they share a drink. The bar tender walks up and says: What do you think guys? Another? Chedaki: Ano. Russian: Da. I'm sorry.
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    Thanks @Keira, at least someone doesn't hate us.
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    Alone It had been days since Tyrus had been separated from the other members of the UN near Bolota airstrip after disagreements with the VDV and CDF and boiled over into conflict. Tyrus had lost his handheld radio in the evacuation and only managed to grab an MP5K and four clips and his bag with some basic supplies. Finding himself alone and with no radio contact Tyrus assumed the worst after hearing several firefights in the hills as he fled the area. He decided to follow the careful research of a woman claiming to have pinpointed the source of the illness. Tyrus had heard whispers from several people that on the night of the 7th of July large Russian troop transports flew over them and landed at the old cold war base shortly after which the base was shelled before the first reports of Greys came about. It was from this site that the study found to be the source of infected attacks leading up to the current sate of affairs. Thinking himself the only survivor of the UN operations Tyrus made his way to an intact chemical facility recovering a large yellow hazmat suit and gas mask. He needed answers and if there was any truth to the study he would find them at the base. Using a wheelbarrow to ferry the tank and the rest of his gear up to the base was a long and tiring task but after a day of hard work he reached the outskirts of the largely dilapidated walls. After resting, he made his way into the base leaving his equipment back just outside the wall. Using his binoculars he scouted the ruins of the base. Like the locals said, the place had been decimated by heavy duty bombs or shelling and most of the bunker entrances and buildings had been destroyed. Infected in the area appeared more weathered and rotting than other places. What they lacked in appearance they made up for in number. The base would be next to impossible to infiltrate, by day that is. One door appeared to be undamaged but it wasn't clear what was inside the gloom of its interior. That would have to be his way in like it or not, and so he went back to his small camp and waited for nightfall. Moving silently in a hazmat suit was hard and so Tyrus packed it in a bag and strapped his oxygen bottle to his back. Gripping his MP5-K and snapping one of his magazines into the weapon he made his way through the brush towards the nearest breach in the wall to the bunkers entrance. He crouched lowly stepping quickly and as quietly as possible hoping to avoid the attention of at least forty infected only fifty feet away. Clicking his weapon flashlight on and shining it inside the gloom of the entrance he couldn't see anything and so he stepped inside the hatch. Suddenly an infected ran at him from the gloom and his eyes went wide as he raised his MP5 firing one suppressed round clean through the head of the grey. But before the body hit the floor the bullet passed through the rotting tissue and pinged loudly of an iron strut. The loud screech of the infected horde filled the air as they started running through the gloom outside towards the sound. Tyrus dropped his weapon and with all of his strength closed the door to the facility mere moments before the horde would impact his position. Now alone in the gloom, Tyrus took out his hazmat suit and put it on turning on his oxygen supply and slowly started proceeding deeper underground all the while gripping his weapon tightly, sweating and shaking with fear with what may lie just beyond the reach of his light.
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    Yay! Love that someone actually listens <3 Excited to read more! No dying on us! <3
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    Would like to thank everyone who came to the Pub today especially @Otter @Undead & @Hassan for hanging around. @Kvjavs - Was fun hanging out with you for a couple hours today when noone was around, had a good chat and really got to know eachother. Thanks for the cool RP! @Spanners & @LewellynMoss (Calvin!!!!) - y'all are awesome @Keira - Had a blast today with the whole attractive guy situation @Buddy - Love your new character so much! Please don't stop playing him Good to hang out again! Sorry if I forgot people, there are so many different people running past all the time and stopping by, It's hard to remember everyone
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    We can't have members choosing what kind of punishment other members receive, it would lead to bias against less known members or those who do not have as many connections in the community. With staff, we have protocols and restrictions who can handle reports and how, what punishments to issue and we try to treat all members equally. That would not be the case if report OPs could pick and choose which rule break someone should be punished for or what the scope of the punishment should be. You can request a report to be closed which results in no verdict or punishment and we may accept your request if we believe that the rule breaks did not negatively affect other players, but that's about it.
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    Thanks for the good RP today @Buddy, @Bun, @Mr.Panda and everyone else who was there at Kovar's market. It was a good time RPing with you all after taking a break from the game. C:
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    Well, Just thought I would try get some opinions on this current situation. As recently people have been trying to hide behind the invisible rule of "make sense RP". I have seen multiple cases where people complain "bad rp" etc.... because after they rob someone, that person who has been robbed uses their KOS rights on them? With this new lore wipe does this mean we can disregard the current rule set that have been in place for ages! My character with his mentality would try to get revenge on someone who has belittled him and taken his possessions, sure you can try "initiate" and rob him back but sometimes that is out of the question. Because I am 100% sure they would just shoot me at any chance they get after I robbed them. So this is my question for you guys! If you was just robbed and you had a weapon in your hand 20 minutes later and the person who robbed you was in front of you. Would you shoot your robber? (providing initiation survival would be low) Or would you leave it for a later date. Would you say its a bad thing for people to take that opportunity. You cant say that "its only week two! you shouldn't be killing people" when you see people die every single day and to be left for dead with no supplies and within the harsh environment one would learn to take a humans life sooner or later! Or even depending on your characters background. If they are a hardened criminal it may even be a bit easier for them to take a life. Personally I think it should be up to the person, "good rp" or not. If they follow the current rule set that we have with a 2 hour KOS after a robbery then it should be fine. Maybe larger groups would think twice before robbing nearly everyone they see on the road. But eh what do I know! I am a filthy whitename.
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    This is it. If someone tortures you, your going to want to do the same depending on your character, if they remove your ear I'd want to return it to them, if your character is scared and is really hurt throughout the RP your not going to run though 4 towns and 6 fields to shoot them, you probaly wouldn't retaliate you would hide seek medical attention and the likes, this is it sometimes people get really salty the fact there being robbed so want to run after them to get there gear back it's more fun to enjoy the moment, plan your Rp after that if you want to find them ensure you have a plan to capture them, yes it's easier to kill them from across a field but that makes you as bad as the RP u just recieved, I remember once when a group were hunting me for a month cough cough @Chewy because I attacked one of there people, they blew my knee cap open and carved into my head, they then left me to die crawling for my life, I made it to a northern settlement( after I died from the pole of a guard tower) to were this settlement give me medical attention my character had to rest for over a week, but this one interaction caused me to have weeks of Rp with new people....... Al this because the person I robbed didn't come straight to kill me he waited a month and eventually tracked me and give me what I deserved. So yea people should be robbing people, people were getting robbed before the apocalypse so I can't see this issue, just as long as your the one being robbed offer the best Rp u can and don't get salty, end of the day it's only gear
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    I say bring back the night (more night).... it makes RP sense for it to be 50/50 like actual day/night... If people can't see, then they can light a torch, or carry a lantern, or flashlight... That's what I do when it's night time... it's manageable... I mean... why come to an RP community if you can't handle your RP experience?
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    Thought I'd bless you all with my chameleon, Atlas