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    Major's Super Duper Spectacular Post-Wipe Group Wishlist! - Hunter Group (current WIP one in SA discussion). - A local Chernarussian community watch group. - Turkish Coastal Raiders. - Georgian Military Group (not the state). - A JBG type group of Southerners like back in mod. - Ukrainian Berkut Police - Belozersk People's Republic - A dedicated collection of hobos who wander. They run a moving bar called HoboLand, new location every night! - Ethnic Russian Street Gang - Moldovan BIker Gang - Immune Supremacists - Czech Immigrant Group to Chernarus - Cossack Brigade of the CDF - Muslim Tartar transplants from Crimea - Polish GROM Spec-Ops Group (Rolle would hammer it) - Traveling Circus Gypsies - French GIGN Group - Chernarussian Orthodox Church Group - US Marine Stripper Group - Chernarussian Fisherman in Berezino
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    Due to the lore wipe approaching more rapidly than anticipated, we want to offer an alternative and unique style of RolePlay to people who have had conflicts with the Regulators, past or present, or anyone interested in having a conclusion for their characters before the slate is wiped completely clean. Starting Monday, we will begin RPing on Austellus with people who have submitted their characters to serve as inmates. Our objective is to provide a conclusion to a character's story with a unique form of RolePlay. We will be accepting applications up until the 22nd. We plan on hosting trials and sentencing on Tuesday, Wednesday and at the very latest Thursday of this week, so it would be wise to sign up now as opposed to later if you intend to do so. Applying *Submitting an Inmate Application: Copy the following format below and send me a PM. Please keep in mind that if you sign up for the event, do not try to have your friends 'break' you out in a raid-style attack, as that isn't our intentions with this plot. Although we cannot stop you, it may spoil other people's RolePlay if they intended to ride the event through to the end. So please take this into consideration, as this is not a PvP event. Note: 'Picture,' can mean two things; an IC photograph of your character, or a description of what they appear like. 'Desired Outcome,' is what you intend to do with your character. (e.g. Execute / Kill, etc). Please note that this isn't going to be one of the past 'Prison-RP' events we've hosted, but a more or less a daily occurring RP session up until the 23rd of July. This means if you are to sign up, you should attempt to maintain regular attendance!
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    Best day of the year! @Lyca You're the best RP'er I might've met, that perma death was the best! I loved that last moment, I was actually blown away from all the RP you did today! Thanks again! @Boston Thanks for taking me hostage and giving me the chance to finally Perma kill my character! Much love for the RP today my man! @Cody Husky You're also one hell of a RP'er, thanks to you too for the opportunity to kill my character love you long time my dude! @King The emotional RP was great my man! Sorry for killing your daughter aswell! @Brayces Thanks for playing the Character! It was fun whilst it lasted! @Galaxy Love your RP my dude, too bad we're not going to roll around like we used to anymore my dude. It will be Boris and Dillon now! So sad to think about that I won't play my character anymore, but it was one hell'ova ride my friends! Thanks to everyone for the amazing RP moments I wont forget!
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    Finally done with the 5 papers and 2 exams! The word count of the papers: 1st: 3.600 2nd: 9.800 3rd. 14.500 4th. 3.200 5th. 2.900
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    @Razareth: "bitches be crazy" I just found out that I still have 200GB of Rainbow Six Siege clips saved of the last months...
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    Taking into consideration the timing of your post along with a previous status update that had your involvement, in which your posts got removed by those who created the initial status update, the staff team reviewing doesn't see this so much as a generalization. Not only do you call the other party childish, you call them the "usual suspects" as if this behavior that you see is expected of them. Your post isn't so much flaming as it is trying to bait out an equally hostile reply from all of those involved on the status update. Because of this, the staff team sees no reason to revoke the points of your so-called generalization. In the future, perhaps report the individuals involved if you feel they are doing something wrong or take a step back from the computer if you find yourself angry about a situation. The staff team had already handled the previous situation and there was no need to try and provoke things further. Aside from this, if you feel like a member of the staff team has any bias towards you, please take it up in a PM with a member of the admin team or Rolle himself. Though the staff team reviewing sees no issues with the actions Boston had took in warning your posts, the admin team will not dismiss such claims if taken up with them properly. Outcome: Appeal Denied, points stay. Appeal by @Cid and @Ender
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    When I rage typed and accidentally pressed Q...
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    Well let's see..... ahhh got one @Razareth, @Spartan, @Blackfyre, @Saradomin, @Oisín, @Dr Willsky and @Phatal just before we are about to "crossroads" something ...or someone hehe
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    @Doc Holiday @PatZ @Beni @absurdist @Majoo @Gowbe @Steck @Jonas Gj
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    Giving a shout out to @Roach @Bun @LightGhillie and our new friends @Madkilla67 & @Disco Soup Can Also to @RogueSolace for joining us at the end of the night. I hope you guys all enjoyed my "exit stage left"
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    R.I.P. Sprinkles. It was so much fun playing as him, mad thanks to @Lyca for probably the best it could've been! Thank you all for the amazing ride on the character and for the amazing moments I wont forget!
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    Oh god please it's the internet, if anyone's gonna get offended about that then they really need some daylight
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    Allies. @Bazz @Jxkey POV. We were in Kabanino my IC brothers were chatting shit to some lads so we said ah fuck it so I initiated on them. I said put your hands up right now the lad in the red coat puts his hands up and the other guy turns around and looks at me and does not put his hands up so I shoot him in the head. We then bring the hostage into the piano house and RP with him we then take another dude but he was chill as fuck so we told him that if he sorts out the hostage out and we will get him a dog and then we parted ways. We are currently trying to get a pack of wolfs after us to we can trap them in a house then RP out that there our dogs. I'm also willing to talk about this on Teamspeak.
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    @HappyPenguin - Thank's for the RP.... son... <3 @Oliv - You are a dead man walking. ^^ @Terra - You betrayed me... stupid foreigner... @Ron - How can you bat a fucking kid? @Conor - Walking on thin ice? We will see about that <3 Thank you guys again for the amazing night and can't wait until we meet again. <3
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    Alright settle it down lmao, forgot JackFrags was in DayZRP again lmao. But Hollow's mate this idea is actually kinda dope, on a level. I'll probably sign up for this and have Jason Daley caught, sex slave trader caught..... Hm.... Is the Death Sentence still around in Chernarus @Hollows my mate.
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    Yay! Finally able to post something as well. I couldn't decide and I'm not sure if either are valid but here you go: @Slash & @derNils with myself enjoying the sunset at the outskirts of Pustoshka @Blackfyre & I in Cherno as the sun is busy setting
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    You look like you might like the color orange.
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    @2Eazy, Thank you so much that I had the honor to kill your character. I had much fun and adrenalin and omg... it was great. Your pain RP was on point too. Amazing hostage. People can learn from ya. Mean it. Thanks to @Marshal & @Chaostica & @Brayces & @Sir Sausage Sandwich, Thank you very much for the RP afterwards. Was fun!!
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    I get where you're coming from but obviously you really don't give a shit about the community. If a few adds on each page which don't dramatically change ANYTHING to the site, doesn't change the way the site is visually other than a few rectangles around certain parts.. Not to be rude but at this point it's a you problem. Looking at your activity you've not really been around much so would it be a huge difference? Probably not. The community and Rolle himself have my full support and plenty of others support for putting small advertisements around the site because it'll help maintain and keep it up, I've had my say and that'll be that.
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    When you see a report for RDM but the OP admits to initiating and has video evidence of him doing it....
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    I'm Catholic and I thought it was funny. Please man we don't need anyone being offended for us. To keep it on topic you'll find a decent amount of crafting in the game, try going hunting you can make a good amount of thing from tanned hide.
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    If a tiny add at the top and right side of the screen is a "deterrent" for you then I don't know what to tell you. As for fucking off, I'm rather comfortable. Thanks.
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    I love the DayZ Sunsets! Here's one of me and @Yoshi running through a field.
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    Invitation. Setting up plans. The Taxi. The flight. The Outbreak The Journey You can contact the group on the radio on 47.7 Upcoming media thread. Shout-outs @Chief @Stiflex @Mercy @jamieV_ @Marcoooz Thank you for helping me out with the group I have sent the google doc to quite a few people to see of their interested do not comment oh yes you sent me this if you can give me any ideas or where to change please also let me know my pm if you're interested in joining.
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    @SmartyyZ - Ahhhh haha NP. Thanks for getting me involved in your fuck ups TWICE! @Oliv @Terra @Ron @Conor Cheers for that hostile RP. Have not had that good hostile RP in a long time
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    don't forget to pick the best answer by clicking the checkmark on the upper left of the answer you think answers the question the best and if your still not satisfied with the answers you can always come to the helpdesk and we can help sort out the confusion.
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    Had a look through old screens cause I'm too lazy to take new one.
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    *The device buzzes to life on the frequency that was pre-programmed into it pressing down the PTT a shuffling noise could be heard before a young, timid voice softly spoke into the static.* Hello? Hellloooo? Anyone there? ... What's wrong with this thing, stupid ... Uhm ... I guess someone ... out there might want to know... *She clears her throat, pausing for a moment before continuing.* I-I don't know who he was looking for, he kept repeating names... Logan, Amy, ...John, I think, Marshal? W-we-I...I've never heard of those people before. I was hoping he could find them he seemed really desperate, but I ... uh, guess not. If any of his friends, the ones he kept talking about, actually are looking for him maybe they should know ... He might ...It, it-It might be hard to m-meet up... *She gently sighs, the radio continuing to transmit idly for a few minutes before her voice spoke again quieter than before.* I'msorry. *She releases the PTT and the radio falls silent.*
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    We run this fucking TS. Fuck your fake ass cantina @Chief @Aiko @Jade @Pinkerton @Coda852 @Elmo @whoeverthefuckhangsoutthere
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    I do kind of agree with you and don't in many ways and i'll give my opinion on the subject, First of with the game being boring, due to the nature of it. It's very limited to what Staff can add or put into the game since Bohemia like taking their time and saying no to an open game for the community even though 420 fuck them off every other week. I personally would not have 800+ hours of DayZ without DayZRP. Settlements and that are more of a player made and meant to be like a nice unwritten rule not to be dicks and grief tents but it's the internet and as long as people know they aren't getting caught they are going to keep doing it and use the words "Well it's the apocalypse I can RP however I want" then they get robbed twice with no reason then file a report. With the lore wipe I hope that Zombies are RP'ed out as a threat and that settlements are more meaningful to some groups then a zone where you can have more rights than someone else because of OOC rules and regulations. Player interactions, it really just depends on where you are, who you are with and who you want to roleplay as, got to remember not everyone starts off as an actor on DayZRP and a lot of people are learning, if you feel an interaction was so terrible or mainstream. Find them on teamspeak and help them improve their roleplay so other members don't have to go through the same textbook stuff. Big groups will always have more reason to initiate, more RP and stuff because they are a big group and need it, hate to break it but that's exactly how the apocalypse would be 3 years in, adapt or die. I feel this is more a DayZ not being developed enough for the purpose of this server to be at it's full potential then a community issue, but I do agree EVERYONE can improve roleplay from the most senior player to the newest person to the community, and as long as you're having fun I don't really mind what can I RP I take as long as it keeps me engaged so I do my best to go into every situation with positive outlook no matter who the people are. My opinion onto the Desolation Redux server is different, I think all S1 and S2 and Redux should be online and functional but I do not have A3 nor currently can run it on my PC, so this leaves me with what I signed up with so I take up with friends and make the most of my storyline until lore wipe on the 23rd. If Redux becomes what we plan it will get more popular considering it only opened a week and abit a so, and word of mouth from friends to friends that DayZRP is on A3 will spread and new players will come. DayZRP SA is a nice like of mine even if the game isn't up to 100% standard but the potential is there and I do (Patiently) wait for Bohemia to pull the finger out and beta rolls in with loads of new features. Not sure if this is a question or suggestion or both but
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