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    Major's Super Duper Spectacular Post-Wipe Group Wishlist! - Hunter Group (current WIP one in SA discussion). - A local Chernarussian community watch group. - Turkish Coastal Raiders. - Georgian Military Group (not the state). - A JBG type group of Southerners like back in mod. - Ukrainian Berkut Police - Belozersk People's Republic - A dedicated collection of hobos who wander. They run a moving bar called HoboLand, new location every night! - Ethnic Russian Street Gang - Moldovan BIker Gang - Immune Supremacists - Czech Immigrant Group to Chernarus - Cossack Brigade of the CDF - Muslim Tartar transplants from Crimea - Polish GROM Spec-Ops Group (Rolle would hammer it) - Traveling Circus Gypsies - French GIGN Group - Chernarussian Orthodox Church Group - US Marine Stripper Group - Chernarussian Fisherman in Berezino
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    Finally done with the 5 papers and 2 exams! The word count of the papers: 1st: 3.600 2nd: 9.800 3rd. 14.500 4th. 3.200 5th. 2.900
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    @Razareth: "bitches be crazy" I just found out that I still have 200GB of Rainbow Six Siege clips saved of the last months...
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    When I rage typed and accidentally pressed Q...
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    @Doc Holiday @PatZ @Beni @absurdist @Majoo @Gowbe @Steck @Jonas Gj
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    R.I.P. Sprinkles. It was so much fun playing as him, mad thanks to @Lyca for probably the best it could've been! Thank you all for the amazing ride on the character and for the amazing moments I wont forget!
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    Oh god please it's the internet, if anyone's gonna get offended about that then they really need some daylight
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    @Rolle invalid RP name hello??
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    When you see a report for RDM but the OP admits to initiating and has video evidence of him doing it....
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    If a tiny add at the top and right side of the screen is a "deterrent" for you then I don't know what to tell you. As for fucking off, I'm rather comfortable. Thanks.
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    I love the DayZ Sunsets! Here's one of me and @Yoshi running through a field.
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    Invitation. Setting up plans. The Taxi. The flight. The Outbreak The Journey You can contact the group on the radio on 47.7 Upcoming media thread. Shout-outs @Chief @Stiflex @Mercy @jamieV_ @Marcoooz Thank you for helping me out with the group I have sent the google doc to quite a few people to see of their interested do not comment oh yes you sent me this if you can give me any ideas or where to change please also let me know my pm if you're interested in joining.
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    I actually wanna +1 you for the fact that you attempted to actually RP as a psychopath who wants to protect the infected because they're his only friends. TBH guy shot at you without initiating, granting you kill rights. I don't see any rules broken but we'll see what staff decides I guess.
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    Hey you wanna fuck off mate? I know how to disable it I'm not an idiot. My point was the fact that I've got this huge popup in my face reminding me to support the site. It's irritating having to disable ad block and go in to my settings to yet again tick the "I don't want ads, go away" box. Not the end of the world, but it sucks and it's another deterrent to the site. Don't talk to me like that.
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    i have talked with one of these guys and you can drop the report. but i have to add something, these mentality with PVP on this servers here leads more and more real RPer to leave, i hope the lore wipe change this(and not only for a few weeks)
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    Again no text put in, working on remembering to do that but found this pretty.....Cherno at sunset
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    I do kind of agree with you and don't in many ways and i'll give my opinion on the subject, First of with the game being boring, due to the nature of it. It's very limited to what Staff can add or put into the game since Bohemia like taking their time and saying no to an open game for the community even though 420 fuck them off every other week. I personally would not have 800+ hours of DayZ without DayZRP. Settlements and that are more of a player made and meant to be like a nice unwritten rule not to be dicks and grief tents but it's the internet and as long as people know they aren't getting caught they are going to keep doing it and use the words "Well it's the apocalypse I can RP however I want" then they get robbed twice with no reason then file a report. With the lore wipe I hope that Zombies are RP'ed out as a threat and that settlements are more meaningful to some groups then a zone where you can have more rights than someone else because of OOC rules and regulations. Player interactions, it really just depends on where you are, who you are with and who you want to roleplay as, got to remember not everyone starts off as an actor on DayZRP and a lot of people are learning, if you feel an interaction was so terrible or mainstream. Find them on teamspeak and help them improve their roleplay so other members don't have to go through the same textbook stuff. Big groups will always have more reason to initiate, more RP and stuff because they are a big group and need it, hate to break it but that's exactly how the apocalypse would be 3 years in, adapt or die. I feel this is more a DayZ not being developed enough for the purpose of this server to be at it's full potential then a community issue, but I do agree EVERYONE can improve roleplay from the most senior player to the newest person to the community, and as long as you're having fun I don't really mind what can I RP I take as long as it keeps me engaged so I do my best to go into every situation with positive outlook no matter who the people are. My opinion onto the Desolation Redux server is different, I think all S1 and S2 and Redux should be online and functional but I do not have A3 nor currently can run it on my PC, so this leaves me with what I signed up with so I take up with friends and make the most of my storyline until lore wipe on the 23rd. If Redux becomes what we plan it will get more popular considering it only opened a week and abit a so, and word of mouth from friends to friends that DayZRP is on A3 will spread and new players will come. DayZRP SA is a nice like of mine even if the game isn't up to 100% standard but the potential is there and I do (Patiently) wait for Bohemia to pull the finger out and beta rolls in with loads of new features. Not sure if this is a question or suggestion or both but
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    Haikus are easy but sometimes they dont make sense refrigerator
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    Rules: Only the banned player may appeal a bans, we will not accept friends or alt accounts making an appeal on behalf on another person or account. An offense can be appealed only once. Only the person appealing may post in an appeal unless otherwise instructed by staff. You may only appeal punishments issued in the last 30 days. Global bans: Global bans are handled by BattlEye, NOT DayZRP. We honor all global bans issued by BattlEye and there is absolutely nothing we can do about your global ban. We will only remove your blacklist on DayZRP if BattlEye acknowledges that your global ban was illegitimate and they remove it first. You may only appeal these bans when you have the required proof required to prove that your global ban has been removed. Any appeals made prematurely without proof readily available will be denied. This is the ONLY way for you to get unbanned from DayZRP after receiving a Global Ban. Underage blacklist: If you have previously been blacklisted for being under the age of 16 and you are now 16 or older you can appeal the blacklist by providing a proof of age. You need to create a support ticket and attach the following two photos: A picture of you, holding some kind of ID card with your photo and a paper note saying "DayZRP - Forum name" A close-up photo the same ID card you held in picture 1. You should cover or blur out all sensitive information, we only need your face and date of birth visible, nothing else. Send these two photos to us by going to Support -> Support requests menu and create a support requests there, or by clicking "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the website. We guarantee confidentiality and will delete the your message along with the photos once verification is finished. This is the ONLY way for you to get removed from the underage blacklist. Appealing temporary bans (from reports): It is your responsibility to ensure that you present your PoV in a timely manner in a report. The staff team cannot and will not wait forever for somebody to post in a report. If you decide to ignore the report or cannot answer it you will be tempbanned until you do. The only way to be unbanned is to create a ban appeal with all the appropriate information that was requested from you in the report. This is the ONLY way for you to get a report tempban removed. Creating a ban appeal Before you create an appeal, please check that: You have read through the report or PM that you have received when you were punished. You have understood staff's reasoning behind the punishment. If reasoning behind your ban is lacking - PM the staff member in question for additional explanation before you create the appeal. In case you still feel that your punishment is not fair, please create a new thread and use the template below. If your forum account has been banned, ie you have received a permanent ban or exceeded 100% warning points, you must use the Contact Us form to submit your appeal instead. As a title for your appeal, please add the type of offence and weight of punishment you were given. For example "Appeal NLR - 3 days"