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    Hello my name is William and I am here today to let you guys know that I am no longer apart of Staff I had fun, met some great people, had some good laughs However recently people have started to piss me off and I have started to piss people off, and to be completely honest, I have no effort to sit and argue about a video game rulebreak on a gaming community with my fellow staff colleagues. Hopefully the staff team now makes better judgment on what is ban/point worthy, because right now it's not too pretty. Remember, we're trying to keep people here, not send them out the door. Now some quick little comments @Dusty- My right hand man. Sorry for leaving you hanging. Right now you're the biggest GM asset we have, spread some of that on younger GM's and those to come. @Jamie- Honestly the only person who kept me in the team. Without you, the team would die. Simple as that. @Nihoolious- Listen to @Dusty or @Jamie, do whatever he says, you will be a great GM. @Brady- You will be a good staff member, just follow the footsteps of me, because I'm a fucking beast. I'm not leaving the community, just staff btw. sorry Peace out nibbas
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    I swear to god; if the people in horror movies actually listened to me, they'd still be alive!!! Watchin Aliens - 1986
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    Man, I wish I could get some dank Cloud ERP Maybe I should click and find out how I can start getting cloud ERP today!
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    Firefight KoS? Better call Voodoo Powergamed on the server? Call now Confess to BadRP? What are you waiting for? Hi, welcome to the law offices of Voodoo and associates, from Ghosting to mass KoS, from forum flaming to hiding a permabanned player. Voodoo and associates is your one stop shop for all your legal needs. This week only 2 for 1 BadRP appeals for the price of one. How can i do it? Because i care So if they say you are breaking rules, you better call Voodoo.
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    I don't know how to multiquote, but @Saradomin You're a total riot dude, I love Pekko. Loony Finn, you had me and Phoenix dying of laughter. @Phoenix He's got that a-ring-a-ting-ting in his head. I'm glad someone else was there to gasp for breath between bouts of laughter with me. @King You're unbelievable. You're the cruelest, most appalling refuse this side of the Milky Way. You're awesome dude, holy shit, you're on-point and mortifying. I have never held OOC hatred for an IC character - until Richard and Avery reunited. Two parallel figures, with almost identical goals, both holding the key to the other's hope, and the potential of the other's devastation. @Cocomii Like I said, that crying wasn't fake. The way you paused and dismissed Avery's desperate pleas in such a cold, distant way fucked me up. My shirt was damp with tears after that, and I've never genuinely cried in RP before. The turnaround from Amelia being such a sweet, loving woman that Avery was basically never separated from into a cold, soulless husk was actually painful. You have me as attached to her as someone would have a favorite character in a book - damn you for it, dork. <3 To everyone else whose names I'm missing, you've all been great. Thank you all for being a part of Avery's story.
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    Report #38 S1 EU - 07/08/17 09:00.00 - Trolling Other (provide in description below) Server: S1 EU Date: 07/08/17 Time: 09:00.00 Rule breaks: Trolling Other (provide in description below) Your in game name: Jason Hunter Allies: Oisín Enemies: NinoBrown Have you attempted to speak with the involved parties on TeamSpeak about the report?: Yes Evidence: 1: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200369/A55ACC84409B9A1103CFE92989A47FDD0603048A/ 2: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200588/F6814273003FB5E687ECAF65559793AF75254498/ 3: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200744/2B6F77C59B13DDE7B315F22D9F45A5E221ED14C4/ 4: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200903/7F90E2D027C18A038363B362D8E58A17F2F6E34F/ 5: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093201059/4691430E8BE351FFF19D0C43680367A085BAC806/ 6: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/838083598169336625/1CB0447F99468C66E0E0A4CA84FEC1B6572118A9/ 7: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/838083598169337041/27AC693DD86D7AEB47624B5DBC9CE7F5CD43A008/ Description: THIS REPORT IS FOR THE DESOLATION SERVER!!! Me and @Oisín were on the Arma 3 DesolationRP server and while we were playing @NinoBrown (who was using an invalid name) started posting unnecessary comments in side channel. This is the first time he went OOC in side chat unnesessarily: 1: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200369/A55ACC84409B9A1103CFE92989A47FDD0603048A/ 2: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200588/F6814273003FB5E687ECAF65559793AF75254498/ 3: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200744/2B6F77C59B13DDE7B315F22D9F45A5E221ED14C4/ 4: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093200903/7F90E2D027C18A038363B362D8E58A17F2F6E34F/ 5: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/847090810093201059/4691430E8BE351FFF19D0C43680367A085BAC806/ From the second screenshot onwards after he is told to get off the side chat he can be seen acting in a trolly way in response, in the 4th screenshot he is told how he shouldnt be posting unless its important and to stop putting memes in. Yet he continues to do so as seen in the last screenshot. @Oisín and I agreed to not report this directly and to give him another chance after the restart however. A few minutes after the restart @NinoBrown started posting trolly responses again as seen in these screenshots: 6: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/838083598169336625/1CB0447F99468C66E0E0A4CA84FEC1B6572118A9/ 7: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/838083598169337041/27AC693DD86D7AEB47624B5DBC9CE7F5CD43A008/ This eventually led to us posting this report. ---------------------- When me and @Oisin talked to him in TS he didnt seem to care much about what he has done, he said that he had a long day and that he was just trying to joke about and that we should take a joke. This is understandable however he persisted in doing in and from what it seems he was acting off the reactions of what other people were saying to him in side chat. From this it seems like he was trying to get a reaction out of the people in game at the time (Seen in the first 5 screenshots) to react to them in a trolly way. TLDR ; He had an invalid rp name. He acted in a trolly way in sidechat and he used unnessesary OOC in side channel.
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    Not gonna lie @Major Tom Mexi is right, and to be honest he kinda parred you off a bit. To be honest, I'm fine with ads as long as they're not a fucking eyesore, like the old group ones. I get ads of JD asking me to buy the new 110's lmao. I couldn't really give a shit either way... To be honest I don't really care enough? I mean right now I'm looking at the RX 580 Nitro+ Graphics card for 300 notes.... I don't mind that. And let's be honest, the " single muslim " ones are piss funny. If it's honestly that much of an issue mate, you know how to leave....
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    i have talked with one of these guys and you can drop the report. but i have to add something, these mentality with PVP on this servers here leads more and more real RPer to leave, i hope the lore wipe change this(and not only for a few weeks)
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    Okay, glad you're enjoying the community. Try to not insult people's religions with your hysterical puns in the future, but I look forward to running into you in-game. Have fun.
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    I would say good job.. But now it's either Shane gets it or yano.. Someone really cool that knows what they're doing 100% of the time (sarcasm) is gonna get it. Welcome to freedom of speech though, it's fun.
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    Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong.
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    Been here since the very start. I am the account #63. Though i feel fairly invisible due to standalone, most of my activity drops around the mod and desolation days.
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    Holy shit the feels today. I.. really don't know what to say. I'm a fucking cunt in character, how I treated you @Honeybee legitimately broke me. You made me cry in real life in the periods between speaking; I had to pause in parts of it to continue. @Cocomii, fucking stellar painRP. Amazing stuff. I'm struggling to find words which describe what we just did. What I did.
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    Okay this makes my pee pee hard. *goes back to writing Lore as Rolle smacks Major with a rolled up newspaper*
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    I'm not a fan of DayZ Standalone at all and would be down to play on a better game for rp if we had one. That being said, Desolation in its current state is buggier than DayZ, the map can't be accessed by half the players, the game runs like shit for me and I'm not a fan of TFR. So that's why I'm sticking with standalone over arma 3.
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    Every time I see this opening my will to live is sapped a little more. But anyway onto the topic. If you really have to tell people how to press a button go outta the way and take the five more seconds to type it out. Then if they still don't know by all means link the guide.
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    Fresh spawn with no gear? No problem. http://plays.tv/video/5953b5c306d1407978/how-to-be-a-scumbag
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    Our website is powered by a community system called Invision Community (aka IPS). A new update for IPS version 4.2 is currently in beta and should be released within a month or two. This will mean quite a lot of changes on the website and some of them directly affect your content and customizations. You can read this thread on IPS website to read more about what's new. I will be performing a clean install of the community on version 4.2 which means a lot of custom content will be deleted to both increase performance and get rid of issues that were caused by the original migration to this website system back in November 2016. Some of these issues include profile problems, warning points not expiring, low website performance, broken Steam integration and other smaller issues that I haven't been able to resolve. We will also get a new look for the website, with a lighter theme and less overwhelming red everywhere. A screenshot of an early version of this theme can be found here. I will also use that opportunity to do major in game changes we've all been waiting for - lore wipe. As a member there's a few things you will need to think about before the update hits. Here's a list of items that you as members have to note and prepare for and in some cases back up your data. At the same time as I will do the website update we will also do the long awaited lore wipe - the lore will be replaced with a new one. The in game timeline will be reset. All groups and characters will be deleted along with all data associated with them. Back up your data if you want to keep your content! We obviously have backups in case some data needs to be desperately restored in the future, but it will be done as an exception only! Group system on the website will be replaced with a new one so all new groups after the lore wipe will be created in this new system. Factions will be no more, along with settlements. A rule enforced safe zone will replace those with a lore faction as owners. The lore faction and its safe zone will be introduced some time into the new lore, once it makes sense story wise. You can discuss the safe zone here. Profile customizations and settings will be wiped. That means your avatar, cover photo, signature, profile background, profile music and other Premium settings will be reset. Background music for your profiles or characters will no longer be possible to be uploaded directly to the server, instead you will have to upload the file to somewhere else and then link to it. Old warnings carried over from the old website will be deleted. Yes, after 5 years we are doing an amnesty on your old wrong doings and removing your history. Only warnings issued on this new website will be kept (so everything since November 2016). Final warnings however will be kept and re-added. Some of the custom features on the website won't be ready when we do the upgrade, so we may temporarily lose some of the functionality and extra features that we currently have. You have a month before the lore wipe, use this time wisely and finish off old business that you have with characters or groups. Back up all your character and group data if you want to keep it for future generations. There will be a event series that gives some kind of closure to the current lore. Questions about that should go to the LoreMaster team. The update is scheduled for JULY 23rd (Sunday). The new website and servers with new lore will open on July 24th, on DayZRPs 5th anniversary.
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    Hope you continue to enjoy yourself and this game. Coming from someone who has played since day 0 of DayZ SA it has been a long barren road that has changed little in the time it has existed (gameplay wise) we will see where things go especially when BETA is around the corner, I can assure you things will get real interesting then. If you haven't already I would suggest for a solid session gather 4-6 batteries and keep a walkie-talkie radio running throughout your travels. You will have some interesting encounters via radio if you keep your ears open on there. The "party" will change dramatically very soon son.
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    *sniffs air* Yous to good for 'em anyways. Shame well be down one person who knows which way is straight in staff but alas what can you do, will be lit to see you rolling with us more often doe
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    It makes sense for them to want to get by and live in the beginning, no one is going to know straight from the bat "HAY WE NEED ONE OF DEM SETTLEMENT THINGIES". Survivalist groups which will more than likely focus on internal RP instead of external interactions most of the time it makes sense for the goals to be somewhat generic, goals seem fine just build off them as you go on and make decisions ICly, perhaps add that below the IC goals you want to go for. Keep trying with the graphics as they could still do with an overhaul and the name is alrightttt, keep this one for now and keep thinking bud. Getting there.
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    I'm just gonna leave these floofs here http://imgur.com/gallery/gItD4pp
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    Rolle has already addressed this one of the other threads its a no because it allows you to jump right over built walls and glitch inside a number of building.
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    No. It removes the idea of basebuilding as players just can climb over the walls. Also, even when it adds a "better" climbing system, it does not remove the amount of glitches it will cause. Nay. Rather get STjump ripped off somewhere than that.
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    Bumped into @lukaszxe at Tisy during low-pop hours, was expecting another awkward "Hi, got any 5.56, ok bye now", instead I got a nice conversation about the nature of the infection and horde movements. Unexpected RP is best RP.
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    Give it time, the mod just went into Alpha. Lets just hope the progress is faster than DayZ.
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    You used to call me on your cell phone
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    Not Chernarussian, but an honorary Chernarussian and the best man for the job out there @Galland if he is interested.
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    @Phoenix , @Honeybee and all those wierd boys that was there. I always laugh so much when i meet you guys... However I shat bricks everytime that guy hit me... i had so much shock already, and I just came from the coast.... Next time ill kill you... Jokes aside, was fun.
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    Shoutout to @Shane for touching up my avatar out of nowhere. Really cool of you, bro.
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    Because desolation one of the worst mods for arma 3 and this community is dying a slow painful death.
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    lmao I always had that feeling looking at this pic
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    Oh no! Ads! How will you continue to live? I'm so sorry for your loss.
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    Who the hell thought this would be a good idea...
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    Might just be me, but uh I am pretty sure the website title is Not Desolation RP, but.. yeaaah. :Shrug:
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    Due to a translation error the group name has been changed. Thanks to @Stormyvill for helping me sort that out.
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    1. I am not going to drop $29.99 on DLC for a project that will most likely be gone within the next few weeks/months, sorry, that's just how it is with side projects here. 2. I have no interest in playing Desolation unless it's something COMPLETELY unique. The only way I would play it is it something were achieved similar to the mod in Frankie's videos.
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    Saw this, was reminded of you. No homo tho.
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    Alright the graphics are a bit of a rip off and they are just obnoxious in terms of their size. Don't try to lean on an awesome video game in another universe for a theme or a group name. Seems like you wouldn't have a name. Most people would just do their thing and wouldn't feel the need for a name but maybe you could pull a Lost Souls or have it to where the theme or slogan of the group is the name but isn't spoken IC. "The last days is group based on hard-core survival role-play group." Please explain the difference between someone in a separate group surviving and how this group is "hard-core". Surviving is just staying alive, it doesn't say much and that is generally what is expected. "I aspect people who wish to join to provide the group and external people with the best roleplay they can provide." Sounds good, but that is the expectation of this community and is the norm. No need to mention this, the more you put on the thread the less people are going to read. "The people who will be role-playing as younger members of groups eg under 17 will not be given a gun." Why not? From an IC perspective at least. It is an Outbreak and a little explanation and reasoning would be neat, but the idea of not giving younger people a gun could be an interesting rp exchange if you catch somebody concealing one. Do whatever it takes to survive. Are you going to do "whatever" or will you still stay within the lines not being a hero or bandit? Survive anyway possible. Redundancy? Get to know other groups and forces. Is that not what most groups do? Unless they hide and avoid contact. Make difficult choices for the group. Does the leader make this difficult choice? I don't see how this makes sense for a IC goal. Learn from our mistakes. How do you quantify this? It has to be attainable, even if it is far-fetched. Just seems like filler along with everything that every other group already does. No military clothes guns, clothes, etc. Why not? If you aren't wearing it to avoid attention that is cool, but a bit more explanation on this would be good. Seems you would wear or carry what would allow you to survive the best. If you and a group of people start the Outbreak together then that explains why you are a group, but I get a 3 years into the Outbreak kind of vibe. The hardcore survival theme undercuts the entire point of the Lore wipe. You'd still be trying to figure the state of the world and what to do, but from what I have gathered it seems this group is just a pre-baked group for two years down the line or more. The goals are mostly not goals, they are just notions and ways of treating people and things, you have to have something attainable or at least something tangible. There has to be some measure of progress that someone could actually take note of ICly. Sure goals change and shift with focus and course of rp, but it would be better to have no goals than to have intangible phrases and slogans that does not constitute anything concrete. There are far too many "basic bitch survivor groups" out there. If you take away the story and graphics you could essentially cut and paste them. There is nothing particularly unique or innovative here other than the little bit of story you added. The graphics are just distracting and detract from the meat of the thread. Be simple, don't just shit out a ton of phrases that are not goals. Refer to this thread. I know how he got here and what they want to do. The thread is fairly original, generally unused as a concept, and says more by being concise and saying less. You pmed some 230 people in this community for this group. If you want the foundation for a good group, start out with a character and let him accrue more and more folks that he meets. Having a massive group of wandering survivors just feels circlejerky and less authentic. Come up with a basic story for a handful of folks, explain why they are in Chernarus, what they want to do, and then let rp and hostilities take it from there. This just feels a bit forced and rigged. Explain why things within the group are the way they are. You don't need a Lore to set something up now that will take off and be great in the Outbreak. Be original and flush the graphics, make interesting characters, and go from there.
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    I mean I'm all about story's developing ic and all that. But people are gonna play with who they are going to play with. No real need to limit it with more rules. I'm sure plenty of people are going to make characters that knew each other before and we're in groups together before the infection. While I see what your saying in the sense of in game character progression and all that, I just don't think it should be forced on people who would rather group up day one and have back stories explaining it.
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    *He would listen to Timothy's words and raises an eyebrow, before picking up the radio and pressing the PTT.* "I agree with you on it all seeming way too fucking good to be true but...I don't know don't you think we should maybe hear them out a bit? You guys got a lot of fucking shit it seems don't you boys have a doctor or some shit to like take a look at all this. If you can find that military shit can't you find some science stuff? I don't know, just think maybe they REALLY do wanna help!" *He rubs the back of neck thinking, and taking a long sigh.* "I don't know, maybe i'm crazy but if we really have a way out all this dumb shit shouldn't we seek out a bit? Maybe you guys can work out some kinda meeting or something." *He would release the PTT and set the radio on the nightstand next to him waiting for a response*
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    The fact that our public forums can make a newcomer such as yourself feel apprehension about being here is a far bigger problem than this safe zone. The forums offer some of the best and worst aspects of this community, this thread has devolved into the latter. Your comment classifies as the former. Hopefully people see that and realise that its people like you who matter the most in this community: the newcomers.
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    Seriously, Chernarus is like 256 square K, minus water, and y'all are mad that a tiny little island that you've probably visited once and doesn't fill a single square K can't be attacked? Pish.