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    -Please note that this is the whitelist version of the Lore, and a following Lore+ version will be posted and pinned in the L&S section that contains more information, detail, and more description. Everything people need to know is here, and more pictures will be added to the Lore+ version which will flesh out and give some visuals. Thank you guys for your patience, we hope you will like it.- DayZRP Community Lore Table of Contents 1. Prologue 2. Introduction 3. First Week 4. Intervention 5. Second Week 6. Epilogue “In an urban society, everything connects. Each person's needs are fed by the skills of many others. Our lives are woven together in a fabric. But the connections that make society strong also make it vulnerable.” - Threads, 1984 Not a soul could have possibly fathomed that a victorious Chernarus would ultimately sign the death warrant of all civilization. The world would appear dumbfounded as the work of rebuilding a broken country would eventually crumble. The peace that was achieved, was really what doomed us all. Nobody thought something like this could happen, the stuff of movies and TV shows. And in the off chance that something catastrophic did occur most people trusted the authorities and government to do the right thing and protect their citizens. The connectivity of a modern globalized society had led humanity like lambs into a forest full of wolves. We assumed the best and did not pay attention to what was actually happening. Ignorant, self-absorbed people who knew everything and yet understood nothing. Those observant individuals that saw it coming were too few and were disregarded and branded as conspiracy theorists and nerds. What they saw coming was not the plague itself, but how humanity’s illogical handling of a logical crisis would ultimately doom it to near-extinction. Global chaos that has been seen in the past will not compare to what will be seen in the coming days…or after those days had passed. Chernarus had made great strides in rebuilding since the conclusion of the bloody 2009 civil war and was on route to becoming something of a power in the region. Foreign investment in the Chernarussian coal, mining, gas, and agriculture industries had swelled the workforce and created many jobs in remote places where none before existed. South Zagoria was still a poor recovering province, the recovery period had ended, and revitalization efforts were planned to revamp the area. Tourism had picked up as a result of the war, Chernarus got its name in the international headlines and people who didn’t know the country existed before 2009 became aware of it. While Chernarus had not officially joined NATO for fear of losing national sovereignty, it did agree to host several bases within Chernarus. International Airports were expanded, allowing international flights heading to Asia or back to Western Europe to stop and refuel at a central place without having to fly to Dubai for a connecting flight. In the wake of the civil war, NAPA was disbanded by leader Josef Prizak, and most of its members joined the CDF and accepted general amnesty from the government. The Chedaki were hunted down viciously by the State, capturing all of its leadership that was not apprehended or killed during the civil war and put them on trial, many being executed for the genocide, insurrection, and murder conducted during the war. Despite Chernarussian-Russian relations being quite amicable immediately following the civil war, tensions would again rise to a boiling point between the two countries. Even with the election of a popular center-right statist nationalist party and a booming economy, military escalation was a frequent occurrence on the northern border. A marriage between a Chernarussian woman and a Russian man was attacked by right sector Chernarussian extremists in late April 2017. Following this event, protests, political demonstrations, calls for secession of ethnic Russian territories such as northern South Zagoria and Belozersk and ultimately violence led the State to declare martial law in South Zagoria on May 3rd, 2017. The province was gripped with fear and tension, and some citizens left to go to western areas that were considered to be safe, their belongings and vehicles left behind to rot for fear of another civil war. However, the attention of the world was focused elsewhere and not on the developing situation in Chernarus. It all began with seemingly benign activity at an old storage base north of Severograd, the easternmost base in a chain of facilities that stretched west along the Black Mountains. After the fall of the USSR and Chernarussian independence, the base was handed over to the fledgling CDF (Chernarussian Defense Force), and any memory of the base and its activities were forgotten. The sites were sealed to the public during Soviet times, and the local populace knew little of the activities of these bases. Whatever the Soviets were doing here was done in isolation, and rumors permeated through the region as to the origins of the operation, as it seemed as if the base had been there for an eternity. On the 7th of July CDF troops were sent to the base where they established a series of checkpoints on surrounding roads, stopping all foot or vehicle traffic and turning it back. Foot patrols began to move through the woods around the base in an attempt to make up for the abysmal condition of the base’s perimeter fences. A video filmed of a Russian helicopter flying into the base was posted on Twitter the same night, igniting a controversy. The following day the residents of Kamensk and Nagornoe were rounded up, those from Nagornoe were escorted south to Severograd and housed in the local school without any explanation as to the reason of their relocation other than their “personal safety”. The civilians from Kamensk who were the main witnesses to the whole incident disappeared completely, the most common rumor being that they had been held inside the base itself. National outrage ensued, and in the meantime, events escalated considerably around midnight, when an apparent disagreement between the two sides of the base resulted in the departure of the Russians back across the border. In the early hours of the 10th, the Russian air force completely annihilated the storage base that was the source of the whole controversy, leaving only a couple buildings standing and fifty dead Chernarussian personnel within the base. In response, Chernarussian jets from the Vybor Airbase raided Russian border posts starting a back and forth between each military. Chernarus awoke to a war in South Zagoria as national demonstrations and outbursts of violence occurred in the morning. Severograd began experiencing attacks from several soldiers that appeared to be rabid and unresponsive, the soldiers having emanated from the base. Many were severely burned or partially dismembered, and yet did not seem to care or respond with pain to their injuries. The first call came in from a farm north of the city, reporting three soldiers staggering out of the forest biting and attacking livestock. The station lost contact with the patrol sent to check on the farm. To make matters worse, following the bombing of the base and the subsequent dispersal of CDF troops in the area, Russian artillery launched an all-out bombardment of Kamensk, Nagornoe, and Severograd countryside. A man in Severograd who was interviewed by a local news station in Novodmitrovsk said the following about that morning: “The Russian bombardment was a distraction from whatever went on in the base that night. They had some stake in the course of events there after all the bombardment did little damage to any civilian or military structure. The goal was to distract the international press for as long as possible.” The Russian ploy worked according to plan, as the international news was fixed on the fighting and the armed confrontations and not on the strange attacks taking place near the site of the bombing. In the afternoon a wave of infected hit Severograd from the north, overwhelming the police the already packed hospital. Many of the people brought into the hospital were bleeding from the eyes, and had developed rashes similar to poison oak that secreted a clear fluid. On the 11th the north awoke to terror in the streets as those exposed to the virus on the previous day had turned. The authorities were completely caught off guard, as the few police officers on duty were not nearly sufficient to respond to phone calls coming in from their precincts. In the north-east towns around it were almost completely devoid of any military presence, putting them in a poor position to contain what was occurring. The virus was estimated to have a 6 hour incubation period, and that the average person would begin to attack non infected individuals 16 hours post exposure. Notably, within the first 6 hours of infection, coughing and sneezing were the most prevalent side effect. Any concentration of sick individuals seemed to focus the virus, making going into a hospital a near death sentence, especially with their patients so late into the stages of infection. On the 12th people in Turovo began to flee en mass causing a massive traffic jam and chaos as infected began to attack trapped drivers while soldiers at the checkpoint desperately attempted to assist. To combat the spreading chaos two battalions of CDF troops from Miroslavl arrived in South Zagoria and assembled in the Chernogorsk area, manning an extensive string of checkpoints, military camps, and refugee safe zones, the former built during the period of martial law. Local units were mustered and deployed to checkpoints and military bases, and all military operations in the province were directed from the Balota airfield. The turmoil in the north east spilled into Berezino and Solnichniy, as infected spread into the two towns, sending a wave of refugees down the coastal road as the pandemonium on the eastern coast escalated. Luckily most refugees stopped at Elektrozavodsk and camped out on the eastern and western shore of the city. The situation worsened near Vybor, as the airbase was rushed by infected at the northern and eastern perimeter. A swarm of CAF (Chernarussian Air Force) aircraft conducted strikes all day trying to halt the takeover of the base, but the bombing, rocket, and strafing runs only attracted more infected to the base. By this time the much of western Chernarus had major outbreaks, many spurring from refugees fleeing west from South Zagoria. Even before proper border control actions could be taken many tourists and Chernarussian citizens had fled the country by air via the Novigrad and Miroslavl International Airports to Europe, and the Balkans, triggering outbreaks in those areas. Russia moved to close the border with Chernarus off completely, and Takistan shut down its border, boxing Chernarus in. Meanwhile, in Elektrozavodsk a flotilla of privately owned boats and military vessels from Miroslavl and ports further south had sailed up the coast to attempt a mass exodus of the city, which was largely successful in leaving only a couple dozen civilians and CDF who stayed in the city. Unfortunately, this noble effort only served to move the outbreak to Miroslavl where the docks were overwhelmed with infected and refugees fresh off the boats, as the CDF had not set up a virus screening area for incoming refugees. The only major cities left in South Zagoria by then were Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and Zelenogorsk along with a handful of towns north of the coast. On the 17th, the CDF was struggling to hold onto South Zagoria with developing outbreaks in other areas in Chernarus bleeding dry reserves, meaning that South Zagoria could expect no further reinforcement as units further west were busy containing the epidemic near their bases, consequently it was on this day that help from abroad finally arrived in earnest. 200 UN peacekeepers and some 300 doctors and researchers were sent to Miroslavl where a large research center was established. A detachment of 100 were quickly dispatched to Chapaevsk where a base was created for treatment and research. A massive NATO fleet arrived off the coast of Chernarus, having been underway to the Green Sea since earlier in the week, joining an existing flotilla of NATO ships that had begun to assemble during the previous months of unrest. Now the fleet's goal was securing ground zero and preventing the loss of crucial NATO bases in the area. The Russian Black Sea fleet was waiting for the arriving ships, and had also been slowly deploying ships to the area as NATO had. NATO operations on July 17th focus mainly on reinforcing CDF troops in South Zagoria, deploying troops from its Kirovograd base to combat outbreaks in the city itself. Mostly US troops from the Utes garrison are deployed to South Zagoria, US Army troops dispatched to Chernogorsk and US Marines to the Elektrozavodsk area. Russian strikes mostly target border areas close to home, while NATO flies directly in support of the CDF and its forces on the ground. The fighting prior to the epidemic was put on the backburner in favor of each side defending its interests, Chernarus and Russia agree to a cessation of hostilities as the Outbreak worsened. The bombing carried into the 19th, and the CDF and NATO defense line began to falter, falling late in the morning sending a wave of infected towards Chernogorsk as US forces retreated from the city amid the infected and severe riots. By the afternoon Zelenogorsk was completely cut off, and the CDF forces within the city eventually withdrew to the countryside to ride out the crisis and refused to abandon the province completely. That night Chernogorsk was set ablaze, with many civilians ransacking stores of what supplies they had left while others locked up in apartments and partied late into the night. Around midnight the downtown International Hotel was struck by a cargo plane carrying relief supplies that had veered off course, killing all on board. By daybreak on the 20th, Chernogorsk was in shambles as CAF helicopters continued to search for refugees in areas deemed to have been lost and were often seen flying at telephone pole height for maximum visibility. The second wave of NATO, Russian, and CDF bombing began shortly after noon, spreading the infected westwards into the north Miroslavl province as they followed the bombing and fleeing people. On the 21st, the remainders of civilization within South Zagoria either gave up or were overwhelmed. Many civilians who had not already left or been evacuated fled to the Vavilovo and Kamenka checkpoints, bottlenecking the road and making it impossible for any vehicles to leave along the main highways headed into Miroslavl province. Thousands of foreigners trapped in airports across the country began to depart as their CDF guards left, hoping to find refuge elsewhere after being detained inside the airport for a week. Most of western Chernarus was in chaos, with only coastal cities being secured while the countryside was either bombed or fought over as the CDF slowly began to withdraw leaving many rural areas to fend for themselves. At night a massive storm erupted across the entire region with tumultuous seas and raging winds. Only adding to the catastrophe, a cruise ship, the Costa Risacca, carrying some 3,000 passengers, struck a rock formation during the gale and went down several miles off the coast of South Zagoria. The ship sank to the bottom, leaving those who hadn't gone down with the ship or drowned to try and bring their lifeboats ashore. A large cargo ship was forced into Chernarussian waters by the storm. Instead of risking life and limb, the crew chose to beach the ship. The storm raged into early hours of 24th, and by morning, Chernarus was eerily quiet. Novigrad, Primorsk, and Miroslavl prepared for the worst. Russia moved in and enforced a no-fly zone over South Zagoria. After two weeks, the majority of Chernarus was a desolate burnt-out shadow of its former self. By the conclusion of week two, Ukraine and Turkey were suffering from a total societal breakdown, and many areas across Europe, Asia, and the Americas were containing major outbreaks in and around transportation hubs. So it was, the decline of humanity was insured by the failures of our own arrogance. While our globalized society connected people in ways unfathomable to our ancestors, it also revealed a vital flaw in our very being. As a result of our interconnectivity, the infection was able to travel far and wide before anyone was able to throw the alarm. From Tokyo to Paris, Anchorage to Buenos Aires, the infected walked among us and war raged. Our nature of abstract blindness made us weak and vulnerable, and thus we suffered. Even what was occurring in one's own country was secondary to the drama unfolding right in their own neighborhoods. Similar stories would play out within nearly every country and continent on earth, all with one inevitable final climax. After a month, the remains of a global society was crucified on the graves of those who built it. However, resistance to the virus and its after effects remained as entire nations attempted to eradicate the threat in the midst, the winners and losers of this titanic clash yet to be determined. Credit to Majoo for headers.
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    Link to the situation: Multiple things 1: General attitude 2: Heavy-handedness/overly strict Feedback: 1. Your general attitude and behavior as of late shows you to be out of touch with what is actually occurring on the server and in the community, and shows that you've made very irrational decisions recently as well as in the past. The first link shows that you don't understand what is actually happening on the server, which is very troublesome as you are doing things that are meant to restrict and constrain hostile RP. However, because most of the server is peaceful if not neutral, you're really just fucking over the minority of people who do play as hostile characters and bandits. Yes, this is your community and your server, but when you put forth suggestions, rule changes, etc or just make changes (especially some that have drastic effects on the RP and gameplay) without taking into account what your staff team says or what the community thinks about the idea, you are going to piss off a lot of people and push a lot of people away from the community. With our current population, this is something that cannot happen. The more people you piss off and push away, the less revenue the site has, the standard of RP lowers, and the server numbers continue to get lower. If you this community is to survive, we need to attract new players and keep our current ones. This community could not handle another tendy-wave of the same size as the first one. The second link has you saying the following "I am primarily thinking of some PvPers initiating on everyone and destroying the event". This shows that you are extremely negative against banditry or people who happen to get into PVP more than others. You believe that hostile RP would ruin everything and destroy it all, when in fact it could potentially create some interesting RP. Of course, you'd never know that because you avoid any and all hostile RP (even the potential for hostile RP) that comes your way. Hostile/bandit RP is still RP. PVP can be a byproduct of that. Nobody is ever forced into PVP. If they get initiated on, and don't comply, their death is their fault. Their life is in their own hands, unless a mistake or a rulebreak occurs. The fact that you're severely restricting hostile RP just because you don't like it, and just because you think it's a majority of the server is very worrying. If you want people to have fun in your community, you need to cater to more than just one type of RP. Thirdly, your replies on this status update also show that you have a terrible attitude towards certain playstyles and groups of people within the community. I will go more in depth on your replies and behavior in the status update and the circumstances surrounding the status update in my next bit of feedback, but for this part, I will focus on the following quote: "I am tired of that PvP banter shit that's going on currently and people treating rule 5.1 like a fucking joke". Nobody is treating rule 5.1 as a joke, as you suggest they are. This gives off the idea that you are extremely against any and all PVP. Again, nobody is forced into PVP unless a rulebreak occurs. The issue of people solely seeking out PVP is no longer as big as you think it is. The people who have abused the rules have been dealt with. You can relax with your persecution of anybody titled a PVPer now. Lastly, and I have no links for this, but people have been denied staff positions simply because of who they are friends with. I could understand if the person who was denied has shown to have a terrible attitude towards others, posts flamey or inappropriate things constantly, or any other negative things like those, but to deny someone simply because of who they are friends with is terrible. It once again shows that you have some sort of hate or focused negativity for a certain group of people. As the leader of a community, I would think that you'd want to be welcoming to everybody and remain at the very least neutral with active members of your community. Obviously you're human and have your own emotions and own opinions, but if you expect others in your community to behave well and be positive members in the community, perhaps it would be a good idea to follow the same guidelines you enforce on the members of your community. Nobody likes a hypocrite. 2. The first link of the second spoiler above shows the situation in which you permanently banned someone over them saying that they understood that what they did was a rulebreak. I understand that he did have a bit of an attitude, but permanently banning someone over some things that are so miniscule is way too heavyhanded. I did not agree with that at the time, and I still do not agree with that action. Giving them 5-10 warning points would have sufficed better, and it would have ensured that we didn't unnecessarily lose someone/multiple others from the community for something so small. The above link shows that their is a history of this behavior. The second link happened yesterday, and shows the situation in which you revoked the whitelist of someone for posting a literally harmless joke in an offtopic thread. @Boston Basher posted the following: "PVP > RP". This was posted in a thread titled "Unpopular opinions". Seeing as how the thread was in the offtopic section, the standards for warnings in that section is more lax. Likewise, other posts in the thread were humorous and clearly jokes. Posting a joke about enjoying PVP over RP was on the same level as the previous posts in the thread. Even if the statement was a fully serious one, stating that you enjoy PVP more than RP, revoking somebody's whitelist over that is so tyrannical and stupid that it is dumbfounding. The following links (1, 2, 3) show you taking it completely seriously and massively blowing things out of proportion. I know for a fact that what he said was no worth any sort of punishment. If anybody else but you had looked at the post, the same outcome would not have occurred. These are just some of the examples of you blowing things out of proportion or responding in disproportionate ways. I already stated above that the more things you do to piss off members in your community, the more it hurts the community and the worse it will be. You need to be careful with your actions and behavior, or else another chicken tendy wave WILL happen again. The whole tendy wave began after Echo received arguably unjustified points for a picture of a chicken nugget that was in the shape of a penis. Of course, some of the behaviors he showed along with his friends afterwards were not appropriate, however, that is not the point. Giving out unjust warnings and permabanning people for bullshit reasons will piss off a lot of people, and rightfully so. Nobody likes to feel like they were wronged, and when it happens multiple times, or it's shown that it happens many times to other people that they care about, they're going to react in terrible ways. Unless you want another tendy wave to happen, please follow my suggestions below. Suggestions for improvement: Take a backseat when it comes to running the community. Take care of everything else outside of implementing and enforcing rules, and allow the many staff members that have been recruited for the sole purpose of running the community for you, do their job. Everybody panics when you say "I got this". That is not a good sign. That shows that you are unpredictable and have a short fuse. Your actions are hurting the community, but you don't seem to realize that. The community is better and runs more smoothly when you are inactive, so please for the sake of the community, let your staff team do the task that they are here to do in the first place. Calling @Rolle for his POV. Please provide any video evidence you have.
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    I made a song Yoooou saaay... the rules of the games not a way that you're willing to play You crrrry... a report by the guy that you shot when he was going byyyy Why so mad? Remember we had an agreement when you signed to play But you had to be baaaad Remember, despite your enflamement.... I am an admin You are banned Now you'll see You'll- remember.... not to mess with me You are banned You're a bane Sorry but you went ahead and lost the game Tensions rise Now you're GOOONE All those rules You went and- broke them alllll Now that shit Just got reeeal I will send a nicely worded message ….to remind you- in appeals Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da- You say our rules are broken And you won't be baaaahhhaahaahaaaaack I am sure those orphans thought that With your attaaahahahaaack And now that I delete ya Your name no longer featured My poor, dismissive member You are... gone forever Forever and ever Your boys aren't here to defend ya--- -You are banned Final draw Killing bambi's shouldn't be a score Metagamed Forums flamed For that girl you went and had to haze When you're goooone I'll be glad You just had to go and be a lahhaad Cause when you got in game You would... blow innocents to pieces--- --then you'd log off... like... a.... bitch Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da- EVERYBODY! Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da!
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    A certain broadcast would be repeated on loop, playing from a certain radio station to the east.
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    Ground Zero - Place of Interest In the first month of the Outbreak survivors were occupied their daily struggle of finding food, safety, and some peace of mind in South Zagoria, generally forgetting or disregarding the place where the entire crisis had started. Some traveled into the base to search for supplies and anything left behind by the military forces that had manned the base before it was bombed. Many were smart and wore protective clothing and gas masks, others were either unaware or ignorant of the biological dangers of the site and went in unprotected. Some got lucky and some got sick, but most others just figured they had gotten bitten or exposed somehow. As the forces of the Russian Federation pulled out of the province and the CDF remnants were ordered out of the province, survivors left Chernogorsk and headed north to Severograd, a town which provided a fairly centralized location for commerce and hearing about the goings-on of the area. Apart from the occasional rumble from Tisy or the occasional Chernarussian Air Force jet high up in the sky, everything seemed normal. Aside from the amount of buildings that had been destroyed by Russian artillery the north Severograd countryside was almost picturesque. While downtown Severograd had mostly been spared, outlying areas were marked with destroyed houses and barns, a testament to the Russian attempt to distract the public from the epidemic that would soon grip the province and the world beyond. The civilians in the area had been evacuated or fled to Miroslavl, leaving behind ancestral homesteads and lands to rot. Cows and farm animals grazed at will in the countryside, and the frequent call of wolves in the forests to the north were a reminder of the dangers of travel as the summer months winded down and the temperature cooled down and the leaves began to change colour. The Kamensk Military Base was visited by forces of the UN in an attempt to discover more about the origins of the Outbreak. The former base of the 34th Engineer Company and the 176th "Gorka" Battalion was a shadow of its former self following the Russian bombing and the dispersal of the CDF from the base and the greater area. Most of the buildings present at the base had been in abysmal condition even before the Outbreak, most of which were leveled during the bombing. Tents set up by the military forces deployed to the site had mostly been looted or removed of valuables, and any documents or papers that could be used to deduce what had transpired there had conspicuously disappeared. The only real clue to what had happened being a pit down the hill to the south east of the base. A concrete slab punctuated by a small opening covered with a steel grate were apparent, but a look below the surface revealed a pile of bodies and a pipe that spanned the horrific pit, along with what appeared to be a shed jutting out of the side of the structure. The pipe had at one point been breached, with a jagged outline that showed where it had been. Since then it had been welded shut from the inside, and whoever had sealed the exposed pipe had conducted the job in a rushed manner among the pile of rapidly decaying carcasses that show evidence of being executed or subject to the blast of a grenade. The radiation level at the mysterious base is unusually high, not enough to be immediately dangerous, but enough to discourage anybody who knows about it to keep their path narrow and the duration of their visit brief. Beyond this, the level of biological contamination is far more of a threat to humans then the radiation. And as if that isn't enough, roaming packs of wolves make any trip to the site dangerous before one even reaches it. The feeling that you are being watched permeates the whole facility, making one uneasy as they tread through the area on their travels. In short, the location is a place full of questions and danger with few answers to offer up for the risk. //This thread meant to announce Ground Zero as a biologically contaminated site that would require sufficient protective gear and a gas mask to access safely. Those who don't would probably get sick dependant on where they went inside the base (pit, destroyed buildings, etc). It could also be considered bad rp to visit the site without the necessary protective gear and to play it off as if you were unaffected or safe from exposure. Everything that has been mentioned in this post can reasonably be seen by everybody IG, with the only small exception being the outline where the pipe has been welded shut from the inside. More will be done with Ground Zero in the future with the advent of hazmat suits in .63 (keep an eye on Tisy too) and as we start doing events in the area, many of which will be unannounced and dynamic which are directly related to the site.The radiation is just high enough to be suspicious but not really enough to do damage, the biological contamination is what will kill you.
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    There's a real issue that seems to be plaguing our server lately. It's always been a part of the community, but with our consistently active playerbase shrinking by ~50%-75% on March 1st, this issue seems to have been magnified. Of course, everybody is going to enjoy different types of roleplay, and playstyles, but the mindset that they're somehow better than another person just because of the RP they enjoy/playstyle they play is toxic as fuck and is killing our server. It drives a huge wedge between members of the community, and it needs to stop. I'm not sure how to stop it, and I'm not suggesting any solutions, because this issue is much more complex than it may seem. However, I know for a fact that it will take everybody to make things better. There has always been a split between campfire RPers and RPVPers, and there has always been a sense of elitism on both sides. However, as I stated above, it seems to have been magnified since March 1st. PVPers are seen as scum of the community just because they rob people and get into firefights. Now, there are obviously some bad apples out there that ruin things for everybody, but just because there are those few assholes who have to abuse things, that doesn't mean PVPers should be stereotyped as terrible RPers who are only on the server to find PVP. This attitude towards PVPers can be seen both in game and on the forums. There have been many many times where either my friends and I, or another person I know, has been berated or insulted on an OOC level just because the person getting robbed is upset at the loss of their things. I've personally seen comments like the following from this report: 08:50:39 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //you have to emote you aids rping fucks jesus meta gaming, and now this jfc 08:50:44 : Direct: Dusty Mayfire: //stop ooc 08:50:51 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //stop breaking rules 08:51:15 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //dont break rules and i wont have to morons Or also things that are said directly to me/my friends, whether it be on the forums or in teamspeak. These don't necessarily have anything to do with PVP vs Campfire RP, but it shows that people lose control and allow themselves to act like an asshole over things that don't matter: Regarding things I've heard said about campfire RPers, I don't really have many examples to go on as I have not been a campfire RPer for at least 2 years now. However, what I have heard from other people, or even have heard myself said, are that campfire RPers are pussies that hide from everybody else or that they're piles of salt or that so-and-so is a whiteknight, or comments along those lines. Personally, I don't have a problem with campfire RP; my only issues lies with people who purposely hide away from other people and only internal RP, or people who avoid RP hotspots because it's 'dirty' or whatever. Now, both sides are guilty of elitism and OOC hate for the other side, and both are at fault for it. However, this is not something that can be easily solved. It will take everybody changing their mindset and being more open minded to make things better in our community. After all, we're all here to have fun and to create interesting stories, but this can be hindered when people allow themselves to get heated or upset over the tiniest things. Like I said, there's nothing that can really be done, besides everybody in the community opening their mind more and just being more chill in general. There is also the issue of people avoiding RP hotspots or hubs just because they think they're better than the RP that goes on there, or that avoid it because they don't want to ever experience bad RP. There is also an issue of people hiding away and only internal RPing with each other, and who completely avoid anybody that is not in their group. My issue lies with these types of people. I am not against internal RP, I am against people who purposely try to avoid anybody else for whatever reason. I've heard comments like "That type of RP belongs in Cherno!" and things along those lines. People calling the triangle, and more recently Cherno, cancer because the majority of reports are centered in that area. Like yeah, bad RP would happen there sometimes, but that happens when new people roleplay, or when somebody makes a mistake. Just because there might be a chance of bad RP happening, or because a majority of reports center around an area, doesn't mean people should just avoid it. That type of thinking is killing the server. Without an RP hub, or a place for people to go to RP with each other, it's just a bunch of people running around, searching town after town to find people to RP with. That's not fun. Just did it for an hour and a half. Ran from Elektro to Novaya Petrovka, and even over towards Severograd. Found literally nobody the entire time. Like I said, that's not fun. We're all here to RP with each other. Yes, bad RP can occur, but people shouldn't hide themselves away from everyone else just because they don't want to potentially experience bad RP, or because they're afraid of being robbed. When people hide themselves away, or avoid an area like it's the plague just because it's a popular area, it can and does kill a server. People come here to RP with other people. When they can't find anybody to RP with, it's not fun, and they're likely to not want to play on the server. That is how I am personally feeling lately. I don't have motivation to get in game, because it is difficult to find other people to RP with. I know for a fact that there are others out there who feel the same as I do. The idea that hiding away from people is better than RPing with others seems to be a relatively new idea. As far as I can remember, this was not an issue back in 2015. Green Mountain was always popular, as well as Zelenogorsk, Vybor/VMC, the airfield, Stary, Novy. Then there were times that Dolina was popular, and then the prison island, and then eventually the RP hub moved to Kabanino. It seems like the mindset of hiding from everybody stemmed from something during the time Kabanino became popular. I don't know why some people feel inclined to do so, but it's not a good mindset and will kill the community and server, unless our server populations rise again or unless that type of thinking is done away with. I'm not saying that people who do that are bad people or bad at RPing, but it is not a good mindset to have if we want the server to remain populated, and if we want our community to continue being about having fun and creating cool stories with each other. I'm also not saying that everybody should be at the RP hub 24 hours, 7 days a week. I just think that people need to get out of their comfort zones more often. Maybe that would keep the servers alive. Anyways, these are all my opinions. I am not trying to throw shade and flame people or a certain playstyle, and I am sorry if it came across that way. I am also not looking to get into arguments, and I would like it if other people could avoid flaming or flamebaiting each other, but that might be too much to wish for. What I would like to do, is create a discussion where we can all share our opinions and potentially open the eyes of people that were unaware of this issue.
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    I couldn't help myself given recent debates... don't freak! It's a joke, I swear! Yes I know. I have too much time on my hands... Comply and surrender Please hit your f2 key When the heat of an ak's spray Will shit upon your day Drop weps you have ten seconds Or I'll see it through It's enough for this roleplay warrior Just to dunk on you And caaan you feeel the PVP Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst There's a time For salt threads There upon the boards Because an aiming Khastan Scope Went and got you domed There must be rhyme and reason To those wild reports When the rage of this Gear crazed scavenger Freaks as his retort And caaan you feel the pvp Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst
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    It's peaceful according to you. If it was peaceful I wouldn't be receiving multiple PM every week with complaints about groups or PvPers along with recorded videos of their bullshit. Players hubs like Pub wouldn't have to relocate due to constant attacks and griefing. Reports are still being posted at the same rate as before considering the number of players we have daily. How exactly am I not understanding what is happening on the server, I have proof in form of countless videos from reports section to back it up while you just have your personal opinion. And I am not here to restrict and constrain hostile RP. As I explained in this post just 2 days ago, I don't have problem with hostile RP, I have a problem with PvPers. These are completely different things in my book and it is clear that some people in this community do not see the difference, they think they are doing hostile RP, but what they're really doing is just run around and initiate on people or get in firefights. Damn right it's my community and the rules I set are always for the betterment of role play, never for PvP. So it's natural that PvPers will be pissed off and pushed away, in fact I count on it, because this community is not for PvPers. It's the entire point of introducing these rules - it's not to restrict the legitimate role players, it's to restrict and get rid of PvPers. It should be a pretty obvious thing I think considering the name of this community. I haven't really hidden the fact that I was more than satisfied to see large part of people who left during chicken tendie be gone, they caused a fuckton of issues in this community. Sure, there were some good people too whom I was sad to see go, but majority were just PvPers. So please, stop with the doomsday predictions, it's getting old. These "DayZRP is dying if you don't change now" has been going on since 2012 and during chicken tendie as well about how the community will fall without their awesome bandit PvPRP and as we know absolutely nothing has happened. In fact, I'd say the standard of RP has only increased. This community can handle many, many PvPer cleansings to come. What you don't see is the true role players who share my values are more than delighted to see the PvPers gone, but won't express it publicly as I do as they don't hold the position of power like me and they would be bullied and ridiculed for their opinion by the "bois". Again, it is not big as I think it is according to you. Everything else like PMs I receive, conversations in staff, reports posted, videos uploaded show a completely different story, so I cannot take your word on this. And again, I want to remind you that hostile RP does not equal PvPing. Genuine hostile RPers should have absolutely no issues with the changes being made as they rarely if ever get in reports unless the victim is salty about something. What are you talking about? I think I treat all members who follow our rules equally. What does expectation for people to behave well in this community has to do with whom me and my admin team chooses as new staff members? Choosing people who enter our team has nothing to do with equality. We choose people who we think are reliable and a good fit for the team. If your friends list consists of 50% of permabanned players then obviously you are not a reliable choice as we cannot trust you with internal staff information, your connections and the risk of leaks is just too great, regardless of how good roleplayers you might be. I don't see how that is being a hypocrite. This point kind of sounds similar to what happened during the PR Manager recruitment controversy (people questioned why someone was promoted to that rank). If I wanted to recruit 50 new completely unknown people into staff to handle DayZRP things I could. Who gets added to the staff is none of the concern of regular members - that is handled by admin team and me and stays there. We don't have to explain or justify our choices. You are free to disagree with the choices we make or criticize that staff members work, but our choice who to recruit is ours only. Why would we want someone like that in our community? He clearly didn't give a crap about anything that we stand for and has already broken one of our major rules, now he was doing it purposefully again. Giving 5-10 warning points and then what, wait for him to go on KoS spree and destroy someones RP? This is perfect example why we have rule 4 - if me or the admins see that someone is unfit or unwilling to role play in this community - they will be removed at moments notice without questions asked. It is not heavy handed, it is damage control before it reaches genuine role players in game whom we are here to protect. This community is for RP, not PvP. Someone who enjoys PvP more than RP has no place here, there are hundreds of public servers for that. We are not and have never have been a community for everyone and I have never claimed it to be as such. We specifically ONLY want people who want to focus on RP and not PvP. Once again (third time now?), note the difference between hostile RP and PvPing. If your priorities lay in PvPing then this is not a community for you. That's why saying things like Boston did on our forums is in direct violation of the core values or principles of this community, and since Boston didn't include any indications that his post is a joke, I as an administrator must take action. I will not risk someone disturbing ongoing RP with their PvP because "it was just a joke on the forums". It's called preventive action through rule 4 and it's similar how if someone posts a status update "going on kos spree brb", it will get you banned from the servers, joke or not. It may be obvious to you that this was not worth of any sort of punishment, but then again you are not administrator with the power of rule 4 whose duty is to remove unsuitable players at moments notice. You may think joking about breaking the rules in this community is funny shit, I do not think so because it affects MY players and MY community negatively and I as an owner have a strong commitment and desire to keep this community for role play and role players only. All warnings and bans issued are legitimate. They have a backing in our community rules or community principles. All bans and warnings are done on case to case basis depending on the situation. They are not meant to be justified by referencing to another similar case, they are not comparable. Besides that, Dusty please. "Some of the behaviors were not appropriate"? Cmon, let's name things as they are. The chicken tendie was a bunch of immature kids, PvPers and banter bois throwing a fit with hitler pics because when one of them broke the rules for the Nth time they expected getting smacked on the wrist with 3 points as usual and what they got instead was the hammer. They feel they were wronged? Well of course, they kept pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules, so they got thrown out, of course they feel wronged. I absolutely expect another banwave to happen because I know that we still have quite a few PvPers left in the community who do not care about RP at all and just want to initiate on role playing nerds, am I right? Whether they leave on their own through another staff suicide or I remove them remains to be seen. As you probably have guessed from reading this far, we will have to agree to disagree. I have to act the way I do because the staff team usually wants to avoid confrontation and controversy that results in drama or they do not feel like they have the power or authority behind them to enforce the rules to the level that they perhaps would want to. I on the other hand after 5 years of running this community am used to people hating me for and creating drama surrounding my decisions, directness and swift actions. My actions are hurting the people focused on PvP, just like intended, not the role playing players or the community that I created this place for. Regular role players should only feel improvements when they are exposed to less bullshit robberies, unjustified kills, receive hostile RP that is fair-play and are stopped being taken advantage of. Also a small correction - staff members do not run the community FOR ME, they do it for the community. I do not sign a contract with them, nor do I pay them and we only take volunteers. Those who show dedication, share the same opinion about our core values and have the right mindset are given a chance to have a large role in how the community functions by becoming a GM or Admin. Thanks for the feedback though, it confirms my understanding that there are still many people in this role playing community (just look at these BeanZ! ) who want this to be more of a no-KoS server with limited to no rules about RP, rather than a protected sanctuary of genuine role play. And I'm sorry if I made any typos, written fast before bed. Also I still love you Dusty, you're my favorite hostile RPer and I very much enjoy different viewpoints from you when discussing reports, no hard feelings.
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    So this is discussion about point 7 in this thread: The goal here is to make it fair and realistic in hostile situation when someone is initiated upon or role played with. Currently: 1. When initiated upon you quickly tell your team mates in TeamSpeak that you are attacked and you say all details like where, how many the enemy are, their location, clothing etc. That is not realistic as in such a hostile situation the attacker would be able to hear you say all these things into the radio. The attacker has no way of preventing you from giving out this information as when they take your radio it is already too late. 2. During hostile situations the attackers are often seen walking around and doing things without ever talking to one another. They seemingly talk with one another and decide on things telepathically. After the rule is implemented: 1. When initiated upon you will have to say everything that you say to your team in game. That way the initiator has a realistic way of telling you for example "don't touch that radio" which is a reasonable demand considering the hostile situation. 2. When role playing with other players, OOC comms may not take priority over IC comms. Now, to formulate the rule, I was thinking about something like this: 11. Metagaming 11.5 In presence of other players you must use in game communications if your message contains IC information. This is especially important during hostile situations where you may not use external communication like TeamSpeak to share in character information like your location or details about the attackers. Feel free to discuss and suggest different definitions of the rule, I know this one isn't very good but I hope it shows you what the goal with it is.
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    Hey folks, I'm here to talk about a subject that is touchy, and a fair amount of people completely disagree with. I ask you to hear me out. The Problem: Bandits running around robbing folks over and over and over again. Stale RP, and stale hostage RP. The Problem, explained: For a long time there has been no real massive story arc for groups. I think it's fair to say it has been since 2015 since a real server-wide story arc has taken place amoungst multiple groups.. and I'm talking like a real story arc here.. A beginning, middle, and end. Example; The Family started up, and made a bad name for itself by carving into folks and torturing people. The Valkeryies and The Irish banded together to bring the family down, and after a few key battles, The Family tore apart. This is obviously an oversimplification, but it outlines why folks enjoyed 2015 so much. Groups had a big storyling that had a beginning, middle, and end right? Today there are no fun story arcs, and I feel it stems from lack of consequences from both campfire RP-ers, and PVP heavy groups. If the campfire RP-ers dont want to get robbed all the time, and they get tired of getting robbed.. as anyone would.. they would fight back. The reason they are campfire RP-ers is because they do not enjoy PVP all the time.. only some of the time. Right? But in the current system if the Campfire RP-ers fight back ..it's just giving the PVPers what they want; PVP. There are no consequences of a firefight. The Campifre get shot, the PVPrs get shot.. they both respawn.. but now the PVP'r wants revenge his blood has been kicked up LETS GO BOYS ITS ON!!! Battle, after battle ensues.. the Campfire folks only wanted 1 or two battles but now it's everyday... for a week or two until the parties get bored of each other, or the campfire folks go afk.. salty. There is no way to progress story arcs outside of campfire RP in our current system. I mean.. there IS... but there is no way to enforce people to RP story arcs. Here is my suggestion, a 3 prong solution to help the server into a more RP focused mind-set. Step 1: Permadeath. I think it would be fair to say if your character dies 3 times via firefight or execution.. that your character is over with. Keep Execution rights nearly the same as they are and you have a pretty fair and realistic consequence for being a shitlord. This way, PVP'rs can still be the PVP group they want.. but now they have to pick and choose engagements.. cuz if you die ... you ded... right? Step 2: Implement @Rolle group balance idea to an extent. The pvp'ers just lost one or two guys 3 times in a firefight.. and they want to keep playing in the group right? JUST RE-MAKE A COOKIE CUTTER CLONE OF THE GUY WHO JUST DIED!! Obviously we don't want this, and it would be relatively easy to enforce. Anyone who's in game a lot will know the names of prominent Campfire, and or PVP players.. especially the enemies of said folks.. they will police themselves. "Yo... our group just killed David Mack like 4 times this week.. and now @Rebel Pado just made a guy whos name is Darvid Merck... and he acts the exact same way... WTf?! Report that shit!!" It will be painfully obvious when these cookie cutter characters come into play.. also.. if you are not allowed to cookie cutter, and you must make a brand new character.. the grouo will be forced to change. If you kill the leader, and his top 3 guys.. and those folks have to remake NEW AND ORIGINAL characters.. there is no way for them to follow the same story arc... the LoreMaster team should keep on top of the RP leadership.. to make sure groups are adhereing to a new goal-set if/when the leadership gets.. you know.. smoked. This wil VASTLY improve group story arc. Also make sure folks cant just make cookie cutter groups over and over again... Step 3; Radio chatter. Okay we've handled those DIRTY PVPERS.. what about the silly white knight campfire RP-r who will go into radio chatter and thump his chest.. only to get into game and sit up north, or be polite whilst he is right next to the guys he flamed two days prior.? How do we deal with this cancer? Make anything overtly hostile said IC on radio chatter count as a hostile action towards execution. That way Campfire RP-ers will be kept in check.. if the PVP bandits find that dude after he's said like on 5 different occasions that " WHEN I SEE YOU NEXT I WILL KILL YOU SCUM!!!" ... if the pvp-r can give good execution RP in response to the dick waving over the air... that will cut back greatly on the needless radio chatter cancer. Also, if the Campfire RP-r greatly values his or hers character... he/she will comply to robberies. And you bet for DAMN SURE they will act realistically to fear RP if their characters life is on the line. Some of these steps outlined will be difficult, and time consuming to police.. like group leadership dying and seeing the groups direction change in response. But it will largely be self policing. You can be damn sure the enemies of a group WILL be paying attention to that shit.. and the salt lords WILL call attention to ANY slight found in the enemies group, or RP. The LM's can go through the salt when it arrives.. and see what the truth of it is. Thoughts? I feel this would bring SIGNIFICANT group story arcs back.. and can solve the robberies issue.. and the shitty campfire hostage RP/radio chatter dickery.
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    Nah. I'm not even going to sugar coat it, this is actually retarded. I'm not even going to explain my reasoning either, just going to link this picture as my source and proof.
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    A few days in July 2012 I was playing the newly released DayZ mod that was taking the PC gaming community by storm. Everyone was recommending it, I already had ArmA2 box edition since before, so it didn't cost me anything to try it. I was playing on one of the official servers where I met a few guys. I no longer remember their names except for Borg (now banned for cheats ) who hanged around for quite a while after creation of DayZRP. Back then not that many people killed on sight so the four of us decided to team up, exchange Steam info and play together and explore what the game had to offer. We were all new to the game and the world full of zombies and the open world survival aspect were a intriguing combination. Even though the early versions of DayZ mod were buggy, we still had a great amount of fun. A few days later I read somewhere that you could create your own server. I decided to go for it, so that me and my newly made friends would have a common server to play on and meet more people. I still remember setting up the server and you had to register on the official DayZ website and get approved to connect it to the official HIVE. My server got ID "SE-8". The server was running on my old PC that served mostly as a file server, a dual-core CPU with 4GB RAM. My and my new friends loved it and really enjoyed it for a while, but soon the gear whoring took the best of us and we starting using the server to get advantage over other players, by camping popular spots, hoarding vehicles and helicopters or duping gear. I remember all 4 of us lying on the top of Chernogorsk factory, all geared up with M4 camo rifles and KSVK, camping innocent survivors. I got bored of that kind of gameplay quite quickly. When we had stacks upon stacks of duped weapons, items and best vehicles there was nothing more for us to do. There was no customization or anything much you could do with an official server connected to HIVE. That's when private server files were released, by R4Z0R if I'm not mistaken - the guy who currently takes care of DayZ mod updates. The server was created. I wanted it to be server with my own rules, where you couldn't shoot people on sight or dupe gear. I wanted it to replicate the experience that I had when I met those 3 other guys a few days in July 2012. I didn't have a good name, SE-8 didn't exactly roll of the tongue, but I wanted the name to indicate that the server was for interactions. I don't remember who came up with it, but DayZRP was decided upon, even though up until then I had no experience with role playing in computer games. I registered a domain and created a simple forum, to make it easier for players who were playing on the server to communicate. Within days, the server and the website had first members. We didn't have a whitelist or password and the rules were basically reduced to "do not kill on sight or combat log", but the concept of restricting gameplay to no-KoS seemed to be gaining more and more support as the public servers were heading in the direction of a PvP game. The rest you can really read yourselves, by going to the last page of the General forums and reading some of the threads from 2012 or checking the Archives. Here we are after countless role playing events, wipes, KoS hours, settlements and camps, groups and factions, journals and stories, and over a million posts on the forums and so, so many predictions that "DayZRP is dying". During these years I have met so many great people, my live has been turned upside down with legal stuff, I have become a father and have learned so much thanks to this community. I want to thank all players who have played on DayZRP during these 5 years, all the staff members who have selflessly spent hundreds of hours working on this project, all the people who have suggested ideas and fought hard to make this community a better place for all of us. You guys are awesome, you are the ones who make this happen. DayZRP is 5 years old today. /Rolle 50% off Premium ranks with code "happy5", only today!
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    Hey guys, was thinking about this the other day and thought to get your ideas on this. Nowadays, when I walk around in-game, I don't see any real tension or tenderness toward other players. That may be a reflection of my own RP, or a reflection of the community as a whole. But it seems that most dynamic conversations go something like this: Person/Group 1: Hey, so uh, who are you (guys)? Person/Group 2: Oh hey, I'm (we're) xxxxxx. Who are you? PG1: I'm (we're) yyyyy. Where you headed? PG2: Oh you know, just over that hill there. Do you need anything? PG1: No, no I'm (we're) good. You? PG2: Nope, thanks. Uhhhh well okay, see you I guess. PG1: Yep stay safe. Of course, interactions vary slightly, depending on whether one group is a bandit or if they know each other. But most random encounters are pretty... dry. I think it may have to do with a number of factors, and wanted to hear your thoughts: Most people have their cliques at this point. Very few players in the community roll around by themselves unless they're brand new and are simply trying to find their groups or RP only with their groups. This is indicative of a community problem, and isn't something I think we can really address other than to say, "hey, maybe we should be more patient and open to RP from others." That seems fair to say, no? Don't want this community to be super cliquey. (The real issue, I think) Everyone has been RP'ing as if the apocalypse has been going on for about three years now. Most survivors at this point are indifferent to the problems of others, and are usually independent enough that that don't need help. The second one, I wish to address before the new lore kicks off. Let's shed ourselves of this dull blanket of RP! The infection will have just begun, the outbreak still scary and disorienting for everyone. Tensions should be high, and a willingness to work with others should be as well. I want people to interact with more human and realistic reactions than if a random person were to walk up to you on the street in your day to day life. Each survivor is precious and you have to work together. For my group, for instance, I hope our interactions to go something as follows: PG1: Hey! Hey you guys with the guns! Over here! ODA: *points guns* Oh shit, who are you? Are you bitten? PG1: What?! No, no, I'm (we're) nobody I'm (we're) not bit! ODA: *lowers guns* Phew okay, what's your name(s)? Why aren't you at the evac points? PG1: The name's xxxxxx. I (we) couldn't make it out. You guys look like military, do you know where I (we) need to go? ODA: We weren't part of that effort, we don't know. Have you seen any CDF or UN forces? We need to link up with them. PG1: No, it's been chaos. Can you help me (us)? Please, these infected are fucking crazy and I (we) only have this axe. ODA: Jesus, where did you find that in this city?! Look, we can take you as far as the next town headed East, but no further. PG1: Oh I was going... I guess west? Over to the big airfield. I heard people were still getting out there. ODA: Well in that case, here take this food and this bandage. It's all we can spare and should last you the trip. Best of luck, and stay out of big towns! PG1: Oh thank you, I haven't been able to find food for days since the stores got raided. Hey, I have this walkie talkie, is there a radio frequency I can reach you at for help? ODA: Yes, we communicate publicly on yyyy. Only use that frequency if you have an emergency, or if you find the CDF or UN. Be safe. Few things to note in that interaction. People with guns and in military gear at this stage of the lore should be seen as helpful authority figures. That image shouldn't change until certain factions go rogue or civilians get their hands on military-grade equipment. If you were in a natural disaster and saw someone from your National Guard (or equivalent), you wouldn't be scared, you'd be relieved. Everyone is on edge, we point our guns (but don't initiate of course) because we're trying to protect ourselves from the infection. We don't know if we're immune, if it's airborne, or if people have been bitten. Most people should be like that, initially extremely suspicious of people but quickly thereafter very willing to talk/help. We talk about events happening around us. Since the outbreak is so new, things like evacuations and the infection are hot topics of point. We also ask about factions relevant to both our group's internal goals, as well as the well-being of civilian survivors. People are ready and willing to help one another, to a point. Everyone has their own goals, whether that be to link up with allies, find their loved ones, or get the fuck out of dodge. To that end, people understand that they should stick together, until it becomes a problem for them. Most people who aren't trained to understand landnav (orienteering) won't have a firm grasp on compass directions. They know that East is the sunrise and West the sunset, but aside from that they're probably completely useless off paved roads with signs. For now, they'll talk in terms of landmarks or cities, not in terms of bearings or terrain. Of course, every interaction is unique, but this is a good example of how RP should be intense and human. I hope to hear your thoughts about this, and what considerations we should take into account for RP'ing when the lore has just recently begun!
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    Yeah, I'm leaving staff. Due to unfortunately circumstances that occurred yesterday, I received a staff strike. On top of motivational issues and other things, I've decided that this it's the best course of action. I wasn't contributing all that much compared to before, but it's been a cool ride. I've made loads of friends, had some awesome discussions with people, it's been eventful. I joined back in October 19th, so that makes it nearly 2 years. Sucks I didn't wait out the 2 months. But yeah, I'm not so good at these threads, so I'm gonna chuck a few names of people that are sick af that I met in staff. @Conor You and Shark brought me in, and I was pretty buzzed. I guess you're a cool guy. @Terra You were the scary ass German bitch that frightened me. Staff needs someone like that. <3 @roman - I like gary, he's a cool rapper. @Randle I thought you were a cunt when you first joined staff, but you're a chill guy now. Much love. @Kanen You were just salty because I got promoted first. <3 @Storm You post and I'll move. @Bunny GM buddy <3 @jannik I enjoyed working with you, but you can't write for shit. @Ellie Dirty shitposter. @Clumsy We had our ups and downs, but you're chill af. @Spartan @spartan @Dusty don't let it die out @wendsill You were cool to work with, but you went a little mad. RIP. @Defiance I'm sorry I didn't play siege with you. @Pussy You'll get that spot, dw. @Ron lesbian @go fish I miss u @Stagsview You're a cunt. @Alex you're just a banter boy. @Hebee Teach me the ways. @Brady You'll have to beg someone else to come back. @Major Hold the LM team. I'll chuck a few more names here since I'm lazy. @Castiel @William @Undead @Iso @DickSlide @[email protected]@Para @Shane I probably missed some people. You know who you are anyway. Just some general staff feedback. Don't be robots. I'm still gonna be around, this thread is purely for leaving staff. the game edit: I didn't paste the last bit. I love you guys @Oliv @Lyca @Ender @Aiko, good luck with the team.
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    A certain radio recording would be played on loop, coming from a radio station to the centre of Chernarus.
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    Here's a plan for tomorrows lore wipe and big maintenance, FYI. Goals, in order of completion on my part: Graceful shutdown, redirection of all website traffic to maintenance page Cleaning of servers and other equipment from dust Backup of all relevant data and secure wipe of disks Installation of new hypervisor on the main server and re-installation of main server OS Reconfiguration of web server, database, caching modules Fresh reinstall of the website system Migration of website data to the new system Installation of new updated high priority modules (characters, whitelist, Steam integration) Installation of new theme Installation of low priority modules (diverse Premium perks and functions) Update of official content like the new lore story, new rules Installation of server monitors, whitelist application and statistic modules Bringing back the new site online Goals, in order of completion for the rest of the staff: Manning the helpdesk throughout Saturday and Sunday Final event on Saturday 20:00 - 22:00 server time Both servers shut down on Saturday 22:00 server time for 1 hour. KoS event begins on Saturday 23:00 server time on S1 only. S2 stays online as a RP server. KoS event stops some time on Sunday afternoon. Both servers have their persistence wiped. Servers are brought back online once website is online. Timeplan: I assume that all the backing up of data, re-installation of operating systems, configuration of network, services and all that will take at least 3-4 hours. The longest part will be migrating the data from the old version to the new version of the website and getting everything to work again. I also have some stuff left to do on the theme - there are some parts which do not look as nice as I would like them to be. Those will be fixed over time since these are only cosmetic issues. Anyhow, I assume that the downtime will be as long as 20 hours, as I need to sleep too. So the servers and new website version will be up late on Sunday afternoon/evening server time. During maintenance: During the maintenance we will have the following events going to keep you busy: Staff will be holding counseling sessions on TeamSpeak where you can tell them all about your problems and cry on their shoulder KoS event will be ongoing on S1 for the most part of Sunday. No RP rules apply during that time. We will link to our Plug.DJ on the maintenance page to listen to some music together Some of the maintenance may be streamed live on YouTube. I'll see if I can get a webcam set up in my "epic" server room, stream will be embedded on the maintenance page.
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    @Rolle why is this being accepted when a majority of the people in this thread have spoken out against this suggestion? This rule will completely shit on casual players and people who do not want to join groups. I understand that official groups should have advantages over dynamic groups, but this is way too much of a disadvantage for dynamic groups. Not only that, but it makes no logical sense in RP. For example, me and my friend are not in an official group. My friend gets initiated on and shot dead, but because I was not initiated on, I cannot shoot the person who killed my friend. That is absolutely ridiculous, and not realistic at all. Why make people jump through so many hoops? If anything, we need less magical walls that stop people from doing things in game/types of RP. It's just giving people more reasons and more things to get each other banned with. If the intent of the community is to have fun, then this rule will do the exact opposite. I also thought of another issue that this will create. I initiate on a dude in Kabanino and his buddy doesn't comply. He begins shooting at me and tries to kill me. I see his friend in the same town, and I know for a fact that it is his friend. His friend is not in an area that I can safely go up to and initiate on him. Now, I need to check the forums to find out whether or not they're both on the CP, roster, and characters of an official group to know whether or not I can just kill them. It's very obvious you hate PVP, but it's stupid to make people jump through so many hoops. If we want the RP on our server to be more realistic, why are you suggesting and accepting rules that have no realistic logic behind them? This rule just adds more complexity and tediousness to the rules, when there should be less complexity. This will ultimately push people away when they realize there's yet another thing needlessly limiting their RP. This is a bit off topic from what I've said above, but how would you have any idea what is good for the server when you barely play the game, and barely get in the server? Looking at steam, it can be seen that you gave less than 1 hour played in DayZ in the last 2 weeks: Looking at the .clog files of the server, it can be seen that you haven't been on the server in at least 10 days. In fact, in the past 3 months, you've only played ~4.5 hours on the servers. With that information, I don't think you fully know what the server's mentality is right now. The only part of the community you see is from reports and media threads. The report section is the ugliest place of the community, so of course you would see the worst of the community. In the media section, people do post videos and screenshots that aren't PVP related, but there are people, like myself, that post PVP videos as those are more exciting. Because you have a misrepresentation of what the community mindset is right now, I don't think you should accept rules that the rest of the community does not agree with. Lastly, changing or implementing new rules with community input has always required a large amount of people to give their opinions on it, and there has to have been a clear majority with one opinion. In this case, there either was no clear majority, or if there was, it was in opposition of what that rule was suggesting. With that being said, I don't understand why it would be accepted. Just because you're extremely against PVP and killing and think that this rule is good, doesn't mean the rest of the community agrees with that.
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    say bye and leave it, I don't think we need to make comments about someone's English skills in an international gaming community, amirite? @Kuki wait for the verdict of your ban appeal before you already say bye. If not anyways o7
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    Starting a little off topic. I hate the terms being used in this discussion, it triggers me. If we are talking seriously, in my book there is no such thing as campfire RPers or RPPVPers, these are just used for memes. We are all supposed to be roleplayers. Depending on our characters we can do either peaceful RP or hostile RP and switch in between these depending on the situation. I don't have any problem with either of these, because people who do these properly are really role players - they are focusing on roleplay and keep things fair and that's what's most important. PvPing on the other hand is not roleplaying. PvPing is playing on our servers and using our rules and restrictions as an advantage over other players (being able to get close to the target without having to worry about being killed in open terrain for example) to kill or otherwise dominate them (hostage taking for no reason) and feel like winners. These people can't easily pull this off on public servers because there they would get rekt by other players shooting on sight, so a no-KoS server makes it easy to "win" over others. PvPing is cancer of this community, DayZRP was specifically created to create an alternative to PvP focus of vanilla DayZ so that we don't have to deal with players like that. It's insanely difficult to get rid of it, because it's always masked by the "but we do care about RP" and in the past it was only resolved after massive rulebreaks, usually by me rule 4'ing entire groups of PvPers. Bottom line being - bullets do not deliver RP. If they did, the best RP servers would be the publics. No, roleplay is interaction with other players through text or voice and that's the primary focus of this community. We allow for conflict in the rules (revenge rights, kill right sharing) to keep things fair between the players and groups and allow for fear and conflict which is a huge part of DayZ nature, not to allow your character to express themselves by emptying a magazine into other players. So how do you distinguish between a hostile roleplayers and PvPer? It's pretty simple. Hostile RPers will actually have a IC reason to do things they do and when they have a reason and are hostile they keep their actions proportionate to that reason. They will not make up reasons in order to be hostile, initiate or use their ambiguous group goals as a cookie-cutter reason, they will not actively go out and roam the map in search of conflict just to get into a firefight. They will focus on the roleplay aspect of all interactions and will not get hostile just to humiliate other players, get kills, gear or brag rights. I've been taken hostage recently by two random people whom I've never met before and it was one of the greatest moments in Standalone for me. I tried to reflect genuine emotions of being scared and on edge and they in turn kept it interesting and reasonable, didn't take anything that they didn't have to, didn't humiliate me or torture me for some shitty made up reason and I was let go shortly after because quite frankly - I haven't done anything wrong to them. I think that if all hostile RP looked like that then the peaceful RPers wouldn't have to avoid hubs in fear of a text initiation from behind a wall, hide on the map or focus on internal RP only. They wouldn't be afraid of losing the jacket that they searched for several hours that fits their character perfectly, because if they didn't do anything wrong or be a member of a group in conflict - nobody would take it from them. If they did something wrong, fair enough - do whatever needs to be done which is reasonable. If not, why should they have their experience and RP destroyed because a PvPer wants to humiliate and make other players miserable thanks to some made up shitty reason? So no, I'm not against hostile RP when it makes sense and is kept within reason, in fact I love it. It makes things interesting, it adds fear, consequences for your actions and adds to the atmosphere of the apocalypse. I am against PvPing, mass initiations on player hubs for no reason, killing other players when its not absolutely necessary, actively searching out and baiting/provoking conflict. Now that's not saying that peaceful RPers are holy cows and never can be wrong. If the reactions on screenshots that Dusty posted were sent after hostile RP that was entirely justified and fair then they are just salty people who are either gear whores, do not prioritize RP over everything else, can't take responsibility for their actions or do not recognize the difference between IC and OOC. Either way, they are just as much unsuited to be players in this community like the PvPers I described above. That's how I see it and that's how my priorities lie when deciding things in the community and if you disagree, well - there's always DayZ Underground where the organic and unrestricted RP is encouraged Now going back on topic, I don't think there is a huge problem with elitism in the community. I am an elitist because I try to make my community work the way I want it to and not the way a minority of PvPers wants it to be. Yes, I'm an self-centric egoist like that unfortunately, but that's just who I am - I like to be in control of "my house". Yes, there is currently division between players in our community, some salt going on, but that is largely limited to actions of PvPers and salty "peaceful RPers" and honestly there's not that many of them to cause major trouble on a larger scale. It's kind of like headlines in news, it all looks bad and terrifying, but all they do is report bad news. In our community behind that few rule break reports, hate messages and salty that we see that give us a picture of a community full of Bad RPers, PvPers, salty kids and OOC hate there are countless number of good members and genuine good role play interactions that didn't end in any rule break and everyone was satisfied by them. We never see or hear of those. Just look at the number of players / 24h on the front page and how many reports are created daily. Either way, like others before me I don't think this issue can be solved. Every community have some kind of quirks or divide, people with one mentality will group up and oppose others who do not share their beliefs. I've never seen a community without conflict where everyone coexisted in perfect harmony. It doesn't happen in real life and neither does it on the Internet. We try to make the best of it, we have rules about how are you supposed to behave towards others and those who do not follow them will be removed. So I don't have any other ideas other than removing those people who spread the toxicity and create this divide to begin with.
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    Hey y'all, so with the lore-wipe coming I know a ton of people are probably making new characters. Makes sense. I also know there's a ton of you out there who are one of the following types of people: New member of the community - First, welcome! I know that a lot of you, like me when I started, will probably have trouble figuring out how to create a backstory for your character that is believable, genuine, and fits well with the lore. Let me help with that! Nothing makes a character feel truly three dimensional that a well-rounded backstory. You tell me what you are looking for in your character, and I'll write up proposals or edit/critique your draft backstory! Non-English speakers - A lot of you have a great command of spoken English, and it's impressive! But writing English well can challenge even fluent speakers. If you feel like you could benefit from a good writer taking a look and and sharpening your backstory, shoot me a PM! I'm always willing to fix grammar, spelling, or translation issues. Plus, it can help to get another person's perspective on your character, even if you have a firm grasp on the lore and how to RP! Too busy to write one - Everyone has a life, including me. Some people simply don't want to waste 15 minutes to a half hour writing up even a foundation-level backstory. And that's okay, but it always helps to have your character page look complete! If you are someone that is into RP but not the website, or someone who simply doesn't want to take the time to create a page for their character, or whatever the case may be, let me help you make a character page you can be proud of! Experienced and looking for critique - Maybe you're like me, a good writer that likes to make detailed character backstories. If that's the case, it never hurts to get someone to take a second or third pass at it for grammar or lore issues! Why am I doing this? Well, I always liked to write a lot when I was younger, but haven't been able to find an excuse until now! It will help you develop your characters into well-rounded individuals, and it will give me an outlet to write and edit work. Seems like a win-win, no? Feel free to PM me @Static or comment down below if you're interested.
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    we have attempted to communicate countless times and you don't ever have time for it. You do what you want but we will have it done tomorrow. Thanks Rolle.
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    This is my tutorial on how to make a character page, that isn't a meme on DayZRP Shout out to all the people I mentioned in this video without their permission... @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Hebee @Aiko @Oliv This is a half joke video, so yeah... Have fun.
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    Herro. Here's some art of mine and a comic I'm working on! I probably can't help anyone with any art atm, so if you were interested sorrrrryyy ... [ART] (A scrapped idea, looked too young ... blah blah.) (New Lo's nice old SMACK from Uncle Seth) (It's LYYYCAAA as Luina! :D) Off Topic Comic Idea [The Right Thing] [COMIC - There Will Come Soft Rains.] (This is a comic idea I'm SORTA working on, prolly gonna be slow goings...)
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    After some discussion in staff forums about looking back at the old times and implementing some new things alongside lore wipe in 11 days I thought I'd create a thread where I can pour out all the ideas that I have so far in my head and see how they fare with the rest of you Bear in mind that these are pretty severe changes to the community, rules and gameplay overall and they are not by accident intended to be that way, they are intended to completely change the way you play DayZRP - to break the monotony of DayZRP that we have had for 2 years. Without further ado... Remove dynamic groups Dynamic group is a group of random people who meet up in game world and play together, then part ways after a short while. While they are playing together they are allowed to share kill rights between each other. This is so that should one person be attacked, the others can help him and do not have to initiate on the attackers (which would put them at a significant disadvantage). Problem with this is that this dynamic group ability is not used only by the intended end-users (random people meeting each other and playing once, never to meet again), but it is used by official group members who go on alts to escape repercussions to their main characters or group and by groups of friends who play together all the time, but do not wish to go through the quality assurance step of creating an official group. Now, to prevent this I believe that dynamic groups should be removed to prevent this kind of abuse. This would mean that every person who is not in an official, approved group would be playing as an individual. What this will accomplish is two things. One, it will prevent the kind of abuse that I outlined above and two, it will create a large incentive to create quality official groups and reward people who do it with ability to share kill rights with each other. I know that this may create situations where a random you met in game and befriended gets initiated on and you can do nothing about it but to initiate back, however I believe that this is the lesser evil than keeping the dynamic groups as they are. Require a character page for all characters In order to join the game a character would have to have a character page with at least minimal details about him/her. That way we can easily track who is who on the website and in the reports, we get rid of the "invalid RP name" problem in game and we create more quality content on the website with back stories and be able to relate to other peoples characters. Require all characters to be a part of a group or starting faction I got this idea from EVE Online. Those who haven't played it, it's an MMO and almost every character is a part of a corporation (guild basically). Even newly created characters are members of a starting NPC corporation that allows them to work with other players in that corp. Players are of course free to join any other corporation, but you always fall back to one of the standard NPC corporations meaning you can never really be without an affiliation in the game (there is a way, but it's not that common). So in our case these NPC corporations could be replaced with lore factions, so a new character could choose between several starting factions depending on their background (for example UN, CDF, AFR, Chkdkz) or pick a player created group if they want to. What this would accomplish is to give new and undecided players and characters some kind of identity, a feeling of belonging somewhere, being a part of something bigger, an out of the box group to join and play with others. This would also streamline the mentor programme, where one of the factions would be especially aimed at people new to role play. Require all hostile actions to make sense (for real now) We already have a rule about this: 6.1 You must always have a valid in character reason which would justify a hostile situation. ... but it's not being followed or enforced very much. People are getting robbed, taken hostage and killed for silly and shitty reasons all over the place and nothing is being done about it. I think we should really start enforcing this rule (it doesn't really need a change) and limit initiating of hostilities to 3 things: hostile behavior (you talk shit, you get hit), better supplies/gear (so no robbing someone with an AK when you have M4) or previous hostilities. This would protect the peaceful random players who are most vulnerable to those pointless hostilities and it would put more focus for groups to fight in between each other instead of picking easy targets consisting of randoms with a pistol. All groups must be approved (again) and award those groups that make a change and have positive influence on RP That's right, we should start approving groups again to make sure they have at least decent background and goals that do not conflict with any rules (see point above - robbing because "that's what my group does" would not be a valid goal). Also a group approval system idea made by LMs have brought up an interesting incentive to keep your group in good shape and have your members provide good RP. Player groups would have levels now, those levels would increase as the group ages, matures and receives positive feedback from other players. This group level would change a color badge and icon given to the group as well as give extra customization for the group page (new group system coming on new website, remember?) or even extra in game stuff (what about ability to send IC radio messages through RCON to all players on the server?). The decision to level up a group would be taken by the admin team I suppose, to keep it as fair as it can get (you certainly don't want me to do it personally ). Categorize and balance groups I don't want to have another PvP fest with hostile groups dominating everyone else because the others are not enough in numbers to fight back. Let's balance the groups instead. When creating a group you must pick whether the group is peaceful or hostile. No in-between, no neutrals, either one or the other. You are then expected to play like the group you've chosen. The number of groups of each type would be balanced, so you wouldn't be able to create a new hostile group if we already have 7 hostile groups and only 3 peaceful ones. It could also be based on member numbers, so for example all hostile groups have 230 active players in them, but peaceful ones only 150 then creation of additional hostile groups would be disabled until a certain balance is reached. Get rid of TS metagaming I know for a fact that the loot tables aren't as bad as they used to be and both in game radios and batteries spawn quite frequently. Therefore it shouldn't be a problem anymore to do as we did in the DayZRP mod days - if you don't have a radio item on your character you may not exchange any IC information without using the in game radio. This will bring focus to the in game radio item and once again you will be able to properly remove someones radio instead of just emote it. And it will get rid of silly situations where people are alerting their team mates through the radio about something through the teamspeak while they stay completely silent in game. Make dying actually matter Again, we didn't have this previously mostly because how buggy DayZ used to be and everyone was dying left and right from trees, rocks and stairs. It doesn't happen nearly as often AFAIK (I know is still happens sometimes). We should make it so that people value their life again. If you die you will be kicked from the server and not allowed to re-enter for perhaps 5 minutes (a tempban). 10 minutes might be too long and discourage people from re-joining again. Those few minutes alone would get rid of problems like people not valuing their life very much as they know they can respawn instantly, people who suicide on shores trying to get a better spawn and it would also prevent any gear focused NLR breaks, since you can't immediately run back to the place where you died. That's about as much as I have for today. I probably have more, but I'll save that for another thread. Make DayZRP great again. Feel free to flame me now This is the outcome of this thread:
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    These are all the people that I want to thank, I know there are a lot of people that are going to be here for some of my key memories of rp or just having a good time from groups or specific people. @Brady @Strawberry @2Eazy @Cocomii @hudsonb17 @Mystery @Boston @Coreena @Tristyn @Cody Husky @Sylvester Todd @SmartyyZ @lukzo2024 @evanm23 @TheProxJack @Lyca @Frisks For Radio @Kunkka @Sarilla @Saradomin @Keira @King @Majoo @C-J @Aiko @Ninja @Dusty @Erik @Phoenix @Ruan @Abu Muhammad @JoshuaKav @TheMatt924 @Shiro @Oliv @Jamie @Western @Idole @PCJames @Ryan Carter @Tony @Mr Anon @Samti @Sam Fields @Aristocrat @Roach @Chief @RogueSolace/ For groups thanks to: The Angels, Spectrum, Saviours, The Family, Vehm, Akrasia, 101, Cavaliers, Symptom, Novy Svet, Regulators, Masquerade and the hundreds of dynamics i've met that haven't gone to groups Even if you don't play anymore or we don't talk as much can still remember moments from all of these people, and I know there is like so so so many more people but these are who I can list of the top of my head and groups also. A Lot of memories since joining around 5 months ago :3 Thanks!
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    *Stephen walks past one of the posters and say to himself "Well this is just bland", he then takes out his spraypaint and markers and proceeds to spruce the place up a bit with his shaky colds hands, he giggles to himself and tells Hannah and Ollie to look at it* *He walks away smiling*
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    Isn't that just a huge "FUCK YOU" to the LoreMasters who spent countless hours putting together a Lore for your community?
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    //I need some place to put events down for when I pick up my comic again, hence this 'Journal' otherwise I won't remember them all, doing my best to write a letter like a young kid would...// Entry 1: Entry 2: Entry 3: Entry 4: Entry 5: Entry 6: Entry 7: Entry 8: Entry 9: Entry 10: Entry 11: Entry 12: Entry 13: Entry 14: Entry 15: Entry 16: Entry 17:
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    Just in case though Ima put this here. So this community it's been something I tell yah but overhaul the negative doesn't overtake the positive for me so anyhow. Just some advice for some of you that read this if you got an issue speak to them don't stick to talking shit in private TS channels or slack chats or discords be a man about it and approach the person about it. It's honestly sad the amount of energy a person would invest on hating someone it really is but anyhow just wanted to say I don't hate anyone tbh I just don't wanna invest energy with some useless bullshit. @Bazz Top tier bloke funny as fuck you are one of the realist lads out there it's been great fun playing with you. @Jxkey You are a sound lad you care too much that the only issue but its been good lad. @Zeonmoonbean Fellow Irish Lad we have had great banter you are a legend <3 @evanm23 You are top tier lad we have had the best laughs together but there's some shit you need to fix you know what it is @shookyaaa You are a nice kid you need to stop triggering us though but nothing but love lad <3 @Stiflex you are one of the finest gents here in this community you have helped me out a lot and I really appreciate it thank you. @Squillium You are a funny lad one of my favorite Americans I enjoyed all the firefight with you and New Moon enemies or allies it's been great lad <3 @SweetJoe You make me feel like I'm a plastic paddy you are a hilarious lad and you have stopped me multiple times in doing stupid shit thank you. <3 @tripzkill If I was gay I would be gay for you <3 but all jokes beside you are 10/10 lad. @Charlie none of the originals are really around anymore but its good to see the old arch enemy rolling about but anyhow you a chill lad hit me up for some h1z1 some time <3 @Lost You are a chill lad it's been great playing with you <3 @Venzzy You are one of the Originals and you are a top tier lad sorry for all the friendly fires <3 @Mr.Panda You said to me once that I'm like your big brother kinda cringed me out but you a chill lad sorry that I may not be around here anymore to help you out. But you will good it's only a videogame end of the day hit me up on steam if you got any issues or anything <3 @Cocomii you are the next victim to get juiced here it's hilarious but you a nice girl. @Puncture you are a sound lad keep racking up them kills <3 @ExoticRainbow PVP GOD. @Pepe Jones The RP we have had is comedy gold you a chill lad. @Eagle You are a solid GM get that admin spot as soon as you can and try and make real change <3. @Nihoolious Cheers for letting me roll dynamic with you and your boys past while it's been good fun same with I said to Eagle you lads can make great changes here in this community. @Vartax You are magneto man chill lad. I will never forget that time you saved me from the white names 10/10 respek @WildCurtos OG firefly LMAO was sick holding that castle with you chill lad. @iBUYCHOWDER another OG firefly anyhow you are one funny lad see ya about. @Western I told you to join this community from the other shite ones but yeah it was good to see you join this and kick about. We have had great times in RP. Never forget we got MR moon killed lmao. @Elmo We haven't been always on the best terms but you are the one that helped me with my very first group and I appreciate that. We both went our separate ways but it was cool playing with you on CS and shit and the best of luck. @Lyca you a chill admin cheers for all the help and yeah you are still my pistol master (Cringe) but yeah plz envoke more change ty. @H1ber My favorite Finnish man. Chin up over the shit we talked about don't wanna spew it here but if you ever need a chat hit me up here. Well, thats all the names I can think of on the spot right now If I forgot anyone sorry <3 But anyhow it's been real and to anyone who takes satisfaction in the demise of others grow the fuck up.
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    Thought id share my screenshots with you guys and gals. Check em out BONUS Pictures New as of 25-04-2017 @Jamie ^ @Kittendo ^ ^ @Warren_Kos New as of 23-08-2017 @Keira ^ ^ @Rory Hope you enjoyed! Follow to know when more are added!
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    Well... here we are again. This time in the Off-Topic section. Don't wanna get 10 points again for some UP. This time imma try to not break the rules, k @Majoo? Anyways, to those of you feeling safe until now, let me disapoint you with this post. Noone is safe anymore. FOR I AM BACK! At least until I know that lorewipe actually changed things ingame for the better. Regardless, enjoy the cancer that will most definetely be updated throughout. Character pages don't just run out. If you want anything removed from the page, let me know and I'll delete it for you. And if you want me to take the piss out of your character, leave a link to it in the comments. With the formalities out of the way, let's begin (again)! @tigersnake https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-199/ @ParryMountain https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-196/ @AkumaSG https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-189/ @DarkStyle https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-191/ @Watchman https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-200/ @Coffee https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-192/ @Phoenix https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-190/ @hudsonb17 https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-186/
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    Alright, so as a group, we came together and discussed what we wanted to do with this group and the goals we had for it. We wanted to do something really big that would affect almost every single person and every single event on the server. That was the plan at least. People are starting to notice how the RP is getting stale again, and how nobody is doing anything big to affect the server or actively trying to progress the general RP of the server. But when we tried to come up with an idea that would do all of these things, we got a lot of bullshit for it. People in this community take everything way too seriously. This is a gaming community, and we are all here to try to create interesting stories with our characters. We wanted to do this, and have fun, but people have to take everything to an OOC level for some apparent reason. A majority of people seem to be too focused on how things are OOCly and how they should be a certain way. During our group discussion, we came to the realization that the amount of effort we put forth, and the amount of effort we would put forth in the future is not worth it for the amount of shit we get from people. We want to create cool and interesting groups, and we want to try to drive the RP forward, yet when we try to do that and give good RP and put forth massive amounts of effort to create interesting stories, we get shit on. It doesn't matter what we do. We are the PVP scum of this community, and so people treat us as scum no matter what we do. Due to how we are treated, even if we actively put forth effort to provide good RP, we have decided that we are going to archive this group. It is not worth it to put forth this amount of effort to literally change the entire server, just for people to talk shit to us and about us no matter what. So, we've decided that we want to do what is fun, even if people will continue to hate us for it. We're going to be doing our own thing from now on, and will no longer be attempting to change the server or change how people see us. "If the world's only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point trying to be anything else." @ Moderator @ Game Master /archive this please
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    Story sounds pretty good, the graphics look fantastic. I have issues with your goals. The region is already fairly destabilized. I can see maybe wanting to implement the "Off World's" type of government though, that would be kind of interesting to see. I think this is merely some rewording needed. taking weapons from people again? This is at least the third time I've seen this same MO from the same people. It's getting a bit tired. I'd be more shocked to see you guys whip up a guerrilla group that arms civilians, now that would be some shit to see. In the end guys, it looks great, but you can give a tired old car a fresh paint job and it's still a tired old car. I'm going to need some serious convincing here.
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    *Presses PTT* I do not know if you have heard but she was executed at the UN camp that was in Kabinino a few weeks ago, she is dead. *Releases PTT*
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    THIS IS WHY I AM QUITTING YOUTUBE For those who care cause I know some may not and that's fine. At first, it was fun, making videos to forever remember our roleplay. And then more and more people watched so I raised my standards and developed a real passion for combining RP and editing. Having a passion in cinematic editing, I put more time into as the crowd kept growing to watch these. Before I knew it, I poured 30 hours a week per video with a full-time job, 2 kids, wife, friends, life. Then Youtube became a fuckin Chooch with the new rules. Almost all my videos are being blocked from running ads cause my shit is not "Suitable for all Advertisers". Why do I care about the money? Cause It has become a passion. A passion that I started loving so much, I started dreaming of it becoming a job for me one day (who wouldn't in my position? Shit was growing and things looked up). Hence why I put almost 4 years of my life into this. Thinking, maybe this will pay off one day if I keep at it, it's slow but I can't give up. It was always a BIG maybe, but the thought seemed plausible. I start seeing my videos losing ad revenue with Youtube's recent changes. "The fuck? I am now making half of what I made before." This was before them blocking my videos from running ads. And then when that started, it basically killed my channel. So sure! I can still make videos, but putting 30 a week per video with my current life is impossible to do if I cannot at least have something to show for it in financial terms. The fuck do I tell my friends and family? "Oh I just like to hide from my real life to make videos that won't ever pay the bills or feed my family but hey they are pretty lit and people like them?" Sure I love making them for myself and everyone who watches, I just CANNOT DEDICATE that much time into it without any payoff. Even if very little. But then! Oh but then. I thought "What if I just make it suitable. Seems like swearing is what my videos are hit with. Too much of it and pussy advertisers don't like that" So, I decided to make my latest video have *bleeps* instead of swearing. Why not give it a try, last chance to know for sure... ... ... FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! My "Guide for RP in DayZ" is still not suitable even with bleeps. Yep! So fuck Youtube! And it breaks my heart. I just can't do it anymore as much as I really wanna keep going but for what? I am not being a money hungry asshole here but damn, there's just no future for me there. I've tried Patreon and shit like that but people do not donate on youtube, like not at all. I had a lovely time making the videos, heck I got 2 spotlights in DayZ Status Reports, hundreds of thousands of viewers, thousands of fans, 2 awesome awards on DayZRP, had amazing times with friends and RP so it's not all a loss as I have gained a lot in other ways and I will always remember that and appreciate it all but I think I "have" to stop now. If I was a single man with no kids and wife and no life in mom's basement or something, I would not even give a shit and keep making videos cause time is all I would have and a welfare check would be all I need to pay my rent and internet. But I am not. Time to make a decision and it ain't easy for me. FUCK YOUTUBE. No wonder why YouTubers (doing gaming type videos) have moved to streaming. I guess it'll be streaming for me too. Hey! I might still make a random video here and there (cause passion is passion but it don't put food on the table) and I'll still upload things like stream highlights cause it requires little to no work but a "Series" which would require a minimum of 400 hours just to edit and not counting the dedicated RP/Filming that usually takes a span of 3 months, sorry, I just can't. So until I find another way around this, it is unfortunately over. I am truly sorry if this disappoints you. This was a great ride, but this Roach is retired from Youtube until further notice (Blame Youtube). See you in my streams hopefully. - With Love & Kind Regards, Roach *Maybe my next video will be me saying fuck youtube on a loop kek*
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    Link to the situation: IC UN RADIO HIGH COMMAND RESPONSE Any supporting evidence or notes: https://www.upload.ee/image/7335428/Untitled.png Feedback: So in all due respect Chief. We the UN have been waiting on our high commands response to the situation but there have been none since Wednesday. I understand and have heard you are busy with real life and stuff. But I must admit, seeing your posts pop up in those 2 days in other threads do not feel as important to me from my and my groups PoV. See, I do believe you are aware of our situation and we are in hard times right now. I have personally spoken to you in TS and you promised to handle this situation. But we have had 20+ members sitting here doing nothing for 2 nights straight because our leaders can not make IC move unless you respond. So our RP is in halt because of one man. Yes we could go in as civilians in hiding, but that is not the point. RP is flowing dynamic entity and things happen and has happened as you can see. We are getting to a point where it is harder and harder to move on as UN unless you give us direction where to head. Suggestions for improvement: All I can ask you, you as a UN command must be more active and help us out if possible. Put as of now it seems you are avoiding to respond IC. If you do not know how to go further then please atleast let us know, so we can help or if you do not have time to deal with this, hand it over to Major, your co loremaster, so RP could go on. We are in frozen state.
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    Hello all, When the lore wipe takes place in about 13 hours there will need to be a change in mind set for how everyone plays. Starting from day zero would mean it'd be more PvE (against the infected) rather than PvP. Your whole way of playing needs to reflect the beginning of the apocalypse rather than battle hardened badasses everyone seems to be after several years in. I would have thought for the majority of people that they would try to band together to fight the infected, look for other survivors and create some sort of safe zone. There will be characters who thrive on the chaos because I know they're fun to play but surely they should be rare at the beginning rather than every second person you meet. I agree that the environment that you're placed in can change a character over time but everyone shouldn't be psycho's from the beginning and those psycho's and crazies should be rare to come across. This is a chance to be a unique character again, a character with flaws, an average person just trying to survive, an expert in nothing etc. I think the lore wipe is the perfect opportunity to get back to the basics of what makes this game so good which I think over time people have forgotten or become bored with (get in game, rob someone or get in game and be robbed). Try and be the character in game, feel the emotions that you would in the situations you find yourself in, be scared, be vulnerable etc. Get back to enjoying a game that brought us all here in the first place and above all have fun, because ultimately that's what we're are here for. This is an opportunity for a restart, an new beginning, a new way of thinking...
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    Character system changes for new website version so far: Character limit (3 alive characters at once) Sync with whitelist (you can only join server with active character) Tracking of in game time, damage and deaths for each character, visible on character page. The data is currently delayed by up to 24 hours, may be fixed later. Character name and alias cannot be changed once character is created Characters marked dead cannot be edited or deleted Deleted characters are not really deleted, just inactivated, for staff reference purposes Background colors replaced with background image (similar to what you have on profiles) Background story field is now required and has minimum length of 500 characters. Background story text field will become a editor field for eligible Premium ranks (same one as the one you use to post). This means you will be able to format text, drag and drop images etc into the character background story. Non Premium ranks will have the regular text editor. Fixed equipment and features line breaks Background music now usable with remote link only (no upload, you have to upload it somewhere else and paste in a link). I might be able to provide a simple file host at a later date. An upside to this is there is no limit on the music file size.
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    You sure about that? The actions from this group as of late have been questionable to say the least. This group is supposed to be the remnant of the Chernarussian government and its military. Its purpose is to rebuild the state and help civilians. How do you hope to accomplish this when you bend over to the VDV? From the perspective of literally everyone outside of your group, it appears that you guys do very little in game to achieve your goals and only piggy-back on the VDV's accomplishments saying you helped. This is worrying for a Lore Faction that is supposed to play such an important role in this new lore. My question for you @Major is whether or not this is intentional or not. Is it supposed to be the case where the CDF, the country's fucking military with multiple battalions still alive, is afraid of the VDV, a small army of Russian paratroopers and will blindly follow their orders and tag along with them in hopes of surviving? Or is it just incompetence? I think we all would like to know what is truly going on. If we are expected to give every single OOC detail about our groups, you should be expected to do the same.
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    No. Just.... no. My old meme group idea EPM had a more believable story and better RP potential than this. A group like this would be bordering on bad RP, so I'll just archive this and you should not RP this idea in game.
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    Oh Christ here we go. I'm going to have fun with this one. Deja Vu? Prolog. Wut is this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolog "People choose your life for you even if you don’t think that they are they do in some way but then there are those who are optimistic." Okay this sounds so bad it's as if I wrote it. Seriously, read this out loud. Commas please? What does this even mean in the first place? Nobody chooses your life for you unless you are a serf working the land or you happen to land in jail. "You decide who you are and what type of person you want to be known as. But I like to think that's a 50/50 sort of thing It’s either you choose your own life or you let others choose your life for you." Same thing. What does this mean? How do you decide who you want to be known as? Sure a person's actions determine who they will be and their character, but nobody decides who they themselves want to be known as, and people will say anything about anybody. I don't mean to be picky it's just stupid considering the general lack of other substance to make up for this quasi-intellectual jibber-jabber here. "You know what you do , but the real question is how do people recognize that not by talking to you. But by hearing , all the good and bad things you do in life. We have a reason to be here some are born to help people, some are born to kill people, but that's the gist we are all born to do something with our life. So why don't you choose your own thing and make the most of it. This is what Endeavour will thrive to do, choose his own life in this new world." Aside from the fact that this makes little sense, the grammar is utterly atrocious, and it is tedious to read. Why does he want to do this? Who tried to "choose his life for him", who had the greatest impact on him to make him think in this quite silly and convoluted manner. Endeavour left his home in central London and moved to a small little town called Kozlovka in Chernarus.Endeavour took a plane and arrived in Chernarus but once he arrived he was lost seeing that he couldn’t really read the language he asked around, eventually he managed to get on a train he was heading to Zelenogorsk a city near the small the town. Why would this Westerner...(ha ha get it) move to a little buttfuck eastern European nation and leave all the benefits of the west behind? You say here he moved to Kozlovka, then you say in the next bit that the farm was in Drozhino? From there he had to follow a small road that led to another town called Drozhino after that he would arrive at the farm house where he would walk up to the drive and be greeted by an old man , the old man had said he had worked for his uncle and that he would show him around the farm Few hours had past and Endeavour was unpacking his clothes in his new bedroom the old man knocked on his door and said he would be back in the morning. As one day passed it turned into a month eventually years and from that one day he arrived Endeavour has never left the country, as he would be working on the farm. A few hours, months, years? Also: He had built a small cafe and a shop where people came to eat and buy supplies. He eventually used all the money he had gathered up from the cafe and the shop and had bought himself more land at this point he employed more people. People who were in poverty and needed it the most people in the area were happy that Endeavour was giving out jobs to people who didn't have anything, he was the buying the supplies he needed from The Kovar’s Market not from places around the world where he could get it cheaper. He was giving something back to the people and the people loved him for that. Endeavour started a program where people who didn’t know anything about farming could learn from his own experience these people would come and stay with him for few months and he would train them up. This is where Endeavour found some his closest friends. Throughout the years Endeavour had a bit of trouble where people would come in and try to rob the store or take his animals but other than that it was a peaceful life he had. Where is this farm IG? Why not take some nice screenshots of the place and edit some photos black and white and have a couple of the workers waving at the camera or something? This is the year where everything it went to shit, early July Endeavour was determined to stay at the farm. He told his people and the workers they could stay here, where they would be given food and clothes as well as shelter. Endeavour had few rifles and shotguns in the shed locked up. He handed them out to the workers for extra precaution. Endeavour has been marking the days in his calendar it had been two months since the outbreak. People at the farm are getting hungry food and the farm is starting to fall apart and all the food saved up was dwindling. People eventually started to leave the farm leaving all the memories but most importantly leaving Endeavour alone, so he had a choice go out and find food and fuel for the machines or leave the farm... That's all for the Outbreak? Anything interesting happen? Why not leave or try and go to Miroslavl? What made him stay at the farm or help all these people, despite the fact they worked for him? Not much I can say other than that. I'd mention that the previous version of this thread at least had a nice layout and a tad more meat. There is no roster to speak of, and we require at least a name and the @-------- of the person playing them beside it. The only goal that holds any water is the one about agricultural knowledge, the rest are generic crap or ones like "hoard people from folks with bad intentions" which is a surefire way to have some nasty people knocking on your door unless you have some serious firepower other than those shotguns in the shed. You repeat "rebuild the farm" and don't really go over what that entails or why it needs rebuilding. If this thread were simply a couple roster changes or a goal improvement it would be a different issue, but this group already was completely "overhauled" and now makes even less sense then the previous Red Dead version did. This is not the standard of groups that we strive for here, and the only way it could have gotten approved in the first place was if the thread owners would have produced a fresh change from the previous version. There is a complete lack of care or consideration for the quality of the thread, and it is obvious that it was posted in a very rushed manner without any regard for the things listed above. We do not allow heavy WIP groups, and we are getting stricter on groups that need revisions to be approvable. /Denied and archived
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    Honestly, my personal opinion. Myself and a few others in the United Nations have spent more than 50+ hours writing radio chatters, lore and stories and autopsy reports for in game. When we post a radio chatter, it feels ignored or told it's boring, or to generally fuck off. We don't sit here for the benefit of our own health trying to progress the lore to get response of "Should let the idiots get radiation poisoning" to then get bit in the ass or "This is boring, kill the fuckers" and get told we don't do anything. The amount of ignorance I see is beginning to grind my gears. Hell, people come up to us in game saying that we don't do anything or they want justification cause we sit on our asses. Meanwhile there are radio chatters of us providing evidence of our work and suffering radiation poisoning. Fuck we spent 8 hours AT THE VERY LEAST doing mathematical calculations of radiation absorption from time and Gy we see in the area for it to be ignored. Not only that we constantly get attacked by people or groups we've never even heard of. Personally, why the fuck should not only myself but others grind our asses to progress lore work when the outcome or 'award' is constant attacks and bitching.... It's getting more than beyond enough. I'm close to ripping my own hair out. If it doesn't involve something about them, they're not interested. That's how I've began to take it.
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    I'm a useful staff member.
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    Černaruská Republika is a collection of Chernarussian citizens, police, and military who have survived the Outbreak and continue to support the State and its institutions. We seek to create an area of government-held territory to provide a safe and secure society that upholds the rule of law and promotes order. While there are still thousands of soldiers and hundreds of thousands of civilians within government pockets and quarantine zones to the west, Chernarussians of all walks of life in South Zagoria refused to be evacuated to the Miroslavl safe-zone or Utes Island. Many choose to remain in the province to carve out an existence and to reinstate an area of State control where CDF forces and Chernarussians could gather and initiate cleansing operations and take back what was lost. Chernarus had suffered through its fair share of crises and conflict since its inception in 1991 after the fall of the Soviet Union. Following the bloody civil war, the takeover of Crimea and subsequent conflict in Donbass rattled Chernarus and many feared a similar military action in the country. Military escalation, saber rattling, and rhetoric were the norm and were expected. Another war was a distant prospect, and as Chernarus began to recover from the Chedaki and the economy improved few expected or anticipated something of the magnitude of the Outbreak to occur. As with many previous conflicts, the CDF was the first organization to respond to the Russian attack and eventual Outbreak. CDF soldiers prepare grenades during an exercise in 2015. The police officers of Chernarus were also critical in those first few days in areas with few CDF troops, protecting civilians and standing alongside military personnel that were deployed at checkpoints around the province. Years of expectation of conflict had conditioned the State and military to have a reactionary and defensive mindset, and more importantly one of maintaining the institutions of the government and the armed services that protected the nation. Following nearly 8 years of rule since 2009 under the statist-nationalist Strana Vzkříšení (Resurrection Party) and leadership of strongman Radek Kozlov the State had built up the CDF and the security apparatus that kept the party in power. The Strana Vzkříšení moved to entrench military families that had contributed sons to the military, ensuring stability and that the bedrock that kept the State secure would be maintained and protected no matter what events should take place. Portraits of Radek alongside CDF soldiers and Interior Ministry police dotted the roadsides, cities, military bases, and offices of Chernarus cultivating an intense cult of personality around him. A portrait of Radek Kozlov with the national flag in the background, a common sight in offices and on roadsides. Along with a dedication to the State, Slavism, and the Leader or Vůdce the concept of Muži Státu or "Men of the State" permeated Chernarussian popular culture and society, generating a macho image for the CDF and the security services. By 2015 nearly 65% of the CDF were members of the Strana Vzkříšení, cementing the military's hold on the State and the nation. Despite the federalization of police and increasing government controls, Chernarus flourished as the Strana Vzkříšení brought in economists from the US and encouraged foreign investment and tourism while still retaining sovereignty and independence. Concerns over State power rapidly diminished as jobs, money, and improvements flowed in. The combination of these two factors made Radek Kozlov extremely popular, a man who took power after the Chernarussian prime minister was assassinated by the Chedaki in the lead-up to war. The promised referendum on the nation's leadership took place in April 2010, giving the Strana Vzkříšení enough time to prove that they were the only people capable of turning Chernarus around. In the election, Radek gained 60% of the vote and 24% of the ethnic Russian vote, a historic landslide of a win that demonstrated that the pan-Slavic Strana Vzkříšení could leverage the symbols and figures of Chernarussian history for victory, despite being a statist-nationalist party whose membership was made up of many former NAPA members. Such a powerful party and national pride gave Chernarussians something to cling to and protect when the Outbreak struck. Vyshnoye town and the surrounding countryside from Zub Castle before the Outbreak. Despite the best efforts to bring the crisis under control continued it became clear that South Zagoria would fall to the oncoming waves of infected. Even after two battalions of troops were sent from Miroslavl province into South Zagoria, the military was still unable to hold the area as many units fell apart, retreated, or simply deserted and went home. Now the goal of the State and the CDF was to hold onto as many military units, police officers, and state security as possible so that the civilian population, much of which had moved to the coast could be protected and controlled. A CDF checkpoint at the South Zagorian border. Strategic assets such as jets were moved to airbases well within government-held territory, where they quickly re-armed and initiated a bombing campaign of the countryside that had been lost. The local CDF 93rd Brigade that encompassed all military units within the province began to pull out on the 22nd of July, moving dozens of armored units and support vehicles to Utes Island on barges. Tanks and armored vehicles were excellent at defeating hordes, but the CDF quickly learned that the loud noise of the cannons simply attracted more and more infected to their positions, resulting in many such vehicles being stored or used as bunkers to save fuel. CDF armor of the 93rd Brigade stored near a villa in Miroslavl after the evacuation of South Zagoria. Hundreds of CDF troops were evacuated with their families to Utes as well, creating a massive tent city there as more and more people flowed in from transports, boats, and helicopters. This evacuation ultimately saved many local units and maintained military hierarchy. However, many Chernarussians refused to leave their beloved South Zagoria. Even in times of hardship during the civil war, many did not flee and opted to fight to the death rather than sacrifice their land and pride in the face of near certain destruction. A CAF Mi-17 dropping troops in the Primorsk industrial district. The men of the 66th "Chernobog" Mechanized Battalion based in Zelenogorsk held the city for as long possible, allowing for many to board trains for the Miroslavl safe zone. When their position became untenable they moved to the countryside to reassess the situation and regroup with other CDF units. They were not alone, however, many civilians and police officers took shelter and kept their heads down until the bombing and air attacks stopped. CDF troops crossing the provincial border in the countryside between Miroslavl and South Zagoria. The 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion whose base is the location of ground zero and the first events of the Outbreak was one of the few units of CDF troops to be present in the north-eastern corner of the province after the first few days. Despite the nickname of the unit most of its members were spread across the north and mustered at the Gorka farms after their base was destroyed, assisting civilians and trying to hold and reinforce checkpoints around Berezino. Marksman of the 176th "Gorka" Mountain Unit in the northern countryside of South Zagoria during the Civil War. Even before the withdrawal, the CAF (Chernarussian Air Force) had been conducting relentless airstrikes on infected and overrun areas outside of government control. As relief efforts continued these strikes escalated drawing the attention of the infected away from the coast by bombing deep inside overrun areas. Many other units were annihilated or separated from each other in the chaos, some were spared and evacuated. Combined with continued Russian and NATO strikes the countryside was decimated and scarred with bomb craters, fires, and explosions dotting the landscape. An explosion rocks a small town outside of Miroslavl as fires burn in the distance. Outside of South Zagoria civilization remained as many CDF units were ordered back to the coast and Novigrad braced for the oncoming wave of infected after the defeat at Kirovograd. Many small towns and cities to the north of the coast didn't fall, with civilians and any military or police that didn't evacuate building barricades and checkpoints on the edge of towns. Ultimately many such towns succumbed to the waves of infected, or to internal strife, some fleeing the area for supposed safety in Russia or in the Black Mountains. Scorched residential buildings in Kirovograd following air and artillery bombardment. Primorsk and Miroslavl and the coast and countryside between them became something of a haven as more and more soldiers and party officials moved from Novigrad to Primorsk city, essentially setting up a new capital there. Many civilians went with them, but the evacuation was kept slow as not to cause a panic among civilians. Thousands of civilians from South Zagoria, the population of entire towns in some cases traveling down the coastal road through Balota to Miroslavl city. Despite the chaos and the influx of refugees, order is kept within the city and life goes on for local residents, who see no reason to end their day-to-day routine and choose to contribute and earn their keep. Life goes on in downtown Miroslavl, taken during the Outbreak shortly before the arrival of refugees. Police officers and their chiefs work with local administration to divide up areas of jurisdiction, freeing the CDF from domestic duties allowing them to deploy to perimeter walls and fences to keep safe zones and the areas around them purged of infected. Parties of civilians escorted by soldiers leave the safe zone in large groups, scavenging the surrounding areas for food and supplies. Nobody and nothing is wasted or goes without being used in some way. Fishing boats take to the Green Sea in anticipation of a food shortage, despite regular flights of US Air Force C-17s to Miroslavl Airbase carrying relief supplies and more peacekeepers for the UN. Chernarussian police officers assemble in front of a government building in Chernogorsk before the city was overrun by infected. Outside of South Zagoria events unfolded, within South Zagoria CDF forces began to regroup and join with local party officials and civilians. Relief efforts were re-started and communication with brigade command on Utes was restored. Elements of the State, military, and many civilians began to coalesce around CDF commanders and local political leaders. Elements of the 66th Mechanized Battalion, 176th Mountain Battalion, and the 313th Signals and Electronic Warfare Company re-grouped along with police and civilians and began planning to restore an area of territory under the State. A CDF tank guards the evacuation route to Miroslavl as a car heads toward the city, with the skyline visible in the distance. Level 1 Maintain checkpoints to inform and supply civilians. Assist local civilians and refugees if practicable. Gather all remaining CDF, police, and all armed services of the State and regroup. Conduct patrols of our territory and in the surrounding countryside to improve security. Establish clear relations with NATO, UN, and Russian forces. Level 2 Start scavenging fuel, medical supplies, food, and parts to ship back to western areas. Establish a safe and secure area of territory controlled and administered by the State and its institutions where the rule of law is upheld and Chernarussian citizens are protected. Initiate trade with friendly groups and entities. Level 3 Cleanse a large city of infected and re-establish the provincial capital there. Allied Friendly NATO-CFOR United Nations Kovar's Market Rattray Corporation - Arms Agreement Neutral Unfriendly The Departed At War The Reclaimers Under Trial Černaruská Republika is a Lawful Neutral Hero Faction. We are primarily concerned with promoting security and law and order within the areas that we operate, and re-grouping the armed forces and civilians of the Chernarus to re-build the State. Groups whose goals align with ours are most likely to gain friendly status. We are currently looking for active and driven members to join the group. If and when you join we expect you to be there or be square, so if you cannot be as active as others due to stuff we all have to put before our hobbies, then please let us know. We also expect you to know how to do a basic level of Chernarussian rp and to have some experience in it. Members that are not heard from for a week will be put on notice via pm. After two weeks you will be removed from the roster. If your application is suitable you will be moved to Under Trial, and once we are satisfied with your activity and rp you will be accepted. Graphics done by Major and Giraffel. Pictures edited by Major, posters and most badges done by Giraffel.
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    Here's some feedback fam. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Right in the spoiler for you Feedback: Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but should not staff members in our community be some kind of "example" to us, fellow community members no matter if old or new ones? I believe they should be one as in the quality of Role-Play as in knowing and following the rules correctly. But do i and number of other people see you as one? Honestly NO we do not. From my own experiences and from what other people told me as well when it comes to quality of RP I'm not gonna accuse you of any bad rp or whatnot...i'll just personally say "it's not a big win" (don't tell me mine isn't either cause i know it is not). As for knowing the rules sure you know them, i can tell that from the time i was part of staff team and seen you do your GM work which is quite good and i have no complaints for that, in that side you are fine. But when it comes to following the rules? Not gonna lie i do not see that as something "correct" in your case. As you can see above there is NUMBER of reports which you have been involved on the accused side (no matter if verdicted guilty or not). You get involved in more reports in a single week then what casual person gets in a whole year in this community. And if you are after this sentence thinking about saying something about the lines of "But I'm a hostile RPer, i get involved in situations and "whitenames" report it cause they don't know the rules or are salty" ...sorry fam, nobody will buy that as there is a number of great hostile RPers who also get into hostage/PVP situations often and rarely get reported. Also just for little bonus...you don't seem very interested in talking with other members in case they feel like you've broke rule against them. As well as that your attitude in ts to them doesn't seem as one of a staff members. Suggestions for improvement: Improve behaviour and in general behave more like a staff member should, or simply take your leave from the team. I'm just being honest with this feedback either take it or leave it. I am not looking for any answer from you but if you feel the need feel free, I'll read it.
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    "Whoever said money can't buy happiness simply didn't know where to go shopping." Absolute loyalty to the family The family comes before your own family The Boss can’t be questioned, but the Boss can question you Appointments must be respected Anyone who has relatives in the police can’t join the family Keep your mouth shut Pay tribute to the Boss Find the daughter and protect her at all costs Hold a decent reputation Establish communications with the remaining family and suppliers in Russia Locate the remaining CDF forces and supply them with weapons and equipment Supply locals with narcotics and supplies for a price Establish a safe-zone or area which is guarded by a local militia Recruit locals and survivors for roles in the safe-zone Form as many alliances as possible with remaining groups Provide excellent survival RP with a criminal mindset Provide opportunities for ample character development within the family Focus on more external RP, att PM to @Grimnir, @Doc Holiday or @PatZ Credit to @Doc Holiday for the lore and credit to @Majoo for the graphics.