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    A little modesty goes a long way; Stay humble my friends.
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    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, Recently it has come to PAU's attention that people who we take to be apart of the roleplay we enjoy not only dislike us but then continue to make a little circle with each other and begin to get very excited about the amount of.. We'll call it hate until someone actually talks to us with valid reasoning, not only is it community members it's Staff too which I find even funnier, being in staff I know for a fact that a lot of dislike towards those that engage in banditry which is fine but again, knowing what is said I personally think you should buck up and keep quiet or actually talk to us. We have a teamspeak channel, we're all on teamspeak and the forums quite frequently and there is no excuse to not have a way to contact us. The vast majority of us are active, I'll say it again WE'RE ALL WAYS UP TO TALK TO PEOPLE. However, if you bring nothing but bitchy comments, salt etc etc the talk will just stop there and dependant on how bad it is it might even be taken further. If however you're the type of person to rather contain the issues you've got and then spread bullshit and lies not only about our members but about the RP we provide, it might be time to stop being pathetic and grow the fuck up. Poke me on TS if you fancy a chat, a few of us will hop in to talk. /rant.
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    May I suggest, a tick box for rulebreaks broken for the report template rather than everyone writing their own rulebreaks and making up things such as "GearRP"?
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    Probably just gonna take a break from this place till lore wipe. I wanna rp... not rpvp?
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    Funeral planet, dead black asteroid. Mausoleum, this world is a tomb. Human zombies, staring blank faces. No reason to live, dead in the womb. Death shroud existence, slave for a pittance. Condemned to die before I could breathe. Millions are screaming, the dead are still living. This Earth has died yet no one has seen.
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    So this is what the apocalypse feels like...
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    DayZRP main sponsor for my team? @Rolle Throw money at me please.
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    when you have sunken to a whole new level craptop screen broke last night yes i sit on my bed
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    I have mediated upon rocks and stones and have consulted with the gods. I was blinded by fury and rage and did not see what was infront of me, For the love I bore Nihoos father and for the love I bear him as a son I wish for this report to be closed and our friendship renewed like a budding flower in spring. "Despite all my rage I am still a Pado in a cage" -swforshort2k17
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    And so ends the story of Pekko. A char I grew close to quick. The best RP i ever had was on this char, thanks to @Oisín, @Blackfyre, @AFT3R_8URN and @derNils along with many others. Thank you all for the time. I wish to thank the family too, as they really put some scars in the story of Pekko. See you around, Pekko.
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    Hello. I'm Taryn, and I am a white name. That's to say someone who is relatively new to DayZ RP. Over the past few weeks, I have learned so much about DayZ RP and the game itself. I figured perhaps I could give the new folks a few pointers on how to play the game and get into the swing of things more easily from the point of view of someone who recently learned all these things. So here we go: DayZ itself has many tips and tricks. For more immersive roleplay, here are some I wanted to share. ➡Use Alt to look around, but also to nod, and shake your head. You can also use it to express emotions in the game, such as being upset or nervous. Just use Alt to move your head as you would in real life. ➡Use Q and E to lean into someone to whisper to them in character. You can also use this when trying to spy on someone or in some cases to check out a fine piece of ass. ➡There are many gestures in DayZ that can come in handy. F3 makes you sit on the ground instead of crouching or going prone. F8 is to facepalm.Try not to use F4. You might piss off the locals. ➡Voice RP can be daunting. If you feel overwhelmed, you can text RP for a little while. Honestly, the best way to go about this is to make a character who is similar to you enough that your actions over voice reflect how you would react. Once you're more comfortable, you may get into harder things, like emoting pain and anger when in reality your fine. Just don't go overboard. Cheese levels should remain low. ➡ Do not refer to items as they are named in the game if your character wouldn't know what they are. For instance, instead of referring to something as a UMP or something, refer to it as a rifle or something. Furthermore, don't say you found something "Pristine" or "Damaged". Instead, you can say things about it such as "It looks dirty." Or "It looks pretty rough" or something like that. ➡When in doubt, scout it out. You are free to approach people and see what's going on. Of you don't want to participate, feel free to say so. You are still in character though. They will react to you "being weird". ➡DO NOT SHOOT UNSILENCED GUNS ON CITIES UNLESS YOU WANT TO ATTRACT HORDES. I cannot say this enough. When you see a single zombie attacking a friend, do not shoot it. 1: you could shoot your friend and 2: you've now attracted the attention of a negative kind from both zombies and players alike. In RP, ammo is scarce. Conserve it and don't be a dick. ➡Things, like showering, and playing games and listening to music, are a thing of the past. Everyone is very sullen. Get used to this. A lot of the RP you'll be doing will be mundane, or emotionally draining. People are supposed to be depressed and cynical. No one should be super happy all the time unless they're insane. Avoid the super happy people. ➡Another thing; TRUST NO ONE. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. For the best realism, be skeptical of all things. Yes, people may rob you. Yes, they may try to trick you, and yes they may want you dead. Treat everyone this way until they otherwise give a reason not to. And my biggest tip for you- ➡If you don't know, join the TS and ask someone. We are all willing to help you and teach you whatever you need to know. We aren't shitty in real life... Only in RP. Thank you for reading. I hope I've helped you learn a thing or two. If you have any questions, please do ask me or any other players. Now get out there and make some friends... Or don't. I don't care.
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    Thanks for the rp yesterday guys! @Strawberry My Norwegian viking brother. @Anouk Hope you enjoyed my little game. @Galaxy It was fun pal. @Greenie Thanks for the new nickname! @Tristyn Always a blast when we roll together. @Cocomii You're always so angry. @Honeybee Nice to see you back! @King Like your new char pal
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    The smaller the gun, the more civilian the clothing, the uglier the backpack, the less likely you'll get robbed.
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    Alright, so I guess I need to put some more effort into my post so it doesn't get deleted. The ghosting rule is awful. Being able to switch servers to avoid rp is wrong. If someone is trying to avoid getting camped coming into our out of the safespace it goes against the whole reason we are playing this game. "Shit talking" Are you saying that we can't have any kind of harsh words with another player? This safespace is going to be enforced only through rules and without an rp reason not to do these things? What kind of ship is this that this will come out with no warning and without any kind of input about a big change like this? Those are my concerns and questions.
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    sometimes i listen to the music on a profile if it sounds great otherwise i don't