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    Good evening Gentleman, I'm Fran Miller, the Boom stick's Spanish Guy according to Lord Aristocrat's accurate description.(as follows): "Whilst the PAU are bandaging their wounded, Fran the Spanish stallion takes out his boom stick and starts blasting away at the remaining hostage takers. He succeeds in killing three but is soundly defeated by the fourth. Tragically" I've made a comic of the story, I hope you enjoy. And I will be making a video fur sure, but with all the art I can...You can check other videos of mine in the youtube Channel Click storms...look for "Sammy" which is an episode with english subs...I've recently uploaded another one called "Ring of fire" but I didnt put the english subtitles yet so my comments are in spanish... I also going to describe my part of the story as this event has been our particular Red Wedding and should have an important episode either in the current Lore or in the next one. 0) I have to say, first of all that I'm so happy of the community, I think the mass mayority of you are excelent roleplayers, either the bandits and the Hostages. Specially the small version of Mr Chow that for a second I even thought it was indeed Mr Chow. 1) I'm inside the church really chilled, enjoying the music and the company, I'm not part of any group as the only person I previously known was Dr Elisabeth, who luckly for her, went to sleep before the blood bath. 2) I go outside to the door to Smoke a cigarrete and talk with the guards of the door when I see a really doggie North Korean Style offficial talking agressively to the guard and In the background some shots are starting to get deployed. 3) Knowing what was coming I rapidly take out my M4 with 60 bullets and a lot of spec ops expirience acumulated through my life, I've been in worse situations but...I take a look of the good people inside, all with their hands up and I decided they are not fighters, they are just normal nice people...I cant risk them...Damm, I put my hands up... 4) All in a circle, some pyscho bandits start to circle around and at the same time the outside guard I just been talking got murdered but this people...he was a good boy...RIP. The tension is increccendo, and the boyfriend of the girld of my right starts to become extremelly paranoid and stress...hyperventilating, he mange to pull out his gun and shoot...there is a cross fire, actually I think the bandits do a hell of a blue on blue expirience (friendly fire)... //The desync doesn't allow me to recognize the situation, I thought someone else has come through the back door and whipe out some bandits...otherwise, I have to say, I problably would have been decided not to take action, as the bandit roleplay was excellent, I have to admit, so for my contribution to the massacre, I'm sorry.../// 5) All that is left is few guards injured and bandiging themselves...and we are a lot of good people...I have a quick look to the girl on my left and told her everything will be ok...(The last words she'll ever listen out of anyone else...RIP)...they are scared as hell and The rest of the bandits are seriusly nervous and agressive...You can smell something terrible can happend...but winners anticipate: I have a quick look and take an account, there are 4 guards, 3 on my side of the room, seriously injured and one bastard with an akm with a 75 bullets drum...I cant risk to take action as the guy in the opossite side of the room could kill at least 5 people trying to reach me and I can't allow this to happend... But! Surprise! He put his gun on the floor and start's bandaging...It is the moment, I try to act fast but with precision...I succesfully take out the easier guy, turn around and kill a guillie that was just on my back...and then recieve some inaccurate shotts from another bandit next to the front door...I make use of my Army expirienced mussle memory and whipe him ass well...but damm...the 4rth guy is almost ready to shoot and has crouch to avoid killing inocents...I turn my gun as a Surgeon, and aim carefully to not kill inocents...but this manuver takes me time enought to let the bastard shoot first...I starting to recieve 7,62 impacts on my chest...I'm falling but still shooting...I think I manage to hit him once or twice but I breath gets interrupted...the last think I see is one of the Knight-Cowbows deploy his magnum and shoot the fucker in the face screaming "Bastard"...I know Im dying...my last thougth is about Samantha...my last valuable recent memory...I'm happy she is not here...I'm going with you Jonnhy (cash). Thanks to all and sorry if my action was shit...But adrenaline pumps out....and you never know...So many armed hostages for so few bandits...That's a thing to consider ass well. PS - I have to say that the guy that was "lagging" did not make a good action...as make a clear use of metagaming...which was interrupting the role flow because a supose technical problem, but desync was quite big...so you never know...
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    @2Eazy You're getting the feeling of being a leader, keep at it @Galaxy Sorry for shooting you, don't be scared @Mystery Always fun, my OG @Honeybee Even though you're aggresive, I am starting to like your character. Might be because of how sexy your voice is, tbh. @Ramon Fun times, Honeybee got to permakill his first character. Todays best external RP. @EddieTheBurr (?) I believe it was you, good rp my dude. @Saradomin CRINGE To the rest of the people that we took hostage and might have rolled with today; fun times, you all made it another good and fun day on the coast.
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    Mila’s POV: Since it was a beautiful summer evening, I asked my friends, Abraham and Greg, and my husband, Casimir, if they’d like to go for a stroll. They all thought it was a grand idea, so, we agreed to meet at the crossroads near Sinistok. We had a few moments of confusion when my husband got lost, but, we managed to sort it all out and begin our journey south. As we neared Lopatino, we noticed a group of red-coated gentlemen standing in front of the church. After introductions and a brief chat, the gentlemen invited us to join them inside for a quiet evening of music and conversation. After a short discussion, we decided to take them up on the offer and headed inside. Three of us, Greg, Casimir, and myself joined the others around the fire while Abraham, ever watchful, remained standing. Greg and another gentleman took turns playing guitar music while the rest of the group listened and softly conversed. The music slowly began to lull me to sleep, so, I rested my head on my husband’s shoulder and closed my eyes. The evening continued in the same manner until we heard a commotion outside. Abraham ran out the front door and my husband jumped to his feet and told me to leave. I then told everyone to move. My husband managed to escape out the back door, but, just as I was about to follow, two men blocked the exit and told us to put our hands up and move into center of church around the fire. Although we were all armed, we complied. I could hear gunfire outside and could only imagine what was happening to the brave red-coated guards and my good friend Abraham. The villains then began to circle around us and ask us what we were praying about. In a shaky voice, I told them we were listening to music and were not praying. Another villain made mention of all the loot in the church. Hearing the villain's comment, one of the red-coated gentlemen offered all his worldly goods if they would release the women unharmed. About that time, Casimir was brought back into the church and told to join the rest of us around the fire. I could tell he was experiencing problems because his actions were not normal. He was gliding around and was having trouble shouldering his gun. I then saw three of the villains raise their weapons and point directly at Casimir. I yelled to let them know he was having problems. Time seemed to move both very slowly and very quickly. The next thing I knew, Casimir was shot and was bleeding. And a few short moments later, villains crumpled to the ground dead and unconscious. When I was able to move again, I noticed my husband was still standing, so, being the silly woman I am, I moved close to him and attempted to provide aid. That’s when I realized he was no longer breathing. We were then ordered to again put our hands up and move near the fire. Not too long after that, one of the hostages pulled a gun and began to shoot. More villains fell to the ground. Then another hostage began to fire. When it was all over, 13 bodies, hostage and villain alike, littered the church floor. Only one villain survived the onslaught; he ordered us raise our hands and stand against the wall. In shock, we slowly complied. One of the hostages, my friend Greg I believe, told the villain his pals were all dead and suggested he leave the church. After telling us to count to 60, the villain exited through the back door. Once the countdown was finished, I solemnly walked over to my husband's body, took his weapon, protector case, and his much loved white sneakers and followed Greg out the door. What began as a peaceful evening of fellowship ended as a bloody massacre with bodies strewn inside and outside the church. I was a fool to think it would end any other way. (OOC note: I was in TS with my friends, but, because I was RP’ing, both my mic and speakers were muted the entire time.)
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    *As Pekko whiped his tears, he decided it was time to head home. He had gotten what he came for, his mom probably missed him and this place turned worse everyday. As he was about to pick up his backpack, he decided to send one last message* Hello! All friends! Everyone! I hope you hear this! I really do. *A sigh could be heard through the radio, followed by a sniff* Faith. Faith. Faith. I miss you. I miss you so very very much. You have been for me here since day one. I remember it as yesterday. How I thought I was still in russia, and as I stubled upon you I got to knew that I was not! I remember how nice all of you were. Taking care of me. How we have been singing, dancing and having fun. How me and nils sang that 500 song! *Pekko chuckles* Oh I miss you guys. Where did you go? Did you and Nata go to a safer spot? Is even steven with you? Nata. Nata. Nata. You were always nice too.. Always making me wounder what you and faith did during the nights *another chuckles comes through* Oh I miss you. Nata, I know you loved my singing even though you didnt want to admit it... I know you loved it... *Pekko starts humming on 500 miles before he sighs heavy and sniffles* How are you nata? Are you better? Please tell me you are better.... Please. Even Steven! You crazy fool! Where did you go? Where did any of you go? I don't remember... Steven! How are you? What are you up to? Maybe we can go for another car ride. Listen to music and sing! You and me. The dynamic duo! Remember that? And Nils. Nils. Nils. We had our ups and downs. Oh we did. But you saved my life more than once, and I will always remember that. No matter what happened after, I will always owe you one. Just be safe, and take care of the Walkman player, it is valuable. Louina and Sophi. Well what can I say. Louina. I know you probably know this, but I want to say it. I love you. That is all I can say... I love you. Sophi. Sophi! Be careful! The bad men are everywhere, and they can always hurt you. Please take care of Loina for me. She needs you. *Pekko lets out a small cry, before talking again* I miss all of you so much, and I hope you hear this. I have decided to leave for home. I am on my way as I do this message. I will probably never come back, as I have seen to much bad things here, too many for the good. If you ever need me, just walk north. To Finland. I will be waiting. I love you all. *static*
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    I have mediated upon rocks and stones and have consulted with the gods. I was blinded by fury and rage and did not see what was infront of me, For the love I bore Nihoos father and for the love I bear him as a son I wish for this report to be closed and our friendship renewed like a budding flower in spring. "Despite all my rage I am still a Pado in a cage" -swforshort2k17
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    Our website is powered by a community system called Invision Community (aka IPS). A new update for IPS version 4.2 is currently in beta and should be released within a month or two. This will mean quite a lot of changes on the website and some of them directly affect your content and customizations. You can read this thread on IPS website to read more about what's new. I will be performing a clean install of the community on version 4.2 which means a lot of custom content will be deleted to both increase performance and get rid of issues that were caused by the original migration to this website system back in November 2016. Some of these issues include profile problems, warning points not expiring, low website performance, broken Steam integration and other smaller issues that I haven't been able to resolve. We will also get a new look for the website, with a lighter theme and less overwhelming red everywhere. A screenshot of an early version of this theme can be found here. I will also use that opportunity to do major in game changes we've all been waiting for - lore wipe. As a member there's a few things you will need to think about before the update hits. Here's a list of items that you as members have to note and prepare for and in some cases back up your data. At the same time as I will do the website update we will also do the long awaited lore wipe - the lore will be replaced with a new one. The in game timeline will be reset. All groups and characters will be deleted along with all data associated with them. Back up your data if you want to keep your content! We obviously have backups in case some data needs to be desperately restored in the future, but it will be done as an exception only! Group system on the website will be replaced with a new one so all new groups after the lore wipe will be created in this new system. Factions will be no more, along with settlements. A rule enforced safe zone will replace those with a lore faction as owners. The lore faction and its safe zone will be introduced some time into the new lore, once it makes sense story wise. You can discuss the safe zone here. Profile customizations and settings will be wiped. That means your avatar, cover photo, signature, profile background, profile music and other Premium settings will be reset. Background music for your profiles or characters will no longer be possible to be uploaded directly to the server, instead you will have to upload the file to somewhere else and then link to it. Old warnings carried over from the old website will be deleted. Yes, after 5 years we are doing an amnesty on your old wrong doings and removing your history. Only warnings issued on this new website will be kept (so everything since November 2016). Final warnings however will be kept and re-added. Some of the custom features on the website won't be ready when we do the upgrade, so we may temporarily lose some of the functionality and extra features that we currently have. You have a month before the lore wipe, use this time wisely and finish off old business that you have with characters or groups. Back up all your character and group data if you want to keep it for future generations. There will be a event series that gives some kind of closure to the current lore. Questions about that should go to the LoreMaster team. The update is scheduled for JULY 23rd (Sunday). The new website and servers with new lore will open on July 24th, on DayZRPs 5th anniversary.
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    A stranger approches. @derNils and me chilling in Zeleno... Nils soon "leand" against this thing to... oh nils. ...Nice girls in Saharani
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    @Sam Fields - Short talk close to Vybor Mil, but still long enough for me to recognize you. Sadly you didnt recognize me. @TheMatt924 - Short, but good as always. I might need your assistence soon™ @Ramon - We had such a nice talk... why did you have to get so mad... and shot at me? To crazy... However I liked the gunz on your wall. @Strawberry - that radio RP cringe The ukranians... Well I kinda liked that jacket.... however I fixed the one i got from you so its all ok i guess.
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    POV I can honestly say it wasn't me playing, this was my nan she came on my pc and played while i was at the job centre collecting my benefits.
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    Then you lied, since I am a staff member. Interesting.
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    Jason Daley POV: Got told some wasteman are rolling on some of my man so I pulled up on the block. As I get out of my whip I get out and I notice that @Randle's character was trying to juice on my girl, I wasn't having none of it still. I told this wasteman to put his hands up but then @Hebee pulls up in a truck and tells me to put my hands up. Then my boy @Boose pulls up in his new Audi and tells @Hebee to put his hands up. Then next thing I knew, my crew rolls up in a Fiat 500 ( @TheProxJack @evanm23 @InnKinn and @Will) and they all jump out. So we take @Hebee and @Randle to the barns west of the NWAF, when all of a sudden I hear @Nihoolious and @Grimnir having a firefight outside, so I run out and tell them to fuck off before I kill them. They run off and get their boys together ( @fletcho1 @Steck @PatZ and @Doc Holiday ) and then they come back down to the barns and initiate on all of us. Man like me, I got on the radio and told my boy @Bazz to come down with his mandem and sort it out. They rolled up in a brand new 17 plate Kia and sprayed @fletcho1 @Steck @PatZ and @Doc Holiday. After this, I let the hostages go and then I run into @Phoenix and @Voodoo are filming two people having a shag.... I left em to it... I'm not a fan of ERP tho, don't even do it again... smh. Next thing I knew I got told from @Undead that @Otter has been initiated on by @Shane at Vybor so I have to drive round there (None of these guys paid petrol money btw, smh) and then... I shot @Shane down using a AK101 and take his gear.... I also hear that @Oliv and @Jamie metagamed my location on my live stream... smh. After around an hour of doing shitty camp fire RP with @Roach and @Buddy I decide I need more PVP action in my life. So I head over to NWAF to see wagwan.... Turns out, @Keira and @Hassan are over there doing some internal stuff, I knew @Hassan would be down for some PVP so I initiate with my boy @Boose and kill @Hassan and then leave @Keira to dwell on it. After this, I hear that @Lyca and @Aiko are looking for me and the boys... But my petrol died in my car ( Keep in mind It's 1.19 a gallon over in Chernarus, I ain't violating myself like that still, kmt ) so I can't go over to see what they want unless I call an Uber. I get out my Iphone 3GS and call an Uber, and guess who my driver is... @Rolle so he drives me over to @Aiko and @Lyca and they tell me they want to buy some bud. I say to em I said " You ain't getting nothing off me, it's dry out here i can't get none still " so they initiate on me and rob my Iphone.... Smh. Fucking gearRPERS piss me off so much. After re-gearing (Got myself an S6, come on boys) I give my mate @Para a bell to see wagwan with him... He tells me he's managed to get some peng blues off some lad round the corner so I link with him and buy a binbag full and some Zig-Zag rolling paper... After this... I decided to head back to Vybor hill to spark up... I had one problem... I couldn't make a @Roach so I had to rob @ToeZ for an ammo box and use a bit of card off the ammo box. I will no longer reply unless a staff member asks me to.... Not gonna lie, was some seriously immature roleplay.....
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    Hello. I'm Taryn, and I am a white name. That's to say someone who is relatively new to DayZ RP. Over the past few weeks, I have learned so much about DayZ RP and the game itself. I figured perhaps I could give the new folks a few pointers on how to play the game and get into the swing of things more easily from the point of view of someone who recently learned all these things. So here we go: DayZ itself has many tips and tricks. For more immersive roleplay, here are some I wanted to share. ➡Use Alt to look around, but also to nod, and shake your head. You can also use it to express emotions in the game, such as being upset or nervous. Just use Alt to move your head as you would in real life. ➡Use Q and E to lean into someone to whisper to them in character. You can also use this when trying to spy on someone or in some cases to check out a fine piece of ass. ➡There are many gestures in DayZ that can come in handy. F3 makes you sit on the ground instead of crouching or going prone. F8 is to facepalm.Try not to use F4. You might piss off the locals. ➡Voice RP can be daunting. If you feel overwhelmed, you can text RP for a little while. Honestly, the best way to go about this is to make a character who is similar to you enough that your actions over voice reflect how you would react. Once you're more comfortable, you may get into harder things, like emoting pain and anger when in reality your fine. Just don't go overboard. Cheese levels should remain low. ➡ Do not refer to items as they are named in the game if your character wouldn't know what they are. For instance, instead of referring to something as a UMP or something, refer to it as a rifle or something. Furthermore, don't say you found something "Pristine" or "Damaged". Instead, you can say things about it such as "It looks dirty." Or "It looks pretty rough" or something like that. ➡When in doubt, scout it out. You are free to approach people and see what's going on. Of you don't want to participate, feel free to say so. You are still in character though. They will react to you "being weird". ➡DO NOT SHOOT UNSILENCED GUNS ON CITIES UNLESS YOU WANT TO ATTRACT HORDES. I cannot say this enough. When you see a single zombie attacking a friend, do not shoot it. 1: you could shoot your friend and 2: you've now attracted the attention of a negative kind from both zombies and players alike. In RP, ammo is scarce. Conserve it and don't be a dick. ➡Things, like showering, and playing games and listening to music, are a thing of the past. Everyone is very sullen. Get used to this. A lot of the RP you'll be doing will be mundane, or emotionally draining. People are supposed to be depressed and cynical. No one should be super happy all the time unless they're insane. Avoid the super happy people. ➡Another thing; TRUST NO ONE. Everyone has a reason for doing what they do. For the best realism, be skeptical of all things. Yes, people may rob you. Yes, they may try to trick you, and yes they may want you dead. Treat everyone this way until they otherwise give a reason not to. And my biggest tip for you- ➡If you don't know, join the TS and ask someone. We are all willing to help you and teach you whatever you need to know. We aren't shitty in real life... Only in RP. Thank you for reading. I hope I've helped you learn a thing or two. If you have any questions, please do ask me or any other players. Now get out there and make some friends... Or don't. I don't care.
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    *West is sitting with his back to the wall, his wrists are duct taped together as he glances around the bar which is lit only by moonlight. As the broadcast comes in, his head snaps towards the radio. Slowly, he leans against the wall and rises to his feet, quietly stepping over Ally as she snores softly, a sawed off shotgun pointed at the corner where he had been sitting. Spitting out the old sock they had gagged him with as he makes his way to the bar, he sees the radio on its side right between Jim Recker and Austin Maverick, both drunk and passed out, muttering nonsense in their sleep. As West slowly reaches out for the radio, Austin's hand suddenly springs out and grabs his hand with a vice-like grip. Terrified, West turns to face Austin, who is still asleep. Austin snorts loudly before yawning and muttering "Gimme a drink, will ya?" His eyes darting around the bar, West picks up an empty whisky bottle and pulls his hand from Austin's grip, replacing it with the bottle. Austin grips the bottle and drifts back to sleep muttering "Oh that's the stuff, thanks babe" before softly snoring. With a sigh of relief, West picks up the radio and ducks down behind the bar, whispering so faintly into the radio that his voice can barely be heard over the static at first* Mister Murdock, this is Doctor West. I... appreciate you letting me know of the situation. If first aid has been rendered but the health of the patient continues to deteriorate, then more advanced treatment must be sought. I am... a little... occupied at the moment, but I will attempt to ... make myself available. At my advanced age, that island is quite a distance and at this time of night I'll need to travel at a cautious pace. Keep your radio tuned to this frequency, I shall make my way to the lighthouse and contact you when I'm there. Do everything in your power to keep the patient awake and talking in the meantime. Keep them hydrated and fed, if they'll eat. *Standing up again, West carefully places the radio back onto the bar. Suddenly, Austin releases the whisky bottle and reaches out again muttering "What that fuck d'you say to m...me? Hey I wanna tell you something, no no no c'mere don't go I wanna tell you something, no c'mon c'mon yeah I'll tell ya what happens" Looking across the bar at Jim Recker who is snoring loudly, West picks up Reckers hand and places it into Austin's, who proceeds to hold it tight and drunkenly ramble about enemies slain and friends buried. Recker goes silent for a moment and then continues snoring even louder than before. Carefully picking up a shard of broken glass from the whisky glass that Recker threw at Austin's head earlier after a joke about his weight, West cuts himself free and sneaks out the front door to find Josef sleeping through his guard shift. He closes the door lightly and then walks off into the night.*
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    Thanks for the rp yesterday guys! @Strawberry My Norwegian viking brother. @Anouk Hope you enjoyed my little game. @Galaxy It was fun pal. @Greenie Thanks for the new nickname! @Tristyn Always a blast when we roll together. @Cocomii You're always so angry. @Honeybee Nice to see you back! @King Like your new char pal
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    Don't think I really need to post much in way of words since my video does ALL of the talking. Start to finish in this situation. I will say that I was there, complied the entire time, and watched my friend, @Brayces, get gunned down while complying. I managed to get out unscathed in the situation and attempted to provide medical RP, to which there was none to be had and no one was left to be saved in the end. Grabbed my friend's things wanted to RP getting her out of danger since she didn't intend to perma. Oh. My video also shows the animation bug between 23:10 and 23:15.
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    In total got initiated on three times. Last initiation i had my hands up and still got shot .. First initiation was good role play until people started unloading. Here is four video's all ten minutes each showing exactly what happend
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    The smaller the gun, the more civilian the clothing, the uglier the backpack, the less likely you'll get robbed.
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    Good luck with that mate! My advice is to work closely with the Loremasters because there hasn't been a proper ChDKZ group in a long while and if played and presented right, it'll be more than just you and it can be a proper antagonist faction and not just "dank pee vee pee group lol". As CDF, I'd love to see that ingame.
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    Why didn't you just tell us earlier so we could implement this into the lore rather than throwing this on us? The factions in the past that ran some areas well without some ridiculous rule force field. I DO NOT see this going well Rolle, AT ALL.
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    Uhhh I wasn't even informed about this? So uhh what am I just going to write lore for another faction? ... I am at a loss. Please don't make this a thing.
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    Alright, so I guess I need to put some more effort into my post so it doesn't get deleted. The ghosting rule is awful. Being able to switch servers to avoid rp is wrong. If someone is trying to avoid getting camped coming into our out of the safespace it goes against the whole reason we are playing this game. "Shit talking" Are you saying that we can't have any kind of harsh words with another player? This safespace is going to be enforced only through rules and without an rp reason not to do these things? What kind of ship is this that this will come out with no warning and without any kind of input about a big change like this? Those are my concerns and questions.
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    sometimes i listen to the music on a profile if it sounds great otherwise i don't
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    Got some family pictures done the other day, I'll share.