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    Hey Thomas Pittman, I can see that you wrote a few parts on your own but then again you copied parts of your background story which you didn't write yourself. You at least copied 40% of your story from a story someone posted on reddit 2 years ago. You not only copied parts of your story but you also lie to us now in the appeal. The only question I have is why did you feel the need to lie about it? It is indeed ridiculous to lie to us.
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    Hit Logs: 13:57:18 | "Spikey SHOT Hunter Truell by magnum into head." 13:57:19 | "Spikey SHOT John Remierez by magnum into Head." 13:57:20 | "Alex Arrington SHOT Spikey by AKM into RightArm." Death Logs: 13:57:19 | Player "John Remierez" has been killed by player "Spikey" 13:57:18 | Player "Hunter Truell" has been killed by player "Spikey" 13:57:20 | Player "Spikey" has been killed by player "Alex Arrington" Connection Logs: 13:03:04 | Player "John Remierez" is connected KIA 13:01:08 | Player "Alex Arrington" is connected 14:40:06 | Player "Alex Arrington"has been disconnected 13:01:08 | Player "Hunter Truell" is connected KIA 13:01:11 | Player "Velky Lekar" is connected 14:39:52 | Player "Velky Lekar" has been disconnected 13:38:05 | Player "Spikey" is connected KIA Chat Logs: 13:31:05 | Chat("Hunter Truell" : shakes tree violently* 13:46:59 | Chat("Alex Arrington": *PATS DOWN FOR RADIO* // do i find one? 13:47:13 | Chat("Spikey": //NO 13:48:58 | Chat("Alex Arrington": *unattaches vests* 13:52:39 | Chat("Velky Lekar": //The bottles are filled fith water 13:54:39 | Chat("Spikey": //I ACTUALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS 13:54:49 | Chat("Alex Arrington" : // press r to spin the it 13:54:55 | Chat("Spikey": //OKAY 13:54:58 | Chat("Hunter Truell": //f11 and go first person to see barrel spin 13:55:17 | Chat("Hunter Truell": dont press f11 until you press r twice 14:26:46 | Chat("Velky Lekar": *Fists your butt* 14:26:54 | Chat("Velky Lekar : *With the backpack* 14:27:08 | Alex Arrington": *plugs your dick into the gun barrel* These people show in the logs: Please post your POV's and any unedited footage from the situation. @CaptainTorch - John Remierez| @EpicShipshock- Velky Lakar | @Noggin41 - Hunter Truell | @CrazyStryker- Alex Arrington @Spikey - Spikey | Few questions We have to ask, after looking through the logs we found some interesting content would you care to explain? @EpicShipshock- Why did you feel the need to Fist someone's butt? @CrazyStryker - Why did you stick your dick in someone's gun barrel? @Noggin41- Why did you not use // when telling the accused to spin the barrel? Logs will be updated Soon(TM) for connection logs Ect.<--Updated
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    Considering the majority of the DayZ dev team are now working on the Beta update I thought it would be a good idea to start the "0.63/BETA Discussion Thread" to keep everyone up to date with all things 0.63. Now, the main thing with 0.63 is the pushing of the last of the new engine technology. This being the New Player Controller and the New Animation System. These two modules are what have been holding up a large amount of content from being put into the game. I'm talking vehicles, weapons, soft skills, base building, etc etc. Now I'm not saying everything will come in 0.63 but you can expect a large change to gameplay. So what are the devs currently working on? Well, luckily the devs gave us a nice list in the latest status report that tells us exactly that: Programmers • UI Inputs • Communication systems (megaphone, static radio, public address system) • Weapon handling and aiming • Vehicle physics refactor • Vehicle controller refactor • 3rd person camera collision changes • FNX basic state machine and script class • IZH18 basic state machine and script class • Animation events for player • Performance optimizations for item spawning • Physics collision system refactor and optimization • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Weapon mechanics animations polishing (unjamming, reloads) • Inverse Kinematics poses • Hit reactions on player • Ranged combat prototype • Player turns tweaking Designers • User actions in multiplayer • Player representation • New player and item spawn definition • Player action targeting and floating cursor • Communication systems • Tree collisions fixes • Advanced placing system • Construction watchtower • Diseases refactor for new player representation • Animation events for player • New zombie models • New player models • Animation events for player Audio • Positional environment audio tweaks • Infected audio recording preparation • Player and weapon animation events setup QA • Playtesting the 0.62 update • 0.62 feature testing • Internal client stabilization • User actions for 0.63 testing Art • Old assets rework • Buildings optimization • Doors unification Picture time: Alrighty, first we have some new animations for Unjamming, chambering and general reloading: (this video has some other animations that have not be confirmed to be in 0.63, so take them with a pinch of salt) Okay, up next is a video almost everyone has seen. New Player controller/camera/animations. Also some short gifs of the same sort of stuff. We also have a video showing of the new soft skills. Now keep in mind that this video is old so things might have changed and also that the effect of the soft skill has been increase in order to quickly demonstrate it. **Nothing past this point is confirmed to be in 0.63** Now as I mentioned before. A lot of content is stuck behind the last two bits of the new Enfusion engine that DayZ will be solely running on from 0.63 onward. And when I say a lot I mean it. So here are some pictures of things that 'might be in 0.63 but don't hold your breath': Weapons: Bizon SMG (yes that is a kobra sight) Saiga 12 CR 550 Mini UZI PK Machine Gun M249 Scout Rifle Non-Lethal Weapons M12 Shotgun Vehicles: Bumblebee Four Door Hatchback (WIP) Sarka 120 Multicar LittleBird Bicycle Dirtbike Items/clothing: Leather Shit (Crafted) Hunting Vest Tactical Helmet Military Grade Night Vision (WIP) NBC Suit Basebuilding: Watchtower Generator Construction Lights Extension Cord Concept image And that's about it. **Remember** None of this past section is confirmed to be in 0.63 it is just things that have be held back because of the new Engine. It is possible we might see none, some or maybe all of this in 0.63. Well that's all I've got for now. I'll keep the thread update if any new information is released or I find some more information. If you have any questions about this update I will do my best to answer them. Peace.
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    Felix manipulates his way into The Family and officially is accepted through their initiation ceremony. Thanks to @Father for a wonderful RP... wherever you are. Thanks to @Genji @2Eazy @TheMatt924 @Lyca and whoever else was there as well. Felix's Journey - Welcome to The Family
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    *Domonic listens in and hears some familiar voices, Shaking his head in dismay he starts to transmit* "Why is it always the same shit, Big talk big balls bullshit. All we ever hear are these idle threats from you idiots. Time and time again have you tried to fight a true test, and failed. Is this why you are now resorting to the minority? Do you need to throw around that "Power" of yours that much? I guess you have lost alot of your masculinity, after all, all them threats being backed up by what? Your bratrs bodies dropping to the floor does not reinforce your hilarious comments. Word of advice, stay of these radiowaves until you are able to run an effective and efficent threat. Otherwise, your just going to keep being laughed at, your going to keep loosing your bratrs, and im going to have to keep polishing the blood from the boots. Not that I mind the latter, Its just, Were going to soon run out of you foreigners if you keep going the way you are. Fuck off with your ludicrous statements and claims. We have allowed your nonsense to go on long enough, Leave. Or feel the full wrath fall upon you and your incompetent men." *Domonic laughs to himself, wondering to himself how long it will be before he has to put another bullet into these so called rebels*
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    Alright so, while your friend has seemingly read up on the Novigrad dillyo, I would just like to point out that, at the very bottom of the lore page you are presented with this map. I hope this helps you/him in some extent. As stated before, we're not allowed to give out answers to the whitelisting questions, but if your friend ever needs any help with the whitelist process he is free to come into TeamSpeak and have a member of staff help out. If he's used all 5 of his whitelist chances however, he'll have to appeal for a sixth chance. SLAVA CHERNARUS.
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    Galaxy's Content @Lyca @Strawberry @Brady @LewellynMoss @Lyca @Brady @Strawberry Clowns never die.... @Brady @Strawberry @Jamie @Kunkka @Jamie @Brady @Joffrey @Sarilla @Kunkka @Jamie @Brady Sarilla dont take no shit @Jamie @Strawberry @Brady @Sarilla @Kunkka @Joffrey Stole his hat @Joffrey the giraffe @Jamie @Brady @Strawberry @Mr.Panda I.O.U 4 Teddy Bears @Kittendo Marriage is complicated... @Kittendo @Strawberry Me and @Jamie making some friends! "Friends" @Coreena had 1 too many spites "Post something to the media page" - @Brady
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    Cool pics edit: msg me babe
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    Communism sucks @SmartyyZ @absurdist Casual talk with a Russian and the mistake of his existence @PatZ
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    Detailed description of my POV: My friends ( @Esp, @crunchycoconut, @SnAsK1231) and I, heard shots in Novy Sobor, and instantly chose to run there, just to get some player interaction. I ran into the town alone, and my friends stayed about 50 meters behind me. I went to talk to them, and John Brown( @Jackfish) were very agressive and condescending. I knew that my friends were sitting in the forest, and therefore I kept on asking @Jackfish to stop. They now asked me to walk away, because they didn't want any trouble. My character felt very offended, and I kept wanting an excuse from @Jackfish, and the others gave me two warnings. I kept following, and of course it turned into a hostile situation, and they raised their guns at me. My friends shot them, because they were allowed to, and they were about 30 meters from me. Afterwards when two of them fell into unconsciousness, and I shot them just to be sure they were dead. And just in addition: I never said "Oh sure, I'll get on my knees"
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    I think I did a phenomenal job roleplaying today. Nice one, Septimoooose.
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    I'm guessing this should have it's place in here - the agreement on an alliance between The Symptom and The Covenant. @idole @PCJames @Brady
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    Hello Rei, The administration team has taken more time to look into your appeal here. Although we have found some things already posted and discussed here that we find additionally suspicious, our investigation has not found anything further and we are satisfied at the moment to a point where we feel comfortable enough removing your blacklist. We will re-review your whitelist application to see if it is accepted or not. We hope you enjoy your time here and that you are not taking advantage of us by giving you the benefit of doubt. Outcome: Blacklist removed
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    Reminder: The Lost Souls do not have an IC name. If you call them that in game, no matter if you heard it from someone else, YOU'RE USING METAGAMED INFORMATION. Justify it all you want by saying "but someone told me the name in game", the truth is if you don't stop using it right away, you're a metagaming dick. It's that simple. Stop the metagame.
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    I'd consider applying for staff if Supports were changed back to Community Helpers
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    i have been away from this community for several months, maybe half a year and the first time i log in i get shot up like its target practise so you could say im a little bit salty so im gonna say no thank you for now.
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    Server and location: S1 Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 Your in game name: Bobby Sigfrid Names of allies involved: Cy Paxton Name of suspect/s: No idea, a lot of guys Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Well, i joined the server for the first time in months with my friend Cy just to have some fun and try it out again. we get to vybor and log out because my friend was going to eat. we both log back in and he goes afk again when we are in que, we get in at the same time so i go to look for him, what i meet is a lot of guys and no Cy so i start looking around when a guy starts shooting at me, i brush it off and think he might have thought i was a zombie so i leave.. i then see guys all around me so i hide in a bush and thats when i get lit up by a guy in full red.. i have no clue why they did this and destroyed my experience coming back to dayzrp
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    That was pretty awesome, have my beanz for being orginal. shame of the // in the end.
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    Where are the supports at? My crayon is near if you need me...
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    It will still perform better than most maps.
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    Verdict: @Conor Kodak [Bad RP/Combat logging]: Inconclusive - Not Guilty. @Tyrone Boone [Bad RP/Combat logging]: Inconclusive - Not Guilty. @Western [Bad RP-Excessive OOC]: Guilty Explanation: @Conor Kodak & @Tyrone Boone , you were both accused of Bad RP/CL for feeding western charcoal tabs and not caring for your hostage's life but looking over the POV’s and the evidence we have, we can not see any of this being a factor here. We’ll explain. First off, the action of feeding the OP charcoal tabs is in fact not a perma scar as it leaves no marks or does anything that might lead to his death contrary to the alcohol tincture you considered feeding him. If you had given him that with no OOC permission this case would be completely different as then you have almost certainly doomed the hostage. Later the hostage is let go and finds himself getting beat up by zombies that he himself got around to interact with and thus we cannot see anything that would suggest you had no care for the hostage's life. Combat logging is confirmed by the logs to not be the case here as you were on the server for a couple of hours more before logging. As for the text RP avoidance, without any form of video evidence we cannot make out how bad this case was or how much was ignored thus cannot come to a proper conclusion on the punishment, but we will leave the accused with a note that text RP is one of the two ways allowed to RP in this community and as such should not be ignored, no matter if you can't be bothered to read or not, as avoiding such text will fall under Bad RP. @Western During a number of times you went OOC, totaling to 15 times in this case. Some are reasonable and assisted the situation at hand but most were repetitive and containing nothing of value to the hostage takes such as: ''not even RP'ing the rope'' ''Mate'' ‘’stop nwo’’ ''Wtf is going on'' ''stop now'' ''/FFS what is this xdddd'' ''better bandage me btw : D'' ''it doesnt work xddall '' All these remarks are not needed as you had already denied them their permissions to perma scar, confirmed to them that the alcohol would kill you and that you could still see. None of this was needed or did anything for the accused to confirm or assist them with the situation at hand and as such you have been found guilty of Bad RP- Excessive OOC. 5.4 OOC communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak OOC using ingame voice. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication. Outcome: @Tyrone Boone [Bad RP/Combat logging ]:No Punishment. @Conor Kodak [Bad RP/Combat logging ]:No Punishment. @Western [Bad RP- Excessive OOC] (5 Days & 10 Points] Verdict by @Eagle - @Cid & @Will
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    From the album: Past & Present

    Remember Outrun on alts? Good times @Cantaloupe @Brownie Can't remember who else was there..
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    It was so sweet watching her drift off to sleep so peacefully https://i.gyazo.com/db6eb5dc533e0d3356c35edcea88a0e1.gif
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    Whitename former permabanned player joins staff? Alright, dayzrp.
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    Real nibba dude congrats on support
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    Verdict: @ragnar42 [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: Guilty @Warren_Kos [Combat Logging]: Guilty Explanation: A staff team has finished reviewing this report and come to a conclusion. @ragnar42, you executed the hostage off of misinformation, thinking that @Eagle was shot at after negotiations had already completed. With this information, you thought you were in the right to execute the hostage after he had lost the fist fight, but you were wrong in doing so, thus killing a complying hostage. Because of this, you are guilty of Invalid Kill - Roleplayed. It seems you are understanding of what you did wrong in this situation. In the future, please make sure to confirm what rights you do and do not have to avoid situations such as this one. 8.5 Hostages may only be killed in the following scenarios: 8.5.1 Hostages do not comply with your demands or pose a direct threat to you or your group. 8.5.2 Hostages do not value their life, for example they continuously talk back or insult you despite being told to keep quiet. 8.5.3 The rescue party refuses to negotiate and open fire, after the hostage takers contacted them on the radio. 8.5.4 Demands from negotiations have not been met after a reasonable time has elapsed. Demands must be realistic and reasonable, without putting the rescue party in direct danger. @Warren_Kos, while we are appreciative that you put some effort into trying to get back into the server, you still should have waited till you were back in and continued waiting the appropriate amount of time. Not getting in because of a long queue is not an excuse to skip out on your combat timer, therefore you will be punished with combat logging. In the future, you should always try and contact the other party to alert them of your situation and perhaps request permission to log off before giving up. 12.2 After a hostile action has occurred, you may only log out after a minimum of 30 minutes have passed since you broke the line of sight with those involved. Outcome: @ragnar42 [Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: 3 day ban + banstrike (10 warning points) @Warren_Kos [Combat Logging] 3 day ban + banstrike (10 warning points) Verdict by @Cid and @Ender
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    I wanted to ban you... since you still have an old signature. It says Moderator. But I cant... you have my favorite final fantasy theme song in here. Omg.... I love it.
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    Thank you for the rp @i am Bambi
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    I didn't agree to this! I want a re-vote! Jk <3 Gratz!
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    when you go the the main screen before pressing play click character and then change your gender to male this wont change until you character is re spawned. hope this work if it doesn't let me know and ill see if i can help you further.
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    Shoutout to whoever are James Peterson, Olivia Gilmartn and Mark Murrell for the brief but very entertaining encounter, especially with the slightly unexpected ending that literally made me fall off my chair laughing
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    To make things clear. You and your ally took someone hostage, in this case it was Joffrey. So the hostage and every ally of the hostage who was in range of 500 meter gained kill rights on you and your ally. @kingrvz, @Nathancarter15 How do you want to proceed with the report?
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    PoV: I Run myself to Kab, so my friends can give me juicy gear as I was a fresh spawn. It's raining and windy, and I hear "Mumble Mumble" I turn around and see a fine white fellah dressed in green, and farther off a black feller. The white guy repeats an initiation, that I then clearly hear. I think its my friends just having a go at me, so I say something like "haha... nice" I believe he then says "Gun on the ground now or I'll kill you." I message my TS as I put my gun down "Uhh.. if this isn't you guys robbing me at lonely house... I am being robbed then I think." I lay down on the road, and the black guy joins the white guy on the road. The white feller tells my friends that I had put a gun to his head, and tried to rob him. The black feller says nothing. Shots ring out, and the white feller, and black feller, fall dead. I escaped.
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    Felix begins hunting for the family, having camped out in Northen Chernarus churches on a hunch due to their increasing presence. He is found and much comes from it, such as him being in the hostage position for once. Thanks to @Lyca @Father @Credidred and of course @Genjifor a fantastic hostile experience. I'd mention more, but honesty there was too many faces in that church for me to keep track of. Felix's Journey - The Family (Part 2)
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    Yeeeaaaahhhhh boiiii Graduating friday, .62 IM COMMIING
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    at no point did i run towards any bullets or anything like that, i logged in right by the crack in the wall infront on the barrack with all the people, i look for my friend and move towards veresnik, i take a potshot so i start to get out of the area but i am forced to hide so that i do not get seen. and the rest speaks for itself
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    Yes i also shot at you. you ran into an active firefight. surely you must have heard the crooptoon of shots comin from there yes? hello
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    All right guys, listen up. I didn't want to do this, but with the current state of how the lore is going there is some very genuine concerns regarding the entire community. I am going to state out flatly that there is a general distrust regarding the direction of the lore wipe. A lot was explained at the Teamspeak meeting. A lot about the infection starting in Chernarus and then moving out of Chernarus, then we go back to Chernarus... something about planes and who knows what else... regardless, it took half an hour to explain and it made absolutely no sense to -anyone-. Here is my concern. A very viable solution to every players problem was presented. Doesn't matter that it came from me, the fact is it was presented and had the entire teamspeak following it. The community had spoken... and all we want is for it to be taken in, because it's not just a factor of your lore, your writing, your work... it's everyone's future characters, future environment, future lore. The current lore is problematic, do not make the new lore problematic. Here is the solution regarding 90% of people being in Chernarus without actually being Chernu Russian. The virus doesn't originate in Chernarus, Chernarus is the last place to be -HIT- When something this catastrophic occurs, where peoples lives are directly at threat, they are going to want to move away from it. The human beings number one instinct is to survive, to live. If the virus starts here, no one... NO ONE... not even the Chernu Russian's are going to want to BE HERE... And yes this would require the rest of the world to be hit first, but someone needs to be hit last, so it might as well be the made up country that we're playing in. Word would get out from cell phones, internet, television, word of mouth... anywhere all saying the same thing. -This place is safe-. It doesn't have to be safe or even safe for more than a day, but as long as people think it is, they will come here. Every type of character imaginable, fleeing here as refugees, in mass... HERE, problem solved for everyone. The Chernu Russian Government cannot stop the entire world from flooding in at the last minute, they can't. They can try, by shooting at the boarders, by having active war... putting that danger in front of people, but the thing is with the danger being the infection behind them, they have NO CHOICE but to flee in the direction of Chernarus. Many will die, adding to peoples backstories of being lost along the way, giving genuine reason for hate between natives and non natives, adding to peoples characters... anything and everything.... SOLVED. So, I have added a pole. This is my idea that is pitched. It isn't complicated. If anything it is remarkably simple, but simplicity is a form of genius. I am sorry if this offends the people writing the next lore, but it's not just about you. I know you're doing a great job and working hard... but this belongs to everyone, not just you. This is everyone's server. Write for the community by consulting the community... otherwise we're going to be right back where we started, with our community hating the lore. Once you have that foundation, you can add in whatever you want along the way. Hell most people will even have the freedom to make their own shit up, but the thing is it will make complete sense. Please listen to me guys, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't concerned about the community. I am not even doing this to attack you... I just want a good result in the end.
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    I agree 100%. It works, it makes sense, it makes people's purpose for being in the country a whole lot simpler, and that's awesome. @Tony knows what he's talking about and I wholeheartedly support the idea. Imagine playing a shaken survivor who lived through the border massacre, who reeked across the globe trying to escape a virus dead on their heels. I love the story archetypes that could come with this idea. +1 from me
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    In the community meeting, this was discussed and I think was a very good idea supported by a majority of the community. It is a very realistic solution and one that I can stand behind.
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    Good job man, but lets not forget this baby <3
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