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    Hit Logs: 13:57:18 | "Spikey SHOT Hunter Truell by magnum into head." 13:57:19 | "Spikey SHOT John Remierez by magnum into Head." 13:57:20 | "Alex Arrington SHOT Spikey by AKM into RightArm." Death Logs: 13:57:19 | Player "John Remierez" has been killed by player "Spikey" 13:57:18 | Player "Hunter Truell" has been killed by player "Spikey" 13:57:20 | Player "Spikey" has been killed by player "Alex Arrington" Connection Logs: 13:03:04 | Player "John Remierez" is connected KIA 13:01:08 | Player "Alex Arrington" is connected 14:40:06 | Player "Alex Arrington"has been disconnected 13:01:08 | Player "Hunter Truell" is connected KIA 13:01:11 | Player "Velky Lekar" is connected 14:39:52 | Player "Velky Lekar" has been disconnected 13:38:05 | Player "Spikey" is connected KIA Chat Logs: 13:31:05 | Chat("Hunter Truell" : shakes tree violently* 13:46:59 | Chat("Alex Arrington": *PATS DOWN FOR RADIO* // do i find one? 13:47:13 | Chat("Spikey": //NO 13:48:58 | Chat("Alex Arrington": *unattaches vests* 13:52:39 | Chat("Velky Lekar": //The bottles are filled fith water 13:54:39 | Chat("Spikey": //I ACTUALLY DONT KNOW HOW TO DO THIS 13:54:49 | Chat("Alex Arrington" : // press r to spin the it 13:54:55 | Chat("Spikey": //OKAY 13:54:58 | Chat("Hunter Truell": //f11 and go first person to see barrel spin 13:55:17 | Chat("Hunter Truell": dont press f11 until you press r twice 14:26:46 | Chat("Velky Lekar": *Fists your butt* 14:26:54 | Chat("Velky Lekar : *With the backpack* 14:27:08 | Alex Arrington": *plugs your dick into the gun barrel* These people show in the logs: Please post your POV's and any unedited footage from the situation. @CaptainTorch - John Remierez| @EpicShipshock- Velky Lakar | @Noggin41 - Hunter Truell | @CrazyStryker- Alex Arrington @Spikey - Spikey | Few questions We have to ask, after looking through the logs we found some interesting content would you care to explain? @EpicShipshock- Why did you feel the need to Fist someone's butt? @CrazyStryker - Why did you stick your dick in someone's gun barrel? @Noggin41- Why did you not use // when telling the accused to spin the barrel? Logs will be updated Soon(TM) for connection logs Ect.<--Updated
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    Considering the majority of the DayZ dev team are now working on the Beta update I thought it would be a good idea to start the "0.63/BETA Discussion Thread" to keep everyone up to date with all things 0.63. Now, the main thing with 0.63 is the pushing of the last of the new engine technology. This being the New Player Controller and the New Animation System. These two modules are what have been holding up a large amount of content from being put into the game. I'm talking vehicles, weapons, soft skills, base building, etc etc. Now I'm not saying everything will come in 0.63 but you can expect a large change to gameplay. So what are the devs currently working on? Well, luckily the devs gave us a nice list in the latest status report that tells us exactly that: Programmers • UI Inputs • Communication systems (megaphone, static radio, public address system) • Weapon handling and aiming • Vehicle physics refactor • Vehicle controller refactor • 3rd person camera collision changes • FNX basic state machine and script class • IZH18 basic state machine and script class • Animation events for player • Performance optimizations for item spawning • Physics collision system refactor and optimization • Tons of crash fixing • Tons of bug fixes Animators • Weapon mechanics animations polishing (unjamming, reloads) • Inverse Kinematics poses • Hit reactions on player • Ranged combat prototype • Player turns tweaking Designers • User actions in multiplayer • Player representation • New player and item spawn definition • Player action targeting and floating cursor • Communication systems • Tree collisions fixes • Advanced placing system • Construction watchtower • Diseases refactor for new player representation • Animation events for player • New zombie models • New player models • Animation events for player Audio • Positional environment audio tweaks • Infected audio recording preparation • Player and weapon animation events setup QA • Playtesting the 0.62 update • 0.62 feature testing • Internal client stabilization • User actions for 0.63 testing Art • Old assets rework • Buildings optimization • Doors unification Picture time: Alrighty, first we have some new animations for Unjamming, chambering and general reloading: (this video has some other animations that have not be confirmed to be in 0.63, so take them with a pinch of salt) Okay, up next is a video almost everyone has seen. New Player controller/camera/animations. Also some short gifs of the same sort of stuff. We also have a video showing of the new soft skills. Now keep in mind that this video is old so things might have changed and also that the effect of the soft skill has been increase in order to quickly demonstrate it. **Nothing past this point is confirmed to be in 0.63** Now as I mentioned before. A lot of content is stuck behind the last two bits of the new Enfusion engine that DayZ will be solely running on from 0.63 onward. And when I say a lot I mean it. So here are some pictures of things that 'might be in 0.63 but don't hold your breath': Weapons: Bizon SMG (yes that is a kobra sight) Saiga 12 CR 550 Mini UZI PK Machine Gun M249 Scout Rifle Non-Lethal Weapons M12 Shotgun Vehicles: Bumblebee Four Door Hatchback (WIP) Sarka 120 Multicar LittleBird Bicycle Dirtbike Items/clothing: Leather Shit (Crafted) Hunting Vest Tactical Helmet Military Grade Night Vision (WIP) NBC Suit Basebuilding: Watchtower Generator Construction Lights Extension Cord Concept image And that's about it. **Remember** None of this past section is confirmed to be in 0.63 it is just things that have be held back because of the new Engine. It is possible we might see none, some or maybe all of this in 0.63. Well that's all I've got for now. I'll keep the thread update if any new information is released or I find some more information. If you have any questions about this update I will do my best to answer them. Peace.
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    Alright so, while your friend has seemingly read up on the Novigrad dillyo, I would just like to point out that, at the very bottom of the lore page you are presented with this map. I hope this helps you/him in some extent. As stated before, we're not allowed to give out answers to the whitelisting questions, but if your friend ever needs any help with the whitelist process he is free to come into TeamSpeak and have a member of staff help out. If he's used all 5 of his whitelist chances however, he'll have to appeal for a sixth chance. SLAVA CHERNARUS.
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    Galaxy's Content @Lyca @Strawberry @Brady @LewellynMoss @Lyca @Brady @Strawberry Clowns never die.... @Brady @Strawberry @Jamie @Kunkka @Jamie @Brady @Joffrey @Sarilla @Kunkka @Jamie @Brady Sarilla dont take no shit @Jamie @Strawberry @Brady @Sarilla @Kunkka @Joffrey Stole his hat @Joffrey the giraffe @Jamie @Brady @Strawberry @Mr.Panda I.O.U 4 Teddy Bears @Kittendo Marriage is complicated... @Kittendo @Strawberry Me and @Jamie making some friends! "Friends" @Coreena had 1 too many spites "Post something to the media page" - @Brady
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    Hello Rei, The administration team has taken more time to look into your appeal here. Although we have found some things already posted and discussed here that we find additionally suspicious, our investigation has not found anything further and we are satisfied at the moment to a point where we feel comfortable enough removing your blacklist. We will re-review your whitelist application to see if it is accepted or not. We hope you enjoy your time here and that you are not taking advantage of us by giving you the benefit of doubt. Outcome: Blacklist removed
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    i have been away from this community for several months, maybe half a year and the first time i log in i get shot up like its target practise so you could say im a little bit salty so im gonna say no thank you for now.
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    Server and location: S1 Vybor Military Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 22:20 Your in game name: Bobby Sigfrid Names of allies involved: Cy Paxton Name of suspect/s: No idea, a lot of guys Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Well, i joined the server for the first time in months with my friend Cy just to have some fun and try it out again. we get to vybor and log out because my friend was going to eat. we both log back in and he goes afk again when we are in que, we get in at the same time so i go to look for him, what i meet is a lot of guys and no Cy so i start looking around when a guy starts shooting at me, i brush it off and think he might have thought i was a zombie so i leave.. i then see guys all around me so i hide in a bush and thats when i get lit up by a guy in full red.. i have no clue why they did this and destroyed my experience coming back to dayzrp
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    It was so sweet watching her drift off to sleep so peacefully https://i.gyazo.com/db6eb5dc533e0d3356c35edcea88a0e1.gif
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    Yeah ti is a pretty smooth experience
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    Verdict: @Ragnar [Metagaming]: Guilty @Dusty [Attempted Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: Not Guilty Explanation: After careful review, a team of staff have come to a conclusion regarding the report. @Ragnar, you were told to go to the middle of the tarmac in between the firestation and the ATC, which at first you completely comply with. Slowly but surely, you manage to inch your way closer and closer to the hangars which makes you look like you are trying to make a slow escape. The party that initiated on you realize this and fire off a few shots in your direction, one hitting you in the leg and rendering you immobilized. The staff team sees no issue with this; you were told initially to stay still in the middle of the tarmac, and despite the fact you were in the middle of a firefight, you should have listened to the other party if you were wishing to comply. Once your hands are up you should immediately cease any talking into Teamspeak, as you cannot use your radio when you are surrendering or you are detained in any fashion. @Eagle has a video showing that you were actively talking in Teamspeak while your hands are up and providing information to your party during such. The staff team reviewing finds you guilty of metagaming because of this. 11.1 You may not use metagaming to give your character information that he/she would otherwise not have access to or to gain any kind of advantage over other players. As a final mention, you said that you had not recorded your audio on accident. We find this very coincidental after the fact that you had provided your party with metagamed knowledge. Though there is not enough evidence to warrant acting upon this, but let this be a reminder that lying to staff in a report is a punishable offence. For next time, try and remember to record the audio for your videos as well. Outcome: @Ragnar [Metagaming]: 3 day ban + banstrike (10 warning points) @Dusty [Attempted Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: No punishment. Verdict by @Cid and @Ender
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    Hey man these are niccceee, keep them coming!
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    Change your character from the main menu and that should sort it. Once you changed it from the main menu you need to kill yourself and when you respawn you'll be a new character.
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    Would of been an amazing video if you didn't get gunned down right after
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    Verdict: @BigM89[Bad RP (OOC) | Invalid Kill (role-played)]: Guilty Explanation: @BigM89 You state in your POV that your reasoning for killing @Kyle_Jones was because you believed he was with the group that initiated on you, however as shown by video he was not involved with them in any way, shape, or form. It is understandable for you to believe he was part of the group as you were the only one initiated on and he was there at the time, however, this was not the case. Due to him not being involvement you were not granted any kill rights on him when you were initiated on, thus making the kill invalid. It is always your responsibility to make sure you have valid kill rights on someone. Assess the situation first and get solid proof that the person is with the initiators, do not shoot on assumption alone. Kill on Sight means killing another player without any role play interaction or IC justification. Always confirm your targets in game - if uncertain about a players identity it's better to hold fire than to risk a KoS. As for your OOC we would like to remind you that it is only for emergencies and permissions. We will only be giving you a verbal warning this time as you were using the correct way to signify your out of character and it was not super excessive, however, if a situation like this happens again please note to keep your comments to yourself. If Future usage of unnecessary OOC continues, it may result in a banstrike . 5.4 OOC communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak OOC using ingame voice. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication. Outcome: @BigM89[Bad RP (OOC) | Invalid Kill (Roleplayed)]: Verbal Warning + 3 days 10 points Verdict done by: @Jade @Eagle & @Spartan
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    We may take a look at DayZSA when modding opens up. But we will not be spending much time with it until REDUX goes into Beta. It's a different scripting language, and would probably require a full re-write. Not worth the effort while we work on A3 REDUX. UPDATE: We did a small but important update this morning. Besides adding in a temp 22lr and the craftable STEN, we also added in automatic UI scaling. This will allow those that have had problems with the size of the UI to play again. If you had an issue with the resolution of your screen cutting off the edges of the inventory screen, this is now fixed. Expect updates to be coming more often the next few weeks. Most of the team is off school now and working daily on REDUX to wrap things up for release.
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    Hi, it's 9PM and mom says I have to go to bed, so I will post a POV tomorrow.
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    I am sure if you use google and your brain you can devise a way to search for other role playing communities if you desire to do so. If you cant manage that, good luck with the white list... /closed
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    I'm sure there are some but I bet they all suck.
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    As you can read according to my opinion it was an invalid kill, but I now listen to you and accept that they iniated on me and I did not follow. I disconnect because there is no reason to continue when you get killed by no reason. They would have killed my anyway altough I was unconinouse. If you look at the video you how many rounds they shooting at me. I have no additional to add. And thank you for settling this case so quickly, "Tack" as we would say in Sweden.
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    All right guys, listen up. I didn't want to do this, but with the current state of how the lore is going there is some very genuine concerns regarding the entire community. I am going to state out flatly that there is a general distrust regarding the direction of the lore wipe. A lot was explained at the Teamspeak meeting. A lot about the infection starting in Chernarus and then moving out of Chernarus, then we go back to Chernarus... something about planes and who knows what else... regardless, it took half an hour to explain and it made absolutely no sense to -anyone-. Here is my concern. A very viable solution to every players problem was presented. Doesn't matter that it came from me, the fact is it was presented and had the entire teamspeak following it. The community had spoken... and all we want is for it to be taken in, because it's not just a factor of your lore, your writing, your work... it's everyone's future characters, future environment, future lore. The current lore is problematic, do not make the new lore problematic. Here is the solution regarding 90% of people being in Chernarus without actually being Chernu Russian. The virus doesn't originate in Chernarus, Chernarus is the last place to be -HIT- When something this catastrophic occurs, where peoples lives are directly at threat, they are going to want to move away from it. The human beings number one instinct is to survive, to live. If the virus starts here, no one... NO ONE... not even the Chernu Russian's are going to want to BE HERE... And yes this would require the rest of the world to be hit first, but someone needs to be hit last, so it might as well be the made up country that we're playing in. Word would get out from cell phones, internet, television, word of mouth... anywhere all saying the same thing. -This place is safe-. It doesn't have to be safe or even safe for more than a day, but as long as people think it is, they will come here. Every type of character imaginable, fleeing here as refugees, in mass... HERE, problem solved for everyone. The Chernu Russian Government cannot stop the entire world from flooding in at the last minute, they can't. They can try, by shooting at the boarders, by having active war... putting that danger in front of people, but the thing is with the danger being the infection behind them, they have NO CHOICE but to flee in the direction of Chernarus. Many will die, adding to peoples backstories of being lost along the way, giving genuine reason for hate between natives and non natives, adding to peoples characters... anything and everything.... SOLVED. So, I have added a pole. This is my idea that is pitched. It isn't complicated. If anything it is remarkably simple, but simplicity is a form of genius. I am sorry if this offends the people writing the next lore, but it's not just about you. I know you're doing a great job and working hard... but this belongs to everyone, not just you. This is everyone's server. Write for the community by consulting the community... otherwise we're going to be right back where we started, with our community hating the lore. Once you have that foundation, you can add in whatever you want along the way. Hell most people will even have the freedom to make their own shit up, but the thing is it will make complete sense. Please listen to me guys, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't concerned about the community. I am not even doing this to attack you... I just want a good result in the end.
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    Teaser picture of Namalsk - said to be the first release on the workshop for SA in beta. Source: Sumrak (Adam) - Bohemia Dev
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    Look at this image flipped horizontally - it's real