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    SAM BAUER'S STORY (EP 13) SEASON FINALE LIVE VIEWING INFORMATION MONDAY, MAY 29 2017 AT 8:00PM EST (00:00 Server Time) DayZRP's Teamspeak (Find the LIVE VIEWING temp channel) ***EVERYONE'S INVITED*** Prepare yourself for a 47-minute episode jammed packed with action and a variety of emotions! TIME TO CATCH UP! WATCH THE FIRST 12 EPISODES HERE
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: N/A Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I've been on final warning for about a year now. Originally I had no intention of appealing the points considering I felt it help keep me in line. Now after so much time has past and countless hours in game I feel the time has come to get them removed. I've since followed the rules, been respectful to others, and provided good in game roleplay. The ban the got me perm'd is linked here and I was allowed back into the community by sending an email back in 2016. I've loved playing in this community for the many years I've been here and there really is no other community out there like it. And part of which makes it the best is the set rules and following them which I have done and will continue to do going forward. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Final Waring removed What could you have done better?: Been more careful and thoughtful IG and stayed within the boundaries of the rules instead of pushing them as I did in the past.
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    @Bazz, We as staff team do not see any rulebreaks in this report. How do you wish to proceed with this report?
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    Reports like this just do my head in I just don't get it. They get warned its a firefight and then stay around to be killed NVFL at its finest.
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    All good with it @evanm23 the nibba tbh
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    i would like to drop this report @Garrosh the nibba tbh
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    People don't like getting shit talked by a dude with a shitty chernarussian accent that sounds like a 12 year old
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    Also this: @Undead for MVP
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    The only thing I'll point out since it seems from you that you just completely ignored me in game just because I had to switch to textRP because of OOC reason and I didnt have time to type you OOC that I'm switching to text. Just read the spoiler below as it contains the text logs of what I said when you mention I "SAT DUMB FOUNDED" even through I did follow your demand and told you a "STORY" as you said. Also I do not appretiate your shouting attitude you had twice in both situations when we tried to nicely speak to you and simply ask you why you killed me, but hey, that has nothing to do with the report itself right now.
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    Anyone from the NA lurking around like my new profile song?
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    Awesome work as usual Tony. Glad to see the videos making a comeback so quickly. Great role-play from all of the gang as always. @Keira @Otto @Dvlinhb @Bauglir2011 @BloodShifter Love you people!
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    Meet Harvey. This is him exactly 30 seconds before the Zombie to his left one hits him in the face and he falls over dead. @Harvey
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    Hello, I have a question for the OP, Why are you challenging us ICly to attack your settlement but then when we do it you put up a report about an invalid settlement attack? We also had rights from previous hostile encounters that your group has started. These were taken from this radio chatter link Now with that being showed in the report It shows the OP goading us into attacking the settlement my previous video also shows them trying to get us to attack them. Now I would also like to address Bad RP on their behalf. Their group has been attacked multiple times and they show no sense of defeat, in fact, they claim victory after each fight we have bested them But they will not accept it as defeat and it will result in a cycle that will not end. I personally will state this If we were to lose our attacks heavily more than once then we will accept the defeat and move on. I have made deals with groups in the past end of the day it's not my roleplay its everyone's. Now onto the NVFL. So the OP knows he is heavily outnumbered, We take one of their traders to Stary Yar. They offer the OP a deal stating this You leave the town we release your friend and you move on. He declines a simple request he then gets initiated on he does not comply during that moment most of us were like the fuck? and then he runs into his settlement he gets popped at obviously for not complying. He manages to get a cheeky kill and is then gunned down. Now he had no chance at all to survive the situation so that is how it is indeed NVFL. Now onto the ghosting claims one of them was not there beforehand if the connection logs indeed show him just joining after the server restart I want clarification on why he connected. Stating I just didn't know what is going on I don't buy that shit. Each time my group gets into any sorts of disagreement or conflict I get pokes or steam messages. Nobody can be that oblivious to connect to an ongoing firefight in their settlement. If I was the OP and I have seen the numbers we had I would be spamming and be poking everyone in my group to get here to help me. Now onto the initial settlement itself, they glitched tents into a location to where you cannot physically get into. this video shows the AOGM. Now onto our IC reasons to attack the settlement. We are at a state of war they ambushed and killed multiple of my people over the past weeks and we decided enough is an enough we took the fight to their home. I also have video of the hostage situation (My instant reply on shadowplay only saves up to 5mins so I tend to switch in between record and instant reply) Now the gentleman that I executed was talking shit to me in the past I have also had numerous encounters with him in the past as shown above he was killed for lying to us.
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    I understand this seems a bit odd, and perhaps a bit drawn out, but I decided I want to start a radio station... and one cannot power a turntable without well power soo here it goes! First things first to power something you need a power source. Since they have not put in the Generator: http://dayz.gamepedia.com/Generator we get to talk about a car battery. An average 12 volt battery is DC currents which is bad for using since it cannot be hooked up to say, a house or in my case a turntable because both only consume AC, and only two countries run on DC per: http://www.trade.gov/mas/ian/ECW/all.html . The one thing you can do is "roleplay" that you connected said car battery to a inverter which in turns makes the DC into AC. If you're feeling a little more technical you can "make one yourself" http://www.brighthubengineering.com/diy-electronics-devices/63708-how-to-build-a-low-cost-high-efficiency-inverter/ . I put quotes around some words because I dislike when I need to roleplay something I don't have, and cannot get. It's just immersion breaking. I am currently looking for a workaround, but this seems like the only option. Now you got your 12v battery on AC power. Great! Now for some math. A typical 12v car battery has about 40-45 amps per hour You need to know the Watts for a device you are currently trying to power. For example, a 60 watt light bulb would be 5amps on a 12 volt battery. That mean your battery would last 8hours in game (40a-h / 5a=8h). I'm unsure of the specific day/night cycle on this server so couldn't tell you how long that is irl then. A quick converter will tell you your Amps. Make sure you specify 12volts. http://rapidtables.com/calc/electric/Watt_to_Amp_Calculator.html So get out there and role play electricians. They can still be important (Sort of). Remember your inverter is important. Without one, you may permanently disable the object you are trying to turn on.
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    IM ALIVE! Well, maybe, not quite dead to be sure. Any of you DayZRP Mod OG's may remember me - So it seems my curiosity has gotten the better of me and i'm poking my nose back into the community - seeing what's going on - though I'm not entirely sure if I'll be on the server - prolly just milling about on the forums and all that. Besides, It's been a long time lads - how's everyone been?
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    *Strawberry is on his daily stroll, when he suddenly looks behind him and his pet is gone, he decides to reach for his radio to try hear if anyone has found him* "H-h-eyy, ehhm.. ehh.. has anyone se-e-en myy pet?" "Yuuupp, m-y-y dog. He is.. ehmm called 15 as in the.. the number 15" *Strawberry takes a look in his diary trying to find the real name of pet number 15* "Oh.. ehh, he might be going around calling himself.. ehhm. Nick?" "Wh-en he dosent fetch sticks or bark, he has a.. ehm thick english accent" "Yuuppp, english g-guy, ohh.. and this is Strawberry. ehhmm please deliever him back to me in the town.." *Strawberry stops the broadcast and quickly runs over to the sign of the city and tries to pronounce what it says on the sign* "Deliever him to.. ehhm, Кабанино" *He lets go of the PTT button in hope that someone will found his beloved pet*
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    @Higlox, @Hunter8008 & @CrimZenvGG, enjoyed the hostage RP from you 3 today @derNils "see, you just stuff your wood in there"
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    politics and dayzrp is always fun.
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    *A sprightly British voice sounds through* "Bloody good to err, have you back, Mr Mason. Gorka's been rather stale these past months- a shame really. It always had a bunch of... interesting and jolly folk. The name's Doctor James Peterson, by the way. I only passed through a handful of times- likely you didn't catch my name!" *He lowers his voice to almost a whisper* "Oh, and I wouldn't listen to this nonce spreading his- his... pessimism. Helping those who need it- or, deserve it, for a better word- is all that you can do these days. Forget his idle threats and- and keep fighting the good fight, eyy!" "I'm sure that The Cavaliers will be popping in to see you. Check you're well stocked and in high spirits, et cetera. Expect enthusiasm, patriotism, eccentric outfits and theatricality. You'll know its them." *The PTT is released*
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    Another amazing day thanks to: @Strawberry always fun rolling with you and it gets better everyday! @BillyR now the rp I saw from you was straight 10/10! Best first encounter on my new char! Hope you enjoyed the slug race with Dimitri! @Joo Ivan from russian military reporting for duty! Loved it man! @Brady i hope that wasnt my finger you gave teddy! @Galaxyit was fun seeing you trying something new as the italian guy!
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    http://plays.tv/video/592a07a10f21b93369/10-seconds-drop-the-weapon I guess heres a leaving video for you guys. Gucci initiation @Flash ignore the fan
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    Verdict: @IvIercenary [Ghosting]: Guilty [Attempted invalid kill - on sight]: Guilty [Invalid kill - on sight]: Guilty @MoTaVa [Ghosting]: Guilty [Attempted invalid kill - on sight]: Guilty @spillwence [Ghosting]: Guilty @Moe [Ghosting]: Guilty| [Metagaming]: Guilty @Wendigojames [Metagaming]: Guilty @CHARIZARD [Ruleplay]: Guilty @Dusty [BadRP | NVFL ]: Not Guilty Explanation: During this situation there are at least four people who logged in during the active firefight, @IvIercenary @MoTaVa @spillwence & @Moe. All of you were in the process of logging in from a long queue but all were aware of the hostilities that were taking place within the settlement. The beginning of these hostilities had begun once @CHARIZARD killed @Dusty. When you are not in game during the beginning of a firefight/hostilities but decide to log in anyways that is considered ghosting. 13.3 You are not allowed to knowingly log in near an ongoing hostile situation which would give you an unfair advantage due to your location. In order for it to be considered fair, you must be at least 1km away from the hostile situation. If any of you had been IG for the beginning of the firefight and then crashed or timed out it would be ok to log back in as you were already apart of the situation, but if you crashed out before anything happened you would be ghosting if you log back in. In the future if you are made aware of an ongoing firefight, even if you have been sitting in a long queue, do not log in. Once you are told that the fight is over and done with then you may proceed back in game. This does not apply if you are 1 km out from where the firefight is taking place. @MoTaVa & @IvIercenaryYou both will be receiving an attempted invalid kill punishment. MoTaVa you state in your own POV that once you logged in you did your best to stay uninvolved with the whole situation but once spotted by Moe, after sneaking back up into Stary Yar, you decided to shoot him. You had no rights whatsoever on anyone present from this attack because of your ghosting into the situation, given that ghosting is a rule break and any rights you gained as a result of that rule break are null and void. The same reasoning would apply for IvIercenary for his shots on Hebee. 7.4 Kill rights gained from any rule breaks (including but not limited to baiting, invalid initiation) are considered invalid and their use will be punished in the same way as if the kill rights were not obtained. To add onto the rule presented above @IvIercenary due to the fact you had no rights on anyone because of your ghosting but actively involved yourself in the firefight your kill you made on @Wendigojames was not valid. Thus you will be receiving an invalid kill on sight punishment. @Moe As seen in your first video you posted once you are unconscious around the times of 0:25 - 0:29 you begin to relay information of where your unconscious body is and tell your teammates to come revive you. @Wendigojames In Moe’s second video provided you are heard stating the location of an enemy after your death around the times of 2:40 - 3:00. Due to this you both have been found guilty of metagaming, however, Wendigojames you be receiving a verbal warning instead as the information you stated was already known and did not give any sort of advantage to your allies. 11.3 You may not use or give any information about your killer or the location of your body after you are dead, unconscious, when surrendering (F2 animation), handcuffed or have had your radio removed from your character. In the future if you die or go unconscious, it can be tempting to tell your teammates where you are and what happened. The best way to avoid this is to mute right away so you do not relay information, accidentally or not. @CHARIZARD You have been found guilty of Ruleplay. While it is true that you have permanent kill rights on disruptive characters within a settlement Dusty’s actions did not at all warrant a kill. As seen in the video he provided you do not initiate on him nor do you tell him to leave the premises. You instead tell him to follow you to the well where you order him to stay put but Dusty refuses and begins to leave then is shot by you. 5.3 You may not focus on out of character gains to the detriment of RP. "Rule play" is prioritizing rules and OOC information above more appropriate IC actions or behavior. Always prioritize role play over rule play. At no point in time near the well was Dusty an active threat to you or disruptive to the point where killing would be be justifiable. Just because you have the rights does not mean you should use them, especially when there are a numerous amount of options you can take besides killing. For example you could’ve taken Dusty hostage inside the settlement and then escorted him out and had he been non-compliant you would have valid kill rights. You could have also taken him hostage and RP’d with him a little while longer before releasing him. Please keep this in mind the next time a similar situation arises. 7.5 Remember that kill rights are still subject to rule 5.2. You shouldn't use kill rights in situations where it doesn't make in-character sense as it can be seen as rule play. In other words, obtaining kill rights alone does not give you explicit permission to use them. Think about if using kill rights is viable in the current situation. @inar038 At this point in time we would also like to make a mention to you. You state in your POV that you told CHARIZARD to kill Dusty, “since behind the piano house is directly in the middle of our KOS zone, I told sam repeatedly to kill him.” We would like to inform you that there are no KOS zones whatsoever on the servers. You do not have kill rights on every person who enters your settlement, you only have these rights on aggressive or disruptive characters. 14.2 Settlement owners have permanent kill rights against any aggressive or disruptive characters within the settlement communication range as long as using these rights does not conflict with rule 6.4. All players enter settlements at their own risk. If someone walks into your settlement and is in no way hostile or disruptive you do not have kill rights on them, however, if they come into the settlement and start shooting or are extremely hostile it would be fair to say you would have you kill rights. We hope this explanation helps you understand how the kill rights work within a settlement. @Dusty You were accused of BadRP and NVFL, however after going through the video we see no reason to punish you for such. Your roleplay was fine and you were not in a position where you were outnumbered or in an active life threatening situation. However as a reminder to all parties involved if you are clearly outnumbered or act in a way that would put your characters life in danger you would be NVFLing. 5.6 Do not act in a way that indicates no value for your characters life and survival. For example, attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered, excessively talking back or insulting someone when taken hostage and threatened with death if you don't stop. As for the baiting and AOGM accusations there is nothing to go on except POVS. In this sense it is WvW as there is no video evidence of the situation at the gate or of people glitching into your camp; and while the pictures help us get a feel for how the tents are set up it does not prove anyone glitched into them. We will not take one’s word over the other thus leaving these claims inconclusive. In the future it would be recommended that you get video evidence of the active AOGM or screenshots actively showing it. Outcome: @IvIercenary [Ghosting | Attempted invalid kill - on sight | Invalid kill - on sight]: 7 days 10 points @MoTaVa [Ghosting | Attempted invalid kill - on sight]: 3 days 10 points @spillwence [Ghosting]: 3 days 10 points @Moe [Ghosting | Metagaming]: 3 days 10 points @Wendigojames [Metagaming]: Verbal Warning @CHARIZARD [Ruleplay]: 5 days 10 points @Dusty [BadRP | NVFL ]: No punishment Verdict done by: @Jade, @Lyca & @Elmo
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    600 Beans nice one boy's cheers for the support in that report.
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    I appreciate the feedback, but reviewing group activity is part of the requirements and staff duties. It is to ensure the group members are not just taking a spot on a roster and not contributing to the group and roleplay of the community. Another reason would be with the additional benefits that can come along with a faction, it is our responsibility to ensure that faction members are actually being active in game and not just adding to the numbers to obtain faction status. I would prefer if group owners did this themselves to be honest, but it's clear we need to step in at some point. Hell, I remember some groups that applied to be a faction where 3 or 4 people hadn't been in game for months and some weren't even whitelisted. If we did not check into group rosters, things like this would slip through the cracks. As a group owner, ensuring people are not just a roster spot is their responsibility. I remember @Ron doing this very well for example, as I'm sure their might be other group owners that looked after group activity without us needing to intervene. I understand perhaps not calling out the group member themselves, if you feel like that is targeting the group member or whatever, but I will not stop with reviewing group in game activity.
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    Alright, so looking at a few radio chatters, as well as several in game and radio exchanges I've had in the past, there is a massive issue with the current state of 'immortality' that our characters seem to possess. First let us talk hostile exchanges. It seems that no matter what you do to a character, whether through execution or permanent scar, they just hop right back up. Cut off someone's arm? They suddenly have a fully functional prosthetic that allows them to operate a high powered rifle. Now let's talk realism here. If I were to cut off your dominate arm, even with today's prosthetic limbs you most likely won't be holding an AKM again in the future. Now flash forward to 2 years into the infection and more than likely you are looking at a wooden carved arm at best with, if you're lucky, a hinge put in place at the joints. You definitely wouldn't be able to operate a sophisticated weapon with it. Were you executed? Chances are that bullet to the head won't be so light that you can boast on the radio about having survived, heck chances are you would be out of commission for awhile and would have severe mental trauma, you would not simply heal up, grab a gun, and head out for vengeance. Was your camp ravaged? Were your people slaughtered in a fight? Please don't boast about how everything is fine and dandy, and how no one that has attacked you has had any results. Be realistic, and don't disregard the events that transpired in RP just because it is convenient for you. That is the essence of bad RP, and in many ways Power gaming by disallowing your opponents RP to grow. Just because you love your character doesn't mean they shouldn't face consequences. You are not immortal, stop acting like it.
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    Glad you enjoyed, was hilarious.
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    It's a great update if you like to log in and stare at a tree for about an hour. We just need to hold out until modding is implemented then everything will change.
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    Title explains it, was looking through some old Halo cutscenes and thought this would be an ok idea. Post whatever your favorite cutscenes are from any game. Halo Wars Bridge Scene: Halo 2 Bomb Delivery:
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    Shit, I need to upload some more screens to the gallery just so I don't have to look at this Mother---Fucker post from @PapaMarcus again. Should I just upload some 0.62 screens or should I rather install the old version, hop onto the server and take some screens there?
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    *Leo beginning to hear word of a doctor smiles as he holds the PTT and speaks* Congrats bud, now we all know a valuable target is walking among us. Bit of advice, don't ever give your first and last fucking name, makes it a whole lot easier to find you. *Leo takes a breath while writing down all the information on the doctor he can remember, he exhales and holds the PTT while writing with one hand. *You hear the pen scratching on a rough sounding surface as he speaks* So doc, most of your kind don't last too long round here anymore unless you find some protection. *The scratching gets a bit more frantic* I suggest that from now on.. you just stay low key with what you do, just some advice. *He takes a quick second to think of his next words* The best way to help people is to stop helping, give up. Go and survive, don't stick your head out cause that only lets it get chopped. You're a pretty rare breed doc, that means you're worth a lot, that's not a good thing. *Leo closes his notebook and he attempts to radio the news of a doctor in to General Wong in Novigrad in hope of something other to do than take statistic reports on infected count in Chernarus*
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    So you create a leaving thread because you're done with the community, but never really leave and state your not leaving after your 24 hours have been up. I hope you realize that the ONLY reason you still have posting rights is because you're in an active report. This will now be closed. Please don't post leaving threads unless you actually plan on leaving. /closed
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    @TheMatt924 @Rylo Actually yes, and to those claiming CDC wouldn't be in another country is incorrect. WHO is an organization comprised of companies like the CDC from different countries. They are just labeled and WHO like militaries under NATO. When the Ebola virus broke out in Africa is was actual CDC personnel who went and dealt with it. My mother in law being one specifically, and honestly if something like this appeared you would have my application in a heartbeat. Me and my Mother In Law always have discussions about her work(as she is a district manager for the South East area of the US for the CDC in immunizations) and it's beyond interesting what she does on a daily basis. If you need someone to help you with teaching members the general knowledge and operations of such an organization I would love to help. Something I'm actually getting ready to go to school for. -edit- as seen in the link I am providing, there are several countries in which they provide services and offices. https://www.cdc.gov/globalhivtb/where-we-work/index.html -alright one last edit- My mom in law said they wouldn't go unless they were invited if outside the USA. But that in all cases they are invited they go because they are the world leader in health.
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    I'll be catching up when my series is done (this week) in the meantime, keep it up Tony
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    If someone asks a specific question I will give a specific answer. That doesn't entail the entirety of what is going to be written will be that complex, it means you need to ask more general questions. Simplicity will be there, and whatever pre-conceived idea you have about what you will see is just that, a prejudged opinion based upon loose information you are handed. As many have said nevertheless, stories no matter how simplified or watered down are like an iceberg, a small amount is visible but a massive amount of it you won't ever see.
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    Well intel cpu's have always been the best way to go until recently with AMD ryzen being released. but I'm still gonna say go with intel maybe a i5 6600k or a i7 6 or 7 ,700k . But the more pricy cpu u buy the less u can spend on a gpu so depends on budget if it's the same as the laptop u linked. I would say to the i5 is the one to go with and then look into a 1060/70 or a rx480 /580 for the gpu
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    Sorry don't know you... Never forget! Welcome back to the community, long time bud!
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    I was in dynamic of the initiators who did it in the woods up north outside the settlement we then took shots from the settlement my boys cleared it then I got gassed.
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    let's look at the facts why we want a lore wipe in the first place, the common complaint is gameplay is stale, the lore is stale, the roleplay is stale because everyone has survived years and the hardest parts of surviving and such. I do agree that the fact that there are so many foreigners in the country is a hard nut to crack but using your idea that Chernarus as the last place standing would nullify the lore wipe for the most part because every "foreigner" coming in will be super soldier refugee who has survived the trip through the worst things in the world traveling to get to the last standing country. (very very crude drawing) Chernarus wouldn't make sense to even stop in, it would be somewhere in the north. when things got bad enough that a small country such as Chernarus would be a viable safe zone. I would imagine most planes would not be an option and Chenarus isn't exactly the most accessible by boat, so the last options would be by foot or motorized vehicles. but with most roads being clogged with cars or debris or even the herds of infected blocking the roads not to mention the number of people coming into the country bringing legions and legions of infected not the thousands that are there now driving by anything other than an armored vehicle would be just about impossable. I was under the impression that we wanted a lore wipe so we could restart not bring ourselves right back to where we are now where almost everyone is a hardened survivor who isn't scared of infected anymore because they have survived the worst of the worst the infection has to bring. that's all I can see happening when Chernarus is the last safe place. I think we need to work with the lore masters and find another answer than just one or the other in my eyes.
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    IGN: (In - Game Name) Will make one for a group. Country: UK English skills: From the north part of england so pretty shit. DayZ Mod Experience: 100% best aimer EU. DayZ Standalone Experience: 110% best aimer EU. Roleplaying Experience: 110% such immersion much wow. such roleplay. What kind of In Game role best describes you: Rob, torture, kill. anything i dont mind. Have you been in any clan/group previously: to many cba listing them all the way from the mod to standalone. Additional notes: Im just me. Probs play for a few weeks and if I get bored more than likely leave the community for another 6 months Best way to contact you: PM. Hit me up on tinder if ya want I dont mind. Backstory: Will make one for the group.
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    I think you touch on a very valid topic. 9.2 When your character dies you must continue your role play as if you were wounded in the situation that lead to your death. This rule exists, but nobody seems to actually rp out injuries sustained from fights at all. It's honestly one of the reasons I can't be bothered going in game. I see too many RPers who initiate very frequently and die in half of the fights, only to return and repeat within the space of a couple of hours. This rule is in place, but it's so hard to use against people who break it. To give some further in depth analysis / discussion: 1. I have seen this happen a few times. It's honestly rather strange when people suddenly have a fully functioning prosthetic arm capable of holding an assault rifle, and being able to shoot the thing at people. This in itself is concerning, let alone the fact I ask "where the fuck do you get a prosthetic arm from in Chernarus, it's not exactly a highly developed country is it?" 2. See point 1 for most reference, the first two are fairly linked. Only thing I can add to this is the fact that Chernarus wouldn't have anything other than a wooden one (most likely). But you're completely correct, prosthetic limbs wouldn't operate guns, nor would it really support them enough to shoot accurately or effectively. 3. Executions, in general, are a poor design for RP purposes within DayZRP itself. I believe that executions promote no purpose at all without a permadeath rule to follow. Now, the surrounding rules on this permadeath is an entirely different topic that I will not discuss here. That being said, without this type of rule, executing somebody is inconveniencing them OOC and that's about it. ICly, it makes no sense for you to execute somebody and then see them within the next month. People usually don't execute somebody 'nicely' do they? It's sprays of bullets, blunt trauma, wounding and many other forms of horrific punishment. The whole execution rights concept does not work, and half of the reason is that many people do not roleplay out their injuries. I wouldn't ask for much, a couple of days where your character is out of commision. 4. I think the idea with immortality comes from the "i choose when my character dies" idealogy. Now, within reason I am fine with having somebody choose when their character dies. However, I think if you actively attack somebody to the point where they have to kill you, you chose to kill that character as you chose to endanger it. You can't be a cunt to somebody else and then use 'rule armor' to protect your character from harm, it's unfair, unrealistic and bullshit. It's a problem I find with many people, especially as there is, again, no enforced permdeath rule. This immortality bullshit also means that people shrug off bullets and threats, and don't treat a danger post-apocalyptic world realistically. It kills RP for any other parties involved is horrible RP IMO. This 'my character loves to fight' idea is fine, but if he gets hurt why are you still following this idea. As you say, realistically you're out of commission for many months with some of the injuries sustained, and that would be if you'd had proper medical treatment to a good hospital's standard. Immortality is an issue that's been here for many months, and with it brings abysmal RP and this PvP over RP mindset. I understand PvP is a part of RP, i'm not saying it is not. But PvP is not RP when all you do is PvP with no consequence other than the inconvenience of losing your gear for a few hours at most. That is just PvP and is honestly another thing that kills my passion to get into RP. As i said in the quote, feel free to fire some discussion back at me, though for the most part i agree with you. That's my view on the whole immortality bullshit.
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    I agree with the use and implementation of Breakers. Here's why. There are three reasons people use Text RP. 1: Playing a character of the opposite gender. This cannot be fixed unless you have a very androgynous voice or an impressive vocal range. 2: They do not have a microphone or do not feel comfortable using a microphone. You try telling someone with severe anxiety "lol dude just use a mic who cares". It doesn't end up well. Although I don't agree with accommodating people who have a microphone but won't use it because of their shyness or anxiety or otherwise, it doesn't mean you can bash them or trivialize their decision. 3: You're looking to add depth to your roleplay. This one will be the majority by far. If you use text roleplay and you shorten your actions or words, it has less substance and content. The more you shorten and simplify it, the less substance it has to it. Substance is important to roleplay, it's what makes the roleplay believable. If you make your actions and dialogue super simple and short, a lot of impact, significance, and general opinion of text based roleplay is lost. Really long sentences don't make the roleplay any better either. You need to find a sweet spot with the length of an action or dialogue line. I'm all for typing a lot of stuff, but I do that all the time anywhere I usually am. You also need to expand your vocabulary and consider small details, plus what the other character will see when you do your action. Here's an example of something that is often seen in text roleplay, in terms of complexity and length. *The man smiles at you.* *The man coughs a few times.* *The man reloads his gun.* Easy to follow, easy to read. Here's the issue though, it doesn't build any character or have any kind of substance to it aside from the bare basics. Here's an example of the same actions, but with different vocabulary, the words put in different places, and attention to detail plugged in. *The man blinks a few times, then grinning at the idea.* *A loud series of coughs comes from the man.* *He removes the magazine from his gun, replacing the rounds and putting it back in.* These lines are saying the exact same things, but they put in a bit more characterization. In the first example of simple roleplay- You can tell the character is amused. In the same example with some different words, you can tell the character is not only amused, but he visibly processed and thought about what it was that amused him. In the second example of simple roleplay- The character simply coughs. Nothing more or less. In the same example but rephrased, it draws suspicion and wonder that the character might have a chronic issue, is or was a smoker, or maybe is sick. In the third example of simple roleplay- The character reloads. Easy. In the same example, but with a bit more detail, you can tell exactly what he's doing in order to reload the gun rather than making a few arm movements, so it shows that the character knows what they're doing with a firearm. The important thing to take note of is that none of these actions were that much longer than the original ideas. They bring more character to the action and improve the quality a bit more. It merely takes an extra second or two to make a dialogue or action line turn from "*smiles at you*" to "*directs a grin toward the man, seeming enthused*". The more substance and effort people put into text roleplay, the better the overall roleplay will become. Believe me.
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