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    2-3 weeks no internet..... And all these new beautiful parrots to spam.......So beautiful....
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    *Louie is sitting in his new appointed office. He gets handed a radio he then presses the PTT* "To the people that reside in Gorka." "This is Louie from the Saviors" "I'm sick of your shit and these false claims to be defeating us which is clearly false." "We demand that you give us your leader cuffed and 10 fully loaded automatic rifles" "You got 7-days from now" "Failure to proceed with these demands will result in more devastating attacks" *The transmission cuts out*
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    Episode 8 is almost done. If I had to give an ETA *gun to my head* I'd day Saturday or Sunday the latest
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    @Hebee @Nihoolious @Flash You fucking identified yourself as your OOC Names, you fucking metagamers. Learn the rules.
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    It's quite easy to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and don't say it.
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    on the way back home after almost 2 weeks
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    If you're gonna drown, might as well be in brown liquor. And it's only 6 AM...
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    Instead of giving beanz to denied appeals why don't you give Staff work a try for once. Maybe ask a moderator for some tips
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    Kek, there is nothing wrong with getting a little passive aggressive every now & then. I mentioned a skeleton crew on rotation earlier, when I mentioned this i meant it to act as a possible default requirement; Having your faction settlement manned a majority of the time would be great for RP and your stuff would always be protected. However, having a settlement manned 24/7 is unrealistic as everyone does have a life, and if I some how insinuated that a 24/7 watch should be a thing I apologize. You also brought up the point of there being little traffic. I already addressed this but I will do it again, If you ran a proper settlement traffic would increase. There would actually be something to do at your settlement, there would be an opportunity for RP, trade, and maybe you could do an event or two if you're up for it. the idea is, If you actually put in effort and built something worth visiting, people would visit the settlement. With all that out of the way, your faction Mr. Moody, is tied for second largest faction with 101. So to insinuate that you & your group have too many other things going on is silly, you have plenty of man power. You also said your group was involved in an ongoing war. If your faction actually used its settlement properly it would open your group up to raids and generally make you weaker. This would add a lot to the RP of the game as it would make attacking and defending against your enemy much harder. Your faction couldn't just run around the country side at full strength murder-fucking everyone they see. you would have something to lose. You would need to balance defense while still having an effective raiding party. But if that type of thing isn't for your faction that's cool, just seceded the ownership of your "settlement" and abandon it.
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    I have found it to be hit and miss when it comes to finding people at settlements. Even before there were official settlements, things were the same way when turning up to so called "RP hubs" which were popular at the time. For example, Kabanino under the control of the French/Clowns/etc could have half the server there some times and nobody there an hour later (or half the server lying dead in a pool of their own blood on the streets of kab after un-logged grenades rained down from the heavens). Sometimes it is because nobody from the settlement is online, and other times you will arrive to find a settlement empty because they have gone traveling (possibly even to another settlement). Remember that people are in a lot of different time zones also, so this can also have something to do with it. Gorka seems to be a hot spot now, have you tried there?
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    Who are you? Seriously tho, I don't think that attitude is necessary here. Not sure what relevancy has to do with this discussion. Anyways, he's right though. I was told by a member of your own group that you don't even use your settlement anymore. There are no tents, and nobody really goes there at all. I don't think anybody can be expected to be at their compound 24/7, but if nobody goes there for days on end, then I think it's safe to assume a settlement is abandoned.
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    You were around for the initiation. And we're sorry we are trying to talk about it with you like adults but you have so much OOC hate for us and our group that you refuse to talk to us about it. Typical stuff I suppose but yeah that's fine.
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    It is rule play / nvfl to say that you are knowingly going to go watch a firefight then the second you have impacts or snaps around you claim that you have KoS rights.
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    Gonna kick things off with the first firefight victory of, AK V2 Expect more to come!
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    Pretty cool that you can get away with blatant flame if you're new to the community
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    When @WulfeGirl randomly shows up at my school. GGWP
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    Are you gonna finish that croissant?