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    So 2 hour long firefight. MVP for New Moon, Pagans and Saviours was probably @ExoticRainbow for most kills MVP for Black Skull and Akrasia were the Pagans and Puncture with the team kills. And whoever says you killed "4, 5, 7 etc." put your money where your mouth is before making bold claims. I killed a rando and got reported and shared a kill with Rocka at the end. Was fun meet tomorrow same time k?
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    First firefight with blackskull, got 4 kills and possible 5th kill idk lmao, fun day still
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    I'm hopping on the Chance train really fucking late but this song is so good
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    @Squillium best profiles on this site, easily.
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    I've noticed a lot of people are just shooting anyone in the general vicinity of fire-fights these days, I don't know how I feel about this.
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    "Heard you and all your boys got fucked up"
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    I can't believe you've done this
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    I mean i just think we should of kept it up tbh, now i been sitting in a queue for about 25 minutes and i'm ninth in line.....
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    When you solve 2 copy/paste backstory appeals by copy/pasting the verdict
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    Hey Man! make sure to check these out when you get whitelisted! The Mentor programme (click here) If you are new roleplaying or just want a bit of help learning new skills come check it out! I highly recommended anyone who is new to check it out! - Lore and Stories (click here) Do you enjoy reading? or writing? why don't you come here and give what our community has written or maybe write something yourself? - DayZ Radio Chatter (click here) Here you can write a IC (In character) radio post to you friends, people you've met or even an enemies of yours? Make you check it regularly because they may be radio post looking for you!. - Characters (click here) Here you can create new or bring back old one characters you create! - DayZRP Server Events (click here) Here you can find out where what events are going on about on sever! why don't you check it out and maybe find one you may like and sign up for it?
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    Just my 2c after reading POVs since I got a notification for this report That is baiting. Because you blockaded their settlement and you commit a hostile action within the settlement (doesn't matter on whom). Perfectly classifies as being hostile or abusive within their settlement area which allows them to use lethal force. Also, about generic concerns in posts on page 2 - not knowing about the settlement IC does not free you from the responsibilities and consequences of following the community and game rules, including settlement rules. Also whoever your character is, however he may act, be badass or hostile, it may never go against the rules. You cannot say that "we were hostile and we didn't take shit from them because our group/my character is just like that", you have to follow the rules regardless of IC and explanations like that just reinforce the image of baiting being the primary reason for your actions.
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    Trying to fix a bus wheel and my friend drops the ruined wheel on the ground, it rolls down the hill and kills me
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    Never forget when Dr. Hope put men back in place without using guns to do it.
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    I've been unsure about this for a while and I need to know, can I kill a robber? If someone is robbing me and I have the chance to blow his brains out, can I do it? Of course I can't if i have my weapon on my back and so on, but if I have the opportunity of killing him without breaking 'Value for life' life, can I just shoot him without warning? If so, I regret half of the times I've been robbed since we have been aiming at each other but I've been so unsure so I just complied ..