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    So 2 hour long firefight. MVP for New Moon, Pagans and Saviours was probably @ExoticRainbow for most kills MVP for Black Skull and Akrasia were the Pagans and Puncture with the team kills. And whoever says you killed "4, 5, 7 etc." put your money where your mouth is before making bold claims. I killed a rando and got reported and shared a kill with Rocka at the end. Was fun meet tomorrow same time k?
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    First firefight with blackskull, got 4 kills and possible 5th kill idk lmao, fun day still
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    Saturday party? Playing 70s - 80s https://plug.dj/dayzrp-com
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    @Squillium best profiles on this site, easily.
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    I've noticed a lot of people are just shooting anyone in the general vicinity of fire-fights these days, I don't know how I feel about this.
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    "Heard you and all your boys got fucked up"
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    What's going on Welden? You can talk to me. Did you see the new Ghostbusters movie and you were so pissed at it, you had to somehow find a way to redeem its name to glory once more?
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    I can't believe you've done this
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    When you solve 2 copy/paste backstory appeals by copy/pasting the verdict
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    Come on man seriously... ' Now in those screen shots it shows I have $15k, that was because it was after I bought a Warrior that was 50k, and you start with 50k so in theory I should have been able to buy any cars in the shop. But I couldnt, even though I could afford them. Then I got 15k in a paycheck and then I could. Don't believe me? You most certainly have logs so check them.' Now I've already said I hate maths but I can work out that $15k isn't enough to buy any car in the garage as they are 20k and 50k respectively. (except the quad, that's 8k) So you wonder why you can't buy something worth 20k and up with 15k? And you are surprised that you can afford it when you have 30k? It's basic maths man. 'I then went onto clear a large amount of the town next to the base, that would take me longer than 10 minutes yes? I had to use the thermal the whole time and then died to a mine. I assume u have kill logs?' Those screen-shots show normal Arma 3 fog... Not the sandstorm. Do you realise that? I thought you had a comprehensive handle on the Arma engine... The weather is set up to mirror real world Afghanistan. Sometimes it's foggy there I guess... (This is an ALiVE function, it has also been discussed before in this thread) ' If you take all criticism as insult then there is nothing I can do for you.' Do you know the meaning of the word belligerent? That and the fact that you came here saying that one function was stupid (sandstorms) and shouldn't be implemented when in actual fact you didn't even know that it was just normal Arma fog you were having trouble with and acted like an ass about it.. Of course I'm going to be annoyed having to waste time with that shit. Now, if it was just a simple 'Hey guys, what's up with all this fog/sandstorm (screenshot), It seems like a bit much...' It would be different. We'd be able to tell you that it was fog and explain it to you, without having to take BS about it... Do you see the difference? ' Also, I understand that the mission isn't finished yet, so why don't you just keep updating the original post in the thread? ' I believe I explained why, no one else has trouble following it, or if they do, they will just ask politely. It's not rocket science. The other fact is that Dax started this thread, so how exactly do you expect me to update the original post when he started it? Please man, you're just arguing things here that are pointless and continually showing that you have made mistakes through your own error and are trying to tell us it's our fault though your own frustration.
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    Hola. This no DayZRP. This library. Jk. Enjoy your stay and good luck on the whitelist :3
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    ' Bullshit that they only last 10 minutes, ' //Dust Storm if (isServer) then { sleep (500 + (random 5000)); null = [340,600,false,true,false] execvm "dust_storm\duststorm.sqf"; sleep 600 }; KEY: direction_duststorm - integer, from 0 to 360, direction towards the wind blows expressed in compass degrees duration_duststorm - integer, life time of the duststorm expressed in seconds effect_on_objects - boolean, if is true occasionally a random object near playable units will be thrown in the air wall_of_dust - boolean, if true a wall of dust is created lethal_wall - boolean, if true the wall of dust becomes destructive. Let me break that down for you: Can you divide 600 by 60? That's 10 minutes... It also 'sleeps' for 10 minutes after it has finished, then a further 8 1/2 minutes plus a random number of minutes between 0 and 83 1/2 minutes. It's not bugged, it may only seem longer to you because you don't enjoy it. Exactly the same way as maths class seemed longer for me because I hate maths. You can shout bullshit all you want but the code doesn't lie... ' I have over 3000 hours in all the arma games combined. ' If you want to make this into a battle of how much time we've spent on Arma... You have 517 hours on Arma 3 and you claim to have over 3000 hours on Arma games in general. I have over 3000 hours on Arma 3 alone... - As I said, you need to up your game buddy ' and i cant see more than 50-60m' So it's reduced from 100 m to 50-60 m during the course of this conversation? Seems inconsistent... Last night we were on and destroyed everything we came up against in the middle of a sandstorm... I don't really know what to tell you, haha. ' $50000 dollars but if I tried to buy something that was 35k it would still say I had 0 ' Well, here's where I call you on YOUR bullshit buddy-o, class Civilian { displayName = "$STR_HG_SHOP_CIVILIAN"; vehicles[] = { {"CUP_B_LR_Special_M2_GB_D",20000}, {"CUP_C_LR_Transport_CTK",20000}, {"CUP_B_HMMWV_Crows_M2_USA",20000}, {"CUP_B_HMMWV_Transport_USA",20000}, {"CUP_B_MTVR_USA",20000}, {"CAF_AG_afr_p_Offroad",20000}, {"CUP_I_SUV_Armored_ION",20000}, {"CUP_C_SUV_CIV",20000}, {"CUP_I_SUV_ION",20000}, {"O_Quadbike_01_F",8000} }; spawnPoints[] = { {"$STR_HG_MARKER_1",{"civilian_vehicles_spawn"}} }; }; class Military { displayName = "$STR_HG_SHOP_MILITARY"; vehicles[] = { {"CUP_B_Mastiff_GMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_Mastiff_HMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_Mastiff_LMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_RG31E_M2_USMC",50000}, {"CUP_B_RG31_M2_USMC",50000}, {"CUP_B_Dingo_CZ_Des",50000}, {"CUP_B_HMMWV_M2_GPK_USA",50000}, {"CUP_B_HMMWV_M2_GPK_NATO_T",50000}, {"CUP_B_HMMWV_M2_GPK_ACR",50000}, {"CUP_B_Wolfhound_GMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_Wolfhound_HMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_Wolfhound_LMG_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_FV432_Bulldog_GB_D_RWS",50000}, {"CUP_B_FV432_Bulldog_GB_D",50000}, {"CUP_B_FV510_GB_D_SLAT",50000}, {"CUP_B_MCV80_GB_D_SLAT",50000} }; spawnPoints[] = { {"$STR_HG_MARKER_2",{"military_vehicles_spawn"}} }; }; Stop me when you find one single item in the vehicle shop that's actually worth 35k... Oh wait, you can't. You can't just make shit up when you've goofed. You'll get called on it. I want REAL feedback, not BS said just to try to save face. ' Also if you have a whole bunch of extra information why don't you add it to the original post instead of it being scattered through 10 pages of unorganized comments ' Again, this has already been explained... The mission is not yet finished, not all functions have been finalised or completely finished. Things are in a constant state of flux at the moment. It would be pointless to write up anything like this as it wouldn't be correct from one update to the next. ' so don't say "You clearly didnt read anything about it".' You clearly didn't. It's my job to develop the mission, not hand-hold every Tom, Dick and Harry though processes that they can easily find out about with minimal time spent reading things here. (Or just asking anyone playing or devving politely) lol, dude, do you even test? ' No shit, that is why I said it was still a fun mission despite my grievances. ' No, you left passive aggressive feedback because you want to come off as 'edgy'. It back-fired on you. No one else has done anything like this, why do you think that is? If you think this is a normal way to communicate with people, especially if you actually like something they are doing, you're going to have trouble in life buddy. So, cheers for bringing this thread down to playground level, I WAS trying to avoid this here but I guess it's inevitable. You're not only wasting my time (time that could be spent devving) but you're wasting your own time too. It's stressful enough trying to please everyone with something like this without people acting like spoilt brats. I'd be far more inclined to take you seriously (or even consider anything you say) if you choose to show a little respect and humility... I mean... Why argue the details of something with the guy who's actually creating it? You're never going to know better.
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    I have to be blunt here; I'm aware and in complete agreement that the current patch and state of the game itself are massive contributing factors of why the recent server population is at an all-time low. However I do believe had the approach of discussing a lore wipe been executed differently, then there could potentially be more players in game on average than there are since the recent announcement of a lore wipe. What I mean by that is I believe the announcement itself should have been withheld until after the admins and loremasters had a solid foundation for new lore and a safe bet on when the reset button would be pushed. Right now because of all the uncertainty, the vast majority of our player-base is hesitant to play the game because there is no definitive answer on how long we have left to play on our current in-game progression. The mentality going around is that "there is no motivation to play the game because it's all for nothing" - While i personally don't agree with that statement and still enjoy RP, I have to empathize with those who feel that way because no one knows when or if it's even going to happen. I commend you for giving the community a choice of options on how we wanted it to happen, however I personally think it would have been best to withhold the announcement altogether until you had all of your ducks in a row regarding when it will happen and what the new lore would be based on.
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    Just my 2c after reading POVs since I got a notification for this report That is baiting. Because you blockaded their settlement and you commit a hostile action within the settlement (doesn't matter on whom). Perfectly classifies as being hostile or abusive within their settlement area which allows them to use lethal force. Also, about generic concerns in posts on page 2 - not knowing about the settlement IC does not free you from the responsibilities and consequences of following the community and game rules, including settlement rules. Also whoever your character is, however he may act, be badass or hostile, it may never go against the rules. You cannot say that "we were hostile and we didn't take shit from them because our group/my character is just like that", you have to follow the rules regardless of IC and explanations like that just reinforce the image of baiting being the primary reason for your actions.
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    Trying to fix a bus wheel and my friend drops the ruined wheel on the ground, it rolls down the hill and kills me
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    I've been unsure about this for a while and I need to know, can I kill a robber? If someone is robbing me and I have the chance to blow his brains out, can I do it? Of course I can't if i have my weapon on my back and so on, but if I have the opportunity of killing him without breaking 'Value for life' life, can I just shoot him without warning? If so, I regret half of the times I've been robbed since we have been aiming at each other but I've been so unsure so I just complied ..