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    Dear Community I will have to leave Staff at this point as my priorities have changed in RL. I thought the three weeks break would give me the time to get everything done, but sadly that is not enough and I have to change my focus. It was a blast all those years and I dont regret anything. I had much fun and I got to know so many lovely people. This Community is still my home and I wont leave, since I enjoy hanging around and of course I enjoy playing and roleplaying. There are so many people I would love to thank personaly but I cannot name them all. In general, I would love to thank you all for your support, your feedback, may it be a pat on the back or criticism, for your nice words, for discussions and suggestions. Without you, you active players and members, I would have not been able to do this and without you DayZRP would be long gone. Thanks to the people I was able to work with during my time in Staff. I know your good intentions and you all work(ed) hard to keep DayZRP going. I will absolutely miss the time. Again, thank you all for your support in every way. With much love, Terra
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    I totally forgot my four years anniversary three days ago. Thank you again!
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Because I never flamed, trolled, or said anything worthy of a ts ban. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I don't see how adding "Rose did 9/11" to the end of my name was worthy of a ts ban. It was only there for like 40 seconds anyways, and I was only banned after I had removed the meme from my name. A poke saying "Don't do that" or something similar would have been sufficient. Even so, saying that someone did 9/11 isn't worthy of a teamspeak ban. It's not flamey, it's not trolling somebody, it's not racist, discriminatory or offensive, so a ban makes no sense at all. It's not like I went out of my way to harass somebody. It was literally just a joke, and it's not even offensive. It was in response to Rose saying in teamspeak for people to make their ts name match their forum name. If somebody literally gets offended by a meme as harmless as that, then they probably should not be on the internet at all. The only reason I got banned from teamspeak is because I said "Rose did 9/11". If I would have said "Kevin did 9/11", I wouldn't be banned right now. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: TS ban removed What could you have done better?: Had the foresight to see that people would extremely overreact to something so small. *Dabs*
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    Over 2 years in the community and tonight was the first firefight in which I actually partook in and ultimately killed a man. WHAT HAVE I BECOME!!! HELP ME GUISE!!!
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    Verdict: @Dusty [Community Rules]: Appeal Accepted. Explanation: The verdict relates to the following rules: 1.1 We demand all of our members to be polite, behave maturely and with respect towards one another at all times. 1.8 You must use your website username on our TeamSpeak server at all times. While we make no judgements about your intentions in regards to making such a statement towards Rose we do expect people to treat each other with respect. It is your responsibility to ensure that your intention is clear in everything you do. Finally 9/11 while happening in 2001 is still a subject matter that should not be talked about with such a callous attitude. You should have known that objectively that can be viewed as an attempt to disrespect another community member, regardless of Rose being staff. However, we feel that the ban you have since served is sufficient to make this point clear. Please in the future ensure that you treat everyone with the appropriate degree of respect. Remembering that what you type must be clear in intent and follow our community rules. Outcome: @Dusty [Community Rules]: Ban Removed.
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    Luke Krey POV: so the OP was in my group previous was kicked due to inactivity. He was also rolling on a new character he asked my location I gave it to him he arrives on a new character. does not try to speak to me like a new person plays it off likes he is on his same characters. so It was a really awkward conversation I also asked him. to come on TeamSpeak just in case we got in a pickle,so he refuses I then walk away from them they follow us into Kabanino, They then leave and go to VMC, my boys had not attachment to them so they initiate on him, they give him RP for good while I'm on overwatch. I spot black skull in Kabanino we end up capturing them. Giving them RP. then the OP and his friend gets captured again, Brought to me they are talking shit we told them not to I stab one abit he said he knows me but he knows me from another character really confusing stuff so I stab them abit, tryna get some pain RP out of them he does small bit his friend does not speak one word or say anything with text doesn't RP at all really weird stuff so after his shit talking I say Execute them, since the previous situation that occurred like 15-30 mins ago maybe more, I didn't shoot him I just stabbed him a little, I then get involved with a situation after that. he also asked me to metagame If I get in trouble my character has no connection to his new character. Here is the steam chat logs the guy pretty rude tbh was scummy what we did but whatever.
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    *Toez picks up the radio after hearing Naz' response and clicks on the PTT* "Not sure if you've heard, but there's a thing such as leading by example, if we back down to these pussies who like to hit people whilst they sleep or when they're low on numbers, that like to tear down the camps of people trying to rebuild whatever kind of society might be possible, then that leaves no example to anyone else that they might be able to do the same. We will not give these people the pleasure of feeling in any way that they might have even the slightest slither of winning whatever kind of fight this is, because we have the dedication and some of the strongest moral compasses i've ever seen. Stary yar might just be a little dump of land and some tents, but hey, that place has history that has tied us all to it, those that have any care for it, anyways. Just because you can't keep a camp in one place for more than a couple days, don't tell other people to." *The radio clicks off for a second, and then back on* "Oh and enough with the westerners comment, no one cares that you're from around these parts, you just sound like a cunt." *Toez lets out a rough cough , cut off halfway as he releases the PTT*
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    We were stopped by a fierce Bow Wielding 14 Year Old Guard She is deaf, but the message is clear
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    In memory of Wumby and Jabba Its a long day...
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    700 We nailed it !! Gotta go, ttyl Pinky ♥
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    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I didn't have the pleasure of working with you in staff Oliv. I think we just missed each other as far as staff appointments go. But I have noticed your rise to admin status and your responses/behavior on the forums. This is not a pat on the back per se, but rather some observations of facts Ive noticed directly, and of which there are many examples throughout the forums. I see you as being very diplomatic in almost all situations you address. While I don't always agree with your assessments, I feel they are respectful and thought out. Generally you seem to try to think before you speak or make decisions, answering or explaining respectfully, even if the person you are responding to may not be behaving in kind. These are important characteristics for an admin. Those, and the level of work you appear to put in dealing with issues arising on the forums in particular, seem to be your strong points. I see you fielding many questions and giving explanations when sometimes you are the only admin weighing in on rough or murky waters, so to speak. I thank you for your help with my issue. It was a small one, but you were prompt and gave a response that solved it. Much appreciated. Suggestions for improvement: I would say to keep up the good work, BUT also don't let yourself get burned out. There is much to be done at the Admin level. I can see that you are still learning some aspects, while doing quite well in others. But as can happen with someone who works hard, it can drain you at times, so don't forget to give yourself a break when needed. That will help you maintain your respectful and diplomatic nature, which is quickly elevating you towards becoming one of the most respected admin.
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    Hello, never thought I'd find myself in the hot seat! Buddy Johnson POV - Myself @Fox @Bruce & @Cthuluz were casually walking through Kabanino on our way to meet more of our own. Since we weren't immediately going to leave the town, I opted to walk to the side to respond to a few steam messages while the others went further. As I was responding to them, I heard the same gunshots you heard in @Fox's video and went to investigate. After learning that my friends were being shot at, I asked the location and a visual description of the target before assisting to take him down; which I then did. Here is the relevant footage of the incident from my POV: Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide. Thanks!
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    @Dusty, Finally someone who called my character out on his bullshit!
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    Resting at the church Hunting with Irish Cooking time with Našinec
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    All pictures/videos of our misadventures around dayzrp will be posted on this thread. Camp Endeavor - Evidence from a report on us - Run-in to 101 - @SebbePwnYou - torture scene @AnicePenguin initiation into the group Inb4peoplestartpostingvideosofthemkillingus
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    The only way to change your username is to buy the Sponsor rank.
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    Really enjoyed the RP from @lukzo2024 and his bois. Also the stuff with @Squillium and The new moon was G.R.E.A.T. @Squillium I hate you. That flatcap was my life.
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    I say just get rid of the rule all together and let the player decide whether to execute or not like it was back in the Mod. If people are here for the RP then they would only execute when the time was right. As it stands now it basically gives free reign to execute as long as there has been a hostile action meaning players will just do it because they can by the rules.
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    Anyone here play EU4, HOI4, CK2, or Stellaris and interested in a multiplayer game?
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    Anyone ever use fuckin' morse code in school to cheat in tests? Like it would be like this: Question 3: How do you get banned on DayZRP? A - Post Memes B - Use explicit words C - Flame D - All of the above And you'd like, tap your pen three times, to let everyone know that you're stuck? And then who ever had the answer would tap their pen, four times to let you know that it's the forth answer? Shit was grea.t.
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    [Frank fiddles with the radio and holds down the PTT] "Sam! I've been listening to the open communications, turns out someone has adopted buddy.. ap- apparently he killed someone... I don't know who it is yet but hes with a person called Ly." [Frank releases the PTT]
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    Love you Guys @Pinky @Daisy I'd Give you Beanz Pinky but i am all out today
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    The man whos Patient enough to put up with me: @Dustup (it says "H2Cute btw)
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    True I should be forum games king
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    New profile song. My god do I love this song
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    o7 at my boy @Jabba May he rest in perpetual Ladhalla.
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    I've found that if you just don't post anything at all on th forums you can avoid all points.
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    I remember being inspired by you as a newcomer and posting my first story because of your encouragement and help with the audio. I remember getting encouragement and help from you when I was in staff. You were kind to me at a time I really needed it. In fact I was very sad we weren't able to keep in touch once I left staff. It's a huge loss to the staff team, but an understandable choice. I hope you are happy and able to get the IRL issues ironed out in the best way possible. Surely you have no doubts as to how much you'll be missed by the community. As you were the queen of quotes, I leave you with this- "Sometimes though it is hard to go, it is even harder to stay." (Noche) I'm sure you've chosen the best option for you. Good luck Mama Admin and see ya around! o7
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    I definitely agree that certain staff members are way too sensitive to certain things. Lately, if your jokes or humor aren't 100% clean, you could expect points because it could "offend" somebody. That being said, some shit posting can be a problem when people are trying to have an actual discussion. Shit posting belongs in the off topic section or even the media section, if the posts don't take away from the thread itself.
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    How do you not understand that via reclaiming the word they turn it from a white word of hate to term of comraderie amongst themselves? They claim it proudly, because them and only them have that agency due to their shared history of slavery and oppression. It's not like they reclaimed the word toast so now you can't discuss breakfast properly. It's a slang noun which could be used interchangably with 'dude'.
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    I hear the wolves bark and I think I get initiated on. I hear the cows moo and think to put my hands up. A chickens cluck makes me pull my gun out. I'm becoming paranoid.
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    Good read, I can't even remember some of these situations they were so long ago!
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    Mariann Anders POV: I was rping with @Western and @i am Bambi south of Stary Yar on the main road as we had just killed a deer when Roger Lobaria comes up I start taking to him and at the same time notice tree's being cut down west of my location so told the other's to check it out. We talked some more and I get initiated brought to the piano house told to drop my stuff and my game crashes know if you look at the first video at the end before my computer crashes you can clearly see their is no grenade in my backpack I did not have one in their. When I get my game back on eventually I'm told to tie up Hunter who was already there and then I'm tied up that's when I put the recording back on. We exchange words we get hit multiple times cutting a long story short when they left I vaguely remember them mentioning a grenade, when I got out of my handcuffs, me and hunter both picked our stuff up to be honest the grenade slipped my mind and only remember them mentioning it when the bag was on my back but at that point it was too late. But I'm not going to justify why I forgot, everyone knows this is an abuse of game mechanics they purposely but it in my bag knowing very well what was going to happening. Here is my video evidence in two parts. Part 1 before the game crash - Part 2 after the crash -
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    It's k, I'll wake up and this will be a horrible dream. A nasty horrible dream. Terra! No!!!!
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    Pretty much loved by all. You've done fantastic work all this time that you have been in staff; a very vital member to the already dwindling staff team is now gone. Enjoy your time off, because as long as this community lives I'm sure you'll manage to find your way back on top, whenever that might be. Your work certainly has not gone unnoticed. o7 <3
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    For someone named DeeBLACK I sure do wonder about you sometimes <3
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    I miss the old white-list where we had to actually analyze the rules and had a better understanding of why you are signing up for a role-play community. I remember spending hours making sure I knew the rules and was able to write the thousand word essay of each rule in my own words. It gave me better confidence in myself to be the best role-player I could be on the server.
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    Chapter Five: Wreck and Ruin "He's over there" someone shouted, waving their arm to get everyone's attention. As one the small party moved over to the edge of the road to look down and see the man they called Chief casually walking along a lower gravel road. "Guess we're going this way." someone else muttered and everyone hurried to catch up to the walking man. Once the party had gathered together again on the gravel road, Diane let out a slight puff of air in relief, glad that what she heard was probably her imagination and no one in their party had ended up hurt. She started to relax when John turned and looked at her for a moment, then announced, "So Diane, you never did tell me what took you so long in St. Petersburg. I mean it should have been a simple thing to get the paperwork sorted and meet me down here." Diane tensed and looked over at John, she knew he wouldn't let the subject go, there was nothing for it but to tell him what had happened. "Well it seemed someone decided to get greedy. The official who I met with informed me that if we wanted to move our charge anywhere within Russia's boundaries it was going to cost us an additional 20,000 euros. I mean that's completely outrageous right? I knew the moment I looked into his piggy like eyes there was nothing but greed there. So when I objected and informed him in no uncertain terms what he could do with his extortion things kind of got.......a little out of hand." she ended the comment weakly, not really wanting to explain to him how the man had propositioned her to work down the cost. Of course she had gotten a little upset and rightly so, there was no cause for him to have circled her and patted her on her rear end. "So you lost your temper..." he began as she jumped back into her explanation. "Yes I did, I wasn't gonna let that greedy bastard think he could get away with it....I mean yeah.....I should never have hit him..." "Wait you hit him?" "Uh didn't I mention that? Anyways, it wasn't like I meant to do him serious harm....and that's how I ended up tossed into a jail cell and pretty much hidden from any american inquiries...." she explained as they proceeded to walk up the hill, they began to argue back and fourth about her temper getting her into trouble. As they passed someone they tossed out a comment 'are you sure you two were never married?' they asked as everyone continued to walk. She paused for a moment and a slight smile came to her lips as she remembered the last time someone had mentioned them being married. She and John had been in the office they shared arguing as usual about some details of a case when Deputy Chief Burry walked into the room. He paused for only a moment while the two continued to argue back and fourth until finally he raised his hands in surrender and shouted "That's it, every time I walk past or come into this office you two remind me more and more of an old married couple!" he looked between each, a slight smile on his face at his own joke. She and John looked at each other for a moment, silent communication passing between them with the slight arch of a brow, the twitch of lips. It was John who spoke. "Well it seems to be a popular opinion around here that we should be a married couple. What do you say Diane? We are in Vegas of all places, we could stroll on out to the strip and find any number of in and out marriage chapels within the next couple of blocks. Shall we make it official? Should only take fifteen minutes we can do it on our lunch break....speaking of...." he looked pointedly at the nearby clock and she picked up on his cue, reaching for her bag and standing as he did. "Sounds good to me, although if they have theme weddings I'll pass, I can't picture you as an Elvis." she said as they made their way to the door and past a sputtering Burry. "We'll be back after our lunch break is over." he said as he set his hat on his head and indicated she should proceed him down the hall. As the two of them walked to the exit door, they could hear Burry still sputtering then as they started to pass out of the office his shout of 'We have rules you know!' could barely be heard. Once outside and down the street they finally stopped and looked at each other, it took only that quick look to have them both laughing. "I wonder how red his face is right now." she said as she reached for her phone which was buzzing an incoming text. John was doing the same thing with his phone and as they each looked again at one another she turned her phone to show him the message, it was from Burry. 'You can't do this! No fraternisation! You'd be breaking up a winning team!' John turned his phone to show her the similar message he'd gotten, causing them both to laugh again. They walked down the street a bit further until they came to a restaurant. "You'll like this place, it's got a lot of rabbit food options." John said as he held the door open to the steakhouse he'd lead them to. "You know you can eat to much red meat John, some veggies and other 'rabbit' food as you call it are part of a balanced diet.." it was an old argument and one they had often. Diane smiled to herself again as the fond memory faded as she became aware of John asking her more questions. She decided to turn the tables and started asking him some things about those they travelled with. First was the man with the blood on his gloves. "That's Ivan, he's a good sort, I don't ask him to many questions simply because I don't want to know. He has his own issues and problems but seems to take care of them." he responded as they finally reached a paved road and started to head towards a small town in the distance. They continued to talk as they walked down the road, her mind was only half aware of the conversation as they walked for she suddenly caught the smell of someone smoking a cigarette. The aroma sent a sudden chill down her spine and caused an involuntary itch to develop up and down her arms. She wanted to rub her them but didn't want to draw attention to the action, all to aware of John watching her and he was way to observant not to notice the action. Gunfire sounded from the town as they neared, those ahead clearing the place of any infected. It was as they were nearing the houses that they could hear the shouting and yelling going on. Picking up his pace John passed her on the gravel road and rounded the first fence calling out for someone to tell him what was going on. She tried to keep track of what everyone was saying but it was hard to do so. Eventually it became clear that as they were clearing someone came around a house and didn't see the infected that was being aimed at. She managed to get grazed by the gunfire but it could have been worse if the shooter hadn't managed to redirect their aim at the last second. Taking a deep breath now that the drama was over and the wounded being taken care of, she began to wander around the small town, looking through buildings and seeing if she could find any supplies she could use. She paused for a moment as she realised she was already looking for things for John as well, she smiled slightly as she realised she was falling back into the old habit of trying to get him to take better care of himself. She found herself soon beside a nearby well, and feeling slightly travel weary, she decided to take the opportunity to clean herself up a bit. Crouching beside the well, she pushed up the sleeves of her jacket and shirt, pulling a rag from the pocket of her backpack and soaking it under the cool water. She washed her face and neck, then started to do her hands when she realised she had exposed her arms and the small circular scars were showing. Glancing up under her lashes quickly she noticed John standing nearby, his head turned her way. Quickly she pulled her sleeves back down and wrung out the rag before putting it away, never once making eye contact with him. She didn't want him asking. As she stood she noticed him take a step towards her but was distracted by someone calling his name. Turning away from him she headed towards the edge of town. She was wondering where she could hide for the next while when gunshots sounded in the distance, the people around her all checking to see if someone in the party had ventured away. Seeing as everyone was here, it was decided that someone should go check out the source of the gunfire and a scout headed off across the open field. Diane nearly jumped a foot when John spoke softly beside her, his arrival having been quiet and stealthy. "I think I need your advice. I've been wondering about when a person would need to call protective services, I mean hypothetically of course." he said looking at her. She felt a shiver of dread run down her spine, his sunglasses had been removed and his eyes bored directly into hers as he continued to speak. "What signs would you say would prompt someone to have to call protective services. Usually it would be visible signs of abuse correct?" Diane found herself beginning to walk away from the town and towards the distant location where the scout had gone. Muttering to John, "I don't know what your getting at John, there is no protective services anymore. People are having to fend for themselves now. I'd try to concentrate on your men who went to the gunfire they should have reported something by now." They continued in silence for awhile, making their way across the field in the dark, watching as others passed them as they rushed ahead to find out what was going on. John lagged behind, forcing Diane to keep her pace with him even though she wanted to run and find the nearest hole to hide in. Finally he spoke again. "I want to know what happened Diane, I saw the marks are your arms. Seems to look pretty man made to me...." he started "Drop it John." she snapped "Something happened and I want to know....we can either talk about it now or later." "John there is nothing I want to talk about....I want to not bring it up and have to relive something I've spent the past months trying to forget....Just drop it OK?" she snapped at him, turning to glare at him in emphasis. They stood in the field for a few minutes before more shots in the distance prompted them both to hurry in that direction. Reaching some burned our ruins they looked around to see the others were busy clearing out some infected. Most everyone was located by the largest building, a crumbled and burned down Church from the looks of things. They walked towards the building, relaxing as they heard the easy conversation coming from inside. It was as they reached the building where a portion of the wall had given away and were about to enter that John stopped her again by blocking the entrance. "No matter how badly you want it to, this isn't going to go away Diane. By how strongly your reacting it's obvious it's still eating at you, tell me what happened, talking to me about it will help. We spent years as partners sharing every problem with each other. You know that if there's one person you can talk to about this it's me." he implored softly, looking directly into her eyes, his own speaking of the silent plea he was making for her to share her story, to ease her burden. She grew suddenly angry with him as firelight flared to life behind him, casting him into shadow but shining directly onto her. She stared down at the gun in her hands and shifted it to her back, the anger inside prompting her to hold out her arms and push up her sleeves, revealing the circular burn scars along her inner arms, each the approximate size of an quarter. "Is this what you wanted to see John? Do you know what they are?" she asked, not looking at him but feeling her anger continue to build and realising it's not him she's angry with, but what had been done to her. "They.....it looks like burns...." he said quietly, keeping his hands on his gun but she could see them flex and tighten at his own display of anger. "No they're more then just burns, they're punishment. You see, when I left St. Petersburg and started heading south to keep my last promise that I would be here, I ran into a group of people who were already exploiting the fact that it seemed humanity was being wiped out. They were taking captive men, women and children. They were slavers you see, preparing for those who might want to rebuild after the infection ran it's course and there was rebuilding to do. Money has become pretty useless now, it's product that can be bartered for that has value. Slaves they felt would be the way to go." she paused for a moment to look up at him then continued to speak "They had three classes of slaves they were looking for in women. You were either a Breeder, a Whore, or a Pet. They also had a punishment system. First offence you got beaten, but not the face as that was the major seller. So you got a fist in the ribs or gut, beaten till you complied. If that didn't work then you got burned....cigars and cigarettes, all along the inner arms and in other extremely sensitive areas where the skin was soft. If that didn't work, you were whipped. A nasty cat'o'nine tails I believe they called it, your back when they were finished was shredded skin. Do you want to see the results John? My back is covered in the scars that thing left behind, crossing over each other. I soon learned to submit." her voice broke on her admission of giving in and she choked back a sob for a moment as her eyes filled with tears. Finally she continued "Do I have to tell you how many times I was raped John? How many times I was forced as they tried to find out if I was a breeder? Thank heavens none of those morons knew what an IUD is or how to identify one. They didn't keep a OBGYN with them who might have figured it out. They took turns John...." her voice finally gave way as tears began to spill down her cheeks, she could not look at him in the eyes as she felt her body tremble as she wrapped her arms around herself. She didn't want to see what he might be feeling. She was only half aware of it when he raised his arms out to her but made no move to force himself upon her. Staring at those arms she was overwhelmed with a desire to feel them around her at least once, so she took a step forward into them. As they wrapped around her she stiffened for a moment but then relaxed against his chest closing her eyes as she took a couple of deep breaths to calm herself. She only allowed herself the luxury of the embrace for a few seconds, already feelings the discomfort of being touched threatening to strangle her with the building panic. Reluctantly she stiffened again and pushed herself away, taking a step back from him and then stepping around him to start to go in to where it was warm from the fires. She knew he was asking her questions and she was answering them without really paying any kind of attention, just wanting to get inside to where it was warm. Once inside she placed her back to a wall and slid down it until she was sitting amongst the rubble of the church, her knees to her chest and her arms wrapped around them as she buried her face and began to slowly rock in a soothing rhythm. She never noticed John sitting down beside her. It was only when he placed an arm around her and startling her causing her to flinch in panic that she became aware of him. She looked at him for a moment but buried her face again as the memories flooded her once more.... TO BE CONTINUED.....
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    For a brief time after the 2016 community awards were handed out, the awards would show by the side of winners posts but it didn't look too good. Rolle said here that he would style it to make them look a little better. Is there any ETA on this? Is it planned? Because the awards don't show beside posts at all as of right now, so I was just wondering. I'd personally be more than happy if they just looked how they did on the old website, but anything is better than nothing. As of right now they're just hidden away on profiles. Also, will the awards from the old site i.e "Photographer", "Fashion Designer", "Video Director" etc be added anytime soon? I'm sure the people who put work in to win those titles would like to see them return.
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    Chapter Four: On the Road Diane crested the small hill and stopped, pausing a moment to catch her breath as she scanned the small town ahead of her. It wasn't an overly large town, with a church located on the western side. In the distance she could see what could possibly be a castle located in the next forest over, she made a mental note to go check it out before she continued on south. She'd managed to make it back to the car she'd passed the night with John in but by then it'd been days since she'd last been there and the people there were long gone having stripped the town of supplies. She decided to head south from there, hoping to locate a large city or at least a radio to start trying to locate him via that method as well. If she found a radio in this town she'd try to transmit from the top of the castle and see what kind of range she could get. Taking a quick drink and making sure her stuff was secure Diane took her rifle into her hands and approached the first house on the edge of town cautiously. She didn't see any infected moving around but that didn't mean they weren't there. She entered the first house and did a quick search finding nothing. She started to move towards the second house when she saw an infected coming around from the back of the house, deciding avoidance was best she side stepped and attempted to duck around a small utility building, only to come face to face with another infected hidden from her earlier view. Cursing loudly she raised her gun and fired without thought, as the loud rapport pierced the air she cursed vehemently again muttering 'great rang the damn dinner bell' as she heard the screeching and howls of the infected coming towards her drawn by the sound of the gun. She fired off two more quick shots of her Repeater before turning and running, a pack of five infected clearing the side of the barn inspiring her to try to lose them, or at least give herself more distance and possibly tired the infected out before she fired again. The blood was pounding in her ears as she ran through the field and around the buildings stopping and turning occasionally to let loose a few rounds into the closely grouped infected, still pursuing and howling for her blood as the chased. At one point she paused on one of the roads and aimed her gun again, but before she could pull the trigger she watched the body fall, the sound of another gun finally registering in her tired mind. As she stood and listened she heard more shots and watched as the infected began pursuing others. She was about to seek cover in the nearest house to hide but already she could see a man approaching her, his gun drawn but lowered. As he approached he called out 'Are you ok Ma'am? They didn't manage to bite or scratch you did they?'. Diane paused for a moment before answering, the voice was oddly familiar but she couldn't place where she'd heard it before. "Yeah I'm fine, good thing you all came along when you did." she replied as she kept her gun loosely in her hands, hoping she wouldn't have to use it as she knew there were no rounds in it as she'd not had a chance to reload yet. "Hey do I know you?" the guy asked, taking a step closer " You sound familiar...I think we've....wait a minute...YOU’RE THE OTHER ONE!!" he exclaimed as he stopped moving and turned and yelled back over his shoulder "HEY MARSHAL.....found something you lost!!!" "Yeah Jimmy, I heard her talking." John's voice called as came up the road towards them. "Now I know where I heard your voice before to, your the one who said something about there being Two of them now...like it was a bad thing? Care to explain?" she asked her first visitor " never did catch your name by the way." "It's Uh Jimmy, Listen I'll leave you two to talk." he said hurriedly, embarrassment in his posture as he turned to rush away. Diane waited for John as made his way to her, setting his own pace but keeping his gaze on her. She was kind of glad he was wearing sunglasses as he approached as she wasn't quite sure what she would be seeing in his gaze at the moment. She had found in the brief conversations already that John seemed to have changed a lot. Sure she knew him pretty well, she trusted him with her life, but she was worried about how he was handling things as they stood now, considering his black and white view's. It was very hard at times to get him to see the Gray area's out there, and his deep seated rage at times made things very hard to deal with if he ever unleashed it. John stopped a few feet away, causing her to tilt her head back slightly and shield her eyes against the sun to look up at him. He paused for a moment as he looked at her then reached into a pocket and withdrew something, tossing it in her direction before he leaned forward and began to speak. "You disappeared while I was out taking care of a few things...." his voice low and filled with accusation but also concern. She looked at the item he'd tossed her and saw it was a ball cap, grateful for the head coverage, she slipped it on with a quick thanks, her thoughts however racing as to what to tell him. She didn't want to admit to the bad dream and the panic it had induced to cause her to flee. The questions would begin then and she wasn't sure she wanted to answer those. She was afraid to see the disappointment in his eyes if he knew how she'd left that woman to die. She was also afraid there would be disgust there as well, disgust for her for complying with her captors to keep herself alive. Diane kept her expression neutral as she shifted for a moment, allowing herself to blush slightly as she finally replied. "Well John I haven't been in this country very long, and when I woke I needed to make a call to nature. Since I planned to go locate you in town I took my things with me. I didn't plan on getting lost." it was in essence the truth. She concentrated hard on his face, willing herself not to do anything that might cause him to suspect she was lying. She could feel his gaze behind those sunglasses boring into her as she continued to try hard not to fidget. As he opened his mouth to say something, another gun shot went off behind him slightly, then a voice, deep and authoritative stated that he could see someone approaching who didn't look like they were one of their party. That snapped those around the area into immediate action. People she hadn't seen before grouped up around John and the other man, each taking a look at the new comer and then they decided on a plan of action which involved them moving over towards the newcomer and checking them out to see if they needed any assistance or were a threat. Everyone began to move into the town, guns in hands as they headed towards the arrival. One man stopped to ask her if she needed anything as he was a travelling trader. She didn't catch his name at the time, distracted by trying to keep John's back in sight, his long legs swiftly taken him down the hill and into the town forcing her to jog slightly to catch up. When she did he was standing behind so me houses talking to someone, as she neared she could make out a gravelly, harsh voice talking. Startled and a little creeped out by the voice she moved closer to John's side, that's when she noticed the blood on the man's hands. John seemed to know the man and talked to him for a few minutes before another call came out that someone else was approaching the town, prompting an end to the conversation and once again they began to move through the remainder of the town. As the moved towards the southern side of the town she caught up to him and once they stopped leaned in and whispered to him 'Uh what is with the guy with the blood on his hands' she inquired as she watched the trader fellow greet the newcomer on the road. The others travelling with John had ranged out and were in a semicircle formation ready to respond. "Who Ivan?" he responded, not taking his eyes off the scene down the road. "Yeah, I mean, he had blood all over his hands....uh wasn't that long ago someone came to talk to you with something like that you'd been arresting and looking for a body." she lightly accused, her curiosity peaked. "Ivan's OK, he's been through a lot and I don't question him." John turned and gave her a look that she could only take to mean she'd better let the subject drop. Diane took the hint and remained quiet, watching as the trader turned and let everyone know that he knew the person, had in fact travelled with her before until they'd unfortunately gotten separated. A palpable relief seemed to run through the crowd and they all turned back towards the town, as she began to move towards the town she felt John's presence close behind her. She threw a questioning look over her shoulder as he followed, his response was simply 'I am not about to let you out of my sight this time.' she grinned at him as she continued towards the houses, saying as she did so 'I'm not about to take off into the tree's again, but I do need to search for some supplies here, unless you all cleared the place out.' she didn't wait for his response but headed for the nearest house to begin her search. Diane cleared a couple of houses of anything she could use and was rounding another when she heard the now familiar hiss and growl of an infected, she just caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of her eye charging her when she took off running. She dashed between a couple of houses cursing loudly as another infected came into view. Deciding her only hope was John and his accuracy with a gun she rounded another corner and hit the road running back towards the centre of town where she could hear him talking, giving a yell she watched him turn and curse loudly about her attracting trouble as he raised his gun and began to fire, multiple shots screamed by her as she continued running, she finally stopped at his side and turned to see the road behind her littered with infected bodies, she counted at least four. As she walked back down the road to inspect the bodies another shout was heard and again the rapport of John's gun was heard as he quickly took out more infected, it was as she returned to him that she realised he'd just saved a complete stranger from the infected. It was as the new arrival was trying to give John something in return for saving his life that another arrived, from their similar accents, Irish from the sounds of it, they apparently were brothers who'd lost track of each other and had just reunited. As he continued to talk to the brothers she noticed that the people he travelled with appeared to grow anxious and began to look around as if expecting trouble to suddenly show up. Following their cue she moved slightly up the road away from John and kept a lookout watching the treeline and scanning the buildings looking for anyone sneaking around. She breathed a sigh of relief as John finished his conversation and moved up the road to where everyone was waiting. A quick look between him and the other man the other's referred to as Chief seemed to be a shared communication and everyone began to head out of the town heading back north. Diane paused to speak with the trader, finding out his name was Derek Graceland, specialising in clothing trade but he did carry some other things like ammo and such. She handed him a magazine for a 1911 hoping he would find it useful in his future trades and was rewarded by being given some .357 ammo in exchange. She continued to walk with the group of people, keeping half an ear on the conversations around her, her rifle in her hands, watching John's back as he walked ahead. He was in conversation with another man, someone he kept calling Thomas whom she hadn't met yet. As John continued to talk and the trader fell a little behind them as he spoke with his friend Diane felt a slight chill run down her spine as the breeze brushed against her cheek and with it the sound of a pained scream was carried on it. She immediately stopped and looked up the hill towards the tree's. Nothing else was heard but the birds were ominously quiet. "Diane? What's wrong?" John asked as he approached her, his face also turned to look at the hill, scanning for whatever he thought she was seeing. "Did you hear that?" she asked keeping her voice low and continuing to intently listen. "No what did you hear?" he asked again, still scanning the tree's. "I could swear I just heard someone scream, it sounded like it came from up there but with this semi valley we're in it could have come from anywhere." she warned, turning to look at him as he turned to her. Her eyes scanned those around her and her brow furrowed slightly as she asked "Wait a minute, we're short a person..." she stated as she tried to remember who was in their entire party. Finally a voice spoke up and asked.. "Uh guys? Where's Chief?" TO BE CONTINUED......