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    @Terra and @Ron this seems right up your alley...
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    Server and location: S1 EU Tissy Military tents. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 03/02/2017 (22:00 aprox) Your in game name: Rendell King Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: All was so quickly coulndt find out... Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: was trying to role play as a psychopath but did not had a chance ..as soon as i asked him lay on the ground he just killed me by saying nothing...as seen in the video above...
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    The children. The girlfriend and I. Been a while since I posted pics figured why not.
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    I never was or never will be a person of long texts and all that shit so I'm gonna try to keep it short. I joined this community quite a long while ago (March 2015 to be exact) and since the time I joined I've been playing here and hanging out with all the great people I met here with some breaks as well but I've always decided to come back here because I have always enjoyed all the time when I was being either In-Game or OOC having some of that good old banter with them great boys and girls from the community I am really happy for actually finding out about the community (tbh can't even remember how I found out about this place xd) through the time I spent here up to this point. I've also managed to have the chance of being part of the staff team which was I think for about 2 months if I'm not wrong. Being part of that was one hell of a great experience for me and I really did enjoy it thank you for that along with getting to know a lot of people from the staff team you guys are all great. After quite a while of not being In-Game and generally being inactive on the forums or teamspeak I've decided that I could just post this to just say thank you for everything DayZRP Community and all the people in it and to say goodbye as well since I am not sure when I will be back with all the IRL stuff coming up for me (Family, Friends, Some shitty IRL problems nobody gives a shit about and main reason is school for me currently). I've also decided to tag some people that I like or always liked here, so yeah... @Earthwalker - You man, you know your stuff from me, there is just no need to say anything here other but <3 for you. @Solo - Great person, great friend, always there to listen to my shitty problems and always trying to help...you will always have special place in my <3 @PatZ - Always liked you, and I'm happy that we are friends for long time already (basically same as Solo for you my man ^^ ) @Gowbe - You are one of the people I know the longest time in this community and all the fun times, RP experiences & banter we had together was great. Thank you @Charlie - Still thinking of my good old whitename names when I got to know you, you are a great person and I'm really happy to know you (I guess there I've got some top 5 people for me from the community and I would love to tell every single one of my friends something but that would take ages, so I'll just tag the most of you guys in here...if I forget anyone I'm sorry...hard to remember so many people even if I try hard :c ) @WulfeGirl @ThatRyanGuy @TartanGalaxy @Strawberry @Steck @Marcoooz @Doc Holiday @Grimnir @Spooky88 @Ron @Ramon @Puddin @MrRasta @Lyca @Lemons @Keedz @Jabba @Giraffel @FrostyCat @Cthuluz @Cloudy @C-J @Beni @Bauglir2011 @Xero3451 @Conor @fletcho1 @Karolis @MapleMooses @Taig @Hebi Kotei (yeah well...too many people to tag sorry people cba anymore...still love you <3 also yeah it's not really short how I wanted but whatever... I'll still stop by teamspeak from time to time to chill with some of you)
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    Rest in piece @Noxious Greatest CH of 2017
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    At first, Desolation is not DayZ. Secondly, At this point DayZ is shitty, cloth and food system are the only +++++ in DayZ. Mods for arma3 like desolation are great for rp. For example, add base building and u are able to build the real one fortress.
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    Just finished submitting my application now waiting to be whitelisted so I can hop on and start RPing Anyone got any tips or advice for me?
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    *Endeavour can be seen carrying a bag filled with guns and he places it in passenger side of his truck, he starts to shout 'RIGHT EVERYONE LEAVING IN 10 MINUTES* *Endeavour opens the door of his truck and pulls the radio from the glove box and presses the PTT* To anyone who is listening, My name is Endeavour Western. *Pause* *Endeavour lets go of the PTT* *looks out the window looking at his people packing the town up* *Endeavour presses the PTT* I haven't been the radio for a while. The amount of shit thats happen... *Endeavour looks over towards the drivers side and a girls voice can be heard and it said have to change your bandages'* *Endeavour lays his left arm on the arm rest and the girl starts to change his bandages* Some people came to camp about a week ago, I had met some of these people at the Green Mountain Trading Co. when I worked there, we spoke for few minutes then they say put your hands up and I look at them and you fucking what? they said again in a more of angry tone GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS UP. I put my hands up, there was two people at the camp they also got told to put their hands up, they were just people passing though, One of those people say 'RIGHT NOW FOLLOW THE PERSON IN FRONT OF YOU, IF YOU RUN OFF YOU FUCKING DEAD'. *Pause* *The voice of a girls voice said were 'nearly done here' After what felt like half an hour the man said 'RIGHT ALL OF YOU STOP HERE' So we all stopped, and they took the other two men drop a road bit more and some of the people said 'Now we were told you were selling women as slaves' I looked at them puzzled i said back to them 'Why would i do that? there is women at the camp who work there, we don't sell them we got fucking kids there for fuck sake you really think I would' Someone from your camp said he saw it and said you done it, So someone one is lying so fuck it were already here, and one of the men grab my hand and holds it and this fucking bitch.. this bitch, *Pause* *The voice of a girls voice said were all done here I'll gather whats left* *Endeavour looks at his arm and where the girl had put bandages he looks at his hand used to be* This bitch cut of my fucking hand off of some BULLSHIT THIS CUNT SAID.. *Pause* One of the men there bandaged it up and left me for dead, the other two men that was held up came back, they had cut off his hand off as well, but they didn't touch the other men for some reason, when I saw them I thought they were going to kill me right there and then, but they didn't they helped me get back to the camp, and now apart of what we have left. have no idea where the army is now, they all fucked off after that more or less. *Pause* Few weeks before this shit happened I was on the radio to this girl, we start talking, was she safe, and did she have food, I told her about the camp and she decided to meet me not far from camp, she would be there in next few hours, So I pack few things bit of food, ammo and my gun, I left about after we spoke on the radio and I got the meeting point, I had been waiting for a for least two to three hours and I start walking down the road, *Pause* I saw this girl on the ground laying there, my first thought was to leave, but something stopped me, I had my gun out and walked over and I kicked the girl, she looked she was knocked out, she had no gun or a bag. It looked someone had knocked out the poor girl and had her shit taken. I looked at the girl and thought to myself fuck it I pick up the girl and put her over my shoulder and walked backed to camp, I had the medic look her over and put her in my house where she good recover. *Pause* After that she grew close to me, I see her as my daughter, weird. *Pause* People came to camp and we built a family you could say. The camp got attacked by some fucking arseholes, and some of us died, we buried our dead and burnt the rest. We decided to leave this town and rebuild camp Endeavour somewhere else. I was on the radio to these farmers on the coast, they said they would take us in. *Endeavour looks over at the driver side door and a girl gets in, voices can be heard from the radio West, dad. Yes Anna? Were already, are you, Yes, Lets go then* *Endeavour lets go of the PTT*
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    "You can find magic wherever you look. Sit back and relax all you need is a book" -Dr. Seuss Art by deerfox-art
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    I love Fallout 4, but the lore inconsistencies and ret-cons really piss me off.
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    Update new character is going to be a comedian because im a fucking genius when it comes to fucking comedy you HEAR ME. SO YOU BETTER FUCKING LAUGH
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    Tbh @Boose Scouse @Jabba Scottish @Grimnir Some crazy voice And of course @Frosty for Scottie's voice. Shit's real scary.
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    Northern Irish Catholics. Nuff said.
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    He reached up, taking his hat from the top of his head and tossing it onto the bed with a sidelong throw, his arm continuing out to the side in frustration. He reached up, rubbing his temples and closing his eyes. He sat down on the bed, pursing his lips and tilting his head. He looked down at his hat, pausing for a moment. His mind raced all over the place, images popping in and out. His partner in his arms, broken, crying, he could feel her resisting the urge to recoil away. One of the strongest women he'd ever known, reduced to... that. He struck out, knocking a already broken lamp and an ashtray off the night stand to the floor. No, not reduced, not broken. He couldn't, he wouldn't think of her like that. Diane was more than that, more than... His mind lost the words. He thought back, thinking on what she said, listening to the descriptions all over again. The anger, the indignation... He closed his eyes again. The admittance of accepting the fate, for the sake of survival. Enduring that... She was still strong. Had to be. He heard a whisper, a motion in his peripheral. What are you going to do about it? He drew his gun, looking where the motion had come from and seeing... nothing. Always nothing. Something, never there when he went to look. Whispers in the passing noises, a laugh or scream in a rumbling engine, someone in the corner of his eye. They were always there, judging him. And they let him know. He relaxed, bringing the gun in both hands, his elbows against his knees. He took a deep breath, holding it, tilting his head as he thought back. Standing in the Chief Deputy's office, he crossed his arms, looking at Burrow with his tilted gaze. "Alex, you know that if you don't let me take this, we're going to lose it." Burrow put his hands out in a 'woah, boy' fashion. "John, I'm sorry, I can't let you do it. That Vinchero character from the DA's office is breathing down our necks, investigating YOU." He pointed at John. "I can't let you off the leash with this much scrutiny. Let Rebeca and Charlie take this one." "Charlie?" John threw back, sounding indignant. "Charlie can't even find his own ass with one of those computer guiding things-" "GPS" Alex interjected. "-Whatever, and you want to hand him the case I've been working my ass off on for the last three weeks because you need me on my best behavior??" "Pretty much, yeah. Your shootings are being looked into, I don't need another shot bad guy on your record WHILE that's happening. Is that going to be a problem, because if it is there's always all that mandatory vacation I can make you take and get you out of my hair for a month." John put his hands up, backing up. "I'm not going to shoot him,-" "That's not what you told HIM" Came another interjection. "And I don't need a god damn vacation, Alex. I need to be let to do my damn job!" He turned around, going for the door. "And I need a different desk, I can't think with all those damn strip lights glaring me in the eyes and blinding my monitor!" Burrow nodded, following him to the door. "Noted, we'll get right on that. Just as soon as I retire and then you can have MY desk." John turned as he continued walking backwards opening the door. "I don't want the job, Alex, this is your horror to deal with. And you and I both know you're here to stay for years to-" He'd started to turn back around and nearly bumped into a woman with red hair, stepping off to the side putting his palms out in apology. "Shit, sorry ma'am." He looked her over, before she could say a word. "DA's office? Who're you looking for?" "Ah, you must be Deputy Thomas!" Burrow said without missing a beat, closing the door to his office. The woman nodded, looking as if she felt like she'd intruded on something. "Well, your timing is impeccable. Deputy Thomas, I'm Chief Deputy Alexander Burrow. This one here is Deputy Marshal John Waters." John nodded at her, looking a little surprised, then looked at Burrow. "I'm going to go, I have a case file I need to prepare to circle the drain." He started to walk off before being grabbed by the shoulder by Burrow. "Not so fast. You're showing Thomas around. After all, you need to get acquainted with your new partner." He stared at the floor for a moment, recalling their first meeting. It had taken a long time for the two of them to get used to each other. Even longer before they really trusted each other. But theirs was a bond that was, while not easily made, was very had to break down... She was his partner, and he'd do what was needed to protect her. The question was... How? His first instinct was to track down the slavers and have them killed. He could track down Morgan, he knew he had ties to the North, something illegitimate, talk to him about where those sorts of people were, get Vandal and his men together, go track them down and... and... No. He shook his head, remembering words from years prior. As Axel had told him, if you're looking for revenge, dig two graves. So that was out. He couldn't protect people here if he wasn't here. The last time he'd left, his best friend was kidnapped and their people had scattered. He'd be damned if he let that happen again. So, he was staying put. And now... Now he had two people he could trust completely... He just had to do what he could to help her heal.
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    *J listens in to the frequency, after a few minutes of thinking things over, he holds the PTT* I'm sorry Western, we could've prevented that entire day with a few pulls of our triggers... *After a few moments of silence, J sigh's* The one time Louie doesn't feel the need to kill someone - people end up loosing limbs... *Smiles, clinking of bullets can be heard* You don't have to worry about some of those "someones", they came back for you a few days later, ended up finding us and being dragged out the camp as corpses. Though the top dogs that did this to ye are gone, heard they ran off somewhere - scared for their pitiful lives, I would probably do the same If I were 'em, but not from fear, instead from shame, getting cut down in the middle of Kabanino street like a dog and then getting spared out of pure pity. *J stops for a moment in realization* Huh... If Jack had delivered the coup de grâce, you would've also had all your limbs Western... Funny how sparing lives does nothing but hurt you... Anyways, the best of luck to you Western and your endeavor! Hope it'll turn out better this time. *J releases the PTT and puts the radio on a shelf, leaves the room and slams the door behind him*
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    Warned myself this would be out of order. I'll mess with pages later 12/26/2016 Today I feel better. Logan this time saved the night. I feel so bad for the poor boy, he's been through so.much.shit. and is still this sweetest person, who just wants to help others. He’s been in deep depression, I don’t blame him one bit for it. I remember being there. I found him some St. John’s Wort, but I think his depression is too deep for it to really make a difference. Logan is the reason I’m here. I talked with Chief on the radio, bantered a bit back and forth as I was not sure what I had ‘walked into’ per say. Logan took the risk to contact me and to meet me in person, twice. Third time he took me back to the camp and I met Jimmy, then eventually the others. I wouldn’t be here if not for him. He’s also taking to calling himself my nurse. I feel so bad about it. I keep getting the shit beaten out of me, and he’s the one who helps care for me. He just wants to help people be safe and happy, the poor boy deserves all the happiness in the world, but just gets referred to a bullet sponge (I get why, but still) and other things that seem to be putting him down. I try to keep his spirits up, but I know how hard it is when everything feels like nothing. Apparently we moved to another town, which was a huge pain to get to. Especially because it’s only been a few days since I got beaten senseless. Anyways, got to the new city, not easily, but did. Called I think it was Logan and Emmrich, maybe just Emmrich? I don’t really remember at the moment. I could have this totally wrong looking back, but I think Logan met me in some kind of factory. We took shelter there as it started raining, combined with the cold air hypothermia was easy to get now, too easy. Better to just stay dry if we could help it. He walked around, clearing out infected. I collapsed in exhaustion and pain onto the ground. Emmrich showed up after a bit, was a complete mess. I think Logan went to get him? Then brought him back? That makes more sense. Emmrich sat about half the room away. He was a mess. He was lucky to be alive. He looked like a mummy with all of the bandages and wrappings. He looked at me with a bit of a smile, as a greeting. But looking me over, he looked upset, responsible. Logan had to leave to go find someone, but assured us that Ian and John were on their way, and that he’d be back as soon as he could. We were safe enough. Emmrich asked me how I was, I nodded. He apologized for what happened, me being hurt. I couldn’t help but have what Lucky told me go through my mind. Was he being sincere? Or just covering up? I couldn’t be sure, and I hated that I had to even think that. I inquired as well, he’d been nearly dead when we found him. Took a lot to stabilize him. We we’re in a warehouse the other day. John, Rose, Logan, myself. I don’t remember but I think we had Vandal and co somewhere behind us. Stradic and Ethan showed up. I wanted nothing more than to curl up in Ethans arms and not move. That wasn’t an option. In the frantic time it took for others to stabilize Emmrich, Logan had taken care of me, helping me clean my arms and legs, getting out what debris and rocks we could. I think I have a new hatred for gravel after this. Looking around, everyone was exhausted. Stradic after taking some time to help with other things, finally came over and checked on me, giving me a gentle hug. Seriously love that man. I end up laughing at myself, because I get grumpy now when he shows up and I don’t get a hug. Usually I go get one. It’s funny. I don’t know why, but it is. Ethan worried me, a lot. He was very quiet and did not seem to really be focused on anything. He was watching me from a distance a bit at first, then went with Stradic to help him. Eventually came back, pretty much got a wave and he sat down, a good distance from us, just keeping watch on things. Not really like him, from what I’ve seen. It made me very worried. He was very distant the whole time he was there. I don’t think I even got a goodbye from him. If I did it was a very small one. I can’t help but wonder if he’s mad at me. Due to groups having stupid fights and what had happened, we were in danger, a lot of it. When I hysterically called Stradic and Ethan on the radio, I did not realize that I was putting them, and their people in danger too. Essentially dragging them into the conflict. Just because I called for help. I never wanted that. I never wanted to risk hurting them, or putting them in danger. Stradic made me promise to call him whenever I was not okay. He’s typically the second person I call when anything happens. So anyways… Emmrich was at least conscious and able to somewhat move. Better than dead, which had been what I thought he was, before I was released. We talked a bit, he asked if I wanted to know anything about what happened. Part of me did, part of me did not. I just shook my head no. Ian finally showed up after a bit. He was very, very irritated and distant. Mostly at Emmrich it seemed. He walked around, looking all over. He had found a sword and was swinging it around, practicing a bit with it. I absolutely loved it, I love swords. Even if they’re replicas that, probably shouldn’t be used to hit anything. Kind of curious how none of the replicas I’ve seen have shattered upon impact, most are for decorative purposes and not built to withstand actual blows. Eventually he walked over and started grilling Emmrich on what happened. He couldn’t figure out why Emmrich had gone in the first place. Emmrich had to admit what I had suspicion of, he ‘fell for her.’ Ian literally just stared and him and asked him again. Emmrich had fallen for her, she had used those emotions to her advantage. Ian started snapping at Emmrich’s stupidity about falling for her until I spoke up. It hadn’t been smart, but people fall for each other. This world is fucked up, but it doesn’t mean we don’t deserve happiness somewhere. It happens. You can’t always help falling for someone, I argued. Ian grumbled at me and wandered back towards the door, giving Emmrich a look again before turning to watching the rain. I asked Ian if he could please help me with cleaning the wounds on my arms, he nodded but did not move. I sighed and started tugging at the wrappings around my arms. My right arm in the sling again made it very difficult. I sat for a good ten minutes on my own just trying to get the left arm unwrapped before almost crying in frustration. Emmrich watched before turning to give Ian a look. “Ian? Really? Fine, if you won’t help her, I will.” He started trying to get up, Ian immediately turned around, walked a few feet and promptly yelled at him to sit back down and stay there. Emmrich dropped back down to sitting, and the two had a bit of a glaring contest. Ian finally walked over to me, pulling out some tools and carefully unwrapping my arm. It was bad. My entire forearm was covered in deep bruises and scratches. Many deep from having rocks that had become embedded from crawling. He looked without saying anything, as I usual he appeared distant and the mask never helps. I told him Rose and Logan had helped me clean it out, along with the others. He sighed and pulled out a small light and tweezers. He being to shine the light around all of the wounds, then used the tweezers to dig anything tiny we had missed out. It hurt badly, I was whimpering by the time he was done. “You’ve got some deep ones, but I don’t think you need stitches.” I sighed in relief, only to immediately groan when he pulled out disinfectant spray. I was not surprised, but I hurt enough without it. Ian covered my arm in the spray and I immediately started blowing on it to get the alcohol to evaporate faster and not hurt so badly. “Stop that!” I paused, looking at Ian, pouting. He sighed at my expression and shook his head. “But I thought it just evaporates it faster-“ “And makes it not work as well.” I sighed in defeat and whimpered again as he sprayed more. My entire arm felt like it was on fire. Finally it calmed down, Ian carefully wrapped the arm in clean gauze again. He then moved to my other arm and shins. I was crying from the pain by the time he was pulling debris out of my right arm. Though as always he was careful, knowing to not twist it certain ways. I almost passed out when the alcohol hit my gunshot wounds in my leg. Eventually I was all cleaned up and wounds rewrapped. He looked up at me, his voice far more soothing than before. “Now keep these clean, all right?” I nodded and thanked him, leaning in and giving him a gentle hug. He froze for a moment before awkwardly patting me on the back. John finally showed up, walking around. That made me happy. My first meeting him, had been quite horrible honestly. But I know he had his problems, and his reasons. I could only hope that his, forced trip North had helped. I still felt bad about it, but I had no idea what was happening until it was too late. We chitchatted a bit, I don’t remember about what. I was just comforted by his voice. John and Ian both, when not angry, have very soothing voices. Combined with the rain, it helped me relax quite a bit. I thought about Lucky, and wondered what Ian would think when he told him. A few people appeared, apparently friends of Logan, then a few travelers who took shelter. Honestly it was rather nice. Was a good amount of people, all very friendly. We got a fire going and were just talking. Turns out one of the men was in the Army and got really excited about finding out Emmrich was a Lt. It was cute. They had a good, long talk. I got excited when I spotted Elaine, she came and sat by me after talking with John a bit. She looked me up and down and shook her head at me. We talked for awhile, catching up. It was good to see her. As usual she was sneaking flirts in, which I kept laughing at. I’m not used to other women hitting on me, but Elaine, even while engaged, can be very persistent about it. I end up having no idea what to do but laugh most of the time. I hope the poor thing gets to get the rest she needs, and the somewhat childhood as well. She grew up far too fast. Logan eventually turned back up, with a red and white Santa hat and a large bag. It made me smile in amusement. According to the others this was a yearly thing he did. All my presents for others had gone with my bag, and my guns, that sucked. Logan handed everyone a box and it just made me smile. Even in these crazy times, he still did everything he could to help others be happy. He really deserved to be happy himself. Opening my box I had a red and green scarf, it was pretty, and warm. I immediately wrapped it around me and thanked him. I did get distracted for a bit as some men were talking about Winchesters and mine was gone, I was really cross about that. I’m still learning but I love being able to shoot from really, really far away. Thankfully that’s only been infected and animals, and I’m not the best shot, but I really like that gun. I just wish it could be quiet. The noise is the one thing that annoys me. I kept trying to speak up as they were talking about trading, spares that kind of thing. Did not really work well. Apparently it didn’t have to, not long later Logan put one in my lap with a red bow. He grinned at seeing me grin. Don’t know where he got it from, was suddenly worried he may have given me his, I would not have been happy about that. But I’m pretty sure I recall seeing his on his back a little bit later so I accepted it. It was nice, just visiting, having people chat around a fire. Meet new people, it’s a nice thing when that can happen. Eventually I started getting tired, and John was nice enough to carry me to the apartment that was our temporary home. At least mostly for the two who couldnt walk. Emmrich came up a bit later, and Elaine promised she’d come see me in a day or two. I’m very glad I found these people, I really am.
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    Im so glad I found a press vest, that way a team mate cant just kill me when were dealing with infected. Thats what I thought until one of my group turns out to have arm-seeking bullets. Im not mad, but R.I.P. my beautiful jacket.
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    @SirMadness My dood you robbed him at the road block between Kab and NWAF you must have not looked at my beautiful picture Also I did talk to you before hand even if it was short, so that there is no RP in the situation is a Blatant lie........ Another thing is that you let @Puncture pick up his shit and walk away with it how is he not to know that you didnt give him his radio back? https://gyazo.com/17f288ee4c2532f3269d6204502926e8 There is the distance and then some from the source of Dayzdb.com
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    Connection Logs 16:53:50 | Player "Anna Avilova" is connected -No D/C Log- 16:24:16 | Player "Rick Gunderson" is connected -Possible Server Restart- 17:02:25 | Player "Rick Gunderson" is connected 17:02:48 | Player "Rick Gunderson" has been disconnected 17:04:27 | Player "Rick Gunderson" is connected -No D/C Log- 17:02:29 | Player "Dovas Kasyu" is connected 18:17:14 | Player "Dovas Kasyu" has been disconnected Hit Logs 16:54:31 | "Player Anna Avilova has fallen into unconsciousness." 16:54:31 | "Anna Avilova has fallen into unconsciousness. 16:54:31 | "Rick Gunderson SHOT Anna Avilova by M4A1 into head." 16:54:31 | "Anna Avilova has fallen into unconsciousness. 16:54:31 | "Rick Gunderson SHOT Anna Avilova by M4A1 into head." Kill Logs 16:54:31 | Player "Anna Avilova" has been killed by player "Rick Gunderson" Calling @Venzzy (Rick Gunderson) to provide his point of view as to what transpired. During the time of the OP's death, the accused shot on two other players so a possible firefight may have occured Additional logs Calling @Squatch (Maksim Oboryn) and @Sasha (Dovas Kasyu) for clarification.
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    Easier to make a settlement when there's already preplaced fortifications. A place like Polana Factory has a perimeter wall making it easy to block the holes with tents and call it a settlement.
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    We are more than happy to let you play on a different Server since we dont have the time for your bullshit. Only the best for you.
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    Howdily Doodily there Neighborino, welcome to the fun house!
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    thanks for the tips everyone can't wait to get started, hopefully see you guys in game!