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    *hamish picks up the radio and holds down the PPTB* never hear them guys on the radio. you will have a better chance of contacting Obi-wan Kenobi he is your only hope.
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    Well guys it's official, I have a bun in the oven.
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    *Kirov listens to the bickering of the many mouths that feed the peoples radio. He consolidates his papers and begins for his broadcast. His friend who has some sort of music magic box sits in the back ground playing some tunes* " " *flicks an ash from his cigar into an eaten can of food adding* "Standing by for radio listeners lend me your ear. Give me some news. Send your message to de wooooorlds. This is the Peoples radio. Your voice on de airways!" *Releases his PTT satisfied of another days work.*
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    Waiting for @Alex to spam me with BeanZ like
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    So, are you saying that people should change their mentality when it comes to posting the report where they might of NVFL'ed? Because as you proved yourself, we have issued NVFL for this numerous times in the past and that has not changed. I personally thought you were referring to a solved report where we may of overlooked this, which is why I asked for a link.
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    +1 Indeed And also I would love to see that the text is much larger here- I just feel as though it could do with maybe 1 or 2 more text sizes up. That's just me though (May need glasses ) @Terra
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    I was ingame 2 days ago. While 1,5 hours was recorded fine, the last 45 minutes were corrupted and I have no idea why. It happens. No way to prove and therefore we cannot punish.
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    Sometimes it is best to use clothes that others do not tend to wear. Bright colors etc. In terms of firefights it is always good to have these weird colors just for friendlies to be able to recognize friend from foe.
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    Welcome! Like previously said, we have a mentor program that I believe is extremely useful for new members of our community. If you're looking for some things to read; that are just as helpful, you should check out the guides. There are more being updated and posted all the time, so check back every once in a while. I admit that when I first joined I read everything I could get my hands on while I was waiting for my white-list to be accepted! I recommend definitely having a nosy through the forums, and don't be afraid to jump into our team speak.
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    Lit pics boys. I also see that one of you are wearing the new Yeezy's Pro 16's. NICE!
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    I know right. I might have to actually go and RP now. I know the server had a restart about an hour ago and after about 5 minutes it was back to good old lag.
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    Entry #1 I’m losing track of the passing days, they come and go like life itself… Was walking alone, along-side a lonely lane when I came across a derelict town. Couldn’t bloody read the sign. About 16 yards from the burg, shots were fired directly from the town in a direction I didn’t bother determining before I settled myself, quickly, under a nearby bush. A man emerged from the concrete mess, beads of sweat rolling down his fore head, with nothing but the shirt on his blistered back. More shots, one, two, three, four! He fell upon the lush green below. Now lame and robbed of his dignity, he lay at rest. I fell still, eyes examining the area, looking for any clue as to the bloody murderer’s location. None found. Without any knowledge or his whereabouts I sat still. Lay out like fresh game on the newly damp grass, he stared with his cold eyes and I stared back. Droplets of red fell from his silent mouth, each one building a pool of death wider and wider below his cheek. I witnessed the last wisp of life leave his body through a twitching finger that gradually go slower and slower. Still no sign of the mysterious shooter, I decided to navigate around the town and up onto a hill. This was the best place to get a peek at whoever took the life away from this seemingly innocent lad. Three quarters up the hill I crouched down and peered through the cross-hairs or my new, yet battered, marksman rifle. It felt satisfying in my steady hand where it found its new home. Although I had never shot another man, I was ready to. After all, this is what that old bastard John had conditioned me for all those years ago. As I winced through the scope, scanning the discarded streets, blood shadows masked the walls of houses and seats of immobile cars. I continued along the rough hill, stopped at every point I saw fit. Nothing. The bloody twat just disappeared, like a fucking ghost. At that point I decided to stop, I will hunt this fucker down, eventually. I retreated back to the motionless body, lay my rifle down and began to dig up the ground, inside-out with a rusted shovel. Why I kept this shovel? I don’t know. I left no name above his grave, no age, no nothing. Another life smudged out by history’s sour thumb. I let a man die without finding or even seeing his murder. Whether the poor lad was a cunt or an innocent man, he died with no identity, no one to level the playing field. As they say, an eye for an eye. That’s the rule I live by. That’s the rule I survive by. - Tommy Cole ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Just a lil' story based on an experience I had near Stary. I hope to write some more in the future
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    *Louie picks up his radio and speaks* thanks to you and your so called army innocent lives have been lost and then when you capture me you run like the rats you are i would rather see the world have borders than to see the likes of you, i will never forget what happened in that castle. *Louie screams in the radio* ITS WAR!!!! *Louie slams his radio on the table*
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    This isn't exactly a story but I also feel that it did not belong in general discussion. I personally do not have the talent to play a character like this but it would make for some amazing RP everywhere. I imagine a small frail man with a guitar that travels the lands and plays a tune for everybody passing by. Maybe he even takes up housing in a small pub and plays while the warriors drink. I can just see a guy singing about the war between Christians and the north. And the whole song could be driven by the in game lore/RP. If anybody can sing and play a guitar then it would be great. Live off of the coins people throw at you. Play green sleeves on repeat. Find out what is happening in every township and sing about it.
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    They're clearly agents in diplomacy, marching into stop the blood shed and bring peace. The heroes we need, but not the ones we deserve.
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    *Grateful to hear a quick response, Toby answers back* Thank you Mr.man, we'll work out terms later on. Have a scrump day Mr.man. *He releases the PTT and starts to gather things he needs for an extended trip south.*
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    Hi there, Congrats with your whitelist app! Have fun on the community and the servers
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    *after being held up to his next broadcast a special request was asked of Kirov. he takes out the paper on witch he was told to wright a news report for the horsemen hitting exited on his free passes Kirov his ptt he broadcasts aloud* *Releases the PTT fidgeting with his make shift radio transmitter changing the frequencies. Unsatisfied Kirov adds his own message* "Hello yes to any one listening i will no longer broadcast daily instead i will consolidate every thing i have and create a grand broadcast every so often and it will be gloriously amazing and every one can be apart of it to get your message to de world. some people with big weapons will be protecting de Kirov and his radio set up i have in yes an undisclosed location. you would literally have to search every tree to find it. witch mean you will not...... it is not in a tree!." *Releases his PTT realizing his manic rantings will get his location found*
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    *Julia starts to sneeze uncontrollably due to her recent drug use while listening to the conversation. With a smile, she listens to Shepard's eloquent way of stating the obvious. Once he is finished speaking, she depresses the PTT, sneezes once, and then begins to speak* "Oh you... I like you! Oh yes yes yes! Aren't you going to introduce me to your friend dad?" *she sneezes then giggles* "I think we will have a marvelous time hunting down some weak ones eh? I think hanging time is drawling closer and closer! You don't know how happy this makes a girl like me feel!" *she releases the PTT and listens still excited*
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    There is nothing wrong with seeking help. We don't have many people interested in the program as it stands atm but There is nothing wrong with applying if you want to learn how things work around here from our mentors
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    Completely the truth. Because of one of many reasons; the the drawing out current patch of 0.60. People have just about had enough of it. They see that there is nothing left to do but walk around and kill a few Zed-Heads. So people are still around, but there just not playing because they feel they do not need to because with the coming of the new patch. 0.61 is imminent. We can all feel it. So its only natural that people are not playing because why donate the time to play if its all gonna be wiped away. My tip is; get on sometimes RP with the boys, keep your groups somewhat alive. But have some downtime, go down to your local pub or the cinemas. Chill out. Cause once .61 hits. None of us will have time for real life things.
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    Yepp, it's needed. I make Rolle aware of it.
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    Staff most of the time spot editing, and we call it out. If they say the original evidence is corrupted, we have no proof of a lie or truth, so we leave it. No way to enforce it otherwise, sometimes we can through other evidence but most of the time that's that. Tampering with evidence falls under "Witholding evidence", not sure why people would think otherwise.
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    I sound like a 3 year following an ice cream truck but hey, whatever works.
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    Yeah well shit man. A 780 still provides the goods! Give it another 8 months or so then maybe upgrade
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    At this point you'd probably get less lag playing on an Australian server. It could be a multitude of things leading to the server lagging though ... time for a map wipe?
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    Man this is the shit the episodes are so good man I love em keep it up
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    The way your going on with your posts. This thread is gonna be huge.
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    Read the rules over outloud. You'll 100% know when you see it.
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    *More footsteps, stomping through the woods, equipment and objects jostling around *mumbling is more coherent this time, but like the others its still muffled as if the radio is covered* Last night was a mess, but my heads cleared up a bit Less fuzzy Less muddy Its not sinking in molasses My thoughts are a little more in order today, I've had a lot of time to think... Get it all or whatever I can piece together in order Trying to think of why everything fell apart, for one I lost my motivation, it comes and goes so that can't be helped, but the others, I dunno... The biggest change was when I told whats his fuck to abort the kid, knowing them and myself they probably figured I was gonna tie some butter knives to my wrist and abort the kid that way What are they fuckin' savages All the arguing about whether he should keep the kid or not, they seemed to think he could be a full time dad and still roll around with us all the time Just to leave his lady alone all day with the kid Stupid Don't work that way No it doesn't Doing it again... Point being you gotta choose, Can't sit on the fence Raising a kid is tough work, time consuming, and in these times you gotta be there whenever you can That being all the time I would have made him choose Ditch the lady and stay with us, leave us and raise the kid, convince her to abort it and keep rolling with us and stay with his lady Simple enough Wonder if they remember whats her fuck offering to find drugs to abort the kid.. I don't see why they might've thought I'd do it myself, sure We- I have done some shit to my own people but only when they fuck off and back stab me Stupid, so thats gotta me a major one, their change of attitude And then there was the fact that SHE began to distance herself from me and follow whats his name around, still regret drinking that night the drinking too at the time might've been part of it, helped kill stress though Whole thing was stressful, everyone had their own ideas, constant yelling and arguing No one god damn listened and they wondered why I was so pissed all the time What the fuck are we-I gonna do when I get back home Too much to do Just gotta take things one step at a time No need to plan just keep doing what we-I mean I've always done Just improvise It always works out for us in the end Sure does I really ought to get that piece of shit fixed, never fuckin' works when I broadcast... *The mumbling begins to get more muffled and less understandable, most of whats being said being replaced with static and noise*
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    I enjoy the narration, really makes you feel as if you're there in the moment, yet not fully participating. Really engaging storyline so far, got a Mike Ross vibe to it if you catch my drift Minus the suits and lawyers ofc, hope to see more and soon
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    *Chills de fuck out. Smoking under de tree his car running filling de radio with its sakred powers Kirov hear a voice and answers* " " *Clicks off His PTT happy he had another ear... *
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    I love it! I really want more. Loved to read while listening to the music. Glad you have put music in again.
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    What do you call a dog with no legs? It doesn't matter what you call him. He isn't coming.
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    Gotta love all that fun 501st old classic stuff. Siorre I look forwards to seeing you when you come back.
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    I know none of you actually give a rats ass, but I'm having one of those moments, so either frig off, or stay and read what I've got to say. I like bonus points. To preface this I have to come out and make a statement that I'm damn sure most of you already know anyway. ... I'm a transwoman. Big shocker! I know! #sarcasm There, now that thats out of the way, time to get down to the brass tax of this little status update. To briefly describe my issue, one must understand how receiving medical transition works in the US. First you go to a therapist so that they can determine if you are making shit up or not, then the therapist gives you a letter of recommendation saying that you should receive hormone replacement therapy. Then you get blood work and if all is good, you can begin your transition. At this rate I'd even settle with seeing Samurai Futaba. Well I live in a very sparsely populated and conservative area, so my options are quite low as to receiving therapy. I received an email from my first option saying that she would not take my insurance. So I took a day and wallowed in self-pity before getting back up on the horse and sending off more emails to the other therapists on my list. I just received emails back from them. Bad news is the only news of today. Neither of them will help me. One just sent me the email address and phone number of a therapist widely considered a quack by those in my area. Another left me the name of someone who might be able to help but I'm not sure. This is my last chance for the area. So once I'm feeling better about all this I'll send off that last email and pray that they give a shit enough. This is life in the UP... except I envy it not being cold in this picture. The plan was to get as much done here as humanly possible while I have insurance, then start HRT either just before or just after I move to Delaware in May. If I can't receive help up here, then it's looking like I won't be able to start to even see a therapist until the middle or end of summer, and if that even works, I probably won't be able to start transition until exactly a year and some change from now. I'm not happy that's for sure! Keep in mind even when I get to Delaware, I won't have insurance so I will be paying out of pocket for every single thing involved, from the initial visit to my new general partitioner to the countless therapy sessions involved to the blood work and then finally the medication (I don't mind paying out of pocket for the medication. Thats the important part. I'll pay the 120 USD a month if I need to). I hate our medical system. Send hugs?
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    New status update for those interested on reading it. https://dayz.com/blog/status-report-06-december-2016
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    Hello! Im very excited about DayzRP and currently waiting for my approval. In the meantime I would like to know what you guys think about my character. My name is Vladimir Pushkin. Im 27 years old. I am born and raised in Chernarus and for years I fought in the Chernarus civil war aiding my communist brothers in the Chedaki movement. I was a proud member of the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star. When the civil war broke out I joined the armed wing of the Chedaki movement providing their soldiers with military expertise that I had learned during my time in the Chernarus armed forces a few years prior. I fought along side my trainees and a few months into the civil war I was promoted to officer in the armed wing of the Chedaki movement. I have done things I am proud of and every thing else was done in the name of my communist party. I dont regret fighting in the civil war and dont regret burning a little government loyal village to the ground after the high command ordered me and my troops to do so. I am proud of my past and wish to countinue to fight for the people of Chernarus. The only family I have ever had were my communist brothers and my parents, but years of civil war worsened my connection to my parents and we grew more distant. When I became 18 I joined the army and quickly after I met a communist brother who would teach me of Lenin and the communist manifesto. That was when I realised my true call. After the civil war I was forced into excile in Russia and lived there until I recieved a call in 2014 from the hospital in Chernarus that both my parents had cought a flu. I then drove to the Chernarus border but it was all blocked by Russian forces. I used my survival and military skills to cross the border through The Black Mountains. It was a harsh environment but after 3 days in the mountains I could finally kiss the soil of my motherland. I made my way to a little village were I paid a local man to drive me to the hospital that my parents were in. We arrived in Chernogrosk after a night of driving, but the city wasnt as I left it. It was under heavy military presence and I wasnt allowed inside. The city had turned into a war zone and I was informed that parents most likely wouldnt have made it out alive if they werent on the list of refugees. Weeks went by and I decided to give up on finding them. However now nobody could get out of Chernarus and I was trapped with creatures that werent human anymore. Teaming up with other survivors we searched cities for supplies and have since done everything to survive.
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    Thats awesome! I will definitely make one later. But what do you think of my character? Is it good enough?
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