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    Fear. It's something that we gotta live with every day. Some would even say it's what allows us to survive. Others would argue, it's what gets you killed. But no matter the case. From the weak, the strong and the craziest. They all Fear! -Sam Bauer (Episode 1)
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    I apologize in advance for my failed attempts at containing my giggles, but the meme'ing was far too strong! Just a few things from last night
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    So, i have not really done a rant before, and this wont be a long one, but here we go. Latley, people have been using bugs and glitches more and more. It started with the pump, a very innocent glitch, to duping and so on. Now, I do not mind if someone uses the pump one, or the apple one, since it does not affect the game play too much, however, when we let people use small ones like this, they think it is ok and suddenly they are going on to the more abusive bugs, for example, the ammo duping. I know that ofcourse people have always done this, and will continue to do so if they think they will not get caught. However, latley I have had people that I bearly know, ask me if i can dupe some ammo for them, or simply just stating to hold on for them while they dupe some ammo. It seems like no one cares, because they feel immune and so on. I was told once, as stated to hold on. I directly stated that I do not wish to be a part of any duping or glitching, and even moved away from his character. There is two reasons I have not reported this. 1. No video evidence. I did not record at the time and so I can not prove anything. Also, even if I did, he/she could say that it was just a joke and that the person had actually looted it during an exstensive ammount of time. 2. Hate. I feel like the hate in this community grows and grows between people. If i would file a report like this, I feel like it would be an easy way to get hated by the community. I would have "snaked" a person that trusted me, and he would tell his friends, they would tell theirs and so on. I would quickly become shut out from a large ammount of people and even with this thread, people are probably going to talk about me and how "cringy" this thread is. So, were hare we heading as a community and as players? Why do we think it is OK to use glitches and bugs, when we all are atleast 16+, which you would think is mature enough to follow simple rules. And why do we hate on people for the smallest things? Why do we hate, hate and hate? I wish to hear your opinions on this and what we could do about it.
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    Server and location: S1 Stary Sobor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 10-12-2016, 02:49 Your in game name: Walt Dinsmore Names of allies involved: - Name of suspect/s: DeluxeCores and Jonny Nolte (Stavalone) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): - Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Chat logs from when I //1 sec someone is taking stuff from my bag Detailed description of the events: I went to Stary to trade since W. Dinsmore is a travelling sidearm salesman and self-defense instructor. I had just come back from a big haul and had a bunch of goodies to trade and I trade for food and supplies (usually a bag of rice or a few cans for a gun and ammo). I come across these two gentlemen who are chatting with a Russian man. The Russian man says there is a trouble at the airfield and leaves. The other two are trying to recruit me to work for them and do their scavenging for them. I tell them I'll think on it and sleep on it and they seem content with my answer. I hear ammo being moved around quite a bit. They were after 9mm ammunition and halfway through the talk they seem to forget all about it. I open the bag I'm holding in my hands and find all the magazines have been emptied while I'm holding it. I haven't seen this before so I say in chat, "//1 sec someone is taking stuff from my bag", thinking "oh no, a glitch from when I put it down to drink". But these two fine gentlemen are happily reloading their empty guns with the stolen 9mm ammo and I only realize it when they leave right afterwards. My question for the two gentlemen: How can you play off standing right in front of me, talking to me face to face and reaching into the bag in my hands and taking shit from it? Not just that, but emptying all my magazines right before me. Had there been a reasonable way about it, say I drop my bag to get a drink and you loot through my shit, that's fine. Perfectly reasonable. There is, however, no animation for reaching into someone's bag right in front of their face and robbing them blind of all ammo. Please, tell me in what reality this makes sense? And if you're wondering why I didn't confront you about in game, I'm currently hunting you two down to shoot you with the KOS rights you so graciously provided me. So don't worry about your report and respond to this one. Much love <3
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    Horsemen's Grishino Grishino was once a ghost town barely occupied by the survivors of Chernarus. The only residents being a White Supremacy group who used the factory there as a base of operations. They didn't have the manpower to hold it. When Austin Maverick decided to take the airfield as his groups territory, Braxton Knight suggested taking the town of Grishino as well as a place they could control together. Here they would allow those under their protection whom have bent the knee or offered something worth keeping them around for. Those who come under the power of the Horsemen will receive protection as we will defend our town from those who wish to destroy it. Settlement Rules You get one warning to listen to what we say. If you fuck up again, you will be killed. -If the Horsemen tell you to leave, you must leave or you will be killed -Anyone caught impersonating a Horsemen will be shot -No groups that we are at war with will be allowed in town -If the Horsemen ask you to do something reasonable, you must do it or you will be shot Pestilence Militia The Cartel Floor 11 World Without Borders Camp 101 New Moon
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    @Cipher @dankatronic @reesesaddict @Smash Gordon If you don't like it, just say guys. Sorry for the wait.
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    Simon Dinglebus's POV We were running to get someone a vest and a random group of 6 guys comes out of no where and chases us and we already knew what was gonna go down so we kept running because we didnt wanna get robbed. And the only person that was barley within VOIP range was the person who created the report, the only thing the other people heard was the gunshots. We heard no initiation and the only thing we heard was hands up but you didnt give any other demands, the person that "heard" you could barley understand what you were saying thats why no one stopped. Its kind of hard to see because Shadowplay records dayz weird but sight isnt what matters right now its the fact that one person barley heard you and the restof the group didnt, telling someone to "Put their hands up!" isnt viable enough initiation to start shooting because our lives were not necessarily threatened. if i walk up to you and just say put your hands up thats not right to shoot if they dont. i have to further heighten my threats towards the person or people that way they know i am willing to take their life. Eagle we were running because Walt wasnt prepared as he had the backpack in his hands
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    Hello community members and welcome to the Official Mentor Program thread! This program was created for the soul purpose of enhancing YOUR role playing experience in our servers. Although newcomers are the target audience, we will always accept ANY applicants regardless of their join date or experience level in DayZRP. For those that apply; what we do is pair you off with other more seasoned members / role players in the area that you wish to improve on. It's one thing to read and understand the rules when completing your whitelist; our goal is to help take what you've learned and apply those skills to real in-game scenarios with other survivors like yourself. What we hope to achieve is to help newcomers better understand the rules and reduce the risk of them ever breaking any. We have consolidated what we offer into two main categories of learning: "In Character" and "Out of character" - Each having their own list of offered varieties in role playing or community related subjects to explore. Take a look down below and see for yourself where your interests lie! In Character Learning Hero Role Play will cover everything that is associated with being "the good guy," ranging from medical RP, diplomacy and negotiations as well as keeping your fellow survivors safe from harm. If you're playing a character who is trying their best to stay out of trouble while encouraging a strong and positive moral; chances are that this would be a good place for you to start! Survivor Role Play, or what others may refer to as "Campfire RP" will cover everything between Hero & Hostile RP. Ranging from basic to advanced wilderness survival skills; we can show you the best means of keeping yourself safe and out of harms way. Maybe you struggle coming up with things to say or are unsure of how your character should react in a given situation; both are simple skills we can work together on to improve! We also offer more specialized assistance if you are interested in learning to RP as a Russian or Chernarussian character. Hostile Role Play is very delicate and can be difficult to pull off properly; one wrong decision can lead to finding yourself at the receiving end of a report if you aren't careful! Here, we can teach you the aspects of; torture, robberies, hostage taking and intimidation tactics while ensuring that the party or parties you are being hostile to are able to have enjoyable RP as well! Hostage Role Play is a significantly darker side of RP where your true limits of fear and courage reveal themselves. On the subject of hostage taking, being a hostage is an incredibly important aspect of role play that EVERYONE will inevitably experience at some point in their time here on our servers; like it or not. If you are curious or unsure about how to act or what it feels like to be a hostage or maybe you just haven't yet had the chance to experience it first hand; it truly is a "must do" for people of all role play styles to try at least once in case you may find yourself at the wrong end of a gun barrel. Military Role Play is a whole new style of approaching RP that builds upon all the other forms shown on this page; from approaching in game situations to background creation, the little things make all the difference. The ability to understand and then present a soldier yet still display yourself as a human being (As opposed to a super soldier), will make or break this style of RP for both yourself and those you interact with. Group Role Play is a whole new experience of game play in its own. Some individuals may prefer to travel the wasteland in solitude; whereas others enjoy the company of several of their closest companions. The ability to travel around or simply interact with multiple people on a regular basis is a corner stone of RP and truly enhances the quality of RP itself. The dynamic possibilities are endless when you toss more people into the mix and things are not entirely in your control. Here, we can introduce and share the ability to interact with some of the already existing groups and factions of the community or even encounter dynamically wandering survivors across the country. The choice is yours and the possibilities are endless! Text Role Play is an essential corner-stone to role play as a whole and is something that we believe all members of the community should be able to properly utilize. The ability to emote your characters physical actions (not mental thoughts) to allow those surrounding you to react and respond to enhances the role playing immersion exponentially! Unfortunately, the mechanics of our beloved game have us limited to the actions we make when around others; however a skilled text role player is able to further supplement what is presently happening in any given scenario with a simple emote. We're also able to help those who wish to fully dive in and play a text-only role playing character. Out Of Character Learning Crash Course, RP 101: The most basic of all the selections offered; Perhaps you are brand new to the concept of role playing, or maybe you were recently found guilty in a report for "Bad RP" and are looking to improve yourself. Here, you can work with a mentor who will aid you in learning and understanding the basic "dos and don't" of role play. There are some physical actions or even words exchanged in character that may be deemed immersion breaking to others around you. It is our goal to help you understand these often overlooked details to improve the quality of role play in which you surround yourself with. After all; nobody appreciates it when a person decides to blatantly get right up in your face in the middle of RP to shamelessly pulse check you. Character Creation: Quality in the writing foundation of your character is absolutely imperative. The amount of details you have written about them determines how well you will be able to interact with other role players and potentially REACT to uncomfortable situations your character may find themselves in. Having a strong, in-depth background (as well as their personality traits) is key in how the story of your character will unfold. It's a solid fact that the more information you have written about them, the more you will be able to share and develop your character with others around you in the role playing environment. Here we can aid you in creating a detailed character backstory to ensure that your experience in role playing them out is never dull and that you will always have something with them to talk about. General Knowledge is exactly what you'd expect it to be. In this category, you may inquire and learn about; The Guide Section of the forum is another excellent source for enlightening players in all sorts of different aspects of role play on an in AND out of character basis. There are also tutorials for technical support problems found in this section for when you find yourself in a tight pinch and aren't sure on something. These guides are all created and designed by community members just like you! Be sure to take a look at any that interest you and share your thanks for any you've enjoyed reading through. We understand that there are endless possibilities when it comes to your preferred style of Role Play and that some categories may bleed into others. This is a basic system we've created to easily identify what it is that YOU need help with so that we are able to pair you off with someone who is the best possible match. Now that you've read everything above and know about the many categories, how does this all work? For those of you who would like to apply, all you need to do is copy the template posted below and fill out the answers to the best of your ability. Once you've done so, simply post it in a response to this thread. One of us will confirm that we have seen your application and it will be forwarded to the full team. We will then review your application and whoever we feel is the best fit for your needs will contact you in a private message to organize a meeting and begin working with you. If you are not comfortable publicly posting your application you also have the option of submitting it privately to any of the members of our team which are listed below. We encourage anyone who has questions for us to post them in this thread or send PM's to any of the people listed below. We also have our own designated channels on the community TeamSpeak for one on one sessions or if you wish to speak with any of us in private. Copy and fill out the template below into your thread response or private message to apply for the program: Listed below are all of the people who make this program possible: AlwaysGamer ✉ Message Buddy ✉ Message Doc Holiday ✉ Message Dustup ✉ Message Grimnir ✉ Message Jm Von Cat ✉ Message PatZ ✉ Message Aiko ✉ Message Applications to join the mentor team are currently CLOSED! A very special thanks to the previous Lore Master team for setting this program in motion
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    (The following are excerpts of information found on documents in a hotel room in Chernogorsk. Not all the documentation is complete , as documentation has been destroyed, missing, and even defecated on.) INTERPOL INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL POLICE ORGANIZATION - CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTATION - Target of investigation: Massaro organized crime family Base of operation: Termoli, Molise region, Italy Head of Family: Elio Massaro Areas of family focus: Construction, specifically government contracts where money is laundered and siphoned. Counterfeit goods, including high end designer clothing, electronics, and other consumables. Consigliere: Tony Monarro Capo Bastone: Juilliano Massaro (There's more, but the rest of documentation is illegible due to being covered in vomit, I think) (Somewhere in the middle of the documentation, a paper with my name on it catches my eye...) INTERPOL - International Criminal Police Organization CLASSIFIED INFORMATION - Massaro CRIME FAMILY - NAME: Enzo Massaro AGE: 29 SEX: Male NATIONALITY: Italian HOME TOWN: Termoli, Molise Region, Italy NOTES: Enzo, cousin to Elio Massaro (Head of Family). Affiliated with Massaro criminal organization, but not a major player. Enzo has a background in Electrical Engineering from UNIMI (University of Milan) and separated himself from an early age from the family. A case of wrong place wrong time landed Enzo in jail for possession of stolen merchandise. It was clear that Enzo had nothing to do with it, as his roommate confessed, but local Milano police were excited to put away a Massaro on anything. A 13 month sentence was handed down. It is at this time that Enzo's ties to the family were renewed, as they offered him protection inside, for what is believed to be his services upon his release. Enzo is not believed to be a major player in the family and not a source of information in regards to killings or power struggles with other families. He is believed to be used for his expertise in Electrical Engineering and technical skills, mainly helping the family with hacking low level government systems and verification of knock off electronic merchandise for resale and supply the family with income. Unreliable witness have placed Enzo in the company of other family members and associates where murders have occurred, and have even placed him as a trigger man twice. In one case it appeared to be accidental based on reports, and the other a women of unknown relation to Enzo was held at gun point. LAST KNOWN LOCATION: Somewhere in Chenarus, believed to be meeting with Russian and Chinese sellers in order to verify and purchase knock off Apple products for resale. "Mannaggia!" (I slump down on the wall beside the bed and continue to sift through the document nts scattered all over the crappy hotel room. )Massaro
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    Server and location: S1 Field between Kab and Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Server time: 10-12-2016, 08:39 Your in game name: Walt Dinsmore Names of allies involved: Dan Dinglebus, Simon Dinglebus, Braxton Oliver, Gabriel M. Name of suspect/s: Hahaha no idea! 6 of em and kill logs will show. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: We were running to Vybor military to get Dan a vest. I hear "Oh shit don't look behind you!" in teamspeak and see a huge group sprinting out of the woods towards us all spread out. We keep running and I drop my backpack filled with guns (sidearm salesman) and keep running. Next thing I know we're running through an open field and I hear, "stop running hands up!" and immediately take dozens of shots. As soon as the gunfire starts, I get domed and fall unconscious. Two others die, one in the same field as me and one fighting further down. When I wake up I stay prone and don't take shots. A random guy runs by who I didn't recognize and he's taking shots too and I say, "hands up don't shoot!" and stand with my hands up. He says, "I'm just being shot at too!" and I didn't know who he was. So they were shooting at him too... But none of my allies heard an initiation and when I heard one I immediately got shot along with those of us who didn't. But wait, there's more! I stand up with my hands up saying, "hands up don't shoot!" and causing no threat. They let me stand there for about a minute before they just start unloading into me from the hilltop. We had no prior interaction with this group and as far as I know we never spoke to them. So this random squad rolls from the waterworks (sounds like a good joke but we aren't laughing), gives a demand and immediately opens fire. Then they shoot me while I surrender. All my friends knew was that there was a group chasing us and then they got shot. No DayzRolePlay so welcome to DayzReportPlay (get it?). I'm tired and going to bed but loved the RP. Really enjoyed the part where I felt like I was on a public server.
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    Just curious, what kind of gear has the groups that are currently active "claimed" to be recognized? like armband colors etc..
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    *after being held up to his next broadcast a special request was asked of Kirov. he takes out the paper on witch he was told to wright a news report for the horsemen hitting exited on his free passes Kirov his ptt he broadcasts aloud* *Releases the PTT fidgeting with his make shift radio transmitter changing the frequencies. Unsatisfied Kirov adds his own message* "Hello yes to any one listening i will no longer broadcast daily instead i will consolidate every thing i have and create a grand broadcast every so often and it will be gloriously amazing and every one can be apart of it to get your message to de world. some people with big weapons will be protecting de Kirov and his radio set up i have in yes an undisclosed location. you would literally have to search every tree to find it. witch mean you will not...... it is not in a tree!." *Releases his PTT realizing his manic rantings will get his location found*
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    You admit so far to no rulebreaks... How long did this encounter last for? Also did they interact with you at all besides taunting you over the backpack? Did you at all try to interact?
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    I came to this guy for my group artwork, and I was more than happy. Thanks, dude. <3
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    Heyyy, updates here! Updates there! Updates everywhere! @Cloudy pls, y do dis to me.
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    I use the water pump glitch (and would use the apple one if I could get it to work) for the simple reason that this is NOT a finalized game, and there are some issues that will be fixed eventually but for now still exist. For example, I've died in DayZ from being stuck in a drinking animation at a pump while a zombie beat the shit out of me. However once the new player controller is released and drinking/eating animations will be cancellable (is that a word?) as an intentional feature, I won't be interested in that glithc anymore because the underlying issue has been solved. Duping, on the other hand, is IMO the sure sign of someone who doesn't understand the fundamental concept of survival RP.
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    In mod it wasnt until the last year of mod that they implimented power gaming rules, and implimented the rule that you cant kill all your hostages if you become fired upon, so through out most of mod you could openly torture your captives with no consequence and if someone fired upon you, you could kill the hostages and run. This is how it was in most of mod, not to mention the 6 hour kos rights that would reset to 6 every time we reengaged. Voodoo, when you say things that we did in mod you mean to say things you chose to do in mod. Role play is pretending to be someone else. I will not tell you what your character would or would not do, but if in a real world situation would your character behave this way? If so than it cannot be bad roleplay, as i said before, Everything is situational, and if someone is telling you how you should play or how your character should react than they are just being elitists or want you to conform to thier play style. I would never presume to tell you how to play like some others would. I know that staff should tell you the same as me. I hope the ones that still play dayz can get together and work with Castiel to give you an answer, but they seem slow to give official statements these days.
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    Good then The Report can be Closed No Rule break.
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    Thought you would have a chuckle.
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    *Hearing the chatter on the radio she presses the transmit button and begins speaking.* "Sorry, but i don't go on dates with people I don't know, unless they force me..." *Remembering that day at the school with Joseph she sighs.* "Also don't bother I'm taken and I'm getting married soon." *She looks over to Louie and smiles, before releasing the transmit button.*
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    We were running to Kab when i saw the group of 6 guys 'i said dont look behind you in TS' of course everyone does. We all keep running from the group, after them shooting at us, and missing miserably we scatter to cover. After they finally kill Walt and no one else i sat there and decided to bait shots for Simon, i ran into the field where they fired countless amounts of time before they finally hit me. After being hit in my legs, i returned shots before they finally killed me.
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    We really out here.. Streaming for a while! - https://www.twitch.tv/meximoorhouse
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    True enough, kiddo! We saw a flashmob come from the jungle and we decided it was best to take a hike. You ended up doing what you wanted to do in the first place and initiated. You didn't Initiate where we could all hear you for you to gain KOS rights on all of us. Give any semblance of a realistic time frame considering I was the only one within VOIP. State consequences. Make your intentions unambiguous. Straight out of Urban Dictionary: Random Death MatchThe term comes from when a player kills you with no incentive in a game of Role Play. As opposed to KOS Kill On Sight If someone is KOS that means you devour them right when you see them no questions asked. You dudes (or dudettes idk your pronouns) made contact, therefor RDM. Do they not ask for definitions in the whitelist anymore? *shrug* Here's a couple time stamps for your buddy's video you may want to check out in case you and yours can't be bothered to relive that horrible initiation. At :53 the command "put your hands up hands up hands up" is given. At :55 in the 2 seconds it took to say that , gunfire breaks out and funny enough Eagle is the first to pop shots. 3:24 your group acknowledges I have my hands up and have surrended. The response, "dome him so I can take his gun" comes up after claiming I was just hiding behind rules. Contrary to Eagle's statement, there was no, "don't shoot him he's surrendering," but instead three people saying, "shoot him he didn't comply." 3:49 Hodgie calls me a faggot. I think our cute little back and forth is done for now, Billy but it was valiant of you to defend what you thought was just and fair. Good luck in the wasteland, bub.
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    We're mystical, mythical creatures whom live in the Sea, and we regulate things like sea currents, and tides. Some call us," Sea Cops," and even journey to the Island of Austellus for offerings, in return for the mystical MP5-K. To see on in our natural habitat is like seeing a White Rhinoceros in Los Angeles or New York, roaming the streets. We also catch criminals, but that's another story. Edit: Oh, and sometimes we authorize Paramedic clothing for our medical team, depending on the color. Usually the Blue Paramedic jacket with Police pants or OREL pants, depending on the Medic's rank.
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    "The Real Cowboy" "Doctor Clemons"
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    You mean the thing called compliance which you didn't give us time to consider let alone do? Your initiation was a joke and your grasp on the rules is situational at best. The rules prevent people from treating this like a public server and just killing people to "steal their lunch" cuzlol. So toss aside the bravado and read some rules pages.
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    drecksche Kunkka mit dreckschen Screenshots. keep em coming, they look lit
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    Thanks again for the help fam, don't know where to drop you some miscellaneous beanz so i hope you dont mind if i tuck em into your shorts. o7
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    This is looking awesome! I cant wait to see how the actual settlement rules are played out and i know you guys will push the envelope with keeping people on their toes Best of luck ....and i hope that you will accept my payment of fish in return for occasional safe haven
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    I had fun with @pc41732 tonight. You should all wan't to meet this batman-darth vader cross breed of a guy. His roleplay really twisted my mind some could say, Haha pun.
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    Right but that's not how things actually are right now. You can get food, guns, ammo, and pretty much anything fairly easily. Also, if people truly believed this was the case in South Zagoria, there would be significantly less people in favor of banditry and be more willing to fight back because stealing people's things would make a much greater impact. I do however agree that strong-arming should be considered a hostile action because people feel forced to comply with the strong-arm otherwise they look like idiots who don't care about their life.
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    Jammie explained it perfectly. Execution rights are gained through multiple hostile actions between groups of people/individual people. Things that can count towards execution rights are: Firefights, being taken hostage, extremely hostile radio chatters (combined with hostile actions in game, not just alone), being tortured, etc. In order to have execution rights, there must have been several hostile actions between two groups/individuals. Now, when you have execution rights, this means that when you take the person/people you have execution rights on hostage, that you may execute them after providing sufficient RP. That being said, remember that just because you have execution rights, does not mean you have to or should use them. The execution should be saved for when it makes the most sense in the RP. For example, if I'm taken hostage 3 times by the same group, I would technically have execution rights on them. After the 3rd time being taken hostage, my friends and I initiate on them and are able to take them hostage when they comply. However, just because they've robbed me a few times, doesn't mean it would completely make sense for me to execute them. If the group had tortured me, then sure, that would make sense, however if each time they took me hostage, they just took my things, and asked questions, then it might not make much sense to execute them. Regarding how often you can use execution rights: When you have valid execution rights, you may execute someone you have rights on multiple times, however after each time you've executed them, you must wait for several more hostile encounters occur between you and that person/group to regain execution rights.
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    Yeh enjoyed getting friendly fired by Roavech in an attic. At least I took down 5 before getting trapped in a room by an ally. Was pretty fun. RIP My stats though, went from 100 forging and smelting to 40 and 60.
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    Had some funny and very weird RP with these guys tonight! @TheProxJack @IsnGabba @[email protected] @MistrWolf
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    El Presidente before we Take him as A Hostage hide for a big group in vybore some shit was going on
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    Cade Wilson POV: Me and Jarek (PatZ) where walking into Vybor industrial when a man shows up (Joseph Blades) and one more already taking a "sneaky" position outside a wall. We then start RP with the men, they found fast an attraction to PatZ M4. Thay asked him if he was willing to donate to the cause. PatZ denied and after a few minutes of RP they initiate. Majoo (Elizabeth Romero) tells me over ts that he can pop shots at them . That and the fact that a was behind some cover gave me the guts to not comply and shot back at the initiators. I shot a whole mag at the man in front of me and due to Dayz beeing Dayz, I manage to not kill anyone... I´ll just want to add that I thought that Patz wouldn´t comply and we had people around us as I said. And I wasn´t surrounded due to I was behind "cover" with a clear back. surrounded is when you are all around the person. So with that said I thought we were 3 v 4 maybe even 4/4
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    sry guys i was shy so i could not sing: P
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    Feel free to listen as I read René's story for you. Cursed Weeks have passed and I'm still searching for a reason to go on. A reason to believe, a reason to make sense. I met a guy named Enzo. A nice guy. Too nice sometimes. I remember that I've met him before. It was at a camp near Lopatino. No idea if it had a name... it does not exist anymore, so it doesn't matter. While I thought I was alone, he caught me having a bath in a pond. He made his presence known to me...that was nice. And I am pretty sure he did not watch and if he did, I did not care and I still don't. He is tall, has brown hair and brown eyes and is missing a tooth. I could see that when he smiled at me with large and kinda cute dimples. He made a fire by the pond and he invited me to join him. For a moment my voice screamed at me to be fucking careful but I shrugged it off. What could possibly happen? That I get killed? No one around would actually fucking care anymore or even notice. He had a funny accent and he seemed easy to talk to. We spent some days at the pond together. He was very talkative and he told me his whole story. He was as unlucky as me it seems. But who isn't. Just by spending time with him, he gave me the impression that he is a "good guy" - unlike the people I normally hang around with. Even the voice in my head started to calm down and for whatever reason I had the feeling I started to like the guy. For a good week we have been traveling together now. Traveling from here to there... talking about everything and nothing and it feels normal by now. It is strange, there is actually no violence for once. The voice sometimes screams at me. I feel the pressure to run my knife through someones skin...I can resist for now. I can handle the pressure. For now it's enough to look at my knife. I just close my eyes and listen to the things I can hear. I can hear people scream, I can feel their skin and I can smell their blood. I need to do this from time to time, it keeps me calm. For now I am good. For now I can go on like that. For now but not forever. Enzo does not know about this at all. While he talks a lot about his past and what happened to him, I am not really ready to tell things about my past to anyone. There is still a chance that he would kill me. Maybe I hurt someone he is friends with. Maybe... I dont know why I left in the middle of the night but I had to. Maybe this is how Chase once felt? Maybe he had to go? Or maybe he is just dead. Well, the voice screamed at me and I could not shrug it off. I got my stuff and placed a piece of paper on the doorsteps of the house Enzo slept in. -Looking around. Will be back. Lizzy. - I started to walk and I did not stop. Dont know for how long I already walked around. I knew when I left that I would not go back, at least not now. I had the feeling I could not breath anymore. Everything felt so... so... I cannot explain it. I needed some time alone. But now I already miss Enzo. It had nothing to do with him, he is just great. It's just... it feels... like pressure on my chest I walked into a bigger city and I had to take out a few fuckers. On the road I could see more dead fuckers and then I heard a single shot. I walked into something...a situation... and my voice screamed at me so loud, I barely could concentrate anymore. I found myself in the middle of like... I dont even know, like 5 guys. I remember only three names...Alex, Blake and Jaroslav which everyone called Jaro. It was strange... they have been nice from the beginning. Nothing much happened really. Like, we just talked and got to know each other a little ...you know.. around a campfire. They did not ask too much questions. That was good as I actually was able to shut down the screaming bitch in my head and what can I tell you... I stayed. We found a car and drove around and it feels like they really like me. Trust is something different. It feels like we are still careful around each other... Well no, they are careful around me. We found a camp with a lot of people ... near a big town at the coast. We all went in there and these people seemed to be nice. They explained they want to make a difference. It was a mistake to go there. Until this point I did not tell Alex and Jaro that I have enemies. It was stupid and careless of me to go there, not knowing who might be in there. My time with the Clowns... A guy called Bobby and his cheating bitch, Lyca. She was in the clowns as well and knows a lot about me. Not only does she know my real name, she also knows about my liking of cutting through skin. She does not know why, but she knows what I have done. My name was said and I could see the confusion... Alex and Jaro looked at me, not saying a word. Lyca and me talked very shortly and I tried to be nice. I tried to not cause any trouble or get any extra attention. Obviously it was too late. She mentioned that I was with her in the clowns and at this point I knew I had some explaining to do. Either this or they might kill me right away or leave me behind. We went away from the camp. Instead of being quiet I talked about random stuff. My body started to shake, a constant hitting in my stomach. I was nervous. As we have been a little bit away, Alex and Jaro stopped walking. Alex took out his pistol, Jaro had his big gun in his hands and they both looked at me. Jaro had no expression on his face, absolutely blank. Alex looked angry and disappointed. It felt like a thousand needles attacking me. I knew that now is the time that would decide my future. If I would deny everything, they might find out anyway and kill me. If I tell them the truth, they might kill me too. Rushing thoughts and a screaming voice. Not able to think straight. Not knowing what to do. I closed my eyes... just for a second. I took a deep breath and looked at them. I knew that I dont want to loose them. For once, this felt right. All I want is someone who will stay, no matter how hard it is to be with me. Now I have to pay the price for what I did in the past. Now it's time to own up. It's time to focus on what matters. It's time.
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    *Daniel sits fiddling with a soup can trying to slip the lid of the top with a knife. After getting the top of the lid off the can Daniel hears a muffled sound coming from his radio, He Sits for a few minutes listening to whats being said, After hearing a voice that sound familiar, He holds down the PTT and begins to speak* "I dont think I ever had the pleasure of meeting the Coyotes, And if I heard any stories about you guys, Then I Probably had mistaken you for actual coyotes. From what you have said, It seems that you have got your shit together since the removal of your last leader and you say that you got rid of someone who ... Lets say strayed away from your pack, or something like that. Well I would love to bump into you at some point, would love to finally meet you ... ... ... ... Also you sound very familiar to someone I once knew, but he's probably dead now" *Daniel releases the PTT on his radio and tosses it behind him, He grabs a spoon and begins eating his can of opened soup*
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    Honestly, I'm triggered I said "like" and "cringe" a lot of times in this. Sorry if it triggered anyone, I'm just a giant meme man.
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    It has occurred to me that my pirate pikachu is aiming to assassinate KOS my DayZRP character. Fiddlesticks!
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    Hello and welcome! Enjoy your time in this community and good luck with speading your crazy religion across Chernarus. Nice name btw.
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    Avatars are transparent and BeanZ have returned
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    *Zack hears his friend over the radio and starts to laugh uncontrollably* *Then he presses the PTT with a big smile on his face* "Damn you are getting all of those f*ckers together?! Oh well in that case will be seeing you there" *Takes a long drag from the cigarette and proceeds to say something again* "You better have learned those sh*ts some new tricks otherwise it'll be dull" *Zack throws away his radio then places his head onto his backpack trying to get some sleep*
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    Has been suggested multiple times in the last 2-3 months, it will not happen as it will lead to abuse. The character owner is the only person that can permakill their own character.