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    Thoroughly enjoyed tonight with the Halloween event. Thanks to Roger, Hassan, Blazer, Riggsee, Cryaotic etc Then Keira, Cowboy, Riggsee, Pinkerton and all the others! Amazing RP especially that fucker who scared the living shit outta me on the coast with the abandoned car...
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    *While patrolling Svetlejorsk, Loscham and Nelson stumble upon a horde of infected and are quickly separated. Loscham keys up the mic, accidentally slapping the radio over to open frequencies.* There are several thundering shots of rifle fire in rapid succession, and the sound of running footfalls, as well as that of several dozen infected moaning and snarling. A voice with a heavy German accent comes across the din. “Nelson! Where the fuck did you go? They’ve got me cornered! I made it to the church, but they’ve--ACH!” Two more rifle shots crack off, and the sound of scuffling comes over the waves. Loscham grunts with effort, and then comes the sound of shearing metal. “Scheiße! They hit my M4, it’s fucked! GET HERE!” There are two loud pistol shots, echoing over the waves in the enclosed space. The radio falls silent for a moment. * As the radio falls silent for a brief moment Nelson chimes in* *Nelson keys in, and the sound of loud screaming and many AUG shots fired in quick succession can be heard.* “DIE YOU UGLY MOTHER FUCKERS, WOOHOO WHO’S NEXT?! Hold on bro im just down the road from you, MY GOD how many of those FUCKING walkers did you attract?!” *More screaming of the same variety are heard, followed by another burst of AUG shots* *Once more the radio fall silent* *There’s a click and a slight “snap” as Loscham jams the PTT button and breaks it in the open position.* Three more pistol shots ring out, followed by a click. Still, the infected are snarling and screaming. The sound of heavy breathing comes across the waves, along with muffled curses, the sound of a magazine being ejected. “Scheiße! You undead motherfuckers!” Loscham slams another magazine home and racks the slide to chamber a round. BAM...BAM...BAM! There’s a muffled curse, and the sound of multiple bodies hitting the floor. “Ach! Nelson get in here, brother! There’s too many!” There’s the sound of grunting and multiple fleshy impacts, followed by a bloodcurdling scream of agony and another two pistol shots in rapid succession. *You can hear once more Nelson come over the radio* *Nelson utters terrifying screams of anger and anguish as he hears his friend being devoured over the radio, at this point there is only continuous gunfire and screaming.* “DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE YOU GERMAN BASTARD! YOU GET THE FUCK UP AND FIGHT TILL I GET THERE, YOU GOT ME YOU UGLY KRAUT PRICK?!” *Nelson’s radio clicks off, but all sounds now come through Loscham’s open radio.* There is the sound of boots running on the tiled floor of the church. Another pistol shot rings out followed by a click. There is the sound of an infected snarling and then the sound of tearing flesh. Loscham lets out a primal scream of rage and anguish. Fluids spray out and spatter onto the tile floor. There is the sound of a knife penetrating dead flesh, followed by more fluids spattering the floor. All is silent other than the pulsating spraying of blood and labored breathing, as if someone is trying to breathe with lungs full of liquid. Loscham lets out a moan, and draws a labored, crusty breath. There is the sound of five or six shots from an AUG, followed by slamming doors, and wooden furniture being dragged and slammed against the doors. The sound of boots on the floor draws nearer to the open radio. Herr Nelson...James...brother. He draws a ragged breath. Fuckers got me...my femoral...my chest… Another crusty, ragged breath. It’s a sucking chest wound, man. Learned about this enough. I’m finished. The sound of someone falling to their knees can be heard with deep, almost panicked breathing. “Listen you dipshit, this show isn't over. Now get the fuck up and push through!” You can hear the sound of velcro being opened and the sound of plastic packaging being ripped open. “Come on bro, all i've got to do is pack this shit and we can get your ass up!” Loscham groans as he tries to sit up; he coughs, and blood sprays from his throat. His leg spews more blood. He takes a labored, raspy, wet breath, and the sound of a sucking chest wound comes across the waves. Brother...you kilt-wearing arschloch...I’ve seen this enough in Afghanistan. I’m finished. You know it. He takes another wet, groaning breath. He screams as Nelson jams wadding into his gaping leg wound. There’s the sound of fabric ripping as Loscham’s vest and shirt are ripped open to expose the cavernous chest wound. I need...you to tell… He coughs up more blood, his breathing becoming more and more ragged. Tell Alice...tell her I forgive her. Tell her I never stopped loving her. “You can tell her yourself, bro! I’M FUCKING TELLING YOU MAN, YOU ARE NOT DONE YET!!” There is more coughing, followed by ragged, strangled speech from Loscham. Tell her, man. Tell Hamish I was always on his side. Tell… Coughing… Weh mir, o' weh...dieser Vogel singt nicht mehr… He draws a deep, labored breath, heavy with fluid and gurgling. End it...brother. I love you, man...no homo. He chuckles crustily, groans and draws in an agonizing breath. “See you in Valhalla brother... and safe travels to you.” *There is a slight sniffle. Shortly after, there comes the sound of a knife being drawn from a sheath, and the twang of metal as the knife hits the barrel of his gun* “Love you man” There is a final, labored breath, and a soft sob. I’ll meet you there, cunt. I’ll have the meade hot and ready for you. Do it. *There is another sniffle, then the sound of crunching bone and splitting flesh. The last breath leaves Loscham’s breast. There is scuffling around in the background as Nelson picks up the open radio. There is a deep breath as Nelson speaks.* “Alice...if you can hear this...please contact me...you know the frequency.” *After the short statement there is a loud smashing sound, and then silence.*
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    Over the last 3 weeks that I've been back in the community and been running with a group, I've noticed a startling change from when I was previously playing. There is a serious lack of respect for one another in this community. I don't mean people are fist fighting in the forums, furiously banging their keyboards to the sound of Metallica fuelling their keyboard warrior status. I'm talking about the stuff that goes on in verbal communications between people, people who are meant to at least show some degree of respect towards one another, just for the sake of being people. Verbal communication over the "radio" system is an integral part of the DayZRP community. It forms the basis for tactical cohesion, as well as serving as an OOC den late at night, where people can relax, enjoy a bit of RP and chat with one another about their day. There's no better community gaming experience for me than to sit down, relax and have a bit of banter with my mates over TS and fit in a cheeky bit of RP because, let's face it, RP is so god damn fun. Role-playing with people you like OOC but not necessarily IC is so much fun because it allows you to assume a new personality in a way, which you can only do with people you trust OOC, or at least I can only do it that way. For me, this is the ideal situation, a group of friendly, fun but serious RPers who respect eachother both IC and OOC (though IC is optional). This is simply not the situation I have experienced over the last 3 weeks. When I initially returned, I found myself in TS with a relatively friendly and outgoing American guy. He was fun to be around but he was also quite funny in RP, as well as role-playing as a serious bandit which I found quite entertaining to watch. Over the course of that first week, we had quite a lot of fun messing around OOC and RPing with eachother IC, as well as hopping off of other people IC to create a fun dynamic to our experience. There was respect and an enjoyable experience to be had. However, we sort of dropped out of communication for that 2nd week and I ended up running with a really charismatic Irish guy, along with one of the nicest Swedes I have ever met. Also an Englishman but we can forget him I'm not going to lie, it was some of the best RP experience I'd had in a long time and I'd had so much craic and banter outside of the game that I decided I could hang around these lads for a while and for me, that was a pretty big deal, both on a personal and community level. However, as it often does, the group formed its dynamic with the charismatic Irish lad taking the helm and leading the group. I was content to sit back and be chill because, let's face it, I'm not leadership material nor did I desire to lead a group of people on TS. Fun and RP were all I really wanted from the experience and I received more than my fair share of fun and RP. Staying up late at the weekends to battle it out with some rival clan or sit up until 3AM talking about sweet nothing and having a damn good time in RP was the order of the day. Eventually, we ran into some more people, a throaty gentleman with a pre-disposition to landing on mines from a couple of storeys up and his motley-crew of survivors. I've had some fantastic RP moments with these people, late night boxing matches with Throat Lozenge (we'll call throaty gentleman Throat Lozenge) and some deep heart-to-heart RP talks and expansions on the stories of my own character as well as the characters of others. For me, this was a fun and rewarding experience and served as a badly needed outlet, as I'm in my final year of school and there's mounting pressure for points and university places. But this isn't my life story, just 3 weeks on DayZRP. So what happened? Needless to say, we ran into even more people that we initially liked. A friendly, kind monarch who is all for winning, a somewhat rowdy but well-meaning celestial body and a gravelly tomahawk lover. We had established our dynamic over the previous week, yet these new people did not seem to understand that and this I could comprehend because its difficult to adjust to a new dynamic after coming out of so many others. There were more than a few ruffled feathers in the group and tensions were boiling because nobody seemed to understand eachother anymore. There was a new, unfamiliar dynamic at play. A few of these players seemed to think that being in a position of supposed authority gave them the right to browbeat and treat other members of the groups they led like the dirt under their shoe. They were chosen to lead us in game, not act disrespectfully out of game. IC is one thing but translating your IC attitude to your OOC behaviour and relations is simply not acceptable because, most of us aren't survivors of the god damn zombie apocalypse so we've got no right to act the way we act in character, out of character. This, combined with a serious lack of respect on all sides, led to an eventual clash with eachother and I ended up stepping away from the group so they could sort things out because; let's face it, I'm just here to have fun and enjoy the bloody video game, not get involved in somebody else's hormonal drama. A few toes were stepped on when I walked out the door but I'd do it all again because, even though this is just a video game, the community is what truly matters. Without a community, this is just another private server. Community is what matters guys, not your gear, not your ego, not your OOC drama, the community is what matters and without respect, you cannot have a community; large like DayZRP or small like the one I stepped away from. I really hope you took something from this, I know I sure did.
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    Well, i am the best example of inactivity, soz lads i let you down. Thank you for trying this idea but we are archiving. Who knows, might touch up this idea in the future. o7
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    In this particular situation, I don't see any problem with it either, I've seen it done multiple times before, and nothing has been done about it. I would as well +1 a post did earlier in this thread, but I feel like I might get some warning points for that now. In my opinion, saying "+1" or inserting a gif saying the same thing is a way to show other people reading the thread that you agree with that particular post and in no case should that be forbidden. I doubt that everyone reading a thread would look at someone's reputation just to see if someone agreed with a particular post, but when it's in the thread itself, it's easy and fast to see. If staff think these post should be forbidden, couldn't we just implement a "like" system where you can like +1 or like posts by clicking a button and people could see that on the post. Obviously, this would be probably done for the new forums, but I would see that as a way better system than this current BeanZ system where you can't see if someone, for example, got BeanZ for a particular post while reading through a thread.
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    wanted to +1 this post but with staff being so inconsistent with points lately i'm not sure if thats a good idea... But I agree with your post, Dora. Bit weird that posts where staffmembers just did a +1 or a gif showing they agreed with a statement is fine but in this case it is point worthy...
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    *When Darra hears Tex’s voice coming over the radio she immediately stops walking, kneels down, takes her pack off her back and quickly searches for the radio. She finds it and holds it in her hand as she continues to listen to Tex’s transmission. When he finally finishes, she press the PTT* “Tex, I understand why you are angry with me. I really do. And I don’t blame you one bit. But, I can’t talk about that now because there are more important things we need to discuss. I’d tell you over the radio, but, it’s no longer safe. Cutler . . . Cutler has the frequency.” *Darra releases the PTT, tilts her head skyward, closes her eyes tightly and whispers, “Oh my God, Cutler has the frequency.” She takes a deep breath, lowers her head, and after a slight pause holds down the PTT* “We need to make some decisions and we need to make them quickly. That’s all I can say now other than . . . Tex, sweet man, I’m on my way to our secret place.” *Darra releases the PTT, places the radio back in the pack, stands up and puts the pack on her back. She pulls her compass out of her pocket and determines which way is south. She starts walking again, this time to find Tex.*
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    Seems like the procedures need defining again. I'm sure I can look through the day and see many .gifs with no text that didn't receive points ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Maybe instead of the rules being re-done the general forums should be wiped and a proper procedure put in place so that its not mixed who will get points and who wont.
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    It's sad but it's something I see sometimes. I've been in one group where most of the members leave the community because of how they treat each other OOC. Personally I love having great banter sessions with people and no one should ever bring IC to OOC or OOC to IC. In my eyes both must remain separate or else people will clash even more as characters develop. When you see some drama incoming you can do 2 things. Either stay and survive the winter (sort it out) or go on holiday and wait for the weather to blow over. ( what you did take a step back and just wait). Either way pretty much sucks but eh there isn't any other way
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    As Abram hears the horrific scene that played out over the radio, Abram paces back and forth, taking all of what happened in. Abram starts to panic, his only true friend...dead...he couldn't accept it, he had now lost everyone. Dimitri starts to take over as Abram loses the last of his strength to fight off the virus that wasn't fully cured inside him. Every day Abram battles this person he now shares a body with, ever since the scientists at the refugee camp tested what they called a cure on him. He couldn't control Dimitri, just suppress him, but with Loscham dead, he lost the fight and allowed Dimitri control. Dimitri flails frantically, taking over the vessel that was once Abram, now the leader of the body. Despite Dimitri being the part of Abram that is infected, his brain is still mostly intelligent thanks to the semi-cure, allowing him to not be so mindless as a normal infected. Dimitri presses the PTT on the radio and attempted to produce words but only came out in slurs. Finally, he was accustomed to moving his mouth and formed the words: "farmer....dead, hunter......alive" Dimitri releases the PTT and grabs the rifle that had been laying next to him, heading out of the door to the farm house. He needed to feed...soon
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    While your story has many lessons within it that we can all take away from it, I sadly don't see things changing. Hopefully people take something from this thread but any online community is very much like highschool with gossip, drama, egos and all the like. The things that happen on here are often mirrors of the real world (except extremely less common or less likely at least). Sure it would be nice to have people be able to separate IC and OOC better along with players having more respect; but I doubt this will change due to the fact that in general...people just don't care. The best you can do is worry about yourself and try to find people who hold values the same that you do. Still, thanks for sharing the story.
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    Then the bandit's go up north and people complain there's to many initiations or the rp's being ruined due to the bandits, but that's a discussion for a diff thread. The few times I've gone up there my frames have tanked insanely and I've gone up atleast 2-3 times at each timezones peak and have met a grand total of 6 people at my last visit up with previous visits only ending up with maybe 2-3 people there so I mean I just don't see the need for such a huge camp. You can't blame the people RPing up north for your frames. People will always complain about something, the goal is to find a middle ground.
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    Shout out to the guys who meta gamed our name and didn't comply as well as the dude who used rule armor when we initiated. +1
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    Great RP once again Our Harbor, and a huge thank you to Coldwater for the magnificent experience. RIP big homie Ben.
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    Definitely up there for best night of RP I've had. Fantastic RP from Sonja, Maxine, Murphy and Matt. Absolutely gutted to lose one of my favourite characters but shout out to Tim for providing a worthy death for Ben.
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    Looking good guys, go rob some people for me.
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    This is true respect ^ He was a pillar to this community, never forget a legend. o7
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    Hiya! I'm sure that your big 'ol Teddy Bear will fit in just nicely among everyone here. As per the new environment.. this is most definitely a big leap forward compared to what you would find in public servers. I hope that you find everything here to your liking! c:
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    Jesus can we not have a discussion nowadays? Both sides are being retarded in this and you both look like flaming assholes for it. Just chill out about a game half of you don't even play much anymore. On to the topic at hand. I have always noticed disgusting frame drops and ridiculous amounts of loot up at 101. Its one thing to have free stuff for people to take, but then there is hoarding with that as an excuse. If you really didn't care about the gear, why would you have so much of ? What satisfaction is there in stockpiling all this random shit all day? In my opinion you shouldn't need more than 10 tents to fill with free shit if that is truly your intention. Now how do we deal with this? Deal with it IC. No, that doesn't mean pulling a reason out of your ass to attack the north. RP with the people in Stary Yar and go from there. Don't destroy the place because of ooc reasons, that's what most people seem to be doing already. Just play the fuking game and don't worry about this shit, especially since there is no definitive proof it causes global server issues.
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    -User has been warned for this post.-
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    Ah, yes. Thank you for decapitating me with a Saiga. Anyhow, I appreciate the support and we can only hope the settling in process comes quick. Right now I'm busy with behind the scenes things trying to fully add new ideas and concepts to the group, or restructure some things in our handbook and law pages.
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    Hi bigman0192 After some investigation we will make this rather short. It is clear by the evidence you have provided that the second video was indeed not edited. When using Shadowplay and you alt tab out from the game, you only can hear ingame VOIP but no ingame sounds & you have a recording delay - Seconds are missing. I myself have multiple videos that shows that clearly. Considering that not everyone uses Shadowplay and knows about that, we hope you understand why the reviewing team verdicted your case as lying. Clearly that appeared to them like that. However, we also can see that the logs match up with the video which proves that you are telling the truth. We know better now for future cases and therefore we will remove the ban and the warning points. We hope for your understanding and apologise for all the inconvenience. Appeal accepted. Ban and warning points removed.
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    Not really too sure about this one if I'm being honest, but it's something new and it's good to see what I am able to do.
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    Yeah just really does not sound like anyone from the main group but anyways regardless of what happned us or not hope we see you ingame and we can give you some ausome RP Cant wait to rp with the real broken again When exactly were you killed may I ask? Date etc. I will happily follow this up and investigate into who killed you to resolve this issue.