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    Introduction [align=left]So earlier today I made a suggestion for people to use macro keys to automatically type out text into the chat while RPing. Some people thaught this was a good idea and asked for a guide. In case you were wondering what a macro key is and also happen to be too lazy to Google it, here you go. https://embed.gyazo.com/600163b90dd8fa2c4c6e9bd3ed32821d.png[/img] [align=left]So imagine some clan of hard-asses is interrogating you for the location of your canned peaches stash. One dude whacks you on the head with a lead pipe. Now in the spirit of role play, you're supposed to react to such an event. Now if you're anything like me, you feel a bit awkward letting out screams of pain loud enough for your entire neighborhood to hear over VOIP. So what you would do in that situation is type in chat; *screams in pain*, or something to that effect. But unfortunately you type like my 87 year old grandmother with Arthritis so by the time you finish typing your message 20 seconds later, the clan of hard-asses is wondering why the hell this dude didn't react to a lead pipe to the noggin. "How do I get around this?" you may ask... Fortunately Scorch is here to save the day!.. or at least save you from some awkward role play situations. [align=left]My solution to this first world problem is simple. Create a script that, at the touch of a button, will type out your emotes in chat automatically. Here's a little demo of it- [video=youtube] Initial Setup [align=left]So here's a list of things you'll need; AutoHotkey Okay now that you've downloaded that, you'll need to install it. Just do the express installation, its all you'll need. Plain and simple right? Well now its time to tell you that AutoHotkey is a very powerful tool and you must use it responsibly (don't mess with shit unless you want your computer to explode). I also take no responsibility for damage done using this tool. As long as you follow my instructions you'll be fine. So now what you want to do is... 1. Right-Click on your desktop. 2. Find "New" in the menu. 3. Click "AutoHotkey Script" inside the "New" menu. 4. Give the script a new name. Note: It must end with a .ahk extension. Ex. MyScript.ahk 5. Find the newly created file on your desktop and Right-Click it. 6. Click "Edit Script". 7. A window should have popped up, probably Notepad. If so, SUCCESS! So here comes the fun part. Scripting I also want to preface that this is a super simple script that I wrote in five minutes. If you want to automate this in some way to make it open and close when your game starts, feel free. Just PLEASE make sure you know what you're doing. So in your notepad there's gonna be a bunch of nonsense at the top of the page. Just delete it so that you have a blank slate. You don't need it for such a simple script. Next you're going to type this in- $^i:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*shakes head no*{sleep 15}{enter} Return Ill give you a rundown on what you just typed so you can understand it. $ - Allows the script to see your inputs through full screen applications (i.e., DayZ) ^ - is the modifier "Ctrl" you can use other modifiers like [#=Win, !=Alt, +=Shift, and &=Combine two keys] Use a modifier or else your script will loop. i - is your hotkey, the letter 'I' in this case. :: - anything after this point is what your input will make the script do. Send, - is the command {enter} - is your keyboard hitting enter to bring up the chat {sleep 15} - a 15 tick delay to give the game some time to bring up the chat. *shakes head no* - this is your emote. replace it with whatever you want to type in chat. Return - this ends the command. So now that you've got that down, go ahead and save it. To run the script, just double click the desktop icon. To end the script, go to your task bar at the bottom left of your screen, right click the AHK logo, then click "Exit" Test it, if it works we can go onto the next step. Multiple Hotkeys/Macros [align=left]Of course you don't want just one hotkey... [align=left]Well you're in luck because this script can be stacked within the same file. [align=left]Here's an example of that- [align=left] $^p:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*screams in pain*{sleep 15}{enter} Return $^o:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*nods yes*{sleep 15}{enter} Return $^i:: Send, {enter}{sleep 15}*shakes head no*{sleep 15}{enter} Return And a picture for good measure- Now all you have to do is save your file and you're ready to go! Using the Script Whenever you start up your game now just double click the icon on your desktop to start the script. Whenever you close your game, close your script to avoid any unwanted emotes being sent to your boss. Remember not to overuse these pre-made emotes as doing so could lead to some stale role play. Also try not to forget which key does what. That could lead to some pretty awkward moments. Captor: *smacks you across the face* You: *dances happily* Anyway this script can be used in many situations. Go ahead and share your ideas down below and don't be afraid to ask me any questions about this guide.
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    Hi, JeroenGG. We have rules in place for a reason. We like to make DayZRP an enjoyable place for people to expand their imaginations and to have fun and interactive encounters with other people. Without these rules, the community would not be as enjoyable as it is and it would be a normal typical public server. Now, you think our rules in place are "cancer." This shows to us clearly that you are not capable of being a mature member of this community. You've had 3 banstrikes while being in our community, each consisting of; Lying in a report, Attempted KOS and RDM. There is a high chance we would of accepted this appeal to give you another chance, but because of your childish attitude and maturity we will not be. We have a nice paragraph in the rules which shows the specification for players we have on our servers. It is clear from your attitude and mannerism that you do not fit these specifications. Since you do find us and our rules "cancer", we will do you the favour of never allowing you to return again. *waves* Outcome: Appeal denied, posting rights revoked.
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    The question specifically ask's for the term aggravation in regards of the community rules when it comes to punishments in reports. The answer is in the rules. Reading the rules explains the questions and gives you the correct answer. I see no issue with the question or the answers. Of course our Staff team wont give out the answers to the questions. Every answer for a whitelist question is written in the rules. However, we explain and clarify the rules to those who ask for help. Matthew Helpful and nice input.
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    Hi Jimmy, After reviewing this ban appeal, the post in question, and the context behind it, the staff team reviewing this appeal does not see the post in question breaking any of our rules. While we can see where someone might think of this as flame baiting, we simply do not see it as such. Try to be conscious about how other people may see your post and how they will take it. We will be revoking your points and will be replacing you back where you were on your final warning. Appeal accepted - Points removed - Final warning reinstated
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    [mp3]https://puu.sh/qz2WK/2e32e7f914.mp3[/mp3] Song: Van an Tag(Extended) Artist: Halcyonic Falcon X There are people… People who desire a place to call home, or a place to lay their head at night, to escape from the horrors that can drive you too the breaking point. Well… We have those same desires… An idea started among friends, for we only had each other. We have experienced the horrors of these times, and we want to not see those same horrors befall on others. To make a place that welcomed those in need, no matter the differences. We are survivors, survivors who need to rely on each other if we're going to make it. We wanted to make that happen. We may have failed once before, but humanity is known for Its determination, so we’ll try again…. https://puu.sh/qxXqB/5e86164e6c.jpg[/img] It was all started because of an event... An event that costed the life of one, and set the other two on a path of attempting to do something good. It was just three then, Logan, Max, and Grubbs. They were heading north, having been duped by the French Foreign Legion at Green Mountain while looking for antibiotics for Grubbs, who had drank alcoholic tincture earlier that day. They head left the airfield, both finding and then losing track of a man called The Librarian that decided to tag along. With Logan doing his best to navigate, they stumbled into Severograd, and unknowingly, into a trap. In front of the fire station they were confronted by two men, and a normal conversation took place. More people join and everything seemed fine, that was, before guns were drawn. Being near the middle of the group, Logan and Max complied, surrendering their guns and putting their hands in the air as they were told. Grubbs, who was near the outside of the group, to his chance and bolted, evading the two Jackals closest to him. Max and Logan were handcuffed and forced to walk to what was known as the "Safety Barn." While there, shots rang out in the town, Grubbs had manage to get himself up onto the the second floor of the partially finished building in the construction yard, incapacitating one Jackal before being forced out of town after a shot to the foot. With that a threat was made, "surrender, or we execute your friends." Grubbs, seeing that this was a losing fight, surrendered and entered the barn with his hands in the air. A new Jackal walks into the barn at this time, stating that his name is "Felix" hears of what Grubbs had done and takes only a couple of minutes before making his decision. Placing a magnum to Grubbs's skull and pulling the trigger, covering Logan and Max in blood and brain matter, and leaving Grubbs dead on the floor. Max and Logan are both dragged out of the bar and into the near by woods, where they are judged. They fail, Max receiving a "W" on his left shoulder, and Logan receiving a "W" in his right shoulder. They are released and told to not return to the north until they have become strong. Now with just two, the feeling were mixed. Max had a overwhelming urge to seek revenge on the jackals and ensure that others don't have to go through what they did. Logan, on the other hand, was in a stat of grief, having just lost a dear friend and having now been marked, his mind was anywhere but revenge. Max, seeing that he couldn't convince Logan to fight with him, suggested another idea, since he had once worked for the Regulators, and that they could stay on the prison island, since the Regs only used the island once every couple of months. He convinces Logan with the idea that they would make it a place were people could stay, people who have no were else to go, so they don't have to go through what they went through. Logan, still shaken, but having faith in max, agrees. They head for the North West Air Field, since their only means of protection was the threatening look of Logan's empty mosin and the six rounds in Max's magnum. There they meet two brother's who owned a farm, who offered a small conversation and wished them safe travels, and man they would come to know as The Marshal, who gave them a pep talk after hearing their ordeal. The two continued southward, making it to Zelenogorsk before meeting a man they soon found out was the uncle of Grubbs, having found Grubbs's body a couple hours after the event, with a picture of the three of them, Logan's and Max's names on the back. He had been tracking them since then and had finally caught them at Zeleno. Now with Dervish "Uncle" Grady with them, they travel to Cherno, to try and find more food before heading to their next destination. While there, Logan decide to search the church, having lost his bible long ago and wanting a replacement. There he finds a young man, a little less than a year younger than him, named Colt Cebel. The two hit it off and Colt decides to tag along, as Uncle goes ahead to scout out the shore line. Now just Logan, Max, and Colt, they head for Balota Air Strip, were the come across three men, a short conversation is had before both groups separate. The three spend the night in the town of Balota, before heading to meet Uncle at the best place to swim from to the Prison Island. Just before they leave, a man walks up to them, introducing himself as Gary Cash. He was one of the three that they met on the air strip and he wanted to clarify that he wasn't with the other two. The others were weary of him, but Logan asked the man if he wanted to join them on the Prison Island, even gibing him a repeater since Logan had no need of it and Gary had no gun on him. Gary accepts after Max clarifies what they are doing, agreeing with what they want to do. They swim to the island, and come to find what they believe at first is an empty island. Uncle leaves them to set up watch from tower of the prison building, but it is assumed that he is grieving over Grubbs. No sooner have they started to make an attempt to set up when they find they are not alone. A man named Jimmy Estacado, who was living in one of the abandoned barracks outside the prison, approaches them after hearing some commotion outside . After hearing their purpose there, he joins them, seeing that is was a better use of his time. For the first day they realized what challenge they truly had ahead of them, with no true fresh source of water for crops, no barrel for storage, and and underwhelming supply of food, they need to work something out. Gary, Colt, and Logan went out on supply runs off and on that day while Max and Jimmy watch for people on the bridge, lighting up both the bridge and one of the watch towers at night. Early the next day, Logan gets the idea of setting up a fish trap out of a water bottle, an idea he saw on tv once. He sets up two water bottles in the water and trades jobs with Jimmy so he can watch his traps. Hours later, he returns to the water to find that one trap was pulled into the sea, while the other caught some sardines. A voice startles him as he finds a man standing in the door way of the shed behind him. The man introduced himself as Johnny Black, an escaped convict from the U.S. who was hiding from the Regs by "Hiding right under their noses." After hearing their goal, he admittedly joins, even taking full responsibility for growing crops stating, "I can grow crops better than all you sons of bitches, just watch me." They spent four days on that island, and even with a good rain fall and healthy crops, no storage meant that the food would go to waste, and they wouldn't survive much longer at this rate. Max was determined to stay, but seeing how the others were losing their will to keep trying, submitted and had Logan make a broadcast for any group willing to lend them shelter/take them in. Three people answered, a man named Kasey, who eventually met Logan but parted ways, still willing to keep in touch; Alysa Morgan, who offered to take them in; and Marshal, having recognized Logan's voice, offered shelter for them. Max decided to that they should meet Marshal, and they all set off to the meet up location. They found Gary again outside of Cherno with a man named Kortez and a doctor in all white medical scrubs. With them tagging along, they continued through what seemed like a never ending thunderstorm. In the end, the doc had reached the point of hypothermia and even after serious convincing to get him to wear a hunting jacket, he died on the road between Electro and Dolina. Logan started to show early signs of severe hypothermia, and the group decide it was time to hunker down for the night. Max decided to watch Logan over night, and make sure he made it through. He did, and they reach their destination. Marshal was greeted by a group of guys that shared three things in common: they were all friend who saw each other more like brothers than friends; they wanted to make a place were people could escape from the horrors that they themselves have experienced; and even though they didn't have a name, they all wore blue armbands. There was a fracture in the group, some members (Logan and Jimmy) wanted to join The Trust, while the rest either wanted to stick near The Trust or leave entirely. What followed was a chain reaction that left them. The day of Logan’s and Jimmy’s decision, Johnny attempted suicide. The next day, a fire fight at the airfield left Uncle dead, Colt stranded at Black Mountain castle, and Max, at that point suicidal, was captured by the Jackals before being beheaded, Rev. Jonathan dieing in an attempt to save him. Svetlana disappears that same day. Four left… Jimmy and Logan join The Trust, and Gary and Colt stuck around, but didn’t join. Many things happened after the fall. Logan gained a reputation for being shot all the time, and being known as “The Trust’s Puppy” and “The Nicest Man in the Wasteland.” Jimmy found love, expanding his book of riddles and working on cars on his spare time. Gary was an avid hunter, but forced into slavery. He escaped, and bought a home in Kab when it was run by the French Foreign Legion; having lost contact with the rest of his brothers, he does his best to keep in touch. Colt lost his ability to talk, but was accepted among the New World Mafia; but when he found out that a doctor in Russia could fix his problem, Logan was more than willing to tag along. With his speech back, life seemed easy. That is, until constant headaches and migraines came to the conclusion of an infection from the surgery. With Logan nearby, he took his own life, unable to bare the pain anymore. So… Then there was three left. Logan watches his crops, his Trust family dispersed and unknown on their location;The one he loves has left the country for an unknown period of time; and the world seemed to have gotten worse while he was in Russia. Logan can only think of one thing, the good old days. The days with old friends, with a dream of a place safe for those without one. He was not a leader type, or at least his background wouldn’t have lead you to believe it. “Everyone needs help out there sometimes... And it looks like I'm the one who has to be the one to help.” So, let’s try to make this dream a reality… one more time... First, I needed help, and I couldn't do this without informing the others. Jimmy was the first former member I found, but with the recent death of his wife Miranda, I didn't inform him. So, I had to find Gary. I went to the one place I could think of finding him, the house he bought in Kabinino back when the FFL owned it. I made the right guess. I do the one this I can think of, I pull out one of my old armbands and old it out in front of me. "I've been thinking about it a lot... The need to get this going again... To help people, to offer that safety again like we did before." Gary slings Uncle's rifle over his shoulder, taking the armband into his hand. "Lets continue what Max started." He wraps the armband around his right arm. Now, it's just a matter of build from the ground up. https://puu.sh/qy4db/90f40fe48d.jpg[/img] These are to those we have lost, and how we lost them, both from our original days to the present. They will never be forgotten. Grubbs Grady: Dervish “Uncle” Grady: Max Lafayette: Johnny Black: Rev. Jonathan Black: Svetlana ???: John Sterling: Colt Cebel: Samti Johnsen [align=left] To find a place to call our own, to lay our heads at night Drawl up a map of the town, indicating who lives in what house, and what houses are designated as Guest housing. Drawl up a map indicating which houses have structural or interior damage and the specifics of those damages. Repair all structural damage to the houses in our town, to ensure the safety and health of those staying there. To invite and offer shelter to those in need To relocate the bodies of Max, Grubbs, and Colt from their current location, to a more proper location (Funeral Service if possible.) Possible allow trade within our town, if we feel comfortable with it. Ensure our members complete their desired goals/missions, or set them up for the best possible chance for success [align=left] Slaves, both escapees and now freed (and do not have a place to go), are given a place to stay, for however long is needed. Clowns are to be watched if near the town, and are not allowed to stay overnight or take residence within the camp (unless authorised otherwise by democratic vote.) All decision with the group and settlement are made democratically (on a 60%/40% margin), the leader is there to insure that these decision are keeps in place and insure that the group doesn’t stray from their intended goals. Traders are allowed in, but if they start to cause problems, they will be thrown out. Drug use will not be allowed unless authorized by medically trained personnel. If a member has an addiction problem and is willing to make the effort to sober up, we will help. But, if they abuse our good intentions, they will be banished from the settlement and kicked out of the group. People of the settlement and Brothers & Sisters of the group will not be discriminated for their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, what sex they identify as (if that is the case), nationality, or former group they were involved with. If a Brother or Sister leaves for another group or for their own reasons, they are still considered family among us. We don’t fight family, even if we are in opposition of the group they join. They can always return, and we will be ready with open arms. In case of an attack, the members of the settlement and group unable to fight are to be evacuated to a safe location, while those not involved in the evac are to defend their escape and the settlement from attackers. The Unlikely Leader: Logan Powell Brothers & Sisters(Main Category): Gary Cash Professor Bertil Shellgwen Jax Spark Brando Lion Karl Poplawski Cletis Darwin Tequan Letron Samuel McClown Samuel Quinn Dean Andersson Medical Personnel (Sub-Category): Kyle Mox Cosmo Casamassa Allied: N/A Trusted: The Roamers Lovec Any and All Former Trust members Neutral: All that are not stated in the other categories. Disliked: The Masquerade War: N/A IC is always prefer, but you can always pm me while following this template: IC: Character Name: Age: Gender: Profession/Skill: Desired Goal: OOC: Time Zone you play in: The amount of RP experience you have (DayZ and non-DayZ): Age: How much time you've put into DayZ: Are you a passive player or PvP player: Why do you want to join the group: Special Thanks to: Roach for the logo touch up
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    History Declaration Goals/Memoriam Citizens Loscham von Erdstadt (Loscham) Paul Lee (EdgyNova) Ben Davidson (Gewinnen) Jackson Sneegly (R1ON) Tasha Taylor(FayeDay) Richie Stone (CircleMike) Cappa Joe Bavio III(kofski) John Crane(kraag) James Nelson (nelsonzon) William Marokavich (willmass) Kiluk Johansson (TheRealChief) Damon Nick Roberts (Gewinnen) [Dead] Michael Baker (CircleMike) [Dead] Kofski Karuzka (Kofski) [Dead]
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    Fight Club! [align=left]Me and my group will be hosting a fight club. This will be a fist fight where you will have to fight until you knock your opponent out! [align=left]This event will be located at the big warehouse in Stary Sobor. It will take place at 21:00 GMT on Server 2. This will happen on 20th of August. [align=left]Wages can be placed on a challanger. Rules! [align=left]#1 - Don't talk about fight club! (Sorry, had to slip that in somewhere) [align=left]#2 - No gloves or brass knucles allowed. [align=left]#3 - No hats to be worn while fighting. [align=left]#4 - It's a winner stays on. So be prepared for multiple fights. [align=left]#5 - No guns will be held in anyones hands at anytime. (Except the guards) [align=left]#6 - Once your opponent is on the floor you win, no need to keep punching him. [align=left]#7 - No looting anyone who has been knocked out. [align=left]#8 - No refunds will be issued from wages. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE CLUB RULES WILL RESULT IN YOU BEING ESCORTED OUT OF THE ARENA! [align=left]Remember 21:00 GMT at Stary Sobor warehouse.
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    Kain fell against the tree, blood seeping between his fingers that were held against the wound in his side. Nausea swept through him, making his head swim and his vision blur. Pushing away from the tree, leaving a bloody handprint on it's bark, he took several steps before he collapsed to the ground. Pain and agony washed over him as his eyes looked towards the clear blue sky, wondering if after all this time it was finally the end. To meet his end at the hands of his own kind and not the undead seemed somehow worse, a sad and somber fact that many faced in this mad world. His thoughts drifted back to his days as a police officer, before the world turned upside down and the dead came to life. His wife Madison, carrying his unborn daughter. If there was one thing he could be thankful for, it was that she had never seen what the world became, due to the accident. He thought at the time that his world was ended, when he lost them so suddenly. How wrong he had been. Burying the pain of loss in alcohol led to his dismissal from the force, but his training helped when the world was torn asunder by the walking dead. When the call went out for help, he volunteered - surely he could help, and if he lost his life helping others... at least it would take away the pain, right? That had been a couple years ago. As his vision blurred even further, he saw a dark shape appear over him. He thought he could hear gunshots as darkness descended.
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    Yea, cheers for clarification. I'll probably be applying to this by the way. Also, you stated that they have scoped weapons does this mean that if an initiation does drop they gain KoS rights or is it purely the survivors aren't supposed to kill the red x? I mean, technically yeah the survivors gain KOS Rights if an initiation gets dropped, but no... Not really. I'm trying to give people the feeling that they're pretty much helpless... I mean, I wanted the survivors to have no rounds(which they don't ) , because if they see they're friend get initiated on, and like 8people all have eyes on in a perfect vantage point, in the scope of a Winchester, but have no ammunition, this will give an amazing effect... It's like... We could've done something! It would kinda be NVFL/NVFH if someone took a shot anyway!
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    Big shoutout to josh, pieter, captain tim woods and the duke of devils. Loved the rp with you guys and traveling around. Also loved the small kinda hostile'ish rp with the duke of devils, all that stuff bout a sword. Hopefully I will see you guys soon tim and woods, been a blast!
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    Radio chatter is salt and people who cant pvp tbh.
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    *Mr. Low holds down the PTT* "I'd tell you to kill yourself, but you've already done that..." "I have nothing further to contribute to this frequency..." *Releases the PTT and smirks to Lyca and Larry*
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    Alright, unique. Yes. Trollish... also yes. If this is a meme, I commend you for how bold you are for posting it in the first place. But the truth is, if I saw this group in-game I'd probably put up a report for troll rp. But that is just me. Imma go ahead and say a solid... no.
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    All you'd need to do is stay away from the KoS area and things will carry on without having that danger/fear. I think it is groups that put the fear/danger into the game. We need to somehow recreate that. I really think the introduction of a staff faction is needed and some damn scary groups to be made. It doesn't help that some bandit groups join together, back in the mod everyone hated each other (IC'ly of course).
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    Two snipits from my latest stream [video=youtube] [video=youtube]
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    I love hosting and participating in them as well. I'll think of some more soon. I can't fault Ark, I wrote out the messages for him... Too bad you couldn't make it for the last one, but I'm sure there will be more. Or, you know, stop getting yourself involved in shit.
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    Can this be any more trollish? If you want this to actually be accepted, change that name and character names. Even the art screams memes.
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    This is what happens when you need medical assistance but Dr. West isn't available so you get whoever is on duty.
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    I loved the idea of using RCON to cause mini events and such to happen! I thought it was great (minus Ark messing up at first <3) I would definitely like to see more of this happening since I couldn't participate in the last one due to a situation IG. Beni's events are much appreciated and I hope to see more of them!
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    I'm sticking with Elite over No Mans Sky at the moment. What there is rumoured to be coming for Elite seems amazing, multicrew ships, be able to walk around the ship, planets, stations, aliens to be introduced, ability to create player made stations/bases. Admittedly the time frame for these things is long but I'm enjoying Elite at the moment and it is oh so pretty also getting some RP in when I come across another commander. I suggest Obsidianant or Chaoswulff for YouTube vids. If you ever need a wing man my name is Moses Taylor in game. That is some ambitious claims - I hope they go through successfully, because that would be really something! I'll be checking those channels out definitely, thanks a lot. At this point, I am essentially relearning the game, so playing with anyone, I would just be dead weight or simply an annoyance. Perhaps at some point in the future. But until then, back to learning for me. Enjoy re-learning. When you're ready for a fellow commander to tag along let me know.
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    I greatly enjoyed Shark and Johnny's RP today.
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    Not sure what to say, it seems a little vague at the moment. Maybe add some more backstory as to what/who this group is? You state as one of your goals is to show people "Your ways" but I can't seem to see anything listed as being "your ways". The very first thing says that you are not a safe haven or a friend, yet your goals state "To preserve the human lives around us. To assist by any means necessary." Seems to contradict each other. Personally, I'm getting a strong hero or even an anti-hero group vibe as there's talk about going after those who spread fear, yet then there's statements about not being ruthless or being friendly? So which is it? This is not meant harshly just would like to give some feedback and get some clarification.
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    Good luck! My suggestion to you guys is to make your own images (With good quality) or just ask some artist to do so!
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    Looking at the logs, I want to point out that not only did this guy KoS Barry and I, but he combat logged minutes after killing me.
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    Good day everyone, Razareth here. After a recent incident on the servers In Character, I found myself without a map and compass. Even back in Casual I always felt these two items are a must have. Anyways my character doesn't know Chernarus. His been stranded here for about two years, but during that time he hasn't really learned the land. This got me thinking a bit. How do you personally navigate Chernarus In Character (Not OOC )? I think this is more applicable to "Foreign" characters that would and should have difficulty knowing the landscape. Do you use in-game map with compass (also does the marking still work in 0.60? I can't seem to get it to work)? Do you use a 3de party map programs (is this allowed or frowned upon)? Do you perhaps use the environment itself to help guide you (stars, clouds, etc)? Basically I'm just asking what your thoughts are on how your character gets around Chernarus. Do you use the I've been here for years so I know the land. Do you have a sort of unknown trait (I sort of use such a element, my "first" time on NWAF I stumbled onto it by accident and didn't even know it was a airfield because it was dark). Looking forward to hear everyone's thoughts.
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    Had a really good time traveling with Ryan Miller, Gina, Rick, and Chuck. Some of the rp displayed by Willis was pretty awesome. Thanks all.
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    Hi Chernov, We have looked over your appeal and the post you were pointed for. Looking at the post and the context of it, we fail to see how this is flame baiting. With that being said we will be removing your points. Appeal Accepted - Points Removed.
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    Thank for the heads up. me and Lawrence will be taking everything into consideration before going ahead and finalizing it. Hope you all enjoy.
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    Can you please link us your steam account.
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    Good luck! But isnt it a bit to similar to that: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Active-The-Reapers-Recruiting-Open?highlight=reaper I mean the name.
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    To be honest wake me up when September ends now.
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    Enjoyed it man, thanks for tagging along. Thanks to all the people I met today. Jaro, Alena, Nicholas, Desmond, Wolf, Mia. Had fun today.
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    Hope has overheard from her men on her other radio, she puts her batteries in the radio to stop the blather, gritting her teeth she calms herself. Not letting them show any winning. "So from what I have been hearing you took Mandell. Now I am going to state this. You are all waving your religion and guns around like rabbits on heat. Now I'm going to say this, I'm not going to force anyone to help me. I'm not going to force anything down their throats. I don't want to. Why? Because I believe no one owes me any favour. You're using God as a scapegoat to get away with causing wars and starting fights for people no converting to your religion. You come onto OUR frequency giving US 24 hours to respond or else we were going to die anyway? You THREATEN us first and we declined your offer with great sense. So don't start coming to us telling us to do something like we are going to start firing guns. We did something. We declined and it seemed like you want more from us, pathetic. You commit three sins. Anger. Pride. Lust. Anger because people do not follow a religion since they have their own. Pride of killing those as they do not follow in your steps of another religion. Lust as you want to shove you dicks down peoples throats as much as you do with the next person. And a grave matter of mortal sin? Murder and terrorism. Scandal. Unjust prices." Hope begins to laugh with humour trying to calm herself down. "To put it in a way bullies always pick on people they see weaker. But to be honest I'm lying to myself. We're the stronger people in this stance because we're acting as the bigger people. We declared no threats. We stated how we felt. We did not threaten to kill you. It was all you. All of you." She clears her throat. "Do you know the ten commandments? If you do you know you are breaking your own 'rules'... Thou shall not covet Thou shall no murder." Hope scoffs and shakes her head. "Your only excuses to do this is to quench your thirst on bloodshed and it is sickening." Hope shakes her head.
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    -Ivan hears the bickering through the frequency he was given by a kind Doctor, and decides to respond- For worshippers of The Lord, you gentlemen seem to be quite fond of harming innocent civilians and Doctors. I wonder how God will judge you when your time comes. -He clips the radio to his belt and looks toward the East with a squint in his eye-
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    Hope takes her radio, after discussing with her men and women. "Actually. Theres a certain language I know about." She scoffs. "It's called fuck you."
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    Yeah right! You were usually pretty scared! I see to recall BOTH of you being shit scared of Jack, when he was hunting your alts through Lopatino Most of my favourite scare tactics have been mentioned already, but I'll name something I was planning to try at some point. Note: this is only truely effective with at least 4 other teammates. This kind of situation is NOT guaranteed to work, and may require decent pre-planning and co-ordination, as it can make for a very lengthy RP session. This tactic is designed to give your hostages a false sense of hope and relief, before bringing the hammer down on their heads. 1: Two teammates (bad guys) take 1-2 hostages. 2: After a while of hostile and possible torture RP, a third, unseen teammate (good guy) fires off a few shots from a distance. Bad guy tells his friend to go check it out. 3: When bad guy is alone with hostage(s) You stage a mock initiation, firefight and force the bad guy to flee. 4: Offer to take the hostage(s) to a safe place where they can get some weapons and supplies back, as well as protection. (At this point, both bad guys and the good guy should be moving to the second location. More people can be waiting there as well if you prefer.) 5: Make yourself out to be a good guy as you take the hostage(s) to the second location, try to make them feel relief, gratitude, and trust towards you. 6: Once you arrive, make them aware that you had no intention of helping them, and have your men take them hostage again. 7: Engage in another method of torture of your choice, and enjoy! This idea was inspired by Ramsey Bolton from the Game of Thrones TV show. Results may vary, batteries not included.
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    "Im going back to go look for Banks!" *pew pew* "nevermind fuck that he will be fine!" Loved your RP Phoenix. Too bad it was cut short.
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    I am currently working on the images for the members list and we will elaborate on the history of our group
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    You're like most people who seem to be focused on that one point. The game has always been stated as a single player game, with multiplayer features. It was never sold as an MMO or multiplayer game. The fact that people cannot see other players right now may be server issues, a bug, etc. Also, if you take a look at the steam page, it's noted as a single player, and has been for a long time before launch. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ As for me, I'm 17 hours in. Here's my view on it: It's a good game, sure the launch wasn't perfect, you have to go edit some files to get better frames, the servers crashed the first night until 3 am, but then again: Since when has a game launch been successful? Even huge corporates fail at that point (EA anyone?). As for the price tag, sure, 60 euros may be a bit much for what it is in the end, but I'm personally supporting the devs. All the hate that I see everywhere for issues everyone has these days just astonishes me. I feel like hello games are the devil right now and their plan was to destroy everyone's lives. If you look past the launch issues, the price tag, what do you actually get? You get a game with an infinite universe, I've explored 30 planets and have yet to see the same. They all have similarities and differences. You're always on the look out for a new ship to buy, a new multitool to use, a new planet to explore. You get a new tech, and in order to actually apply it you need to find some resources that your planet may not have, or any in your current solar system have. You can go ahead and be a scavenger, looking for gold to mine and sell. You could decide to be a simple trader and hang out in a space station, buying from incoming ships, selling to others. You could be a pirate and attack every ship you see, selling their resources. You could be an explorer and find every animal life on a planet to receive units. The story itself is very interesting and slow to develop on. After 17 hours of actual spamming (I was not taking my time AT all), I've barely gotten past 5 solar systems and am still in the same galaxy. I actually plan on restarting the game and taking more advantage of what it has to offer, now that I know the mechanics and all. I think it's also very important to note that this is an indie dev studio, and they are going to continue developing this game as the community wants. As an example, they have already decided to add base building in the future. They will listen to what people actually want from it. This also means content will be added over time. Add onto that the fact that you will be able to mod it. I can't even begin to imagine what people will manage to do with it. For those who are curious and are pushed away from the reviews or steam comments: I would buy it, try it out, and make your own opinion on it. Don't forget that refund button is always there if you do not like it. The game was always announced that it would not be for everyone, and it clearly is not. I'm loving it, 10/10, would buy again.
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    Thanks to Emma Reed, Gary Cash and the guy on the real ingame radio Greg....What a big suprise!!! I find a radio after looking a whole day, turn it on and on the first second that I speak I hear a voice on the other side of the line! I will use now more often the real ingame radio ingame, it was really fun!
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    Kill and then bang, and in that order.