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    *Presses The PTT* Like your personality? *Release The PTT*
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    Sibatian Novilk|Bad RP+RDM|Guilty Axel White |Metagaming| Guilty Reasoning: [align=left]After reviewing the situation we have come to the following conclusion for this report. Now, the first thing we want to address is the accused statements towards the OP and the metagaming done in this situation. It is clear, there was a factor of metagaming going on here but nothing that directly effected the situation and could change the tide of the conflict. He did state he was unconscious/dead, but did not give any information of his surroundings nor did he act on information that his friend stated on in Teamspeak therefore we have agreed not to punish him for his acts but however give him a strong verbal warning. Do not state that you have gone unconscious to your friends when you are in Teamspeak, keep quiet and don't give any sort of details, leave that for your friends to figure out. [align=left]The following thing we want to state is the clear homophobic remark done while you were unconscious by one of your allies in TS. Apollo is correct in one of his statements that any sort of racism or homophobia in this community is not tolerated, be aware of what you say in ts and control your tongue in future situations. There is no need for that type of language especially in regards to other community members. [align=left]Now, to the steak of this verdict and it's medium rare. After much discussion within the staff team we have decided that the kill done by Apollo was not called for on any sort of level. You had the numbers on him, you had the guns and the tactical advantage over him in this situation. Then why would you waste your time and ammo ruining the RP situation by simply gunning him down with his back turned. He was zero threat to all of you. Sure he had threatened you but it was in sake for the RP, to evolve the storyline that was happening and hopefully provide future conflicts and RP for both of your groups. Why would you waste that by simply just gunning a man in the back? You had no KOS rights on him. Did he point his weapon at you while stating this? Did he let it off and started leaving showing no intent in shooting you? You know as much as anybody that if he was to have shot you it would have been RDM, but you acting on that kill is clearly against our rules. [align=left]But to sum it up it was Bad RP and improper use of racist RP IG. This wasn't acceptable in any standards, it was immature, it was poor usage and had no follow up. It seemed like you were randomly throwing really racist remarks at him because you " knew you could" on an OOC level. Is racist RP accepted in DayzRP? Yes it is but not in an immature use like you did. If you threw a random insult here and there within justified reasoning it would be accepted but you had no reason to here, you just were using racist remarks to basically go "Look guise, I am a racist!". [align=left]There are ways to Roleplay out these characters and one of the key focuses of racist RP is to be mature about it and do it around people you trust and know are comfortable about this. You see here that the OP isn't comfortable with insults on the lines of (Not a direct Quote): [align=left]Coco the ape. Cotton fields. Plantation. Banana. Ancestors still slaves. Running away from the police. Running away like your ancestors. Sticking your finger up your black friends ass. [align=left]You did not show a level of respect, maturity and restraint when playing this and it came off as very Bad RP in the eyes of the staff team. Let this be an example to the community on how not to portray a racism character IG. [align=left]As a final statement, Apollo you are on a final warning and you know what is coming. You know you should have played it a lot safer. With all that said, the following shall apply: Outcome: Axel White |Metagaming| A Strong Verbal Warning Sibatian Novilk|Bad RP+RDM| Permabanned from our Community| Archive of the Tromokratis until leadership is passed down.
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    Considering I play every single day and spend a lot of hours at our camp I would like to point out a few things I have noticed about new community members that I would like to address. This does not count for every single new player, I would like to make that clear. I won't beat around the bush. Our Camp is currently a pretty big hotspot on the map and that is fine. I won't deny that I have advertised it on the radio chatter a few times and therefore new players from all over come and visit, that is great, that's what we want. We want to help newcomers shape their RP and improve, show them how they can become a fantastic RPer, etc. However lately I have tried more than my best in doing so and it seems to be ruined by people that literally only come onto these servers to gear up and horde loot somewhere. The stereotypical person that comes to our camp at least a few times a day is dressed in full and I mean FULL military gear, fully kitted Guns, double carrying etc. We then greet them, to which they hardly speak. To sharpen the RP a little we ask them how they got to the country. Some seem to think it's an island which is pretty amusing. The most common story is that they were soldiers and their planes crashed. Great story 10/10. By that time we are bored, considering they show no effort or dedication in Roleplaying. We then tell them the guidelines / rules of the camp and let them in. They proceed by running through all of our tents all day long, not really saying a word to anyone inside the camp. Every so often we see them shuffling around in front of people asking them if they wanted to trade mags, telling everyone that we're a trading post which again, we are not and it's quite annoying when people call us a trading post honestly. They don't RP walk, they only jog and sprint around, they can't stand still, they shuffle in front of you. I don't know what else to do. People like that make the RP horrible for the people in camp that take it very seriously, like myself. We try to encourage them how they can be better, offer them a helping hand and try to connect with them whilst they're in camp but they seem to have no care in this world for the RP. They seem to only be here in this community to horde gear and not get shot whilst doing it, which I see no damn purpose in whatsoever and I myself would get extremely bored if I did that all day long. There are a lot of groups and Individuals that really shape the RP in The refuge at the moment. They are the reason we haven't given up yet. The people that come to this server and really care about individual character development and friendships and I am really happy to see people like that after an entire day of shuffling super soldiers that want to trade mags with everyone in camp. What is your experience with people like that? I would like to know I am not the only person who finds it really really unenjoyable.
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    [align=left] http://static1.squarespace.com/static/52e7e74ce4b0a8450b353f81/t/5448dc1ae4b0ad2be643d178/1414061083478/[/img] Hello everyone, I been unfortunate to have multiple family members pass away from cancer, one which was very recent, I've now decided to involve myself in helping some way. Although, this is nothing huge, it's definitely something I can be proud of. I've always wanted to stream! However, I never knew how to start. With that being said I would love to stream for a good cause, This Sunday I thought would be the start but I still have some tweaking to do . I will be playing DayZRP and possibly other games such as Overwatch and for sure No Mans Sky. All donations will go to charity (Which will either be a big charity like Cancer Research or one more close to my heart St Richards Hospice). Although, I have two questions... How many of you would actually watch this stream? How many of you would donate? (I am not forcing anyone to watch or donate its just so I can get a estimated figure or whether it is worth it) Thankyou Twitch
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    *Anton psuhes down the PTT button, you hear him talking in a cold and calculating way.* I've sent a messenger your way Dusty, let me know if he makes it....would be a shame if not, after all the effort. About meeting you? Maybe. Tell me why should I trust a single word from your mouth? *Anton releases the PTT looking in the distance where the "messenger" left.*
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    *A deep voice comes in over the radio frequency. The voice is american and has a cold edge to it.* "Hello, Chernarus. None of you have heard my voice before, or heard of me for that matter. I plan to change that with this lil' broadcast." *Whimpering cuts in at this point in the broadcast.* "Oh, now, now. Before I get to my introductions, I'll introduce this lil' bean right here. This man's name is Johnny Rauchen, he's the doctor for a lil' gang called Outrun. Now, Outrun- heh- Outrun decided it was a good idea to try and capture one of my dear boy's. So I captured one of their's, 'cept I actually managed to get him. Now, this a message to all of Chernarus, but mainly Outrun and anyone else that fucks with us. So, my name is Darrius Carmichael, and today, we're going to study how to cut up a fuck-face." *The voice lets out a chuckle as the whimpering begins again, this time more frantic.* "You see, Chernarus, I REALLY. DON'T. APPRECIATE. PEOPLE. FUCKING. WITH. MY. PEOPLE!" *With each yelled word, there is the sound of an impact of something being slammed into something else. The second voice, Johnny, cries out in pain with each impact. The owner of the voice laughs to himself as Johnny whinces* "Oh. Oh! Mr. Johnny's got somethin' to say! Don't worry Mr. J. I'll take the gag out." "FUCK! YO-" "Johnny yells out in pain as a sickening crack is heard over the radio." "Now, play nice, Johnny. You've got another hand to break. So! As I am a kind and generous man, I will give you people of Chernarus a few tipperoo's so that you don't end up on my hit list. Step 1, Do not anger the Demons. Step 2, Do NOT FUCK... with my people. And step 3, do not get in my way. Ever. Wait... yeah, step 4, stay out of my territory. Now, on to the real lesson today." *The clinking of metal is heard as Johnny's breathing increases in a hectic manner." "No... No, no, no..." "Don't worry, Johnny. I'm only taking your eye out with some pliers! Now, hold... still..." *Johnny's frantic breathing turn into howls of pain as the Voice begins to laugh maniacally." "There we go! One fuckin' eye. So, Chernarus. I think I've made myself clear. Play nice, and you will never have to see my face. Boys, brand this fuck and be done with him. We're done here. Goodbye, Chernarus." *More howls accompanied by the sizzling of burning flesh fill the radio waves as the transmission abruptly ends.* //All Permascars in this thread have the permission of the owner of the character//
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    *Corry sitting at the tree in Sinistok looks out to the view, thinking back to the ghost he had seen earlier. he picks up his radio and presses down on the PTT* Brothers and sisters, its been a while a lot has happened in the last year especially today. *Corry takes a deep breath* I need you all of you now more than ever. Don, Jimmy, Shay, Thomas. anyone. gusty is back, he is fucking alive. is this a gift from the Ma? *he stops and starts to get emotional, he takes a pause to compose himself * meet me at our old home if you can please i need you. *turns of radio*
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    Verdict: Swilly Jones: Powergaming/NLR (Metagaming)/BadRP - Guilty Siward Young: BadRP - Verbal Warning Zack Martinez: BadRP - Verbal Warning Daniel Jackem: BadRP - Verbal Warning Scythe Massakur: BadRP - Verbal Warning Reason: In the situation at hand, a group of 3 men are initiated on and taken hostage. The aggressors take their radios, some items, and have 2 of the hostages drop their back packs before being released. The third hostage, Fred Tully, is stripped down, has his leg broken, and is eventually left to crawl away. Firstly, lets get the easy ones out of the way. The RP from the aggressors was not fantastic across the board. We understand Swilly Jones was the one leading the RP for your group but, from what we can see in the videos, there are several people that do not interact enough the hostages or even RP among themselves. You could have emote whispering back and forth between eachother if you are that worried about clogging up VOIP, stating if you were going to keep lookout, or a vast many other things that could have allowed you to participate in the situation much more. We hope that you all make it a point to find and develop ways to make sure you participating and giving your hostages the RP they deserve while they are in your care. We also are not a fan of seeing unnecessary OOC chat, especially when it is directed at someones RP and severely immature 00:03:22 | Chat("Daniel Jackem"(id=)): //dude comon let a little fun 00:03:31 | Chat(swilly jones): //bro thats some shit rp man 00:20:15 | Chat(swilly jones): //sniped her wit dis dick In several POVs you all state that you were trying to provide torture RP and he was denying your efforts to do so. In the video we only see requests to kill/execute and remove a hand. There is much more to torture RP than such extreme things. If you wish to continue down the path of playing a bandit style character, we suggest you broaden your horizons a little bit and search out more forms of hostile roleplay. Please take this verbal warning to heart. Swilly Jones, you are found guilty of several offences. Several people confirm that you were executed when you were tortured and your hand removed by Fred Tully. Although you are not required to permadeath your character unless permadeath rights are previously agreed upon, the New Life Rule requires you to forget about the events that lead up to the death of your character. The only way you would have been able to remember who Tully was is if any agreements were made between you and those involved in your execution or a third party character who was present for your execution provided you with information from that event. This is in direct violation of the New Life Rule this post here, you mention that you called him Fred because With the provided screenshot, and the below logs, we can verify you were in fact executed, therefore you CANNOT remember anything leading up to the death of your character for that event. 14:27:59 | Player "Chris Burg" is connected (id=) 17:25:15 | Chat("swilly jones"(id=)): //granted 17:25:30 | Chat("Daniel Black"(id=)): //? 17:27:39 | Chat("Zeke Vulkovic"(id=)): //permission to axe off the crushed hand? 17:27:57 | Chat("swilly jones"(id=)): //go ahead 18:13:55 | Player "swilly jones"(id=) has been killed by player "Zeke Vulkovic"(id=) 20:45:27 | Player "Chris Burg"(id=) has been disconnected At one point, you break Fred Tully's leg by emoting that you hit it with the butt of your gun. 00:00:48 | Chat(swilly jones): *breaks tullies leg with but of riflr* Although nothing wrong with emoting that you hit him in the leg with the butt of your rifle, emoting that it broke his leg is in fact powergaming. You force a condition on his character that he had no control over without permission. The correct way this should have occurred would have been along the following lines... Person 1: *Smashes butt of riffle down into person 2's thigh* Person 1: //Does leg break? This allows for person 2 to decide what will happen. Perhaps it won't break their leg and it drops them to the ground in pain, but the decision is theirs to make. At another point of the video, you make Fred Tully strip down. There is never a good reason for anyone to ever have another character strip down naked. There are several other ways of obtaining gear if that is the end goal, or you could just emote searching their pockets and have them empty their inventory on the ground. With the above stated, the following applies Outcome: Swilly Jones: Powergaming/NLR (Metagaming)/BadRP - Guilty - 5 day ban + 1 banstrike Siward Young: BadRP - Verbal Warning Zack Martinez: BadRP - Verbal Warning Daniel Jackem: BadRP - Verbal Warning Scythe Massakur: BadRP - Verbal Warning
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    Yo my dude ;-) We like to make sure people enjoy themselves!
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    Sorry I meant to say your really cool
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    Hi Fresh Prince, We have no understanding for why you would think it was a good idea to join random channels in teamspeak making noises and outright trolling people. This type of childish behavior is not something that we expect from a member of a mature roleplaying community nor something that we will allow. Additionally this is not your first time getting banned from our TeamSpeak. You have been banned before for inappropriate conduct within our Teamspeak. What you have done is completely unacceptable and we do not expect to see this behavior from you again. It will be punished much more severely if we find you trolling in our Teamspeak again. For your conduct in this case we will be punishing you with 5 warning points. Appeal Accepted - Unbanned from TeamSpeak 5 Warning Points Given
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    *He sat down at a tree looking to stars above then he starts to transmit* This is Dragan. Im offering help to anyone who needs it, im an skilled medical officer and excellent sharpshooter. If you do need help contact on this frequency, so we can arrange something. *The voice stops and staric continues*
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    Thanks for the RP guys! Had fun! Hope you guys too! <3 And cool picture!
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    I want to say props to all the admins and GM's who have put the reports down to less than one page. Keep up the great work!
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    While the accusations are being dropped I still wish to report my point of view. First, as I recall there was no GearRP, because no known (by me) weapons or clothes (except a gas mask) were took from you. I only removed ammunition from all your weapons so I do not get shot down by you in case we run into each other again and yes, I knocked you out for safety reasons. Now about the BadRP, we gave you a whole interogation regarding a certain Outrun group and also explained to you that you offended our characters by wearing a certain berret. The only thing that apparently is true is the combat log, because we did not keep track of the time. I add that i was the only one to disconnect as I do not know about the other 2. I made this POV because I do not agree with the charges at all even if there were to be more proof. Thank you
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    *Jack runs his thumb over the PTT, and clicks it in* "Oo, you, you are a real spooker there. I sure do hope you do nothing to that girl, I mean, well. It's none of my business now is it, but you you you see, doing something, over the, the radio. It isn't what people 'define' as scary. So, if you, yes you dear sir, want to learn a little trick here or there, you can learn a lesson about 'scary'." *It is audible that the speaker is licking his lips* "Boo." *The transmission cuts*
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    *Holds down the PTT* "Your choice, but just know that you'll be joining her in Hell soon enough..." *Releases the PTT shakily as he glances at Todd, a concerned expression on his face*
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    If people call you out like that in-game and you actually want to improve your RP, saying things like that absolutely make people reflect. I'm very new to RP'ing and I thought I had thought my character through. She is from Denmark like myself since I don't know the Chernarus map well, and I can't fake accents. I started out with a character that leans towards my own personality to ease up the RP. I made up a simple reason to come to Chernarus, that made sense to me. On my second day I went to the SZTC in Stary, and people started poking holes in my story. "Why are you here? To look for your brother? A girl travelling from Denmark to Chernarus on her own on a MOTORCYCLE? What kind of motorcycle then? What was it like in Denmark after the outbreak? How are you even sure your brother is here? Aren't you a bit naive?" It really caught me off guard and I HATED that I hadn't thought these things through, so I learnt from my mistakes. Being on TS has also helped me a lot. People can call me out instantly on things that I could do better. My biggest problem is that I mostly stand in the back now and let the experienced, good RP'ers take the lead, so I am still not improving my own RP that much. I hang out with a "huge group". I think it's also important to run around on your own sometimes, or at least just with a couple of people. Having a couple of "mentors" to run around with would probably be one of the best ways to learn, if you people really want amazing RP'ers. Maybe we could set up a mentor system or something, maybe make a TS channel where people can hop on to meet up with experienced RP'ers in-game. It might be a bit of an overkill, but some experienced RP'ers on this server really stand out and I'd personally love to learn from them. One thing that we did in the Jackals (when I was really developing my RP skills) was have A LOT of internal RP. You mentioned following around people who have more experience and letting them take the lead, this is what I did. People like Defiance and Jack Lexton (among others) really helped me develop my own style of RP. I know you're group is a decent size as I rolled with you guys the other day. Don't hesitate to take things IC instead of on TS. More often now I find myself, when in a group IC and on TS with the same people, trying to force us to go back in-character. I'll admit it is difficult for me to stay IC when people are chatting about OC things, but if you really want to practice and develop your epicRPskillz then I suggest dragging some people, even those you consider top-notchRPers, into the IC situation.
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    awesome RP from Jimmy, Ender, Stranger, Kerry Patrick, Slade, Ali, a brief glenn. Things are loooking interesting just as Chief comes back... never a break for poor Chief. Will see Glenn possibly in the future...
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    Or a simple solution would be go back to a whitelist where the answers must be wrote down to show understanding rather than checking boxes and eventually getting it right after so many attempts. Along with Loremasters checking backstories to make sure new members have an idea and have actually read the lore.
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    I wouldn't say the thread is useless, however it's not exactly helpful to solve the problem. You see, those newcomers that you described in OP, they often play here just to not get KoSed, they see their favorite YouTuber play, they register on the website, get whitelisted and... never visit the website again. In the last few weeks we have deleted over 5000 (!) accounts that were not activated properly. That tells you the scale of people who register or whitelist, never to come back again. A huge majority of them don't read any guides or threads you post, nor do they try to improve their RP as according to them it's fine - nobody has complained, right? That's why we often say that these rant threads are not helping - because the people that they are being targeted at never read them. The only way to combat this is to either attempt to contact them OOC and tell them what they are doing is wrong (which may be difficult, since they do not visit the website or TS often), or to report them, which will force them to respond and reflect on their actions if they want to keep playing here. The report doesn't have to lead to a punishment, it can result in a verbal warning for example, but I think it will get the attention of that person and if they do care about the RP and the community, they will change their ways afterwards. And if not, at least we got rid of someone who is not interested in RP. That's my look at things at least
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    well good luck cant wait to meet ya ingame make sure that scummy brummie accent is good.
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    *Sergei sighs heavily upon hearing some military-like broadcast. He looks at an old, withered calendar pinned up on the wall to his old home and shakes his head. He grabs his radio and pushes down on the button to speak into it.* "Listen here, you Call of Duty sounding fuck. Get that spec-ops militaristic sounding bullshit out of here you piece of shit. It's been damn near three years. Quit your bullshit and speak like a fucking normal human you fuckball of a gutterspout. Go trade your life for a bullet, fucking freak." *The nihilistic Chernarussian quits his rant and places his radio down to go back to playing with ammunition out of supreme boredom.*
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    Don't you think that, maybe, Phoenix specifically made this thread to get help with finding a solution? She states herself that she doesn't know what else to do. I don't think it's a good idea to tell people that have legitimate concerns about the game, have tried to create solutions, and are simply frustrated that there is no point to their thread. It's like we expect every single thread that expresses a concern to come with numerous solutions, or to take the form of a guide. That isn't realistic, and Phoenix of all people has a right to express that she's frustrated. I don't understand how it wasn't obvious by her original post that she's asking for help. I'm still shocked by how dismissive so many staff members are of this thread.
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    People who refer to the "Infected" as Zombies. Creating your own nicknames makes it more immersive. People who are only out for gear and refer to items as "Loot" or "Gear". "Equipment" is a much better example. People who call items by their actual name although as a civilian you probably wouldn't know that a Smersh vest is called a Smersh vest. People who sprint everywhere like every second matters. People who impersonate other groups.
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    *still smiling to Dalton as she speaks again into the radio* Maybe I miss you guys ... *chuckles* *static*
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    Thanks buddy really enjoyed your rp! You were really lucky AJ had this idea...
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    *chuckles to Dalton* Doctor Low Hope was my idea ... I love that name. *giggles*
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    Well good luck to you then! I'm always up for a good challenge! Rolls in the hay are fun.
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    *Dalton Low holds down the PTT* "Doctor Piss-Keez? Or more like Doctor Low Hope? Also known as my wife? Yeah, she can help you, man. She fixed a lonely heart, albeit with a gun to her head." *Dalton laughs sarcastically* "Good luck, my dude. Get well soon." *Dalton releases the PTT*
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    I got initiated on for the first time today! I was up towards Airfield, looking for a wrench in the garage area. A few guys ran by me and didn't see me, so I wasn't going to shout out. Tried to carry on, and then ran into the third guy. He stopped me, and I watched the other two come back towards me. Ruh oh. My 'oh god' senses were tingling! I was excited. I've only been playing DayZ a few days, and I thought it might be the first time I ever got initiated on. 'Lo and behold, it didn't seem to be! They were suspicious at first, and started asking some questions. Then they said they'd help me! Naturally, I was slightly suspicious of 5 guys going out of their way to escort me around. But, it'd be weird to say no! So we chatted. It was very good RP, while I legitly did wander around looking for a wrench. Best RP I've had to date, characters were real and vibrant. Eventually, they led me elsewhere to a farm, and thats when the initiation happened. Tied up! Interrogated! There was great risk of danger and mayhem. But instead, I was sent to deliver a message, much to my characters relief. Great experience with the following people, not sure who the other three in the escort were: Anton Xander King
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    Had some amazing roleplay with Kir and Kibukas bois. looking foward to the meeting with Ryan, Kibuka, Kir, Me, and woods. Thanks Tara for the awesome roleplay too!
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    This is the third public announcement I have to make which I am frankly getting sick of. May I remind those to not IMPERSONATE our group; this time it is going around in game threatening to bomb/attack other peoples camps and saying they are apart of L.I.F.E... Thank you.
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    You just went from saying she should be nice and help people to saying that she should report them, wat. Okay then, let me clarify for you. If the RP is really bad and honestly report worthy, don't make a thread complaining and just report, but if the RP is just kinda "beginner" and awkward, help them out, don't make a thread about it. Does that make sense? She's not making this thread out of salt though, she's ranting about reoccurring issues she's had with newer players. I don't see why a thread pointing out these issues is such a bad thing, when newer players read this, it's a way to help them learn and get over it. It's not meant to insult them or put them down.
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    Seeing as you have not provided the photos we require within the time frame given, this appeal will be closed. /Closed
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    When people say 'Chernarussia' instead of Chernarus.
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    *chuckles before she speaks* Oh Dimitri... I didnt start this. You started this when you were in Coldwater... But I will play your little game. Do we play hide and seek? Thats my favorite game. Come out, come out Dimitri... *humming a melody while she is speaking* *sighs before she speaks again* He killed an innocent girl ... because he saw her with me, I guess. And people say that I am the monster... *smiles in an awkward way*
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    *chuckles again* And we are all really afraid of that. Are you happy now? You were really spooky...
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    (Forgot to update the past couple of days due to being really lazy and too many things happening. Time for a massive superpost.) I continued traveling with the mystery folks, finally learning the rest of their names. Liv, Woods, Tony, Kibuka, and then myself- Johnny. Interesting group of personalities, well, at least from my perspective. The people are both bland but interesting at the same time. Woods has a very distinct voice and dresses like he's from Los Angeles, Tony dresses like a fisherman turned Marine, Liv is a female, and Kibuka is what I assume to be African. His accent and, well, skin color, matches my assumption, but he could be from anywhere to be honest. I can't exactly pinpoint where the rest come from, I'm not the best when it comes to figuring out the heritage of other people. Either way, we left the camp to explore once again after I asked the folks within the camp about slavers, drug runners, smugglers, human traffickers, all the down and dirty stuff you can imagine on the black market. They all told me to find South Zagoria Trading Company in "Pogorevka", so my journey for the truth begins there. http://i.imgur.com/0xWM4dO.jpg[/img] The group began toward the "Bermuda Triangle", as they called it. However, they deviated to a location I did know of, a radio station on a large hill. Here, we waited for a long time, for Kibuka to arrive. For some reason, he had gone off far on his own and decided that it was a good time to regroup AFTER we left a safe location. Here, I began to analyze Woods and Liv much closer, observe them closer rather. It sounds creepy, and to be honest, I could've worded it better, but I lack the vocabulary for that kind of stuff. Regardless, I noticed they constantly kept near each other, constantly went off to talk to each other privately. I learned something before leaving the camp in Berezino- Liv is a nurse of some kind, and carries enough drugs on her to make Silk Road blush. I also learned something as well, when offering to donate the drugs to the camp for their use, Woods became very defensive and worried, something I had not seen him do in any other situation. It's not a suspicion I have, it's a fact based off personal experience. For your own safety, break free, Woods. Trust me, you'll be a lot happier with life after that is over. It took a long time for Kibuka to arrive, but once we did, we went off. I told the group that I wished to go to Kabanino in order to head south into a town called "Pogorevka", as someone in the camp had told me that South Zagoria was once located there. However, they kept putting it off over and over, as well as even ignoring me. I felt very unsafe. http://i.imgur.com/1hjlwsm.jpg[/img] We walked for a long time, across fields and forests. Sooner or later, we reached a town which I believe was unmarked, because I could not find a name for it and the other people in the group never told me the name despite me asking a couple times. Deciding that intentional miscommunication was a critical key of being part of this group, I bit my tongue and stayed quiet. Within the town was another Catholic church, much like the ones located in Novy Sobor, Kabanino, Stary Sobor, Vybor, and Gorka. Also in the town was a gas station, a derelict truck, a couple long barn houses, and a large balloon-style water tower. We stuck around for a long time, for some reason that was unbeknownest to me. At one point or another, we started getting rambunctious. Liv and I managed to lock Kibuka in an outhouse, to which he responded with the following. http://i.imgur.com/HtGWT4J.jpg[/img] Afterwards, somehow- Liv's pants fell off. Maybe she should invest in a belt. The group members, myself included, played monkey-in-the-middle with her trousers. Nothing says apocalypse like a bunch of grown men and women acting like teenagers, throwing pants around, and laughing at a woman crying. To be fair, it was quite rude and mean of us, but it was the most fun I had with these fellows thus far. Then Kibuka yells out that someone is approaching, so naturally, being the suave and persuasive man I am, I yell at Liv to get inside the shipping container and then told her that if she doesn't put on her pants, she won't eat tonight and will have to sleep in the shed. I think my threat worked, because she had her pants on pretty quick after that. Some people say I have a silver tongue, but I personally think I just make a lot of sense most of the time. All went well, and soon enough Kibuka and the rest of the group was socializing with the new stranger. I went into a corner in the barn house, sat down, and must've dozed off, as my memory is rather fuzzy at that point. http://i.imgur.com/oWBKhXx.jpg[/img] I come to after some faint yelling, and come out of the barn house to realize that the group almost left without me. Suspicions ran intense at this point, but once more I bit my tongue and continued along with them. The last thing I needed in me was a bullet, or multiple bullets. I thought we'd never reach Kabanino, but soon enough- We did. It was bustling with activity, Kibuka spoke to plenty of people, as did Woods and Liv after they physically flirted with one another in the middle of multiple armed Russians approaching. They then proceeded to threaten a man wearing a "Cheedeki" hat, whatever that word means. People are very soft and squishy when it comes to certain articles of clothing, and I suppose HATS are no exception. Thank goodness mine is a very simple beanie with no markings. If these folks knew everything about me, I'd no doubt be interrogated or possibly tortured for what I may or may not know. That's another story for another time however, you slippery sausages. No matter how many times I had told the people in the group that I was leaving to go find Pogorevka, they didn't seem to care or listen until I deviated in the opposite direction, in which I heard "Where's Johnny going" asked amongst themselves multiple times. I told them I had to take care of personal business, none of them asked questions but kept repeating "I wonder what he's going to do". Sooner rather than later, I turned off the radio, removed the red armband, and tossed both aside. There's no room for loose ends here in Chernarus, or rather, for people who don't listen the first time you speak. http://i.imgur.com/5oQ3WAM.jpg[/img] My journey to the truth began, and I encountered no one on the road. It was extremely uneventful and disinteresting. I'll skip the filler and move to the results. I reached Pogorevka unharmed. Not a single soul was there, not a single tent, not a single zombie, nothing. I found absolutely nothing. The trail ended there, effectively. I read the road signs and chose to go to the town that had a bigger name than the other one on the sign, which would mean a city, right? Right. Let's go with that. I made my way to a large town with a school that had a camp set up within, it was empty, but the tents had equipment in them. I don't believe in stealing, but my curiousity took over my beliefs and I took a peek at the equipment. Shortly thereafter, I heard someone running into the camp behind me. I turned and saw a man wearing olive colors with a red bandana on his face run into the camp, a couple zombies behind him. I took it upon myself to shoot the zombie with my shotgun. Horrible, horrible idea. Dozens of them came running, and I was too slow to get inside the school building. After many shots from myself and the man were expended, I had many more cuts and gouges on me than I originally bargained for, and much less ammunition. Fatigued and in pain, I rested for a while at this camp, all the while asking questions to people who happened to come into it. I asked about South Zagoria Trading Company, the owners of this camp, where to go from here, et cetera. No one knew where South Zagoria was, so my trail was still cold. The owners of the camp turned out to be The Saints, a group that also did trading, but not the way South Zagoria did it. I was recommended to go back up north to the "Bermuda Triangle" and ask around there once more. I begrudgingly did so. More disinteresting travel occured, but I finally reached Stary Sobor in the middle of the night, with no one around that I could see. Suddenly, chaos broke loose. A car came speeding into the military camp of Stary Sobor, while I tried to get a fire going down in the town center. Automatic rifles started going off, my ears deafened and I panicked, hiding in the church like a small child for a good hour or so. A man came running into Stary Sobor, screaming incoherently. I couldn't understand him due to the ringing in my ears, but he seemed awfully upset about the gunfire, then he ran off into the darkness. I never saw him again. Finally, all the gunshots stopped, and two men emerged from the darkness. Mister White, and his unnamed friend. http://i.imgur.com/kACjLVa.jpg[/img] I asked a couple questions to them about South Zagoria, about themselves, et cetera. Nothing new. Neither of them knew anything about it at all. Typical. The conversation eventually devolved into making crude and offensive jokes. Then, finally, answers arrived in the form of a jester. A man walked by, humming to himself rather loudly, holding a smoke grenade in hand that was actively spraying the chemicals all over the place. He wore a distorted clown mask with an imprint of the US Flag on the front of it. Mister White and his friend told me to follow, and they became very aggressive in a verbal sense toward the man with the mask. Eventually, after a long period of tension, speaking of "cattle" and "fattening up the livestock", the masked man continued on his way to Novy Sobor while Mister White and his friend strayed off. I walked with the masked man and asked him about South Zagoria Trading Company. I simply cannot forget his words, "Grenades, my friend". He explained to me that South Zagoria Trading Company was expelled from the area through the use of explosives, but remnants of a detachment called "The Matchmakers" may still be around. He explained to me what they do with the people they capture, sell them off to groups like The Clowns or The Kingdom, have them fight to the death with one another, force them to run free while mortally wounded and without any supplies. It's torture, and inhumane, but it's a business according to those who call themselves South Zagoria Trading Company representives. We spoke of this for a while, and by spoke, I mean- I was rather shocked and in awe at this while he continued to explain, in detail, the fate of slaves and-or former slaves. The results looked very grim, but I unfortunately will not know for sure until I find a corpse or a living being. I thanked the man for everything he had told me, seeing as how he could've easily not said a word and left me wondering with an ache in my stomach for more information. He recommended I do some very violent methods in order to extract information from people, but I politely declined. Torture is not in my book of reasonable appproaches, fortunately for everyone around me and myself. We said our goodbyes, and as I left, he said something to me that stuck with me for a while. "Don't walk with people wearing clown masks, it's dangerous." http://i.imgur.com/e1wG1Qm.jpg[/img]
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    *presses the PTT* 'Is that Sylvester Todd i hear? ... how about i strike you a deal. You leave me and my men alone and i help you with any situation you may need extra help with? we wish not to fight you but to be neutral with you ... and well not be a victim of ... lets say your eating habbits. *releases the PTT* *Holds down the PTT* No *Releases the PTT*
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    I want hoards, Like walking dead hordes! ^Like That^
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    He hears this message with no reaction while taking a sip of water from his canteen He takes a soft breath and says ''Good Luck'' He let's go of the PTT button and places the radio back in his pocket End of transmission
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