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    Since i've never posted one publicly suhh
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    Verdict: Marek Yarmlenko: Trolling - Word vs Word | BadRP/Metagaming/Powergaming - Guilty Dann Selmo: Trolling - Word vs Word | BadRP - Guilty | Metagaming/Powergaming - Not Guilty Reason: In the situation, a member of a group finds 2 people "naked" in Vybor, and the rest of that persons group arrives to assist them. Hostilities ensue, and one of the hostages is killed. Firstly, we would like to comment on the use of racial slurs and remarks. It has been a long standing point of the community that a separation between In Character and Out Of Character needs to be made. Out of character, it is true that the community does not tolerate any harassment, racism, or sexism. Those caught doing so could face punishment up to removal from the community. This is also a mature gaming community, and on an in character level we do allow for racist and sexist comments to be made. These comments are to be made in character and remain in character, hence why the seperation between IC and OOC is needed. Anyone having an issue with racist, sexist, or any thing else said IC, can let others so they may stop. You may do so by simply doing the following That being said, let us continue. Marek Yarmlenko, through several of the POVs and backed up by video evidence, we can see the type of RP that occurs. Not only are you found naked running though a highly populated area, but several times in the situation you get so extremely fixated on the racial slurs that you let your RP suffer. 22:08:20 | Chat(""Marek Yarmlenko""(id=)): //im reporting 22:08:24 | Chat(""Marek Yarmlenko""(id=)): // the racism 22:08:29 | Chat(""Marek Yarmlenko""(id=)): // not up for this shit 22:08:46 | Chat(""Marek Yarmlenko""(id=)): // you in character, you are the first to bring up race. In response, you are told "If I was being racist I'd be calling you a fucking monkey". At this point, your RP seems to be focused entirely on them while remaining in character, saying things like "I know your name now, so enjoy this". Towards the end of the situation, you appear to go into the help desk, completely disregarding the fact that you are still in game and that is where your focus should be. You hot mic, and . To further add to that, at several times you take advantage of those that text RP as well as the ability to pulse check and obtain a players in game name. You blatantly metagame and powergame knowing peoples names, and when questioned saying you saw it on a name tag they were wearing and that your friend knows them. When you let your RP suffer like that, it can drastically effect the RP of everyone around you. When with a simple OOC text comment like I mentioned in the earlier example could have drastically changed things so you could actually focus on providing those you were playing with some enjoyable RP. It is for those above reasons you are being found guilty of Bad RP, Metagaming, and Powergaming. As for trolling, we just don't know if there is enough evidence to grant a punishment that severe. Dann Selmo, you are found guilty of BadRP. Although your RP was drastically better than that of your companion, we still can not ignore the fact that you were running around naked in a place as high traffic as Vybor. We would like to commend you on your pain RP though, it seems you provided some well enjoyed RP to others around you. Due to the lesser severity of your actions, you will be given a verbal warning. You simply could have found a quiet pond to cool off in instead, rather than run through high traffic areas naked. We hope you choose a different method to cool down next time. As well, in regards to both of you and the chat logs from a previous situation. 19:05:08 | Chat("Marek Yarmlenko"(id=)): dont really want a running commentry on his game of LoL 19:05:27 | Chat("Marek Yarmlenko"(id=)): haha 19:11:09 | Chat("Marek Yarmlenko"(id=)): hes shit 19:11:14 | Chat("Marek Yarmlenko"(id=)): like the level he plays at 19:11:47 | Chat("Marek Yarmlenko"(id=)): haha harsh 19:05:21 | Chat("Dann Selmo"(id=)): lol i muted him on ts 19:06:42 | Chat("Dann Selmo"(id=)): cool story bro 19:11:04 | Chat("Dann Selmo"(id=)): lel 19:11:39 | Chat("Dann Selmo"(id=)): i have no idea what he's going on about, so I say we kill him tonight OOC should only be used in an emergency situation and avoided whenever possible, as well it always needs to be prefixed with "//". With the above stated, the following applies Outcome: Marek Yarmlenko: Trolling - Word vs Word | BadRP/Metagaming/Powergaming - Guilty - 5 day ban + 1 banstrike + whitelist revoked Dann Selmo: Trolling - Word vs Word | Metagaming/Powergaming - Not Guilty | BadRP - Guilty - Verbal warning
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    so it asks me if i download 32bit or 64bit...what do i do? sorry im not really good at tech stuff Go to "My Computer" and go to "Properties", it will tell you if you have either 32-bit or 64-bit.
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    Agreed, especially you Strom i very much enjoyed thanks.
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    MEDIA ( Anyone who wants to add anything on to this go right ahead ) [video=youtube] [video=youtube] The first of many meetings to be held Meeting between leaders to address some issues Encountering a possible ally On the way to deal with some unwanted guests
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    Here will be all the media that Taiga Dominion has to offer! Ill start it off with a screenshot of Ezra and Ivan with their new made weapon of choice!
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    Greetings, my name is Christian Since I started playing here I hoped to see some people speaking Chernarussian/Czech. Unfortunately not many people do. And it seems that people trying to translate into Chernarussian/Czech are doing it incorrectly. By this thread I offer you help with translating anything into Chernarussian/Czech. Feel free to PM me or write down in the thread Full guide completed, you can find it under Guides and Tutorials.
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    So I know this might sound dumb to some. First of all I havent been whitelisted yet and my application is sent but I have seen some stuff and somewhat know the rules. I was wondering that would it be interesting to add like a 3 person squad that has the right to KOS and they would wear a certain type of clothing so everyone can recognise them. They would just walk around and kill/try to kill everyone they see. I think that could add something to the game. Because ATM it doesnt seem like there ever would be a situation that you see someone from afar and you just have to hide or fight no matter what. To me it seems that ATM that doesnt happen because they have to atleast talk to you somehow before they try to kill you. Just an idea and I could be wrong...as I said I havent played these servers yet
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    [align=left]Server and location: S1/Kab/ Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05:30-ish Your in game name: Luke Higgins Names of allies involved: The Masquerade Name of suspect/s: Bruce Luce Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and my allies AKA the clowns had just finished a hostile encounter with Bruce, we decided to head into Kab to RP. Bruce showed up in kab about 15 minutes later with a glock, he decides to ask if we are the clowns. He then proceeds to check pulse one of us, we yell at him to leave town. Bruce then decides to run around the shop with a dream, about 6 or 5 of us pursue him. Bruce then un holsters a glock and proceeds to shoot me. (We trade) This is NVFL at its finest, but then again he is Bruce Luce the navy seal!
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    Okay I don't really want to do this but here goes... As of recently I have felt that the way my character has been set out is not the most necessary criteria for the Cult. Meaning that he ( Duke Shepard) has not got the right mind set for the policies of the group, So, a cannibalistic maniac set on bringing sinners to the justice of the dark lord (so cool). The group you have set up here Peter has a truly amazing premise, that, I feel can go a long way if done correctly which I feel that you are doing. Taking sinners and placing them into the hands of the Prophet where they are to attend a ritual to clear them of their sins. However, as I have stated I don't feel that Duke would have signed up for this and I have formally made the decision (a hard one at that) to withdraw myself from the group. (IC reasons) I do not wish to have a problem with you Peter, or anyone in the Cult for that matter because OOC you all are nice guys, full of banter and in it for the laugh. I want to stay in contact with you and the cult when it becomes more feared as I could have plans to possibly make a new character in the future. Also from last night when playing different servers it was fun, that is why I want to stay in contact (on steam) to make sure we can possibly do that again. If you'll have me of course Thank you for everything and best of luck with the group in the future! Regards, DukeSavior
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    *Sophia hears Nikolai's voice and is in total shock, picking her radio up she calls out to him* "Nikolai, it's Sophia..I Can't believe this has happened. How could they let him do this to you? Look, I know you probably think I don't care right now, I know I ran out on you all after what happened to Adrian....I just couldn't face being around anyone, I needed time but I can't let you suffer with this alone." *Releasing the button she mutters to herself "and God knows I wont be able to cope with my burden alone"* "Meet me at our old camp, the one near Novy. We will get through this together, I will not let you give up and I will not let you deal with this alone." *She packs up all her gear and heads out to meet the man who has looked out for her determined to be there for him now he is alone*
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    Interesting night at Camp Mercy [video=youtube]
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    Not to me. I will punish him for that Darkside - I promise.
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    *giggles before she speaks and press the button* ...Ehm... Yeah I feel very offended and hurt. I am going into a corner and cut myself now. Nope. Have to disappoint you there. You failed with that. I dont give a shit what someone says over the radio *chuckles* Actually I dont have a problem that you know who I am. If I am the bitch of Dalton? At least he is a man. A man who doesnt disguise his voice over the radio when he insult other people. Maybe think of that, hm? *laughing is heard again*
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    I'm sorry to hear that Jack, I hope you make a swift return!
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    Awh sorry to hear that, good luck with everything Jack!
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    Love you Jacky boy <3 Good luck with everything
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    Kind of a side note and after thought but.. how to we RP the wolves suddenly appearing and attacking when they weren't there before?
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    I am very interested to se what kind of new animations they will add later on. the status update was some what low in content but we can hope that we will se a bigger one later i guess.
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    I agree that most people on this thread have been harsh. However, if people were allowed to just shoot you randomly on an RP server, there wouldn't be much role-play done now would there? RP is meant to be realistic, yes, but that doesn't mean all possible aspects of real life should be taken IC. If KOS was allowed within this community, there would be no difference between us and public servers. In public servers you can shoot whoever you want whenever you want and you can also try and talk to them and RP. This would defeat the purpose of role-playing in this community altogether. This is a harsh comparison but an example of this is that in a real apocalypse there would undoubtedly be a fair amount of rape, most likely more than there tragically already is in modern society. Say someone comes along and suggests non-consensual rape RP should be allowed within the community for the sake of "realism." Just because it would be more realistic doesn't mean it should be allowed. If you want to play solely for PVP go play on public servers, and let the rest of us be spared from being virtually unable to enjoy a proper well regulated RP experience. I might've forgotten to write down, that thats the exact reason as to why we have rules set in place, to make the game fun. Sure this isn't the most realistic we can get with the rules in place but its what the community attempts to achieve while at the same time attempting to keep it fun for everyone. Now an event with this could actually be fun if done correct and I'm thinking of going for it. Yes, I think an event, if done rightly could be very fun for those involved.
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    A grand Norwegian meeting in the capitol could be fun. I'll talk to my village elders about borrowing the goat-wagon and I can be there in a few winters.
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    So from my understanding, you did not hear him state the name he used which was Dan, so you decided to fill in the blanks you missed with the metagamed information of a pulse check? If you did not hear him, why not just ask for his name again? Additionally, calling in Bruce Luce to post their POV on the events that transpired.
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    I really like this idea, it really adds a sense or realism and fun! I propose that as a trial we start off with everybody on the server being able to kill Osku197 at will with no consequence, then if everybody finds it enjoyable then we can expand this to other volunteers who find it fun to be shot. Thanks for the awesome idea Osku197, looking forward to KOSing you real soon!!!
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    I say: get whitelisted, get to know the community & rules, gain actual role play experience and in a few months if you decided to stay ... look at your suggestion and facepalm.
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    I got you both in a bit. I am watchin movies No worries, take your time Really curious to see what you make out of this
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    Great encounter at Zinnia's home today by The Rangers! I jumped on in the middle of what I thought to be a potential raid and was scared shitless! You guys are a cool bunch!
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    My POV: I was running up the hill to the west of the airfield with our buddy Felix to intercept some guys that had ran away upon seeing us, as my other allies were in pursuit of them. Frosty suddenly tells us that his game is frozen and that there's someone standing infront of him at the airfield, out of fear that he might get initiated on, I start running back onto the airfield, and Felix says he was looking through his scope, seeing Scottie (Frosty) standing there along with the random guy. We high-tail it over there, only to see a dead body on the tarmac, and the random running into the hangar. I go to intercept him and he says hello, and I notice that he has Scottie's gear (MP5K, Improvised bag, spear) and from what he tells us was he was already dead when he got there. We argue as Felix had seen him through his scope/binoculars. We talk to him and then he changes his story again, saying that Scottie was bleeding and bled out. We call our allies back over and they arrive after talking to the guy (Jason) as he says that there's clowns around, which I confirm isn't true with the clowns. A few of our allies arrive and we initiate, he complies and one of us ties it up. We begin taking him to the barn near Grishino and as we're jogging he openly admits that he knocked out Scottie, then says "Just kidding." We get down to the barn and I stop recording seeing as there was nothing important that was happening afterwards other than questioning and a bit of torture. I have a video of the situation uploading right now, will post it asap.
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    What a sick group! I cant wait to run into you boys! Kappa.
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    I think i really captured your wonderful personality in this...
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    Thank you guys for the opportunity to be a part of this community and group! I'm am very excited to be able to play with you all and learn more about Role Playing!
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    POV Lyca Orlow: We got an IC message from Tromokratis that they need help at the pub in Kabanino so we merge comms and head over there. When we arrived there we did overwatch. We also saw that the guy in the house who was killed wear a red armband like the guys we met before in Kabanino. Shortly after that they arrived too at the pub. Some hostile RP is going on between them and us. They start to back off and we head back to the pub when we start getting shots from them. And that wasnt warning shots either. They landed right next to us and even in your stream you told in TS ““Let’s fuckin’ lay ‘em out. They threatened us, kill ‘em…” Based on that we got shot from you guys we had KOS rights on you and started shooting too. I also wanted to mention multiple things in the stream: That is when we first met them in Kabanino: 2:13:13 Kuru laugh accusing me being a clown 2:13:30 “I dont want even try to metagame but I recognise her voice she tortured me and I died”. That breaks the NLR because he cant remember things that lead to his death. 2: 36:20 “Is that still metagame when I pulsecheck someone and I use it for my own knowledge?” A few seconds later on: “I do that for my own safety” That is the situation in the gunfight: 3:25:30 “If they gave the other guy permission, they give you permission too”... Which is clearly combat log. 3:40:40 “Let’s fuckin’ lay ‘em out. They threatened us, kill ‘em…” After the hostile RP and they started shooting at us. 3:41:45 “I’m dead, I’m dead”, continuing to give information about his killers… 3:45:30 “Fuck, I’m unconscious, somewhere in the middle of…”
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    Why..? Why Hassan..?
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    *Jack picks up the radio and holds down the PTT* Listen you little shit, shut the fuck up. We don't give a fuck about you, or who the fuck you are. If we ever find out who the fuck your pathetic ass is, I'll fucking find you myself and blow your little fucking head off in the middle of Jamestown. *Jack releases the PTT*
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    Spoke to Khaos on teamspeak. He was very apologetic and very reasonable, we now both understand each side of the story. Gonna help him learn the ropes for now. I request that this thread is closed with no further action taken. Thank you.
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    Welcome Jibblez into the group!
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    No probs bro, I feel like people should link other peoples guides and credit them more often when it is relevant. It can be easier for newer players to find helpful guides and then combine all of that information from different sources. Yeah... it can really be a problem when you have to gather all those items and clothing all over again. That's why you should keep it in mind as a secondary objective. Don't worry about it too much and when you come across more fitting items, take them. That is how I cope with it at least.
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    I guess bc My Bpys Pics were posted (Willis, Danny, Rick, and Josh I must keep up.. So here yea go!!
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    [attachment=3278] L-Danny Monday R-Myself [attachment=3277] Myself (Current) [attachment=3276] L-Myself (Before Enlistment) M-Rick Murphy R-Josh Murphy
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    Server and location: Server 1 Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 27-07-2016 Around 22:30 Your in game name: Liang Xiang Names of allies involved: Tommy Grimm Name of suspect/s: Not sure, logs should be able to tell. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Friendly: Sedan Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J6n-iuhJK80 Detailed description of the events: Tommy and I were driving down the dirt road that leads from South of NWAF to Kabanino, and when we got on the main road that led through Kabanino we were improperly initiated on by a man who yelled "Hey! Stop the car" with no text initiation or giving a threat saying what would happen if we did not stop the car. I could not hear him saying this until I went back through my recording and actually tried to listen for it, when I was passing by I figured it was just a man talking to someone until we started receiving fire, upon which I stopped my car and tried to see what was going on and took more shots. Tommy and I took cover behind the car and I tried to flank around, and was killed by the man who I think initiated on me by an FAL. Tommy was told to come around cover from the car by another man and he wouldn't be shot, but when Tommy came around the car with his hands up he claims he was shot. (AKA he was mercilessly gunned down in a field)
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    Where's the sex scene? (?)
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    My children <3 Good luck buttercups
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    To the Iceman, Funny thing is I knew what you were saying at the outrun camp shame I wasn't playing James.
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    What I want to say is pretty much summed up by what these two have said, and then some. Why is anyone, especially staff, just giving this the good old nod of approval and a "good luck guys" to this? Did anyone actually read this? Obviously some of us did. There are so many things wrong with this group. Promoting this kind of group is far beyond anything constructive on the point of actually helping the community stay clean of groups that shouldn't exist. (Yeah. I'm outright saying this shouldn't exist.) If you haven't read this then why are you posting? Surely you don't need the post count... Knowledge of things such as the constant battle between religions such as the holy wars, from both muslim and christian extremists, and the hate that is spewed between the religious groups of today is why I stopped following religion in the first place. Even if it is just a game, why should ideologies like this continue to exist, or be perpetuated? It took me a good long talk with some members of Cerna Liska to give me a perspective into the things they said and did in character. I doubt there's anything you could say, constructively, to help me understand why you even remotely think this is a good idea. I hope this gets disapproved.
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    I'm gonna be honest and say I don't think your group should be approved. It seems like just some excuse to initiate on people and kill them because they aren't Slavic. It doesn't seem to be a good fit for this community, other groups have been pro slavic but they didn't openly search non slavs just to kill them. I think maybe if someone more well founded in this community could pull this off, but someone from Feb 2016 I don't think you have enough time in this community to pull this group off well.
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    Verdict: Sibatian Novilk | Guilty RDM & Meta-gaming. Reason: Sibatian Novilk, the reviewing party have looked over the evidence provided and came to a conclusion. You claimed that Hassan and Clumsy were apart of a dynamic group with the gamblers when indeed they were not. You first approached them when they were alone and the gamblers arrived soon afterwards. Just because Hassan is friends with the gamblers doesn't mean you can assume he's apart of a dynamic group with them. Yes he said something hostile towards you but it was not a direct initiation. He was angry and said what he thought in the heat of the moment He did not demand anything from you. Just because you were backed by the rules does not mean that it was justified. Always prioritise Role-play over rule play as you can see here. Meta-gaming: From your video you were also seen at , holding your hands above your head. You were talking over teamspeak about the current situation, this is not allowed and is classed as Meta-Gaming. The rule states: Just because your friends were not acting upon the information does not justify that it was not meta-gaming. A good thing to take from this and use in the future would be muting your teamspeak as soon as they told you to put your hands up or have taken your radio. This would avoid any sort of temptation towards saying anything OOC'ly about the current event. With the above stated the following applies: Outcome: Sibatian Novilk | RDM & Metagaming | 5 Day Ban + 1 Banstrike.
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