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    Добрый день, товарищи! (Good day, comrades!) After over a year in this community, many IC encounters and at least one suggestion on the forums, this guide came to be. In it I will, to the best of my ability, explain what exactly is and makes a Russian. This thread will probably not have fancy headers and footers (at least for the time being) or any other such ornaments. Even though nothing is simple in Russia, I'll try to keep this relatively simple and practical like the rifle of comrade Kalashnikov or Soviet industry. Ready? Okay, let's go! The Russian Mindset Now then, before we get into specifics like language or way of life, one thing that we have to understand is that being a Russian is something much, much more than just putting on an accent and acting tough. It is not just a particular behaviour, but more precisely a mindset. Russians have kind of always been the odd man out throughout history and this is something that has shaped their culture. Ever since the country's official creation in 882 and after accepting Christianity as the state religion in 988, Russia has been playing catch-up with whatever the current "World Powers" were at the time (Western-European nations in most cases, if not all), all the while developing in its own way, thus growing into a unique country even today (in good and bad ways). This is probably best summed up in a passage from the work of the poet Fyodor Tyutchev: Русский: English: "Умом Россию не понять, "You cannot understand Russia with your mind, Аршином общим не измерить: Cannot measure it with regular units: У ней особенная стать — She has a particular purpose — В Россию можно только верить." In Russia you can only believe." This, to exaggerate a bit, isolation of the Russian people has made them very unified and given birth to sayings such as "Русские друг друга не бросают" ("Russians always look out for one-another"). Today much has changed, with huge amounts of capitalist influence during the 90-s, political instability and economic crises, though for the most part even now the fact remains - there is such a thing as the Russian soul and an essential part of it is to put the need of your people and your motherland before your own. This is what drives the nation and is probably the main reason why it still exists after everything it's been through. The constant announcements in the Moscow or St. Peterburg Metro to free your seat to someone who needs it more, to help a pensioner with their heavy stuff, the random person who's in a rush, but will stop and ask if you're lost or need help with anything when they see you with a map - these are normal occurrences in the Russian everyday. In that spirit, there was a lot of what could be called propaganda, promoting kindness, honesty, honour and other such qualities in children from a young age. Almost all Russian parents, who grew up in the USSR, still make these things the main aspect of their children's upbringing. Here are some examples in poster form: 1."We can do everything ourselves. We are helping our mother!" 2."Do not lie ever!" 1."Do not be like this guy!" 2."Study for a Five!*" [*Five is the highest grade in the Russian and Soviet education system.] However, as with everything else there are exceptions to that as well. Naturally, there are those who seek greed and personal gain and are for the most part those who saw the collapse of the USSR as an opportunity to get filthy rich and get involved in organised crime. These are the kinds of people you'd see in high positions of the "Russian Mob/Mafia" in films, games and also real life. You can bet that they have estates somewhere abroad and they are normally the most loved tourists in European and Asian countries because of their ungodly big spending. In Russian we refer to them as "New Russians". As far as ethnicity goes, most Russians would identify themselves as both Russian and Slavic or just ethnically Russian. The origin of the Russian ancestors, the Rus' people, is barely known as there is little information and barely any sources on the matter. However, a popular theory is that the Rus' were Norsemen, who settled in the Eastern lands and mixed with the local population. The knyaz (konung / prince) who established the Russian state, named Oleg of Novgorod (or Helgi in Old Norse), is the main protagonist of some Norwegian and Icelandic sagas. With that being said, to put it very bluntly, after the year 1000, what we're left with is the following equation: Slavs + Vikings + Christianity = Russians As stated, Russians have very strong sense of unity and support for each other. This means that what makes you Russian is the way you think and behave rather than where you live. Russians will rarely think themselves superior to their countrymen who live abroad, unless they are seriously ultra-nationalistic, because most are well aware that some either didn't have a choice or simply went looking for a better life, but still love their motherland as much as anyone else. That is also why we have 2 different adjectives, derived from "Russia" - Русский (Ruskiy) and Российский (Rosiyskiy). The former refers to the person's ethnicity and mindset, regardless of their geographical location, while the latter is a term for citizenship or something, made in Russia. - A man, born in a different country, say the USA for example, but raised by a Russian family with Russian values and language (i.e. as a patriot) is a Русский (Ruskiy). - An American who was born and raised in the States, but has emigrated to the Russian Federation and has Russian citizenship is Российский гражданин (Rossiyskiy citizen) and he has a Российский (Rossiyskiy) Passport. Now let's get back down to Earth with... Basic Russian Culture Contrary to popular belief, Russians are not all alcoholic bears on unicycles. However some stereotypes do hold true, like vodka consumption... Although unless you're a gopnik, you wouldn't just drink it straight out of the bottle, but quite the opposite - have an enormous pile of food to support it - from appetizers to main courses and dessert. Cuisine No self-respecting Russian drinks on an empty stomach. Here are a few dishes practically every Russian grew up with and adores: Olivier Salad (In some countries referred to as "Russian Salad") - boiled potatoes, peas, pickled cucumbers, carrots, boiled eggs, some sort of ham (or boiled chicken, baloney, or any other meat, sometimes even fish) and tonnes of mayonnaise. Borsch (no "T" at the end) - Red beet soup. Originally purely veggies, but nowadays some like to add beef to the mix. "Herring Under Fur Coat" - Essentially a cake from herring, potatoes, beets and mayo. Served at every holiday. Salo - Salted and frozen raw pig fat. No word for it in English. Basic marinated herring with boiled potatoes - Think of this as a quick snack when you don't have time to properly cook. and of course Caviar, which is mostly reserved for special occasions (except for the Russian Far East, where they literally have metric tonnes of it). Tea (Chai) - Comes as a surprise to a lot of foreigners, but in Russia tea is drunk a LOT more than vodka. Especially herbal or fruit tea in the hot summer! ... Another important thing to note is that in Russia people are used to a big breakfast. Coffee with a croissant or a cereal will not cut it. In Russia a normal breakfast would be 2 or 3 huge sandwiches with ham (or any form of meat), cheese and vegetables, followed by a huge cup of tea and dessert. Naturally, there's much more, but these are the basic ones and this isn't a cooking book, so moving on! Fashion Another crucial moment is the dress code. Now, this mostly depends on the person's social standing. While the tracksuit is naturally a popular choice, it's still considered as extremely casual attire. One would wear it all the time only if they are either extremely poor or come from quite an uncultured and uneducated family/neighbourhood/level of society. For the most part, the regular Russian dresses like pretty much everyone else in the world - different combinations of jeans/trousers + shirt/T-shirt/hoodie etc. And of course businessmen and "New Russians" wear suits. Holidays Like anywhere else, there are many holidays in Russia, however some of the more important ones, that as a rule everyone knows, are the following: 9th of May - Victory Day Easily the biggest celebration of the year, on the 09.05 Russia celebrates the capitulation of Hitler's Germany with an annual grand military parade, showing of old and new war films on TV, concerts, fireworks and everything festive one can think of. 31st of December into 1st of January - New Year Another huge event, when the whole family and all the friends get together to feast well into the night and meet the New Year with a smile. This holiday in Russia (and many other Eastern European countries) is much more important than Christmas (celebrated on the 7th of January in accordance with Eastern Orthodoxy), mainly due to the atheistic ways of the Soviet regime. 13th into 14th of January - Old New Year The exact same as the regular New Year celebration, except a second time! Why? Because that used to be the date of New Year's Eve according to the old Julian Calender, which Russia used to use. Names This is something I have noticed many people get wrong when creating a Russian (or generally Eastern European character), so here's what you need to know. First names are easy, everyone can google and pick one. Second names are ALWAYS the father's name and will end in -ovich if the character is male and -ovna if the character is female. For example, I will share my name, because it is literally the most generic one out there - Mikhail Ivanovich - because my father's name is Ivan. Additionally, in a semi-formal setting people in Russia will address each other with their second name (i.e. Hey, Ivanovich, come here, help me with this ammo!). Last names. The most common mistake is that a lot of people put a First name as a Last name. This does not exist and is completely wrong. Russian last names normally end in -ov, -ev or -in. Now this may vary depending on the character's exact place of birth or family origin, but for the most part this is the case. The most frequent mistake people make here is that they forget that Russian last names also have a gender - Male ones stay as they are, while Female ones get an -a at the end. Say a woman marries a man with the last name Prohorov. Her last name is now Prohorova. Language Naturally, the most notable part of any Russian character is the way he talks. The strength of the accent can vary a lot depending on the player, but mostly on the Russian person's education in real life. Now, there are many guides out there, however, each one is different, so after 3 videos you are probably going to be just lost. So here are a few key points to a Russian accent in English: The vowels are harder and shorter than when spoken by a native speaker. The "R" can also vary between a hard "R" or a softer one, like in American English, depending on the character's experience in English. There are practically no rules about the placement of words in a sentence in Russian, unlike in English or German - so to this the Russian people the hardest get used to. Russian speech is also quite melodic and therefore has varying intonation - there are a lot more rises and falls in intonation within a sentence when compared to, for example, Chernarussian/Czech accent or American English. Another important thing to note is that the Russian language does not have articles. Therefore a character whose mother tongue is Russian or any other language without articles (like Croatian for example) will generally omit them when speaking English. This is why you often hear Russian man say that he go to store to buy bread and kolbasa for family. Therefore, for a more authentic Russian accent, instead of saying ZE (THE) and making a fool of yourselfe, better just skip the articles entirely. The word "Comrade". While this word sounds incredibly cheesy and Soviet in English, it is nothing of the like in Russian. In Russian, it is an everyday word just like any other and a synonym for the words "friend", "pal". However, it is also dominant in the military, when addressing someone, regardless of rank (i.e. Comrade Sergeant, Comrade Major, Comrade(s) Soldiers, Comrade President, etc). And last but not least, swear words. The frequency of their use again depends on the Russian character's education and social standing. More intellectual people generally swear a lot less than gopniks. Some Russian words that would fit nicely into an English sentence or would otherwise be used by a Russian character: Hello - Привет (Pri-vyet) Goodbye -Пока(Paka - informal) / До свидания (Da svidanya - formal) Yes - Да(Da) No - Нет(Nyet) Thank You - Спасибо (Spasiba) Sorry - Извини / Извините(Izvini / Iz-vi-ni-te [informal / formal]) Please -Пожалуйста (Pa-zha-lu-sta) What!? -Что!? / Чё!? (Shto!? / Chyo!?) Understand? - Понимаешь? (Pa-ni-ma-yesh) Good - Хорошо (Harasho) Terrible - Ужас (Uzhas - actually a noun, not an adjective like in English, but this is how one would exclaim if something terrible happened - Ужас!) Help! - Помощь / Помогите (Pomosh / Po-mo-gi-te [informal / formal]) Now! - Немедленно (Nye-med-le-no) Do you speak Russian? - Говоришь по русски? (Ga-va-rish pa ruski?) Do you speak English? - Говоришь по английски? (Ga-va-rish pa angliyski?) Friend - Друг (Drug [with a "u" like the "oo" sound in "cool"]) Comrade - Товарищ (Tavarish) Brother - Брат (Brat) Battalion Commander / Commanding Officer - Комбат (Kombat - abbreviation of КОМандир БАТальона [COMmander of the BATtalion]) Warrior - Войн (Voyin [plural - Voyini] - how Kombats most frequently address their soldiers) Stop! - Стоять! (Sta-yat') Fire! - Огонь! (Agon'!) Hands Up! - Руки вверх! (Ruki vverh! OR alternatively many Russians would actually use the German phrase "Hände hoch!" [Hen-de hoh!]) I will shoot! - Буду стрелять! / Стрелять буду! (Budu Stre-lyat'! / Stre-lyat' budu! - two variations of the same thing [remember the lack of word placement rules in Russian]) Now, everyone loves Russian swear words and uses them frequently, however, most times incorrectly. Here are some pointers: Блядь / Блин (Blyat / Blin = Bitch, Slut) Probably the most popular one. It's as universal as the English fuck and can go almost anywhere in the sentence. However, it, blyat, is most often seen after the subject or the end of the sentence, blyat! And of course "Blin" is the family-friendly version of the word. Сука (Suka = Slut, Whore) Most times used either to refer to one of your female friends who you don't quite like or your cowardly male friends, or as part of the phrase "Сука блядь", normally shouted in a situation like the English "Fuck!" or "Damn it!". Хуй (Hui = Dick) Literally the MOST versatile swear word in the Russian language. With a slight alteration it can turn into any part of a sentence. Though sometimes in English for example it has to be a bit "Englified". Here are the most useful ones I can think of: - Хуйня (Hui-nya, noun = literally Dickery) Used when the situation goes from bad to worse (i.e. What is this huinya, blyat!?). - Хуйвый/-вая (Hui-oviy/-ovaya, adjective = literally Dickish) Used to describe an item, which is shit (i.e. This Chernarussian AK is very huioviy). - Хуярить (Hui-yarit', verb = to Dick) Normally used in combat as a substitute for "shoot" (i.e. They're huiyaring at us with RPGs, blyat!). - Нахуй (Nahui, noun = literally To Dick) Used to describe where this failing firefight is going or where you will send your enemies and jammed weapons (i.e. Sergei is shot, we're all going to die nahui, blyat! OR The wind is blowing the wrong way! This American gun has jammed nahui!). - Охуеть (Ohuyet', verb = literally to Dick) Used when you are left speechless after something magnificent happens (i.e. *Spetsnaz soldier jumps from a building, does a flip and shoots 3 zombies in the head before he lands* civilian bystander: "Ohuyet'...). - Нихуя (Nihuya, noun = literally Nodick) Used to show a lack of something (i.e. You don't know nihuya, blyat!) OR as a synonym of Ohuyet' (i.e. *same scenario as before* civilian bystander: "Nihuya...). Ебать (Yebat' = to Fuck) Quite straightforward. Same meaning and use as its English counterpart. Though just like Hui, it has different variations, most stick to the basic one. (i.e. Yebat'! They're throwing grenades at us nahui!). Пиздетс (Pizdets= no literal translation, closest meaning is Huinya) For example, you are sitting in a house with your buddy when 5 grenades suddenly fly in through the window. You look at him and he says "Nam pizdets" (= We're fucked). The Importance of Cursing in Russian Now, why did I go so indepth with the cruse words? Well, for one, I like it when things are done correctly and not half-arsed, but mainly because in Russian it is often a life-saving necessity, also considering combat / PvP is still an important part of DayZ, even on DayZRP. Let me elaborate. There are multiple reasons why the Americans had an ultimately successful campaign in the Pacific Front during World War II. However, one of the main reasons is the language. The average length of a word in English is 5 letters, while the average length of a word in Japanese is 13. As a result, the orders of the American commanders were much clearer and quicker than those of their Japanese counterparts, thus being more easily received and processed by their soldiers. Now, the average length of a word in Russian is 7 letters. However, Russian troops are just as well extremely effective, because during combat or an otherwise intense situation, Russian field commanders, as well as the soldiers themselves, switch their vocabulary entirely to cursing (called мат in Russian), making everything they say vividly clear and portraying a very colourful picture of what's going on around them. Exhibit A: "Летит ёбаная граната! Блядь, сука, щас ебанёт нахуй!" ("A fucking grenade! Fuck, shit, it'll fuck to dicks!") Exhibit B: "Вот суки, ебашут со всех сторон!" ("Fucking bitches, they're fucking [shooting] from all directions!") Exhibit C: "Бойцы! Мы в полной жопе!" ("Troopers! We're in a complete arsehole!") Alphabet Notes Lastly, if anyone decides to have something written in Russian, be it an inscription on their weapon, the tattoo of their love bird's name or anything you can come up with, here's what you need to know: Some letters in the Russian Cyrillic alphabet correspond to the English Latin ones, but not all. A is A, no difference there. I see a lot of people Use Д аs A, while Д = D. Я (Rus.) = [Ya] =/= R (Engl.) Ф (Rus.) = F =/= O (Engl.) These are the main things I wanted to point out as these are the most frequent mistakes I see. However if you want to go more in-depth with all 33 letters of the Russian alphabet, I will direct you here. Thanks to ComradePilgrim for suggesting the creation of this thread! Additionally, if anyone feels like I have missed something or would like something clarified, ask away! Feedback is always welcome. If anyone has any further questions, feel free to post them here or direct them towards me or COMRADE FROZEN.
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    [align=center]*Bourbon listens to the Zbor propaganda, once the Zbor man is done speaking he holds the radio up to his mouth and activates it.*[/align] [align=center]Shut up. [/align] [align=center]You've declared war on the orange nation, if you wish to declare war on us please actually be active around the area of South Zagoria so that me and my men can wipe you out without having to chase you all the way to your imaginary base to the west. Thanks.[/align] [align=center]*Bourbon tosses his radio into a pond and shrugs while he swaggers his way down the street humming an Irish rebel tune*[/align]
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    Looks like this thread might put the community in to a downward roll.
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    Server and location: S3: Myshkino Tents Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Around 1 AM CET Your in game name: Vladigear Lootovich Names of allies involved: S1 and S2 Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: Right after server wipe and new patch yesterday I got a Berezino spawn. I ran up and looted Khelm alone and moved up to Severograd after that. Without meeting anyone I happily proceeded to Kamensk and Tisy afterwards. Happy with my findings and with no soul in sight I proceeded down south towards Myshkino. I killed a zombie, thought it was a shame I couldn't loot it, because it had a fancier tracksuit than mine and went on to loot the tents. I was about half-way done, when suddenly there was another person. I thought it would be business as usual when he suddenly started speaking to me. I spent well over 10 minutes RPing there during which time I could have been regearing. I could see the juicy loot in the tents behind him, but could not go pick it up as we were still conversing. I find this to be completely disgraceful and a waste of time. Thank you in advance for reviewing this, I also hope that when more people read this, they will adjust their priorities in the future.
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    Seth had a strange life before the outbreak, he lived at home with his mum and his grandma his dad had left when he was young and he didn't really remember much about him and all in all his family would go to church on a Sunday where his mum sang in the church quire and have a family meal after church, growing up Seth was always a shy boy he was bullied at school because he was mentally behind most the other kids not so much you would notice having a conversation but he found it very hard to learn so his reading spelling maths and general school work was far behind everyone else his mum was just getting by so he didn't have all the trendy clothes and going to church a lot didn't help either. Seth didn't like or understand the church and there rules it seemed more evil then good he does not remember a lot of the quotes but a few did stand out When younger about 14 years of age he used to spend a lot of time at the church while his mother was working he used to do little jobs for the priest's but been a typical teenager Seth hated been there he found it creepy so used to spend most of the time walking around the grave yard reading all the head stones and every day he would be found and punished not physical punishment but mental told how stupid he was and made to read the bible out loud in front of everyone but with his learning difficulties he would struggle and everyone would snigger and laugh it was always the same verses he would have to read: Matthew 5:29-30 - "If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell." Psalm 58:10 - The righteous will be glad when they are avenged, when they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked. Seth didn't understand he has heard a lot of stories from the bible of people that murder rape torture but because they do it in gods name was this then okay every day Seth was told he was a sinner for not doing as he was told and rebelling and everyday he would be told Deuteronomy 21:18-21 – "If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him, his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town. They shall say to the elders, "This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard." Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you. All Israel will hear of it and be afraid." Seth started rebelling everyday getting in fights at school thing is Seth is not a small boy he is pretty big for his age and he always stayed away from fights but he had reached his breaking point the kids at school was teasing him like they always did calling him Seth Evil but one day someone said his mum was a whore and she had slept with the devil that's why his dad left, Seth lost it he hit the kid but didn't stop he just kept punching him until he was dragged off by the teacher the boy looked in bad shape he was bleeding bad he was rushed off to the hospital later that day the boy died from head trauma and because Seth was under age he was sent to Juvenile Detention. Where he met John he was a teacher and John and Seth got really close John liked to preach a lot about how people can repent from what they have done with pain, he told Seth that evil was in every man and women but its our job to keep it locked away and the best way to do this was though pain Seth didn't understand but remember a lot of what he heard at the church and it made more sense then a lot of what was in the bible. John told Seth the best way to keep the evil away was with a belt and you would swing the belt over your shoulder so the buckle was hitting your back John had a lot of the boys doing this and they all looked up to John he kept them safe from the older boys and he used to sneak then food and chocolate to them on a night this went on for the 3 years John was in there, when he got out Seth he couldn't face seeing his family and stayed with John a few of they boys also stayed with John, they went on boat trips learned how to fish and hunt animals John lived in the middle of nowhere and he had like a little community people of all ages and everyone was so nice to Seth he felt like he finally fit in somewhere. Everyone loved John instead of praying on a night we all self punished in case we had sinned and things was great John made us see that killing and physical punishment was not always wrong sometimes people who sinned and wouldn't repent had to be punished nobody fully understood until one of the boys refused to self punish one day and wanted to leave the camp, John was not happy at all he beat that boy till he was barely moving we all had to watch then once he had finished we was sent to our rooms to wash away our sins we never saw that boy again people asked John about him and he said he had let him go home but no one really believed that A few days after John told us we was going on a trip he said he had friends in a place called Dobroe in Chernarus we had never heard of this place but it was ment to be a beautiful place were we can swim hunt and the fishing was supposed to be great we was all so excited Duran the journey, Seth kept to himself in the boat was not too big, but there were plenty of places for Seth to keep out the way. He had started to wonder if John was really the person he thought he was after seeing what happened to Rich the boy who disappeared. Seth was still a big believe in self punishment and a lot of the things John had shown him, but did Rich really sin by just wanting to go home. Seth couldn't let it go it just kept going around and around in his head, he felt like he was going crazy, Sure sinners had to be punished, but what do we class as a sin there must be rules to follow. It had felt like weeks, but we were finally there was 5 of us and John, Kelly was a loud girl's heart of gold, but never stopped talking, Steve on the other hand hardly spoke more of a listener, but when he had something to say people listened, Jade and Ryan were brother and sister they was already living with john when Seth arrived was always together, Ryan never used to speak he was a little younger then jade he was 8 jade was 10 and both of them seem to look up to Seth. As they got off the boat the place looked beautiful, We got off the boat at a place called Svetlojarsk and it didn't take long to get to where we were staying. Dobroe was a nice place it was a farming village so there was plenty to do. We all had jobs to do Seth and Steve's main job was collecting food Fishing, Hunting, and farming crops while Ryan and Jade keep the place clean doing washing and making sure everyone was perfect John hated a messy house and kelly was the cook she would make meals from the food Seth and Steve would bring home. The strange thing was when he had got here no one was here John had said it was a trip to meet a group of his friends but the place looked abandoned Something didn't seem right. John had told everyone when we got here that we had to stay away from the main cities and when hunting to stay close to the village, he said we was not supposed to be here, and if we was caught we would have to go back to England, nobody questioned it because this place was so nice compared to where we was staying back home. After a few weeks Johns friend showed up in the middle of the night we was all taken in a house and told not go near the house that was at the edge of the village so we all agreed, Johns friend was pretty scary. Johns friend was a large man had a really rough Russian accent and something really didn't seem right to him also John acted different around him like he was scared of him, they didn't seem like friends, but every time Seth tried to talk to John about it he was just told to keep his mouth shut. One night Steve and kelly came rushing into Seths room they seems scared they told Seth that they had just been to the house and it was locked but they could hear movement from inside so they went around the back and looked through a window and they saw 2 young girls tied up then a large shadow, then a light came on from outside Kelly and Steve rush back to bed. The next day Seth wakes up early and goes over to the house the door was open so he goes inside, John was on his hands and knees scrubbing the floor when Seth inquires what happened, he said they had been out hunting and used the house to cut up the deer they had caught, then asked if Seth was at the house last night Seth told him he was looking after Jade and Ryan as he always does he said better keep away from here Seth then left the house. Seth went to find Steve as they were meant to be going fishing he looked all over and couldn't find him so he went to see if Kelly had seen him she told him not since last night after looking for a while Seth decides to go fishing alone. He was gone till dark, then headed back it was pretty late by the time he got back to the village as he approached, he could see the light was on at the house against his better judgement he decided to check it out he sneaks around the back of the house and looks through the window he could hear them talking. John: what we going to do Johns Friend: We need to know if she knows anything John: Well, Steve said he was alone, you didn't have to hurt the little ones Johns Friend: We can't take the Risk, John and his friend head towards the house Seth drops to the floor, tears rolling down his face Steve had been his first true friend. He then remembers Kelly, they never mentioned her is she okay, he jumps up and runs over to the house they was staying he ran though the door and dropped to his knees, Kelly was laying on the bed Naked hands tied, bruises all over her body and her throat sliced. Seth stomach was in knots he started to shake tears rolling down his face, he sat there for maybe 5mins but seemed like hours then the rage kicked in. He walks over to kelly and unties her hand and feet, closes her eyes, kisses her on the forehead and whispers *The righteous will be glad when they are avenged, when they bathe their feet in the blood of the wicked*. He walks over to his room rope in hand and get's Steve's Hand Gun and slowly walks over to Johns house he walks to the door and kicks it open and says Hello Boys as John friend turns around Seth Shoots him straight between the eyes, John runs in the room Seth No Seth then shoots John in the leg he falls to the floor. John: Aghh Screams in pain Seth: Oh John, you seem to have fallen over John: *John Shakes while holding his leg* Don't Kill me! Seth: *Seth Laughs* Kill you, Oh no, not yet you need to repent for your sins Seth grabs a chair from the table and lifts John onto the chair, he then just stands there looking at the rope in his hands the rope is covered in Kellys Blood John: What you going to do Seth Seth: I am going to help you John like you helped me John: I did help you when we met you was nothing but a scared child Seth: *Seth Smiles* Your Right John i was and now look at me, Do i look scared.... *Smirks* Seth then hits John in the head with the handle of the gun, John Falls of the chair Seth Throws the rope at John Seth: Now get up and tie your legs to the chair legs John: Don't do this Seth *Struggles back onto the chair* Seth then ties Johns hand behind him and ties the last piece of rope around his waist to the chair, Seth then walks out the house over to where Ryan and jade. As he walks in the house he can smell death, he walks into the room and see them both in bed both with their throats sliced like kelly he closes their eyes and pulls the sheet over their head then heads back over to John. Seth: John John John now what am i to do with you, you truly are one sick son of a bitch ain't you John: i had no choice, I owe the wrong people money if I didn't they would have Seth: *Seth Rises his voice* Shut The Fuck Up, Everyone has a choice, I chose to follow you like I chose to put a bullet through his head, we all have choices. Seth walks into the kitchen and comes back with a little gas stove they used to cook food on, he turns it on and places the edge of his knife over the flame until it glowed red and walks over to John John: Seth what you doing, you will go to hell if you do this Seth: *Whispers into John's Ear* If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away Then Seth Grabs Johns head forces his eye open and slowly pushes the red hot knife into Johns eye, John begins to scream in pain, then Seth quickly twists the knife to a side and pulls as he pulls back it rips his eye parts of his eye still on the knife. Seth: It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell *Laughs* John: *Screaming in pain* Seth: now how did that verse go again, Oh Yeah. Seth walks back into the kitchen and comes back with a meat clever they used to cut the limbs off the deer and bores. Seth: *Whispers into Johns ear again* if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away He then unties Johns right hand and slams it into the table John: *Screams* No Seth Stop Please i beg of you Seth just holds Johns hand tight and slams the cleaver down on Johns forearm, the clever didn't go all the way though as it was blunt so Seth continues jerking it out of his arm and slamming it back down it took around 3 tries before it came clean off at this point John had passed out though the pain. Seth: *laughs* It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell. While John is passed out he put a pan of water on the stove, he heat up to boiling point and places the knife back under the flame he slams John in the face John wakes up see his arm and starts screaming for help. Seth: Why you screaming John, didn't you bring us here so no one would hear or see us John: I didn't mean for this to happen, I am sorry please stop Seth: Stop *Laughs* We are only just starting, did you stop when Kelly begged you to Seth gets the knife the blade is glowing red again, he then grabs Johns arm and begins to press the blade onto his arm to stop the bleeding John is screaming out in pain Seth then wraps an old rag around his arm Seth: Hmmmm What to do now, so tell him who did Jade and Ryan and who did Kelly John: ............ Seth: You have 1 minute to answer me then you lose your other hand. John: I did kelly that's all I swear Seth: oh so that's all you did it must be okay, *Starts to shout* You sick piece of shit you treated her like meat she looked at you like a father figure, you keep saying you had to kill her but why was she naked you son of a bitch Seth grabs the pan of boiling water and pours it all over John's crotch and begins to punch him in the face over and over while John screams in pain Seth then pick up the gun and hits John around the head with it knocking him unconscious Seth goes outside picks up a shovel and head into the wood he digs 2 graves, one for kelly and one for Jade and Ryan, Seth thought they would like to be together, he then goes back to town and makes a fire in the middle of the street before he lights it he throws John's friend on it and ties John to him so he can't move he then wakes John up John: *Moaning in pain* What's going on Seth Seth: We are going to have a nice Fire John: Seth No, don't Please for the love of god *tears rolling down his face* Please Stop Seth: Don't you just love the smell of gasoline *Lights a Match* John: Screaming No stop please don't do it Seth no Seth: You have now repented John *throws the match * Seth grabs his Hunting Rifle and his handgun and walks off looking back you could see the fire for miles and hear john's screams echo in the night, Seth headed south going from village to village no one in sight he had been walking for miles sleeping under the starts when he finally saw his first infected, he tried saying hello, but could something was wrong when it got too close and started running at him he shot it with his pistol this is when Seth knew he had gone to Hell To Be Continued.......
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    You misspelled initiate. Even Rolle just stated that running away from an assured initiation is not avoiding RP. I'm actually very curious to see what would people think if I had only replied "Fuck off!" or "Don't chase me!" and why it would've been different. Because this isn't real life this an rp server, just because it makes sense for you to run away and not say anything at all doesn't mean you should. If we want to go about doing everything realistically then fuck it, just start shooting lone survivors and hide away never attempting to contact other's OH WAIT! That'd be boring as shit and wouldn't be fun for anyone. You should play for the sake of entertaining and being entertained as that is the nature of dayzrp, you give alittle you take alittle. RP has and always will be a two way street, people that run away from larger groups always remind me of the troll minges I've come across on other rp servers (Not other dayz servers) You come here FOR the rp or at least you should. So what if someone captures you? The ooc goal should be to get into altercations be they hostile or pleasant. If you stood and talked to those individuals and they captured you that would have been good character development, you could tell people about how you got robbed in that area and talk about wanting revenge, but instead you planned on running away. Sure now you have a story to tell about killing all of them but that was only because one of them decided to shoot you invalidly and that ended with them getting killed while they tried to rp with you. But let's just say your original plan worked you gave them the slip... "I saw some guys and then they ran after me and ugh... I got away" Whoa man really interesting. I'm not saying you should just walk into obvious robberies either but there's a lot of things we could do that would make sense realistically but sometimes we have to think ooc'ly about what actually creates rp rather than trying to think of how we can avoid those situations. They were within voice range, they had a car and it was obvious they would eventually catch up, the second you heard him asking where you were going you there is a ton of things you could have done that would have made the situation better, looking back and screaming "Fuck off you cunts!" would have even been fine cause then at least you've made it clear where the rp is going to lead, running away from them in awkward silence just makes you look like this guy.
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    https://i.gyazo.com/cbc0f5d3b623562c0275be15239ff400.jpg[/img] Got a graduation photo up here, I'm the cool kid in the middle 8)
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    So... I just wrote this poem. Didn't copy from anyone else as you can see. Well, tell me what you think. [align=center]"A Thousand Clowns"[/align] [align=center]Making my way down Kab[/align] [align=center]Walking fast[/align] [align=center]The Clowns have passed[/align] [align=center]And I'm dead now[/align] [align=center]Staring blankly ahead[/align] [align=center]Just taking some gear[/align] [align=center]Stabbing a spear[/align] [align=center]Through a clown[/align] [align=center]And I hit him[/align] [align=center]And they shoot me[/align] [align=center]And now I report...[/align] [align=center]If I could kill[/align] [align=center]One of their guys[/align] [align=center]Do you think Rolle[/align] [align=center]Would pass me BeanZ[/align] [align=center]'Cause you know I'd KoS[/align] [align=center]A thousand clowns[/align] [align=center]If I could [/align] [align=center]Just... find... ammo...[/align] [align=center]Tonight[/align]
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    [align=center][/align] [align=center][mp3]http://puu.sh/qh7aR/755b65e9f2.mp3[/mp3][/align] [align=center]Walter and Allie Ray were both people who enjoyed life. They loved their children with all their hearts. Most of the people that knew about Walter and Allie thought that they were a bit odd. They would see them wear masks around the backyard in through the windows. People did not trust the Rays until they had their first child. Carson Ray was a normal child, but he grew up in a odd family. Carson watched his parents hit the children and do horrible things when the children messed up. There was different punishments for each of the children, depending on their animal. Walter gave Jason a rabbit mask, and his punishment was getting his ear lobes slit. [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]All the children were taken from around Sioux City. They were taken off the streets or from their homes, and taken to the Rays household. Each child was put through the process of Satanism. The children were all given a mask for their talents, and if they messed up on one of the rituals or anything of the sort, than they would be punished like their animal. The Ray family would not take children no older than four, because they would be to far gone into reality for Satanism to take hold. [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]All the children became good friends and looked out for each other, but they were so brainwashed into Satanism that they had little morals and emotions for others. They did not want to join this life, but they had no choice and had no memory of what that life was like. Now all they do is listen to Carson for he is the only Ray left. They had to move out of Sioux City and run with their parents across the country. Their parents were being hunted by the police for the kidnappings of all the children. They were running until they reached North Carolina were they got into a gunfight at a hotel. This ended in the death of both Allie and the arrest of Walter. They moved on without them and fled out of the country on a boat heading toward Novigrad. They moved across the region of South Zagoria were they ended up in Chernarus. Now all they want to to do is have fun, and survive in a lawless world.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]Allie and Walter Ray were both Insane. They both thought that taking children off the streets was the best way to gain followers for Satanism. Both parents had a special way of taking the children without a trace. Allie was a unusual girl who wanted everything, but could not have anything. She was a poor girl and had to deal with that, because her parents needed her to work for their business... Not go to school. With all the actions be placed she decided to rebel. She left her parents at the age of seventeen, and ran all the way across Iowa to Sioux City were she meet Walter. Walter on the other hand as very wealthy, but his money came from illegal activity. He had a drug business that swept across Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota. But he cared more about his religion than the money. He practiced Satanism and followed the code very closely. He abducted Children because the devil told him to take these children. He also was informed that he would meet a woman that would help him with this task, and a few days later he meet Allie.[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]--Abduction Method-- [/align] [align=center]Walter would walk up to the child with his bear mask on. He would appear nice with the mask on, and would ask the child, "Do you want to meet my white sheep?" Now the children are no older than four, but that does not mean that the children know stranger danger. Some would resist and say no. [/align] [align=center]If a child says yes than Walter would offer his hand and lead them to where Allie was, behind a wall or any object with a rag soaked in chloroform. Allie would jump out and grab the child, Incapacitating them before they knew it. [/align] [align=center]If a child would not go with them, than the whole method changes. Allie would pop her head out from around the corner and whisper, "Hello sweetheart..." The child usually goes to Allie because of her nice voice and sheep mask, which is much less scary than a bear mask to children. At that point she uses the rag soaked in chloroform to incapacitate them. [/align] [align=center]If the child still does not go to Allie, than action has to be taken. She would slip around behind them and take them out right there.In order for this method to work, It has to be at night. Or Walter and Allie would not take the child that day, and wait for a better opportunity. [/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]~ Carson Ray ~[/align] [align=center]will add link to new page SoonTM[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~ Danny Hyde ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~ Makenzie Fisk ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~Layla Hill ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~ Alexander Brook ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~ Joël Jekyll ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]~ Aki Hopkins ~[/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center]OOC - This is a dynamic, and no we are not Furies. This ALT group will provide good Hostile RP, and unique torture RP for both parties to enjoy. If you would like to play one of the children as one of your ALTS, contact me. PS. This is a WIP, and I plan on adding more to the backstory for each kid, and how we all got here.[/align]
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    [align=center]*After being informed about recent events in South Zagoria, minister Oreš Petrik decides to broadcast a message from Miroslavl to South Zagoria. He pushes the PTT button on his radio and speaks in with a Chernarussian accent.*[/align] [align=center][mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/57640d2c19922.mp3[/mp3][/align] [align=center]"Warriors in Orange Armbands, there’s no need for this senseless bloodshed between our organizations! The ZBOR soldiers are not your enemy, if you surrender you will be treated well! You’ll be given plenty of good hot food and warm clothing and if wounded, proper medical attention. The ZBOR Movement is your friend! Warriors in Orange Armbands, we have nothing against common armed civilians, it is your leaders we are fighting, who send you to battles you cannot win! Can you truly trust your commanders who decline any negotiations for your lives? The ZBOR Movement is not your enemy! Surrender and your will be treated with compassion and respect! Honorable fighters in Orange Armbands, you have nothing to fear from surrender! Soldiers of ZBOR Movement are well disciplined and will treat you with dignity and compassion! If you wish to live, do not resist! Throw down your weapons and approach the nearest ZBOR Patrol Unit with hands above your head! This is the proper signal that you wish to surrender, you will then receive hot food, water and medical attention! Once the war between our groups has ended, you will be free to return to your family, friends or anyone else who is close with you! Brave fighters in Orange Armbands, the ZBOR Movement has no grudge for a common survivor in South Zagoria. It is your leader Pavel Spilenski who wishes to fight this war for his own benefit! Does such a man deserve your loyalty? Is he really worth dying for?![/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]People in Orange Armbands, yesterday a ZBOR patrol unit was approached by two of your men, who tried to lie about being connected to Pavel Spilenski! They tried to trick our soldiers by saying what you thought we wanted to hear, such as “We don’t like foreigners” – “We dislike those who rename our towns”. But our soldiers spotted more and more men in the woods around the streets of Novaya Petrovka, they saw red berets too! Are the remnants of The French Foreign Legion still worth fighting with?! Do they deserve your friendship after their commanders left the region, abandoned you and moved to the mountains?! Your two men were then quickly disarmed and were taken into a house where they were given water and other needed supplies while the leader of the patrol tried to start negotiations with you. We did our best to try to end hostilities between our groups, we were willing to finally achieve peace and we were ready to return your men in healthy shape! But your leadership declined all of our offers after me made our demands. We made it clear that if we notice hostile movement in the area, if we hear any bullets flying towards our direction or if we are told to surrender we would execute your men. Your leadership however didn’t take our demands seriously and you fired on us, killing one of our own! We then took two lives, lives of civilians who could have easily returned to their company without spilling blood, only if you were understandable enough to think more about our offers and the whole situation![/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center]Despite this event, The ZBOR Army is ready to assist any honorable fighters in Orange Armbands who request care and treatment! Simply put down your weapons and surrender to the nearest patrol! Warriors in Orange Armbands, are you hungry? Are you cold at night? Are you tired? Hot food, warm, dry clothing, proper medical treatment and a safe place to sleep are waiting for you at the nearest ZBOR station! Our well disciplined troops are under strict orders to accept any people who wear Orange Armbands and honorably surrender. Death is a waste for which there can be no salvation! Do not permit you or your closest ones to perish because of this war mongering leadership and bloodthirsty Pavel Spilenski. There’s no shame in surrender!"[/align] [align=center]*Minister of The New State releases the PTT button and the transmission ends with static*[/align]
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    Table and sea for those special salty occasions.
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    Glad to see the stream up and running Jack!
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    You do realize this is all over a VERBAL WARNING! No points, no strikes. A damn verbal warning and suddenly, everyone is going bat shit crazy. It's the proverbial slap on the fucking wrist. Thank you!! Like i said take it on the chin and move on, nobody needs to cry here
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    This Echo guy seems like a swell fella. Perhaps you should feed him? " brandishes knife"
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    I think some people are feeling (rightfully IMO) a little concerned because they remember this. But - I urge you all to hearken back to a time back before some people's memories of DayZRP begin, when once upon a time there was a group of Irish lads who just might play a game of baseball with you, and who'd likely share a beer with you (even if it was just shitty Chernarussian Kvass and not the good stuff from back home). SweetJoe, I've always enjoyed your RP (and am really glad to see you back around here). I think it's clear from the thread goals and general tone that you're trying to do something that *won't* get the group disbanded (because otherwise, why bother, right?) My only issue with the group as it stands is the same that I've had with other similar (but not necessarily Irish) groups in the past: not because they’re representing folks I might disagree with, but simply because it makes very little sense to me for them to have continued on their mission this long (just as it makes little sense to me that American soldiers would, that UN troops would, that any kind of troops or personnel would still be following *any* kind of orders – I sure as shit wouldn’t). I do have to congratulate you on knowing your history – BUT, the logic for this Irish group in Chernarus appears to go like this: - I’m on a job to procure guns for the IRA, - While I’m passing through France, on my way to Chernarus for said job, all hell breaks loose across the world in the form of the zombie apocalypse. - in fact, for a good long time, the Chernarussian border is closed and the country is in quarantine. At this point, I have ALL SORTS of options, but the first of which is to survive. Probably any guns I’ve got go the cause of keeping me and my buddies alive. Of course, we’re assuming folks have survived a while by now (ie, by the time you make it to Chernarus), so we’re beyond that…after survival, the question is: Where do we go/what do we do? Survival, family, homeland, zombie apocalypse – with these kinds of options “finishing the job” seems to me about the last thing on my (or anyone’s) mind. I mean, it's a helluva lot easier to get back to Ireland from France than it is from Chernarus. Clearly you've taken into account what happens if the contact is dead - and that's cool. I also love that there is a built in "end to the story" - at some point you guys do decide that the mission is over and try to head back to Ireland (I'm assuming to your deaths). But I honestly don't see anyone realistically coming to the conclusion that Ireland is still even remotely the same as it was before the outbreak, and that the IRA is still functioning within it. I mean – I guess it works if you want a good reason for why any Irish people are in Chernarus to begin with, it's certainly not the least realistic thing going on in the server ;-) I'd also like to know what 'fighting for freedom' will mean for this group: will you be working to free people from the infected, to free them from unfair tyrannical bandits and power players, or to free them from the burden of their very heavy backpacks? ;-) At the end of the day, I wish you the best of luck with it, and hope the RP goes well for you.
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    So what's the reasoning behind this? If no one has KoS rights on you why are you required to stay in the server? That sounds like an arbitrary loose end that seems pretty much useless, there's absolutely no reason for that. I would very much like clarification on the intent behind this rule if KoS rights have been wiped. Agreed Firstly, you cannot log off after a hostile situation if you have killed X amount as you do not know how many of them are on the server. Perhaps there are some other members following you hoping you lead them to a stash ect or even waiting for the right moment to shot. Checking the player list is not a valid reason to log off and use the reason " I didn't see any of them online" The second side would be a "ruleplay" side. As we know the server rules (game)#3 is NLR, yes you killed you of your attackers well done : They have no knowledge of the events that lead up to their death in accordance to this rule . Anyone logging on after the moment of the last death with the sole purpose of exacting those KOS rights could be considered ghosting. however this leads back to the first point, you do not know how many of your attackers are online and in-game. In the case above the correct and possible outcomes are as follows, Wait for the timer to be depleted and ensure line of site is broken before logging or contact them on teamspeak and ask if you are able to.
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    [align=center]*While walking down the road her backpack start to talk she starts to look around for people but she doesn't see anyone she tells her self that she might be going crazy but then she looks be hide her and looks at her backpack she runs into the woods and takes out her radio and start to listen. This time feeling more confident to talk* [/align] [align=center]No i am not hurt and i just looking for someone to teach me i just want to help people out do i still have to pay and if i do what with? Money no good these days i tell you that now but again don't kill me if we seen each other OK! i like my life and i am just out here looking for my friend but at the same time learning how to be a doctor. [/align] [align=center]*She puts the radio back into her backpack and runs back to the road that she was walking on and makes her way down the road* [/align] [align=center]:: Jack clicks on his radio to respond ::[/align] [align=center]"Why so skiddish sweetheart? No need to be in fear of your life. We are just people like you."[/align] [align=center]:: Jack clicks off and puts his radio away ::[/align] [align=center]*Bobby leans back against a tree and watches the sun set in the distance, he has been listening in on the current frequency*[/align] [align=center]*Bobby holds down the transmission and talks in a croaked Scottish accent*[/align] [align=center]*Ah, Jacky boy. It has been a while since I have heard that voice, what rock were you hiding under? Anyway, to the point*[/align] [align=center]*Bobby coughs*[/align] [align=center]*It seems you have a job that needs done. You know us well enough Jacky boy, why don't you give me a little ring and we can see if we can organise this little situation.[/align] [align=center]*Bobby takes a deep breathe before putting the radio close to his lips*[/align] [align=center]*Is that a Lyca I can hear? It seems you are tough... I like tough. I have seen bigger men endure half of what you did and fall. I congratulate you. Well if you truly want to place your life in-between my men and a contract, I can assure you I will be walking over your dead body. You will not be receiving another chance. [/align] [align=center]*he giggles before talking again*[/align] [align=center]*I believe one of you clown fuckers ordered a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, come by anytime and collect your order.[/align] [align=center]*Bobby signals his men to begin packing the supplies before moving out*[/align] [align=center]*I look forward to hearing from you Jack, pleasure doing business.*[/align] [align=center]*Bobby lifts his M4 and slings it over his shoulder before walking off with his men*[/align]
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    Chernov you're being cynical saying .60 will be broken as fuck, get hyped like us. That's what they all said.
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    [align=center]Within 10 minutes of being on the server, I am initiated on...[/align] [align=center][video=youtube] [/align] [align=center]Didn't get both of 'em, but hey.[/align] [align=center]Apologies for the audio glitch midway through.[/align]
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    Well, like the title tells you, pleasure to just scroll through the forums and see all interesting topics and discussions! I am really looking forward to get into RP and hopefully improve rapidly! Figured i would say hello as well, hopefully i can contribute! Take care!
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    Shame that the show got cancelled would have loved seeing it .
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    Just because it has a new model I don't see why anyone would magically know how to make the difference between it and normal steak. So no.
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    So, as some of you know, I love to cook. It's fun, it allows me to be creative, plus when you're me, being a good cook doesn't hurt your chances with the ladies. I know there are others out there that enjoy getting creative in the kitchen just like me. I want to know something though.... What kind of salt do you use? There is so many different kinds of salt. Table, fine sea, coarse sea, Himalayan pink stuff, etc etc. Myself, I use Kosher. This is a fairly recent switch for me, in the past 3-4 years or so, but I've come to love Kosher salts flakiness and awesome abilities. Anyways, how do you get salty?
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    *static* *static* *voice talks into static* Salam br- *static* -ound Artur ... Kirill... Deano... *static* -till searching for Chris... *static* Make way... Z.. gorsk... *static returns*
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    kek, does this actually work? I use a toothbrush usually Alcohol and coarse sea salt! Just shake it and it comes out SOOO clean. Cleaner than anything else I've used.
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    Oh my... Welcome back.
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    Hi, as you have probably guessed from the title I need a hand with a broken mp4. During a very long RP session my game crashed and shadowplay along with it. I was wondering if anyone knows how (or if it's possible) to fix the broken recording (25GB). Any ideas? I have tried searching for solutions elsewhere, but failed miserably. Help!
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    Here we go again Wheres Amanda?
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    Actually, I found that MP4 recovery might not work with ShadowPlay videos. However, try this instead: "mp4box -raw 1 BrokenVideo.mp4" "mp4box -raw 2 BrokenVideo.mp4" That may be able to extract the h264 stream and audio as well.
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    No clue. I feel they are just making up names at this point.
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    The file wasn't finalized so it doesn't have the so called atom info that is required to play it. However it should still have the raw h264 and audio streams. What you can try to do is to extract these streams from the mp4 container and repack them. It's a pretty complicated thing to do, but give it a shot. You will need: MP4Box - http://www.videohelp.com/software/mp4box Recover MP4 - http://slydiman.me/download/recover_mp4_to_h264.zip A video previously recorded with Shadowplay using the same settings that works correctly 1. Install MP4Box, extract Recover MP4 to the same folder where video file is 2. Open command prompt in the folder where the video file is (Shift+Right click on the folder containing video -> Open command window here) 3. Run "recover_mp4_to_h264 PreviouslyRecordedVideoThatWorks.mp4 --avcc" 4. Run "recover_mp4_to_h264 BrokenVideo.mp4 output.h264 output.aac" 5. 2 new files will be created, output.h264 that contains your video and output.aac with sound. Try playing the .h264 file with VLC or other player and check if it works. If it does, you can combine the output files into a new MP4 container with MP4Box using "mp4box -add output.h264 -add output.aac fixedfile.mp4" Let me know if you have issues
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    Happy Birthday my love Hebee! You are an awesome and lovely person. Stay that way and dont change! Much Love <3
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    Welcome back fellow kangaroo rider
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    Welcome, enjoy your time in Chernarus !
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    Best of luck Brandon.
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    Glad you sorted it, I'm sure someone will be along to solve and close shortly
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    Best of luck with this Brandon! And welcome back
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    [align=center]Heyyy welcome to the community! <3[/align] [align=center]I'd highly recommend reading over the rules a few times to familiarize yourself with it, as well as taking a look at the FAQ and Newcomer Guide for some great tips![/align] [align=center]Also, you can speak to any Community Helper to explain any questions you have through a private message or the "questions" section of the forums. A nice little list of these awesome people can be found HERE.[/align] [align=center]You can also use the Teamspeak's Help Desk to talk to someone in staff if you would like to actually talk to someone. You can find the link to our Teamspeak under the "community" tab.[/align] [align=center]Hope you have a great time here, and see ya out there! <3[/align]
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    It is something we are still trying to determine how to handle. My idea was to set aside an interview a month for a staff member. If we left it completely up to randomizer, we might end up with a half a dozen staff interviews back to back, and that wouldn't seem right either, even though it would be at random. We are working on a final decision though on how to keep going forward with it.
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    Heard a wee bit about this weird inbred kid from Fife!
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    Welcome back Montanez
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    Matty picks up the radio. It's been there for fucking ages. Not sure why you're making a massive deal about it. Matty slips his radio into his pocket and continues over-watch.
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    Still there memorizing the routes of each brain nerve is a bitch...
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