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    ZBOR - National Renewal Movement of Chernarus Propaganda Megathread Glory to our leaders, honor for our army, unity between our allies! OOC Information This thread is focused on keeping track of all posts that are connected to IC propaganda of ZBOR group. Thread created by: Giraffel and Col. Vladdrakula Purposes of this thread [align=left]OOC [align=left]1. To make ZBOR propaganda more popular on The Forums for IC purposes 2. To keep track of all media contents connected to ZBOR Propaganda and to keep them at one organized place 3. To allow members of The Community to ICly interact with ZBOR over The Forums on a very organized and developed way IC 1. To spread word about presence of ZBOR in South Zagoria 2. To inform people about ZBOR Movement in general 3. To promote our ideology and our methods of rebuilding the world we are stuck in 4. To spread word about our supreme Leadership 5. To inform people about our projects, events and operations 6. To promote Chernarussian culture, history, religion and tradition 7. To educate people in South Zagoria about Chernarus and its culture in general General ZBOR Group Info ZBOR group thread ZBOR Open Comms radio thread [99.1] ZBOR Media thread - ZBOR v2 posts ZBOR Propaganda Team Members of The Ministry of Propaganda Leadership Minister Oreš Petrik [Giraffel] - In Miroslavl Secretary Stanislav Radek [sgt khan] - In Miroslavl Jachym Čizek [Harlow] - In South Zagoria Oreš Petrik with his men Miroslavl. Konstantin Akulov (leader of The MVC) holding a speech in Chernogorsk. Stanislav Radek in his office in Miroslavl. Artists and Designers Dingoz Ghoozberg FlashCrack Chance [Forums Username] [Forums Username] Artists of Ministry of Propaganda in Miroslavl. Table of Contents This thread will consist of multiple sections, each one focused on keeping track of specific type of media content related to ZBOR Propaganda. Finest final products of our work will be placed in Spoilers under each section. [align=left]Current Sections: [align=left]1. Posters [align=left]2. National Radio (political messages and speeches) [align=left]3. Patriotism Radio (songs, history, education, tradition, celebrations...) [align=left]4. Events IMPORTANT! Please keep in mind that in these sections you will mostly find links that will direct you to other threads about ZBOR Propaganda. If you wish to leave Feedback about our work please leave it below this thread and not on other threads because they are IC! Posters Each poster sends its own message about a certain topic. Under the poster you will find a name of the person who created it. [spoiler=Propaganda Posters] Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel http://i.imgur.com/ELwPlYL.jpg[/img] Created by: Chance Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel Created by: Dingoz Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel Created by: Giraffel [spoiler= In Memoriam - Posters of ZBOR v1]ZBOR "Armada" Posters ZBOR "Znamka" Unit Posters ZBOR "Ochrana Zbran" Police Unit Posters ZBOR Foreign Volunteers Brigade "Ciznici" Poster Orthodox Christmas 2016 Poster United Forces Poster Zelenogorsk Rebellion Poster http://i.imgur.com/aCjbpFZ.png[/img] That one is a joke of course National Radio Each radio message or speech will be broadcasted over ZBOR Propaganda Radio Frequency [99.2] These are all IC messages! ZBOR National Radio - Radio chatter thread [spoiler=Most Important messages and speeches]Speech 1 - Securing 99.2 Frequency Speech 2 - Bounty on Viktor Chebrikov Speech 3 - To the Orange Armbands Speech 4 - Recent Events Patriotism Radio Each radio transmission will be broadcasted over ZBOR Patriotism Radio Frequency [99.3] These are all IC Messages! [WIP] [ZBOR Patriotism Radio (Radio Chatter thread)] With hyperlink to the thread] [spoiler=Most important transmissions]We will create a list of links that lead to most important posts on ZBOR Patriotism Radio Thread Events Each event will have a special thread reserved for itself. All information about these events will be shared on those thread dedicated to one specific event in Events section of The Forums. Each Event will include Poster(s) and Radio message(s) List of Events organized by ZBOR: Event Name - Thread Link Event Name - Thread Link Event Name - Thread Link Feedback, questions, suggestions! Thank you very much for checking out this thread! We hope you found this information useful and if you have constructive feedback, any kind of questions or suggestions please post below! Please keep in mind that this thread will be expanded with more content in the near future and that this is not a finished version!
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    http://i.imgur.com/EWexId5.png[/img] http://i.imgur.com/Q1xZUoS.png[/img] [video=youtube] A basic principle: Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only change form. So too with our experiences. Our pasts never truly die; we carry them with us everywhere we go, like heavy chains around our shoulders pulling us down into the depths. All of us know this pain. ∞ ∞ We are all the remnants of what we once were, but our actions today will dictate the kind of people we will become. We bring with us all that we have left behind, but together we forge it into something new. We are a group made up of people whose pasts continue to haunt them, but who have banded together with a shared goal: to not let those pasts define them, but to create their own future. The ouroboros is an ancient symbol with many meanings embedded within it, but foremost among them the cyclical nature of life. The snake envelops itself so that the tail (the past) seems to disappear from view, but has really transitioned into a new form - hidden, but still exerting an influence. It is a symbol of rebirth and renewal, and of the harmony of opposites. Our group members needn't have much to link them, save for their shared desire to conquer their demons and define themselves by what they do from this moment forward. We've all been hardened by the experiences we've had since the infection first presented. Focusing on the future doesn't mean ignoring our past, especially when it has a habit of slithering through the grass behind us and biting us... So we're all a little suspicious of those that we meet. Trust doesn't come easy. There will be an element of information gathering and scouting. Our members all have a history of dealing with those who prey upon the innocent, and we want to offer help and support to others as long as it is needed and deserved. Members Sonny Mitchell Scarlet Mitchell Scott Barnaby Glenn Boyd Maxwell Duffy Leon Keller Thomas "Buck" Johnson Shawn Elwood Destiny Galloway Benji Galloway Dominik Romanowicz Lucas Hicks Jacob Hanson Derek Green Francis Williams Alex Mainer Mr. Jones Diesel Eli Smith Rocky Alfred Wolf Verifying with other members Friends Aeternus/Ta Seda Trust RHM Roamers Desperados The Lost Souls Neutral/Distrust Everyone else we meet FFL United Front Cerna Liska Clowns Lovec Jackals Dead The Orange Armbands Reaper Remnants Nik Khaos Cory Romero Seek out like-minded individuals We'll always be on the lookout for people with similar goals and views to us. Be Observant and Smart We'll be watching and listening. Pay attention, be smart, gather information. Word travels, we do our best to stay in the know. Out think other people, just act, deceive, do whatever it takes. Settle Past Disputes An issue for any members of the group, is an issue for all. Any past disputes, we will sort them out together. Once you're in...you're in. We take care of our own. Stand up to predatory groups and individuals Chernarus is a hazardous place, with dangerous groups and individuals preying upon the weak and helpless at every corner. We will do what we can to hinder these threats and protect those who deserve protection. We are working towards a better tomorrow, and will remove threats that stand in the way of that goal. Keep light-footed We won't be staying in one place for too long. We stick to the shadows, stay quiet and don't cause unnecessary violence. Fight smart, know your enemy. Look after and support each member of the group We're a diverse bunch, all coming from different places and bringing different things to the table. We want to work on helping members solve the problems of the past free of judgement, while also focusing on who they are today and what we can all achieve going forward. We'll always have our members' backs. We want to focus the group on the individuals Everyone's character is different and there will be strong focus on this. A certain path or direction will not be forced on anyone. We want individual RP and development in a group dynamic. Naturally, RP within the group will take precedence, however we also want to encourage extensive RP with other groups, both on the level of our whole group and for individual members. RP is always the number one priority RP over gear every time. We have no problem with a little PvP here and there if the situation calls for it, but RP solutions are always preferable. TS conduct When in-game, we hope that members stay IC and keep TS chatter to a minimum, so that TS doesn't obstruct or overshadow RP. Respect Show all members and other players respect. Show your enemies respect - today's enemies may be tomorrow's allies. Don't get personal, and don't indulge in attacks towards anyone on the grounds of gender/race/ethnicity/sexuality. Everyone rages from time to time - take a step away and cool off. Send Hassan and Keira a PM on why you want to be apart of the group and we'll give you a trial to run around with us IC until we decide that there's been enough IC interaction. Your Age: Your Location/Timezone: Your Characters Name: Brief Character Backstory: Your Previous Groups: Why would you like to join?: All recruitment will be considered after extensive IC interaction with the group. Prospective members will be given a probationary period to be sure they mesh well with the group and understand what we're all about. ∞ We are the architects of our own future. Graphics done by my girl Keira.
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    The idea of interview a community member is to take yet another step forward towards bringing the community together. The idea is to create a thread where we will interview a random community member. During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been. This week we interviewed: Vic Thank you so much for participating! [align=left] ~ Tell us something unique about yourself! ~ ~ Which section in the Forum are the you most interested in and why? ~ ~ How did you find out about DayZRP? ~ ~ Have you made any friends during your time in this community? ~ ~ Is there something that you would like to see added to our community? ~ ~ What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences? ~ ~ Do you have a video of your favorite roleplay moment you would like to share with us? ~ ~ Do you have a video of your favorite funny moment ingame you would like to share with us? ~ ~ What do you think someone should at least do once while playing DayZRP (funny and serious and of course within the rules) ~ ~ If you could meet one roleplay character you have met ingame in RL, who it would and why? ~ ~ Ingame, what is your favorite location to hang out? ~ ~ What do you feel is the best thing about DayZRP and our community? ~ ~ Is there anything you regret IC and OOC, since you have joined DayZRP (if yes, what and why?) ~ ~ Do you have any tips or hints for newcomers? ~ ~ Is there anything you would like to see more of within the community? ~ Interested in doing our interview? Well you could be the potential next one! We randomly pick people. Keep a close eye on that PM box!
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    Loving the new screenshots and the new signature
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    *Ray Swanson picks up his radio* Boy stay the fuck away from my home! It doesn't belong to you! *Lots of commotion in the background* Just stay up there sweetheart Im coming for you! *Ray sets down his radio and grabs his rifle*
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    Even though religion based groups are a touchy subject, I think your group idea would be the exception. Seeing as how you stated you are all pacifists and only want to aid others.
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    The High Sparrow thing is a very cool idea, I like it! Just remember you'll have to change it around a lot. There's nothing wrong with taking inspiration but don't base your whole group/character on something that exists in another form of media! Make it your own! I would love to see this in action though. Great idea. Thanks Castiel! Yeah I get what your saying I will have to think of a backstory and maybe not use High Sparrow exactly lol but I like the general idea of merging Catholicism and pacifism with some sort of IG religion associated with birds and bird song etc I still don't want to go too far down the crazy fanatic route though so ill have to think about it more and maybe just hint at the bird thing.
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    ZBOR - National Renewal Movement of Chernarus Propaganda Posters Thread Glory to our Movement, punishment for the traitors! OOC Information This is a thread dedicated to Propaganda Posters of ZBOR. We wish to allow players to ICly interact with our group through this thread. Imagine this as something very similar to Radio Chatter. Our Propaganda Team will create posters and regularly update this thread. Other people can then download these images to their PCs, edit them however they want and post them back here. You can edit them like you burnt the poster, did graffiti over it etc. If you aren't good with editing pictures, text descriptions are acceptable too! But we don't want anyone to immediately do something funny with these images with 0 effort so writing a small description of the event and what you did to the poster is required. Please follow the format below to keep this thread organized. We appreciate your cooperation very much! Once someone edited a poster you are not allowed to edit it again, it just wouldn't be realistic to do graffiti over graffiti over and over again. We hope that people of this community will be mature enough when editing. Format Format for ZBOR: 1. Picture of the poster 2. Name of the creator 3. Description of the event, who pasted the picture, where etc. 4. Location Format for other people: 1. Picture of how you edited the poster 2. Description of the event, please keep it detailed enough Feedback We would like to hear what you think about his idea. If you have constructive feedback or any suggestions for us post them here! ZBOR Propaganda Megathread Special thanks to Ghoozberg, sgt khan, Dingoz and Chance for starting this thread with me! Posters Created by: Giraffel *Oreš Petrik, Minister of The New State, meets up with ZBOR soldiers in Novy Sobor, South Zagoria. He opens his backpack and shows five men the posters that were created in Miroslavl. He gives each man a few and shows them a map of South Zagoria with marked locations where these posters should be pasted. He takes one and packs his bag. A group of ZBOR soldiers walks through the town and reaches the Police Station. The Minister pastes the poster next to the door and the group spreads out to paste them at other locations too.* Locations: Police Stations of: Novy Sobor, Gorka, Berezhino, Krasnostav and Novodmitrovsk Created by: Giraffel *Vladislav Groza, alongside 3 other soldiers of Zbor, scout and clear the town of Infected. 15 minutes after, they gather in front of the town's supermarket and Vladislav takes off his backpack. He pulls out a few of the posters given to him by the minister and hands them to his fellow fighters. They all spread out and start putting the posters up on houses and other buildings, so they are visible when walking along the main road, going through the town.* Locations: On buildings along the main road, going through: Pustoshka, Lopatino, Grishino, Mogilevka Created by: Giraffel *A group of 4 Zbor soldiers, including Nadporučík Meyer and Vojín Groza set up positions on a hill above the town of Gorka. When they make sure it's clean, they head down into it. After refreshing themselves at the town's well, the Lt. hands his warriors the posters, distributed to them by the minister earlier that day. They then proceed to put them up on the walls of the clinic as well as other visible locations around the town* Locations: Clinics and Military outposts: Gorka, Stary Sobor, Zelenogorsk, Novaya Petrovka Created by: Giraffel *Oreš Petrik pastes a few posters on buildings close to Novodmitrovks city square. He then packs his bag and continues to walk along the road that connects Novodmitrovsk and Sinistok. He sends his men to spread out and paste at least one poster in each village in northern part of South Zagoria. The Minister pastes a few in Severograd and Novaya Petrovka and meets up with his mean again after a few hours.* Locations: Northern part of South Zagoria - Novodmitrovsk, Svergino, Severograd, Kamensk, Stary Yar, Novaya Petrovka and Sinistok Created by: Dingoz *Major Ludvick Molnar and 3 men of the RZ walk into Novy Sobor and make their way to the police station. Once outside Major Molnar commands Sergeant Beranekc to plaster an RZ poster to the front door, he steps back and smiles and heads west to start plastering more* Locations: Police Stations (Novy, Vybor & Grishino) Created by: Giraffel *Desatnik Oskar Balek approaches the town of Vybor and unzips his rucksack, taking out a stack of RZ Posters. He then proceeds to stick the posters over various houses in Vybor.* Locations: Vybor Created by: Giraffel *Stanislav nails this poster on store in Stary Sobor while trying to stay under cover from the enemies with help of the RZ's perimeter on the cities. He then leaves the town with nobody seeing him and he re groups with the rest of his unit and they travel to Zelenogorsk. Stanislav then pastes a poster on the store building in Zelenogorsk.* Locations: stores: Stary Sobor, Zelenogorsk Created by: Giraffel *Oreš Petrik travels to NW Airfield with a group of ZBOR soldiers from RZ unit. They head to Vybor and Oreš places a poster on the office building next to the police station. The group then heads to Pustoshka and he puts a poster on the wall of the food market. He smiles as he looks at his own picture and the group heads East.* Locations: Vybor, Pustoshka, Rogovo, Stary Sobor, Novy Sobor and Guglovo Created by: Giraffel *Teo Štefe, legionar of ZBOR, finally comes back to South Zagoria after a long trip to Miroslavl. He walks through Pavlovo and remembers that he got orders to paste a few posters around. He opens his bag and pastes two next to each other on the doors of the village store. He grabs a drink from the water pump and heads towards Stary Sobor to meet up with the rest of his unit.* Locations: Pavlovo, Zelenogorsk, Sosnovka, Pogorevka, Rogovo http://i.imgur.com/ELwPlYL.jpg[/img] Created by: Chance *In the midst of a cold night, Hugo and 4 other Zbor soldiers sneak into Vybor town, posting numerous recruitment posters all over the centre of town. At the same time, another 4 man team is posting this image all around the small town of Kabanino.* Location: Kabanino and Vybor.
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    Nice read, looking forward to some more!
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    Maybe people are just afraid of you
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    +1 to dat honestly tbh. I like the Barrel one, reminds me of something..... Leather hats just reminds me of Ender Star for some reason It's because he would always wear them and make them for people He would also have all those dyed shirts.
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    +1 to dat honestly tbh. I like the Barrel one, reminds me of something..... I wonder what
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    Thanks for the quick reply, could you possibly elaborate a bit on this? I'm intrigued. To give an example. I've seen open heart surgery done in two minutes and the guy was up and walking around directly after. The roleplay I believe consisted of three emotes. 1: Cutting the chest open 2: Whatever they did inside the chest and 3: Stitching them up. Realistically these types of medical procedures would be near impossible to do given what you would have available and even if done correctly infection would 9 times out of 10 kill the individual. Now if you are in the situation where a person is leading the RP to any kind of major surgery that is where I'm saying do a bit more research (believe me it'll happen. People go above and beyond for drama in their stories). Make it as believable as possible.
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    Gotta take some notes, gotta take some good photos like this. '10/10'
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    My first character as an Emergency Room nurse before all of this happened. When it came to play style I traveled alone for a bit and when I met people I would normally travel around with them for a while before going on my way making sure to give then a frequency so they could get a hold of me if anything came up. That keeps you connected and lets people know you are available if they need assistance. I didn't join a group right off the bat and when I joined Blackwood (A more military group) she was trained ICly to become a combat medic. Even when I was in a group that had issues with other groups I would still help anyone that needed any type of medical attention. So your play style can and most likely will change depending on who you RP with and the group you end up with. You for sure want to carry around a lot of medical supplies. Weapon wise, as my character was just an ordinary civilian at the start, I started off with an SKS and acted as if I didn't know how to use it well until I was taught ICly by a couple of people. I eventually worked my training of firearms up to AKs but you can really do whatever you wish. As for approaching groups if you are alone you would naturally want to be cautious, depending on the background you go with, but you should always be cautious around strangers no matter what character you play. You could greet them as you normally would and bring up the fact that you are a Medic by asking if anyone needs any help or if anyone is hurt. I would look at the guide here: - REALISTIC USE OF MEDICINE IN DAYZRP That will help you with delivering medical RP. Also do a lot of research. There is a lot to know when it comes to the medical field and I've seen some really strange things happen in DayZRP that would be nearly impossible in the current state of the world.
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    [video=youtube] And also I think I maaay have posted this second song before, but if I didn't then here it is! [video=youtube]
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    Some screenshots I got from todays shenanigans. Ollie Explaining the Slug race Was a fun time guys!
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    Finally seeing rain on dayz feels so good!
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    Like i said multiple things could have been done, while the poke may not have been the best course of action, it is none the less an option. If you wanted to go for a more in character option Dee is a high ranking officer according to your group thread. He was in your coms, he could have easily joined and negotiated thus compiling to their demand of speaking to a higher up. From what you stated in the video it seems (at least to me) that your intentions behind saying no officers were available is for the sole purpose of getting someone a ban, but perhaps thats was just the wording. It does not matter if it isnt the reports reason, when a report is made we look at all possible rule breaks. This includes the accused side and the OPs. Now i think we cluttered this thread enough with the back and forth and it is no longer needed. If you still have questions, concerns, or simply wish to discus this feel free to pm me.
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    I would love to see a group like this, i wish you the best of luck with it.
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    Happy birthday to all the nerds and I hope all the new promotions get demoted soon!
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    I give it a try - one of the most interesting encounters I've ever had
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