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    Nah man you kidding, there's no way the people up north could get girls to hangout with them. Know this from experience do you?
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    [mp3]http://puu.sh/nW3jL/8068bebe86.mp3[/mp3] Hey! The time has come for me... I've got a lot of school work coming in the upcoming months and I have to focus on that! I will still be around on the forums and in-game. To staff: I want to thank you all for the amazing times! It's been an amazing ride! But all good things come to an end. I will hopefully return one day when real life allows it! Thank you...
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    Glad to hear everything is in order now, if you have any other problems let us know /solved
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    Everyone keeps saying the update will take soo long to come out. I believe it... they can't even answer my questions... :troll:
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    Enjoyed the RP with Olive and Eliane. A.J. is still oblivious and still rocking the pink hat! Shame the cowboy hat went missing That was some of the best hostile RP with the Masquerade I've ever had. Wasn't gear RP like other instances I've had with other people and was pretty enjoyable going deep into character (even if it meant taking a couple hits to the face ). Big thanks to Lucky, Ender, Rising Hope Militia, and Eternus and everyone else who came to our aid. 10/10 rescue operation. And Clay Diamond, loved getting the revenge RP The slate is clean. You brought out a low point in A.J. and it was his/my first time doing torture RP, so sorry if it was a bit repetitive... A.J. still hasn't killed anyone, though! The Trust. Always good to play with y'all. Glad I could get back in it just in time to play with Chief and Nyleea. Looking forward to getting back into the groove and getting on more often.
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    Reminds me of a scene from the Titanic.
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    *Joseph sits at the table in his current "home" and slides out his magnum that he received the other day, he begins to transmit over the radio on the desk* [mp3]http://puu.sh/nVr7T/5e36695d16.mp3[/mp3]
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    Thanks. I only made Joey today, but already I'm having fun fleshing out the rp between Cid and Sue. Something, something, sea legs, I'm a living Urbang Legend! No but in all seriousness thanks everyone for the rp.
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    Enjoyed my RP with Hassan and Halcyon earlier.
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    :: Dominik hears Diamond on the radio and holds the PTT deciding to respond :: Huh, So I guess that's why they call you the clowns. Not cus of those masks. The awful jokes you make. I hope that noise wasn't a radio you just broke. Shouldn't you be calling your buddies to help you? I'm not one to gloat. And I know there's no point giving you advice since you're fucking insane. Did you really not learn your lesson? You're lucky to be alive. You've been revealed to so many people your true nature. Did you not think of all the enemies you would make? Give it a rest. I think we proved "God" can bleed. You're not gonna gain anything. Or you know. Scream like you always do. I'm sure that will be more entertaining than the jokes. :: The transmission fades to silence ::
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    Alright, I am going to drop a small bomb into here about Desolation and why I believe it is better than the Exile mod (going with spoilers here) Both of these mods are based on Arma 3 which is a great game with a lot of possibilities. But lets separate them into little categories: [spoiler=General Loot system] In Exile, you basically run around, looking for the loot spawns which pretty much spawn in any building they are added to (barracks, barns, houses etc.), same goes for Desolation. But the main difference I have noticed is that in Desolation, the loot is balanced much better; You are not going to find a random LMG in a little shack or even in a barn. Instead, you are going to find a more "civilian" weapon from there, like a Mosin Nagant or similar. The police buildings spawn pistols (G17, CZ 75, M9 etc.) and some armored vests, also some backpacks. From military areas (barracks, guard posts, hangars etc.), you will be able to find those "high end", automatic weapons like AK variants, M4 variants and such. Also, if you are lucky, you will find optics / attachments for them. I feel that the loot system is more balanced in Desolation than it is in Exile (I am not sure if you are able to modify the loot tables in Exile so there comes my conclusion) [spoiler=Vehicles] Lets go back to the Arma 2 DayZ (see what I did there?), when you had to actually search for a car and if you were lucky, you found one, probably wrecked. After that, you had to go and find parts to repair it to get it working. In Exile, there are traders where you can pretty much just walk to with a backpack full of valuables, sell them and buy a car. With that process, you are skipping the "moment of success" that you get when you manage to get yourself a working car by repairing it. [spoiler=Map itself] The map is HUGE in Desolation. With Exile, you could pretty much choose any map you want but with that. But in Desolation, the map is good; It has good areas in there, big cities to explore and vehicles are VALUABLE (unless you want to run 2-5 kilometers just for fun). Correction into here: Desolation has a new map, Napf. Some members remember this from one of DayZRP's events against the Council. A big map with huge open fields and big cities. There has been a patch that has taken out Taviana and it has replaced it with the said map, Napf. It is still a good map with great landscapes. Of course, almost forgot to mention, there is also the good old Chernarus available. [spoiler=Weapon attachments] One of the main parts that got me interested in Desolation was their attachment system. In Arma 3, you can pretty much just swap the attachments from long range optics into a close range holo sight. Not in Desolation because there is actually an animation where you put the attachment onto the rails and screw it in. If you want to replace it, you need to take it out first, that is also an animation. For all the attachments (Optics, side rails [flashlights, IR lasers], silencers), you need to go through the animation. Exile is just swap / replace it and you are good to go. With the animation, you need to do it in a safe place or atleast have a friend covering you while you do it. I have played a lot of Desolation with couple of my friends and we are enjoying it a lot. It feels like the good old DayZ we used to play a long time ago. Edited section "Map itself"
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    I try... You're spookin me bro, stop it.
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    Yeah! I hope to work on the final entry for my "black widow" mini-series soon! So keep an eye out! Also, thank you for always following up on these, sista. Now you need to update Ginsu's lore! I need to know more! Thanks Jabba! I'm not kidding when I say that I spent probably an hour finding the perfect song for each entry. I take a great deal of pride trying to find a song that fits the theme, so I'm glad it's noticed! Thanks for reading!
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    When your a die hard Chernarussian and you say the capital of the country is Chernogorsk...