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    Not a problem. My pm box is always open if you ever need anything else.
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    So, I confess, I seem to have an affliction that borderlines on fetish with neck ties. Been organizing my closet, thought I'd post up some of mine. This doesn't include my bow ties or kerchiefs either. I think I have a problem... So to fuel my addiction, post up your tie collection, discuss tie related things, and all things well-dressed and dapper.
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    When you trust someone, When you like someone... When you love someone, you would stick your arm through fire for them Reach through the gates of hell for them. When sticking your arm through a fire for someone you love, You do so, even when you know they would not do the same for you. When sticking your arm through fire for a comrade, a brother, a sister, You do so knowing that they would do the same for you. The only thing you have to wonder, Is if the marks burned across your skin will be appreciated, Remembered, or Not
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    *Ms. Billion can feel her right hand slip from the handcuffs that bound her. Hours... Hours she had been going at it, trying to get a hand out. Her wrists were bloody and she felt exhausted. Days... Days she's been her, after she was kidnapped, beaten unconscious, and dragged to... where ever she was right now... And then interrogated relentlessly. He was looking for her, but he didn't seem to know that he had her. He looks around the room, there was a beat up old hand radio on the table, probably his while using hers since it was in better condition. She slowly stumbles towards the table, before grabbing it and slowly turning into the frequency, maybe there was a chance, and she had to take it. She presses the PTT button, and slumping down next to the table.* "Million? Leonard? Rosenfield? Hello? Oh God please hear me right now. I... I don't know where I am. I'm... trapped, captive, GOD DAMN FUCKING USELESS!" *Footsteps can be heard in the back ground, and a male voice can be heard.* "God damn crazy man, wanting this fucking girl that could quite honestly be dead. This girl might not even be her, but no, the pay, the pay, pfftt." *You can hear something ticking, as the man starts to unlock the door with a lock pick.* *"No!" She panics, her time running out.* "Million!... I love you!" *The door swings opens and you can hear a struggle immediate ensues. She tries to put up a fight, but it results in a weak hit to the arm, before receiving a hard hit to the head, the sound of her limp, unconscious body hitting the floor, the radio making a clatter. The man picks up the radio and presses down the PTT button.* "*chuckle* If anyone is listen'in... I'm sorry mate, but the Miss is... uhhh... unable to come to the radio at this time." *He nudges her unconscious body with his foot, another chuckle can be heard.* "She's currently having a conversation with the floor at the moment. But don't worry... I will take good care of her *he laughs with a tone that is sinister and even insinuating even worst things.* Don't come looking, if you truly care for her." *He lets go of the button, placing the radio on the table, and begins to move her body. He was going to enjoy what he was going to do next, because, lessons must be learned.*
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    Okay, I know I'm suppose to be taking a break but John got this bloody idea stuck in my head and once that happens it's just in my nature to start developing that idea. So damn you John, you knew this would happen. Anyway, back to the idea... Basically something I noticed is that, from what I can see, most groups are formed up of people who know and have played with each other for a while. Of course there's nothing wrong with that, I've done it myself, but for new members of the community it doesn't really give them a place to go. So the idea is to create a group with the main OOC goal to be to teach new members how to give great roleplay and behave in the way that we all have come to expect. It would give newcomers the opportunity learn the rules and to have a better understand of the community. I suppose it would be kinda like a mentor system. The more experienced RPers would be able to share there knowledge, showing newcomers what good RP is like. The whole goal would be to help new community members learn how things work much quicker, so we can have less of, what I'm going to call, 'Whitename moments' making the overall RP on the server better. Edit: This would be a proper group with a lore and IG goals, etc. The big difference would be that OOC it would be helping newcomers. I have some questions: Would this be a good thing for the community? What can be done to improve this idea? What would be the best way to get new members learn that this group exists? I don't explain thing very well so is there anything you want me elaborate on? P.S I haven't seen anything like this, but if there was already an idea like this I apologise for this thread in advance.
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    Alright I have been keeping an eye on this from the moment it was posted. (As it was my group that took these actions ) We encountered you a few nights prior to this event and if you recall we took you hostage for being a bit rude but more over you were putting moves on one of our members after finding out she used to be a porn-star... you tanked when talking to her so we wanted to help you out. You were also rude and kept walking away from us when we were trying to talk to you... we wanted your attention and we got it. During the encounter your rudeness did not stop even as we were sewing your mouth shut. So we decided ICly that we were not done with you but instead of taking you hostage again and being repetitive we got a bit creative with it, we were going to take our time hunting you... We were are not done with you. You made a comment the night we took you hostage for us to be careful and that you thought we were being stupid for taking in a Masquerade member so.... the bones were to startle you and to ruin you credibility... (and they did) We NEVER stated that they were yours nor fell off your person. No rules were broken on our side as we did not force you to RP anything. you were free to decline everything, which you did.
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    Great RP today, one of the best I have ever had. Thanks guys.
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    Welcome aboard! If you find yourself in a sticky situation, just go along with it. Worst comes to worst you will be naked in the middle of nowhere, but that's more fun than going out in a blaze of fury and respawning miles away by the ocean, trust me! If you're interested in meeting people, the most popular string of towns is Kabanino and Star Sobor. Travelling between these two locations I met over 30 players in 2 hours. Well I didn't individually meet them, there was just so many people it was hard to meet everyone. I perhaps personally met say 12 of them.
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    The entire community is DayZRP. Not MinecraftRP, LiFRP. It was born from a common interest in both DayZ and Roleplay. If we host a bunch of other games and simply slap "Roleplay" on the end, it simply isn't going to be the same community, or receive the same attention. That being said, I believe we should remove these servers. I was once a minecraft server owner. It was fairly successful and went on for about 3-4 years. as a server owner, I would HATE paying for utilities that don't get used... such as extraneous servers. I could see if a reasonable population used these servers (and to me "reasonable" is at least 6/20 on popular days) However I have observed there to be 2 players at most on either server. It's a shame, but this simply isn't something we use. I think the admins should just adamantly state "We are Dayz ONLY." It's a waste of server resources (community helpers, administrators, game masters, etc) to spread ourselves "thin" across other mediums. I could see if these servers were popular in the community, but money could be better spent. If anything, it would be better to rent more memory for the DayZRP servers, so that when 100 person servers are released we can have 3 100 person servers as opposed to our current set up and they're neglected counterparts. The community at large has expressed it won't fully utilize these other servers, simply by not using these other servers.
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    Welcome and have fun.
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    Welcome, comrade! Hope your first interactions ingame are pleasant ones
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    Why are we forgotten? So many of us died, For what? For our own personal gain, greed, a hidden agenda? We simply did our job. Defend the nation, defend the people, against any threat, Foreign... Or domestic, We did our best, Fought till so few remained. So few remain... We fought for others, Some survived, Some died, We could not save them all. We could not save ourselves. Because we stayed behind, So others could live. So why are we brushed aside, why are we forgotten?
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    Hello Bjherrera, A new team has reviewed both the original report, the verdict given there, and the points made within your ban appeal. During the investigation into the matter, we came to the conclusion that the original verdict was fair and therefore the ban will hold. 04:51:55 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // im recording tnd this is power gaming 04:52:13 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // it will kill me 04:52:36 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // yeah it will 04:52:44 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // see you in the report 04:57:46 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // i talked to admin 05:02:25 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // this is also a bannable offence 05:02:43 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // power gaming reasearch it 05:03:17 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // it dont matter someeone is gettin banned 05:07:30 | Chat("Forest Bondrant"(id=)): // this is power gaming Not only did you go OOCly to reprimand the accused for their potential rule break, but you also cluttered the chat logs and distracted the role play with comments such as: "see you in the report", " talked to [an] admin", "power gaming [research] it", and "it [doesn't] matter [someone] is [getting] banned". Comments like these do nothing but promote arguments, take away from role play, and burn bridges with community members. It is at this time where we would like to remind you of the famous saying, "two wrongs don't make a right". These moments are a challenge in self-restraint, but it is that restraint that is expected of DayZRP community members. By arguing and spouting petty comments at the other individual involved, it killed the role play in that particular moment, and instead turned the game into an outlet for all parties involved to prioritize an argument over interactions in game. In situations like this, it is always best to role play out the situation to the best of your ability, take the high road, and report the infraction after it takes place. We would also like to kindly remind you that this is not your first offense for abusing direct chat for unnecessary OOC chat, and consistent infractions of this rule will force us to question your ability to interact ICly without turning to OOC on the drop of a hat. Appeal denied. No action taken.
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    Chat Logs: 19:50:04 | Chat("Jimmy Robinson": you killed the wrong guy...you evil bastards. 19:50:22 | Chat("Jimmy Robinson": what i threw was a flashbang. Connection Logs: 17:19:46 | Player "Jimmy Robinson" is connected 20:18:48 | Player "Jimmy Robinson" has been disconnected Calling Jimmy Robinson to this report, please post your full detailed POV.
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    Fight me. Was happy to be interviewed. Thanks Conor!
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    So sad to see this Noche, you was an amazing staff member and have truely made your dent. Much love <3