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    Far to the north, where there forests are dense in thorny vines, lies a hill with a mishapen wooden door pertruding from it, hidden from all those but who would brave crawling and cutting the many twisting and twining thorny vines that spawl under the dense tree canopy that covers the area. The low throb of a drum pulsed outward from the door, reverberating through the hill itself. Just past the makeshift door, built into the hill itself, sat a crudely dug shelter, mostly made out of what looked like 2x4's and bits of ply wood. It was tall enough to stand in and once inside seemed more roomy than one would expect. To the right of where you enter sat a cast iron stove. One can imagine what a struggle that must of been to drag here , a pipe ran out of which and through a hole above the door to vent the smoke. Besides this one luxury, three simple mattresses covered in blankets and two strands of white Christmas lights powered by a truck battery through a mess of wires and duct tape that screams fire hazard. In the far left corner sits a small ply-Wood door. A man sits holding a simple hide drum in his hands. He holds the drum sideways with his left hand grasping a bar inside it, with his right hand he beats the hide with both upward and downward strums. He keeps the fast rhytmic rampage going as his long redish brown beard stretchs across the hide of the drum, he rests his chin against the ward side of the drum as he beats it. His green eyes flash to the wall across from him, to the tricolour handsomely displayed aross the plywood surface. He played on through the night as if hoping its sound would wake the spirits of his long dead ancestors , or perhaps even that of some lost comrads. But alas noone came and as morning came the drums grew silent.
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    *radio sparks to life with a male Chernarussian voice coming from it* This is recon Team one to Zbor High Command we have entered Kirovograd no sign of resistance from the locals they should be easy to recruit, no CDF presence yet. But about 50 miles out of Miroslavl there was a gun battle between two forces, heavy automatic fire. keep the main force in Miroslavl do not Proceed until recon two gives you the all clear. *it repeats 3 times before ending in static*
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    Sounds like how I program at work... ^This. So much this.
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    Sounds like how I program at work...
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    Can the devs answer? I keep getting Chappers to ask me to play, but I never see anyone online so I am curious when we can give it a go or did it already fail?
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    I humbly accept your write in vote!
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    I am glad everything worked out! I will now /solve this.
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    You have to understand that, my character itself is "bold", but not that much. Every single time he/me meets a big group or such, he/I gets robbed, by no apparent reasoning. It's just getting boring. Same interactions over and over again. I try the best of myself when I can, and even when I try to interact with these groups, they don't give a single shit, say "hi, hello, how's it going?" and them move, if they don't actually rob me for my AK. That's why lately, I've been RPing with a group. It's ridiculously better, and that's a good thing overall. I really don't get how people just do the same RP over and over again, thinking that it's still cool, but by now, my group is trying hard to make people experience new situations, but it's hard, since most of the time, it's just the same RP again "hi, hello, how's it going?" and it's gone already. What pisses me off, even more, are those who come to you, say "Hi, I'm quite in a hurry, so I have to go", and sprints off with a AK on his hands, a heavy backpack, and a fully mounted vest, like he is freaking sonic. It isn't just me who have to change. If you really think I'm wrong, it's time to change people's ideas, right now. I do what I can, but I can't force others to believe that I'm right after all. Just take a break from the thread, go play, find yourself some gear, and wait around in Kabanino. Eventually (30 mins or so) you will be initiated by 3+ men, fully geared, just going for the same excuse as I said before. You will get the feel.