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    [align=center][/align] [align=center][mp3]http://img.dayzrp.com/mp3/upload/56d4524105199.mp3[/mp3][/align] Known as the Masked Men due to their fixation of wearing protective gas masks. The Infection Containment Unit is a mysterious military and scientific outfit that has recently arrived in Chernarus for unknown reasons. What is known about this secretive group is that they are well organised and seem to be extremely effective at neutralizing the infected threat through sheer fire power. Although not engaging in affairs or politics of other survivors, there mindset seems to be solely focused on the infection and they are currently leading the fight against the infected. [align=center][/align] [align=center]Created in response to the ever growing infection crisis from the east. The Infection Containment Unit was formed as a joint operation between not only the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) but also the United Nations (UN) to conduct research on the infection that was becoming a bigger threat every day. With funding from the two most powerful organisations in the western world, leading scientists from all fields such as virologist, biologists and immunologist were brought to a secluded research facility at a undisclosed location in the mountains of Switzerland. This project was outside the public's eye and was kept within the top levels of secrecy so much that staff working within the facility were allowed no contact with the outside world other than a few radios and TV's where the news was broadcast. Several weeks had passed with very little progression made on what the infection was and what caused the effects on the victims. The crisis was becoming worse by the day and the staff were told to stop focusing on what the virus was but to find any way of stopping it and thus the most effective ways of doing so. From this point it no longer became of scientific operation, but a military operation. A small specialist NATO company was assigned to the facility to improve security, however the staff new this was to prevent them leaving and fleeing further west before the inevitable happened and the infection reached them. That day finally came however due to the remote location of the facility, the infected had not reached the facility and remained safe for now. However panic spread through the facility and many of the staff tried to escape however the soldiers had orders and orders they carried yet with great disgust. The captain of the NATO company demanded the execution of all the scientists as they had worked with the virus and he believed they posed a threat to the rest of the facility and would soon turn into and infected. However many of the soldiers under his command strongly against this including his second in command Lt John Poole. The majority of the company led by John Poole went to arrest the captain however he and the men loyal to him would not be arrested so easily. A small fire fight broke out which left many dead including the captain. Although John Poole had now taken command of the facility, he earned the respect of the remaining men and women and managed to persuade everybody to remain at the facility as rescue is likely to be on its way. The staff continued with their work to take their minds of the destruction that was happening around the world. Several weeks had passed and it seemed rescue was not coming, there was no radio chatter on any of the channels used by the facility to contact NATO or the UN and supplies were starting to dwindle. The remaining staff and NATO soldiers had listened to the most recent and possibly the last international radio broadcast stating that the USA had now gone dark. They now had nowhere to go and it would only be a certain amount of time until they would be forced to leave the facility. After a charismatic speech John Poole said that he would dedicate his life to fighting this virus that had brought the world to his knees. His family was probably dead and the dead don't need helping, yet the human race does. most of the remaining survivors agreed with him and gathered what information they could on their databases and written accounts on the infection. One scientists noted that the UN regarded the small country of Chernarus yet more specifically the region of South Zagoria as the initial starting point for the Virus. They knew it would be a huge task to travel over 6000 km to reach their destination however, they were determined to beat the infection and infected in any way they could. John Poole only asked for volunteers for the expedition and made it clear that they would probably never see their families again if they were still alive. Several men and women took limited supplies and said their goodbyes and went on their own adventures back home or wherever they'd feel safest. That left 55 volunteers that had committed themselves to neutralising the infection as a whole and joining John Pooles expedition. They took what remaining supplies were left, a large amount of weaponry and the remaining vehicles and most notably, a copious amount of gas masks. They gathered resources whenever they could, passing through the deserted towns or cities were the most rewarding, however sometimes they were forced to trade with any remaining survivors, with some more friendly than other. They still knew little about the virus and didn't want to take any chances when interacting with survivors or dealing with the infected. Therefore wore gas masks when entering settlements of survivors. This look, and there well supplied weaponry gained them the reputation of the "Masked Men". The group started referring to themselves as the "Masked Men" as it helped scare most of the bandits away when entering new towns. The journey was long a merciless and trying to avoid the larger hordes of infected delayed the journey considerably. however it wasn't the journey the dampened the groups spirits. On the journey they lost 13 women to the road in total. Some killed by bandits, some of infection, yet it was the one's that had become infected that really had an effect on the group. Seeing their friends one minute then a monster next, the group did what they had to in order to survive yet not without killing a piece of themselves in the process. The journey wasn't all bad though, we lost another 12 people in the group with most leaving to try and survive on their own yet with managed to reunite one of the Russian doctors with his son whilst passing through his local town, and one girl fell in love with a Ukrainian mechanic who'd helped us to get one of our Jeeps back on the road and even ended up marrying and staying with him. After almost a year of travelling on the road, the ICU finally arrived at the border to Chernarus in the mountain region known as the Black Mountains. However in order to guarantee the safety of the ICU, John Poole decided to send in a small reconnaissance team led by Julian Beckford into the South Zagoria region to determine the possible dangers regarding the infected and any survivors whilst the rest of the ICU would remain in the Black Mountains where it was moderately safer, until further notice. [/align] [align=center]Phase 2[/align] [align=center]26/05/2016 That was the date the ICU issued a blackout meaning all operatives were to retreat back to the black mountains where they would aid in the small conflict that had begun between the ICU and a local group of bandits. The majority of operatives returned as soon as the issue was ordered, however some field agents were given orders to remain in Chernarus in order to keep tabs on the regions situation. [/align] [align=center]The local conflict lasted several months however, with one tactically perfected attack, the ICU was able to neutralise the local group. However this victory did come with a price, the ICU was dealt little damage in terms of human life, however much of there equipment had been damaged meaning research had taken a huge step backwards. This meant that the ICU now had to look for more equipment to use whilst also regaining all the research they had lost. [/align] [align=center]The past expedition into Chernarus was not all that succesfull in terms of collecting data, however with the increase in infected activity and the objective of collecting any equipment that may prove useful to the ICU. The organisation has focused all its efforts on the 2nd expedition into the country. Researchers are keen to advance their research forward as quickly as possible and therefore have been given permission to obtain data by any means necessary with the help of field officer and specialists.[/align] [align=center][/align] 1. Set up a temporary forward operating base 2. Recon the local area for potential threats eg. Hordes of infected, Organised groups of Survivors. 3. Keep Surveillance of the infected for any changes in their behaviour. 4. Neutralise any threats regarding the infected. 5. Gather Research and Data for any leads regarding a Vaccine or any matter of scientific or military interest regarding the "infected". Only gather data from dead infected in order to guarantee the safety of the field researchers. [align=center]Current Objective[/align] [align=center] There has been a increase in infected population in the area recently and therefore we are resuming operations within Chernarus. All active field agents are to report in as soon as possible for operation briefing.[/align] [align=center]A task force led by Zane Sawyers and Jamie Silver will sent into the country to investigate the increase in infection activity whilst also carrying out normal procedure.[/align] [align=center]Once the task force has located and secured a suitable area to used as a forward operating base, several field researchers will be sent to you and testing will be carried out on the infected and surviving populace.[/align] [align=center]Objective History[/align] [align=center][/align] Field Officer/Specialist: Full Military gear and equipment to be worn with high end military grade weaponry. Field Researcher: When conducting research, on operation or carrying out medical duties, lab clothing or medical gear must be worn with gas mask (Other clothing can be worn when not carrying out these duties). Small weaponry mandatory to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Field Assistant: No permanent uniform in place, yet civilian clothing or basic hunting gear are recommended. Small arms recommended yet not mandatory. Field Agent: Field agents are not required to wear a uniform or carry any type of weaponry. Local Recruit: No uniform is required for recruits. [align=center]All operatives within the I.C.U must wear an pink armband and carry a gas mask on persons at all times.[/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center] [/align] [align=center][/align] Field Officer: These are the acting commanders of the ICU and are mainly made up of the higher ranking UN soldiers from before the apocalypse. By communicating with the officers located at the Black Mountains, the field officers take a key role in the planning and decision making for the ICU and are responsible for tactical operations. (Position Closed) Field Specialist: Making up the Majority of the ICU, the field specialist are the basic infantry and take orders from the higher ranking Field Officers. (Position Open) Field Researcher: Few Doctors remain within the ICU however it is their duty to ensure the physical and mental well being of the ICU but more importantly to research the infected for any possible hopes to develop some sort of vaccine. (Position Open) Field Assistant: Field Assistants work directly under the Field Researchers and help in any way they can from helping to analyse the infected to assisting with medical care. (Position Open) Field Agent: Filed agents are the eyes and ears of the I.C.U, often going undercover as civilians, they will infiltrate large groups of people or even other groups and found out any information that may be important to the I.C.U. Field Agents also take on secondary roles such as scouting/reconnaissance, scavenging and diplomatic negotiations when the need arises. (Position Open) Local Recruits: In order to strengthen the ICU, the group has had to resort to local recruitment in order to keep man power high enough to compete with potential enemy groups. Once a new recruit has spent adequate time within the ICU they will be told of the groups true intentions and placed into the appropriate role. [align=center][/align] Field Officer: SebbePwnYou - Jamie Silver McFluffyDucky - Zane Sawyers Field Specialist: Mr.Kat - Richard Borisov Field Researcher: Cyber989 - Edward Smith YantoDanio - Mathas Green Field Assistant: Field Agent: Svogunas - Boris S Kozlov Local Recruits: Nav2k - Nathaniel Clark Sparks Paterno - Jiao Long paulmurgatroyd - Roland Sharp [align=center][/align] [align=center]Allies[/align] [align=center]Friendly [/align] [align=center]Neutral[/align] [align=center]ALL GROUPS AND FACTIONS NOT MENTIONED[/align] [align=center]Unfriendly[/align] [align=center]All Cannibals[/align] [align=center]Clowns?[/align] [align=center]Hostile[/align] [align=center]Noted Individuals[/align] [align=center]CSM. Nathaniel Maylor - Ally[/align] [align=center]David Banks - Hostile [/align] [align=center][/align] [align=center](Open)[/align] [align=center][/align]
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