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    Oh my, I'm only seeing this now... Holy shit am I boiling inside. How low has the standard of RP fallen? How can this be seen as anywhere remotely acceptable? THIS IS NOT MADMAX OR SAW MOVIE. WE ARE IN CHERNARUS, 2 YEARS INTO A ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. YOU DON'T TAKE RANDOM PEOPLE AS HOSTAGES, BRAND THEM AS SLAVES, MAKE THEM SING SONGS, KILL THEM IF THEY REFUSE AND THEN RELEASE THEM LIKE NOTHING HAPPENED. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK, HOW IS THAT NOT BADRP?! Compliance rule is for hostages who do not comply to orders that are reasonable considering the situation. Specifically the rule is there so that as a hostage taker you may use lethal force should the hostage attempt to escape, pick up a weapon or other action that may be a threat to you or your group. It is definitely NOT intended to allow you to kill hostages because you made a demand for them to sing, jump on one leg while juggling or recite japanese poems and they refuse. Killing someone for not singing. That doesn't make any fucking sense at all in the game or lore you are in. What were you thinking? No, you cannot. You may not give unreasonable demands to hostages. They are your hostages, not personal play toys where you can humiliate the character / person behind it. If you're taking someone hostage, you MUST have some kind of reason for it that makes sense IC. You don't take a random person you found hostage to play life or death games with them. I don't care if your character is a psycho, mass murderer or a disturbed individual, it's bad RP. I've watched the video and it is sickening how low the bar has fallen and that this kind of RP is now days deemed acceptable, even worse that it was deemed OK by the staff team who signed this verdict. All I hear and see in the video is your group fucking around playing musical contest and giggling like little girls as if you're playing Second Life and not DayZ and you're forcing people to humiliate themselves for your own enjoyment because if not you will kill their character. That's post apocalyptic zombie role play where your characters are fighting for survival? Is this what hostile role play has been reduced to, robbing and making random bystanders sing songs for no apparent reason? Jesus fucking christ, last time it was that bad it was in May 2013 when all 12 year olds joined to play on no-KoS server and wanted to be bad asses. I won't be issuing any punishments to any of the people here this time, but for fucks sake, step up your game cause this shit that you've just shown in that situation is ridiculous. You're playing DayZRP, not Chernarus Life, ACT LIKE IT. /endrant
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    Hello lifeless nerd here doing your ban appeal. This lifeless nerd is going to show you to reality now, take you outside to the real world and show you towards the door. So this moronic worthless libtard is going to deny your appeal and rub himself in social justice permaban salt provided by removing you forever! And to think we were going to accept your appeal. Beep Boop, I am a Robot Xau xau!
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    Good evening Gentleman, I'm Fran Miller, the Boom stick's Spanish Guy according to Lord Aristocrat's accurate description.(as follows): "Whilst the PAU are bandaging their wounded, Fran the Spanish stallion takes out his boom stick and starts blasting away at the remaining hostage takers. He succeeds in killing three but is soundly defeated by the fourth. Tragically" I've made a comic of the story, I hope you enjoy. And I will be making a video fur sure, but with all the art I can...You can check other videos of mine in the youtube Channel Click storms...look for "Sammy" which is an episode with english subs...I've recently uploaded another one called "Ring of fire" but I didnt put the english subtitles yet so my comments are in spanish... I also going to describe my part of the story as this event has been our particular Red Wedding and should have an important episode either in the current Lore or in the next one. 0) I have to say, first of all that I'm so happy of the community, I think the mass mayority of you are excelent roleplayers, either the bandits and the Hostages. Specially the small version of Mr Chow that for a second I even thought it was indeed Mr Chow. 1) I'm inside the church really chilled, enjoying the music and the company, I'm not part of any group as the only person I previously known was Dr Elisabeth, who luckly for her, went to sleep before the blood bath. 2) I go outside to the door to Smoke a cigarrete and talk with the guards of the door when I see a really doggie North Korean Style offficial talking agressively to the guard and In the background some shots are starting to get deployed. 3) Knowing what was coming I rapidly take out my M4 with 60 bullets and a lot of spec ops expirience acumulated through my life, I've been in worse situations but...I take a look of the good people inside, all with their hands up and I decided they are not fighters, they are just normal nice people...I cant risk them...Damm, I put my hands up... 4) All in a circle, some pyscho bandits start to circle around and at the same time the outside guard I just been talking got murdered but this people...he was a good boy...RIP. The tension is increccendo, and the boyfriend of the girld of my right starts to become extremelly paranoid and stress...hyperventilating, he mange to pull out his gun and shoot...there is a cross fire, actually I think the bandits do a hell of a blue on blue expirience (friendly fire)... //The desync doesn't allow me to recognize the situation, I thought someone else has come through the back door and whipe out some bandits...otherwise, I have to say, I problably would have been decided not to take action, as the bandit roleplay was excellent, I have to admit, so for my contribution to the massacre, I'm sorry.../// 5) All that is left is few guards injured and bandiging themselves...and we are a lot of good people...I have a quick look to the girl on my left and told her everything will be ok...(The last words she'll ever listen out of anyone else...RIP)...they are scared as hell and The rest of the bandits are seriusly nervous and agressive...You can smell something terrible can happend...but winners anticipate: I have a quick look and take an account, there are 4 guards, 3 on my side of the room, seriously injured and one bastard with an akm with a 75 bullets drum...I cant risk to take action as the guy in the opossite side of the room could kill at least 5 people trying to reach me and I can't allow this to happend... But! Surprise! He put his gun on the floor and start's bandaging...It is the moment, I try to act fast but with precision...I succesfully take out the easier guy, turn around and kill a guillie that was just on my back...and then recieve some inaccurate shotts from another bandit next to the front door...I make use of my Army expirienced mussle memory and whipe him ass well...but damm...the 4rth guy is almost ready to shoot and has crouch to avoid killing inocents...I turn my gun as a Surgeon, and aim carefully to not kill inocents...but this manuver takes me time enought to let the bastard shoot first...I starting to recieve 7,62 impacts on my chest...I'm falling but still shooting...I think I manage to hit him once or twice but I breath gets interrupted...the last think I see is one of the Knight-Cowbows deploy his magnum and shoot the fucker in the face screaming "Bastard"...I know Im dying...my last thougth is about Samantha...my last valuable recent memory...I'm happy she is not here...I'm going with you Jonnhy (cash). Thanks to all and sorry if my action was shit...But adrenaline pumps out....and you never know...So many armed hostages for so few bandits...That's a thing to consider ass well. PS - I have to say that the guy that was "lagging" did not make a good action...as make a clear use of metagaming...which was interrupting the role flow because a supose technical problem, but desync was quite big...so you never know...
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    -Please note that this is the whitelist version of the Lore, and a following Lore+ version will be posted and pinned in the L&S section that contains more information, detail, and more description. Everything people need to know is here, and more pictures will be added to the Lore+ version which will flesh out and give some visuals. Thank you guys for your patience, we hope you will like it.- DayZRP Community Lore Table of Contents 1. Prologue 2. Introduction 3. First Week 4. Intervention 5. Second Week 6. Epilogue “In an urban society, everything connects. Each person's needs are fed by the skills of many others. Our lives are woven together in a fabric. But the connections that make society strong also make it vulnerable.” - Threads, 1984 Not a soul could have possibly fathomed that a victorious Chernarus would ultimately sign the death warrant of all civilization. The world would appear dumbfounded as the work of rebuilding a broken country would eventually crumble. The peace that was achieved, was really what doomed us all. Nobody thought something like this could happen, the stuff of movies and TV shows. And in the off chance that something catastrophic did occur most people trusted the authorities and government to do the right thing and protect their citizens. The connectivity of a modern globalized society had led humanity like lambs into a forest full of wolves. We assumed the best and did not pay attention to what was actually happening. Ignorant, self-absorbed people who knew everything and yet understood nothing. Those observant individuals that saw it coming were too few and were disregarded and branded as conspiracy theorists and nerds. What they saw coming was not the plague itself, but how humanity’s illogical handling of a logical crisis would ultimately doom it to near-extinction. Global chaos that has been seen in the past will not compare to what will be seen in the coming days…or after those days had passed. Chernarus had made great strides in rebuilding since the conclusion of the bloody 2009 civil war and was on route to becoming something of a power in the region. Foreign investment in the Chernarussian coal, mining, gas, and agriculture industries had swelled the workforce and created many jobs in remote places where none before existed. South Zagoria was still a poor recovering province, the recovery period had ended, and revitalization efforts were planned to revamp the area. Tourism had picked up as a result of the war, Chernarus got its name in the international headlines and people who didn’t know the country existed before 2009 became aware of it. While Chernarus had not officially joined NATO for fear of losing national sovereignty, it did agree to host several bases within Chernarus. International Airports were expanded, allowing international flights heading to Asia or back to Western Europe to stop and refuel at a central place without having to fly to Dubai for a connecting flight. In the wake of the civil war, NAPA was disbanded by leader Josef Prizak, and most of its members joined the CDF and accepted general amnesty from the government. The Chedaki were hunted down viciously by the State, capturing all of its leadership that was not apprehended or killed during the civil war and put them on trial, many being executed for the genocide, insurrection, and murder conducted during the war. Despite Chernarussian-Russian relations being quite amicable immediately following the civil war, tensions would again rise to a boiling point between the two countries. Even with the election of a popular center-right statist nationalist party and a booming economy, military escalation was a frequent occurrence on the northern border. A marriage between a Chernarussian woman and a Russian man was attacked by right sector Chernarussian extremists in late April 2017. Following this event, protests, political demonstrations, calls for secession of ethnic Russian territories such as northern South Zagoria and Belozersk and ultimately violence led the State to declare martial law in South Zagoria on May 3rd, 2017. The province was gripped with fear and tension, and some citizens left to go to western areas that were considered to be safe, their belongings and vehicles left behind to rot for fear of another civil war. However, the attention of the world was focused elsewhere and not on the developing situation in Chernarus. It all began with seemingly benign activity at an old storage base north of Severograd, the easternmost base in a chain of facilities that stretched west along the Black Mountains. After the fall of the USSR and Chernarussian independence, the base was handed over to the fledgling CDF (Chernarussian Defense Force), and any memory of the base and its activities were forgotten. The sites were sealed to the public during Soviet times, and the local populace knew little of the activities of these bases. Whatever the Soviets were doing here was done in isolation, and rumors permeated through the region as to the origins of the operation, as it seemed as if the base had been there for an eternity. On the 7th of July CDF troops were sent to the base where they established a series of checkpoints on surrounding roads, stopping all foot or vehicle traffic and turning it back. Foot patrols began to move through the woods around the base in an attempt to make up for the abysmal condition of the base’s perimeter fences. A video filmed of a Russian helicopter flying into the base was posted on Twitter the same night, igniting a controversy. The following day the residents of Kamensk and Nagornoe were rounded up, those from Nagornoe were escorted south to Severograd and housed in the local school without any explanation as to the reason of their relocation other than their “personal safety”. The civilians from Kamensk who were the main witnesses to the whole incident disappeared completely, the most common rumor being that they had been held inside the base itself. National outrage ensued, and in the meantime, events escalated considerably around midnight, when an apparent disagreement between the two sides of the base resulted in the departure of the Russians back across the border. In the early hours of the 10th, the Russian air force completely annihilated the storage base that was the source of the whole controversy, leaving only a couple buildings standing and fifty dead Chernarussian personnel within the base. In response, Chernarussian jets from the Vybor Airbase raided Russian border posts starting a back and forth between each military. Chernarus awoke to a war in South Zagoria as national demonstrations and outbursts of violence occurred in the morning. Severograd began experiencing attacks from several soldiers that appeared to be rabid and unresponsive, the soldiers having emanated from the base. Many were severely burned or partially dismembered, and yet did not seem to care or respond with pain to their injuries. The first call came in from a farm north of the city, reporting three soldiers staggering out of the forest biting and attacking livestock. The station lost contact with the patrol sent to check on the farm. To make matters worse, following the bombing of the base and the subsequent dispersal of CDF troops in the area, Russian artillery launched an all-out bombardment of Kamensk, Nagornoe, and Severograd countryside. A man in Severograd who was interviewed by a local news station in Novodmitrovsk said the following about that morning: “The Russian bombardment was a distraction from whatever went on in the base that night. They had some stake in the course of events there after all the bombardment did little damage to any civilian or military structure. The goal was to distract the international press for as long as possible.” The Russian ploy worked according to plan, as the international news was fixed on the fighting and the armed confrontations and not on the strange attacks taking place near the site of the bombing. In the afternoon a wave of infected hit Severograd from the north, overwhelming the police the already packed hospital. Many of the people brought into the hospital were bleeding from the eyes, and had developed rashes similar to poison oak that secreted a clear fluid. On the 11th the north awoke to terror in the streets as those exposed to the virus on the previous day had turned. The authorities were completely caught off guard, as the few police officers on duty were not nearly sufficient to respond to phone calls coming in from their precincts. In the north-east towns around it were almost completely devoid of any military presence, putting them in a poor position to contain what was occurring. The virus was estimated to have a 6 hour incubation period, and that the average person would begin to attack non infected individuals 16 hours post exposure. Notably, within the first 6 hours of infection, coughing and sneezing were the most prevalent side effect. Any concentration of sick individuals seemed to focus the virus, making going into a hospital a near death sentence, especially with their patients so late into the stages of infection. On the 12th people in Turovo began to flee en mass causing a massive traffic jam and chaos as infected began to attack trapped drivers while soldiers at the checkpoint desperately attempted to assist. To combat the spreading chaos two battalions of CDF troops from Miroslavl arrived in South Zagoria and assembled in the Chernogorsk area, manning an extensive string of checkpoints, military camps, and refugee safe zones, the former built during the period of martial law. Local units were mustered and deployed to checkpoints and military bases, and all military operations in the province were directed from the Balota airfield. The turmoil in the north east spilled into Berezino and Solnichniy, as infected spread into the two towns, sending a wave of refugees down the coastal road as the pandemonium on the eastern coast escalated. Luckily most refugees stopped at Elektrozavodsk and camped out on the eastern and western shore of the city. The situation worsened near Vybor, as the airbase was rushed by infected at the northern and eastern perimeter. A swarm of CAF (Chernarussian Air Force) aircraft conducted strikes all day trying to halt the takeover of the base, but the bombing, rocket, and strafing runs only attracted more infected to the base. By this time the much of western Chernarus had major outbreaks, many spurring from refugees fleeing west from South Zagoria. Even before proper border control actions could be taken many tourists and Chernarussian citizens had fled the country by air via the Novigrad and Miroslavl International Airports to Europe, and the Balkans, triggering outbreaks in those areas. Russia moved to close the border with Chernarus off completely, and Takistan shut down its border, boxing Chernarus in. Meanwhile, in Elektrozavodsk a flotilla of privately owned boats and military vessels from Miroslavl and ports further south had sailed up the coast to attempt a mass exodus of the city, which was largely successful in leaving only a couple dozen civilians and CDF who stayed in the city. Unfortunately, this noble effort only served to move the outbreak to Miroslavl where the docks were overwhelmed with infected and refugees fresh off the boats, as the CDF had not set up a virus screening area for incoming refugees. The only major cities left in South Zagoria by then were Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, and Zelenogorsk along with a handful of towns north of the coast. On the 17th, the CDF was struggling to hold onto South Zagoria with developing outbreaks in other areas in Chernarus bleeding dry reserves, meaning that South Zagoria could expect no further reinforcement as units further west were busy containing the epidemic near their bases, consequently it was on this day that help from abroad finally arrived in earnest. 200 UN peacekeepers and some 300 doctors and researchers were sent to Miroslavl where a large research center was established. A detachment of 100 were quickly dispatched to Chapaevsk where a base was created for treatment and research. A massive NATO fleet arrived off the coast of Chernarus, having been underway to the Green Sea since earlier in the week, joining an existing flotilla of NATO ships that had begun to assemble during the previous months of unrest. Now the fleet's goal was securing ground zero and preventing the loss of crucial NATO bases in the area. The Russian Black Sea fleet was waiting for the arriving ships, and had also been slowly deploying ships to the area as NATO had. NATO operations on July 17th focus mainly on reinforcing CDF troops in South Zagoria, deploying troops from its Kirovograd base to combat outbreaks in the city itself. Mostly US troops from the Utes garrison are deployed to South Zagoria, US Army troops dispatched to Chernogorsk and US Marines to the Elektrozavodsk area. Russian strikes mostly target border areas close to home, while NATO flies directly in support of the CDF and its forces on the ground. The fighting prior to the epidemic was put on the backburner in favor of each side defending its interests, Chernarus and Russia agree to a cessation of hostilities as the Outbreak worsened. The bombing carried into the 19th, and the CDF and NATO defense line began to falter, falling late in the morning sending a wave of infected towards Chernogorsk as US forces retreated from the city amid the infected and severe riots. By the afternoon Zelenogorsk was completely cut off, and the CDF forces within the city eventually withdrew to the countryside to ride out the crisis and refused to abandon the province completely. That night Chernogorsk was set ablaze, with many civilians ransacking stores of what supplies they had left while others locked up in apartments and partied late into the night. Around midnight the downtown International Hotel was struck by a cargo plane carrying relief supplies that had veered off course, killing all on board. By daybreak on the 20th, Chernogorsk was in shambles as CAF helicopters continued to search for refugees in areas deemed to have been lost and were often seen flying at telephone pole height for maximum visibility. The second wave of NATO, Russian, and CDF bombing began shortly after noon, spreading the infected westwards into the north Miroslavl province as they followed the bombing and fleeing people. On the 21st, the remainders of civilization within South Zagoria either gave up or were overwhelmed. Many civilians who had not already left or been evacuated fled to the Vavilovo and Kamenka checkpoints, bottlenecking the road and making it impossible for any vehicles to leave along the main highways headed into Miroslavl province. Thousands of foreigners trapped in airports across the country began to depart as their CDF guards left, hoping to find refuge elsewhere after being detained inside the airport for a week. Most of western Chernarus was in chaos, with only coastal cities being secured while the countryside was either bombed or fought over as the CDF slowly began to withdraw leaving many rural areas to fend for themselves. At night a massive storm erupted across the entire region with tumultuous seas and raging winds. Only adding to the catastrophe, a cruise ship, the Costa Risacca, carrying some 3,000 passengers, struck a rock formation during the gale and went down several miles off the coast of South Zagoria. The ship sank to the bottom, leaving those who hadn't gone down with the ship or drowned to try and bring their lifeboats ashore. A large cargo ship was forced into Chernarussian waters by the storm. Instead of risking life and limb, the crew chose to beach the ship. The storm raged into early hours of 24th, and by morning, Chernarus was eerily quiet. Novigrad, Primorsk, and Miroslavl prepared for the worst. Russia moved in and enforced a no-fly zone over South Zagoria. After two weeks, the majority of Chernarus was a desolate burnt-out shadow of its former self. By the conclusion of week two, Ukraine and Turkey were suffering from a total societal breakdown, and many areas across Europe, Asia, and the Americas were containing major outbreaks in and around transportation hubs. So it was, the decline of humanity was insured by the failures of our own arrogance. While our globalized society connected people in ways unfathomable to our ancestors, it also revealed a vital flaw in our very being. As a result of our interconnectivity, the infection was able to travel far and wide before anyone was able to throw the alarm. From Tokyo to Paris, Anchorage to Buenos Aires, the infected walked among us and war raged. Our nature of abstract blindness made us weak and vulnerable, and thus we suffered. Even what was occurring in one's own country was secondary to the drama unfolding right in their own neighborhoods. Similar stories would play out within nearly every country and continent on earth, all with one inevitable final climax. After a month, the remains of a global society was crucified on the graves of those who built it. However, resistance to the virus and its after effects remained as entire nations attempted to eradicate the threat in the midst, the winners and losers of this titanic clash yet to be determined. Credit to Majoo for headers.
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    Our website is powered by a community system called Invision Community (aka IPS). A new update for IPS version 4.2 is currently in beta and should be released within a month or two. This will mean quite a lot of changes on the website and some of them directly affect your content and customizations. You can read this thread on IPS website to read more about what's new. I will be performing a clean install of the community on version 4.2 which means a lot of custom content will be deleted to both increase performance and get rid of issues that were caused by the original migration to this website system back in November 2016. Some of these issues include profile problems, warning points not expiring, low website performance, broken Steam integration and other smaller issues that I haven't been able to resolve. We will also get a new look for the website, with a lighter theme and less overwhelming red everywhere. A screenshot of an early version of this theme can be found here. I will also use that opportunity to do major in game changes we've all been waiting for - lore wipe. As a member there's a few things you will need to think about before the update hits. Here's a list of items that you as members have to note and prepare for and in some cases back up your data. At the same time as I will do the website update we will also do the long awaited lore wipe - the lore will be replaced with a new one. The in game timeline will be reset. All groups and characters will be deleted along with all data associated with them. Back up your data if you want to keep your content! We obviously have backups in case some data needs to be desperately restored in the future, but it will be done as an exception only! Group system on the website will be replaced with a new one so all new groups after the lore wipe will be created in this new system. Factions will be no more, along with settlements. A rule enforced safe zone will replace those with a lore faction as owners. The lore faction and its safe zone will be introduced some time into the new lore, once it makes sense story wise. You can discuss the safe zone here. Profile customizations and settings will be wiped. That means your avatar, cover photo, signature, profile background, profile music and other Premium settings will be reset. Background music for your profiles or characters will no longer be possible to be uploaded directly to the server, instead you will have to upload the file to somewhere else and then link to it. Old warnings carried over from the old website will be deleted. Yes, after 5 years we are doing an amnesty on your old wrong doings and removing your history. Only warnings issued on this new website will be kept (so everything since November 2016). Final warnings however will be kept and re-added. Some of the custom features on the website won't be ready when we do the upgrade, so we may temporarily lose some of the functionality and extra features that we currently have. You have a month before the lore wipe, use this time wisely and finish off old business that you have with characters or groups. Back up all your character and group data if you want to keep it for future generations. There will be a event series that gives some kind of closure to the current lore. Questions about that should go to the LoreMaster team. The update is scheduled for JULY 23rd (Sunday). The new website and servers with new lore will open on July 24th, on DayZRPs 5th anniversary.
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    Dear Community I will have to leave Staff at this point as my priorities have changed in RL. I thought the three weeks break would give me the time to get everything done, but sadly that is not enough and I have to change my focus. It was a blast all those years and I dont regret anything. I had much fun and I got to know so many lovely people. This Community is still my home and I wont leave, since I enjoy hanging around and of course I enjoy playing and roleplaying. There are so many people I would love to thank personaly but I cannot name them all. In general, I would love to thank you all for your support, your feedback, may it be a pat on the back or criticism, for your nice words, for discussions and suggestions. Without you, you active players and members, I would have not been able to do this and without you DayZRP would be long gone. Thanks to the people I was able to work with during my time in Staff. I know your good intentions and you all work(ed) hard to keep DayZRP going. I will absolutely miss the time. Again, thank you all for your support in every way. With much love, Terra
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    Link to the situation: Multiple things 1: General attitude 2: Heavy-handedness/overly strict Feedback: 1. Your general attitude and behavior as of late shows you to be out of touch with what is actually occurring on the server and in the community, and shows that you've made very irrational decisions recently as well as in the past. The first link shows that you don't understand what is actually happening on the server, which is very troublesome as you are doing things that are meant to restrict and constrain hostile RP. However, because most of the server is peaceful if not neutral, you're really just fucking over the minority of people who do play as hostile characters and bandits. Yes, this is your community and your server, but when you put forth suggestions, rule changes, etc or just make changes (especially some that have drastic effects on the RP and gameplay) without taking into account what your staff team says or what the community thinks about the idea, you are going to piss off a lot of people and push a lot of people away from the community. With our current population, this is something that cannot happen. The more people you piss off and push away, the less revenue the site has, the standard of RP lowers, and the server numbers continue to get lower. If you this community is to survive, we need to attract new players and keep our current ones. This community could not handle another tendy-wave of the same size as the first one. The second link has you saying the following "I am primarily thinking of some PvPers initiating on everyone and destroying the event". This shows that you are extremely negative against banditry or people who happen to get into PVP more than others. You believe that hostile RP would ruin everything and destroy it all, when in fact it could potentially create some interesting RP. Of course, you'd never know that because you avoid any and all hostile RP (even the potential for hostile RP) that comes your way. Hostile/bandit RP is still RP. PVP can be a byproduct of that. Nobody is ever forced into PVP. If they get initiated on, and don't comply, their death is their fault. Their life is in their own hands, unless a mistake or a rulebreak occurs. The fact that you're severely restricting hostile RP just because you don't like it, and just because you think it's a majority of the server is very worrying. If you want people to have fun in your community, you need to cater to more than just one type of RP. Thirdly, your replies on this status update also show that you have a terrible attitude towards certain playstyles and groups of people within the community. I will go more in depth on your replies and behavior in the status update and the circumstances surrounding the status update in my next bit of feedback, but for this part, I will focus on the following quote: "I am tired of that PvP banter shit that's going on currently and people treating rule 5.1 like a fucking joke". Nobody is treating rule 5.1 as a joke, as you suggest they are. This gives off the idea that you are extremely against any and all PVP. Again, nobody is forced into PVP unless a rulebreak occurs. The issue of people solely seeking out PVP is no longer as big as you think it is. The people who have abused the rules have been dealt with. You can relax with your persecution of anybody titled a PVPer now. Lastly, and I have no links for this, but people have been denied staff positions simply because of who they are friends with. I could understand if the person who was denied has shown to have a terrible attitude towards others, posts flamey or inappropriate things constantly, or any other negative things like those, but to deny someone simply because of who they are friends with is terrible. It once again shows that you have some sort of hate or focused negativity for a certain group of people. As the leader of a community, I would think that you'd want to be welcoming to everybody and remain at the very least neutral with active members of your community. Obviously you're human and have your own emotions and own opinions, but if you expect others in your community to behave well and be positive members in the community, perhaps it would be a good idea to follow the same guidelines you enforce on the members of your community. Nobody likes a hypocrite. 2. The first link of the second spoiler above shows the situation in which you permanently banned someone over them saying that they understood that what they did was a rulebreak. I understand that he did have a bit of an attitude, but permanently banning someone over some things that are so miniscule is way too heavyhanded. I did not agree with that at the time, and I still do not agree with that action. Giving them 5-10 warning points would have sufficed better, and it would have ensured that we didn't unnecessarily lose someone/multiple others from the community for something so small. The above link shows that their is a history of this behavior. The second link happened yesterday, and shows the situation in which you revoked the whitelist of someone for posting a literally harmless joke in an offtopic thread. @Boston Basher posted the following: "PVP > RP". This was posted in a thread titled "Unpopular opinions". Seeing as how the thread was in the offtopic section, the standards for warnings in that section is more lax. Likewise, other posts in the thread were humorous and clearly jokes. Posting a joke about enjoying PVP over RP was on the same level as the previous posts in the thread. Even if the statement was a fully serious one, stating that you enjoy PVP more than RP, revoking somebody's whitelist over that is so tyrannical and stupid that it is dumbfounding. The following links (1, 2, 3) show you taking it completely seriously and massively blowing things out of proportion. I know for a fact that what he said was no worth any sort of punishment. If anybody else but you had looked at the post, the same outcome would not have occurred. These are just some of the examples of you blowing things out of proportion or responding in disproportionate ways. I already stated above that the more things you do to piss off members in your community, the more it hurts the community and the worse it will be. You need to be careful with your actions and behavior, or else another chicken tendy wave WILL happen again. The whole tendy wave began after Echo received arguably unjustified points for a picture of a chicken nugget that was in the shape of a penis. Of course, some of the behaviors he showed along with his friends afterwards were not appropriate, however, that is not the point. Giving out unjust warnings and permabanning people for bullshit reasons will piss off a lot of people, and rightfully so. Nobody likes to feel like they were wronged, and when it happens multiple times, or it's shown that it happens many times to other people that they care about, they're going to react in terrible ways. Unless you want another tendy wave to happen, please follow my suggestions below. Suggestions for improvement: Take a backseat when it comes to running the community. Take care of everything else outside of implementing and enforcing rules, and allow the many staff members that have been recruited for the sole purpose of running the community for you, do their job. Everybody panics when you say "I got this". That is not a good sign. That shows that you are unpredictable and have a short fuse. Your actions are hurting the community, but you don't seem to realize that. The community is better and runs more smoothly when you are inactive, so please for the sake of the community, let your staff team do the task that they are here to do in the first place. Calling @Rolle for his POV. Please provide any video evidence you have.
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    I made a song Yoooou saaay... the rules of the games not a way that you're willing to play You crrrry... a report by the guy that you shot when he was going byyyy Why so mad? Remember we had an agreement when you signed to play But you had to be baaaad Remember, despite your enflamement.... I am an admin You are banned Now you'll see You'll- remember.... not to mess with me You are banned You're a bane Sorry but you went ahead and lost the game Tensions rise Now you're GOOONE All those rules You went and- broke them alllll Now that shit Just got reeeal I will send a nicely worded message ….to remind you- in appeals Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da- You say our rules are broken And you won't be baaaahhhaahaahaaaaack I am sure those orphans thought that With your attaaahahahaaack And now that I delete ya Your name no longer featured My poor, dismissive member You are... gone forever Forever and ever Your boys aren't here to defend ya--- -You are banned Final draw Killing bambi's shouldn't be a score Metagamed Forums flamed For that girl you went and had to haze When you're goooone I'll be glad You just had to go and be a lahhaad Cause when you got in game You would... blow innocents to pieces--- --then you'd log off... like... a.... bitch Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da- EVERYBODY! Da da da dat da Dat da da da da yai da da da dat dat da yai da Da da da dat da Dat da da da yai da da da dat dat da!
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    DayZRP will support and promote this. All tomorrows Black Friday sales will go towards his crowdfunder. We'll be present on his Stream tomorrow.
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    Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: I definitely don't have any but there are pictures and video circulating. Feedback: I have been talking with several people about this and I feel it was time to address the owner of the community in which this takes place. What I am speaking about has been occurring since I joined the community but from hearing about more recent and blatant occurrences it has lead me to write this. In the past there have been several occurrences of internet pedophilia and pornography with minors depicted of people in this community. Some examples of this, with no names said, are a Skype stream of a 17 year old girl masturbating in front of other minors and adults doing the same thing. Nude pictures of an 18 year old being sent to a 15 year old. Spoken sexual harassment to minors in the community as well. As well as The mass circulation of these photos and the constant talk about these acts. I personally know all about this which is saying something because I am really a no name in this community and I am really only known for an example of pedophilia which I will PM you about in depth after I post this because it needs to addressed and I have waited to long. My point is that I, a no name, know in detail about all of these acts so that leads me to believe that you too know even more about hem then I do. What shocks me is that in most cases nothing is done about this. Instead you focus more on banning people who criticize you and simply turn a blind eye to this. Now I only know what I see on the commutation and it affirms my prior statement. In fact in the case of one of these cases of the spreading of pornography depicting minors a member of staff focused solely on crushing rumors of one of the spectators owning photographic records of this instead of punishing those involved and the person who made the porn itself. It was completely swept under the rug from mine and others point of view. In fact, in the past the victim was permanently banned for it and not perpetrator. They have been able to to stay in the community. This is just my opinion of what I know occurred and what I've seen done by the current and Ex-staff. I'm not trying to be the Corey Feldman of Dayzrp right now and this has nothing to do with the current political climate surrounding this type of thing I just thought that now would be a good time to address it. Suggestions for improvement: Put this problem at the forefront of your mind and at the top of your list of things to deal with in the community before it comes back to bite the community on it's collective ass. You might think that it was all done by the persons involved choices and the responsibility doesn't fall on you but it most certainly does. All these people met on your gaming community and the people who posses the aftermath circulate it with other people in your community. You are fully responsible to take the necessary actions to make sure the current and past perpetrators are stopped and punished for the actual CRIMES they committed inside your community.
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    We named it after your sex life. Keep the meme's outta here.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: See above friends. Feedback: Hello Jim, I am a concerned community member in possession of an audio/visual recording of you behaving poorly whilst in a conversation, acting in a staff member's capacity, with several community members and staff members. Overall I found your conduct to be extremely unprofessional, your attitude biased and your demeanour to be absolutely unrepresentative of what a staff member should be. For context, my fellow roleplayers, my friend @Para is the current group owner of the Nexum Co. group, a group of slave traffickers consisting of security of various nationalities, beliefs and creeds, slaves with the same diversity and, of course, a cast of roleplayers with whom I have had the privilege to roleplay with. As somebody who has roleplayed extensively, with over 1400 hours logged in DayZRP in the last year, I feel as if there is some credence lent to my judgement regarding what is good and bad roleplay. With that being said, on to the meat of the situation. Nexum Co. met the PCC, a group of left-leaning, self-proclaimed communists and socialists, in the town of Vybor. Roleplay ensued, my character disliked the fact that communists were in South Zagoria, once again trying to organise due to the previously negative history of communist uprisings in Chernarus. The culture of Chernarus is so virulently fearful of and anti-communist that laws were passed to suspend their capacity to organise and unify. It is no surprise that my character and the characters of those whom you and yours would denounce as bad roleplayers are virulently anti-communist, as they are products of their backwards, uneducated and cultural setting. Such is their hatred that they would hurl various insults at them, as discussed in the video, as well as maintain a general air of hostility towards a foreign, taboo presence in their country. This is how our characters should be roleplayed, I have no complaints in that regard, however, you, though you were not present for the situation whatsoever, and your friends, seemed to take issue with our roleplay. As such, a discussion was in order to hash out our differences and come to a reasonable compromise. As is evident from the video, as well as your people's behaviour prior to and during our recording, this was evidently not your intention. When I entered the room, I, as well as my friends, were told that our roleplay is trash and that we are bad roleplayers. Needless to say, I was not recording, but I was suitably irritated by somebody I've never met before calling my roleplay shit. However, we continued the conversation and seemed to be getting somewhere for a bit, then, as seen in the video, it went downhill as most of your people seemed to be irritated not because we dropped the homophobic F word or that we were virulently anti-communist, but simply because the roleplay did not go their way. This shit happens and both you and the people of your group, aside from Cosmo, in that room, evidently have not learned this important lesson. Anyway, aside from the insults and general pettiness, the conversation really wasn't going anywhere because your people were grasping at straws but, as he does most of the time, Para tried to be reasonable and offered a compromise. As is seen in the video, he agreed that we will have an internal group discussion about the matter and decide what to do then. This was fully supported by myself and Saffy but, alas, this was not good enough for you and your friends. Instead of ending the conversation on an amicable note, you continued on, making subtle threats about taking things to Rolle, using the large number of staff in the group as an excuse to intercede and, most of all, left the conversation like an immature child when you didn't get your way. Now, as a regular community member, being browbeaten by a staff member in a TS channel for roleplaying my character does not sit well with me at all. There were several things wrong with you being in that situation, namely the inherent bias you possess as you are a member of the PCC, so anything you say to Rolle regarding this really should be taken with a grain of salt; you were also not present for the discussed situation yet you deigned to intercede and denounce our roleplay as bad and, what's more, attempted to force change on us as a group simply because your friends told you that we are shit roleplayers. How you can pass judgement and attempt to force change as somebody with that degree of personal involvement, without being involved in the complained situation, is beyond my meagre abilities of comprehension. Overall, you demonstrated a bias as obvious as a ten inch penis, involved yourself in a situation which you knew nothing about, which also involved your group members, and, furthermore, decided to leave the conversation before its natural conclusion because we weren't folding to your bullying tactics. It was unimpressive to witness as a community member, and that is as nicely as it can be phrased. Suggestions for improvement: Don't threaten community members, vaguely or otherwise, do not involve yourself or attempt to act in a staff capacity when there is evident self-interest in a situation and, finally, act in a manner befitting the title "Co-owner" of this community.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: No because you won't read them anyway, I will just get to the bulk of the feedback that you will probably also ignore. Feedback: Fact 1. This was a fairly poor written response, back during my time in staff people were actually expected to put thought into their closing statements it's a shame that you're not. But then again you never had to put anything towards your rank other than money so I'm not surprised in this. Fact 2: I did not directly call any Transgender in this thread mentally Ill. I suppose one can argue indirectly yes I did as you stated in your "Closing statement" , I was merely stating that maybe Macbrine and Joe should not make fun of those people. Allow me to explain: We are constantly fed a narrative that we should not make fun of "transgender" people because it is discrimination and the deeper argument behind this narrative that if you do indeed tell them that they have a problem and tell them that they are not the gender they truly believe they are it is bullying and is the reason that 46% of most young transgender people commit suicide. This is entirely false. We as human beings should not mainstream delusion it is unhealthy and unethical. The fact that those numbers of suicide are only equivalent with Jews under Nazi Germany rule should really speak to you on something. Because I can tell you this, they are definitely not treated the same, and if you believe this you are as delusional as the people with this illness, that need help, and should really considering taking a read in any history book. So the only logical conclusion for even an untrained professional in the medical field to come to is that there is something deeper than just a bullying issue, it is a deep seeded mental issue, This progressive movement that holds these beliefs true are actually the most regressive form of people and you, are showing this exact attitude in this appeal. If anything I was telling people to not joke about such a thing, to not laugh at such a thing, as it is not funny. We do not tell schizophrenic people such as my mother that the people that they are afraid of in the walls are real, and that society is just being mean to them by telling them they're not. We do not laugh in the face of bi-polar people when they have breakdowns and freak the fuck out. We help these people seek treatments for the disorders, encourage them to get help by making them face facts even if it is sad and harsh, trust me no one wants to be diagnosed with these issues. I could literally go on and on all day and explain to you that why ignoring these facts are bad for these people but I will not because you will not read this anyway more than likely. Either way, it is never okay to make fun of the mentally Ill, and the fact that gender identity disorder, now referred to as gender dysphagia is legitimately a mental disorder plaguing people and I choose to address it as such as many others do and I state it is not okay to make fun of these people is utter hogwash. You had no basis for my post to actually be flaming, or actually being hate speech. You simply asked a rhetorical question then /yeeted my thread. With probably one of the saddest excuses for a closing statement that I've seen in a while. Suggestions for improvement: 1) Have some fucking pride in your work and what you say, because as an administrator that closing statement was pathetic. 2) Become educated on issues before you have an opinion, because it is clear that you are not when it comes to this topic. 3) Stop being ignorant when it comes to facts such as this, it is only hurting these people, not helping them get better, as I said we as humans need to stop mainstreaming delusion and need to start calling things what they are.
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    Members of the community, I have been sitting here for about 15 minutes staring at a blank topic creation form, debating with myself the best way to ease people into what is going to be a long and critical post, but the more and more I thought on it I came to a realization that I cannot beat around the bush on this issue, so I'll just out and say it. The community is dying, and it's all YOUR fault. Yes you, the person sitting behind the computer reading this post. You are the reason the community is dying, and you are the only one that can stop it. I know it sounds pretty finger pointy, but the fact is that I too am part of the problem, and unless we ALL take steps to fix the community, then frankly it will not last much longer. The evidence is, quite frankly, depressing (See a post on statistics here). When I joined the community back in early 2015 there were 2 servers., A few months later there were 4, and all of them had queues to get into during prime time. During that time there was never not someone to roleplay with. You could throw a stone and hit 3 groups of five just randomly about the triangle (which back then consisted of green mountain to the south, the airfield to the north, and Novy to the east). Sense then however the numbers have dwindled due in part to several reasons such as the lack of content updates, a larger number of the community having been banned either voluntarily or otherwise, and a complete stagnation of RP. Now the first two examples I have given, there is not much YOU can do about it (except if you are Rolle/staff in which case I'll get to that later). What you can do however is attempt to fix the latter part of the three issues I have presented. Attempt to fix the stagnation of RP. Now some of the things I am about to suggest may sound easy in essence, but in practice are going to prove rather difficult. Others, however are going to irritate a lot of people and might even cause people to get at one another on finger pointing, but I'll be frank. Everyone is at fault. No finger pointing necessary. So here we go. The stagnation of roleplay is, by far, one of the largest issues that plague the community. It has been there from the start, even when 4 servers were present, however it wasn't as noticeable at the time due mostly in part to the fact that there was such a massive amount of people to interact with that even when stagnation was present it wasn't likely you had seen it all. However now that the numbers dwindle, dipping below 40 more often than not, and often enough dipping below 20 players active, it is quite obvious that it is present. The first thing that has led to stagnation is simple, everyone has continued to play the same character in either essence or in name since they started on the server. Now theoretically that is good as you can roleplay out how your character evolves over time, or you can remain in your niche even on a new character due to the fact that your new character still feels familiar. However when everyone is doing this it frankly leads to one of the most boring things you can fathom. Predictability. The more you play the same character, run with the same or similar groups, behave in the same way, the more that people will immediately know what to expect coming from your roleplay. The bandits will always be quick to anger, finding any slight against them as a means to initiate. The campfire roleplayers will always be friendly, welcoming you and aiding you however they can, the medical RPers will always do just that, provide medical RP. People talk about showing there characters evolution over time but, breaking it down, has anyone's characters' really changed? Or have you just become so caught up in what is routine that you are content. If you want to fix this, try something new. Bandits, try backing off for once, interacting with the people, sitting down at the campfires. Maybe even attempt to make a campfire RP character every now and then. Campfire RPers, try making a hostile character (shout out to @Mademoiselle here for doing just this), be aggressive, hold someone up. Everyone try playing something new, something different, and keep changing. Make it so that every time someone meets you again for the first time on a new character they don't actually know what they will get. Make them approach you apprehensively until they know just what role you are playing. Maybe one day you are running a pub, then you retire that character for a bit, and the next time people meet you, you are playing a Takistani Terrorist, then a week later you are a survivalist. I think you will find that it becomes not just more enjoyable for those that interact with you, but for yourself as well, as you get to explore things outside your comfort range. Now then, onto the next thing that leads to stagnation. Hiding or isolating yourselves over long distances. Remember how I mentioned before that when there were four full servers there was always someone to interact with? We don't have that luxury anymore. And yet we have become, over time, increasingly more separated as a community. I think it started around .55 or whatever the patch is that created the complete lack of supplies, which (in my opinion) was among the best patches, but more on that later. Now however it is hard to find people to actually interact with aside from the small groups of people that you already interact with on a daily basis. I myself tend to hang around the 'hotspots' as much as possible, but honestly that still usually only accounts for maybe a quarter of the server. The others or setting up in venues away from the hotspots which, while good roleplay of wanting to be off by yourself, is terrible for the community. Take a new player for example. They join and look for someone to interact with. They are excited to meet people and get into roleplay. So they head to the airfield and there's... nothing. They may find one random person who will then spot them, then immediately run off for fear of being robbed. Alright so then they head south to VMC and... same thing. It's just a walkind dead graveyard. Oh, but hey there's that hotspot they heard about. Let's head there. They meet people, talk to them for awhile, and then what? They either have to stay interacting with the same 5 people, or attempt to find others to no avail. Don't think this is a problem? When I was looking around for the UPS group back when I was running with the Black Fangs, I was astounded with where I found them. A group of eight or nine (comprising about a third of the server at the time) had isolated themselves to a single house near debug. Debug, let that sink in. A third of the server that people could interact with had isolated themselves so much that, frankly, no random would ever get to interact with them. Now I get it, you isolate yourselves out there for fear of bandits, or whatever, but in attempting to avoid one type of RP, you instead isolate everyone else off from yourself. Meaning that the interactions that those people are going to get are going to be increasingly boring or repetitive. They might run in to only the one bandit group on the server and assume that that is all there is to roleplay, a bunch of people going around and robbing or strong arming people. Now what do you think that person's perception of the server is going to be? Do you think that they will continue to play after X amount of time? No. They will leave, and the numbers will continue to dwindle. Now I know that this will lead people to go 'Aha, so the bandits are the problem', to which I will say... yes and no. The issue, when it comes to banditry, isn't that it exists or that there are players who enjoy robbing people and getting into firefights, it's that it is becoming predictable and rushed. And again, it's all YOUR fault. Yes, the issue of how bad hostile RP has gotten is even the fault of those that have nothing to do with bandit RP... because they will have nothing to do with bandit RP. Now I have played both sides, and I can tell you that the best bandit RP happens slowly. The escalation is slow, perhaps they are insulted by a couple things you said, but let it slide. Perhaps you are a foreigner so they are already aggravated by your presence. However usually it starts with just veiled threats. However that buildup has disappeared, and the reason it has it simple. The hostile RPers are bored. They run around the map, sometimes for hours looking for someone to present their hostile RP to, only to either have people immediately flee at there presence, suddenly find a need to log, or are simply hiding and yelling on the radio all the time. What this creates however is boredom. The longer they are running around without interaction, the more they want to get to what they consider the 'juicy' stuff, so that when they do finally find someone to interact with, the RP becomes hastened. They start to seem like all they want is the firefight, that they are looking for any reason to initiate, and it's simply because, after 2 hours of running around, that is exactly what they want. Look at the VDV, when we came down to Cherno we were able to interact with people quite often, and even though many of these players are the so called pvp scum of the server, things went surprisingly well. Do you know why? Because they were able to constantly provide their hostile RP without running about for hours on end looking for someone to interact with. The buildup to the fight with the CDF took time, the buildup to the fight with the UN also took time. And the payoff for the players was all the greater for it. They got to enjoy that buildup of growing hostilities, and then when it boiled over they got to enjoy the long overdue fight all the more. Interactions like that however cannot exist without someone to have a buildup with. Now onto the next part of stagnation, and I promise, we are almost there. This one is probably the most vitriolic for growing the RP base, and that is elitism. Many of you have been in the community for years, and have had a chance to develop your RP to where it is. Some of you are pariahs of RP, or come from other communities where you were able to grow it. You know who doesn't always have that luxury? New players. Whitenames as they are so often referred to. These are, often enough, players that are wanting to try something new. Perhaps they come off too super soldiery, perhaps there character choice is somewhat trolly, heck perhaps they are even someone more experienced trying something new. What are they met with? Shunning and reports. If people do not like the RP of a person, rather than working with that person to improve it, they are instead either ignored, or thrown into a report. Then you have the staff look at it and go 'yeah, no, not good enough. 3 day ban'. Now I want you to think on that for a moment. how many people do you think that waited 2 or 3 days to get into a community only to be banned a few days later for again a few days are going to return to your community at all. Sure you can argue that there are tools in place to help them, that there are precious guides or mentors and staff to talk them through things, but let's be honest with ourselves. The only way that people will improve is through first hand experience, and that will only happen if you let them. So don't be so quick to report them and get them banned just because there RP doesn't meet your expectations. Sure you can start the report as a means of contacting them, but try and talk it out with them, try and coach them on what they did and where they can improve. DO NOT BE AN ELITIST PRICK. So yes, stop saying that THEY are the problem, and instead focus on why YOU are. And this is especially true for staff (told you I'd get back to this later), if what I have heard is true. For those of you that haven't heard yet, there is a rumor going about that members of staff (I will not name names, but if it's true you know who you are) had fallen so far into the 'THEY' blame game at one point that they attempted to get @Rolle to ban an entire demographic of RP and all of those who prescribe to it. Thankfully, as the rumor goes, @Rolle and @JimRP denied there request. But that just goes to show that, if we continue to focus on how everyone else is the problem, that all we will do is reduce the community further. Or you know, you can also keep talking about how Beta will fix everything... just like you did with the lorewipe... and like you did with .61... and like you did with... well you get my point.
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    Well the last 6 months have been a roller coaster ride. I've had ups and downs and highs and lows. I have gotten to work with and help a great deal of folks and take part in some pretty neat stuff. I don't want anybody to think that I was kicked or anything like that. Just can't continue to justify spending an inordinate amount of time here when I could be out doing things that I enjoy a lot more. Recently got a new truck and have made a lot of new friends at college and I'd rather spend time hiking, fishing, or off-roading. Too much negativity, toxicity, and petty drama here to stick around. There is probably more drama here then in my work and school combined. That being said I don't have any gripes with anybody or beef at all. I have gotten a lot of support despite the fact that I have been able to get around to not even half of what I planned and I made the mistake of promising things I couldn't deliver and not following through like I should. With class, work, and family it's just too much time to spend on the internet. Finals are also coming up and I need to finish this semester strong. I start aviation lessons in December so I can be a private pilot. @Jamie - Thank you for all our talks and time spent helping me out. You received me and got me into staff and for that I am grateful. You have always been somebody I felt I could go to to talk about whatever I needed help on. Keep it real brother. @Papa Tachanka - You are a fucking rock and this community is a lesser place without you. I miss our conversations we would have everyday about Lore and life in general. You are the hero this place needs but doesn't deserve. I plan on spending a lot more time chilling in your neck of the woods and playing games with you guys. @Rory - Thanks for the memes. Don't force yourself to do anything you don't enjoy. @Zero - You are a solid dude, keep your chin up and don't forget it's just a game. @Sleepyhead - Enjoyed the banter in TS and the kind words. @PCJames - Looking forward to playing other games and hanging out. Thanks for your time in CR bro. @Boston - Great guy, looking forward to hanging out IRL maybe. You have to buy dinner though. @Iso - You are a champ and one of the most authentic folks I have known on here. Don't stop. @Hebi Kotei - Keep triggering the cucks and move to Murica' while you are at it. @Joffrey - Keep up what you are doing. We need more folks like you. I haven't mentioned a thousand people, but you guys know who you are. Deuces. "Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present."
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    Hello folks! in the past few months I have rolled around with a ton of bandits, and seen great rp and bad rp. I know a few of my bandit friends are upset that non-bandit rp'ers are upset at getting robbed, and my bandit friends respond "There needs to be robbery and bad guys or the server will be stale!!!!" And.. they are correct. However; This^^^^ situation is what is presented to the non-bandit rp'ers at LEAST 40% of the time. Literal minutes of silence, while being told to stand in a circle and wait. And the only reason or build-up to the way of "Why was I robbed" is met with the most, boring.. stale... and awful basic beech Arr' P. After moments of silence.. the hostages self RP as nothing is being said by the folks who are running the show.. only then are they interrupted by the hostage taker ..to tell them " you are all going to die.. unless this stranger commits suicide in front of you". What the actual fuck? Now.. I will admit this story line of suicide jargon could be a really cool scenario with the proper build-up and hostage interactions.. but to just straight up, out of the blue say " Kill urself or all these pplz diez" .. I dunno man... This is why folks hate getting robbed. It isn't fun for the hostages, its just a weird... gathering of silent people. I don't mean to particular pick on the chaps listed here in the video... because I have seen this type of "Hostile roleplay" alot this year, and it's pissing folks off. Bandits, step up your game, because this is boring... and it's stupid. Get at me on TS if you'd like a full debate on the subject.
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    A certain broadcast would be repeated on loop, playing from a certain radio station to the east.
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    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
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    I had been in que since my disconnect log prior to the one above and it took quite a while. In the time I was in que I fed my dogs, let them out after they ate, refilled all of their water dishes, took a picture of the of them (Which I will include below), played fetch with them, returned to my computer played some dnd, tabbed into the game to see if I had gotten through the que yet, saw I was dead. (This is Bella she is good at balancing things on her head)
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    We are more than happy to let you play on a different Server since we dont have the time for your bullshit. Only the best for you.
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    Who gives a fuck how he was removed? He leaked the fucking server logs to his group so that they could have some cheap laughs at some players, who were harassed because of it afterwards. So we're supposed to be all nice and "thank him" because he broke THE MOST IMPORTANT staff rule there is, and these people who were harassed now do not trust the staff team or feel comfortable saying anything in text in game because it might get leaked? I'm disgusted by the people "thanking him" for his service after what he's done. Get your priorities straight. New staff agreement means that intentional leaking of logs will be met with a permaban. I'm done with fucking snakes and people who can't be trusted with a simple task of keeping internal info internal. Closing, deal with it.
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    I think you're mistaken. I'm certain it is not my responsibility what users on my website send to each other outside of this website and I'm certainly not required by any means to take any action unless I receive a Swedish court order to provide information about someone actions who is a member on this website. What nudes members of this community send between each other is none of my business. I'm here to provide role play game servers and not to monitor if you masturbate on Skype to others. If a member is harassed through nudes that were stolen and are being spread within the community itself, like actually posted here, sure I can step in and rule 4, but in 5 years of this website I only had to do that once. I haven't received any reports and I'm not aware of any harassment involving these things at this time, I don't browse through people's PMs either. If you have solid proof of someone spreading other members nudes through the community website or TeamSpeak you should report it to me or one of the admins.
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    Ground Zero - Place of Interest In the first month of the Outbreak survivors were occupied their daily struggle of finding food, safety, and some peace of mind in South Zagoria, generally forgetting or disregarding the place where the entire crisis had started. Some traveled into the base to search for supplies and anything left behind by the military forces that had manned the base before it was bombed. Many were smart and wore protective clothing and gas masks, others were either unaware or ignorant of the biological dangers of the site and went in unprotected. Some got lucky and some got sick, but most others just figured they had gotten bitten or exposed somehow. As the forces of the Russian Federation pulled out of the province and the CDF remnants were ordered out of the province, survivors left Chernogorsk and headed north to Severograd, a town which provided a fairly centralized location for commerce and hearing about the goings-on of the area. Apart from the occasional rumble from Tisy or the occasional Chernarussian Air Force jet high up in the sky, everything seemed normal. Aside from the amount of buildings that had been destroyed by Russian artillery the north Severograd countryside was almost picturesque. While downtown Severograd had mostly been spared, outlying areas were marked with destroyed houses and barns, a testament to the Russian attempt to distract the public from the epidemic that would soon grip the province and the world beyond. The civilians in the area had been evacuated or fled to Miroslavl, leaving behind ancestral homesteads and lands to rot. Cows and farm animals grazed at will in the countryside, and the frequent call of wolves in the forests to the north were a reminder of the dangers of travel as the summer months winded down and the temperature cooled down and the leaves began to change colour. The Kamensk Military Base was visited by forces of the UN in an attempt to discover more about the origins of the Outbreak. The former base of the 34th Engineer Company and the 176th "Gorka" Battalion was a shadow of its former self following the Russian bombing and the dispersal of the CDF from the base and the greater area. Most of the buildings present at the base had been in abysmal condition even before the Outbreak, most of which were leveled during the bombing. Tents set up by the military forces deployed to the site had mostly been looted or removed of valuables, and any documents or papers that could be used to deduce what had transpired there had conspicuously disappeared. The only real clue to what had happened being a pit down the hill to the south east of the base. A concrete slab punctuated by a small opening covered with a steel grate were apparent, but a look below the surface revealed a pile of bodies and a pipe that spanned the horrific pit, along with what appeared to be a shed jutting out of the side of the structure. The pipe had at one point been breached, with a jagged outline that showed where it had been. Since then it had been welded shut from the inside, and whoever had sealed the exposed pipe had conducted the job in a rushed manner among the pile of rapidly decaying carcasses that show evidence of being executed or subject to the blast of a grenade. The radiation level at the mysterious base is unusually high, not enough to be immediately dangerous, but enough to discourage anybody who knows about it to keep their path narrow and the duration of their visit brief. Beyond this, the level of biological contamination is far more of a threat to humans then the radiation. And as if that isn't enough, roaming packs of wolves make any trip to the site dangerous before one even reaches it. The feeling that you are being watched permeates the whole facility, making one uneasy as they tread through the area on their travels. In short, the location is a place full of questions and danger with few answers to offer up for the risk. //This thread meant to announce Ground Zero as a biologically contaminated site that would require sufficient protective gear and a gas mask to access safely. Those who don't would probably get sick dependant on where they went inside the base (pit, destroyed buildings, etc). It could also be considered bad rp to visit the site without the necessary protective gear and to play it off as if you were unaffected or safe from exposure. Everything that has been mentioned in this post can reasonably be seen by everybody IG, with the only small exception being the outline where the pipe has been welded shut from the inside. More will be done with Ground Zero in the future with the advent of hazmat suits in .63 (keep an eye on Tisy too) and as we start doing events in the area, many of which will be unannounced and dynamic which are directly related to the site.The radiation is just high enough to be suspicious but not really enough to do damage, the biological contamination is what will kill you.
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    There's a real issue that seems to be plaguing our server lately. It's always been a part of the community, but with our consistently active playerbase shrinking by ~50%-75% on March 1st, this issue seems to have been magnified. Of course, everybody is going to enjoy different types of roleplay, and playstyles, but the mindset that they're somehow better than another person just because of the RP they enjoy/playstyle they play is toxic as fuck and is killing our server. It drives a huge wedge between members of the community, and it needs to stop. I'm not sure how to stop it, and I'm not suggesting any solutions, because this issue is much more complex than it may seem. However, I know for a fact that it will take everybody to make things better. There has always been a split between campfire RPers and RPVPers, and there has always been a sense of elitism on both sides. However, as I stated above, it seems to have been magnified since March 1st. PVPers are seen as scum of the community just because they rob people and get into firefights. Now, there are obviously some bad apples out there that ruin things for everybody, but just because there are those few assholes who have to abuse things, that doesn't mean PVPers should be stereotyped as terrible RPers who are only on the server to find PVP. This attitude towards PVPers can be seen both in game and on the forums. There have been many many times where either my friends and I, or another person I know, has been berated or insulted on an OOC level just because the person getting robbed is upset at the loss of their things. I've personally seen comments like the following from this report: 08:50:39 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //you have to emote you aids rping fucks jesus meta gaming, and now this jfc 08:50:44 : Direct: Dusty Mayfire: //stop ooc 08:50:51 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //stop breaking rules 08:51:15 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //dont break rules and i wont have to morons Or also things that are said directly to me/my friends, whether it be on the forums or in teamspeak. These don't necessarily have anything to do with PVP vs Campfire RP, but it shows that people lose control and allow themselves to act like an asshole over things that don't matter: Regarding things I've heard said about campfire RPers, I don't really have many examples to go on as I have not been a campfire RPer for at least 2 years now. However, what I have heard from other people, or even have heard myself said, are that campfire RPers are pussies that hide from everybody else or that they're piles of salt or that so-and-so is a whiteknight, or comments along those lines. Personally, I don't have a problem with campfire RP; my only issues lies with people who purposely hide away from other people and only internal RP, or people who avoid RP hotspots because it's 'dirty' or whatever. Now, both sides are guilty of elitism and OOC hate for the other side, and both are at fault for it. However, this is not something that can be easily solved. It will take everybody changing their mindset and being more open minded to make things better in our community. After all, we're all here to have fun and to create interesting stories, but this can be hindered when people allow themselves to get heated or upset over the tiniest things. Like I said, there's nothing that can really be done, besides everybody in the community opening their mind more and just being more chill in general. There is also the issue of people avoiding RP hotspots or hubs just because they think they're better than the RP that goes on there, or that avoid it because they don't want to ever experience bad RP. There is also an issue of people hiding away and only internal RPing with each other, and who completely avoid anybody that is not in their group. My issue lies with these types of people. I am not against internal RP, I am against people who purposely try to avoid anybody else for whatever reason. I've heard comments like "That type of RP belongs in Cherno!" and things along those lines. People calling the triangle, and more recently Cherno, cancer because the majority of reports are centered in that area. Like yeah, bad RP would happen there sometimes, but that happens when new people roleplay, or when somebody makes a mistake. Just because there might be a chance of bad RP happening, or because a majority of reports center around an area, doesn't mean people should just avoid it. That type of thinking is killing the server. Without an RP hub, or a place for people to go to RP with each other, it's just a bunch of people running around, searching town after town to find people to RP with. That's not fun. Just did it for an hour and a half. Ran from Elektro to Novaya Petrovka, and even over towards Severograd. Found literally nobody the entire time. Like I said, that's not fun. We're all here to RP with each other. Yes, bad RP can occur, but people shouldn't hide themselves away from everyone else just because they don't want to potentially experience bad RP, or because they're afraid of being robbed. When people hide themselves away, or avoid an area like it's the plague just because it's a popular area, it can and does kill a server. People come here to RP with other people. When they can't find anybody to RP with, it's not fun, and they're likely to not want to play on the server. That is how I am personally feeling lately. I don't have motivation to get in game, because it is difficult to find other people to RP with. I know for a fact that there are others out there who feel the same as I do. The idea that hiding away from people is better than RPing with others seems to be a relatively new idea. As far as I can remember, this was not an issue back in 2015. Green Mountain was always popular, as well as Zelenogorsk, Vybor/VMC, the airfield, Stary, Novy. Then there were times that Dolina was popular, and then the prison island, and then eventually the RP hub moved to Kabanino. It seems like the mindset of hiding from everybody stemmed from something during the time Kabanino became popular. I don't know why some people feel inclined to do so, but it's not a good mindset and will kill the community and server, unless our server populations rise again or unless that type of thinking is done away with. I'm not saying that people who do that are bad people or bad at RPing, but it is not a good mindset to have if we want the server to remain populated, and if we want our community to continue being about having fun and creating cool stories with each other. I'm also not saying that everybody should be at the RP hub 24 hours, 7 days a week. I just think that people need to get out of their comfort zones more often. Maybe that would keep the servers alive. Anyways, these are all my opinions. I am not trying to throw shade and flame people or a certain playstyle, and I am sorry if it came across that way. I am also not looking to get into arguments, and I would like it if other people could avoid flaming or flamebaiting each other, but that might be too much to wish for. What I would like to do, is create a discussion where we can all share our opinions and potentially open the eyes of people that were unaware of this issue.
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    This is the first time the staff team has ever heard of this excuse. We have decided to test your theory ourselves. @Chewy and I went ingame and found a paintable weapon, Chewy (Character name: Caitlyn Myers) painted it and then handed me the gun. I proceeded to shoot her with it. According to your theory, the hitlog shouldn't show that I (Character name: Lexa Skyette) shot her. Below you can find the hitlog regarding our experiment: Below is the video of the experiment: @nicvin49, We have 2 questions for you: Would you like to edit your point of view to what actually happened? Do you have video evidence?
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    So, I just got whitelisted here, and I'm not going to give my two cents on the safe zone because I haven't experienced anything on DayZRP yet. What this whole thread does do, is make me think twice about wanting to RP here. Clearly, most of you have "spirited" opinions on THIS subject, but I hope when I start reading the other topics, they aren't this negative. Please be respectful of both "sides" opinions and try to see things from other peoples points of view. Thank you.
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    Server and location: Server one, Kabanino Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:00 Your in game name: Anthony Romani Names of allies involved: SCUM Name of suspect/s: @Puncture (Ronnie Johnson) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://plays.tv/video/59235e3697e95f97e3/games (excuse my brother in the background) Detailed description of the events: After sitting in a fairly large que I finally get into the server and head my way towards Kabanino. I go to the well to get a drink and I'm initiated on from an unknown location. This was only text. no VOIP. I then runaway and link up with my group. We stay around kab for about 5 minutes or so, I then decide to go back to the well, this time I have activated my handy dandy recording software tool playstv. I run up to the piano house once more and I'm initiated on again with only text. No VOIP, no nothing. This time we know its from the piano house, so we circle Kab a few times keeping an eye on it. I then link up with my good friend and combat partner @Flash and we go ahead and check piano again. We're then initiated on, and shocker, there's no VOIP, only text. Time passes and @Hebee, aka Chris Kyle, snipes two of the aggressors from the house. The remaining ones flee north and we go south to log off for the day. Cuddling up in a house and initating on the town is textbook abuse of game mechanics. You're clearly trying to cause confusion so you can gain KOS rights for non compliance. This is a hot topic recently that Oliv himself warned everyone not to do in his recent announcment, and Puncture I believe you too were angry about people doing this.
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    I have no words to express how much I do not want you in this community. Okay, so your friend was banned for combat logging. Yes, he was, there is no difference between that and "emergency logging". You log out before that 30 minutes is up, you get a CL ban. Onto your next line of though, no one has ever been banned for 2 days for KoS. KoS is 7 days, RDM is 3 days, attempted KoS is 3 and Attempted RDM is 2. No one is lying about standard punishments, this community has been around for 4 years, we have a lot of things in place that don't change. Castiel is not a part of the Kindred group nor is he biased. You sound pretty mad that you and your friend were legitimately banned. No one who is in the group of the accused or the OP can handle a report, ever. And finally, what the hell abuse of power are you talking about? Let's get this straight: You use an IC hate as a justification for RDMing someone, claim the GM is bias because you don't know that Combat Logging and "Emergency Logging" have literally no difference, and then you start flaming people in your own discussion because for some reason you're too mad to realise that you've gotten every single part of your point wrong? Reviewed, permabanned.
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    Herro. Here's some art of mine and a comic I'm working on! I probably can't help anyone with any art atm, so if you were interested sorrrrryyy ... [ART] Random Doodles --- Doodles of other people Aristo Lyca Monday Chewy --- Comics
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    Server and location: S1, Kabanino. Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7/31/17 18:00ish. Your in game name: Nikolai Trenkov. Names of allies involved: @Watchman & @Sleepyhead Name of suspect/s: Irish people. Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I'll attempt to salvage some footage and upload it. Detailed description of the events: Ran into Kabanino to meet with my allies. Walking down the road, I am met with some Irish guy on the road. He greeted with me with "Who the fuck are you?" I replied to him in a similar manner. All of a sudden without anything coming from his mouth, all his friends spun around at the same time and bunched up on me at once. After some hostile roleplay, they took myself and my allies hostage. The forced me into the piano house, and I'm met with "If you chat shit, I'm gonna kill you." I get that quite a few times during the encounter. They move me into the house and ask me a few questions. They ask me my name, where I'm from and if I'm with the VDV for being Russian. It was quite simple roleplay in all honesty. Several of them were talking over each other and focused on other stuff, it was a little bit manic. But one of the allies of the suspect walked up to with me and told me to put on a white dress and dance for them. I point blank refused and told them no, I'm not a puppet to make a fool out of. They then shot me dead for non-compliance. I have no idea personally why a group of Irish people would be taking people hostage and telling them to wear dresses and dance for them 20 days into the infection.
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    Sorry, nobody comes back from the dead. You killed yourself in this video and you announced it on your radio chatter. Don't be an attention seeker please. You made the choice to perma, nobody else. 10.3 Permanent killing a character (aka "permadeath") is a decision that is taken only by the character owner. Permadeath is final, once a character is declared as killed by the owner it may not be used ever again. /closed.
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    For now it is time for me to say farewell, my real life is taking over fast with the army approaching my family and college need more more right now and i've got commitments in other places of the internet such as other games/communities that I feel I will have more fun with. I guess everyone gets burned out eventually and since I joined a little less than a year ago i've pretty much played non stop and that is... bad but not regrettable. I've had a lot of memories and made a lot of friends here who I can say are closer than my whole like 7 IRL friends who I definitely don't take for granted. People act like this place is going down or whatever but honestly it's really not, this place hasn't changed other than new blood in some places and less in others but for the most part this community is about 100x better than most other places and you only have to go join a discord community to get a true taste of cancer. Sure DayZRP has its issues but everywhere does and its not broken just misguided but I got some wise words from vets here a while back which I took on seriously. But imma shout out my friends/people I respect in the community in no order other than how many people I can remember at 12am; @Jadeboat What can I say a really good staff member and a really good friend (Yeah I said it) you've always put thing in perspective and been honest which is all you can look for in a person through my eyes, we talked about the randomest shit at 4am then go watch Diary of a wimpy kid like its no one business then have the courage to watch fucking Mean girls afterwards. Don't change for the world and come back to staff when you get stuff sorted because honestly you are one of the better community members to do this kind of stuff (No offence to the current GM team ya'll are great too <3) Also @Drbeans *Insert multiple out of context soundboards here* @Buddy I could go on for hours with how much i've agreed with you and the things you have done for the community. The Mentor System that you picked up may not be popular but it works and really you are doing god's work and you don't bathe in the glory, you do it through PM's create meetings and get it done no need for a thread every time you help someone. You told me a while back in my "Community" thread to just enjoy myself and make the changes myself and I really took that in and I have enjoyed myself. Thanks for that advice that set me straight for a long time along with a lot of other things. @Strawberry One of my earlier friends throughout the community, after my horrible 6 fire fights a day RP in the saviours you took me in with 2eazy into Symptom and it did develop my hostile RP even more than the family did even if it did turn out cancer in the end. You always around on snapchat or whatever to play games and we talk on the regular enough to say we do, from everything to 3am chats about motivation to like just the crazy things its been nuts and you are a really good addition to the community. Keep fighting the good fight! @Brady Hell man you told me off more than anyone when I did some dumb shit and I needed it, you gave me a good insight on the rules from a staff perspective and from a community members one, I knew you before staff and to be honest you are the same as you are now so no dumb power trips here. You are a honest friend and funny, from listening to you negotiate to a female drunk at a party to you just being a lemon iC. Like strawberry (You two are like the same but different and I met you at the same time so you too will always be like a package deal) keep fighting the good fight. @Cocomii I met you in the newcomers channel and you told me you were stuck between a bin and my first advice to you was to kill yourself, ever since bringing you to symptom you have always been chill, another person I can say anything around and you will just send it back my way with good advice or some weak roast but ya'know... I'm glad you've come back recently as I do enjoy your RP and you commitment to it is unquestionable. @Honeybee You are sexy and I love you and that's all I have to say. Stay angry to be honest.. <3 @Jasper You are gone now but I still love you and you know everything I have to say about you already. Same with @LawRP @Darion Real chill dude, it's a shame we don't talk as much as we used to but times change, i'll hit you up soon since you guys don't even go into discord anymore I swear. I hope you come back and RP again because I missed your RP and our group OOC discussions. Stay chill! @Lyca n' @Ender The mayhem twins, you two are like so cool and people really just fucking go at you for fuck all reason and its unfair but sometimes that's just the way assholes are and you gritted your teeth all the way until the sweet end. You guys deserved everything you got after leaving staff except a big fucking thank you from all the people you helped indirectly like helping solve those peoples reports/disputes. Also you are both cool to talk to and I know I can come to you two with anything. Love you both <3 @Para What can I say except you are a good guy, drive your point and keep things flowing. Some people may disagree with that but eh, at least most people think you're right or you wouldn't of been a GM. Keep up with your education man and you better be my lawyer when I do some dumb shit in the future like idk not pay my Tv license or something like that. Stay cool man. @Elmo You are my favourite irishman, you've got a good head on your shoulders and the first person who gave me my caution. Also I remember you barging in and shouting at me and @2Eazy for putting things on Shiros wall Good times <3 @Methias Helo fy nghyfeillion dydd Mawrth nesaf! @PCJames You are the gift that does not stop giving, we have similar viewpoints for tasteful conversation and good synergy with our humour. I know I can trust you with whatever and we could talk for hours about life itself and the secrets of the universe. I'm glad you got LM after trying for so long and honestly even though it may be your cup of tea all the time the team needs you still because that's what you are a team even if you don't have any powers really as to say it. I'd leave you feedback but you leave that yourself on other groups Stay loving my prince. @Clumsy Thank you for all the graphics and advice for streaming when Is started out, I really appreciated and ill have to tune into your streams more often when I have free time! Good luck with your kid I wish you the best! @BostonRP Just memes man <3 As for everyone else that I can remember coming over my journey I appreciate ya'll (If I miss you and we talk or have been friends and I didn't mention you I love you too man <3) @2Eazy @Josei @Tony @Spartan @Brayces @Eddie @Hebi Kotei @Lad @Chewy @Sexlaxarienlaxask @Enigma @Jack Bandit @Will @Taryn @WulfeGirl @Stagsview @Laski @Macbrine @KyleRP @ExoticRP @Everyone else on this damn platforum I get along with. A song for the road Hopefully this will be on my gravestone @Laski O O F
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Regarding the wording of the initial verdict, I found it unclear and had I had to speak to multiple admins about it. I felt the verdict should have been individual based, not everyone thrown under the same rug to say. It would have been way easier for everyone receiving the punishment to have their own personal verdict on what they have done wrong. There is a mention of history being brought in. If my record was thoroughly looked through it will show that majority of them warning were cautions and bans that were appealed my most recent punishment before final was in the process of appealing so for some information on that I will post a link. Now I'm adding this in purely for context to regarding my roleplay as a whole to show that justifications regarding that report that led to me getting a guilty verdict for bad RP and to show my true intentions about it. link Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Now onto my wrongdoings here in the community. In the past, I have made mistakes that range from Miss IDs to posting some dudes profile in chat. Now I'm gonna put it out there right I've made some stupid mistakes that I have now learned from. but regarding on how I got put on finale now that was me acting immature towards my friend getting permabanned his name was TheProxJack so I changed my name to the TheProxLouie Now I'll put up my hands and say yeah I was taking the piss but then again ya know it was one of my buds that I won't be able to play with here again so I was in a mood at the time. I also tried to get him to delay a report so his points would expire resulting in him not getting banned. The only reason I did that was to try and keep my friend here because the end of the day I just wanted to play here with my friends and have fun. But then again It was his own fault that he was going to get banned over his points building up. looking back on that yeah that was scummy as fuck the reports we have been involved in was on something the other player dissatisfaction. Like I get it ya know we take the time out of our day to go play the game have a bit of fun and we don't want some random dude walking over breaking a shit ton of rules ruining their experience. Now onto the threats of us gonna chicken tendie like I get it I'm in no position here to argue about it but this has to been taking into consideration that we are in a private Teamspeak channel me and my friends say stupid shit towards each other and in general what we say there doesn't mean we are actually going to do it none of the lads wanted to tendie that was just having a laugh it may not sound like that but that is our sense of humor and how we act we were all just comfortable with each other and would say anything. Now there was this kid in our channel who was streaming now he never notified us that he was streaming so that was kinda awkward as fuck when we found out but yeah thats on us. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: To be taken off final. What could you have done better?: Act mature towards serious situations and generally think before doing something. I'm going to add a bit down here regarding my time here on final. So when the final hit most of my friends were displeased with was going on so they jumped ship so only a few of us was left playing I went off did my own thing for a bit brought back my character Louie and then eventually joined a group called The Black Fangs now when I got into that group I was having a solid experience met some cool roleplayers and we went around did our thing I don't think I was involved in a report once with these boys. I have had great encounters ever since so yeah Ingame I have been a good boy ya know so now regarding my activity around Teamspeak and the website I ain't the most frequent person to post on the general discussion threads or anything like that I prefer to speak to someone on Teamspeak If there is something important to be said. A few times I would go into Teamspeak hear that some lads are having a few issues and help them out. I have also spoken to the admins about issues people are having and try help out with it. A couple of times I would see a report that somebody who is new to the community wouldn't understand something about the rules and I would either shoot them a PM or post a status update explaining things to them. Now I'm not saying I did these things just to get off final sure in fact I've always approached people and tried to help them prior but then again the bad shit I did outweighs the good shit ya know. But yeah end of the day we all come here to play a game and have a laugh so yeah I have changed my mindset on how I do things here now and I would personally like to apologize to anybody affected by the mistakes I made. If you need an explanation on anything else feel free to question me on it.
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    We don't need a picture of your neighbor. I honestly don't give a fuck about your neighbor or if you think they are retarded. To be clear here, you are not calling your neighbor sub human or anything else of that nature, cause like I said, I don't give a fuck about your neighbor unless they are a member of this community. What you said, verbatim was What that indicates to someone reading it is that your thoughts about what is subhuman is not your neighbor but actually transgendered people. What I also find interesting is that wasn't your original post, as it originally ended at What you did there was turn this into something that alienated no one and showed your displeasure as a parent of what your kids might have to see to alienating members of this community that are transgender. Had you left it the way you wrote it the first time, thoughts of points would have been much more hesitant and who knows if it would have even occurred. Outcome: Appeal Denied; These points are not here to stifle whatever notion of free speech or to tell you what you should do with your kids, but keep the hateful shit to yourself.
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    Hello, I have a question for the OP, Why are you challenging us ICly to attack your settlement but then when we do it you put up a report about an invalid settlement attack? We also had rights from previous hostile encounters that your group has started. These were taken from this radio chatter link Now with that being showed in the report It shows the OP goading us into attacking the settlement my previous video also shows them trying to get us to attack them. Now I would also like to address Bad RP on their behalf. Their group has been attacked multiple times and they show no sense of defeat, in fact, they claim victory after each fight we have bested them But they will not accept it as defeat and it will result in a cycle that will not end. I personally will state this If we were to lose our attacks heavily more than once then we will accept the defeat and move on. I have made deals with groups in the past end of the day it's not my roleplay its everyone's. Now onto the NVFL. So the OP knows he is heavily outnumbered, We take one of their traders to Stary Yar. They offer the OP a deal stating this You leave the town we release your friend and you move on. He declines a simple request he then gets initiated on he does not comply during that moment most of us were like the fuck? and then he runs into his settlement he gets popped at obviously for not complying. He manages to get a cheeky kill and is then gunned down. Now he had no chance at all to survive the situation so that is how it is indeed NVFL. Now onto the ghosting claims one of them was not there beforehand if the connection logs indeed show him just joining after the server restart I want clarification on why he connected. Stating I just didn't know what is going on I don't buy that shit. Each time my group gets into any sorts of disagreement or conflict I get pokes or steam messages. Nobody can be that oblivious to connect to an ongoing firefight in their settlement. If I was the OP and I have seen the numbers we had I would be spamming and be poking everyone in my group to get here to help me. Now onto the initial settlement itself, they glitched tents into a location to where you cannot physically get into. this video shows the AOGM. Now onto our IC reasons to attack the settlement. We are at a state of war they ambushed and killed multiple of my people over the past weeks and we decided enough is an enough we took the fight to their home. I also have video of the hostage situation (My instant reply on shadowplay only saves up to 5mins so I tend to switch in between record and instant reply) Now the gentleman that I executed was talking shit to me in the past I have also had numerous encounters with him in the past as shown above he was killed for lying to us.
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    Its a farming life for me. Establish a place to call home and to conduct business in. ( Day 210 outbreak) Establish a large radio network advertising our farming company. (Day 215 outbreak) Find military organizations and ask for their protection. (Day 220 outbreak) Establish the best farming community in South Zagoria. Protect our fellow farmers any means necessary. Produce enough food to feed the majority of South Zagoria We wanted to try out a new way of roleplay here in the community currently hostile RP is shunned either way. So we are going to take the route of campfire roleplaying but we will defend ourselves based on circumstances. The plan here is to set up a hub for people to come roleplay with us and share supplies. Food will be supplied free of charge. Rules don't be a dickhead and keep your weapons holstered. Click the radio to contact us ICly. Recruitment will be handled in-game but If you really want to join send @Vytis a message. Shoutout to Kyle Jones for the graphics.
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    "Killed one" - Alexander Dukov 2017 The story of PAU started with the civilian uprising and riots that happened prior to the Donetsk War in 2014. The organization started off as a civilian rebel group who were noticing the sudden pro-Russian split in the Ukrainian government. Led by a retired Ukrainian army Captain, Adrian Turov, and other retired military personnel the group shifted over from protesting in relative peace as a civilian group to forming a paramilitary force, mostly made up of either ex-Ukrainian military members or active soldiers in the army who were displeased with the way the Government was handling the unlawful Russian stealth invasion of their country. Anticipating the start of a civil war in early 2014 the Rebels found it imperative that all their members have proper firearms training and tactical knowledge so that they could partake in the defense of their homeland. Using their contacts in the 79th Special Brigade, Adrian and the leaders of PAU got in contact with the people from the “Zbroyar” factory who were able to supply a sufficient number of small arms that helped in the formation of the paramilitary wing of PAU. With the rise of pro-Russian and anti-government groups and the annexation of Crimea in the March of 2014 it was obvious that the Ukrainian government and military were helpless. The rebels initially aided the government forces in the fighting that took place in Donbass but after suffering losses and not being able to regain the lost ground it was apparent that their governments way of fighting this war was not the winning one. Shortly after the Rebels took on a more radical approach of dealing with the pro-Russian military forces who were now unlawfully occupying Ukrainian territory. Due to the fact that the anti-government groups were receiving high end military equipment, training and monetary support from Russia the rebels could not fight them openly or in great numbers so they resorted to covert hit and run tactics which would weaken the russian supply lines. The ambush squads consisted of up to 20 experienced men who could be in and out of situations much quicker than a larger force could, enabling them to take the enemy by surprise and reduce the number of casualties suffered. Not only were the russian supplies being stopped but they provided the much needed firepower that the Rebels didn’t have access to which in turn strengthened their ranks. With their growing influence and the obvious impact that their actions were having on the invading forces the group started gaining more experienced ex-military members who disagreed with the way their government was running the defense of Donbass. Most of the members came from the 79th Air Assault Brigade led by Lieutenant Ilya Sokolov who served in the Ukrainian army with the PAU’s upper echelon before their departure. With their numbers now reinvigorated PAU set off on a number of operations whose goal was to secure several small towns and villages around the towns of Donetsk and Horlivka. Due to the proximity of pro-Russian forces in the Donetsk Oblast the fighting in the surrounding towns proved difficult. After suffering losses in an operation that involved the fortified town of Kostyantynivka the Rebels were running low on much needed equipment and men. It was decided in June 2016 that a storage facility in the outskirts of Kramatorsk will be assaulted in order to regain the loss of valuable equipment, this was to be one of the biggest assaults that the Rebels would undertake. The operation proved to be disastrous for the PAU as unbeknownst to them the Russians had infiltrated their ranks as early as August 2014 who had fed the pro-Russians with information on the assault plans on the Kramatorsk facility. After suffering great losses it was decided that they cannot continue their fight in Ukraine as they had no idea how many of their members were snaking out information about their operations to their opposition. With the remaining forces that were left the fall back plan was initiated to vacate the country in order to reasses their numbers and to resupply the forces. Adrian Turov and the leaders of PAU got in contact with their old friends from NAPA who supported their cause since their inception. Ludek Menciek, the ex- leader of NAPA, secured transportation and safe passage for the remaining PAU forces from Ukraine through Romania and Bulgaria and into Turkey. Whilst in transit Ludek informed Adrian of the infection that was going on as well as the invasion into South Zagoria by the Russian Armed Forces.Once in Turkey the Rebels made their way to a location just South West of the town of Hopa where they boarded the fishing boats that Ludek had prepared for them which would then transport them into South Zagoria. Upon arrival into Chernarus Adrian and the men vowed to never be deceived by infiltrators and foreign spies that wished to sabotage their cause. Their recruitment tactics changed completely and became much more rigorous, mostly gathering like minded individuals who supported what they were doing, unfortunately due to their low numbers they had to look for outside sources of men who could hold their ground. This is what sparked the forming of PAU’s foreign legion led by Chabu Doewski. Recruit like minded able bodied individuals Eliminate any Russians supporting the unlawful invasion of Ukraine Setup an FOB from which the PAU can operate out of Recruit outsiders to provide us with intel Protect people who are attempting to find a cure for the infection Adrian Turov- @Randle Chabu Doewski- @Dew Ilya Sokolov- @Tom TBD- @Odap the Corruptor Dusty Alexievich- @Dusty TBD - @Kevin Petro Moroz- @Zorbz Pytor Dukov- @Jewell Leo Lynch- @ExoticRainbow Vitaly Chayka- @Blake Shane Jewell - @Shane Sebastian Asnee- @Pep TBD- @Duorhs The Conqueror Makysm Rodchenko- @Skinner Bodi Skilsky- @Lucius Daffyd Buziak - @Seiceps the Deceiver Kateryna Yanukovych - @Sleepyhead Kirill Ivanenko - @Jamie Valentyn Novak - @Viking Oscar Gurka- @osku197 Timothy Hook - @Mexi Ukranians Probably you. Recruitment is selective as this is not a troll group. Message @Randle if you're interested. Also ty to @Sleepyhead for the graphics
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    Improving Your RP For Yourself And Everyone Else This is just a small(ish) guide to help improve your RP in just those small ways. This is mainly targeted at newer members, but there are some tips that everyone should take on board. If you follow this guide in-game, it should help improve your own RP, and it will also help develop and shape other people's RP as well. RED = Bad/Un-improved RP GREEN = Good/Improved RP PINK = Summary So, to get it started in no particular order: Pulse Checking So, lets put this into real life. In an apocalypse, or even just normal life, would you run up to someone, about 20cm away from their face, say nothing and then take five steps back? The answer is no, you wouldn't. Pulse checking is a habit that you should stop, period. Sure, if you think that someone might initiate and you can do it subtly, then it's better. But you have to remember, it is still metagaming. You can't just pulse-check someone and then say their full name, it ruins RP and will most likely lead to the other party getting pissed off and may lead in you getting initiated on. Pain RP You will feel pain in the game in some way or another. If you're alone or with a friend and say you get hit by a zombie, don't worry about it so much. The problem is when you don't show pain when surrounded by other people or when you are being tortured. It makes the RP awful and hard for the torturer. I was a part of the Pagans, where we nailed people to trees pretty much everyday. To nail someone to a tree and you get silence or a pathetic 'Ow', it ends the RP then and there. A lot of times we had to decide to just let the hostages go as it wasn't fun for anyone, which is a shame as hostile and torture RP are to be enjoyed. So in short, make an effort to show pain, and if you feel uncomfortable making strange grunting noises through VOIP, switch to Text RP as it makes it a lot easier, e.g. *Clenches teeth in agony as his fingers are broken* Unique Characters In this world, it is expected that a lot of people of the same profession will be involved in an apocalypse. The way to improve the RP is to make your character more unique than someone else. The best way is to pick a job that is really ambiguous and that hasn't been done before, i.e. a RNLI volunteer. Once you have this unique character, you can develop your own play style relating to that character. Try and make the backstory unique as well instead of the usual "I came to help with the quarantine". Think about some strange reason why they would be here. Maybe your character was "doing a worldwide trip of Castles, and came to Chernarus to visit Zub". The more unique, the better the RP. However, don't let this stop you playing a character or role that you want to play, just keep it in mind. Emotes This is a huge, huge way to make your RP great. It adds that little detail that shows you are dedicated to your RP, and it will make you stand out. So, to put this in a scenario: 1. Goes over to the well -> Takes facemask off with no emote -> Drinks from well 2. Goes over to well -> *Carefully takes his facemask off, revealing multiple scars* -> Drinks from well See the difference? It is subtle, and requires almost no effort, but it helps other people RP as well. For Option 1, all someone might say it "How are you?", but with Option 2 it will lead to a different and more enjoyable RP of "Holy shit, how did you get those scars?", which will lead to character development on both sides as you have emoted something that they would not know otherwise. This makes it enjoyable and it gives you an excuse to discuss your unique past or backstory, so it is a win-win for everyone involved. So, emoting leads to better RP from everyone involved. General Points Now, there are many points in this that have been covered in depth by other guides, but these are some small things: A Lack of Knowledge So, say we are playing our example of an RNLI volunteer, he would know skills that are related to his job and work, but would not know other things. For example, he would understand and know First-Aid as it is a basic requirement of his job, but he would not know anything about weapons. Everyone hates it when someone runs up to you and asks for 5.56 ammo, but with a lack of knowledge, it will make it a bit more enjoyable. Instead of just stating 'No' or 'Yes', instead say 'Is it these small, brass ones?' or 'What does it look like, I got a variety of ammo'. It will improve the RP from you and will result in the other party having to describe the bullets, so everyone is happy. Another example of this includes Locations. Would your character know every single town in Chernarus? If he was a local, sure, it is his country, but someone who was a tourist in the country would have no idea what towns are where. It again leads to RP as you can go and ask someone where you are, and will result in you meeting some new people. A Lack of Skills Very much like the one above, this is relating to what your character would be able to do In-Characterly. Again, using the RNLI volunteer, would he be able to operate some single shot rifle? Probably. Would he be able to use an AK or maintain one? No, he would have no idea, and as such In-Characterly it makes no sense of him to be using one. Same with medical skills. Sure, he would be able to tie a bandage, splint a leg, etc. but he wouldn't be able to perform heart-surgery of take a bullet out. So in short, know what your character would know. (NEW SECTION) Using Your Backstory in RP Situations This is mainly relating to people who use their backstory for their reasons to survive or their purpose. I myself play as a Doctor and as such use that ICly by being able to help people with medical issues. If you play a soldier then that might give you a reason to be more proficient with firearms or know what ammo type they use. HOWEVER you cannot use your backstory as a reason to do things in-game that will break/bypass any of the server rules. The most common example of this is people who play mentally ill patients/sufferers. This, if RPed out well, can be a great experience and there are a large number of guides on how to play someone like that. HOWEVER because you are mentally ill that doesn't mean you can sprint around the place screaming the aliens are coming or something along those lines. It's bad RP and just ruins immersion. Another example of this is soldiers. Because of their 'training' they are now supposedly immune to torture/pain. This is not how training works. I don't care whether you're just a poor grunt or a S.A.S. veteran, as long as you have nerves in your body you will feel pain. So, in summary, DO NOT use your backstory as an excuse to circumvent the rules. Equipment Items Please, for the love of God, stop saying the item names from the game. It ruins RP for everyone. For example, someone running up to you and straight up asking for a Leather Sewing Kit. Unless as I stated your character has been some sort of leather-worker, it makes no sense why you would call it that. The best way to solve this is to DESCRIBE the item, not say the name, for example: 1. 'Hey, do you have a leather sewing kit?' 2. 'Hey, do you have something that I could use to patch up my jacket? It's got a bunch of holes in it' Again, it will make the RP more enjoyable for both sides and can lead to stories of why the jacket ended up like that in the first place. Clothing In short, wear what your character would wear. However, you have to remember that we are almost two years into the apocalypse, so it might not make sense for someone to still be wearing their 'original' clothing. For example, would a doctor or surgeon still wear a lab coat or medical scrubs this far in? Or if you are going to continue wearing say a lab coat, why are you going to continue wearing it? Have a reason. My character used to carry around a UN beret as it reminded him of his team that were killed at the start. More improvements relating to clothing is sizes of clothing. This especially applies to bandits. You kidnap some poor person and decide you want their jacket. The only problem is, you're robbing someone playing a 15 year old girl and your're playing a 7ft tall ex-basketball player. Will the jacket fit? I think not. The same with shoes and boots. My character has size 9 feet, and yet apparently bandits are able to fit their size 12's in my boots with no issues. Of course, there is a whole sense of what the opposing party will know at that moment of time, so make it known. If they take your boots, tell them that they aren't going to fit as you've got tiny little feet. It will (hopefully) lead to some more RP from their size, and may even result in you getting your boots back. In summary, pick clothes that you would wear and don't know what every item is. Language/Vocabulary So, small section in how to make your RP enjoyable is to use more appropriate words regarding your character, and to get away from words associated from DayZ as it will improve your RP massively. So, some examples: 1. What are you doing here? - 'I'm here to loot up/loot the place' 2. What are you doing here? - 'I'm just looking for supplies, you know? There might still be some stuff around' 3. 'Please saline me / My legs are broken, I need morphine' 4. 'Hey, do you have anything that might help me? I've lost a lot of blood / Please, I need something for the pain, I'm in agony right now' ]Again, just by changing the order of words and by avoiding item names and DayZ terms, the RP becomes better and allows for more unique interactions between you and another player. This can lead to in-depth medical RP which myself and other RP doctor's crave for, but we never seem to get it. So, changing your vocabulary will lead to more unique RP. Awkward Moments This is a way to avoid those awkward moments in DayZ and to keep the RP going. You're having great RP with someone and then another person spawns in right next to you. The best solution? Ignore them. The amount of times people say 'Oh, he just woke up' as a response makes you cringe. There will be times in DayZ when you will crash, and you will spawn in at an awkward place. The problem with RP-ing that they 'just woke up' makes no sense as who would go to sleep in the middle of a road? There are also times when people miss-click, or they go to eat and DayZ being itself, they decide to eat lying down. Just ignore it, pretend it never happened or it becomes awkward for everyone involved. Remember, the person who just ate lying down didn't intend for it to happen, and will have no reason of why they did it, resulting in awkward silence as everyone thinks of excuses. So finally, ignore an event that would lead to awkward or stale RP. TL;DR -Pulse checking is a habit that you should stop, period -Make an effort to show pain -The more unique, the better the RP -Emoting leads to better RP from everyone involved -Know what your character would know -DO NOT use your backstory as an excuse to circumvent the rules -Pick clothes that you would wear and don't know what every item is -Changing your vocabulary will lead to more unique RP -Ignore an event that would lead to awkward or stale RP
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    Ah, yes. The almighty Shiro. I was expecting this, but was hoping you would be mature about the situation. From my understanding the group rights were obtained by my friend Matt in 2015 from another individual from when he owned it. Myself as well as others pretty much led the group ourselves and changed the lore because we didn't agree with you power-gaming yourself into not only the Aegis lore (making it all centered around you), but also the entire community lore. According to the story I was told by Matt, he got drunk one night and you convinced him to hand the rights over. He did, didn't remember it the next morning but by then it was too late. You kicked all of us out of the group then told me as well as others that we couldn't play as the characters WE developed, that WE created stories with, and the characters that OTHERS enjoyed role-playing with. I am not certain but I think you even THREATENED to report us over it. After that you just archived the group. You complain, complain, complain all the time about how people don't like you or seem to not want to play with you and this is exactly why. You treat people like trash my dood. We developed the group in 2015 and had fun times with it, but you were no where to be seen. Out of no where you come out, essentially steal the group we developed during that time, and said "Fuck you all", then you left the community and didn't return for a year! I even messaged @Rolle about the issue and I believe he was willing to step in, but I dropped it because to be frank, I stopped caring and moved on. I then messaged him again recently and he said it was okay for me to make the group as I was a part of it in 2015, the last time it was active. By the way Shiro, the group itself I enjoyed playing, but stop trying to make it out as some ultra-original idea. It's pretty much an Umbrella Corporation reskin, all you did was replace the names Umbrealla Corp with Aegis Corp, originally you didn't even bother changing the character names, you just kept the old RE ones. I actually am planning on going back and revamping the lore entirely in an attempt to make it a bit more original. If you have anything further to say, please private message me.
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    I couldn't help myself given recent debates... don't freak! It's a joke, I swear! Yes I know. I have too much time on my hands... Comply and surrender Please hit your f2 key When the heat of an ak's spray Will shit upon your day Drop weps you have ten seconds Or I'll see it through It's enough for this roleplay warrior Just to dunk on you And caaan you feeel the PVP Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst There's a time For salt threads There upon the boards Because an aiming Khastan Scope Went and got you domed There must be rhyme and reason To those wild reports When the rage of this Gear crazed scavenger Freaks as his retort And caaan you feel the pvp Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst
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    It's peaceful according to you. If it was peaceful I wouldn't be receiving multiple PM every week with complaints about groups or PvPers along with recorded videos of their bullshit. Players hubs like Pub wouldn't have to relocate due to constant attacks and griefing. Reports are still being posted at the same rate as before considering the number of players we have daily. How exactly am I not understanding what is happening on the server, I have proof in form of countless videos from reports section to back it up while you just have your personal opinion. And I am not here to restrict and constrain hostile RP. As I explained in this post just 2 days ago, I don't have problem with hostile RP, I have a problem with PvPers. These are completely different things in my book and it is clear that some people in this community do not see the difference, they think they are doing hostile RP, but what they're really doing is just run around and initiate on people or get in firefights. Damn right it's my community and the rules I set are always for the betterment of role play, never for PvP. So it's natural that PvPers will be pissed off and pushed away, in fact I count on it, because this community is not for PvPers. It's the entire point of introducing these rules - it's not to restrict the legitimate role players, it's to restrict and get rid of PvPers. It should be a pretty obvious thing I think considering the name of this community. I haven't really hidden the fact that I was more than satisfied to see large part of people who left during chicken tendie be gone, they caused a fuckton of issues in this community. Sure, there were some good people too whom I was sad to see go, but majority were just PvPers. So please, stop with the doomsday predictions, it's getting old. These "DayZRP is dying if you don't change now" has been going on since 2012 and during chicken tendie as well about how the community will fall without their awesome bandit PvPRP and as we know absolutely nothing has happened. In fact, I'd say the standard of RP has only increased. This community can handle many, many PvPer cleansings to come. What you don't see is the true role players who share my values are more than delighted to see the PvPers gone, but won't express it publicly as I do as they don't hold the position of power like me and they would be bullied and ridiculed for their opinion by the "bois". Again, it is not big as I think it is according to you. Everything else like PMs I receive, conversations in staff, reports posted, videos uploaded show a completely different story, so I cannot take your word on this. And again, I want to remind you that hostile RP does not equal PvPing. Genuine hostile RPers should have absolutely no issues with the changes being made as they rarely if ever get in reports unless the victim is salty about something. What are you talking about? I think I treat all members who follow our rules equally. What does expectation for people to behave well in this community has to do with whom me and my admin team chooses as new staff members? Choosing people who enter our team has nothing to do with equality. We choose people who we think are reliable and a good fit for the team. If your friends list consists of 50% of permabanned players then obviously you are not a reliable choice as we cannot trust you with internal staff information, your connections and the risk of leaks is just too great, regardless of how good roleplayers you might be. I don't see how that is being a hypocrite. This point kind of sounds similar to what happened during the PR Manager recruitment controversy (people questioned why someone was promoted to that rank). If I wanted to recruit 50 new completely unknown people into staff to handle DayZRP things I could. Who gets added to the staff is none of the concern of regular members - that is handled by admin team and me and stays there. We don't have to explain or justify our choices. You are free to disagree with the choices we make or criticize that staff members work, but our choice who to recruit is ours only. Why would we want someone like that in our community? He clearly didn't give a crap about anything that we stand for and has already broken one of our major rules, now he was doing it purposefully again. Giving 5-10 warning points and then what, wait for him to go on KoS spree and destroy someones RP? This is perfect example why we have rule 4 - if me or the admins see that someone is unfit or unwilling to role play in this community - they will be removed at moments notice without questions asked. It is not heavy handed, it is damage control before it reaches genuine role players in game whom we are here to protect. This community is for RP, not PvP. Someone who enjoys PvP more than RP has no place here, there are hundreds of public servers for that. We are not and have never have been a community for everyone and I have never claimed it to be as such. We specifically ONLY want people who want to focus on RP and not PvP. Once again (third time now?), note the difference between hostile RP and PvPing. If your priorities lay in PvPing then this is not a community for you. That's why saying things like Boston did on our forums is in direct violation of the core values or principles of this community, and since Boston didn't include any indications that his post is a joke, I as an administrator must take action. I will not risk someone disturbing ongoing RP with their PvP because "it was just a joke on the forums". It's called preventive action through rule 4 and it's similar how if someone posts a status update "going on kos spree brb", it will get you banned from the servers, joke or not. It may be obvious to you that this was not worth of any sort of punishment, but then again you are not administrator with the power of rule 4 whose duty is to remove unsuitable players at moments notice. You may think joking about breaking the rules in this community is funny shit, I do not think so because it affects MY players and MY community negatively and I as an owner have a strong commitment and desire to keep this community for role play and role players only. All warnings and bans issued are legitimate. They have a backing in our community rules or community principles. All bans and warnings are done on case to case basis depending on the situation. They are not meant to be justified by referencing to another similar case, they are not comparable. Besides that, Dusty please. "Some of the behaviors were not appropriate"? Cmon, let's name things as they are. The chicken tendie was a bunch of immature kids, PvPers and banter bois throwing a fit with hitler pics because when one of them broke the rules for the Nth time they expected getting smacked on the wrist with 3 points as usual and what they got instead was the hammer. They feel they were wronged? Well of course, they kept pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules, so they got thrown out, of course they feel wronged. I absolutely expect another banwave to happen because I know that we still have quite a few PvPers left in the community who do not care about RP at all and just want to initiate on role playing nerds, am I right? Whether they leave on their own through another staff suicide or I remove them remains to be seen. As you probably have guessed from reading this far, we will have to agree to disagree. I have to act the way I do because the staff team usually wants to avoid confrontation and controversy that results in drama or they do not feel like they have the power or authority behind them to enforce the rules to the level that they perhaps would want to. I on the other hand after 5 years of running this community am used to people hating me for and creating drama surrounding my decisions, directness and swift actions. My actions are hurting the people focused on PvP, just like intended, not the role playing players or the community that I created this place for. Regular role players should only feel improvements when they are exposed to less bullshit robberies, unjustified kills, receive hostile RP that is fair-play and are stopped being taken advantage of. Also a small correction - staff members do not run the community FOR ME, they do it for the community. I do not sign a contract with them, nor do I pay them and we only take volunteers. Those who show dedication, share the same opinion about our core values and have the right mindset are given a chance to have a large role in how the community functions by becoming a GM or Admin. Thanks for the feedback though, it confirms my understanding that there are still many people in this role playing community (just look at these BeanZ! ) who want this to be more of a no-KoS server with limited to no rules about RP, rather than a protected sanctuary of genuine role play. And I'm sorry if I made any typos, written fast before bed. Also I still love you Dusty, you're my favorite hostile RPer and I very much enjoy different viewpoints from you when discussing reports, no hard feelings.
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    Wait, you demanded the armed forces of united nations to remove one of the member countries from the UN and you used that as a reason to initiate?
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    Your whitelist has been suspended indefinitely. You clearly do not have the required comprehension of English that we require in this community, drunk or not. The report can continue as normal of course Sincerely yours, Drunk Capitalistic Admin
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    When Akraisa tells you to come RP
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    This is just... oh boy is this wrong. *cracks his furious typing fingers* let us begin. (Now before I begin, there are some people I feel are an exception to what I say. This does not apply to everybody in this friendship group, only a few that seem to lead the problem.) What we "see in game" is quite often you run around getting into fights very often, you're extremely aggressive with people for the sake of being aggressive. Why? Because you're good at PvP. But where you want to argue "it is what we see in game," what others see is a man getting shot repeatedly and never dying. Your argument follows that of a realistic one based off what happens in game. On one hand I can say fair enough, but what you then disregard is any other form of realistic hostility. Your group of friends fights, relentlessly. Your go to response is initiation. It's not hostile RP, it's initiation. People don't want to fight you because they will lose most of the time (and losing 90% of the time kills passion to get in game). People don't want to comply to you because you will execute them whenever you get the chance. Exhibit A: Whilst I take into account this is my groups report, the unbiased verdict presented by people that are not in my group shows what I am talking about. I will quote 2 parts of the verdict: "That being said we do not blame Para for refusing as it was painfully obvious what was going to happen" & "However, like in all situations killing someone should be a last-ditch effort even if you have rights.". As is obvious from the verdict, your group of friends executed 2 hostages simply because 'you could.' It was our first official hostility, and it was painfully obvious what would happen yet your party still chooses to kill as often as they can. Again I ask why? the image you constantly portray, through your actions and through your words on the forums, is that you only want to win. This in itself is detrimental to RP. Now, to move onto why people criticise your viewpoint specifically on the military group presence: Firstly: Here we have a prime example of an issue. You regard @Mexi's comments as 'nit picking' despite him actually proposing a very valid concern. Another example where you belittle another's argument instead of actually addressing the concern they put forwards. You don't, and evidently won't, roleplay out a fear of the military presence looming all around South Zagoria. The Russian military, as it currently stands in the lore, is incredibly high. The CDF, the UN, everything still retains a massive amount of threat looming nearby the region we play in. Hell, I refer you back to the days of the VDV when a nuclear blast went off. This shows the capability of the military is still at large, and we have not heard anything to say otherwise. Realistically, if you want to run around executing and killing as many people as you possibly can, how long is it going to be before the military stops regarding the civilian lives and pulls a 'Noah's ark', a purge of the area. You don't take into account the incredible power that could easily come back and destroy the entire area, one that is realistically more likely to come back if the zone is being overrun by a rag-tag bunch of bandits running around causing chaos. Missiles, tanks, more than your small band of now 'anarchists' could handle. And need I go into the detail about how little sense this makes for the character Luke Krey. In the Black Fangs you were involved with running a settlement, known as 'Tortuga' which took place in Stary. Then you moved on to try and help the PCC establish a Government, which was a military organisation. Then you established the 'farming organisation' which had the purpose of allegedly re-establishing 'Tortuga', which i don't need to remind is a settlement with rules. Now all of a sudden you're an anarchist? How does this make sense at all? A lovely screenshot of your backstory as to why this makes no sense: Now, this just proves everything you have done prior to this does not support Anarchy. And what's even more alarming is the fact he 'shot down a jet with an RPG'. Even if this were feasibly possible, you'd be fucked. You'd have the military hunting you down, this would be an official attack on a military organisation of the world, it would result in MORE, military intervention. So when you purport that the concerns raised are 'nit-picking' you are so, sooo wrong. Lastly, To quote a goal "i) Establish a place for people to feel equal as well as a place for our people to call home." from this group. Your goal pushes for equality among all, but you pushed for an agenda in the black fangs where "We are the bad guys, we can do what we like and push you all around because we're better." That was fair enough, but now all of a sudden it's equality? @Mr.Panda you pose the exact same issue here. Your character's actions pose contrary to anarchy and make no sense. So to summarise, your mentality is the problem and it needs to change. This dismissive and 'must win' attitude is one of the biggest problems to RP currently, and there are MANY that share my view. I have tried to talk things out with you numerous times, but you don't change and at this point I highly doubt you will. You don't care at all about realism, and you don't care about other people's views on realism as your emphasis, on everything, is to win. You've made this obvious to everybody over your last year of being here in DayZRP and to be quite frank, half of the community is sick of it. Many people have grown tired of it, and it is one of the reasons half of the players-base is done. People will not raise these concerns with you because A) you dismiss it as 'hate' and disregard it, and B) those that speak to you directly (at your request) give up because you don't change. What's even more ridiculous is that you always ask other people to change, to embrace your style and to open themselves up. This mindset you have portrayed is not one that benefits or promotes RP, it promotes your agenda, to win. For example you state "who cares dude If they cant physically show us this so-called magic military then it's irrelevant. I go by what I see in game." You, in game, always win through forcing your agenda on to people. You're good at PvP, so are your friends, there is no doubt about that. But what you want is to win, and you'll do that by crushing / steamrolling any group that opposes you. Your force groups into situations where they have no option but to fight back or give up. --------------- Now @JimRP what I have said above does not really apply to you in the slightest. I've got no issue with you, or any other of your members. Anarchy is a very well constructed group idea, and in the current times it probably would fit quite well. The graphics are incredible, and work very well with the group idea. The lore is a very interesting read, and I have no doubt about you being able to pull this idea off. I wish you the best of luck with the revival of Anarchy!