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    The premise: A paranormal location known for its extreme production of hot air, tension, and firefights, was about to heat up even more. Seeing these signs as increasing danger, a former firefighter and lumberjack decided to do their duty to prevent any more forest fire(fights), at least for a while. Before: During: After: And remember:
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    I think he went to Green Mountain.
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    [video=youtube] Strange things happen in Chernarus.... albeit a bit funny. Story behind this was my old character, Konrad Formanek got shot in the leg at the NWAF randomly, crawled to the clinic in Vybor were I met this other man with a truck, who then found another one?? I was then given Morphine and roleplayed its effects for approximately 10-15 minutes after its administration and then decided to drive the other truck - flipping it over. The video shows what you may see under the influence. [video=youtube] Met this strange man who claimed to be an ex KGB agent (using a voice changer) using strange body language, gestures and gait... insanity insures..
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    I love you all, no doubts, IC and OOC <3 (Which also reminds me, we need a group photo guys!)
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    <3 I agree. The Unnamed have always provided some really powerful role play for me. All with exceptional story lines and quirks that have made me bawl in and out of character. The group provides the most realistic role play I've ever seen on the servers.
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    This is absolutely hilarious hahahaahahahaahahaha. Good interview Chris. Chris? Lol Yes. Chris.
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    ITT: A bunch of roleplay hipsters metagaming a newblood. [video=youtube]
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    Each patch gets boring after a while. Its not the quality of RP, its just that the game itself becomes boring. The lack of zombies plays a big part in this. All I can suggest is that you find something you enjoy. Create a new character with an interesting idea and play that for a while. The game itself is currently offering very little, so it falls to you to create something different.
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    Before re-installing windows... Try simply restarting your computer, Try running TS as administrator if it will let you. Re-install the latest Teamspeak version. Disable Mcafee, try it without mcafee firewalls, or see if you can add Mcafee to an exemption
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    Don't forget to tip-toe in your J's when it comes to sexual rp, as a new person you should probably just avoid things that can be viewed as sexual rp until you've had a chance to see some of the reports around it. Although the rules may allow it (to certain extents, with limitations), there's still the potential to cross a line by accident and it's not something you want to get slapped with in a report. When it comes to rape, don't, straight up. There's only been one person that I can think of who rped a character that had something like that, Volke, and he had to jump through some hoops getting permissions etc. Most people however, even people who have been here for a long time, shy away from anything involving rape in their rp, for good reason. It's easy to make a mistake, definitely not something you want to get in a report. Speaking of permissions, everyone needs it when it comes to certain actions. You wanna leave a scar on another character? Cut off a toe? Finger? etc? You have to ask for permission to do it. //Permission to perma-mark, leave a scar on your cheek? //Permission to perma-mark, cut off your right hand's pinky? etc. Try to be clear what it is you want to do, but also try to keep it short. That being said, why do you want to keep it short? Because you don't want to have excessive OOC. Things like. //lol, that's gr8 m8. Or constant lines of OOC things in chat aren't going to do you any favors, try to keep any OOC things you have to say to a minimum, it might be frustrating at times but it's definitely beneficial since it could spare you being in a report. Don't go OOC in voice, excessive OOC in chat is one thing, and everyone might have a slip up from time to time. If you accidentally go OOC in voice, get back in character and try not to let it happen again, play it off in some IC way. RP > Gear, you'll get robbed, probably a lot. The less you care about your things, the better, trust me. Abuse of game mechanics, this is usually a pretty bad hit when it comes to reports. Don't loot cycle, do yourself the favor, don't do it. If and when someone gets caught for loot cycling, and generally they do, it's a straight up perma-ban. Reports in mind, if you feel like someone is breaking a rule as you are rping with them, don't go OOC to tell them that. Let the situation play out, follow the rules yourself, and if you feel a rule is broken bring it up afterward either over TS, or by asking a Staff member, or putting up a report against the accused. But again, don't talk about these things IG. I'm sure there's plenty of other things that could be said, and advice people could give. But most importantly if you have specific questions about something, don't be afraid to ask. The staff team is very helpful, and can probably answer just about any question you can think up. Just remember, better safe than sorry. And have fun out there! Hope to see you IG sometime.
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