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    [mp3]http://puu.sh/kze4r/52b1e881fb.mp3[/mp3] I once was like you. I once believed what was shown in front of me. How could it be wrong? How could they lie? I am here to tell the truth. To tell THAT which has been hidden from us in plain sight. My name is Finnr, some may know me as Jason and very few know me as 7. I once ran beside the man called Chief. Whom I respected, whos people I looked upon as family...and who I would fight and die for til this very day. One day I stumbled upon secrets that should've remained hidden. In my attempt to learn more I created something that those who know call "The Network". It was meant for intelligence gathering for good rather than bad. The secret I stumbled upon was the fact that Alyssa Morgan is not who she claimes to be. Ever since then I've left my family, my friends and comrades to reveal the truth. and today is that day! That being said...... I have one question for every single one of you! I THOUGHT THE PUSSY'S DIED! WHY THE FUCK DO WE LISTEN TO A WOMAN ACTING LIKE OUR HOLY SAINT! YES! YOU HEARD ME! WHY ARE YOU PEOPLE BEING PUPS FOR THE BITCH CALLED ALYSSA MORGAN! Oh? Did I offend you now? Is that it? FINE. Be offended, but at least listen to me. Alyssa Morgan is not neutral. We have all done bad things, but none of us claimed to be neutral...or a saint. The Alcyone however, they did. Those of The Alcyone will not harm someone, will not be involved in something and show true neutrality. Is that not what they told us? Is that not how they acted? Reapers and Vigil sat together in that shit hole. Yes YES THEY DID. Because we all respected that bitch. Now let me shatter it...all of it. Into millions of pieces that will never be fixed. Alyssa Morgan has given up her neutrality. She's meant to council, to help, not to judge. THAT'S WHAT THEY TELL US! Ivan Lynch went out to talk to her. A man in trouble. A man in need. Confused and consumed by pain and sadness. Did Shrink Alyssa Morgan help him? No. She called the brotherhood. They tortured, shot him...and left him for dead. She called upon the Brotherhood. They rob people. They torture and THEY INFECT PEOPLE WITH THE DISEASE TO KEEP THE INFECTION ALIVE! These people is who Alyssa Morgan Alies with. And by doing so she threw away her believability. She threw away her neutrality. But wait there's more. Alyssa Morgan has a relationship with Mickey the vampire. Why is this so important? Let me tell you: Those who remember Thomas, Amy and Dora will realise faster than others, that Alyssa Morgan claimed to be protecting these children. Mickey now....he publicly, over the radio, tortured both Thomas and Amy. Ivan wanted to end Mickey. It was Crows business after all. He told me and I respected that. But when the day finally came to end the rabbies infected sociopath that tortured children, Alyssa stopped Ivan. She claimed to be able to FIX Mickey, Ivan held back as much as he could and said there was no fixing Mickey. Now look at the repercussions. Alyssa Morgan has neglected Dora into a souless shell. No one knows where she is. Darion Dailey killed Amy because of Mickey. And Thomas? God knows where the kid is. If all that wasn't enough, Alyssa Morgan started drinking blood and began marking her subjects. I have eyewitness that saw Luciano being marked with an A on his hand, and how Alyssa continued to press her wound and his wound to mix and lick off the combined blood! Alyssa Morgan may have been truthful in the past but now.... NOW she is a wolf in a sheeps costume. Those who oppose her? She spreads lies about. Those who do not follow her or blindly listen to her? She spreads lies about. When she is on the hunt she robs people for their blood. Do you really want this person to still look like a holy saint? Sources have told me that not all of The Alcyone know about this.... But another has told me that Reiner himself spread information behind everyones back to the Reapers during the era of the Reaper war. How much have they told? How many snakes are there? Who can we really trust? Who knows. Alyssa Morgan will give me a response like she has always done. She will try to clear her name. With carefully thought out lies. I'll let all of you decide who you will believe. Finnr...out.
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    [mp3]https://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_nvrsiyf9P81soloxdo1.mp3#_=_[/mp3] //For those who don't want to listen//
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    [High up in mountains Toby switches channels on the radio to get a clearer message that bled through moments before. He presses down the button and responds. ] Hey man I met this lady not more than two days ago. She was with a man who called himself "Mickey". My acquaintance and I happened to walk into Dolina when they had a man in a cell. The guy kept rambling on about how this lady was going to change the world like she was some messiah and refused our offers of freeing him from his cell. He even went so far as to run back to his cell after we opened the door for him. I don't what the fuck is going on in that town, but something isn't right. Anyways hope this information helps. [He releases the button and begins to cut some vegetables for a stew.]
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    The Formally known as media thread This thread was formally known as The Enigma's Media Thread Formally known as Haas: Formally Known as... Media Thread Yeah that happened... deal with it Since Pinewood is gone, I gotta find some place to dump my craptastic screenshots and video (if I ever get around to recording anything). I will start the thread with a video I posted a few months back after the death of Haas as the Princeps. He has come a very long way. [video=youtube] Now for a video I recorded during the days of Pinewood. After I jumped out of the truck, I went to log off, and I saw a guy in the treeline, who probably saw the entire ordeal, and was probably laughing their ass off. [video=youtube] Lastly here is a video leached from the Pinewood media thread, to save it for posterity, least it disappear into the annals of Pinewood history. [video=youtube] Now for some screenshots taken around the time of Pinewood's death that never made it to the media thread. After the construction of a bow and the teaching of using said bow to Jelena. On the way back from our 'hunting trip' Marshal and Haas discuss the future of Pinewood... little did he know this discussion would be meaningless, as less than three days later would spell the end of Pinewood. Blackwood in Pinewood. I wish I had a screenshot of the fist fight that happened. Good fight guys, too bad Yooper pride didn't bring the prize home. Ivan Lynch leaving the pub, getting ready for his journey down south. This is the last known screenshot taken in Pinewood by Haas before it's fall, which would occur I believe the next morning. Now it's time for some screenshots taken after the death of Pinewood. There aren't many so far. Jelena and Haas stand together as the sun sets over South Zagoria. Life on the road, in exile, and being hunted can have it's peaceful moments. Photo leached from Ricky. After running into each other on the road, and nearly getting shot, Haas and Jelena have a heart to heart talk to Ricky about his alcoholism. Remember bud, life isn't just about getting drunk and eating chicken fingers. This is all I have so far. I will be updating this thread intermittently, as to not give away too much information about our whereabouts and actions. We are still being hunted ya know.
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    I was looking through the guides section and noticed that there didn’t seem to be a specific go-to guide or tips for when you or your group get into a situation in which you are initiated on and taken hostage. Having been at both ends of the gun so to speak, and noticing that it is quite often newer players who simply do not know how to handle the situation they are confronted with, I thought I would put down some thoughts and ideas for people to think about in the event that this happens to them (or rather when it happens to them). Now I am more than aware that sometimes you will get 10/10 “STFU or I will kill you” RP from a hostage taker and you will need to make a judgement call yourself on whether you think you will probably be killed or whether it is worth trying to get some conversation out of it, but maybe some of these tips can also help to get your captor past that mind-set. I also acknowledge that the RP in these types of situations will vary greatly from situation to situation, but I have tried to give what I think are some very basic tips that may help newer people. Please feel free to add your own ideas here for other people. Know your key binds: When someone initiates on you they should give you ample time to comply. Try not to panic when you hit your keys. F2 is the default key for raising your hands. I have seen people get shot because they mistakenly hit 2 instead of F2 and pulled out their weapon. Mass initiations: These can be confusing at the best of times. One thing to always remember is that there may be an “inside man” waiting to shoot any non-compliant people. This may seem like a shitty thing to do but it is well within the rules. If you are in a compound with other people in it and it is initiated on, remember you take the risk of being shot by the person standing next to you if you don’t comply. I have been in this situation before and was the only person who surrendered. I was also the only person who was not with the initiators that walked out of there alive. This is a judgement call on your part whether you fight, run or surrender, but always have that in the back of your head if you don’t know the others with you very well. Your aim should be to try and make it out of the situation alive: Yes there are times when you can basically march to the rules cadence and you are guaranteed to make it out of the situation alive, but why not act like those rules don’t exist. If you are sitting there telling your captors how you are going to find them and kill them when they let you go, then maybe, just maybe, they aren’t going to want to let you out of the situation alive as you have just made it obvious that your existence is now a threat to them. Now this doesn’t mean you should just cry and beg for your life, obviously each person’s character is different and would react to the situation differently, but that doesn’t mean that you should be stupid about what you are saying or doing. Does the situation make you angry? Well that’s fine, but maybe internalise that anger or show it in your RP but not to the point of just being stupid. There is nothing stopping you from using the radio chat forums to express this afterwards (I have seen this done well quite a few times) but it probably isn’t going to end well for you if you are making those same threats while you have a gun to your head. Have you been searched for a radio? If you are searched for a radio, don’t try and be "sneaky” by stalling with your answer so you can get a message out while you are being searched, this is unrealistic as anyone searching you is going to be right next to you and would notice something. Also something I have seen is where someone will say they have no radio but will have a walkie-talkie on them. Even if you aren’t using it as your IG radio or have no battery in it, let your captors know that you have one and it has no battery so they can check for themselves and you can avoid any potential backlash, even if you do it in OOC chat. If you are searched for a radio and have it taken off you or turned off, make sure you mute TS or whatever 3rd party program you may have. “Oops I accidently left my TS mic on open broadcast without realising” is a BS excuse. If you don’t already have a key bound for mute/unmute mic in TS I suggest you do this next time you use TS as it will make things easier for you. If you have had your radio taken and use any other program to communicate with someone to let them know what has happened to you and where you are being taken, this is meta-gaming and both you and your friend(s) are likely going to be on the wrong end of a report if they use this information to try and rescue you. Other times when you cannot access your radio or your radio conversation is limited: Even if you have not been searched for a radio, if you are restrained or your hands are raised, then you are taken to have no access to your radio and must mute any 3rd party program being used to communicate with other people in game. NB you cannot try and bypass the rules by claiming to have a permanently broadcasting radio i.e. "I had a rubber band or tape on the transmit button" is not something you can claim to have used in order to keep broadcasting to another person. Another issue which may arise is when you are given a radio and told to get in contact with someone in front of your captors. If this happens make sure that whatever you communicate is also said over IG comms if your captors are standing near you or tell you that they want to hear everything. Your gear is not worth your life: If you have been captured, let’s face it, chances are you are going to lose some if not most of your gear (depending on the situation). Is it really worth losing your life over a vest or a specific type of gun? Sure there may be situations where your character has some kind of sentimental value attached to something (e.g. they are carrying around their lost child’s teddy bear), and in that situation by all means work that into the RP to try and let your captors leave it with you, but for everything else ask yourself this, would I die for this piece of equipment IRL? Just because you are not in the dominant position in the situation doesn’t mean that you have no control as to which way the conversation will flow: Giving one word answers to questions can make the RP stale (although admittedly in some circumstances it can fit the situation to show your fear etc.). Try and lead the conversation somewhere else or give answers in a way that gives the captors some cues to possibly pick up on, for example maybe slip in a remark about the last time you were robbed or how this reminds you of something, hopefully the captor will pick up on it and ask you more questions. Another suggestion I have would be to try and negotiate with your captors. Show them that you are worth more to them alive, maybe by offering up some information that they might find valuable (if it’s a lie make it convincing, a good lie can get you far) or perhaps you have some skill that may be useful to them, try and think outside the box. As an example (although I wasn’t a hostage or hostage taker in this situation), some people I was travelling with took a man hostage as he had unwittingly agitated the group. Just prior to this he had been talking about how he was a stand-up comedian. I intervened and made the suggestion that if both the captors and hostage were willing, that the captors could let him go with all his equipment and the hostage would in turn owe their group a quick stand-up show at some time in the future, to which the parties agreed. Although in this scenario the suggestion had not come from the hostage, there is nothing stopping a hostage from doing the same. Try to gain empathy from your captives: There are times that I have managed to get a story out which has impressed my captors or gotten them to feel sorry for me to the point that I walked away from robberies with almost all my gear including my weapons. Obviously each captor is going to be different and there will be some that no matter what you say, it is going to suck to be you. Try and pay attention to what is being said even between the hostage takers, can you learn anything that might help you from the way they are acting? E.g. is there one that seems more sympathetic? Is there one that seems to be in charge that is barking out all the orders? These might be the ones to focus your conversation towards. Being a shithead to your captors will likely make what happens to you worse: Title says it all. Now I don’t mean don’t poke fun at the captors or try and agitate them a little but this really is a “know your audience” kind of thing so take some time to get a feel for your captors before doing this. Some will take it on the chin and roll with a joke at their expense while others will react violently. This doesn’t mean be a troll! Having your restraints removed doesn’t give you superhuman powers: If you get cut loose/un-cuffed don’t do anything stupid. Sure, if it is one person and they didn’t search you and find that sawn-off shotgun in your backpack then by all means try and take them out if you think you have a realistic chance of survival, but if you have a shovel and decide to charge one of the 10 well armed people surrounding you, two things are likely to happen, the first being your death and the second being the NVFL report that will follow. React when being tortured or hurt: If you aren’t too comfortable with doing this over VOIP then try and use chat to express what your character is doing or saying, e.g. “*grits teeth in anticipation of the knife” “*lets out a loud yell”, "*screams in pain" etc etc. Try not to just sit there silently as you get hit/cut/stabbed/shot etc. At least make some attempt to RP out that pain. Oh, but you’re “crazy”, well that changes everything! Just kidding, same still applies. Work it into your RP but you still need to make sure you don’t fall into the NVFL/bad RP category. Know when you can and should not go OOC in chat: Never go OOC in VOIP! There are times you may need to go OOC in text but you should not do this unless you really have to in order to convey something important to your captors. Some examples of what is generally accepted is: //Stop the OOC //I have been having connection problems, can we just RP that I am handcuffed/restrained so I don't die if I get disconnected //I can't hear what you are saying There will be other times when you might feel the need to go OOC but it will be completely unneeded and may end up with you being on the wrong end of an "unnecessary OOC" report against you. This generally comes out when the hostage is either 'salty', doesn't know the rules properly or thinks there are rulebreaks happening and want to convey that to their captors. Some examples I have seen which have landed people in trouble are: //I am recording this (implying that they are not happy with what is happening and/or are going to make a report) //I am going to report you all //You need to go learn the rules because you don't know what you are doing //This is such bad/fail RP //why have you taken me hostage, you need a reason, tell me now The rules provide that OOC chat should never take priority over the roleplay. If you think someone is breaking the rules, then keep it to yourself and deal with it after the RP, no matter how bad you may think it is. If your captors break every single rule there is, stay in character and deal with it later. If they go to powergame you or perma-scar you without permission there is nothing wrong with "//Permission not granted" but if they carry on, try to just keep in character. Just because your captors RP cutting off your legs without permission, doesn't mean you need to now have your character act like they have no legs. Most people when faced with this will just move on after the interaction as if it never happened, as your captors can't force anything like this on you. If you think there are rulebreaks and want to raise this point, do it in a formal report or talk to your captors OOC in teamspeak, do not in OOC chat. Don’t take what happens personally OOC: At the end of the day it is just a game on an RP server and not everyone wants to play the game the same way. Some people are going to give you better hostile RP than others, and yes it can be a pain in the ass to lose all or most of your gear but it is nothing that you can’t get back. Use this as an opportunity to impact your character somehow, perhaps it makes you more cautious when approaching people, perhaps it makes your character want to take it out on others etc.
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    http://i.imgur.com/jKlXCPa.png[/img] [mp3]http://puu.sh/iO5ED/1bcd62ace3.mp3[/mp3] Jamie Wilson "Wolves. I see wolves as very majestic creatures. I love the way how they act in their family, hunting to keep their young alive. Thats how I like to see my family. I see us as a pack. We do what is necessary to keep our family alive. If that means we have to kill some people, we'll do it. If that means disciplining other wolves, then so be it. The following story which occured to me and my family made us disaprove all known theories of Lone Wolves. I was travelling alone, scared of the monsters that reaked in my path. I was lost, forgotten and just watched my wife and two daughters being burned alive. I was straying into the woods and came across a smallish town which was called Orvolets, which was one of the first towns i'd seen for days. I was hungry, thirsty and I had loads of thoughts going through my head. "Do i need.. to kill someone for food.. no.. thats not humane.. what if they didn't have food.. maybe i could eat.. no.." I slowly started to completely lose my mind. I stumbled slowly into the town and didn't see any of the monsters. As I was walking down the road, I heard a peicing scream of a girl who was shouting for help. It took me a couple of seconds to realise that it wasn't one of the many voices I had in my head. I suddenly became more awake and bolted towards the screams. I arrived at the house and thats when I first saw her. Mary Archer. She was forcing the door closed from a horde of monsters, I pulled out my worthless crowbar and stared at them. "I can't do it.. theres too many.. FUCK" I slowly approached the screaming demons, swing my weapon at one of the heads of the monsters. I foolishly miss and hit the side of the house. All the demons turn towards me and I just froze. I quickly came to mind when I heard "RUN" I drop my crowbar and quickly sprint towards the nearest house. I managed to rush into an empty house, blocking the door with a table. I scanned the house for a back entrance but there was none. Is this it now? I saw a small window next to the kitchen which looked too small, but it was my only chance. I pick up the pot which was resting on the coocker and chuck it through the window, smashing it into peices. I jumped on the counter, and managed to squeeze myself through the window. As I was jumping down, I caughting a lump of glass on my leg, slicing an open wound. I limped towards the road looking for the girl, but she was nowhere to be seen. Did she leave me? I saw one of the monsters crawling towards me, and I was hobbling away the best I could, but my leg couldn't take the weight and I collapsed on the floor. The last thing I remember is something grabbing my ankle.The voices slowly started to fade out my head.. and all I heard was a gunshot but it was quiet and distant. The last thing I remember is something grabbing my ankle.. I felt intense heat on the side of my face. I could feel the sun beaming down too. I was too scared to open my eyes. Am I one of the monsters now? Am I with my family now? I slowly opened my eyes and saw her. I quickly shunted up to see if I was alive, and I saw my jeans rolled up and stiches in my leg. "That was quiet the nasty cut. Managed to sew it up." I just stared aimlessly at the girl, and fell unconcious again." Mary G. Archer "After the spreading infection reached Berenzino I was forced to leave my home city behind and safe myself into the deep woods of Chernarus. I used to be a lumber mill co worker. I was pretty lucky that my bag was already packed for work. I should have known better but everything went so quick that I did not have the option to take anything else with me. There was no chance of saving my father and my two brothers. That is what I tell myself today to stay sane. Over the panic I did not realize that I strayed when the darkness fell. After wandering round for a few days my provisions went out. So my only chance of surviving at that point was to fit into the enviroment and start hunting, always taking the risk that the noise of dad's old rifle might attract the attention of the undead. After the second week of trying to find a way out of the wooden labyrinth I decided to save the last bullet for myself. I would rather end my own life then become one of those things. But I did not give up at that point. Almost famished I followed a little stream which lead me to a small town called Orvolets. With my last energy I managed to break into a small house where I found a can of beacon. Normally I would not even think about touching it. But at that point I couldn't have been any happier. I must admit luck did not resist that long. Somehow I kicked an old bin full of empty cans which rumbled to the ground. I jumped to the door and blocked it with a couch and a few chairs. It took not even 20 seconds until I heard scratching and growling outside of the door. 'very smart mary ... lock yourself in this god damn place' I said to myself, grabbing my axe. I was standing in front of the door, shouting all these things... ready to ... at least take some of them with me. When that guy in a ripped police uniform appeared out of the nowhere and tried to get those creatures away from the door with an old rusty crowbar. He did a lousy job but he risked his life for mine. Since that day we share a bond. I found a new brother in him. We are traveling together ... hunting together... fighting and surviving together. Even if we are not walking side by side all the time. We don't lose each other. I trust him more than anyone else. I'd rather die than share our secrets. This little f*cker became my family. A brother I picked myself." Nora Wilson After Nora reached Chernarus she was all alone. The colony people found her on a road close to their ,so called, Colony. The people called this place a colony. A safe haven. They were the friendliest people she met in a while. They looked after her. She quickly befriended another mute girl; Sayo. The colony people took her in as one of their own. They calmed her down when she had panic attacks, they made her feel loved. Therefore it was devastating that they left the colony. Nora returned of a supply run seeing the apple tree cutted down. She saw bodies and blood. There was a big fight and she was all alone, again, not knowing what happend... Nora started to roam the empty lands. She saw a big radio tower and started to sprint towards it. Hoping to find some people but there was noone… She could not do this, not alone, not again. She held her gun against her head. She fought long, she fought hard but this was her time. She would finally go back to her friends. She touched the trigger, it felt so cold. When suddenly, she hears a female voice in the distance. A male voice replies. She puts the gun down and peeks around the corner, not knowing she was about to meet her new family. The female spotted her and started to talk to her. Nora replied with notes, thinking the new people would head off quick. Who wants to communicate with a mute when you always have to hurry nowadays? But no, they stayed. They listened and they gave her food. She was starving but only noticed it when she took a bite of the apple. She stayed with them, she stayed with Mary and Jamie. They took care of her, they taught her how to survive. How important a family is. They taught her the art of working together. They showed her a new goal in life. They showed her love. Staying together is the only way to survive. Mary and Jamie were traveling as usual when they ran into that girl up on Green Mountain. Mary started talking to her while Jamie was busy clearing the area. The mute girl seemed to be depressed and Mary and Jamie did their best to cheer her up. They all got along pretty fast and when things got ugly Mary decided to risk her own life for Nora. Jamie was having her back like always. At that moment Mary did not have a clue that she was about to fall in love with that blonde girl. The three lone wolves became a pack. A family. A council in the daily choices of survivors. As being the lone Wolf we were before, we had no chance of survival, you need to band together and do what is necessary for survival. We look after each other because of that, our strong bond keeps us safe. We think as a family, not as an individual. We base our choices on what would be the best for the group, for the family. Every single one of us has her or his own traits that make the group stronger. We don't believe in surviving on your own, you need people, you need family. If we come across lone survivors who think and act the same as we do, we offer them a trial period until we see them as one of our own. Then you will recieve an assignment, to prove that you are worthy and strong enough to join the pack. Now, several months after the outbreak, cans are running out. "Old world" food will soon be gone. That is why we live of the land. We catch fish and hunt animals, we pick berries and apples. That is why it is important to keep a close eye on the animal population and on the people who enter our hunting grounds... We are no heroes nor bandits, we do what we please. If you are being nice to us, we’ll be nice to you. If you are being rude to us or we dislike you, we’ll hunt for you. You’ll never be safe. We’ll follow your trail and when you let your guard down, we will be there to put you down. We are not crazy nor sane. We all make choices; but in the end our choices make us. Our choices made us how we are now. A bruise is a lesson and each lesson makes us better. We have sufferd, but we learned from our pain. Pain teaches us. Pain is our friend, pain tells us when we are wounded badly. But do you know what the best thing about pain is? It tells you, that you are not dead yet. Our home is where we are. Our place of origin is not relevant, only where we choose to go together. We will keep fighting, we will keep swinging. We will keep going till there is nothing left. It is not about how hard you can hit someone, it is about how hard you can get hit and keep going forward. That’s how we survive. We are survivors. We are Family. We are The Wolves. http://hydra-media.cursecdn.com/dayz.gamepedia.com/c/ce/ArmbandGreen.png[/img] We wear green armbands. As green as the grass we hide in, when we are spying on you, ready to attack. We have seen less animals in our grounds and the few that are there are still being hunted. They need a break, we need to attract more animals by making our grounds safe again. Thats why from now on, hunting in the marked area , our hunting grounds, is forbidden unless we gave you the word of approval. Anyone who is caught hunting on our grounds will be punished by the Wolves. We will be activly patrolling our territory and not only keep an eye on the herds but also on any potential harm in that area. We don't claim the lands, we claim the herds. The maps can be seen in Zelenogorsk, Vybor and stary. The Word of Approval: Wolves will give their word of approval to hunters who have shown their skills. The word of approval will be handed out after the hunter has shown that he/she knows how to hunt well to the Wolves. We will keep a list of people who recieved the word of approval. If we find out that a good hunter changed his/hers way of hunting, he/she will lose the hunting privilege. Our hunting grounds are shown on the map below: Head of The Council: -Mary G. Archer The Council: -Jamie Wilson -Nora Wilson -Ender Star -Dan Sommer The Lurkers: -Alex Mainer -Noah White The Hunters: -Mason Held -Daniel Novak The Sentinels -Jacob Saint Young Wolves (1/5): -Charlie Jackson Missing Family Members: -Jason Hunter -Joe "Pebbles" Erikson -Scarlett Wilson -Nataliya Wilson Allies -A.S.O Friendly -Alcyone -The Trust -Neutral -Everyone we meet -Scars -The Gamblers -Dislike -Cerna Liska -The Brotherhood of Thieves -Preys -Masquerade -Saoirse -Jimmy Bulmer -Town Town people -John Miller -Lexi Monroe -Scott "Jack" Daniels -Percivl Bronson //OOC goals and information: 1. Provide the best RP as possible 2. No rulebreakers, 3 strikes and you’re out 3. Roleplay over ruleplay 4. Roleplay over gear 5. Roleplay over pvp We are not a group of bandits nor a group of heroes. Some of our members will help people, some will be rude. It depends on our mood and your attitude. Everyone in this group has a different personality and his/her own traits. We will be focusing on the RP within the group and with people outside the group. When we are in game, we do not tolerate ooc chat in TS. TS will only be used as a radio so most of the talking will be done in game. We are not a military group nor a civilian group. We are survivors who teamed up. For example; we have a lumberjack, a former police officer and a former medic student. If you are involved in a report, you are expected to tell the council. We will be following the report closely and remember, 3 strikes and you are out. If we rob/hold someone up, the RP MUST be over the gear. We will try to provide the best hostile rp as possible so the robbery is enjoyable for the victim. Injuries will affect your RP even after you fixed them. For example: when you break your leg, it is not fixed with just morphine. You will have to get a splint and you will need more breaks in long travels. Our Threads: The Radio Frequency The Media Thread How to join our family: You are required to have a microphone (text RP is fine aswell but the microphone will be used for teamspeak) and TeamSpeak. TeamSpeak will be used as our in game radio. Recruitment will be done strictly in game. After you showed interest, the council will discuss you. If we think you will fit in the group, You will get a trial period till we see you as our own. Then there will be a final test, a ceremony and then you will be an official wolf. Special thanks to Slash for the awesome artwork!
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    [mp3]http://www.freewebs.com/lenzschmied/skidssaintsarecoming.mp3[/mp3] "-Are we good to go? - yelled the driver sitting uncomfortably in the truck. The engine was already running. - Yeah... Yeah we are... God damn it... Mark this one - zero survivors, zero bodies. Add biohazard just in case. Move your ass! - Yes sir! He marked the house as ordered and rushed back to the truck. He wasn't planning on being left behind. He quickly jumped onto the back of the truck. Soldier that was behind the wheel pressed the pedal to the metal. The mighty roar of the engine echoed through the valley and the only answer that came was the moan of an infected lurking somewhere in the deep woods." http://i.imgur.com/sWD9heD.png[/img] [align=justify]I've decided to continue my mini-event or as I like to call it - my main quest. I'm currently deploying and resupplying care packages in about 24 locations. There are four different types of care packages depending on the size of the container: protector case, improvised backpack, barrel, truck. The smallest care packages contain drinks, food (if canned also a can opener) and source of light, matches or a heatpack. The bigger the care package is, the more items it contains - fresh clothing, waterproof clothing, lamps, farming equipment, tools, seeds. The biggest and the rarest are the trucks - with most of the above they also contain a "good to go" package - a battery and glow plug. All of them contain a RP note explaining the origin. All of the care packages are located in the most likely visited parts of towns and villages, in high and low trafficed areas. I've decided to dedicate this mini-event to S1, since it's running smoothly again. Also there will be some IC informations comming soon, as this thread develops. [align=justify]Now that I know that people are finding those and liking the general idea, it's give me motivation and a good feeling! [align=justify]Also feel free to give me a feedback on this idea. I have to say that it takes me few hours of gameplay to maintain the care packages network (collect persistent containers, restock existing packages, deploy brand new ones) and I spent almost 99% of the time doing it. I will be greatfull for opinions and suggestions how to make all this even more immersive! Informations that you can obtain IC via forum: [mp3]http://www.freewebs.com/lenzschmied/emergencybroadcast2.mp3[/mp3] Source: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Open-Frequency-105-2-Emergency-Broadcast [align=justify]Original content of the post before edit:
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    I was three years old when I took my first photo. My father had bought a camera during the boxing day sale before my birth in February of 1991. A Canon EOS 10 S, which I apparently wanted to get my hands on from the moment I was grasping, but the March after my third birthday my mom left me alone to answer the phone and I took advantage of my first opening. I must have seen the value of it, as right after I took a very blurry picture of my hand, I dumped my toy baby on the floor and put the camera safely in my pint sized doll cradle instead. That Camera had the coolest feature, it came with a book of photo effects with barcode beside them for you to scan with your camera to lock in that style, a feature I haven't found in newer cameras but would kill for. Well, I would have, until I learned that I will kill for less. My parents started buying me disposable cameras from the dollar store. The quality was awful, and not only because of my childish experimentation, but I still have those pictures at home arranged in a picture frame in an almost pretentious modern art sort of way. As I showed responsibility, my parents finally bought me a Canon Snappy LX for my sixth birthday, which really improved my film quality. I started taking photos purposely instead of randomly. My walls became covered in things I liked, people I loved, and whatever I thought would look nice. Photography was a hobby to me, and I had no idea I could make a career out of it. While I was in high school, my classmates were saving for their first car, while I was saving for a Canon EOS Digital Rebel Xti. While they were taking selfies with their new cellphone cameras, I was using my dad's old 10 S. While they had a free period, I took photography. I applied for an art scholarship after I was selected as the school's submission for it. Honestly, I didn't expect to be told that I won it, a full ride to the University of British Columbia, as long as I minored in photography. I hadn't planned to, really I had planned to go to a trade school, become a nurse, dental assistant or lab tech, paths that were popular in my graduating class. With this door open to me, I decided to Major in Psychology, and take only the required amount of Photography courses to qualify for my scholarship. I had no idea how thankful I would be that students were allowed to swap their courses within the first week without financial penalty. I dropped all but one psychology courses in favor of a four year plan to be a photo journalist, and since I wanted to take advantage of this full ride, my four year plan included as many photography and writing classes as I could without losing complete sanity, plus an anthropology course or two for good measure. It was during my years at University that independent online publishing really took off. People could write as little embellished truth as they wanted, without having to worry about the repercussions as credibility started to matter little as click bait became a growing source of revenue. People glanced over the website and journalist name in favor of scrolling through buzzfeed lists, and I realized that my passion may have caused me to waste my scholarship as my career path evolved in an unpredicted way. I could only find work as a freelance journalist, but enough to get by in Vancouver's quickly growing cost of living due to the 2010 winter olympics. Working as a freelance journalist did offer me a great deal of experience as it came with unrealistic deadlines, and a lot of content flexibility. One day I could be writing about a political leader, and the next I could be writing about Celebrity baby names. I started to realize that I needed to make a name for myself if I was ever going to evolve and be worth more. When Russia made it illegal to be gay, people were being hunted by gangs, raped, murdered publicly in ceremony, and their allies did not fare much better. This news exploded on the internet, people were calling for the UN and Olympic committee to cancel Sochi 2014, or move it to another location. I was hired to write several articles as Russia was trending on twitter, and pulling in add revenue from off site links, and so I immersed myself in the travesty, though I knew seeing it through the screen was not enough. Not being tied down to a company became my greatest opportunity. After my apartment's lease was up, all my possessions were moved to my parent's house for safekeeping, turning my old room into a much more hospitable storage locker. Both my Mom and Dad took me to the airport to see me on my way to Russia, gifting me with a Polaroid Pic-300 and a journal so I could document my life in Russia for both them and myself. Though my Rebel T5i is much more powerful, I would be lying if I said I didn't have a lot of fun with it. So it begins, my immersive life in Russia, pretending to be a Canadian Immigrant, though I was only staying on a work Visa. I arrived in early July, got a job, made friends and planned to leave six months later. My plans changed just like everything changed, and leaving was no longer an option. After CNBS News told us about the terror night in Myshkino, and other towns soon started being quarantined in Chernarus, we all had a feeling something was up. I called my mom that morning to tell her and my dad that I was okay, and they made sure to list off every emergency preparedness tactic they knew, they never really understood how far away from Chernarus Moscow was, but I know they needed to hear it. And so I built a go bag with a few essentials, and made a mental note to fill up my bath tub with water before the water would be shut off, and then I waited, checking every news website I knew, and setting my twitter alerts to exclusively local and national news. When I heard news of it being a rabies like infection that caused people to riot, I began to itch. This was my opportunity to get my name out there, and so I made my biggest mistake. I traveled to South Zagoria the next day with only my car, a change of clothes, and whatever food and water I could stuff into a backpack. The border guard looked at me like I was crazy and even considered making me turn around or my own good, but I told him I was press and I was free to pass. The most surreal thing was seeing the long line of fully packed cars lined up at a closed border that all watched me as I drove past, like they hadn't seen a car come this way in days, but later I figured that they were probably worried I was a border official trying to send them back. As I drove I quickly surfed the fuzz coming from my radio between news stations as I move in and out of service, keeping up to date with what was going on the best I could as I drove with my camera riding shotgun towards the south west. The last news station I could find on the radio was one that was kept up apparently illegally. The man speaking spoke hurried and frantic, informing people of the news blackout, and warning any media and press to act covertly. There was a loud pop before dead air, I tried to explain away the gunshot like noise as feedback from some sort of government transmission jammer, but I didn’t really convince mysel. And so I hid my camera. I decided to divert and drive to Elektrozavodsk, picking up a map at an abandoned gas station, so I could save the battery on my phone just in case I had to abandon my car without a full charge. The Canadian in me left the price on the counter, regardless of the fact that the owners likely would not return. It wasn't until I arrived in Chernogorsk did I find out what was really going on. People fleeing from as near as Balota spoke of people coming to life after death, reanimating and becoming what's popularly considered zombies. I kept a voice recorder going in my pocket to record everything I could covertly, figuring the ethics of recording without knowledge didn't really apply anymore. Who knows what laws apply anymore, as I was interviewing someone on camera in their basement when we heard the loudest explosive noise I have ever heard. Rushing outside we saw thick black smoke fill the red sky as people started to shout about a plane hitting a building near the hotel the UN was stationed in. I tied a shirt around my mouth as the air became ashen and hard to breath. I took this time to go, head east and ride the coast until I returned to the Russian border. The story was no longer worth it. I wish I had consider that the amount of people huddled at the border waiting to cross was a horde waiting to happen. I quickly turned around as a snarling mass of people took sight of me. I have some nameless German person in a factory to thank for this car's ability to turn on a dime as I fled back to Svetlojarsk, easily managing to out distance them. When they were out of sight, I pulled to the side of the road and let reality sink in. This was the last time I cried. It has been a year since this nightmare began. I have celebrated a Christmas starving after I traded my food for a single bullet, a birthday blowing out a lighter over a can of beans, and rang in the new year hiding under bags of manure after running from bandits. I wasn’t going to let myself stay here another year.
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    Can't say it often enough John, but you're probably one of the most talented RPers in this community. Every character you make is different, really enjoy them all and watching your videos! keep it up! I'm sorry... I had to...
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    My character will personally execute anyone who tries to give him a gun license (nationalism intensifies)
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    Nishi Urban, the apocalypse's Joker.
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    I too have met officer Edward Kotchen and received my gun license. What a friendly person and really helpful. Thank you officer Kotchen.
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    *Reiner taps his glasses, twice as the clicking of the button can be heard* The facts of Alyssa have never been hidden Not once. Alyssa Morgan is not neutral - Alcyone is. Alcyone doesn't keep secret - Alcyone is simply Alcyone. Though if we are speaking about hiding things - I've heard some juicy legends of you Mr. Finnr. You hop from group to group, stalking, observing, like the coward you are. You can only speak on the radio as you possess no real power in this world. And if pussies died, I'm surprised your still alive. Please go back and crawl under a rock. Why do you care about people's personal lives, I certainly don't care who fucks who. She's always been a wolf. And me spreading info - you clearly don't understand my work at all. I don't spread information, Knowledge is Power and it would be foolish to give it away to someone like you. You are undeserving of my knowledge. And speaking of snakes - how should people trust you : The traitor of Chernarus: you spread lies about the Trust, the Vigil, I've heard all the stories. You called the Chief a Messiah of the waste. Foolish man. Your word is meaningless. So continue shouting lies and hatred over the radio - as Alcyone spreads knowledge of the world. Alcyone and Alyssa have done more for the region then you and your circle jerking diva squad. Take care Finnigan. *Static Ends*
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    Isn't that the wrong server? it says CrAzY DayZ, this is dayzrp. You are trying to join the wrong server. All server IP's are on the front page of DayZRP
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    Thaddeus chuckles, "Easy buddy it's just symbolism nothing more nothing less, lets call it motivation for the masses. I want something to motivate them to get that thing I want I put a horrible image in their mind. Then I offer a reward, so they are even more motivated to get that thing for me. I'm not going to argue semantics with you." He adjusted his posture and continued. "Just find Tucker Haas, I know he might have something or someone with him that some of your fellow country-men might want as well. So shut the fuck up and join in the fun." Thaddeus lowered the radio and chuckled, "Piss pot, what a fuck head."
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    *Merik pick up his radio and listens to the ranting of the man about the Mayor, Merik ear twitch at the sound of his threatening to "Trash South Zegoria" Merik lets out a howling laugh and tries to compose himself* You.... *chuckles under his breath* You're g-going to trash the Fatherland? *laughs loudly covering his mouth* Ahaha, fucking really, you.... you sound like you couldn't tear up your own back garden without your "Boys" , they do all the strong lifting for you? Oh fuck sake *loses himself in laughter* Run along piss pot. *Merik throws down his radio laughing his ass off trying to get a drag out of his cigarette*
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    *He grumbles and picks his radio up and presses in the button* Oh for fuck sake its this loudmouth again... *Sighs* Is this Bojack a chocolate bar or something? Alysa did you steal this mans chocolate!? But seriously buddy get your head out of your own arse I can smell the shit through my radio. Right toodles. *He releases the button*
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    I plan on making a suggestions thread later on when me and Ghost have a working version for release.
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    Hi A different GM/Admin team, who was not involved in the original verdict, has looked over the original Report, the ban appeal and the justification of the verdict given. We can see you handcuffed/restrained at the door. You got told to go 20 paces then you would be shot, and if you would run, you would get killed faster. You walk till the ending of the building and started running. A shot was fired, you keep running. Then you were killed. We see it that way: You were no threat at all. You were still restrained and running restrained is very slow. Technicially you did not comply to the rules, however the demands given were "die" or "die faster". This can be used as a scare-tactic as Brad pointed out, however roleplaying this out, what would you had to loose, if you would have died either way? We ask ourselves why they were letting you go in the first place, if their only intention was to kill you. We do not see a reason for it and it appears their actions were more ruleplay over roleplay. For us, the situation could have been handled better, from both sides. IC and in the Report! We also want to mention the attitude from everyone in this original report, which was immature and absolutely not needed and we do not want to see this behaviour in our forum again. From no one. Directly taken out of our rules: "Discuss matters in a polite way, but do not resort to name calling, provoking or trolling other players. Show other members respect and act maturely." With this has been said, this appeal will be accepted. Outcome: Ban and points removed.
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    First off, that was not gun point. He just told you to run away because there were shots. He had no idea you were together with the other guy. What if you walked in his shoes? You're looking for a killer and some random guy turns up with a weapon. What would you do? He was on the watch because someone just got shot. What you're saying is that he is free to aim at the tower while scouting for the shooter, but when he addresses you, he must put his gun on his back and THEN say "Run away from here" because apparently he had you at gun point. That makes no sense. He didn't have you at gun point. He was merely looking at the tower AND turns to you to talk to you, and he so happens to have a weapon in his hand. I am talking about what you said: "If he didn't have his gun up to me the whole time I wouldn't have shot him". How can he NOT have his gun up when someone got shot and he's looking for the killer? As Terra stated, we were a dynamic duo and you killed Yuri WHICH MEANS, Mike has KOS rights on you. You are in no position to report him. Yes. You and me are good. This report wasn't for you specifically, however. We had no idea who was who. The guy in the tower could have been your friend, who KOS'd me. If Admins want, Yuri could make his own thread. I just want to await their response. Sorry, but I can't accept the fact that your friend did what he did. He will do it again. And again. And again. About the rules, I don't agree with that he had KOS rights there, but that's up to the admins to decide. He had so many different stories when he wanted to explain the situation.
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    I honestly find this perfect, simply because the amount of times I've viewed a normal non-rulebreaking situation as bannable, simply because I lost all my gear and progress to a robbery turned sour. In about 40-60 minutes, i've gotten a decent amount of gear and made some more RP, I don't feel like reporting because it wasn't so bad after all.
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    I'd just bring my ID and head over to the Winchester.
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