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    *you open a Mail Boxs* Dear Crunchin Crisps I am very upset to know your company is a company of liars and thieving cunts. I open a boxes of Crunchin Crisps excited to get my FREE Compass from the box but was presented with the with the disappointment of a life time. THERE WAS NO COMPASS. I put my hopes in to this boxes having a compass as well if you havnt notice shits hit the fan big style and a tool such as this can mean life or death. With this in mind I am Suing you for the despair this has put me in. Good day FUCK YOU CRUNCHIN CRISPS GIVE ME MY COMPASS
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    I am going to burst everyones bubble I was hoping reapers would make a comeback but they have not and just like my time with the family I know first hand at what happens when you try to bring a group back it becomes stale and ruins the reputation Kenny is not creating the reapers and as he has said its his own version I am leading the reaper remnants with blitz just because well for best part of 4 months towards the end of the reapers we were leading them anyways and just like anytime I was around with the reapers the focus is RP yes it will be hostile and yes there will be initiations but its all RP based and I have not had any negative feedback on the hostile RP i give for nearly 6 months now so dont you worry lads we aint here to resurrect the reapers we are the next step to the reapers and trust me it will be good!
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    We look at insanity and we see madness. We see chaos. We can't begin to fathom what is going on in the mind of the person before us. To most of us, insanity is the polar opposite to logic. More often than not, our opinion of insanity is in fact, exactly the opposite of the truth. Insanity is more logical than sanity. No matter how random someone may seem, there is an internal logic to how they are acting. Insanity brought on by trama (read my PTSD guide), tends to take specific paths. Insanity that comes from other sources can vary. Think about a few cases of insanity that you might have seen. There was a MO to how they went about things. If they committed criminal acts, that MO is likely why they were caught or how they recognized the victims of a single madman. Finding The Logic So what am I really talking about here? Well, let's say there is a woman who has Schizophrenia. She believes the voice she hears is the voice of God. Watching her, one day she begins walking backwards with her hands over her stomach wherever she goes. It's incredibly random and seems to have nothing to do with her condition. Some would pass it off as the random nature of madness, but in reality, she is being exceptionally logical. When asked, she is reluctant to explain, fearing the wrath of God for explaining herself. What none of us realize is that she was told that she now carried God's baby inside her. She is told that if anything should happen to the child, she will burn. Having recently tripped a week before in a way that caused stomach trauma, she is hyper aware of such risks. As such, she has decided to protect the child by never walking forwards and always covering her stomach to protect it further. Many strange decisions may come from her fear of losing the phantom child. I'm Crazy, So I'll Eat You! Looking at another issue, let's study the issue of cannibalism. Societies where it is done, generally have a view about it giving the powers of another person to them. Gaining traits like strength, courage, etc. Modern societies don't have these views. Instead, we abhor the eating of human flesh. It is extremely taboo. It takes a lot to bring most of us to the point of eating someone else. Madness doesn't lead to eating people with very few exceptions. Instead, eating people leads to the madness. To bring yourself to eat another person, even if it your only chance to survive, you have to give up a little of your world view. You either eat them and then suffer the mental anguish the rest of your life, or you eat them and work out some justifications for why it is okay. In the first case, you will suddenly be making very logical decisions to avoid ever doing it again. Maybe you refuse to have anything less than half a backpack worth of food at any given time and never stray far from the beaten path. Perhaps you are hyper fearful of getting lost, so have several maps and two compass' on your person. There are all sorts of reactions you might have. In the second case, a whole new world opens up. You let go of the part of yourself that says this is wrong. That doesn't mean you go out of your way to eat others, but it does mean that when someone dies, you aren't above taking some with you. When you interact with others, you can't help but think about how cattle-like some of them are. Again, there are many ways to react here. The point is, unless you have a rare pre-existing disposition, you aren't just running up to people trying to find excuses to kill and eat them. Instead, you are following a hyper-logical path that stems from your past and the madness that has overtaken you. Would you eat a friend? What about a potential love interest? Are certain types of people more human or less human to you? There are times when another condition has led to cannibalism, but this guide is focusing on the forms most likely to appear in this setting. Bear that in mind when creating your characters. Final Thoughts So while this guide isn't long, I do hope it can help you. Even the Joker, known as the most chaotic madman ever created, has an internal logic. It might take you years of pealing away the layers to even begin to really understand the twisted logic. (No, I am not going to go into super-sanity) The point is, that no matter how crazy and twisted someone seems to be, there is a logic being employed. Moreover, the logic of a madman is often more rigid than the logic of a more normal person. After all, those of us who are sane are able to deviate from our own worldview from time to time, even if it just happens to be for selfish reasons. (Edited to fix a broken link and minor clarification... multiple times thanks to the hard to see pictures in capcha)
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    After about a week on considering to post this i decided to post my opinion on the current state of the 501st, for one all we did was rob people at GM none stop kill people with no RP and I admit that I was a major part of this and encouraging this. But the truth is I am tired of people saying shit about the group and saying how we rob people all the time. Which we do pretty much all day, I'm tired of defending the name and saying "we are changing the lore". We have been through more commanders then anyone in DayZRP I'll place my money on that. This group has just turned major bandit like. I've gotten both sides of the story on this one, one from 501st saying: "oh I'm working on a new lore and to improve our shit in game". I have yet to see us try that all we do is rob on Alts. I've gotten ex 501st members story's and how the WANT the group closed to at least save the groups name from 2013. Just close this group, I don't mean to be rude about it but just close it. Let it rest for a couple months then re open with a different lore and different group goals and acually follow them in game. With this said I am not going to rejoin till this mess is fixed. If you don't listen to what I have said then this group will run itself in the ground. Prove me wrong.
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    the return HYPE!!! Click HERE to see my other pages from 7 or so months ago
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    I have to say that a lot of good points of been made. Using actions-in-asterisks is common for any type of action that is not done within the game mechanics. I am all for being as realistic as possible when playing in this game, and feel that if someone is going to go through the trouble of taking your clothing, that you should be forced to strip, which of course is BadRP at this time. In the defense of those that force clothing swapping, please keep in mind that in most post-apocalyptic movies, games, and stories there is a reoccurring event. This is taking peoples boots and jackets. It happens constantly. Not as a joke, but because their clothing is in better condition or might have more pockets. Of course most of the time it is being looted from the dead, but it still happens. Next let me mention that this happens in real life as well. It is not uncommon for people or troops who are under supplied to loot the dead, or even take someone's boots and leave them with their ratty pair. When your goal is self preservation, especially in Chernarus where it is a colder climate, then you are gonna do what it takes to keep warm. This will include thicker pants, better boots, and nicer jackets. If I am wearing a damaged jacket, and I am robbing some guy with a nice warm looking jacket. Then yes, I am taking that, too bad for that fool. He should just be happy I decided not to shoot him. That being said, I agree that it would make it much more fun to have to untie him and take it off of him with emotes. Same thing with backpacks, if someone is going to take it. The problem with all of this is that game mechanics don't support the time thing. They have it set up so that you can loot someone when tied up which is nice, but I dont see why people don't search you for weapons first while you are tied up, remove them, and then untie you if they plan to take your clothing. That works just fine. Maybe the time doesn't match what it would in real life, but at the same time you can only expect so much realism from a game that gives you the four minute fire. Does a rule need made? I don't believe so. I think that like all things involving roleplaying, people need to be taught and learn to get better. This is part of that. If people see people taking the time to do this stuff, then they will likely repeat it, thinking that it's the normal thing to do. I think something like this should be added to the Bandit Guide that is out there though, that would be nice.
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    Texas born and raised. Come and take it.
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    That's why I put university in quotations. I could have just said a bunch of people who claim to be professors with no factually backed degrees or qualifications to teach who could possibly just be fronting as an educational facility to take advantage of their unsuspecting students, but that's a long ass run on sentence..... Call yourselves whatever you want, just fucking invite me to your whore house. Enzo is feeling lonely and its as good a place as any to push his home brew apple wine swill. Hahah...hahaha....Ha..What ..what are you talking about - but yes , I'd love Enzo to come <3 Sorry I'm 1/2 asleep didnt see quotations
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    I guess we could continue the hype train thread instead of making a new one? http://www.dayzrp.com/t-Metal-Gear-Solid-V-The-Phantom-Pain-Hype-train
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    Hi, Due to the circumstances surrounding your ban I don't really feel comfortable in bringing you back to our community after being backstabbed like that, sorry. Ban holds.
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    Verdict: Yuri Kirilov - Metagaming - [GUILTY] Reason: After reviewing each point of view by the involved parties, staff came to the conclusion that the accused, Yuri Kirilov, is guilty of metagaming. As you have stated yourself, you did pulse check Dominik, and used that OOC information IC'ly. You shouted his name out loud, while in characther, you didn't have any knowledge of his name. You are therefore, guilty of metagaming his name. Remember, some people rather keep their name hidden in characther for multiple reasons. If we'd all went pulse checking and shouting out their names, we would ruin alot of roleplay situations. With the above stated the following applies: Outcome: Yuri Kirilov - Metagaming - 3 day ban + banstrike
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    What basically happened is that Nick Church Robbed Kim near GM hill for her Mosin and had little to no RP with the engagement, which lasted only about 30 seconds. We had many guys in the area and chased Nick for about 5 minutes before losing him. Fast Forward an hour later, we go up to GM and find Nick there. Kim has KoS on nick at this time, as the engagement was only 1 hour before that, so I give her my SKS and she left the compound and killed Nick from outside the compound. She had valid KoS rights on Nick due to him previously robbing her an hour before.
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    Server and location: S1 - Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 21:35-45 26/09/2015 Daytime or Night-time: Night Your in game name: Steve Gawoin Names of allies involved: N/A Name/Skin of suspect/s: Skull Mask/Unknown name. Suspects weapon/s: Silenced .22 pistol. Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): No and Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: As I have spawned in I ran and looted from Kamyshovo to Elektro to Mogilevka to Stary to Kabanino to the army base near Kabanino to Vybor. As I reached the road heading east to west on the east side of Vybor I ran into two guys who seemed cool, we talked a little then I moved onwards towards the air field. As I got near the industrial area I noticed a fire with a couple of some what armed guys so I crawled past the fence to a point where I had broken all line of sight and started crouch running away. I notice some people up at the barn and try to move more away from it, two people a male and a female sprinted there hearts out to get up to me as I was still crouch running(for role play sake I pretended not to see them). When they caught up to me they made a split formation one on each side of me and I raised my pistol(again in role play as my character ain't a sap so he would at least try to not be a full on push over.) they proceed to demand in me dropping my pistol which I did with my shotgun as well. While they done a quick questioning I mentioned that there could be three people in the tree line(to the east) which they and there friends could clearly see, there was indeed no one there but it was said in character as a precaution of hope. As they start moving me then stop me again to frisk me for a radio in the middle of the field when I mention that if there were people in the tree line this would be a prime moment to shoot them, they get edgy about this comment and proceed to move me to the barn... I get to the barn and there are roughly eight or more people in there armed to the teeth questioning some guy they all ready had tied up. I ask to be moved away from him (as out of character there was way to much talk and raised voices which made it hard to hear what I was being told to do or questions asked, not impossible, HARD). The guy with the skull mask kept insisting I threatened him and the wife of the 'leader' whom was talking to me. I gave a little back chat, as how the scull mask guy cant understand English and how they all think they are hardcore picking on lone travellers. I then let them scar me when they asked me in chat. I had no issue really this far in apart from the fact that they were some what confusing and the constant beatings which hindered role play. They started talking about shooting me and I mentioned about how they are doing this to boost there self esteem and that it is pointless and all that nice guy stuff, a little shit dribbling. The skull mask guy asked me "do you want to die?" I respond "No, not really. But I will tell you this, it is a great philosophical thing - What goes around comes around. If you kill me one day some one may kill you, all right that's it." and then I am dead. His friend/s did not seem to agree with his actions. I can not remember word for word what happened but video evidence may clear it all up. Edit: I would also like to point out two situations where my role play was ignored further showing me that these people are the kind to 'play by my role play or no role play'. You hear me mention a camp, offering if they kill the man I will give them directions, this was completely ignored and no one attempted to correct me when I called them Chechen, maybe they are Chechen. People to worried about pleasing sadistic needs and gear. - I would like to point out that not once did I actually threaten the guy, I only pointed out possible situations. The "role play" was lacking a lot from many of the people there(including some from me). The one guys RP I enjoyed from the whole situation was whom I think was the 'leader', the rest were to worried about looting what little items I had of no value, threatening me and just trying to flex muscle. As a returning player this has further tarnished my opinion on the quality of "role play" that is had with in the community. At least SDS gave you fun or interesting things to do. Thanks for your time. - Edit: After speaking shortly with djhato via private messaging, when he found out I did not want to drop the report he became some what hostile towards me, threatening me with "i will take this to staff and you will get warning points" and "reporting someone for things they clearly did not do is a offence that can get punished seeing how you do not want to talk i will have to take this up one higher ". This to me is quiet unacceptable, he is clearly referring to his relationship with staff members trying to imply they will do his bidding. I can forward these messages to whom ever needed if needed.
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    Nishi up to some serious business in MGS...very, very serious. [video=youtube]
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    You tried robbing me and then called me a transvestite. I for sure along with my whole group had kos on you
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    I completely disagree. Its a game. In the real world, you would have a bullet in your head well before someone was nice enough to capture, feed and take care of you. So unless your suggesting we also change our initiation rules and make it a free for all. I would say being able to strip gear off a person isn't as " Immersion breaking " having to initiate on people, knowing your target has a radio and is silently talking to allies, having to ask permission to perma scar someone when you have them tied up and helpless. The only thing a rule like this would do is cause more pointless reports by many more salty kids.
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    Prostitution is the oldest profession for a reason, folks. That having been said, I can assure you that as people interested in developing excellent RP on the server, we have - as a team - thoroughly investigated the limits and rules regarding situations that could crop up here. Certainly if there are any issues at all me, Volke, and xEli are often available to chat it out, and we are always open to constructive feedback. to clarify, there will be a handler at The Shack overlooking the services provided. Further, being in 'good standing' with Alcyone isn't all *that* hard. If you love what we do, simply respect it, and don't get expelled. We've expelled literally ONE person from our campus in almost 6 months of existence, so no - not a VIP room. Simply a service that we provide - like all other Alcyone services - to those who wish to access them peacefully and with respect. I'm not at all certain where this idea is coming from that the servers are dead. I see occasionally some lull time, but most of the time I have to spam at least one server to get in. I'm certain as well that this is not the only good RP happening on the servers - I figure folks will, as they always have, make their rounds.
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    If the //Ooc rules are followed at all times i dont see an issue with this idea.
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    Honestly i didnt think i was known or interesting enough to get interiviewed, a little surprise to me, but i am happy to do it Btw thats a negatory...
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    Lucky gimme your bloooddd. Glad to have you officially here.
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    The Faculty, Staff & Students of Alcyone would like to extend a warm welcome to: Luciano "Lucky" Wills Welcome to Alcyone! _____________
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    I'm going to start this off by pointing out that way too many people have an all or nothing mentality with just about any form of mental illness. I suspect it has something to do with our desire to make sure people see the effort we are putting into the character concept. I won't lie, it can be fun to play the zero to sixty sort of madness that hits full force and doesn't stop. The downside is that it's not so much fun to be around if you aren't the one afflicted with it. We've all met the sort. They are playing someone who has lost it badly enough that it doesn't feel safe being around them even if you are on friendly terms. Let's also go so far as to be honest here, you'd never stay around such a person in real life without a really good reason. Full on crazy is tough to build up any sort of story arc with and is most often played as a one trick pony character. There isn't subtle nuance there. With that all being said, let's focus on one form of mental affliction that is going to be really common in a world where zombies and bandits abound. So It Begins Maybe you watched a loved one get eaten, maybe a friend couldn't take it and shot themselves, or maybe bandits decided to toy with you by carving a few words into your chest. There are any number of things that can, will or did happen to your character while playing in the world of DayZ. A quick look at some of the most common causes shows quite a few aspects of the setting we are playing in. War (War with zombies counts right?) is the most obvious of course. The sudden death of a loved one or assault is pretty likely as well. Vehicle/plane crashes are something that may have happened or might even happen after you have started playing. Abuse that predates the zombies might also be a cause. Whatever it was, the trigger for normal distress to become a permanent condition is generally a shattering or disabling event that leaves you with a sense of inescapable hopelessness or helplessness. Many times it is caused when the source comes from an unexpected direction. Understanding the Difference Shock and distress are normal. There are a lot of people who can experience the same thing without it becoming debilitating. I think that is important to understand. Not every person dealing with the stresses is going to end up with PTSD. Hell, I would dare say that most players shouldn't give themselves PTSD. Still, maybe you make it through all sorts of problems fine, but that one unexpected source gets you. Maybe it was expected and you braced for it, but still weren't mentally prepared as well as you thought. Hyperfocus on the event, nightmares and fear are all normal after a trauma. We go over and over the event again, trying to make sense of our world. For most of us, it is still painful, but we find a way to move forward. PTSD is where your mind fails to regain balance. You become locked in the reactions. So where does that breakdown occur? Our brains tend to react in pretty specific ways as we try to cope with extreme stress. Evolution puts socialization at the top of our list. Talking with others, eye contact, listening and being listened to are all forms of social engagement. In most of us, they create a sense of safety and help to calm our fear response. If that isn't possible due to immediacy, the fight or flight response stays at high alert. We either try to escape or we prepare to fight against whatever it is that is causing the stress. And this is where things begin to break down. Sometimes none of those options presents themselves. All that is left is to freeze. Like a deer in the headlights, we can't bring ourselves to move away from the stress mentally. Instead, it gets stuck on a continuous loop. We revisit it over and over, unable to return to the leveled state of being. Building Up It's easy to just say you instantly suffer PTSD and that the symptoms are extreme. Does that happen? Yep. Is it the best choice for good RP? Probably not. The thing is, the symptoms don't always manifest right away, nor all at once. Instead, they build and slowly manifest more strongly. It's possible to cope with stress for a time, but when it never goes away, it sits on your shoulder poking at you. Once in a while it decides to flare aggressively and that poking becomes a pounding. It leads to several major symptoms and a number of lesser ones. Revisiting the Trauma Even when you aren't doing things related to the event, it finds a way to keep coming back up in your mind. It nags at you. When something does set it off you may experience flashbacks. Flashbacks aren't always reliving it physically. Sometimes it is just feeling like you are back in the situation despite clearly not being there. Most likely, you have vivid nightmares about it. How frequently those nightmares happen can vary. It can be the worst when something actively reminds you of the stress. Reminders of it cause you intense distress, sometimes leading to physical reactions such as rapid breathing or nausea. You may be tense and sweaty, even if you are saying nothing about it. These sorts of signs can be a way to emote what is going on in your RP without being blatant about your condition. Runaway! Avoidance is a pretty common symptom. Anything that is associated with the trauma, be it a place, a feeling, a thought or an activity, will be kept at arm's length or further. Got nearly killed in Gorka? Doubt you are going to want to go back there or even talk about the place. It's really too bad that you were using the bathroom when they found you. Every time you need to go now, you suffer panic attacks. You get the idea. Memory sometimes tries to bypass the event entirely. Your mind just refuses to recall it. Instead, it is a blank period or some false memory fills in that period. That isn't to say suddenly you are fine with things that would remind you, only that you don't actually remember. You might still be terrified of the aforementioned outhouses. It isn't uncommon to disconnect entirely from the world around you. The future seems limited, so you stop planning for things beyond the immediate future. Even contemplating those possibilities seems impossible. You may become detached from other people, numb to the world around you. Nothing holds your interest. Maybe even life itself isn't really something you care about anymore, leading to some poor decisions. (Careful here, NVFL after all) Some become suicidal as time goes on. Getting Emotional The mind doesn't like staying on high alert. It isn't comfortable and can pretty quickly cause some major problems with your emotional states even outside of the reactionary responses. Nightmares or not, sleep can be hard to find and often doesn't last long. Lack of sleep and the hypervigilance that comes from being under stress mean that concentration becomes increasingly difficult. You will tend to be easily startled and react to things in a 'jumpy' manner. You'll become irritable more often and prone to fits of sudden anger even over minor things. Depression and hopelessness are not uncommon and trusting others becomes difficult. The social ties that should be helping you cope, instead become potential threats. Friendships are hard to maintain and relationships often suffer. Sometimes there is a sense of personal guilt weighing you down relating to the event. Even if you had no way to control it, you blame yourself for the outcome. Physical Problems High alert response obviously takes a toll on more than your mind. It isn't uncommon for PTSD sufferers to have physical symptoms. All of that adrenaline pushing through the system, muscles tense and heart pounding, lead to aches and pains. Tension takes a major toll with time if it can't be relieved. Your character may not complain about it, but they might be rubbing muscles and joints out constantly or simply be sensitive to touch. Escapism and avoidance can lead down a path of substance abuse as well. Drugs and alcohol are harder to find in the game, but needles, pill bottles, and beer are around. It is possible to simulate these issues well enough. In reality anyone with fruit (remember all those apples), a container, and time can make a pretty substantial amount of alcohol. There's almost certainly going to be a few people in the world who are making the stuff, even if it isn't built into the game mechanics. Putting It Into Effect I've already suggested some ways these things might be applied to the game. If you decide that your character is going to suffer from PTSD, either due to something prior to chargen or due to events within the game itself, I'd like to make a few suggestions. First among them is to do a lot of your own research. Don't just look at some high profile cases, but look instead at a lot of the more minor ones. Once in a while someone becomes a stone-cold killer thanks to PTSD (an inmate named Rhymond comes to mind from my time working in corrections), but most of the time it is more debilitating than anything. If the trauma happened in the game, your responses are likely to be seen as normal reactions at first. Over time, instead of getting better, more new symptoms appear instead. Don't focus on just your words. Focus a lot on your behaviors. Emote things that hint at your state of mind. Change conversations suddenly when something leads towards the trigger. Work it into everything you do. Not in the sense of constantly bringing it up, but instead make it a part of how you socialize. More importantly, don't feel locked into it. The path isn't always a downward spiral. Sometimes with effort and work, the affected person can begin to find relief. Different people will suffer from different levels. Not everyone will have every symptom. Some people go on seemingly just fine. Others will find a way to cope on their own eventually. Remember that the goal is to make RP interesting and that means not making yourself the center of every interaction. Others are going to be able to show a part of who they are by how they handle your own difficulties. There are some other ways to use this information as well. Perhaps, rather than playing a person who has PTSD, consider playing a person who was a therapist before the shit hit the fan. Maybe now they specialize in trying to help the many people suffering from different degrees of PTSD. Perhaps you are someone who has suffered PTSD in the past but now has it mostly under control. Sure, you have a flare up once in a while, but mostly only when confronted directly by the trigger. My point is that a lot of people are going to end up with PTSD in this setting, but that doesn't mean we all have to be the same in how it manifests. We don't have to be cookie cutter crazies. Line up ten people with PTSD. Each one is completely unique. Each shares some of the symptoms with the others, but even if every symptom aligns on two of them, I assure you that the details of how it plays out differ between them. Hopefully, this helps a few people. I have to add the disclaimer that while I have had friends and associations who suffered from PTSD, I do not and have not suffered from it myself. As stated before, do your own research before playing it out. This has just been a quick overview with an eye towards roleplay.
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