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    Hello! I've seen a few League of Legends threads in the past but most die out within a couple days/are older than they should be. Since most of these threads were created a lot of new members of the community have joined and it would be worth a shot to create somewhat of mega thread for the game. This will (hopefully) be your place to find all things League of Legends in our community! This thread will NOT be functioning as a tutorial/guide for people who have never played the game. Summoner List: This list will be updated with new summoners as people reply using the template provided at the bottom of this thread. Everyone from all regions are welcome to reply with their info and be added to the list! [spoiler=Summoner List] Forum Name: Claristic Summoner Name: Claristic Region: North America Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Yes Current Rank: Silver 1 Main Role(s): Jungle Main Champion(s): Vi & Ekko Forum Name: Husky Summoner Name: GMB Husky Region: Nordic East (main) EU West (alt) Available for Friend Requests?: Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner?: Depends Current Rank: Gold 1, former Platinum 1 Main Role(s): Jungle, Mid, Adc, Support, Top. Jungle being my best role. Main Champion(s): Vi, Lee Sin, Tristana, Morgana Support, Syndra, Rumble etc. Forum Name: AndreyQ Summoner Name: SirLunaTic Region: EUNE Available for Friend Requests (y/n): sure, why not Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): not really Current Rank: Gold V Main Role(s): Supp, mostly every lane maybe excepting ADC Main Champion(s): Leona, Thresh, Tahm Kench etc. Forum Name: EchoZeero Summoner Name: EchoZeero Region: NA Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Why not Current Rank: Silver V Main Role(s): Jungle, Top, Mid Main Champion(s): Eve, Hecarim, Rengar, Shaco, Katarina, Yorick Forum Name: VoidBoy Summoner Name: VoidBoy Region: EUNE Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Not really Current Rank: Gold 2 looking to get Plat Main Role(s): Adc, Mid Main Champion(s): Vayne, Lucian, Jinx, Azir, Yasuo Forum Name: Kanen Summoner Name: This Game Blows(MainAccount), Midlane or Feed(A toplane account), NwNz Vanquish, NwNz Spoon, BritishBacon Region: EUW Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yeah Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Yeah would be fun Current Rank: Silver 4, Silver 2, Silver 2, Unranked, Unranked Main Role(s): Midlane/TopLane can jungle and support decent too. Main Champion(s): Viktor, Riven, Ekko, Orianna Forum Name: Cid Summoner Name: Namuthewhale Region: NA Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yup Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Wouldn't mind trying out a ranked team when I get decent at the game again. Current Rank: Unranked, haven't bothered to rank yet this season though I believe I was either Gold V or Gold IV last season. Main Role(s): Support, though I'm transitioning to learn top lane as well. Main Champion(s): Thresh, Braum, Leona, haven't found my grove yet with any specific top laner yet. Forum Name: Joe Bastone Summoner Name: Joe Bastone Region: NA Available for Friend Requests (y/n): Yes Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n): Maybe Current Rank: Bronze 1 Main Role(s): TOP, MID, ADC... but i could play whatever Main Champion(s): Adaptive Champion pool News: There are an abundance of news sites for League of Legends floating around. I'll provide a few links to the very helpful ones! On top of that, I'll be personally updating information about League of Legends in this section as long as the thread remains alive. Feel free to reply with other news sites for LoL so I can update this! For news about PBE + New Releases: http://www.surrenderat20.net/search/label/PBE/ For videos on new skins: https://www.youtube.com/user/SkinSpotlights/videos For VODs of all professional LoL games (if you miss the livestreams): https://www.youtube.com/user/EpicSkillshot/videos For funnies & fails of professional LoL games: https://www.youtube.com/user/dodgedlol/videos For professional player gameplay and tips: http://www.lolclass.com/ Ranked Teams: If anyone is looking for/creating a Ranked team and would like it advertised here, reply using the template provided at the bottom of this thread! [spoiler=Ranked Teams] Alternatively, some of you may know about the site https://www.teamfind.com/, which is a very useful site for finding players to play LoL with. Of course, why wouldn't you want to pick up some of you good ol' DayZRP friends? Templates: [spoiler=Summoner List] [color=#FF0000]Forum Name:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Summoner Name:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Region:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Available for Friend Requests (y/n)[/color] [color=#FF0000]Looking for Ranked duo partner (y/n)[/color] [color=#FF0000]Current Rank:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Main Role(s):[/color] [color=#FF0000]Main Champion(s):[/color] [spoiler=Ranked Teams] [color=#FF0000]Forum Name[/color] [color=#FF0000]Summoner Name:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Region:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Ranked Team Name:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Preferred Ranks of Players:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Goal Team Rank:[/color] [color=#FF0000]What Roles are you looking for?:[/color] [color=#FF0000]How to contact you:[/color] [color=#FF0000]Additional Info:[/color] If anyone has any suggestions of things to add to this thread/topics I should cover please leave a reply down below! Thanks!
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    Casandra sat in front of a roaring fire, the sweat forming around the gas mask on her face. She sighed, she didn't trust the air and had some sort of theory that the infection could possibly spread by particles or she wasn't immune to the infection. She grabbed her mask, it took a slight tug to release the mask from her face from the sweat holding onto the plastic cover. She felt the cooler air hit her face with the slight heat of the fire hitting back. She reached over to her radio, staring at the limited medical supplies in her bag with a sigh. Her thumb nervously pressed down on her radios talk button. "Listen." She paused with a shaky breath. "I don't know if any of you heard me before but I want to inform those whom are born in the lands of Chernarus, I do not mean to pride over your country. To others who think I am foreign scum, I am also sorry. If I could I would go home, I would snuggle up in my cosy bed and all that... lovely... stuff..." Her head heavily lowered down to the ground. "But sadly that's not the reality in this situation we are all stuck in. But hear me out." Casandra gulped the wet saliva down her dry parched throat to keep it from her choking on air. "I..." She paused again, she didn't want negative comeback but she knew this plan was a good idea. "I'm thinking of setting up a university. I've ran into so many wannabe people pretending to be doctors. Know, what if you're friend or... brother or sister is in a fire fight? Or... gets a serious stab wound or falls over and bumps there head hard? Well I'm planning to open up a university. For those who can help from both human and animal fields. I myself am a veterinary surgeon who is willing to go the way to help those learn the basics such as first aid. But for those who want to learn the profession of being a doctor's assistant, a doctor, a veterinary nurse, a veterinary assistant. I believe if I get the right people, security and students your groups, people who are not involved in groups will have a higher chance of survival. I just want to help out O.K.?" She let go of the button, expecting some sort of threat for wanting to help out everyone in this mess. It was only a matter of time to see if she was going to get positive or negative replies.
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    I feel like everyone that is saying Yes to this has no real interest in their current characters. Let me explain. I have worked hard since Dec/ Joining to make Aurora what she is today. I have cultivated friendships and relationships. Things that with a Lore wipe I would never get back. Things like Having a fear of Joffrey, that turned into respect and then hate. That is only one example If you want more go read Aurora's Thoughts (link in signature) It holds roughly 10 pages of actual lore for my character, Including but not limited to Aurora's reaction to the news that the infection has hit the states. I am just one person and yet I have SOO much invested in the current Lore. Now think of how many others have the exact same time and effort invested into the current Lore... NO I do not think we need a wipe of the current Lore We just need Good, Dedicated LoreMasters that well add the current IG Lore to what we already have. Lore should be interactive and reflect the goings on IG. Just my thoughts on the matter.
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    Then whats the point of the reset? If we go by your method, where people will know each other from other places, they will meet them in Chernarus anyways. Your point makes this Lore refresh a pointless move. Not just this method but overall, a lore wipe is not needed. The point is to dust off the lore and make it more up to date with how the game is starting to progress. All i read is " no i don´t want to off/kill my character " but no one is forced too. I´m sure things in the lore could be updated to work better now when we have a more functional persistence for example. Also, the infected is at a low rate right now. As Rolle said, let LoreMasters add monthly notes to the official lore page with any important events that have happened. We started off in a bit of a mess, so this would clean it up quite a bit. No need to ''clean it up'' because you can work around it, no need to wipe everything to fix lore issues, when there is no lore issues in my opinion and let people forget about group beef, but not about people they have met, makes no sense whatsoever to me. you either remember shit or you dont. you cant use it for your advantage. there are really other things we should concentrate on instead of trying to fix something that ain't broken.
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    Very much looking forward to that. I always thought to create something governmental service thing guy... I'm defenatelly sure people are interested in this!
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    So the lore would be wiped every couple of months then due to things getting stale? I could support a wipe when the game is actually released or in stages where no drastic change will happen but as of right now no its not worth it. The lore currently has it so everything has failed, use imagination be a nomad that has travelled from another country, work towards civilisation again whatever but just starting a new lore because its stale, or because the timeframe is past 9 months or because 75% of the server is bandits is not feasible. You want a crackdown on bandits? have a group that installs fear and control on the situation. Looking back at the past groups of the mod like SKA would work hard to be the dominant group by taking on other bandits and being the 'bigger fish' of the server. SVR was around giving out laws that restricted people and made them think twice about where to go or what to carry. I think the main types of restriction are that the insane groups ideas are not allowed to work even if they manage to make it fit the lore. Back then why would a bunch of somalian pirates be in Chernarus? Who knows but it worked. Why would a bunch of Russian soldiers be in Chernarus throwing around directives in a way to take over the country? Who knows but it worked. Plus 9 months into extinction robbery will always be the main thing, with a lawless country/world tribes form and take patches of land that's just history heck its just humans in general. Fights happen until one takes more control and extends its borders. If you want to crack down on banditry make a group that are hero's that deal with this and maybe make laws in a way to take over the country.
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    +10 for me, We can finally get rid of the super-soldier, Always gonna be bandits, never give up people who only come here for gear! I honestly cannot see a negative side to this other than the fact people are upset about loosing said "Super-Soldier", "Crazy", "Bandit", Character and have to actually play and build a realistic story. Its far too common for people to be bandits and the latter. This is the main reason im really going off DayzRP at the moment. Everyone seems to just want to rob and torture.
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    With an idea like this you will never please everyone, I personally don't like the idea just because I like that we are far into the apocalypse now yes there ain't many zombies now but what happens in maybe another month time when all the loot suddenly disappears again and we are left with a fuck ton of zombies, no matter how much you rp it out every new patch will remove something or add something it will just be annoying having to explain why every single time. No from me why change something that is not broken.
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    When I made my child character the first thing I worried about was how people would react to a younger teen. I hadn't seen many kids around, except for Thomas, when I was playing as my first character and I thought it would be interesting to get some diversity in age. It was a good beginning however when I started out, I was playing as the youngest of four and having three older brothers to look out for me in-game was an advantage to my character development and interactions with other people. I wasn't attacked with them around and when we ran into people I was never bothered by the strangers. Eventually I was taught how to shoot a pistol and shotgun just in case any of my brothers weren't around when trouble came. She was a much more interactive character compared to my first one, who had spent most of her time alone to days on end (mostly due to my own crappy internet :\ ). I was able to make connections with other characters easily and make relationships due to having a non-threatening appearance. I didn't work all the time though some people would take advantage of it and see me as an easier target to rob when I was by myself. When playing as a younger character you're able to see other characters for what they really are, depending on how they act towards you and others, it's brought an interesting view to my RP. I personally enjoy it, as it's easier to play a younger character based on my age irl. This may be what motivates people to play as young characters, as is the idea that you can be whoever you want in this RP community . The role play, I believe, does not bring anything influential to the lore or story, but more to personal stories of characters within the server. Certain actions that young characters take can evoke different emotions of someone else's character that that person my not have even known they had, based on how they first started their character and what path they have chosen within the development. It's understandable that some people might not like young characters due to the fact that having kids in an apocalypse is a dark thought, it's not really something people like to imagine or think of. It's good to remember to keep an open mind with both sides when debating on a topic if the whole point of this is to take in the consideration and thoughts of others. There would be no point to this if you had a closed mind when making it.
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    I've been RPing as a kid for about 9+ months and I can easily say, I've probably had some of the best RP experiences as Thomas. Heck, reading some of the replies on this thread, I can see a few people who's enjoyed the child RP I've provided. 2 points that really stick out to me is age matters, and the tasteless child RP All I can really say for age matters (that hasn't already been said), is if the story is as 18+ as you describe, having kids robbed and killed should be a part of that right? It feels like that information should be something people would know about, but why can't it be seen. Playing as Thomas, I like to see people bring out the more human side of their characters and having to think about what they say. Now about that tasteless child RP, I haven't the met the 12 year old cannibal (<--Honestly threw me off guard ), but I haven't ran into any child that didn't fit in with their age. I hope sometime in the future your mind can change after someone provides you with good child RP. As it stands, it just sounds like you've ran into a lot of trolly players
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    Kids do have a good chance of living I do agree. I know Thomas , and Amy I love(d) there characters and they rp'ed being teenagers and even Volke old character who thought he was 8 or something, really well done. Only problem I have seen with kid characters is that yes adults should protect them. But the issue I have seen is that the Adults baby them. That's is my problem..But adults do slip up..Darion has proven that :troll:
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    *After a long night of raiding Jimmy awakes in the back of his bus to the sound of his radio going off, he lifts his face off his make shift pillow of plundered loot still hearing his radio go off he mutters to himself "just like an exhibit of,caged monkeys God damnit shut up". Jimmy starts to transmit. "Hey could you all" *Jimmy realizes there is something stuck to his face, he rips it off and it appears to be a discounted bus ticket from times before, he inspects it further and forgetting his radio is still engaged mutters* "Goddamn only 20p what a steal, oh this thing is still on, well Will all of you shut the hell up I have a long night of finding supplies morons stash in the woods ahead of me and need to keep this frequency on incase of emergencies. *Jimmy smiles as he stops transmitting, puts the bus ticket in his pocket in hopes that he can find a potential customer later, rolls up a joint of the dankest chernarussian kush and starts to blaze in a manner that would of made the greatful dead impressed.*
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    Marched in wielding swords and looking unbeatable