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    Have you ever wanted a certain IG name, but it was too large to type in the Main Menu? Well I have a solution! Steps: 1) Go to your desktop 2) Click on the Documents Folder (usually on your taskbar) 3) Go to Documents and click on the DayZ folder 4) Right-click the Name.DayZProfile file 5) Scroll down and click on "Open With" and choose notepad (or a preferred custom text-editing program) 6) CTRL-F and type " playerName " 7) Step 6 should take you to something that looks like playerName="Custom Large Name"; where you can type your own large name! NOTE: Your name will "cut off" the screen on the main menu, but it should show IG Proof: Video Tutorial: There have been multiple cases where someone had gotten kicked from the game for having their name too long. I can assure you that you will be able to play with your large name, no matter how long. If you happen to get automatically kicked for a large name, you just have to try logging in at a different time. For some odd reason, you might get kicked from the game for "name too long" but you should be able to join right back. Best Rgds ~Quentin
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    The Official Fallout Thread For Fallout News and Updates News 6/3/2015: New Fallout 4 Trailer Relased! [video=youtube] This thread will be updated CONSTANTLY with new Fallout news and information, as I am fondly into the Fallout franchise, I will be keeping a very tight watch with news as it unfolds. More to come! The thread will be updated soon with more information and etc regarding the fallout series. More coming Soon!
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    Anne rolls her eyes as the messages pick up on her radio. The mention of the Pumpkin King sparked her interest. She pondered for a moment whether she should even bother and then decided she may as well.* Listen, you obviously think you're hot shit. People are threatened everyday. I know, you think you're cool because you gossip some and torture people over the radio, but honestly. Quit puffing yourself up. You're ignorant and it's obvious. *She sighs and rests against a bail of hay, sick of arrogant bullshit.*
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    Lee POV: Fred and I decided to take a trip up to green mountain, Fred is sneaking around the compound playing spooky noises and I'm with the people in the compound watching them search and RP'ing with them. Fred sneaks into the compound right under their noses and hides in a bush. A few minutes later the man finds him. This is where the provided video begins.Then the man (Keith?) announces he's found someone in the bushes. Fred gets up, takes out his chainsaw and walks over to one of the girls, she steps away, Fred stays where he is. I don't know how they thought he chased Rebekah as he clearly diddnt in the video she provided (About 58 second in). Fred hadn't said anything yet at this point. All of the sudden things get hostile and Keith points his gun at Fred and threatens to kill him unless he put the chainsaw away, so Fred put it away (1:10). They have a conversation for a minute or so and then at this point Keith figured out his mic, runs right up to Fred, interrupts everyone and starts yelling "GET DOWN" like 10 times and the two women follow his lead with "get on the ground or your dead" and "drop your weapon" (1:50). They said that by doing this Keith saved their lives. I cant see at how any point they could've thought their lives were in danger as the most hostile thing Fred did was take out a chainsaw then put it away when they asked. A Few seconds later I shoot and kill two of them, then the third and I kill each other moments after. If you watch the video they've provided, you'll see that when they initiate on Fred, I step back, separating myself from their group, and raise my gun. I was pointing my gun at everyone there, not just Fred (1:35-140 I'm aiming straight at them), I mostly aimed at Keith because he threatened to kill Fred (you can see that from 1:40 - 1:51). I diddnt say anything to initiate on Fred, If pointing a gun at someone counts as initiating then I initiated on everyone there, but aiming a gun at someone does not in any way constitute initiation. Also you can see in the video when Keith starts yelling "Get down" I run straight up to Keith and try to calm down the situation and literally tell him to calm down a couple times (1:58 ). Obviously they diddnt calm down so I stepped back and saved my friend, not because I planned this out, but because They took the situation to an extreme and left me with no choice.
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    Hi, Fred Gyro here, well this situation could have been avoided. What you say happened wasn't exactly what occurred. First of all, Lee and I had headed up to GM to see what kind of RP we could find, we see that there is a fire and hear voices, I head to the left of the compound to try to get eyes and ears inside. Lee goes to the right, but is seen by Liv, I believe, so he was stuck talking and goes inside, there was a little hostility at first as your friend Keith walked up to him and Lee said hi, but Keith did not respond, so Lee retorted, "well fuck you", Keith comes back, they banter a little bit and make up, no harm no foul. Lee RP's a bit and I continue sneaking around, we didn't want to be in this situation to begin with, if you hadn't found Lee we would have continued on our journey. While Lee is inside I start to play music through my radio, creepy witch demonic type music as my character is a cult leader so he has this type of music, so it wasn't trolly noises that would break your immersion, it had a purpose, and the purpose was to lure you three outside the compound so that I could make my way in and get a better position inside to back up my friend in case anything goes down, and what do you know, my plan worked, you three left I went inside. At this point I hide for a bit, stop playing music and then your friend Keith finds me and says, "man hiding in bush" in text chat, this startled me and I got up expecting the worst, so I pull out my chainsaw, which is my weapon of choice and I'll sometimes use at as a sort of "back off" maneuver to people. Now this is where I think it could have all been avoided and where the misunderstanding happened, from your end you seemed to think I chased you two with a chainsaw, which I didn't, I just walked forward, now from Keith's video it seemed I was weapon glitching so it appeared I was sliding very fast and in combination with the chainsaw going off it could have seemed I was attacking, another indicator I wasn't attacking was the fact I did not swing the chainsaw at all and it was only in my hand, I assume we all know how this game works and the fact that you have to swing the chainsaw to kill someone. Now, after this Keith initiated on me as did you two, you saying Lee initiated on me was false, he raised his gun at everyone there and even tried to calm down Keith and diffuse the situation. Now once Keith and you two initiated on me telling me to put the chainsaw away I was granted KOS rights, we could have shot you right then and there, but shooting someone when they tell you to put your chainsaw away isn't very good RP, so I decided to continue with the RP in hopes we could diffuse the situation instead of just rule-playing and killing you, it was only when you decided to tell me to drop my gun which at this point it seemed it was turning into a robbery, than I felt I wasn't going to leave here with my weapon and gear, or even my life, so Lee had to step in and shoot you three allowing me to escape. There was no baiting involved here, the only hostility, if any, that occurred was when Lee and Keith had their banter, and this was quickly diffused, the only people who escalated the situation turning it hostile was you three. This whole thing was unfortunate and could have been avoided, I think with the combination of it being night time and me weapon glitching there was a lot of misunderstanding. I'll be in TS if you want to discuss with me further. Also I would like to add, even when you were scolding me about my radio, I was friendly and offered to turn it off, even when you initiated on me forcing me to put my chainsaw away I put it away gladly, I wasn't baiting at all.
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    If I find someone IG and they provide me with good RP but their following of the rules was a bit iffy, I won't mind! After all.. this is DayZRP. Not DayZRP. wait a sec...
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    "Has your life taken a turn? Do troubles beset you? Has fortune left you behind? If so, DayZRP, in all its glory, is inviting you to begin again. Come to a place where wealth, excitement, and intrigue await around every corner. Stroll along the winding streets of our beautiful world. Make new friends, or rekindle old flames. Let your eyes take in the luxurious expanse of the open valleys under clear, starlit skies. Gaze straight on into the sunset from our decayed rooftops. So if life's worries have weighed you down, if you need an escape from your troubles, or you just need an opportunity to begin again, join us... let go, and leave the world behind, and join this world. Our world.. We'll be waiting..." DayZRP can be quite confusing at first. If you have any questions, make sure its not already in the FAQ. Or if you are curious about something, use the search engine to find it. If you need help with anything, our staff is here for you. If need be, you may PM a Staff Member. The orange ones are community helpers, and are your best bet to answer your question. If you ever find yourself bored when not in-game, then read some lore and stories! They can be quite fascinating. Once you get used to DayZRP, you can try to find a group to role with. (but sometimes, groups in-game will recruit you) Hope to see you out there! Play safe and stay out of trouble! Hey Friend! Hope to start playing with you soon!
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    "No more Z's in DayZ? Well, lets play Day then" *Enters server - Nighttime* "God dammit"
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    I know earlier on, some people I met up with out at GM had described it to me, saying that some strange Phenomenon happened at specific intervals. I asked what he was talking about, because we were all talking, and they all began walking away from the prior discussion. We actually roleplayed quite a bit out along it, my character playing dumb, and suggesting perhaps it was just at GM that this strange event occurred. Maybe its just the mystery/ science fiction enthusiast in me, but I thought it was actually a very clever way of roleplaying out. I am not doing it justice, because the fella had been quite convincing, and although skeptical, he outright convinced my character, stating things along the lines of, if you aren't paying attention, you don't even know it happened. So yes it can be blatantly ignored by people, as I tend to do with server crashes, but sometimes, I just got to say, it provides some pretty interesting roleplay, which is the reason we are all here. It also confirms my OOC theory that Chernarus is just a huge version of LOST.
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