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    Right, I have finished watching the stream highlights and so far cannot find any rule breaks that could be considered major enough to lead to a punishment. There are some "meh" moments where some stuff should be said through in game voice instead of TS, but since we don't have an immersive radio comm system it is hard to demand strict comm discipline from everyone, especially in a big group like seen in the video. In the beginning when I saw this report and the timestamped notes I was quite mad, that an admin could behave like this and state things like that publicly and on stream. Having watched the video the entire context changed. It is clear from the beginning that Rampages group did not like to have strangers follow them and asked them multiple times to leave, eventually got frustrated with the annoying behavior and voices, which for me were momentarily a pain to listen to. While you say that this was the only place with players on the entire server, you can't really force your character or RP onto others and make them RP with you more than what is required, like you and invite you to their own RP if they do not want that, that is their decision to make. The Rampage and his group state a bunch of things OOC as the timestamp notes suggest, some of them perhaps less appropriate, but with the context of the video these are either observations made on the strangers IC behavior ("they are dicks") or OOC comments that had no major impact on the IC gameplay or gave unfair advantage ("They will probably try to bait us"). It would be different if it were comments like "the guy X is on the player list and his friends are not, lets initiate" or saying "this is SweetJoe, he is a dick, lets not talk to him and leave" before any interaction in game was done. This entire situation lacked PvP and it seems like the groups OOC reactions were not caused by your forum identities, but how your characters behaved. Yes, there was superstition towards your characters based on your OOC identity, but I never saw that it was revealed IC or affected RP. Once your behavior was found annoying by the group and you did not respect their wishes then the comments were made, not before. This can be clearly seen in the beginning where despite knowing who you are OOC, they talk to you normally and offer you a drink and some time later SweetJoe is invited to join the group. I don't see the problem with these comments personally as they are caused by your own RP. When I played the mod I did comments like these on TS all the time about different people I met, "this guy is nice, his name is X on the forums and I met him yesterday", "that guy is so annoying" etc. I am quite surprised that Rampage remained calm throughout the entire thing, cause I personally would have probably dealt with it much earlier. Bottom line from my PoV: your characters were annoying, you were asked multiple time to leave and chose not to. Despite this the group ignored most of the behavior, did not initiate on you and actually RPd with you to the best of their ability. The OOC comments made by the Rampage and other group members did not affect the IC gameplay in any significant way that would degrade the RP experience or give them unfair advantage over other players. As such I cannot really see this as metagaming. That being said, you really need to get comms discipline in TS Reborn, it shouldn't be acceptable to ignore IC comms because 4 people are talking over each other in TS, no matter how annoying their characters are. That is on you Rampage as the group leader and SweetJoe is correct that they may have felt ignored when nobody heard them or answered their questions. I know that IC comms are really bad and voices sound like from the era of first VOIP software and there were a lot of you in the group, but the rules clearly state that "No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play.". I'd work on that, perhaps tell members to mute TS sound unless really communicating over distance. This is not a verdict, I will let other admins comment on this as well. PS: If I have misunderstood something feel free to point it out, it's late I'm tired and I may have confused an identity of someone in the stream by mistake.
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    Let me know your thoughts about this! Please leave feedback! And alert me if you want something to change or you want something else!
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    If your own definition of madness is based solely on the social ineptitude of your character, I wouldn't consider that madness. From your given description, your character has lived with himself in isolation but you'll find that a human being doesn't usually go stir crazy in just a couple of months from sheer lack of communication, extreme isolation in many recorded cases have seen the victim isolated from all things, in controlled confinement, without sunlight, for days on end. Caging a person like that will lead to psychosis much quicker than simply not coming across someone for several weeks, the human mind just doesn't work that way. Despite that, your character is your own to play and no one can really tell you how to play him/her, there's more to it then just acting 'mad', there's symptoms, conditions, tells and major, major weakness' to each and every form of mental instability, how well you depict those will lead to how believable a character you will play. In summation, you have some awesome answers here and with that I'll be solving this post, please feel free to continue the discussion here.
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    *The Good Warden yawns while filing paperwork as he hears a foreign man on their frequency make a snarky comment. He can't help but perk up at the comment, it hit a certain chord. He slowly rests the different files atop the calendar on his desk as he folds the arms of his shades across another to collapse them, resting them atop the files. His voice croaks for the first time in weeks.* "The 85th. The Masquerade. Joffrey's gang. The Redwater Cartel. S.o.S. Cooke Family. Red Berets. Green Berets. Saoirse Brotherhood. Blackwood Militia. SVR. The Khans. WFTE. Convicts. Vybor Street Rats. OREL. They all came upon Austellus sounding the drums of war. The oceans claimed them in their retreats, or the ground has welcomed their cold bodies for nourishment in the graveyards. Do not awake the sleeping giant that is the Regulators. They -all- did. The battles weren't won over night, but the good will triumph, regardless of how overwhelming or determined their foes may be. This is Warden Tate Hollows of the Regulators, broadcasting to openly welcome those whom have the intention to be good, and survive this apocalypse as a human being instead of a thuggish animal to live and trade freely on the island nation that is recognized as Austellus. As for those whom hold malicious intent... I can only promise you two things: One, a nice, free and long stay in a high security prison, or an ocean running red with the blood of you and your friends. Sleep good, friends." *Tate turns the transmitter off, gathers his glasses and exits his office for a routine patrol around the corridors.*
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    After hanging out at Novodmitrovsk for a few day I decided to make an attempt to walk to Dolina. After a little while I reached Dolina hoping to make contact as I had not had any human contact for days. During my journey I became sick after eating a rotten pumpkin and I am currently in Dolina. I did not go near Green mountain as I walked directly from Novo to Dolina.I am sorry you were killed this way I hope you find an answer.I did not shoot you.
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