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    Operation Eagle - Lore Event Series - "Tipping Scales" No.1 - April 14th, 2018 As Chernarussians and stranded foreigners alike attempt to pick up the pieces in the aftermath of the first year of the chaos in South Zagoria, events continue to unfold outside of the province. The Chernarussian government's attempts to preserve elements of the CDF have succeeded in part, but have resulted in massive safe-zones and a lengthy perimeter that must be manned by armed men. This string of fortified towns, airbases, safe-zones, and even cities stretch all the way from the Takistani border plains, to Primorsk's docks and the remote reaches of villages deep within the Black Mountains that rely on government shipments of supplies and hunting to survive. Outside of these areas the infected rule most of the countryside, with many locals trapped outside safe areas forced to scavenge and to try and find shelter. Often survivors find themselves dodging the bombs and rockets of government warplanes and helicopters that continue a relentless bombing campaign far from government territory in an attempt to draw the infected away and to clear out the countryside. Such an effort has killed many civilians, as standing orders for the air force are to bomb and strafe anything that moves outside of civilization. In a rather rare stroke of brilliance given the poor strategic command of the CDF during the Outbreak, the government quickly recalled flyable aircraft from airbases in danger of falling to ones safely within government territory, preserving the ability to launch combat sorties and more importantly, to drop supplies and aid to cut-off areas. As the crisis evolves outside of Chernarus, the logistical nightmare being resolved in part, the preservation of the CDF and the air force can be counted as pyrrhic victories for the Chernarussian State and those who still cling to it either for service or protection. Despite these limited advances, many around Chernarus view the inaction on the part of the Chernarussian State and the CDF to Russian occupations in Belozersk and South Zagoria as weakness or cowardice. However, the State cares little for such sentiments and is currently opting to preserve its resources and strip of territory along the coast and elsewhere, as opposed to martyring its remaining strategic assets against the might of the Russian Federation for PR. As the bombing and fighting against the infected continues, the Chernarussian Air Force continues to train inexperienced and rookie pilots to man combat jets in the bombing campaign. The air force's supply of aircrews in the Outbreak has dwindled significantly due to defections and therefore training of new pilots is essential to continued operations. Fueling this effort are the Primorsk and Miroslavl Air Force bases, the latter launching dozens of daily sorties of Mi-17, Mi-24, Su-25, and Mig-23ML aircraft on supply and attack runs. Within the base several two-seater Mig-23UB jets allow the squadron to continue training pilots to meet their personnel needs. Such training missions are undertaken almost daily and fly over the Green Sea, Black Mountains, and even within South Zagoria as they serve the dual purpose of recon and training. But unfortunately, such jets are aging rapidly under the stress of daily operations and the often low quality of repair work done to keep them in the air. High ranking air force personnel often fly in the Mig-23UBs to instruct their front seat pilots, putting officers with years of experience at risk if a technical failure occurs and they fall into enemy hands or are killed. While the Russian Air Force presence currently deters Chernarussian aircraft from flying too close to the border, training flights such as these often fly over the coast between Utes and the province. Our story begins with a late morning training flight from Miroslavl AFB, the CDF's military aerodrome on the edge of South Zagoria. [Across the sprawling airbase dotted by concrete hardened air shelters, taxi-ways, and jets ground crews and pilots disembark from their aircraft as they return from their sorties, others just beginning their missions as aircraft are armed for attack. In the north-east corner of the base, a couple two-seater Mig-23UBs sit inside their hardened air shelters as the ground crew fuels one of them for a flight around the coast of South Zagoria and along the Russian coast to the east of Chernarus. Colonel Nikola Mladek and his front seat trainee Lieutenant Karel Novak walk out of their barracks towards their aircraft as a T-72 tank off to their right fires a canister round at a crowd of infected about a kilometer away outside the perimeter. The two men glance over at the noise and quickly return their eyes back to the tarmac as they keep treading towards the shelter. A Mig-23ML of the local 54th Squadron begins the slow return approach to the base in the distance as it gets closer and closer to the edge of the runway.] "Nice morning huh?" Lieutenant Novak says as they walk up to the air force intel officer standing beside the jet. "I suppose, nice mornings like this can be deceiving though..." Colonel Mladek utters as he signs off on a sheet on the clipboard held by the officer. Both men salute and start a pre-flight inspection of the aircraft before climbing up the ladder and sitting in the cockpit. One of the ground crew in a blue jumpsuit climbs up the ladder after the pilots to hand them their AKS-74Us, maps, and IPads used for guidance. As Lieutenant Novak begins his pre-flight checklist the base commander and a COBR officer begin to walk into the shelter and Colonel Mladek waves from the backseat. The base commander climbs up the ladder to see the flight off as the COBR officer stands at the bottom, glaring up at the cockpit with gold-plated aviators and cigar in hand. The base commander whispers something in Mladek's ear that Novak can't hear from the front seat, and as the two shake hands Novak notes what just occurred, the thing which had happened so many times before. The one at the bottom of the ladder keep an eye on the one at the top of the ladder, the one at the top of the ladder lets the one in the back seat keep an eye on him. A lovely system of political loyalty and people so scared to misstep for fear their grandmother would tell someone in the party or God forbid an intel officer. Any discussion of defecting or flying a plane out of Chernarus to say, Turkey or Ukraine was promptly stamped out and those involved wouldn't be seen again for weeks. These jets and pilots were the State's last line of defense to keep it in power and to keep the quarantine secure and standing. Either this or be one of those poor wretches in South Zagoria where it had all started, fending for themselves or killing to stay alive. Within civilization, these problems felt distant, except when the lieutenant would depart his fortress of a base to go skyward. He observed hundreds of civilians lining the coast on the unusually warm Spring days fishing for hours to catch enough food for ration cans that were made and distributed, he saw the distant glisten of Russian ships out in the Green Sea, waiting for something to happen or to do something. Civilization was only a mirage even before. It is only what we tell ourselves and what invisible boundaries we think hold up civilization that matter. People going about their day, working, shopping, only a kilometer or less in some cases away from a mostly dead and desolate landscape. Politics aside, it became clear for Novak what he personally was fighting for. In the past his comrades had been deployed on peacekeeping missions to Takistan, fighting an enemy that was driving what they viewed as a foreign power out of their homes. Here it was much clearer. They were literally fighting for their right to live within civilization, a place where law and order reigned and armed men made it all possible. A hardened air shelter like the ones at Miroslavl AB. [The ground crew salutes the jet as the Mig-23 pulls out of the hardened air shelter and onto the taxiway, the worn and weathered portrait of Radek mounted atop the shelter with the slogan Smrt Nepratel Statu! (death to enemies of the State) gazes down on all that moved. The jet taxis out of the north-east fighter squadron block of the base and to the west by the transport section where 5 Mi-8/17s sit near an An-24 that had been busy dropping supplies to a federation of government towns north of Miroslavl that were surrounded by infected and militants. To the left on the strip of concrete between the taxi routes and the runway sit two Mi-24 Hinds, one painted in the standard CAF camo but with a slick wolf paint scheme around the cockpit, the other with an alligator mouth around the cockpit.] [As the jet continues down the taxiway to the west a soldier on the ground points to the sky and yells something neither men can hear, but they could guess what it was. The radio of the jet suddenly comes to life: "This is tower to Fawn-1, how copy over?". "Solid copy Tower, permission to take-off over?" "Permission granted Fawn-1, proceed to the end of the runway and fulfill your pre-planned flight path over." "Fawn-1 to tower, wilco."] The jet barrels down the runway and up into the sky towards the east, the base below growing smaller and smaller behind the aircraft. Towards the north, a hundred tiny fires burn, to the east lies the glimmering Green Sea. The pilots keep quiet and fly a couple miles off the coast of South Zagoria, high and away from the Russian no-fly zone. As they turn around the "Skalisty bend" as they call it Novak looks and sees two Russian Su-27s, "two contacts 12 o'clock high!". Mladek glances up at the pair as they head towards the Russian fleet, watching them as they get smaller and smaller on the horizon. "Disregard and continue, nothing to worry about they are just reminding us they are here." says Mladek with a grin. As the jet continues its flight Berezino is visible down and to the left in the far distance, a mere cluster of buildings surrounded by green and fronted by the deep blue of the ocean. Novak looks over a map on the IPad as he adjusts course when a sharp thud is felt from the rear of the jet, the airframe shuddering violently. "Are we hit?", Novak yells as Mladek strains his head to see as far back on the jet as he can. "No, but the controls are not responding", Mladek utters as he returns to a normal seating position. Novak tries to point the nose towards land as the pitch more or less gives out, making his only real option to roll left and try and get closer to shore. "If we go down out here we are fucked Lieutenant", Mladek says. The Mig shoots downward towards a fishing village in the far north east of the province as the radio buzzes with the warning of a Russian jet to stay away from the no-fly zone. As Mladek takes over the what is left of the controls he goes back over the cockpit radio: "Lieutenant prepare to eject, I am going to get us in as close as possible, Mayday Mayday Mayday Tower this is Fawn-1, we have experienced a technical failure and are going down, I repeat we are going down!" Lieutenant Novak grips the ejection handle along the sides of his seat and waits for the Colonel's call to eject. "Annndddd EJECT!" the Colonel yells as a massive rush of air and sound fill the cockpit as both men rocket out of the stricken jet and into the air. As the pair float towards the ocean they wonder what will become of them, bound for a place they know little about. God knows who or what will get to them first... Colonel Nikola Mladek and Lieutenant Karel Novotny When?: April 14th, 2018 Plan: As the Mig-23UB crashes in the distance, the pilots will float down somewhere between the Vavilovo and Kamenka border checkpoints. The Vavilovo checkpoint will be controlled by forces of the Belozersk People's Republic that are friendly to the Anarchists within South Zagoria. At the Kamenka checkpoint will be a contingent of CDF troops from Miroslavl. Coalition forces will want to attempt to rescue the pilots and see them safely to the checkpoint in Kamenka. This will grant them additional CDF ground troops and a supply shipment for the next event/battle against Anarchy and the potential for a formal alliance with the Chernarussian State. Chernarussian Checkpoint If Anarchy is able to capture the pilots, there is plenty of intel they can use to their advantage that the pilots will be carrying (Ipad for flight navigation, orders, documents, etc) aswell as the knowledge they carry. If they are killed or harmed it could be detrimental to Anarchy as they would lose options for the rescue of the pilots. If Anarchy captures and turns the pilots over to the government as part of a deal, they could receive arms, and possible an agreement to cease arming and backing of the Coalition. If they turn them over to the Belozersk People's Republic they will likely be granted a formal alliance, arms, more intel, and an HQ in Belozersk from which to have meetings. Belozersk People's Republic Checkpoint However, the pilots will attempt to evade any approach made to them, but will comply to any hostile threats or actions. If the pilots reach the government checkpoint without any assistance from the Coalition or any capture by Anarchy the event will result in no gain for either side. Radio calls will be made by scouts from various sides on the location of the pilots, so the pursuers will have an idea of where to search for them. The immediate area around Zelenogorsk to the west is a probably landing site but they could drop anywhere. Thanks to @Erik for the ideas! Event Description: This event is meant to minimize the plethora of issues that SA events normally have, and to make it absolutely as open-ended as possible. I was originally going to do this last year but it never worked out. The pilots will be carrying maps and plenty of intel of the state of things in the rest of Chernarus and beyond, and are far more valuable alive than dead for their bargaining power and their knowledge outside of what they carry on them. This event is an introduction into our series "Tipping Scales", and will serve to involve as many groups as possible as outside Lore factions affect the state of rp in South Zagoria. It will provide some context and support to the current conflict with Anarchy and those who oppose it, as each side can leverage Lore factions to their advantage if they will. The goal is to have as many folks around as possible when we do it. If you are active and easy to reach and are versed in Chernarussian rp and would like to play as Lieutenant Karel Novak please send me and @PCJamesa pm entitled "Event App" with some background on the rp you have done in the past and whatever else you think we need to know. We also need a 5 man team of CDF troops who will man the coastal Kamenka CP, and 3-4 BPR militants who can man the Vavilovo CP to take delivery of the pilots if Anarchy catches them. Hope you guys enjoy it, the thread will be updated with more details as we get closer but the event is set for the 14th of this month, with an exact server time TBD. Needed: 4 CDF/Government Troops, 5 BPR Militants. Roster Government Forces @Sgttater - CDF TBD @Razareth - Willem Nedved @Spartan - Lieutenant Karel Novak @Major - Colonel Nikola Mladek Belozersk People's Republic @Sylva - BPR TBD
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    The Battle of Novy Sobor On the afternoon of April 7th, 2018 a massive confrontation took place between the forces of the Coalition with the support of the Chernarussian Air Force's Mig-23s and reconnaissance drones and the forces of Anarchy. The battle began with the amassing of Coalition forces to the south around Zub and to the north near the Prud Castle. Coalition units converged on the town following an airstrike of chlorine gas from the CAF. The shooting started as Coalition units clung to fences north of the city, aswell as using the dry riverbed near the barns as cover for a dozen-man assault. Several Coalition teams were ambushed in the confusion as friendly sniper teams took up positions in the north treeline and also in the south-west. Several members of Anarchy were killed in the pitched battle as the shooting raged back and forth over the city. As the Coalition's forward forces were eliminated or retreated, Anarchy launched several mobile death squads to hunt down Coalition forces, all under the constant fire of snipers. Pushing out from the church and town, Anarchy advanced to the west of the farm, killing several and linking up with other units. At this point, Anarchy forces in the west pivoted to the north and took withering fire from the western treeline at a hunting stand. As a Commander of the Belozersk People's Republic who was supporting Anarchy laid down cover fire the squad advanced, taking out one sniper and pushed several more back, eventually killing another north-west of Stary Sobor, but not without first losing one of it's own members in the chase. Anarchy forces swung back towards Novy Sobor as the fighting continued to rage to the north. Eventually, another Anarchy squad was dispatched to clear the northern treeline after rescuing Luke Krey south of town. This squad took heavy fire as it went north but it was ultimately able to hunt down and kill 3 of the Coalition's members in that area. After this the squad went back to the east, securing the radio tower before returning to the Guglovo area where fighting continued right up to the area south of Novy Sobor. A confrontation occurred at the medical facility, and during this time Coalition forces killed two more Anarchy members in Novy Sobor and held the church. The battle ended after some two hours of all-out war, with many people participating in the fighting who had unclear motivations or allegiances. Several dozen members of the Coalition were killed, and with significantly lower numbers of Anarchy being lost. In the end each side spent large amounts of time in skirmishes after the initial massive engagement, but overall the battle took place in the entire area of Stary Sobor, Novy Sobor, Guglovo, Altar Radio Station, Gorka outskirts, and the countryside around Novy Sobor to the south. Even with the heavy support of 2 CAF Mig-23s and several drones the gas attack wasn't enough to dislodge Anarchy from the town, with the first airstrike hitting the police station and the second area striking the barn complex, an area that was largely deserted at that point. Chernarussian attempts to provide up-to-date intel on Anarchy movements were disrupted by jamming of drone to command communications by BPR scouts. Spetsnaz that were friendly to and supported the Coalition made little visible impact upon the battle, however the effect of their logistical support and training is yet to be fully realized. Prior to the battle Anarchy's David Anderson met with forward ambassadors of the Belozersk People's Republic, taking delivery of several Sa-7 MANPADs (man-portable air-defense systems) and 10 missiles, which are sure to critically impede any future air force sorties in the area. This support from the BPR may give Anarchy the edge to defeat the advance forces of the government and also to hold off and destroy the Coalition. The heavy losses of the Coalition only resulted in the death of a fraction of Anarchy's force, but it must be mentioned that this force has been worn down by the fighting, airstrikes, and battle wounds and will need time to recover. The Coalition's manpower is also much larger than Anarchy's, and as such it can take fewer losses than the former. The quality and skill of Anarchy's forces are also far beyond that of the Coalition, demonstrating tactical proficiency and communication not seen with Coalition's massive force. Anarchy still holds Novy Sobor and its gun embargo remains in place in the aftermath of the attack. The future of the conflict is unsure and due to the confusion and chaos of the battle both sides are certain to seek further bloodshed... //This post is not perfect as I only witnessed the event from one perspective, but following the battle I reached out to as many people involved and got several perspectives on what went down in several places. Had a great time and I am looking forward to the fallout from the battle and future events!
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    Well, today is the day I guess. I have decided that I am going to stop gaming and with that, I would like to announce my formal leave to the DayZRP Staff Team and the rest of the community, I would also like to apologize to the staff team for no heads-up on my leaving. Lately, I have realised that DayZRP and gaming in-general has taken more away from me then it has given. I see gaming and all the hours I put into sitting in front of my computer as a big obstacle on my road to success. I didn't realise this before I lately went on a break from the Staff Team to deal with real life things and that my girlfriend broke up with me because of all the hours I put into gaming, and honestly I can see where she is coming from. Therefore, I have decided to start my own company, which I have invested most my money into and I am going to prioritize that over everything else in my life. I might be back next month or I won't be back at all. I guess we will just have to see what happens. I would like to say thanks to everyone that is still in the community that I have enjoyed so many hours with within this community. You all know who you are, so I am not going to tag all of you. However, I would like to show my appreciation to @Rolle. Even though I mostly don't see eye to eye with you. You're the main reason we have all spent so many hours on this "dead" game and of course this community. Hopefully, I will return one day. Good luck to all of you in your future endeavours. The grind has failed
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    The day I leave staff has finally come. Some of you are probably thinking "Thank fuck!" And others "Nooo why?" But never the less it is occuring. I had a lit time in staff. Lots of ups, lots of downs. But you need a team that has different opinions so that we don't end up being one-sided. You guys were like a second family through and through. All of you, from the moment I joined all the way up to now. I love you all in that sense. But for now I have to focus on real life. My depression, cognitive behavioural therapy, and actually trying to live my life. It's been a long time coming. But here goes. @Mexi You taught me how to grow a backbone and change my views from "I think" to "I know". I appreciate that a lot. @Eagle I still missed you from the moment you got taken out. You were awesome. @Nihoolious you too, the removing was abrupt as fuck. I still agreed with your feedback. @Method Try your best, no matter what. But always put real life first. Also work on your grammar. I can't grammar duck you anymore. <3 @Spartan [email protected] :^) - You're doing an awesome job. You look good in red. @Lyca and @Ender Thank you so much for believing in me. Thank you so much for pushing for me. <3 @Strawberry I know we butted heads a few times but I wish you all the luck in the world with your future endeavours. Hopefully there's no hard feelings. @Hebi Kotei You cracked the whip so hard you broke my shackles. Jokes aside you deserve to go sit on the red throne imo. You're a fantastic GM and anyone looking to aspire to be such should look up to you. Minus the cockiness I suppose. That's your thing, not theirs. @Para You came back! Sadly it's my turn to bugger off. You were and still are, a great GM. Thank you for your service, and thank you for being there for me in the dead of night, when I was at my worst. @Oliv and @Aiko You will always be staff mom and dad to me. You guys are awesome and I'm glad you understand <3 @Dax I miss you. You were funny to be around when I first joined. @Lady In Blue I can still teach you, without my purple badge. Just don't break TOS to do so right? You will be great, I know you can, and I know you will. @Taryn You are doing a fantastic job as a mod. I knew the moment you wanted to get involved in things as an LM you would fit in great as a "real" staff member. Keep it up. @Stagsview Still gotta meet up. :3 And, to everyone I have missed. Know that I love you all equally. You mean the world to me, my second family.
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    I'm so glad that as a community filled mostly with legal adults, we can all come together and act like absolute fucking children. *Cheeky and sarcastic thumbs up.*
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    The time has come for all the opposing groups or individuals who are tired of the oppression caused by the group Anarchy to grab their weapons and head down to Novy Sobor and fight to the death. This is the battle you all have been waiting for! If Anarchy loses they will be forced to leave Novy Sobor and the Gun Embargo will end as well. This is a IC PvP Event! *The event has been pushed up an hr so the restart wont affect the battle upon us..* -Also, the opposing side fighting against Anarchy, we have an event channel you can join to discuss your strategy and tactical points. -When the Event begins there will be a server wide message letting you know that the battle has started, there is no need to initiate on the opposing side as it will be an all out war! -When you have been killed you will have to jump into the Event OOC channel so the remaining fighters can carry on without being bothered by OCC chatter. -The groups fighting Anarchy will wear white armbands so you don't TK your fellow fighters. *Good Luck and happy hunting! "Let the bodies hit the floor!"*
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    I thought I'd put this somewhere so that everyone knows about recent changes to final warnings. Mainly so that we don't have people questioning how they are done nowdays and complain that "that's not how we used to do it before". So, we have started using final warnings more and more often instead of permabans or aggravated warnings like in the past. This is due final warnings most of the time have very positive effect on the individual and we get to keep a player on the server, it's a win-win. However to keep final warnings relevant and serious business that they are supposed to be, we have made some changes to how they work: Final warnings can be issued by any staff, but with agreement of at least one admin. Final warnings can be issued for multitude of reasons, the most common ones being: Repeated rule break history (for example flaming > 3 times in the last few months or so) Really bad RP performance or multiple rule breaks in a single report, or multiple reports in a short amount of time Toxic attitude, spreading negativity, drama, hostile behavior, not following community core values Rule 4 Final warning appeals will only be accepted if the individual has really improved their behavior and attitude, and we have seen them being active within the community, both on the forums and in game. Final warnings can be appealed once every 3 months. This means that once you receive a final warning, you can appeal it after 3 months from the issue date. If that appeal is unsuccessful you must wait another 3 months to appeal it again. Final warnings permanently revoke your access to status updates and reset your BeanZ, regardless of successful appeal. Final warnings are only issued once per account. They are considered a one time chance that you are given by staff to fix your behavior, instead of being removed from the community through a permanent ban. This chance will not ever be given again, even if your final ban appeal is accepted. For example, if your final warning appeal is accepted and after some time your behavior return back to what it was or you do something stupid that would warrant a removal from the community, you won't be given another final warning, it will lead to a permanent ban. I hope this clears up the final warnings for you all and helps to understand the decision making behind them. See you in Chernarus!
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    RP is a two way street, and i can promise that the staleness in RP is caused by both bad hostile RP and excessive campfire RP. Now, whilst I too agree that hostile RP spices things up, there have been lots of events over the past couple years that have lead to a strict divide forming. It's a difficult one to fix, and people have found their comfort zone without particularly wanting to come out of it. Do i think people should avoid a certain type of RP like the plague? Fuck no. I've seen some sickening things happen within recent months that really, really kill RP. Campfire RP (I'm talking extreme cases) directly impacts on those who like hostile RP. Hostile RP'ers get treated like they're scum, and thus are avoided quite a lot of the time. People avoiding RPing with a certain group / style of RP for lengthy periods of time just creates OOC tension and hate between groups. Hostile RP (the thing widely criticised as the 'big problem') also can directly impact on Campfire RP. Where an abundance of hostile RP is present, you get campfire RP'ers avoiding areas more. Again, this causes OOC tension between groups resulting in neither side particularly liking each other. Now there are various factors that affect whether or not Campfire RP'ers will actually come out of hiding and want to vary their RP a bit. Or just... vary it from sitting around a campfire. My observations: People play to win far too often, not to create enjoyable RP. This is evident through a few things. For a lengthy period of time now, we've had a large group of the Best PvPers roam and dominate in fights. Cool. But who;s going to want to fight back against a superpower that they cannot beat? I can speak from personal experience that it's not fun getting shafted every day. This group managed to actually limit the RP available to other groups, even other hostile groups. If every time you log in and step foot out of the forest, a superpower is going to dunk you, why would you want to bother? There needs to be a balance between the two. This isn't actually possible with the largest group of the best PvPers dominating most of the time. This kinda circles back to playing to win, but there's little variety in RP because every time something new crops up it's either shat on relentlessly IC because "deal with it ICly" or there's just nobody to carry out the idea with (because people hide). Hotspots are, most of the time, aids. In a hotspot you get people playing the inside man constantly, it actively stops people from trying to be hostile with others, even if it's just an argument. What's worse is most arguments these days will result in the "you've been talking shit" argument coming up as a reason to initiate. Hotspots are a constant source of OOC tension, and personally i feel like i'm just going ot get dropped at any moment because of a fight kicking off. I avoid hotspots because they feel as though it's a bomb ready to go off. Certain campfire RPers need to stop avoiding groups like the plague. As much as I liked some of the individuals of a group i was in recently, I seriously couldn't be arsed constantly running away from Anarchy. It got to a point where an initiation from anarchy would be welcomed to mix things up a bit. These little Cliqué groups that only RP with each other and friends massively kill RP. RP should be an experience we all share together, to create stories with each other. There's a lack of story between groups. This links to both the Cliqué problem and the fact there's a superpower that used to shit on people constantly in game. The thing i miss were wars and conflicts that would go on for weeks between groups. These conflicts would be enjoyable for ALL people because not everything was initiations, it was arguments, equal big dicking, and the reasoning to initiate wasn't "he was talking shit". Groups were able to be hostile with each other without it resulting in an initiation every time. Hostile RP became routine, boring and as a result I lost interest. I've tried to make a group that could spice hostile Rp up but the result was a superpower shat on us. The groups that actually meant something to the lore + events that mattered for progressing the story were shut down. VDV, UN events being constantly initiated on really early meant that the lore could not physically progress. VDV was shut down because of extreme hatred towards its hostility despite it being awesome imo, military organisations were shut down because they were just attacked relentlessly because "if you can't deal with it in game and handle it, then fuck you basically". That style of quote is the exact reason there's no variety. We're not here to show who's the best in a fight, it's cancer that some people actually think that. We're here to RP, to provide stories and interesting experience. If your goal is seriously "who wants to step up to handle my PvP skills" then you need to go back to public. IMO these are the reasons RP has become "oh hey dude". Just a 'few' observations from a guy who's sat in the middle and been on both sides of the fence since lore wipe. If it seems like i'm shitting on one side more than the other, apologies, both sides are at fault for the lack of diversity in RP.
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    Operace Orel - Lore Post As the conflict in South Zagoria raged on between the various groups competing for influence, the Chernarussian Air Force continued operations in the skies above the chaos. When a local Mig-23 trainer jet crashed many of those in South Zagoria turned their attention away from struggles and ran towards the plummeting parachutes as the two Chernarussian pilots began to traverse the unfamiliar countryside towards the relative safety of the coast. A still taken by local survivors of the crash and parachuting crew Scouts of the BPR located the downed aviators nearly as soon as they hit the ground, and continued to pursue and report on their movements. Just outside of the Zelenogorsk Military Base the Syndicate wing of the Coalition reached the pilots, and began to escort them south as a firefight broke out in the town. Shots could be heard from miles around as the party raced towards the coast, albeit at a slowed pace due to an ankle injury sustained by Colonel Mladek during the landing. They stopped several times to re-assess the situation and get their bearings, occasionally splitting the group to keep the enemy at bay. The smoldering ruins of the CAF Mig-23UB on the edge of the province The battle only intensified once the Coalition reached the coast and Anarchy forces maneuvered to halt the advance of the rescue party near Kamenka. The thick fog only served to complicate the fight, which at this point spanned all the way from Pavlovo to the shores of the sea. The pilots and their few remaining friends made a rush past the gas station, taking heavy fire from the hills onto the Syndicate escorts. As the pilots ducked into a ditch under a bridge for cover, Anarchy forces managed to capture and separate Colonel Mladek from Lieutenant Novak and the others, taking him back to the gas station as the shooting continued. Lieutenant Novak saw his chance and sprinted to the checkpoint where CDF forces greeted him with orders to take cover. The government checkpoint east of Miroslavl After Colonel Mladek's wounds were tended to by Anarchy he was spirited north through the dense and rocky woodland of the provincial border's forests towards BPR territory as Russian fighter jets circled overhead, keeping an eye on the situation. CDF relief units moved Lieutenant Novak to the north in search of a better landing site for helicopter evacuation. As Colonel Mladek was handed over to the BPR and interrogated, CDF and friendly forces were heavily engaged at the Lopatino Castle, resulting in the capture of the Lieutenant. He was also handed over to the BPR shortly before the Russian militants made a hasty retreat back to the safety of their Black Mountain dens. In the end a valiant effort was made by the Coalition, the bulk of its forces having successfully transported one of the pilots to the CDF as Anarchy snatched another away in the confusion and chaos. In the end both pilots were delivered to the elite black-clad vanguard units of the Belozersk People's Republic. Despite the initial strides made by the Coalition and the resulting capture of one pilot from their hands, both Anarchy and the Coalition achieved major tactical and strategic success in the course of the afternoon. Pictured is the commander of the BPR detachment sent to retrieve the pilots. This newly-formed elite spetsnaz unit is believed to be made up of former KGB and OREL troops, and is entirely loyal to the leadership of the BPR Anarchy managed to retrieve valuable intel documents from Colonel Mladek, as well as flight orders and the absolutely critical flight IPad. This IPad is loaded with a program which handles all Chernarussian Air Force air contacts and their locations, along with navigational charts, maps, and other encrypted and stored intel that will prove invaluable to both Anarchy and the BPR in the destruction of future. An example of the IPad used by the CAF The live tracking of CAF flights will certainly allow Anarchy to target and destroy any jets that come into it's airspace, revealing a massive weakness in the mighty Chernarussian Air Force. Also of significance is the fact that the captured Colonel Mladek was a seasoned veteran of the civil war, and most importantly Squadron Commander of the 54. Vzkrizini Squadron whose Mig-23s have bombed and harassed Anarchy in the area and destroyed countless BPR advances in north Miroslavl. A pilot from the 54. Vzkrizini Squadron readies for a mission in Miroslavl His capture represents the first senior air force officer taken by the BPR, and his absence is sure to weaken the morale of his comrades unless he is returned safely. If the loss of air crews and aircraft continue the air force may be forced to deploy jets from Utes or Primorsk to Miroslavl Airbase to make up for losses on the Zagorian front, thus weakening other areas. Anarchy now has the weapons and the intelligence to do this easily. In addition to the materials gained from the pilot, Anarchy has also been granted a compound in Belozersk with an underground bunker that it can use for coordination with other Anarchist cells in the country. Shipment of more weaponry from the capital of the BPR are sure to continue, only increasing the power and reach of Novy Sobor's arsenal. However, Anarchy Warlord Luke Krey or "Louie" as he is called has suffered cardiac arrest and was taken into surgery shortly after the conclusion of the fighting. His recovery is very important for the future of the Anarchist cause in the Oblast. Elite soldiers of the CDF's 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion, rumored to soon be deployed to South Zagoria to aid the Coalition and replace local CDF conscripts Despite the Coalition's best efforts, they were only able to deliver one pilot to the CDF. However, they fulfilled their pledge to the State and as such the leadership of the embattled Coalition will likely sit down for high-level talks with government and SV Party officials about the prospect of a formal treaty. The 93rd Brigade of the CDF, based on Utes Island has guaranteed the shipment of a company of the highly experienced 176th "Gorka" Mountain Battalion to fight alongside the Coalition at their next engagement. The western residential section of the Miroslavl safezone on the morning of the crash This will bolster the already large numbers of the Coalition and should serve to sort out some of the chronic communication issues that plague the alliance. Government agents are likely to step up shipment of weapons caches in a bid to counter similar efforts of the BPR. The Coalition is also going to need to seek for new members for it's cause, as recent battles have eliminated large amounts of manpower. President Radek Kozlov answers questions from local Chernarussian reporters about the jet crash today following an SV Party meeting in Miroslavl, he is likely to take part in these negotiations The clear loser of this conflagration can only be the CDF. Their forces made the critical mistake of moving north for evac instead of simply remaining near the border or walking to Miroslavl on foot. This foolish move brought the lieutenant into the arms of Anarchy that quickly dispersed CDF forces and captured the last pilot. The State has nothing to show for this, and is now forced to broker a deal with the BPR for the release of the pilots. The loss of a valuable Mig-23UB can also not be understated, as only a limited number of such training aircraft are available.The forces of the BPR are the total winners in every respect. They not only now possess two important pilots but also have solidified their relationship with Anarchy and proven that they can bleed the State's armed forces dry in every corner of the infected-ridden nation. Intelligence passed from Anarchy to the BPR about the movement of aircraft will also likely result in continued losses for the CAF. The very fabric of the State will be in danger of collapse if the air force is degraded Anarchy now has a literal mountain of intel that must be processed, along with other valuable forms of information that could tip the scales in their favor for the foreseeable future. Despite this the Coalition has not given up it's fight, and stubbornly seeks to defeat Anarchy in the field or at least to undermine it. Both sides' forces are exhausted, wounded, and badly mangled by the fighting that has taken place in the past few weeks. The Coalition and it's allies are in need of a clear and decisive victory in order to remain a force within South Zagoria. The ingredients for a massive confrontation even bigger than the battle of Novy Sobor are being to materialize, and this could serve to ensure the survival of the Coalition or the complete dominance of Anarchy......
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    When Anarchy find a woman who isn't force married yet.
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    Anarchy has always been an extremely powerful group. They're good pvp'ers and are very well organized as such. But there is a line between RP and PvP, and it seems to have been crossed. It wasn't a huge issue with anarchy being extremely hostile as it's just Hostile RP and I never had issue with it but now, with the Weapons Embargo, it feels like theyre trying to control the way people play the game on an OOC level. We all know DayZ is incredibly unstable and taking away peoples weapons is essentially stripping away one of the only (mostly) stable things in this game. Finally, theyre going against their group goals. A quote from a member of the Black Roses, "i) Forming and maintaining an equal society (without forced law & order) at all costs. (This is forced law and order) ii) Put an end to all forms of oppression (race/gender)/forced hierarchy by all means. (This is blatantly forced hierarchy) iii) To promote the Anarchist ideology where everyone is equal and safe as well as informing people that they must have sovereign right to themselves. (Forcibly disarming citizens puts citizens on unequal footing with the hierarchy created and removes their sovereign right to defend themselves from the infected and other psychos--the psychos that they are) iv) Disrupting motion of any and all military groups in all regions of Chernarus. (Literally working with a military group in Chernarus) v) Abolishing of all coercive structures. (They themselves are creating a coercive structure)" They're clearly breaking multiple group rules here and need to severely limited on this. The weapons embargo severely crosses a line between RP and PVP. Sorry if this is poorly structured, I wanted to get this out quickly.
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    :: After setting up the radio equipment, Dominik sits down and begins to broadcast his message :: "I'd like to set a few things straight. It seems like some people aren't very aware of what they're getting into. You see, there's a lot of rumors going around about the so called Corporation fellas. And well, I thought I'd bring everyone up to speed." :: He pauses briefly before resuming :: "You may have run into these folks. Their uniforms consisted of gas masks and pink armbands with a fancy logo attached. They'll tell you they're collecting blood and tissue samples in order to research the virus. They'll try to convince you, perhaps make you believe they can make things better... That they are here to help. This is not the case." "These people are mercenaries. Hired by the Corporation to retrieve samples from us, the people still living. You see, they act fairly normal when they don't have the advantage over you. They act polite and convince you to let them take samples. But when you're alone, helpless by yourself. That's another story. You see they've taken samples from one of my people. A young woman, a nurse. She was out on her own with no way of stopping them." :: There is an audible sigh before his voice resumes speaking once more :: "You may be asking, So what? Why does this matter? They just want to do their research... Well you see, these mercs have no loyalty to one another, and only blind loyalty to their company. You see, we found their people. We wanted our girl's samples back. We wanted information. And once we had them, we called out to their comrades on their own radios, demanding them to surrender the samples. Instead, they let two of their own die then give up some measly drops of blood. What kind of person cares about some tissue samples, more than a human life? The Corporation." "You see, I interrogated one of their men. He admitted to me, that if he failed at returning these samples and if his work here in this country was continuously impeded, the Corporation itself would kill him. Do you see it now? These aren't doctors or scientists as people know them. They are not here to help you. They have files on people, listing them as subjects. We are lab rats to them. I hope you understand now, what these people are." :: There is a long pause almost if the transmission was left running :: "Hmm. I almost forgot, and this is to the so-called 'Mountain Men'. Yes yes, we know who you are. You should really know who you introduce yourselves to. Now that you've decided to align yourselves with these blood-stealing Corporate folks, I can only assume you wish to help them find people to experiment on. I'm sure the people of South Zagoria would be happy to share in this knowledge." "Well this has been your friendly Damned Public Service Announcement. I thank you for your time. And to the people of South Zagoria, be on the lookout for these fellows. One named Logan, Codename-Wolverine. He likes to dress in red with a matching beret. There's also a female named Ash. Suppose they'll have to find some new lies to tell us. Have a pleasant day." :: There transmission slowly fades out with an eerie humming of what sounds to be 'One Way or Another' ::
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    Seriously, stop posting on the forums. Every time I see one of your "mod was better" posts I get a fucking headache. Your rose tinted nostalgia glasses along with false propaganda about the mod is so full of bullshit it's spilling over into use of caps already. I was there, I had to deal with all the bullshit that these hostile groups created, create new rules because of it, I had people leave the community because of it. So do not tell me hostile RP involving attacking everything that moves because of some group idea is part of the best age of DayZRP. That kind of hostile RP has definitely NOT "proven to work in servers favor time and time again". You conveniently put forward one situation where the role play worked and ignore 99 other times when it didn't and reports were created and people got banned. Most importantly you ignore the fact that most of these awesome role players who did this kind of hostile RP have been permabanned long time ago because all they cared about was PvP. Now I'm not banning the idea of hostile RP or ability to embargo weapons, I'm willing to give Anarchy a chance as long as they comply with the new rules and do not repeat mistakes that others have done in the past, including the kind of hostile RP that groups like Black Fangs showed fairly recently. Just stop. Do not reply.
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    "Sláva Chernarus." The Special Operations Detachment "Svoboda" or more commonly known as the Svoboda Brigade, is a paramilitary popular mobilization organization formed in 2010 by the newly founded statist-nationalist Strana Vzkříšení (Resurrection Party). As the SV began to expand its power and became the dominant political party in Chernarus, it absorbed NAPA and membership among the ranks of the CDF soared. The party needed a means by which to protect its infrastructure, members, and leadership in times of warfare or civil unrest. It began to form what it called Vzkříšení Brigády or Resurrection Brigade(s). The party stockpiled weapons and other munitions within local and municipal Vzkříšení buildings that could be used to arm loyalists and civilians alike in turmoil. Eventually such a stockpiling of weapons had taken place that the party saw fit to offset the CDF and other police units by actively arming and formalizing the brigades. Most large towns across Chernarus have party buildings where the brigades store equipment and attend party meetings. Each brigade is officially commanded by the governor of their respective Oblast, with lower level party officials actively organizing and leading units. Military bases of the CDF are used for larger scale training operations and exercises. All brigade members report solely to the SV Party and have no direct organization connection to the military or to the Interior Ministry, other than the fact that they do receive weapons from the CDF. After the outbreak, it gained notoriety after allegations of torture and war crimes outside the government safezone. Svoboda Brigada is Miroslavl city’s Vzkříšení Brigade and draws members from all across Miroslavl Oblast. Credit to @Sylva and @Major for the group lore On an unusually cold spring morning in 2010, a group of civilian members of the newly formed Strana Vzkříšení began to assemble in the assembly yard of the party’s local headquarters in downtown Miroslavl, near a tributary of the Burnaya River. Václav Dubček, leader of the Miroslavl wing of the party gathered behind a podium on a stage high above the hundreds of members clad in well-pressed TTsKO uniforms and business clothes. Václav raised his hand to quiet the crowd while clutching a sheet of paper that beared the seal of the Republic. He read the text of the paper loudly: “Tímto jste nařízeni, abyste začali přijímat zaměstnance za účelem vytvoření lidové mobilizační síly, která by mohla ochránit stát v době konfliktu. podepsal, prezident republiky, Radek Kozlov. Sláva Státu!” (“You are hereby ordered to begin recruitment for the creation of a popular mobilization force that can safeguard the state in times of strife, signed, President of the Republic, Radek Kozlov. Sláva Státu!”) The courtyard roared back at him in unison: “Sláva Státu!” For Dubček and the rest of the hardline party members, this was the moment they had been waiting for. A chance to expand and solidify the power of the State and the party and to usher in an era of peace that would bring an end to the history of sectarian strife and weakness that had plagued the nation and nearly brought it to its knees during the civil war. Many of those in the courtyard had been members of the CDF or NAPA before the inception of the party, giving a great deal of members combat experience. So when the Party and the President called for volunteers, these men, in middle adulthood, idealistic, and full of bright ideas of glory and patriotism, led by Václav Dubček, Ulan Dvorak, and Alexander Kopec set into motion a chain of events that would change Chernarus forever. And so the Svoboda Brigade of the Vzkříšení Brigády was formed. Dubček’s father was a wealthy distillery owner, and agreed to to give the startup funds necessary for what would become the Svoboda Brigade, alongside official Party funds that had been allocated. Dubček’s father and his role in the Party leadership made it possible for the Svoboda Brigade to expand rapidly. Kopec, who had been discharged from the military due to a leg injury, became the military backbone of the unit, while Dvorak became its public face. With Dubček running its finances, Kopec drilling the new recruits, and Dvorak bringing in said recruits by the dozen, within a month the battalion was nearly eight hundred members. In 2015 the brigade deployed to the border amidst tensions with Russia, effectively complimenting the CDF and staffing many checkpoints and border defenses. Svoboda Brigada performed so well that the CDF gifted several BTR-70s to the brigade. The operation to secure the border put Svoboda Brigada in the local headlines and lead to a cascade of new recruits that had been galvanized with the threat of war with Russia. With grants from the Chernarussian government, the unit bought additional weapons, even going so far as to add a mechanized BTR platoon and towed anti-air artillery to its ever-growing list of equipment. The brigade became a brotherhood, a close-knit group of men (and even a few women) who would do anything for one another, and more importantly, for the cause they represented. The CDF officially incorporated Svoboda Brigada into its exercises to act as military police and logistical support. The brigades also served to keep an eye on the CDF and ensure loyalty to the State and the party. During the early days of the Outbreak, President Kozlov authorized the Vzkříšení Brigády (as an unofficial, but official government entity) to restore order in the streets and to launch raids against the infected once the crisis expanded. Many members of the party who had never joined the military wing of the party signed up for Svoboda Brigada. It was clear that this force was to be the official military arm of the Party and it’s muscle should the CDF fail. The best military units had been kept back to guard Primorsk and other critical government facilities during the advent of the Takistani incursion and the war with the Belozersk People’s Republic. In order to preserve the CDF newly assembled conscript units and Right Sektor militants were sent into the fray. However, in Miroslavl the State had to deal with increasing numbers of infected and a dwindling supply of food for winter. The Svoboda Brigade was given free reign in “pacifying” its home region, and it did so with extreme prejudice returning separated civilians to the coastal safezones.. Despite the high casualties (both friendly and noncombatant), Novigrad was impressed by the wide swath of territory it added back into the Republic’s fold, forging a barrier of land between Miroslavl city and the wild reaches of the Black Mountains to the north. But as the situation collapsed in South Zagoria, and the war with the BPR intensified, Kozlov and his generals sat down for a revamp of the current strategy. It was decided that South Zagoria needed to be quelled to secure the CDF’s flank, and in doing so open another front against the BPR. It would have the added effect of reopening a trade route into Russia and securing the vast, untapped resource reserves of the province to assist in the war effort. But with most of the CDF’s maneuver forces locked down on the BPR front, it was decided that Kozlov’s finest, his own personal Svoboda Brigada, would shoulder the task under the cover of the mighty eagles of the Chernarussian Air Force. And so, on a cold spring morning, exactly eight years after Václav Dubček, Ulan Dvorak, and Alexander Kopec and other party leaders fulfilled the call, the first units of Svoboda entered South Zagoria, and changed the game forever. IC GOALS Day 300: Establish a clear understanding of the political and military situation within the oblast and make contact with as many groups as possible. Isolate and speak with as many survivors as possible, eliminating any functionaries or scouts of the illegitimate Belozersk People’s Republic. Establish contact and cooperation with Jednotka-743 and exchange intel. Day 330: Re-establish a firm foothold in South Zagoria and bring a large settlement completely under the State’s direct control. Create a registration office to log the amount of non-Chernarussian peoples in the oblast. Day 345: Establish a local State administration to initiate the return of the area to civilization and to connect the rest of the government safezone. Establish laws and bring order back, localized in our territory, along with a meager food, welfare and healthcare system to keep the masses happy. Support the operations of fellow Chernarussians in the oblast and facilitate military operations. Day 350: Destroy or vassalize any groups pretending to be a government in opposition to us. Solidify any existing alliances and prepare for South Zagoria’s formal re-annexation. OOC GOALS Actively contribute to the lore of the server and the lore of individual characters with frequent updates to the group page and media thread, as well as becoming an official Lore faction. Enforce a strict use of in-game radios instead of teamspeak, as well as avoiding glitches within the game that make the game-play unimmersive and or easier, to fully immerse ourselves in the world we RP in. We want it to mean something when we collect food and hand it out. If a “lore character” of the faction dies in-game to any circumstance besides a glitch, they are immediately permanently killed. Furthermore, all members of the group will accept requests to permanently kill their characters. This group is heavily influenced by ZBOR and Res Publica. Combine the best of both and kill what was wrong with the former. Company Command Element These characters are the 'pk-able' characters. You won't see them often and if you do, it's for an event. Vůdce – Ludek Mikulas – @Stannis Důstojník – Otmar Čížek – @Xavier Společnost Seržante – Andrej Svárovský – @Sylva 1st Platoon - Liška Kapitán –Oskar Hosek – @Stannis Seržante – Stefan Reznicek – @Xavier Voják – Benedikt Adamek – @Tander Voják – Konstantin Demy – @Clarence Archer Voják – Dimon Andonov – @Cpt Voják – Jaroslav Simand – @Pope Voják – Marko Michovich – @Sylver 2nd Platoon - Jezevec Poručík – Stepan Cernik– @Sylva Desátník – Dimitri Reznov – @Racine Voják – Ostrovsky Sokov – @Wolfaye Voják – Artur Mistrovka – @Jinx 3rd Platoon - Sokol Poručík – @Jack Rees-Mountbatten (Character not created.) Voják – Artyom Aristov – @Wyoming(TBD) Voják – Pavel Popov – @Spanners Voják – Vlad Zykov – @Nozzy1110 Voják – (TBD) – @Gandhi State Security Attachment - Vrstva Nino Kobiashvili – @Empress Julia Karol Orlov – @Prince Borivoj Kopriva – @Major Jakub Hosek – @Greener161 Radec Sokov – @Combine Application - RECRUITMENT OPEN
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    Someone said recently that a lot of the rules both limit and powergame us and… he’s not wrong, some of these rules allow for a direct violation of universal RP conducted, constructed for the purpose of catering to those who whine enough because they cannot handle a realistic environment. I am going to go over a few things with that said, which merits discussions, but before I get into the rules directly I wish to cover a few topics. Non-Consent: We'll start here. When I claim to be this, it isn't to big myself up. The very terminology means to accept that IC actions have IC consequences. Universally if someone is going about torturing, maiming and killing they should accept all consequence that comes with it should they find themselves caught. To hold onto the consent rule like a crutch hurts the immersive world. Because here's what people seem to forget. It is NOT only YOUR character, it's everybody's character. Nothing chaffs my balls more than getting a known serial killer on his knees, handcuffed, surrounded by all his victims.... and you see this pop up on the screen. "I do not consent." It's shit RP form and violates the integrity of the immersive world. Powerplaying: The very definition is to control someones character without their permission, however the deeper meaning to this is within a realistic setting. An example would be firing an arrow and demanding that it indeed hit them, or the reverse being to limit what someone else can or cannot do to better suit personal favour. It should always be to preserve realism you see. Lets take handcuffs into the equation. In that setting there is literally nothing someone can do to prevent anything happening to them other than evoke OOC, so let me state bluntly that they cannot be power gamed against as they're bound, so therefore they literally have to powergame whatever the other person can or cannot do in that situation. So it's true some people abuse this by trying to massively interfere with a characters play-ability. I don't want a dick carved into my forehead, but other people won't accept anything through salt, which therefore shouldn't be to begin with. Powergaming someones inability to do things isn't as bad if the victim hasn't done anything to deserve it, but if they have it's one of the worst violations of RP conduct. Someone torturing someone in handcuffs without '//permission?' is not powergaming. Take away the restraints and yeah, it is. Because in that setting they can realistically protect themselves. It all comes down to common sense and realism. With that said it's bad form to leave someone alive, yet with no limbs to speak of. Retconning: Something that does not exist within this community, yet is sorely needed. When the immersive world is violated due to a disagreement, to preserve the integrity of the RP and more specifically the characters involved, we should be able to Retcon for this reason. Again I'll go back to having someone in handcuffs who is owed punishment... and abuses OOC for selfish reasons. Should it make no realistic sense to let them go, and you know the immersion is fucked either way because of this OOC influence, the most sensible thing to do is let them go and retcon it. Shit RP form should never have to be accepted. Twinking: Characters that act nonsensically, violating realism and believability. This falls under Bad RP. These are your 12 year old super soldiers, your super backpacks with anything and everything conveniently inside them to make you stand out over other people, they're your super intelligent people with 46 PHD's, your badasses who can dislocate and relocate to escape handcuffs. Not a massive deal here, but it merits a mention since I am on a tangent now of mentioning crap I see on a day to day basis that pisses me off. Internal Metagaming: This is metagaming with yourself. This is having your own alts interacting with each other to pass on information they otherwise would not have, which can negatively affect other peoples characters. These are the 'My cousin (Alt) told me that so and so is..." types. We sorely need something for this. But lets go deeper and look at the rules specifically yes? 0.1 FAIR PLAYAll your choices that you make both in game and outside of the game should follow the fair play principle. Fair fights, respect, friendship, team spirit, equality, respect for written and unwritten rules such as integrity, solidarity, tolerance, care, excellence and joy, are the building blocks of fair play. Your in-game choices should never affect this. Why should conflict be fair in a world not built for equality? Deception, numbers and gear all play a factor in this. I am sorry but might is right in this RP setting. Now with respect, integrity, tolerance and care I get it entirely, but I never want to see this used to abuse the realism of the world we play in. The day I see “Well they have 10 people initiate on me, it wasn’t -fair-, rule 0.1!” Come up in a report, is the day I walk away, because by that point it’ll be too damn late to save it. 0.3 ROLE PLAY FIRSTUpholding good quality of role play and making sure that everyone enjoys it should always be a priority. The objective is for everyone to have fun, regardless of their preferred type of role play or nature of their character. Do not discriminate other players based on their preferred way to play, previous characters that they have played or their OOC reputation. Help newcomers with their first steps in game and guide them with these core values in mind. Love this rule, I do, I think it’s sorely needed. With that said however, why does it feel like the hostile RP style is being persecuted discriminately? You can’t rob people just for gear. Why not? The fact a bandit wants your shit seems like a pretty valid IC reason to initiate on someone. Are we taking robbing out of the game now? Is preserving your precious loots more important than the integrity of the RP? The fact you can’t initiate because ‘I am crazy!’ any more. Have you looked at this RP setting? People should be crazy. We have billions dead, friends, family, loved ones. We have infected running around trying to kill the survivors, cannibals, bandits… all sorts of horrible traumatic shit, Jerry Springer isn’t around to preserve the cultural morality and we’re supposed to act like there isn’t gonna be people a little nuts who’ll initiate because ‘AHH FUCK, PEOPLE!’. There’s no police, there’s no government, there is no law… so why shouldn’t there be your Mad Max/Judge Dredd/Water World/Fallout inspired lunatics who just take people because they can? 5.5 Do not impersonate another individual or group in a way that would bring harm to them, their group or their reputation. Why not? A pretty valid question actually. Why should a perfectly valid IC possibility be restricted? When a lot of the RP in game is political, you’re going to develop enemies. Why would you not want to slander and shame though through dirty under handed means? If anything doing that seems like a massive RP generator to me. It’s restricting a perfectly realistic game play possibility due to OOC factors and again limits the ability to be a bad guy. 6.1 All hostile situations must be have a valid reasoning and be justified with role play that happened in character, in game or in radio chat forum. See also rule 5.3. 6.2 You may not use character or group story as a universal reason to initiate hostilities with other players. For example, role playing a bandit, murderer or crazy person does not grant you explicit rights to attack other players by itself, there must be other circumstances, previous history between the players or role play that leads to a situation where being hostile is warranted. I am gonna cover both of these. What I am getting from this is you need to establish yourself as a threat before you become said threat, warning the victim/victims prior to engagement, thus putting greater risk to yourself and your own people. This makes absolutely zero sense from a realistic view point and GREATLY restricts people’s playstyles and damages hostile RP in a way it cannot recover from with this rule in place. Attack on a whim, sure I get that… but initiating? Why not? How do you even achieve this previous history that could lead to hostility without wearing the equivalent of an ‘I WILL INITIATE LATER’ sign around your neck? There are bandits out there, there are murderers and there are crazy people. Remove the ability to be these things and you take a chunk of the world integrity out of the game. So many great hostile groups based themselves around these things and hindering that will only hurt this community. Don’t believe me, look at how the community has changed over the years and by proxy the player numbers with it. 6.4 Demands during hostile situations must be reasonable and made clear and unambiguous to all players. For example, you cannot demand that somebody puts their own life at risk or else other characters will die. Why not? I ask this question a lot. I am not saying this rule is entirely bad, just a small part of it. Look to any hostage example. ‘Do this or I’ll kill the victims’ seems to come up 99% of the time. Now whilst it’s unfair to the victim in this situation, what stops people demanding that their enemy comes and gives themselves up or you’ll kill the victim? You do not HAVE to kill the victim, but why can’t you threaten to? As RP’ers we have a responsibility to ignore that little rule factor on an OOC level. Just because we know the hostage taker can’t murder the hostage, doesn’t mean our characters do… without consent at least. One tactic of the group I am with is to take someone away and pretend to murder them to ensure compliance. 8.2 A player gains kill rights when a hostile action is taken against him or when his characters life is put directly at risk. These rights last for 2 hours after last contact with the aggressors and can only be used if their use does not conflict with any other rules like NLR or NVFL. My issue is with the timer. A massive OOC factor which is detrimental to the immersion and realism. If someone takes you and cuts off your balls, you are not going to forgive and forget after a 2 hour span. Chances are you’re gonna want that revenge no matter how long it takes, furthermore if badly hurt you are not making that 2 hour window due to character injury. Should someone murder your characters closest friends and family and you catch them months down the line to receive this message ‘I do not consent’… kiss RP integrity goodbye. 8.3 If the player who gains kill rights is a member of an approved group, kill rights are shared with all members of that group. Kill rights cannot be shared between players who are not a part of an approved group. So, we can’t protect friends of allied groups in fire fights, we can’t even defend our closest friends unless we’re in an OOC approved group. Some people don’t want to be in groups. Some people run two-character dynamics. By restricting people this much you persecute non-grouped people, especially newer community members who have not been accepted into a group, yet have friends. Yet Joe Smith can murder someone because a friend of a friend whose group he just joined was held up? What… even… is this? 9.2 A character that is taken hostage may only be executed once for a hostile incident that happened in the past where the hostage was responsible for, or participated in death of your ally. I am going to run over a hypothetical situation here. So someone murdered and ate your child because… edgelord yo! You captured and killed them, awesome. They don’t consent to death and survive. You bump into them a week later, alive. But forgive and forget right? I’d honestly kill for perma death in certain situations because see stuff like THIS… it has happened, it is happening and it will continue to happen. Again, IC actions have IC consequences and some things simply CANNOT be forgiven. Now I understand a lot of these rules exist for a good reason. Things have happened that have resulted in absolute RP cancer. I understand this and I understand why rules have developed from these situations, however we’ve found ourselves on the other side of the extreme were we are so limited in what we can or cannot do… the immersive world suffers for it. As a rule base most of it is pretty solid, but as things stand a lot of people are simply losing faith. But anyway, feel free to discuss. I may not be right, I may not be wrong, this is just my view point and understanding of universal RP conduct.
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    The radio station was originally created just as a common civilian radio station and upon the uprise of the outbreak, it was used and protected by the government to signal out Martial Law to South Zagoria. After a period of time into the outbreak, the station was abandoned and powered down. However, the government and military forces left behind a lot of their equipment at Altar Hill and stayed there dormant for much time. Around March 29th, 2018, a group that consisted of an electrical engineer, technician, and electrician had an idea to get the radio tower back running. So, on April the 2nd, 2018, the tower became operational as Artyom Razdinov, James Blake, and Dimitry Roginov attempted to start up the tower and create their own network. However, this quickly went south when a brutal wolf attack occurred on the Hill, killing all three of the men. The tower was left unoperational, but was dormant, ready to be started up once again. A dream was birthed by Polly Parsons and Allen Storm, a dream to give out important information to the people who needs it the most. At first they started to spread messages by world but that took too much time. They then switch to radio messages but since radios were only short range they could only reach some areas of Chernarus. They have seen several radio towers around the land but never saw the source the towers broadcast from. Until one day Polly and Allen came across a radio station on a hill. This radio station was on a hill called Altar. When they saw the station from the distance they thought it was going to be an old abandoned station that doesn’t work. To to their amusement when they approach the building it didn’t look like a wreck. As they entered the building they noticed that all the machines were working. Being afraid of someone living here they waited a day before they checked the rest of the building. A day went by and no one showed, so the two friends went in to explore the building. Everything was going fine until they explored the final room. There was a weird smell in the air around the room and when they opened the door a bigger whiff of it hit their noses. To their shock there was a half eaten dead body lying on the ground. Right next to the body was a small sliver key lying on the ground. They picked up the key and test it in one of doors to see if it works. To their surprise when they tried the key it locked the door. Seeing as the key was able to control the doors they thought that this human being owned the station. They cleaned up the body and cleaned up the mess he made. Once they cleaned up the station they started to test all the radio equipment. With a lot of trial and errors they were able to get a signal out to a radio tower nearby. Eventually over a couple of days their broadcast where spreading to all the radio towers. Pleased with the work they accomplished they wanted to continue it. So they sent out a broadcast throughout Chernarus asking anyone if they wanted to be apart of their group. Needing a name for their group they decide to name themselves Altar Hill Radio Station. Broadcast Here First Broadcast Repair Altar Radio Station (Completed) Employ reporters, engineers, technicians, electricians, and broadcasters. (Completed) Maintain Altar Radio Station (Ongoing) Collect resources to keep the station alive (Jerry Cans 3/10, Car Batteries 4/25, Alkaline Battery 9V 7/50) Report on crucial events or moments throughout South Zagoria. (Ongoing) Interview with individuals to inform South Zagoria of stories. (Ongoing) Create a Radio Network (Ongoing) Broadcast our news, entertainment and other sources over the radio. (Ongoing) Maintain completely neutrality with groups, ideologies, and conflicts. (Day 285) Become a resourceful and important source of information in South Zagoria. (Day 300) Spread our broadcast outside of Chernarus. (Day 350) Providing a grounded and detailed press and broadcasting roleplay. Focus more on Roleplay rather than get involved with PVP. Provide interesting roleplay via interviews and reports with groups and individuals. Create an interesting radio network with music, shows and news. Provide good roleplay with everyone and anyone on the server. Allen Storm (Overseer) Polly Parsons (Head Reporter/Head Recruiter) Casey Hall (Head Broadcaster) Bruce Adams (Reporter) Dmitri Solodovnikov (Writer/Newspaper Reporter) Richie Godsman (Reporter/ Supply Runner) Luke Bond (Reporter) Breaking any of these rules are grounds for IN CHARACTER punishments. You will always stay truthful to your word and never lie. Never attempt to create conflict, always keep neutral. Always remain respectful in your reports and broadcasts. Never forcefully try to gain information for stories. Remain loyal to your team. Breaking any of these rules are grounds for removal Do not use any information gained from Out-Of-Character sources. Respect any and all players no matter any past. Never flame any members/overly meme around. Found guilty in a report. (Rule Breaking, case-to-case) Any form of trolling. Acting immature. Inactivity for 5 days. (Without notice) Character checks will be done, work on character page before submitting. Submit applications to @kimmylou and @Allen Storm Character Page: OOC Age: Timezone: RP Experience: Previous Groups/Dynamics: Why do you want to join us: Have you ever been in any reports? If so, link them:
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    My @Brad planned the most elaborate prank for April Fools Day. The little shit recorded the whole thing, so we'll have to edit it together and upload it. But, at the end of all... I said yes. <3
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    Rant below Tbh, with the amount of shit Anarchy takes on daily it's only a matter of time until you guys make a new group. My consensus that I've read is both sides have points and another thing is a Us vs. Them mentality. I've noticed this mentality a lot recently and in more crude terms, it's just circle jerking and confirmation bias. I personally agree that the spectrum of Anarchism at this point has been breached and where people feel the group deserves a bit of rebranding. I also agree with that, and with that new ideas might be able to spread because as of recent, I'm personally admitting that it feels like it's running in circles at the moment. You guys know I love you, but I feel that Anarchy should change to a new fresh concept. Right now, it's taking on a very Negan approach, so go ahead, make a group similar to The Saviors. I feel this could be so effective right now because you can actually back up all threats. Now, on to the Us. Vs Them. It REALLY needs to stop from both sides because I've seen it way too often now. Whether it be in boasting, or rioting or whatnot, both sides have just been at each other's throats. I notice that feedback towards the group often gets deflected and then many members come and give a lot of confirmation bias by giving Beanz and whatnot. I've seen this happen on probably everything. Anarchy, you guys have to realize that they've got good points just as you guys yourself. No matter what people say, MOST of the time, they have a valid point and should be seen as such. Now, to the other side, they are just a group who are doing like dozens of groups have done before. They rarely lose the fights, they can big dick, so let's take over! It's only natural for the most powerful group to abuse that power because that's what power tends to do. To everyone, we are a fucking community, can we act like one? I don't give a shit about how much you donated, how much time you've played, how many groups you've been in, how good at PVP you are, how good at RP you are. We are a community, so instead of on the daily at our each other's throats, can we just accept that both sides have valid points? Please? I'm sorry for ranting, it's 4 AM, I'm exhausted and I'm pissed that this is how we treat each other in a community. Rant over, I love all of you and you know it.
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    *Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "I'm in the works of creating a museum and I would like to have his Journal to place in a nice protected case just below his head ya know" "You see I would like future generations to understand" "Why you don't piss off Anarchy" *Louie releases the PTT*
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    *Grieves would be standing on the top of a mountain looking down at the countryside trying to decide what to say. He would take Westerly’s blood encrusted radio from his pocket and press the PTT.* Homebase U this is Lead 2. Mission status is as follows. Lead 1 is KIA. Samples of the compound have been destroyed. Myself and the rest of the team are going dark. Do not attempt to contact me further Homebase. You can consider this broadcast to be my resignation. I’m resigning from my post due to moral objections to the mission. After what I’m about to say next I wouldn’t advise sending anyone to retrieve me or silence me. I don’t think they’ll receive a warm welcome here. *He pauses to chose his next words carefully. Several moments of silence pass before Eric sighs into the radio and continues on. The tone of his voice would from a personal broadcast to that of a public address.* To anyone listening to this frequency, I think you deserve to know the truth about the VDC and our mission. I’ve told many of the people that I’ve met in South Zagoria over the past few months that the VDC is here to discover a vaccine. This is not true. Our real mission is to research whether or not there was something that could trigger the virus in carriers -- those who host the dormant virus in their blood -- making the virus reactivate itself and take over the subject. That’s right, you heard me correctly people. I did not misspeak when I used the word carrier. I know there are many who consider themselves immune to the virus, but this is not the case. Studies done on quote-unquote immune people have show that they are not, in fact, truly immune. What we’ve discovered is that these people are actually carrying trace amounts of the virus within their bloodstream. The remaining governments of the world were terrified by this discovery. The part that scared them the most was also the part that scares me: We did not know whether the virus could reactivate itself within these carriers. If this were to happen in, say, a refugee camp, the results would be catastrophic. Think about it, even a kiss from carrier to a loved one could spread the virus. The United Nations’ response to this information and the failure of the UN/WHO First Response Team was to form a new team with primary objective of learning everything they could about carriers. They asked my former colleague, Dr. Calliope Westerly, to lead this team. They told her to get the job done by any means necessary. I can only assume they told her this because they were getting desperate. *He stops to light a cigarette. As he exhales his first drag on the cigarette he continues on.* All of this was done off the books, so to speak. I personally believe this was to make it easier for the UN to disavow any knowledge of the team’s existence in case something went wrong. Or in case we succeeded but the means by which we succeeded were too extreme. After all, Westerly was told to get the job done by any means necessary. Let me make it clear and inform anyone listening that the surviving members of the UN/WHO First Response team and the UN members stationed in Miroslavl and any others members left in South Zagoria were not involved in the making of this decision or in our research. Hell, they weren’t even told we were coming to South Zagoria. As far as they know the UN abandoned them. I will not lie about my part in all this. When Westerly came to me to ask for help, I jumped at the chance. I had no way of knowing how monstrous Westerly would become. The moment I heard Westerly suggest that we begin taking people to experiment on them that I knew had to resign, and I did so shortly before Westerly died. I could not in good conscience continue to aid her in the mission and follow down the dark path she was going on. I know that I will be hunted, both for sharing this information and for playing the part I did in all this, but I don’t care. People need to know the truth. The only thing I ask is that the people of South Zagoria forgive me for failing them and for lying to them. I aim to make this right by beginning my own mission. I will be working as hard as I can to try and develop a vaccine for the virus. I will not give up on trying to stop this plague. Homebase U, I’m not going home, but I think you should. The mission was a failure and there’s nothing left for you here. *He would release the PTT and drop the radio on the ground. He would take one last look down at the countryside before turning around leaving the location to go into hiding.*
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    *Louie would press the PTT* "Hello Citizens of South Zagoria I come here today to announce that Anarchy will be invading the North" "Everyone up North will be required to move south and come towards the Novy area failure to do so may result in you being mistaken as the enemy" "These are times of war and everybody must follow suit" "Too many people want to be apart of this so-called Rebellion but I will state that this is nothing but a farce just to convince weak minded folks to take up arms to be brought into the slaughterhouse" "Do the right thing do what you are told move south towards Novy" "This is for your safety and to advance for building an equal society" "To the people who will decide to openly just talk shit and not contribute anything don't waste your time" "What we state is final there are no counter-arguments we do not need your deluded opinions cluttering the airwaves" "This is the only time we will state this" "Have a nice evening" *Louie releases the PTT*
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    Long gone are the days where anyone could post on a report so I guess I'll leave this here. "The ONLY times I went OOC was to question your wounds, as I didn't understand what was happening to you. And when you went into OOC, so I could answer you. I don't see how I was excessively going into OOC." I'd say that there is excessive/unnecessary OOC... but what do I know?
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    After the official United Nations and World Health Organization group had archived a lot of people have made characters with them being affiliated with either the United Nations or the World Health Organization. As one of the people that was officially a part United Nations Lore group, myself and some of my friends have reached out to multiple people regarding their characters so they would be properly set up and so they would get filled in on what had happened with the UN/WHO and the 1st Response Unit. So I've decided to write this up so we and the LMs can easily just give this out to the people making UN/WHO character so they can be filled in with everything regarding what happened to the United Nations in the world and Chernarus. Some dates might not be 100% correct as I need to remember some stuff from the top of my head as they haven't been written down anywhere. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7th of July: The outbreak in Chernarus begins The troubles in Chernarus begins around the 7th of July, which is all detailed on the official lore page on the forums 11th of July 2017: The United Nations approves the mission to assist the people of Chernarus A Chernarussian representative had gone before the United Nations with a desperate plea for the UN and western world to bring aid and research the growing unknown epidemic sweeping the nation. The meeting dictated a unanimous decision with a very meager budget due to a fund shortage. Allotted $7,000,000 and just 500 total personnel the operation was sent directly to Miroslavl. On the 11th of July is when the first outreach from the UN was approved after civil unrest that had spiraled out of control faster than any other recent disaster man made or natural. 17th of July 2017: United Nations forces and World Health Organization personnel arrive to Chernarus in Miroslavl. Due to time organizing the equipment, and personnel on such short notice it took 5 days to finally get boots on the ground. The operation grabbed spare personnel from various places around the globe. On the 17th of July is when all 500 United Nations and World Health Organization personnel arrived the in Forward Operating Base in Miroslavl. They set up an immediate response and research center working with government officials to give relief efforts the best they could. A separate unit was being organized and sent to the epicenter of the virus, a region known as South Zagoria. 23rd of July 2017: United Nations forces arrives to South Zagoria One hundred personnel were sent the same day to South Zagoria. Leading the Unit was Col. Jack Ripley who has briefed along with other high ranking officers directly by the Secretary General of the UN on the situation. Upon arriving within 10 kilometers of the confirmed FOB site they ran into a horde of infected, abandoned cars, and people in a chaotic frenzy. In the ensuing chaos, the unit got separated and many lost their lives in the fight through the massive roadblock. Ripley lead as many as he could down the highway and eventually made their way to Chapaevsk. Setting up the F.O.B. the remaining personnel began relief efforts and researching the infection. On the 23rd of July, the United Nations forces arrived to their FOB in Chapaevsk, call-sign: ''Sierra-Romeo'', grid: ''057-128'' 25th of July 2017: United Nations FOB moved to Kabanino //I'm using this date from the official timeline, but I know that we spent approximately 1,5 weeks in Chapaevsk before we moved to Kabanino. I'm still going to leave the 25th as the date since it's on the official timeline for the server. A day before the new FOB was setup, leading officers Col. Jack Ripley, Maj. Kristian Holmen from United Nations and lead researcher Dr. Faith Capella from World Health Organization had arranged a meeting with officers from the Russian [VDV] Vozdushno-Desantnye Voyska Rossii where it was agreed upon to move the FOB from Chapaevsk to Kabanino to begin a joint operation between the forces. On the 25th of July 2017, the United Nations and the VDV had a joint operation in the town of Kabanino, call-sign: ''Romeo-Foxtrot'', grid: ''053-067''. This joint operation helped the Chernarussian Defense Forces and the NATO Forces to make contact with the United Nations and VDV forces in South Zagoria in the field to then create relations between all forces. This operation did not come without troubles, from constant threats and gunfire from civilians that was displeased to civilians that wished to cause chaos and because of extremely poor working conditions for the doctors, it was eventually decided by Col. Ripley to moved the FOB from Kabanino to the airfield located by the town of Krasnostav. 1st of August 2017: United Nations FOB moved to the NEAF On the 1st of August, the United Nations Forces arrived to the NEAF, Call-sign: ''Oscar-Golf'', grid: ''118-029'' Because of poor communication between the United Nations and everyone else, it was thought that we had completely abandoned them at Kabanino, until 2 days later a broadcast was made to again to official announce the location and the new FOB of the United Nations Forces. Almost everyone was displeased with the United Nations because of what happened and how it was handled during these couple of days. The VDV was extremely displeased since their soon to be announced quarantine zone and this FOB was too close to it, especially since the United Nations FOB brought to it a lot of civilians to seek shelter and relief. VDV Lieutenants and Captains was in constant talks with Maj. Kristian Holmen where they in the end gave him an ultimatum, move out of the airfield or they would attack the UN with their entire force. After having a quick discussion with Col. Ripley, it was decided to move the FOB back to Chapaevsk. 6th of August 2017: United Nations FOB moved back to Chapaevsk On the 6th of August, the United Nations forces arrives back to their original FOB in Chapaevsk, call-sign: ''Sierra-Romeo'', grid: ''057-128'' Everyone at the previous FOB was notified that we were moving down south again and a broadcast was made for everyone that could hear to inform that that the United Nation Forces had moved yet again. People appreciated the communication, but a lot of people were displeased that the United Nations FOB moved around so frequently. The peacekeepers and doctors yet again sets up their equipment and continued to do their work there. 7-9th of August 2017: Security council is formed with underlining trouble On the 7th of August, Col. Ripley joined with doctors and peacekeepers goes down towards the airfield located by Balota where there is a meeting put up to discuss the troubled water between all the military forces currently in South Zagoria; VDV, CDF, UN and NATO. The meeting was set with hopes of cooperation between all forces. On the 9th of August, the NATO Forces were patrolling the United Nations FOB when they suddenly walked out of camp because of reason stated; ''Check upon a disturbance that was reported''. 15 minutes after they left the camp, VDV Forces arrived and took over the United Nations in a surprise attack, taking all officers, doctors and peacekeepers currently present as hostages. The VDV were in talks with the officers of United Nations making demands about them no longer operate here, the United Nation officers didn't take demands or orders from the Russian Forces so shortly afterwards a Chernarussian officer arrived to the FOB and gave the United Nation officers a time limit of 24 hours to pack up everything and return to Miroslavl for reassignment. After this was acknowledged, the VDV and CDF forces returned to their respective bases, the NATO Forces returned to the FOB and took the side of the CDF and VDV Forces. Shortly after this, the VDV took Dr. Capella with them for her to conduct research for them. A rescue operation was conducted with Cpt. Casper Hawk being in charge which ended in a success and Dr. Capella was returned in the hands of the United Nations. 10th of August: Diplomatic talks with the Major of the CDF and new FOB at the hospital in Berezino After the incident yesterday Col. Ripley and Maj. Holmen went down to Chernogorsk to meet with Maj. Kuba Zavodny of the CDF to conduct some diplomatic talks. After the meeting was settled it was agreed upon that the United Nations Forces would move to the hospital in Berezino and continue their operation from there. On the 10th of August, the United Nations started operation at their new FOB from the Berezino Hospital, call-sign: ''Bravo-Hotel, gird: ''119-062''. In the next coming days there would be more tension between the United Nations and VDV Forces where on the 12th of august the first battle between the two of them would occur with no clear victor. With minimal talks and more battles in the next coming days would make the area around Berezino quite dangerous and filled with tension. This tension would last until the VDV was ordered to leave Chernarus as a whole and return to Russia. The situation around the FOB would finally calm down after a long time with fights, tension and battles. In the remaining time of the month of August the operation around the hospital was relatively normal with some skirmishes occurring against civilian militias. Towards the end of the month the United Nations in South Zagoria were informed of a possible murder that occurred close by, the CDF were contacted about this and the UN Forces were to conduct a preliminary investigation of this possible murder and then let the CDF handle the matter later on. 2-3rd of September: Investigations on Ground Zero On the 2nd September 2017, approximately 2345 GMT an expedition was carried out operated by Maj. Holmen with the assistance of Dr. Capella. The mission was to gather information and samples from the Kamensk Military base, designated name; Ground Zero, grid: ‘’079-007’’. The mission was being assisted by local police officers Sgt. Nedved and Cdt. Saunders After the first day was completed with intelligence gathering, Maj. Holmen decided to rest close to the area without risking exposure to chemical, biohazard or radiation damage to continue to the progress when the sun gives more light exposure. However a concerning matter would be a few peacekeepers reported in to feeling faint as well as one report on feeling sick. Peacekeepers suffering from this will be ordered to stay in the camp until the operation is fully completed. Major Holmen requested any peacekeepers feeling any sort of sickness such as fatigue, dizziness and/or vomiting to stay in the camp whilst the others continued the operation. Day two of the operation was carried out at 2000 GMT on 3rd September 2017 by Maj. Holmen of the United Nations 1st Response Unit of Chernarus. Maj. Holmen, Dr. Capella and Cpt. Hawk found more hazmat suits within the medical clinic with full face gas masks. The caution from sick peacekeepers gave the officials more whereabouts on to follow from this investigation. With a successful found of hazmat suits they continued for the monitoring of Ground Zero with a geiger counter which is measured in grey units. Upon inspection it was countered that the base begins to peek outside and into the base at 0 to 1.5Gy. From this inspection it is suspected the radiation levels are settled outside of the camp and outside of the forest surrounding it. However up in certain areas which are known as hotpot areas bring the most concern. Day two was completed and everyone would return to the Berezino hospital. All peacekeepers and doctors that came with on this expedition would fall ill for the next coming days due to the radiation in the area with no one suffering from prolonged effects. 4th-15th of September: Troubles brewing inside of Berezino Hospital With the next coming days a lot of peacekeepers were out of commission due to the expedition to Ground Zero. Things were relativity calm in the beginning of the month, but coming into the first week of September a large civilian militia of 20+ people approached the gates of the Berezino Hospital and begun talking demands with Col. Ripley. The Militia wanted the United Nations and the Chernarussian Defense Force to stop all investigations towards this possible murder that had occurred and for the United Nation Peacekeepers to train the civilian militia to be able to fight more effectively with their weapons. The Colonel responded with that he needed time to consult with the other officers regarding this matter. Col. Ripley wanted to give into the demands of the militia while Maj. Holmen wanted to deny all demands and stand fast at the Berezino Hospital if they were to attack beacuse their demands were not met. The matter was brought up to all doctors and peacekeepers present and everyone got the chance to give their opinion and vote on the matter. In the end, everyone sided with Maj. Holmen. The result of it all was that the investigation would still be dropped, but there would be no training to be conducted by the peacekeepers. No retaliation was done by the civilian militia for not agreeing to all of their demands. 16th of September: United Nation evacuation of South Zagoria The United Nations attempted to evacuate as many survivors from South Zagoria as possible. They mass the survivors at the refugee camp in Stary Sobor and then move everyone to the North West Airfield to evacuate via UN Cargo Planes. However, things don't go according to plan and the evacuation is ambushed before they can evacuate the innocent civilians. Peacekeepers and doctors is at the mercy of killers and psychopaths, as the officers tries to find a way to get the data, samples, and research to the UN Headquarters in Miroslavl for in-depth analysis. In the end Mikael Kabanov betrays his group and allies in order to ensure the samples make it onto the chopper to return to Miroslavl, he spares the lives of Col. Ripley and Maj. Holmen. For this, he is executed in the aftermath. Because of this incident a lot of peacekeepers and doctors did not make it to the extraction and where then left behind in South Zagoria. The research was prioritized over people. 30th of September: Change of place Infected numbers in the area have been significantly thinned by the air force and the final variant of the chemical agent "RR" produced by government scientists and the UN. The UN general assembly has been moved to Switzerland, operations are being coordinated from there. 8th of November: Chemical Agent The UN's research efforts in Miroslavl have advanced, despite only receiving a weekly shipment of personnel and equipment from Ramstein Airbase in Germany. Despite communication issues and ethical differences in combined UN and CDF efforts to combat the infection have produced a chemical agent that, through repeated tests and the participation of survivors has been shown to reduce the level of brain activity of the infected. This has slowed down the few massive hordes of infected still roaming Chernarus, buying more time for rural scavengers to collect supplies for winter. The UN has remained quiet about whatever advances it has made in terms of research towards finding a cure, but it does seem as if they are moving forward with their efforts. 2nd of January: Change of main operating base in Chernarus For the peacekeepers and doctors that was still in South Zagoria it got know to them that the United Nations Headquarters had been moved from Miroslavl to Primorsk due to Takistani incursion and tenuous situation in Miroslavl, forward field units in Chernarus had also been withdrawn. All research that had been acquired within Chernarus had been sent to Switzerland for further research. 17th of January: Viral Defense Corps With local CDF forces withdrawing from South Zagoria along with the UN task force evacuation, the Security Council was left with tough decisions. They had already been convening and debated for weeks on what should be done long before the alleged failure of the UN and NATO forces previously deployed. Many countries thought perhaps it was best to simply destroy the origin of the virus and all those who were infected, regardless of their current status. Others thought it would be best to simply seal off Chernarus, creating a sort of sealed environment and allowing the infection to sort itself out one way or another. Overwhelming consensus, however, was that the majority of the threat came from Chernarus and if they ever hoped to stop the infection, it needed to be staunched like a bleeding wound. Together with help from all remaining members of the United Nations, a new task force was created. This task force, Viral Defense Corps (VDC), was created with the idea that Ground Zero and the neighboring cities would hold the answers to the infection’s end. With that in mind, assembled soldiers, scientists and government analysts from all over the world were sent to Chernarus to save what they could of the previous UN research and provide much-needed solace to the people residing there. They went through weeks of revolutionary training being personally coached by some of the very UN operatives who were able to evacuate. However, things didn't turn out so favorable for the VDC as the members turned on each other when their true mission was revealed. 2nd of February: Tests of Chemical Agent After extensive research and development conducted by local UN and WHO personnel a weapon was developed that would immobilize and kill the infected. This gas was manufactured in Switzerland and dropped into dead zones in Germany and France to thin out infected numbers to make life easier for survivors. The result was 5-6 million less infected, but due to the fall of a key production facility the gas is now virtually unavailable. African nations requested UN assistance in early August following Outbreaks in major cities, but since that time little word or communication has taken place. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Key notes regarding the 1st Response Unit: Commanding officers of the United Nations 1st Response unit: - Colonel Jack Ripley - Major Kristian Holmen - Captain Casper Hawk Lead researcher of the World Health Organization and her work: - Dr. Faith (Capella) Hawk - World Health Organisation - Documentation, Cases and Notes - Infection - Strain RNA (Theories and Clues) - Documentation and Blood Bags for WHO Research - United Nations Investigation Case: Ground Zero - Research Information Going Public from WHO Employee (RADIO) This the brunt part of the UN/WHO timeline so far, credit due to everyone in the sources below and everyone that has been a part of the role play to make all of this happened. Please do give any feedback or suggestion you might have on the timeline. SOURCES: https://www.dayzrp.com/timeline/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85436-who-world-health-organisation-documentation-cases-and-notes/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/86391-united-nations-investigation-case-behind-the-scenes/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/86463-united-nations-investigation-case-ground-zero/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/88192-infection-strain-rna-theories-and-clues/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/88199-research-information-going-public-from-who-employee-open-frequency/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/88694-documentation-and-blood-bags-for-who-research/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85315-world-lore-thread-broadcasts-stories-rumors-and-facts/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85165-černaruská-republika-cr-chernarussian-lore-faction-open-recruitment/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85386-vdv-vozdushno-desantnye-voyska-rossii/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/85527-the-unwho-south-zagorian 1st-response-unit-un-lore-faction/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/88446-lore-group-virus-defense-corps-vdc/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/86133-emergency-broadcast-to-all-in-south-zagoria-open-frequency/ https://www.dayzrp.com/forums/topic/89317-westerly-to-utes/?tab=comments#comment-1649828
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    I don't really post too many discussion threads, so I thought I might as well make one. For me, there were quite a few people that indirectly got me into DayZRP. I saw a lot of YouTube videos a couple years back, including people like BlizzHD, Mr. Moon, and @Roach, who all made DayZRP videos. Roach really got me into that whole "story" mentality with characters, so it's safe to say he probably had the biggest role in hooking me onto the community. When I first joined, I maybe got on once or twice a month. When the new lore came out, that was when I went all DayZRP crazy. I met a lot of people that motivated me to keep at it. Some of the earliest people to do this were @SameOldRalle, @Wolfstorm, @RedSky, @MotocrossGuy13, @N-Tox, @Titan_, and @Carg0cult. Of course I met loads of other people later on, and I mean loads. Some people that I'd say motivate me to stay nowadays, including all the people previously included, would have to be @Refacture, @Gallo, @Wulf_jon, @Anoymouse, @Brett, @Canon360, @Dvlinhb, @Fil Vandren, @Jman14102, @Lady In Blue, @Madkilla67, and many other people. So now I have to ask you, Who got you into DayZRP? Who motivated you to stick around in your early days, and who motivates you now?
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    *Jaxon gets up from the chair hes sitting in and throws away the glass of whiskey against the wall, when Beth tries to come to him to calm him down he pushes her away. He grabs his radio and shouts extremely angry into his radio when he presses his PTT* ''You motherfucking bitch Angelina, good fucking job. You didnt just disapoint our dead sister, but you just also broke the heard of our 16 year old dead fucking brother Luca, i hope you know that. Because from this fucking day on. *He raises his voice even more* ''From this goddamn day on YOU arent the real Valentine, Rain is a real Valentine. Goodluck finding a new family because you just FUCKED your old one.'' ''Jaxon out'' *He throws his radio on the ground and crushes it underneath his shoe.*
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    “The world would be a boring place if we were all the same.” ― Allison Rushby, Shooting Stars The Club and Hidden Society Behind the heavy bass of music blasting at the front of the club, Půlnocový měsíc lay a concealed society, unspoken of in conventional circles. Their acts, the rumours and their associations bore them the name Karmínový Nocí. Their ranks are a place of acceptance, condoning and promoting acts seen as taboo by regular society. Whether this would be cutting flesh for nought but the pleasure of seeing crimson liquid seep from their skin; or seeing the results of a night’s ‘work’ bearing fruit on the skin of your partner the next day. Violence was warped into sick pleasure for both the dominant and the dominated. The world, as open and safe as it could be, always had its little secrets, laying in various corners and crevices where the ‘goodness’ of conventional society did not reach. Music, drugs and cheap booze provided a toxic backdrop to their meetings, consuming copious amounts of both substances at every re-convening. Ironically, their corner of hell became their safe haven for all things, taboo, extreme and excessive. The Thrill of being Caught Members of the society shirked the law at every turn, usually in some sort of public or prominent way; extracting a devious thrill from displaying their ‘depravity’ to their so called peers. Heavy bruising always came from a fall, the cuts and marks came from some DIY gone wrong, those mood swings originated from themselves, never the depraved acts they committed or their excessive, illegal substance abuse. At least it could never be proven, not to the satisfaction of their laws, and didn’t that just make them, those good people, all the angrier? To those outside their world, their minds would seem sick, twisted and depraved; yet, in actuality, the disdain of the outside world only served to strengthen the already fiery intimacy required to perform such acts. The trust and acceptance of every member, no matter how new or veteran, was required in order for the society to function. Without trust you cannot promote safety and, without safety, the fragile glass that insulated them and allowed them to practice their desires unhindered would shatter, leaving them naked and exposed not only to their partner, but to the outside world as well. The Outbreak and Disappearance Though the club united us to be a family of our own, half of us disappeared for the most part. The infection, like anything, put fear into the members and therefore they put themselves first instead of leather. But coming around, realisation hit that all the judgement and discrimination couldn’t stop them. Anger filled… but so did thrill, maybe this was a sign to open the mind of the people in their home country. Rejoice They pointed fingers at us for who we are. Pushed us around for how we behaved and how we were. Forced us into the underground, into the shadows for what we like. The so called society called us sick, the fine people wrinkled their noses, spat at us, laughed at us ... Now society is gone and the darkness they forced upon us has spread like a disease, infected land and people. The time to rise has come - We will teach them to embrace the pain instead of fearing it, accept the unacceptable - Face their true self. We have the upper hand. We look down on them now. In-Character Interest people within Chernarus including foreigners with the same ideology, to join the club and create more members to spread our open minds (0/10) - Day 360 Collect at least 15 blood bags from different individuals for Diadora's satisfaction (1/15) - Day 350 Collect a vary of knives for Katya's collection (0/10) - Day 350 Gather valuables or personal belongings for Magpie (1/10) - Day 275 Open the mind of Chernarus and allow them to spread word that pain is beauty, fear is strength and surviving is our messenger of gratefulness - Day 500 Create deals with 'servers' who do not condone the BDSM lifestyle and experience. Punishing them if they do not complete the deals made with severe punishment - Day 500 Mark those with our symbol who express a close mind in order for them to realise the beauty and in attempt create a more open mind of knowledge - Day 500 Assist with sadist dominators to achieve satisfaction against foreigners who are judgemental of our ways (Fetishes / BDSM lifestyle) - Day 400 Allow our (forced) servers/slaves to be free to do what they wish, however if they betray a command to actively hunt them and use them as an example to friends/family - Day 450 Out-of-Character Provide hostile roleplay which is focused on building other people’s storylines and character development. Do NOT focus on: Gear/Robbing others because they have better gear Have a valid reason for taking person i.e. a sadistic person wants to have more blood but not from group members and drains the hostage of a bag of blood before making a deal. This way, it can create a story arc for others on how to react and will not permanently scar them (on their body) Bring new torture techniques to people and do not repeat on other hostages (otherwise it makes things boring!) Do not seem like psycho killers just wanting to kill - we are not going to be cutting people's limbs and fingers off because it's a saw movie. We want to bring something fresh to the table - not the stereotypical hostile RP Original Karminovy Noci Members Diadora Estelle Taras Gomez Milos Kucera Foreign Members Katya Kozlovsky Madison White Native Members Thank you to @Elmo for correcting the lore stresses and making it more tidier. Thanks to Bradley for the logo and banners. Leave feedback for the group...
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    "You're gonna tell me what I need to know and now" *Actually punches to the face using DayZ Mechs* //Unknown Entity has no pulse "Well shit, looks like he was a pussy and couldn't take 1 punch and died" @Roach You are called in to post your POV of the situation. Please provide a video for proof if you have any, and we know you have some.
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    Wanted to try out dayzrp after that i watched some videos. Now its mostly the people that keeps me here people like. @Mr.Panda @LouieRP @G19RP @JimRP @Jango @Eagle @Levi Ackerman @ExoticRP @UndeadRP @JoffreyRP @Lucass @H1ber @Cosmo @Alex Tayno @HenningRP @OskuRP @KyleRP @Brodie @Erik @VictusRP @NateRP @Macbrine and many more. Ive learned alot by these people keeping me motivated and soo on.
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    @Eddie Good event mang
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    *you would hear a man with a Russian accent broadcasting over a frequency with a layer of static over his voice* "This is a message from the Russian Federation, code name Lev-7 to all anti-Anarchy militants in the Chernarussian Oblast of South Zagoria. Provisions have been set aside by major backers in the outside world to fiance the arming, coordination, training, and motivation of your people for the degradation and ultimately the eradication of the Anarchist group which currently controls Novy Sobor. Weapon and supply caches are currently in your area and at your disposal to aid in this task, there are also airborne units that have been set aside from military outbreak duties to drop reinforcements and other materials to secured areas. Advisers and other units are also on standby for covert deployment into the area. This frequency can be used to contact a joint command task force that is made up of officers from several nations. Further and more secure contact can be made over an encoded channel. Lev-7, out." *the frequency would fade back into static and the occasional garbled chatter in Russian and Chernarussian*
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    The reason for the Weapons Embargo is to stop any uprising against Anarchy and the Socialists. Why would we let multiple groups carry automatics just to come kills us? This is all IC and can be sorted ya know IC. You do not have to follow this and if you have an issue with the group goals then put in some Group Feedback Here and the group leader will sort it out since our storylines are advancing quicker than expected. Primarily The Socialists are the ones dealing with the Weapons Embargo and we are still following our goals hence why we have Novy set up. Nobody in the community is forced to follow this Weapons Embargo this is all done through roleplay its completely optional. If anyone else has an issue PM me or hit me up on Teamspeak :-)
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    Like most others on the community, it's the friends and general feel about the RP that makes me stick around. Some people I can name off the top of my head are @N-Tox, @Lady In Blue, @Gallo, @Refacture, @Wolfstorm, @Empress Julia, @Dvlinhb, @Anoymouse, @KSGamingTTM, @Blake Quinn, @Brett, @Canon360, @Dallas, @Fil Vandren, @jangoskull, @Jman14102, @Madkilla67, @SgtSmithy, @SnipZ, @SoalXtractor, @Wulf_jon, @Roach, and plenty of others.
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    Somebody shared this link in facebook earlier today and at first I thought it was just some artsy qutesy tumblr thing but after going through it I found it so interesting and thought provoking that i wanted to share it and hear peoples opinions.
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    Alright, my dear roleplaying friends! I'm currently trying some Mexican food for the first time and suddenly, it hit me! Why not make a thread in Off Topic about what foods or drinks that you would wish to try? Or it could be that you are about to try it for the first time! There are many foods I have yet to try, so to throw in ideas of what you are about to try or wish to try would be interesting. Show us pictures! You can share pictures of anything consumable, but it has to be food or drinks and it needs to be something you haven't had before that you wish you could try one day, or it could be something you are about to try for the first time. Yummy Examples: Breakfast Lunch Dinner Supper Snacks Desserts Alcohol Milkshakes Hot-Drinks I'll start this off by posting my Mexican food, not had it before and I'm trying it for the first time now! Please post pictures! Please refrain from memes.
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    Man would speak I'll would bring stacey . Nobody would talks to me like that and gets away with it. I'll would mess you up like I did mista caprese. would Meet at the flag pole, 3 PM. You're gonna get a kiss so passionate the teeth would 'll fly right outcha mouth. You got no fuckin' idea who would you be talkin' to right now. My pap ain't no cop or no army man, but you don't need to fancy shamncy badge to lay down the smackdown. I aint neva heard a cuter voice speak here neither, you should really get into some kinda sex hotline ting when this all blows ova, see what i did there? Anyways you best bring ya best lipstick would
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    Lyrics in spoiler For the record, absolutely none of this song is serious or meant to start anything. A few specific lines in the song near the end, that are 100% not serious in any way, and are not glorifying the mentioned banned player, nor attempting to flame him. Bear that in mind while listening. Thought I'd throw in the disclaimer just in case.
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    I stumbled across some of Roach's and Psisyndicate's videos a couple years back. They peaked my interest and I joined a little while later. I got on maybe twice, but felt in over my head, and bowed out. When the lore wipe hit, I saw that as an opportunity to try again. And what a great decision that was. @Taryn, @Saints, @WulfeGirl, @neckrorazul, @CorbSlayer, @Raptor, @Mark, @Vito, and @Otter really helped ease me into the RP world, and gave me one hell of a storyline for my first character as well. I've been onboard one hundred percent since then. Others worth mentioning are @Lyca, @N-Tox, you @Mr. Blue, @Roach, @Jack the Ripper, @Lady In Blue, @Brayces and the best god damn wingman in the apocalypse, @Dvlinhb. There's several more, but I can't name them all!
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    got this screenshot from ingame
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    Christ on a bike is this still going on? I'll tell you what I've learnt from my time on DayZRP.. As you sit there, spending half your night arguing/debating with someone on an internet forum, you don't achieve much. As you type line, after line, after line... Then spam click refresh waiting for someone to respond, before typing again. I did this for a while, until it hit me... What am I even doing? I don't know these people, in what way does this benefit me? I'll give you the answer, it didn't. Honestly, if you want to post your opinion, fair enough. But that's all you need to do. You don't need to spend half the night debating on an internet forum when you can be chilling out, playing games or doing something else. You're not going to change someones opinion because all you are to them, is an internet figure. All the weak jabs, all the lowkey flame, all the lines upon lines of text, it's all just, boring. Let the Anarchy lot do what they want, it's in character stuff. If you want to fix the " problem" do it ICLY... I know what people are going to say to that too " Oh, they're 50 man strong, including alliances and stuff "... The answer to that is, find out IC. Off the top of my head I could think of two idea's on how I could do it ICLY. It's as simple as that ladies and gents. Let's give it a rest now yeah? It's all getting a little boring now. It's a gaming community, at the end of the day we're here to have fun. Debating on an internet forum is not fun in my books. Now with that being said, who's up for playing some Rainbow Six Seige?
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    imo the community is in a bit of a crisis, what with the new rules, the upcoming update for the game and recent events within the *coughs* report section. I might just be a stoner hippie or something but I think we need to all just roll with the new rules, and have fun. When I joined the community I never thought there would be as much arguing as there is, which I guess is foreseeable because I usually take things at face value. In conclusion, I think we should just enjoy what we have, and have fun!
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    That's how I feel about this whole situation. If someone said a sniper is about to kill me, regardless of tone or not, in the apocalypse I would've either ran away as fast as I can, or capped the person that told me that to begin with. Dusty RP'd a character which barely trusted people so I see his point of view. There goes another wildly active player which started up tons of plots and stories inside the server over something insanely stupid. In situations like this where doubt is involved, I'd rather give the benefit of the doubt to someone rather than just offing him. Yes, we finally got rid of him boys! If anything, when it comes to people currently shitting on Dusty, he was on every day and was literally the most active player I've seen. I used to hate the guy and I wished he'd get perm'd back in the day but the guy was actually legit. Compared to the situations he's been involved in and the drama/reports that came from it, he honestly was a person who knew the rules like the back of his hand. You'd be involved in trouble too if you played all day. Before he came back from the perm the first time, he was an asshole and would initiate on everything that moved. After that, he literally would barely ever initiate on people unless absolutely necessary. He had really changed as a person and people would know that if they actually ever tried to talk to him instead of talking shit behind his back 24/7 like children, starting up rumors.
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    Hey I’d be cool if everyone would destroy the vehicles they crashes by using matches on it. That way the destroyed ones despawn and fresh working vehicles will spawn on restart. That way we keep alot of working vehicles in the server making it easier to travel for everyone!
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    Posters are pinned to almost every corner in southern Chernarus...
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    Had some old PUBG clips for a change so here is the video. @Stagsview's killing @Conor, my driving almost killing @Method, @Aiko, @Brady & @Crim, @Razareth's great driving & more.