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    o7 Moretti Famiglia! Was a damn good run but this group was not heading in the direction it was supposed to and all goals and ambitions were in the wrong places. We had become The Anarchy Famiglia hahah loved the RP with Anarchy but since there was no real way to proceed to have a true mafia with our own business, there was no point in continuing on. That being said, it is NOT because of Kam and Anarchy at all but the general direction RP is being lead to nowadays and how stale and boring it got for most of the people in this group. It was not for us and thus the group will archive until further notice. Cannot run a business in this world and its current state (lack of players, groups, diversity etc.) It was fun, our interactions with all other groups and people were fun but it's time we step down and look forward to 63 coming. Maybe we'll be back, maybe we will never. But as long as we got people connected together in RP, we did our job. Create RP for all those around us and create new connections between players and groups. We are not closing merely because of this big move Anarchy was doing lmao. YES, it made no sense for us to go to a small ass compound like green mountain and not even have our events and business anymore. Stuck in a small place 50+ people with no chance of ever really getting a nice city going cause YES we will get attacked over and over and shit, we are not about PVP every day and I think that is clear, nothing is gonna change no matter what city we go to either way. That being said, as much as we disapproved of this move, we simply used it as an opportunity to see a clear truth that we were not a Mafia doing Mafia things. We were Mafia bending over to any hostile actions or threats towards us and thus, no point in having a business like this if we have to answer to others and cannot find the courage to stand up for ourselves. We are not good at PVP, we strive in RP, we can fight but not every day. We will not fight every day, spawn in rinse and repeat. If permadeath was a thing here, we would have taken a chance to kill big bad wolf groups, but since people can spawn back in and attack every day just cause of this, no point in this kind of story arc. There will be no end to the senseless PVP. Again not the only reason, but a big reason and I ain't fuckin hiding it. People need to remember that there is much more to RP than being hostile all the time. But shit on me all you want if you don't agree, it's just pixels and I do NOT give a sweet sorry fuck about pixels. So let's move on, be yourself, do what you want out there and most important have fun and don't let salt control your pixel lives it's just a game folks. Who cares, we failed, bigger wolves won, bla bla bla life goes on. Love you all and loved my RP with EVERYONE and EVERY GROUP since we came back for this third and perhaps final time... we'll see See you out there from time to time with my other characters. Let's hope 63 (beta) comes out soon eh?
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    Pretty ironic considering it's always our fault from your POV and we're never given a chance to respond to people who PM you instead of PMing us and what happens when they PM you? Nothing. Because you never tell us what those PMs are about to begin with, just that we are apparently trash at RP and only PvP. I guess all these people posting we've changed or posting that they like our RP count for nothing.
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    +1 @HenningRP, whats the fucking point anymore. The only reason any of us are even here is because of ol' Jimbo apparently, quite lovely isn't it. I've put so much of my fucking time into improving this group, and all we get is that we are shit roleplayers who dont care about this community. It feels quite the opposite, smiting a young lad whose been here sine '13, simply for agreeing with someone's post. Its bullshit and everyone knows that. The majority of the staff steam is inactive IG and generally wouldn't know what the IC climate is like, but those damned 5 people who message staff can give some apparently in depth insight into my shit roleplay, and get my group ostracized more or less to the ends of time. Why does the wishes of the few effect the wishes of the many? I know this place isn't built like a democracy in anyway, but goddamn have same fucking consistency holy shit. How the fuck does it make sense to be guilty until proven innocent. This place is slowly turning into a more degenerate Facebook with status updates and gold stickers for the good boys. Have some decency and show that you care for the community, because at this point were nothing but a fucking statistic on a page, there is no community value anymore and no one gives a damn us. +1
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    Dear friends and those who care (not gonna tag 100 people), I will be taking a break from gaming for a little while but the Moretti Famiglia will continue its operations as a group under a new Don, Jimmy. Just have a lot of IRL stuff to handle like family and work and well, it's fuckin summer and I sure as hell will enjoy it with my family and not stay cooped up in my home office playing pixels when my hot dad bod could be on a beach. That being said, you can expect me to get on the server once and a while with random characters other than Tony Moretti (He's presumed DEAD anyways for now). I simply don't have time to lead anything right now and it's quite frankly become overwhelming in some way (Leader+Work+Fam+Friends+Life). I will lurk on DayZRP and TS from time to time as well. Hope to see you out there when I do get on. Who knows... maybe Tony will return one day... maybe not. Anarchy boys, you have more than proven to me your capabilities in both RP and hostile RP. I had a blast with you guys so thank you for the endless fun. Finally, thank you to ALL of the Moretti Famiglia (Dead, Left, Missing, Removed and Alive) Over 65 people have been part of an amazing adventure in the last year. You made my experience so much more real than I could ever expect, you guys know how to make a Don feel like a Don and I hope it continues for generations of Dons to come in The Moretti Famiglia. I love you all and remember, don't be a fuckin' chooch!
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    So let me get this straight, this group that, just before exam season, I had met when coming back to DayZRP, the group that I had the most RP with, the group where , in just a week's period I saw: -Hostile RP -Diplomatic RP -Trading RP -Campfire RP -Trial RP -Exploration RP -Settlement RP In turn the group that gave me enough variety in RP to carry on playing this server even into the first week of exams because it was so fun and refereshing from a server that has constantly had half a dozen "Stagnation of RP threads" every other month since 2016. Have been brown beated and neutuered.... The reports didn't stick enough to ban em, so now instead we are refusing to give them status as a group, coupled with the dynamic rule dissapearing, in an attempt to kill any chance of them being hostile (a debateably pillar of their RP... you can't have a Hostile RP group do diplomatic talks if they arn't a threat, as their political sway comes from their ability to fuck you up... can't do that if every member has to initiate). You say reports and complaints against them are overwhelming but, considering video evidence uncovered, blatent threats from certain members about trying to get em banned, and all in all a Staff team that has time and time again pushed the narrative idea that this server is now: "A peaceful RP orientated server" So it makes me have to agree with my romulan friend here whenever I hear about a report coming out of nowhere, or a complaint being made against a group that consistantly brings a decent standard of RP, and strives to adress issues that are brought to them, if the issues are warrented. With this in mind I'ma keep saying that, whilst the occasional mistake is made (I mean who doesn't? God knows I do) that Anarchy have been the best Hostile RP group this server has had in potentially years... And I would go as far as to argue that the only issue people truly have with this group is that all important phrase: "Hostile RP" The group as a whole is fine, the attitude towards Hostile RP from the ... no I wouldn't even say community, just pure staff side (Disclaimer: I know not all of em, but the major players) is one of abhorrence and displeasure. The irony being that, as this witch hunt against the most successful Hostile RP group of the past year keeps going, other smaller hostile RP groups that use the same odd and uninspired threats of "We'll drown you in acid" in literally every encounter are given free reign and no hassle. <--- Not saying that odd and uninspiring insults and threats are bad, just saying it's odd one is being "punished" and the other is left alone... almost as if it's more vendetta than actual judgement of standards of RP being enacted here. Tl;Dr: Guys... keep it going as I, and quite a few others, support you all the way!
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    I think that the boys get more recognition for the great roleplay they gave me yesterday. @LouieRP, @ItzzNate, @stage, @G19RP, @Eagle and @Zero. For once out of all my character, I am not being fucked up by you guys and it's been some amazing development. Thanks to the boys who are going to be in a world of shit soon @Anoymouse, @Zeeorc and any of the other of the Roses that thought that was a brilliant idea. Kazimir now has some enemies to kill. Great RP from @Taryn, @-Chow-, @UncleB, @Lyca, @Malet, @Jman14102, @TheEvilFlea, @Saints, @Malthis, @JkpFrog and whoever Simon and Dominic were. You guys really helped pave the first major story arc for Kazimir. Thanks for @Honeybee for making a character so edgy I got a few cute from it. I always hate and love our interactions, but hey. Both Kazimir and Avery are asshole so it works out well. and obviously, great RP from @Lori for being sister #1 and great avoiding-the-fact-they-are-so-a-thingRP from @Karma. You all are great RPers and I'm anxious to see where this goes for my character! I'm honored to roleplay with you guys.
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    Well, If we listen to those people in that video posted a few posts up, we can see that Rolando himself told these people that they should nitpick anarchy with bad feedback in order to allow Rolando to force archive and ban some of anarchys members. Unless those voices in the video were lying, it seems that the Owner of the server himself is conspiring against this group and the fact is as it has been put forth, that the only reason Rolle hasnt done it, Is that he does not want Jim upset or leaving with his wealth. I havent played in a week, but when I did, this was the only group that would give me interaction. I never knew what to expect with this group, but I knew that they would at least interact with me. The fact that they are playing Anarchists and i never knew how they would operate from day to day was actually spot on and immersive. I enjoyed 85 percent of my interaction with the group, but i dont have to enjoy every bit as the game is a two way street and we all have preferences and such. I never saw them avoid rolle play, in fact they were always looking for it. To those who say they dont internal RP, they have to be comfortable around you in order for them to start talking about their love life and internal conflicts, they dont air it out to potential enemies and rivals, which is what we are if they dont know us. And i think that is a good thing. Did you know alot of their characters got married in game and they had extensive courtships with people and all the relative drama that comes with that? Have you ever MET BORIS? Jesus, that man internal RP's alot, his character is a fucking drama queen and i love it. I wont go on to talk about the people who I've personally heard talking about "not being happy until they are removed from the server." as I don't record cause I ain't about that scumbag life of reporting people to "have them removed" I simply warned the boys about the people and told them to record their interactions with said people in the future. But I don't expect Rolle to believe me or take my word, or read what I've wrote because he already stated to me in a PM that I'm nothing but a Toxic Liar. ::Shrugs:: These are good kids and they deserve a chance. The owner needs to stop listening to those who feed off dissension.
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    It's a very real problem. I remember that happening all the time during my time in staff... When there weren't stars to enforce that negative ideal. Having those stars? Well, I think we can agree that it adds fuel to the fire. Additionally, if this is a ranking system to essentially prove who is most active, and who has been in staff longer, then aren't you subconsciously forcing the opinion down the throats of community members that those staff members are more qualified than the rest? You said yourself there's no distinction between a one star staff member and a three star staff member. I assume that as far as worth goes, most of the staff team would say the same. Or at least... I hope they would. Yet, the distinction directly contradicts that. Finally, if this is meant to be a ranking system to determine which staff members are more qualified to move on to the next rank, is it really necessary for the whole community to know? I continue by saying that is it really necessary for the staff team to physically see the distinction? Having been a part of the promotion process, I can tell you it's pretty damn plain as day to know who deserves a promotion, and who doesn't. Stars be damned. The staff team isn't large enough to warrant a secondary system. In a team with hundreds of people? Maybe I can see it, seeing that the admins may not know each individual well enough to make an educated decision. In a staff team of our size? The decision is easy enough to come to without needing a ranking system to do so. I also can't get past the competitive edge that many staff members hold against others in their own ranks. Racing to move threads, helping people first in the help desk, pouring over their activity levels, stumbling over one another to answer questions; these are only some of the ways the staff team is already competitive. If you say it has changed since I was in staff, I know that's not the case. Adding stars is only going to increase that, and for no real benefit as far as I'm concerned. TLDR; issa bad idea.
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    The only half decent picture of me taken in a year.
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    As someone who's gotten sick of reading boiled down summaries of "you think we should be okay with drop weps 10 secs" and "no you want no surprises and peaceful 4ever" -- where apparently the server can only be one or the other -- I'm honestly hoping the Normal, Hostile and Hardcore choices give people some of the tension/paranoia they want back, but also gives people the satisfaction that if they want more active story up front then that's okay too.
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    I really don't know where these complaints are coming from. People are always going to say stuff, but Anarchy this time is markedly different than was the last time. It is not even comparable. I have one on one campfire rped with Louie and had a heart to heart, witnessed Anarchy doing PLENTY of rp and progressing the fundamental state of the server with towns, safezones, and really cool relations with the Moretti Family, and others in the area. Just watch Roach's stream if you need proof. Even now Black Roses and Svoboda are leading a rebellion and we have a great dynamic established once more. The community has given resounding positive feedback to Anarchy V.2 as compared to the previous version. Nothing is ever going to be perfect, but I don't know what else to do or say. Anarchy has become the good guy in a lot of ways. I have worked closely with them and kept an eye on them as they have done various things, just as I have worked with the Black Roses, Svoboda, Capax, Haven, Moretti, and Potius Cras. You have to talk to and work with everybody to have a good server, and I can honestly say that Anarchy contributes far more than it detracts. It is not their fault they are good at what they do and that they have a lack of natural competing predators. They have even retarded their own effectiveness in many cases and sacrificed firefight/conflict advantage for the sake of rp. My 2c
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    You have my personal and the Moretti Famiglia's Respect & Support. #MakeAnarchyOfficial I had spent a tad over a month with you guys and this after all the things everyone heard of you all. You folks have proven that you are more than capable of playing both sides of the gun. You are hostile, yes. Is it bad? Not at all. You seem to have found a perfect balance between neutral and evil per say and you can all RP fuckin beautifully and hilariously at times. You still get the dank pvp fights and confrontations and yet they are riddled with RP throughout, before and after. Even if we are allied, we still fear you and this, without even raising a gun at us and that ladies and gents, is true fear. Being able to give said fear RP without the use of weapons is greater than any other fear in this kind of game. Bravo for the fuckin awesome RP and Hostilities and good laughs so far guys. I applaud you
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    Had a top-notch session with @Kriss Blade @Gallo @SlimmDusty @Empress Nino @LouieRP @Borat @Genji @ItzzNate @Sylva @BorisRP @Romenthegreat @KyleRP @Eddieand all other Anarchy and Moretti Famiglia members that were present. Great hostile RP fun. Bravo Kriss, I felt your fear my dude.
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    When you get warned 4 hours ago, yet you're still getting beans from a post that says 'you have been warned'
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    Just want to say a huge thanks to the staff team @JimRP @Aiko @Ark @Oliv @Spartan @Brady @Brayces @Harvey @Oisin @Para @Stagsview @Eddie @Skinner @Taryn @PCJames @Cal @Lady In Blue @Whitename @lukaszxe and yep....even you @Roland Your all like my second family even though you think your all big and scary, we all know your cuddly bears inside
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    Gathering Storm During the afternoon on May 21st a Russian An-26 cargo plane flew over the border, dropping a large object that was clearly visible to survivors in the area before flying back to base. It was an odd occurrence, as the object had no visible parachute and seemed to clatter to the forest floor. It was also not a bomb or any kind of explosive device. Chernarussian radar picked up the plane as it crossed the border, but not soon enough to intercept it. Whatever it was, it was clearly fishy. Russian designs on South Zagoria hadn't exactly been altruistic as of late, and investigating this drop was felt to be important by people in the nearby area. FSB and Russian army troops had been swarming near the border, firing randomly at survivors getting too close and having clashes with Chernarussian Spetsnaz that had held skirmishes to degrade the border defenses. Ever since the downing of the Russian helicopter during the ballistic missile heist air activity from the north had all but ceased. The various governmental factions in Chernarus (Chernarussian government and the BPR) had both found common ground on preventing any Russian escalation, as they would doubtlessly be affected and not for the better. With increasing numbers of hordes trickling in from Takistan it became imperative to slow local struggles down to focus on larger threats. A local government agent has theorized that the pod is some sort of jamming or listening device. Communities had sprung up in the north, dangerously close to the hotly contested border region. Now they are threatened by the impending gathering storm... Mission 1. Find the mysterious pod at any cost. 2. Radio the provided frequency for safe pickup and analysis. Radio Frequency Here //The goal of this event is to find a beat up barrel that contains an eastern suppressor that represents a listening device. You will then radio the provided frequency for pickup. If you wish to subvert the event and help the Russians then please pm me and let know what you will do once/if you find it. There is a lot of freedom of outcome for this event, as long as you contact me and we figure out what we will do.
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    Got any Gumbo?
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    Ok, so a GM posts a photo of Joseph Stalin on our group page and one of our guys responds by posting the National Anthem of the USSR. Guess who gets the warning points for not being remotely on topic? Let me give you a hint, it wasn't the GM, lol. I guess Stalin, who served as Premier of the USSR from 1941 to 1952, and the National Anthem of the USSR have nothing in common. Well, to be fair, he probably should have added a one-sentence comment to make the post topical. Or at least explain how he was supporting the GM's comment by posting the anthem. Sometimes you just gotta spell it out. On second thought, just Nah.
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    Hello, guys, I'm coming in to drop in some feedback. I will start with the event it started off rough but you guys fixed the initiation in the end which is great. I appreciated that you came in and decided to stir the pot up and create some tension it led to some great RP from my side so I thank you for that. Since I also cant get called into the report I wanna state that with the current rules I honestly don't know the outcome will be with recent changes but I do not want to see you guys removed you guys are giving us something to go against. essentially without you guys, the server would get dull and boring. We need more groups like yourselves. I wish you the best and even though it looks like you are getting witched hunted in that report don't let it demoralize you. Keep up the good work we are all not perfect we all make mistakes. If you need help with anything hmu.
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    Thread cleaned. No need to pick apart a fun event thread because of an incorrect claim about propagation of electromagnetic waves.
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    Perfect ending to my first character. Thank you so much to @G19RP @groovy tonyRP and @CaliforniaRP for the amazing rp. Thank you to my RIptide crew. It was amazing while it lasted. Tatiana has a story to grow, and meanwhile, i'm going to do Guerilla shit. I love you all.
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    "*Louie picks up the radio and speaks* "Hello this is Louie back on the radio again speaking" "I got told by a friend of mine that some of you want to bring back this fucking stupid coalition" "Don't be fucking stupid you fuckers have peace don't ruin it" "I have a shit ton of my friends on vacation right now if I need to bring them back into the region to fuck you up I will do it" "I want to work on things make shit better for everybody but Nah people don't know respect they muck about in their camps" "Stuffing their fucking mouths with pumpkin thinking it's okay to have a game of Chinese fucking whispers" "Hey yeah let's talk shit about Anarchy lets go around spread rumors lets plan on rebelling" "Listen here the attack on Novy was fucking pathetic" "You all know that" "The numbers were against us yet we fucking dominated that" "You want a repeat sure yeah go ahead" "Let me pull out my new arsenal I have been collecting over the past few weeks I wanna test out some shit" "I am only going to say this once take the opportunity for peace" "If people want war yeah they can come get it but you ain't going to fucking win history repeats itself" "Listen yeah you work with Anarchy you will be fine you do anything that fucks with what we are trying to do you will be fucking obliterated "Have a good day" *Louie releases the PTT*
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    Just this suggestion was already 1637 characters. If you would have put that time into characters you would have been able to make 3 already.