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    Hello, I am NorwayRP I slide on the soap and make RP montage's every once and a while. I will post some here from now on thanks.
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    Mods have now been added to the server. Check the updated DayZRP server mod collection here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1599372051
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    THE WHYOS A gang originating from LA, the Whyos had begun spreading their influence and power over the eastern side of Chernarus just before the infection took hold. While rumored as having been involved in numerous murders and kidnapping, smuggling was their main source of income. The infection was as devastating for this business as it was empowering. While the law had decayed away with the sick, so had their influential reach. Ties to the Russian mafia had a dwindling effect, and without this strong arm reaching into the Whyos operations, their threat had dramatically decreased. Despite these setbacks, Lorcan Smith was determined to regrow his empire to its former glory and beyond. The east will be reclaimed with Lorcan asserting himself and his men as the controlling force. -THE START- Petty thieves, pickpockets, gas station robbers and short tempered thugs, none of those who made up the Whyos gang had ever been involved in anything larger than themselves. Whether in LA or Chernarus, the landscape had done little to change the men in Lorcan Smith control. Kidnappings and murders were used to tie up the loose ends their mistakes had left behind. The locals were untrusting and dismissive until Lorcan Smith sunk his teeth into the reshaping of the gang. Under his leadership, he had smoothed out his men’s edges and changed enraged caution amongst the locals into respectable fear. People still knew who they were, but they now knew better than to utter a word to the authorities. Those who still managed to gather the courage to report were met with indifference caused by lined pockets. Lorcan was ambitious, and he empowered his men to look beyond themselves at the bigger picture. -ALL GOOD THINGS END- The infection was devastating for the empire Lorcan had spent so much time perfecting and growing. Men abandoned to serve out the last of days with their families, or befell the mysterious sickness that plagued these lands. Their numbers were quartered, information was cut off, and what's more - those they had struct fearsome respect into had died or lost their need to fear anything but this new sickness. Lorcan struggled to get what remaining forces he still had inspired again. It was the roadblocks, the falling helicopters, and the abandonment of towns in mass that served as a motivation. There were fortunes ripe for the picking from open doors, abandoned businesses and banks. Roadblocks left behind by the military were turned into traps for the gang who were now supplied by those fallen birds of prey that boasted of military grade weapons. The nation was on fire, and Lorcan was fanning the blaze. Groups were sent out to loot and retrieve, offering the prizes they use to harbor to the remaining survivors in favor of good will - retaining the military grade items for themselves. People were grateful for the sub machine guns and pistols, but failed to see the assault rifles that the gang had replaced those things with. The leaders of survivor camps saw the Whyso gang as their saviors and protectors. They welcomed them with respect instead of fear, and for the first time the Whyos gang had real influence. -A DOOR CLOSES- Within the coming days following the infection, the Whyos gang had collected more than they could hold on their person. A base of operations was desperately needed, and the small towns and cities they had been operating in would need to be expanded upon. Influence was a new kind of drug and they craved more. Cars and weapons had become exchangeable for food and survival equipment, making both just as important. There was so much to accomplish and do, and never enough hands to complete these tasks. The gang would need to poach from their influence, once more kidnapping but with the intent of making slaves instead of corpses. With their influence at risk, it was time to expand. They had outgrown their reach. Soon all of the east would be theirs, and perhaps one day all of Chernarus. OOC GOALS: Give good quality and enjoyable Hostile and non Hostile Role-play to everyone. Give new members a chance to experience what being in a group is like. Give players Role-play with other groups and people including internal hostile role-play Take any and all problems people may have with members of the group seriously and deal with them accordingly Make sure all members follow and obey all rules inside the community and give appropriate penalties to members who break them Don't constantly be hostile towards the same groups or individuates IC GOALS: Find and store multiple guns for the gang [DAY 900] Removing the people who don’t agree with our rules [DAY 932] Kidnap multiple slaves, use them for work, and sell them for profits [On Going] Use other groups to become business partners in gun trade and human trafficking [ 0/10, DAY 950] Establish an army of Slaves to sell weapons and supplies to other organizations. [DAY 1000] Gain as much power and persuade as many people to join the gang and the cause [DAY 1000] Try to convince survivors of our cause of a free world and free from the government [On Going] If you wish, join fill out this template and send it to @LorcanRP. You can speak with us IC too about joining Age: TimeZone: Character Page: RP experience: Pervious Groups: Reason for wanting to join: Things you can bring to the group: MEMBERS: Leader: @LorcanRP – Lorcan Smith 2nd Command: @DK_Major - Hector Gomez Shot caller: Members: @HayleighJ - Leigh Reed @kalyri – Jessica Tyre @Kolya Vorona - Erik Nikolaev @Timm WIlson - Carlos Gomez @Mademoiselle - Meika Dellouise @JoshAbstract - Morgan Walker Group graphics done by @JamesRP Thanks again.
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    Oh my goodness, so many of you have been doing so many awesome things! I'm going to apologize in advance if I either forget some folks here or just don't know your forum names. I've had so many funny, memorable, touching and sometimes terrifying RP moments as I've traveled around the world the past couple of weeks, I can't possibly remember all of them. @Fae & @Malthis I know our schedules sometimes conflict, but it's always gold when we get together. You've been keeping me on my toes with excellent, heartfelt role play that's SO HARD to keep to myself You know I love you both, right? @Baron, @Chumpkin, @Hofer, @Galland I know we get to play in fits and starts, but every time our characters cross paths it's meaningful and has an impact on Laura's life. Chumpkin especially - Ana makes me smile. Baron: You're capable of making me piss myself - I say that fondly. Dr. Dmitri - one of these days, we'll have a real conversation, but in the meantime, Laura remembers you had her back on Deer Isle - and literally after her axe wound (and I love your Dmitri voice!) Polonik: I know your schedule doesn't allow you to get in as much as we'd all like, but we couldn't make it through the apocalypse without you. @coolman23, @NightMar3rGamer, @Yampa, @CocaineLane You guys...I might get killed trying to figure you guys out, but I'll have a helluva lot of fun until I do. James: this psychological tug-of-war we're having is awesome: You might be winning, but then again...? Miss K: Laura has GOT to find out more about you - and your devotion to RPing out your character's wounds is impressive. Yam: Since the moment you told Laura you had to meditate you've been this awesome little thread of light weaving through her story - Yam is funny, vulnerable, lovable and very human: I love the way you play him. Anders....just WOW. From the moment you walked onto the screen I was fascinated, and still am. I really hope to get more time with your character - see what else he can smell. @Alkis Goddamn your PC: FIX IT. Gotta get more of that inspiration. There's a whole lot of deep emotion hiding under that apathetic facade. You encouraged Laura to write her own story - so she is: and she's going to make it true. @GreenySmiley @Honeybee Oh my GOD. You both are just amazing. Unsettling, yet somehow adorable, little ghosts that can appear anywhere. Poor, poor Cecil - I hope Laura finds him again...I wonder what she will find if she does. @Mugin What can I say? The onion that is George is a constant surprise. When are we having another late night drug run? I'm still holding the potato that's going to save my life one day. @Wolfen Your RP is subtle, consistent, and impactful. You are always ON every time I see you. Laura would never have expected to have such a grudging respect and liking for a woman who once casually threatened to kill her, but she's observed Alyona's watchful protectiveness, quiet discretion, natural strength, and even her grief - she cannot help but hold her in high regard. @APositiveElmo You are the master of memorable drive-by RP: No matter what you're wearing, I always know it's Sasha, and it always gives me a smile. I'm so glad the radiation sickness didn't get you, and even happier I finally got to feed you my meat @AndreyQ I don't know where Ivan's been, but I'd sure love to see more of him. Laura regrets not letting him carry her to the top of the radio tower. @SquirtleKitty There is DEFINITELY more to Katie than meets the eye: Drives like it's NASCAR to help save Sasha, seems SUPER nice...and is marrying who - wait, what? Haha, I can't wait to find out more. @NemoNobody This is going to be fun - assuming we don't get burned I'm impressed with your ambition and strategy and am really looking forward to seeing what becomes of Home. I know there are others: You've all been awesome! Thanks so much for all the creativity you put into this adventure, and here's to many more hours! Added: MOSES AND DOMINIC - @Enigma & @Otto I really did enjoy our time together - even though I know hauling us around was probably exasperating, Laura knows a couple of solid fellows amidst all the shifting darkness. Hopefully, the Harvest Festival of Horrors can still happen, thanks in part to you - and Moses, Laura will follow up on that note.
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    Why do you assume he was overlooked?
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    I mean, guys, it's pretty simple. Report the ones that are bad, commend the ones that are good. BadRP exists for a reason. We don't ban super soldiers, we don't ban the loonies, we don't ban the edge lords. We just report them if they don't do RP fitting for the server. Same rule(s) apply for child roleplayers. Like, cmon. Common sense my dudes.
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    Introduction: Hello there, traveller. So you would like to record, but you're not sure how. People say "use Shadowplay" but you don't have geforce GPU? Or you just simply don't like shadowplay and you're looking for another software. Well then, here you go - I may be not a specialist regarding this topic, but thanks to some basic research I've managed to setup working OBS - some settings and numbers you'll see in this guide are based on recommended setups. This guide is also based on my old guide from December 2015, but due to some simple UI changes and couple of people asking me about recording software, I've decided to update that baby. This guide is my take on quick and simple setting up. Since I've joined DayZRP community almost daily I go through solved reports to learn from them. It strikes me how many players don't have a video evidence - especially when one decides to roleplay as a bandit or tires to roleplay mental health issues, which may be percived as trolly. The following guide will show how to quickly set up recording in quality good enough for a possible report, even if you have a medieval PC (as I used to have when I've started playing DayZ, now I have a Renaissance one). You can adjust all the settings I will give but with the ones below I'm able to record all my gameplays (longest recordings lasting 6h) without a pause and any noticable frames drop. If there are any problems with this guide and some steps don't work, please let me know. If you have any questions, you can ask them here or reach out to me in a PM - I'll try to help if I can. Enjoy! Step 1: Getting OBS Get your OBS -> https://obsproject.com/ , pick desired system version, install it and launch it. Step 2: Pick what you want to record Now it's time to pick what you want to record. As on the image below, create a new scene: Rightclick the scenes window (it's going to be empty for you), click Add from the dropdown menu and then pick the name of the scene, for example "DayZRP.com". Now rightclick the window under the sources, pick Add from the dropdown menu and pick "Game capture" from submenu, as seen on image below. Name it. Start up DayZ and alt-tab back to desktop to make next steps easier. Now choose the settings as in the image below. As "Mode" pick "Capture specific window". You could probably go also with "fullscreen app" but I had some problems with that setting. As "Window" select your DayZ.exe from the dropdown menu (it should appear automaticly after running the game). Now scroll down a little bit and make sure that "Use anti-cheat (...)" is selected - this should prevent recording only blackscreen. If needed, check also "show cursor". Press Ok/Apply. If the preview window is still black, alt-tab back into the game, and once again into the desktop. Preview window should now show you the game. Step 3: Basic settings From the lower right corner of OBS pick "Settings" and go to Output tab. Video Birate -> depending on your machine specs, you can go with low number 2000-3000 for a low quality recording (that's still a viable proof) or higher qualities (I have 10000 setup for streaming/recording). The best way is to do some test runs and figure out how OBS is affecting your frames/game performance. I've recorded whole sessions on a very potatoe PC with birate set to 2000-3000, without any impact on the performace - but do some test runs! Encoder should be set to x264 - encoded files have smaller size then raw footage. If you don't see that encoder, you'll have to dowload x264 video codecs (QuickTime) or try other solutions. Recording path is a place on your drive where the videos will be stored. Recording format should be set either to .mp4 or .flv. If you're worried about OBS crashing and files being corrupted, you should go with .flv, as .mp4 files might get corrupted (according to the warning in OBS). Now go to Audio tab (below the Output tab) and add the audio devices you're using -> for me it's one microphone device and two audio devices. This strongly depends on your setup, and setup of your apps (like discord) that may be using different sources. Go to Video tab and just make sure that the desired resolution is set -> check Base (Canvas) Resolution. Now press "Start recording" and do some quick testruns. Review the test footage - if it's recording video, microphone and sounds correctly. I usally press start recording before starting up the game (unless I forget to start recording...) and stop it after I'm done (or you can alt-tab every now and then to stop/start, splitting this way session files into smalle chunks). Here are the examples of recording quality: 1. Bitrate ~3000 (video from 2015, old PC) 2. Current settings (as seen in images) Hope it helps with setting up your OBS. Have a nice day!
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    We got our own bot for that (Made by myself)
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    The issue isn't 'comply and you'll get roleplay.' The issue is that many players are only experiencing hostile roleplay, because every roleplay they get into they get initiated on and comply. This can only be done so many times, especially by the same group, before the people being initiated on take precautions to avoid getting initiated on. Why? Because that makes sense for them to do. It is a perfectly valid and acceptable IC response to IC actions. Avoid people that you think will initiate on you, and stay within your trusted circle of friends. Thats the reason this thread was posted; Groups were becoming difficult to find. The reason groups were becoming difficult to find is that when the only RP you experience is at the end of the barrel, its quite difficult to progress a story. Every time this discussion comes up people try to twist it to 'Just comply and get roleplay' and they either don't understand or choose to ignore the fact you can not have a diet composed of nothing except RP at the end of a barrel and enjoy yourself. Especially the barrel being held by the same people. You need variety, so these groups or individuals begin to seek out roleplay in trusted circles. Could they reach out OOCly? Sure they could. Most probably won't because they don't think they should, don't think it will help, or will look at threads like this and see the responses from players within the community and not want to waste the effort. Then people complain they can't find anyone, and blame the other groups for hoarding items, hiding on gear, and being camp fire RP'rs that hole up in their bases.
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    Up pretty early so that means riding at sunrise and maybe go right back to bed again hope ya'll have a good day
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    Was nice rp'ing with myself since the server is dead right now. (@Husky., @Husky. & @Husky.)
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    More weapon mods, especially civilian.
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    Added a new vid to my CP, but EEEEEEEEEEEH Windows Movie Maker suuuccks. Also added a buncha characters I need to write details for in Those Who Know Me section. :S
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    Man all these people throwing accusations
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    "M4 or AK RP" has to be the greatest term i've ever seen be used. Can't do Russian RP without my Vodka and AK
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    Hey everyone, If you have a gold rank on dayzrp.com you can add mp3 files to your profile. There are a lot of ways you can add music to your profile (for example kiwi6) My friend tried to upload a new song onto his profile and couldn't do it because of uploading issues on kiwi6 so we had to find another way. Since discord also allows you to send mp3 files in servers or to friends it would store this file somewhere. We tried it and it worked. Now I want to show you how I did it and how we got the link: Step 1: Upload a mp3 file in discord by clicking this button. Step 2: Go to discord in your browser, go to the channel you posted the link and click right mouse button on the link and click inspect. (sorry my browser is in dutch) Step 3: After you have done this it will popup a new panel and highlight where the link is. Step 4: From here you can copy the link (the one with the blue line underneath) Step 5: Now simply paste the link in the profile music box and save. Now you have some nice music on your profile If you have any problems with uploading or finding your file comment on this guide and I will try and help you I found this with the help of @Basko
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    I'm retiring, good bye
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    Was in the middle of some fun RP and steam decides to break itself
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    Your post is the evidence, that's what was used for the warning. By using your post, context and timing we can read and guess the intention behind it. That's the justification behind the warning. It's too much of a coincidence that you happen to post pictures of that person, to Ryan and this specific time. If your intentions were not as we assumed then I'm really sorry. The points will however stay. Next time make sure to more clear about the message you are sending and intentions behind it so that it cannot be mistaken for what you've just been warned for.
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    Hi DayZRP Server Admins, As an experienced Devops engineer (Cloud and On-Prem), I have a suggestive approach to modernizing the way we host DayZ servers. Using Docker, Kubernetes and using AWS, Azure or GCP as a scalable cloud solution. I believe at the very least it's worth looking into and researching. This may improve performance and save cost. Here is why: Why would we want to run game servers on this platform? 1. Scaling game servers can be a big challenge with proprietary software, with containers and Kubernetes. Software containers and orchestration like Kubernetes should make it much more simplistic with less hard coding. 2. Containers give a single deploy artifact that can be used to run game servers. This removes the need to install dependencies or configure machines during deployment, as well as greatly increases confidence that software will run the same on development and testing as it will in production. 3. The combination of software containers (like docker) and Kubernetes lets us build on top of a solid foundation for running essentially any type of software at scale – from deployment, health checking, log aggregation, scaling and more, with APIs to control these things at almost all levels. 4. At its core, Kubernetes is really just a cluster management solution that works for almost any type of software. Running dedicated games at scale requires us to manage game server processes across a cluster of machines – so we can take advantage of the work already done in this area, and just tailor it to fit our specific need. 5. Should everything be dockerized? No, Relational and Non-Relational Databases for example should not be dockerized due to high amounts of maintenance behind it. If I was using the cloud for example AWS, I'd use Amazon RDS (Relational), DynamoDB (Non-Relational) and Elastic Cache (Redis or Memcache). You can then Peer those connections to your VPC network and talk to EKS (Kubernetes). What is Docker and Kubernetes? Docker is a process running on a OS. It is NOT a VM or a VM replacement. It's a headless container that can be scaled and updated by the Docker file or image it is published on. Kubernetes is a orchestration management tool that provides resources to the container. (Example of resources: Persistent volume storage, Load Balancers, Worker Nodes (VM's), IP route tables, Network Gateways, Virtual Gateways, Peering and etc.) There are also different flavors of Kubernetes: PKS (Pivotal), EKS (Amazon ECS), AKS (Azure), GKE (Google) and Minikube (Local machine). Why Linux over Windows for a server? There are a lot more engineers out there that can work with Linux OS over Windows. Windows original design is very clunky for running servers. You have to know work arounds for CMD and Powershell Modules. Windows doesn't have true bash/sh/terminal built-in like Linux and Windows runs horrible with Docker. With Linux it's just pure terminal and the utils & packages that come with Linux are arguable more effective and efficient with it's libraries and dependencies built in ready to go. Automation and maintenance will benefit substantially if you make this change. Especially if your goal is to commercialize your servers. Possible areas to look into: 1. Should we use the cloud or bare metal? If you want to scale up your servers and scale down with automation. The cloud provides more benefit and cost then using bare metal solution. It's worth comparing a cost analysis on what would fit for DayZRP. 2. Spin up a test environment server with the following methods below and research if this is something worth trying: - Dockerized Dayz (Open Source): https://github.com/icedream/docker-dayzserver - Using Linux instead of Windows using Wine: https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comments/9h6x5u/dayz_server_on_linux/ (Maybe wait until Bohemia provides Linux support for servers? Not sure when that will happen...) - If Wine isn't do able for Linux on Windows, maybe see if Windows Developer mode enabled will allow you to use Ubuntu? I hear it comes out of the box with Windows 2016 Servers. I believe the biggest challenge really is just figuring out a work around for getting Linux to host DayZ. Once that is done, we can then start to take the approach in "modernizing" with Docker and Kubernetes. I hope this post gives a little more incite to those currently managing and engineering the DayZRP servers. If we can do this, we might be able to stand out more against other RP servers. - Snozz
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    Pretty sure all RP these days is a competition of who has the blackest and edgiest outfit. I see it on every server I go on.
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    If staff sets up an age limit, lets say 16+ ... it would a) only restrict people ig & b) it would not change shit since there are 17 year olds behaving like 5 year olds out there. Come on guys, isn't everyone adult old enough to deal with things he or she might be confronted with in the server? If you don't like a certain rp type - fucking hell, it is a game , grit your teeth and get it over with and try that without ruining the experience for the other party. That is what it takes to keep a certain diversity within the servers along with community members working together to create a role play process. Sounds crazy, I know. I think playing a younger character or "child-rp" comes along with a main issue, other rp types like ... hostile rp, nationalist rp, campfire rp, cannibal-rp, psycho-rp ... and many more, show too: if done shit people will generalize it and cry on the forums.
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    Protagonist syndrome is so boring
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    Servers need hostile rp and campfire rp, its about having a balance. If that balance is off like it is now it can make the rp feel lacking or sadly slowly kill the server. We have to wait for stories to develop to a more balanced state on the server.
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    That's one thing I liked about Deer Isle, players were more focused on the actual "plot" of the game which is the infected, and less on killing every person they meet because nothing else is a threat.
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    Fighting back against impossible odds and dying is and has been considered NVFL. This doesn't mean that every situation that the rulebreak occurs in will be reported, but, as quoted directly from the rules, "attempting to kill people when heavily outnumbered," is a breach of rule 3.2 and constitutes No Value For Life.
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    The title says it all! Will we be expecting Winter Chernarus map for our December, January, February months of 2019-2020? Photo Credit: @Watchman I personally loved having it. Aside from everyone sounding like chain-smokers and the snow-covered ground could get blinding bright, it was great! I'm excited to have it brought back! To bring back that atmospheric winter snow, with lifeless trees and bushes. Finding ourselves curling up with a couple Chernarussian women next to a fireplace in a log cabin; and it would finally bring out a use for all those new clothing mods that add winter camouflage! Group-orientated and nomadic players surviving the season and more robberies and territorial disputes are definitely the kind of role-play is what I expect, like last year's!
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    @Malet, @Duquesne, @Scarlett, @Revie, @RoCKiE Well, today was a good day and full of interesting things. This is gonna be a story that is going to end in one hell of a way.
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    Idk why this is funny to me but I'm giggling like a little kid over this lol
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    Thanks for the RP @Eagle @SassyRP @Fae @Kordruga @RiZStream and the runner blokes we ran into.
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    --- You must go where I cannot, Pangur Bán Pangur Bán, Nil sa saol seo ach ceo, Is ni bheimid beo, ach seal beag gearr. Pangur Bán Pangur Bán, Nil sa saol seo ach ceo, Is ni bheimid beo, ach seal beag gearr. ---
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    I had myself an interesting interaction with you lads today when my boar hunt was so rudely interrupted by @tossVC single-handedly initiating and capturing three of us. I would have killed you again, but I saw your allies through the trees coming to back you up reeeeee Despite being divested of all my big pewpews, the roleplay provided was quite amusing and I was pleased to see this hostile groups interactions with their hostages, the roleplay provided by Luke and Dalton, and the general feel of the group. I was able to banter and have my jokes about my characters backstory, and we weren't unduly told to shut up during the interaction, despite distant sounds of gunfire drawing closer. The only criticism I would have is one I'm sure you are expecting. Don't pull peoples pants off. Just please don't.
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    Streaming Far Cry w/ @General Rickets smiley face
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    You gain defender rights in two circumstances. 1) You are initiated on. 2) You are subjected to a hostile action that threatens your life that you did not start or provoke. I am not sure of which report you are speaking, but in the example you described in your post, no. You do not gain defender rights on someones ally because they have defender rights on you. You started it. After a quick exchange with BandsRP, I realized I misread the intent of his question. You certainly could consider your life to be in danger if you knew someone you initiated on had allies in the area, as you won't know whether they will try to kill you or not until they give it a go.
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    When I was 16 my pops said he was runnin' to Safeway to get some smokes and he'd be back in 20 minutes. 8 years later, here I am thinkin about how long that line must be. Poor guy
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    Just bought another Glock. I now own a Glock 19 Gen 5 and a Glock 17 Gen 3 I need to stop heading to the gun shop
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    When news of the outbreak first made headlines, panic broke out across all parts of the world, people closed down stores, raided supermarkets and got ready to outlive the apocalypse. Yet others saw a business opportunity. A chance to make it big. We are some of those people, most decided that their wealth no longer mattered and that trading it all in for a fighting chance would be what keeps them alive during all of this. Offering a safe harbor guaranteed by the mafia was alluring to most, at least those with deep enough pockets. We contacted everyone with a name to themselves around the alps and the boot, informing them of a way out that would not see them having to use civilian mass shelters. High-end security, protective areas for personal belongings and most importantly in a nice place. A lot of them didn't bite but enough did for us to make more profit in a matter of two weeks than we ever had selling Class A. Roughly one week after the news spread and our business started, we boarded a boat named “Pucciarati” a family piece to one of our associates. We kicked off the boot of Italy and were well into the Mediterranean by the time anyone could have caught on that this project was not backed by all the bosses and that there was no facility for surviving the epidemic. The “Pucciarati” had just come back from Columbia, Venezuela, French Guiana, and Brazil. Loaded fully with some of the best material on the market, destined to arrive on the best tables of the richest men of Europe. The mountains of Marijuana and Cocaine would serve as our personal doomsday preparation bank. We would trade with other sailors with a similar idea of survival on the high sea, offering them to get high on the sea. Guns and ammunition were something the boat had but the material allowed us to increase our stock and manpower whenever needed. Food and water were the real concern, docking on old ports and trading with local scavengers for a quick fix became second nature to us. Convincing poor souls that we have the way out they so desperately needed. We had regular trade with repurposed fishing boats that sailed near the coasts of the Balkans. A fairly sizeable survivors fleet tended to hang around those parts. It had been years on the high sea and most of our supply was exhausted by now, we kept the Mediterranean happy and supplied. We enjoyed our weapons and ammunition now as our currency for food and water when needed. We were far from concerned just then. While sunbathing on top of our boat one late summer day, on waters of the Black Sea, our radio began speaking to us in more than just the usual static. We were almost anticipating someone coming over the radio to ask for material but it seemed like someone was tuned into our frequency on accident. A conversation could be heard between a young woman and an older sounding man. The man was explaining something about some Hispanic fellas named the 24th. That they had been close friends to a friend of his, that he knew them fairly well. The talk was about them having a massive stash in the area that was untapped, weapons and drugs in droves. They were even joking about maybe one of the brothels, that these men had, may still be running. We attempted communication, resulting in both sides only receiving half of what was said. We gathered they were in South Zagoria, we set course and were on our way to the closest port we could meet them in. We were nearly to South Zagoria and quickly came to realize the weather there was far from what our vessel was made to withstand after so many years. We had to dock on one of the ports in the area, we tried making radio contact with these people again so we could hear more about what stash they were mentioning. Nothing. Days we waited and only found static. We had company from occasional locals who were wondering about the boat, none brave enough to contest it. We kept an older man around us, a man full of local folklore. He made mention of a large treasure known as "Kapitan Skalisty's treasure", something that caught some of our eyes even more. He did not know much more aside from that it is an invaluable treasure pile supposedly on an island off the coast of South Zagoria. We grew tired of the stories eventually and wanted to begin our pursuit of wealth. We sent our two sailors back aboard and told them to set sail for the boot, find the survivor fleet that we had encountered and see if they can do anything to repair the vessel. It would not be able to bear the temperament of the green sea for much longer. So for the time being Chernarus is our new home. @McLeranth Emilia Lazaro "Rio" @DookieCS Blythe Nordahl "Oslo" @AlanM Alan Muir "Glass" @JmVidz805 Bruno Pucciarati "Vieste" @Expresso Arthur Ringer "Knight" @OldSchool Tobias Krieger General Establish a safehouse [Day 795] Relocate safehouse if ever compromised [Indefinite] Maintain food and water supply for safehouse [On-going] Weekly group meetings [On-going] Recruit people to fulfill necessary skillsets [On-going] Positions Filled Muscle (2/2) Code Cracker (1/1) Medical (0/1) Driver (0/1) Cook (0/2) Phase 1 Learn more about the 24th's drug stash [Day 820] Attempt to strongarm a smaller group into working for us [Day 830] Phase 2 Rebuild the Undaunted [Indefinite] Set up radio to find other lost Undaunted [Day 830] Begin the hunt for the 24th's drug stash [Day 835] Locate the 24th's drug stash [Day 845] IF FOUND relocate treasure to a more secure location[Day 850] IF FOUND begin plans to establish a front for our drug dealing business [Day 840] Phase 3 Establish a location to begin producing our own supply of drugs [Day 845] Execute plans to establish a local business as a front for our drug dealing business [Day 850] Open our business front to the public [Day 855] Begin our drug business out the back [Day 860] Maintain image of an innocent business [On-going] We plan to provide engaging hostile RP. We want to leave a large enough impact that we may become part of your story and you ours rather than just another hostile encounter. We hope our members will create an interesting dynamic IC. Where some are driven by drugs and money others are not but still find themselves part of Undaunted. Some have kept secrets from each other where one day they will face a dark revelation that may very well put everyone at risk. Each character stubborn in their ways of life. Some live recklessly and chaotically and some with more order. This roller coaster will be filled with emotional baggage and mood swings. Each individual oh so human and unique. Recruitment will primarily be done IC but we are not opposed to OOC recruitment and are looking for more members at the get go. Applications can be sent to @DookieCS @McLeranth and feel free to contact them for anything OOC. Graphics done by Glitch Lore by McLeranth Theme music by DookieCS
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    I decided to hop back on after two weeks, to try out the new mods! One of the most fun game experiences I had in a while! We entered the Toxic Zone, and it was suspenseful because we didn't know how soon our suits would deteriorate, or how quickly we would die if something went wrong!
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    Now that we have toxic zone mod on the server, we can deploy it on the unfinished part of the map,
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    Nice to see my old group back! Surely this means I can get added to the roster as I am an OG? @JimRP
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