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    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another black market community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. We missed an interview yesterday, reason being, the man being interviewed was sadly removed from the community, now I can not even mention his name for quite legal reasons, so out of respect I left that Wednesday slot open, a minute silence please.... Anyway. Today we have one of a very misunderstood man, the leader of the oppressed PAMYATI and of course RP boy lawyer... @NorwayRP! Keep it PG now lad. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a very nice underappreciated man, thank you @NorwayRP. Before I go back to anti media prison, don't forget my 2.3 shirt is on sale. See you all next week, comment who you would like to see next, remember... reputable members. *A few moments later... Ryan Shepherd is being apprehended by @DrMax to cut out this bullshit*
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    Hello, G19 here. Now, I am never one to give feedback, I tend to stay away from it as it just causes unnecessary drama that I don't want to deal with, so take that into account as I have finally decided to speak up about what I’ve seen go down. Mouse, I’m being sincere, please take this into account. Recently, as almost everyone in this community knows, a group I was in, PAMYATI was force archived because of accumulating 105 warning points in 4 weeks. Just from a quick glance, I can see 75 warning points since July 12th, and that's without being able to see any other points/forum points. You guys are dangerously approaching that line, and if we were to report everything we’ve seen you guys would have easily crossed it. But I don't wish such things upon anyone and would not like to see anyone's pride and joy archived like mine have been, and possibly kill player pop even more. Let me start with initiations. Twice now we have been initiated on via megaphone, and like Rolle has said recently, it is almost impossible to do a megaphone initiation validly. With that being said, in the first Polana fight the initiations were one invalidly, resulting in three of our deaths, a report would lead to another 30 warning points bringing the rough estimate to 105, the same line that got our group force archived. Then, at the last fight, this was your initiation This was not valid in the slightest, nor can you initiate for other groups. The amount of points you would have accumulated from this could be all the way up to how many you killed, 10, meaning at worst 100 warning points. Do you see what I mean here? A series of large scale mistakes like this could easily result in bans and a force archive, you need to be careful. On to last night. We had a small firefight at GM, nothing ridiculous here or crazy, until we watched one of your members VOD’s who was streaming it. Here's the highlights. Ill paste the timestamps below, they speak for themselves. 6:59 - Black Rose killed gives location and how many there was 8:08 - The BR just killed gives details on what they were wearing upon him being killed 7:32 - Another black roses say he traded then gives more information at 01:45:35 "I see two more in the woods" 8:23 - Black Rose thinks he died after getting kicked still gives information on who the Legion Member is. 8:28 - Again a BR talks about killing me (G19) and another (after he was killed) Could be seen as Meta 8:41 - The BR from the previous TS(or maybe a different one) then gives information where he saw the guy before being kicked and possibly killed 10:15 - Server goes down he gets in at 14:43 runs away before others had loaded in which is AOGM. 12:33 - Multiple shit talk "It's Legion they don't negotiate, they don't even RP" They've never tried "Look at the PEOPLE in Legion have they ever negotiated" On top of all of this and however many more points would have been dealt out, the guy deleted his VOD. Luckily we downloaded it so everyone can see. All in all, my friends and I have been through two force archives now, on top of that number of us have been on final for almost 6 months now. We can't afford to take warning points or break rules, so in order to get approved we had to follow the rules to a T and basically play a hero group. It frustrates me to know that this many rulebreaks occurred while you guys were on stream, meaning only God knows how many are broken in the solidarity of your comms. Don't get me wrong here, I love the hostilities and fighting you guys have provided, but it’s not fair for us to be held at this high standard that we have been, only to have our enemies fighting us with major advantages via rulebreaks. Really Mouse, you guys need to be careful. I don't want to see your group force archived so I am leaving you guys this feedback, if you take the time to respond and take into account what I’ve said, you will be showing staff you are taking feedback, because we all know what happens with a “ty for the feedback” response and a pat on the back, it leads to nothing. So please, take this into account and please don't get force archived, I’ve seen it happen to much and I know how bad it feels to work so hard on something and get it shutdown, it's not fun. - G19
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    Since our active player numbers have dropped recently and we can't fill two servers anymore I was thinking about locking S2 once again like we used to before, where you couldn't join S2 until S1 was above 60 players or so. This would increase population density on S1 where majority of RP would happen, with S2 being an overflow server. This however degrades S2 to a temporary server of sorts and not many people want to play there, since they can't access their bases when S1 is not full. So I got a different idea - instead of locking S2 and reducing it to a shadow of former self, we can run S2 on a different map. Then the two servers don't have to "compete" with each other for population, since they are completely separated from each other. And we might even get more players interested in playing again. The map chosen is Deer Isle - this is the only good quality map which is being actively worked on and updated on regular basis for DayZ right now. Only the southern part of the island is finished as of now, but that should be plenty for the population expected to play there. Check the map of the island here (switch to satellite view) We have to still decide on the lore aspect of it, where the island should be located - I am thinking this map should replace Utes - it's part of Chernarus and close enough to south zagoria shore to make it realistically possible for your characters to travel between the two maps. We would have to rename the villages and towns to Czech though, since the original map is based on a location in US and town names are English. Once we decide on the outcome, a lore update will follow together with official launch of the server on the new map.
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    Hey @Fae, I know this is kind of out of the blue but I just want to say that I noticed some of your posts in the Real Life Thread and I think you are really pretty. I've met you a few times in game and your voice is just as pretty. Maybe we could roleplay together sometime, when we met in game I was super shy and didn't talk to you and really regret it hahaha. I followed you on the forums so when you see this maybe we could dm if you'd like that. Byyee.
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    OREL Unit - "Kanec" OREL (Eagle) officers are called up for robberies, riots, and some limited anti-terrorist operations. They wear black high capacity vests, green Chernarussian berets, black Gorka helmets, OREL blue kamysh (tiger stripe) uniforms, and black military or combat boots. Occasionally some units will don military camouflage like Rastr, Reed, and green kamysh. OREL officers can be found at the bigger stations within cities in Chernarus. They are exceptionally well trained in hand-to-hand combat and close quarters combat. OREL officers are armed with the same armament that CPD officers are, but can carry AK-74s, SVDs, and other weapons that are more powerful. Many OREL officers are ex-CDF soldiers who sought careers outside of the military. (A member of the Kanec unit from Severograd during a losing firefight with Chedaki at the start of the Chernarussian civil war, 2009) Each unit adopts an animal or emblem as their mascot, often reflecting local wildlife or for historical reasons. OREL, like their OMON and Berkut brethren in Russia and Ukraine are typically depicted as brutal riot police by journalists and human rights organizations, but the reality of the situation is far more nuanced. They are trained for deployment into a variety of environments including mountains, artic tundra, and even NBC situations. These OREL units form the backbone of the Chernarussian Interior Ministry’s (MVD) spetsnaz units that work in close concert with the less numerous but nonetheless deadly COBR Spetsgruppas. Many OREL officers go on to join COBR and the level of cooperation between the two organizations is renowned. (they often target low-level street crime and more serious criminal activity) OREL units vary in size based on their home city and will frequently train alongside other units and even be called on to deploy to cities like Novigrad or Belozersk to contain riots or demonstrations that strain the capacity of local forces. 29th of July 2019, North-west wall, Silná Stránka-8, Miroslavl, Chernarus https://puu.sh/E2Bhl/a3eb4a1889.mp3 “Oheň své zbraně!” yelled Sergeant Dvorak as masked figures appeared along the perimeter fence in the distance. As the officers exposed themselves and began to open fire the radio that they had been using to listen to the enemy’s movements blared with frenzied Russian chatter. Sergeant Dvorak, whose arms were as big around as tree limbs and could bench press a log clenched his cigar in between his teeth, rapidly lifted his PKM into the firing port in the concrete wall and let loose a hail of lead into the enemy that illuminated the shadows cast by the setting sun. The enemy fighters began to fan out and rush to defensive positions, but not before the men had cut down 4 of them in open, and 2 more with the machine gun as they frantically ran back around the ruins of several burnt-out cars. (Colonel Martinek during a training exercise, 2018) Colonel Havel Martinek, the commander of the detachment stepped down from his perch and rested his binoculars back around his neck. “Good work Sergeant keep killing these Chedaki sons-of-bitches and I’ll have drinks sent up for you lads,” Colonel Martinek said. The sergeant nodded and took his PKM out of the stoop and set it aside on a table, removing the box magazine from the weapon and replacing it with a fresh one from a nearby crate. The Colonel disappeared around the concrete revetment and down a flight of stairs back to the command post below. Silná Stránka-8 was the last position on the massive almost palatial wall that separated Miroslavl from the rest of the wasteland. Colossal concrete pylons had been set up along the edge of a former Soviet concrete factory to provide a fantastic deterrent to anyone looking to attack the city. (one of the many outlying industrial areas around Miroslavl that has been fortified) Despite all the industrial implements and military fortifications civilians lived and worked less than half a kilometer from the area. It was not that dissimilar from the forts that had guarded Hadrian’s wall in England so many hundreds of years ago. Each Stránka had previously been occupied by armored CDF forces who had leveled broken concrete scraps into heaps some 50 feet high into gaps in the walls. Once that was complete they deposited more crushed rocks and concrete into a ramp so that T-72s and other vehicles could pull up to fire out at attacking forces, infected, or whatever posed a threat. (OREL officers desperately attempt to stop a riot during July 2017) The system had been completed in late 2017 when it became apparent that the city’s hastily thrown together barricades would not be enough. Since then there had been many conflicts and other calamities that had befallen the coast, and the system of concrete and steel had held through it all. But more important was the brave men that guarded the ramparts night and day, ensuring that the thousands of citizens within the city could sleep peacefully. (peaceful streets of Miroslavl, August 2019) As spring turned to summer, more and more CDF units were pulled back and deployed to the west to face the hordes of Islamists that threatened the country. This meant that positions formerly occupied by the CDF were handed over to local OREL units. OREL was a spetsnaz unit that specialized in dealing with riots and handling heavily armed criminals that proved too difficult for regular beat cops. They had a fearsome reputation and were known for the brutality that they often inflicted upon protesters and political dissidents. But that was before the world went to hell. (Members of the Kanec unit during the first months of conflict with the Belozersk People's Republic, 2017) Following the initial chaos of the riots and infected they were re-structured and militarized even beyond pre-outbreak levels. They were given BTRs, RPGs, and grenade launchers, even access to Mi-17 helicopters in some cases. Each major city in Chernarus typically has an OREL unit, and eventually the units from South Zagoria, northern Miroslavl, and Kirovograd trickled into the coastal areas. This maximized the number of officers clustered together along a thin expanse of ground, but also meant that they could make up for gaps left by the CDF when the military deployed or went on the offensive. (OREL officers line up during the sectarian unrest during May of 2017 just prior to the outbreak) OREL enjoyed a greater share of power as even those within its ranks were called upon to sally forth outside of the safezones and destroy wandering hordes or groups of bandits. They also began to take over positions in Miroslavl that were historically CDF points. Tanks, BMPs, and all manner of trucks and other equipment were often left behind by the CDF and were re-fitted and used by OREL to keep fire control over the distant wastes when the air force could not be called on. This left the remaining CDF forces in the city as a fire brigade, running from point to point when the OREL could not contain a situation. However, this was soon to change. No longer would OREL serve as mere watchers on the wall for civilization, they would in fact be deployed farther than they had ever gone to fulfill a mission from the highest authorities. Colonel @Dew - Havel Martinek Major @Apollo - Miloslav Cernik Captain @Blake - Jannik Bruzek Lieutenant @Nik - Nikolai Dvorak @Dusty - Max Tolstoy Sergeant @Diamond - Ilya Kovac @BobbySullivan - Ivan Petrov @YNW Viking - Ivan Kraus Corporal @Shroud - Yegor Krasnov @Gatorr - Sasha Bozik Private @Hollows - Andrej Novak @ShanePVP - Komarov Stalinisky @Dustup - Andrej Dusek @Jason b - Dubinin Dmitrievich @YNW Pep - Evgeni Malekhov @Lost - Lazlo Strogolev @Squillium - Artem Makarov @Major - Borivoj Kopriva @SassyRP - Sassy Pavlov @Wendigo - Alexei Ivanov @YungBrandonRP - Branski Yungski ALLIES CDF. Any other Chernarussian Government organization. FRIENDLY Chernarussians. Those who comply. NEUTRAL Everyone else Hostile Those who don't comply. Rude westerners. Communists/Russian infiltrators. Those who are Anti-Kozlov. Probably you. WAR N/A Locate and repair a police station to be used as a BOA. [Day 775] Gain intel on the settlements/groups of South Zagoria. [Day 785] Establish what those groups aim/goals/relations are. [Day 786] Issue contacted groups once intel has been gained with letters from the Interior Ministry regarding settlement status and local politics. [Indefinite] Make contact with any remaining CDF in South Zagoria. [Indefinite] Begin making and distributing ID Cards. [Day 799] Bring some form of Law back into South Zagoria. [Indefinite] If you feel as though you would be a good fit in this group feel free to send a PM to @Dew and @Apollo. Please be sure to include your timezone and previous groups you have been apart of. Shout out to @Major for making this group possible! Also big shout out to @MajooRB for the headers!
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    @G19RP @WombatLover69 @RebelRP @CalRP @BandsRP @DallasRP @DexAgonRP @FalkRP @General Rickets @Eagle @MrPanda @Hex @JamesRP @JimRP @JackZRP @Kai @KennethRP @Kricket @LorcanRP @Infamous @LumenRP @NorwayRP @OiramRP @OnionRP @perqeRP @Randy @RavenousRP @RedRP @Real VegasRP @SassyRP @ScarRP @SeversonRP @Sleepyhead(should be SleepyRP) @ThrashRP @WongRP @YungBrandonRP @ZeroRP @ZorullRP @Cipher @KyleRP @ExoticRP @HenningRP @JoffreyRP @MurasakibaraRP @NikoteenRP @N-Tox @VictusRP - RP league never fails to deliver some good friends. If i ever feel down or sad i can just come into teamspeak and i'll quickly feel better talking to any of you boys. RP for life boys, don't forget that. Our brotherhood trumps any challenge that we may face. love you boys @groovy clarence @groovy stannis @groovy tander @groovy ming @groovy xavier @Combine @Charles - Chernarussian Nationalist Gang best group of roleplayers on the server. It's great to have met you boys and i hope we'll play together soon enough. Been missing the good old days for a while, Slava Svoboda. @Dr Brandon - The greatest appreciator of memes on the entire website @Ducky - #SkåneTillDanmark2019 @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @dawsonpark @Dusty @Abu Muhammad - One of the funnies group of friends that i've ever met on the internet, lucky me that managed to 4D chess my way into your teamspeak @StagsviewRB - The best legend and a person i'm very glad to have as a friend, 10/10 memes @Kordruga - Sexiest guy from the UK that i know @OxeN - Mashallah brother soon..... @groovy chernon - cutest weeb here @Aiko - One of few that are actually active in discord, even though it's caused my profile to be weebified 2 times @Grizzz - A fellow avoider of drama @RedVC - Greatest community owner @Diamond - only ever talked for like 3 min but i think we're friends? @NightlyVC @OpticVC @Powerjake @dany1 @AidanVC @Nozza @achmed- VC gang for life boys never forget where we came from @JippaSWE - A fellow man of culture @Gatorr - Has great taste in music @ne_om - A very nice man even though we've barely talked @Alkis - Twink King of DayZRP :pepe_tip: @bunny - My wife Mashallah @Ryan Shepherd @GMAK @Cuchulainn @Challenger - the greatest squad of Irish people on DayZRP, we coo right? @Major - Even though he leaked our DM's we're still friends i think @YNW Pep - Highly regarded defender of the holy land a very nice and honorable man. @AndreyQ - the elitistRP'er that isn't an elitist If i have forgotten anyone it's because there is too many
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    As a token of our friendship i hereby bring forth this meme to improve the relations between both our people ft. @Ryan Shepherd @OxeN
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    Today is DayZRPs 7th birthday! Happy birthday DayZRP!
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    (listen to the song or I'll eat you) 1 - Background 2 - Lore 3 - Battle Plan 4 - Phase I 5 - Phase II 6 - Phase III 7 - Phase IV 8 - Consequences 9 - Event Details 10 - Rules 11 - Whitelist 12 - Roster "All war is a symptom of man’s failure as a thinking animal..." Operation Molotok is a massive 2-day force-on-force RP-PvP Lore event that will take place between the Chernarussian Military and a bandit faction called the Terrors which have featured in the Prodejna series and will occur in the south-western portion of South Zagoria. The event is divided in to 4 different phases that will take place on a Saturday and Sunday. Each prior mission will effect what occurs in the subsequent one and will allow for potentially hundreds of participants to whitelist and take place over the two days it is held. It is designed to maximize the number of players but also limit the impact on server performance so that those who sign up can RP and fight with a hopefully minimal frames drop. Players can either make CDF or Terrors character and play as event staff, or make them just so they don't have to use their normal character. Alternatively, your live character can pick sides and fight for whoever they realistically would. The event will be on the same shard/hive as the live servers which will allow you to loot bodies clean and personally benefit from the conflict, therefore adding motivation to participate beyond anything ideological. This event was heavily inspired in form and formatting Operation Goliath in mod which was the largest event ever conducted in DayZRP history, it will also serve as a rather large appetizer for the next two mega-events that are scheduled for the next two months. We chose to format it in a similar fashion that @Tomeran did back in the day as it's very clear and easy to read. We hope it'll go smoothly. (An SV party official car's following a successful assassination attempt in a residential district of Miroslavl) The Terrors. For 2 years now, they have been a massive thorn in the CDF’s side. From raping and pillaging the countryside, to attacking survivors or ambushing military convoys. They’ve been there to take what they want and kill anyone who gets in their way. Miroslavl and nearby safezones have been flooded with survivors fleeing the zombie-infested bandit-ridden countryside as the Terrors solidified their control. The CDF has been unable to divide and conquer them due to how elusive they are, but they are now jumping at the chance to destroy their assets and kill or capture their leadership. The Terrors are comprised mainly of CDF deserters, ex-Chedaki, skilled Mercenaries out for loot, and former members of nationalist brigades in Chernarus and Ukraine. Aside from their devious activities in the wasteland they have also conducted car bombing, terror attacks, and biological warfare on Miroslavl. They are a generally a menace to anyone who isn't them and have managed to unite even neutral parties in opposition to them. Operation Molotok (Hammer) is intended to quickly annihilate the organization so that survivors can resume surviving and the CDF can get back to repelling the Islamist onslaught in the west and brace for the horde approaching slowly from Asia. (Terrors clearing an abandoned safezone after the CDF and BPR was wiped out) After 6 months of thorough State Security investigation and tracking, they’ve located what they believe to be a narrow forest path that the Terrors use to get in and out of South Zagoria. While they are doubtful the directors of the Terrors go to the East, they’re confident that Luka ‘Boss’ Reznov (A Terrors ‘Lieutenant’) and his enforcer, a Sub Lt. known by ‘Church’ use this path for travel back and forth. After weeks of staking out the suspected pass, Miroslavl COBR agents reported confirmed sightings of them moving into the South Zagoria area en masse, likely for another ‘tradepost’. (COBR agents patrolling the forest pass) Jumping at this chance, the CDF dispatch the reserve 84th Light Motorized Battalion in two detachments from Miroslavl, one to the north of the city with the bulk of the unit’s vehicles to eliminate the Terrors’ main base of operations, and a smaller one to South Zagoria to capture or kill the South Zagoria group’s leadership. If this CDF unit can quickly deal with both the Terrors’ superiors and destroy their main base, they can effectively end the organization’s ability to pose a threat to anything more than a small convoy. However, there is a slight downside for the CDF that could affect the balance of power in the area. The 84th Battalion is one of Miroslavl’s reserve units that is currently on standby to be deployed westwards to stem the tide of the invading army of Islamists from Takistan numbering nearly 200,000. If they are unable to eliminate the Terrors’, they will leave Cernaruska Republika’s eastern flank open to attack as a much larger enemy bear down on them. Their initial plan is to establish a headquarters at Balota Airbase and use it as a springboard to conduct operations against the Terrors from there. (84th Light Motorized Battalion en route from Miroslavl) However, unbeknownst to COBR and CDF Command, the Terrors have a mole inside the government. Upon hearing the orders for this move, the mole passed the information along to the higher ups of the Terrors. In response, the Terrors who had already brought provisions and man power, decided to position themselves and dig-in against the CDF forces. They hope to defend against the assault and then launch a counterattack to encircle and destroy the CDF forces, or to at least route them to Miroslavl. This would provide the Terrors and their supporters with a trove of weapons and ammunition needed to continue the war and drive back the CDF that so that no future threat can be posed and they can carve out an existence. (A militant lines up the spoils of the previous day's battle) Every conflict in the history of mankind between two opposing groups of people has always drawn in those less motivated by ideology and more for the benefits of the spoils of war. They take sides and fight for whoever can win and give them the greatest share of the resulting spoils. Perhaps they’d like to curry favour with an official or entity on one side of the conflict to elevate their position. The outbreak didn’t change any of this. It didn’t matter that dead people were consuming the living and wandering the earth wreaking havoc upon the nation states that remained. (Innocents remain caught in the crossfire as large factions make war on one another) Once the basic needs of survival were met you found a tribe or group of like-minded people, then you threw your lot in with whatever the local power was be it a remnant government, military, or even a well-equipped group of bandits or looters. It didn’t matter. Power is power. Some were better positioned geographically to take advantage of natural resources that gave them the means to field large numbers of men with guns that could defend their piece of land. In the end it all comes down to the same things, land, wealth, and power. Such conflicts have only added to the torment of the apocalypse, converting the wasteland into a graveyard for human ignorance, strife, and ambition. (humanity continues to destroy itself even after the world has ended) The CDF despite its decidedly mixed reputation among South Zagorians can count on a modest level of support from locals. Many are Chernarussians eager to assist the State and others are those who have historically sided with the CDF in local disputes. It helps keep the ever-increasing hordes at bay and allows those living in eastern Chernarus a generally idyllic life compared to the abject hell that many others outside of civilization abroad experience. This support will mean the difference between success and failure for the CDF forces deployed. If the CDF loses this fight it will prove in the minds of locals that they are only powerful where they concentrated to the west, and it will degrade Miroslavl’s ability to project force outside of the coast. At the end of the day, it is innocent civilians just trying to feed their families and survive that are ultimately caught in the crossfire between the government and belligerents outside it's gates. (A woman in Chernarus mourns upon hearing of the death of her son) The Terrors are in a very different situation. They have used maskirovka tactics to make up for the vast difference in the number of men and machines they can field. While they do not have the full weight of a military machine behind them, they have benefited from the Takistanis sealing off the border and making war on the CDF. This has closed off the main avenue whereby hordes of infected have previously entered, roaming the wasteland that is the interior of Chernarus. Survivors all over Chernarus kill infected and over time if the situation remains static as it has the number goes down. Given the chaos of the world such a position is not expected to last. (Terrors on patrol) The Terrors have used this turn of fate to expand on their recent gains, solidifying their position and growing something of a settlement north west of Miroslavl. They have picked their battles wisely and steered clear of situations that they were not favoured to win. Outside of the Chedaki no other faction has terrorized the countryside like they have, and this domination has allowed them to drop the stick and pick up the carrot. They violently did away with local competition and created a secure and discreet area for trading that allowed them to quietly build up strength in the shadow of the distracted CDF. If they win here, they will be a fixture in local politics from here forward, but if they stumble and fall they stand to lose everything they have built. And yet in the end the fate of events will be left not to the generals, warlords, or soldiers but to the individual survivor, as they are the ones who will ultimately determine the outcome of events and tip the scales one way or another. (a convoy of army trucks on route to a trade post in north-western Chernarus) However, the reason why either side is interested in making South Zagoria is purely pragmatic. They may despise each other and the CDF may be launching this offensive to destroy a faction that has conducted attacked on it's citizens, but the underlying cause for the conflict is much more basic. South Zagoria, like many other areas throughout the wasteland of Chernarus is full of unaffiliated settlements and many different groups of people. The Terrors may have built what they have now through conquest, but they didn't grow nearly as much through that as they have with their trading enterprises. On the other hand, the Chernarussian government cannot trade for much needed supplies in South Zagoria if it is controlled by terrorists and militants hostile to it. Aside from the major benefits of trade, South Zagoria is also full of timber, coal, oil, other natural resources that make a prime piece of real estate for anyone to have influence in. Both the Terrors and the CDF are offering so much more than just good relations in this case as more is needed to make victory certain. Lucrative trade deals are on the table for any groups that are able to aid the winning faction, and in either case they will win favour they can cash in during future trade caravans. The Terrors are under threat of annihilation, but if they can get close to a draw with the CDF and escape destruction they will still need these newfound allies. The Terrors grand strategy is to bait the CDF into sending out detachments that can be destroyed in detail, away from the strength of the government's coastal defenses. They only have around 500 fighters in all, but the ones they do have are to be considered elite, adept, battle-hardened troops, just as used to dispatching military forces as supply convoys. They are renowned at attacking quickly and with devastating effect before disappearing into the forest to avoid retaliation. (members of the Terrors scout the western frontier of South Zagoria during the winter of 2018) They will move into South Zagoria quickly and establish a foothold so close to CDF positions that airpower would only hinder the government's troops as they advance along the coastal road. The entire basis of the CDF's offensive is the Balota airbase, if it is threatened it will effectively cut off the prospect of aerial re-supply overnight between clashes during the course of the weekend. Reducing the amount of supplies the CDF has access to will severely reduce their combat potential. The CAF's Mi-17s are vulnerable to ground fire and are extremely valuable to the government, and they will not risk them if there is a serious threat they could lose even one. From there they will react to the government's advances organically and will funnel the CDF and their allies through pre-planned kill zones by mining their flanks. When they are on the offensive, they will focus their fighters at strong-points to take the CDF off-guard as they spread out in several directions to cover the Balota Airbase. If the Terrors are forced on the defensive they will rely on the terrain to make their stand. Most of the ground north of the CDF's positions is uphill, marked with hills, rocks, and sweeping valleys. If the Terrors can effectively seal off their flanks and slowly drain the government's strength it will make victory much easier for them. To the west, the 84th Battalions armor and mechanized infantry will savagely assault the Terrors main base with overwhelming attacks from the land and the air. (the other half of the 84th will launch a sweeping offensive to destroy the Terrors main base) Miroslavl Airbase has been preparing aircraft and crews for months in anticipation of conflict and will bring the full brunt of the 54th Fighter Squadron's Mig-23MLDs to bear against the Terrors. Detachments of Mi-17s and Mi-24s flying at low altitudes will hunt down and vanquish any Terrors that flee their base of operations. (a pair of Mig-23s taxi before a mission) The CDF will be on the offensive in South Zagoria from the start of the day. They have to gain defense-in-depth to avoid being overrun by the Terrors early. They will be well-supplied and manned, but if they spread out their troops to assault all of the Terrors positions they may find themselves struggling to make a breakthrough. If the Terrors can be kept off balance for long enough the CDF can establish supply depots along the coast and bring in the necessary provisions for a short conquest of the Zelenogorsk countryside. Furthermore, if the government and it's allies can push the Terrors out of Kozlovka and send them running, they can bring in more weapons and ammunition from Miroslavl to the airbase without threat of anti-aircraft fire. If the city of Zelenogorsk and the 93rd Brigade base is seized by the CDF it will serve as a major morale boost given the significance of the city to locals. The Terrors will likely be forced to give ground gradually whatever the success of the CDF, but if they can limit their losses they can draw the advancing loyalists out and make the capture of the city a pyrrhic victory at best for the State. The Terrors will then likely reform their lines and launch a counterattack against points north of the city. If they can hold these points they can choke the CDF off from their HQ and drive them back down into the city. If enough CDF troops and allies are killed then the Terrors will move back north and re-take lost positions and force the government to expend even more manpower to re-take lost ground. Such an action will degrade the government's offensive severely and must be avoided at all cost. In either case, the Terrors will move north, securing several points along the ridges and hills that command the ground. Once again the CDF will advance and in a final confrontation the course of the previous 2 days of fighting will be determined. (This is not the first time the CDF has had to fight for Zelenogorsk - a map from the 2009 Civil War detailing CDF and CHedaki positions and movements) Each objective has a listed point value, and whichever side controls it the longest or takes it and holds it until the end will reap the points. This makes it easy for us to determine who gains the upper hand in engagements. The final tally among other considerations will mark the conclusion of the conflict and the victor. If the Terrors win, there’ll be consequences in upcoming events. The CDF will show a decreased presence and will be less willing to supply air drops and care packages to locals. The Terrors will have more dynamic and regular events focused around them. The Terrors will interact at various times in game with groups, be it extorting them or making acquaintances. Lastly, if the Terrors win, they will successfully retreat from South Zagoria with their supplies and manpower and continue to build their trading empire. If the CDF win, they will be a larger presence in South Zagoria for the coming months. The CDF will increase activity and CDF dynamics (such as care packages, reconnaissance ventures, etc.) The CDF will receive a boost of reaction time for Nightcrawler which is the upcoming horde event. Lastly, if the CDF win a decisive victory they drive the Terrors out of South Zagoria and crush their main base north of Miroslavl and the COBR will track the stragglers back to safe houses and mop up the remains. Disclaimer: Please note, for either side to win they must meet the conditions listed above. The severity of the loss is determined by which condition is met. For the CDF their most important resource is the supply HQ at Balota, if it is lost the consequences will be the most drastic. For the Terrors, capturing or killing ‘Boss’ and ‘Church’ are the worst-case scenario, their capture is the worst possible outcome. As discussed in the Lore of this event, the side that wins will grant the groups that participated in the victory reputation points and contracts and trade deals in the form of negotiations that will be finalized following the event. (Building supplies, guns, ammo, etc) This event will use the same hive as live servers, so your character can gain loot from the event and not go into the event as a newspawn. Each side will be balanced as needed, we aren't going to put people who hate the CDF on the their side, but we do have to ensure that it isn't one sided. The ultimate goal is to have the playing field level enough for each phase for it to go either way. We may leave the event server up between Saturday and Sunday and open up the server to anybody who has whitelisted for the event in any stage primary or reserve to RP the interlude out, and if enough people want to do that we can pursue some secondary objectives that will carry with them point values that will add to the tally. Medical RP and supply missions can also be carried out during this time. August 10th 12:00PM (EST) - Staff Prep and Pregame Briefing 1:00PM - 3:00PM (EST) - Phase 1 3:00PM - 4:00PM (EST) - Break 4:00PM - 6:00PM - Phase 2 Interlude - Possible secondary objectives between days August 11th 12:00PM (EST) - Staff Prep and Pregame Briefing 1:00 PM - 3:00PM - Phase 3 3:00PM - 4:00PM - Break 4:00PM - 6:00PM - Phase 4 1. Do not attempt to sabotage the event in any way shape or form. Those who have caused trouble at previous events have basically been given a pass. You will not get a warning of any sort, you will simply be banned from the event server and if the offense is serious enough you will not be allowed to participate in future events. Don't purposefully interrupt or cause a serious disruption during briefings, attack allies, or troll in any way, shape, or form. It will not be tolerated and we have too many people that put too much time into the event to have it ruined, much less to have the experience of other participants degraded because of your actions. You only have KoS rights on the other side. 2. Normal server rules apply, with the basic exception that unless stated there is no need to initiate unless called for which isn't to be expected. There may be some prisoner RP and so it goes without saying that in some cases it might be better to send a captured enemy back to your respective HQ if the situation permits. Generally I'd advise to shoot first ask questions later. 3. Play the scenario. It will be balanced to give each side a decent amount of chance of overcoming the other so as to not be scripted. Don't run off or wander outside of the AO, we will just kick you and revoke your whitelist so that somebody else can hop in and play. Note that I'm not saying we will kick you for flanking your enemy or outmaneuvering them, but if you are in Chernogorsk you aren't where you need to be. Roleplay the event as your character would and in the same way you would on the live server. 4. Treat your fellow community members with respect and decency. Use common sense. Whitelisting will open on Friday, August the 2nd at 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time, which should allow for Europeans to register before bed, and Australians to wake up and get a chance to register. I'd recommend for the latter to register for phases 2 and 4 respectively, as those should be more manageable than attending phases 1 and 3 at 3AM in the morning. I will post on this thread at that exact time announcing the opening of the whitelist and from there just follow the format and post on the thread. First-come, first-serve basis only. Each person is allowed to register for one phase and then a reserve phase. In other words, one phase you'll essentially be guaranteed a spot in if you register early enough, and another that you can attend if others don't show up. Don't register yourself as a reserve for a phase you've already chosen as your primary one. If people who registered don't show up then reserves will be whitelisted for that phase. Follow the format below when you post. I'd recommend bunching groups into phases, so for example if District fancy the prospect of a trade deal with the Terrors try and get into the same phase together. Likewise if Legion Corp wants future contracts and deals with the CDF they can get all their guys into one phase or several. In a case such as Legion Corp or any other PMC/Merc groups you could fight on both sides and potentially make two friends instead of tossing your lot in with one and burning a bridge. If balancer forces are needed we will reach out. IMPORTANT: Each phase will grant 20 players to the Terrors and the CDF, making a total of 40. On top of that number each faction requires 10 lore faction characters. @Major and @Phatal will account for one of these on each side as the commanders. That leaves 9 other slots that people can either use existing government characters (CDF, CAF, OREL, COBR, CPD, etc) or can create their own Terrors foot soldiers if they would prefer to do that. If enough people don't want to use their regular live server characters then we will allow them to create more lore faction characters to make up the difference. Example: Terrors: 20 players + 10 Lore Faction characters CDF: 20 players + 10 Lore Faction characters Phase 1: 40 player slots, 20 Lore Faction slots, and 40 in reserve. The CDF will be led by two commanders on an IC-level. So if anybody wants to be the other commander and be command staff for the duration let me know. The character details can be discussed. Character Name: Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Which Lore Faction?: Lore Faction staff?: Group Name: Primary Phase: Reserve Phase: Černaruská Republika: Colonel Borivoj "Straz" Kopriva - @Major The Terrors: "Boss" - @Phatal "Church" - @Ducky
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    Group concepts and goals change as they go on as I'm sure you're aware. The reason we got a lot of good feedback in the beginning was because a lot of our characters were/are relatable to those that are already here. They're conscripts, forced to return to a war torn, foreigner ridden part of South Zagoria and they fucking hate it for the most part. Once NCO's aren't around, each of the conscripts do as they please, even some of the NCO's are more relaxed when it comes to such things as uniforms or how Conscripts conduct themselves, this in turn breeds internal conflict which gives US something to RP over other than our goals and worrying about which group has done what (tl;dr once we're done dealing with the high-school level drama that occurs IC and is brought to us, we have something to do). Refer to the above statement. You're giving bad feedback relating to the way characters personalities have developed after we've been treated? Lemme give you a quick step by step of what's happened in relation to us attempting to help people IC. We create the group and instantly within the first two days of searching high and low, create our FOB for RP to be centred around for ourselves and others as and when they need assistance. 3 days go by, we get a few visitors and things are going great, internal is great, those that required aid got it and were given food and were allowed to remain in the compound for a while until their wounds had been seen to. 1 day after we get attacked unprovoked outside of our FOB North, while this is fine it doesn't settle well with conscripts who are there to just do a job and go home asap. Next day we assist a camp with some issues that had arisen with a group of Taki's attempting to enforce sharia laws and are successful in another attack/ defence of someone elses camp Day or so after that we go and help the same groups with the same issues and end up making friends and potential allies along the way 2 groups move to Berezino The entire server flocks to Berezino because the two groups that moved had around 6-7 Streamers between them, so of course the entire server comes. High-School level drama begins to unfold, which we then have to deal with.. Over and over giving US little time to RP amongst ourselves and having to put ALL our efforts into dealing with other peoples issues (Which is fine, I guess). We suddenly get attacked for like 4-5 days straight, night after night. 4/5 of the days we fought alone while the people that agreed to move with us decided to sit in buildings and comply instead of assisting to protect their newly founded homes. After about a week or so, the two groups decide to say WE are the problem, talk a whole lotta shit IC and bail on us, pretty much leaving us as chum in Shark infested waters. We stay for another day, log back in to find that 2-3 of our walls had been stripped (even though there was a walk way at the front gate) and ALL of our supplies which we were using to GIVE to people including their containers had been ransacked for an explanation which was provided in a report as 'IC reasoning'. We move to Krasnostav barracks the next day and begin construction. Myself @CrusaderCJ and the rest of our members begin construction on a new place where only those who required emergency medical aid and ourselves were allowed in (it was beautiful o7) takes a few days to complete. People break and ghost into the compound and attempt to steal all of our shit, and got caught for it. (report up on that) We are then attacked based on a rumour to which of course, only one side was listened to. (Could've made for some good RP but alas, it turned into a blood bath) The next day, we return to our base.. 10 walls have despawned and near enough all our supplies which were still continuing to be handed out had been stolen from again so we pack up our shit and return to our own RP and play somewhat nomadic while interacting with people as we go. The entire time this group has been up, we've had to deal with every inch of the rules being bent, pushed against or broken.. Rumours being taken as gospel and people insulting us attacking us. At what point does a group of people that were sent here to do one job just snap and help who they damn well want? ICly we've been conversing on a regular basis with people in Miroslavl (@Major) on updates as to what we should do with the situation, as a group along side him we agreed to get our work done and help those we deem fit and tbh the RP hasn't been anything less than fantastic from the members within this group and I'm sure it'll continue to be just that. Indeed it was a fresh start, as are all groups that pop up. We tried to be nice to everyone and as usual people shoot a good opportunity to 'recreate a government' or 'progress lore' out of the sky and laugh while they do it. Formations still happen, clearly you've not been watching enough to fully see that but as you mentioned, it's only been a couple of days off and on. Worried for us returning to our Kamenici routes? You mean the 4-5+ pages of GOOD feedback we got when @groovy cali had the group rightfully returned to him? I damn well hope we're maintaining the level of feedback and potential that group had/has because we did a great job with it. The vast majority of this community unfortunately doesn't care for lore progression etc. as much as people seem to say they do, we're here to have fun and we'll continue to act as we have been because it breeds good RP for us and those we meet. I hope this reply is sufficient enough for your feedback which we all indeed thank you for taking the time to give. I can't stress this enough.. KAMENICI pls Voodoo Edit: We also look forward to reading the feedback for these other groups you've been 'watching', seems to be only us so far!
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    Chip Lonegan pulls a pen out of pocket and grabs a old paper on the ground and starts writing as time runs out As I open my eyes in the my last shop in Zelenagorsk, I crawl over to the counter near the shelf. My nose broken, my left eye swollen shut, and my gun shot wound reopened from the beating I took. The blood is filled my clothes with the red warm blood from my body as I sit here and write on this paper. I just wanted to say that I'm sorry for all those people I could not and those who are still out there, trying to make a difference. To the ones who haven't figured out why I did what I did for the people instead of raising my gun to every fight. This old man only wanted the people together and wanted them to see there is more out there together than to have everything all at once in the same place. Chip stops writing to press on his wound which is bleeding uncontrollably As for the CTF not sure what will happen when I'm gone but Seth if this reaches you son, just know I tried until my last breath, I sit here and turly foolish because I was being threatened for something I and the CTF had no idea what mess what was going on in Mogolifka and the wolf pack. The wolf pack came to Zelenagorsk last night and I believe to strong arm this old man for something that the CTF had no knowledge of the war that was taking place. For the ones I told not to come back to the shop it was for your own good, because I had a feeling someone was going to die, I would take a bullet for anyone of my friends or family. The wolf pack allowed me to be beaten, tied up strip of all my belongings, and left me to die...I never thought they would become the one thing they tried to fight in the past. I don't blame the wolf pack for doing something because themselves are too afraid join a better cause. I forgive them....Chip's starts coughing and looks at his hand and sees it's covered in blood from his mouth This is the end of my road, the things we do in life are the things we tried to change for the future for those who are lost and need alittle help. Son don't be angry because I'm going to be gone, and if your dead....well I will see you soon........I am Chip Lonegan and I'm will always be for the people and tell those who are looking, the good people are out there, you just have to ask the right questions. Chip becomes pale from the blood lost, Chip hands fall to his sides and splash into the pool of blood surrounding his body where he sits....Chip takes one last breath and says" For the people".... With that final word and last breath that leaves his body, Chip closes his eyes and his head falls down to his chest and passes away forever remembering those he loved, those he helped and those he couldn't........
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    Ladies and Gentleman The premiere of the Wolf Pack PvP montage:
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    After listening again to the video and considering who said what, you've been given a punishment and so has Gallo. Looking at the severe rulebreaks and the attitude and carelessness shown in the video, the group will be revoked it's official status and will have to go through the process of getting official again when you've proved yourselves to have corrected your attitude through positive feedback and so on.
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    So as you can see, I am no longer a admin. I have resigned today as I simply do not have enough time anymore to do staff work, get in game and roleplay, and play other games too. With work and IRL things to do, I simply have no time anymore sadly. I have loved my time in the staff team and have hopefully done good work for the community. Big thanks to the big man @Roland for letting me in and making me admin too. Sorry your EU admin had to go . Huge thanks to @Aiko, @Oliv @Ark & @Spartan for training me through the ranks when you were there and yelling at me when you were not even in staff to do work or fix work. Would thank loads of others that were in staff with me and taught me stuff but I'd be tagging a lot. Thank you to the current staff team too, for being the backbone to the community. I'm still a PM away if you want any help or tips. But with that said, there is my staff goodbye. So now you can stop PMing me. tyty xoxo
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    Settlements are pre-fabricated static structures placed on the map for large groups to use as their home base, point of interest, trading post. They offer a wide variety of objects to be used contrary to regular in game base building system with simple walls and watch towers. Group requirements Has been an approved group for a month without major incidents Has 20 active players on the roster Settlement creation Settlements are created inside offline mode alongside with the Builder Items mod (already used on our server). A somewhat outdated tutorial can be found here, for further help contact the @Watchman or @Ducky from the developer team. Settlement building code Settlements must follow these requirements: Must be kept within 100 or so objects (negotiable depending on group size, location and base purpose) May not be built near any high-end loot zones (primarily military bases) Must have at least 2 entrances that are completely open and wide enough to fit a full size fence/gate and are not obstructed by any static or map object. Those openings are later secured in game by the group using regular base building mechanics No structures that spawn zombies or loot No structures that provide resources (water, food, planks, etc) Settlement submissions All settlement submissions are to be submitted to @Roland by the group leader through a PM. The submission must include: Group name and link to the group thread The exported objects file (.c) with your group name as the file name (no spaces) Count of the objects Screenshots taken from above from 4 different angles covering the entire base Name of the closest city to the base Settlement testing period During the first few weeks or months of implementing the above settlement system there may be changes done based on community feedback. This means that some bases may be added faster or slower, bypass some of the requirements or that the requirements may change completely. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates until this section is edited out.
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    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another black market community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. We have another misunderstood man that will be given his time to shine to show the rest of the community his personality and opinons. Today we have a very very special interview, a dear friend of mine, a fellow RA lover, Pope hater and known as Misteeeerr UAV ONLINE.. please welcome.... @SassyRP. Please bear in mind, this program is for viewers of a mature 18+ audience, for this... in particular. Viewers may be disturbed by the following. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? Emmm... Thank you @SassyRP, I think he is a very... confused and misunderstood man. Nonetheless now we all know more about the legendary @SassyRP than we did 5 minutes ago. Stay legendary lad.
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    ok, I died. But my friend woke up and gatted the last one. Do I keep the PVE tag?
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    DayZRP 19.8.1 Released 2019-08-14 Map Stary/Kab roadblock by @Descendants Added multiple islands and caves from Chernarus Islands and Chernarus Caves. These are server side mods and you do not need to subscribe to them or enable them in your launcher. @JimRP Removed Removed scissors, custom combat knives, tweezers, carnival mask, jason mask, human flesh mask, barbed bat, scrap, fabric, football, cassette player, guitar and double side axe. All crafting involving above items was removed as well. Some of the items like guitar and knives will be re-added in future patch. If you owned Spooky or Venetian Mask in item shop you can refund it regardless of times used. @Roland Balancing Wooden box now requires 3x amount of materials to construct. It cannot hold any rifles or be buried anymore @Kerkkoh All existing wooden boxes have been deleted from the map - map cleanup, anti-hoarding measure @Roland Slightly rebalanced some of the ammo, grenade and weapon spawns @Watchman Vehicles should spawn with all parts attached. However, spawn rates of car body parts like doors and hoods has been lowered @Roland General fixes Incorrect item names for Rastr clothes fixed @wirpy Incorrect flecktarn camo spelling. @Bishop Gameplay Players no longer die if disconnected while restrained @Kerkkoh All players get 10 slot hotkey bar, regardless of clothing worn @Kerkkoh Quick reload added (hold R to reload weapon in your hands). Should work with all weapons, report if not. @Kerkkoh General items New soda: Moscow Mule @Watchman Clothing New EMR camouflage for the following items: @Ducky MICH Helmet 6B5 Vest TTsKO Jacket TTsKO Pants New MultiCam camouflage for the following items: @Ducky MICH Helmet Plate Carrier Pouches Holster New general variants for MICH Helmet: @Ducky Black Beige Green New general variants for Tactical Helmet: @Ducky Black Beige New quilted jacket variants: @wirpy Green Purple Red Yellow Zebra Leopard Blue Weapons New custom type of grenade - tear gas (aka CS). @Bishop While within the gas of the grenade your character will experience impaired vision, coughing, impaired movement and eventually vomiting and loss of consciousness. After leaving the radius of the gas your character will enter a recovery period before being completely restored. Gas masks can be used to void the effects of the gas, and to resuscitate downed survivors who are still inside the gas. The same rules that apply to the flashbang grenade when it comes to use on other players and initiations also apply to this.
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    “My bratři a sestry of the once great nation of Chernarus, the time has come, the time is now, the time for the uprising is upon us. For too long our once great nation has become the refugee camp of the world. All manners of podlidský run around our country as if it was their own, as if they belong here. Bratři a sestry the call to arms to stand up is now. You have failed your country and your country men. For too long you have sat by ideal and allowed the Americký and the Rusové to run a muck and steal from your fellow countrymen and you done nothing. It is now your time to fight for your country, it is your duty to free your nation and free its people” Create and maintain a stronghold, and await the return of the CDF or Kamenici (Create by day 800 & maintain) Create a camp for Chernarussians only (By day 800) Investigate camps ran by foreigners, differentiate those good and bad 1/3 (By day 800) Recruit 5 more loyal ethnic Chernarussians who share our mindset 0/5 (By day 780) Restock our explosive and electrical arsenal 4/10 Electrical 6/10 Explosives (By day 780) Inform Chernarussians about a new deadly drug coming to the region (By day 800) Find and align ourselves with any other groups of Chernarussians in the area (Ongoing) Make sure no Russian backed group returns and creates a stronghold in South Zagoria (Ongoing) Stamp out any signs of Communism in South Zagoria (Ongoing) Remove or kill all foreigners from South Zagoria and then Chernarus (Ongoing) @Craig- Kuba Kovac @Charlie- Gosha Sevcik @Roman - Roman Konstantin @Fae - Anezka Kolinsky @Jannik - Jesper Hansen @ItsChocolateMan - Radek Novotny @Voodoo - Alexej Novak @Samii - Vincenz Dosek @Hanro - (TBA) Please fill out the app below and send it to @Craig & @ne_om Hello everyone, if any of you have feedback in regards to what happens IG, please respond by sending a Personal Message to myself @Craig, this includes any problems that you have with myself or any other group members and we can work on resolving in a friendly and constructive manner. Those of you who are interested in potentially joining the group, and then successful with your application will be invited to have a quick chat and placed on trial, this is only to see that you enjoy yourself IG with us and us with you, as choosing to roleplay characters and a group like this can bring a lot of criticism, from our past experience no matter how good your RP will be, some people will still not like it and complain about it due to the nature of it, so I hope you've got thick skin. Before anyone brings any concerns about us hating all foreigners, this is only how we have it worded on the thread. We have a list of people who we will tolerate who are not Chernarussian, if the RP goes in a way that pleases our characters. And it's important to know that we are not these people IRL. We also don't go by Domorodci IG, we don't have an official name IG. What you call us is upto you and your experience with us
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    fifty shots in my tec bitch
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    Original and great group, approved.
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    Early Years In the late 19th century, a young Spanish man by the name of José Flores dreamed of becoming a famous actor in the shining city of Madrid. Foregoing his long standing family history of military service during one of the most tumultuous times in Spanish history was not popular with his parents, though. In fact, it was so unpopular among his family and peers that according to his father, if he did not join the military, José would be disowned and treated as dead by his family. A grievous threat to say the least but José was not one to give up on his dreams and so he spoke to his father and told him “I will make it so far in the queen’s city that you will have no choice but to know my name!” With that, José left his family and everything he’d ever known for the capital. Within a few weeks of traveling, José arrived and set out immediately to try and make a name for himself. Unfortunately for him, though he was quite talented when it came to the backwater of his birth, he was just another face in the crowd in the great city of Madrid. He was but one of thousands trying to make it big and one of millions just trying to get by. It was here when our little flower began to wither. His grand dreams were drowned out by the flood of responsibilities that came with the big city and the toxic streets left in the wake of the Disaster of ‘98. Not all was lost, though, for during one drunken night of Carnaval, our flower laid eyes upon the most beautiful woman he had ever met. Sofia was a dancer among the hundreds in the cavalcade but, according to José, that night she was like the most beautiful flower in a meadow or the brightest star on the night of a new moon. Nothing could compare to her magnificence and so, urged on by one too many bottles of liquid courage, José danced with her. The two danced for days and though they didn’t learn each others’ names for days, they fell deeply in love. On that night, two flowers bloomed under the moon of Carnaval and it is said that our family was born. Sofia and José were a perfect match for each other and standing side by side their dreams grew and grew. What started as a strange amalgam of Sofia’s connections and José’s passion evolved quickly into a tightly-knit group of performers and entertainers who the people of Madrid began to refer to as “Flowers’ Carnaval” or “The Flowers of Carnaval” (based mostly on José’s last name “Flores” which means flowers). From here, a great meadow blossomed. José being an outcast naturally drew the downtrodden and overlooked of Madrid to his welcoming arms and by 1910, the group numbered 30 strong and was a performance to behold to all who came to the Spanish Capital. A Blossom in the Ashes The group performed for the people of Spain for almost 40 years, bearing through the harsh depression and the pains of the first world war, all the while bringing joy to the downtrodden and despised and becoming a staple part of Carnival in Madrid. Unfortunately, though, as hard as they may have tried, neither Sofia nor José could fight against the unceasing march of time. Soon enough, the Spanish Civil War and old age worked hand in hand to drive the group to the brink of extinction. It was only through the diligent efforts of José’s son Martín that a skeleton crew was able to escape Spain into southern Europe, dodging the governments and policies of the second world war at every turn. After World War II, the motley crew, now led by Martín became a nomadic attraction, tending to the downtrodden and entertaining the masses across the continent and being one of the few groups who could break through the iron curtain due to their Romanian connections. So, though Eastern Europe festered through the second half of the 20th century, Martín saw his family grow further and further. To avoid confusion and cultural conflict, it was here where the group rebranded themselves as “The Carnival.” Though this name did not pay much honor to their Spanish roots, it was recognizable and easily adopted by the poorer folk of the Eastern Europe who made up a significant part of their ranks. In the late 60s, the heat brought on by the pressure cooker that was the Soviet Union forced the Carnival to greener pastures and they expanded their operation to North America, taking touring trips to Mexico and the United States whenever Europe became too hot for a band of nomads. Despite this, they never forgot their European roots and would return frequently when things calmed down, bolstering their ranks all the while. It was also around this time when Martín passed the business on to his second son Pedro whose passion for the business rivaled that of José himself. A New Era Pedro’s passion and positivity skyrocketed the groups’ popularity in Eastern Europe and Mexico to newfound extremes, though they never quite garnered a foothold in the United States. Travelling by rail, the group would be welcomed on every train car and small town wherever they went. In return for their great performances, they would be provided food and coin by the populous and with this, they fell into a routine, constantly travelling the world and bringing with them new performances and yet more outcasts from every country. The Carnival was not just a group of performers, though. Decades of performers finding love within the group and making more performers the old fashioned way led to a deep-seeded familial bond among the members. Even new members were “adopted” into the group as a means of bringing them into the fold with the same love and acceptance that all the outcasts had wished for at one point. As the Cold War died in the late 80s, The Carnival decided to try their hand in the United States once again and for the next decade, built a rather large following among the small towns of the rural midwest as a seasonal attraction. It was around the turn of the century that Pedro’s health began to fail him, though and so the group traveled back to Europe and, for the first time in nearly a century, returned to Madrid to pay homage to the founder of their family. Pedro would not survive the journey despite the ever-accelerating pace of the modern day and he was laid to rest beside his grandfather in Santa María Cemetery. With his death, the Carnival was passed to Pedro’s son Diego. The New Millenium The 2000s brought with them a new series of challenges. Though it was much easier for the Carnival to travel than it had been in the past centuries, reaching the downtrodden became much harder as many cultures grew to be more isolationist. With great shoes to fill, Diego decided that it was important to make the journey to the smallest towns in Europe and the US in an attempt to open them up to the outside world. This didn’t always work and was far more difficult than it was for his forefathers but Diego was nothing if not determined. Unfortunately, the effort to break into the smaller towns and reach the downtrodden meant that the Carnival once again fell into obscurity. Diego was never after the fame or fortune, though. He only wished to expand his family and bring joy to those without. So, the international circus once again became a small-town rural group through no fault of their own. By the end of the 2000s, the group’s fame saw somewhat of a nostalgic resurgence as adults who had seen the Carnival as children brought their sons and daughters to see it once again. This skyrocketed demand for the Carnival’s service and throughout the 2010s, the group was pulled all over the world to share their performance with millions of new eyes. This is what caught the attention of the Chernarussian government. An official in Chernarus had seen Pedro’s Carnival as a child and offered a personal invitation to Diego to help improve morale in Chernarus after their civil war. The price being too good to pass up and still wanting to help the downtrodden of Eastern Europe, Diego wholeheartedly accepted and the Carnival took a ferry across the Green Sea to the small country. Ashes to Ashes The Carnival spent a few months entertaining the populous of Chernarus as VIPs in the country. They would hit every town on their path, perform great shows, and bring fans and assistants with them on their way to the next show. It’s unfortunate, then, that a group with so many followers would be caught in the middle of the apocalypse. When the infection hit, the Carnival was hit hard. Being one of the few groups in the nation that would travel all over, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that they inadvertently helped spread the infection all over the nation and didn’t think it would be a good idea to stop moving until it was far too late. At first, they would attempt to continue their show despite how many of their members grew ill but soon enough, they were once again reduced to a skeleton crew, locked within Chernarus by the quarantine and unable to perform. Among the greatest losses in this initial culling was Diego himself. Heirless, Diego left the group in shambles as, for the first time in over a century, they found themselves without a leader and without any direction. From here, it was up to the surviving members to attempt to carry on in his absence. As a group, the Carnival decided that it would be a good idea to hunker down in their tents and utilize the supplies of the surrounding region to survive. Being naturally nomadic, the group found it easy to avoid the infected and the hotspots that would crop up every now and then. So, the Carnival became just another band of survivors eking out a meagre existence in Chernarus for two long years. After those two years lapsed, the groups supplies began to run dangerously low and isolationist suspicions slowly drove the group into a corner. They could either travel back into some of the hotspots that they had passed through years ago or they could disband. Many chose to desert at this time but those who did not traveled northeast into South Zagoria. The rest, as they say, is history. @Phoenix - Luca Marshall @Peril - Teddy Woodley @Fae - Fae Williams @Iceinfly - Eli Bronwin (Glush) @Watchman - Caleb Marshall @Inferno453 - Charles Hanes @Derek Steel - Loki Nordvik @Glidingz - Kash Griffin @Bran - Chase Michaels @ItsChocolateMan - Jet Anderson @Malthis - Robbie Jackson Goals may change depending on IC events that unfold and shape the group as a whole. Disclaimer: Some of these objectives will only make sense after reading our group lore. ~ Regain contact with our lost circus members and attempt to reunite with them (By Day 765) ~ Clear out the overrun Carnival in Guglovo from the infected horde and settle back in (Achieved) ~ Reach out to other groups in the region in order to regain a good and helpful reputation amongst other survivors (By Day 760) ~ Share our talents and offer small services in return for sufficient payments of supplies for our survival (0/10) (Infinite) ~ Attempt to make others happy with our talents during the dark times of the Outbreak (Infinite) ~ Find more actors, talents, freaks &/or comedians for a possible new show in the future (0/5) (By Day 780) ~ Take in more Outcasts and provide them with a home & family (0/6) (By Day 770) ~ Find a few suitable locations to set up traveling circus performances every once in a while (0/3) (By Day 770) ~ Continously improve our overall Group Skillsets (Infinite) ~ Complete (0/5) Skillsets for the group (By Day 780) Late Game ~ Rebuild the old carnival that was once our home (By Day 780) ~ Complete all necessary preparations to put on a new show at the rebuilt carnival (By Day 795) The Carnival is essentially a travelling group of ex circus members, as well as other outcasts they have picked up along the way, moving from place to place with small tents in order to set up camp in a new town each day. To provide food and essential supplies for our survival, we will often offer our talents and services to well paying customers around the region. This could include simple chores and jobs such as gardening, hammering some planks into a wall, giving well deserved Thai massages and / or foot rubs. Whatever talents we may have to offer on the day. We will not take contracts to be guns for hire or providing mercenary work. Those are other group's expertise and not ours. This Chart will be updated regularly. It currently sits empty as we require more playtime before this will be up-to-date. Recruitment is open If this Group has peaked your interest, feel free to PM the following application form to @Phoenix. Credits: Thread & Graphics (Phoenix) ~ Lore (Iceinfly)
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    I was on a camping trip this weekend in Swedish wilderness, made this photo of the night sky using just my phone camera with long exposure. I wish I had a night sky like this at home.
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    Well fuck i have so many @Dew @Dom @Jewell @pado (Whatever you name is now) @Dusty @Blake @Diamond @Shroud (When you're not crying over hearts of Iron) @Kaliss @Lost @ShanePVP @SassyRP (When you're swinging dew around the room) @Joe @YNW Law @YNW Jasper @YNW Pep @Apollo @Bobby @dawsonpark @Dustup @focus @Gatorr @Grizzly_ (Tried to get grizzly but idk his forum name and it won't let me delete this rando) @Hollows @Nik @Osku @Squillium (Don't report this post) @Wendigo @Dan @Nihoolious @Pepe Jones @dany1 And i almost forgot @Undead @Who ever else I can't remember wooooooooooooow
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    Not sure how this thread isn't being used Appreciation time @Watchman - Honestly at this point you know way too much about me that I could ever allow you to leave, okay? But no, for real... You're my best friend and I appreciate the shit out of you. You mean so much to me and you know this. We've been through so much shit together that just made us stronger. Thank you for everything and thank you for existing bestie @Voodoo - I know we don't publicly speak about our relationship often because we like to keep it private, but I honestly just need to give you a massive shoutout for still being with me after 8 years considering the amount of times I nearly killed you by setting the house on fire or punching you in the face at night. Not sure how you're still with my derpy ass, but here we are I guess @Buddy - I fucking miss you, okay? For real, come hang out some time. You were such a big influence on my life at one point and now you're doing you and I miss you. Time zones suck ass too, so the times we do get to talk are usually at like 3am. I honestly miss the old gang. We fucked around so much and google hangouts was always the shit You deserve the happiness you're having with your girl, dude. You really do. I hope it keeps going strong. Remember Im always here when you need a friend. @Franny - My German sis. I remember the first time we met you in game in GenZ and you were so shy and adorable, we just HAD to adopt you. And now here you are! I love talking to you about cats and I love your cat videos! You're a great person Franny. Don't let anyone tell you differently. @Ducky - You know how the story goes... Didn't get along at first, two very opinionated people who would just clash left right and center. But here we are. I'm glad we became friends and I'm glad you're allowing my stupid ass in your group I hope I don't disappoint and I hope you see that I'm not as bad as I seemed, because I sure see that in you now. You're a great guy, even tho danes are weird. But that's okay! Thanks for being a good friend @ToeZies - Somehow we both thought that we hated each other, without anyone actually hating anyone at the end of the day. That's honestly fucking hilarious to me. I've seen what kinda person you are a lot recently and it means so much how you care about your friends. They can always count on you and I am glad I can talk to you to if I need to vent about shit. Thank you for that. You're pre cool, Jack @Peril - Oh hey, My Knee twinnie. Sorta anyways. You're doing great kiddo, hope you know this. I love chatting shit with you and hanging out in game. You're a great guy and I'm glad you're around in staff. I know you're gonna go far! It's good someone can relate about my fucked knee as well, so I can vent even more about that! @Harvard - I miss you. Where are you? You were like a brother to me at one point and you've just sorta stopped hanging about. It's a shame, but I hope you know you can always talk to me if you need to. Nothing's changed, I'm still here for you. Same goes for you @Aisling. Reeeeee you guys are missed okay? @BrianM - You're a good kid and I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and I am glad you're my friend. Thank you for everything. @Imation11 - I'm glad you're around whenever I need a therapy session But for real.. You're a great guy and you're very kind and care about everyone around you before yourself. That's a great deal, and I hope people tell you enough that they appreciate it, because you really deserve that. So incase they haven't, I'll be the one to say it here. @Eddie - Another one that I fucking miss. You're such a wholesome dude and you honestly deserve the world for your kindness. We all miss you, eddie. I hope you're well and you're gonna be coming to hang out some time again.# @Randy - My vent buddy in staff. You've been a lot busier lately since getting red, but I hope nothing's changed. I enjoy talking to you and venting about stupid shit like we always used to. It was kind of our thing @Roman - Somehow the only times we talk are after we've seen each other in game, which is funny But every time we both just compliment each other's RP and it's great, honestly. That's kind of become our trademark now If I'm being honest. I know you're a solid dude and I appreciate that you message me after RP thanking me for it. It goes a long way, not everyone has the effort to do that. @AlanM - We don't talk much anymore but I appreciate the time we had together ingame and ooc. I hope you're doing okay and know that if you ever need me, I'll be here b. Honorable mentions - @Kaiju47 @Fae @Banshee @Inferno453 @Osku @Simon @Derek Steel @Saunders @Realize @Hofer - My staff buddies. I'm glad to be in staff with you guys. You all do a fantastic job and I like the friendships we all have with each other. We're honestly a solid team at the moment
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    This is the Movie Edits thread (DayZRP edition) You can post your movie edits here. They must be DayZRP related. I post video's for fun. Not to offend anyone. Dont take it serious, I will joke about Campfire RPers AND Hostile RPers
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    Hello my fellow Roleplayers Since @Ryan Shepherd has been working hard on the farm its my turn to be the host of the Black Market interviews. Not gonna lie boys this will be scuffed as fuck but fuck it dude. Today we have a very SPECIAL Irish man we will be interviewing today some people may think he actually hates the Queen when you talk to him. Please Welcome @Ryan Shepherd YOINK MY QUESTIONS NOW. Tell us about yourself bud? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join bud? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place bud? What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here bud? Do you regret doing anything in your time here bud? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be bud? What is your favourite relatable community meme bud? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why bud? What do you feel is missing from the community bud? Do you have any hidden talents bud? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why bud? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com bud? SO yeah thats it thanks x
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    District liberation part 3
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    OGs @G19RP Has to deal with monkey gang @YungBrandonRP Gave me a new home @Eagle @Real VegasRP Bro from kway @OiramRP I brought you up, you've come along way son. @Nik gang ways I don't get along with English people to much but these are bro @JackZRP @General Rickets Chief @perqeRP @RavenousRP @FalkRP @Kai Son. @SassyRP Scottish but you know Eu gang: @RebelRP @NozzyRP @RedRP @WombatLover69 Bros: @Infamous come back @MrPanda you too @Hex @SeversonRP @DallasRP @NorwayRP Stop shouting. @ZorullRP Monkey Squad: @LumenRP @JamesRP @BandsRP @JimRP @ThrashRP Others. @Phoenyxx Guess you're okay @Willow Moody @bur BurRP? @RiZStream guess you're okay too @msB TurkRP? @hAwkzyy “beat up pussies”
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    really cool to see staff pick up on @Ryan Shepherd's interview idea, should give him props
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    I see no reason to not approve this group, however considering the track record of the group's members - you'll still be under the admin team's sights, so keep it on the straight and narrow.
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    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. Due to the immense support from the previous interview, I am not going to do an interview once a week.... I am going to do two interviews a week! Give the people what they want! But only two a week fella's, don't get excited! we will have an extra special interview today, the one, the only @NozzyRP. Tell Us About Yourself lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad?  What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a nic---- (@DrMax and the media team storm in)
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    >Looks at Conan Servers with Lore "Seasons" >Watches how they all die since people like to keep histories and build storylines, develop characters, etc >Watches people migrate over to longer lasting Lore based RP servers for Conan >Looks at Seasonal Lore plans for DayZRP >ok.gif Congrats on killing ya dedicated player base, I guess? Sure, do a Lore Wipe that's fine. One every two years is good, imo. Do not do "Seasonal Lore Wipes". Seasons should be reserved for things like applying a winter map, autumn map, etc. Making lore progression events, invasions, lore factions, lore towns, etc. I know I won't be playing if I can't keep building my storylines, or develop my characters, relationships, impacts, emotions, abilities, etc when they'll be force wiped in 3 months. Every 3 months. Or whatever the time frame is. Where's the motivation to actually RP at that point? There isn't one. Not for the more seasoned RP'ers. We don't get to develop our characters and remark on the progress they've made not only with themselves but the people around them. Inb4 "but in order to keep interest alive we have to keep doing seasons like the Fortnites and the Rainbow Six Sieges! Kids need fast paced rewards and new content ALL the time!!!" Sure they do, if you want to have a half ass player base who don't even know the lore and a steady decline in server pop. Bruh, just give LMs tools. Just do lore events. Mod the map and load in cool towns with lore factions, or move radiation around each patch, do invasions, swarms, add and remove mods every 3 months that add new things. People will download a new mod if it adds cool shit just to play. But don't wipe the Lore every "season." *SHRUGS* W/e. Guess everyone out grows things as time moves on. Wonder who has purchased DeadMatterRP.com...
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    How the Lord intended for this to be viewed; https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1dOK-UAfySrn2E1sr_qbuHNc91sJh0jMDBote9QBBCJo/edit?usp=sharing Didn't mean to flex with the powerpoint or anythink just fancied a change ngl.
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    LASKA MAXIM DOM STEVEN JAKUB ANTON MILOZ MILA LEO They all had different reasons to come to this Oblast. This forsaken part of the country called South Zagoria. Some of them were born here, others came here to fight, some ran away from their past in search of a safe haven. And at some point, their paths crossed. Laska herself found her way to South-Zagoria by running away essentially. Once she was in the Oblast she made friends with a foreign woman called Emily, but they lost track of each other at one point. Alone again, Laska eventually met a group of individuals calling themselves Generation Zero and while she thought of them as a family at first, things changed when she ended up in Polana and it was obvious that the people there and GenZ would never be on good terms. While she also met Emily again, various events eventually led her to stay at the small settlement. This small settlement in Polana, a group of chernarussians living by themselves and offering shelter to other locals, a group known as Černaruští Zdejší - was what originally brought most of these people together. It was here that Maxim and Laska first met each other, and while relations were originally hostile and tense, they somehow grew close. Zdejší lasted a good while, but it eventually came to an end, some of the people from Zdejší followed Maxim back to Kameníci, to fight for their country once more. One of those people was Dominik, who after Zdejší dissolved, followed Maxims advice and joined Kameníci as well. Meanwhile Laska tagged along looking for answers, and perhaps change. Fighting with Kameníci went as expected, it consisted of ambushing communists, foreigners and anyone who were effectively deemed a target. With the leadership of Mikhail and Alexandr things were going well. Fighting in South Zagoria went on for a long time, and even to this day people still fear travelling down mountain passes and dimly lit forest roads alone, out of the luring danger of an ultranationalist guerilla force laying in wait. Eventually, South Zagoria calmed down a bit, and seeing a calm for only a brief moment Mikhail decided it was best to focus on the bigger fight, and thus for the second time in history, Kameníci returned to the BPR border to fight the communists once again. Maxim, Dominik and Laska all following suit of course, ambushing BPR patrols along their border and fighting communism, something which the CDF were unable to do due to the ceasefire. A ceasefire which Kameníci did not intend to uphold. After all they disagreed with it heavily. Upon hearing from some of her friends and contacts about what was going on back in the Oblast, Laska decided to head back to South-Zagoria after some weeks had passed as she was worried about her friends and intended to keep the promise she once made. She knew she would have a hard time convincing Maxim to join her to head back ... he was hesistant at first, dismissive and protective, refusing to let her go back, but he was eventually convinced, and with him he took Dominik to make up for the lack of support. Now that they are back, they are driven by old and new goals alike. Laska is keen on finding her friends, keeping true to her promises and working on uncovering the truth about her fathers death, while Maxim and Dominik would still do anything in their power to fight for their country. While Maxim on one hand is ready to purge foreign pests from this country - Laska on the other hand prefers a much more diplomatic approach - and unbeknownst to him, she had already made contact with a few foreign friends, in the hope they would join her in her endeavours - so she may start to write of her adventures in her journal again - on the next page. IC ENSURING OUR OWN SURVIVAL - Find good hunting locations to sustain ourselves [2/10] [day 810] - Find some good locations were we can set up camp [1/5] [day 850] - Teach members who are not from South Zagoria how to navigate through the oblast [1/6] [day 820] IMPROVING OUR CHANCES - Establish an arsenal of firearms incase we need them [0/10] [reopened] [day 800] - Ensure our arsenal remains stocked throughout the months to come. [0 Month(s)] [failed] - Locate small tents to take with us for travelling on the road. [1/2] [day 770] - Find like minded individuals to join our group [2/5] [day 800] - Find a map and constantly update it with valuable information [map found - current additions: 10] DEALING WITH THE PUBLIC - Gather intel on potential enemies of Chernarus and its citizens. [day 810] - Teach foreigners about our customs and history. [0/10] [day 850] - Ambush, sabotage or otherwise hinder enemy movements working against our country and its people. [3/10] [ongoing] - Locating and establishing relations with groups that have similar interests, or are otherwise beneficial. [2/5] [day 870] - Find Emily and Jona Smekhov. [achieved] OOC - Provide story driven roleplay and character development - Try to further roleplay through only using ingame means of orientation - no use of izurvive or any third party map systems - Find a good balance between campfire & hostile and internal & external RP, so that everyone's RP style is taken into account and we can create good rp for ourselves as well as provide stellar RP for anyone interacting with the group Group-Relations do reflect the majority of the groups opinion on another group of people. It does not, however, guarantee that every individual of our group would like all the people of an allied group, or the allied group as a whole. We are not a hive-mind after all and people can still have personal opinions that differ from the rest or the majority of the group. ALLIED: Kameníci COBR TRUSTED: Gabreta Fenix NEUTRAL: OREL Domorodci Chapter 2 Black Roses Wolf Pack UNTRUSTED: Legion Corp. Vultures Potius Cras DISTRICT ChDKZ @Franny - Laska Vrubel @Ducky - Maxmilian Vitek Myska @groovy ToeZies - Dominik Dvorak @Azu - Steven Shillingford @Watchman - Leo Vacek @Phoenix - Mila Kohen @Greener161 - Jakub Hosek @Flea - Anton Lesnitsky @cheeks - Miloz Kozlov To join us, approach us IC or you can fill out this form below and send it to @Ducky and @Franny. Whilst we do accept foreign characters as well, we are very selective with this. If you want to join on a non-Chernarussian character, you MUST approach us IC and win the groups trust. You can not join on a foreign character through the OOC recruitment form. Credits Thread : @Franny @Ducky @Azu Lore & Graphics : @Franny & @Ducky
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    @Tom @Dew @Dusty @Blake @Joe @YNW Jasper @YNW Law @YNW Viking @Bobby @Diamond @Apollo @Wendigo @Hollows @Shroud @Nik @youngbrandon or whatever ur name is @ShanePVP @Sleepyhead @evanm23 :(, the bois ( and sleepy) @G19RP @Real VegasRP, @JamesRP, @NorwayRP, @OiramRP, @ThrashRP, @General Rickets, @WongRP , @Cipher @NikoteenRP, @Hex , @SeversonRP @Kordruga, @Eagle Also the bois And ofcourse @NozzyRP a true supporter of the cause stay safe brother
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    I used to believe we could help everyone one way or another, but since time went on, that concept isn't valid anymore. Since I've been back in this godforsaken country, the people I call friends have changed. Other folk around these parts would say they are nothing but scum because they simply fear them. I'm lucky enough to have my words and people believe in what I say or they fear them. I've never been much of a soldier and I've always had some sort of PMC or people to enforce my words to those who don't believe. When I was a kid a man called Rustin used to preach to all the child slaves about how we are a family and we have a duty to the people to give them a new home and help those who can't. I used to believe in it and thinking about it today, the knowledge and wisdom that man used to tell us, I've started to teach others in the same light of things, Ironically I was scared of him and now I'm telling teaching the very thing I feared. I was travelling through some burnt down the village and I saw a church with a someone hanging from the arches. I remember seeing his face somewhere, but I can't remember his name. I heard a few months back around these parts there was a group that kidnapped people and held them a countable for their actions or so called actions they committed and if they were guilty they would be put to death and looking at the man hang, he must of being guilty of some crime. I didn't stick around for long and kept on walking. I ran out medication that the doctor gave me and I was looking for some more, but I couldn't find much and I could feel I was getting weaker and I ended half dead in a town called Polana and I heard some voices I rather I didn't. It was the Wolf Pack, I kept to myself and took my beret off and went to the water well and didn't say anything and I was walking out of town I one of the Wolfpack started to talk to me and I kept on walking. I must of got about twenty yards before I start chucking up everywhere, sick, blood everything. Wolf Pack being Wolf Pack saw I was chucking up and came running over. I got up and kept on walking and Phoneyxx walked in front of me and saw my face and knew it was me straight away. I had my pistol out as I could barely hold my rifle. I'm not sure what it was but she just stood there looking at me, it could of been the blood coming out of the mouth or she was surprised to see me like this but I knew I had to get out of there. While I was walking out I looked over my shoulder she was the only person left standing there. While I was walking down the road I saw a stream and walked down to it and washed my face and I got back up to start heading down towards the coast and I blacked out and the next thing I knew I was on a bed, It took me a moment until I realized where I was and I saw a woman standing to look out of the window and I went to grab my pistol from holster but it was gone and I looked around the room and saw I was hooked up to a saline and god knows what else. I lifted my legs from the bench I was on and pull the needles and everything else from my arms and got up, the girl that was at the window turned around and it was a girl called Willow, she was the same girl that was around the Moon's camp and I always thought she was known it all kid that thought she was gods gift to man anyways she rushed over to me and tried to get me to lay back on and I pushed her off her off and I said 'where's my shit' and she pointed and I put my jacket back on and grab my guns and bag. While I was putting the belt on, the door opened and Phoneyxx walked in with few guards and she said I need to sit down and but I brushed her off and when I walked out, I saw the last person I expected to see. The leader of Anarchy, Dimitri. I stared at him for a few moments and he walked over saying he heard I was down here and came down to see If I was dead or not. After a few moments he said I looked like shit and need to go back in, I explained what I did to these people and he said he would sort it, After a few hours, Dimitri came back with a PMC, The Legion and I spoke to the leader of that called Jericho. Dimitri must of explained what I had, what I could make and do, and they sent what they call the best doctors what was left in the world to patch me up.
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    Alright time to start tagging... First of all I would like to thank everyone involved last night for the greatest evening of RP I have had in a long time.. calling it 10/10 doesn't even come close to doing it honors. @Ducky I absolutely hate your character , with a passion thank you so much for that, You kick started one of the most enjoyable story lines I have had in a long time! @derNils Your amazing speech combined with Arnost's( @Isaiah CortezPVE ) will to fight speech allowed me to truly stand up from my knees.. Thank you for everything last night! @Imation11 Man that was a roller coaster, finally seeing each other again, having the biggest fight, then attempting to commit suicide to prevent a war with that amazing screaming behind me the crying, the... Oh god the feels are coming back... Only to then attempt to mend things prevent killing by risking you and realizing I couldn't talk us out of it... goddammit and I couldn't pull that trigger no matter how many times I debated it.... Dammit Shock @Malet and @Revie Goddamn, I don't have words for everything that happened between us and around us... I am growing so fond of having the two of you around and Jesus Christ on a pine stick don't you dare become strangers @Craig I hate that it went this way, I love your character man, I love our talks our events everything and now we are at the opposite sides.... I wont forget "killing" you though @McLeranth You walking out saying you had no part in this when the gates finally opened... I think that was one of the most heart warming moments I have ever had... a script writer couldn't have made it better, you and your group have been providing us with amazing RP and last night wasn't any different (I don't know all the members who were there except [email protected] sorry ) @Halven and @Kenyi You two showing up and radio'ing me, it made me so happy it gave me a boost of confidence for some reason, I didn't expect it, but I needed it... I wish we could have RP'ed but I had to be the over extender again(Apex Legends joke) So many us were there Chapter 2 thank you all for the RP I have been enjoying myself and have been making so many new friends these past few weeks I love you all. @MajooRB You have way too much trust in me, tonight was the proof. @Demaabd Dammit flamingo! @Razareth Your neutrality is starting to become a problem... still I love you @Deagle Kid you wanted a fight you had one! @Mia When ever you show up it becomes a better fucking day! @HeadKillz Told you we needed a militia! Thank you so much Dalsi Stranka, Gabreta Phenix and Domorodci... and all of those I inevitably missed... I am never forgetting this night... ever
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    Good evening everyone! I would like to welcome you all to another black market community interviews for the community by the community of reputable members of the community. Today we have Chief Wiggum himself, defeating the drug trade in Chernarus one step at a time, please welcome @Dew. Tell Us About Yourself Lad? How did you find out about DayZRP, and what made you want to join lad? What could we do, as the staff team, to make this a better place lad? What is your most memorable experience(IC/OOC) here lad? Do you regret doing anything in your time here lad? If you had to live in a jail cell with four people from this community who would it be lad? What is your favourite relatable community meme lad? What has been your favourite character you have played on the server and why lad? What do you feel is missing from the community lad? Do you have any hidden talents lad? If you could successfully frame someone for a rule breaking punishment, who would it be and why lad? If you woke up as a swedish man named Rolle, what would your first act be on dayzrp.com lad? What a top fucking lad. *@DrMax walks in* Alright I have had enough of your shit Max, my interviews now.
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    Another day in sunny Chernarus with @Nik & @YNW Pep
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    Good evening all, I am here to leave some feedback. First some context to the events that resulted in the situation last night. Members of District being kicked from Polana camp whilst I had been away for a week @Kenneth being exiled from his home in Polana. Having returned last night I was informed the above happened, so I decided to organised an assault on Polana to get some answers. Legion and Wolfpack were present. We initiated and after some exchange in fire we had taken @RisingStorm hostage. The firefight became quiet. I interogated Storm and decided to negotiate with her superiors for a face to face. I gave @RisingStorm her radio and relayed her to tell her remaining wolfpack members to throw down their arms and come to the gate to speak with me. I was informed by Storm that apparently none of them are here. I asked whom she was speaking with and she mentioned @FalkRP, kenny and someone else. I asked where are they and @RisingStorm told me they were nowhere near. I asked where specifically and she said Novaya Petrovka, so I told her to tell them to start making their way or @RisingStorm will be executed in 5 minutes. @RisingStorm then went excessively OOC to complain and moan to me that no one was online and I was asking her to do something impossible. Had she of told me that 'No one is answering' or 'I dont think anyone is awake' would of been much better than to be speaking over the radio in a hostage situation to people who are not or can not get in game. At that point the excessive OOC started to annoy me so I grabbed the radio and said let me speak to them. I said '//Tell them to go to DayZRP room 4'. She said in game without any radio on her person anymore 'they want you to go to room 4.' Which really made me cringe to hear in game in a tense hostage situation. I then spoke with a kenny(?) I believe and @FalkRP, Kenny just mumbled to me that he is no where near and would not tell me where and really did not care for Storm to die. @FalkRP and @RebelRP from legion were the only one making an effort and in the end @FalkRP told me to kill her as she is useless. Failing to come to negotiations she was executed. I have noticed this death did not result in a perma-kill which really does not make sense when failing to negotiate for one of your members, annoying but sure, it was @RisingStorm's choice. Then @RiZStream woke up in the room beside us and was immediately apprehended, I negotiated for his life which to no avail was not played ball with. He was brought to me where I questioned him about the recent events in my absence. I was given the reasons why they occurred and then I gave him his radio and told him he is going to cancel all current Legion contracts and cease to partake in business between them in future. @RiZStream firmly said he is not going to do that. I reasoned with him to encourage him to do so and he once again said no. I was then given a crowbar and I beat him with it and told him to publically broadcast my demand. He said 'no' once again. I took out my gun and pointed it at his head and told him that his life is in my hands right now and unless he does not cancel the contracts over the radio he will be laying on top of @RisingStorm riddled in bullets. Once again he replied 'I am not going to do that.' At this point an execution is warranted, so I then type '//Permission to PK?.' As he is refusing to comply to my demands and ultimately result in his honorable death. Progressing the server story with his death... however that didn't happen did it. @RiZStream responded with '//No.' to my out of character request. This was a sheer case of no value for life and I had enough of the encounter as it was leading no where and I asked him a final time to do it whilst I count down from 20 seconds.' He then eventually says 'Okay.' in a very monotone tone which gave me the vibe he realised he was committing no value for life. This just left a sour taste in my mouth. However, once we let @RiZStream go for that dead end roleplay, we had a very enjoyable fight and mutual shit talk with the Legion boys which made up for it. I hope you take this feedback into consideration when valuing your comrades lives in hostage scenarios and coming to terms with consequences for in character actions. Thank you for reading.
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    This might be a bit lengthy for some but I think it's important that as a community, we be given some, guidance and input by not only current staff but other ex-staff members and others who have been here a while and think they have a good understanding of the rules, and discuss the rules and their interpretation. I am going to be linking some reports, and if you are one of those, especially the main report I will be talking about, this isn't about you, nor is it intended as an attack on anyone involved and I ask people to be respectful towards those in the report. The goal of this post is to hopefully get some decent discussion on the rules as they pertain to kill rights and to gauge how people now view the practical aspects of certain rules in light of a recent report verdict. I am also hoping to avoid a lot of unnecessary bloodshed IG as I think that killing people should be a last resort, not a default go to, and to hopefully stop a bunch of reports which could potentially arise from situations happening in light of people reading the verdict. The primary report I am referring to is this one: Now basically it seems like there is some slightly "hostile" role play (hostile role play and not any actual hostile actions)and some tension due to something happening earlier between a couple of those involved. Then: A punches B B then raises his weapon and does not say anything C who is in a dynamic with A, guns down B almost immediately. the verdict as shown below was this staff members second attempt at the verdict, the first was basically a one or two liner saying "no rulebreak here" with no explanation. The reasoning given by staff is that the kill on "B" by "C" is valid "due to the situation at hand as a valid initiation as he directly threatens [A's] life." Now I see that people have tried to get answers in the ask staff for help forum here and here, but I really don't find the answers given very helpful or easy to understand, and one of the answers given, well lets just say (and I am being super polite here) is not great. The reasoning used by staff was that "C" was granted rights as when B raised their weapon in response to A punching him, this was seen as a valid initiation due to "the situation at hand". Now maybe if this part had been explained a little better, the confusion which now exists around this wouldn't be there and we could properly understand what about the situation made this action a "valid initiation" but even this might be pushing it. WAS IT ACTUALLY A VALID INITIATION BY B?: As far as I can remember simply pointing your weapon at someone, even if there has been some "hostile" roleplay (e.g. throwing some mean words and hurting each others feelings, or having some kind of argument) was never enough to be considered an initiation. There are a bunch of reports that say the same thing going back to previous rule sets, but even within our current rules staff have maintained the same position. Rule 4.1 states that "All initiations and hostile actions as well as their demands and conditions must be made clear and unambiguous to all involved players" .Here is a recent verdict from @Voodoo which states in no uncertain terms that "Aiming a weapon at someone is not a hostile action unless they make clear unambiguous demands": nowhere in the video shown in the original report I am referring to does "B" make any demands whatsoever. Doesn't this mean that he had not actually made any initiation? From my reading of the rule and from what I have seen in reports before the most recent one, it does not constitute an initiation. WHO WAS ACTUALLY THE "ATTACKER" IN THIS SITUATION AND WHO ACTUALLY GAINED "DEFENSIVE RIGHTS"?: So to quote @Roland himself: "The point stands that attacking someone in any way that deals damage to their character - even with fists - is a hostile action and people are allowed to defend themselves from hostile actions. Nowhere in the rules does it say that everyone on the server gets a free swing at each other and that the other party MUST take it on the chin and continue RPing and CANNOT use their weapon. Usually equal force should be used as a response to an attack on you - eye for an eye principle ( if someone shoots, you shoot, if they kill, you kill, if they punch, you punch). A good example for this is the execution rule 4.6 where you can only execute a hostage if that hostage was responsible for death of your ally. However, in sudden situations where the attack comes out of nowhere, unprovoked or without an initiation, you are allowed to defend yourself with whatever means necessary. As the rules clearly say, the burden of making the hostile actions clear and unambiguous lies on the attacker and defenders should not be punished for defending themselves. This comes from here: From what I read and saw in the original report, it is my interpretation of the rules that the attacker in this situation was in fact "A" as he had suddenly punched "B" granting "B" Defenders rights, because, as seen in the big mans quote above, "B" was now allowed to defend himself. My understanding of the rules is also that "A" did not gain actual "Attacker rights" from his punch as there was nothing for "B" to comply to, and could not have suddenly put down his fists and shot "B" (which did not happen here), meaning that "B" and "only "B" had any type of rights whatsoever in this situation, and those were defensive rights. IF "A" WAS THE ATTACKER AND "B HAD DEFENSIVE RIGHTS, DID "C" HAVE ANY RIGHTS WHICH WOULD ALLOW THEM TO KILL "B"?: SO in the original report, "A" and "C" were not in an official group together, meaning that they were in a dynamic group. My understanding of the rules is that if "A" and "C" were in a dynamic group and "A" initiates/commits a hostile action giving the opposing party rights on "A", that if the "Defensive" party ("B") does not comply, that only gives "A" rights to kill "B" and "C" has no rights whatsoever unless they also initiated with "A". Now as already discussed, in the original report, there was nothing that "B" could actually comply with and it seems that the only one with any rights was "B", but assuming that for whatever reason "A" did have rights, it would appear that "C" shooting "B" was clearly an invalid kill with role play. Here is a recent report where @Zanaan seems to support this position when they state "you cannot gain defense rights on attacker rights, defense rights are those shared by those being targeted by people with attacker rights" WHAT ARE SOME OF THE POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES OF THIS VERDICT?: As I see it, staff have now given a green light to people playing on the servers who may be involved in hostile RP (Not to be confused with hostile actions as defined by the rules), to gun down any opposing party who simply raises their weapon without doing anything else. They have also made it seem like it is OK to go up to someone you are having hostile RP, punch them and then have your friend (who doesn't even have to be in your official group) gun down the victim if the victim of the punch then exercises their DEFENSIVE right to shoot that person, or even just raises a weapon without any demand or consequence stated in order to get some further hostile RP going. It is my belief that whether intentional or not, this is the message that this report verdict has sent to the community, and staff have now given people something to point to to justify such actions. This ultimately makes it seem easier to justify killing people and I personally think that things that make it easier to kill people IG are generally bad for the community's salt levels (and bad in general). Maybe I am wrong and don't understand the rules as well as I thought I did, maybe the verdict was incorrectly worded and needs some other justification for the kill being valid (third times a charm right?), or maybe, just maybe, staff dropped the ball here....then emptied a full mag into it and put it through a wood-chipper? I'm just confused at this point, what are your thoughts on this? Do you agree or disagree with the above points? Do you think this sends a bad message to the community, especially newer players who may look at verdicts for guidance on the rules?
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    @G19RP @JimRP @NorwayRP @Helix @JamesRP @NozzyRP @OiramRP @ThrashRP @Real VegasRP @WombatLover69 @Kricketrp @JackZRP @SassyRP @YungBrandonRP @SeversonRP @LumenRP @RebelRP @Undeadrp @perqeRP @ScarRP @RedRP @OnionRP @Kairp @ZorullRP @Hexrp @General Ricketsrp @WongRP @RavenousRP @MrPandarp @CalRP @BandsRP. You know what this means.
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    To increase server population and retainment , an idea was born on Discord to reward you with a tiny amount of account credit for every full hour you spend on the server. This way the server gets more full because people are more inclined to join and stay for longer, which means more populated servers, which means even more people will join. Obviously, there's nothing free in this world, so to counter balance the loss of potential income caused by giving away free credits, a new perk would be added for Premium ranks which would give you a multiplier for the play bonus that ranges from 110% to 200% (so 10% extra - 100% extra). This wound grant an incentive to buy a premium ranks which could be seen as an investment and partially or fully pay itself off in long term, depending on how much you play. This is how the prototype looks like (you can find your own play statistics under main menu Dayz -> Play statistics). Values are preliminary. Obviously, the big issue here is AFKing in the server, but considering one dies from hunger/thirst reasonably quickly, an anti-AFK measure added to our mod and the fact that servers crash fairly often, we believe AFKing would not be a major problem. Let us know what you think and if you have any suggestions for improvement. We also want to do a similar thing for recruiting new members to the community, more info on that soon.
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