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    Character Name: Age (Real Life): Country(Timezone): RP Experience: Previous Groups: Why would you like to join us?: Your activity in a week: Character skills: What role would suit you best?: Additional Comments: Chernarus arrival LORE approved by @kalyri
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    We are implementing some rule changes requested by both community and staff. These changes are taking effect immediately, however like always we will try to be lenient to any report/rule breaks in the first few days or weeks. Ghosting rule was rewritten to more accurately describe it in current situation where we don't have sharded servers anymore and don't have plans for any in the forseeable future. We have also adjusted the hostage execution rule, executions are now only valid if the hostage you're about to execute has killed or been directly involved in killing of your own group members. Allies no longer count as it was too confusing to track who is allied with whom and unofficial or temporary alliances allowed for abuse of executions. The Gamemaster team also wanted the griefing rule reworded. We also added blocking to the list, since building a bunch of walls inside someone elses base to lock them in or just to annoy them isn't very nice. We also have a new rule trial for character PK. Rule trial means that we will keep this rule for a limited time, to see its effects and decide at a later date whether or not it should stay permanently. Should we decided to remove the rule its effects will be reverted back, in this case characters marked dead would be miraculously revived. This new rule was created after discussion in this recent thread. Administrators have always had the power to PK characters at will, but we have rarely if ever done so. We believe that with addition of a new rule it will trigger a reality check for players who think their character is invincible or main protagonist of this lore. While we don't trust the general community to decide whose character should be PK'd, we think it's reasonable that the administrator team who already have that power make that decision based on reported evidence sent in by the players. We will be relying on server logs, number of executions as well as reported player feedback with evidence of said behavior to make informed decisions about issuing PK marks. We may also contact the person on the receiving end to hear their part of the story and why they are acting the way they are in game. Once issued, a PK mark will appear on character page in the same place where "DEAD" sign is present for dead characters. Currently PK marks can be used and fulfilled by anyone who gains valid execution right on the character, but we're also open to restricting PK rights to the group or person that requested it in the report - that way they get their "revenge" and can finish the story properly, nobody else will be able to steal the kill. Let us know what you think about this. We don't know yet what will happen with PK marks long term, an idea we have is to have the PK mark be time limited for X hours spent in game on the marked character. That way the people who may want to execute the rights will have a window of time to fulfill the PK, but the mark will also clear automatically if no further hostilities ensue or the character manages to avoid capture or giving execution rights. Further details about PK marks will be decided on as we progress, and it's precisely why this rule is a trial so we can work with you the community to make adjustments along the way to make it work the best way possible. To report a character for PK review please send a support ticket to the Administrator team, provided with all relevant information and evidence.
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    First of all, I want to thank the great people of Asclepius for a great time in their group and some great RP. I love you guys, and you will always have a special place in my heart right up there with the people of the Old Wolfpack. I wish you all the best, and I hope Chameleon can continue to support you all. So why did this end, you may ask? Because of some shitty people that metagame my stream and harassing the great people of Asclepius. Yes, it is clear to me and everyone in the group what is going on, but we merely cant prove it! You made it; You accomplished 1 out of two things, and the second thing, if this continues, will be me stopping to stream all together on this server and only recording in safe areas. Yes, it has gone that far that I, a streamer for over two years, is thinking about quitting! I hope you all are proud of your self. Fucking play the game as intended, and I promise you, you will have a lot more enjoyable time on this server. If you can't, then leave DayZRP for the good of us all. Well, I said what I came to say, and yes, this is the final warning, I will quit streaming if something doesn't change.
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    Yesterdays metagamer has been punished after extensive research and log digging. Now let's get back to streaming @Aron73
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    ..... Because people in real life can live longer then a thousand hours. If a person doesn't do anything to warrant getting killed, you are now interested in killing them just... because... they've been around a while?
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    Errybody giving PK rights to their group leaders but won't give it to a dude who executes them multiple times
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    Last time I had a firefight it was Dead Horse and the Russian anarchists fighting together, both red and blue armbands. I vividly remember running away from pusta with about 15-20 pairs of white converse chasing after me and some other CLF. Is this not true? @Mike or other Dead Horse members could you shed some light on this? I'd understand if your groups were similar but your group goals differ quite a lot. Could easily be classed as a zerg as your groups don't really share a common goal but you still merged for leverage or numbers? Not quite sure I think if you want to discuss a 'zerg' mentality and if it's healthy for the server you should, like any issue, look to see if you can make a difference first, then pose it to the community. Asking if it's healthy but contributing to the problem is counter productive
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    I like this thread. This. So much this. "Server is empty, I can't find anyone to RP!", "Server is full, I am stuck in queue!", "The map is too big, I have to run a lot!", "The map is too small, I can't run anywhere". It never ends
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    Vasyl ‘Caracal’ Antonov - @Hennessy Maksim ‘Maks’ Siklovic - @groovy blisna Zakhaev ‘Taiga’ Morozov - @groovy ducky Dimitri ‘Debil’ Siklovic - @groovy dingo Kadyr ‘Tsar’ Tsarnayev - @groovy willsky Simon ‘Clonk’ Antonovich - @Clarence Nicholai ‘Pozhar’ Belov - @TheMrGasMask Markos ’Molotov’ Andreyev - @Kase Mikkel ‘Duke’ Lundgaard - @DukeLR Vadim ‘Vadim’ Volkov - @MaybeleleLR Kodiak ‘Kodiak’ Domitrov - @ZedLR Jiri ‘Sins’ Boros - @Inferno Radiy ‘Sok’ Myasnik - @Juice Hand Sergei ‘Sarge’ Vavilov - @FredLR Mirko ’Tarot’ Kovacs - @Watchman Jacob 'Bacon' Kameski - @HeadKillz Nika 'Ghost' Sokolov - @GhostyBae
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    https://dayz.ginfo.gg/livonia/ So this thread has been done relatively recently I believe by @Shiesty and it was fairly obvious that the community wasn't too interested at that time. But whilst just playing and chilling with different people, I've heard a lot of different people talking about how they would like to play on Livonia again and that if it came back as a map for this server they would happily buy the dlc to play on it in stead of Chernarus. I am fairly certain that most people know the map pretty well so I will just list a few pros and cons of why I feel like Livonia as a 2nd server rather then Namalsk in which I found personally was cool but I would prefer to use Livonia a little more and to play it again as well as a lot of other people I have spoken to. As for the map being developed especially for this server, whilst I am excited for it. That will not be implemented for quite a while from my knowledge, so this would be until that is ready. Pros - A smaller map size A smaller map size could mean more roleplayer closer together and much better chances to randomly come across people whilst walking around the map. - Possibility for different storylines and groups This is of course more dependent on this community then just the map itself but I feel like a separate map with a small separate lore would promote different storylines then you could have on Chernarus and perhaps even having different groups then the ones currently on Chernarus. Creating a different environment on each server. - Something fresh What I mean by this is, I love Chernarus. That's why I feel it should remain as the main server, but I do feel it is very stale for me personally and a lot of other people I have spoken to. Due to mine and other's absurd playtime in Chernarus and this game in general. I feel like it replacing Namalsk as the second server would offer a separate scenery which this community often does want. Cons - Paywall First and foremost I feel like I should mention the paywall that may discourage some people from adding it. Livonia is a DLC map that costs £11.99 on steam as a brit. I ain't sure about different currency's but I am sure you can roughly work it out. (However my good friend @OwOgles has asked me to mention that he doesn't mind paying for a few copies and giving them out so that more people can enjoy the map if need be, what a nice lad.) - Splitting community What I mean by this is that it could possibly result in the community being split between two different servers which would lower the consistent player pop at a time. And that was all I could think of. There probably is another con of it, but it's 2:30 am and I am very tired. If you think of any feel free to add it below. Tell me your opinions and lets keep this civil shall we, thanks for reading.
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    DayZRP 21.2.1 Released 2021-02-16 General Update mission files and loot tables to be compatible with DayZ 1.11 @Roland Smoking cigarettes should now produce smoke @Kerkkoh Possibly fixed GPS usage @Whitename Added markers for traders and ATM on in game map, you should be able to add markers of your own as well @Whitename @Roland Clothing New beanie variant (Chernarus) @OwOgles @Watchman Weapons KaBar knife @Empress Thigh weapon strap @Misho Nambu14 pistol @Empress @Misho SVT40 civilian rifle @PATRIOT @Misho PKP machine gun @Misho
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    So the title pretty much says it all I would like to have a community discussion including ALL SIDES perspectives on the current "zerg mentality" on the server. First allow me to set the definition of a "zerg" group I would classify a zerg as a group with 20+ members. Currently there are nine groups on the server and 4/9 of these groups meet my definition of a zerg group. 1.) Dead Horse = 28 members 2.) CLF = 32 members 3.) Spero = 27 members 4.) Azazel = 23 members Total member count of above groups = 110 members I personally do no think that zergs are healthy for the server for two main reasons. Reason number one being that it seriously limits role play potential on the server. The reason why is quite simple because if there are less groups with more people then there are fewer RP avenues to explore then if there were more groups with less people. The second reason why I think zerg groups are unhealthy is because given that Dayz is a PVP based game it promotes others to create "counter zerg" groups and when you have two large groups more than likely it is going to go down the path of never ending death match because it is simply hard to get that many people to see eye to eye and agree on something. I am not suggesting a solution to this problem through a group limit in the rule page but rather I just wanted to bring this to the attention of everyone and see how people feel about it because it seems like most people I talk to think that it is not a good thing. Finally just to put things into perspective there are currently 9 groups on the server with a grand total of 179 players (110 of these players are only in four different groups) if the community was to shift towards smaller groups of roughly 15 people then we could add another three groups to the server and have many more RP avenues to explore in game instead of the endless zerg death match.
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    #1 Might not make it home The day I ran into Yakov, is the day I started to live. Everything I had before was good. I had everything I wanted and needed. I had my own bar, I had money, I had friends and I had lovers. But I never met someone I truly trusted, I desired, I cared so much about. I never loved someone like I love Yakov. I never loved. The times he came to my bar where the times I always looked forward to. Thinking back I realise that I always made time for him. Not once did I miss a day. Three days a week normally. It was very unusual if he skipped a day and it rarely happened. However, not everytime did he seem to be in the mood to have a chat. Sometimes he just ordered vodka or a double shot espresso and stared at his hands or his mobile phone. And yet, I did not mind and still enjoyed his presence, just watching him. I would not have noticed my own behaviour or feelings at the time. I mean, I knew which family he was from, I knew what he was doing and I knew some of his friends... and I even knew some woman he slept with which was a no no for me... at least this is what I told myself and my friends. If you'd asked me at the time if I had a crush on him, I would have laughed and denied it. I always thought he was nice and good looking, but I never spent a second thinking about going to bed with him. Did I flirt with him at the bar? At least I tried... but flirting was part of the job. I flirted with everyone. Men, women and everyone in between. Today I know how much he actually did for me and my bar... to keep me safe. If you ask him why he did what he did at the time, he has no good explanation for it other than he liked me as a person. He made sure I never had to pay any protection money to the Zima family and in general they never bothered me. He took care, without my knowledge, of guys who caused trouble at my bar and made sure they would never do it again. If I would have known this at the time, I would have told him to stop that shit and that I could take care of myself. But if I am honest, I probably would have had no idea what to do in a situation like this. That we met again, that we fell in love and that he is still protecting me, like he did before all of this, is fate if you ask me. ----- After my father died at home I left Kamishovo. I walked from town to town, through woods and slept wherever I could find a place to hide. After a few days, it was a cold but sunny day, I saw a guy walking in front of me in the middle of the street. Because of my nature and the way I am, I screamed and waved towards him and to my surprise this very tall and muscular build guy stopped and turned towards me. I needed a few moments to understand and to realise who it was standing in front of me. I don't think he needed a moment. He remembered me right away. To be fair, today I would never wave at someone I see on the street, it's way too dangerous. The first few days after we met, we stayed together and talked about the good old times at my bar. We just got to know each other really and like instantly I trusted him... kinda naturally, you know... since I knew him from before. I also cannot deny that after the first two or three days there seemed to be some flirting involved. I guess it just happened. However, nothing more really. We always tried to find an empty house to stay in for the night. Sometimes we talked through the night and only slept for an hour or two. Never in the same bed, always in the same room. From time to time we met some other people. However, one guy stuck out. His name is Lance. He kinda drove into us with a car and was nice enough to offer us a ride. Since we did not know where we wanted to go, Lance offered to bring us to his people. A group of Doctors nurses and teachers who tried to build a place for people in need, looking for shelter and/or medical help. He told us they settled down on an old school building. Thinking back, we had been very naive. We would never drive with someone anywhere these days, unless we know the person. We did not meet the school people this day, instead we ended up somewhere at a beach with people Lance did know. These people were having a good time. Campfires, music and cheap vodka. Surreal really in a time like this but we took the chance and tried to relax too. And oh boy, we did have a good time. The people were nice, funny and they shared what they had to share with us... no questions asked. I ended up jumping into the cold sea with just my slip on while Yakov looked after my stuff, standing at the campfire. I could not convince him to jump into the water with me sadly... even after half of a bottle of vodka he said no. However, this day was the day we finally kissed for the first time. We did not find a house that night to sleep in so we made our camp in the forest, next to the beach. He offered his sleeping bag since I was freezing. He told me to lay down next to him so he could keep me warm... he said it in such a non cheesy and blunt way that I actually thought he had no thoughts left to think about getting into my pants. He stroked over my back, trying to keep me warm and when I lifted my head, he looked down on me. And then it happened. His hand moved to my cheek and did lift my head up a little bit more, softly pressing his lips onto mine. It did not feel awkward or strange. It felt so good and so right. We kissed till we both fell asleep. In the morning, after our first kiss, we started to travel again. We found an abandoned house in the middle of the woods somewhere and I swear, we stayed there for over a week. We got to know each other even more... in every possible way you could imagine. Everyday and every night. It was exhausting and yet I still cannot get enough of it and him. We stayed in contact with Lance over the radio and did end up meeting these school-people at their home. We got to know Lance more and more each day. He is funny, charming and intelligent... just a nice guy and I ended up loving him... in a platonic way. He is still my best friend even though I don't have much contact with him anymore since he went to Russia with the rest of the people who tried to make the school work but failed. The relationship between Yakov and me got stronger everyday. We faced problems a normal couple in a normal world never would have to face. For a while we stayed with the "school-people", helping out where we could till the Russian military forced everyone to move to Chernogorsk. It was not a choice, it was an order. Not following this order could have caused death, so we did what they wanted us to do. They had all the power at this point of time. We moved down there and we took the chance to see if my bar and my apartment was still there. The bar was destroyed and raided. It was clear that people stayed there, took everything of value and destroyed what they did not need. My apartment was broken into but not much was missing. Lance was staying with us in the apartment and for a while we thought we could start a somewhat normal life. We all had been wrong. The military forced us to get registered, giving us a number... They forced us to stay in the city and told us that no one was allowed to leave the area. They tried to tell us that this would keep us safe. It was false hope. We still lived in fear everyday and more than once there were people shooting in the city, causing us to hide and more than once we got searched in the middle of the streets by the Russians for whatever reason they made up on the spot. I stopped counting the times where some soldiers told me to put my hands up, to stand up against the wall so they could search me for things I might have on me which I would not be allowed to have... for everyone's safety... they said... oh, and they are sorry that I have to go through this but sadly they don't have a female soldier to search me... and always a smirk on their lips while their hands grabbed my ass. From one day to another the russian military was gone. No explanation. No reason. No one to ask. No one knew. We just saw them driving and flying away. It felt like they would leave us to die. No fucks given. Everyone was confused and scared. Yakov and I felt some sort of relief. However, the people of the clinic also decided to move away. I think they might know more about why the military was leaving than what they told Yakov and me. Maybe, the military leaving and the people from the school following them were all connected. If so, no one told us. Them leaving meant Lance would leave me too. He tried to explain to me why he would leave, always bringing up his job and his duty towards people in need. What about the people back in Chernogorsk? What about me? It did hurt me, I am not going to lie. Yakov and I were unsure about what to do. We both felt like that there was more to the story. However, we decided that we would follow them but to move on from there. The plan was to find his family. Maybe they would still be alive. So we drove to Russia. Weeks on the road. Sleeping in the car. Always afraid about what to expect, what could happen next. It was exhausting. ---- Russia To find Yakov's Family and his son was the reason we decided to follow Lance and the people from the school to Russia. He knew his ex-girlfriend and his son moved into a different city just before everything started but he hoped that his family would have any information about their whereabouts. It seemed very important to Yakov to not only know if his son is still alive, but also if his parents and brothers are ok and in a safe place... which is more than understandable. Yakov always told me that he is sure that his family would not approve of me but that he would not care about that. Maybe like two days before we left towards Russia, he told me more. He told me that it's not only the fact that I am not Russian but also because of my skin color, of course. To be honest, I expected that but I also hoped that I might be able to turn them and their opinion around with my personality. How arrogant of me to think that. The first week in Russia we helped Lance and the others to settle down. Lance then gave us a car so we could drive to St.Petersburg. Again we found ourselves on the road. It took us quite some time and I could tell that Yakov was nervous. The longer we drove, the longer we needed, the more he got quiet and sleepless. In the end, we did find his family. They are doing better than we both thought. The Zima family is the one controlling a safe area, a big settlement. They have everything they need and more. His son and his ex-girlfriend have not been there and they told us that they did not have any information about them. Like Yakov predicted, his family looked down on me. They do not approve of his choice. While his younger brother was nice to me and actually tried to get to know me, his mother despises me... like I would be just another whore he picked up on the street. She tried to treat me in a somewhat polite way but only out of respect for her son, but it was made clear that I was not welcome. A chernarussian woman, a black one on top is not what the russian lady expected for her son, nor would she be supporting the relationship by tolerating us as a couple. Every night, for weeks, we talked while laying in bed within the Zima settlement. He told me that he would not want to stay here because I was not welcome. I am not sure but I do think he tried to talk to his mother but once it was clear to him that she would not change her mind, he decided that we should move back to Chernarus which we both call our home. If he would have wanted to stay, I would have tried to stay with him. I actually don't think that his mother would have thrown me out of the settlement... but I am sure she would have tried something else... getting rid of me. However, it would have not been pleasant living in this place, knowing that his family hates me. They gave us a car, food and everything else we needed and wanted. His mother was furious the day we left. She yelled at Yakov in russian which I did not understand and he would not translate it for me. He said I don't have to know since it was disgusting. She blamed me for the fact that her son was leaving her and the family again, so did his brothers and to be fair, it's true, isn't it? While on the way back home, Yakov told me: "Iva. 'I love you' that means I am not just here for the pretty parts. I am here no matter what."
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    Two months ago the conversation was "Why is DayZRP dying?" now the problem is there's too many people in certain groups The community will never be happy, there will always be something to complain about. This is one of the more ridiculous things I've seen complained about as of late. People will naturally congregate in groups with those they enjoy being around, they will play at the same times as one another for that exact same reason. Welcome to the wonderful world of online gaming. Shits the same as it's always been. It's fine.
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    As you all can see we have had a major revamp of the group thread, from the name, lore, goals and overall look. This has all been approved from the Admin team and has been spoken about in depth to make sure that something major like this can be done. All of this has been done due to In game roleplay and the storyline that the group has gone through. Now that I have done with all the new updates I can finally say welcome to a lot of new faces that have joined the family! @Lucky Luke ⇢ Welcome back, We are glad to have you on board and back on a different character. Here is to round 2 with us @Ron + @Terra ⇢ Thank you to you both for joining at such a weird time of the transition but I'm glad to have such long standing roleplayers in the community apart of the group. @Solar Eclipse ⇢ Welcome you Stinky, I'm glad that you finally joined my group as I've fighting for you even since I made one. I know you will bring some great roleplay @Geek ⇢ The roleplay that I've had with you so far as been funny, wholesome and serious. I'm glad to have you apart of the team @Fallen_666s ⇢ The first day I met you you was helping us raid something, it was funny and you was such a great person to be around. Your roleplay that you bring also is amazing. @MacallyWally + @Nudey + @Niveous ⇢ I feel like I struck gold when meeting you three. All of you have grown so much while being with the group and just have been outstanding with you roleplay that you have provided even though you are new to the server. @VodkaWolf ⇢ You really did join at a very random time with the transition but I'm glad you stuck around to roleplay with us. Now that everything is done hopefully we can kick of the story! Thank you to all the above people for being patient with the welcoming of you all to the group but I appreciate all of you showing interest in the group and the new direction it was going. Also wanted to say a big thank you to the following people that have made some outstanding roleplay for the group but now have left. @ToastyMedic, You on Vallen was so great, you played him just the way you wanted until the death. The storyline you provided for us was stressful but great at the same time. Thank you @JasonBR, I wanted to say thank you for being apart of the group and giving us a long standing goal and storyline to go off on. You have created some interesting meetings. @Aron73, Thank you so much for being apart of the group and the roleplay that you brought to the group, sorry it had to end like this but I wish you all the best, and I can't wait to see you around. and thank you to everyone in the group helping me through this very confusing and hard time. I really do appreciate all your hard work that you have been doing IC and OOC for the group. Hope you all enjoy the new look and lore, Also there will be a lot more updates coming along with the new thread to so keep an eye out.
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    Hello @HDragon, I know you're just back from amnesty, and are obviously desperate to get the final removed. This suggestion is just stupid, take note of my gif.
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    I'm sorry but we can't expect people to only raid bases when the owners are online. First off, people can't see who owns the base and if they are online or not. Secondly, we will not force people to adjust their Playstile because of someone's precious gear. If you build a base, expect it to be raided, whether you are online or not. It is DayZ people, stop getting attached to gear! With that being said, I'll do us all a favor and close this thread as there has been more than enough like these.
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    I like the idea and wanted to implement it personally before, however never got to it. I think it's fair to restrict voting in suggestion forums to people who have at least 1 hour played in the last month. People who haven't played in months and probably have DayZ uninstalled shouldn't really weigh in on decisions that affect current active playerbase like choice of mods or rules. Experienced players who hold a special rank like MVP or Legend would of course be allowed to vote regardless.
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    Well, where do I begin..... I started this group out not knowing it will survive a week as I only started with 4 members and dying need to find one more. And looking at it now with a 20+ roster I didn't think It would grow into something like this ever. When I came back from my ban and I wanted to put the right foot forward and I thought creating a group would be something that showed that. I did not know that I would get into so much roleplay for it and to be honest it's been a rollercoaster of emotions IC and OOC. The stories that all of us have made has been crazy and something like out of a movie, The funny inside jokes we all have and the moments that we all look back on will be amazing and something that I never knew would come out from making a group like this. I have made so many friends and so many great memories from it too. I hope to see you all around soon and for some still playing other games and hanging out a lot more. This group went through some of the weirdest transitions and has grown and evolved into something away from the original look and direction I wanted to go with the group, which has made leading it that so much more interesting. I thank you all that was involved in the making, participation and just believing in the group. I do look up to all those that have run a long-standing group in the past and present. You all put in so much work to make an idea come to life and I praise you all for that. @Fuchs, We met outside the hospital with @Flavberg. I'm glad you joined and climbed the ranks and became a major role within the group. You are so funny OOC and such a great guy to be around. Hopefully I see you around and both of you don't be a strangers! @Fallen_666s, Oh my! Where do I begin with you (hehehhe) You are such a character OOC and IC and such a funny person to be around. Sorry that your role within the high council was cut short but I knew you were the best fit for the role. And your roleplay was amazing and always put a smile on my face. Keep up the great work. @DrMax I don't really wanna boost your ego even more LMAO, but if it wasn't for you I would not have started this group, and without your push, it would not have been posted in the first place. Thank you for helping me create the group. @DrCor The RP that I and you had has been insane, and it was hard to see you go at the end. Our characters went through so much together and such outstanding person to be around. I hope all goes well for you in the future in your upcoming plans and also I will be looking out for PINK! @DrLettuce, One of the nicest people I have met ever on this server! Your witty sense of humour was such a joy to be around all the time, The daily check in's to getting in the game with you was so heartwarming and I know from roleplay and talking to you I have truly made a friend. @Joshxald, Another person I got super close with and made such a good friendship with OOC, We went down together! I'll see you on the Minecraft server! But all jokes aside thank you for joining and being such an amazing part of the group and its story! @Lucky Luke, It was so great to see you come back into the group after you left before due to your character dying. You brought an outstanding story arch to the group keep up the amazing work! @Niveous, I have said it before and I will say it again, You are born to roleplay, I would say probably my favourite RP'er on the server hands down. Keep doing amazing things on that character! Overall I want to thank everyone once again for being such an amazing sport and also for being apart of something like this. I hope to see you all in game soon
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    Because the community hates change and would much rather play on the same old boring map.
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    The story of Maxim Petrov, a series that I will never make but I love making trailers.
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    From the crazy day we call today...
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    OK that's enough, locking the thread, seeing as you all can't have a civil discussion.
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    Narodniks ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Did some shape/face practice and actually really like the outcome of this Need to start practicing more often
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    The return of the king
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    We've all been there. You spent weeks building a base, gather supplies, set up a few walls, and log out for the night. You go to bed dreaming about the fortress that you've made, excited to continue your work the next day. Morning comes, the sun shines through your window. Balls still hanging (or boobs for the girls in the community), you hop behind the computer and log on to the www.dayzrp.com/ roleplaying servers. The loading screen ends, and what do you see? Your base HAS NOT been raided. I don't know if this has happened to any of you, but it has to me, and it has been frustrating. The worst part about it is that later that day, whilst I was role-playing, some role-player showed up and raided my base. Can you believe that? They had to AUDACITY to RAID me, whilst I was still ONLINE! I was offline for 10 hours, and they could've raided me whilst I was sleeping. But they decided to do it whilst I was awake, and online on the server - and this is a problem. So I suggest we ban it, and only allow offline raiding from this point forward. I have created a poll, cast your votes and let me think what you guys think! Should we BAN online raiding?
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    Server and location: S1 Chernarus; Polana Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Some time between 2:30pm PST and 5:30pm PST Your in game name: Wynne Walker Names of allies involved: SPERO and polana residents Name of suspect/s: Stinky Red Army; old men, one very bald, the other very stinky, have sticky hands Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Unknown Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): [Pictured: Hamilton; very good boi; Emotional support pig] Detailed description of the events: So I'm away from my camp/town doing big boss babe shit you kno you kno just vibing My in game son @Dank Ninja stumbles upon two old geezers messing around with our pig pen He recognizes them from a previous altercation wherein we gave them supplies to help them rebuild after they were raided. My son was very surprised to see these men have come to cause trouble for us, considering how we saved them from execution just earlier this week. He sees them take my dear Hamilton out of his shed, where we put him up to sleep safely. Hamilton is my emotional support pig. Being a big boss lady is very very stressful and I need an ESA to keep from going skrrrrrrrrt pew pew on everyone I see. So you see it is very important that I have him. My son walks away to get help, because these fellas decided to draw guns in town on another random citizen earlier, and when he returns, he only finds the burlap sack, and Hamilton is nowhere to be seen. It is my belief that he was intentionally left to despawn. I would like to expose these cruel people to the community for the grief they have caused as they did not even take the burlap sack and this is simple animal cruelty. If they needed food we have a ton lying around for them to eat. Hamilton is domesticated and will not fare well in the wild. I only hope my Hamilton is out there and not being turned into bacon by these cruel old men. But I must stop them from being able to perform this psychological warfare on others.
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    Chernarus suffered years of war, death and destruction which followed by the terrible infection with the Frenzied Flu that set in motion a chain of events that would change the fate of Chernarus and it’s people that struggled to survive. Following the death of Major Dimitrí Stepánov, the Free Chernarussians were left in despair and without a goal, many fled, many died, but some survived. Among those who fought against the Russian oppression in Lopotevgrad until it's fall, the status and location of The Liberation Front currently is unknown. His father, Josef Zavat battled in the Parliament for the freedom and independence of Chernarus, but his efforts were in being as his assassination was soon to come. Followed was Adam’s mother and in the end would’ve been him. Returning from the shadows, Adam Zavat aims to reclaim Chernarus and finish what his father started, a Free nation, away from Russian grip and into the hands of the people. Event Details Event Type : Major Story Event Period : Indefinitive Location : Chernarus Main Character : Adam Zavat Event Objectives : Assist in the resurrection of Chernarus Society under a new way Prevent any insurrection that would threaten the lives of those within Chernarus Help in the reconstruction of the Government so one day, the hope of normality returns. Following feedback from “Wings of Mercy”, this Event will feature some mechanics from previous event and more such as visual changes in the world and more storytelling. This event will be more Player-Driven, therefore your actions can change the outcome on a new level. (This Event thread will evolve as days and RP goes!) Goals The goals of this Event is to rebuild society the best way survivors can. Either being building, donating or fighting for the New Republic while at the same time ensuring the lives of those within the Political Party stay alive. Like “Wings of Mercy”, the progress bar will be present with a twist and will be present later in the upcoming Phases. Phase I : Starting Small Phase II : Establishment With the new headquarters set, Adam Zavat began his plans for his next step in restoring Order and Civilization back on Chernarus under a New Republic. Yet he feels powerless alone, so he will have to establish a Council made of the already existing groups around Chernarus that fought for survival and holding onto the hope of one day returning to normal. Using that along with his ambition, he feels that overcoming this terror will end faster the more united they are. Ivan Belic of the Berezino Pub and Hector Del Toro of the Family already offered their support and willing to side with Zavat in the restoration, all that is left is to find the leaders of the Spero and the Medical Teams, once all groups that have been working to stay alive and show great interest in restoration are accounted for, the next step in the New Republic will be to find a place to form a Capital. But a new threat looms in the dark corners of Chernarus, as many souls were lost by hostiles, to which Zavat took in consideration in his work, if he has to form a new Republic, he has to stay strong against enemies that may or may not stop his progress. Day 260 - Feb 18 Settling in was off in a rough start, but Zavat wasn't ready to give up, the day he got captured, he felt the obligation as a bringer of hope to reestablish the land much more higher than before, meeting members of the Spero, Alexei Novak, Wynne Walker and Minister Josef Liska, Adam feels much more at ease with more Chernarussian brothers assisting him. More of Vyzov attacks caused many to doubt Adam' ambition, as well as the Infection increasing in numbers by day, which could crumble any other soul. But that will not stop the determination of the people. The future is difficult to see, but not impossible, there is more to come. And February 19th, something comes. Day 261 - Feb 19 The night of 18th, Zavat planned something with multiple people, while at the same time, movement in the region started to become apparent, Vyzov was declared dealt with by none other than the Liberation Front, and that their arms are ready to defend the Chernarussian land. At the same time, Adam Zavat has gathered people at the Berezino Headquarters to present something unexpected, an official declaration from none other than the Russian Federation, stating that the territory of Chernarus was to be identified as an independent sovereign nation, with military withdrawal and other points to which Adam Zavat, being temporarily Head of State and Josef Liska as Prime Minister signed and revealed it to the people. During their meeting, afterwards, the arrival of CLF within sparked a fire unseen, even doubted by the the Liberation Front, Adam isn't giving up just yet. Although, even with the documents sent back to Russia, noone is certain if this promise will be respected by Russia, only time will tell. Bonding together, the Council decided to nail down primary issues before settling agreements, the CLF was given a copy of the document to be reviewed, and the rest are ready to push on what Adam Zavat and Josef Liska are ready to handle. "A new dawn rises for Chernarus." - Liska Phase III : Plan and Execution .The first days after the signing, the land was quiet, an eerie feeling of this uneasy freedom rolled up on any Chernarussian' back, finally the victory they long waited for, now what? Adam went into deep thinking, what can he do now, and he got one. Meeting with Alexei Novak and Josef Liska, the three men planned an opportunity, a mission for Alexei. Travel to Novigrad. At first it was insane, sending a man west unknowing of the threats, but for Zavat and Liska, it was a worthy mission to achieve, and that Alexei was the most skilled for the trip. With him packed and go, they wait that his updates and travel is done without his loss. All said and done, Zavat was met with a surprise, a terrible one. First an Anarchist flag mounted atop his flagpole, followed by a Chedaki soldier that came through guns ready to take the young politician but with his absurd luck, armed men came to assist and disarm the loyal RAC member, Adam had no choice but to execute the soldier which is practically his enemy, or let him go and risk getting a bullet the next day, with the deed done, fears that the Russian withdraw may bring more problems on the table. The land faced tensions more and more as multiple reports of fights start to break out, Hector Del Toro being a target and almost had Aleš, the newest addition to the council, shot dead after an altercation. As situation cooled down, those responsible are being looked for questioning and given the proper punishment. And next step to the politician' mind is to work a way to unite the factions together under one roof... But that is easier said than done. With rumors of Anarchists Objectives : - Await the return of Alexei Novak with reports of Novigrad and Western Chernarus. - Find a way to unite the Factions of Chernarus and work together in establishing a new Community. - Establish a defensive plan against possible threats that may harm the lives of others.
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    Can we just give a huge round of applause to @Dr Bradley for his amazing first run of leading a group! o7 to the ashes of Azazel p.s. a nurse gif for good measure
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    @Ron designed and shaped last touches on next premium rank. Here it is : @Roland PoV please.
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    That's a little hostile bro, I get he's criticising some folks you might be tight with but we both know when there's a hunt going on for a firefight, @s are being thrown in multiple discords, including our own, to bring bodies for a possible firefight. Having friends is one thing, bunching up in a stack of 20-25 to go fragging is another.
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    Can we change the temperature and the constant raining ingame ? Its insane how cold it is at the moment ingame. You spawn as a freshspawn and you instantly drop to darkblue temperature while its sunny and fuck if it start raining you lose your hydration and hunger within minutes, even if its full white. Here a example of spawning fresh, NOT being wet at all and still losing HP because of the cold. Honestly feels like the temperature's got resetted since the latest patch (which has happend before without being noticed by the dev/staff team)
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    I post twice here because monkey brain Used to be a time when each group was lucky to have 1-2 FALs, they really swayed gunfights and made the person with them a target. Added a bit of depth to something as simple as a firefight One man with FAL used to slime 5-6 people before going down, trying to use AKM against 5-6 people all with FAL drummies is kinda impossible Keep your RP high horse comments out of this thread, PvP is an aspect of RP here and it's clear that everyone who regularly partakes in sliming/being slimed knows that they should be removed from trader and rarity be upped
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    So let me make sure I'm understanding this. Because you yourself only want to put in a certain amount of time into a particular character, that means we should punish those that want to keep a certain character longer than you would? Nah chief, if people can keep their characters out of shit and not even come close to sniffing a PK I see no reason to PK them simply because they play the character a lot.
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    I think everyone is aware you don't like hubs, You can roll nomadic all you like, no one is stopping you, the reality is, hubs are needed for a map like this, the more hubs, the better. Good luck lads!
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    "When our other members are on a forced vacation, we make sure we provide role play !" Jokes aside , enjoy this 10 second shitpost. Or don't i'll keep enjoying what i'm doing
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    Happy anniversary to me. 8 years DayzRP and I still love it.
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