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    Sila, Svoboda, Solidarita Strength, Freedom & Order “Legionary life is beautiful, not because of riches, partying or the acquisition of luxury, but because of the noble comradeship which binds all Legionaries in a sacred brotherhood of struggle.” ― Corneliu Codreanu, For My Legionaries Independence of the Nation Directly following the downfall of the Soviet Union, one of the first nations to gain its independence from the Soviet Union was Chernarus. The move to become an independent nation was led by the prominent Independence Party, which had come about after the death of Joseph Stalin and the policy of Perestroika brought about by Mikhail Gorbachev. When elections were held in the Chenarussian Soviet state, the Independence Party swept the socialists, and the Independence Party chairman Petr Černý rose to power in Chernarus and became the first president. Under the leadership of Petr Černý, the economy began to resurge and roar from the inefficient management by the Soviet Union and the previous government. This was amplified by the implementation of the new Chernarussian currency, the Chernarussian koruna. With this new currency, the Republic of Chernarus was born, but with a government must come a military to fight for the new republic. Soviet generals and soldiers which had troops stationed in Chernarus, and primarily Chernarussian made regiments within the Soviet Union, defected and made up the new Chernarussian Defense Force. One thing that was forgotten by many people is that the high ranking positions within the military and politics were held by the same families that had held them during the Soviet times. The newly founded Republic of Chernarus encouraged its citizens to re-educated themselves with the previous history of the Cherna Rus and carve out their own distinct identity away from their Russian neighbors. Soon, the Independence Party renamed themselves, to the National Party. A party which embodied and showed the true spirit of Chernarus which was important and vital to the survivability of the new republic. Shortly after, an election was held and the presidency was passed from Petr Černý to a man named Radek Kozlov. President Kozlov was a very nationalistic head of state during his presidency, and this inspired many of the nation’s populace to join the newly founded Chernarussian Defense Force. Some of the populace became very nationalistic about their nation, while others preferred to stay under the control of the Russian Federation. Tensions in the country would rise every year during Radek Kozlov’s presidency until the 2009 Chernarussian Civil War would strike the nation into turmoil and violence. Civil War of Chernarus Early 2009, and more and more tensions arose between the pro-Russian and pro-independent populations in the Republic of Chernarus. One major organization was the large pro-Russian seperatist group located in the northern regions of Chernarus along the border. This organization named itself the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, ChDKZ, or the Chedaki for short. This group was born on the ideals of Gregori Lopotev, a renowned Marxist who also helped found Working Man’s Defense Alliance. Gregori Lopotev organized many protests to fight for the rights of workers and better pay throughout the republic. President Radek Kozlov, felt this movement was a dangerous and imminent threat towards the new government and ordered for the arrest of their leader, Gregori Lopotev. This arrest led towards open conflict and civil disfunction between the nationalistic Chernarussian government and the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star, or Chedaki. The Chedaki justified this conflict by speaking on how the government and presidency was anti-Russian and was infringing on their rights and freedoms as citizens. They rioted and created discourse about the presidency being held by one man for so many years, and even claimed him as a dictator. The Chernarussian population, uneasy about these tensions, panicked and left their homes to go fight in the defense of their nation. The brave and determined joined up with the forces under the banner of the National Party, while other pro-Russian and pro-communist sympathizers joined forces with the Chedaki. The conflict eventually escalated, and the Red Square in Moscow was bombed by the National Party. The Russian Federation then became involved and moved troops into the northern regions of Chernarus. While the Russian Federation invaded the regions, the NATO and United Nations saw this as an act which breaks UN law. NATO forces were deployed into the Republic of Chernarus, but the nation never saw actual support from NATO or the United Nations. The Russian forces would order the NATO forces to retreat the area, and which they did. Chernarussian nationalists became angered with NATO for this lack of bravery and support for it’s people who are being terrorized and bombarded by the Russian Federation and the pro-Russian parties. This lack of bravery would cause more battles and skirmishes throughout the nation. Two battles in particular were the Battle of the Pit and the Battle of Red Forest [and Post Zeta]. The first battle, Battle of Red Forest, was about the command post that was located on the outskirts of the city of Zagorsk in a clearing of the Red Forest. The command post was surrounded by thick Chernarussian pines and rough hilly terrain. National Party units were asked to move into the command post and regain control from the Chedaki who had been using it as a stronghold for their movement. Artillery shelling, Kalashnikov gunfire, and dark scary nights are what filled the Red Forest for 13 days straight. One of these units was led by Kostantin Broz Tesar, an ex-minister of the Ministry of the Interior of Chernarus, who joined the National Party before the war. His unit regained control of Command Post Zeta on the 14th day, however, it wasn’t worth all of the losses his unit took. The second battle that was to come, was the Battle of the Pit in the city of Kirovograd. The Battle of the Pit would leave deep wounds and stains on the history and past of Chernarus. In 2010, the Chedaki and Russian forces took control of the capital and the future of Chernarus looked grim and red. The capital of Chernarus, Novigrad, was renamed to Lopotevgrad. The government, including the President and his cabinet, of the Republic of Chernarus was hunted down and imprisoned. The Republic of Chernarus was defeated and the spirit of the Chernarussians was low. Displacement After the War It was the end of the civil war, government and party officials went into hiding, death continued for the sought after freedom fighters, and the spirit of the Chernarussian people were defeated. The Lopotev government wanted the oppressors and fighters against his regime, and Lopotev intended to execute all of them to show his might to the people under his oppression. The ones who went back to living their normal lives had quickly changed their name and took their families to the most remote villages of Chernarus. A large portion of those who escaped wouldn’t be able to hide for long, as they were found and executed during the Hrůzy terrors where Lopotev persecuted, imprisoned or eradicated any possible nationalist criminals and sympathizers throughout Chernarus. Many of the Chernarusian people left the country to run to the border of Russia and smuggle themselves across to hide in the tiny villages where the government couldn’t go and seek them out. Those who remained alive either continued to live in hidden silence amongst the towns and villages or joined up with the Chernarus Liberation Front and fought for their country once again. The Chernarus Liberation Front were the second coming of the National Party, but wasn’t near as nationalistic. In 2016, Gregori Lopotev, the new socialist government leader, was assassinated by the Chernarus Liberation Front and hope had returned to these hidden government officials and National Party freedom fighters. Several of them came out of hiding to lead demonstrations and militia groups with the hopes of regaining control of the country and build back the Republic of Chernarus. Throughout these times and the start of a new civil war, no one would experience the it more than the resistance group “Oceláři” and “Trojzubci.” Oceláři was commanded by the ex-CDF lieutenant and NAPA group leader Vaclav Zukal. Vaclav Zukal would fight for most guerilla groups around Chernarus. He became a leading unit and took up the fighting brigade under the banner of Oceláři, from the English word "Steelmakers". The group formed after the skirmish of Steel Hill where they easily swept through the 250 plus Chedaki manned outpost of Myshkino in South Zagoria. The soldiers who fought against the Oceláři never forgot who they were and it brought fear to the opposition who had to fight them. The Russians and the communists who fought against the Oceláři gave them nicknames like "The Men in Black," "Codreanu’s Favorites," and of course "The Steelmakers." The Oceláři were very religious, of the Orthodox church of course, and nationalistic in their views, but they were vicious in there means of gaining information and attacking the opposition. On the other hand, the resistance group “Trojzubci” were commanded by the ex-Interior Minister of Chernarus Konstantin Broz Tesar. Konstantin Tesar, nicknamed Marshal, served in the Interior Ministry in 2006 to 2008 where he upgraded many of the old equipment to new and modern equipment of the Chernarussian state police. Konstantin Tesar joined the National Party after he resigned from the Interior Ministry in 2008 and founded the Trojzubci, which means “Tridents” in English, who fought against the intruders of the nation. Their tactics weren’t as vicious as the Oceláři, but the membership within the Trojzubci was much higher than other groups, but not as high as the Chernarus Liberation Front that was to come. The bonds between these two groups were very friendly but also competitive, but didn’t know that in the future they would be working together under one banner. After the election of Ivan Bernarus, a pro-Russian loyalist who had worked closely with the Russian Federation, held a referendum to integrate Chernarus in the Russian Federation. The reason for this was because more Russians started to migrate into the country, especially within the cities, and the culture was adapting more Russian. These changes completely erased the hope of the Chernarussian people as well as the Chernarus Liberation Front. The small resistance groups like Oceláři and Trojzubci were now being hunted again and turmoil continued throughout the region of South Zagoria as well the rest of Chernarus. “There is no Chernarus anymore bratri, it is only Russia now. It is sad what our nation has become. We were set on the principles of freedom and solidarity, but it has been swept away by communists and Russian intruders. Fight the good fight.” written in the journal of Konstantin Broz Tesar. Days of Rebirth Ten years ago, the civil war was raging and now the country is a socialist garbage chute. Turmoil is still raging within the country, but more and more nationalists are being killed off or going into hiding. Many who went into hiding, like the resistance group Oceláři, found themselves amongst the quiet villages and forests that are within the countryside. The resistance movement Trojzubci, stationed in Miroslavl’, didn’t go into hiding during this time. They continued to fight against the oppressors of the Russian government and communists in Miroslavl’. This was a good thing due to the international pandemic that was about to strike the world. Hardships and further turmoil captured the year of 2020, especially for Chernarus. The Frenzied Flu would sweep across the eastern nations like a plane in the sky, and Chernarus was right in the line of fire. The Frenzied Flu hit Chernarus with a closed fist and caused even more turmoil in the nation with everyone now trying to stop themselves from getting infected like the others. The political movements then started fighting against the infected and started fighting for the survival of their people. The RAC in Lopotevgrad was offering new shelter and a quarantine zone to all civilians of Chernarus. However, civilians and Chernarussians couldn’t make it because they risked their life by being murdered by bandits or dying by the infected that roamed the regions. The Miroslavl’ movement took the worst hit after the infection swept through, but the Chernarus Liberation Front kept fighting throughout the country while the Oceláři took up arms in the forests in the region of South Zagoria. After many months, the majority fighters of the Chernarus Liberation Front left South Zagoria while some stayed and continued to fight for their lives in the region. The Oceláři saw this as a good opportunity to regenerate their resistance movement and began to leave the dark and lonely forests of South Zagoria to recruit new fighters from the CLF and other nationalist organizations across the country. The Oceláři gained a lot of support from the Chernarussian natives around the region which gave them a lot of intel and information. One of the leaders and founder of the Oceláři, Vaclav Zukal was contacted by his old friend and fellow soldier Konstantin Broz Tesar to invite Vaclav to a meeting between his government movement in Miroslavl’ and himself. The city of Miroslavl’ and other parts of the Central Oblast of Chernarus was being overrun by the Russian Federation and communist government supporters. The goal of the meeting was to address the fight in Miroslavl’ and to perhaps move to South Zagoria, where the population of communists and Russian Federation operatives was less. One of the goals of the Oceláři, stated by Vaclav, was to create a opposition government succeeding away from the pro-Russian government of Chernarus and to establish a nationalistic state for natives. In order for this government to be founded, the two both had to work together as Konstantin Tesar had the politicians and government officials with very scattered fighters, while Vaclav Zukal had the Oceláři which were made up of ex-CDF and NAPA guerilla fighters with very little politicians within the resistance group. The meeting set forth a plan to move back to South Zagoria and establish the new capital for the Chernarussian State in Zelenogorsk, but in order for that to happen Konstantin’s movement of politicians would have to relocate. They agreed to the relocation of the movement. Konstantin Tesar and Vaclav Zukal both grew up in Miroslavl’, so it was sad to see both of them have to leave their birth town where they defended it for so many years against the ones that wanted to completely erase their identity. Through the days of November 10th through the 15th, the movement had successfully crossed the border into the region of South Zagoria from Miroslavl’. The plan was to set up camp in Green Mountain, right outside of the soon-to-be capital of the state. Konstantin and many of the politicians moved into the city and organized their buildings and stations for the government ministries. The new rally was planned on November 14th for the March On Zelenogorsk, where the Obrana Národa would officially claim the territory for the new Chernarussian State as well as the new capital. Their government has now been set up, and this is the story of the glorious state. Sláva Státu. Sláva Černarus The political philosophy that is associated with the Obrana Národa was brought by the leader of the movement, Konstantin Broz Tesar. The ideology of Tesarism was brought about from the Chernarussian Civil War and the infection that swept through the nation. Konstantin Tesar and his political movement based from Miroslavl’, founded the nationalistic ideology for the intention of a new Chernarussian State, where all are in agreeance with the state and the Chernarussian State shall reign over the lands of Chernarus and succeed against the Russian and communist sympathizers and traitors in the nation. The ideals of Tesarism are listed below: Chernarussian Nationalism Revolutionary nationalism with mixed cultural values. Chernarussian culture and identity come first. Chernarussians united by a shared sense of purpose and destiny. Foreign populace do not have rights within the state of Chernarus. Anti-annexation from the Russian Federation. Totalitarianism A strong political one-party is required for the Chernarussian State’s succession Strong leader and commander is required for the people of the nation to follow. Along with the leader, must come a strong government cabinet. Regulation and control of public life Indoctrination Third Position Both anti-capitalist and anti-communist Radical economic mass action Work is a universal duty within the state Feudal exchange system that deals of goods for other products IC GOALS Indefinite: Protect innocent natives from persecution, punish any who flaunt it. Indefinite: Recruit those who suit our movement the best and to create our new society. Indefinite: Maintain order, discipline and loyalty in the ranks of the Militsiya and Policie. Indefinite: Organize and conduct patrols and other actions in order to control the state territory. Indefinite: Protect monuments, churches, and historical sites from destruction/tampering. Indefinite: Promote our ideology of Tesarism, and communal self-reliance: Sila, Svoboda, Solidarita - Strength, Freedom & Order Day 170: Officially establish the government and party of the Chernarussian State. Day 173: Offer the people of Chernarus as well as foreign survivalists in the region a safe home in the city. Day 185: Teach foreigners how to live off the land, and to respect the state of Chernarus and it's history. Day 195: Gain information through guerilla tactics/reconnaissance efforts learned in the civil war. Day 200: Establish control and public order throughout South Zagoria and the new territory. Day 203: Remove and banish all degenerates and unworthy citizens within the new territory. Day 220: Abolish and dismantle all opposition movements/parties within South Zagoria. Day 240: Restore the national Chernarussian identity and values throughout South Zagoria. Day 450: Expand the Chernarussian State territory throughout the entire region of South Zagoria. Day 1150: Take the Chernarussian capital of Lopotevgrad, and rename the capital back to Novigrad. Day 1300: Completely annex all regions and territories of Chernarus and establish the old republic to the way it was. OOC GOALS Create one of the best hostile, government and political groups within the DayZRP community. Provide, hands down, the best roleplay on the server, and set the standard for all others to follow. Pick our battles carefully as PvP is a part of the game, when done correctly, can provide a satisfying conclusion to storylines. Prioritize character development, both internal and external, within the group. Always seek a peaceful OOC resolution to any issues that arise. Černaruský Stát Vláda Chernarussian State Government Velký Maršál - Hlava Státu Head of State & Head of Government Konstantin Broz Tesar @Echo State Ministries Minister of Defense Arnost Kravik @groovy ducky Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Internal Affairs Minister of Justice & Law TBA Oldrich Cerny @August Zbysek Brotz @Sc0ttie Minister of Civil Service Minister of Commerce Minister of Education Josef Liska @KOT Aleksander Kamarov @Mike Lubor Kopriva @Murdercool Minister of Health & Science Marie Anderson @ScarlettLR State Ministry - Directorates/Secretaries Civil Service Secretary of Labor: Aleš Morgan @DrCrazyGamer Černaruský Stát Militsiya Chernarussian State Militsiya Kapitán, Captain Arnost Kravik @groovy ducky Nadporučík, Senior Lieutenant Vaclav Zukal @Echo Alexei Novak @Panda Podporučík, Junior Lieutenant Miroslav Kasek @Kase Vasily Dvorak @Sc0ttie Rotmistr, Sergeant Major Izak Novotny @SynO Cetař, Sergeant Roman Simanek @groovy dingo Vitoly Jerabek @Noble Desátník, Corporal Radoslav Kovac @Harlow Arnostek Dvorak @Murdoc Kazimir Dvoracek @Nonplayer Kazimir Vohlicek @Voh Igor Boyko @ZedLR Vojín, Private Ivan Englachev @AtrixLR Antonin Sivok @Clarence Marek Novak @Dom Wolf Lukas Boran @G_DateLR Jaroslav Kozlov @ImFrosty Kristian Kozlov @ImKrullix Zivon Kozlov @ItsJet Luka Reznik @JoeyOG Dima Smirnov @Kermie Oleg Boyko @MaybeleleLR Andrei Polyak @Niller Isaak Okhotnik @Slouch Karel Kovarovic @Taffinator Aleks Sokolov @The Preacher Rekrut, Recruit Tomas Sokolov @Elrod Dimitorou Kalenski @Miniburts03 Vlastimil Mazal @Trijim Luka Kozlov @UniiLR Ředitelství Státní Bezpečnosti - RSB Kobra Directorate of State Security - RSB Cobra Komisař, Commissioner Oldrich Cerny @August Nadstrážmistr, Chief Constable Radek Kovar @Combine Inspektor, Inspector Jan Antonin @simontsar Strážník, Constable Radek Vanek @DukeLR Vladimir Kuznetsov @Mute Státní Civilní Sektor State Civilian Sector Medical Personnel - Clinic | Dr. Elijah Williams @Dr Bradley Medical Personnel | Wynne Walker @edgy BeanMama Recruitment for Obrana Národa is currently limited to invite only which means you must find us in game and create an IC reason to join our group, or have a friend OOC to welcome you into the group. We are open to applications though, so feel free to send one in and it will be reviewed. General recruitment information: We are looking for both veteran and new players. We are going to be very open minded with our recruitment and have no problem bringing new members of the community. We just ask that you take what we say to heart. If you are interested in seeing our roleplay and paving the way for an invite later, feel free to contact (DM) @Echo with the application below about yourself and your character and we can arrange an in-game meeting in the future for you to join. REQUIREMENTS TO JOIN 18+, although exceptions can be made for outstanding applicants. Must be mature in your roleplay, however we do joke around from time to time. In-depth backstory about your character and must be a good fit for the group. Your character must be pro-Chernarussian and/or a Chernarussian character. You must have an understanding of the government group as well as our ideology and politics. You must be active at least once a week or you will be removed, unless there is a reason for absence. You must agree to the terms of if your character is caught in an unlawful act pertaining to the group, your character can be executed. APPLICATION TO JOIN ―――――――――――――――― CREDITS ―――――――――――――――― Group lore written by @Echo & @Sc0ttie Group graphic done by @Echo Special thanks to all that helped make this group possible. GROUP LORE AND IDEA APPROVED BY LORE MASTERS
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    March on Zelenogorsk Before the launch of the Chernarussian government movement Obrana Národa, we would like to kick it off with a small simple event pertaining to the new leader Konstantin Broz Tesar and his government cabinet. You will observe many Chernarussian militiamen walking down the streets from Green Mountain into the city as well as a rally filled with some glorious speeches about the new capital and the new Chernarussian State. This rally will also be related to the DayZRP community members and whoever wants to become a thriving member of the new city where they can rest their heads and live under the protection of the movement. ✖ HOSTILITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THIS EVENT ✖ DO NOT OPENLY CARRY A WEAPON, HAVE IT REMAIN ON YOUR BACK Event Representatives: @Echo and members of Oceláři / Obrana Národa Date & Time: Saturday 11/14/2020 - 3:00 PM EST (20:00 SERVER TIME) Location: City of Zelenogorsk, middle of town
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    No hostilities (protected by 3.10) prohibits initiations and firefights. I see so much salt in this thread I could probably start my own salt mine and sell it. If you want to protest or be hostile within the rules you can always show up and try to stop their march without initiating or ending up in a firefight for once. I know. Shocking suggestion to be creative and actually doing something different for once. +1 to the event.
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    What? We're archiving? Since when? No we're not. (Just kidding) While I wish it weren't true - We, The AJ Line, have done everything we needed to do. We cuckooed practically every home we found, we coereced so many innocent people into running drugs for us. We faced every adversary with either business agreements or trampling them down in a dominant fashion. The age of gang-warfare is over and aye, we have proven to be the most powerful and most relevant drug gang in South Zagoria. Well fucking done, guys. However, with how things are going in-game with the new developing government - I do not think its in the gang's best interest to stick around nor would it be a fitting part for the Lore. So I shall be pulling us out to allow the YBN crew and friends to get the shining spotlight they deserve., I'd like to thank every single beautiful member who has worked or fought in the name of the AJ Line and helped to make such an impact in the community. I could not have done this without you. This has possibly been one of the most successful groups I have ever seen this year. Can't suck my own dick too much, tho, its my own group after all. Shout out to the homies who stayed to the end: @ZedLR @Wbtrex @AtrixLR @DukeLR @FaeLR @EddieLR @Scouse @Bailey @CormacLR @MarcLR @GrimLR @UniiLR @MaybeleleLR @G_DateLR @Earl @Elrod @Nick @The Preacher @ImKrullix @ImFrosty @Dongle @Lord Seal @ItsJet @ChewyLR @AlkisLR @HarveyLR @sac @Lettuce @Watchman Its not all doom and gloom, however, for in Joji's absence - I would like to announce the return of the famous Cow Protector Rakeesh Adib Yaghmai. See you all in game. INFO TO BE TAKEN ICLY: -You may look up to see a number of little birds holding Chernarussian colours fly over you, on one particular heli; a very intoxicated black male can be seen flapping his arms from the side. He could potentially be... Urinating? Take cover, there's urine. Its Joji and he's off his face again. The potential faint screaming of him and his crew can be heard yelling "HE'S COOOOMIN HOME HE'S COOOMIN HOME, JOJI'S COMIN HOME" Should this be witnessed, you may have wondered "what the fuck was that?" before continuing on with your evening." Until next time - Thank you all. Staff - Please /Archive
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    No Squillium. We will not bring back people who broke the rules multiple times, showed zero respect towards staff and the community, got permed twice, tendied, harrassed other community members, were edgelords all the time or created a toxic atmosphere. The only outcome of a mass unban would be a mass shitstorm, mass PvP, mass KoS and just general toxicity levels at such a high amount the real long standing and loyal members of our community would leave it. No. Never happening. Closing
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    Hello County Lines, The admin team has received some evidence regarding your conduct both in game and OOC that we would like to address with official feedback. We will not be calling out anyone specific; instead, take this as feedback for the entirety of your group. Firstly, there have been instances where your group members have put themselves in situations where they have NVFL’d for the sake of saving hostages or other group members. You are welcome to try and attempt to rescue group members, however, when you NVFL into a situation where you are obviously outnumbered you not only break one of our key rules, you are also putting your own group mates in potential danger to be executed. We recommend trying to resolve the situation with radio negotiations instead so you do not risk your character's life as well as others. Not all hostage situations need to end with a fight. If we continue to see your members NVFL in firefight/hostage situations we will issue bans and perm the characters. Secondly, you guys have your fair share of PvP mentality. While you also contribute to the RP side of things, a lot of your interactions end up devolving into firefights. To help progress more story we would like to encourage you guys to step back from the PvP, regardless of whether you did or didn’t start it. On top of that, the memes about your lack/abundance of PvP need to stop. Do not dish it out if you can not take it in. Lastly, the continuous petty replies and addition to the drama between County Lines and Cerberus International need to stop. Both groups can claim that there are no issues between each other, but the sheer amount of flaming and low key jabs from both parties is enough evidence to show the admin team that there are still bad feelings somewhere in the mix. It stops here. No more. Do not respond to flame bait, do not flame or bait others, do not throw low key shade at anyone. The childish attitudes that have been shown when you do not get your way will no longer be accepted. Simply report the situation or create a report/support ticket when something like this occurs. We can not guarantee that every situation will be handled how you want it to be, but continuing to add to it does not help your case in creating a solution for both parties. Try to work your issues out like adults or we will step in and put an end to it permanently. The admin team will be keeping an eye out to make sure this behavior changes for the better. If we continue to see the actions that have been brought up in this feedback, your group will be archived, no ifs, and, or buts. Take this feedback greatly into consideration.
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    Sumrak, project lead of DayZ has announced release date of Namalsk - 3rd December. Namalsk is an old ArmA2 map that was very popular in DayZ Mod days and it has now been ported and enhanced to work in new DayZ Standalone engine. Namalsk is an island less than half the size of Chernarus and offers tundra like biome with winter covered peaks, coast, bridges, tunnels and chokepoints. Here is the map of the island, plus the island superimposed over Chernarus, for size reference (ArmA2 versions since I couldn't find the new one). My suggestion today is to switch to Namalsk map and run it exclusively for the duration of our regular "winter map" rotation (1st December - 1st February) and at the end of January vote and decide whether to keep it or not. The big issue here will of course be leaving behind all the groups and characters already established in Chernarus and things that are planned lore wise for season 2 in Chernarus. It would be an easier transition if we allow travel of characters and groups to the island, under some lore excuse that made Chernarus became uninhabitable during winter, however that will take some of the uniqueness and originality away from the map. We could also of course keep Chernarus and simply add Namalsk as a second server side-by-side Chernarus, but I believe it won't gain the traction, playerbase or focus that it deserves from the staff team, especially with current population. So I would prefer for Namalsk to completely replace Chernarus for those 2 months instead. I feel like this would be a great pace changer and allow us to create new unique experiences and stories similarly how Livonia did so over a year ago. Let me know what you think!
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    For what its worth, the hostilities that our groups, might or might not, have with each other have been very well RP'd out. I dont even believe we've even had a firefight with you as it seems that every time we run into each other the situation gets hostile and very tense but it never leads to a gunfight. Sure there are occasions where we have taken one of your people and you have done the same to us I believe, I could be mistaken. Regardless, I think the way things have gone between our two groups, in my personal opinion, have been very professional from a RP stand point besides maybe one incident that involved a castle. You've showed me, once again personally, that even though two groups could be trying to do the complete opposite goals that not every situation leads to a gunfight and that RP is prioritized over PVP with you all. Keep up the good work that the boys and I have seen.
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    my turn guys my turn Love a bit of RP tho Enjoy
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    Hofer is correct, this will never happen, I have already stated this a few months ago in a similar thread. We have an amnesty program for people who have messed up big, but still have a chance of redeeming themselves. It's not really "saving the server" if we fill it up with notorious rule breakers or toxic players and drive away the current upstanding player base in the process.
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    I have explored a possibility to add an incentive for the players to play on the server. An idea was suggested by me last year to add a play bonus that would give you a tiny amount of account credit for every hour you spend on the server. Lately something similar to this idea has been brought up again in DayZRP revitalization project where one of the goals was: Offer promotions, discounts or special access to limited items to loyal players who regularly play on the server Play bonus is a partial fulfillment of that goal using the suggestion from last year. It works in the following way: For every full hour you spend online on the server you gain account credit equivalent to "base bonus" value. This can then be further increased using multipliers - having a high Premium rank or completing activities in game (currently set to killing zombies). Every day at midnight your hours and multiplier will be calculated and account credit increased by the bonus amount. It's all explained on the play statistics page where you will also be able to see your bonus statistics, updated live. This page is available under main menu "DayZ" -> "Play Statistics". I am of course aware of the possibility of AFK misuse of this bonus system, therefore I decided to set game multiplier (killing zombies) quite high so it especially rewarding for active players. Do note that the values like bonus base and multipliers I've set are only based on guesstimation of what could be reasonable. The system should therefore be treated as a trial and should people find ways to farm large amounts every day the values will be adjusted accordingly without a warning. Sounds fairly simple and I hope this will give you additional incentive to join the server. Remember that more people are online, even more people are inclined to join the server that is populated.
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    I'd like to thank all my peeps in staff during my time there, and I wish ya'll the best of luck
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    Hello @Bryan, @Hofer, @DarkStyle and @Woodzie have not been online in over two weeks. Get them to play, or remove them from your roster within 48 hours. Hofer I will play Bryan PLZ MY NEAM IS HOFER
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    It's time, folks. Been an absolute blast to play this group, some of the most fun I've ever had during my four years here. From humble beginnings as two naive Irishmen who accidentally tagged along with a group of slave traders to becoming such well known characters has really been an honour. I hope everyone involved has enjoyed it as much as I have, but with a lot of group members losing interest in playing - I'm making the decision to archive the group. It's seriously been a ton of fun playing with everyone and I've made a lot of new friends thanks to this group. I hope whatever comes next we will continue to play together. Thank you to @TZ for giving Mickey his signature fedora during the early days. Special thanks to everyone who made characters to join the McCoomer family, even those that were only a part of the family for a short while! @Banshee @Angel @RonnieLR @Cuchulainn @groovy lamb @Knight @neom @Methias @Rutkiy and of course the birds @Drbeans and @Lettuce It's been a genuine pleasure, please leave the thread up for a little while so people can say their goodbyes @Hofer or @Banshee either of you can archive at some point later tonight. Stinky mods don't touch. Up McCoomer
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    I feel like I can go ahead and speak my mind as to current events and show a viewpoint from someone who has created a very intricate storyline with these people. Over the past week or so I've created a storyline involving the Mason strain, IC Drama based on character actions and my own character's way of thinking. The amount these people provide to roleplay is absolutely fucking amazing. The times where I've never wanted to get online because I have 0 motivation is thrown to the wind whenever the quality of RP is good enough to bring me back. Additionally, I'm a person who in the past disliked the way that County Lines dealt with other groups with in the past, I felt like I had no choices, no way of doing anything productive. However after that I decided to take a different approach and through friends of friends and respecting the group itself, I found a chunk of people who are welcoming and have made the community feel much more alive after spending time with them. While they do have a tendency to act sometimes not serious, I find it to be not that big of an issue when their roleplay feels like it is from the heart. Love you guys, keep up the amazing work and I'll continue to provide mine.
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    The legendary Ocelari, where do I begin with these guys, as far as feedback goes? Let's start with presentation. Your accents are on point 24/7, and it's clear you've studied the czech language enough to pass as native speakers in the RP, as much as anyone could, at least. Next, there's your clothes. Unlike other nationalist/guerilla groups of the past, you dress less like a bunch of racist murder hobos, and actually like a paramilitary force; CDF clothing mixed in with civilian equivalents where required. Your group reminds me of the militias in the Ukraine-Russian conflict, and that's a good thing, imo, because that tells me plenty about your characters from the get-go. Next, conduct. Whenever Ocelari roll up, I'm honestly not that worried, not because you can't fight, because you can, but because you don't run dick-first into every situation with the expectation of killing people. Like one of your members said of us, I shall say to you; you prioritize RP over PVP, and it shows. I feel like we can have tense, standoff-ish RP all day long without fear of a spontaneous gunfight, because you actually like to RP. It's refreshing for someone like me who admittedly is always skeptical of any 'hostile RP' groups (part of the reason I joined CL, actually, was to break that bias). Lastly, you do something that I think precious few hostile groups do. YOU LET YOUR CHARACTERS BE MORE THAN JUST A MEMBER OF A BAD GUY GROUP. How else is there to say it? You're all guerillas, but it's clear that you put effort into being more than just that. You're like Easy Company of Band of Brothers fame, or Hitman 2-1 from Generation Kill, you're all here to do a job but all of you are objectively, vastly, different beings, all united by one clear goal, which admittedly is the whole point of such groups. You're outliers, vagabonds, and renegades, trying to fight what you perceive as an injustice done to the Chernarussian people. No matter what, past this point, any group similar to yours has a high bar to match. It's inspiring, and as from a person who puts a lot of effort into his RP, genuinely reassuring that there are groups such as the Ocelari to remind myself and my fellows we are not alone in that endeavor.
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    Recently we've seen the usage of the following symbol from your group members profiles on the forums and on Discord: This symbol is related to neo-nazis and is from here on out prohibited to use for your group logos and otherwise promotes on DayZRP services. This also relates to everything else that correlates to nazism. If you have a symbol somewhere, be it in character pages, profiles or whatever, remove them now! If you like to use a symbol that resembles Chernarussian nationalism create your own unique one. You have talented people in your roster. All your members will have one hour to remove them from your Discord profiles, while we're giving 12 hours to remove them from your forum profiles. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban from the community.
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    Hi @Duplessis Thanks for the feedback. Whilst I can see where some of the emotes, particularly mine, may not have been deemed 'RP appropriate', I will say that I like to immerse myself at these events by getting completely sloshed IRL prior to attending. I always encourage my roster to join me in my typical lockdown pre-drinking sesh before we head on. Naturally, this does result in some dumb shit being typed but at the end of the day; it is all in good spirit, people are having fun and a laugh and nobody is getting hurt. I apologise if some goofy text in an emote ruined your immersion and I'll try to avoid throwing comedic emotes down in the future. I was, however, completely bladdered that night. This is not an excuse, sure, so I will take this part of your feedback into consideration for the future although I can not guaruntee that I can act on them when under the influence of alcohol. As for the rest of what you've said - I'm not sure if you've ever been in a nightclub before, particularly one that is UK based. Over here; nightclubs can be proper dirty and people turn into savage animals. I have seen clips of my behaviour and the behaviour of those who attended and other than the slightly meme-based drunken emotes; I have no concerns about how we acted. We were RPing as irrational, drunk and aggressive thugs which is exactly what the group is about. With the server being in a position where player-count is incredibly low. The feedback I get from these events have the positive heavily outweigh the negative. I feel that we displayed this UK gang-based nightclub to the best realistic approach possible for what DayZ can do. Even the fist-fighting. People are having a scrap and they are off their nut on all sorts of substances and up to their eyeballs in alcohol. If a goofy, drunk-ass muppet wants to squat on their opponent's face because their drunk mind thinks its a good idea - I'll allow it. My nightclub events essentially welcome idiotic behaviour. To summarise - I thank you for the feedback once again. I will try to have people attending to tone down on the emotes if it kills people's vibe. But we will not be taking action on people RPing as idiotic drunks in a venue that is designed to allow you to behave as an idiotic drunk. We might as well just turn it into a club that sells capri suns otherwise.
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    I don't accept that, you've missed the point in my feedback it would seem. No complaint, as I said just some feedback and advice. Because we can be, we didnt know she was with any of you. No one chased you, you started to shoot at us in the field and died for it. Once again, not complaining, just some advice. Yes! That IS what im advocating for! We executed her because it was our first plan, however, we were going to take her away and talk to her and decide what we were going to do instead. Sadly, the shooting of two of our people in the city cut that short. We have had a fight almost every day and as well, know you were looking for us yesterday as we had a hit put out on us. Like I said, we dont care. I just wish you would take your friend @TurkRP's words more into consideration next time. However, here is the gyazo just in case you missed it last time on what I was looking for. https://gyazo.com/95cc62e91105ffe869dc6fcb05c9f306 However cheers for the reply. I wont clutter your thread anymore.
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    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The Zelenogorsk fishing club is an club that Fishes, in Zelenogorsk. (and the occasional trip outside of Zeleno) Info: The club was founded after the civil war of 2010 as a way for veterans and civilians to focus on something else then politics, Talking about the civil war and mentioning politics is forbidden within the clubhouse and camping grounds, the club rather focuses on nice BBQ's than some national disputes over territory and national identity. Before the outbreak, the club would come together frequently to do various activity's on Sunday afternoons, including but not limited to: Fish Drink beer BBQ Talk about soccer/Football Enjoy the view Measuring fish complaining about the wife / family and the Job Driving boats. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Season 1 : in February of 2020 it was decided that the fishing club could not hosts it's weekly BBQ anymore due to restrictions of the outbreak, and prevent further infection. This was first met anger from the club's members but soon it would become clear how severe the situation was. Losing members to the virus itself in big city's and seeing the chaos going throughout the country, the ZFC decided to open its doors and camping facility's at the end of may to everyone who was previously part of the club, with the exception that everyone in the camp must wear a mask and not be sick. Everyone is free to stay until they feel comfortable again leaving the camp for their homes. Seeing that the camp is a great remote location it's the perfect place to wait out the chaos going on. Season 2: With the availability of power being scares and the mobile network being out, A big part of the Fishing club got bored of sitting around all day, and a few members went missing for a while. after they needed fixing for some fishing and boat equipment they made contact with some grumpy locals, although their first impression was a bit troublesome, the locals became more friendly once they trusted them, the fishing club got information about current ongoing events. and the deaths of the main powers their leaders and the scattering of their groups. After a lot of internal discussion they decided that they didn't want to just live of fish anymore, even tough this would get them more public attention to potential threat's, it would ensure that after the fishing season they would still have a reliable way to get food. Moving away from the camp they chose a more Reliable spot for both sweet and salt water fishing. Namalsk ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ IC Goals: - Catch 2 Fish a day at least per person (Daily) -Fish for the legendary folk-tale "The golden fish" (Permanent.) - Find face protection for the camp's inhabitants for medical reasons. (Ongoing) - Find good spots for fishing. (Ongoing) -Establish communications with locals and groups to increase our chance of survival. (Ongoing) -Set up a local aid station for people in need (Ongoing) -Provide hunting lessons and equipment to the people of the camp. (Ongoing) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OOC Goals: - Provide quality internal and external civilian RP. - Give unique and interesting roleplay that differs from the currently established groups. (Ongoing) - Establish Relations with other groups and evolve our points of view and alignment trough them. Let actions influence our stance. (Ongoing) - Provide the most realistic fish experience in Dayz (Ongoing) -Provide learning experiences for new members of the community (Ongoing) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Group Clothing: (Parka soon) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Roster Leader: @Knight - Yacob Brosz Members: @Duplessis - Augustyn Horak @Basko - Finan Roodhout @KermitTheFrog - Jakob Petrovich @Nonplayer -Oleg Janousek @Benry - Blazej Jelinek @AndreyQ - TBA ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Recruitment:
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    To further that, not only are Swastikas not allowed, but any attempt to reference, circumvent, or otherwise dog-whistle references to any sort of Swastika-related imagery will not be tolerated. If you have any doubt in your mind that what you're going to post could be, in any way, interpreted as or tied to anything mentioned above, don't.
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    Militsiya Roster Changes Ex-County Lines members joined: @ZedLR to Desátník @MaybeleleLR to Vojín @Elrod to Vojín @G_DateLR to Vojín @ImFrosty to Vojín @ImKrullix to Vojín @ItsJet to Vojín @The Preacher to Vojín @UniiLR to Vojín Promotions: Vaclav Zukal @Echo to Nadporučík as he is back in South Zagoria. @Panda to Nadporučík @Kase to Podporučík @groovy dingo to Cetař @Nonplayer to Desátník Welcome all new members, as well as congrats on the promotions! Now, get in-game in share the ideals of Tesarism.
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    Honestly the fact that this is being done as a scripted non hostile event kind of kills the actual impact of it, if you want to be able to have a city that is a bastion of safety for the citizens of chernarus you should be able to defend it on its christening if it comes to that. The whole fun of DayzRP and especially lore altering events is that the players determine the outcome, however in this case it seems you have already set up what’s supposed to happen and even your opposition have a script to go by which is rather disappointing.
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    Hello there gamers, Just a small bit of feedback and advice for the group. Earlier we had an encounter in Berezino where a few of us took @Phoenyxx hostage and were escorting her away from the city to interrogate her and get some RP in as we have been looking for her character ever since the Novaya incident. We started to take shots from I believe @RP as we were leaving the city. Sure we had kill rights on her regardless but still. Even though she is not on your roster I wish you would've prioritized RP over PVP just as @TurkRP stated on our group page. https://gyazo.com/8f292f7b16ef16fe602ae9cef4e66c6b We like PVP as much as the next guy but not endless days of it. Regardless, good fight and GG.
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    That is not a nazi symbol. It is called a Svarog. As a matter of fact that used to be Cerna Liska's CP image and it never was an issue, so it shouldn't be one now. For reference: Legit the CP image of the group for it's entire duration. But yeah, hope the roleplay is good.
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    ✖ HOSTILITIES ARE NOT ALLOWED DURING THE EVENT ✖ (With the exception of drunk fist-fights) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ IC Context The AJ Line have done it. They have stuck their nose in every ounce of drug-business they can find and now control the Country when it comes to an element of substances. They have made the right connections and fought the fight as they continue to do so. But, for now, it is time for Joji to explore now avenues for profit. After liaising with a series of survivors - A nightclub has been organised for the public to visit. ALL are welcome. The opening night will be free. Although, ten rubles shall be charged afterwards for each customer. Music will be booming, drinks will be served and maybe a bit of party-dust on the side if you ask the right person. Bring all of your friends! Haven't got any? Come alone and make some! The more, the merrier. After the opening night, the club will be open every day, however, the weekend is when things will really kick off. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ OOC Context The AJ Line & Friends wish to introduce a genuine night-life venue to the best of it's capability to this wonderful community. It will be occurring on Saturday night 6pm EST. We encourage ALL community members of a legal age to bring and consume a considerate amount of alcohol IRL to help create your typical nightclub atmosphere in-game. We will for sure be drinking with you! Yes, this may very well be the first RP event in this community where the majority attending will be pissed up. We ask that you try your best to refrain from committing to any kind of Monkey RP that may cause discomfort for others during the event. However, we may make exceptions to those who are genuinely too steaming drunk and can't handle their alcohol. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Location The Festa Nightclub Opening will be officially held at Rify. For those unaware - This is the giant broken down ship North of Berezino. We hope to see you there.
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    QZ was set up by a hostile group with the full awareness that people wouldn't want our event to be a thing. We permitted hostilities, we were prepared for the IC backlash we would receive given we had enemies and the scope of the event was MASSIVE in terms of implications. As a powerful, hostile group, we decided to do the correct thing which was to permit hostilities at any point, irrelevant of the fact we were hosting an event. Given there's been a lot of contention, I'll go ahead and drop my 2 cents. There's a huge difference between an event designed as 'some fun' and an event designed to bolster something, drive lore forwards and that has huge consequences / is massive in scope. Take the latest 2 events, the Festa Nightclub and the March which are not permitting hostilities. Both events were hosted by groups that regularly engage in hostilities and have made enemies, both by their own choice and as a result of their actions in game. Comparing them side by side: Festa Nightclub is literally as it sounds: get drunk / high, fuck about a bit and have a good time. The scope on this event is so small that not permitting hostilities is completely fine in my eyes. It's an event designed to have some fun and thus not allowing hostilities is essentially along the lines of "not allowing someone to ruin the fun". Not that bad, right? The March is an event designed to drive forward one group's RP and has some pretty substantial implications. It's a show of strength, propaganda and designed to empower a group ICly. Great idea, something that would make their group look very good. But, you've made some enemies. This isn't an event designed for some mere fun and the scope of it is much broader. Stopping this event on an IC level is far more than just 'ruining the fun'. Ocelari made enemies, and the news of an event like this would naturally draw negative attention with valid IC justifications to want to sabotage it. I am completely for County Lines' event having a no hostility rule, it's a bit of fun and it's not really significant lore-wise. But a group that makes its own enemies ICly, is hostile with borderline everyone and now wants a big event to show their strength (despite being unwilling to show said strength on an IC level) is a very hard pill to swallow. Contrasting this to the SGRU Quarantine Zone event, imagine if our usage of the 3.10 rule was to disallow all hostilities? SGRU, the group half of the server disliked IC because of what we had done, the enemies we had made. Weighing up the pros and cons, it is far sillier to ask for OOC protections for an event like this, given the IC actions it stops.
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    Hi @Jade, Firstly; thank you for the heads up and addressing the concerns the admin team have for the group of County Lines. Naturally, I can see how this is a mixture of both feedback from the admin team and also demands that I assume are non-negotiable. I will refrain from commenting on this supposed 'OOC feud' some of my group members may have with the rivalling PMC group known as Cerberus as I tend not to stick my nose into pointless internet drama, therefore not developing enough knowledge about it to have a valid say. But if I do, I merely make jokes about it. Any further mention of it naturally causes the potential for more fires to ignite anyways, so I'll happily run it by the gang and hopefully any differences or OOC conflicts are resolved. However, I ask that our ongoing conflicts with Cerberus IC is not to be misconstrued as OOC tensions as that is just RP at the end of the day. I would like to provide you with some information regarding your concerns about the quantity of firefights my group have been in and this 'mentality' my members allegedly have regarding being a tad too happy on pulling the trigger - I wish to assure you that this is simply not the case and arguably about 20% of our encounters with others currently tend to actually end with hostilities. This percentage includes situations that are not firefights and hostage situations whereby my members are both on the giving and/or the receiving end of hostageRP. This means that an average of 80% of our interactions with other community members in-game are non-hostile, diplomatic and generally engaging. That means 1 in 5 people are robbed/attacked/killed/engaged on in a hostile manner by the AJ Line. That is actually quite tame for a hostile group of hooligans, I'd say. The reason I say this with these statistics are to note that the AJ Line never prioritise PvP over RP. Sure, we are a very hostile group and won't turn down a scrap as it is part of the group's IC culture. I'll admit we were more firefight savvy back in September to early October due to the amount of resistance we received when attempting to dig into some of our goals. I shall now analyse to you a list of events since late October that the AJ Line has been involved in and separate those events into Hostile events and RP events. Hostile Situations (PVP) 23/10/2020 - The AJ Line had their first hostile encounter against Cerberus and engaged in a firefight against them in Novaya Petrovka. The AJ Line were the aggressors in this fight. Once the firefight with Cerberus was over, Ocelari took a couple of our stragglers hostage in which we engaged with a negotiable approach and with the art of RP, we created a solution. 24/10/2020 - The AJ Line had their second encounter against Cerberus and engaged in a firefight against them in Vybor. The AJ Line were the defenders in this fight. 25/10/2020 - The AJ Line had their third encounter against Cerberus and engaged in a firefight against them in NWAF. The AJ Line were the defenders in this fight. 29/10/2020 - The AJ Line raided a base in Cherno which resulted in a firefight. 05/11/2020 - The AJ Line had their fourth (and most recent) encounter against Cerberus and engaged in a firefight against them at Rify. The AJ Line were the aggressors in this fight. 08/11/2020 - The AJ Line engaged in a firefight against a group of unknowns that were attempting to raid the Bar in Berezino. That is all of the hostile encounters done. You can see that evidently; almost half of these encounters were started by an aggressing party. I am excluding any 'firefights' that involve the random 1-guy shouting 'hands up' and all is over within 5 seconds. I will now list a meaty list of things of which the AJ Line have committed to in RP. As these are storylines of which are continuing, I shall not be listing them by dates: Approachable Situations (RP) - Some AJ Line gang members have been bit by the notorious 'Mason' and are infected. These group members are working with the Loremasters to provide new storylines in terms of finding a cure/treatment for the infection. - An AJ Line member is currently investing a lot of time RPing with 'Doctor' characters in respect of the mentioned above. - The AJ Line is boosting the server's population by hosting the Festa Nightclub events of which occur on Saturday nights (31/10/2020 and 07/11/2020 are examples of these events.) - The AJ Line has managed to create a cease-fire with the Ocelari of which was a situation very unlikely to happen. They have prioritised patience and diplomacy to avoid any un-just deaths. - The AJ Line actively hand out 'samples' to other players to provide a new style of RP scenarios - The AJ Line are still in contact with members of 'The School' and have been since old agreements back in early October. - The AJ Line have had a couple of in-game encounters with former rivals Ocelari - No firefights took place and diplomatic words were exchanged. - The AJ Line have negotiated numerous deals with the bar in the past both drug-related and booze related. Since the fight against the bar-raiders on 08/11/2020 - I have been informed that a more trustful relationship has been built between the parties. - The AJ Line have encountered a number of new community members in-game and have organised a handful of such to be either drug runners, drug buyers or both without hostilities being involved. - The AJ Line are now the only group of which is potentially in contact with @Stagsview's lore group and is working to push for more storylines in the hope to promote the server. I am sure that @Stagsview can confirm this should you have any doubts. - The AJ Line has a lot of RP engagement with the local in-game tattoo parlour and is always seeking new artwork. The Approachable Situation examples (with the exception of the 31/10/2020 example) have all occurred within the last 10 days and are still ongoing. I could keep the list going, @Jade, I really could. But I don't want this reply to get painfully long. The point I am trying to make is that whilst I can see your concerns from an outsider's perspective. I do, however, think that maybe you as the admin team do not see the reality of what we are actually pushing for in-game. Especially at this moment in time when the server's player-count is scarce and a strong number of the players that are active have hostilities with us, inevitably causing these firefights that we are being pulled up on. I am always for in-game resolutions however my group will fight people if they; - Feel disrespected or belittled, - Identify a risk to profit in the business, - Or if they feel genuinely directly threatened. We are ICly a band of hooligans, after all. I guarantee you that we are trying our best to not make our hostilities excessive and make our gang's RP as enjoyable as it can realistically be. The last thing I want is to give a bad impression for the community and tarnish it's reputation. Finally, addressing your concerns for the safety of hostages - I am aware of this feedback and have spoken to my group members of it. The incidents you speak of occurred some time ago last month and since then; these mistakes have not been repeated to my knowledge. I feel that the threat of archiving this group based on the hearsay of negative feedback is a tad extreme though @Jade and would have been very thankful if your queries were DM'd to me first so that this could at least be discussed prior to such a rash decision was made here. At the same time, I understand why you felt that this approach is justified considering the ongoing tensions. I am more than happy to give you more examples in DMs of our recent non-hostile interactions we've had but I hope the things I addressed in response gives yourself and the admin team some insight as to maybe why these occurrences in my group are happening. If you have any advice for me to reduce these concerns, my DMs are always open and I'd love to hear from you.
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    The fact that there is a Suggestion for another map change After it failed so often before makes me sad.i have to stop playing my character because others get easily bored? People keep asking for lore Events and map change only because they are too lazy to Start something on their own.
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    Hello gamers, We are currently looking to bring in another LoreMaster or two into the team. If you feel you have a knack for creative writing and want to get involved with the lore progression put in an app today!
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    NOT The bandit shuffle.
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    I adore this group and what they are doing. I cant help but feel a pang of nostalgia from when RAC was a thing, watching you guys do your stuff. I've witnessed a few trials on various characters, enjoying those. The punishments are always fair and not too drastic considering we are in an RP scenario. Its very interesting to watch as well! I am heavily considering joining but at the moment I'm being free and breezy on my two characters. The absolute hilarity that was Skye sobbing at the PD about her lost pig and everyone not knowing how to calm her down I do very much enjoy the dynamic between Natalya being RAC and the Chernarnussians. Hopefully she can shed some light and stop the stigma against RAC, at least the battalion she was part of Keep it up guys!
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    They are indeed non-negotiable. I'm not going to touch onto the in game shenanigans as you will just keep defending your side while we will stand firm on our opinions. We have said our piece and you will have to abide to that. The threat to archive the group stems mainly from many of your group members attitudes OOCly. Shitstirring, flame baiting, responding to flame bait and generally a meme attitude towards RP does not shine a bright light towards you or your group members, and makes new community members insecure about what is and what isn't allowed to do in our community. The archival threat is real, and not based on hearsay. It is based on things we've seen and dealt with first hand. You are this groups leader, no matter if you do not take part in X, Y or Z, you should still lead your men by example. If they fuck up, deal with it internally by either punishing or removing them. Each individual action reflects badly on your group. We do not expect everyone to get along, as that's not humanly possible, just learn to ignore each other before more people get severe amounts of warning points, and someone eventually gets permed. The admin team has decided to keep group feedback public not in DMs, even if the feedback is negative. This is something we're going to continue for all groups going forward.
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    @Panda, Thanks for the feedback, I feel as though this feedback is a little bit of a knee-jerk reaction considering our past situations where Cerberus has tried to prioritise roleplay and you guys have chosen to fight it out with us, as is your right. Like the situation at Novaya school with the random ass initiation after we had done business a few days earlier or the situation northeast of Tisy, where we caught your guys with a friend of ours hostage and we decided to capture you guys when you loaded in to the back of a Kamaz truck, some of you still went non-compliant in a relatively no-win situation and some even attempted a mad rescue of the hostage we had left. I believe your man walked away from that too, even though we had plenty reason to execute him, failed rescue, past hostilities, etc. Those are just two situations that pop to mind where you guys chose the fight over RP, but that doesn't particularly bother me because, with the exception of the failed rescue north of Tisy, there was no reason for you guys not to give it a go. Still, the only thing I can reliably comment on before I got to Bere is not receiving any demands over the radio to not shoot at you guys, or any real dialogue being opened up. After Louie died, it should have been clear that she had backup in the area, so perhaps stripping his radio and attempting communication could've been in order. If I can offer some advice in return, if you want to heavily pursue and ensure that the RP angle is followed, open up a line of communication with the defending party (us) as soon as possible. Once negotiations get started, its a whole different ball-game. Once again, thanks for the feedback, we'll keep your advice in mind, though I believe your feedback to be a little premature for one isolated situation, and we hope you do the same
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    Quality rp from A LOT of people today. @ZedLR @RonnieLR @Evin Foster @MaybeleleLR @Earl @AtrixLR @Lettuce @Elrod @EddieLR Some great rp in berezino as well. @ItsJet @Freckles @Horse @PogoOG @cjackson821 Once again for another day in a row just quality rp from the Ocelari boys, showing that not everything has to end in hostilities. @Panda @groovy dingo @YBN Kase @Slouch @AugustGaiusKeogh @YakNiller
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    You may see the following flyers nailed to buildings in and around Zelenogorsk and Green Mountain
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    I respect and totally understand everyone's concerns about scripted RP, but I think many people are reading far too much into what is actually being scripted here. I am seeing a lot of bad faith arguments coming from one specific group and it feels a little like dog piling. Criticism should be taken into consideration, but if the group leaders or the event organizers have not given their consent, which is a power given to them by rule 3.10, then it sounds like something the opposing party should take up with the administrators, regarding a possible rule amendment, no? Echo is simply not giving his consent, as is his right. The people most opposed to this are also, definitely not coincidentally, the same people who would seek to disrupt the event. That's not a villainous thing to do, of course, but I hope that those people could take a step back from their own goals for just a moment and let another group complete one of theirs for a time. The event in question is meant to build a community hub, which the server is gravely lacking right now. Warring factions are always great fun, and most certainly have an important place, but that can't always take center stage, or else we begin to lose the story. I am seeing many people wandering around solo or in small, frightened groups, whose instincts are to avoid RP because the only encounters they have are hostile ones. They need a place to go to meet other characters in neutral ground. This is how in game relationships are made. Which leads to new and exciting groups and storylines. That is what the Ocelari are trying to build, and they have the chops to do it. Let the story unfold. Hostilities are not canceled, just postponed. See you there, homies.
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    *Radio messages broadcasted to the boys of Ocelari from of a deep voiced Chernarussian man* "My bratris, it is time. Some of you already know where I will be headed, but for the rest of you, I am being sent to the city of Miroslavl'. I have come in contact with an old friend and freedom fighter by the name Kapitán. I fought with him in many battles throughout the civil war. Myself, as well as the Kapitán, will be back within the next week or so and will meet with all of you in the city of Zelenogorsk, our new home. I expect you to open him and his people with open arms. Doufám, že se mi to podaří. Zatím sbohem, moji bratři. Bojujte dobrý boj!" *Radio broadcasts ends* *Vaclav leaves a letter on the police station doors within the city of Zelenogorsk* o7 my friends. I had an absolute blast running with this group, but it is time for something bigger and better. See you all in-game soon again.
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    Enjoy folks, thanks to all who came
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    Was the Vehmic courts symbol being mistakenly identified as the Sonnenrad or the sun wheel nazis used perhaps? It looks similar, but it is not the same. They're two very different symbols.. White supremacists have been using Norse and Viking symbols to push their ideology for a while. Wikipedia does not even acknowledge this symbol to be used by Neo Nazi groups and I cannot find any information besides the Vehmic Courts (The medieval German court system) being an inspiration for the precursor of Nazism.. but so was Buddhism, hence the Swastika. Is Buddhism then not allowed because of its connection to Nazis also? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nazi_symbolism What I did find was that its a symbol for slavic paganism: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deities_of_Slavic_religion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deities_of_Slavic_religion#/media/File:Kolovrat_(Коловрат)_Swastika_(Свастика)_-_Rodnovery.svg "The kolovrat ("spoked wheel") is a symbol of the supreme God in Rodnovery (Slavic Native Faith), Rod and its manifestations (Svarog, Perun, Svetovit and all the other gods). Kolo means "wheel", and its vrat ("spokes") are spinning. It is a symbol of spiritual and therefore secular power. The kolovrat represents the endless cycle of birth and deaths, time, the sun and fire, strength and dignity. Each turn of the wheel is a cycle of life in our world. The kolovrat and the swastika have the same religious meaning." The same as Hindu wheel of Samsara or the Ouroboros. Just wanted to educate because I am Pagan, and I do not consider myself a Nazi, and neither should pagans be associated with such!
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    Go ahead and archive this group. I'm getting 2016 vibes and I'm not about that. The community is still the same. We tried to fix your server pop, and we did, but now the community is against us. I'm disappointed that the community staff team is trying to remove a Slavic religious symbol and you're threatening to permanently remove people over a symbol that no neo-nazi organization uses. /archive
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    Honestly, this is a very well thought out group judging by the lore and the thread. It's obvious @Echo put some time and effort into it and I wish you guys the best of luck and hope there is some fun RP to come. I'm assuming y'all are aiming for the whole zbor zeleno thing back in 2016 and ooc shit aside from back then, it was mad fun IC. I hope this turns out fun and of course, the graphics are on point as usual.
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    I would like to put in a little bit of input, not trying to rile anyone up but, I kind of wanna see if I can help. Maybe just a little. Whilst I do believe it's a bit strange for a military group to host a non hostilities event. I have to say that if it wasn't and hostilities began. That would practically kill the entire spirit of the event, also imagine how the people sitting with their hands up for the entirety of the event would feel. In stead of being able to enjoy good roleplay, they would have to sit there and hope they don't catch a stray bullet. As for the people wanting to... Have a scrap I guess, why not legit do it the next day. Hell you can even show up and do actual roleplay. Not everything has to end in a firefight lads. Dunno if that's what you want, just the vibe I was getting, feel free to correct me if you think I have misunderstood. However, lets try not to flood the forum too much so if multiple people would like to, just feel free to dm me. My name is the same on DayZRP discord as it is on the forums. As for the event, I am excited to see what the Ocelari lads can make of this and I expect great things from this event. Thanks for coming to my ted talk.
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