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    After a nice discussion in this suggestion thread and positive poll outcome, we've moved forward with adding the following rules as a trial run. What? Metagaming rule was expanded and now includes restrictions on when you can use OOC communication like Discord. Why? In order to help players prioritize and focus more on in game communications. There are frequent situations where players are communicating with others through OOC communications, while standing silently in game. It breaks immersion and is unfair to other players around who are losing on RP by not being able to hear group conversations in game. To add more fair-play to hostile situations, and prevent groups exchanging information telepathically without any indication in game for other players of the information being exchanged. To add a tangible, easy and verifiable way for radio communication to be controlled by using the in game radio item that everyone already spawns in with. Plan The rule has been added to the rule page and will take effect immediately. All players must confirm that they have read the new rule by clicking a button on the rule page. Not doing so will prevent you from joining the server starting next week. The rule has been added as a time limited trial. This means that at the end of the current month we will create a community poll about whether to keep or get remove the rule and also ask for your feedback if anything should be changed. Spawn rate of radios on the server has been tripled. Radios will now also spawn in regular town buildings and not just police, military, medic and firefighter buildings. Rules 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases Sharing or gaining information through OOC communications when not permitted as per rule 3.6 below 3.6 Using OOC communications like Discord, TeamSpeak or others to transmit or receive information related to in game situations is only allowed when you have a personal radio item in your inventory. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio - for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F1 or F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory - you may not receive or transmit any in game information through OOC communications. While in presence of other players all such communication should also be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. This means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. What does this mean for you? If you are using Discord, TeamSpeak or similar software to communicate with your friends while playing you need to keep in mind these things: When other players are nearby, things that are related to what's happening in the game must now also be said using in game voice. Simple way to do it is using the same Push-To-Talk key both in game and in your communication software When you lose your radio item or it is taken away from you, you should no longer use the OOC application and deafen/mute yourself and focus solely on RP in game FAQ Does the radio item actually need to be in working condition (have a battery, pristine condition) in order to use OOC comms? No, as long as you have the radio item in your inventory, the communication is allowed So I can't talk or use Discord at all when I don't have a radio on me? No, the rule only prevents you from sharing or gaining information related to in game events. You can still talk with your friends about other random things or engage with your livestream audience. How do text RPers handle this new requirement? They should chat emote talking through radio along with a brief summary of what was said through the radio Does the OOC communication now have a range limit like the in game radio has? No, you can use OOC communication at any range, the in game radio item acts merely as a permission to use the OOC communication. Why was this rule added despite almost half of the community voting no? Because it is our belief that these changes add significant quality of RP and fair play improvements that will be positively received once actually experienced in game and may sway over those who voted negatively, thus gaining a positive majority vote at the end of the month. We are however trying to be very careful when that many people are against a change, hence why this is a time limited trial of the rule to see how it actually will play out and work in practice. With these changes does it mean that saying "I'm dead" is now considered metagaming and is punishable? Technically yes, however we usually focus on the kind of metagaming where shared information gives players or groups an unfair advantage in game. A simple "I'm dead" callout is harmless most of the time and the staff won't be pursuing punishments for its use unless there are some special circumstances where it could be treated otherwise.
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    Please watch the video then discuss
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    In the light of ladies night, the boys have decided to host a boys night. This is a peaceful event so ALL the boys from EVERY group can meet up and have a good time, please bring meat and drinks, we will have a cookout and listen to some music, all around a good time. Also, no girls allowed . Lets have it gents!
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    A few pics from Greece vacation that Presidente & family went on last month.
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    May - June Update It's that time again !!! This update is going to be ridiculously huge. We have had an influx of capable Developers on the team in recent months which has increased productivity on the team. This thread will be going over the fixes, removals and changes in the next DayZRP Mod update which should be out within the next week or two. As always the features listed here need to go through the test server before they get to the final release. Due to the huge size of this update all of these new changes will first be tested on our test server before reaching the live branch. Additions: Base Building: - DayZRP Wooden Crate (Fixed and re-added) - Weapon Rack - Ladders - Locked Safe - Civilian Tents - Sleeping Bags - Wooden Cross Items: - Laptop - USB Drive - Books Clothing: - Shemagh - Ballistic Mask Guns: - 1911 - AK74 - AKS 74U - M249 PARA - SAIGA 12 Textures: - Colorful Clothing - General and Military Clothing - Food Items - 5 New ssh68 Helmet Variants - 2 UK Assault Vest Variants - 5 New Armbands - 2 New Press Vests - 6 New Backpacks Admin Tools: - Admin Tool Improvements: Improvements to the freecam (bringing the old freecam back over from the old aTool to the new one properly) Possibly logging all container/vehicle locations - Text Chat Improvements: Fix the custom text chat that has been disabled temporarily Map Additions: - Added the ability to have static objects in the map. Removals: Base Building: - Barricading Changes: - Removed the ability to store Rifle_Base weapons in Sea Chests, Barrels and Locked Safes. (Loot hoarding) - Lots of loot economy changes to make the game feel more balanced. Weapons / military NATO fixed and decreased (NATO now MAINLY spawns around Airfield/Tisy and is rare) AWM made super rare Eastern bloc firearms (bolt actions and AK's) should be more common and more spread out. Should spawn all around map instead of only in the high intensity areas. Bolt Action increased heavily Ammo spawns lowered for ammo that floods the server Clothing & other fixes Added camonet to hunting so it doesnt clutter military bases and so it spreads more around the map. Less skirts, capri pants, wool coats, skate helmets, motohelmets. More cargo pants, dirtbike helmets etc. Reimplementation of Aeryes civilian airfield loot Adds military loot at civilian airfields General fixes & other stuff Roubles (Cash) fixed and ready to be the IC currency Some unique items made more rare - Build Anywhere Mod (Removes building placement restrictions) - Raiding Re-balance Framework for everything is done it just needs fine-tuning and a decision of what we want. Constants for simple maintenance added to (M_ActionConstants.c) Walls (parts) indestructible from outside (99999 seconds to destroy) Locks take 300 seconds to break Barbed wire takes 120 seconds to remove Dismantling from the inside takes 60 seconds KNOWN BUGS: - Some tent doors will not open or close, does not affect anything other than visuals. - Locked Safe carries weirdly in the hands.
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    Buuuuut you're also anti vax... So nobody takes you seriously anyway. I mean, I'm not reporting it. I wouldn't want him to have a bad experience the first time he interacts with women, afterall.
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    DayZRP 19.6.1 Released 2019-06-02 Mods New mod added - Summer Chernarus - https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1644467354 General fixes Civilian tent now correctly takes 6x4 in inventory @Roland Updates to civilian tent model and handling actions (pack/unpack, close/open) @Aeryes Various crafting recipes fixed @Aeryes Large wooden crate now properly separated from small wooden crate @Aeryes Adjusted loot table for multitude items, including weapons, ammo and bags @Gremlinco Updated model for scrap item @Misho Fireplace fuel burning speed reduced 5x, fireplaces will now persist 2x as long @Gremlinco RP items New laptop and USB models @Aeryes Clothing New item reversed baseball cap @Misho New item fedora hat @Misho New shemagh model (including ground model) that looks a lot better and should not clip and can be picked up more easily @Misho New shemagh textures @Misho Updated model for full face mask @Misho New item variant for plate carrier - UN @Watchman New item variant for chest holster - black and gold @Watchman New item variant for paramedic jacket and pants - black @Watchman New item variant for hoodie - tool and vanz @Watchman New item variant for denim jacket - collar @Watchman New item variant for surgical mask - white @Watchman New item variant for ballistic helmet - UN @Watchman Fixed canvas bag texture (again) @Watchman
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    Give me all the love lol
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    Apparently the rule 3.5 is not clear enough in regards to what constitutes metagaming and what does not. Also it seems that casual use of metagaming through OOC comms is widely accepted at this point so I think we might as well add back the double mic rule. Here's my draft: 3.5 Metagaming is transferring information between Out of Character (OOC) and In Character (IC), despite there being no realistic way of characters or players gaining this information. This includes, but is not limited to: Your character knowing someones name because you saw their it in the game chat or met them before on a different character Using player live streams to find out where people are in game or gaining other information that is found in the stream Using forum OOC content like media threads to gain information about groups or bases NEW! 3.6 Seemingly telepathic transfer of information between characters using external OOC communication like Discord, TeamSpeak or others is not allowed. All communication relevant to the situation in game must be transmitted in game using "double mic" mechanic. That means transmitting both through in game VOIP and external software simultaneously. Using OOC communication is only allowed when you have personal radio item equipped on your character. As soon as your character loses the ability to speak or use the radio, for example has died, is unconscious, has been gagged, is surrendering (F2 animation), is handcuffed or had your radio item or clothing containing it removed from your inventory you may not transmit any information through OOC and should mute yourself in these applications. Let me know what you think
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    With these simple steps, you can fix the annoying statistic bug and server list bug that happens when you try to log into the server. 1. Open the launcher. 2. Put the server IP port and the password into the parameters. 3. Enjoy not having to spam relog, close the game once every crash and relog. Thanks to @Real Vegas for pointing this out to me.
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    So I had my first 3 hours in the server (s2) last night after craving a server with some player interaction that wasn’t KOS. Ive got to say… well done to the community of DayzRP. Sure there will be those that don’t stick to the rules or take liberties but from the players I met in game last night, it’s a playstyle completely different to the public servers. Within 5 minutes of spawning I had my first player interaction while I was stood over the body of a new spawn (I didn’t kill him). The guy was wanting to know if I just killed him and I was so blown away by the fact I wasn’t getting KOS I was actually lost for words and probably just spoke nonsense. I then met up with some other players that I cant mention as it involves some IC stuff but they took me around places ive never seen in game before as I just stayed away. (NWAF and other bases etc). Ive been used to hiding in forests and living off mushrooms, which is a playstyle all on its own and I still may do that in roleplay but it was refreshing to not shy away form player contact. Its almost a different game. The mods add some positives to the game for me with the textures one a game changer. Overall just wanted to give a big thumbs up to the community, especially the ones I met in game.
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    This has to be one of the wildest things that happened to me bro.
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    @Roland Are we allowed to know who these people claiming 2.3 violations are? To my knowledge the only people we are currently at odds with are The Mafia led by @Joah and the Muslims led by @Diamond. We were previously involved in hostilities with The Watch and The Wolfpack (led by @Phoenyxx) our disagreements with the later two groups were sorted out first VIA OOC by placing ground rules between the Time, Mafia, and Wolfpack on how and when we would handle settlement raiding in order to allow those who desired less hostile RP a way to get their fix, along with crushing any hard feelings between the opposing sides. Following this I spoke to @Hunter in game and gave him the opportunity to deliver a peace deal to his group leader in which they would be allowed to live as civilians without any hostile interaction from us as long as they broke ties with the Mafia, to which they accepted. I also gave the same terms to The Watch, who also accepted. Throughout the entire week in which we have been actively fighting these groups I have been in constant communication with the leaders of said groups to make sure they were fine with the amount of Hostile RP, and being fine with the Slavery that some of their members being taken into at max for 1 hour. In all cases the group leaders that I approached responded back, and we came to OOC agreements to allow the maximum enjoyment for all parties involved, and to ensure that not only our roleplay was top tier, but also to ensure that we were putting others enjoyment at the top priority. After all roleplay requires two people. I'd like to call in @Joah and @Phoenyxx as they can verify what I have written above, along with this whoever ItsTeamRyan is @SlickTR In conclusion, I would like to state that my main point is that although we do have IC hostilities we have made the absolute most effort humanly possible to create enjoyable RP for all parties. I can not however speak for those who come into our camp and provoke hostilities, since those individuals don't represent a group, and we do not actively seek them out to engage in hostilities, if they come to us and provoke these actions it is in our best interest to protect our camp.
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    It's odd writing this, knowing you're going to be reading every word. There's this urge to censor myself, one I have to actively fight. No secrets, though, right? There's a lot of anger and frustration I need to release, old wounds you've not caused but now have to sift through because of this agreement we've made. I'm incapable of voicing my emotions fluidly and you are left not knowing what needs to be asked. I'm on the mend, I'd say. I know why I teetered. I know why I felt as though I was stone, void of anything that could be considered life. I know why I wanted to just lay there until I eroded. I understand the hold he has on me, the power he has. He said everything I needed to hear as though he opened up my ribcage and untangled all of the crossed wires. It was validation, it was understanding, it was sincere affection, adoration, and appreciation. For the three hours that followed his ritual, I mattered. And promptly after, I didn't. I went from feeling as though I was dying inside, to getting shocked back alive. Problem is he took that life with him and exchanged it for this shell of a person performing for his whim just so I could feel anything again. I've been beaten, cheated on, used and discarded. He destroyed me. No romance, no love, no affection. Just a connection. I'm angry. At him, at myself, at those who are close to me and could have offered me the same thing but never did. I'm starved. You have power now, too. The power I'm giving you while I watch the strings being applied, fearful of whether you're tugging them or just attempting to sew me back together. I'm wary. Walls are still there even if I've let you pass through them. Please be patient with me. I completed my tour with Kase, his memory is back intact I believe. I don't want to hurt you with my association to him, I'm still feeling those urges lingering in the back of my mind to just end him, something you and this addiction have in common. I have this surround sound of encouragement, but I can't bring myself to complete the task. There's this disconnect from the person you've described to the person I know. It's hard to reconcile the two and part of me wants to find a way to bridge the gap, have him redeem himself. Foolish thinking, I guess. My promise to him is complete, though. Now I will have to respect your wishes and return him to arm's length.
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    Group Song A New Dawn. A new life. Something someone always dreamed of in their life. Since the outbreak, we all got a new life. Everything changed when the infection spread, but not everyone changed. Some, stayed who they were and continued to do what they did best. Dr. Dylan River was one of the many who did. After the outbreak started, Dylan was already in Chernarus with his close friend Andela. The two of them set up a small camp near the coast. The camp was a medical camp, a place where people could be seen too by trained medical staff and would be welcomed into a safe place. It lasted for a while, until they ran into a fellow doctor Dr. Hope Pisces. Hope was creating a camp in the North. The idea was that Hope would go out and treat and maintain the injuries and bring them back to the camp where the other doctors like Dr. River would treat them or do surgery. The camp ran for a while up in the North, until River and Andela had some issues with how things were being ran. The two of them decided to create another small camp in the South, still working with the people in the North. They ran this camp for two or three weeks until, the 'White Vader' situation happened. After this incident, the camp split up and went their own ways. Dylan and Andela stayed with each other for a small while after until they had a falling out and they too, went their own ways. The situation, known to some people as the 'White Vader Incident' caused a lot of pain and even death. Many people parted ways because of what happened from it. Several people even died because of this. While in surgery treating the man who died, Dylan was shot doing his work because of the actions of the man he was treating. After this, River was taken to an island near the coast to recover on from his injury. A month after, now in May, Dr. River returned to the mainland and ran back into some familiar faces. Nikolai, Ellie and Jaro. They reunited and continued to travel together, treating and helping people on the way. Even though some of the company that Dylan was traveling with was not the best, he stuck with them. As they travelled around they ran into other familiar faces, such as Marie and Alyssa. With the people around him, River wanted to do again what he did the best. His treatments. Dr. River wanted to do what he did before with the camp in the North, but better. Not so much as public to the common eye, but their presence would be known. He wanted to create a working hospital, a place where he and his team could treat patients, do lengthy surgery and have a place where people can recover from their injuries. The group would travel around, treating patients and teaching people the knowledge they have of medicine. He wanted to give back to the people who needed. The others agreed and were willing to help out. So they worked together and found more people to help out. Dylan met groups which could benefit the help of his. The hope was rising. Things were going to change. Dr. River and his group were not trying to be hero's, but just doing what they all did best. Helping people. @DrMax - Dr. Dylan River Paediatrician & General Surgeon @Brayces - Ellie Hoste Trainee First Aider @Dino - Nikolai Hagelund Former Soldier with advanced first aid training @Scarlett - Marie White Combat Medic @Ouromov - Jaromir "Jaro" Lucic Former Soldier with first aid training @MajooRB - Timotej Baska Photographer @cheeks - Miro Krylov Craftsman & Chemist @Kuroi Kitsune - Kyrylo Zelenko Scavanger The council are group of people who are trusted by Dr. River and know that when he is not around can be trusted to make decisions. The council will have a member with different specialities and traits that will help benefit the group and progress the story. Council members will do some other things too behind the scenes. Nikolai - A former solider who shows strength in protection and security. Nikolai has military training and is a trusted friend of Dr. River. If anything goes wrong or Dylan needs some assistance in figuring out what to do for safety and security, he knows Nikolai will have the answers. Ellie - A young lady with many talents. Even though she is young, Ellie knows a lot about the lands of Chernarus already. Ellie, being young has a positive mindset and does not always see the wrong in people. That is good. She is a good judge of character. Plus, she's a kid. Everyone likes kids ,right? Short Term Find a main base location to call home [Day 715] Find out local camps that we can work out of [Day 720] Find a supply team to help with scavenging [Day 720] Find out more information on 'Camp Dracula' [Day 725] Find a Chemist [730] Completed Long Term Recruit more doctors in the following fields; Day [750] - Emergency Doctor - Cardiologist - Orthopaedic - Oncologist - Psychiatrists Create a working hospital [Day 760] Treat 0/25 people and document each one [By Day 760] Train 1/10 people with medical knowledge [Day 770] Continue to treat patients across Chernarus [Ongoing] OOC Goals Provide quality roleplay from medical and campfire roleplay Teach people basic or advance knowledge on MedicalRP As a group, engage in each characters own personal story lines If you wish to join New Dawn, please PM @DrMax using the following template bellow. This will then be sent and reviewed by myself and the council. After we have decided if your character will fit in, we will set up an IC meeting to get to know your character more before being a full member. Please keep in mind, we do a lot of medical roleplay so you may be either treating people or sitting around a lot while we do medical things. Tell us about you OOC!: Character Page: IRL Age: Timezone: Why do you want to join the group?: What can your character contribute to the group?: How active can you be in a week?: What groups have you been apart of on DayZRP? Any questions for us?: If you need to contact us OOC, you can PM @DrMax. If you wish to contact us IC you can either create a radio broadcast directing it towards us, answer to our call here, or join our discord server where we have an IC radio chat for roleplay. You can join our discord by clicking on the icon below. Special thanks to @MajooRB who made these amazing graphics! Big thanks to everyone in the group that helped create and form this group!
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    I am still heavily opposed to this idea without a tool like TFAR to enable whispering, normal and yelling distances. Everyone and their mother can hear your voip within 1 kilometer.
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    DayZRP 19.5.3 Released 2019-05-28 New mods required: - BuilderItems (for placing custom objects on the map) https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1565871491 Fixes: - More compatibility with changed systems in DayZ 1.03 - Improved text chat fixed and re-added Server: - Added 500ms ping limit, to disconnect slow/lagging clients that may cause the whole server to lag - Enabled multicore server optimizations which should improve server performance - Added hourly character database backup - Server fully wiped (characters and map) Map: - Added ship wreck and rocks near prison island - Added water pump to prison island courtyard - Added plane crash to fields between Green Mountain and Vybor Balance changes: - Vehicle spawns readjusted - Animal spawns doubled (to counter balance lowered canned food spawns) - Loot spawning balancing, including making NATO gear more rare and increasing spawns of soviet weaponry, distributing items over larger parts of the map instead of just few locations - Weapons can no longer be stored in barrels or bags (anti-hoarding) Base Building: - Removed collision from base building items - DayZRP Wooden Crate (Fixed and re-added) - Weapon Rack - Ladders - Locked Safe - Civilian Tents - Sleeping Bags - Wooden Cross RP Items: - Laptop - USB Drive - Books Clothing: - Shemagh - Ballistic Mask Guns: - 1911 - Golden Deagle - AKS 74U - M249 PARA - SAIGA 12 - Steyr Aug Textures: - New clothing recolors - New food items - 5 new ssh68 helmet variants - 2 UK assault vest variants - 31 new group armband designs - 2 new press vests - 6 new backpacks
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    1945 After the Second World War ended, Five English men who fought on the front lines for the British Army came together to form the group called ‘The Time’. The five soldiers disagreed with the allies and their decision on Germany as they felt the Germans should have been under British Rule such in a similar sense like Northern Ireland. The Time ideologies were to enslave the Germans and sell them to other traders who had hatred towards the Germans. The men didn't care if the people were Nazis or not, in their minds they were all guilty by association. All of the five men committed war crimes during the Second World War, mainly due to mistreatment to the Nazi prisoners and torture for any information they may have had. The five men were apart of a squad called ‘Bull-Hens’ later on in the war to find out information about the Nazi plans by any means possible. This meant they went to prisoner of war camps and targeted certain people which they had information, tip-off on. When the war ended the five men met in a city called Enfield and spoke about their plans and what would be the next steps to carry out. One of the main objectives was to get funded. Each of the soldiers went to families and sold whatever they had plus any savings they had and reported back in two weeks. When it came to counting the money they had it was around eighty pounds which were a lot, because of the county trying to rebuild itself due to the war. The next part of the plan would expand over five years where the five men would go and recruit the same minded soldiers who served in the war and find work for them to help fund the group. By 1948 they had twenty men additional recruits and all twenty-five men worked on construction, such as roads and repair broken buildings that were bombed by the Germans. The original five men, we're looking for any work they could get their hands on so they could leave England, build a new base of operations. In between the five years, they found out where some Germans were living and burned their houses down and wrote ‘nazis’ with keys on their arms. 1957 Twelve years since the second world war, The Time had around fifty men, they now had the money for their base of operations in Bechuanaland (Currently known as Botswana) in Africa. When they left England to Bechuanaland, it took them around six weeks to arrive. Once they arrived they looked around for a few days before stumbling across an old farm. The group pulled into the farm and looked around it was empty. Almost immediately the group got to work and got their tools out of their bags and started to chop trees, saws and other nearby supplies that could be used to rebuild the farm. The camp got known as ‘Boyle’ after one of the five men’s fathers who killed in the bombing. Once the group got settled in, the locals came around lurking to see who they were, a small group of people came asked who they were and wanting to see what they were doing here. The leaders explained they were in the war and wanted to settle down here for peace, in reality, they were building a slave camp. As time went on the original idea for enslaving germans went down and the group went looking for small villages and outposts to raid, attack and capture whoever was there. In 1959 the time had captured and attacked around nine camps and made the slaves do hard labour. The locals who lived near the camp that needed help with whatever they needed to be done, they would go to The Time. As the group grew larger with the locals wanting to join, they expanded back to England, France and Germany to kidnap people who they had information that nobody would care about or go looking for them. The Time got a contract from Northern Africa regarding from some Americans. They wanted young children to make into child soldiers as they heard and seen what The Time was doing. In 1960 the news got out in England - ‘a group of kidnappers were around’ - The Time was being hunted so they left England and spread across Spain, France and Germany. The next few years The Time focused more on training their new recruits while older members went out and fulfilled on the contacts. 1965 While one of the newer members was back in England to attend his mother’s funeral, the priest gave the new recruit a letter that was signed with a wax mark and said ‘Give this your to your superiors’ and walked away. The new recruit was surprised by this as no one knew who he was. After the ceremony, everyone went back to the family house and the recruit saw four priests there. The recruit got uneasy and said his goodbyes and left. He met back up with one of the leaders in Peterborough and handed him the letter and explained what happened. When the leader turned the letter over and saw the waxed mark. Glaring at the recruit, he took a letter opener and started cutting away the seal. “Dear the leaders of The Time, We are writing to you about the line of work you do. Your actions have led to some inconveniences for us, our members have become frustrated. We would like to have a sit-down and talk about business and our future. These issues can only be solved in person. - The Church.” The new recruit, in his confusion, stared at the man and said ‘what is this all about?’ The leader responded back saying ‘looks like we have been summoned by God’. That evening the two headed back towards Africa. While the two were heading back they were run off the road by three trucks. The two tried to get up and were both held up at gunpoint. The attackers were all wearing masks and one of the men walked up and shot the leader in the head and told the new recruit ‘Don’t let us see you on our road again’ and the masked men walked back into their trucks and drove off. The blood still pouring from the leader’s head - shake to the core, alone and full of adrenaline. The recruit, crawling on all fours out of pure fear, scrambled to the supplies, the letter, took a photo of the leader in his sorry state, struggled to his feet. The new recruit wasn't far off where the camp was and was already early morning when he arrived. When he approached the gates of the base, two of the guards saw him and the cuts on his arms and face and helped him in. While the new recruit was getting patched up the leaders came in and asked what happened. The recruit explained about the letter, the attack and the photo. The next morning when the leaders came and ask if the new recruit saw any of the attacker's faces and other questions. 1967 Around two years passed, The Time sent one of the top soldiers and members to deliver a letter that they were given for by The Church. It took the team about twelve days to reach the address and when the arrived in the location the saw lots of young children and old people in a courtyard with nuns and priests all around watching and caring for them. Once they delivered the letter, they were greeted by what seemed a very old nun. The Nun brought them through the old building, after a few moments the arrived in a room where a few priests were standing around and one of them walked up and introduced himself and then The Time did, The Time top soldier gave him the letter and the priests left the room for around half an hour and came back with another letter and handed it to the man. The soldier and rest left to head back to the main camp. After they got back the leaders of The Time came and greeted them ask what happened and the soldier handed them the letter. After a short while, the leaders came back out and said 'we're gonna need some more soldiers we will be leaving tomorrow morning. The next morning the group was ready to head out to the meeting, The meeting was located in Groslay, a small village outside Paris. It took the group about thirteen days to get to the meeting location. When the group arrived they were greeted by a few people in black suits and few priests. When they walked into the meeting room they were greeted by seven priests who were sitting on one side of the table. The priests introduced themselves and explained what this meeting was about and what they hoped to achieve. After some serious talks and changes, the two parties agreed on a deal. The deal they agreed to, The Church would fund them and in exchange any babies and small children they would get their hands on and other targets that came to light from time to time. The Time walked away with around two hundred thousand pounds that the church had ready as a first down payment and good faith. 1978 With The Church funds and other funds saved up from other contracts, The Time decided it was time to expand to Northern Africa. The base of operations was in Bechuanaland so the leaders chose to pick four new bases that were located in Angola, Tanzania, Chad and Ghana and then small outposts between the base camps. Angola and Ghana main base camp were used as the main port for shipping slaves and importing equipment. Chad main base was to store and the slaves into sorting houses and when a contract came in for what they needed they would get them from Chad. Tanzania was used for getting in and out Kenya and other countries that were close by for that's where most of kidnapping went on. The Time had now five main bases all around Africa and around twenty outposts. While the slave trade was good pay, The new leaders of The Time wanted to get into the gun trade to sell. With people getting attacked and murdered local gangs were on the rise and the demand for them was high. Tanzania base was now to use the port and sail the sea towards Pasni, Pakistan and make their way up towards Multan where they had a contract with a group that called themselves the ‘MTS’ for automatic rifles and alike. While the new business and the trade was going great, more and more money kept flooding in and one by one each camp got better equipment, with it being, radios, clothes, guns, food, better living conditions and vehicles etc. 1989 In 1989, The leaders of The Time decided it was time to create a special forces group with the organisation. After some series, internal meetings, tests and such they chose the best fifteen men from their members to create 'The Hound Squad'. The Hound Squad main duties were to find missing members who The Time lost contact with for a period time, search and kill deserters, high-end targets, Find new possible base locations and other duties that came to light from time to time. The Hound’s Patch. Originally The Hound Squad was filled with fifteen members but as the years went passed they gained more members from the tests and programs they ran with resulted with The Hound Squad having a big say on how the organisation was run. In 1995 one of the members of the main camp was gone. After some investigation into the matter, they found that the member had deserted the group and attempted to ruin some trade relations in Kenya that The Time had for different reasons. The Hound got intel that the ex-member was last seen near the large warehouse north of the city in Thika. The Hound got some intel on the warehouse, the warehouse itself was used by a gang of small-time smugglers and whatnot for animals tusks and pelts for medical equipment. It wasn't long until The Hounds to get there, they watched the warehouse for day and didn't see their target and they decided to breach to see what was going on inside. When they breached the warehouse, they heard something fall onto the ground and they rushed in to see what was going on. The saw a chair and someone sitting on it, As they carefully searched the room and the others. One of the members went to the chair and saw it was the ex-member. The ex-member had been beaten and tortured and a rabbits head was nailed through his body. They took a photo of the corpse and left the area. That evening they radio into camp to explain what had happened. The leaders both said to get some information on whoever the smugglers are and take out who done it, as the ex-member may have given up information on the whole organisation. 2005 In 2005, The Time was at its worst and crumbling drastically. The Time contracts had pulled out, camps were been attacked and members been arrested for crimes against humanity. The biggest contract The Church was the last organisation in fear that will be caught up in the mess. An ex-member of The Time, who was also a private detective that The Time used for information started to put a case together in the early 2000s. The ex-member put together a team of private detectives and had the backing from numerous people to take The Time down. In May of 2005, the Private Investigator lead an arrest team to a funeral that some of the leaders and members were attending. When They arrived they saw three main figureheads from The Time and some Hound members. The arrest team laid in wait for an opening and when the funeral was finished and the casket came out, They came in for an arrest. The Time members ran for the cars while The Hound Squad tried to attack the arrest team. The arrest team were able to arrest two of the main figureheads and some of The Hound members while the rest got out of the area. One of the members that got away made contact back at the main camp to explain what had happened. This would be the last contact made from all the members that were there that day. Few years went passed and Time Time was getting attacked by other groups and members dead or missing. The people in charge that were left tried to keep things going by making new contracts but with the current situations and events no one would take them on. Most of the bases in Northern Africa were been attacked or destroyed what was left took the last remaining small sea boat and sailed out towards Iran from Kenya. One of the leaders had made contact with a group that they sold child soldiers to called the 'Instants'. They deal was that they would let them in exchange they would train the soldiers and bring new soldiers in when they could. This was the best thing they had for about five years. 2017 Since The Time and what was left from The Hound squad had moved to Iran, fighting in god knows what and where Some of them that were alive had moved on and left while some stayed. The new leaders had contact in a country called Chernarus from an old member that had left about a year before. The old member contacted saying the country was a safe haven from which they could possibly start up again. The main leader decided to leave and take five people he trusted with him and went on their way. Getting into the country seemed to a bit hassle due to the borders but eventually, they were able to get in by hiring a boat by hiring a guide with a boat from Samsun Turkey that they paid off. The guide brought them and landed in somewhere near Svetlojarsk and the group headed into the country. The old member had left a jeep in Svetlojarsk and gave the licence plate to them and the said the keys were in the boot of the car under the wheel. The group quickly found the jeep and headed towards Cherno but ended staying in the forest that evening due to them travelling for so long. The next morning the group headed towards Cherno where they had agreed to meet the old member. While on the way they noticed there were soldiers everywhere and roadblocks. They couldn't risk getting caught as they didn't have their paperwork yet. They took the backroads and a lot of detours to Cherno and that evening the arrived and the old member was meant to meet them in the bar but wasn't anywhere to be seen. The group waited and ordered a few pints, a few hours went by and the old member wasn't anywhere to be seen. The group went back to the jeep and when they got to the truck, they saw the old member walking up towards them. After a short chat, the group followed the ex-member back to his cabin that was in a town called Balota. That evening the group spoke about old times and what was the plan moving forward. The next morning the group were outside the cabin getting ready to look around at the ex-member small business he ran which was supply stores with vegetables. The ex-member was growing potatoes and carrots. The leader said they could expand this if they got more contracts to sell and better and heavier machines. After a few weeks, the farming business had few old tractors and other farming equipment. The group headed into town to have few drinks and while they were there, they overheard people talking about a Russian helicopter was filmed going into some sort base and other rumours that Russians were doing. The next few days the group didn't have any runs to do and they were in the fields sorting out what was needed when one of the locals that they got friendly with rang them and said, the army is setting roadblocks and setting camps. The group member went back and mentioned was going on and the groups started talking about what to do etc. The group decided to stay where they were for the next few days. A few weeks into the outbreak, the group and some members they picked up on the way were staying at a lighthouse near the coast for a few days and they had plans to get over to the island that could be seen from the mainland which they had been fixing up some small wooden boats to get over with but one evening the guard who was meant to keep a lookout feel asleep and the camp was attacked by the dead. A majority of people were killed and few managed to escape that evening. 2018 About half a year later, the group that managed to get out were on the road heading towards a town called Stary Sobor as they heard over the radio, people were staying there. As the group entered the town, they were created by the locals and one of the big factions had run into them on few occasions while on the road and they spoke for a while. After a few days, there was a food shortage and the faction asked the members to start growing food for the town. It was a matter of a few days the farm turned into a trading camp, and everyone all over came to the town that was renamed ‘Tortuga’ to trade. With the town growing and the amount of people coming through, the trading camp moved to a bigger area, where they could trade and others could too. The town had issues with certain people, such as cannibals and certain Russian people. The town was under attack from the Russians while the cannibals came in the night. Bandit groups started up roadblocks so trade wasn't able to get into the town. One of the key figures of the town took upon himself to go out and find a new trade route and bring in fresh supplies. While he was on the forest he was taken and wasn't seen for a year. The town was attacked and the town was ruined. When the key figure was able to escape he made his way back to the town to find his men and he saw the town ruined but he managed to find some of the members from The Time shortly after. The group was back and they tried to rebuild the town by creating the state but failed. The Time was once on the road again and now and they met another group and joined the ranks by joining forces. The two groups fought against nearly everyone as the leaders did not agree with them and the war began. Depending on what side you were on the story changes on what actually happened 2019 The following events will happen in game. Goals Rebuild The Time and The Hound Squad. [Ongoing] Find large merch group. [Ongoing] Rebuild the slave trade [Ongoing] Create a caravan trade route inside a trade zone. [Day700] Maintain a cattle log. [Day 703] Make contacts for building camps [710] Slaves will work to provide groups both shelter for the future and monuments to respect our past. [ONGOING] More goals will be added when in-game events happen Members The Time Benedict Falk Alexander Dukov Bill Andrews / Nikolai Pysanki Clyde Matthews Katherine Jones Raine Spencer Sebastian Beckett Rose Pagano The Hound Squad Fyodr Belokov Stefan Reynir Jonson Dallas Kane Fahed beit el Seif Ricardo De la Cruz Jay Wong Ahmed al-Atrash / Anna Belokov Anthony Carter / Anthony Carter Sassy Sullivan Zac Biggem Jack Jackson Grisha Smirnov Jivan Simonian Tibor Jakov Vyacheslav Jaska James McCoy Hector Gomez Tyler Blake Niko Sullivan Peeve Hippie Warden Locke Jakob Vasilev Anoush Petrosian / Redouane El Ahmadi Colt Korden Liam Sinclair Patrick McCarthy OnionRP WIP Mak WIP Send @Falk a message if interested in joining
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    I don't see why Shemagh crafting was removed when we could have just made it more expensive. Also Why did we reduce the building time to only 15 minutes, literally defeats the entire point of making settlements again because people will just destroy them all as fast as it takes to put them up. Terrible changes on those two points.
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    Throwback to Winter Chernarus - More Here -
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    -Coexist peacefully with other Muslims of Chernarus (Day 710) (Completed) (On going) -Establish a town for Muslims to live (Day 720) (Completed) -Establish sharia law in the town (Day 730) (In progress) -Create the grand Mosque (Day 735) (In construction) -Appoint Hisbahs to enforce sharia law (Day 735) (In Progress) -Spread the word of Allah Through the pen and the sword (Day 735) (Completed) (On Going) -Establish a School to teach Islam to the people of Chernarus (Day 735) -Create a Caliphate Similar to the Ottoman or Umayyad Dynasty (Day 790) -Convert the Shia of Chernarus (On Going) -Fight for the people of Islam through the greater and lesser Jihad (On Going) CALIPH @Diamond - Ahmed Omar al Sham SAYIDDS @Dew - Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa @Blake - Salahaddin Bukhari SAFIR @Hollows - Assad al Abhari SHEIKH @Apollo - Sheikh Mohammad Abbas AL-JALLED @YNW Pep - Saif Al Jabari Ibn Saeed IMAMS @Wendigo - Abba Kanaan @Gatorr - Abu Al Farooqi @Shroud - Abdul Baasid al-Ismail @Nik - Zayan Nur Basim @YNW Viking - Maaz al Selim @YNW Dusty - Ahmed Yakupov JIHADIST @Lost - Ali Kouri @Saline - Azhar Hassim @ShanePVP - Shaheer bin Shafee @Doom - Izz al Din @GrizzlyOG - Kareem Tayseer @Cow - Sammir Al Hayid @SassyRP - RADICALIZED @Kaliss - Derek Green @BobbySullivan - Bobby Sullivan @Squillium Trusted None Liked -Sunni Muslims -Other Radicals -The Mafia Neutral None Untrusted -Most people we meet -Christians -Chernorussians -Russians Mayit -US Military -Israelis -Communists -Abraham Goldstein -Orange Armbands This is a reboot of my group from old DayZRP in 2016. This is a serious RP group and only experienced members will be allowed to join but recruitment is open. All group members will have a guide provided by me in our discord to help with the RP given. There will be no trolling allowed in the group. If you have any questions, or would like to apply, feel free to shoot me a PM. All recruitment is to be sent to me in the form provided below. OOC Age: Location/Timezone: DayZRP Experience (previous groups, etc): Other RP Experience: Why do you want to join?: What do you feel you could bring to our clan?: Character Name: Character Background: Lore:
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    I've got a pretty solid map here to signify owned territories across the map Currently no, there is no 'faction map', and with two servers, it's almost impossible to do. Just wander about and find out IC where people are set up.
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    Welcome to my thread where I will be posting pictures taken by my character Timotej Baska as I take the pictures in game while playing the character. (he would be carrying the pitures around with himself most of the time IC) Starting it off with first one:
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    Good evening, This is a very serious concern for me, and I am sure countless others. The RP on the server has dwindled significantly from new whitelists - the majority not understanding the rules, and coming up with their own meanings. My question is, - is this a high priority issue? Is a new whitelist system being set in place, and can we expect it (if it's being done) shortly? A secondary question, is what are we doing for those who don't fully understand the rules? I remember there used to be a mentor program - this should certainly be looked into again imo. Thanks for any response.
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    Welp, it’s official... I’m a nationally registered EMT
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    You gotta uphold the core values of the community somehow. It wouldn't be DayZRP without someone screenshotting a private conversation and sending it to the staff in order to get you banned.
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    I'm currently working on improving our whitelisting process. My plan is to do the following: Add a few additional questions which more thoroughly check rule knowledge of the applicant Add a new section to the newcomer guide with a text version of the YouTube clip that is currently present there (which is outdated anyway), which would explain basics of role playing and how it in practice works on our server Add newcomer guide passphrase to the whitelist, to force newcomers to read the guide above Update newcomer guide with a new information and improve layout to make it look nicer and more readable Instead of requiring a character background story, ask the applicant to create a character page. That way they immediately get familiar with the character system, don't have to write two stories (one during whitelist, another one for character page after getting whitelisted) and we can still check the story as normal. Get rid of whitelist application comments, since they are not helping at all Add a whitelist application attempt count, to highlight for staff people who have failed many times Make the denial message and reason more clearly visible for the applicant I would need help of veterans in the community to help me with points 1 and 2. I need a few good questions about rules that are commonly misunderstood by the newcomers. I also need you to help to write a guide that will explain how role play works here on DayZRP from the very basics. Proposed whitelist questions can be submitted here in this thread. To prevent unnecessary suggestions - no, we cannot do manual text "explanation" input answers. Only multiple choice. The guide draft can be found here, everyone can add text and suggest changes: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b6H8revUgiaHyrFbQ6BP53PHDY4F1LzCzOZlKyHJaWY/edit?usp=sharing
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    Chernarus Trade Federation “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” ~ Mark 10:45 *A group of survivors sits around a campfire in the far north of Chernarus. One of them is wearing a camouflage jacket and matching pants. On his head is a baseball cap that has just a slightly different pattern than his other clothes. The night is cold and dark and not a sound is audible other than the light crackling of the campfire. The man in camouflage looks up at the others around the fire and begins to speak.* Galatians 6:2 reads, “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way, you will fulfill the law of Christ.” These are the words that I believe were in the head of Chip Lonegan when he decided that rather than fight to gain more for himself in a world that offered nothing, he would give back to those who truly needed the help - the people. This aspiration to give back would eventually evolve into the development of Chip’s Shop for the Common Man in Gorka. His goal? Well, he aimed to bring peace and prosperity back to at least part of this nation he was now bound to. The creation of his own store was only his first step, Chip eventually planned to use Gorka as the basis of his new civilization where all could live in a sustainable town without having to constantly fear attack from the dead...or the living. Chip was met with violence almost immediately. The thought of peace in times such as this was seen as a threat to those who had adopted a more violent lifestyle since the outbreak. With order typically came justice and equality, and thus there would be little opportunity for hostile individuals to continue their reign of terror within Chernarus. Seeing Chip’s potential they acted quickly. Within the first few days of establishing his shop Chip was forced from town with little more than the clothes on his back by a group of individuals who claimed to “own the land.” Knowing that he was the people’s only hope, Chip complied and moved to the next town over - Novy Sobor. It was here that Chip was finally able to create a sustainable shop, and where he employed his first group of runners. These runners were survivors who aligned themselves with Chip’s morals and decided to dedicate their time and risk their lives to help bring goods and supplies to those who truly needed them. What none of them realized at the time was that this small group of just three men would soon evolve into something much greater. After living in peace for some time, word of the shop began to spread. This brought many new patrons and runners alike, however it also alerted hostile groups to the presence of this shop. Soon, the store and its runners were subject to constant attack. While many of the regular patrons attempted to fight back, they were simply not well enough equipped to fight off the more established groups that had complete control and access to most all military equipment that remained in Chernarus. Scared that these attacks would begin to bring harm to the people, Chip again moved this time bringing his runners with him. The new location would by Stary Sobor. Once in Stary, Chip attempted to establish a store inside the old supermarket on the west side of the town. Soon, however, Chip was faced with more violence. This time from a group that was known for its violent actions Rather than continue running, Chip reasoned with the leader of this group of scavenging bandits. While many of his runners and patrons disagreed with the decision, Chip knew that in order to grow his numbers to where he wanted them and to enact the second phase of his plan, he would have to comply with his new neighbors. Thus, the shop was under the control of this hostile group. Unfair regulations, monstrous taxes, and violence soon found its way to Chip’s doorstep, yet he chose to stand his ground. The group, which I shall not name planned to exploit the shop for their own personal gain. They wished to use it as a means to get more equipment at no cost to them, and as a means to find victims for their violent acts. Chip and his rag-tag group of runners continued to trade with those who were willing to risk entering the town. Unable to attract new patrons due to the constant threat from violent groups, Chip began trading outside of the town secretly, as he knew the groups that controlled the shop would murder him and his people if they found he was trading with their enemies. While he knew things were not the best, Chip still remained set on keeping the store in Stary as he devised the best way to go forward with his plan. It wasn’t until an event of extreme violence and betrayal that Chip knew things had to change and that it was finally time to move on with his plan and to get his people to safety. One deadly Friday in May, there were multiple executions of innocent civilians in front of the Stary Sobor trading outpost. An estimated eight people died that day as a result of members of the various groups associated with the store, or the violence that they brought with them. Following the murders, members of hostile groups entered the store, took multiple crates full of supplies for the people, and threatened to shoot anyone that tried to stop them. Chip knew the time had come. That evening Chip had his runners take only what they needed for survival and retreat both north and south to provide overwatch for him. He entered his store and threw all of his supplies to the floor in protest to the actions of the hostile groups. When members of the violent group heard of this they moved quickly to attempt to stop Chip. However, they knew that by harming him they would have to deal with the repercussions of the people who had been loyal to Chip’s cause. By this point in time Chip had nearly twenty people behind his cause and countless others who were loyal to the idea of his shop. Harming him would bring an end to whichever group was responsible, and thus they had no choice but to let him leave. Chip and his men moved in all different directions until they finally met in a predetermined location. Here, in this large town to the South, the men decided that they were now large enough to stand alone. They created a constitution and a set of bylaws that established Salus (Latin), or Salvation. This would be the new center for the men and a place where they could finally initiate the second phase of their plan - to establish a safe and sustainable society. Salus would be the new center of the Chernarus Trade Federation. A group dedicated to the betterment of society and Chernarus that plans to do so by helping those who truly need it and by providing a means by which one can live their life to its extent in a world that is constantly working against them. How do I know all this? Because I know Chip Lonegan personally. You see, my name is Dallas Lee I am one of the few who have the honor of working with this man. I have been by his side through thick and thin along with a select few others. I can tell you first hand that Chip Lonegan is still alive, and the promise of Salus is more than just a fantasy. *The man stands and stretches his legs. He picks his rifle up and the others around him rise as well.* Brothers and sisters, my fellow survivors. Today is the day that we bring change to the nation of Chernarus. Today is the day that we become the spark that will light the fire that will burn down the idea of tyranny and disorder. We shall be the ones who bring order and justice to Chernarus and to those who need it most. Salus Vive! *The others around the small fire repeat the chant with a fiery passion. The words are Latin and translate to Salvation Shall Live. Words that would soon mean much more to Chernarus. The men throw dirt on the fire to extinguish it and all move back towards the trees from which they came. Their mission was only just beginning* Establish a trading outpost that brings the people to one location (Completed) Establish a sustainable settlement where people may live freely known as Salus (Day 707) Establish a set of bylaws for the settlement and those within its walls (Completed) Establish a security team large enough to enforce the laws set in place within the settlement (5/10) Establish small businesses within the walls of Salus to allow for everyone to make use of their skills (1/5) Grow the citizenship of Salus to a number that will ensure its stability (19/TBD) Ensure the area surrounding the settlement is a free trade zone where anyone may trade regardless of their ties - exception if they have wronged the Federation or its people (Day 710) Create a radio broadcast announcing the establishment of Salus and what it offers the people (Day 710) Work with groups that control the region around Salus to negotiate peace for the good of the people in general (Day 715) Establish a settlement that will allow people to use skills to create a community focused on Life RP rather than Hostile RP. Help new players on the server experience peaceful role-play or at the very least give them the supplies necessary to start their role-play. Give players the opportunity to grow their knowledge of types of role-play to avoid players having bland role-play experiences. Give players more of an opportunity to join a community rather than being in a group focused only on themselves or being a lone wolf. Create a role-play hub where players can meet one another and experience role-play from the perspective of others. Have strict rules of engagement that will prevent our group from becoming a hostile bandit group or being blamed for a conflict that they were not involved in. Create a group that is neutral and has no allegiances to any other group to avoid the possibility of bias. Founding Father Chip Lonegan Council Members Jimmy McKnight | Jake Valentine | Nathan Garcia | Seth Lonegan | Daniel Levant Members Jonathan Ivanov | Dennis Zatsepin | Steven Ice | Alex Davis | John Swanson | Tom McCannon Trainees Brennen Levine | Jake Lawson | James Volkov If you are interested in joining the Chernarus Trade Federation you need to private message Chip Lonegan following the template below. If you do not follow the template you will not be considered for the group. Name (IC): Forum Account (Link): Character Page (Link): How many days a week are you active?: Please explain why you should be considered for the CTF: Please explain what you could add to the CTF: Do you have any questions regarding the CTF or recruitment?:
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    The Tainted Theme Song: Day 292: I had been surviving with a man named Matt for a couple of months now. But today that changed.. Food had been hard to find, we rationed what we had and tried to share it equally between each of us. Matt wasn’t a man I liked in particular, he was just company and someone I could use to my advantage, he proved his worth to me. Then today came... Our rations ran out, we only had water to last a few more days. Both of us became weak and limp. Matt was waiting to die, however, I wasn’t one to give up. Never have been. I picked myself up, stumbling and staggering, trying to balance myself against the wall. I dragged myself towards Matt with my eyes half shut and fatigued. I looked down on him with a slight smirk on my face, then reached for the gun attached to my belt. I stared at Matt, looking at him dead in the eye before shakily waving the gun at his head. I squeezed the trigger and watched as his brains splattered across the wall behind him. Hesitantly and took out my knife and began to cut up the meatiest parts that were still left on his frail body. I cooked as much as I could and took what I could carry, leaving what was left of him.. “Anything to survive” is what I told myself... Day 693: I met a man.. A man that interested me, a man with a story, a man that could help me.. His name was Jack. I met him in Krasnostav. Jack is a devious man, I have seen what he does and how he does it. He was a Mortician before all this. That meant he knew his way around the human body.. That meant that he could be useful in many ways for me. I found things out about Jack.. I began to like him and enjoy his company, even more so when he told me that he likes the same food I do. It meant that I wouldn’t need to force his hand into doing what I wanted... Jack reminds me of a Butcher. He knows the best parts to eat, the only downside is that he isn’t the best at cooking it. After a couple of days, I grew closer to him.. I started to rely on him, and that made me think to myself... I need someone to help and stick by me through thick and thin, no matter what.. Jack is that man... Day 696: Nathan Jack and I decide to take a trip up to Kelm hill and look down over the city where we first met. We were looking for our next meal. Jack wanted something juicy and succulent, so we were looking for the first person or animal we came across... I didn’t care what we were eating... But then a man named Nathan stumbled upon us while we sat at the top of the hill. Nathan came across as very disturbing and sinister, but he feared me more than I feared him. Out of luck he randomly started to talk about finding his next victim to eat, hinting that it would be one of us. Me and Jack never took that lightly and began to intimidate him and gave him an offer he wouldn’t want to refuse... “Come with us and you can cook anyone you want..” Nathan became our Chef that day, he said he knew how to cook, so we gave him the benefit of the doubt. Jessica We traveled from Krasnostav to Gorka, in search of food. We met one individual when we arrived. Her name was Jessica. She seemed a little spooked at first but she somehow started to get more comfortable and confident. She wasn’t like us, she never ate other people, but that could change at any moment with what I have planned for her. Jessica is brave and fearless... She doesn’t seem scared of any of us and kept trying to push me and see how far I would go, but I never let it get to me. Truth is I enjoyed it... Gave me something to laugh about. Again, we have her an offer similar to the one we gave Nathan. Due to her seductive voice and charisma, we asked her to help lure our victims, be our bait. Surprisingly, she accepted and she was well worth our time... Christopher As the four of us were getting ready to leave and gave our two new recruits a tryout, we ran into another man.. A man that Jack wanted to eat. This man was Chris... I didn’t like him at first, but as the day went on, Chris proved himself and was devoted to keeping us happy. I figured it was because he didn’t want to be added to the Chef’s menu. Chris took us to popular places in the land, he was our map. As we moved further North towards a town called Severograd, Chris started to grow on me. He isn’t like us... Yet... But he will be. I see the darkness behind his eyes. He will learn to be like us... Be like me... The Hunter & The Kidney The five of us decided to move South of the town, towards a camp run by a pack of wolves. They called themselves “The Wolf Pack”. The name was ridiculous, but what was even more ridiculous than that was that they took the bait, again.. Jessica had already lured a hunter out of their camp for us, and we have done a number on him. He became submissive and allowed us to do what we want without fighting back... That’s the benefit of having a beautiful woman around.. Most men think with their dick... Anyway, the Butcher and Chef did most of the work when we had him. They took some blood and skin samples from him and he never even struggled. We must’ve scared him... But then we let him go and he crawled back to his pack... Later that day, after the Chef and Chris took refuge in a house for the night, we got word that the Hunter had told people about us, so we decided to go back to the wolf den. The three of us gave one another fake backgrounds and wore different clothing before getting close. We told them we needed a Doctor to help with a friend down the road. I had a feeling that they knew who we were, but they sent out an old man named Denis, a young woman named Luca who was the Doctor and a Shrink named Shock. The old man, Denis, was very hesitant and knew who we were. He was causing problems, so the Shrink and the Doctor told him to go back to the wolves... And that was when we made our move... We took the two of them to a factory building by the quarry in Severograd. This time the Butcher wanted to do a little more... He and I started to get to work on the Doctor. I held her down while he started cutting into her. Jessica, on the other hand, was keeping the Shrink some company. She stabbed him and beat him a little, then made him watch as Jack and I removed a kidney from his friend... We drove fear inside of them. I could see by the look in the man's eyes... Day 701: Days have passed and people were getting suspicious of the things we have done. Some of us have been captured and beaten... And others like me, have been left unscathed... But that was until Jessica started to fight back against me. Chris and Jack saw it as us flirting, but I only wanted to get to know who we have been running with the past few days... So later that day after Jessica and I had been trying to intimidate one another, I quietly made my way into the room she had been sleeping in and I found her journal... I sat at the bottom of her bed and read through the pages, finding more and more out about her until she eventually woke up and caught me... We spoke the rest of the night, trying to figure one another out and eventually came to an agreement... 1. Hunt for those that are weak or alone to quench our appetite (Infinite) 2. Work with settlement leaders/large groups to supply us with unsuspecting victims (Infinite) 3. Bring in like minded survivors to the family (Infinite) 4. To complete the cook book with various recipes for each part of the human anatomy (Day 800) 5. To harvest enough human meat to see us through the winter months (Day 844) Our goals are dynamic and determined by IG events. 1. Provide the server with top quality fear RP 2. Focus on RP over PVP 3. Have fun and be unique to the server @BrianM - Jacob Walker @CocoMii - Jessica Berg @Voodoo - Jack Bones @Firemoiselle - Nathan Maxwell @Inferno453 - Christopher Morgan If you are interested in joining the group, please send a PM to @BrianM, @Voodoo & @CocoMii
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    A medium sized black journal, filled with the ramblings of Derek Crow... So someone told me I should write one of these things... that it might help. Help with what? I have no idea. But hell, I'll give it a try. - Exhibit One - I've watched you advance, retreat, rinse, repeat. It's constant wargames for you. A fierce fight you refuse to yield. A fire burns inside of you. A fire that will never die. Never extinguish. I plan to watch it grow for sparks and embers into a raging inferno. Organized chaos. How beautiful it truly is. You'll never quit. I know it. I would stake my fucking life on it. - Exhibit Two - What makes you tick? I'd love to carve into that skull of yours and pull it out of you. I'll find out. Don't you worry. Until then, you'll just think I don't know a damn thing... Oh how deadly wrong you are. Don't think you have me or anyone else fooled. The foolish are often mistaken for brave. I do wonder which one you are... - Exhibit Three - You're are quite the unknown factor. Vying for attention. What if I gave you all the attention you wanted. Would you be appalled or would you squeal with delight? There's many a side to you that you may not even realize. But I watch. As I always have. I'm always watching. I'll see what you grow into. Either someone worth my time. Or someone better to grind into dust. A small doodle of a spider is dotted in the bottom right of the page. Signed D. Crow.
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    I remove your favorite items and make your life a looting nightmare. But I redeemed myself by making campfires burn longer, now show me those beanz
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    The official Playhouse Media Thread
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    Beanz Please
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    Enjoyed the REAL RP boys roleplay today. @G19RP @ScarRP @RebelRP @JimRP @Eagle @SeversonRP @MrPanda @DallasRP @Real Vegas @NorwayRP @WongRP @Oiram @JackZRP @General Rickets @Kai @ThrashRP and I guess I'll tag the juice boy @NozzyRP
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    the community the last week: like fr wtf is going on lol
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    The fact that a simple screenshot of a SINGLE heated arguement can result in an R4 straight permaban because it is seen as 'OOC hate' is a disgrace. Only if it happens on MULTIPLE instances should an R4 be even applicable. People don't always get along, doesn't mean they necessarily HATE them.
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    I know I write like a 12 year old.
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    So I got like... Three days worth of @'s... I am lazy so that's my bad lol @Jadeboat: It's always awesome running into Mal. Even though she can be such an insufferable cunt sometimes. I feel like we'll get ourselves into some serious shit soon. Was a good one on one chat too. @SquirtleKitty: Even though we never hang for too long at a time, it's definitely jam-packed with awesome RP. @Kordruga: You got a nice bulge fella. I also didn't know you were a "squirter". @Shepard: Love the new character. Can't wait to get to know em more and get into some serious tom-fuckery. @NishiUrban: Also digging the new character, always love running with you, and hope to more! @MRS Bradtica: Your fucking eyebrows and accent I swear to shit... Your new character is fucking hilarious though, always gets me cracking up with your quips. @Wolfen: I'll be big spoon next time. @Bigtoe: Please stop dying to wolves... @Kain: Fuck do I love Kaz. Also sorry about the "shotgun wedding". Sorry I am terrible with advice too lol. And if you tell anyone about that thing. Well. Please don't. @JkpFrog: Ace is just a bottle of joy and terror. Always a pleasure. Thanks for keeping me from falling off the bed too much. Also a wolf garden? I should stop supplying you... @Malthis: I definitely ain't afraid to hit a kid fella. But real, been your best man at a wedding, dragged your ass out of numerous firefights, and all it just creates a lovely back and forth between us. @Otto: We're gonna get into some serious shit soon. (@GaryCash You're welcome ) @Lyca: Khandra is great, and bar none the best baker in Chernarus! (George Special™) Look forward to getting to know each other's characters more! @Walnuts: Thank you for saving my ass from that awkwardness instigated by Robbie. Also for being the only one around with a head on their shoulders. And to all the RPers at Eden/Oasis/Lop Camp. It's always enjoyable hanging around. Even when it's not. Jake/Joe you gave me some proper chills today so congrats fella. The circus/theatre fellas that showed up today. Was hilarious bumping into you two again. Anyone else I am missing I will try to remedy later! It's just late and been a while since I really mentioned anyone, so the names are a little jumbled.
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Why the verdict is not fair: I have been very good in timeout Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I made my mistakes, I’ve got no where to RP, The night goes on, As I’m fading away, I’m sick of this life, I just wanna scream What would you like to achieve with this appeal: What could you have done better?: Not play with guns See you tomorrow
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