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    Sorry, nobody comes back from the dead. You killed yourself in this video and you announced it on your radio chatter. Don't be an attention seeker please. You made the choice to perma, nobody else. 10.3 Permanent killing a character (aka "permadeath") is a decision that is taken only by the character owner. Permadeath is final, once a character is declared as killed by the owner it may not be used ever again. /closed.
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    What are you actually doing lmao? I'm gonna act defensive now and ban you. Good luck, have fun. PS: Good luck with the boat. Send us pics.
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    So I got put on 29 points final warning for retaliating a few times to some childish flamebait day in and day out and now I'm finished. I joined this place a year ago and had no idea how to role play. I played and played until my boy @Wumby taught me how to RP properly. Now he, too, is banned for some bullshit after being put on 29 points final warning for - you guessed it - some bullshit. I joined Staff and stopped playing on the server regularly back in July. Was made a GM with the great team at the time consisting of some quality Staff members like Echo, Vector, Staggs etc. who taught me how to be a good Staff member. I did a shit ton of work for this Staff team. Over 100 verdicts written in just 3 months and probably hundreds more signed by me. But then more and more people started getting promotions they didn't deserve and hadn't earned, all the way up to the Admin level. More and more people in positions of power who knew absolutely nothing about this place and how to handle or improve it. More and more people with shitty attitudes in Staff, which was the ultimate reason for my leaving. I left, my friends left. I was flamed and ridiculed by the new/old "Admins" and nothing was done about it. Thankfully the two of them are no longer in Staff to run this place any further into the ground. So instead of staying on here to get low key flamed by 50 year olds with 2007 Facebook memes and not be able to retaliate because for some retarded reason I'm on 29 warning points and they're on 0, I'm just gonna leave this place. I was going to hold out and hope that my mentor would be unbanned, but that's not gonna happen. I guess only newcomers are welcome here nowadays. Thank you to @Terra for slapping me in this report - this made me be sure to always give my role play 110%. You are a great person and was the best damn Admin this place has ever seen. You, Conor and Staggs are the only people deserving of the Legend rank. Thank you to @Wumby for teaching me how to role play and giving a whitename a chance. Thank you to @Jamie for being the best Admin right now. You're always willing to listen and remain unbiased. With you at the helm, this place could go a lot further than it currently is. Thanks to the boys. Thanks for all the beanz. Thank you to everyone who voted me for Newcomer of the Year. I know it's just a silly title on a website but that meant a lot to me. My Steam is on my profile if any of you who don't already have me wanna keep in touch, battlenet is in "About me" if you gots Overwatch. Thanks for the laughs, it was fun until this shit storm. The retarded warning points one after another and now the final retarded warning of 29 points, I am finished. Goodbye.
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    *Traveling below a large radio tower on a hilltop in the east, Buddy catches a glimpse of the poster stuck on the metal support beam. He grits his teeth for a brief moment, but calmly digs into his pack for his blue pen and scribbles over the poster to give it a bit of his own touch* *He takes a step back to admire his work; chuckling a bit and casually continues along his way*
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    All right guys, listen up. I didn't want to do this, but with the current state of how the lore is going there is some very genuine concerns regarding the entire community. I am going to state out flatly that there is a general distrust regarding the direction of the lore wipe. A lot was explained at the Teamspeak meeting. A lot about the infection starting in Chernarus and then moving out of Chernarus, then we go back to Chernarus... something about planes and who knows what else... regardless, it took half an hour to explain and it made absolutely no sense to -anyone-. Here is my concern. A very viable solution to every players problem was presented. Doesn't matter that it came from me, the fact is it was presented and had the entire teamspeak following it. The community had spoken... and all we want is for it to be taken in, because it's not just a factor of your lore, your writing, your work... it's everyone's future characters, future environment, future lore. The current lore is problematic, do not make the new lore problematic. Here is the solution regarding 90% of people being in Chernarus without actually being Chernu Russian. The virus doesn't originate in Chernarus, Chernarus is the last place to be -HIT- When something this catastrophic occurs, where peoples lives are directly at threat, they are going to want to move away from it. The human beings number one instinct is to survive, to live. If the virus starts here, no one... NO ONE... not even the Chernu Russian's are going to want to BE HERE... And yes this would require the rest of the world to be hit first, but someone needs to be hit last, so it might as well be the made up country that we're playing in. Word would get out from cell phones, internet, television, word of mouth... anywhere all saying the same thing. -This place is safe-. It doesn't have to be safe or even safe for more than a day, but as long as people think it is, they will come here. Every type of character imaginable, fleeing here as refugees, in mass... HERE, problem solved for everyone. The Chernu Russian Government cannot stop the entire world from flooding in at the last minute, they can't. They can try, by shooting at the boarders, by having active war... putting that danger in front of people, but the thing is with the danger being the infection behind them, they have NO CHOICE but to flee in the direction of Chernarus. Many will die, adding to peoples backstories of being lost along the way, giving genuine reason for hate between natives and non natives, adding to peoples characters... anything and everything.... SOLVED. So, I have added a pole. This is my idea that is pitched. It isn't complicated. If anything it is remarkably simple, but simplicity is a form of genius. I am sorry if this offends the people writing the next lore, but it's not just about you. I know you're doing a great job and working hard... but this belongs to everyone, not just you. This is everyone's server. Write for the community by consulting the community... otherwise we're going to be right back where we started, with our community hating the lore. Once you have that foundation, you can add in whatever you want along the way. Hell most people will even have the freedom to make their own shit up, but the thing is it will make complete sense. Please listen to me guys, I wouldn't be doing this if I wasn't concerned about the community. I am not even doing this to attack you... I just want a good result in the end.
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    It has come to our attention over the past several months while dealing with various incidents, reports, appeals, and evidence brought forward to us that hasn't always been actionable that many people are having a difficult time grasping the concept of abuse of game mechanics. This post is meant to serve as a reminder of what abuse of game mechanics is as per the rules, some examples of abuse of game mechanics, and possible consequences that may result because of your actions that might break these rules. As a reminder the abuse of game mechanics is covered under the Cheating and Exploiting section of the rules. Lately we've been seeing a lot of things that could be classified as an abuse of in game mechanics. I'll give some examples. We saw a reemergence of forcing hostages to carry backpacks in hand. Although not always an abuse of game mechanics, when used to give the hostage takers more time to react or to see more animation progress to help protect themselves, it most definitely is. This has only recently come up in one report again, but figured I'd mention it as a recent example. Text initiations. When used properly, text initiations can be a way for text RPers to initiate (obviously) or help give a timestamp in a log when coupled with a VOIP initiation. But, when you've been playing using VOIP all day and then you third person over a wall and drop text initiation to help hide your position/cause confusion/etc that is indeed an abuse of game mechanics. It is one thing to use text as your sole means of communication because you are playing some one of the opposite sex, or to assist in your VOIP initiation, but it is something else entirely when it is abused in an example like I just gave. Building a base or placing a stash in an otherwise normally unreachable area. Like, oh I don't know, 6 tents and 2 barrels inside a rock formation. Pretty specific example, huh? Yeah, we've seen it. We don't want to see shit like this ever again. If you are caught doing this, be prepared to face the consequences. My suggestion if you come across something like this is to bring it to staffs attention so we can investigate and dismantle it. If you have something like this, I highly suggest you do something about it ASAP. Those above examples are just a few and do not encompass everything when it comes to abuse of game mechanics, but regardless, it is clear that some people need a very firm reminder. Some of the above examples could result in punishment up to permanent removal from the community. You've been reminded.
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    Tbh I feel like we are blaming the wrong thing on the issues with the roleplay. If you have a problem with the current state of roleplay I urge you to check out this graphic I have produced below.
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    Sorry Weeman Got your payback though today
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    Posters would appear all over the wasteland (Take it IC): Courtesy of @Roach
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    *Vladislav and his bratri listen in on the radio broadcast and the chatter afterwards. When all is said, Domonic tosses Vladislav the radio and he presses the PTT* "Now... you say you don't mean trouble, but you claim to be in control of this country? OUR COUNTRY!? Think again! This is our land, soaked with the blood of our people for centuries past and centuries yet to come. You're not the first, nor the last to lay ludicrous, nonsensical claims here. We are not afraid of a long journey, nor are we afraid of a cruel war. We firmly believe in the resolve of the Chernarussian people and our dear Fatherland! We have battled and beaten giants, bigger than you, so we'll ask this only once - take back any claims you have, cease to enforce yourself and your rag-tag law on our native land and you will live your lives in peace like you say you want." *Vladislav releases the PTT and puts the radio down*
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    Place is stupid anyway, go there to role play with people who don't enjoy anyones role play but their own, and cop an IC and OOC attitude with you when you attempt to talk to them, sounds like a great idea.
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    I do art stuff and make screenshots or whatever. I think this is waaaaaaaay overdue, like 2015 overdue. http://thatbunnyart.tumblr.com/ Enjoy some carefully selected art Drawings Edited Screenshots
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    Here's the full list and numbers omitting Ghillies because tops can't be worn with a vest and make the calculations very complicated for my simple brain. If my calculations are correct, there are 176,937,868,800 possible combinations, assuming you are wearing at least one item of each category. Head (109) Eyes (5) Face (18) Shirts & Jackets (112) Vest (15) Pants (61) Shoes & Boots (44) Gloves (4)
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    *Endeavour can be seen driving grey sedan car. There is a sound of seagulls in the distance, he starts to mutter to himself 'back to shit again, why the fuck did I come back... Fuck sake, he pulls into the side of the road and pulls out a packet of Russian cigarettes, he pulls one and lights it up with a match he opens the driver side door and gets out while grabbing the revolver from driver side door drink holder which he made to fit his gun, he walks over to the boot of the car and opens it and grabs his binoculars. He starts to walk over towards the beach staring towards the sea, he puts the binoculars his right only eye and looks down it looking at his old island that he lived on, he notices someone walking over the ridge. Endeavour walks back over towards the car and puts the binoculars on the dash and picks up his radio and holds it to his mouth for few moments and then presses the PTT* ' The name is Endeavour, Endeavour Western, some of you people know who I am whoever you are, I've been away last few weeks and I've only been back for about a week. Things here haven't changed. Well, that's debatable, depending on what side you're on. I've been listening over the radio, still people talking shit. It's just people saying that they're going to kill other people but half of them don't even have bullets, and the other half don't know how to use a gun and there's only a few that have ammo, and then people just hide it all. Fuck me, I've been all the way up Russia finding ammo, seems to be a lot of there than there is here. I don't even know where my kids are. Paige, Greg, wherever you are - this isn't going to be 'I love you, please come home,' type shit. You're probably doing better off than I am. I know I may have scared you Greg, when you saw me with that Doctor and what I done to him, but I'm here if you need me. Mary, I know that we spoke not that long ago, but you always have a home with me. I know you need some time to think about what I've told you. But I'm here. I hope the people you're with are keeping you safe, or there will be fucking murder. To my friend Joe, I'm starting to miss you, you old fuck. You know where to find me. *Endeavour looks up the road before taking a drag of his cigarette. He puts the radio to his mouth, and presses the PTT* Last time I spoke on the radio, I was talking about camp Endeavour. Fuck me, where are those people gone? I've been in contact with my boys but haven't got a clue where the rest of them are - either dead or locked up somewhere by some fucked up people. Anyway, I hope they're alright, even if you're listening, there is still hope. The idea of Camp Endeavour was to build something for the future, but I can understand why people don't want them. Most people have given up hope, they want to see the world better, they don't want to see a new civilisation. But for those who have little hope, there is hope coming, I promise you that. I've been building something while I've been away. Something not just for me, but something for everyone. I don't want to speak details over the radio, but for now, anyway. It's basically a new camp Endeavour you could say. *Endeavour takes out a book of names. The cover seems to be slightly ripped. He opens it, and looks at the names and the radio freqs of the people he's been talking to about the new commune of people. He puts the book on the driver side seat and puts the radio to his mouth and presses the PTT.* I'm looking for people who are willing to help to build this commune. You don't need any skills of sorts, just the will to help. If you are interested in helping, contact me on 47.7. There is hope. There is always hope. You might get some weird people saying 'look for the light' or some shit, but those people are right. Look for the light. Hope is coming. ' *Endeavour lets go of the PTT and puts the radio on the dash and flicks the cigarette out the door. He starts the engine, puts it in gear, puts the head break down and drives off towards Cherno.
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    Got some family pictures done the other day, I'll share.
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    I'm gonna go ahead and finish this absolute meme of a thread. If you have proof of Bias send it to the admins or even better, Rolle himself. Until then, pipe down with these wild accusations. /meme thread closed.
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    So let me set the scene, it's been roughly 3 years since the start of the infection... It's been rough, trying to find supplies to survive, running into bandits constantly taking your things, you've been tortured more than once. You've been backstabbed by people you thought were your friends. You've lost countless friends, whether to infected, or other people, attempts at civilizations have failed, usually with everyone dead. South Zagoria is a dark and rugged area, and so are the people. You've just finished your last can of beans by 4pm, you end up going to sleep that night on a near empty stomach. The Next morning to go out in search of breakfast, you come into a town called Kabanino, you look around for infected, spot them all and their movements so you can diverge around them. You move closer.... You stop next to a wall looking around for possibly other survivors, thankfully there are none. you move into the small shop on the corner of town and check for anything to eat, shit.. nothing. you leave town headed south towards stary, all of the sudden another survivor sprints up to you from out of nowhere, close enough to kiss you on the lips, where the hell did they come from? who is this? what the fuck?????? The survivor just says in a friendly tone " Hey hows it goin! what're you up to! " :DDDD Now I understand everyone has their own way of "roleplaying", fine, but to me it just does not make any sense to just run up to someone and speak with them like they're your old buddy ted from down the block, it's immersion breaking as fuck, and this is a serious rp server. In a scenario like this, these 2 people would probably completely avoid one another, or if one of them did want to engage in conversation, they would probably do it with caution, keeping their distance, hell maybe even pointing a rifle. I do it all the time personally, if I stumble upon someone and they're too close for comfort I'll draw my rifle. I know a lot of people get excited OOC when I do this, thinking I'm initiating or something, but I'm just trying to create some realism, people need to think more through the RP than the Rules. I'm curious as to how everyone else feels about this. In a short TLDR I suppose, I just don't think it makes a lot of sense for someone to run up and instantly just strike up a casual conversation out of thin air, you don't know them, they don't know you, you don't know if they're waiting for you to put your guard down so they can skin you alive or whatever. all I'm saying is it's supposed to be the goddamn apocalypse, not club penguin.
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    This is the thoughts and feelings of Harper Kennedy, who is a Paranoid Schizophrenic. The grey text is her hallucinations, voices she hears in her head. I will be adding a read along to this later on, so keep your eyes open and enjoy! Special thanks to @Elmo for his awesome grammar help! YOUR AWESOME! VV https://puu.sh/vMi0E/7c907fd18e.mp3 So... it has been a few months... since I got off that horrid island. When Hollows let me go on parole I was so… relieved. Yet, I was also on edge. Every time I moved I felt like he was watching. Like no matter what I did, they would take me back to that prison. To the lonely padded cell with nothing but the sound of voices… the ones in my mind. Telling me things... I didn’t wish to think nor hear…. "You’re going to die here… " "No one is coming for you…" "You are... all alone..." That… is for a different time... when I am hopefully lucid enough to think straight. Along with what happened after... with... Ondrej. "Where did you go…?" "Why did you leave me…?" "He abandoned you..." …..I decided after these last couple of months... that I wanted to try and get better. Funny, I know... but I wanted to be able... able to trust again. I wanted to find out if I could… just handle being close to people. Without feeling like they would leave me... betray me... cage me… I went to this... fight... boxing or something like that. I can’t really understand why watching people... hurt each other… is entertaining. I honestly didn’t understand… "They want to hurt you… " "It’s a trick… Blood... Danger…" "They’re going to kill you…." I… I went though... and I think I almost had a panic attack that day... with the people… the violence... the blood… the noise... it was a lot to take in. People were trying to talk to me and I… was unsure and of course nervous. Which only seem to make them more curious... can’t they just... leave me alone… "We will never leave you…" "We are your only friends..." "No one else wants you…." That’s a lie... because I found people who seemed to care... who… were concerned about me... and gave me space when I asked. It was... odd... feeling that way... feeling... accepted. They helped...or tried with my anxiety...my fear...they even said it was ok...that I was this way… "You’re a freak…" "They’re laughing… such cruel laughter…" I met people who... I began to care about... besides Lyca… she seems to like me for who I am... but she’s the only one. The one that knows... how bad I can get… no one else knows… and I don’t want them to… Meeting them, Lincoln, Solace, all of them have helped me so much. They won’t understand just how much, as they led me back to Marshal... to a place that… I am beginning to feel safe again... where I can sew... draw... make friends like Kimberly… "They don’t want you...you’re just a burden to them… they’ll never trust you..." But... even with all that I have... it just doesn’t seem like enough... like I am stuck in this bubble of anxiety and... fear. I keep thinking that someday, it will leave... I will be alone again... in a cell... in a padded room with medication being pumped into my veins. They’ll try to fix me… to help me… "No one can help you… no one can save you... the medication doesn’t work… it’s poison…" With Lincoln’s smile... there is the fear of his frown… his sadness... With Solace’s caring touch is the fear of her coldness… With Simon’s gentle questions is the fear of his accusations… With John’s trust is the fear of his disappointment… "You’re a disappointment…" There is only one thing that makes it go away... and it also makes me afraid… "They will find out…they already know… you’re weak..."
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    Heyo peeps, I'm going to take a little break from playing and stuff like i have been doing TO focus on school and get some time to get my mental health back up I'm going to be active on the forums and on the ts incase anybody needs me or the rules changes so i can just read them and in case in from some reason dont return from this break I'll mention everybody i have played and have banter fun with and also a thank you for ya'll (if i miss anybody sorry @Combat [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Munter @[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected] For [email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@[email protected]@Mr [email protected]@Ryan [email protected] @Galaxy @Elmo @FrostyCat @Abadon
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    Hold my beer. Basically this, if you spoke to a guy in voice and then he drops an initiation just in text, that is not fair play, create a report and I shall deliver justice.
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    He raises an eyebrow as he moves closer to home with his radio picking up on a transmission. He listens for a bit before he pushes down on the transmit button... 'Here ye here ye ... this guy is a dumb cunt. Seriously though, the only King people in this land people will properly acknowledge was King Joffrey. If you and your fellow larp want to play King then can you take it to a private frequency so the rest of us don't have to listen to this dribble?' He takes his button off the transmitter wondering if he should return home or turn around.
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    I think it would be more of a deal, such as if you were to say "//I'll stop spamming threads if you permadeath your character" I would say yes.
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    Scariest group of whitenames on the server
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    Quite the eventful session last night @Otto I enjoyed our talk about the past and the present. Still, can't believe how it took us this long to meet when we've both known the same people for years. @Ezra Had a laugh talking to you as you hung out with us. Rockwell is one cool cat. @Oyface Ashby has left quite the impression on Duncan and the others. That chainsaw initiation was one of the most badass things I've seen on this server. @Aiko That reaction was priceless. Thanks for beeing a good sport. @Phoenix and co. Glad to see you come visit us. Hope to see more of you. @kala Thank you for understanding what the 'S' stands for. @Hale Nice little reunion between our two characters. @Enigma Thanks for helping with our little hostage situation today. It's always a blast having you around. @Marshal @Chaostica @FiftyFootAnt I'm glad to hear you enjoyed the role-play. I still think Simon is Neo though. @Hassan I've got to admit I was surprised by the talk Duncan and Sonny had. I honestly never saw that coming. @Dvlinhb @yellow02486 @MeenMuginLovin @Dustup @Bigtoe Thanks to all the Lost Souls that got online last night/today and participated in the awesome role-play.
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    In my small town, these little "Old folks" scooters are a popular thing. But they are not cars. He could've at least parked in a handicap spot...
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    Well here I am. I got what you all wanted and I must say that it was not a solo effort. Everyone who has supported me gets every bit of thanks. You are all with me.
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    - Do not carry your weapon in your hands in or near the compound - Do not enter the compound without permission from an SR - Do not go in any of the tents without permission from an SR - Do not enter any of the buildings without permission from an SR - Do not impersonate an SR - Obey the instructions given by an SR - Do not move any of the tents, barrels or furnaces - Do not steal - Do not start hostilities in the compound, take it outside. - Chernarussians enter for free, good foreigners are allowed to enter after paying the tax, bad foreigners will be send away. Failure to comply to the rules will result in being shot or exiled from the compound. Thanks to @Lucass and @Elmo for their help with the lore!
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    "We will push and twist the minds of other survivors, bend them to see our perspective and change their views on the land and people they live with." What do you mean by that or is that a fancy way of saying "We initiate on everyone and torture them, because why the hell not!" ? Another question: Why not just continue the saviours, now that you have a reputation?
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    Changed the cycle to non persistent so majority of the time it will be day time and only before restart should it get dark. Let's try that for a few days, see how you feel about it.
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    Been getting PMs here and there: Episode 13 should come out between Sunday and Tuesday. Still very hard to tell. I want this one to be perfect. Oh, and it's a 45+ minutes episode (extended episode). So basically trying to edit 2 episodes into 1 which explains the time it's taking to release it heh. Thank you all for being so patient and so supportive throughout this adventure so far I promise the next episode will be a bang! Time to catch up if you didn't already, trust me! Lots of love for you all
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    I mean this is what it looks like.. "Hey let's have a TS Meeting, make a bunch of lore update threads and see some suggestions, have the community be part of the lore. Oh... Oh.. Uhm.. Yeah, your suggestion is good and all but.., No.. Sorry we already worked on something else and it's too much to throw away.." This thread is stuck in selfish avenue.
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    We already have memes, you want me to point out their profiles?
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    I don't think I've ever edited a more intense episode... Cannot wait to show EP13 !!!
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    This is in response to this status update (https://www.dayzrp.com/profile/2164-father/?status=22656&type=status) as it was deleted on the person profile. So I'll leave it here because I still think it needs to be said. Shiro I will tell it to you straight. I'm not here to flame or disrespect you. I'm here hopefully to open your eyes and be honest with you. At the beginning of me joining DayZRP I met you. I joined your group and even bought you standalone. At the beginning of the inmates I respected you. Yet from what I have gone through you have a habit of pushing people away. Whether it be from their own choice, from the drama you create, or from this quote that you just deleted "you think your RP is superior to the rest. You complained in ts that you think certain groups give you worse rp than you are providing. I won't bother arguing about whether or not this is true, but it makes you look narcissistic. People start feeling like you think you are better than them and you “bless“ them with your time. I personally feel like this is one part where your issues with some members come from." you push people towards the door. People who are still here from the inmates can back me up on it. You need to take a step back and look, really look because you are a good rp'er when you don't drowned it with narcissism or belittlement of others. You also need to learn to separate OOC from IC because you would enjoy RP so much better if you did. Finally, we use to be friends Shiro. Part of me still wishes we were, yet actions you take makes that impossible. Just learn from this bud. I truly mean no ill will and want you to grow as a person. Take care... Your "once close" friend ~ Enigma
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    Starting somewhat of a character series. Gonna follow basically any worthwhile thing I get up to, I manage to record. For now a lot of stuff is following The Lost Souls. This first one is a bit of a slow start featuring @Joules myself @MeenMuginLovin @Hellspawnceri and others who I am still forgetting names, but I'll get there. The next one to come was... an amazing RP, so I'd look forward to it. Minor slip of it in here, but it's only a teaser. Felix's Journeys - Lost Lamb
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    I just didn't want to give it back to the guy that felt "the group went to shit" when he didn't lead it. Especially when the shit version of the group did far more than the 'good' version ever did ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Dunno if I've had too many of Joseph Divone's mushrooms in game, but according to the LMs I've found the road to the old gods. Bifrost anyone?
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    After his most recent thread where he brought up a lot of wonderful points we wanted to hear more from him. so thank you for taking your time to do this interview with us Interviewing a community member is intended as a step towards bringing the community together. The idea is to create a thread where we will interview different community members, old and new. During this interview we will ask the community member some questions regarding the community and how their DayZRP experience has been. This week we interviewed: @Tony ~ Tell us something unique about yourself - ~ Which section in the forums are you most interested in and why? - ~ How did you find out about DayZRP? - ~ Have you made any friends during your time in this community? - ~ What do you feel is missing from our community? - ~ What are some of your most memorable DayZRP experiences, both IC and OOC? - ~ Do you have a video of your favourite roleplay moment you would like to share with us? - ~ Do you have a video of your favourite funny moment in game you would like to share with us? - ~ If you could meet one roleplay character you have met in game in real life, who would it be and why? - ~ In your opinion, what are the best and worst parts of our community? - ~ Is there anything you regret IC or OOC that has happened since you have joined DayZRP (if yes, what and why?) - ~ What advice would you give to new members joining our community? - ~ What do you think we, as community members, can do to make the community a better place? - ~ If you had to choose someone else’s character to be in game, who would it be and why? - ~ Who or what would you say was the biggest influence on your role-play? - ~ Do you think any questions could be added to the interview formula and, if so, what and why? - ~ If you could choose one person to KOS and bullshit the logs to make it look like someone else did it, who would you KOS? Who would you blame it on? -
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    @Lucass jumps down from the roof, landing next to @Razareth
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    Thanks for your great OOC attitude to the people who get attacked six times a day from people who think punching people in the face is 'good RP' and others who just KoS us after JUST getting unbanned in reports. Sorry that we're skiddish about other people trying to wreck everything. And since I guess I don't enjoy anybody RP but my own, I have to take back every good thing I've ever said about @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] the [email protected] and at everyone else who understands that you dont need to be an asshole that looks for excuses to hold a grudge to roleplay! Gee, thanks for helping me see the light Hebee, lord and savior! Your feedback is noted. But maybe look at your own attitude before you look at ours, because I've NEVER been disrespectful to you. I lost a metric TON of respect for you though with you repeatedly punching people of my group and those not even related to the group while restrained, and then when asked OOCly not to because you could KILL someone, I'm told you didn't care at all. I expected better behavior from a former admin. So there's your feedback. Tit for tat. Have a wonderful day, lord and savior Hebee The Infallible. Love the screenshots from Bastion, took a look at the majority of them. Loving the green, it's hurts my eyes in a way that feels so so good.
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    I've already offered my assistance to the admins/loremasters for any help they need with the new lore. Yes, they are free to use the work I worked on but I would like credit on that work and also to be updated in the net's on whats happening LM wise. Only fair. Major? Congraz, you have weight on your shoulders, don't let it bury you.
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    VV https://puu.sh/vRBgK/da6fe0cf17.mp3 "They... are coming… don't sleep!" "YOU CAN'T SLEEP!" "He’s here! WATCHING!" I call them Deprivers... the reason I don't sleep at night... the reason why I am scared to sleep. They deprive me of sleep... they deprive me of my safety... they deprive me of my sanity... They are the shadow beings of my mind's creation, the tormentors that no one can save me from... They come in a variety of shapes... they are black... just like the night. Eyes of the brightest star… white… that can see your deepest secrets. They whisper to me... their whispers... they frighten me… "Sleep… let sleep take you... forever..." "death sleep..." "We will be with you… in death..." Victor… he reminds me of a Depriver... the way he talks... the sound of his voice... it reminds me of them. Even the way he watches me… the way he follows me... like he can see my secrets that I try and hide... the ones that will ruin everything… "He knows..." "He will tell..." "He will ruin everything…" When I first met Victor... I noticed how different he was from the others... and... not in a good way. It… gave me goose bumps... it sent a shiver of fear down my spine. The way he... watched me... as I simply gathered my coats... at times... I could even see his form change... into a shadow… a Depriver. His words...would mold... into theirs... and become one... and it terrified me... I tried avoiding him… I tried so hard to keep him at a distance. That only seemed to intrigue him more… "Show yourself to me..." "I'll be there for you…" "I promise…" I don't want to show you... you will never see anything like that... because if you do... I fear I might become a Depriver. A creature of the dark... that I will tip too far... and... it's so... tempting to do... so… to let the darkness take me... completely. Because... in the darkness... there is no pain... there is no fear... there are no Deprivers... just... quiet… "What about them..." "Will you leave them... alone?" I... I don't want to... because I have Lincoln... he's so sure of himself... so confident in the things he does. He makes me feel... unstoppable at times. It's almost like... he's older than me... that... he has control of his life... of his... fears… I know... I know he doesn't though... I can see them... watching him... waiting for him to slip… off the cliff edge... into Deprived arms... into my arms… that is why... I can’t have him... I shouldn’t be around him… "You’re dirty… "You’re damaged…" "You’re Deprived…" Not yet... I… want to stay... just... for a little longer… in the light...
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    Soo.... about last night you guys..... You really suck @Pinkerton @Redbond9 @RogueSolace @Simon @JakeWalford @The Marshal & @Phoenix <3 (and whoever else was there i'm sorry) @Bun
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