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    I think I and many others have noticed a change in attitude from Rolle and I guess now the admin team in recent months. A shift towards a less forgiving and more "my way or the highway" approach. I cite the lore wipe as marking the beginning of this change and the way groups, specifically hostile groups were threatened with removal and punish from Rolle, something that is continuing. Other important events are Dusty's perma ban and, from personal experience, my removal from staff. But I'd say one of the most drastic and uncalled for displays of admin authority was tonight with the banning of 4 individuals from a report by the same administrator who reported them. Something Rolle approved of. The exercise of Rule 4 in a way that only paints a picture of the admin team and Rolle simply not giving a fuck what anyone else thinks because they run the server and they will do as they please. The first instance of this was JimRP giving me warning points for a status I put on his profile and then denying my ban appeal himself. Now we have Aiko making a report against a group of people without video evidence, waiting for a PoV and then banning all of them minutes after it was posted. This "Deal with it" attitude in my opinion is extremely detrimental to the community. I don't play on the servers because I am not satisfied with DayZ right now, something most people agree on illustrated by the decline in players, but seeing this type of behavior dissuades me from ever playing again. I can only imagine how current players must feel knowing now that if they slip up the admins will not hesitate to permanently remove them at a moment's notice with Rolle's blessing. I can only imagine how new players might perceive the casual removal of players by administrators in a report they made. I can only imagine how the rest of staff must feel about this whole thing, especially Gamemasters who have been basically cast aside for a liberal use of Rule 4. I made a poll to gauge these opinions exactly. I didn't want to get sucked into some drama in this community again, I prefer being a lurker who beanz posts or banters in status updates. I don't like having to call out Rolle or the admin team, since the other two haven't given their opinion and because I considered Aiko one of my best mentors in staff. But I firmly believe this attitude will kill the community and there are no viable alternatives. This is the only DayZ roleplaying community that isn't a pile of shit, so let's not turn it into one.
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    Its a farming life for me. Establish a place to call home and to conduct business in. ( Day 210 outbreak) Establish a large radio network advertising our farming company. (Day 215 outbreak) Find military organizations and ask for their protection. (Day 220 outbreak) Establish the best farming community in South Zagoria. Protect our fellow farmers any means necessary. Produce enough food to feed the majority of South Zagoria We wanted to try out a new way of roleplay here in the community currently hostile RP is shunned either way. So we are going to take the route of campfire roleplaying but we will defend ourselves based on circumstances. The plan here is to set up a hub for people to come roleplay with us and share supplies. Food will be supplied free of charge. Rules don't be a dickhead and keep your weapons holstered. Click the radio to contact us ICly. Recruitment will be handled in-game but If you really want to join send @Vytis a message. Shoutout to Kyle Jones for the graphics.
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    This is just... oh boy is this wrong. *cracks his furious typing fingers* let us begin. (Now before I begin, there are some people I feel are an exception to what I say. This does not apply to everybody in this friendship group, only a few that seem to lead the problem.) What we "see in game" is quite often you run around getting into fights very often, you're extremely aggressive with people for the sake of being aggressive. Why? Because you're good at PvP. But where you want to argue "it is what we see in game," what others see is a man getting shot repeatedly and never dying. Your argument follows that of a realistic one based off what happens in game. On one hand I can say fair enough, but what you then disregard is any other form of realistic hostility. Your group of friends fights, relentlessly. Your go to response is initiation. It's not hostile RP, it's initiation. People don't want to fight you because they will lose most of the time (and losing 90% of the time kills passion to get in game). People don't want to comply to you because you will execute them whenever you get the chance. Exhibit A: Whilst I take into account this is my groups report, the unbiased verdict presented by people that are not in my group shows what I am talking about. I will quote 2 parts of the verdict: "That being said we do not blame Para for refusing as it was painfully obvious what was going to happen" & "However, like in all situations killing someone should be a last-ditch effort even if you have rights.". As is obvious from the verdict, your group of friends executed 2 hostages simply because 'you could.' It was our first official hostility, and it was painfully obvious what would happen yet your party still chooses to kill as often as they can. Again I ask why? the image you constantly portray, through your actions and through your words on the forums, is that you only want to win. This in itself is detrimental to RP. Now, to move onto why people criticise your viewpoint specifically on the military group presence: Firstly: Here we have a prime example of an issue. You regard @Mexi's comments as 'nit picking' despite him actually proposing a very valid concern. Another example where you belittle another's argument instead of actually addressing the concern they put forwards. You don't, and evidently won't, roleplay out a fear of the military presence looming all around South Zagoria. The Russian military, as it currently stands in the lore, is incredibly high. The CDF, the UN, everything still retains a massive amount of threat looming nearby the region we play in. Hell, I refer you back to the days of the VDV when a nuclear blast went off. This shows the capability of the military is still at large, and we have not heard anything to say otherwise. Realistically, if you want to run around executing and killing as many people as you possibly can, how long is it going to be before the military stops regarding the civilian lives and pulls a 'Noah's ark', a purge of the area. You don't take into account the incredible power that could easily come back and destroy the entire area, one that is realistically more likely to come back if the zone is being overrun by a rag-tag bunch of bandits running around causing chaos. Missiles, tanks, more than your small band of now 'anarchists' could handle. And need I go into the detail about how little sense this makes for the character Luke Krey. In the Black Fangs you were involved with running a settlement, known as 'Tortuga' which took place in Stary. Then you moved on to try and help the PCC establish a Government, which was a military organisation. Then you established the 'farming organisation' which had the purpose of allegedly re-establishing 'Tortuga', which i don't need to remind is a settlement with rules. Now all of a sudden you're an anarchist? How does this make sense at all? A lovely screenshot of your backstory as to why this makes no sense: Now, this just proves everything you have done prior to this does not support Anarchy. And what's even more alarming is the fact he 'shot down a jet with an RPG'. Even if this were feasibly possible, you'd be fucked. You'd have the military hunting you down, this would be an official attack on a military organisation of the world, it would result in MORE, military intervention. So when you purport that the concerns raised are 'nit-picking' you are so, sooo wrong. Lastly, To quote a goal "i) Establish a place for people to feel equal as well as a place for our people to call home." from this group. Your goal pushes for equality among all, but you pushed for an agenda in the black fangs where "We are the bad guys, we can do what we like and push you all around because we're better." That was fair enough, but now all of a sudden it's equality? @Mr.Panda you pose the exact same issue here. Your character's actions pose contrary to anarchy and make no sense. So to summarise, your mentality is the problem and it needs to change. This dismissive and 'must win' attitude is one of the biggest problems to RP currently, and there are MANY that share my view. I have tried to talk things out with you numerous times, but you don't change and at this point I highly doubt you will. You don't care at all about realism, and you don't care about other people's views on realism as your emphasis, on everything, is to win. You've made this obvious to everybody over your last year of being here in DayZRP and to be quite frank, half of the community is sick of it. Many people have grown tired of it, and it is one of the reasons half of the players-base is done. People will not raise these concerns with you because A) you dismiss it as 'hate' and disregard it, and B) those that speak to you directly (at your request) give up because you don't change. What's even more ridiculous is that you always ask other people to change, to embrace your style and to open themselves up. This mindset you have portrayed is not one that benefits or promotes RP, it promotes your agenda, to win. For example you state "who cares dude If they cant physically show us this so-called magic military then it's irrelevant. I go by what I see in game." You, in game, always win through forcing your agenda on to people. You're good at PvP, so are your friends, there is no doubt about that. But what you want is to win, and you'll do that by crushing / steamrolling any group that opposes you. Your force groups into situations where they have no option but to fight back or give up. --------------- Now @JimRP what I have said above does not really apply to you in the slightest. I've got no issue with you, or any other of your members. Anarchy is a very well constructed group idea, and in the current times it probably would fit quite well. The graphics are incredible, and work very well with the group idea. The lore is a very interesting read, and I have no doubt about you being able to pull this idea off. I wish you the best of luck with the revival of Anarchy!
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    The staff team has had a team meeting on Sunday and we have decided to change things around here a little bit and try some new things out while we are waiting for Beta coming Soon™ 2026. Here are the things that we have decided on changing, which should happen within the current or next week, depending on how busy we are. There will be more announcements and/or sticky threads focused on every change on this list so everyone has a chance to get informed about them properly. 1. Player list on the server statistics have been removed This is to prevent easy access to metagaming players that are in game. While we know that there are alternative ways of acquiring this information, you are no longer handed it on a platter where you can check identity of someone on the server in matter of seconds. It may come back, depending on player feedback. 2. Private radio frequencies will be removed Only public frequencies will be allowed in the radio chatter forum. This is due the fact that a lot of private frequencies contain taunting and provoking content that is viewable by everyone and those targeted by such messages cannot defend or reply to them. It is also quite contradictory to have private messages on a public forum. Once this goes through everyone will be able to post on all radio chatter threads. We still ask however to not interrupt or disrupt other peoples conversations if you are not involved in them in any way or don't know the characters involved. Those interested in private radio chatter we direct you to private messages instead as a use of IC private communications. Up to 10 people can be added to a PM and it works just like a thread with conversation-like view and it is indeed private. 3. Dynamic groups will be removed The concept of dynamic groups will be removed, and with it kill right sharing between players not in an official group. With dynamic groups removed, only approved group members share kill rights with each other. Everyone not affiliated with an approved group are treated individually and will have to fight and survive on their own. Additionally, official groups do not have a distance or line of sight limitation to the kill right sharing, it is always available to all group members. There will be more explanations exactly how this will work in game, along with common examples once this is implemented and the rules are in place. The reason for this is to encourage players to create new, creative groups as well as allow the staff for easier balancing of power and a better screening process when it comes to groups. This is a trial and we will review the general feedback and effect this will have on game play, role play and player experience in a 1-3 months and decide what to do about it then. 4. SMART goals will work more as a guideline SMART goals will be a more of a guideline to keep in mind when creating good group goals, rather than a strict requirement. We still want you to have at least have the "SMAR" part in your goals, which will also probably speed up the approval process, but we won't be enforcing the strict format of group goals to follow the SMART principle. Do note that if your group has goals set to X and you do things Y in game which are completely opposite, we will still step in and question the groups official status. 5. Griefing rule will be added to the rules It's not specifically defined right now, but I believed that it was self-explanatory based on rules like 5.1 or 5.3 that it was not allowed. Apparently for some that was not so obvious. So since some people asked for it to be added, we'll do that.
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    World Lore Entry No. 8 - 200 Days - February 2nd, 2018 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) “It’s not enough to die, one has to be forgotten as well.” – John Hurt 200 days. It felt like years for some, mere weeks for others. But regardless of this it didn’t mean things had gotten any better for survivors in Chernarus. The CDF was dealing with the harsh winter, Takistani invaders, and infected hordes. Russia’s only contribution was that anybody could be reliably shot or detained by border troops. NATO had been the only faint hope of the survivors. Months before they had pledged to rescue stranded survivors in South Zagoria, Christmas and New Years had come and gone with not so much as a broadcast. Secure NATO frequencies in the area had gone dark. Local struggles and bickering continued as always, and far away clashes between ex-Chedaki and the CDF seemed to matter little. 200 days had come and gone. The realization that they had been left and forgotten by the world began to sink in. Left in a faraway country that most had only briefly heard about on the news if at all. Stranded in all that destruction, chaos, and wilderness for what? A There was nowhere to go, only death to the north, the ocean to the south, and more chaos and killing to the west without any guarantee of safe haven. Reports had come in of the CDF starting to turn away survivors as they tried to gain entry into the coastal cities and towns. Food was running low, troops were tired, and the civilians there didn’t need more competition for who could get their soup kitchen food back home before it had gone cold. Fuel had been mostly reserved for military usage and only a fraction made its way to civilian areas. Food, fuel, bullets, supplies, and any item that could be imagined was controlled by the government, and distribution was tightly limited. The Russians had deployed a new unit of CBRN FSB troops to the border to help prevent the slightest trace of the virus from being transmitted past various checkpoints and buffer zones into more populated areas. The army of some 100,000 Takistanis that had barged their way across the border and attacked both the Belozersk’s People’s Republic and the Chernarussian government had been worn down over months of combat and driven back by the intensely cold weather and growing number of infected attracted by the fighting. Some 2,500 Chernarussian troops had been killed, mostly poorly equipped conscripts and right Sektor militias. A hundred armored vehicles and several aircraft had been destroyed but the threat was gone. CDF forces north of Primorsk were too hungry, exhausted, and ill-equipped to launch any sort of anti-infected operation or to attack the BPR’s forces. The BPR’s forces had launched an extensive campaign to bring the sparsely populated Black Mountains and northern areas under their control, and to increase the number of it’s agents in South Zagoria, a region that it viewed ripe for the taking due to the lack of government troops and a definitive power in the area. On February 1st Russian jets destroyed several BPR armored vehicles near an FOB in the Black Mountains in an apparent attempt to halt operations in that area. BPR militias have also begun scouting a very large and isolated Chernarussian government complex near South Zagoria just west of Tisy. This complex represents something of an enigma for both them and other people in area, as over the past 6 months many deep quakes and vibrations have been felt emanating from the mountain the base is built into. Even before the Outbreak it was known that this facility was something like Chernarus’s Area 51, and that it was home to a rather enormous bunker complex, the door for it which could been seen for miles. According to survivors near the area the bunker is not controlled by the CDF, but rather by men in black uniforms and equipment, which some have speculated belong to the secretive COBR spetsnaz organization of the Interior Ministry. The base receives supplies via a runway that is large enough to land a fighter jet on, and no personnel have ever been seen leaving the gate to so much as conduct patrols or set up defenses. All supplies and manpower appear to be flown in and out of the facility, with the nearly impassable terrain being a deterrent for any would-be attacker before even reaching the walls which were guarded by tanks, barbed wire, and static emplacements. Whatever is being done inside this facility seems to be very large and deep, and secretive enough protect with scores of units and equipment that could be used elsewhere. In Russia, military forces and government efforts had been focused primarily on stopping the spread of the virus to uninfected areas. This meant that small towns and villages were put under local military control, walled off, and quarantined. No civilian movement was permitted, supplies were dropped in, and fuel stores for cars and non-military vehicles had been forcefully requisitioned for military usage. All units of the Russian MVD had been activated, expanded and deployed to assist military forces. Information was tightly controlled by the State, and the Russian countryside had become a wasteland as villages that weren’t large enough to warrant protection were left to fend for themselves or destroyed if they were infected. Paramilitary organizations, militias, and looter factions took control of many rural areas in late November and have since expanded their influence and power by launching roaming anti-infected sorties with technicals and armored Urals that have since been re-purposed for zombie killing. Some such groups have even named themselves and captured tanks and aircraft from military forces that defected or were caught off guard and annihilated. These factions have gained popularity in the wasteland by providing aid and food to villages that haven’t yet fallen, and by bringing in survivors to strengthen their ranks. Some such Russian groups are known for their brutality and focus on looting and increasing the size of their fighting units, while others such looters are friendlier as mentioned. However, even though both sides of this very odd apocalyptic order fight and kill each other, they are united in their hatred for military forces. This protracted conflict has turned much of the Russian countryside into a snowy wilderness infested with areas of biological contamination following the use of nerve gas on the infected and even anti-government militants. In this new world everyone longs for some sense of order, even if it must be brought about by chaotic means. At first many Russians applauded the state for the way in which it safeguarded the country and prevented the spread of the virus. But as the months wore on more and more questionable methods were used to maintain civilization. First, movement was limited, then it was quarantines and checkpoints, after that came the forcible curfew and total military control. Many towns in the Caucasus region near Astrakhan, Rostov-on-Don, and Sochi were struck with non-nuclear conventional weapons large enough to destroy the entire area but not cause fallout. These same weapons have been used against infected hordes near Russian borders. Some theorize they are a new version of the renowned Father of All Bombs or FOAB. The use of these weapons has killed many civilians, and the enforcement of strict internal controls has led to the detainment and killing of thousands under suspicious circumstances. Larger cities like Moscow have been divided into districts, each separated from the next by barricades. Unlike many nations Russia’s government and military control centers have remained in the capital to direct operations in different regions in the massive frontier regions stretching from Estonia all the way to Vladivostok. This situation of rising anti-military factions and looter groups may pose a serious threat the new order of Russia, an environment where infected numbers are thinning, rubble is piling up, peace is becoming rare. Europe’s progress in combating the infection has taken a turn for the worse. After extensive research and development conducted by local UN and WHO personnel a weapon was developed that would immobilize and kill the infected. This gas was manufactured in Switzerland and dropped into dead zones in Germany and France to thin out infected numbers to make life easier for survivors. The result was 5-6 million less infected, but due to the fall of a key production facility the gas is now virtually unavailable. The few coastal settlements and safezones left in France and the Netherlands are now almost certain to fall unless a solution to the infection is devised. Large-scale US bombing has been avoided at the request of NATO and European authorities to prevent unnecessary casualties. England was decimated by the infection in the early days of the outbreak as the virus spread rapidly from town to town. Much like in Chernarus the rapid spread of refugees created a trail of destruction across the midlands. The UK’s government representatives returned home to help in local areas, but since then Manchester and York have become chaotic refugee centers. The only seemingly peaceful refuge for survivors is Cornwall, which wasn’t hit with waves of infected and those looking to escape the onslaught. Because NATO has been so weakened and decentralized, the English have been left to fend for themselves as other nations like Poland, Estonia, and the Czech Republic that have fared much better have closed their borders and are not sending manpower or forces to help outside areas. African nations requested UN assistance in early August following Outbreaks in major cities, but since that time little word or communication has taken place. The radio waves around the world have significantly less chatter then they used to. Many have no clue what will happen next, and no certainty about where their next meal will come from. One thing is certain, those living in South Zagoria can be sure they won’t be getting a respite from the cold, wet, wasteland anytime soon….
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    We have been forced to disable some features on the website that relied on accessing and analyzing game server logs. These features are: Death count on the front page statistics Character damage and recovery system Character statistics This is due DayZ developer team forcing all server providers to disable access to FTP on DayZ game servers. I have tweeted the DayZ development team about it here: This is why we can't have nice things.
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    Due to popular demand, I've decided to take this post made from the Mentor Program and give it a thread of its' own. I hope everyone finds it to be extremely helpful! Since starting out, a LOT of people have PM'd us mentors asking us if we could share with them a list of RP "do's and don'ts" for basics to get them started on their RP journey. We of course give them our best, but I figure why stop with private messages? Let me post here what I've been sharing with some of my mentees' for a reference to anyone who wishes to take a look. Feel free to shout out more simple tips you feel should be added on! Again, these are just a few basics we feel that newcomers should keep in mind. Staying in character - This (in my mind at least) is the most important aspect of ensuring the enjoyment of your role playing experience. Honestly nothing is more annoying than being around a person who is constantly using //OOC text chat while you are trying to RP. Only use it in absolute emergency such as asking permission to log out or to let someone know you have technical issues. If you see a glitch happening or if someone says something questionable to you that would compromise yourself staying in character, I would recommend ignoring it and continue your role play. **IMPORTANT** Accidents in DayZ happen all of the time, such as glitch deaths for example. Don't freak out at all or breach OOC if they do. Simply keep yourself in character and react in a way that your character would. Also something to keep in mind; if you do happen to witness someone die from a glitch or they fall from a rooftop, I personally will role play out the person being injured / unconscious and RP carrying the person away from the scene. To flat out say "oh god they fell and died" would be powergaming their character when it was a game bug / accident and they probably did not want their character to actually die. Keeping yourself immersed - This one could piggy-back off of staying in character. Ignore any visual bugs you may encounter in the game, honestly just pretend that they don't exist. Unless it pertains to you and is an emergency, ignore when other people use //OOC text and try your best to avoid using it yourself. If you are in teamspeak with someone and there are other people around, be sure to prioritize the characters you are around in game over the people in your teamspeak. I personally will mute my sound in TS whenever I am in the presence of another role player and it helps significantly. Role play with the environment / infected / wildlife. Heck even talk to yourself in game while casually walking down the road mumbling what thoughts your character might be having. Anything that you could further do to enhance the immersion of yourself BEING your character. Use text emotes - I am a full advocate of people using text RP to further supplement their RP experience as well as those who are around them in game. Perhaps you're sitting by a water pump to get yourself a drink. Type out an emote depicting what and how your character is doing that action. A simple example being: *Holds his/her hands under the running water and splashes some on his/her face.* Maybe you're talking with someone and they say something questionable to you. A personal favorite of mine would be to emote *Glances curiously at the man with a raised eyebrow.* - Something as simple as that to show a physical action for others to see and act upon. Role play isn't always limited to VOIP or through the use of physical in game items. Make sure that your backstory makes sense with the lore of the setting we're playing in and always have something that your character can talk about when there are those odd moments of silence where no one is saying anything. Perhaps a childhood memory from you characters past or maybe you see a place / item in game that reminds your character of something or someone. Anything to strike up a conversation. The more in depth your character backstory is, the easier it will be to talk fluidly with other survivors you encounter. On the topic of talking with other survivors - try your best to avoid the generic "how did you get here in this country?" or "what did you do before all of this went to shit?" Then the all time worst being "are you hungry? I've got some extra food?" or "I need these types of bullets do you have any?" - Topics like those tend to bore people to death. The second two I mentioned will usually cause major eye rolls. Instead bring up something more relevant like something that may have just happened in game or maybe talk about something that your character is trying to do (refer to your characters personal goals if they have any) - You could warn others about a massive hoard of infected you saw down the street or that there were some shady people hanging about in the next town over. Something like this will for sure strike up a more interesting conversation. Avoid metagaming information at all costs. Anything that you as a person know but you character does NOT, you should never act upon with your character. For example you could pulse check a person and find out who they are, but obviously do not address them by that name you just got unless you've been told it personally by them or someone else in characterly. On the subject of "pulse checking" other players. If you're going to do it, be as subtle as you can. There is nothing more immersion breaking and obnoxious than when a random person runs up to you and gets right up in your face, says nothing and then turns around and walks away. That right there is textbook pulse checking. If someone does that to you I would personally in character react saying something like. "uh.. dude? you mind backing the fuck off? There's no need to get all close on me like this." It will almost always deter them from doing it again. Part of keeping yourself immersed better - VALUE YOUR CHARACTERS LIFE AS IF IT WERE YOUR OWN!!! If there's gunfire nearby, don't be a hero and run towards it. High tail it out of there and get to safety. If you are surrounded by potentially hostile people and you feel you're in danger, don't smack talk them because it will only get you roughed up or even killed (and rightfully so). Hear a pack of wolves? RUN! Don't be a fearless GI Joe macho guy who fears nothing and feels no pain. It's incredibly cringey to witness happen. Don't refer to in game items as their actual names or use any DayZ affiliated terminology. I can't tell you how many times I've rolled my eyes when i hear a person talk about their new pristine conditioned hunting knife or other item. Honestly, who would ever refer to anything in the real world as "pristine?" Just say it looks unused or like new. Also your character (unless it's in their knowledge pool) shouldn't be able to identify all types of weapons and ammunition. 95% of the characters walk around being able to identify what an SVD or AK-74 is and tell people what exact ammo they use. That is honestly incredibly unbelievable. If you're on a civilian character, chances are you know little to nothing about the firearm you're using. So simply refer to it as a rifle and when looking for bullets, even ask people if they know what it uses? Chances are that your character wouldn't be able to know that off hand. Another thing; don't ever say to a person you're "dying of starvation or dehydration.." another really immersion breaking thing to say right there. Say instead "if i don't get something to eat i'm going to collapse!" Focus on PEOPLE and NOT GEAR! This is fairly self explanatory. If you and I are standing having a conversation outside of a military base and we see a guy run right by us to run in and out of every single building at full speed and not saying anything to us... that's just incredibly sad and it easily shows that person is far more interested in gear than role playing with us. Don't be like that guy, ever. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Additional useful tips brought to you by other community members: Try to move as a person would in real life. Avoid sprinting indoors or at all when you're not pressed for time in character. Try things like walking when it makes sense to walk, peeking by leaning in corners and keeping your weapon up and aimed when checking a house for loot, simulating being on guard for infected. It would add to your own immersion and others alike. In the same vein, familiarize yourself with the in-game emotes, remap them if you must to keys you feel more comfortable with. There's a lot of immersion to be added by just pointing at the horizon when you talk about a place or sitting down when taking a breaker. - @Lady In Blue Entering the Wasteland With A New Character. Coming into the server for the first time may lead you to say things in your first interactions with people like "Hey man I just got here" - try to avoid that as it will leave more questions and answers and put you in a tighter position OOCly since you won't know what to say. if you have to just make up irrelevant stories from the time you arrived in Chernarus that being from the start of the lord wipe or whenever your character entered the country if it wasn't that day it will lead to smoother role play for all parties. - @Galaxy
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    Have you ever wondered what life would be like, if.. we all got along without an hierarchy? If, people managed to maintain a group without having to pay their dues to someone? As Kant himself said.. from a certain point of view, anarchism is a society where law and freedom can be maintained without force. Of course, in today's society.. surviving is the hard part. However, with the right people, with the right mindset, surviving can be achieved and so can maintaining a society where no force is required to possess the rights that any person deserves to have. Anarchy is an ideology that most people would take for granted in our society, because of the massive chaos, but most people are not well educated on the matter and what anarchy really is about. Everyday, there's a new group of people out and about who believe they can rule the world. There's a group of people who believe they know the answer to what this world we currently live in is about, what is right and what is not.. but the answer had always been there and is the same for everyone. A self governed society where people's cause is re-establishing a society where no one is wrong except for people who try to force their opinion on other people. In our current society, there is only one way to achieve something remotely close to a society like that, a revolution. Violence is deemed right and wrong depending on the reason behind it, depending on people's perception on the situation and how necessary certain actions are. If for example the french revolution did not happen, or the revolution in South Africa, imagine how the world would've changed. Everything must be reshaped, reformed, even in a society where chaos rules.. if someone doesn't step up to make a change, then.. it'll never happen, which is this group's sole cause. Letting people know that they can all take part into opposing themselves against all forms of oppression, no matter what the cost is and no matter how that message can be carried across to other people. Collection of relics. Anarchy's art. Roots of Anarchism "When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes a duty." Anarchism is a political philosophy where a society is self governed by its own members and are not represented by another group or 'party' if you will. The idea of a nation state is opposed by anarchists. Anarchists believe in ideas of mututal respect for others, creativity and cooperation, while opposing hierarchy and government. Anarchism has traces from the 6th centuary BC by a Taoist philosopher Laozi and his successors had written pieces that hint to anarchism. Such as Zhuangzi's passage saying "A petty thief is put in Jail. A great brigand becomes a ruler of a Nation", a brigand being a foot soldier. The first sight of Anarchism in politics and religion was in Islam shortly after the death of their propher Mohammed, where Islam split into different branches as they all had different ideas on who to follow, you had the Shia, Sunni and Khawarij. Where Shia and Sunni had different ideas on who to follow, Khawarij Muslims believed that it was Allah's decision and that they would remain in their 'free' states in their own tribal villages where they shared similar ideas to anarchism but it was not full anarchism. Our tale "We anarchists do not want to emancipate the people; we want people to emancipate themselves." Dimitri Tarasov was born and raised in the region of the southern coast of the Black Sea, Pontus, near-by Trabezon in a really small village. The roots of his family originate from the Christian Pontic Greeks that remained throughout the area (including Trabezon and Kars in northeastern Turkey/the Russian Caucasus). He was moved to an early stage of his life inside the region of Caucasus and later on to Chernarus thanks to his parents getting into legal trouble with debts within the Caucasus region. He was brought up for the early stages of his life by a very caring family that only wanted to bring the best to their son, educating him well by actually homeschooling him for most of his life due to them not really being able to be in a position where they can properly pay for his education, but rather wanting him to teach other things which they considered mostly important in life. He was always a really silent person and tried to stay away from trouble, as much as he was able to. Dimitri joined the military and served for about two years when he realized the military was not the answer to our country's problems and that he was not helping the country by any means by spending his days aimlessly in the ranks of the army (pre-outbreak). He was much more of an artist and chose to quit the army at a young age to be able to focus onto his artistic side and look at life from a much different perspective. And oh boy was he in for a big surprise.. coming home in July of that year, to the outbreak. He knew he was fucked, he didn't know how to survive alone. Of course, he wasn't that social either and by that time the only way he could get involved with people was by signing up to join, kinda like he did with the military and so he did, he decided to join the ranks of PCC, not only to help his family out but to also become a part of a group that will help others, hoping he would actually not get in too much trouble but boy was he wrong. Dimitri Tarasov did get a warm welcome into PCC and was serving in their ranks for a long time. Dimitri saw a lot of things, he saw how people who everyone thought were all for saving people would turn as time went on. One valuable lesson for Dimitri was that no one is good and no one is actually right. People don't want to to help each other, they just want as much power as they can get. One great example would be Dimitri's encounter with the people north of Tisi, as well as multiple other groups near Stary that changed his view on what people really want to do during the outbreak. Same with BF, in Dimitri's eyes it was a handful of individuals that were all crazy from his point of view. After having a few situations with them, clearly people like them for Dimitri do not want a peaceful country, they want all the power in our country, rather than making the situation which we're currently in better. After PCC decided to disband the current organization built within the nation, Dimitri realized that there was no way law & order could be established in means that would better what was left of Chernarus, it was all about power. It came down to having to do what was necessary, whether that required violence or not, to preserve a world where Anarachism is the ideology which people follow. Dimitri of course realized that was certainly not easy along with the wide-spread activities of the Black Fangs and the PAU and also the slave traders and so on, it would be hard to get rid of every form of oppression. However, Dimitri has collected individuals that are all helpful in a way or another which can make his job a lot easier. People like Fyodr, Luke, Alexi as well as himself. These men were all collected by Dimitri for one job, to end the oppression on the people of Chernarus. To stop the evil of the power hungry men, to stop nationalism and in general all forms of oppression. These individuals were also gathered because they were all skillful in their own way, skillful social engineers, skillful marksmen and of course, great supporters of the anarch-communist ideology. The most important point promoted by this kind of anarchism is the abolition of the state. The group's views lean towards insurrectionary anarchism to an extent (organization wise). That means that this group was formed due to a common interest, which would be stopping the tyranny and oppression throughout Chernarus among also expanding knowledge about our ideology. The group also embraces the views of illegalism which means that the people of the group embrace the fact that they will have to get their hands dirty to achieve their goal. Every and each member that takes part in this group's activities know that violence will be the answer in most cases, due to what today's world has come to. These men are not scared to take part in such events, because it is needed to preserve our individual freedom and the freedom of our country from tyranny and terror reigned by other people and groups. Each member carries a relic on himself, which is a way to identify other members of the same ideology. Members of the group have their own unique relic, which is assigned to them by Dimitri. Stories of our members. Short Term Goals (by Day 230) i) Let our goal be known and our message be clear along Chernarus about our mission to bring equality back into the country. ii) Find people and supply them with food and clothing as well as weaponry if they're in need of such. iii) Try to find people with the same ideology as ours and offer them to join our company. iv) Disarm the ones who abuse the ownership of any sort of weaponry (when they force others). v) Gather the remnants of any PCC members. Long Term Goals i) Forming and maintaining an equal society (without forced law & order) at all costs. ii) Put an end to all forms of oppression (race/gender)/forced hierarchy by all means. iii) To promote the Anarchist ideology where everyone is equal and safe as well as informing people that they must have sovereign right to themselves. iv) Disrupting motion of any and all military groups in all regions of Chernarus. v) Establishing a home within Lopatino for people to feel equal with others as well as safe where they can operate every sort of business as well as other personal interests. vi) Abolishing of all coercive structures. @JimRP - Dimitri "Dima" Tarasov @LouieRP - Luke Krey @BorisRP - Sultan Ulan @G19RP - Fyodr Belokov @Mr.Panda - Hondo Hunt @DustyRP - Matty Mayfire @JoffreyRP - Tracy Ashlyn @UndeadRP - Austin Maverick @OskuRP - Oscar Pahka @KyleRP - Aaron Miller @SkinVestRP - Razz McKenzie @ExoticRP - Leo Lynch @NateRP - David Anderson @MurasakibaraRP - Kei Takeshima Interested in joining? PM me with the form below.
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    *Ling Long picks up his radio, holding down the PTT.* *Ling Long releases the PTT, And light a cigarette.*
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    Radio Guy Macbrine here. I have noticed for some time now that there is a lack of common knowledge in this community in regards to radios and how they are used in real life. I thought this guide would be a nice way to introduce you to how radios actually operate and how they can not only make your role play more realistic but add another skill to your role play tool kit. I am going to break this guide down into different segments so that people can read what interests them or is relevant to them. I wanna start just with the basics of how radios work and then go from there, I will include headers for each section so you can skip to what you would like to read about. **This guide is still a WIP and I will update it as I get feedback or as I see what I think needs to be addressed** Basics For the bulk of you, "walkie talkies" are probably what you think of or had experience with either as a child or even as an adult. You just select the same channel (usually 1-22) as your friend and are able to communicate with each other. The channel number really just signifies a specific frequency that you are transmitting/receiving on, so for example channel 1 (at least for the Motorola I looked up) is 462.5625 MHz. Now the handheld radio your character is using probably looks more like this Where you actually type in the frequency you want to use. So when someone in game tells you a frequency you can type it in and listen/transmit. Now you have to actually be listening to that specific frequency to hear someone. A lot of people seem to think that their radio is just a box that you can hear anyone talking anywhere and that is not true at all. If your character is napping and is listening to a frequency, they are not going to wake up and hear someone talking on another frequency. Now if someones is actively talking on a frequency and you are flipping through the frequencies trying to find people talking YOU WILL hear them as you search through assuming you are within range. Meaning two people should assume that there are potentially many more people listening to their conversation even if they did not give out the frequency they are talking on. Range **Since this is the basics, I am just going to talk about the range of the above mentioned VHF/UHF handhelds. I will talk about radio stations and bigger rigs (such as HF) later on** So I believe its safe to assume (especially for role play purposes) that on any given day and assuming you are at least somewhat above ground level (and not in a basement) any transmission you send out will be able to be heard by any one in Chernarus. That does not mean you can hear people from different countries, or across the damn ocean (yes, I have seen it role played out). Transmissions across continents are possible but not using the handheld equipment we are assuming your character has. I would encourage people to role play out that their transmissions DON'T cover all of Chernarus, maybe the atmosphere that day and the fact you are transmitting from the bottom of a valley means only people in a certain radius are able to hear you clearly and everyone else gets a barely comprehensible transmission. Just some ideas. Frequencies So again the handheld radios your characters are using as they travel around Chernarus operate on VHF (very high freq) and UHF (ultra high freq) frequencies. VHF : 30 - 300 MHz (Note the M for MEGA) UHF : 300 MHz - 3 GHz So when I see this in the teamspeak Takes one second to type the extra "M" and then it makes sense. For those not sure what frequencies to list for their group or to role play out that they use frequently: VHF: Picking anything that sounds like a FM radio station works. My local HAM VHF repeater is 145.210 for example. Really anything from 80 - 250 MHz sounds good. There are "sub regions" within VHF like upper/ lower and they have different regulations and characteristics but for the purpose of this guide anything within that range would work just fine UHF: Pick anything in the range of the 400s sounds nice. My local HAM UHF repeater is 444.025 for example. Most applications above 500 MHz are very specific such as TVs, pagers, and telemetry services A couple of buddies of mine would use 424.242 as our frequency when I still lived near them. So thats the basics that imo I think you should know to be able to role play out using your radio effectively. Military Radios and the myth of "Private Frequencies" So I am sure most of you know that "private frequencies" don't exist, but are more rules that we added to stop "radio warriors" and other trolling in radio threads. I am not going to argue here whether they should be still allowed or not given that we have rules against "radio warriors" but here is a thread made by Mexi about suggesting their removal.. take a peek: I know a lot of our community members have served in their respective armed forces and may have even been radio operators so I am not going to pretend to be an expert in the field of military radio technology. What I am going to do is talk about the current technology that most armed forces are utilizing to stop their comms from being intercepted or listened in on and if those folks that have experience like @Hebi Kotei should post their experiences in the thread so that maybe others can role play after what they did. FIrst off I wanna say that each countries military probably utilizes multiple radio technologies and protocols even within each branch and that this might not be the case for your specific military character you are role playing out. When you transmit using these military radios, they are taking what you are saying and digitally encrypting (basically turning it into 1s and 0s and then encrypting those 1s and 0s using a key) then transmitting that data, but when its transmitting its swapping frequencies 100s of times per second meaning that only small segments of the data is beings transmitted on a specific frequency. The listening radio knows that the transmitting radio is hopping frequencies and is "in tune" with it so that it is also hopping frequencies to pick up the entire message. tldr; Don't use private frequencies (on the forums) unless your character is apart of the military if you want to role play realistically Radio Stations, HF, and Talking over long distances If you want to be able to communicate longer ranges (potentially across oceans) you are going to need something a little bigger than that handheld. HF (High frequency) radio rigs are able to bounce their signal off the atmosphere (due to their wavelength, it doesn't penetrate the atmosphere like VHF/UHF waves), thereby potentially sending their signal across the globe. So if you want to role play that out, the typical rig would look something like this So long as your character is at some sort of makeshift station and has a (quite large) antenna, you can role play out these long distance transmissions effectively. HF : 3 - 30 MHz Choose a frequency in that range when role playing out these scenarios. There is still a lot that could be talked about and things that could be delved into deeper but I think that is enough to get people role playing radios correctly Thank you for taking the time to read my long ass guide. If you have any questions feel free to leave them here or PM me. Thanks to @Major , @SweetJoe , and @Pado for convincing me to write this guide. **This guide is a WIP and I will add more topics and whatever else as I get feedback and as I see things to turn out** Don't forget the Jack Nicholson GIF
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    People may say there is drama a lot here and people are hostile (there is, and people can be) but there are so many friendly quiet(and sometimes loud) people whom I have had the pleasure of meeting. I wish that people talked about THOSE people rather than focus on the negative so often as we all do. Here's to you all you salt of the earth people. You all know who you are.
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    Let me decide what my members on my website can or cannot post and where they can post it, thank you very much. Know your fucking place. Y'all banter brigade, gif posters, apache helicopters and jokers can get the fuck outta this thread, I will be issuing finals and permabans for people not following our core values. I'm done fucking playing with this cancer. If you don't have anything nice and on topic to say, don't post at all. Deal with it.
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    @JimRP @LouieRP @NateRP @VictusRP @WesternRP @G19RP @KyleRP @BostonRP @BorisRP @JoffreyRP @MurasakibaraRP @OskuRP @UndeadRP
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    Just going to point out that if staff want to be heavy handed it will do nothing but damage the community. Also if you are going to make a report for something that is not really serious but slightly immersion breaking then send them a private message. Common courtesy can do great things. If you want to leave feedback on group pages make sure to be respectful and give them a solution. If it looks like you are just trying to slander them don't expect improvements it will just kill their motivation. Also holding grudges is nothing but bad for your health. That is all, Have a nice evening.
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    WHEN U alone on valentines day and ur boyfriend is 1200 miles on the other side of the country: when u actually spending it w/ your parents who told u that u were conceived on valentines day and therefor u drink all the prosecco to forget:
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    Hopefully, nobody gets banned for the removal of dynamic rights. I can see it already. Bandit - Hands UP Whitename 1 - Okay Okay. Whitename 2 - Yeeted Nibba. Admin - Banned you got no rights. Whitename 2 - But... He was robbing my mate and my friend was in danger how else am I suppose to react? Admin - You reinitiate. Whitename 2 was never to be seen again on DayZRP. I get yall want to discourage PvP and promote RP and more groups to pop up but I think we should give the nonhostile RPrs something to help them out with not place a massive barrier up this is only going to make a bandits life easier and discourage people to play.
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    You're taking a casual stroll through the town of Novaya Petrovka, looking for supplies. You don't see anyone so you decide to make your way over to the police station, when suddenly from around the corner you hear a blood curdling scream... "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!" You run around the corner to help the poor soul when suddenly you realise its too late... The victim lays there in a pool of their own blood, A Detective suddenly appears, noticing the body as well as the witnesses present.. "Clear the crime scene! nobody move, I'm gonna need to question you all..." Everyone is a suspect, everyone could be the murderer, can you trust the person next to you? what was the murderers motive? does everyone's alibi's check out? You best hope that you know the answers, because you might be next... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: This is going to be a murder mystery event! there will be a victim which for the purposes of the event will have to be killed, there will be a murderer, and there will be the witnesses, the murderer will have to be careful about who he kills, who he talks to, as his next move might be his last... The murderer's is to evade the situation and sneak out undetected, the victim will obviously be the clue to the murder, so even though you die at the start, you provide massive clues for both the witnesses and the detective! The witnesses have been caught in the crossfire and will have to be interrogated, as well as evade being the murderers next target.. The Detective (which will be me, a permadeathable character) will have to solve the crime without being silenced by the murderer! This event will be taken IC, all characters will remember what happened on the day and anyone who is killed can permadeath if they so desire. The date will be the 15th Febuary at 22:00 server time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roles: Detective Ray Sharpe. Suspects. If you want to be a murderer or Victim shoot me a PM ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Want to take part? simply PM me with your interest in a chosen role -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Note, the following is a meme, any offense is by your own accord and this isn’t meant for a political discussion.
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    ?¿? I come here to role-play not get my rocks off. This literally looks like a Craigslist sex advertisement.
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    What it boils down to is someone was upset that their Roleplay session was 'interrupted' by someone else. Rather than allow the report to process normally, the OP banned all four accused, some of which had no warning history whatsoever. It is corrupt, it is bullshit, and no it shouldn't be allowed despite what community leader permits it and which doesn't. All staff should abide by a set of guidelines. Otherwise, it's a chaotic mess of people doing what they want. Rule 4 should be used to protect the community from those who wish to harm it, not as a card you can pull to ban whoever you want.
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    Yeah, pretty much every crazy hostile, and bandit thing mentioned here that you have suggested would be fun; is a one way straight down ticket to permaban hell at the moment. I might suggest hiding in the corners of the map, talking shit about people who are not you, and PMing the admins about those you don' like. Self campfire rp seems to be the new hostile rp format. Good luck!
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    Part I - Addiction There are two kinds of work, the legitimate kind and the illegitimate kind. Which one do you think pays more? Exactly. You can either work nine to five working a minimum wage job, or you could do something with your life. If a few people die in the process, it's their own fault. Addiction is something we exploit. Addiction is something that we need in this business. Addiction is something that keeps the lights on. We exploit the people who are weak, who have nothing, and no one. No one will care if they die. I couldn't care less if they died with the needle in their arm. The thing is, with addiction, you have to keep feeding it, and the more you feed an addiction, the higher your tolerance climbs. There's always a smack head or a crackhead somewhere. When it comes to making real money doing things like this, you can't have morals, you'll have to be able to walk into a home, see two children on the floor, crying and covered in their own excrement... And still deal the smack and crack. It's a dirty business, but someones got to do it. Who am I to judge what they do? I look after my own, not drug addicts... Actually I tell a lie, I look after them to a certain extent. I've been in this life ever since I was sixteen, the deeper you dive into it, the harder it becomes to rise back to the surface. The benefits from this lifestyle are truly something though, the money, the power, the reputation... All that. You'll never understand what it's like to have those things until you've got them. Drugs ain't the only thing what this life provides people with, we do a lot more. Not everything we do is bad. To everyone on this estate, we're the banks, we're the police, we're family. Like I said, we look after our own. Our own little kingdom. Part II - Prison Obviously, in this life you're more than likely to go to prison. Business does not stop there though. In prison your life on the outside does not stop. It just gets more complicated. Business on the inside is all about contraband. Contraband is something that you're not allowed to have on the inside, so things such as mobile phones, drugs, alcohol. The more expensive the contraband on the outside, the more expensive it's worth on the inside. For example, if someone wants a really crappy phone... That's worth around £20 on the outside, it'd be worth like... £200 on the inside. Prices are inflated in jail. I met most of my distant family in prison, they owned their own cell block. They called themselves " FluX ". I was brought in, because I was family. I was brought in as a soldier, doing all the crappy work... Dealing drugs, stabbings, all that sort of stuff. It wasn't until three years later, I gained the rank of Underboss, and started living the good life. I had it all in Prison, the TV, the PS2... All the smokes and drinks I could ever ask for. Part III - The New Operations After I got out of Prison, I decided to leave. I was sick of the UK. There was a lot more money to be made elsewhere. So I boarded the next plane to Chernarus. My new home. I decided I didn't have the people or firepower to start dealing or anything. So I went into the counter fit goods operation, I was making the top designer labels and selling them at a fraction of the price. It actually made me a decent amount of money, but I had an issue. I'm a very greedy person, I wanted more money. More power, but most importantly, I wanted more adrenaline. That's when I got into street racing. The country of Chernarus has a lot of cars up for sale, and the underground street racing circuit was popping. I managed to buy myself an Audi A3 for 15 grand... Then it was time for my first race. I headed down to the city of Balota, where the race started. It was a race from Balota to Berezino. I drove up and got out of the car and paid the fee to join the race. I saw a lot of faces around, I only knew a few people but they weren't here, guess it was just me on my own. I got in and pulled up with the rest of the cars, then I heard the gun shot. I sped off and flew down the straight road in my Audi. It was over within 10 minutes. I won. I didn't even see anyone else, I was in the moment. I thought I was going to die in that car, but I won. I fucking won? An amateur beat a bunch of professionals? Jesus. I carried on racing, I won some, I lost some... That's where I gained the contacts I needed. At one of the after parties, I met this chick Ana. Apparently a real big shot... I should probably contact her at some point... Part IV - The Infection Even with the rise of the undead, business never stops. For all the civilians out there, it just means life gets harder... For people like me, life gets easier. I don't have to sneak around anymore, I can openly say what I do for a living. Plus the roads are clear, so it means I can go faster than ever before. You see, with this infection, the trading market crashes. I mean sure there are still people selling food and stuff but, they're no shopping centre are they? People begin to realise that the things they took for granted, are gone. The old saying is " You never know what you have until it's gone " well this just proves it.I decided to carry on my usual business. All the drug lords are still selling their product, all the arms dealers are still selling their weapons... And me? I was selling it all. I was the local guy, I was the guy that could get you anything you could desire, for a price. People used to say I was exploiting the situation... Too right I was. I never made this type of money before, but little did I know, shortly after the infection spread, the money I earned, was worthless. Just pieces of paper... What a fucking joke. @Beni - Ben Romano @Grimnir - Alex Kolsky @Doc Holiday - Joseph Nowell @Solo - Charlie Haynes @Jamie - TBD... Fuck sake Jamie. @Sleepyhead- Sunni Ashworth @Mexi - TBD [On Going Goals] Develop the Flux Network into the Network it once was. Export our drugs throughout the country. Build up our ranks and gain the family we once had. Clear each town out one by one, making it safer for the public. Interview everyone we meet, and find out more about them. [Day 225] Find a suitable location to set up our hydroponics lab. Find a suitable location to set up our workshop. Create a housing system for our friends. Find a suitable location to set up our counter fit goods operation. [Day 250] Create a new world currency. Find a suitable place to set up our counterfeit goods operation Find a suitable place to set up our hydroponics lab Find a suitable place to set up our workshop Recruit a medic, engineer, sparky, plumber, plasterer and painter [Day 275] Find a way to travel from country to country. The Flux network is the contacts that we meet in game. In order to get onto Flux's network you need to meet at least two of these requirements: - You have use to the group. - You're a friend of the group. - You're a leader of another group. - You have a relation in the group (Boyfriend, Sister, Girlfriend ect) - We're allied. - The group owe's you a favour. If you're in the Flux network. You will gain access to a frequency which only other members of the Flux know about. You will also gain access to our other forms of communication (Slack ect). Everyone on the Flux network should help each other if they get the chance. If you would like to join this group, please PM @Beni with the following template
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    We are searching for new people to fill ranks in the staff team! We're in particular interested in candidates who are fairly new to the community, who have not yet been "tainted" with bias towards existing groups or players, people who can bring new fresh ideas to the table from the perspective of a newcomer. If you have joined the community in the last year, have 200 posts on the forum, fairly clean warning history and good reputation in the community, don't be afraid to apply for a position in the staff application forums. Threads created in that forum are visible only to you and administrators.
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    Gotta save these in the right place
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    Since this thread is on fire! Uhm, we hung out or something. I was sick and not wearing any makeup ... ; ; Yes, I have huge glasses and yes Aristo is pulling a silly wide eyed face.
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    As not to derail @Nihoolious's thread here I've opened this thread to discuss the idea of hosting a Community Summit. The Community Summit is an idea of stealing from an old Arma 3 Milsim community I was once apart of. it consists of several members of the community who have been nominated by their peers meeting with Staff to discuss the issues currently facing the community. The Summit would be open to the public for all those interested in listening in to join, however only those community members who have been nominated and staff will have talking privileges. I'd like to use this thread to plead my case to you, the community on why this is a much needed alternative to the continues circle jerking we've seen in the past. Why a community summit? This community has major issues. Lack of quality Roleplay, Lack of staff transparency and a dozen other things that need to be solved if we want to see this community alive by summer. No matter where your opinion falls on these issues, there is one thing we can all agree on; Continuing to complain in threads isn't solving anything. We need to sit down like adults and address these issues, together as a community. However, this community and is varying opinions has grown to large for ever single person to voicing their opinion on a subject. There are just to many voices and we'd be trapping ourselves in a loop backtracking so each person can voice their personal opinion on an issue. However our division as a community is actually a blessing in disguise! We all know this community runs on cliques and friend groups. Instead of putting every single person in this community into a channel would be chaos, I say we have each of our communities cliques and friend groups nominate one of their members to be the voice of their group. Everyone can listen, but the number of people fighting for the podium would be drastically cut down to a point where we can actual host a productive discussion. A discussion where people can ask Staff point blank the questions that they want answered and where staff can explain their reasoning behind their decisions. We can give and get real time feedback without all the BeanZ and snarky remarks. How it would work Format: 1-2 hours of open discussion where Staff/Nominated Community members may discuss any issue they feel is appropriate, Speakers (Staff AND Community Members) will have 5 minutes or until they cede the floor to state their question or comment directly at another party (Example: @Rolle what is your stance on pineapple on pizza?) the other party will then have 5 minutes or until they cede the floor to respond/answer the question or comment. This will continue until all question or concerns have been raised or the meeting hits the 2 hour mark. Nominations: To become a speaker a community member must be nominated by [TBD] members of the community, this is to stop the summit from becoming to large or brigaded by one group. I'm open to discuss this with everyone, I feel that this might be a productive way to solve our issues and I'm happy to get the community and staffs input.
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    Y'know, as of late I've been seeing a lot of petty and childish behaviour in this community. I really am saddened by how often the word 'community' is forgotten by some and therefore ruined for others. Community means fun, it means looking out for each other, it means including everybody in the fun, it means cooperation and good-natured behaviour. And yet, all I seem to see these days is bitterness, division, elitist exclusion, polarisation and people downright ruining the fun for others because of their behaviour. I guess, in essence, what I'm trying to say is that the community starts and ends with everybody here. Make sure you respect that responsibility.
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    So as some of you know I am the crazy trans gamer girl that acts insane and does stupid stuff and offends a lot of people. Lets start with when this change started. I was originally pulled towards dayzrp because I was able to play the bad ass cis-gendered women that I couldn't be in real life. This was a good outlet for me to discover who I was and learn how to express my gender freely. At the beginning of this stage I was very keen on letting everyone know that I was a girl, as sort of a validation for who I was and a way to get more attention like most female gamer's. As I have grown older I have realized that the only validation I needed was my own. I slowly started to care less about looking like a women, and started to embrace my more masculine features. I started to wear some articles of men's clothing. Then about 3 months ago I decided to get a short haircut. Even though I got a short haircut I still liked to express my femininity through women's clothing and makeup(And still do). Though there was no medical transition involved, I have socially transitioned back into the fem-boy I originally was. I have chose to keep it a secret to most of the community because I was scared to give trans people a bad name, I don't want people to think that transgenderism is a phase. As for my pronouns, if you have known me as she I don't want you to go out of your way to call me a him, as I don't really care. If you are just meeting me call me any pronoun you wish as long as its not "it". Sry for this long post about my own problems. I just felt like the explanation was due. Thx. Much Love. Also plan on rebranding away from alexis. Maybe my real name o/ oh but as for me being a cunt, that will never change.
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    I am not in my happy place right now. Simply going to sit and see how this goes before making any critical judgments about it. Thanks for the heads up. EDIT// just gonna tag this onto the end of my post ti restate my initial thoughts on removing dynamics:
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    Praying for my little brother tonight. He's in critical condition and is fighting to get through the night. I love him so much.
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    I believe people are being stressed to get in game and SMART goals is the main problem. There ARE going to be generic groups. There ARE going to be similar groups. Even groups with the same name. There ARE going to be less creative groups because there IS a limit to what you can roleplay. I'd love to make another group however certain things like SMART goals make it where I have to make it my career in running a group and not having any fun whilst doing so.
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    I'll pay you a grand to stop shitposting forever.
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    "Back in my days" as an Admin I hat to rule4 from time to time WITHOUT discussing it, simply because of the fact that no one was around and this does not mean that the other admins did not discuss my decision afterwards, reversed it or agreed. I did this because I felt the community will get harmed or has been harmed. That's how rule4 can be used by Admins - like Rolle already explained. If it was a good move from Aiko to use rule4 in her own report is another question. Was she allowed, aside the normal protocol to use rule4 (in her own report)? - Yes. Was it a good decision? - In my opinion No. = these are two different topics.
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    Saw a similar meme about another game not yet released and couldn't resist!
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    Then why are you still here?
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    The removal of dynamic groups will not result in new and unique groups being made. It will result in either everyone joining a group (if that group even lets them join) or it will result in generic, cookie cutter groups being made that don’t serve any other purpose than to share kill rights. Not only that, but this will hurt casual players and is extremely immersion killing. I get that the original intention for dynamic groups was for them to be temporary, but that is not how they have been used for literally at least 3 years. If the intent for dynamics was to be temporary, why didn’t you clarify that in the rules or on the forums during any part of those 3+ years? Why is it only now being changed? There’s also the issue that not everybody has time to make or join an official group. Sometimes people just want to get on every once and a while to play with their friends. They may either not want to or cannot put forth the effort to stay active or make/join a group. So, that person and their friends potentially move on to another community with less ridiculous immersion breaking rules. The server desperately needs everyone it can get right now. Pushing people away by implementing annoying and immersion breaking rules will hurt the server terribly. I understand that the intent is to limit pvp, but pvp is not an issue right now. There is only one consistent bandit group right now, and it’s not like we’re initiating and killing everybody we can see. All in all, I believe this was a terrible change to make and will only serve to hurt casual players, hurt immersion, and ultimately push some people away from the community.
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    Time to say goodbye. @Tom, @Dom, @ExoticRainbow, @Dewskeet Skeet, @Santa, @Hebee, @Shane, @Lucius, @OskuRP, @JoffreyRP, @Viking, @Species, @Pado, @Macbrine, @Shroud, @Zorbz, @Rudolph, @Mexi, @Blake, @Jamie, @Sleepyhead, @UndeadRP, @Erik, @Doom, @evanm23.
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    My son will be a year old on Thursday.. growing up way too quick. Today Hours after he was born
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    There is hope in the darkness, for all things will be made new again. - Revelations 21:5 The group's creation was over time, he first met a lady in Chernogorsk named Kat. At first, they were apart and distrusting, but over time meeting other survivors and military units very dissimilar to them they created a bond together, soon on they met Borya and Vadik within a small supermarket just south of Balota. The pair of russians were hostile within the first interaction, but they tagged along as people were few and between with the infection eating most people they all used to know. Over the next couple of weeks people were coming in and out of the small group, they set up small camps in enwalled areas and looked for food through cupboards and cars. They worked as a team to survive while picking up more lone survivors. They lost some on the way, not many survived through it all dying to disease, elements or the things around them. Wars broke out and nukes went off and people found themselves doing what they didn't need to. Theft and murder were upon the list. Dustin will always remember the feeling of losing people he felt he had to look after. They put their faith in him and blood was on his hands. Dustin and his people found themselves being surrounded by well armed groups and militias. The VDV disarmed them and did not fend for them, the UN turned them away and ran away and the NATO n’ CDF did nothing but fight and disappear. War re-ravaged Chernarus and people ran and stole to survive. Being alone was more dangerous than distrusting the fellow man, but that became less apparent as time went on and supplies got more scarce. Some people viewed people as an asset just to survive, those people still walk the land free and use those around them. From the cities of Tortuga to the armed northern borders where people were turned away. People were forced to things they didn't want to do before, but now it's apparent that people need to change to survive, sure it's something just out of a movie but when it's real, the feeling of the hand being forced is ever apparent. Blood is in the river and people can't stop to clean it, only to make it ever deeper. People became closer over time, they began to talk about their lives before, diversity was clearly set out within the people but it makes things more interesting. Not overthinking the relationship within each other seemed to make things work, people don't need the same beliefs to get along, just the same mindset of survival and depending on each other to have their backs. No one is bullet proof and conflict was something that they knew was not required but sometimes being walked on like they have before will threaten their lives. Fighting to survive is important just as much as eating or drinking. Dustin had a falling out within some of the group members, some did not fit the new role he knew they must embed to keep themselves alive. They left and abandoned but fair few stayed though, ready to do what needed to be done. Strength is within numbers.. but Dustin knew he did not want to rape and pillage, just take what he needs from those who don't need it, even if it means a couple people can't be as selfish as they want to be. Bars opened and closed serving food for a cheap price, clearly enough to hand out for a bullet. Taxing those who need to be so him and his people can survive until someone comes and saves them but as each day goes by things look more bleak than ever. Dustin looked over at the people around him with Kat in his arms, they laughed and stared into the fires flames as the embers rose to the sky. It went quiet and Dustin let go of Kat and stood up and looked over his people, things went quiet as heads turned to look at him. “Now I know you people come from all over the place, we are diverse and ready to fight. Us being alive lets us prove we are still good people. We can look out for each other and that is all. Outsiders are selfish and people, desperate and ready to kill us in our sleep. We’ve come all around to be stuck together around this. People want to beat us into submission but we will not let them. Our lives mean too much to each other, selfishness here will get us killed. We take what we need and we are here for the reasons we want to exist. Thank you all for what you have already given me so far. We are the red letter of the world and we will stay important and not beaten into submission. Together we stand to take what we deserve” He sat down and looked into the barrel and smiled, looking at Kat. Leader @Galaxy - Borya Fyodor Council @Para - Havel Novotny @Bostonthicc - Jacob Singleton @ItzzNate - Dustin Fuller Members @Genji - Katya Kozlovsky @Erik - Kane Aster @OnionRingOfDoom - Jack Pepper @Laski - John Laski @Elmo - Connor Stanes @Strawberry - Thomas Hayes @Mexi - Timothy Hook @PCJames - Vadik Noskov [Short Term Goals] - Acquire a steady supply of food from scavenging smaller towns to prevent others from gaining it. [Day 250] - Build a new permanent camp so they do not have to continue to travel around, also rebuild an old radio tower to attempt to communicate with the outside world to see if new people are interested in joining their new sustainable cause. Day 250] [Long Term Goals] - Clear a large area from infected to make habitable for ‘The Red Letter’ and for like minded groups/individuals who have cooperated to work together under their dictatorship [Day 300] [Permanent Goals] - Prevent a new military foothold that have failed them in past and prevent them to set rules and regulations without negotiating with Dustin Fuller and his people. - Become a well organized group who use means of words and intimidation to control what they want but they are not afraid to demolish those who are presented as a threat to their survival. - Provide a fresh outlook on HostileRP without the need for constant firefights/shitting on others. - Talk to other parties before filling any reports out to ensure clear communication within the community. - Negotiate openly ICly with other groups and do not completely crush groups unfairly with a group of so called “PvP'ers”. - Keep IC-IC and OOC-OOC. Overall, we are looking for a fresh take on HostileRP, we understand we have deep boots to fill but we are all experienced roleplayers who are open to new storylines. We are open to all and any criticism no matter how minor, we are here to entertain you and we hope you can return the favour. We’d appreciate formal feedback with evidence but if not available we will take your words and look to improve as mature members of the community. If you feel you will be ridiculed for your feedback feel more than happy to send a discrete PM. Recruitment is mostly based of your character and not your OOC self, we are looking for quality roleplayers in a drama free environment. We are all here to have a good time, not a high school break-up. Recruitment is OPEN [Strict] Send applications at @ItzzNate, @Para & @Galaxy Thanks to @Galaxy for helping with writing the Lore. Thanks to @Clumsy for the graphics.
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    I've decided to make a video to help show people how to properly crop and resize images, how to make their own border overlay for use with ezgif, and how to add a border in photoshop to static images and to gif images. The video and timestamps can be found below: 0:45 - How to crop the image so that it is in the correct ratio and layout for the website, as well as how to resize your image so it is 150X200 so that it will work with a border overlay on ezgif.com 2:25 - How to make a border overlay to use on ezgif.com 5:18 - How to add your border overlay to an image using ezgif.com (Make sure your avatar use the same dimensions as your overly, 150X200) 7:42 - How to add a border to a static image (jpeg/png) in photoshop 9:05 - How to add a border to an animated image (gif) in photoshop
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    The thread is exciting, the goals and lore are great! The expectations for how often the current roster will get IG and actually play are pretty low however.
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    Good thing you are masochistic because this will get you roasted.
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    Idk why an event is needed. DayZRP is already basically a manhunt in that you need to search high and low to even find anybody