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    What's this thread even about? You're literally complaining about something you caused. There is no anti-groovy boy mentality on the server, you are not that important don't flatter yourself. Your "OOC Leader" and another said member should've been banned straight away for blatant racism against another member of the community on the discord. However from what I know because the racism against another member was done days before a lore wipe, these members were spared so the server could function properly and not have a major lore faction screwed up within days of the new lore. You only have yourselves to blame for blowing the opportunity. (THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS ON THE SITUATION, NO ONE ELSES.)
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    Lil BB becomes the hero of Berezino
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    I always thought (and still think) you guys are great RPers. I had alot of fun while we had S-GRU VS Kamenici, we always typed our GGs after firefights and there was no hate. Then the racist incident happened and I and alot of people lost most of the respect for alot of the Groovy's. The behavior was disgusting and most of you didn't seem to care about it. You were more then lucky that Roland wanted the server to work and thats why alot of you didn't get permed even though some people got permed for less (rip my boy). Then the lorewipe happened and im gonna be honest, I had fun with you boys. The RP you provided was amazing and it was really good to have you around. Then Cali got banned and it seemed to me that alot of you pulled the victim card and acted like Cali got banned without any reason which was not the case at all. You all left the RF and basically said fuck you to the community. Then you made the Ski Resort group and you just did things because you were pissed off OOC. The RP was shit and you were upset your group got archived for obvious reasons. The only 'hate' you got is because you fucked up. I feel like you are acting like the victim here but I can tell you, you are not the victim. You fucked up so deal with the consequences. -=-
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    History The Tsepov Family began at the ends of the Second World War. Our story begins with a man called Josef Tsepov, a troubled young man attempting to provide for his family, constantly finding himself skating around law, only finally ending up in a harsh USSR Gulag. The Gulag, especially for Josef were rougher than the war as each person found themselves constantly struggling on a fine thread. Life inside the Gulags was nothing more than a struggle, food was extremely limited, living conditions were abysmal and the never ending cold, chilled you to the bare bone. Luckily for Josef, he was not there alone, there were three other Tsepov men that he could depend on that were present with him at all times within these gulags. There was Josefs brother, Yuri, cousin, Andrei, and uncle, Vladimir. This is where Josef Tsepov and co, worked their way through the Vorovskoy Mir and became established crime elites. Each of their bodies covered with tattoos symbolizing what they had, their ranks, where they had spent time incarcerated, and what their specialties were. They each lived by the thieves code and were widely respected Upon the death of Stalin, and the fall of gulag camps The Tsepovs returned back to their home, but they were not the same men they once were. They were crime nobles, respected, widely regarded. As they came back to their families, they simply could not fall back into their lines of work, whether it be farming, hunting, or mechanics. The Tsepovs used the connections they had made in prisons and gulag camps to fall back into the criminal world of the Vorovskoy Mir. Recruiting local village folk they could trust, they had become a respected crime family within their region of the USSR (Chernarus). Fall of the USSR In 1991 the USSR had fallen, leaving disarray within the government as individuals strive forward for political power. At this point the new boss of the Tsepov family was Igor Tsepov, son of Josef Tsepov. The family operated in South Zagoria, Chernarus. Chernarus had not gained its sovereignty, but this had made things difficult for the Tsepov family, considering now they had to work on smuggling routes through the Chernarussian/Russian border. Many of the Tsepov business associates were also families within the Vorovskoy Mir, which were predominantly within Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Most of Igor’s reign was establishing trade routes that were safe from the eye of the law. During these years, a young Adrik Tsepov was up and coming making a name for himself. Rather than just being the son of the boss, he was beginning to become a respected vory v zakone. Completing harsh and daring tasks, and making a crew of his own under his father. Adrik, his two brothers, and three of his cousins formed a crew completing hits, meeting with potential business associates, and scouting )smuggling routes. These young men were soon to become the future of the Tsepov Family. Present As Adrik became older, and his father’s later years began taking a toll on his work, leading to a fatal sickness. Igor knew his time was limited and he needed to appoint a successor before his time came to avoid an internal conflict within the family. A young Adrik was initiated by his father as the new boss of the Tsepov family. Adrik Tsepov had finally received his final tattoos signifying his prestige and took control of the family he was destined to lead. As Adrik began taking up his role chaos erupted within Chernarus. A civil war had broken out and the country was split in two. The communist party of Chernarus wanted to establish communism through the land, backed by the Russians, and the CDF fighting to remain as is. Under Adrik, the Tsepovs were more interested in making money than aligning with political parties. Adrik wanted the family to become one of the wealthiest organizations within the Vorovskoy Mir. Once the civil war had ended, the Chedaki came out victorious turning Chernarus into the Chernarussian Socialist Republic. The CSR now led Gregori Lopotev maintained excellent relations with Russia, making a lot of the smuggling routes between Chernarus and Russia timid. 6 years later, the president was assassinated by CLF savages and a new president, Ivan Bernarus, was placed in his stead. Bernarus actively seeked a referendum with Russia to make Chernarus officially a part of the Russian Federation. In October of 2018 a referendum was signed by Ivan Bernarus and Vladamir Putin, merging Chernarus into the Russian Federation. Many local Chernarussians were against the referendum, but Adrik could only focus on how much easier it was going to be doing business with fellow associates within the Vorovskoy Mir. More business would result in more capital. Adrik, went on to create more business ventures that would earn the family a vast amount of wealth and notoriety. The Tsepovs expanded into, drug smuggling, arms dealings, hired guns, extorting, and blackmailing. Blackmailing became one of the most advantageous work the family could do. They had blackmail on wealthy oligarchs, military officers, and politicians. With this information Adrik and the family could skate around the law, and get away with a decent amount of crimes that would have resulted in long periods of incarceration. The syndicate also went on to create a list of informants that would spread rumors and gain intel on potential competitors or law enforcement operations. The Frenzy In January of 2020 the frenzied flu had made a return with a vengeance. The Flu rapidly began increasing and took the lives of many Tsepov elders, including Adrik’s elderly mother. Soon the armed Military began setting up roadblocks all throughout Chernarus. This led to the syndicate’s cash flow slowing down drastically. Adrik used his political and military connections to figure out if the government really had this pandemic under control. The messages he received back were shocking, many of the officials did not truly know what was going on, and the upper interior of the government was keeping things highly confidential. This led to Adrik making the decision to hold off on many plans that were set in motion to ensure the safety of the syndicate, If too many men were caught or began getting the flu, it could lead to potential competitors to make plays against the family and attempt to take over. Although money slowed down, Adrik wanted locals to know that the Tsepovs hadn’t gone anywhere, so he began setting up free kitchens throughout the region in an attempt to keep public relations well. He also had enforcers make sure that business owners under the syndicate were not trying to take advantage of the flu and hold out on paying their dues and not switching sides. Once May hit the public became restless and people began leaving the relocation zones in an attempt to find other avenues of survival, the Family took this as an opportunity to provide protection and guidance to brave groups of wanderers in return for money, assets, and intel on quarantine camp layouts. Adrik advised his men to use old smuggling and trade routes to guide people back to their homes or to someplace safe. He also aided the occasional military personnel who were deserting their posts to be with their families. With the end not being in sight, and the military growing more aggressive with civilians, The Tsepovs decided to take advantage and restart business ventures, and get in contact with old associates. Adrik decided to think outside the box and find the silver-lining within the pandemic. Adrik actively began looking to recruit associates with biological and medical experience, in an attempt to gain a foothold on potential research of the flu, and possible vaccine creation. @Dew - Adrik "Boss" Tsepov @Apollo - Stefan "Steffi" Tsepov @Nik - Nikolai "Drunk" Tsepov @Shroud - Ivan "Big Fucker" Tsepov @Blake - Maksym "Fucker" Tsepov @Bobby - Alek "whole lotta stick play" Tsepov @Diamond - Vladislav "Lil Fucker" Tsepov @Dustemane - Dustiski "Hot Head" Tsepov @TurkRP - Yuri "Bastard" Tsepov @Lost - Lipin "Lippy" Tsepov @Commander - Anatoli "Madcap" Tsepov @Hollows - Damien Tsepov @JimRP - Dimitri "White Smoke" Tsepov @Wendigo - Alexei Tsepov @Eagle - Grigorij Tsepov @Craig - George Adebowale @Dustup - Andrei Tsepov @Sassy - Sassy Sassov @Dodge - Aslan Osuyum Friendly NA Neutral Everyone Hostile Competition Establish Communications with any active Remaining families of the Vorovskoy Mir (DAY 40) Establish a meeting ground for the family to hear out locals and foreigners for potential business (COMPLETE) Fortify meeting grounds (DAY 30) (COMPLETE) Fix relationship between Uncle Roman's and Uncle Jora's kids (COMPLETE) Recruit at least 10 medical or biological working personnel (DAY 35) [5/10] Maintain a web of informants (COMPLETE) Make Contact with high ranking Military Personnel for potential business or blackmail (COMPLETE) Sponsor at least 3 groups to work under us (Day 50) [1/3] ESTABLISH A MEDICAL BUSINESS (Day 60) [High Priority] MAKE MONEY (Indefinite) Deal with any competitors or threats to the family (Indefinite) If you are interested in joining the group please send a DM to @Dew on the forums or Discord. The DM must include, Why you want to join, RP experience, past group that you were involved in, and timezone.
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    Why do I feel like I'm the reason this thread exists.
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    CLF - Viktor Petrov - RP Compilation
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    As the man person spear-heading our operation yesterday, at least the logic behind it, our intentions yesterday were not to be friendly with the RAC but to begin spreading better PR for our group. Yesterday's RP began with me walking into the very busy town of Berezino in full CLF uniform. It was a PR play. As both RAC and the CLF wish to occupy the country or turn people in their favour it made sense to attempt something ballsy to try and turn these negative rumuors about our group around. I was sold out the second i turned up in town and quickly became surrounded by a LOT of RAC. Granted, I had a lot of backup myself in the area but instead of just straight initiating @HarveyLR chose to instead approach me and engage in RP. What happened quickly was a very tense discussion about why I was there and it was very clear we were at a stalemate. HarveyLR knew 100% we had them cornered metaphorically, and that if they initiated they'd lose at least half of their men almost instantly. He instead chose to simply discuss some things with me, almost interrogate me as best he could without being hostile. We parted ways and i returned very shortly after as I wanted to spectate the protests. From this point on @Elmo was more or less leading our operations down at the protest. Moving on from this we have the protests. We had several of our people in plain clothing trying to stir things up AFAIK. Our goal was to try and have the RAC show their "true colours" and to have them open fire on people. Our goal was to rile them up, to show the people they can't be trusted. Your group was the ONLY people that returned, to any rubber slugs used, with live ammunition. Individuals in your group chose to open fire numerous times, injuring / killing RAC members. When "civilians" in the crowd were doing that first it defeated out entire operation as if civilians shot first then the RAC would be defending themselves. Now you are right, we are practically at war with the RAC. Our "helping" of the RAC was purely a selfish motive. We had our own reasons, as a lore faction, to not seek out bloodshed with the RAC immediately today. Things didn't go as planned, largely due to the involvement of your group but this was all in roleplay. We went with the situation that was delivered. We can assure that "working with the RAC" was ONLY a surface level viewpoint and lacks any form of deep understanding of our motives. Our motives yesterday, whilst passively helping the RAC, served a much greater purpose and served our needs far more than you would know. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To engage with your other arguments, our operation yesterday in no way, shape or form affects people the way you insinuate it does. This is a very narrow viewpoint. Groovy Tony was banned because of his knowledge of the fact 5-6 people were chasing him. He does not have to "know" the group is CLF. His conduct was to ignore numerous people attempting to get him to stop in the apartment, of which he walked past all 6 of us in the apartment corridor and tried to run. He knew full well numerous people were after him. To turn the blame onto us for his own conduct, his own attempt to ignore anybody trying to roleplay with him, and ultimately go non-compliant purely because "only 1 person initiated" is the definition of seeing what you can get away with in the rules. The video evidence in question showed numerous people gunning him down with at least 5 people outside chasing him. Of those 5, 3 separate hitlogs were registered on him. Combine that with the fact numerous people said hello and tried to get him to stop in the apartment, only to be ignored, and you have ample, reasonable understanding to suggest "going non-compliant here means i'm going to very likely die." This was ALL from his IC perspective. He had all the information he needed ICly to know numerous people wanted him for something right now and he chose to run without saying a word. That is on him. I will say this again, groovy tony was given the opportunity to talk things out with me and chose not to. I pressed numerous times to get him to talk this out, @Elmo separately went to the helpdesk to attempt to talk this out too. If he is going to ignore an attempt to talk things out because it's "inconvenient" for him to do so, I'm not going to waste my time. You're already making me work for your mistake. That's just not going to fly. He had his chance, he said no, I used the power I have appropriately and ONLY after seeking approval of others. Lastly, as @Hofer said, you'd have been given equal opportunities to have roleplay situations like these if you'd have played your lore group in a way that wasn't guerilla tactics. You chose to abandon your compound so you could begin running around t he forest and fighting as you saw fit. This was your discretion, and fair play for that, but when you go to that tactic and equally choose to only engage in firefights you don't have a leg to stand on when you complain about "unequal treatment." I hope this has provided ample explanation to your concerns. If you have any other questions please feel free to DM me.
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    After extensive years in prison, Anton Belic wanted to get his life back on track. It all began with the purchase of a bar in Berezino, with the hopes to make money to keep him from turning back to his old habits. To begin the bar, Anton worked with his brother, Oleg, and his father to purchase the property and get the business off the ground. The business thrived, but Anton wanted something he could claim as just his own. He bought out an old import company that sold cars and began to start over again. The importing business became quite lucrative for Anton. To help boost sales, Anton began importing foriegn cars from the west, such as BMW’s, which attracted many people to his business. While he had his success in business, Anton also fell in love with one of his employees, Rosa. They got married and had twin children, Ivan and Anezka. However, the new comfort Anton found himself in would soon change. With the new formation of his importing domain, Anton’s past began to dig up. Old contacts from his past asked him to import other items that weren’t particularly legal. Hesitantly, Anton would import what his contacts would ask of him. He could not resist the money that was coming in. As a result of the success in his imports, Anton’s connections began to grow in this new illegal empire. Soon he was importing illegal things, such as drugs, weapons, and exotic animals. Rosa soon discovered the secrets Anton had been withholding from her. She was angry that he had gone back to his old habits and got involved in illegal activities. As a result, Rosa decided to divorce Anton and move with her sister, Emilia, to the United States. A fierce custody battle broke out before she left the country, which left Ivan in Chernarus with Anton and Anezka with Rosa moving to the United States. Throughout the years, Anton continued his business. He involved numerous family members in the business, including his brother, son, daughter, and niece. Despite each person’s involvement, Anton kept much of the dealings secretive, so much that the other’s didn’t even know of their other family members' involvement. The business started to slow a lot around the time of the first outbreak. Conditions were more difficult before the outbreak for importing due to increasing sanctions from the west, but the outbreak caused a complete shutdown to the importing of goods from the west for Anton. With the lack of goods and no slow down in the demand, Anton found himself in a difficult situation. After the country began to reopen in the beginning of 2020, Anton found it difficult to provide for every customer. Some of the customers were angry and threatening if Anton could not meet a certain deadline. One customer would stay true to their word and shot Anton one day after he failed to deliver a good amount of illegal goods to their warehouse. Anton’s death shocked the family. Ivan struggled with officials to get approved to hold a funeral due to the increasing threats of the outbreak recurring. Against the odds, Ivan was granted the ability to hold a funeral for his father. The family gathered in Berezino to hold the funeral and pick the pieces of what remained of the businesses. With Oleg dying years prior, Anton left the bar and importing business to his children, Ivan and Anezka (now Eliot), and niece, Kat. With the funeral only held days before the new lockdown, the newly found business owners wanted to keep their family legacy alive and re-opened the bar. Now with the business back open, could the new owners fall back into the same greed their own family did in the past or was their own family members death enough for them to see the light? Owner Ivan Belic | @cjackson821 Co-Owner Eliot Belic | @kalyri Family Ekaterina Belic | @Faebloom Kyle Michaels | @Mrdarkfox18 Crew Samuel Matthews | @ContheTank Ashlyn Pastukov | @Unii Millicent Cibulkova | @Millie Liliana Svobodova | @Morytania Marek Valek | @Eagles Finn Richtofen | @Lord Seal Callie Grace | @LetzAllGetTipZ Niccolò Marchini | @Eesti Dave Breacher | @DaveBreacher Jimmy Pacino | @Adray Keep the bar operational and secure [indefinite] Run fight nights (2/4) [Day 75] Operate miscellaneous events at the bar, like card games, karaoke, etc. (1/4) [Day 75] Remain neutral amongst military factions [Ongoing] Investigate notes [Ongoing] {Inconclusive} Sales Sell 150 alcoholic drinks (93/150) [Day 60] Sell 60 food items (44/60) [Day 55] Collections & Preparation Collect 85 bottles/cans for sale (63/85) [Day 60] Hunt animals for food prep (28/50) [Day 80] Create different brews of alcoholic beverages [Ongoing] Donation Bring food donations to different communities (2/5) [Day 70] Lucrative Decide to sell illegal goods or stay legitimate [Ongoing] {Decided} Figure out stash location to hide illegal items [Day 25] {Succeeded} Make new stash and make sure each stash has supplies [Day 40] {Succeeded} Find potential clients [Day 60] Promote other individual goals of members in the group Make new friends despite IC relations Create a good roleplay hub for all different members of the community Provide positive and memorable roleplay for the server Recruitment status: Open Recruitment is currently done ICly - Find us in game and ask about job openings! Graphics credit - @kalyri
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    “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” - Albert Einstein Written from Aslan's Perspective In a world of rapid decline, global conflict and daunting uncertainty, there’s little left of home and safety. Chernarus is changing, and so, the people that inhabit it have to react and change with it. People to trust are harder to come across, and thus it becomes increasingly crucial to stick with the ones you know through and through. United behind the main goal of providing a safe place of living, the cast of civilians in Olsha set out to create a community for hopeful people with nowhere else to go. After the fall of the RAC Vybor checkpoint as well as the RF encampment in Novodmitrovsk, many civilians had lost their place of home. With no one providing safety against the surrounding world and some of its people, it was now up to the individual to provide for themselves and their own. Like-minded people started banding together, and quickly the community in Olsha got established and organized. Lee, Cillian and Tion decided on getting organized, and providing leadership and giving the people of Olsha a name to go by. As uncertainty grows and mysterious circumstances unfold and no decisive sources to rely on, it is partially their mission to uncover the events that have led everyone together. To understand the outbreak, and the ongoing national tug of war to better prepare for what is to come and to give the people the truth of the matter that they deserve. With an extensive cast of characters, everyone in the community has their place, something they do best and something others can rely on. Everyone provides, and everyone has a say in the matters being discussed. Like one big family, we take on the challenges of the world and grow stronger with each conflict we have to tackle. We pride ourselves on kindness and helpfulness. Guidance and compassion. Safety and protection. No one knows what the future holds for any of us, but whatever it may be, no one can conquer it alone. So, as the road ahead narrows and fogs up, we stand together to pave the way into the unknown… To cross this New Divide. Written from Luca's Perspective Until recently I believed that I had no place in society. my whole life wasted away as I hid myself from the outside world and the humans walking it. I didn't feel alone, because I was used to hanging out with myself anyways. I trusted that I didn't fit in. That I had no chance of a normal life and a normal thought process. When I came to this country, I had no plans or ambitions or hopes that it would change my mindset on the rest of the world. I came for a vacation, and I got that vacation. Little did I know, the people I would meet along the way whilst being stuck in one spot would forever change me for the better. These people are my family. My package deal. They've given me a 2nd chance to see the world through different eyes. They've included me in their lives. At the end of the day, we all need to rely on each other for survival now. This whole situation is a mess, but life before wasn't any different. Life now may even bet better. More hopeful. Society nearly killed me many times in the past. Maybe there's a shot of making a change and building up something that most of us have been seeking for years. Whatever the path may be, I know I won't walk it alone. @Gwimm-chan UwU - Lee Anson @Wolfstorm - Tion Thomas @Dingle - Aslan Ravn Ehlers @PhoenixLR - Luca Rylie @Poster - Reese Matthews @IvarTheNarrator - Cillian Holm @Bailey - Caesar Galliard @Raptor - Desmond Shieda @Searoz - Josh Rylie @Anthonyy - Arthur Ford @Conrad - Jett Turner @FireDude - Bishop Darkwood @Havikar - Isaac ONeill @Crazychimp - Michael Bonnet @Angel - Heather Connor @Lyaria - Ashley Gibson @Syx - Dexter Volek @Maverick Cobalt - Sean Fletcher @God - Rae Peyton Goals will be updated as the group progresses Build foundations of our own community and set our roots down in a secure location (Achived) Work together to adapt to the current situation in the world and grow stronger as a family (Infinite) Allow outsiders to use the community for resources given they provide something in return that helps the community's growth (Infinite) Stock up on resources to secure our survival within the crumbling society (By Day 30 - Achieved) Assist other survivors with medical attention and medical supplies whenever necessary (Infinite) Work with like-minded groups and negotiate trade routes in order to supply our people with necessities (By Day 50 - Groups: 3) Uncover the Truth about the Virus Outbreak and gather information on the government and military objectives moving forward (By Day 50) Scout out the South Zagorian Region for ideal hunting locations and safe areas to fall back to in case of an emergency (By Day 40) Keep out of politics and conflicts between other groups that aren't our problem (Infinite) Locate patients of "The Good Doctor" for questioning on their mission and purpose in South Zagoria (By Day 60) All recruitment is strictly done In Character and selective. However, if you would like to arrange meeting us ingame, please contact either @Gwimm-chan UwU, @IvarTheNarrator, @Wolfstorm or @Dingle Graphics by @PhoenixLR Lore by @Dingle
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    Humanitarian Aid & Relief Organisation Организация гуманитарной помощи и помощи Organizace pro humanitární pomoc a pomoc Nobody knows where they might end up. Alek Vetrov certainly did not think he would be dealing with deadly infections when he grew up. Dr. Alek Vetrov was born in Staryoe, Chernarus but lived and worked in Moscow as a General Surgeon as well as a specialist in internal medicine, sub-specialising in Infectious Diseases. Alek was a known doctor in the region of Moscow and often worked with the Russian Ministry of Health on any infections or diseases that could cause an outbreak. If he was not needed to focus on infectious diseases he would work at the hospital in his other specialties, working with internists that arrive with patients as well as general treatment inside the hospital. Even though Alek did not run a department, he was a well known and respected member of staff at the hospital and was often called in on important cases. In 2018, Alek met his girlfriend Anya who worked at the hospital too. Their love hit off and half a year later she revealed she was pregnant. When early 2019 hit, their daughter was born and Alek decided to become a full time stay at home dad. After returning to work in the early 2020, Dr. Vetrov was approached in confidence by the Russian Ministry of Health Officer regarding a third wave of the sickness. The infection was getting worse and a third wave would be coming soon. He insisted that Alek would make an organization to be sent into a region near Russia to control and prevent anything after the third wave. Alek took the officer and formed an organisation called Humanitarian aid and relief organisation. The HARO team was a selection of doctors and medical professionals who were hand chosen for the job. The team were from many different nationalities from all over the world, some being local and some far west. After having a big board meeting with the HARO as well as the Russian Health Minister, the team was deployed into the region of South Zagoria. The team was flown to Balota airfield near the city of Chernogorsk. Once arriving, the HARO team had to find a small place to set up to start building their foundations. They found a medium sized compound near the coast to set up the compound. The compound consisted of a medical centre, quarantine zone and research lab. Alek and his team immediately started work on gathering resources to investigate as well as providing treatment to civilians who showed signs of the sickness the world feared. The team kept to themselves for a few weeks once arriving to set everything up. They knew going public soon after arivial like the RAC in Vybor would not end well for themselves. Being off the radar would allow them to get a headstart of their research project as well as treating people they meet on the streets. As they worked on finding information on the virus, the doctors soon realised how dangerous the infection was. A slight fear roamed the hospital they were set up in, causing a panic in the team. Not everyone in the organisation was used to working with such deadly things and were worried for their own safety. One doctor eventually took their leave due to fear of the unknown. Once any sort of information was found on the adaptation of the frenzied flu, the team had a meeting to discuss what it could mean. Occasionally, the discussion would go off track into a huge argument on theories of what it could be. No one really knew why or how the frenzied flu became such a dangerous and deadly illness. But as each day passed, they became closer to finding out about the transformation of the disease. While running the organisation, Alek also had to write letters back to the Ministry Officer about the sickness and what they found out, as well as keeping tabs and reporting back about the people in the area. The HARO team was there to investigate, control and provide general treatment to all. No military were in the soldiers, they had to fend for themselves or find someone to protect them. But that wasn’t their main priority. They had to stop the third wave taking away innocent lives and spreading out the country to other areas. The research began and so did the treatment, slowly moving around the area doing both. For the sake of the region, information had to be found on the adapted virus before it became too extreme. The world relied on it. Medical Director Dr. Alek Vetrov - @DrMax Chief of General Surgery Infectious Disease & Internal Medicine Specialist Chief of Department Dr. Astrid Dior - @groovy lamb Chief of Psychiatry Dr. Isaac Sutton - @Venob0ss Chief of Cardiothoracic Surgery Respiratory Medicine Specialist Doctor Dr. Nina Khodasevich - @Kerkkoh General Surgeon & Oncology Specialist Dr. Phillip Roscoe - @Edwardou Pediatrician subspecialising in Cardiology & Infectious Diseases Dr. Pietrov Cernyles - @Aleksi-Baraszkov Anesthesiology & Biochemistry Specialist Medic Jack Keller - @J. Estonia Paramedic Apprentice Damian Del Toro - @eDgY ScOuSe First Aid IC Goals Secure base of operation (Day 31) Establish contact with RAC (Day 34) Establish contact with local taxi and uber services regarding an ambulance service (Day 35) Do autopsies on the deceased sick people to find out more information (Day 40) Create the Doctor Network so fellow medical personnel can give their opinion on cases and patients. (Day 43) Create 0/3 War Outposts (Day 48) Create a media presence to spread awareness about the virus (Day 44) Teach First Aid to 1/3 people who are willing to learn and help out (Day 45) Secure and setup the Evacuation Hospital (Day 50) Locate and collect samples of animals in the area. (Day 50) Recruit 3/5 more medical professionals to help out the team (Day 50) Locate and collect samples of water from water sources and dams (Day 55) Locate and collect samples of plants in the area (Day 55) Study and contain infected people (Day 60) Make sure to keep the operating suite clean and sterile (Ongoing) Provide general treatment and humanity aid to all civilians and locals in the area (Ongoing) Schedule deliveries for medical supplies such as test kits and vaccines (Ongoing) Vaccinate everyone (5 people a week) (Ongoing) Create weekly updates about situation in SZ not just pertaining to infection back to HQ (Ongoing) OOC Goals Provide high quality medical roleplay to all. Push the medical and sickness front of the lore. Recruit medical civilians from all nationalities to include people into the lore who are not Russian or Chernarussian. Teach group and dynamic group members some standard medical training IC / OOC if they wish to learn. If you wish to join the faction, please message DrMax on the forums using the template found below. Please keep in mind we are ONLY recruiting medical staff. We are not recruiting security, cooks and hunters etc, only medical staff. If you still want to join but have not done MedicalRP before, please state that in the application and you still may be considered. We will happily help and teach you some standard knowledge. The group is backed by the Russian Government however we will accept westerners into the group as long as they fit the criteria above. If you are unsure if your character will fit or you have any questions, please feel free to PM DrMax. You can also join our discord by clicking the logo at the bottom of the page if you have any further questions. PM Template IG Name: Age: Country & Timezone: What kind of specialty would you choose if you joined the group? What previous clans / factions / groups have you been a part of? Why do you want to join? What character would you join with? Would you be willing to make a new character to fit the group? If you watch any medical shows, which ones? Thank you @Banshee for the graphics.
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    So, given nobody has reached out and those I have tried to talk to have refused, I would like to address some of the issues people have with the CLF movement as of late. This is not to say everybody has had issues, but there is definitely some animosity towards this faction because we're becoming spanners in the works. The CLF, whilst yes a minority and guerilla style faction, has a goal in mind: to return Chernarus to a Chernarussian controlled government. The beginning of the lore we were in a position where the RAC and the RF had each other as allies and could call on each other for aid whenever they wanted to. Firefights can be done, but fighting a 20 man super squad every time we're in game gets old, fast. We're not able to go to any hotspots openly, usually, because of the stigma against us ICly. We rolled with what we got, made do with what we got and slowly, but surely, we started to turn things around in our favour. There are people who seem so actively despise the fact the CLF have made themselves more known. I would like to point things out that it is not as "retarded" or "dumb" as people might think. The RF have pulled back, meaning overall russian presence is lower than it used to be. The world is changing, becoming more unstable and the CLF is taking advantage of that. The CLF know full well an open war is not good for either side and constant firefights and attacks piss people off. Had we just attacked berezino 24/7 whenever not undercover we'd end up with constant flak for prioritising fights, something we don't want to do. We chose a different route, to try and more openly win the people over. I reiterate, we are trying to win the country back over to Chernarussian control and one of the ways of doing this is to appease the public, to try and win them over. Thus the PR campaign was launched. There's a lot of memes going around about CLF scripted to win, and how some people are actually starting to take this seriously and I think the irony behind their words is... well irritating at this point. The very same people arguing CLF is scripted to win also want CLF to stick to a guerilla style group that does everything as is expected. We adapted and now we're suddenly scripted to win? These people have argued that, by turning up in uniform into hostile territory, we're not doing our group design. The irony behind this is that instead of rolling with the new scenario and roleplaying, you just leave and expect us to stick to rigid group "themes" and "tactics". At the end of the day, we're playing a big politics war with massively conflicting ideals. Yesterday was a show of force, on an RP server, and the other factions decided to leave instead of trying to combat our PR campaign. The numbers were roughly 1:1 in terms of active fighters. Ultimately, we're not going to stay out of hotspots and abide by your rules in game 24/7 because that is us following your script. We're going to try and shake things up, to win the people over and sometimes the best way for us to do that is to show force and try to use different tactics. We don't want to dogbrain, nor do we want to just constantly set up ambushes etc. Not to mention, when the other big faction bases next to the biggest hotspot on the map it's very difficult for us to actually get some RP through other areas. At the end of the day we're all here to roleplay and I think some people need to start just going with roleplay instead of complaining out of character, calling our RP shit and just being so damn hostile OOC over some very simple things. I have greatly enjoyed the tension that has happened between the groups, like a kettle ready to boil over. People ingame seem to be loving the fact that both factions are vying for their allegiance. Roll with it. Adapt to new situations as the lore changes. This is not to say I want to see the other faction outright fail because I don't. I want each group to be involved in the lore to the degree they want to be. I have greatly appreciated the fact I've been able to get some tense hostile RP that hasn't always resulted in a huge gunfight. The tensions between the groups has been great and all I want, as well as many of the CLF, is to see the continued roleplay that's been given. Complaining OOC and throwing around insults isn't helping anyone. I am aware this is a select few but dialogue is always better than bottling up animosity. /rant Love you all x
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    Hello dear DayZRP community! After a month since the start of the new lore the prologue has come to and end it is our pleasure to announce the start of the first DayZRP lore season. If you missed out on things during the prologue you can read our timeline to get catched up on things. To remind you, lore seasons are unique storylines created by lore master team to engage players with the lore and push it forward. New groups, events and adventures will be held in game for everyone to participate in! Each season is aligned with year quarters, meaning it lasts 3 months, every year has 4 seasons. We start season 1 in Q3 2020 which begins today, on July 1st and it will end on September 30th. Here are a few details regarding Season 1: A new lore group has been introduced in Season 1. The Humanity Aid and Relief Organisation or HARO for short, is an organisation which was sent into the South Zagorian region by the Russian government to control and prevent anything after the third wave. The team consists of a selection of doctors and medical professionals who were handpicked for the job. The HARO team is there to investigate, control and provide general treatment to all. With the new group, there will also be a new POI located in Elektrozavodsk that will be the groups base of operation. As some of you might have noticed already groups have started the approval process as of today. If you haven’t put your group idea out there yet, now is the time to do so. Congratulations to all of those who already got their group accepted at this point. The Loremaster team will keep you up to date and also update the FAQ on character pages according to the changes that will happen throughout season. We will be continuing overarching storylines and events involving the lore factions, like the events of supply deliveries, patrols etc. They will mainly revolve around the lore factions but as always we will make sure that every player gets to participate in one way or the other and has a chance of knowing of the events transpiring. At one point during the season there will be a major lore event, which will change the lore depending on the outcome of the event. The event details will be announced ahead of time. With that being said I do hope you have enjoyed what we had in store so far and we are excited to work on this lore with all of you in the future. Always keep in mind that your actions can shape the lore as well, we are only here to provide a frame. I hope all of you will have a great start into this first season.
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    Thanks everyone! Here's the finished version! Oskar uses "Fuck I can't see in the rain where are my glasses?!" ... It's super effective!
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    Hey Golaneth, after reading your post extensively it seems to me, with respect, that you don't really fully grasp the implications of being in a lore faction in terms of roleplay and PvP. I'll break it down for you as best I can as I've been involved with the CLF for quite some time now: Having dealt with fighting the RF and assessing their Novo compound, our tactics are pretty much useless for inflicting any meaningful casualties on them at the moment when they're at their fortified compound. Outside its a different story, sometimes we can win, sometimes we lose. Explosives, armoured cars and siege equipment don't really exist in DayZ as you said, making the Novo compound incredibly difficult to attack. There are many windows to be shot from, high walls, an open killbox for a courtyard and house-to-house fighting without grenades to flush out soldiers would inflict far too many casualties on us for it to be a worthwhile attack. They designed their compound well and it shows, only a fool would take a head on fight there against a decent amount of players. Unless you're @AndreyQ apparently, though he defies all known laws of physics so he's the exception, not the rule. Going in to the lore wipe I believe everybody thought CLF as the underdog due to these facts. I can't say we've fully proved them wrong yet but, as of today, we've won more fights than we've lost, progressed the lore a little and tried to give people as fun an experience as possible. There's been hiccups sure but, with such a difficult setup before us, they were inevitable. Personal experience with the RAC, they needed to grow some balls in the beginning of the lore. They've done that and repositioned so fair play to them, their leadership has made a good decision. Fights and RP I've had with the RAC has been mostly good, with a special mention to @Eddie for PKing like a champ when he got caught out. Hiccups here and there, some rulebreaks but for the most part RAC have been acting as any scrambling government force would, with a semblance of disorganisation and desperation. Most people sleep on the RAC out-of-character but when push comes to shove the RAC boys can shove harder than most would think. RF are the strongest faction currently, in my opinion. They have a beefy roster, good command and a good core of PvPers that are good at the game or some games similar to it, such as Arma. Their compound is also, as previously mentioned, a fortress due to its design, giving them a strong anchor point from which to launch operations. Your example of 15 men with CZs doesn't really make sense as, putting aside the fact that the CZ is a dumpster fire, it doesn't take into account individual skill, positioning and the 101 other factors that goes into a fight. I don't know if you've been in a scrap with the 320th yet but if you haven't, take it from someone that's fought their core roster for quite a while, they've got a good handle on how the game plays. Overall, none of the lore factions should be slept on. RAC were a joke in the beginning but they've got a new compound now so perhaps it will work out for them. 320th have strength in numbers and a strong base to work from. CLF, well we're idiots but we make it work occasionally. Personal outtake, the factions should be vying for the support of the people right now, more than anything. If they want to stomp each other out, they'll need the eyes and ears of the non-lore faction folk to do so.
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    Viktor's betrayal (Some crazy starwars music)
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    DayZRP 20.6.4 Released 2020-06-23 Map Few Map Updates @Watchman New : Bio hazard Warning Banner @Watchman Changes Changed : Cooking Tripod on Canvas Bag @Watchman Changed : Vodka, Wine and Champagne on the Canvas Bag @Watchman Changed : Second attempt at having regulars binoculars/rangefinders on belts @Watchman Changed : Flashlight on Belt @Watchman Changed : Made custom foods more prominent @Watchman Fixes Fixed : Custom Bandana Textures on females @Watchman Fixed : Elmax Knife looking Damaged when Worn @Watchman Fixed : VityazSN not spawning with handguard/buttstock @Whitename Fixed : Wrong Bayonet's Spawning (No Holster Ability) @Watchman Fixed : Wrong First Aid Kit spawning (No attachment Ability) @Watchman Fixed : Door combinations are no longer visible from too far away (example) @Whitename Fixed : BP monitor Inventory @Watchman Clothing NEW : T-Shirt Blacked Cuffs Variants (Album) @Watchman NEW : Canvas Bag Black with Embroidery @Watchman NEW : Special Hunting Backpacks (Album) @Watchman NEW : Raincoat Striped Improvised Raincoat Bag @Watchman NEW : Boonie Hat (Embroided) and Beanie (Vanz) @Watchman NEW : Tan, grey, and black prisoner caps @Whitename NEW : TTsKO capri pants @Whitename @Rapid Steve Food NEW : Beef Jerky @Watchman NEW : Whiskey @Watchman RP Items NEW : Watchphone X Smartphone @Watchman NEW : Old Suitcase Container @Watchman NEW : Documents Folder @Watchman NEW : Test Swab Kit @Watchman CHANGED : New Joint Model @Misho Emotes NEW : Dab Emote @Whitename ft. @Watchman 's idea Please report any bugs on the discord in #Bugs
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    Yo these are quite cool you like em or you don't or something like that all i ask is for the humblest of a single bean if you have a youtube video that has a 1-2 second part that you want turned into an avatar. Maybe ill do it i dunno...
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    PROTEST GONE MASS SHOOTING GONE WILD GONE CRAZY GUYS watch till the end, there a new outro i'll be using from now on @Ducky as requested
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    Fun fact; the CLF get the least amount of attention and love from us LMs because they are supposed to be the underdogs and supposed to be at a disadvantage. This is something we discussed with Hofer and he agreed. In fact they do NOT have the following; - communications with a high command - long range communication with the outside world - secured base (besides abandoned outposts) or base are all - delivery events to give them lore items (that’s Rac and RF only so far) - access to documentation, information, databases like RAC and RF have from the central governments - Staggs specifically gave one Lore Faction essential and vital data about the CLF when they investigate some CLF things to reward them for their hard work - etc They are not scripted to “win” or be given advantage over any other faction. We are hands off when it comes to IG and IC consequences and actions and let the RP be free flowing and dynamic. I know the CLF have a nice roster of skilled pvpers which makes it seem like CLF are destined to “win.” But the future is uncertain. The whole lot of the fighting force could one day decide to sit around and play guitar for the next month. No one knows! Also who says one will win? The point of the lore is to build it. Not win it. There’s no winning. There’s creating and pushing the lore. That’s it. If one group makes it through several months then that’s their lore. They don’t get a prize. Or a title. Or a special super secret gold star. They get nothing but the memories they shared with their group members. Focus less on “winning” DayZ and more on creating and building Rp while engaging in the lore. just wanted to clarify since the thread is closed and people were harping on about specific factions winning.
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    MAIN EVENT: Sung Ho vs Han Lee 27/06/2020 @ 9:30pm (Server time) - Belic Family Pub in Berezino SCHEDULE: 9:30pm-9:45pm (Server time) - Press Conference & Media Interviews - Belic Family Pub in Berezino 9:45pm (Server time) - Fighters retreat to their private rooms to begin preparations 10:00pm (Server time) - Fighters begin their walk ins to the arena 10:05pm (Server time) - The fight begins Special thanks to @DerrickStorm for making our awesome poster & @TZ for being my opponent Let's hope this is an entertaining night for all who choose to attend. Before 9:30pm rolls around, I will be in the area waiting for @TZ to finish work. While we wait, minor fights can be held and I'd like to encourage it to begin building atmosphere.
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    “Fight for a free Chernarus, a better Chernarus.” Growing up in Chernarus post-Cold War meant our childhoods were anything but innocent, filled with fear and propaganda. Most of us saw first-hand the atrocities the ChDKZ were committing against Chernarussians, nationalists or not, even before the Civil War. While too young to fight, some of us lost our homes or even family members in the war; by the end of it, we all lost our glorious country. Our rebellion forces were hunted and exterminated, with most of them retreating to Sosnovka, a small remote village in the more “nationalist” part of Chernarus. They didn’t have the numbers or armory of CLF or other organized forces, so they stayed low for years, making small hit-n-run attacks, trying to weaken the Russian forces until Lopotev’s assassination. With him dead, our forces thought it was the perfect time to strike, but with Russia sending in more troops and a second war almost starting, we lost a huge number of our forces so we backed down, realizing we got no chance in a conflict. During the day, the Rebels lived a normal life, going to work, spending time with their families and friends, then, twice a week they met up in the local pub, secretly planning and organizing attacks, supply distribution, propaganda and recruitment. But with the Russian army stronger and hunting people like us down, we couldn't strike. So we laid low for years living our lives quietly, until now. Time had passed, and it had taken a toll on the rebels. The majority of the core had either grown too old to continue the fight or had passed away. Seeing the group decay slowly, the younger generation had more of an open mind and realized they could use the help of like-minded individuals who weren't necessarily Chernarussians. They knew the “old heads” of the group wouldn’t like this, but it was the only way the group would be able to accomplish any of their goals. Progress on getting Russians and their sympathizers out of Chernarus was at a standstill, and it was looking grim for the Rebels. Some members were convinced they would never create an Independent Chernarus again. Luckily fate was on their side, and the Virus hit. It had created chaos that the Russians could not contain, and the Rebels immediately began working on plans and ways to take advantage of the situation. The people from Zvir used to be a small tight-knit community, with many of them being hunters and farmers. That all changed at the start of June, when some of the townsfolk who had left decided to return home, they were met by an eerie sight. The once lively homes all now appeared to be abandoned as the savages would wander aimlessly around the town and large open fields. The first few days after the initial outbreak was a tiring effort. Many of the ‘Savages’, as they had come to call the infected, roamed around the town like a pack of mindless drones, unable to talk in a normal manner and seemed driven by one of the most primal instincts of man. The instinct to kill. They did everything they could to avoid killing them, believing that these people were merely sick and sooner or later a cure would be found, and so they did what they could by locking them into houses or knocking them out cold and tying them up. However, while they did recognize some of the people, they did notice that some of the faces of these savages did not appear to be local townsfolk, taking note they would continue wandering into town through the woods. To try and locate where these savages were coming from, they gathered some initial supplies and headed out into the neighboring areas. In one of their travels around the general Zelenogorsk area, the Watchmen came across the Rebels just outside Sosnovka. The two groups converged and reminisced about the glory days of South Zagoria and of the eventual downfall of the country in the hands of Lopotev The more they spoke, the more it became clear that both groups held similar ideals and goals of what they believed a prosperous Chernarus could once again look like. However, they knew that to achieve this they would need supplies and numbers with secrecy being their most viable ally as of the moment until the time was right to strike. So they decided to merge and work together, merging into one unit. With the younger generation in charge, the Zvir Watchmen and a few foreigners strengthening their numbers, the Rebels are finally ready to strike. Even with all the chaos that has ensued, they are fully aware an all-out war is still not the best plan. Plans of small conflicts, guerrilla warfare, and spreading propaganda are being put in motion. Fighting doesn’t just mean killing their enemies, it also includes protecting all others. They care about the people here, unlike the Russians and their sympathizers, and they need the people to fully support their cause. If these plans are carried out properly, the Rebels will weaken the Russian influence enough to be able to evict their supporters out of Chernarus and reclaim the country’s independence. At the same time, the virus keeps spreading and is more dangerous than before, so the Rebels are slowly committing to finding out what and possibly who caused this. While its spreading and the chaos it has caused works in their favour, they need to make sure Chernarus will survive it. Use the chaos caused by the outbreak to kick out foreign oppressors and claim the great Zelenogorsk area for its people (Ongoing) Recruit and Ally with like minded groups and survivors to strengthen our forces. (Ongoing) Inform at least 50 people of the havoc the armies have wreaked in our country, spread propaganda against them [44/50] (Goal is indefinite, will keep being worked on after completion) Deal with hostile forces and bandit groups to protect the people of Chernarus (Ongoing) Train at least 10 civilians to defend themselves against the infected but also humans (4/10) Claim ownership of West side of the map by any means necessary. Keep any foreign armies or threatening groups/individuals away from it. (Day 100) Set Up patrols within our controlled region to maintain stability. (Ongoing) Rough representation of our territory Create a list of basic laws to maintain stability in the region. (Day 60) Scout out the surrounding area of occupation to locate any other locals/foreigners staying within the area. (Ongoing) Set up/ally with at least 5 camps for refugees around/outside our region by day 50 [3/5] (Goal is indefinite, will keep being worked on after completion) Create a register of all occupants within the area stating their names and current location of residence. (Ongoing) Find appropriate temporary housing for any locals & foreigners respectful of Chernarussians. (Ongoing) Once we reach 25 registered civilians, create ID cards for them to make the community more organized and easier to handle. [7/25] (Ongoing) Provide supplies to those living in the controlled region to fortify their current residency. (Ongoing) Setup public community stashes in hotspots around the controlled region to help others. (Ongoing) Schedule in regular meetings with those in the controlled regions for them to discuss any concerns or ideas they may have. (Ongoing) Locate a doctor/medical personnel to establish and operate a working clinic in Zelenogorsk. (Ongoing) Try and establish long range communication to the outside world by reclaiming the Green Mountain tower and making it operational. That will also assist the American reporter we recruited to engage foreign media to show the inhumane acts committed by the RF/RAC to locals and foreigners alike. (Day 60) (Goal is indefinite, will keep being worked on after completion) (These are goals of our group that will develop as time goes by. They are not really achievable by any in-game means, mainly by progressing our RP story-lines, and depending on how the lore progresses) Find out whether or not this outbreak could've been prevented and how/why the authorities failed to contain it. Find medical personnel to study the virus and figure out why some of us are immune. When the group has formulated their opinion on where humanity failed, necessary steps need to be made to prevent future mistakes. Preserve Chernarussian and human culture, in the form of books, art etc. Depending on how worse the infection gets, protect scientists, artists etc , people that know about humanity and can guide or rebuild it if it comes to that. [OOC Goal] To create/assist with RP hotspots within our controlled region to spread players across the map. [OOC Goal] Offer a different take on a nationalist group, and provide players with a more civilian-themed resistance RP Alexandr Ledyanoy Viktor Ivanov Marcus Kane Pawel Mazur Mike Sterling William van der Linde Tony Cerkov Anton Ulvic Nikolai Delov Dragan Cemerek Arnost Rypal Strict Recruitment Open //Big thanks to @Connvexusfor the sick graphics
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    ---------------------------------------- Kočovníci, also translated as Nomads, is a group of survivors that banded together following the events of the bombings at the Novomitrovsk Quarantine Zone. These survivors found a common place with each other where they formed a bond in the most trying times of their lives. With the frenzied flu showing no signs of slowing down, these men and women took it upon themselves to survive. They carry the ideal that they will be accommodating to civilians and groups as long as they show no signs of aggression or troubling behaviour. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Their Beginning George Costello and Toby Dookiez were camped in an apartment building just outside of the Novomitrovsk Quarantine Zone on the morning of June 10th, 2020. The men had planned to approach the compound that day yet awoke to the sound of a bomb being detonated within the walls. Toby watched on in terror as he listened to the panic ensuing while George was packing their belongings. Both of them showing signs of extreme stress and anxiety. Waves of men and women infected with the virus gathered onto the streets, marching their way to the front side of the compound. Russian soldiers peaked over their walls and were yelling to stay back. Warning after warning, the soldiers screamed while pointing their rifles into the oncoming crowds. Within metres of the walls, the soldiers made the tough decision of leaving them on their path, hoping that the large crowd were not strong enough to push down the walls. The stragglers that managed to reach the gates were shot by the military. It was at this stage that the second bomb was detonated, shaking the walls of the apartment the men were hiding in. They looked at each other with fear in their eyes before running down the corridors. Flickering lights blinding them and the sound of panic drowning their ears. Once reaching the streets, they were met with the infected. Their aggression seemed to have heightened due to the explosions. They pushed several of them away as they began making their way through the crowd. George and Toby managed to escape the city shortly after. All they had were the belongings on their back. The men ran for thirty minutes before fatigue set in. They paused for a moment, taking the time to look back over the cliff faces they stood on that overlooked the city. Gun shots replaced the screams and it suddenly felt like the problems within those walls would soon trickle out into the world. It was at this point that the pair became nomads. Isolation was their new reality. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- The Formation George and Toby traveled stealthily together for days. Spending most of their time scavenging supplies from abandoned camp sites and looted homes. The only people they saw were the infected. The groans of their discomfort echoed in their minds. The pair set out on a particular journey around the South-Eastern region of the country. It was here, in these woods, that George and Toby met a man named Ishmael. A quite unfitting name for a man of his heritage, but nothing else out of the ordinary. Ishmael showed qualities that matched George and Toby and so two became three. This formation was only the beginning however, as the trio spent their time slowly reintegrating back into social environments. Their contacts were growing and the trio felt like they had met several men and women that had similar ideals. A friendship began to develop with the survivors living at a camp site just north of Berezino. However, with the military enforcement in the area combined with looters, the camp fell quickly and was driven out of the area. George and Toby planned an expedition out west and gathered the supplies necessary for being on the road for a couple days. They walked, meeting a group of guys up at Altar called The Northern Star. These guys seemed fine, sharing food and drink. Seemed like they were the security branch of the developing camp. Hard heads with fingers ready to pull a trigger, yet compassionate and open to strangers. They seemed like good guys. It was on this expedition that they met two men called Cooper and Garrett. The two strangers seemed open, much like the Altar camp. Their way of life was familiar to George and Toby seeing as they were both wanderers and struggled finding their way in a lost world. The group was growing in numbers, and it seemed that they were able to begin setting up a haven for normalcy. Men and women joining together felt like a flow on effect. Toby met Sung, who brought in Leonid. Leo met Charles and had Antonin tag along. A chance run in with an active CLF solider named Bogdan granted the group a handful of test kits and vaccines. The men all kept in contact. A freak car accident while transferring the test kits and vaccines to a more secure location resulted in them being destroyed and lost. The group lost motivation and felt like their hope had been drained. Sung Ho was called out via a radio broadcast for a fight by Han Lee. Days later and it seemed like everyone and their dog was attending the fight. This is where the group ran into Matt and Mikael. All of these different people, meeting by chance and finding their way into each others lives. Banding together benefited them all at this point and each person had their own web of friends and family. Their potential for numbers was growing. ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Roster Leaders Sung Ho - @sung Toby Dookiez - @KpopKilla Veterans Cooper Bolt - @J.D. Leonid Orlov - @canadian_boi Charles Wilkshire - @Iceinfly Members Vadim Grigori - @Aldebaran Bogdan Vadik - @Dr Brandon Matt Hardings - @Crim Mikael Hansson - @Aron73 Kobayashi Midori - @Empress Midori Garrett Ray - @Farrettdung101 Trials N/A ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- Relations The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation - Close Relations The Tsepovs - Friendly The Belic Family Bar & Pub - Friendly New Divide - Friendly Politsiya - Neutral Sosnovka Rebels - Neutral Chernarus Liberation Front - Neutral Republic Army of Chernarus - Neutral The Northern Star - Neutral ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- IC Goals These goals will continue to be updated as story lines progress 1. Maintain a passive standing with the region's military forces - (Ongoing) 2. Maintain the nomadic lifestyle by travelling over the region and expanding our reach to other survivors - (Ongoing) 3. Meet with like minded groups of survivors and begin establishing good relations - (Day 60 - 5/10) 4. Assist Sung Ho in becoming a professional boxer by training and developing his skills - (Day 75) 5. Using the groups newfound contacts, recruit survivors to have 20 members - (Day 75 - 11/20) 6. Continue organizing fight nights throughout Chernarus in cooperation with the Belic Pub - (Ongoing) OOC Goals Create a unique twist on survivor group roleplay via a Chaotic Neutral alignment Uphold the community guidelines while providing rule/lore abiding roleplay Establish ourselves as one of the strongest groups when it comes to in game interaction Strive toward developing and engaging people in progressive story lines Completed/Failed Goals ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- OOC Information [Recruitment is currently OPEN] Recruitment will mostly be handled in-game. However, if you wish to apply via the forums, feel free to do so by sending @sung & @KpopKilla a PM using the template below. Forum applicants will undergo a trial period if accepted and won't be notified of stashes or vital information until the trial period has passed. Disclaimer: The name Kočovníci will not be used in-character and will be treated as metagaming if we encounter individuals or groups using this name in game. We chose to go this route as it does not fit our characters to go by a name as we are not an organisation. Thank you for your cooperation. Special thanks to @groovy azu for helping me with thread layout and keeping me sane
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    Not 100% happy w/ this but i've been working on it for too long and if I don't post it now then I won't But here's a pic of Annika!! slav squat time :3
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    As much as I hate it I kind of agree with Challenger. It's nice that you understand what you've done wrong and we know that you have made attempts to do RP properly and even went through the effort to create documents and plans for lore faction. We also know that you guys are a bunch of great role players when you want to and can create awesome experiences for others on the servers. At the same time it's also very bad how things worked out with your leader and how the Ski Resort group ended. BUT I think you're flattering yourself thinking these incidents warrant an group defense or discussion thread like a large portion of the community is affected, there's a community wide hate or even bias towards your group. There isn't one, we have between 500 and 600 weekly players here and most of them were completely unaware about the situations you described. The actions of your old group leader were quickly dealt with and admin team fairly swiftly reacted to the in game shenanigans of Ski Resort group and put a stop to it after only three incidents. I don't think an apology, defense or even discussion is required with the entire community, it's much more appropriate to just reach out to people affected by your actions directly and fix relations with them that way. As for whether the punishment given to the old leader or restriction put on your members about joining or creating approved groups for 30 days is fair, that's something between you and admin team and not something general community has input on. The details of this restriction have already been shared with you in PMs, so I don't think there's any further clarifications or discussions needed about this. Let's not create drama where there isn't one. Carry on, role play and have fun
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    Hello, it is July 2020 and I want Deer Isle. In a thread made before the actual lore wipe: here, people voted mostly positive about a potential reintroduction of the Deer Isle map back into our servers. It has now been a month since the lore wipe and looking at the Livonia server there really isn't any point in keeping it. Replacing it with the Deer Isle map could potentially progress the actual lore that people play and engage with in Chernarus. Keeping Deer Isle as part of the Chernarus territory could mean that, while a different map, the same lore will apply so not a lot of work will be needed and people could use the map to develop their stories in different ways like running to the island from someone, taking hostages there and so on. Lets look at some pros and cons: Cons: that 1 dude playing Livonia LMs might have to write a small piece of lore for it possible split of player base Pros: map's cool and good small so you can find people even if not many play not debug with trees part of Chernarus so shares same lore can be used to further roleplay I will play on it There really isn't any point in not changing to Deer Isle, no one plays on Livonia anyway so if no one will play on Deer Isle then there's no harm done. So yeah fuck a Livonia, give us Deer Isle.
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    why are so many people leaving, really confused.. this is / was a dope ass group whose rp was always brilliant, they made / make the server enjoyable and have had some of the most solid rp out of all the lore groups from my experience. If something has happened behind the scenes thats ruined this group thats helping keep the server as brilliant as it has been in new lore i hope its solved soon.
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    I am glad you went into such detail and elaborated your reasons so we could understand properly why you're having these feelings.
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    New lore new character. Barbora Berousek.
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    @Watchman's Kola and @Miamomoh's Knox sitting outside Bere Bar enjoying a drink after Kola got AXED up.
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    I wish you'd told the RF that last night, would've made that firefight go much differently. As for not meeting us, you have, I just don't tend to prolong interactions with Generic Child #3 if I can avoid the displeasure.
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    Zofiówka Sanatorium, constructed in 1906, was the forerunner of modern medicine in it's time, now, it's beautiful exterior is gnarled by overgrown and decay. It is situated far from civilization, the location picked for its beauty, and it's isolation from populated areas, far north from Miroslavl. The sanatorium was always a mysterious place, locals in the nearby towns creating myths about the horrors hidden inside, of the tightly packed cells that resembled a prison more than a place of rehabilitation. "mír prostřednictvím izolace", the first words seen by inmates arriving at the gates, "Peace through isolation". Despite it's stern and apathetic approach to rehabilitation the years passed by Zofiówka Sanatorium without much incidents or problems, that was however, until a foreign doctor came to the sanatorium in 1979. A young Doctor Werner Murkoff, brought with him "modern forms of rehabilitation" and expensive funding as well. The original doctors did not question his sudden promotion to head of Rehabilitation, nor did they question the expensive renovations being put in place within the facility, they were just happy that an unknown benefactor had bought the location and was restoring it. 4 years prior the CIA had concluded Project MKUltra: a project conducted on the US population in which psychoactive drugs, torture, isolation, and hypnosis were used to further research on mind-control tactics, and Murkoff’s investors were all too interested in furthering it's research. The renovations led to deep underground facilities where laboratories and test chambers were created to house the insane, unsuspecting patients of Zofiówka. The previous staff was fired along the lines of "patient neglect" and replaced with a skeleton crew in order to quell suspicion from the outside. Slowly, patients with no visits from the outside in the last 3 years were moved to the "refurbished quarter" where draconian experimentation began. LSD, MDMA, subliminal messages, sleep deprivation, and hypnosis were common tactic used to create a docile state-of-mind within his test subjects. Many died and were quickly buried behind the sanitarium in mass graves. Those who did survive were irreversibly changed by his trials, patients' psyches were varied: docile slaves, violent monsters, hysteric maniacs were all too common results. Uninterrupted for decades, Zofiówka Sanatorium stood in the mountains as a silent machine, taking the mentally ill and turning them into twisted monsters. Until an unexpected variable occurred: The Frenzy Flu. Doctor Murkoff’s crew began to panic as contact with their investors was cut, and the eventuality of their secrets escaping started to come closer. Many of them suggested the execution of the subjects, but Doctor Murkoff had other plans. On the second week of the outbreak, the patient's cell-doors were opened, and the horde was unleashed. Herman Murkoff’s many years of study into brain-washing and mind control had enabled him to create the perfect specimen. No longer were they lab-rats, but honed warriors born out of torture and pain, completely loyal to him. All but the most trusted of his staff were killed. Those patients who weren’t affected by his brainwashing were executed or assimilated into the group. Doctor Herman Murkoff’s experiments had changed him, and he had become just as insane as the people he had ruined. Consumed in his new cult-like leadership role, narcissism and yearning for power he dubbed himself, "The Good Doctor" and set his eyes east of the sanatorium, towards South Zagoria and it’s unsuspecting citizens. Head Doctor Dr. Herman Murkoff - @vanon02 Patients Max Miller - @cfalzy Albert Dreyeden Jr. - @YaBoiChuck Daniel McDermott - @Wee_L_LR Rachel Gardner - @Kattsura Vlad "Batsy" Mcblonk - @Iris Rook Dep - @CameronSquid Alexander Woods - @Mysteryman03 Sunny Abbot - @Timbuktu Mertcan Hanci - @ImaginaryFox Barbel Durchdenwald - @MrBurke Billy Bob - @TheLamp1 Unburdened Kane Harris - @Acoladez Pedro Santiago - @EPerry Sean Walsh - (Successfully) strangle people (0/5) - Failed Rachel Gardner - Find all the lost teddy bears (1/3) - Day 60 - Ongoing Max Miller - Find someone worthy to continue the experiment (0/1) - Day 60 Rook Dep - VHS Interviews on possible unburdened (2/5) - Indefinite Daniel McDermott - Go to the southern forest at night to evoke Asmodeus and Amon. - Day 30 Sunny Abbot - Collect 5 toes and 1 finger for a necklace (5/5) (1/1) - Day 50 - Completed Albert Dreyeden Jr. - Take teeth (1/30) - Day 100 - Indefinite Kane Harris - Gain influence over others (0/5) - Day 50 - Ongoing Ongoing / Completed / Failed / Indefinite Unburdened the sane (5/30) - Indefinite Ally with like-minded citizens and political factions (4/5) - Indefinite Leave a "Lasting Impression" on Survivors (5/5) - Completed Create a Safe Haven for Followers - Day 40 - Completed Re-purpose abandoned hospital in Chernarus for experimentation & research - Day 50 Schedule "psychological evaluations" with the doctor for survivors in Chernarus (7/20) Day - 65 - Ongoing Set up supply caches for allies and their goals (1/3) Day 35 Create fear surrounding our RP, through radios, notes, and other sinister activities, while keeping gunfights to a minimum. Build a mystique around The Rosenhan Experiment and their goals, patients and leadership. Provide the most enjoyable internal/external RP to the best of our abilities. Create & develop story lines for people to enjoy. Please contact @vanon02, @Wee_L_LR, @Kattsura, or @cfalzy via PM regarding any questions about the group and the recruitment or simply contact us IC. Welcome to The Rosenhan Experiment.
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    Hello fellow Roleplayers, I am going to be blunt about this, but in order for the RAC to continue as a fully functioning faction able to make an impact in the lore, we are going to need many more active players. We have large goals and the motivation to carry them out but are unfortunately crippled by a small player-base that is split between EU - US timezones. The last thing I want is to be forced to just cease the group with no explanation or impact at all, doesn't matter if we 'win' the lore or not, if we die, I want it to mean something. So, without further adieu... WE ARE RECRUITING . We would greatly appreciate it if you were to donate your time for the betterment of the lore and be a part of what we had envisioned. (Plus we have to prove that CLF are not scripted to win the lore )
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    The Police (Politsiya) (Полиция) In 2011, President Dmitry Medvedev reformed the Russian Police force, dismantling the old Soviet Militsiya in an attempt to improve the efficiency of the police and hinder corruption among many other changes to the criminal code and procedures. The new Police force was aptly dubbed ‘Politsiya’ Along with these changes the new Russian Police were also under centralized command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, rather than having different mayors and city districts run their own police force, it was run at a federal level. The duties of this new Russian Police have been standardized and mimick many other law enforcement agencies in other countries, handling traffic violations, disturbance calls, crime and more. After The Republic of Chernarus joined The Russian Federation after their referendum in 2018 the Ministry of Internal Affairs opted to send experienced Russian police down to the new federation member in order to retrain and stabilise the police force in the region. While special operation units such as OREL were adopted into the Republic Army forces, the rest of the regular police were heavily underfunded and generally speaking mostly beatcops with authority. Thus Police regions in Chernarus were divided into presincts based off the Oblasts. In 2020 the Frenzied Flu spiked back up again, this time less deadly, and instead leaving the affected in a rabid and aggressive state, causing them to violently burst out and attack anyone in sight. These outburst also happened during several riots, causing the bulk of the South Zagorian presinct to be called out of their ordinary jurisdiction temporarily to assist with the growing riots in Miroslavl in the neighbouring presinct to the west. Needless to say most of the SZ presinct loaded up in their patrol cars and vans and headed straight along the highway, but due to complications and so many ending up infected so quickly they never actually made it there. The few ones that were still left and in radio contact with eachother decided to head back to SZ to try and keep the peace there until they received other orders. They linked up with the 34th Infantry Battalion 'Bear' and immediately began their work as Law Enforcement in their immediate area of control. Return to South Zagoria and link up with the Republic Army for tasking. [Completed] Confiscate Illegal Firearms. [In-definite] [12] Confiscate Illegal Substances. [In-definite] [2] Confiscate Stolen Military & Police Equipment. [In-definite] [7] Investigate Civil Disturbances. [In-definite] [0] Aid in apprehending known terrorists & sympathisers. [In-definite] [0] Figure out how best to utilize the Civilian Militsiya. [In-progress] [Day 30] Change the locks & rebuild the Berezino Police Station. [In-progress] [Day 50] Establish law and order in Republic Army controlled areas. [In-progress] [Day 100] Lt. Voronin - @Ducky 1Sgt. Chelonski - @AugustGaiusKeogh Sgt. Novak - @Combine Sgt. Volkova - @Ratatosk Sgt. Morozov - @groovy harlow Pvt. Yakovich - @Stormyvill Pvt. Kalxyn - @simontsar Pvt. Shturmov - @Bulgarian Bombshell Pvt. Katelevsky - @Sgttater Pvt. Belenski - @Vale Pvt. Morozov - @Trotsky Pvt. Kyznetsov - @Taffinator TBA - @groovy don TBA - @Zero Application Form: PM with application must be titled : "POLITSIYA APPLICATION" sent to @Ducky Your character must be Chernarussian or Russian and must have passed their academy and be at the rank of Private. - IC Section - Character Name: Character Age: Police Rank: Nationality: Backstory: - OOC Section - Age: Country: Timezone: DayZRP experience: What kind of role you see yourself to fit best: Have you been in any clan/group earlier: Why would you like to join:
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    henlo welcome to thread where i sketch things and will probably never have the confidence to colour or finish again. got my graphics tablet like two weeks ago, so im new to this Evelyne Delafosse: [@groovy lamb] I don't know whether to be ashamed or happy of how this drawing came out. Random doodle of somebodies FFXIV OC: ill add more when i draw more and i'm not lazy. idk i like drawing but i hate my own art
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    Just a quick comment from myself on behalf of the RAC... First of all, I had no idea of CLFs plans around the event, all I knew was that they were in the area after the tense standoff with Para shortly before. We assumed that CLF would be part of the protest so I made sure the RAC were hunkered down in case of attack, leaving crown control mainly to the police. Once the shooting started I quickly identified Para in uniform hunting down the violent protesters, I told my guys to stand down and keep the compound secure. I even bumped into them afterwards and shouted that we should go our separate ways as to avoid any more bloodshed as a sprayfest resulting in many casualties on both sides didn't seem like a good tactical decision at the time, but also out of slight acknowledgement to their actions. Nothing was OOC planned, just the outcome of when you don't prioritise kill rights and initiations. And personally I really enjoyed it, it was interesting to say the least.
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    @groovy toez hey ToeZ, thanks for reaching out with your concerns. I won’t address the ban or your lore furthering concerns as I’m not staff and that’s something to be handled in appeals or by LMs, however I can explain briefly why we turned on violent protestors. Our intention was for the protest to escalate, not from the civilian side but from the RAC side. CLF wished to use the protest as a PR move by not attacking, in order to disprove rumours in Berezino that we are terrorists that attack civilians and military alike. This is part of an ongoing propaganda effort which was hopefully going to culminate in the RAC/CPF using extreme violence to disperse a relatively peaceful protest. However, once live rounds were fired from the crowd resulting in police deaths, we knew that opportunity was lost. We decided then to violently disperse the shooters and our PR guys now wish to use this as a show that CLF were willing to do what RAC could not, tackle and disperse a violent group of individuals. RAC also knew CLF were in town and, to avoid blame in the public eye for the escalation, this seemed like the only logical play. It wasn’t an ideal outcome and I doubt it will be as effective as our original plan but, make no mistake, we were there to undermine the RAC, just in a slightly different way. Thanks for taking the time to write up this question, have a good day
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    Here we go boys! Glory to the Liberation Front!
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    Hello @AndreyQ, as you know currently in this lore cycle, we do not refer or call them "Zombies" at this current time. We call them infected, as there hasn't been a confirmation of it being a zombie apocalypse. I'd please like you to refrain from calling them zombies as you might cause confusion for newer members of the server. Ah yes, I completely understand now why you're taking a completely biased opinion against other groups, LR boys/girls all the way. I highly doubt they'd kick you out of their camp for entirely no reason at all. I haven't seen a power trip from any of their members and it seems like the majority of the group get some hand in the roleplay. The roleplay I've encountered with RF has been good and enjoyable. It's almost as if you done something wrong in their camp and you just feel like "i dIDnT dO anYThiNG wRonG". Ah yes, too much hate. It's not the community's fault, nor the staff teams fault that RAC were unable to hold their own, or have a backbone to stand up against rowdy civvies. The roleplay that I've received from RAC has been mediocre at best (In my opinion), nor does the leader of the group want to put any effort into using an accent, which to me puts a bad light on the group. I can totally understand if you aren't comfortable using an accent, and/or have people in the same room and it's embarrassing. However, if you're leading the group I'd expect that you'd at least put the effort into using an accent as you're representing the group and the Server. It seems more like 5.0.3 the Electric Boogaloo 2.0 where you're all just mates, but you're in a Lore Faction. Absolutely baffles me that you'd think the very respected @Stagsview would even script the lore towards CLF, and I'd actually take that as an insult to work the Lore Team/Staff have put in. I think you're opinion on this matter must come down to the fact that, well lets be honest, you've been getting bullied by CLF and other groups and haven't stood up against them PvP wise. But yeah, let's imagine a world where we're all buddy buddy with everyone, so you can enjoy your roleplay. Here we go again, is this winter of 2018? RADIO WARRIORS EVERYWHERE. Once again turning another blind eye against your own group who have actively and probably still using the radio broadcast feature to shitpost. Take off your tinted glasses, you're embarrassing yourself here. -Challenger
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    I read the above and can't stop but think this is a very generalizing, gear & armed-conflict - focused view. I dont see any suggestion on how groups could change things you call out to be shit. Maybe apply for one of the groups to get a more detailed picture. If any group still wants to take you under their wing after this not very charming rant thread.
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    Instead of writing an essay asking people to discuss you OOC group as a collective, you should of apologised for the blatant OOC racism towards @TurkRP privately and then moved on. A lot of people say a lot of silly things on the internet and most of the people responding to this, myself included, have also said silly things. However, playing the victim is never a good look. As for the IC impressions, recently with the lore faction it just seemed like a quick way to share group kill rights. That's only from what I've seen personally. I've only spoken to a handful of your OOC group, some of them were aight. Peace & Love
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    "No single word in English renders all the shades of toska. At its deepest and most painful, it is a sensation of great spiritual anguish, often without any specific cause. At less morbid levels it is a dull ache of the soul, a longing with nothing to long for, a sick pining, a vague restlessness, mental throes, yearning. In particular cases it may be the desire for somebody of something specific, nostalgia, love-sickness. At the lowest level it grades into ennui, boredom.” ― Vladimir Nabokov DESPITE the wider belief of the world, the true hell in this country started way before the crazed ones with blackened veins and empty eyes roamed the streets. It was before the Russian flag flew over our homes, before the assassination of Lopotev, perhaps even before the civil war, way back when the Reich invaded and turned our grandfathers into empty husks of men. Though, one must admit that this new iteration of hell is quite... loud. It scratches, moans and wheezes through your floorboards, makes you jump at the sound of footsteps. It's omnipotent, the gods raining down droplets of holy water to cleanse us of sin. When will the rain stop? Will it ever? THESE INTRICACIES of the mind often induce hopelessness, induce pain so deep not even a surgeon's scalpel can remove it. toska. A disease worse than death, and one that thrives in tough times. But there is always a counterpart, always a vaccine, always a cure. As the world crumbles, there sticks out like a sore thumb those individuals still defiant against the world, still clawing and carving out their piece of peace and sharing it with others. Kindness may be a commodity, but it will always be paid forward, snowballing into joyous revolt. THE PROBLEM is, how do we begin to pack the snow? Do the few good men dilute themselves, making small balls that melt in the toska sun? Or do they unite, under one name or banner to use their hands for a singular purpose, to build their humanity without fear of it melting away? It doesn’t take much thought to realize which one these men chose, combining their knowledge, talents, and social skills into one singular organization, rather than spread themselves thin across South Zagoria. With a combination of determination and desperation, these bastions of empathy stood as a tide-wall against the ever growing tsunami approaching. They went out of their way to do right by the world even when the world returned no favors. And although they got little thanks, getting called naive idealists, working in a country that spared them no reprieve, they still stood. And they’d be damned if they were ever going to take a step backwards. HE WAS A SURVIVOR from the beginning. Lived through the wars, the reign of terror and political purges. Kirill was a rebel, like his father, and his grandfather before him. And during the time of not peace, but a ceasefire, toska took him. It came in the form of a bottle, and in the form of a soul recovering from loss of his loves. It was terminal, he thought. He dived deep into the glass, swimming in the drink and forgetting the world that surrounded him, till that same world jumped through his window and tried to kill him. A sudden jolt back into reality, spurred on by the snarl of an infected man who wanted nothing more than to see Kirill dead. It was a fight, intense and bloody in nature, though against all odds the sick man lay still, and Kirill still alive. He panted, he paused, slowly turning his head upwards. The world was dying before his eyes. The people looked… odd. Like the sick man. Military troops came in next, gunshots being heard across the city as they searched apartment after apartment, eventually taking the man into a quarantine camp. It was a breeding ground for it, really. The spiritual disease flourished in a place of such squalor, it was abhorrent. But, as Kirill began to bear witness to the world once again, with eyes not tainted with drink, he soon realized the similar conditions. The same symptoms of depression and loneliness. It nearly cut his heart in two, the thought of it. THE REGION DETERIORATED. Badly. The southern camps were abandoned, Chernogorsk was effectively a dead zone, and as the military packed their bags so did the people. The few who stayed were eventually killed off. By the sick who managed to get inside the camp at night. By the lack of good drinking water. By the ever increasing attacks by other starving men, desperate and with a gun in their hand. It was hell. Eventually it became impossible to carry on in such a place, with the CLF unceremoniously throwing out everyone, foreigner and local alike. Kirill found himself thrust back out into the world, with no home left, nothing to his name. He was truly at rock bottom, only possessions being the things he had in his rucksack. SO HE WALKED, it wasn’t like there was much else to do. He walked without purpose, but with a tiny ideal. This outbreak, this rapid deterioration of status quo awoke something within him, a bit of his soul lit up once more, not unlike how dry kindling only needs a tiny spark to make a roaring blaze. And with the warmth returning to an otherwise cold heart, Kirill began to have his mind contort, losing the beer goggles in favor of rose-tinted glasses. Amongst the bad, he saw good. Amongst the robbers and thieves, he saw people. People scared, cornered and caged like a hungry animal, ready to lash out at the hand that feeds it. But not all hope was lost for these ones. During his travels, the Russian man met others who shared his ideals. Ones who would die for others, ones who would give the shirt off their back in an instant if they saw someone without one. These people he met were brought together in an interchanging web of mutual friends, but when they sat down, set aside the cigarettes and talked with conviction, they were all startled with what they discovered. They all wanted to help. They began to smile and laugh, shooting ideas off one another, more frenzied in their plans and ambition. And it was there, amongst a bunch of men panicking in their fervor, that the Followers of Toska were made. It was there that a few good men made a pact to themselves and to each other. It was there that they promised to follow toska, the ultimate evil that surpasses the horsemen of the apocalypse, that over-arches even Satan himself, that takes hundreds of millions of lives. It was there they made a promise. To send this disease into the history books. KEY: Passive, Active, Interactive [1] Directly prevent at least 10 deaths by month's end. (0/10) | Day 60 [2] Distribute and disseminate information to the people via twitter, as well as more rudimentary long-range radio broadcasts. | Day 55 [3] Reduce the workload on doctors by teaching 30 people basic first-aid courses. (0/30) | Day 80 [4] Teach at least 1 lesson on survival-based subjects a week. | Ongoing [5] Hold cultural, religious, and general services to add more normalcy in the lives of those caught in this outbreak. (0/5 services) | Day 95 [6] Deliver medics at LEAST 200 kilograms of medicinal supplies. (0/200) | Day 65 [7] Encourage bartering instead of theft by trading / giving away 1000 kilograms of supplies. (8/1000 kilos) | Day 100 [8] Work in tandem with other settlements to create reliable, sustainable farms, gardens, and fortifications, if need be. (0/20 buildings built) | Day 75 [9] Neutralize and/or negate the main sources of misery in the region, being poor medical care, starvation, lack of social interaction, and brutalization of innocents. | Ongoing [10] Turn off gas lines in 100 houses in South Zagoria to prevent gas leaks from setting the cities ablaze. (0/100) | Day 65 [11] Investigate Elektrozavodsk power plant and ensure it has been safely deactivated so that it may one day be used again. | Day 70 - Create a “Followers of the Apocalypse” style group that isn’t bound down by any single person / place / thing. - Build a composite blend of compassionate civilians alongside troubled individuals to have a tense but strong relationship, filled with intrigue. - Have an external focus. New players often leave the server due to a distinct lack of having a reliable group to role-play with. One of our most important goals is to prevent this from happening by being more open to not only accepting new members, but teaching newcomers HOW to role-play. - Use good storytelling and internally planned events to develop our members characters. - Refine new players characters by assisting in designing a complex and compelling persona, be it workshops held internally, hands-on critique, or in-character progression. Wasted Tour Guide - Kirill Zapada | @TryaxReck Feminine Therapist - Vaughn Enfield | @Taniks Youngest Old Guy - Jager Casanova | @RocJag 'Actual' Doctor - Drew Williams | @JasonBR Medical Marijuana - Jack Morgan | @DrCrazyGamer Child Soldier - Dimitri Lovowich | @ThatOneGuy281 One Meter Marksman - Roe Alkahar | @The Jester Bovine Bus - Ivan Turgenev | @SeveredNerve
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    I enjoyed the roleplay of so many today, especially those in Berezino and Olsha. I don't know who were there as there were probably 30-40 people involved. But here's the ones from my group and the civillians I know: @Burak @Jackfish @Bryan @Conor @Brayces @SynO @Benry @RileyChan @burRP @Para from CLF @Watchman @Franny @Ratatosk @groovy azu @Scouse @PhoenixLR @TZ @Millie That's about all I know about. Sorry to those I forgot or don't know the names of.
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    Great attitude. This will surely help with your acceptance You don't have to join any existing groups. You can essentially create this exact group which you have here, but make it based on Russian or Chernarussian characters, at least Eastern European, and it will make 100% more sense than what it currently does. We are not restricting how people want to roleplay in a large effect. People can create any type of group (except official government run stuff without approval from the LM team), and have the group do whatever they like or have the goals they feel fit the group. The problem arises when people don't see that most of the groups created, be it a mob gang, a journalism group, sneaky edgy cult people, whatever it is, you can play a Russian/Chernarussian/Eastern European character and have it make sense. Chernarus is a lousy region in Russia in the current lore, and would not be filled to the brim with foreign gangs or military units, which we have had and done on this server for eight years now. It's time people get out of their comfort zone and try something that makes sense within the lore and the country we're playing in. I don't care if you're shit at accents. Nobody cares. It's the effort that counts.
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