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    I want to thank everyone for the amazingly kind messages. They are very much appreciated. I know it might be a bit of a shock to most of you, my stepping down, but I needed to do it for my own mental health. I have too much on my plate right now, and I can't do it anymore. It's too hard to do all the things I want to do, and more importantly need to do. My time in staff started with trying to give back to this place, donating my time. It then turned into a distraction for me in the time leading up to my mothers death. Since then, more on then off, I've been supporting my wife as she deals with mental health issues. I've got nothing left in me right now that I can give to this place and need to step down before I break. I'd like to thank the staff team, both past and present. The past staff team, @Roland @Terra @Ron @Conor @Mamba @Hebee @Stagsview @bunny @Storm @Rory and honestly just too many more to name gave me the tools and leadership to hopefully help lead this place as best I could. If I've not mentioned you above, it's not because you didn't deserve it, it's because I've not yet had enough coffee . The current staff team is a solid bunch. I hope I have been able to shape you all as much as the past staff team did to me, and in a positive way. That's the true mark you leave on staff and the community. Remember the stories of the old staff team I told you, a great staff team can argue and gouge eachother's eyes out on a subject and then hug it out at the end and show eachother the love and respect you all deserve. That's a lesson the rest of the community can benefit from too, because as someone who has had to handle it, I can tell you all that you guys hang on to too much petty shit. Don't take offence to this comment, it's the insights of someone not involved in your drama, and you will all live happier lives when you don't hang on to things that will drag you down and hurt your own lives. Argue, gouge eyes, put it aside and let it go. Live by the old adage of getting into a bar fight and then sharing a beer. I have things I never got to do here, that I wanted to accomplish, but right now I just need sometime to myself. Sometime to look after my wife and even myself, because I'm beat the fuck down. I love you all and I thank you for letting me work along side you and for you. ~ Oliv
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    So lets get this entirely straightened out. One of our big bosses claims that "At least the accusing side RPs on the server." against a compilation of long time, hard working, RPers that have done a hell of a job making this place not as casual as it's become. That's already a fat meme in and of itself. So...let's report an event that happened on a Pub server, where our rules don't apply, and our only justification for doing so is the CHANCE they would bring the story to DayZRP and "cucking the hostile RP." Then the report is defended by enforcing a regulation never before thought to be an issue. The regulation, mind you, being added and enforced after the report went up. Accused side is willing to speak about it, accusing side wants to tack on accusations of flaming and keep the report open and to enforce to all naysayers that "No matter what you say, you're wrong." Server lights up in fire. Admin response? "Stop playing dumb." Dumb. Ok.
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    I ain't posted anything in a while, fact is I just stopped caring, too many things have just not met my personal standards and I can't bring myself to accept it. But what I've heard of recently absolutely takes the fuckery cake to a whole new level. So let me see if I understand this correctly. A bunch of people don't trust another bunch of people due to conflicting histories . They want a nice simple little wedding and the main thing they don't want in this wedding is someone to come and fuck it up like so many incidents in the past involving the whipping out of big dicks, because clearly those appendages just need to be seen and hey I can get that, you're drained, you've seen too much dick... the last thing you want is streakers at a wedding. So they get up and go somewhere where they know these offenders of decency will not be. They don't make a big deal about it, no advertisements, it should all go swell. But the other side finds out and doesn't like that at all, after all their dick just has to be seen. How could anyone not appreciate the flaunting of their RP murder worm? This clearly offends them. I mean straight up cock block at such a grandiose stage to present themselves...it must be punished! Fast forward to the event and was it a happy ever after? Fuck no... there's a penis shaped imprint in the wedding cake, Humpy McGee is pogoing around the dance floor on his swollen man sized balls, the fuckin priest has be KOS'd and the cameraman's thinking he's about to make bank on America's top home videos. --------------------------------------------- Lets get serious now. A lot of these people don't like those other people due to broken trust, bad experiences and a history of disappointment. They wanted something away from you. It wouldn't effect you, it wouldn't be detrimental to your story or your IC... but that wasn't good enough, you had to go and fuck it up anyway. You literally stalked them like a creeper, found out where they were, tracked them down and sabotaged their little personal event, only further proving every god damned clause they had to distrust you in the first place. You had absolutely zero reason to do this, but you did it anyway out of spite and even worse, you put up a report... a ridiculous laughable report to try and further hurt them. You disgust me. What you did was petty, childish, spiteful, immature (I mean why go to such a god damned effort?) and above all else wrong. And you wonder why they don't like you? But you won't learn from this because you're stuck in your own little bubble, trapped in the realm of your own opinion and are so selfish you can't see it being any other way than your way because you're so damned used to getting it as you play to big group pvp mechanics and rule walls instead of doing what truly makes a great RP'er and that's giving a damn about the experience of those you RP with opposed to just your own make believe IC dick size. I am already done... I was done long before this when quality hostile RP ended up being shackled into the ground. I know it's because certain others pissed all over what hostile RP is by getting into massive pvp focused groups and kill thrilling all over the map, but then rules where made that hurt hostile RP as a whole in a general sense, tarnishing the setting of post apoc instead of focusing on the issue to kill thrill enthusiasts instead. But there's good folk out there that have to sit through this side show still... and it ain't right. So there's yet another person saying the same damn thing... not that it'll matter, after all we're a little too used to talking to brick walls.
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    I will be gone for a little while since I have an operation on tuesday in a hospital and I have to stay there for a little bit. Much love to you all. <3
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    *The airwaves begin clear as a strange broadcast takes over, making itself heard all over South Zagoria and beyond* (You may need to adjust your volume throughout the broadcast)
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    Dear friends and family gathered here today.. This day today is a hard one for us all. It is so much easier to mourn in silence; it takes away the worry of not being able to get your words out, or even just simply getting the right words out. But silence or not, one thing which I am sure we all appreciate today, is being here all together, sharing in each other's silence, sharing in each other's moments of thought for Louie, who we all loved, as a friend, a loved one, a fellow RP boy. We will all have our own personal and special memories, of the mark he left in our hearts, in our lives and it is very hard for me today to be up here, hearing my own thoughts out loud, trying my best to focus on the happiest times Louie brought us, rather than the fact that he is no longer here with us today as know it. I am certain of two things though. He would have wanted us all to be here today with our happiest thoughts of our times spent together and secondly....he is still here with us, very strongly in spirit. (Name of person) was such a strong person through and through, from character, personality and presence. We are all here because somewhere somehow, we have all been touched by Louie. For me, he will always be with me. What I will remember will always be all those reports, edgy situations, and high quality roleplay. This is what makes him remain with me personally and I am sure that you all have your very own, special and private moments that you will cherish and keep close to your hearts. We were all very lucky to have had him in our lives and as much as he will be missed by us all, he will remain with us all, every day, as long as we can remember. We love and miss you Louie, past, present and future. Thank you.
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    It's been over a year since I started Lo's diary, and while I haven't been playing as much she sure has been through a lot much like myself. I think I've used her as a outlet for a lot of feelings I had back when I first joined. I felt helpless a majority of the time, under a lot of pressure, scared and afraid. In a attempt to grow stronger I made Lo (and in a attempt to avoid juicing while IG as well...). I wanted to learn how to manage things on my own, see what people could teach me about surviving and how they felt seeing a weaker person that wasn't that much of a threat. Some, well most, have been helpful. Kind. Caring. Something I didn't think they'd be! Others, tougher but with golden hearts, trying to instill the same rough yet determined survival instincts into her. And those playing villains showed us (as well as myself) how the world will take every opportunity to use your own good will against you. Lo is definitely in a better place now. She's with her best friend Ella (@Spartan's char) and Liam (@DrMax's char) with Will who is around there somewhere ... I imagine, brooding in a forest or some sort. Ella and Lo also stop by Merek's house every so often to see Phe, Felicia and whomever else visits there. I find myself also in a better place, it's not perfect by any means but I'm better overall. I let people in when I hadn't after such a long time, and now for the first time in a good damn while they cared for me, and helped me when I needed it. I didn't expect things to be where they are now, but I am happy to have progressed so far. There are still some things I want to sort out (a better job for one) but for now I am thankful for those who have joined me in my personal as well as Lo's adventures. And I want to thank those who still stick around, who still let me bother them (Spartan, Lyca, Aristo, Jim!) and let me hang out or chat and don't get mad when I go absent for a while due to RL.
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    I lost my first 10 kilos … and since I have to quote it: I was very ridiculous and I have to listen to my master.
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    Jesus just noticed that I am here for FIVE goddamn years and I don't regret one damn day. From Mod day over to Standalone with people like @Stradic, @Alex, @Fenrir and @RedSky in the Nothern Alliance or @DeeBlack and @Corry with ZBOR. Also after the lore wipe with the UN/Last Light and @Mademoiselle , @Dino, @Razareth, @Spartan, @Oisin, @Blackfyre, @MyJew, @Glemons and many more that I can list now since it would be too LOOOOONG of a list of people. Well, anyways let's see what the future will bring!
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    If all the people who complained about the server being dead got online to play the server wouldn't be dead
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    A throwback to this. property of @UndeadRP
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    "I seem depressed, always being bothered, never less Keeping me out of prison and putting me to the test They ask me what is happiness, you write it on a cheque Or you feel it on the sweat, when your dick is in the breast If death is what it seems, why is it so vividly portrayed within my dreams? The fear of understanding the Devil's running his course Hatred's not received, it's coming straight from the source Remorse, as this time becomes a factor, minds full of greed, exposing your benefactors My hypothesis is, death ain't shit Hey there you I'd rather die than be alive in this life When the lights go out and you're on your own Honestly full of strive and strive"
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    @groovy tonyRP happy birthday babe also thought I should include this gem. thanks @bunny for the amazing art
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    By request of Roach, I present this video: He wishes to spread this video to those who did not know he was gone.
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    Don't worry, you'll have something to fear again real soon.
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    Tbh that whole thing kinda makes me wanna stop in general. Not gonna lie.
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    *Raises hand.* Um... No. As long as everyone agrees to the RP, who the fuck cares what platform it was acted out on? "Invalid"... That's laughable.
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    Yikes, no RP counts unless you're actually on the server apparently.. First I've heard of this 'rule'. If the other Admins could confirm so we all know, that'd be grand.
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    I've been an active part of this community for just about over a year now. I went from 0 to 300 beans in the span of twelve months. In that time I've made so many friends, created and been a part of so many stories, and had some of the most memorable experiences I've ever had in a video game. Whether it's John's heartbreaking final moments with Riptide, Ian's confrontation in the barn with Wes Carter, Douglas admitting his feelings to Angela and fighting tooth-and-nail to keep his group safe, it's all been amazing. This community may have its disagreements over a lot of things. But in all honesty I am just so happy to be here. Logging in last July was one of the best decisions I've made. I'm looking forward to even more fun down the line, because there is still so much to do and see. Thanks for being wonderful, everyone. You're all awesome, and I hope you stay that way.
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    I want to thank everyone that came to the city today and interacted with us and everyone else! @JoffreyRP It was nice meeting you and finding out that your character wasn't as evil as everyone else painted him, fairly sure some things happened after I went to sleep but I'm sure it will lead to something interesting when we meet. @[email protected]@Coreena Thank you guys and everyone else that was involved in today's little Scenario, I'm aware there was a other group leader but I can't remember who it was. It will be interesting to see what the future brings us! @[email protected]@[email protected] Good RP from all you people from the order today even thought it was a bit messy sometimes but I still love you boys. @Kriss Blade Thanks for initializing the meeting with our groups, I'm sure it will lead to a ton of good RP in the future. @[email protected]@[email protected] [email protected] Good job today, there is room for improvment but I'm super happy to have you guys in the group! Love you all guys!
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    bad mindset to have
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    Asking: JimRP, Rolle, and Oliv Q1.I've been pondering this question for quite some time and couldn't come up with a 100% answer so please fill me in, this one is personal to me rather than the state of anything atm and involves the admins in questions since the other once are gone. What I'm wondering is why was I not eligible for any form of recognition for my work in this community in a form of a rank which span for 13 months of service for this community without an incident except for the obvious one where I only remember 1-2 people being in the channel at the time and me being a mong doing logs at 3-4 am in the morning, leading to me speaking out about what was going on IG at the time of the reported case and I don't think I name dropped even though it was obvious to them who it was as the report was done by those people and me posting a dumb status update that resulted in a person in the channel to speak out against them which is on me. You have had people who have done similar things but still not gotten as hard of a bitch slap as I was handed as I had not broken any of staff codes in question nor abused my position through a year + of work in the community. As asked above could I have the clarification as to why my work for this place was completely nulled and void for one single mistake during my 13 month period in staff? A 1.You're asking me to remember too far back. I don't remember. - Oliv A 2. I don't remember either, you were removed from staff, no? Only people leaving on good terms receive recognition, special ranks, etc. Regardless if it was one mistake or not, you left the team on bad terms, hence no special recognition. - Roland A 3.