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    Hello folks! in the past few months I have rolled around with a ton of bandits, and seen great rp and bad rp. I know a few of my bandit friends are upset that non-bandit rp'ers are upset at getting robbed, and my bandit friends respond "There needs to be robbery and bad guys or the server will be stale!!!!" And.. they are correct. However; This^^^^ situation is what is presented to the non-bandit rp'ers at LEAST 40% of the time. Literal minutes of silence, while being told to stand in a circle and wait. And the only reason or build-up to the way of "Why was I robbed" is met with the most, boring.. stale... and awful basic beech Arr' P. After moments of silence.. the hostages self RP as nothing is being said by the folks who are running the show.. only then are they interrupted by the hostage taker ..to tell them " you are all going to die.. unless this stranger commits suicide in front of you". What the actual fuck? Now.. I will admit this story line of suicide jargon could be a really cool scenario with the proper build-up and hostage interactions.. but to just straight up, out of the blue say " Kill urself or all these pplz diez" .. I dunno man... This is why folks hate getting robbed. It isn't fun for the hostages, its just a weird... gathering of silent people. I don't mean to particular pick on the chaps listed here in the video... because I have seen this type of "Hostile roleplay" alot this year, and it's pissing folks off. Bandits, step up your game, because this is boring... and it's stupid. Get at me on TS if you'd like a full debate on the subject.
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    We don't need a picture of your neighbor. I honestly don't give a fuck about your neighbor or if you think they are retarded. To be clear here, you are not calling your neighbor sub human or anything else of that nature, cause like I said, I don't give a fuck about your neighbor unless they are a member of this community. What you said, verbatim was What that indicates to someone reading it is that your thoughts about what is subhuman is not your neighbor but actually transgendered people. What I also find interesting is that wasn't your original post, as it originally ended at What you did there was turn this into something that alienated no one and showed your displeasure as a parent of what your kids might have to see to alienating members of this community that are transgender. Had you left it the way you wrote it the first time, thoughts of points would have been much more hesitant and who knows if it would have even occurred. Outcome: Appeal Denied; These points are not here to stifle whatever notion of free speech or to tell you what you should do with your kids, but keep the hateful shit to yourself.
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    Ah, yes. The almighty Shiro. I was expecting this, but was hoping you would be mature about the situation. From my understanding the group rights were obtained by my friend Matt in 2015 from another individual from when he owned it. Myself as well as others pretty much led the group ourselves and changed the lore because we didn't agree with you power-gaming yourself into not only the Aegis lore (making it all centered around you), but also the entire community lore. According to the story I was told by Matt, he got drunk one night and you convinced him to hand the rights over. He did, didn't remember it the next morning but by then it was too late. You kicked all of us out of the group then told me as well as others that we couldn't play as the characters WE developed, that WE created stories with, and the characters that OTHERS enjoyed role-playing with. I am not certain but I think you even THREATENED to report us over it. After that you just archived the group. You complain, complain, complain all the time about how people don't like you or seem to not want to play with you and this is exactly why. You treat people like trash my dood. We developed the group in 2015 and had fun times with it, but you were no where to be seen. Out of no where you come out, essentially steal the group we developed during that time, and said "Fuck you all", then you left the community and didn't return for a year! I even messaged @Rolle about the issue and I believe he was willing to step in, but I dropped it because to be frank, I stopped caring and moved on. I then messaged him again recently and he said it was okay for me to make the group as I was a part of it in 2015, the last time it was active. By the way Shiro, the group itself I enjoyed playing, but stop trying to make it out as some ultra-original idea. It's pretty much an Umbrella Corporation reskin, all you did was replace the names Umbrealla Corp with Aegis Corp, originally you didn't even bother changing the character names, you just kept the old RE ones. I actually am planning on going back and revamping the lore entirely in an attempt to make it a bit more original. If you have anything further to say, please private message me.
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: These were the reasons given for the points. I did not bully anyone, I did not troll harass anyone, in fact the only person that I even insulted is my retarded neighbor. As a parent there are things that you want your kids to see and certain things you don't. A dude with a dick wearing dresses and stuffing hormones down his face is not something that most parents would want their kids to see. This is why, as per the previous post I stated I would do this if it had no repercussions. And I went on to explain that. I don't want people to think that I just want to kill people for no reason that would be edgy as fuck. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Here just in case any of you are wondering here is a picture of my neighbor, try explaining that to a three year old when she asks why that man is wearing a dress and high heels when he goes out. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed What could you have done better?: Choose a better place to live.
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    I just wanted to offer my sincerest gratitude to this server. I am mute, so most role play servers outside of the MMO scene instantly blacklist me for not being able to use a microphone. When this server accepted people who can only use text I was excited, but ultimately did not have high hopes for role-playing. But I've not had any issues whatsoever, people have been patient and understanding. I've had both short and long term rp, I've traded with people on the road, I've shared a camp fire, by god I've even been robbed! And I cannot state how much that means to me. So thank you to everyone I have role-played with, and everyone I will role-play with. It has truly been and I imagine will continue to be, a pleasure without equal.
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    Ok, so it looks like the balance of the answers won't sway in any direction. Sadly we only got about 150 votes from the 350+ members that visit the website every day, but I guess not everyone - especially newcomers - are interested in the inner workings of the community or permabans of people they don't know, I suppose they are here just to... role play in DayZ? As we can see, the result is not overwhelmingly positive which was my requirement to go forward with this suggestion, which is why I will stop it here and abandon this idea. I like that many people brought up both positive and negative things about this suggestion, showing that they at least considered both sides of the problem. The one I was most conflicted with personally is the fact that the bans and warnings you receive should matter and have consequences so that we can keep a healthy environment which prioritizes role play and have a community that is not full of toxicity, however I was hoping that the large amount of money involved would mitigate these issues and risks. However I can understand and accept that others do not see it that way. Regardless of the outcome, I am glad to see that we can still discuss controversial things like this is a polite and respectful manner, putting aside only a handful of troll posts in this thread. Thank you all for participating and voting on this suggestion. Let's all of us who are still here work together to keep this boat afloat and try to better ourselves and our role playing effort so that when beta hits in 2022 we are ready.
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    Come on man. Enough with this toxic attitude. We get it, you hate DayZ. We get it, you don't like this community. But, if you hate the game and hate this community, then why do you keep coming back here? Why keep spouting your shitty opinion and toxic attitude? Are you not getting satisfaction in your life, so you have to try to get it here by attempting to piss people off? I've seen better attempts at trolling in an elementary school. -User was warned for this part of the post- Anyways, to be on topic, we'll let the community know if Gaming Deluxe says anything to Rolle. It seems that it happens at the same times, usually in the afternoons-evenings in US timezones. I'm unsure if it happens at other times as well, but those are the times I play, and the times that I've seen it the most.
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    There was a lot of false accusations and lies thrown about. This is supposed to be a place we can all relax and play games. I wanted to contribute and continue to do LM work with @Major but sadly it was cut short. I won't really participate in the forums or anything OOC related here seeing as there are far too many snakes left in this place. I will sit back and watch, if something looks serious I may come around, but that is a rare occurrence. One day. One day this place will either crumble or grow again. Whichever it may be I hope everyone can learn to calm the hell down and look at things objectively. This place has a habit of making people pick sides like this is some kind of petty high school. There are so many people that came to bat for me and caused me and @JakeWalford to be unbanned sooner. Thank you, I appreciate it immensely but this experience and the events that took place following the ban have opened my eyes to many things here. You all know who you are, I might be here all day if I tagged all of them. One day... maybe after BETA...
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    Probably the first and last time I will ever do this; hello from the google hangouts everyone! c: @Mischief, @Ender & @Redbond9 EDIT:// they got me in my Hawaiian shirt v v v v
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    Winner is announced in this video. Apologies for the poor quality of the video/audio/talent. I should replace my potato. Password is dayzrp @Chewy @Boston @Aiko @Ark @Galaxy @Red @Taryn @Oliv @ToeZ @William_Billy @IAmJackBandit @Ender
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    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: First of all, thanks for the birthday present. The warning says: "And even after he asked you to stop, you then spammed that bitmoji picture onto his profile." Shiro said: "Please do not post on my profile." Now, I was not the individual who posted on the profile -- that would be Cameron. If he had said "Suturb, stop," PM'd myself, or @'d me, then maybe I would be aware of whom he was addressing. I see 4 people that posted not including myself all after he said "Please do not post on my profile." On top of all of this, I'm not quite sure how posting on a profile would regardless get yourself points when they can delete posts off of their own profile and ignore people. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Now, I made no attempt here to "flame" this individual. I said "Dab on them, Shiro." This is a dab btw: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dab_(dance) Shiro wrote a long post explaining himself and what one would do after dropping so much knowledge on someone (in this case Nihoolious) is "dab on them." And in the words of Jake Paul... If the explanation above comes off as "stupid" or me not taking this serious, it's because my posts weren't serious. They were jokes. Jokes. On an online gaming community and status updates. Where people come to have fun. Also, I believe it has been spoken that you cannot be punished for flaming a permanently banned player regardless. Hopefully I explained 3 flaws with these points, each of which should be self-sustaining on themselves. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Points removed. What could you have done better?: Not sure tbh.
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    Verdict: @Boston [BadRP]: Guilty. @Cody Husky [BadRP]: Guilty. @Coreena [BadRP + Invalid Demands]: Guilty. @Taryn [Metagaming + Invalid kill - Roleplayed]: Guilty. @Puncture [BadRP]: Not Guilty. @LadyInBlue [Unnecessary OOC]: Guilty. @InnKinn [Unnecessary OOC]: Guilty. Explanation: In this situation, @Boston and his dynamic choose to initiate on a large amount of hostages in Severograd for a previous incident involving people being thrown out of Severograd. Over a lengthy period of time, the numerous hostages are rounded up into a circle, whereupon Boston's party proceed to remove all of the hostages of their belongings (primarily backpacks, weapons and vests). All of this loot is then dumped onto a pile in the middle. Once this has taken place, Boston takes over as the ringleader and begins to identify person's of interest amongst the crowd, singling 3 of them out. One of them being @LadyInBlue, who is labelled as the Queen of Severograd. LadyInBlue is taken away from the crowd, and is tortured for a little while before she is returned to the town square. Shortly after her return, @Coreena takes over and proceed to tell the crowd either LadyinBlue kills herself, or the whole crowd will die. This demand is reiterated, to which the crowd of hostages heavily protest the reasoning to kill her. After this protesting, Coreena proceeds to ask LadyInBlue OOCly whether or not she may execute her, roughly at the same time as LadyInBlue requesting to go afk. Shortly after this, an initiation is dropped by a group of 'Bounty Hunters' lead by @Taryn. A firefight ensues, resulting in many death between the hostages and the hostage takers. The hostages were released and told to run in the direction of Devil's Castle. @Boston your role in this situation appeared to be arguably the biggest ringleader for the first half of this whole ordeal. You state in your PoV "We initiated on the entire town, with myself dropping a VOIP initiation." Eventually, once you've had your fun you state "I line up the hostages as requested and break off allowing for Andy to take my place as the lead roleplayer for the situation." thus highlighting that you were infact the ringleader. Due to you having one of the most significant roles on this situation, naturally it should all on you to lead the situation throughout. Even if you allow @Coreena to take over, you should still be involved in the hostage situation simply due to the number of hostages your party took (for further clarity, please see the paragraph below explaining why we see this as BadRP). @Coreena, in this situation you had more of a laid back role until the latter half. Your involvement with the hostages remains very little for the initial parts of the situation. You mostly appear to roam around, attempting to round up people that were around the time. The part where you take LadyInBlue off to rough her up is perfectly legitimate RP. As one of the lead roles in this situation, you are found to be in a similar boat to Boston. You state "My character knew Dalton Lowe since before the apocalypse and they had kept in contact for a long time," and had the lead role in the events leading up to your death. In addition to this, your demands to LadyInBlue are also invalid. As per rule 6.3: 6.3 Demands during hostile situations must be reasonable and made clear and unambiguous to all players. For example, you cannot demand that somebody puts their own life at risk or else other characters will die. The following chat-logs highlight why you made this situation much more confusing OOCly than it needed to be, and why your demands were invalid: In this situation, she openly protests being permanently killed in the first instance whereby later you bring her over to the crowd and give her an ultimatum: She kills herself or everybody else dies. Even after this is protested and you explain that "it is just rp", you also ask for permission to execute. These demands are invalid because you force her into a situation where she has to put her own life at risk, directly violating rule 6.3. These demands are also incredibly confusing to follow for both the IC and OOC reasoning. @Cody Husky, your involvement in this situation was minimal. Despite being around the hostages, your appearance in this situation is slight. Your RP entirely constitutes of responses to hostages engaging in roleplay with you, thus you personally showed very little initiative to actually provide an engaging situation of roleplay. As stated in your PoV "I hardly took part in the hostage situation" and "I stayed to myself for the most part unless spoken to". Now, @Boston, @Coreena and @Cody Husky, we will now further address why you have all been found guilty of BadRP. This situation was an unorganised mess. For such a small party, you chose to take an incredible amount of people hostage . The effect of you doing this is that the hostages are left to their own devices on several occasions throughout the videos, often with little RP. There are moments where you do address the majority of the group, however the majority of the hostages in this situation showed little to no involvement with what you held them up for (in regards to being thrown out of town). You singled out 3 individuals who had wronged you, to which the majority of the hostages were left in the town square to do their own thing whilst you took Lady In Blue away to torture her. To further highlight this problem, as shown at 4:52 of the linked video, you have even singled out 2 other hostages that you wanted yet they remain silent and receive very little RP for the duration of that video. There were many, many ways to go about this situation without resorting to leaving several hostages standing around pointlessly. For example you could have extracted the ones you wanted and and organised moving the rest of the hostages away to release them. Instead they were forced to stay around. Even if you feel it is "unfair to initiate on a large group of people and let them go immediately after", it is still equally unfair to make people stay around a situation they have no involvement in. When you take this many people hostage with so few people, you put yourselves in a position where the majority of you should be handling the hostages at all times as to provide engaging and fun roleplay. Rule 6.2.1 is a rule that was broken heavily here: 6.2.1 As an attacker you may NOT: Attack other players just for the sake of gear by doing a quick robbery that involves little to no role play. Ignore your victims. You must provide an engaging role play to keep things interesting for the victims at all times. It is this that the majority of your BadRP rule-break comes from. TL;DR: this should not be happening: 02:19:37 | Chat("Ian Keith"): *Has a bored expression on his face.* @Puncture despite being in the accused's party and being involved with the hostilities, the staff team looking over this has decided not to push for a punishment against you. Although your party did initiate on far too many hostages than you appeared capable of handling, that does not automatically mean we will punish everybody in the group. Our reasoning for finding you not guilty comes from your motive to actually attempt to RP with several of the hostages on your own accord, as shown here, here and here. Shown both in the logs and in multiple videos, you took the initiative to engage with the hostages on numerous occasions . When taking so many hostages with so few people, more of the captors need to be actively engaged with RPing with the individual hostages, especially being as they were left to their own devices so often. Because you attempted to keep the flow of the RP going with the uninvolved hostages, you will not be found guilty of BadRP. @evanm23 we have looked over your circumstances in this report and will not be punishing you for anything. Your involvement in this situation was more of a security role. You appear for the initiation, shown in the text logs, and help to disarm the hostages before spending the rest of the situation on overwatch. Nothing you did in this situation warrants a punishment. Now we come to @Taryn's rulebreaks in this report. Firstly we shall address the kill you made on @Coreena. Taking into account this previous report here, your kill on Coreena is of a very similar fashion to the kill on Dusty in that recent report. People in Coreena's group are initiated on elsewhere but you decided you had kill rights on her due to them not complying. Coreena had no visible knowledge her people had been initiated on in game and seconds after the gunfight commences you shoot her. This is shown at 5:04 of the linked video. She shows no visible reaction to the fight and before she is given a chance to react you proceed to kill her. Being as she did not receive the original initiation, and is not initiated on, you gain no kill rights on her when her friends do not comply to that initiation. Therefore you have been found guilty of Invalid kill - Roleplayed. Now we come to the issue of metagaming. In this video you are heard talking about 3 hostiles you've identified around you. On top of that, at 5:15 of the same video you are heard telling your group members to initiate on those at the hospital and that it will "give you kill rights" presumably on Coreena as she is the one you shot. There are various other callouts in this situation that you said in teamspeak but were silent in game for. As per rule 11.5: 11.5 When speaking with another player, you may not communicate over the radio (TeamSpeak) with your allies unless you speak over the radio and in game at the same time. Telepathic communication is not acceptable. You repeatedly make callouts in teamspeak, ones that are vital to your in game situation yet they are not stated in game. Due to the extent at which you broke this rule you have also been found guilty of metagaming. However, because the extent at which you metagamed was so significant, as well as you invalidly killing somebody, we have chosen to aggravate your punishment. Instead you will be receiving 5 days, not 3 (the standard punishment for both metagaming and invalid kill roleplayed). Now we come to @Lady In Blue and @InnKinn. We understand that during this situation a lot of server lag was present. That being said, you both made several comments across the situation that were simply not needed at all. LadyInBlue, whilst we understand that rulebreaks occuring in game can be quite off putting, you are still required to stay IC as much as possible. InnKinn there were also a few chat logs from yourself that have no place in game and simply serve to disrupt immersion. For example, chat logs such as: 02:38:44 | Chat("Quinn Gray"): //dude blackmail? 02:27:36 | Chat("John Baker"): // stuff might despawn at this rate Being present a few times are invalid. I refer you to rules 5.1 and 5.4: 5.1 You are required to role play your character at all times while in game. No OOC events or communication may take priority over your role play. You are not allowed to ignore other players attempts to role play with you. 5.4 OOC communication can be done only through text chat and only when absolutely necessary. You may not use OOC chat to casually chat with other players in game. You may not speak OOC using ingame voice. Use the "//" prefix to indicate OOC text communication. We understand that this situation was a clusterfuck with a significant factor of this being the server lag however these types of chat logs are not permitted. You will both be receiving a verbal warning for this rulebreak. We advise that in future you do not repeat this offence to the same degree. To everybody involved in this situation, a lot of the lag in game could easily have been caused due to the insane amount of entities on the ground. Once the entirety of the hostages were stripped of weapons, they were kept around their loot pile. DayZ is not a stable game, thus when you create a pile of entities this dense it will likely only contribute to the lag significantly. This likely could have been avoided by moving the hostages away from the giant pile of loot. Outcome: @Boston [BadRP]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Coreena [BadRP + Invalid demands]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Cody Husky [BadRP]: Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @Puncture [BadRP]: No Punishment. @Taryn [Metagaming + Invalid Kill - Roleplayed]: Aggravated Punishment (5 ban days & 10 warning points). @InnKinn [Unnecessary OOC]: Verbal Warning. @Lady In Blue [Unnecessary OOC]: Verbal Warning. Verdict by @Para & @Jade & @Red & @Oliv.
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    I would also like to point out in @TommyGun_ video @Taryn is heard meta gaming the entire time. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=180&v=v4UOCByQiDo She can clearly be heard giving away our positions in team speak to her friends without saying anything in game while she was standing next to @Boston and @Coreena and all of the hostages. And if you go to @MatthewFC video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ye7LnV60mU you can see @Taryn standing next to all of us. And just in case you can't see her in @MatthewFC video. I would like to also state that @Taryn showed up around 15-20 minutes prior to the beginning of @TommyGun_ video and she said very little during her time standing there which gives me the idea that she was metagaming even more. Time Stamps of @Taryn meta-gaming 0:28 - 0:48 1:54 2:26 3:01 - 3:50 4:07 4:17 - 4:45 5:12 5:24
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    Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/10/2017 - 00:10? Your in game name: Harry Wells Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: David Meeks , Boris Orlov , Dan Yates and Others Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: I logged on for the first time in a long time and was in Severograd. I walk into town and am greeted by a group led by a posh British fellow. They RP with me for a moment but all I can see in the background was a group of guys chasing each other and smacking one another around. I break RP off from the first group and go to investigate what this strange behavior was ahead of me. I watch for a while and ask various questions as to what they are doing , but barely get any replies other than "Its the end of the world and we can do what we want" and "Im a Navy Seal". Anyway video speaks for itself and ive kindly time stamped most if not all of the immature / inappropriate RP.
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    So it has come to our attention that both @Puncture and @ExoticRainbow are involved in this report and in a dynamic with an Islamic Extremest group by the looks of it. For one, @ExoticRainbow is officially in the group with Aaf but decided to play on Ben instead, who happens to be an American PMC. @Puncture is on Jayden who is an American and Christian based on his character page In addition to the report the validity of this dynamic is coming into question. Why was Exotic not playing on his character that is actually officially in the group and why would a bunch of Islamic militants from Tahkistan be hanging out with a black Christian from the US?
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    @Rolle I find it interesting how we're the only group of people you seem to leave feedback for. Maybe you should stop focusing so hard on what we're doing, and instead focus on leaving feedback for the other groups as well. Actually, I have a better idea. Maybe you should focus on how to save this dying community and our dwindling server numbers instead of trying to shit on and shut down one group of people simply because you don't like them, or because they 'have banter connections'. Maybe if you spent your time trying to figure out how to actually fix the community and help improve our community, people would care more about sticking around. Lastly, if you're gonna leave feedback for every single group that we make, you should look at both sides of situations instead of going off of the report section, and the opinions of people who have OOC hate for us. If you actually did that and looked at things objectively, like you expect your staff team to do, you'd find a different outcome. Also, the fact that you have such a closeminded opinion regarding people who get into PVP situations is extremely depressing and concerning.
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    (Al-Takhari Mujahideen) History (Founders of the Al-Takhari Mujahideen) The organization known as Al-Takhari Mujahideen came about in the year of 1987. The group's roots came from Zargabad, but they operated in the Takhari area. A majority of their missions were carried out within the Midwestern region of Takistan. The Takhari cell was formed due to the unstable region, the majority of the populace being Muslim and the potential of civil war breaking out at any given time. They were formed after they made contact with the Mujahideen from the Middle East with whom they established a weapon smuggling route from Russia to South Zagoria and into Takistan. The smuggled goods were then distributed from Takistan through other routes that the Mujahideen had previously established into the Middle East. Under the leadership of Fahad al-Zawahiri, the Takhari cell started radicalizing the local populace shortly into the Civil war in order to gain manpower and to make sure their smuggling operations were unhindered. There were those who opposed al-Zawahiri in the start, but after the 89’ bomb attacks in Zargabad, the opposition quickly dispersed. When the bomb attacks started the Al-Takhari were immediately labeled as a terrorist organization, and they became well known within the area. With the increasing influence of Western Civilization within Takmyr, the Al-Takhari decided to take action against those who supported the West. They started carrying out attacks on the Western military convoys using guerilla warfare tactics and planted several car bombs in residential areas that were mostly non-Muslim. Pre-Infection (Brothers of the Al-Takhari celebrating after another successful mission) Years had passed since the Al-Takhari Mujahideen was formed. After the civil war ended, a new Takistani political party came into power. In their desperation they allowed foreign militaries to come into Takistan and set up bases, the same foreign powers that the Mujahideen have been fighting since their inception. Due to the increased military oppression from western forces, the Al-Takhari decided to solidify their control of the Takhari ridge. They set up many underground bunkers, hideouts and caves complexes in the mountainous areas which proved ideal as the forces that opposed them had little information on the terrain while the Mujahideen were on their home ground. After the United States invasion of Takistan in 2012, the Al-Takhari suffered losses but the majority still held out in their bunkers and hideouts on the Ridge. In an attempt to behead the Mujahideen's leadership NATO forces bombed a meeting of the elders that took place in a village west of Zargabad. Fahad al-Zawahiri and the majority of the leadership that was present were killed in the operation and it left the Takhari cell without leadership. It was at that time that Ibrahim Al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa, a prominent soldier and commander, came into power of the Al-Takhari. He took an even more radical approach to dealing with the opposition with a submit or die ideology, and they began enforcing what they believed was true Islam. Although it became more difficult, they continued their gun smuggle trade to arm other Mujahideen in the East. The smuggle route was still possible because Ibrahim had connections within Chernarus that made it possible for them to continue where they had left off. The Al-Takhari became even more aggressive in their hit-and-run attacks on Western forces and they became well-known for their unmatched guerrilla warfare tactics under the new leadership. Due to their skill in rogue tactics and the tactical advantage of knowing every inch of the terrain, they could defeat enemies even when they were outmanned and outgunned. This came in handy considering it had become harder to smuggle weapons through the border due to the invasion, therefore there was a lack of arms coming to the Mujahideen. The Al-Takhari regularly would set missions to attack US and NATO force convoys in attempts to both disrupt their patrols and gather supplies. The Al-Takhari continued their fight against the western influences and continued their support to the Middle East. Post-Outbreak The situation only got worse with the outbreak of the new virus for the Mujahideen. With security becoming tighter around the border, the smuggle route had become practically non-existent. Supplies had begun to run low, and a lot of commotion had been happening in the west. Word had got to the Al-Takhari that there was something out there causing people to go crazy and attack others. The Al-Takhari blamed the infection on the western world and their way of life.They believed that the worst of the kuffars, moderates and those with ill morals were being struck by divine wrath. In their eyes, it was God's way of marking the “shaytans” so that they would have an easier time recognizing them and ridding the world of them once and for all. The Mujahideen now had a mission to do but the recent events made that entirely impossible. The Al-Takhari were low on supplies, and a majority of the military forces in the area had shifted their convoys towards the Takistani-Chernarussian border. It was around mid-August when the Takistani-Chernarussian border fell. A few more weeks had passed and the Mujahideen’s supplies were just about completely exhausted. Ibrahim ordered his right-hand man Said to organize a squad and head west towards the border to gather as many supplies as possible. Said and the men he brought with him dressed in civilian clothes and decided to head out on their mission. While in western Takistan the men had gathered some supplies but more importantly they also came back with valuable information about what was going on in Chernarus. Once Said and the other brothers returned Ibrahim and the other leaders of the Takhari cell sat down to discuss their findings. Said mentioned that some of his men overheard NATO soldiers talking about how the CDF had abandoned an entire region of Chernarus. He continued by adding that they could not hold the South Zagorian region due to constant civilian and paramilitary uprisings. Ibrahim was in disbelief that the Chernarussian defense force would abandon such a large region of their country. While, at the time, he believed it to just be a rumor the thought still lurked in the back of his mind. Ibrahim decided to investigate the matter and got into contact with his connection in Chernarus, Abdul Saddam. After he got in touch with Abdul via radio, Abdul explained the rumors to be true and more. Saddam went on in detail about how South Zagoria had fallen, and anarchy ruled the region. He told him how people ran around doing whatever they pleased, kill whoever they pleased, and robbing whoever they please. Abdul also explained that the CDF left their military bases unmanned and ripe for the picking. That meant military equipment which the Mujahideen sorely needed for their cause was completely unmanned and left behind. Journey to Chernaus Shortly after speaking with Abdul, Ibrahim summoned a meeting with the leaders of the Takhari to devise a course of action to exploit the situation at hand. It was then decided that a part of the forces were to stay behind and remain within Takistan to secure their territories and enforce the law while the rest will venture into South Zagoria. Using their established gun smuggling routes the men crossed the border into Chernarus with the help of Abdul Saddam and his men who knew the country like the back of their hand. Upon crossing the Takistani-Chernarussian border they found themselves West of Belozersk from where they crossed Lake Beloe in dinghy boats at night. Continuing their journey on foot they stuck to goat paths in the mostly unreachable mountainous terrain close to the Black Mountains to avoid detection. They moved in the night, they moved lights to avoid any detection. It was so dark that if one stuck his hand out he would not be able to see it. The moon was their source of navigation. Thanks to Abdul, they were able to make it to the northwestern corner of South Zagoria without detection. @Dew - Ibrahim al Suwaidi ibn Mustafa @Dusty - Abdul Saddam @Tom - Said al Saif ibn Saud @focus - Brahim al Fayed @Randle - Mohammad al Dukov @evanm23 - Abdul Al Samad Saleem @Shane - Shaheer bin Shafee @ExoticRainbow - Aaf al Abad @Gnikiv the Mountain - Maaz al Selim @Joffrey - Mohammed Al-Adeen @Pep - Saif Al Jabari ibn Saeed @Duorhs The Conqueror - Abdul Baasid al-Ismail @GreekGodx - Tarif al-Qahtani @Macbrine - Abdullah Al-Aziz @Undead - Omar Rasheed Faheen @Flash - Hassan Yasin - Send gasoline and valuable goods and resources home. -Acquire supplies to arm and aid Al-Takhari forces in the area -Expand the caliphate into South Zagoria for our Militant group. -Enforce the Al-Takhari’s vision of true Islam -Recruitment is set to [Open] - Must have been whitelisted for longer than 2 months. If you wish to join PM @Dew with why you would like to join and your experience roleplaying. Don't PM me if you think this is just some group you can join and PVP/Troll RP all day. This group is serious and realistic RP only. Special shoutout to @Clumsy for making the thread art.
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    Its crazy looking back on what I have done in the past year, one of the things I have accomplished is losing a fuck ton of weight. Nearly a year ago I started a journey on weight loss, and since then I have lost 80 pounds. 280 pounds: 200 pounds: Recently I had a conversation with my brother who wants to lose weight, but really cant find the motivation. I told him pretty much everything I am typing here: Losing weight is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can honestly say it has turned my life around. Before I lost weight, my life was pretty much video games for nearly 13 hours a day and eating wendys(Fast Food) twice a day. Switching to eating salad and going to the gym everyday was the hardest thing I have ever done, but it was something that had to be done. I made so many more friends, I started actually going to events and being social, I started working harder in school, and overall I just felt like a more fulfilled person. I have a lot more to go but I can honestly say I am satisfied at where I am currently at. Now I am not making this thread to show off, but I know I have spoken to a lot of people on DayZRP that have asked me about weight loss and help. Since I love you all more than you know I am willing to help all of you out. If you need help getting started, diet plans, workout plans, literally anything send me a PM. If you have lost any weight recently and wanna show it off lets see it!
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    I've decided to quit some while ago...but the attention whore I am here is the great thread. I haven't made thread about it before so i'll mention it in this one: STAFF TEAM, in general for me it was great experience in all ways. I've had the chance to look at the community and all "stuff" from the other side, I've made some good new friends while being in staff and so on...we all know this stuff no need to go long about it. Just wanted to say thanks for that to the old/new staff team & @Rolle Apart from that well as obvious enough I'm leaving, why? Cause Role-Play, DayZ and if im honest most of "gaming" in general is just boring me and can't be fucked to play anything really anymore. Maybe one day I'll change my mind but when that's gonna be fuck knows... And the basic shit...goodbye all friends I've made during my time in the community. We've had great time and i appretiate that. I'll try to tag most of you but probably won't get all but hey you know who you are. @Gowbe BFFs forever @Iso @Lyca @Anouk @Grimnir @Spartan @WulfeGirl @Brayces @derNils @Razareth @Helsing @Buddy @Chewy @Lemons @Irish @Ramon @Ron @Spooky88 @Terra @2Eazy @Lord Strawberry @Bauglir2011 @Conor @Crim @DarkStyle @Doc Holiday @Ghoozovich @Harlow @Ducky @Faith @PatZ @Solo @King @Cocomii @Corry @Cthuluz ... Also F ya'all who disliked/hated me. I believe ya know who you are.
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    Did you not buy your way into the community? I don't think its fair that you weigh in on this considering that you literally would of also been banned if it had not been for money.
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    August 3rd, 1994 Xander Motley met Evelyn Pelletier outside of a small candy shop in Duluth, Minnesota. The two who were in their mid-twenties got on like a wildfire. They came from similar backgrounds and shared the same interests, allowing them to grow incredibly close to one another in such a small amount of time. Wherever Xander went, Evelyn would follow. The support and kindness that they had given to each other was outstanding.They would die for each other.. Or, even kill. For all of the years they were together, Evelyn’s parents never approved of Xander. They had wished she would marry a rich man with a good family. This drove Evelyn further away from her own family and even closer to Xander, who would soon after propose to her. The lovers had a courthouse wedding in 1996 with a few close friends, including Xander’s brother, and lived out a quiet, ordinary life at the end of a cul de sac in Minnesota. Evelyn soon found out she was pregnant with what would be their first child, a handsome boy they would name Desmond Motley. Three years later in 1999, Xander & Evelyn would have another beautiful baby girl named Elyse after Evelyn herself. Still, their life was quiet and habitual. By the time Desmond was eight years old and Elyse five, their father earned himself a promotion and was set to leave for a business trip to Texas for a week. Thinking Evelyn would finally be able to catch a break from the children, they were sent to their uncle’s home while their mother stayed behind. The following week was slow. As the final day came and Xander was set to catch his flight back home, the phone calls made to Evelyn went silent. It was unusual, considering they never left each other’s sides and if they did, they made sure to stay in touch. Getting off of the plane in Minnesota, he rang again. No answer. He could feel himself letting the anxiety and tension take over as he got in his truck and drove home. The doors were locked. He rang the doorbell, knocked, slammed on the door only to receive nothingness in return. He smashed a window open with an old, rusty crowbar to get inside of their pleasant home. Xander searched through a few of the hushed rooms of the house to find lamps knocked over, vases shattered with flowers scattered among the floor and other signs of damage up until he rushed into the kitchen where he found his beautiful wife lying in a pool of blood. Some of her limbs had been severed and her body was scattered with cuts, deep gashes, bites and bruises. What had once been such a safe, quiet place now reeked of a pervasive stench with a hint of unexpected sweetness in the air. Protect each other, like every other fucking group does. Establish a safe home. Establish a gathering place for the people of Chernarus to come to. Subtly impose our beliefs upon the people of Chernarus. Whilst enforcing our deals, do it slowly & subtly as to not compromise the darker reasoning behind them. Don't tell people we fucking eat humans. Develop a somewhat good relationship with most major groups in order to feast on the lone and weak. NO EDGY BULLSHIT. Provide a new outlook on cannibal RP. Not archive after less than a week. Provide interesting and realistic roleplay that's enjoyable for everyone. Don't be edgy & wear clown masks or call the group "family". Prioritize in-game over OOC third-party communication software by using in-game radios. Take on newer members of the Community & pass on tips and tricks into improving their roleplay. You could be here if you weren't so edgy. Unknown Unknown Unknown By joining, you recognize that if you are to betray/leave the group, we have full permadeath rights on your character. On top of this, if you break the in character beliefs of the group, you will be punished in character as it's part of the roleplay. If you're interested in joining, copy the two forms below & send a PM to @Sleepyhead Your age OOC: Tell us a little about you: Character page: Roleplay experience: Previous groups: Why us?: What was your most memorable roleplay situation like?: What's your favourite animal?: The Contract By joining, do you recognize that if you leave or betray the group, we have full permadeath rights on your character?: Today's current date: Your forum name: Your character name: The lore & graphics were written and made by myself. Thanks to @Jamie for the moral support & the abundance of sweetness that he never fails to give.
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    Hey everyone, So for those of you that don't know, I'm a 11B (infantryman) in the Texas National Guard - Blackjack Company, 2nd Battalion, 142nd Brigade, 36th Infantry Division. I've been a Specialist (E4) in the army for about a month now, and a serviceman since last summer. Anyways my company is being deployed to Nigeria to liaison with the Nigerian Army and provide rear-area security for what I assume is humanitarian aid missions. For a while, it was looking like I would not, in fact, be deployed, as I was in a car accident not to long ago, and injured my leg. But the pieces are falling into place, and it is a definitive yes that I will leave in six days. Boko Haram (an offshot of Al Qaeda) has been more or less pacified in the recent months, but some parts of Nigeria remain an active warzone. As such I ask for any prayers/thoughts/blood rituals that you can do on my behalf. Hopefully, I'll return in one piece, with a combat patch and some cool stories to tell. Anyways. I just want to say that these past three months on DayZRP have been the most fun I've ever had in this game. I love this server, this community, and the people within it; and you can be damn sure that at the end of my deployment I will return with a vengeance. So, without further ado: @Major Wish I had more time, mate. Really do. Enjoyed the Skype call, hopefully there's still room for a quasi-whitename to be a Loremaster when I get back. @Taryn Best firearms instructor in the world. My will states that you will receive the half-empty can of beer in my left hand should I die. @Loscham Wish we could have played more together. Your a pretty cool dude. @Lady In Blue Just the tip. @Lyca 10/10 support your claim to the throne. @Dusty Pass the OOC salt, please. (Just kidding - you seem like a good guy, and an even better Gamemaster) @Bubblegum Someday, I will hit something with that damn Winchester. @Zero Put that group on hold for me, bruv. I'm gonna be SO pissed if I miss out on all that fun. @Jonal Honestly one of the coolest guys on this server. If I get the chance, I'll send you that Xmas present. Still got that bottle of wine? @Dovin In the event of my untimely death, my 4th grade spelling bee participation trophy is yours. Treasure it always. @Stoobs Good luck with the voice acting. You've definitely got the talent for it. @Levi Ackerman RANGERS FOREVER! Also in my will you inherit the box of poptarts sitting atop my fridge. @Galaxy 10/10 would take down the back car tent again @TiviylScratch Hey Tivian, you ever thought about joining the Rangers? @Kriss Blade I promise that I will never burn off your nipples with a flaming sword ever again. Or throw you off a building. Or take a sledgehammer to your kneecaps. Pinky swear. @SandDancer97 (AKA the REAL PsiSyndicate) Are you initiating on me? @Boston Sorry, I was kinda pissed off @Cody Husky For whats its worth I really hope you stay on the server. Also you don't fuck with a man's sand-castle. There's just some lines you don't cross. @Jamie @Sleepyhead to the cutest couple in DayZRP. Thanks for all the RP tips back in the day. You guys taking the time to talk to a whitename meant a lot. Best of luck with the new group! Also sorry to everyone that I poked. Oh, and just to reiterate - thanks, everyone, so much, for these past three months. Some of the best times I've ever had playing video games in my life, and believe me, the first thing I do when I get back is hop back on. Okay that's not true. Probably gonna get blackout drunk and laid first. Cheers, everyone.
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    Link to the situation: Any supporting evidence or notes: N/A Feedback: I think you handled this situation pretty well to be fair both the feedback and the response to the edgy weeb. To often in this community staff is used as a punching bag because the community knows that you can't just tell those members to go fuck themselves even though that is what needs to be said. Also to often people complain about the stupidest shit for no reason other than nostalgia or I don't know maybe they just had a bad day because their life is over until they find a new loli to jerk themselves to and need to take out their frustration on the forums. I think you handled both of these situations with the appropriate amount of professionalism while also getting the point that needed to made across. Suggestions for improvement: none at this time keep being you.
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    Verdict: @Wallinrobin [Mass KOS + Lying In a Report X 2 + Invalid Reason To Initiate + Combat Logging]: Guilty @smhikd [Assisting in mass KOS]: Inconclusive Explanation: A group of staff members has looked through this report and have reached a verdict regarding it: In this situation, the OP and his ally approach @Wallinrobin and his ally who have been watching them and trying to lure them away from town. When they get close to wallin, he comes from behind a boulder and while playing ‘Pumped Up Kicks’ through his microphone, proceeds to kill both the OP and his ally. He then goes on to kill @G19 out of fear. And finally, wallin proceeds to log out only 10 minutes after killing G19. Even if it was not wallin’s intention to mass KOS while playing an interesting song choice through his microphone, he still did in fact KOS three people while doing so. He also states that he initiated simply because he wanted to, which is not a valid reason to initiate, if that was indeed his intent. During the time this report was up, there was also at least two different times that wallin has lied to us. The first lie that he is caught in, is when he lied to us about who his ally was. He states that G19 was his ally and that G19 also told him that he was mistakenly playing music through his microphone. However, G19 goes on to dispute these claims, stating that he was not with wallin, and that he was in fact with different people. The accusation of lying is then further solidified when looking at the video evidence that has been provided to us in the report. In @honeybee’s video, we can see that the two people luring them out of town are both wearing alice backpacks, and ghillied gun wraps on their rifles. We know that wallin had the ghillie head dress and an AKM, while his ally had a ghillied winchester. The outfits of the accused can be seen below: When looking at the video evidence provided by @Loscham, we can see that G19 is wearing full gorka clothing, camo hat, sposin backpack, with a non-ghillied AKM: With the evidence provided, we know for a fact that wallinrobbin was lying about G19 being his ally. We do not know who their ally is, but we know that it is not G19. The fact that wallinrobbin tried to throw a random community member under the bus for no reason shows very malicious intent. The second time that wallinrobbin is caught lying is when they state that their disconnection from the server was from a tempban. However, I did some digging and checked through the different log files we have access to, and even tested out some theories. When looking at the battle eye log files we have access to, it shows us more information than can be seen in the normal log files. For example, if someone is disconnected due to being kicked from the server either due to a ban, or due to being kicked through RCON, it will show us the message they were kicked with in the logs. I tested this out on myself, and my findings can be seen below, copied from an earlier post in this report: Because there was no kick message found in the battle eye log file, we know for a fact that wallinrobin was also lying about combat logging. The fact that wallin has been caught lying about at least two different things draws into question everything else they say in their point of view. If they lie about who their ally is, and lie about logging out early, then why wouldn’t they lie about their true intentions? We do not have solid proof that they meant to mass KOS while spamming music, but we have enough solid evidence to know that someone who shows this much malicious intent does not deserve to be in our community and play on our servers. With the evidence provided to us, we can confidently and comfortably permanently remove @Wallinrobin from our community. @smhikd We called you into this report as we suspected you of being wallin’s ally in this situation. However, based on conflicting POVs, and a lack of solid evidence regarding your participation in the events, we cannot come to a solid verdict regarding whether or not you assisted wallin in his mass KOS. Due to this, your tempban will be removed, and you will receive no punishment. And finally, the fact that wallinrobin went on to spam a meme video in the report shows us that he was only here to mass KOS and troll. With the above stated the following applies, Outcome: @Wallinrobin [Mass KOS + Lying In a Report X 2 + Invalid Reason To Initiate + Combat Logging]: Permanent Removal From Community @smhikd [Assisting in mass KOS]: Inconclusive - Tempban removed Verdict by @Dusty @Jade @Spartan
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    Out with the old, in with the new. I used to be chief, but now the lord will guide us. All hail lord chanka! /
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    How daaaaaare youuuuuuuuu!
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    What is the Aegis Corporation? The Aegis Corporation was a giant conglomerate before the outbreak. It was a major player which operated ruthlessly in a number of markets, including: Pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, and, most importantly, bio-engineering. The Corporation has often been contracted by governments and militaries, mainly to produce biological weaponry. The Corporation is only guided by two things; Greed, and power. The Corporation contains within itself three separate divisions: These three divisions work together to defend the Corporation's best interests. The A.B.R.T. & A.D.S. often work in deep-shrouded secrecy, with the A.C.S. kept in the dark for the more sensitive and clandestine operations. The Aegis Corporation was founded in 1960 by Lord Percival Cabot, Sir Warren Blackwell, and Dr. Abel Hawthorne as biotechnology and biological warfare began interesting various governments around the globe due to the Cold War. Dr. Abel Hawthorne and his assistant, Dr. Cade Richeut, studied various viruses and diseases in one of Aegis' remote laboratories. They experimented on myriad (unwilling) subjects, and documented in full the effects of the viruses and dieases. As their research progressed, Dr. Hawthorne became increasingly paranoid that their work together would be stolen, or sabotaged. He trusted Dr. Richeut unfaltering, however, and confided in him his fears. This would prove to be his downfall. Dr. Cade Richeut kept Lord Percival Cabot fully updated on Dr. Hawthorne's' mental state and the state of their research. Lord Cabot, in response to Hawthorne's' deteriorating mind, decided that he must be dealt with. To that end, a clandestine team of highly-trained operatives were assembled. These men and women were referred to as the "Aegis Defense Service". Soon after the Service's assembly, they were sent to kill Dr. Hawthorne. With Dr. Richeut now heading the research of the program progress came about in leaps and bounds. Around this time Aegis began expanding its market; they not only kept up the front of pharmaceuticals but added the manufacturing of biological weaponry to their repertoire. One of the most productive times for the Corporation was during the 1970s. It was at this time that Aegis began to flourish as the go-to corporation for governments and organizations needing unethical and unorthodox weaponry as well as for vaccines and cures for deadly viruses and diseases. When the Ebola virus disease was discovered, Aegis entered the country on grounds of a relief effort. But in truth they had more malevolent intentions. Initially they helped in an attempt to treat the outbreak, but in secret were gathering samples for further research and testing. They even attempted to weaponize the virus, achieving promising results in the progress. In the later years of the 70s, South Africa wished to expand their weaponry to chemical and biological weapons. A perceived threat that its enemies had access to battlefield chemical and biological weapons led South Africa to begin expanding its own program, initially as a defensive measure and to carry out research on vaccines. As the years went on, research was carried out into offensive uses of the newly found capability. In 1983, Project Coast was formed, the Aegis Biological Research Team served the government in secret with researching chemical and biological warfare. However this was in violation of the international Biological Weapons Convention agreement. Problems begin to rise in the mid 1990s. In 1996, South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission began to investigate the SADF and determined that the army had most likely used lethal toxins against ANC activists, this led to an expanded investigation that could possibly have seen the downfall of Aegis. In response, the Corporation dispatched the Aegis Defense Service to deal with the problem. Large bribes and paychecks were cut in order to eliminate suspicion that Aegis was a part of the project. Many government officials were assassinated and documents pointing to Aegis's involvement were stolen and destroyed, officially giving Aegis full anonymity. When news came to Aegis of an enigmatic outbreak in a country called Chernarus they could not help but investigate. A new division, the "Aegis Countermeasure Service" was founded to reinforce a positive image of Aegis and to assist in on-site research. Lord Bernard Cabot, Lord Percival Cabot's son, acted as a liaison and began working alongside the United States government, the Chernarussian government, the United Nations, and the World Health Organisation. A contingent of field scientists and security personnel including the newly formed A.C.S. and the veteran A.D.S. along with the A.B.R.T. was sent to Chernarus on a C-130 cargo airplane to Miroslavl. From there they traveled to South Zagoria via a convoy of heavily armed and armored Humvee's. Lord Bernard remained in Miroslavl along with a small team of A.D.S. in order to oversee the operation. Initially the S.Z. team maintained the guise of concerned doctors looking to help the government and infected. As the infection progressed and the situation became more tense, they surrendered this pretense and began experimentation on the populace and infected in secret. What they discovered shocked and intrigued them: They believed the pathogen was some form of weaponized virus. The Aegis Corporation had previously believed that such a biological-weapon was not possible to manufacture or create and was completely theoretical. After discovering this, the Aegis' contingent immediately scrambled to tell Aegis HQ - but it was too late. The outbreak had become too severe and communications were no longer operational. To make matters worse, some sort of weapon was detonated off the coast of Chernarus, destroying the entire N.A.T.O. fleet. The South Zagorian contingent as a result is stranded in the region so they continue working to study the virus outside laboratory conditions. To this end small field laboratories have been set up in remote locations to facilitate the studying of samples. Lord Bernard Cabot is currently working to reinforce the South Zagorian operations team and will return to the region soon with additional men, supplies, and equipment. The A.B.R.T. are taking samples and observations from the populace within the shadows - backed up by the muscle of the A.D.S. - and continue working on restoring communications. The A.C.S. are being used to keep up a strong image of Aegis and to support the other divisions wherever necessary. The A.C.S. is also responsible for keeping the civilian population in check by any means necessary. The A.D.S. supports the A.B.R.T., and continues work on their own gruesome projects. The Aegis Biological Research Team is mostly responsible for the medical side of Aegis.. More specifically, biological weaponry and engineering. The staff, who are mostly doctors, scientists and engineers, are focusing aggressively on researching a cure within Chernarus. While not as skilled in combat as the Aegis Defense Service or Aegis Countermeasure Service, they are still fiercely loyal to the corporation and will fight just as loyally. However, they rely on the Aegis Defense Service for protection. At the moment, in order to be a member of the Aegis Biological Research Team you must create a new character that was originally part of The Corporation before the infection. Roleplay Information: Loyal, Unethical, Without remorse, Lust for science Uniform : Medical fatigues with respirator or Gorka E Military Uniform (Green) with gas mask Current Members Closed Position : Chief Operations Officer - Jack Rees Mountbatten Closed Position : Chief Scientific Officer - snfsylva Open Position : Molecular Biologist - Open Position : Hematologist - Open Position : Neurologist - Open Position : Chemist - Open Position : Virologist - Closed Position : Surgeon - Credidred Closed Position : Pathophysiologist - Ghoozovich The Aegis Defense Service is an elite paramilitary group. Only the best are hired for this force, and complete discretion is expected from them. They are composed of ex-military, most of them being ex-special forces. They are used for "clean-up" operations, and also for espionage, interrogation, and other clandestine tasks. Operatives of the Aegis Defense Service are hand-picked from the most exceptional members of the Aegis Countermeasure Service. The only way to join is to be selected from the ranks of A.C.S. The Aegis Defense Service was created immediately before the assassination of Dr. Abel Hawthorne (an operation for which they've never were found accountable). Following the success of their (alleged) assassination, they grew significantly in numbers and resources while remaining highly selective of their members. Since being in Chernarus one team has been lost but most still remain. Occasionally, a member of The Aegis Countermeasure Service who performs exceptionally well may be allowed to join their ranks. In order to be a member of the Aegis Defense Service you must create a new character that was originally part of The Corporation before the infection. However, there are paths to become a member of the A.D.S. if you are part of the A.C.S. and prove yourself. Roleplay Information : Ruthless, Disciplined, Loyal, Arrogant, Cruelly intelligent Uniform : All black military clothing with gas mask or black balaclava ; All grey military clothing with gas mask or black balaclava Current Members Closed Position : Commander - Zero Closed Position : Assault Team Leader - Closed Position : Intelligence Specialist - Closed Position : Surveillance Specialist - Closed Position : Reconnaissance - GaryCash Closed Position : Field Scientist - AlwaysGamer Closed Position : Field Medic - The Aegis Countermeasure Service is a relatively new branch of the Aegis Corporation. It was created as a direct response to the outbreak in an effort to reinforce a strong public image of Aegis. The Aegis Countermeasure Service works to assist the Aegis Defense Service and Aegis Biological Research Team, and in rescue operations involving civilians. The Aegis Countermeasure Service is composed primarily of ex-military and police forces turned P.M.C. and prisoners which were freed on the condition of joining. These individuals are well-payed, but are often employed as cannon-fodder during high-risk operations. Due to this, a significant number of operatives have been lost during their time in Chernarus. In order to be a member of the Aegis Countermeasure Service you will be required to create a new character that was selected and recruited into the A.C.S. for the operation in Chernarus. Roleplay Information : Disciplined, Structured, Capable of self-sacrifice, Compassionate Uniform : Militarized clothing, green sweater, high capacity vest / U.K. assault vest, beige cargo pants, combat boots, baseball cap or other headgear, balaclava or gas mask Current Members Closed Position : Commander - Jonal Closed Position : Assault Team Leader - InnKinn Closed Position : Security Contractor - MrMelons Closed Position : Security Contractor - sandvich Closed Position : Security Contractor - Sirmagu Closed Position : Reconnaissance - Uplink Closed Position : Field Medic - JimRP Open Position : Assault Team Leader - Open Position : Security Contractor - Open Position : Security Contractor - Open Position : Security Contractor - Open Position : Reconnaissance - Open Position : Field Medic - Goals Reinforce the South Zagorian contingent with additional forces : Complete Provide aide to survivors of South Zagoria in order to gain their trust : In Progress Research and find a cure for the virus, then sell it to the highest bidder : In Progress Test Aegis "pharmaceuticals" on the populace, whether by force or willingness : In Progress Once a cure has been found, weaponize the virus and sell it to the highest bidder : In Progress Setup and establish various field medical facilities for testing experiments on subjects : Complete Perform experiments on the populace as well as the infected in order to better understand the infection as well as how it affects humans and animals : In Progress If you wish to join, please send a private message to Zero & Jack Rees Mountbatten with the following template below.
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    I think some people may need to be reminded that these things are at their disposal. There's always room to improve MENTOR PROGRAM +
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    *Hawk would be pissed off, after hearing Jack Castle response. He'd look at Faith, then standing up going out the house to get some air, slamming the door shut* "Now listen hear you Cpt.mongoloid, how fucking stupid can you be?!?!? What kind of an idiot Cpt mentions on a open radio wave about the things you mentioned..?? *In Estonian* "Fucking Americans...Fucking disgrace..." *He'd catch his breath, then continuing in English.* "You know what have you just done, by mentioning about the pregnancy on the open wave???" "I had high hopes for you fellas even after the constant fuck ups...How the fuck I'm supposed to trust you for a meeting, you've made a target on someones back, making it for me and my people having to deal with this, you brick..." "As for those fuck ups I could probably count about 5 to 6 of them." "Your warrant officer, was the start of dragging you through shit. Then Cpt.Banks he was even a bigger fuck up,talking about beating innocent doctors, that are working on the cure...Then you shooting two of our guys and lying that you patched them up and sayed sorry...accusing them for stealing. Then shooting our Major at the gate, when we were helping!!! Didn't you see identifiers on him the fucking armband and all..Are you blind and fucking deaf?!? Then next day we come to the camp all the check up accusing us of car bombs..How are we supposed to work toghter?!? *Short Break* "All I will do right now is listen you through the radio waves, cause if I would see you i would punch you out cold and shove a fucking large truck up your ass.." *He'd punch against the house wall with the radio in his hand, breaking the regular radio he had, his hand would start bleeding*
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    I agree with a lot of this, a lot of it also comes down to how characters like to deal out violence. I'm not going to go into the whole pvp/campfire debate, but it does bring a lot of attention to things like this. So many people just run around, shooting, being mean, torturing, killing people, simply because they want to be bad. This was a huge problem pre-lorewipe and is beginning to happen again now. 2 years in, I can get that a bit, shit's gone down. 2 months? No. Are there always going to be people who do bad things because they can? Yes. But not to this extreme, this soon. The grid may be mostly quiet, but in an actual country: · people are farming for food and fishing, both which can be done IC · if you find the right tools you could also can or preserve food · mostly everything is going to have expiration dates of a few years · we have things called solar generators which if used carefully can last a long time · even with a lot of old world tools and stuff, antiques by most standards, there would actually be a shit ton of really useful things because they were all used PRE-electricity. · hey guess what, thankfully not in this game, but IRL gasoline goes bad in 2 months. Even if you had it in containers, it separates and becomes useless after 2 -3 months max. We wouldn’t be able to use anything with gasoline now tech · I’ve been doing a shit ton of research on how hospitals and medical supplies are sent to countries during disaster. Hospitals when they know something is going down, STOCKPILE anything they think could be helpful. Also, remember IRL, hospitals are fucking huge. You also have pharmacies, grocery stores, drug stores, schools, military locations etc that also have a shit ton of medical stuff. If you know where to look, were totally fine for a good while. · Relief supplies is still around · People’s houses still have basic staples like flour, sugar, etc. its fucking pointless to try to collect all of it for yourself or one group. · Etc Also my biggest pet peeve- people are running around going “have to be lone wolf, pack leader, king of the hill, biggest dick, in control of all the things, etc. Yes, again, there are ALWAYS people who will do bad things because they can. Always, but not the majority. In real life, it’s been proven over and over, PEOPLE DO NOT GO INTO A ‘IT’S ALL ME’ SURVIVAL STATE. We would fucking have died out if everyone was suddenly looking out for themselves. Yes riots and things happen, but during times of disasters, again, again, and again, HUMAN INSTINCT IS TO COME TOGETHER AND HELP EACH OTHER. Because if you don’t you’re going to die. Perfect example is someone from our own community @The Marshal. He and many others lost a lot/nearly/everything to the flooding recently in Texas. What was his response? Was it to run around and go ‘me, me, me, me?” Fuck no. He grabbed a chainsaw, hopped in his truck and drove around to help people. He helped everyone he could, and REFUSED any payment. Because that’s what people do in disasters. Also because he’s a fucking awesome guy Go you! <3 So now that I have that out of the way…. A lot of people run around, torture and kill just because they want to. Which in a basis of reality is bullshit. Yes it’s a game, you get to be a bad guy if you want, but the level of people torturing others for fun etc is completely stupid. If I’m robbed 3 times in a row (know people who have had it happen) and each one decides to do some kind of damage, and one wants to perma me, hell no I’m not giving you rights. You don’t get to kill my character because you’re in a tiff war with someone or have to prove how powerful you are. Just flat out nope. Now, you come to me with a really good rp reason and strategy, I would be far more willing to consider it. At the same time, you need to use logic. My character is a doctor/surgeon. How many doctors are running around? Okay now how many have specialties? Think about it, not many. Doctors and especially surgeons/trauma/war surgeons are INVALUABLE right now. You got stabbed in the gut, guess who you’re best chance of living is. Seriously, read up on war surgery, its incredibly graphic, but the AMOUNT of shit war doctors know how to fix/attempt to stabilize is almost ridiculous. I have a few pdfs that are easily 20+ chapters, each one involving each area of the body, limbs, torso, vascular, skin, muscle, etc. They literally are there to stabilize any major injury the best they can and get you to better care. So people like nurses/trauma/war doctors etc (I’ve met one ic) are fucking invaluable. Trauma can also go into war doctor, not always possible, but my ch has essentially been doing almost nothing but war surgery. Not trauma. War. So she’s sort of in the learning process/transferring. If you run into a doctor that is willing to help anyone (which is how they’re supposed to work) your best bet to fucking live is to be nice to them. Not break their hands because you want to hurt them or render them useless. Not act like a big bully and make them dislike you. Taking someone who can help your survival as well as others, and hurting them is the dumbest concept in survival. You don’t stockpile a bunch of stuff and then set fire to it ‘just because’ unless you are in a movie or tv show to cause tension/despair etc. Now will there always be people who hurt others? YES. No one is immune to being hurt! I’m simply saying, logically, people like doctors are the absolute stupidest thing to damage during an apocalypse scenario. Yet we see it all the time. You want to be smart? Keep a stash of your own medical supplies and make friends with neutral doctors. They will come help you and you have supplies for them to use in case they’re out of something important. Win/win. Oh lets beat up/kill the pathologist, the person who understands how diseases and illnesses effect the body and typically work with an actual doctor to ADVISE them on how to best take care of people in long term treatment. Oh hey, you just picked up an STD? Tick bite and seem to have Lyme? Well now you’re fucked. Same concept for a lot of other professions as well. You are going to want to protect what can give you a self-interest, even as a bad guy. You have a hell bent idiot doctor running around determined to help people, you are not going to chain them up somewhere. You are going to send people with them to ensure their safety so they can come help you when you need it. Because if something happens to them, you’re fucked. At least that is what SMART people would do in a realistic scenario. Also omg yes the wound issues. I’m actually working on a wound guide to try to help with this but I doubt it will do much. People are way to trigger happy, which I account for most of this. Wounds are not easily healed from, bullet wounds especially. Bullet wounds do an immense amount of damage to the system, which is why they’re so dangerous. Even a through and through shot is going to have massive trauma to the area. There is no such thing as a one sized, ‘clean’ hole. You take a buckshot shot to the limb, guess what, that limb is fucking SHREDDED and probably traumatically amputated. Get hit with a military grade round? Entry wound, then damage and an exit wound the size of an orange at least. As said, working on something to help with this. But yeah, you break something, its going to take weeks to months to heal it. Major shoulder reconstructive surgery, you are not using that shoulder for at least 3 months. Yet people are running around weeks later shooting and doing all this stuff you couldn’t. I get wanting to have fun, but wounding has real consequences. I think part of the fact that people just seem to ignore them does not help. Now I’m not saying be forced to rp anything, but if people actually had to take the damage that is really being inflicted on them, like a quarter of the games population would be unable to care for themselves. @Lyca has a horrible shoulder wound, and she rp’d keeping it in a cast for nearly a month, an actual month. Because that’s what you would do. My ch had the shit beaten out of her, it’s taken 2 weeks from having a dislocated jaw snapped back in place for the muscles to relax and the pain to subside enough (even with medication like painkillers and muscle relaxants) for her to talk again. No talking, at all. Also only able to eat really soft foods. Her fractured arm and ribs are still hurting horribly. You’d be surprised if you’re around the right people, who see you see a horribly bruised person, using one good hand, trying to mash up pumpkin to eat who will come over and help you get/make soft foods to eat. Because people help each other. It is good to make characters that are killable, but I think it has to also be your choice and under the right circumstances. If I’m having people killing me because they want to, no, I’m no letting you perma me. If you have a really good story reason, as said, I’d consider and more probably allow it. Same with perma scars. I’m not ending my character because you are trigger happy. Hell I’m actually tempted to make a few NPC like characters that come out just to die. Not like omg run around and kill me, but get the virus or have actual problems and people can’t save them. Because even the best surgeons know when to look at someone and say ‘there is nothing I can do’. You’re always going to lose people, and we have to remember that in game. People are not always going to survive surgery, some the surgeon can even look at them and know, nothing can be done. That happens, and people need to remember it. For any reading/ ’that’s not true’/ ooh new knowledge Its scientifically proven that people are compassionate during disaster http://healthland.time.com/2012/10/31/how-disasters-bring-out-our-kindness/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-the-stress-of-disaster-brings-people-together/ https://cogsci.stackexchange.com/questions/4102/what-is-the-psychological-basis-for-people-coming-together-during-a-disaster-or https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/09/hurricane-katrinas-lesson-in-civics/402961/ https://www.livescience.com/6146-post-disaster-looting-loose-morals-survival-instincts.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/kindness-emotions-psychology/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091208155309.htm https://www.quora.com/Why-do-humans-want-to-take-care-of-weak-creatures-animals-Doesnt-that-go-against-the-evolutionary-instinct-of-survival-of-the-fittest https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/feeling-it/201306/compassion-our-first-instinct Here are some links to help figure things out item/survival wise Survival Tools https://gizmodo.com/15-tools-that-helped-pioneers-survive-on-the-american-f-577187190 Keeping Warm http://www.homethingspast.com/hand-warmers-muff-warmer/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/bed-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/bed-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/peat-fire.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/sulphur-matches.aspx Beds http://www.homethingspast.com/box-beds-bunk/ http://www.homethingspast.com/trundle-bed-truckle-bed/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-feather-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/box-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspxhttp://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/jack-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/washing-with-lye.aspx Light http://www.homethingspast.com/early-american-candle-stands/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/tallow-candles-snuffers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/rushlights.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/tinderbox.aspx cleaning http://www.homethingspast.com/soap-sand-soda/ http://shemakesmagic.com/homemade-soap-traditional-castile/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-of-laundry.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/laundry-blue.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-of-laundry.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/laundry-starch-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/washboards-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-washing-machines.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/scrubbing-stones-sand.aspx objects http://www.homethingspast.com/basket-making-traditional/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/besoms-brooms.aspx Food http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Butter-from-Raw-Milk http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-butter-churns.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/kitchen-antiques.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/pottery-earthenware.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/ale-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/fireless-cooking-with-quicklime.aspx I’ll actually rp doing this and it hilariously confuses people Antique grinding mills
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    Server and location: S1 Severograd Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 01:00 Your in game name: Matt Farenheit Names of allies involved: @LadyInBlue, @Levi Ackerman, many other hostages with a tenuous relation to my character at best. Name of suspect/s: @Boston @Cody Husky @evanm23 @Puncture @Coreena Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None AFAIK Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): The (edited) video I used for consult whether this could constitute BadRP I will be posting as much of the unedited footage of this situation as I have as soon as I can compress and upload it, but it this will probably take over a day. Also keep in mind I don't have 100% of the situation recorded. The video where this is from, for example, ends there with no direct connection to the next recording. Detailed description of the events: I was going around Severograd, intent to begin some RP but worried because the server was heavily lagging (that evening's DDoS attacks...) when I see in the distance people raising their hands and getting on a circle. I honestly believed at the time it was some kind of weird dance RP they were making, until I was stopped by @Coreena and sent to join the group, realizing that they were initiated (and being initiated on myself). As we are gathering in the circle, these people proceed to take us one by one, making us drop backpacks, vests and guns, and forming a line, with little RP. Now that the hostage takers felt safe, they proceed to tell us that they are doing this because they felt slighted when one of their comrades was kicked out of town after stepping over someone's drawing the day before. Of course, all of this just sounds like a horrible excuse for doing what they're doing, or a heavily exaggerated escalation of hostilities no matter how you look at it, but they proceed to do it anyways, setting up the idea that some of us will be punished for the rest, specifically those that wronged these hostage takers and then some more like Quinn Gray, because she's the most recognizable figure and she has to take responsibility, somehow, for all of us. So she's taken away to be tortured. Now, they force two persons to fist fight each other for their entertainment, one of them being @TiviylScratch, who repeatedly tries to emote that he's on a poor health status and will probably die (which he promptly does). Surrounded by people aiming at him, other than going OOC he doesn't seem to have any exit to the fight and bites the bullet as best as he could. Done this, they let the victor go and, after very awkward RP and a mass disconnection (the server was unstable as I already said) they start asking for different people connected to Quinn (Levi and Tivian, whom they didn't realize they had already caused the death of), they bring back Quinn and tell us that either she or everyone else will have to be sacrificed. There's a bunch of commotion and some awkward silences, and sadly some OOC arguing going over text, though I'm afraid that,should no one have brought it up, the hostage takers might have just enforced their unlawful demands. As Quinn is about to be executed, shots are heard around us, @Coreena betrays the other captors and, as bounty hunters swarm the place, everyone is told to drop to the floor, then scram. I'm told afterwards that many ran with the bountyhunters to one of their outposts, but I kinda ran wherever for my own safety and ended up missing that. I've been told that this kind of reason to initiate is invalid, because mass initiating on an entirely different set of people that the ones that caused you trouble a day after the fact, and having them hostage for over an hour with the risk of death, seems excessive. I think that risking your life for such a childish reason (and, let me be clear about this, they eventually died because of their choice, so they risked their life and lost) would be against any realistic parameter of character self-preservation. At least it goes far below my standards for reasons I might put my character's life at ANY risk. But I can clearly get that my standards don't have to be everyone else's, and that's why I asked. So, they made a huge issue out of a simple silly event that me and most of the hostages weren't part of, and roleplayed wanting to execute everyone for that, or as an alternative have Quinn Gray, that is more generally recognized as "Queen of Severograd", to commit suicide in front of everyone and, thus, permadeath. Any of both these options as repayment for our "transgression", that we were guilty of by "association". For me, it just seems extremely exaggerated. I see it as a blatant attempt to gain fame or importance through an high risk gamble like this just because there's no real consequence for losing other than having to regear (and even failure feeds them some fame anyways). PS: I'm writing this POV from memory and not watching the videos. Once I have the whole thing compressed the order of things may shift a little, but overall I tried to be as faithful as possible without rewatching around 1 hour of footage that is already in disorder thanks to Shadowplay.
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    I am sorry Rolle but you can't be serious right now. Like you said - the concept is good and makes sense. For years I play with Conor now because we are friends. Nothing is wrong with that, is it? I think it is crossing a line trying to tell people who they should play with. I can understand your hesitation to a point but not because of the people who joined the group. I would be more worried about how they roleplay a group like this out because of previous groups like this and experiences we made (mostly MOD times). And on the other hand I am not worried at all looking at the roster. Reasons for hostilities and to initiate on people ingame can start with many many different things. It can start with just some disrespecting words - it always does and I see nothing wrong with it. Hell, I initiated on someone for their shoes - properly roleplayed out, I see nothing wrong with that. Saying you need a valid reason is very vague and if you plan to control when it is allowed to be hostile, you need to define "valid reason" - Please dont do that actually because it will restrict roleplay in a big way and it is already super restricted in many ways. You know as good as every other person in this community that hostile groups always have to deal with people who either dont like hostile roleplay or are angry because they have lost some items ingame - no one needs to tell me otherswise (I hate to throw around how long I am part of this community playing a "bandit" and/or "survivor" when I was an Admin but I kinda will do now). It is always the same and most likely always will be. I simply can't comment about the people PM'ing you and complaining about the group but I hope you really look at the reason for their complaints. And if you look at the previous groups those friends played together and for what they got reported, you will see how much salt they had to deal with it and how often they got wrongfully reported. - And very little was done about it. For this group: I wish you good luck and once I am back home I wish to run into you. I always enjoy good hostile RP and since I know how well you all play together, I am sure I will have fun and hopefully I can give some good roleplay back to you.
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    The Solntsevskaya Bratva (or simply The Bratva or “The Brotherhood”) are, for all intents and purposes, the Russian mafia. They are a group of thieves and mercenaries that ally themselves within each other for the sake of comradery and easier survival, as well as getting their jobs done easier with their simple and more complex alliances. Each member has their purpose and their abilities with the Brotherhood. Some of these people range from petty thieves to money launderers, murderers, abduction specialist and torture professionals. For a full history of the Bratva and it’s creation, see here. Gremlins "Bounty Hunters" U.N. Remnants N.A.T.O. Remnants Al-Takhari Mujahideen Any Law Enforcement
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    Andro sits at the bar table with his fellow Bounty Hunter brothers, switching on their HF HAM transceiver to voice activation. The sounds of shot glasses clinking and joyful cheering can be heard in the background as Andro picks up the hand-held radio attached to the transceiver, placing it close to his mouth. "To Severograd and her people... The Mujahideen have entered your grounds and threatened your people, today's events were inevitable with the ominous threat of the Mujahadeen.Though, you should not be afraid. For those who witnessed the horror today and to those who do not know, we as Bounty Hunters gladly and bravely led a counterattack against these terrorist scum! We want to let you know that we are here to stay and we will not back down!" Andro can be heard shifting about as he jumps onto the bar table with his fist in the air and his voice proudly raised as he looks upon his brothers. "We swarmed these evil people like crows on a rotting body! We shielded the people of Severograd! We forced them to retreat and led the injured to safety outside of Severograd where they were treated!” "To the Mujahideen... This is a threat and a promise... The Bounty Hunters will say this only once, so open your ears; We are coming for you. We will behead your people and hang your lifeless corpses by their entrails from the apartment rooftops. You will be on display for whoever else wishes to threaten the innocent people of this city!" Andro raises both his fists in the air and loud cheering, whistling, and celebratory gunshots can be heard. Andro yelling at the top of his lungs "BOUNTY HUNTERS!!!" which then more prolonged cheering can be heard.
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    A quiet evening. Sky filled with stars. Nothing on the fields but dead walkers. Bjorn sits on the roof of a rusty old truck. The hood still warm after a long drive. *takes his radio, keeps it close to his mouth, silent* *he presses his PTT* “James… James Black...you out there?” *silence* Many miles away. A cottage surrounded by forest and wild beasts moving around in the shadows. James lies on the porch stairs looking at the same stars, smoking a cigarette. *he hears a familiar voice* “...you out there..?” *grabs the radio, presses his PTT* “Yeah Bjorn, I’m here…” Bjorn sighs of relief, turns around facing a big garage compound. “I grew tired of trying to keep this shit together. It is a two-man-mission... I found a place. It’s big enough for the both of us." James sits up, gets a little smile on his face. Takes a last glimpse at his old cottage. Puts out his cigarette and starts walking. “I’m on my way. Give me the coordinates” Standing by the front gate of the compound, looking over the yard filled with rusty old trucks. Bjorn and James both feel a weird satisfying energy filling their cuts. *Bjorn whispering* you feel it..? *James nods slowly* They start walking into the compound looking around in silence. They get up to the room with the best view over the compound. Both standing by the window. *James with a relaxed voice* Big Bear Garage...hmm... So, I get the whole Bear thing with your name and stuff and I’m not gonna disagree with you being a pretty big guy. I just think we should try to squeeze a little bit if Black in there somewhere… *Bjorn gets a little smile on his face* Mhmm.. *James raises his hands, framing in the compound like it was movie poster* What if we called it “Black Bear Garage” *Bjorn continues to smile, nodding* It has a good ring to it. That is the name of our new garage, brother. Chasing dreams or fleeing nightmares Bjorn Evalds came to this part of the world, not knowing if he was chasing dreams or fleeing his nightmares. There were no walking dead in his old life except all the people surrounding him. One tragic thing lead to another and he ended up in Chernarus. Riding the one thing he trusted, his bike. Sadly the dream of him going on a life´s adventure was put on hold. All the endless hours he put on that old pearl didn’t help the fact that she was old. If your bike breaks down you´d better hope it´s in the right place and this was exactly what happened to Bjorn. Only a few hundred meters from where the bike lost its final breath was a garage. The garage was owned by a man named Dominic. He had filled his garage with all the necessary tools to fix whatever you´d be driving. Fucking bullseye. The two things that keeps this broken head going is vodka and the roar of an engine Getting invited to Dominic´s garage was the best thing that had happened Bjorn in a long time. Being able to fix the one most precious thing in your life and at the same time finding a new good friend is more than you can ask for in a broken world like this one… and this was before the outbreak… Time went past and Bjorn helped Dominic in his everyday job as a fisherman while waiting for his parts for the bike. Coming home from a long fishing trip they were welcomed by a committee of dead. Dominic was caught of guard and didn’t make it but gave Bjorn one last valuable advice…”Run!” Man up and stand your ground With the picture of his friend getting torn apart burned into his brain, Bjorn kept on running. Hiding in the forest away from people, living and dead, he managed to move around for about two weeks without contact with anybody. With both hunger and tiredness growing extremely strong he had to get into a city where he could find supplies. Didn’t take long before the first tall buildings appeared. Step by step he went deeper into a city, still unknown to him…Chernogorsk. He stumbled into an old Garage and barely got the doors shut to cut of the dead that followed him. Laying on the floor catching his breath, he started looking around. His eyes immediately fell upon an old offroad vehicle that was gathering dust in the garage. Suddenly Bjorn realized that if he was gonna survive this hell, him being alive had to have some kind of meaning other than killing dead and surviving day after day. First the garage served as a safe place where Bjorn gathered supplies for survival, rigging traps for the dead and keeping himself busy with the car. After a while people started knocking on the door for trading supplies and finding shelter. At this point a man came rolling by with a car he had found. A car that was barely running. Bjorn had found parts that could be mounted on the car and that was his first customer. He made a big sign on the wall that said “Big Bear Garage - still serving customers” Losing and Finding my Family James Black Lost his family when he was young, but in the orphanage he found his new one. He got encountered by a man called Jax Wolf, the president of the Fallen Sons MC, James looked up to this man, he always loved motorcycles and all he needed was a Family, and Jax offered him one. James got recruited into the club as a Sgt. At Arms, and lived his life with his new family. This New Family brought some new problems too, James realized this club wasn’t just about brotherhood and family, all it really was about money. Jax kept talking about how the gun business was running dry, and that this could mean the end for the club, and for James, the end of the club basically meant the end of his life. He did everything to resurrect it. The real leader that followed a fake leader One day, Jax had an idea, a great idea according to him. He wanted to go towards Chernarus to have a meet with a bunch of Russians that could get their hands on Kalashnikovs, SVD´s Etc. It sounded almost too good to be true, this could have been our golden ticket, however James didn’t like it, the whole idea of going to a different country just to get some quick cash, it was a bad idea. But Jax Insisted, he said this was our one and only chance, and if we didn’t take this the club would be gone in no time, so he gave us a choice, join him and go towards Chernarus, set up the gun business there, and go back home, or leave the club and lose the family. James knew his answer almost immediately, he went with James, just as the rest of the club did. The Death of the Fallen Sons MC We arrived on the North East airfield, and drove a bus down to Berezino. Where we had our meet with a man called Dimitri Domayakov, Jax spoke to him several times and he had connections with the Russian Mob. We arrived at this big parking lot, where one Russian man was standing on his own, next to an old Russian car. We got out, tried to do the deal but things went south quickly, a big group of VDV soldiers ambushed us, forced us to hand over our guns, and go with them. We didn’t take that, Lots of gunshots were fired, lots of Brothers died, And Jax, Jax simply ran off and left us to die. I managed to kill a fair amount and run of with two other members of the club. After this, nothing really got the same for James anymore. The Fresh start Of James Black After the past events James had a tough time recovering from his past, he always had a fear of being alone, losing his family, but now it happened twice. James went out and made a lot of new friends, he tried to get his name out there, however the people that were still left of the club all saw James as the new leader, he never wanted this but he had to take the job, he kept the club safe, well… What was left of it. But slowly the people of the club started to disappear, radio’s went silent and members left, they were scared, James really tried rebuilding the Fallen Sons, but he got to terms that the Fallen Sons have actually Fallen, for the first time in his life, he gave up on the club, and he lived his own live. James found love, pain, and a new brotherhood, a new family. The Garage When James met Bjorn, and Bjorn told him about his idea of opening up a garage, James felt like he had a goal again, James felt like he could do something that could bring him back to his old roots, his old life. He started a Partnership with Bjorn, Named it Black Bear Garage, and put all his effort into it. For once in a long time, James didn’t feel alone anymore, he felt strong again, he felt like the man he used to be. Head Mechanic, Garage Manager Bjorn Evald - Munter Business relations & Logistics James Black - FieJaxon Supplies Manager Jade Rose - Sophie Secretary Chantal Cowan - Chantaleena Mechanics Jerimie Adair - Jerimie Adair Jeffery Holmes - SebbePwnYou Drivers John Fritzén - StN Recruits Sylas Courtney - OutlaweTV IC - Always put family first - - Run a successful garage as a point of business - - Establish transport routes across the country - - Build own trading network and trading between other groups - - Keep the order around the facilities and nearby town - OOC - Provide detailed and specific mechanic RP balanced with hostile RP when needed - - Keep RP, internal RP and use of radio IC at all time if possible - Partners - Black Fangs - - The United People of Salvation - Competitors - - - Enemies - - - Recruitment is done IC, but if you are interested send a PM to @Munter or @FieJaxon with this template: - Why do you want to join the group?: - Previous groups: - Timezone: - Character profile:
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    1st thing - "everybody's going to die unless you kill yourself" - i'm sorry, what in the actual fuck is that about? 2nd thing - there is absolutely ZERO IMMERSION in this video. Where is the rp in any of this? I mean, I know that we're not being shown the full scenario here, but all I see here is a fuck load of hostages role playing AT a few bandit shufflers and getting the absolute bare minimum of "rp" in return. To take someone hostage is to take away their freedom to do damn near anything. So you had damn well better make it worthwhile for them in return with some quality hostage role play. Here? There was NONE. 3rd thing - To whoever all of you people are taking this cluster of people hostage. EITHER MUTE YOUR SOUND OR JUST GET THE HELL OFF TEAMSPEAK. Jesus, if you're in the presence of people in a role playing server and they are not in your channel, THEN THEY ARE YOUR PRIORITY BECAUSE YOU ARE HERE TO ROLE PLAY AND INTERACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE DYNAMICALLY!! It is so blatantly obvious that you all are more focused and interested in talking to each other in some ts channel than you are in talking to the people you're actually supposed to be role playing with. Which in this case appears to be literally half of the server population. This is incredibly disappointing on so any levels. 4th thing - @Vytis I don't believe @Joffrey did anything wrong here either, nor was he the one being referred to when @Rolle mentioned rule 4. Lastly - Y'all need mentors. My god. The facial expression in my avatar is basically how i look right now while watching this video. Just sayin
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    Ah just close it. I believe Ronan and Amerdan are genuinely sorry about the situation and hopefully won't act this way again. But im not convinced by Ronin47's apology and what ive been told by Amerdan on TS that he is genuine but does not fully understand he is in the wrong. But I do not want to punish 2 genuinely sorry people for the actions of 1 other.
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    I feel this is necessary. In lights of this report I would like to address a few things as the leader of the group that is involved here. First and foremost I want to state that I am not bias towards my own group in this matter. I fully understand as to why the report was made. The reputation of our group is very important to me, which is one of the reasons why I've put so many hours into this game recently. Anyone who knows us and our group will know that our RP is definitely centered around mature and realistic roleplay. We create business relationships and alliances with other groups around us such as Aegis, The Gremlins and the Black Fangs. We are a very active group and besides focusing on running a hotspot for a while now, we also concentrate on bonding experiences within our Members. Our RP has always been very serious. Which brings me to my next point. The actions in the report displayed are and will be a one time thing. We do not RP in such a way with eachother. Instead we build our relationships and everyone's RP coming from our members has always been decent. I am very sorry to see that this RP took place and that it was reported. I have spoken to all of my guys and they are apologetic and agree that they should've brought this to a stop before it escalated and went on for way too long than it should have. I can also say that I wasn't around at the time yesterday due to being ill and If I had been there, would've stopped this situation from escalating as I myself take RP very seriously. What happened here is that the guys got lost in having too much of a good time infront of random people that have never encountered our group before and I can guarantee that we are NOT like this. I always prioritise RP over anything and as we do have a few newer community members in our group, I have been trying to bring that across and me and Ronan have been teaching them successfully. It's a shame that the person who put up the report has been slightly dis cooperative in regards to talking it out with my 2nd in charge and IC group leader @Ronan, who I can guarantee is a very mature and realistic roleplayer, otherwise I wouldn't have made him the IC leader of my group that I worked very hard on. The actions he displayed were out of order but also were not a regularity. However this report may turn out, I can say for sure that this will be the first and last time this was displayed by our group. I see both sides of the argument, I agree that the situation went on far too long than it should have without any of them stopping the behavior but am also very disappointed that we couldn't have talked it out in a civil manner with the OP but it is what it is. Again, I am not bias towards my own group and fully understand why the report was made. With this post I hope to clear any air in the room in regards to what some people may think of us, but as I stated, anyone who knows us ingame is aware of our RP and can make their own opinions on us.
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    Herro. Here's some art of mine and a comic I'm working on! I probably can't help anyone with any art atm, so if you were interested sorrrrryyy ... [ART] (A scrapped idea, looked too young ... blah blah.) (It's LYYYCAAA as Luina! :D) (New Lo's nice old SMACK from Uncle Seth) Phe and Lo, Sisters for Life!! "I promise." (PFT YEAH OKAY SURE) --- Off Topic Comic Idea [The Right Thing] [COMIC - There Will Come Soft Rains.] (This is a comic idea I'm SORTA working on, prolly gonna be slow goings...)
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    World Lore Entry No. 4 - Wind of Change - September 30th, 2017 (hit play, adjust PC volume and read) "The future's in the air, I can feel it everywhere, blowing with the wind of change..." *as you cycle through the frequencies on your radio you come across one that contains a woman going on in Chernarussian and then in English about events outside South Zagoria. You stop to take a listen as the broadcast continues...* .....---sshhhhhhhhhh-----.....destroying several government tanks on the edge of the protective barrier, and executing 32 CDF soldi----ssshhhhhh---before advancing on the "Workshop" on the outskirts of Kirovo-----sshhhhh----*transmission seems to clear*----this comes as President Kozlov announced the clearing of new plots of land for livestock just outside of the perimeter. Infected numbers in the area have been significantly thinned by the air force and the final variant of the chemical agent "RR" produced by government scientists and the UN. NATO forces have begun an investigation into the nuclear blast that took place in late July. Divers have managed to discover the epi-----ssshhhhh-------ast. Government supply drops to stranded forces near the Takistani border were seized by military forces of the newly declared Belozersk Federative Republic. A warplane from the besieged airbase was shot down by the militants, capturing and executing the pilot. This only served to escalate the conflict as Su-25s from Primorsk were spotted in the area shortly following the downing of the Mig-21. A local Right Sektor militia has vowed to drive the militants and the Takistani raiders back along with the infected in order to avenge the pilot. A category 2 horde has been moving west of South Zagoria towards Novigrad, but it is thought that it could head east, towards So----*the transmission is drowned in static* *as you sit and eat lukewarm food out of a can you overhear a friend playing with a long-range receiver and listen in as he picks up some strange transmissions* “Anyway is the same way, the rule of all is one, the power of the free is a chain, the God of ligh---*the transmissions is cut out as your friend changes the frequency, "Fucking cult" he mutters as you both listen to a new frequency. He begins to cycle through many different ones, some punctuated by static and interference, some with warped voices and fairly audible noises.* Mysterious Broadcast *days later you pick up a TV broadcast from the United States* "And now we go to our north Atlanta affiliate where the National Guard is pushing down I-85 from midtown in an attempt to secure the international airport: This is correspondant Kelley Pace for local station Fox 24 in Zone 17 of the East-Coast safezone. In recent days the National Guard has solidified recent gains in midtown, and has begun mobilizing for the push south down I-85 to secure the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, aswell as the Grady Memorial Hospital and several pockets of survivors and military forces. Taking the hospital and the pockets of survivors will be crucial to establish in-depth defense before moving on the airport, which was lost earlier this month during Hurricane Irma." "The army units holding the airport alongside many relief workers, Red Cross staff, and refugees lost contact during the storm, creating chaos and driving the infected into the northern section of the airport, resulting in the complete loss of all the UH-60 and CH-47 helicopters that have been heavily involved with relief and cleansing efforts in recent weeks. The remaining survivors have been forced into the commercial aircraft terminals to attempt to hold off the infected and prevent the complete fall of the strategic airport. The army hopes to re-take the airport to use as a springboard for future operations aimed at restoring the area west of Atlanta to civilization. Many people living inside the city were evacuated or fled to the countryside as urban areas and suburbs devolved into chaos, some staying behind and forming neighborhood watch programs which have held the line in many areas without power or proper army safezones." "In a disastrous turn of events an Army CH-47 Chinook helicopter went down over Dobbins Air Reserve base, resulting in the destruction of a number of other helicopters and an Air Force C-5 Super Galaxy, killing some 23 personnel in the conflagration. This event combined with the loss of Jackson-Hartsfield has significantly lessened the amount aircraft available that can be used to drop relief pallets and to transport troops and volunteers. Despite this many survivors continue to press on even outside the declared government zones, doing their best to keep them and their families safe. Large swathes of land lost to the infection have become fighting grounds for the living and the infected, many citizens establishing militias in rural areas to keep order given the absence of a functioning society. For Fox 24 this is correspondent Kelley Pace signing off---" *you tune your radio to a frequency you found in an old Chernarussian radio station, and play around until you hear something in Russian. It seems to be a man speaking about something odd he witnessed* "Вчера вечером на небе раздался взрыв и яркая вспышка. Он разбудил меня и мою бабушку и предупредил даже комендантский час армии. Это выглядело как ракета, направлявшаяся на юг к Чернарусу или Такистану. Кто-нибудь еще видел это? Они ничего нам не сказали." *Another broadcast can be heard, this one comes across as much more official than the last ones you have heard over the previous days. The voice of a man with a British accent making the broadcast sounds as if he is reading from a manuscript, but he sounds hurried and nervous.* "NATO command has been moved from Mons, Belgium to Warsaw, Poland following the fall of the city. The UN general assembly has been moved to Switzerland, operations are being coordinated from there. No further assets are available for France or Belgium. Outbreaks in Spain have rendered the border porous, and following the----sshhhhhh----shhhhhh---zzzzttttt---efforts are being turned inward as the ability to send reinforcements to outside nations has been diminished. Only the Balkan and Eastern states along with the US and Russia are capable of sending any extra resources or troops at this present time. The situation in the Baltic and Scandinavian states is unclear, they focused efforts inward but as far as we know Estonian is the only nation in the Baltic that has stood to this point. Latvia and Lithuania have been decimated, and Russia has not sent any help and has maintained its extensive quarantine running from Finland to the Georgian border. Internal outbreaks have made this difficult, but the Russian Armed Forces have substituted for the spread out nature of their troops by deploying tactical ballistic missiles and FOABs against concentrations of infected on their borders." "Ukrainian forces have made an unexpected comeback against the infection and have re-grouped around Lyiv, pushing east towards the capital. Units of the New Takistani Army have advanced towards Takmyr in an apparent declaration of war against the remaining forces of the US left in Takistan and in the nearby Green Sea. NATO and US forces are in the process of withdrawing from the country in order to establish a new stronghold elsewhere in the region. This attack has caught US forces off guard at a time when they are scattered and desperate to re-group. Russia holds all the cards in the Green Sea region, but their grip is slipping as they are forced to send more of their forces away from the borders to assist with unrest near Krasnodar. Despite this Russian forces have been observed massing assets at airfields, bases, and cities in the theater." "NATO forces have occupied and secured the Bosphorus Strait and the outskirts of Istanbul, indicating a desire to retain access to the Green and Black Sea. The Russian Black Sea fleet has been rotated back and forth between Chernarus and Crimea in order to keep readiness high and crews alert and prepared. Crimea on the other hand has been turned into a fortress, avoiding the fate that many areas in Ukraine suffered. All transmissions emanating from Chernarus have suggested------sssshhhhhh------------zzzzzztttttttttt----" *transmission cuts out* Those from all walks of life have been forced to choose a new and uncertain path
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    Last time you were around the community all you did was bitch and moan about how shit this place was and how you were done with it just because of IC consequences that hurt your ego. Like you do every few months when you inevitably rage quit from here, maybe he thought you were gone? Since ya know, that's what you said. Good luck with the group Zero, I'm sure you could pull off some great RP with this.
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    I leave feedback for you because I do not get nearly as many complaints in my PM box about other groups, so I don't feel like I have to personally intervene there - other staff members can handle it. I know what happened with the last group and how many reports you were involved in, which is something that I want to improve in the future so that everyone is happy and we can get rid of the salt and OOC hate, hence my posts. My "shitting on your group" was actually feedback and a clarification for you all going forward so that you can succeed with this group and not get on the hating side of the community again like with last one. To do hostilities properly and with consideration for fair play and not just rely on group goals to create hostility reasons for you. What I was doing is reminding all of you how the rules work and how you should follow them. That's what feedback from me was. I don't comment on quality of your RP because I simply haven't seen it yet in this group, I comment on what I see and what my previous experience with you guys has taught me. I have looked at both sides of the situations, in the present and in the past. I didn't say that the feedback posted in this thread pictured your group badly or that you already messed up. I didn't jump to any conclusions or blindly trust the people who submitted the feedback. All I said was simply point out that you instantly flagged them as salty people instead of explaining how they were wrong, which only makes things worse. Only some time after you posted that it was all talked out in TS and it was all good. I have seen videos of you role playing previously, I know you're good. If I didn't and only looked at the situations where you initiate on people and kill them I wouldn't include this in my previous post: "If you can pull this group idea and do it well - great, finally we can have an original hostile group that plays fair, doesn't force their hostility upon other players for no reason and lets in game interactions steer whether the hostilities are needed or not." And if I wasn't objective and have actually bothered to look at both sides of the situations you were involved in, including the reports, your group would have been forcefully disbanded and members banned long time ago, in a similar way how SKA and other PvP groups were in the past. But since I haven't, you will have to take my word that I know that you have great role players in the group and a huge potential and I do look at both sides of the story and do not just watch KoS videos involving you and blindly trust those who create reports. The only issue of mine, like I also mentioned in my previous post - is how these hostilities are created and started. That was my only problem, I don't have any issues with hostilities or PvP when they are justified in game. If someone pushes me enough in game or hurts one of my mates where his or mine lives are at risk, I will blow that guys head off instantly just like many other people would. But there needs to be a reason stemming from the ongoing role play, not just a made up idea of a group goal that is always valid and readily available to use for initiation on majority of the players. That was the only thing I wanted to point out in my feedback, I didn't even remotely mention anything about shutting down the group or anything like that and now you're going all out personal and hostile towards me that I am shit at running the community, you're hinting that it is because of me that it is dying, that I am biased and am targeting you guys because I apparently "hate you" and that I am close minded about people who get in PvP situations. All of this because I believe that we should prioritize RP and play fair with others? Nice going Dusty, I'll remember that.
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    I think we're gonna move forward with this idea. The lore wipe has been done, we had a decent spike in activity but now we're back to a low level. Another activity bump won't come until beta 0.63 is released and that might take a while. With the current population numbers it is IMO better to create a single meeting area and make it official and abuse free, rather than have players run around the map for hours to find just a handful of people - that's no fun, people get bored of Running Simulator 2017 and stop playing, which is one of major factors of declining population IMO. I know it is a huge downside for me, when we had Trade Post I remember that I played a lot more. I'll create a draft soon with where the safe zone could be located and what rules we could use for it.
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    Well it's that time, after over 4 years of being here I no longer enjoy the place. The game is boring and RP just bores me to death, because honestly I'm all burnt out on it. I tried taking a break and coming back but nothing changed for me. Rolle did a great job providing a community for so many people to enjoy, me being one of those people, but I can't anymore. I made some cool ass friends here, and realized who the real ones are. @Dusty amazing group leader and staff member, you need that Admin rank. @Mexi even though we bicker a lot we can share some of the most interesting conversations. The best lad here @Dew Known this nibba for a long ass time, always chill to be around @Tom A new friend, we always got BF3 to chill and relax playing for times to come @Pep The flame lord @William Fellow American lad, play that flute @Odap the Corruptor A total meme, come by for that Mexican and Margeritas @Macbrine You too @Shane Hash Master, thanks for the TS to chill in @evanm23 You meme, made great friends as we got to know each other @Keira My daughters future mother in law, keep it high @Dom If this the right man, good man since the beginning Those I missed, oh well. Time for me to go spend time working on my new project car, and continue watching my daughter grow. Deuces
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    When broken pieces find the missing addition to their puzzle, the world that once bled in obscurity can look so much brighter. Let's talk about our dreams, our challenges and the darkness in our lives. This is a memoir about family. - A tale about society's flaws and peoples mistakes. About right and wrong, failure and reassurance. None of us are the same. None of us knew that what we had found in eachother, would one day save our lives. Our personal battles I remember it as if it was yesterday. The barn was shimmering in a deep orange as the sun set over severograd. I was holding my shotgun, flashing my eyes over to David as he held his rifle against the back of Jeremy Noivac's head. "What are your last words?" David asked, his voice clearly shakey in pitch, nervous over what was about to happen. Jeremy sobbed once before replying with "I have a son in berezino. Tell him I died a hero". I look away. The gunshot still rings in my ears to this day, wakes me up in the middle of the night. We buried him under the enormous old oak tree infront of the barn. We all took turns digging the grave with the rusty shovel. The dirt was still a little moist from the rain the night before. Fall in this country seems to be gloomy and dark and that is exactly how I remember the day we took someone's life. The first person I had ever killed. We said a prayer, eased him into the grave and pushed the dirt back over top. I reached for my old, rusty hunting knife and began carving his name into the cross we put up. Sometime passes and we continue our lives like we did before. Jeremy had been an enemy for a while, so we weren't devastated he was gone. He was going to become more and more of a problem. He had badly influenced the youngest in the group, Razz. We knew that he was going to kill the kid. Not literally but metaphorically. Jeremy was the kind of person that could twist your mentallity in a heartbeat. He was the reason we almost lost Razz to an overdose and he also almost killed David by kicking him in the chest so hard that a rib broke and punctured his lung. He would play with your trust, backstabb you and make you believe in his ideologies. All of this seems very oblivious to let someone do to you, but you wouldn't notice unless you were already neck deep in the shit. We stopped it while we could and although I, to this day, do not agree with what we did to him before we decided to end his life, I am going to have to live with it forever. It was my decision. Mine alone. I let my anger out on him. Tortured him like noone else would have. I believed it to be the right thing to do at the time, but today I know I was wrong. I'm going to live with it, even if it's hard. It was the morning of the 20th of September 2017. I had just woken up, walked outside of the Bar, yawning. I heard that David & Razz were awake, so I asked if anyone had seen them. I was pointed towards the hill and make my way up to see an ongoing conversation between the two. It sounded heated. They were arguing about Razz's recent behaviors, his state of mind and his mentality. We had been battling through a rough couple of days of him doing stupid things, not realizing what he was getting himself into. Jeremy gets mentioned in the conversation and bad words are flying between them. "I fucking saw him, David" Razz yells. "We need to get you help razz. Hearing voices and seeing dead people isn't fucking healthy" David replies with an aggressive tone of voice. As I listened to the argument, I began to recall a situation that happened the day before. "You saw Jeremy?" I ask Razz and both of them suddenly looked over to me, quiet. They finally took a break from arguing. "I did" Razz replies. David looked at me confused for a moment before I looked straight to the ground, nervous. "I saw him too". They were stood there in complete silence, staring at me. I remember making no eye contact with either of them and just glaring to the ground deep in thought. The situation I was referring to occured at the Barn north of severograd. The barn we killed Jeremy in. I remember sitting on the second level, dangling my feet off the edge, munching on a pack of pretzels and just sitting there, thinking. I heard footsteps outside so I made my way down, taking a look inside and outside of the barn to see who was there. Nothing. As I turn to look at the old oak tree we buried Jeremy under, I hear them again, coming from my left. I turned around to see the silhouette of a man walking around the corner of the barn. He was dressed in the same clothes we had buries Jeremy in. At least I thought. When I followed and walked around the same corner, I couldn't see anyone there. I searched the entire area afterwards for someone that looked like the person I seemed to have seen. Nothing. When I finished telling Razz & David what I had seen that day, David grabbed a hold of his gun tighter than I had ever seen. He turned around and ran straight towards the barn. Arriving, he threw himself over Jeremy's grave and began digging with his bare hands. All the way through to the depth we had buried him. He stood up, glaring down to the grave. I was standing next to him, doing the same. We both looked down to see an empty space with a single blanket still there. It couldn't have been true. We shot him. We shot him right into the back of his head. I saw the blood splattering everywhere. We checked his pulse and he was dead. Definitely. Unless.. We're all going crazy around here and everything we seemed to have witnessed was just our minds playing tricks with us. We either saw his ghost, someone robbed the grave or.. we never killed him. What if we're in a state of delirium? By Rory Taylor The first time I tried to take my own life was back home in Atlanta. I had just been kicked out by my parents for being different than what they wanted me to be. Sounds dark but happens to be the truth. Life seemed broken in many ways than one. I got booted out of med school for getting a criminal record, went down the wrong path with the wrong friends, was high as a kite almost every minute of the day and struggled with feeling alone all the time. I managed to get my hands on a pack of sleeping pills and did some research on the internet. That night I was certain that I wanted to trade my life for something better. I took the pills and fell asleep. I woke back up. I was close to going with the angels that day but something stopped it from happening. Whether it was my pure luck to take the wrong amount of pills or something I can't explain, trying to show me that there was a reason for me to be there, I really don't know. - Some time passed, I started my new life in a completely different country. Isolated from my old ways of living and especially my parents. Chernarus seemed like a new start and even the outbreak and what seemed like the end of the world didn't allow my depression to return. I got myself a new family, opened up a Bar in the town I used to live and work in before the outbreak and things were finally looking up. I was active every day and loved it. Could barely sit still. The wanderlust hit and I was ready to explore the entire country. I loved the nature and scenic beauty this place had to offer, loved to sit down by the beach and watch the waves and explore the forests all around chernogorsk. I was more than ready to get out there and see all the other places. The day we moved the bar to a different location in the town was the day that everything changed for me again. Me and Eddie were messing around on a pretty high staircase right next to the bridge. I was swining my baseball bat around and lost grip of it. It fell down the side of the stairs and as I was about to look behind me, I lost balance and slipped off the side of the staircase, landing on top of my baseball bat, my ankle snapping sideways as I hit the ground. I was in agony. A doctor named Taryn came all the way from up north. I had a clean break through my fibula in my right leg. It was bad. I was put under and the surgery lasted a good while. When I woke up, a bunch of idiots decided to attack the doctor's office we were hunkered down in. I was stressed, scared and nervous. Once the situation blew over and everyone had left to give me some space, I took some time to myself to think about everything. I remembered life before, I thought about all the stuff I tried to push out of my mind that made me upset. I contemplated the reason I was still here and couldn't find one. The town had become a war zone, friends dying left right and center. I was told that I may never be able to walk the same as I used to. The break was severe and the doctor couldn't do more than reconstruct my fibula and hold it in place. I had ligament and tendon damage and was told that I was gonna be out of the picture for a long time. I was so excited to explore the country and get out there. I couldn't do that anymore, not for weeks, maybe months. I lost hope in ever being able to walk normally again. If you go from being active all the time to not being able to go to the bathroom or anywhere by yourself, you start to reconsider things and darkness hits once again. I went to the bridge that night. The one right next to the doctor's office I was operated in. I had tied a noose in a long piece of rope and was ready to let go off all the pain I felt that day. I sat there for the longest time, thinking. I tied the rope around the ledge of the bridge and was ready to grow my wings when I hear a voice shout at me from the other side of the bridge. Some man found me that night and talked me out if it. Told me there was reason for all the bad and that I was still needed somewhere. That was the second time I got interrupted. - The last instance happened not long ago. Sometime mid September. The bar had moved to severograd and I was in a lot of conflicts with myself, my decisions, my feelings, the pain in my leg that I still struggled with every single minute of the day and my feelings for a loved one fading away. Me and Jeremy Stryder had been in a relationship for weeks on end and he helped me get through the first few weeks after my surgery. He brightened every single day. I also knew that I didn't love him anymore and a war was happening in my head, conflicted with wanting to tell him and breaking up with him or living with it and continuing as if I still loved him. Life in severograd wasn't easy. A concentration camp was being built by wannabe king nigley, who was also fighting king Niall, pulling my entire group into their problems. Other people decided they suddenly want to be at war with us for reasons that I still don't understand. Talking could've been an easier solution. I was working full time in the hospital as well as managing the bar, being the leader of the group and trying to make the right decisions. Ont op of that, people wanted to be at war with us, other's wanted to negotiate deals. More and more individuals started coming to the town, wanting to speak to me. I had a lot on my plate. All of that added together with the struggle of finding the confidence to tell Jeremy about my decreasing feelings for him, worrying about Razz who continuously started going down a worse and worse road, having to live with killing Jeremy Noivac and torturing him before his death and my build up in feelings for David, I was done. I was stressed. I was so overloaded with problems and conflicts that I just wanted to let myself go. I went onto the highest apartment building, ready to jump when the door opens and David appears. I was confused and reassured him that everything was fine. He told me to wait ten minutes, he would be right back. I told him I would but after he left, I made my way over to the barn. The barn we tortured people in and killed Jeremy in. I found a piece of rope laying in the corner and began tying a noose. I sat down, holding it in my hands. I was crying but knew exactly that I wanted to leave this world behind. Out of the blue, David walked in on me holding the rope. He talked me out of it and I ended up confessing my love to him and him doing the same. He told me we could fix this and I agreed to giving it a try. Since that day, things have been getting better and better. I ended the relationship with Jeremy and decided to take a step back from leadership of Viridian. I took time to rest up and relax whilst me and David now manage group matters together. Things have been looking up. It is odd to me that every time I was ready to let go, someone or something stopped it from happening. Almost as if I wasn't supposed to die those times. - If you're out there feeling alone or feeling like the world wouldn't care if you were gone, trust me when I say that you have a purpose. Everyone does. There is always someone out there that loves you. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's hard to find. After darkness, there will always be a flame. Don't feel alone. Tell someone that you're sad. Getting it off your chest will be much easier. Trust me. You're strong. This thread will be updated & continued as time goes on We would love to share our group stories & the timeline of In Viridian with the community
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    She lay in bed with her eyes staring at the ceiling. The unfamiliar room had confused her when she first woke up, once she remembered where she was, she hadn’t been able to fall back asleep. Most days now, all she wanted to do was breakdown. Emotions and tensions were high, half the time she wondered why she was even staying with these people still. She’d meant to leave, but every time she tried or got separated, she ended up back with them. So at this point, it just made sense to stay. Not everyone was here though, she missed people who were gone. Emotionally it didn’t make sense to stay. Between the people she either felt they had an actual sense of pleasure having her around, a sense of annoyance, dread, or outright hostility. One was trying to tentatively figure her out and start a better relationship, which she appreciated. She saw through the fake smiles, knew the changes in the voice, the shift in posture, voices rising, quieting. She’d grown up with them, they had been engrained into part of her, a way to protect herself. A skill she couldn’t get rid of no matter how much she wished to be oblivious. Except for a few people, she felt very alone. She’d seen and done things she never thought she would. Things happened she never thought could happen, or at least would. She’d been wrong. She’d been very wrong. Almost 3 months, it felt like years some days. So much had happened, so much was still going on, with no sign of stopping. It was exhausting, people were being pushed beyond their limits of everything. Things had been okay at first, she’d found people she could stay with, she could trust, Eva and Ana. Moving around, doing different things. Some groups more chaotic than others. Everything had changed after the ‘waffle house incident’. She’d thought that it was simply another distress call, an injury to a friend, Phae. But once she’d gotten to them, things were not adding up, and continued not to. What had been called in as a wolf bite, turned out to be a human bite. Followed by another person named Eric appearing, supposedly a victim of the same attack, with a wolf bite resulting in amputation of a finger. The only problem was that was a lie too, the finger had clearly been amputated by a large cleaving knife. Something felt wrong, and she couldn’t place it. Instead of pointing out the obvious, she’d played along like stupid girl, pretending to not notice the difference between shredded tissue and a solid clean cut. It turned out Eric had been the one who Phae was calling ‘wolf’. She’d told her that. Then a few nights later…she shuddered at the memory. Opening the door, her eyes adjusting to see Phae on the floor crying. Her head bald when she had hair hours before, and the sickening feeling as the bruises and cuts came into focus. The immediate horror and all too familiar emotions running through her. Then the all too familiar lies started. She didn’t blame Phae for lying, even though she saw clear though them. That again though, came with the familiarity of it all. When someone was being abused, the people they cared about were always the ones threatened. If someone could get you alone and hurt you, there was no doubt they could do it to someone else. No one in their right mind would guard you 24 hours a day with no break, no lapse in judgement or focus. Even in shifts, eventually they would feel it was pointless. After a time of nothing happening, the need to ‘guard’ would be considered useless, and the victim would be alone again. It was either during the lapse, lack of attention, or the belief nothing would happen, that they were taken and hurt, usually killed. Phae had lied because she’s nearly been killed for already letting it slip that Eric hurt her. He found out, and he punished her. She had to lie, not only to protect herself but to protect them. It had taken some coaxing but she had been able to get Phae into her tent out by the lake, away from the cabin. Anyone could be hiding anywhere inside, or outside the building, and overhear you. It was harder when you had the woods all around you to signal movement on an intruder. Once Phae realized the lying wasn’t working, and that she was with someone who intended to keep her safe, she’d come clean about everything. It had taken some more coaxing, and it wasn’t until she had the gun in her hand, and was scanning the area around them, quietly explaining that she knew Phae was lying, why she was lying, that she didn’t blame her for lying, and that if Eric came near the tent, he had to get through her. She didn’t want to hurt or kill anyone, but she understood this relationship, how these people worked. She knew what he’d do to her if he found out she’d helped Phae and that she knew about him. Phae’s injuries were nothing compared to what he would do to her, and she wasn’t going to allow that. Eric was a liar, a cannibal, and a serial murderer. He was obsessed with Phae, wanting her to be with him. He’d been the one to bite her, he’d cut his own finger off to make an alibi. Then he tried to make her eat it, only stopping after she’d been screaming, crying and begging him. He’d then made a gruesome ring out of the muscle and sinew, she’d seen it herself. Hell, she freaked out and attempted to grab it off of Phae’s hand, and throw it away. But Phae had panicked more about Eric noticing it being missing, to which she had to agree with. Seth had figured it out by the time she told him the next morning. Everyone was around except for Eric. Things that Eric said didn’t add up. Phae’s terrified reaction when she first realized Eric was in the camp. They had to do something. The problem was what. Trying to haul him to the CDF in Cherno would likely have resulted in robbery and release of the prisoner, letting a killer run off. Secondarily, it was the word of a well-spoken, charming man, versus that of a schizophrenic woman, and the case notes she had written, realizing something was very off. Phae was medicated and doing well, but she knew the moment anyone heard the word schizophrenia, any credibility she had was out the door. People were stupid like that when it came to mental health. She didn’t know what to do, and she didn’t have time to think about it. Too on edge, waiting for him to come back, wondering if he was watching them from the woods somewhere, planning to attack them. Too busy repeatedly re-explaining everything that had happened to people who got back to camp. The only thing they had been able to come up with was putting him in handcuffs or tying his hands up at the least. That way he couldn’t hurt anyone. Maybe lock in him a room or something until they figured it out. She didn’t want to hurt him, or kill him, Seth on the other hand, she was not so sure about. It had all happened so fast. Walking back after doing some chores, there was Eric, sitting with Tivian by a fire. Her heart had nearly stopped. Tivian didn’t know yet, or had forgotten that it had been Eric. Not hard to see why, Eric was being polite and charming as usual. Seth appeared and they’d gotten him to the cabin, then in handcuffs before he realized anything was happening. She still couldn’t believe that. Every second she had expected a gun in her face and yelling to start, then pain, only it hadn’t happened. Seth had confronted Eric with the information. Making Phae speak up and say what he did to her. She knew it had been meant to help Phae be the stronger person, to be able to face her attacker, she’d held her hand and felt the woman shaking in fear. She did it though. After that, oddly, Eric confessed to everything, saying he was even proud of it and that Phae was his, like an animal. She’d never forget the grin he had on his face, how proud of that he was. How sick it made her feel. Then Seth mentioned the word torture. That she was not okay with, and she made it clear. Also the problem being Seth also was making it very clear that it would get very ugly for anyone who tried to get in his way, and his weaponry was better. Several others had voiced their opinions that it wasn’t acceptable, but they’d been ignored, and still, outgunned. Seth was also incredibly intelligent, she had no doubt his capabilities of being dangerous. She’d walked out in disgust, not knowing what to do, only to walk right into an off duty Casper Hawk. As she had been so wonderfully and repeatedly, reminded afterward, the smart thing would have been to say something to him about what was happening. Allow him to intervene or call for backup. Only that requires thinking. When you’re filled with adrenaline and fear, your body likes to ignore the thinking part completely. The only thing working was instinct, and her instinct was that she liked Casper, and didn’t want him to be hurt. She’d pissed him off multiple times she was sure for raising hell with the UN, though one time they really deserved it. They’d broken their own damn rules in abandoning a settlement without moving the people in their care to some kind of short term space. It nearly spilled into a complete disaster. Otherwise she liked him, he seemed to be generally a good person. She could only seem to contemplate that and Seth’s threat to anyone in his way. She wasn’t exactly feeling comfortable having a door as the only thing separating them at the moment. She’d ending up grabbing Casper by the arm and trying to haul him a good distance away from the building, trying to explain what was happening and that she didn’t want him to go in there, as Seth probably wouldn’t hesitate to shoot him. She’s not sure any of that came out right though, probably not considering the aftermath. Again, adrenaline and logic were usually not a good combination. Thankfully Reed was right behind her, backing her up. Only no one seemed to remember that part. Upon stopping, spitting out the story the best she could, trying to calm her racing mind and just think, gunshots erupted. Apparently Eric had attempted to bitten his tongue off, which was possible if the body could fight the instinct to protect itself. More likely he drowned in his own blood. That made Seth not happy, and he angrily put some rounds in the body to feel slightly better. It had been fully downhill from there. The incident had been reported, which she had expected. What she didn’t expect was being grilled by three people, one of which due to their reaction and position, should never have been there demanding answers in the first place. Also now something Seth did was also getting thrown in her face. Dolores, a girl partially in her care, whom she cared very much for, had disappeared for over a week, no word about leaving, just gone. Scared the hell out of them all. She suddenly reappeared just fine, having needed to be alone for a bit. That wouldn’t have been an issue, the issue was her not telling anyone. Seth was furious and said that he was going to hit her so she wouldn’t forget, which had erupted into her chewing him out about how not okay that was. They’d ended up with her giving Seth a death stare until he adamantly repeated he was speaking metaphorically. She still hadn’t bought it, but Seth started talking with Dolores when she couldn’t stay awake any longer. She’d made herself stand nearby, watching intently, then nearly fell asleep standing up. He’d appeared to be keeping his word, and she couldn’t keep her eyes open, she gave up and went to bed. Turns out the next morning of course he wasn’t being metaphorical. He’d explained apparently why he’d hit her, and Dolores had a major bruise on her face. She then turned around and raised hell with Seth again, who was adamant it was good for her and she wouldn’t do it again. Apparently that had been the environment Seth was raised in, and Phae to a degree. It didn’t make it right by any means, but people disciplined differently. She knew way too many stories of much worse times when teachers could hit you with rulers, a cane, beat you. Parents frequently using belts as whips, etc. They all horrified her. It was still a majorly ethical debate. She’d been intending to sit and talk with Dolores about it, about why she felt she couldn’t talk to anyone and didn’t contact them, about why she needed to, in case she ever did it again. So that got thrown in as allowing child abuse. Seriously? Even with that incident, Dolores loved ‘Uncle Seth’. He was one of the few people she felt safe with and who she knew would protect her in every way he could. What the fuck did they expect her to do, have a group of armed people come forcefully take Dolores (as she would have refused to leave her current company) away? A 13 year old girl who was already traumatized and afraid of people? Who, while this incident not being okay, was also constantly with different people who she considered new family, taking care of her, people who she felt safe and happy with. She was just supposed to take this one incident when Seth had never shown any time of violence or manipulation towards Dolores, and force the already terrified of strangers girl, to go somewhere with strangers and never see the people she cared about again? Except under the rules of people who did not know any of them? When she didn’t want to go with them? Fuck that. None of them had come to Dolores’s aid when she was scared and alone in a church, having locked herself inside, infected outside, on a broken radio, crying for help. That had been Wyatt, a police woman, and herself. They were the ones who reached out and found the girl. If she had felt Dolores was in danger in any way with Seth and Phae, she would have grabbed her and left without hesitation. But no, apparently now she was a murderer and child abuser, and getting screamed at by someone who kept trying to turn her words against her. The next day she had found Dr. Luke Andersson had returned to camp. She went to greet him, exhausted and upset at the current events. He was having a difficult time too from what he told her, but he’d also immediately picked up on her distress and insisted that she speak to him as a patient to a doctor. Even as a doctor herself, she had the legal right to speak to a therapist if she needed it, and any mentions of a patient being involved with the stress, was also protected by law. That and Phae didn’t care who heard the story, as long as it was the truth. She had no reason to lie, nor talk about the incident, except people kept demanding the story. At that point, the Dr. had no private room. Even if they had gone into the hospital, it was too easy to be overheard even in normal conversation. The same with anywhere else in camp, or in a house nearby, and they were too exhausted to walk far away. It was decided that even though it was a private session as her being a client to Dr. Andersson, they were just going to have to trust the people in the camp, who were all UN or WHO at the time, to be professional. To try to keep as quiet as they could and hope that anyone who noticed it would recognize it as a session and ignore the conversation like they normally should have, being professionals. That was a massive mistake. Hours later it was nearly being flung around camp that she’d broken her patient’s confidentiality and all the details of how she let someone die. First off, legally there had to be written consent of confidentiality for it to stand up in court. She had none, because this wasn’t exactly like she had paperwork, injuries were an emergency basis and she was helping people who needed it. She kept records for herself, for if she needed to treat someone again later, the other doctors did the same thing. The confidentiality was by her morals, she treated them as though they were an unspoken contract, and it wasn’t exactly like they had a choice to sign a bunch of paperwork while bleeding out or something. She wasn’t going to break that trust. Secondly and more importantly, she had Phae’s permission. Third, whoever had been so cheerful about spreading the news of her ‘breaking’ a client confidentiality agreement, didn’t seem to realize that they were doing exactly that. She told Andersson later, and to say he was furious would have been an understatement. But the damage had been done, spreading like wildfire. The talk itself had been helpful. She’d been questioning everything she did, how she felt, how she’d messed up, if she really was a horrible person. Andersson listened and backed up her actions thoroughly. He agreed that Phae had lied due to fear of retaliation, and with valid fear of it. It was a completely normal and expected reaction of anyone under those circumstances. Lying to others was protecting both them and yourself in those circumstances. The fact that she’d pulled Phae away from the building, to her tent, treated her, gotten her comfortable, and was willing to use lethal force to protect both of them, he felt was both acceptable and commendable. He explained most people would have just ignored the situation in hope to not be involved, or taken her to be someone else’s problem. Yes she was a doctor, but her patient’s life had been under threat. She had protected her patient to the best of her ability. If that meant lethal force, then so be it. Eric had proven he was an extremely dangerous individual. When questioned more about it, he firmly stated that the largest fact that anyone with a degree in psychology would notice immediately, and take note of, was that she hid Phae and stayed with her. She did NOT attempt to go find, confront, or hunt down Eric. Nor did she try to lure him to where she could hurt him. Even talking with Seth later, any plans made were to subdue him so he couldn’t hurt anyone else. No plans of hurting him, killing him or him disappearing. Put in cuffs, then figure out plan. All of her actions were completely protective and self-defensive. He had repeatedly reassured her that it wasn’t questionable. Phae was in no way showing Stockholm syndrome. She did not in any way empathize with what Eric was doing, or okay his actions in any ways. In situations with captors, it’s fully expected and actually encouraged by police for the victim to emphasize with their captor, it keeps them alive. Typically if the victim acknowledged the captor as a human, who is struggling somehow, and had emotions and feelings, and acknowledged them, it could produce a profound effect. The captor would finally have someone who ‘understands’ or is willing to ‘listen’. The victim, is like them, suddenly not a victim, but another person. Usually the captor would reciprocate and actually be protective of the victim. This behavior was fully expected by police and psychology units. They worked around it, then the brainwashing effects could be fixed via therapy later, when they were safe. Phae showed none of those symptoms. He had confirmed Eric was not mentally ill, and knew exactly what he was doing. He flat out stated multiple times he was a hardened Sociopathic murder. Eric had not only murdered and cannibalized someone, he’d done it multiple times. He enjoyed it, he’d admitted to getting sexual pleasure from it. He’d enjoyed hurting Phae, watching her scream and beg. He’d gone through the black market to get his fill of female flesh when he knew killing was not an option and he would be caught. Someone who didn’t know what they were doing, would not have done that. He knew exactly what he was doing and that it was wrong. The Hippocratic Oath specifically referenced a doctor and patient. At the same time, he agreed it was outdated and understood most people didn’t take it anymore, or took a changed version. There were cases of doctors killing in self-defense and never getting their licenses revoked. Hell, she’d read a story of a doctor in a hospital, where an angered patient came in and started shooting. The doctor had pulled his gun, and shot the attacker. The news was having fits about the oath, yet everyone in the hospital and first responders agreed without hesitation, that he had saved them all from what would have been a massacre. In this case, she had protected her patient who had nearly been beaten to death hours before. As for ‘not doing what she should have’ he actually facepalmed in response. After a long sigh he explained, confirming what she already had though. We like to plan these scenarios out in our heads and say ‘if this ever happens, this is what I’m going to do.’ You believe that is how you will act, fully. You can get it down to muscle memory even. You can tell yourself over and over, this is what will happen and this is how I will react. But as soon as it really happens, it never actually goes the way you planned it. When you get fight or flight, you also get freeze, which most people don’t know. Something happens you freeze, you’re trying to take in all of this information and no matter what you’ve told yourself, you can’t think of how to respond. It’s a natural response. In cases like this, the body goes to instinct. It literally does not give you the option to think, because if you pause to think, you could be dead. Your body takes over, which he explained, was what happened. She knew there was a threat, and she wanted to make sure the person was safe, so she pulled him away from what could potentially hurt or kill him if he went near it. Completely natural response. In these situations, you just don’t think ‘tell so and so to call backup’. You think ‘get the fuck out of the target zone.’ Also, he had added, in the short amount of time for you to pull him away, talk, and hear those gunshots, how many minutes passed? She wasn’t sure, 2, 5? ‘Even if you had him call backup, there is no way they would have reached the area in time to stop what happened. You knew if he went inside it could mean his death, you did the most rational thing you could have done at the time. You can’t beat yourself up for not doing something else.’ He was even more worried about the psychological effect all of that was having on Phae, and begged her to call, and ask her to come speak with him. She did, and Phae had come, telling the same story over again. She was glad for that, Phae talking with Andersson seemed to really help, and it was kind of Andersson to have done that. Seth even came with Phae at one point and they responded to all questions asked about the situation. She was repeatedly being questioned, being treated with hostility and had people trying to be all friendly to her face, asking the same things, trying to reword their questions, to try to make her ‘slip up’ and change the story. Only that never happened. Each one of them was telling the truth, and they all had the exact same story because of it. You could only slip up if you were trying to remember details of a lie, she wasn’t lying. Nor was anyone else. No one seemed to remember that Reed had been there, which was probably for the best. All the anger seemed to focus on Tivian, John, and her. She had been glad for Ripley too. Ripley had listened, like Andersson. Phae even gave permission for her to show Ripley the papers she had written documenting everything as it happened. All the stories under cross examination matched, her writing lined up with what she was saying, and what she later discovered about Eric. He was getting hell for it, she could tell, he was one of the few people who seemed to be looking at it rationally. He was actually looking at the facts, what they were saying, not what others were saying, who hadn’t even been there until after it all happened. She could only be thankful for that. He understood her confusion with the whole situation with Dolores, and agreed that it would be wrong for a bunch of strangers to just take her away. Unless her safety was under threat, and between her and Wyatt, he didn’t think either would allow her to be in such a position. He’d also seen Dolores a few times after the incident. He couldn’t disagree that she seemed happy and comfortable, very evidently not wanting to leave Wyatt or the others. It felt like people were nearly an angry mob, all in one mindset and not being rational, just demanding what they wanted to see happen. It had been terrifying. She was beyond thankful for the few who had stood their ground, refusing to believe the mob mentality. She couldn’t help but feel without them, Tivian and her may have been lynched. The military higher ups deemed them innocent to vigilante murder charges, thankfully. It still didn’t end. She tried to leave again, but due to some things happening never got out of town that night. She ended up being needed the next day for someone in surgery. Then there was the madness that resulted from a stupid plan. Apparently someone or people believed that they were still lying about the whole situation. Tivian had been taken to a building and ‘detained’ against his will, told the case had been reopened, verbally interrogated, and then was told that if him or any of them tried to run, all the organized governments would hunt them down as wanted criminals. The case had been closed, then somehow re-opened, and it seemed like they were about to be arrested. She’d remembered the frantic radio call, her trying to calm him down, and panicking herself in the confusion. They had called Phae to see if she and Seth were willing to come talk, again, to officials there if need be, and of course they were. Seth also inquired about bringing a group with him just in case, to which all of them shut the idea down as being a horrible one. She had returned to camp, only to not have Ripley say one word to her about it, which she thought as very strange. They went into chaos when Seth still thought his plan was a good one and terrified everyone into thinking an attack was happening. Apparently he had decided against advice, that he should bring some people, just in case they needed to be ‘forcefully removed’ from the camp. She appreciated the intention of him wanting to help, he had just gone about it in the worst way possible. Tivian had also shown up and flipped out, not that she blamed him. It became obvious something was wrong very quickly, as Ripley was just as confused as they were. Once everyone calmed down and Tivian managed to speak without yelling, things began to make sense. He’d been taken by people with no jurisdiction to take him, held against his will in a building via thought he would try to run away (which a guilty person would have done long ago), told the case had been reopened, and verbally interrogated thoroughly by someone trying to ‘break’ him of his ‘lying’. Then threatened with being a convicted criminal if he, or any of them, tried to leave. The shock of someone actually going to that length, absolutely terrified her. If you repeatedly ask the same questions, especially mix up wording to try to catch a liar, and it doesn’t work, that should tell you something. Because if someone is lying, that tactic nearly always works to make them mix something up. Secondly, the only thing she could think of was people being physically tortured, until they ‘confessed’ to whatever it was their captor wanted them to confess to. It wasn’t the truth, it was what the captor wanted them to say, and so they could claim it as truth. The real truth wasn’t enough, so they were put under pressure to say anything to make the pain stop. Millions of innocent people died throughout history due to that kind of behavior. That’s nearly what this person had tried to do to Tivian, and they somehow thought they were on the right side. Everything they had done regarding it was illegal. Ripley stated firmly that they had absolutely no authority to even question Tivian, let alone demand, detain, and threaten him. It made her sick, to think people she had looked up to so much, were going to these lengths. It horrified her that they could think their actions were justifiable. They should know better, they did know better. Again she wanted to leave, but again people needed her more. She wasn’t going to turn away anyone who needed her help. People were dying, it was her job to do everything she could to help them. It’s what she had chosen to do with her life. Then more chaos, then the attack. She didn’t want to think about that, every part of it was so beyond fucked up. The first thing that always came into her mind about it, that made her want to automatically cry, was Anton. She’d gotten a crush on him when she first met him at the airfield. He seemed to be one of the only rational people she’d met in what felt like a world of chaos. Not surprising she’d fallen for him in that regard. He’d been brought up in some of the worst circumstances possible, yet he still seemed like a good, well intentioned, rational person. Someone who along with others struggled because people viewed them by their nation, not as individual people. He didn’t want to conquer anything, he just wanted to have his job done so he could go home, like what everyone else wanted. He nearly always had her laughing. She always felt like an awkward idiot trying to talk to him though, being social was not on her list of things she could do well. Emphasize, yes. Try to have normal small talk with someone, nope. Flirting was completely out of her range. It wasn’t reciprocated though, that was obvious enough. It was what it was. She’d done her best to move on, and it was going rather well she thought. Anton had brought his partner to camp, Taryn, who she met and helped. She liked her, seemed a lot like herself personality wise. Probably why they got along so well. Taryn was also in trauma surgery, but had not been able to finish her residency when the virus hit. She was also pregnant. She had needed help with something Beth wasn’t even sure she could do. They had a bit of an adventure running around the hospital, looking for supplies that could help them, luckily they finally found what they needed. Taryn trusted her to try, it wasn’t like they had much of a choice otherwise. Thankfully it had been a lot easier than anyone anticipated. The longest part being the anesthetic to take effect. Then Anton had been shot, his arm not working. He’d come to her. The surgery had been intense, Taryn and Tivian helped, it ended up being successful. He’d been able to leave with Taryn, under instructions that he would need to rest his shoulder, probably for about 3 months. Though one thing had greatly disturbed her, people talking about Anton beating Taryn. When she went to Seth and Tony’s camp to help someone, some people had talked about it on the way. It had made her feel sick, she didn’t want to believe it. Taryn hadn’t shown any signs of being abused of any sort. It made her really worried. At the same time she wasn’t sure it was true. She hoped if it was that Taryn would say something. She wasn’t going to ignore it, but she had no evidence except hearing the two men talking, and she’d seen Taryn the day or two before. She had not seen bruising or indications of being struck with anything on her body. Nothing mental had seemed like it was off or distressed in any way. When the compound had been stormed, it was obviously a shock she was not prepared for. What she really, hadn’t been prepared for, was hearing Anton’s voice amongst those giving commands. The confusion as she realized it was him, somehow carrying and aiming a large gun at her face. Shouting, disorienting people. The shock, that he was doing this. Not understanding why, trying to calm him, he didn’t need to shout at her. She didn’t understand. Why? She’d thought he was her friend, that she was someone he felt he could trust. She remembered pleading, trying to keep people calm. It was literally her and a bunch of civilians and injured people. There was no need or reason to hurt any of them, most were already hurt. Not to mention it was a war crime to attack a hospital, especially if it was only a doctor and innocents, she figured that wouldn’t have mattered though. It didn’t, she didn’t even bother to bring it up. She remembered Ella nearly breaking down, her shouting at them to calm down while Ella was lying on the ground shaking. They didn’t need to point guns at her, they didn’t need to shout. She could hear but she couldn’t speak back to them. She’d listen, she was just terrified. Anton knew, he had known, that she would have accepted being beaten, if it meant the others being okay. He made sure to not even give her the option, going directly to threatening the injured and civilians. They wanted Casper and Faith, who had been around earlier, she had no idea where they were, they must have run, smart. What the hell did they want them for? What did they think they were going to get from them? Then they threatened to start shooting people, both injuring and killing. If it had been her, she’d have accepted it, but he knew that. Instead he’d indicated Smithy, who already had two broken ribs, asking how long it took to bleed out from the femoral artery. Implying he would cut or shoot him and force her to watch him bleed to death. Then hurt Ella, and the rest, making her watch them die, painfully, and be able to do nothing. It felt like he’d stabbed her with a knife in the chest. She’d had no choice but to use the radio, her heart in her stomach with dread, part of her praying no one responded, and part of her hoping someone would. She almost cried hearing Casper’s voice respond that he was coming back. She didn’t want him to, she knew whatever these people wanted, that it was bad. She didn’t want anyone to be hurt, but if he didn’t, people would be killed. She’d nearly been yanked off the ground and shoved. She noticed Smithy trying to plead with the attackers, that he couldn’t walk due to his ribs. They toppled him out of his wheelchair and kicked him. They had shot someone else already, one of the rangers. Making him drag himself, blood all around him. “Elizabeth, get your friend here before I shoot him.” She still wasn’t sure how she had done it, adrenaline was the only guess. She’d somehow managed to nearly carry Smithy, him hobbling as they were shouted at to move faster or be shot. Ella was ahead and watching her with panicked eyes. She nearly dragged Smithy across the field, him hobbling to the best of his ability. She remembered him looking at her with a panicked expression, gasping for breath, “I think I’m going to pass out…” She looked him dead in the eyes and responded, “If you pass out, we’re both dead.” They somehow got to the woods, she nearly collapsed, and was yanked away from Smithy. Ella was watching with more panic, she did her best to reassure her, to just do what they said, it would be okay. Somehow. She felt someone yanking her away, deeper into the woods. Ella and the others vanished from her view and she was terrified. What did they want? She wasn’t U.N. She was just a citizen, someone who decided to help hurt people, not sit around and do nothing. The person shoved her back so he could look at her. He was wearing a clown mask, like the others. His voice wasn’t familiar. She didn’t know who he was or what he wanted. “You.” His voice spoke firmly. “Down.” The ground collided hard against her chest and head, knocking the breath out of her. That was unnecessary. She’d had no intentions to argue, but then the blow hit her back, making her scream in pain. She instinctively rolled to her side, trying to curl up. Only to have a foot slam into her chest, she heard a sickening crack as a pain she had never felt before flooded over her. All she could do was scream, and try to curl up, trying to protect her head and chest. She couldn’t breathe, her chest felt like fire. One kick to her jaw left her seeing stars and hearing another horrifying crunch, the pain immobilizing. She was afraid to open her eyes, afraid from the pain she would find her jaw on the floor, or all of her teeth. More kicks, to the chest, the head, and one hit her left arm as she was trying to shield herself and she heard a snap as she felt more pain. She had no idea how long it went on for. It could have been seconds, it could have been hours. All she could think about was the pain and begging it to end, it felt like forever. She’d cooperated, why was he hurting her? Finally, the blows stopped. “Now be a good girl, and stay down.” The voice commanded. She couldn’t move if she wanted to, her body shuttered in between sobs and screams of pain, only they sounded odd, something was off. It was a terrifying sound. That and she couldn’t breathe. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out, but she wasn’t that lucky. She heard the footsteps fade away, and it was quiet, except for her own tortured cries. She couldn’t get a full breath of air. Was her lung or both lungs collapsing? Did she have air in her chest? Was she bleeding internally? She started panicking even more. Managing a few choked moments of silence to listen, she didn’t hear anything, just the wind. ‘I’m going to die out here. Alone.’ The realization hit her. That made her more afraid than the pain did. Left like this, if she was bleeding or a lung failing, she would go into shock… unless… her left arm hurt too much to try to move, she used her right hand to feel along her chest. Her vest laden with medical supplies was still on her…they hadn’t taken it? Thankful for that, she slid her fingers into a pocket by muscle memory. Pulling an injector out, she used her thumb to flick it open and slam it into her thigh, dropping it next to her when the injection finished. Morphine burned running through her veins, but quickly began to calm the pain. Taking her from wanting to be dead, to feeling like she must be. Reaching to her backpack she had managed to tug off a lantern, setting it in front of her, partially clinging to it. She wasn’t sure why, with the drugs running through her everything was slowing down, she just knew she wanted it. As she lost consciousness, she wondered which would find her first, the wolves or the infected, and how much it would hurt, if she would suffer. Much later, finding out what happened, that Faith had been forced to come back, and what was done to them. All she could do was cry and feel awful. There was nothing she could have done and she knew that. But she still felt horrible. All choices were fucked up in that situation. The people fucked up even more. The fact Anton instigated things being done, she couldn’t let herself think about it. Did Taryn know he did this? Was she in on it somehow? If so, how could she possibly approve of what was done? She woke up from the pain twice more, managing to again administer shots of morphine. It was cold, and started raining. She couldn’t move, she let the morphine take her away. The third time, she turned the lantern on. Maybe someone would see it, maybe someone would investigate it… or an infected would. She blacked out again. A voice had woken her, distant and strained. Several moments passed before she could make out anything. She recognized her name, as the voice spoke again, right by her head. She felt like ice, she was soaking wet as the rain poured down. Managing to open her eyes she saw a blur of red. Two people she knew wore red jackets… Her eyes focused and Reed was looking down at her. The expression on his face, she’d never seen before. Was he panicking? He never panicked. He was shouting something. What was going on? Everything went dark again. The next thing she had known, she was waking up. The walls and sky were green. She was in a cot, with a pillow and blanket. She hurt, and felt like she was floating. Also, a strange weight… Looking over a small bit, she saw the smaller body nearly entwined around her. Ella was passed out, her head resting on her chest, nearly her shoulder. Her left arm was restrained somehow. Something was around her head and mouth. Ella’s arms were carefully wrapped around her, almost like she was trying to be some kind of physical shield. Glancing over her, she didn’t appear to be hurt. She hoped for the best. Ella at least looked peaceful while asleep. Hearing a swish noise, she turned her head a bit to the side. She couldn’t see in the dark, but a familiar voice immediately set her at ease. “Elizabeth? Are you awake?” A light clicked on, she managed to give a small smile to Doctor Tyrus Mason. He sighed deeply, looking at her with a sigh of relief. Walking over he sat down next to her, gently taking her hand in his and giving it a small squeeze, she squeezed back, making him smile. She tried to open her mouth, only to realize she couldn’t. “No, no.” Tyrus gently fussed. “Don’t try to talk right now.” She blinked in confusion. “You were hurt very badly.” He explained. Figured that much. He chuckled slightly at her expression, patting her head in a fond gesture. “I don’t know what the hell happened. Reed and Tivian found you, they brought you here. You’re at the NATO camp. You’re somewhere safe. Reed found you in the woods, behind the hospital, soaked and freezing, managed to carry you here. Tivian called ahead to alert me. From what I can tell you had the shit beaten out of you. Left Ulna and four ribs, either fractured or broken. Don’t have X-ray to validate. I’m leaning towards fractures. A lot of heavy bruising and cuts all over. Some look like defensive wounds, especially the Ulna injury. You also had your jaw dislocated. I managed to set it, no bone damage or broken teeth, luckily. It’s going to be very painful for a few weeks. I’ll be keeping you on muscle relaxers and painkillers until then. You’re going to have to keep to a soft food diet and try to not talk for a bit.” ------------------ // TBC! sorry for the abrupt cutoff but I wanted to get what I had posted as its a lot