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    Link to the situation: Multiple things 1: General attitude 2: Heavy-handedness/overly strict Feedback: 1. Your general attitude and behavior as of late shows you to be out of touch with what is actually occurring on the server and in the community, and shows that you've made very irrational decisions recently as well as in the past. The first link shows that you don't understand what is actually happening on the server, which is very troublesome as you are doing things that are meant to restrict and constrain hostile RP. However, because most of the server is peaceful if not neutral, you're really just fucking over the minority of people who do play as hostile characters and bandits. Yes, this is your community and your server, but when you put forth suggestions, rule changes, etc or just make changes (especially some that have drastic effects on the RP and gameplay) without taking into account what your staff team says or what the community thinks about the idea, you are going to piss off a lot of people and push a lot of people away from the community. With our current population, this is something that cannot happen. The more people you piss off and push away, the less revenue the site has, the standard of RP lowers, and the server numbers continue to get lower. If you this community is to survive, we need to attract new players and keep our current ones. This community could not handle another tendy-wave of the same size as the first one. The second link has you saying the following "I am primarily thinking of some PvPers initiating on everyone and destroying the event". This shows that you are extremely negative against banditry or people who happen to get into PVP more than others. You believe that hostile RP would ruin everything and destroy it all, when in fact it could potentially create some interesting RP. Of course, you'd never know that because you avoid any and all hostile RP (even the potential for hostile RP) that comes your way. Hostile/bandit RP is still RP. PVP can be a byproduct of that. Nobody is ever forced into PVP. If they get initiated on, and don't comply, their death is their fault. Their life is in their own hands, unless a mistake or a rulebreak occurs. The fact that you're severely restricting hostile RP just because you don't like it, and just because you think it's a majority of the server is very worrying. If you want people to have fun in your community, you need to cater to more than just one type of RP. Thirdly, your replies on this status update also show that you have a terrible attitude towards certain playstyles and groups of people within the community. I will go more in depth on your replies and behavior in the status update and the circumstances surrounding the status update in my next bit of feedback, but for this part, I will focus on the following quote: "I am tired of that PvP banter shit that's going on currently and people treating rule 5.1 like a fucking joke". Nobody is treating rule 5.1 as a joke, as you suggest they are. This gives off the idea that you are extremely against any and all PVP. Again, nobody is forced into PVP unless a rulebreak occurs. The issue of people solely seeking out PVP is no longer as big as you think it is. The people who have abused the rules have been dealt with. You can relax with your persecution of anybody titled a PVPer now. Lastly, and I have no links for this, but people have been denied staff positions simply because of who they are friends with. I could understand if the person who was denied has shown to have a terrible attitude towards others, posts flamey or inappropriate things constantly, or any other negative things like those, but to deny someone simply because of who they are friends with is terrible. It once again shows that you have some sort of hate or focused negativity for a certain group of people. As the leader of a community, I would think that you'd want to be welcoming to everybody and remain at the very least neutral with active members of your community. Obviously you're human and have your own emotions and own opinions, but if you expect others in your community to behave well and be positive members in the community, perhaps it would be a good idea to follow the same guidelines you enforce on the members of your community. Nobody likes a hypocrite. 2. The first link of the second spoiler above shows the situation in which you permanently banned someone over them saying that they understood that what they did was a rulebreak. I understand that he did have a bit of an attitude, but permanently banning someone over some things that are so miniscule is way too heavyhanded. I did not agree with that at the time, and I still do not agree with that action. Giving them 5-10 warning points would have sufficed better, and it would have ensured that we didn't unnecessarily lose someone/multiple others from the community for something so small. The above link shows that their is a history of this behavior. The second link happened yesterday, and shows the situation in which you revoked the whitelist of someone for posting a literally harmless joke in an offtopic thread. @Boston Basher posted the following: "PVP > RP". This was posted in a thread titled "Unpopular opinions". Seeing as how the thread was in the offtopic section, the standards for warnings in that section is more lax. Likewise, other posts in the thread were humorous and clearly jokes. Posting a joke about enjoying PVP over RP was on the same level as the previous posts in the thread. Even if the statement was a fully serious one, stating that you enjoy PVP more than RP, revoking somebody's whitelist over that is so tyrannical and stupid that it is dumbfounding. The following links (1, 2, 3) show you taking it completely seriously and massively blowing things out of proportion. I know for a fact that what he said was no worth any sort of punishment. If anybody else but you had looked at the post, the same outcome would not have occurred. These are just some of the examples of you blowing things out of proportion or responding in disproportionate ways. I already stated above that the more things you do to piss off members in your community, the more it hurts the community and the worse it will be. You need to be careful with your actions and behavior, or else another chicken tendy wave WILL happen again. The whole tendy wave began after Echo received arguably unjustified points for a picture of a chicken nugget that was in the shape of a penis. Of course, some of the behaviors he showed along with his friends afterwards were not appropriate, however, that is not the point. Giving out unjust warnings and permabanning people for bullshit reasons will piss off a lot of people, and rightfully so. Nobody likes to feel like they were wronged, and when it happens multiple times, or it's shown that it happens many times to other people that they care about, they're going to react in terrible ways. Unless you want another tendy wave to happen, please follow my suggestions below. Suggestions for improvement: Take a backseat when it comes to running the community. Take care of everything else outside of implementing and enforcing rules, and allow the many staff members that have been recruited for the sole purpose of running the community for you, do their job. Everybody panics when you say "I got this". That is not a good sign. That shows that you are unpredictable and have a short fuse. Your actions are hurting the community, but you don't seem to realize that. The community is better and runs more smoothly when you are inactive, so please for the sake of the community, let your staff team do the task that they are here to do in the first place. Calling @Rolle for his POV. Please provide any video evidence you have.
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    Ground Zero - Place of Interest In the first month of the Outbreak survivors were occupied their daily struggle of finding food, safety, and some peace of mind in South Zagoria, generally forgetting or disregarding the place where the entire crisis had started. Some traveled into the base to search for supplies and anything left behind by the military forces that had manned the base before it was bombed. Many were smart and wore protective clothing and gas masks, others were either unaware or ignorant of the biological dangers of the site and went in unprotected. Some got lucky and some got sick, but most others just figured they had gotten bitten or exposed somehow. As the forces of the Russian Federation pulled out of the province and the CDF remnants were ordered out of the province, survivors left Chernogorsk and headed north to Severograd, a town which provided a fairly centralized location for commerce and hearing about the goings-on of the area. Apart from the occasional rumble from Tisy or the occasional Chernarussian Air Force jet high up in the sky, everything seemed normal. Aside from the amount of buildings that had been destroyed by Russian artillery the north Severograd countryside was almost picturesque. While downtown Severograd had mostly been spared, outlying areas were marked with destroyed houses and barns, a testament to the Russian attempt to distract the public from the epidemic that would soon grip the province and the world beyond. The civilians in the area had been evacuated or fled to Miroslavl, leaving behind ancestral homesteads and lands to rot. Cows and farm animals grazed at will in the countryside, and the frequent call of wolves in the forests to the north were a reminder of the dangers of travel as the summer months winded down and the temperature cooled down and the leaves began to change colour. The Kamensk Military Base was visited by forces of the UN in an attempt to discover more about the origins of the Outbreak. The former base of the 34th Engineer Company and the 176th "Gorka" Battalion was a shadow of its former self following the Russian bombing and the dispersal of the CDF from the base and the greater area. Most of the buildings present at the base had been in abysmal condition even before the Outbreak, most of which were leveled during the bombing. Tents set up by the military forces deployed to the site had mostly been looted or removed of valuables, and any documents or papers that could be used to deduce what had transpired there had conspicuously disappeared. The only real clue to what had happened being a pit down the hill to the south east of the base. A concrete slab punctuated by a small opening covered with a steel grate were apparent, but a look below the surface revealed a pile of bodies and a pipe that spanned the horrific pit, along with what appeared to be a shed jutting out of the side of the structure. The pipe had at one point been breached, with a jagged outline that showed where it had been. Since then it had been welded shut from the inside, and whoever had sealed the exposed pipe had conducted the job in a rushed manner among the pile of rapidly decaying carcasses that show evidence of being executed or subject to the blast of a grenade. The radiation level at the mysterious base is unusually high, not enough to be immediately dangerous, but enough to discourage anybody who knows about it to keep their path narrow and the duration of their visit brief. Beyond this, the level of biological contamination is far more of a threat to humans then the radiation. And as if that isn't enough, roaming packs of wolves make any trip to the site dangerous before one even reaches it. The feeling that you are being watched permeates the whole facility, making one uneasy as they tread through the area on their travels. In short, the location is a place full of questions and danger with few answers to offer up for the risk. //This thread meant to announce Ground Zero as a biologically contaminated site that would require sufficient protective gear and a gas mask to access safely. Those who don't would probably get sick dependant on where they went inside the base (pit, destroyed buildings, etc). It could also be considered bad rp to visit the site without the necessary protective gear and to play it off as if you were unaffected or safe from exposure. Everything that has been mentioned in this post can reasonably be seen by everybody IG, with the only small exception being the outline where the pipe has been welded shut from the inside. More will be done with Ground Zero in the future with the advent of hazmat suits in .63 (keep an eye on Tisy too) and as we start doing events in the area, many of which will be unannounced and dynamic which are directly related to the site.The radiation is just high enough to be suspicious but not really enough to do damage, the biological contamination is what will kill you.
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    There's a real issue that seems to be plaguing our server lately. It's always been a part of the community, but with our consistently active playerbase shrinking by ~50%-75% on March 1st, this issue seems to have been magnified. Of course, everybody is going to enjoy different types of roleplay, and playstyles, but the mindset that they're somehow better than another person just because of the RP they enjoy/playstyle they play is toxic as fuck and is killing our server. It drives a huge wedge between members of the community, and it needs to stop. I'm not sure how to stop it, and I'm not suggesting any solutions, because this issue is much more complex than it may seem. However, I know for a fact that it will take everybody to make things better. There has always been a split between campfire RPers and RPVPers, and there has always been a sense of elitism on both sides. However, as I stated above, it seems to have been magnified since March 1st. PVPers are seen as scum of the community just because they rob people and get into firefights. Now, there are obviously some bad apples out there that ruin things for everybody, but just because there are those few assholes who have to abuse things, that doesn't mean PVPers should be stereotyped as terrible RPers who are only on the server to find PVP. This attitude towards PVPers can be seen both in game and on the forums. There have been many many times where either my friends and I, or another person I know, has been berated or insulted on an OOC level just because the person getting robbed is upset at the loss of their things. I've personally seen comments like the following from this report: 08:50:39 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //you have to emote you aids rping fucks jesus meta gaming, and now this jfc 08:50:44 : Direct: Dusty Mayfire: //stop ooc 08:50:51 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //stop breaking rules 08:51:15 : Direct: Axel Griffin: //dont break rules and i wont have to morons Or also things that are said directly to me/my friends, whether it be on the forums or in teamspeak. These don't necessarily have anything to do with PVP vs Campfire RP, but it shows that people lose control and allow themselves to act like an asshole over things that don't matter: Regarding things I've heard said about campfire RPers, I don't really have many examples to go on as I have not been a campfire RPer for at least 2 years now. However, what I have heard from other people, or even have heard myself said, are that campfire RPers are pussies that hide from everybody else or that they're piles of salt or that so-and-so is a whiteknight, or comments along those lines. Personally, I don't have a problem with campfire RP; my only issues lies with people who purposely hide away from other people and only internal RP, or people who avoid RP hotspots because it's 'dirty' or whatever. Now, both sides are guilty of elitism and OOC hate for the other side, and both are at fault for it. However, this is not something that can be easily solved. It will take everybody changing their mindset and being more open minded to make things better in our community. After all, we're all here to have fun and to create interesting stories, but this can be hindered when people allow themselves to get heated or upset over the tiniest things. Like I said, there's nothing that can really be done, besides everybody in the community opening their mind more and just being more chill in general. There is also the issue of people avoiding RP hotspots or hubs just because they think they're better than the RP that goes on there, or that avoid it because they don't want to ever experience bad RP. There is also an issue of people hiding away and only internal RPing with each other, and who completely avoid anybody that is not in their group. My issue lies with these types of people. I am not against internal RP, I am against people who purposely try to avoid anybody else for whatever reason. I've heard comments like "That type of RP belongs in Cherno!" and things along those lines. People calling the triangle, and more recently Cherno, cancer because the majority of reports are centered in that area. Like yeah, bad RP would happen there sometimes, but that happens when new people roleplay, or when somebody makes a mistake. Just because there might be a chance of bad RP happening, or because a majority of reports center around an area, doesn't mean people should just avoid it. That type of thinking is killing the server. Without an RP hub, or a place for people to go to RP with each other, it's just a bunch of people running around, searching town after town to find people to RP with. That's not fun. Just did it for an hour and a half. Ran from Elektro to Novaya Petrovka, and even over towards Severograd. Found literally nobody the entire time. Like I said, that's not fun. We're all here to RP with each other. Yes, bad RP can occur, but people shouldn't hide themselves away from everyone else just because they don't want to potentially experience bad RP, or because they're afraid of being robbed. When people hide themselves away, or avoid an area like it's the plague just because it's a popular area, it can and does kill a server. People come here to RP with other people. When they can't find anybody to RP with, it's not fun, and they're likely to not want to play on the server. That is how I am personally feeling lately. I don't have motivation to get in game, because it is difficult to find other people to RP with. I know for a fact that there are others out there who feel the same as I do. The idea that hiding away from people is better than RPing with others seems to be a relatively new idea. As far as I can remember, this was not an issue back in 2015. Green Mountain was always popular, as well as Zelenogorsk, Vybor/VMC, the airfield, Stary, Novy. Then there were times that Dolina was popular, and then the prison island, and then eventually the RP hub moved to Kabanino. It seems like the mindset of hiding from everybody stemmed from something during the time Kabanino became popular. I don't know why some people feel inclined to do so, but it's not a good mindset and will kill the community and server, unless our server populations rise again or unless that type of thinking is done away with. I'm not saying that people who do that are bad people or bad at RPing, but it is not a good mindset to have if we want the server to remain populated, and if we want our community to continue being about having fun and creating cool stories with each other. I'm also not saying that everybody should be at the RP hub 24 hours, 7 days a week. I just think that people need to get out of their comfort zones more often. Maybe that would keep the servers alive. Anyways, these are all my opinions. I am not trying to throw shade and flame people or a certain playstyle, and I am sorry if it came across that way. I am also not looking to get into arguments, and I would like it if other people could avoid flaming or flamebaiting each other, but that might be too much to wish for. What I would like to do, is create a discussion where we can all share our opinions and potentially open the eyes of people that were unaware of this issue.
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    I couldn't help myself given recent debates... don't freak! It's a joke, I swear! Yes I know. I have too much time on my hands... Comply and surrender Please hit your f2 key When the heat of an ak's spray Will shit upon your day Drop weps you have ten seconds Or I'll see it through It's enough for this roleplay warrior Just to dunk on you And caaan you feeel the PVP Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst There's a time For salt threads There upon the boards Because an aiming Khastan Scope Went and got you domed There must be rhyme and reason To those wild reports When the rage of this Gear crazed scavenger Freaks as his retort And caaan you feel the pvp Coastals where you are It's enough For this roleplay warrior That I've not been barred And can you feel the pvp Now you're laid to rest It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst It's enough, to make Purist roleplayers Believe the very worst
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    It's peaceful according to you. If it was peaceful I wouldn't be receiving multiple PM every week with complaints about groups or PvPers along with recorded videos of their bullshit. Players hubs like Pub wouldn't have to relocate due to constant attacks and griefing. Reports are still being posted at the same rate as before considering the number of players we have daily. How exactly am I not understanding what is happening on the server, I have proof in form of countless videos from reports section to back it up while you just have your personal opinion. And I am not here to restrict and constrain hostile RP. As I explained in this post just 2 days ago, I don't have problem with hostile RP, I have a problem with PvPers. These are completely different things in my book and it is clear that some people in this community do not see the difference, they think they are doing hostile RP, but what they're really doing is just run around and initiate on people or get in firefights. Damn right it's my community and the rules I set are always for the betterment of role play, never for PvP. So it's natural that PvPers will be pissed off and pushed away, in fact I count on it, because this community is not for PvPers. It's the entire point of introducing these rules - it's not to restrict the legitimate role players, it's to restrict and get rid of PvPers. It should be a pretty obvious thing I think considering the name of this community. I haven't really hidden the fact that I was more than satisfied to see large part of people who left during chicken tendie be gone, they caused a fuckton of issues in this community. Sure, there were some good people too whom I was sad to see go, but majority were just PvPers. So please, stop with the doomsday predictions, it's getting old. These "DayZRP is dying if you don't change now" has been going on since 2012 and during chicken tendie as well about how the community will fall without their awesome bandit PvPRP and as we know absolutely nothing has happened. In fact, I'd say the standard of RP has only increased. This community can handle many, many PvPer cleansings to come. What you don't see is the true role players who share my values are more than delighted to see the PvPers gone, but won't express it publicly as I do as they don't hold the position of power like me and they would be bullied and ridiculed for their opinion by the "bois". Again, it is not big as I think it is according to you. Everything else like PMs I receive, conversations in staff, reports posted, videos uploaded show a completely different story, so I cannot take your word on this. And again, I want to remind you that hostile RP does not equal PvPing. Genuine hostile RPers should have absolutely no issues with the changes being made as they rarely if ever get in reports unless the victim is salty about something. What are you talking about? I think I treat all members who follow our rules equally. What does expectation for people to behave well in this community has to do with whom me and my admin team chooses as new staff members? Choosing people who enter our team has nothing to do with equality. We choose people who we think are reliable and a good fit for the team. If your friends list consists of 50% of permabanned players then obviously you are not a reliable choice as we cannot trust you with internal staff information, your connections and the risk of leaks is just too great, regardless of how good roleplayers you might be. I don't see how that is being a hypocrite. This point kind of sounds similar to what happened during the PR Manager recruitment controversy (people questioned why someone was promoted to that rank). If I wanted to recruit 50 new completely unknown people into staff to handle DayZRP things I could. Who gets added to the staff is none of the concern of regular members - that is handled by admin team and me and stays there. We don't have to explain or justify our choices. You are free to disagree with the choices we make or criticize that staff members work, but our choice who to recruit is ours only. Why would we want someone like that in our community? He clearly didn't give a crap about anything that we stand for and has already broken one of our major rules, now he was doing it purposefully again. Giving 5-10 warning points and then what, wait for him to go on KoS spree and destroy someones RP? This is perfect example why we have rule 4 - if me or the admins see that someone is unfit or unwilling to role play in this community - they will be removed at moments notice without questions asked. It is not heavy handed, it is damage control before it reaches genuine role players in game whom we are here to protect. This community is for RP, not PvP. Someone who enjoys PvP more than RP has no place here, there are hundreds of public servers for that. We are not and have never have been a community for everyone and I have never claimed it to be as such. We specifically ONLY want people who want to focus on RP and not PvP. Once again (third time now?), note the difference between hostile RP and PvPing. If your priorities lay in PvPing then this is not a community for you. That's why saying things like Boston did on our forums is in direct violation of the core values or principles of this community, and since Boston didn't include any indications that his post is a joke, I as an administrator must take action. I will not risk someone disturbing ongoing RP with their PvP because "it was just a joke on the forums". It's called preventive action through rule 4 and it's similar how if someone posts a status update "going on kos spree brb", it will get you banned from the servers, joke or not. It may be obvious to you that this was not worth of any sort of punishment, but then again you are not administrator with the power of rule 4 whose duty is to remove unsuitable players at moments notice. You may think joking about breaking the rules in this community is funny shit, I do not think so because it affects MY players and MY community negatively and I as an owner have a strong commitment and desire to keep this community for role play and role players only. All warnings and bans issued are legitimate. They have a backing in our community rules or community principles. All bans and warnings are done on case to case basis depending on the situation. They are not meant to be justified by referencing to another similar case, they are not comparable. Besides that, Dusty please. "Some of the behaviors were not appropriate"? Cmon, let's name things as they are. The chicken tendie was a bunch of immature kids, PvPers and banter bois throwing a fit with hitler pics because when one of them broke the rules for the Nth time they expected getting smacked on the wrist with 3 points as usual and what they got instead was the hammer. They feel they were wronged? Well of course, they kept pushing the boundaries and breaking the rules, so they got thrown out, of course they feel wronged. I absolutely expect another banwave to happen because I know that we still have quite a few PvPers left in the community who do not care about RP at all and just want to initiate on role playing nerds, am I right? Whether they leave on their own through another staff suicide or I remove them remains to be seen. As you probably have guessed from reading this far, we will have to agree to disagree. I have to act the way I do because the staff team usually wants to avoid confrontation and controversy that results in drama or they do not feel like they have the power or authority behind them to enforce the rules to the level that they perhaps would want to. I on the other hand after 5 years of running this community am used to people hating me for and creating drama surrounding my decisions, directness and swift actions. My actions are hurting the people focused on PvP, just like intended, not the role playing players or the community that I created this place for. Regular role players should only feel improvements when they are exposed to less bullshit robberies, unjustified kills, receive hostile RP that is fair-play and are stopped being taken advantage of. Also a small correction - staff members do not run the community FOR ME, they do it for the community. I do not sign a contract with them, nor do I pay them and we only take volunteers. Those who show dedication, share the same opinion about our core values and have the right mindset are given a chance to have a large role in how the community functions by becoming a GM or Admin. Thanks for the feedback though, it confirms my understanding that there are still many people in this role playing community (just look at these BeanZ! ) who want this to be more of a no-KoS server with limited to no rules about RP, rather than a protected sanctuary of genuine role play. And I'm sorry if I made any typos, written fast before bed. Also I still love you Dusty, you're my favorite hostile RPer and I very much enjoy different viewpoints from you when discussing reports, no hard feelings.
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    Nah. I'm not even going to sugar coat it, this is actually retarded. I'm not even going to explain my reasoning either, just going to link this picture as my source and proof.
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    Yeah, I'm leaving staff. Due to unfortunately circumstances that occurred yesterday, I received a staff strike. On top of motivational issues and other things, I've decided that this it's the best course of action. I wasn't contributing all that much compared to before, but it's been a cool ride. I've made loads of friends, had some awesome discussions with people, it's been eventful. I joined back in October 19th, so that makes it nearly 2 years. Sucks I didn't wait out the 2 months. But yeah, I'm not so good at these threads, so I'm gonna chuck a few names of people that are sick af that I met in staff. @Conor You and Shark brought me in, and I was pretty buzzed. I guess you're a cool guy. @Terra You were the scary ass German bitch that frightened me. Staff needs someone like that. <3 @roman - I like gary, he's a cool rapper. @Randle I thought you were a cunt when you first joined staff, but you're a chill guy now. Much love. @Kanen You were just salty because I got promoted first. <3 @Storm You post and I'll move. @Bunny GM buddy <3 @jannik I enjoyed working with you, but you can't write for shit. @Ellie Dirty shitposter. @Clumsy We had our ups and downs, but you're chill af. @Spartan @spartan @Dusty don't let it die out @wendsill You were cool to work with, but you went a little mad. RIP. @Defiance I'm sorry I didn't play siege with you. @Pussy You'll get that spot, dw. @Ron lesbian @go fish I miss u @Stagsview You're a cunt. @Alex you're just a banter boy. @Hebee Teach me the ways. @Brady You'll have to beg someone else to come back. @Major Hold the LM team. I'll chuck a few more names here since I'm lazy. @Castiel @William @Undead @Iso @DickSlide @[email protected]@Para @Shane I probably missed some people. You know who you are anyway. Just some general staff feedback. Don't be robots. I'm still gonna be around, this thread is purely for leaving staff. the game edit: I didn't paste the last bit. I love you guys @Oliv @Lyca @Ender @Aiko, good luck with the team.
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    Starting a little off topic. I hate the terms being used in this discussion, it triggers me. If we are talking seriously, in my book there is no such thing as campfire RPers or RPPVPers, these are just used for memes. We are all supposed to be roleplayers. Depending on our characters we can do either peaceful RP or hostile RP and switch in between these depending on the situation. I don't have any problem with either of these, because people who do these properly are really role players - they are focusing on roleplay and keep things fair and that's what's most important. PvPing on the other hand is not roleplaying. PvPing is playing on our servers and using our rules and restrictions as an advantage over other players (being able to get close to the target without having to worry about being killed in open terrain for example) to kill or otherwise dominate them (hostage taking for no reason) and feel like winners. These people can't easily pull this off on public servers because there they would get rekt by other players shooting on sight, so a no-KoS server makes it easy to "win" over others. PvPing is cancer of this community, DayZRP was specifically created to create an alternative to PvP focus of vanilla DayZ so that we don't have to deal with players like that. It's insanely difficult to get rid of it, because it's always masked by the "but we do care about RP" and in the past it was only resolved after massive rulebreaks, usually by me rule 4'ing entire groups of PvPers. Bottom line being - bullets do not deliver RP. If they did, the best RP servers would be the publics. No, roleplay is interaction with other players through text or voice and that's the primary focus of this community. We allow for conflict in the rules (revenge rights, kill right sharing) to keep things fair between the players and groups and allow for fear and conflict which is a huge part of DayZ nature, not to allow your character to express themselves by emptying a magazine into other players. So how do you distinguish between a hostile roleplayers and PvPer? It's pretty simple. Hostile RPers will actually have a IC reason to do things they do and when they have a reason and are hostile they keep their actions proportionate to that reason. They will not make up reasons in order to be hostile, initiate or use their ambiguous group goals as a cookie-cutter reason, they will not actively go out and roam the map in search of conflict just to get into a firefight. They will focus on the roleplay aspect of all interactions and will not get hostile just to humiliate other players, get kills, gear or brag rights. I've been taken hostage recently by two random people whom I've never met before and it was one of the greatest moments in Standalone for me. I tried to reflect genuine emotions of being scared and on edge and they in turn kept it interesting and reasonable, didn't take anything that they didn't have to, didn't humiliate me or torture me for some shitty made up reason and I was let go shortly after because quite frankly - I haven't done anything wrong to them. I think that if all hostile RP looked like that then the peaceful RPers wouldn't have to avoid hubs in fear of a text initiation from behind a wall, hide on the map or focus on internal RP only. They wouldn't be afraid of losing the jacket that they searched for several hours that fits their character perfectly, because if they didn't do anything wrong or be a member of a group in conflict - nobody would take it from them. If they did something wrong, fair enough - do whatever needs to be done which is reasonable. If not, why should they have their experience and RP destroyed because a PvPer wants to humiliate and make other players miserable thanks to some made up shitty reason? So no, I'm not against hostile RP when it makes sense and is kept within reason, in fact I love it. It makes things interesting, it adds fear, consequences for your actions and adds to the atmosphere of the apocalypse. I am against PvPing, mass initiations on player hubs for no reason, killing other players when its not absolutely necessary, actively searching out and baiting/provoking conflict. Now that's not saying that peaceful RPers are holy cows and never can be wrong. If the reactions on screenshots that Dusty posted were sent after hostile RP that was entirely justified and fair then they are just salty people who are either gear whores, do not prioritize RP over everything else, can't take responsibility for their actions or do not recognize the difference between IC and OOC. Either way, they are just as much unsuited to be players in this community like the PvPers I described above. That's how I see it and that's how my priorities lie when deciding things in the community and if you disagree, well - there's always DayZ Underground where the organic and unrestricted RP is encouraged Now going back on topic, I don't think there is a huge problem with elitism in the community. I am an elitist because I try to make my community work the way I want it to and not the way a minority of PvPers wants it to be. Yes, I'm an self-centric egoist like that unfortunately, but that's just who I am - I like to be in control of "my house". Yes, there is currently division between players in our community, some salt going on, but that is largely limited to actions of PvPers and salty "peaceful RPers" and honestly there's not that many of them to cause major trouble on a larger scale. It's kind of like headlines in news, it all looks bad and terrifying, but all they do is report bad news. In our community behind that few rule break reports, hate messages and salty that we see that give us a picture of a community full of Bad RPers, PvPers, salty kids and OOC hate there are countless number of good members and genuine good role play interactions that didn't end in any rule break and everyone was satisfied by them. We never see or hear of those. Just look at the number of players / 24h on the front page and how many reports are created daily. Either way, like others before me I don't think this issue can be solved. Every community have some kind of quirks or divide, people with one mentality will group up and oppose others who do not share their beliefs. I've never seen a community without conflict where everyone coexisted in perfect harmony. It doesn't happen in real life and neither does it on the Internet. We try to make the best of it, we have rules about how are you supposed to behave towards others and those who do not follow them will be removed. So I don't have any other ideas other than removing those people who spread the toxicity and create this divide to begin with.
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    This is my tutorial on how to make a character page, that isn't a meme on DayZRP Shout out to all the people I mentioned in this video without their permission... @Grimnir @Doc Holiday @Hebee @Aiko @Oliv This is a half joke video, so yeah... Have fun.
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    Probably the first and last time I will ever do this; hello from the google hangouts everyone! c: @Mischief, @Ender & @Redbond9 EDIT:// they got me in my Hawaiian shirt v v v v
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    Alright, so as a group, we came together and discussed what we wanted to do with this group and the goals we had for it. We wanted to do something really big that would affect almost every single person and every single event on the server. That was the plan at least. People are starting to notice how the RP is getting stale again, and how nobody is doing anything big to affect the server or actively trying to progress the general RP of the server. But when we tried to come up with an idea that would do all of these things, we got a lot of bullshit for it. People in this community take everything way too seriously. This is a gaming community, and we are all here to try to create interesting stories with our characters. We wanted to do this, and have fun, but people have to take everything to an OOC level for some apparent reason. A majority of people seem to be too focused on how things are OOCly and how they should be a certain way. During our group discussion, we came to the realization that the amount of effort we put forth, and the amount of effort we would put forth in the future is not worth it for the amount of shit we get from people. We want to create cool and interesting groups, and we want to try to drive the RP forward, yet when we try to do that and give good RP and put forth massive amounts of effort to create interesting stories, we get shit on. It doesn't matter what we do. We are the PVP scum of this community, and so people treat us as scum no matter what we do. Due to how we are treated, even if we actively put forth effort to provide good RP, we have decided that we are going to archive this group. It is not worth it to put forth this amount of effort to literally change the entire server, just for people to talk shit to us and about us no matter what. So, we've decided that we want to do what is fun, even if people will continue to hate us for it. We're going to be doing our own thing from now on, and will no longer be attempting to change the server or change how people see us. "If the world's only gonna see a fox as shifty and untrustworthy, there's no point trying to be anything else." @ Moderator @ Game Master /archive this please
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    Story sounds pretty good, the graphics look fantastic. I have issues with your goals. The region is already fairly destabilized. I can see maybe wanting to implement the "Off World's" type of government though, that would be kind of interesting to see. I think this is merely some rewording needed. taking weapons from people again? This is at least the third time I've seen this same MO from the same people. It's getting a bit tired. I'd be more shocked to see you guys whip up a guerrilla group that arms civilians, now that would be some shit to see. In the end guys, it looks great, but you can give a tired old car a fresh paint job and it's still a tired old car. I'm going to need some serious convincing here.
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    THIS IS WHY I AM QUITTING YOUTUBE For those who care cause I know some may not and that's fine. At first, it was fun, making videos to forever remember our roleplay. And then more and more people watched so I raised my standards and developed a real passion for combining RP and editing. Having a passion in cinematic editing, I put more time into as the crowd kept growing to watch these. Before I knew it, I poured 30 hours a week per video with a full-time job, 2 kids, wife, friends, life. Then Youtube became a fuckin Chooch with the new rules. Almost all my videos are being blocked from running ads cause my shit is not "Suitable for all Advertisers". Why do I care about the money? Cause It has become a passion. A passion that I started loving so much, I started dreaming of it becoming a job for me one day (who wouldn't in my position? Shit was growing and things looked up). Hence why I put almost 4 years of my life into this. Thinking, maybe this will pay off one day if I keep at it, it's slow but I can't give up. It was always a BIG maybe, but the thought seemed plausible. I start seeing my videos losing ad revenue with Youtube's recent changes. "The fuck? I am now making half of what I made before." This was before them blocking my videos from running ads. And then when that started, it basically killed my channel. So sure! I can still make videos, but putting 30 a week per video with my current life is impossible to do if I cannot at least have something to show for it in financial terms. The fuck do I tell my friends and family? "Oh I just like to hide from my real life to make videos that won't ever pay the bills or feed my family but hey they are pretty lit and people like them?" Sure I love making them for myself and everyone who watches, I just CANNOT DEDICATE that much time into it without any payoff. Even if very little. But then! Oh but then. I thought "What if I just make it suitable. Seems like swearing is what my videos are hit with. Too much of it and pussy advertisers don't like that" So, I decided to make my latest video have *bleeps* instead of swearing. Why not give it a try, last chance to know for sure... ... ... FUCK YOU YOUTUBE! My "Guide for RP in DayZ" is still not suitable even with bleeps. Yep! So fuck Youtube! And it breaks my heart. I just can't do it anymore as much as I really wanna keep going but for what? I am not being a money hungry asshole here but damn, there's just no future for me there. I've tried Patreon and shit like that but people do not donate on youtube, like not at all. I had a lovely time making the videos, heck I got 2 spotlights in DayZ Status Reports, hundreds of thousands of viewers, thousands of fans, 2 awesome awards on DayZRP, had amazing times with friends and RP so it's not all a loss as I have gained a lot in other ways and I will always remember that and appreciate it all but I think I "have" to stop now. If I was a single man with no kids and wife and no life in mom's basement or something, I would not even give a shit and keep making videos cause time is all I would have and a welfare check would be all I need to pay my rent and internet. But I am not. Time to make a decision and it ain't easy for me. FUCK YOUTUBE. No wonder why YouTubers (doing gaming type videos) have moved to streaming. I guess it'll be streaming for me too. Hey! I might still make a random video here and there (cause passion is passion but it don't put food on the table) and I'll still upload things like stream highlights cause it requires little to no work but a "Series" which would require a minimum of 400 hours just to edit and not counting the dedicated RP/Filming that usually takes a span of 3 months, sorry, I just can't. So until I find another way around this, it is unfortunately over. I am truly sorry if this disappoints you. This was a great ride, but this Roach is retired from Youtube until further notice (Blame Youtube). See you in my streams hopefully. - With Love & Kind Regards, Roach *Maybe my next video will be me saying fuck youtube on a loop kek*
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    Thought id share my screenshots with you guys and gals. Check em out BONUS Pictures New as of 25-04-2017 @Jamie ^ @Kittendo ^ ^ @Warren_Kos New as of 23-08-2017 @Keira ^ ^ @Rory Hope you enjoyed! Follow to know when more are added!
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    Did you not buy your way into the community? I don't think its fair that you weigh in on this considering that you literally would of also been banned if it had not been for money.
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    No. Just.... no. My old meme group idea EPM had a more believable story and better RP potential than this. A group like this would be bordering on bad RP, so I'll just archive this and you should not RP this idea in game.
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    Oh Christ here we go. I'm going to have fun with this one. Deja Vu? Prolog. Wut is this? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prolog "People choose your life for you even if you don’t think that they are they do in some way but then there are those who are optimistic." Okay this sounds so bad it's as if I wrote it. Seriously, read this out loud. Commas please? What does this even mean in the first place? Nobody chooses your life for you unless you are a serf working the land or you happen to land in jail. "You decide who you are and what type of person you want to be known as. But I like to think that's a 50/50 sort of thing It’s either you choose your own life or you let others choose your life for you." Same thing. What does this mean? How do you decide who you want to be known as? Sure a person's actions determine who they will be and their character, but nobody decides who they themselves want to be known as, and people will say anything about anybody. I don't mean to be picky it's just stupid considering the general lack of other substance to make up for this quasi-intellectual jibber-jabber here. "You know what you do , but the real question is how do people recognize that not by talking to you. But by hearing , all the good and bad things you do in life. We have a reason to be here some are born to help people, some are born to kill people, but that's the gist we are all born to do something with our life. So why don't you choose your own thing and make the most of it. This is what Endeavour will thrive to do, choose his own life in this new world." Aside from the fact that this makes little sense, the grammar is utterly atrocious, and it is tedious to read. Why does he want to do this? Who tried to "choose his life for him", who had the greatest impact on him to make him think in this quite silly and convoluted manner. Endeavour left his home in central London and moved to a small little town called Kozlovka in Chernarus.Endeavour took a plane and arrived in Chernarus but once he arrived he was lost seeing that he couldn’t really read the language he asked around, eventually he managed to get on a train he was heading to Zelenogorsk a city near the small the town. Why would this Westerner...(ha ha get it) move to a little buttfuck eastern European nation and leave all the benefits of the west behind? You say here he moved to Kozlovka, then you say in the next bit that the farm was in Drozhino? From there he had to follow a small road that led to another town called Drozhino after that he would arrive at the farm house where he would walk up to the drive and be greeted by an old man , the old man had said he had worked for his uncle and that he would show him around the farm Few hours had past and Endeavour was unpacking his clothes in his new bedroom the old man knocked on his door and said he would be back in the morning. As one day passed it turned into a month eventually years and from that one day he arrived Endeavour has never left the country, as he would be working on the farm. A few hours, months, years? Also: He had built a small cafe and a shop where people came to eat and buy supplies. He eventually used all the money he had gathered up from the cafe and the shop and had bought himself more land at this point he employed more people. People who were in poverty and needed it the most people in the area were happy that Endeavour was giving out jobs to people who didn't have anything, he was the buying the supplies he needed from The Kovar’s Market not from places around the world where he could get it cheaper. He was giving something back to the people and the people loved him for that. Endeavour started a program where people who didn’t know anything about farming could learn from his own experience these people would come and stay with him for few months and he would train them up. This is where Endeavour found some his closest friends. Throughout the years Endeavour had a bit of trouble where people would come in and try to rob the store or take his animals but other than that it was a peaceful life he had. Where is this farm IG? Why not take some nice screenshots of the place and edit some photos black and white and have a couple of the workers waving at the camera or something? This is the year where everything it went to shit, early July Endeavour was determined to stay at the farm. He told his people and the workers they could stay here, where they would be given food and clothes as well as shelter. Endeavour had few rifles and shotguns in the shed locked up. He handed them out to the workers for extra precaution. Endeavour has been marking the days in his calendar it had been two months since the outbreak. People at the farm are getting hungry food and the farm is starting to fall apart and all the food saved up was dwindling. People eventually started to leave the farm leaving all the memories but most importantly leaving Endeavour alone, so he had a choice go out and find food and fuel for the machines or leave the farm... That's all for the Outbreak? Anything interesting happen? Why not leave or try and go to Miroslavl? What made him stay at the farm or help all these people, despite the fact they worked for him? Not much I can say other than that. I'd mention that the previous version of this thread at least had a nice layout and a tad more meat. There is no roster to speak of, and we require at least a name and the @-------- of the person playing them beside it. The only goal that holds any water is the one about agricultural knowledge, the rest are generic crap or ones like "hoard people from folks with bad intentions" which is a surefire way to have some nasty people knocking on your door unless you have some serious firepower other than those shotguns in the shed. You repeat "rebuild the farm" and don't really go over what that entails or why it needs rebuilding. If this thread were simply a couple roster changes or a goal improvement it would be a different issue, but this group already was completely "overhauled" and now makes even less sense then the previous Red Dead version did. This is not the standard of groups that we strive for here, and the only way it could have gotten approved in the first place was if the thread owners would have produced a fresh change from the previous version. There is a complete lack of care or consideration for the quality of the thread, and it is obvious that it was posted in a very rushed manner without any regard for the things listed above. We do not allow heavy WIP groups, and we are getting stricter on groups that need revisions to be approvable. /Denied and archived
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    Honestly, my personal opinion. Myself and a few others in the United Nations have spent more than 50+ hours writing radio chatters, lore and stories and autopsy reports for in game. When we post a radio chatter, it feels ignored or told it's boring, or to generally fuck off. We don't sit here for the benefit of our own health trying to progress the lore to get response of "Should let the idiots get radiation poisoning" to then get bit in the ass or "This is boring, kill the fuckers" and get told we don't do anything. The amount of ignorance I see is beginning to grind my gears. Hell, people come up to us in game saying that we don't do anything or they want justification cause we sit on our asses. Meanwhile there are radio chatters of us providing evidence of our work and suffering radiation poisoning. Fuck we spent 8 hours AT THE VERY LEAST doing mathematical calculations of radiation absorption from time and Gy we see in the area for it to be ignored. Not only that we constantly get attacked by people or groups we've never even heard of. Personally, why the fuck should not only myself but others grind our asses to progress lore work when the outcome or 'award' is constant attacks and bitching.... It's getting more than beyond enough. I'm close to ripping my own hair out. If it doesn't involve something about them, they're not interested. That's how I've began to take it.
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    I'm a useful staff member.
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    Here's some feedback fam. Link to the situation: N/A Any supporting evidence or notes: Right in the spoiler for you Feedback: Somebody correct me if I'm wrong but should not staff members in our community be some kind of "example" to us, fellow community members no matter if old or new ones? I believe they should be one as in the quality of Role-Play as in knowing and following the rules correctly. But do i and number of other people see you as one? Honestly NO we do not. From my own experiences and from what other people told me as well when it comes to quality of RP I'm not gonna accuse you of any bad rp or whatnot...i'll just personally say "it's not a big win" (don't tell me mine isn't either cause i know it is not). As for knowing the rules sure you know them, i can tell that from the time i was part of staff team and seen you do your GM work which is quite good and i have no complaints for that, in that side you are fine. But when it comes to following the rules? Not gonna lie i do not see that as something "correct" in your case. As you can see above there is NUMBER of reports which you have been involved on the accused side (no matter if verdicted guilty or not). You get involved in more reports in a single week then what casual person gets in a whole year in this community. And if you are after this sentence thinking about saying something about the lines of "But I'm a hostile RPer, i get involved in situations and "whitenames" report it cause they don't know the rules or are salty" ...sorry fam, nobody will buy that as there is a number of great hostile RPers who also get into hostage/PVP situations often and rarely get reported. Also just for little bonus...you don't seem very interested in talking with other members in case they feel like you've broke rule against them. As well as that your attitude in ts to them doesn't seem as one of a staff members. Suggestions for improvement: Improve behaviour and in general behave more like a staff member should, or simply take your leave from the team. I'm just being honest with this feedback either take it or leave it. I am not looking for any answer from you but if you feel the need feel free, I'll read it.
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    I don't see how this needed to be mentioned. You're going off very few examples. Not everybody can provide stellar roleplay 100% of the time. If you would also look at my good moments, then perhaps your opinion would change, but based on my interactions with you, I don't think it will. Lastly, based on your wording, you're likely speaking to people who already dislike me. Perhaps if you spoke to others who are neutral towards me, or positive towards me, your opinion would change. But I doubt that as well. Good examples of my RP in the spoiler for you: And here, you're stuck in the same mindset that others who dislike me and my group of friends or that have a dislike of bandits have been stuck in for years and years. "They get in a lot of reports. They must be terrible RPers/people!!!!". In my 2.5+ years of being here, and being active for all of that time, I've only been banned about 3-5 times. In that same amount of time, I've been in more reports than I can remember, likely in the hundreds at this point. ~5 guilty verdicts out of ~100+. I don't know about you, but for the amount of reports I've been in, that sure seems like a low number. Perhaps that is because my group and I are the most active bandits on the server. Nobody else does it as often or as consistently as we do. If they did, they would get reported just as often as us most likely. My entire response to this part of your feedback is summarized here: You and the people you speak to need to change your mindset. The whole mindset of "They get in a lot of reports, they must be terrible RPers!" is just straight up ignorant and closeminded. Out of the 5 reports you linked, only 2 of them have any real merit. Perhaps if you looked at both sides, instead of instantly taking a side against "PVPers" like myself, you would see that a huge amount of the reports I've ever been in have been verdicted not guilty or WvW. This just shows that you're misinformed. In at least 2 of the 5 reports you linked, I have posted asking if the OP would like to speak to me about the situation. This can be seen here and here. In almost all situations, if it is clear that I have broken a rule, I will own up to it, apologize and accept the consequences. If I am not guilty of a rulebreak, I will not apologize or take blame for something I did not do. This last comment of yours is simply unfounded. Now, maybe you do have something right in your feedback. Maybe I do have an issue with my attitude sometimes. I know I can come off as confrontational, aggressive, indifferent, or rude in the things I say. That can be attributed to my ongoing struggle with major depression. My depression is not an excuse for my actions and attitude, it is simply an explanation for my attitude in certain situations. I am trying to handle my depression, and I am trying to fix the side of me that comes off as aggressive and rude, but I've been trying to fix that side for 6 years now, so it's slow progress. I am attempting to control my attitude and my depression better, but in 95% of situations that I can think of, my attitude as a staff member has been fine. There are some situations where I find myself being more aggressive than necessary, but it is not a problem, otherwise I would have been removed from staff by now. Thank you for the feedback, however most of it is unfounded. Of course it is just your opinion, but perhaps if you saw both sides of the coin, your opinion would change. /Dabs
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    You might wanna merge this with the meme thread. Good luck, Abu.
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    Group Trailer: Thanks to @Joffrey for the lit as fuck lore, graphics, and trailer.
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    “Humanity does not suffer from the disease of wrong beliefs but humanity suffers from the contagious nature of the lack of belief. If you have no magic with you it is not because magic does not exist, but it is because you do not believe in it. Even if the sun shines brightly upon your skin every day, if you do not believe in the sunlight, the sunlight for you does not exist.” ― C. JoyBell C. “There may never be another evacuation… This is your last and only chance.” Assumptions from the world slowly being infected by the virus, it seemed like we had a chance to go home and be with our loved ones. But that would never happen. Those who were at the aircraft knew that in their gut there was more left to be completed. Whether it was to continue the mission, or naturally offer aid. Others didn’t even get the opportunity to board the aircraft. Left to believe and know they were to spend the rest of their life in a country where one wrong move could get you killed. The less fortunate would only have a few minutes to take in the view of their escape as the thunderous roar of the propellers hummed into nothing but silence back to Miroslavl. And eventually, maybe home... Those who saw and heard the aircraft realised they’d never forget that sound. The sound of escape and freedom, fading away into the valley. Those who knew they had that one chance felt a fire slowly being put out in their hearts. The hope and faith they had was dimming into nothingness. Everyone’s passion and desires to solve the problem started to become less of a priority and more a chore. “There may never be another evacuation… This is your last and only chance.” You’d never forget those words if you heard them. The replay in the back of your head until you break down into tears or snap at the person besides you. We will probably never get to go home and see our families. Most of us wished we could go back in time to give that goodbye hug a little tighter and a little longer. If only we knew this was going to be the last time we would ever see them again… But in those dim moments of hope, the almost two and a half months spent here, you really got to know who your true family were. Even if they weren’t by blood. Even if we couldn’t keep our loved ones safe at home, this gave us an opportunity to make things right. Even if it wasn’t the same. Look out for ourselves before others (unlike the past) and maintain that our new family is first Deal with people who harm us to how we see fit in our own moral compasses Try meeting people who see eye to eye with us to help our survival Continue helping others (and give medical knowledge to provide this) of who we trust Stay under the radar / Keep a low profile until we recover a better reputation for safety sake Help others with our personal goals Overcome our regrets that conflict within ourselves to make ourselves stronger willed individuals (For United Nations / WHO / CDF remnants) Keep researching the infection with remnants of the WHO until completed to best standard Gather any and all equipment that can help us continue what we were sent here to do Gather intel of what is happening to South Zagoria to transfer to government bodies and keep ourselves safe from harms way Continue to keep in contact with Colonel Ripley for updates on the infection and cure Confiscate any military berets from anyone who is not apart of the authority In-character channels shall remain strict radio comms unless to inform of emergency OOCly When using radio comms we shall transmit in-character as well Provide quality roleplay divided from all characters in group depending on moral compass (Campfire/Hostile) We will not be using our group title ‘The Last Light’ as a name in character Create development for each character and achieve internal group conflict Achieve a networking system that provides our characters an advantage If you would like to join the group contact @Lemons, @DinoCasino and @Mercy attached in a PM together For purpose sake we will be letting the in-character relations do the recruiting, we are not going to immediately say you're in the group. It all depends on the roleplay. Credit to @Lemons and @DinoCasino for the idea, graphics done by @Mercy photo banner done by @dimitri, lore wrote by @Lemons and @Mercy, screenshots by @Lemons and @Malet
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    (Should not be taken into character unless notes of the situation are found or taken from said person in game) Report on Suspected Murder: Unidentified Murder Victim Unnamed man may of been mentally unstable however in suspected to of been murdered. Suspect may go under the name of ‘Rapey Dave’ due to recent events and networking involved in the situation. Suspicion of ‘Rapey Dave’ (since we do not have his real name) being mentally unstable occurs due to following reports: Would stalk a woman named Phe (full name of victim unknown). According to both Dr. Elizabeth Smith and Phe, the following was performed by ‘Rapey Dave’: 1.1 Cutting off his finger and making the flexor finger into a ring which she (Phe) was forced to wear. 1.2 Apparently tried forcing himself onto Phe and kissed her. 1.3 According to Dr. Elizabeth Smith a bite mark on Phe’s shoulder. Phe mentioned how it was a wolf bite until stating the ‘Wolf is in the flock of sheep’ coding that ‘Rapey Dave’ had entered the encampment. According to Dr. Elizabeth Smith, the wolf bite was in fact a ‘human teeth’. Assuming ‘Rapey Dave’ is a suspected cannibal. 1.4 Apparently ‘Rapey Dave’ admitted to killing people and enjoying the taste of human flesh. 1.5 Body of ‘Rapey Dave’ was disposed of by Seth Black, John (full name unknown) and Phe. 1.6 Proof due to body being burnt would end up of possible thigh bones being located at the scene. But cannot prove he is a cannibal nor choked on his tongue as the stories have been told of how he died without evidence of the body. 1.7 Cannot prove unnamed death of man was mentally insane or clinically insane. 1.8 Cannot prove whether drugs assisted him on biting off of tongue, tortured by electrocution or possible straight teeth to attempt suicide and succeeded. Phe Victim by the name of Phe has met with two official United Nations and World Health Organization members - Dr. Faith Capella and Casper Hawk. She had lied on two occasions to their face about being in a wolf attack and ripping out her own hair. Later admitting she did not rip out her own hair nor attacked by a wolf. Dr. Elizabeth Smith shared information of Phe in a camp full of people to overhear. Due to the suspicion of Phe’s state of lying, it seems as if she may have a case of Stockholm syndrome. She was apart of the situation of having ‘Rapey Dave’ hostage with co. Seth Black and John. Due to reports of Seth Black, he may have encouraged her (Phe) to shoot the body. Especially with a slip up topic between William and co. She took a part of the act in justification system of the attempted murder of ‘Rapey Dave’ and disposal of body which was reported by people in this report as being burnt/set alight too. Crimes committed under suspicion: Attempted manslaughter/murder Desecration of a body Hiding evidence/ disposing of evidence to government authority (CDF) Seth Black Multiple reports have been pressed by Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Tivian Escha and John he had took apart of burning a body. By Dr. Elizabeth Smith and Dolores have both been integrated to of his Dolores for discipline. Situation told was: ‘Uncle Seth takes men into the forest with a gun pointed to them. He describes them as weak. I didn’t want to do that and went to Jeremy. Jeremy took me down to Chernogorsk and I didn’t like it there. We met Rory and everyone like that. Then we went to a camp which I didn’t know Uncle Seth was there and he slapped me (across the face) because I made him angry for disappearing.’ This was explained by Dolores herself to Major Holmen and Dr. Faith Capella. He was stated to be apart of the situation by Dr. Elizabeth Smith, Tivian Escha and Captain Hawk of being in said room with ‘Rapey Dave’, John and Phe. When being interrogated by Major Holmen, Seth Black stated that he had bit off his own tongue and ‘shot the body six times out of frustration’. Desecrating the organs within the dead man from understanding which is against the law due to abusing a corpse. He also mentioned how he would shoot the body again if he had the chance. Behaviour like this shows that he likes to have control over people especially from what being told from the various situations of shooting the man, calling his girlfriend Phe a whore and to shut up which she didn’t seem to appreciate, slapping a child and taking men into the forest at gunpoint. Also giving us the idea or suspicion that Phe suffers from Stockholm Syndrome (hence lying about ‘Rapey Dave’ to protect him in a sense) . Stockholm Syndrome for clarification: referred to as Helsinki syndrome, is a condition that causes hostages to develop a psychological alliance with their captors as a survival strategy during captivity. These feelings, resulting from a bond formed between captor and captives during intimate time spent together, are generally considered irrational in light of the danger or risk endured by the victims. Generally speaking, Stockholm syndrome consists of "strong emotional ties that develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other.” Apparently took part in burning the body/disposal. Crimes committed under suspicion: Attempted manslaughter/murder Abuse of a minor Desecration of a body Hiding evidence/ disposing of evidence to government authority (CDF) Dolores Refer to Seth Black case scene. Offered radio transmission by Major Holmen in case situation happened again. Tivian Escha Tivian Escha is a friend of Dr. Elizabeth Smith who acts as a nurse within operations in unhygienic areas but is not qualified to do so. Endangering the lives of people he works on. Captain Hawk and Dr. Faith Capella met a man named by Tivian at the encampment. Who constantly commented/threatened/boasted about wanting to shoot someone in the camp at the time which was mentioned not to be normal by Dr. Faith Capella. He was a witness in the situation and stated himself that he ‘Advised a lethal injection’. Perhaps to give a more humane way due to the shooting of the man. Though doesn’t excuse him for acting as a justification system and therefore advising attempted murder. When interrogated about the situation he immediately assumed the CDF were going to execute him, rhetorically asked himself ‘Why does this always happen to me’ and very sketchy trying to hide facts. Possible weakest link in the group to interrogate for more information. Crimes committed: Advising attempt murder Dr. Elizabeth Smith Dr. Elizabeth Smith is a 19 year old American doctor who provided a photocopied document of her qualification even though knowing her age would be a concern when coming down to being asked. Government documents if lost can be filed and paid for a new version which raised suspicion about her. Dr. Elizabeth Smith detained the man herself whilst knowing Captain Hawk of the United Nations was present at the time before Seth Black had arrived to the scene. She could’ve handed the suspect over to Captain Hawk to prevent the issue arising and the justification system to act correctly within the law. She was then further recommend by Captain Hawk if she was not going to hand the suspect over to him to contact the CDF. This was not taken into account what-so-ever. She mentioned how she apparently could have been able to stop the situation but didn’t. This would go against ‘thou shall prevent harm’ stated within the Hippocratic oath. She has also broken the hippocratic oath on more than one occassion such as sharing details within the United Nations camp about her patients such as Phe. Where Phe was forced upon by ‘Rapey Dave’ which he also made a ring for her and her hair ripped from her head without the patient knowing of the information being shared to other civilians. Even if the patient does not mind the doctor sharing information about them to civilians it is known as a taboo to do such things. What is concerning about this individual is that she also mentioned of wanting to shoot ‘Rapey Dave’ who may of been a mentally unstable person which goes against the hippocratic oath. Being a doctor, a doctor should be one to prevent harm which she has stated of wanting to go against but didn’t and preventing a situation from occurring. As well as not reporting the case about Dolores which can be referred above in the report. John John (full name unknown) has stated to being a mortician but has provided no identification or qualification to us. John was one of the people within the room when ‘Rapey Jones’ suspected to be murdered (refer to William’s case review). When interrogated by Major Holmen, Captain Hawk and Dr. Faith Capella he began to contain a laughter, it wasn’t identified to be nervous laughing but humorous as if the situation was entertaining or funny. He was known to be assisting in the burning of the body (probably the main assistance of Seth Black which would make sense due to him being a 'mortician') and witnessing the final kill of ‘Rapey Dave’. Crimes deemed to be committed: Assisting in manslaughter/murder Desecration of a body (and breaking his hippocratic oath if he is qualified as a mortician) Hiding evidence/ disposing of evidence to government authority (CDF) William William arrived to the United Nations camp with friends and co. on 31st August 2017. Names such as Wyatt, Dolores (case referred above) and others which names were not revealed. They began a conversation about ‘Rapey Dave’ being in Chernogorsk a few weeks ago. Another had chimed in on the conversation mentioning how they were ‘glad Phe had killed him’. However William quickly interrupted them mentioning how it was ‘someone else but it was a successful attempt’. Leads us onto the concerns to press the investigation further than noticed. Reed Hamilton Reed, a very close friend of Dr. Elizabeth Smith was apart of the situation at the camp. He was staying guard in the situation seeming to be really concerned from what Captain Hawk stated however was hiding facts in regard of the situation. Probably does not want to get into trouble however likely he may not be a part of the situation, more so a witness. Captain Casper Hawk Stated he woke up and walked into the situation whilst ‘Rapey Dave’ was hostage/captive. Counted six people at the scenario with weapons that he could not prevent from the situation from stopping. He was then confronted by Tivian and Dr. Elizabeth Smith who spoke about the situation, pulling him away from it. Preventing him to hear the conversation taking place inside of the building. He suggested contacting the local forces (CDF) which the didn’t acknowledge or attempt to do. He heard six shots afterwards. People walking in and out of the building saying from what he heard ‘had been killed’. Getting rid of the body by burning it it. When Dr. Faith Capella arrived at the camp later that day they changed the story saying that he ‘bit off his own tongue and choked on it.’ Actions to take Collect information or booklet from Elizabeth Smith's personal notes on her patients. WHO headquarters have been contacted on issue of Elizabeth Smith's medical license. Locate the burnt body to allow Dr. Capella to see if thigh bones have been left behind. Collect swabs on blood samples of the pub if been shot (unless pub has been cleaned). Contain Tivian Escha for interrogation until he snaps and admits everything. Inform CDF of evidence and hand over copied report. File copied report for both Chernarussian Government, United Nations headquarters, Chernarussian Police Department and World Health Organization headquarters. Transfer copied report to Colonel Ripley, Major Holmen and Captain Hawk. Keep investigation open - Listen closely to suspects conversations without them knowing. Any small action should be reported by any United Nation peace keeper or World Health Organisation personnel. People in Questioning: Phe (?) Seth Black Tivian Escha Dolores (?) Dr. Elizabeth Smith John (Waffle) William (?) Reed Hamilton (Dr?) Matthew Fahrenheit --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tivian Escha Questioning --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John Waffle Questioning
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    This thread compiles a list of legends, tales, myths, stories, and folklore recorded and shared by locals from all parts of Chernarus. Disappearances and kidnappings that have not been explained, or crime scenes that were discovered without evidence of human presence on the end of the perpetrator are also listed. Some accounts are backed up by hard evidence, pictures, video and other media, while other stories are harder to verify and fall into the category of old wives’ tales and myths. Community members can send their stories to @Chief and @Major for potential addition to the folklore under "community entries" in order to provide a story for certain places or landmarks around South Zagoria and wider Chernarus. Chief's Entries: “Příběh rybáře a zlaté tyče” - Tale of the Fisherman and the Golden Rod There once was a fisherman who knew a shopkeeper near Berezhki, and every day he would visit on his way to Novodmitrovsk to the large shops. His stall stood alone just off the beaten path. The Fisherman would ask every day the same question as he attempted to sell his fish after a day at sea. “Shopkeep you must have something today that I can use to catch more fish. My family needs the coin desperately!” Just like clockwork the man would sift through the trunk in the shop and retort… “Only when you have no other option may I have your solution, old man. Just know that the cost will be much more than your realize.” Just as the fisherman had always done he continued on his routine. A few months passed and in the dead of winter all of the fish were not biting, and the fisherman had no money to feed his family. He made his way to the small shop and begged the Shopkeeper on his knees at the counter. “I beg you please I need that solution you have. There is no other way my family starves and I can not catch any more fish! They do not bite and I am on the sea night and day with no avail!” The Shopkeeper would stand with a puzzled and worried look on his face before walking back to his trunk. He would hesitantly pull out a golden fishing rod. The rod would glimmer in the firelight as he handed the rod to the Fisherman. The Shopkeeper would beckon out to him, “This rod will give you what you wish, but remember it may not cost you now but later you will pay if you use it.” The Fisherman would rush out of the shop and out to the coast and cast a line. Not even a moment after he threw the line in his pole shot from his hands into the sea. The man thought he had been played a fool and went back to the shop, only to find it had simply disappeared. He went home and found all of his cupboards full of fresh food. He was overjoyed and he helped himself to the bounties. Protector of Stary Yar “In the late 1600’s the cossacks were pushing the chernarussian borders further and further. A local rabbi used and ancient arts to sculpt a golem from clay out of a bank on the creek nearby. This golem held the line and fought off the cossacks and saved the region from pillage and destruction. Eventually the golem wandered off, never to be seen again. Kozlov’s Block During the early days of Chernarus when the castles had been recently built, Ivan Kozlov ruled with an iron fist against any who opposed him. In the later years when attacks would bring an end to his reign, he used on chopping block in particular. Located at the castle that is located now near Krasnostav known as “Black Mountain”. This Particular chopping block is said to have been used so many times in the walls the the whole floor was stained a dark red. Some people believe that spirits still haunt this place. Locals hear screams when they are in the surrounding forests at night. But we will leave it to you to decide. Black Forest Estate Known as the “Black Forest Estate” officially, this place is known for being an old smuggler’s checkpoint in the 19th and 20th century. It was an essential drop point for all sorts of illegal items headed towards the russian border and further west. A legendary shootout in the 1940’s was the only thing that really brought the attention to this place. The Makzimov brothers were followed by police to this house and had a 13 hour standoff until the brothers and their accomplices were dead. Many people come to admire the beautiful house even with its dark past. The current owners aren't too keen on visitors unless you are a local. A pond located to the east just down the hill from Gorka was used as a dump for bodies of local ethnic Russians who refused to join the Chedaki insurrection. The Three Yezinkas Once upon a time there was a poor boy whom everybody called Yanechek. His father and mother were dead and he was forced to start out alone in the world to make a living. For a long time he could find nothing to do. He wandered on and on and at last he came to a little house that stood by itself near the edge of the woods. An old man sat on the doorstep and Yanechek could see that he was blind, for there were empty holes where his eyes used to be. Some goats that were penned in a shed near the house began bleating and the old man said: “You poor things, you want to go to pasture, don’t you? But I can’t see to drive you and I have no one else to send.” “Send me, grandfather,” Yanechek said. “Take me as your goatherd and let me work for you.” “Who are you?” the old man asked. Yanechek told him who he was and the old man agreed to take him. “And now,” he said, “drive the goats to pasture. But one thing, Yanechek: don’t take them to the hill over there in the woods or the Yezinkas may get you! That’s where they caught me!” Now Yanechek knew that the Yezinkas were wicked witches who lived in a cave in the woods and went about in the guise of beautiful young women. If they met you they would greet you modestly and say something like “God bless you!” to make you think they were good and kind and then, once they had you in their power, they would put you to sleep and gouge out your eyes! Oh, yes, Yanechek knew about the Yezinkas. “Never fear, grandfather, the Yezinkas won’t get me!” The first day and the second day Yanechek kept the goats near home. But the third day he said to himself: “I think I’ll try the hill in the woods. There’s better grass there and I’m not afraid of the Yezinkas.” Before he started out he cut three long slender switches from a blackberry bramble, wound them into small coils, and hid them in the crown of his hat. Then he drove the goats through the woods where they nibbled at leaves and branches, beside a deep river where they paused to drink, and up the grassy slopes of the hill. There the goats scattered this way and that and Yanechek sat down on a stone in the shade. He was hardly seated when he looked up and there before him, dressed all in white, stood the most beautiful maiden in the world. Her skin was red as roses and white as milk, her eyes were black as sloe berries, and her hair, dark as the raven’s wing, fell about her shoulders in long waving tresses. She smiled and offered Yanechek a big red apple. “God bless you, shepherd boy,” she said. “Here’s something for you that grew in my own garden.” But Yanechek knew that she must be a Yezinka and that, if he ate the apple, he would fall asleep and then she would gouge out his eyes. So he said, politely: “No, thank you, beautiful maiden. My master has a tree in his garden with apples that are bigger than yours and I have eaten as many as I want.” When the maiden saw that Yanechek was not to be coaxed, she disappeared. Presently a second maiden came, more beautiful, if possible, than the first. In her hand she carried a lovely red rose. “God bless you, shepherd boy,” she said. “Isn’t this a lovely rose? I picked it myself from the hedge. How fragrant it is! Will you smell it?” She offered him the rose but Yanechek refused it. “No, thank you, beautiful maiden. My master’s garden is full of roses much sweeter than yours and I smell roses all the time.” At that the second maiden shrugged her shoulders and disappeared. Presently a third one came, the youngest and most beautiful of them all. In her hand she carried a golden comb. “God bless you, shepherd boy.” “Good day to you, beautiful maiden.” She smiled at Yanechek and said: “Truly you are a handsome lad, but you would be handsomer still if your hair were nicely combed. Come, let me comb it for you.” Yanechek said nothing but he took off his hat without letting the maiden see what was hidden in its crown. She came up close to him and then, just as she was about to comb his hair, he whipped out one of the long blackberry switches and struck her over the hands. She screamed and tried to escape but she could not because it is the fate of a Yezinka not to be able to move if ever a human being strikes her over the hands with a switch of bramble. So Yanechek took her two hands and bound them together with the long thorny switch while she wept and struggled. “Help, sisters! Help!” she cried. At that the two other Yezinkas came running and when they saw what had happened they, too, began to weep and to beg Yanechek to unbind their sister’s hands and let her go. But Yanechek only laughed and said: “No. You unbind them.” “But, Yanechek, how can we? Our hands are soft and the thorns will prick us.” However, when they saw that Yanechek was not to be moved, they went to their sister and tried to help her. Whereupon Yanechek whipped out the other two blackberry switches and struck them also on their soft pretty hands, first one and then the other. After that, they, too, could not move and it was easy enough to bind them and make them prisoners. “Now I’ve got the three of you, you wicked Yezinkas!” Yanechek said. “It was you who gouged out my poor old master’s eyes, you know it was! And you shall not escape until you do as I ask.” He left them there and ran home to his master to whom he said: “Come, grandfather, for I have found a means of restoring your eyes!” He took the old man by the hand and led him through the woods, along the bank of the river, and up the grassy hillside where the three Yezinkas were still struggling and weeping. Then he said to the first of them: “Tell me now where my master’s eyes are. If you don’t tell me, I’ll throw you into the river.” The first Yezinka pretended she didn’t know. So Yanechek lifted her up and started down the hill toward the river. That frightened the maiden and she cried out: “Don’t throw me into the river, Yanechek, and I’ll find you your master’s eyes, I promise you I will!” So Yanechek put her down and she led him to a cave in the hillside where she and her wicked sisters had piled up a great heap of eyes—all kinds of eyes they were: big eyes, little eyes, black eyes, red eyes, blue eyes, green eyes—every kind of eye in the world that you can think of. She went to the heap and picked out two eyes which she said were the right ones. But when the poor old man tried to look through them, he cried out in fright: “I see nothing but dark tree tops with sleeping birds and flying bats! These are not my eyes! They are owls’ eyes! Take them out! Take them out!” When Yanechek saw how the first Yezinka had deceived him, without another word he picked her up, threw her into the river, and that was the end of her. Then he said to the second sister: “Now you tell me where my master’s eyes are.” At first she, too, pretended she didn’t know, but when Yanechek threatened to throw her likewise into the river, she was glad enough to lead him back to the cave and pick out two eyes that she said were the right ones. But when the poor old man tried to look through them, again he cried out in fright: “I see nothing but tangled underbrush and snapping teeth and hot red tongues! These are not my eyes! They are wolves’ eyes! Take them out! Take them out!” When Yanechek saw how the second Yezinka had deceived him, without another word he picked her up, and threw her also into the river, and that was the end of her. Then Yanechek said to the third sister: “Now you tell me where my master’s eyes are.” At first she, too, pretended she didn’t know, but when Yanechek threatened to throw her likewise into the river, she was glad enough to lead him to the cave and pick out two eyes that she said were the right ones. But when the poor old man tried to look through them, again he cried out in fright: “I see nothing but swirling waters and flashing fins! These are not my eyes! They are fishes’ eyes! Take them out! Take them out!” When Yanechek saw how the third Yezinka had deceived him, without another word he was ready to serve her as he had served her sisters. But she begged him not to drown her and she said: “Let me try again, Yanechek, and I’ll find you the right eyes, I promise you I will!” So Yanechek let her try again and from the very bottom of the heap she picked out two more eyes that she swore were the right ones. When the old man looked through them, he clapped his hands and said: “These are my own eyes, praise God! Now I can see as well as ever!” After that the old man and Yanechek lived on happily together. Yanechek pastured the goats and the old man made cheeses at home and they ate them together. And you may be sure that the third Yezinka never showed herself again on that hill! Credit to: http://www.worldoftales.com/European_folktales/Czechoslovak_folktale_8.html More stories to come that are Czech that would in this version of the world with Chernarus in its place be assumed there. The Tale of Kapitán Skalisty There was talk of a captain by the name of Urek Skalisty in the early days of the 20th century among locals. He took over the then unpopulated Island and built the lighthouse that has stood there ever since. The Kapitán was always suspected of being apart of that Chernarussian smuggling ring but few things can prove he had a part. Due to the Kapitán’s illegal action of forcibly taking this island now the government is preparing to take it over via hostile action. He prevented this by helping fund a rewire project to give the whole nation a better electrical grid. Coming in at a cost of 56 million dollars people were quite shocked and happy that this would be a nearly 100% privately funded project he got a all cost and taxes removed, and it became a protected property for no further building on the island. After he passed away in 1995 now the island is the property of the locals who joined up with Kapitán Skalisty. Some say he was buried on the island and his treasure is aswell, who knows how much money could be in some kind of modern day treasure chest! Major's Entries: Pustoshka Cemetery The northern reaches of South Zagoria are home to many such tales of monsters, beasts, and strange activity, mainly because people tend to make up such things in an area that tends to be so isolated in order to explain away things that cannot be understood easily. This location is different, in the sense that Pustoshka is neither isolated from civilization or home to a collection of superstitious people that turn every incident or sighting of something odd into a ghost or explain it away with references to the paranormal in some fashion. Built in the late-19th century Pustoshka contained a handful of buildings serving as a stop on the way to Zelenogorsk further south. At the time, the land around the town had not been developed for farming to the extent it has been today, and much of the surrounding area was heavily wooded. The cemetery was built some distance away from the original plot the town was located on, the cemetery being established within a quiet forest with large overhanging trees, most of which have been chopped down. In 1946 two little girls from Pustoshka went into the cemetery in the late afternoon to lay flowers on the graves of several local Soviet soldiers killed in the Great Patriotic War. Nightfall passed without the girls return, and a search party organized from citizens in the town discovered the flowers placed upon the graves of the soldiers, with no tracks or evidence of where they had gone. The next morning a black cloak and an unknown occult talisman was discovered draped over the grave of a medieval monk in the cemetery, the grave being the oldest in the cemetery. Rumours abounded as to the origin of the talisman, which was never explained and was confiscated by police and what the talisman was has never revealed to the public. Ever since the disappearance of the girls, the cemetery has been treated with some angst by locals, claims of a tall shadowy figure bounding from tree to tree in the surrounding forests and fields abounded, and as the area was developed for farming the sightings began to occur further and further away from the cemetery in the woods and the treeline to the west. In 1973 the sunken remains of a monastery were discovered nearby, with fresh black cloaks hung in a circle around a clearing, igniting speculation that the sightings were real, and that a secret order was active or some occult ritual was being performed nearby. Hunters began to avoid the forest to the west, leaving prime vantage points and hunting stands to rot. Sightings continue to this day, but only within the forest or near the tree line. A picture of taken by a local is shown below. Black Lake Monster - Joey from the Bog - Jožin z bažin This story is less of a mystery or legend and more of a local folk tale stemming from a song from the 1970s when Chernarus was still a part of the Soviet Union. Jožin z bažin was written by a local banjo band that based the song off a medieval tale where one of Duke Kozlov’s knights saves a town from an evil monster in a lake and receives half of the Duke’s holdings and marries his daughter as a reward. The modern adaptation of the song is a popular local folk song to this day, and as a result of its success and popularity the Black Lake has been visited by many tourists, many of whom go to picnic on the shore or to camp on the rocks or in the surrounding woods. Plenty of pictures have appeared on the internet purported to show an actual swamp monster in the lake but most pictures are regarded as fake. General Aleksei Vasili Guba Statue - North Komarovo Woods North of Komarovo in the woods lies the stricken statue of General Aleksei Vasili Guba, a prominent but rogue Soviet general from the Cold War. General Guba was born in 1920, and was a ruthless adherent to the Soviet system and was known to possess a ravenous thirst for power and outdoing those around him. He gained the nickname of "The Dentist" while in charge of a Soviet gulag, a testament to his activities during his time there. Apart from the Guba Bay in Svetloyarsk which is named after him, three statues were erected in South Zagoria in his honor. The statues present within the Tisy Military Base and Chernogorsk were left there after the fall of the Soviet Union, but one of the three statues present in South Zagoria was hauled off to the woods from Komarovo where the locals dumped it and celebrated late into the night. In the 2000s the statue became a stopping point for hikers who used it as a waypoint from a popular coastal path running from the north-eastern hills of Miroslavl all the way around the South Zagorian coast until it ends near Svetloyarsk. The site of the statue was significant even before the fall of the Soviet Union, as it was used as a small campsite for early nationalist militants who were planning a raid on the Russian-controlled Balota airbase which never occurred due to the departure of Soviet troops. The radio that sits beside a rock just behind the statue was used by the informants inside Balota to notify the militants that the troops were pulling out and that the Soviet Union was finished, making this spot an important symbol for Chernarussian independence from the Soviet Union. The Witch Ring Located near Myshkino, this location was the site of several ceremonies believed to have been held by a witches coven that was either inspired by or directly connected to strange appearances in and around the Pustoshka cemetery. Following the local controversy regarding demonic or otherwise otherworldly rituals that took place in the area, the site became a common place for teenagers to campout or to vandalize. While many locals avoid the site religiously some have been attracted to it in their search to learn more about events in Pustoshka cemetery. A human sacrifice was rumoured to have taken place here during a period of famine in South Zagoria during the 1930s. The Grand Campfire Circle Located just outside of Gorka, the Grand Campfire Circle is often mistakenly considered by outsiders as a site for pagan rituals. The circle has been the traditional site for community gatherings in Gorka and other surrounding ethnic Russian communities in the area. Feasts and other seasonal events are also held at the site, and the townspeople of Gorka assembled here during the Civil War to make decisions about how to deal with the Chedaki and the issues that had emerged. The women of Gorka hold traditional meetings to discuss the goings-on in the area and to gossip. Folk dances are frequent in the harvest months, and Christmas carols and religious ceremonies are held during the winter months. The Disappearance of Peter Svoboda In the fall of 2014 an American-Chernarussian citizen was visiting family for two weeks in the Svetloyarsk area. Peter, an avid hiker traveled north of the city to a very rocky area north of the city referred to as the "Bludiště" or maze by locals. The land is full of caverns and caves and is frequented by prospectors looking for valuable minerals. Apart from the unique terrain and potential mineral wealth, the Bludiště is also a popular spot for camping and hiking due to the odd nature of the rock formations, and is a protected site under the Chernarussian Environmental Authority. Peter was last seen at a kiosk in town buying food for his journey, and he had told his family he would be gone for two days as he planned to hike north to a CDF observation point near the border with Russia and to visit the fishing village of Berezhki. After three days Peter had not returned to his relatives in Svetloyarsk and a search party was organized to find him. His camp was located, his food having been scattered around the site and tent torn to shreds. The Chernarussian police officers and search party assumed naturally that he had been attacked by a bear or some other animal and had fled the area. A further search revealed no findings within the Bludiště or in Berezhki. Theories began to emerge as to the nature of his disappearance, and a Chernarussian Air Force Mi-17 helicopter was dispatched from the nearby Krasnostav Aerodrome to search the border area for Peter. In a disastrous turn of events, the helicopter struck a tree knocking off the tail sending it spinning uncontrollably across the border and into Russian territory where it came down in an explosive fireball, killing all on board. As a result, the crash and search became a local story and Russian authorities also pledged to assist in the search for Peter and to help recover the bodies of the downed crew. Following a week of exhaustive combing of the coastline and border area stretching all the way to Severograd the search was called off, and it is unclear what happened to Peter and if he was kidnapped, murdered, or simply didn't want to be found. Community Entries:
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    The Winking Chernarussian Location Bar Screenshots
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    I for one voted for El Presidente and love it when he says "I got this". But then, I do love mischief and chaos. When party A walks into B's camp and steals a rifle, I can see how that's considered baiting. Why? Cuz A is mobile and B is not. Cuz A has nothing and can split up running in all directions, while B has to stay in one place to defend their shit. Cuz A could easily have set up overwatch beforehand and be prepared to destroy half of B before they can get two shots off. If a thief from A steals a rifle from B, and B tries to get it back (without initiating), maybe the rest of A should encourage their boy to give the rifle back. Maybe the rest of A could engage B in some sort of conflict resolution instead of escalation. Maybe A could offer to purchase or trade for B's rifle. Maybe the thief and the rightful owner could arm wrestle for it, or step outside the camp and settle the matter like gentlepersons. Maybe we could all RP instead of killing one another. Nah, that's just stupid. Never mind.
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    Ok, so it looks like the balance of the answers won't sway in any direction. Sadly we only got about 150 votes from the 350+ members that visit the website every day, but I guess not everyone - especially newcomers - are interested in the inner workings of the community or permabans of people they don't know, I suppose they are here just to... role play in DayZ? As we can see, the result is not overwhelmingly positive which was my requirement to go forward with this suggestion, which is why I will stop it here and abandon this idea. I like that many people brought up both positive and negative things about this suggestion, showing that they at least considered both sides of the problem. The one I was most conflicted with personally is the fact that the bans and warnings you receive should matter and have consequences so that we can keep a healthy environment which prioritizes role play and have a community that is not full of toxicity, however I was hoping that the large amount of money involved would mitigate these issues and risks. However I can understand and accept that others do not see it that way. Regardless of the outcome, I am glad to see that we can still discuss controversial things like this is a polite and respectful manner, putting aside only a handful of troll posts in this thread. Thank you all for participating and voting on this suggestion. Let's all of us who are still here work together to keep this boat afloat and try to better ourselves and our role playing effort so that when beta hits in 2022 we are ready.
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    I agree with a lot of this, a lot of it also comes down to how characters like to deal out violence. I'm not going to go into the whole pvp/campfire debate, but it does bring a lot of attention to things like this. So many people just run around, shooting, being mean, torturing, killing people, simply because they want to be bad. This was a huge problem pre-lorewipe and is beginning to happen again now. 2 years in, I can get that a bit, shit's gone down. 2 months? No. Are there always going to be people who do bad things because they can? Yes. But not to this extreme, this soon. The grid may be mostly quiet, but in an actual country: · people are farming for food and fishing, both which can be done IC · if you find the right tools you could also can or preserve food · mostly everything is going to have expiration dates of a few years · we have things called solar generators which if used carefully can last a long time · even with a lot of old world tools and stuff, antiques by most standards, there would actually be a shit ton of really useful things because they were all used PRE-electricity. · hey guess what, thankfully not in this game, but IRL gasoline goes bad in 2 months. Even if you had it in containers, it separates and becomes useless after 2 -3 months max. We wouldn’t be able to use anything with gasoline now tech · I’ve been doing a shit ton of research on how hospitals and medical supplies are sent to countries during disaster. Hospitals when they know something is going down, STOCKPILE anything they think could be helpful. Also, remember IRL, hospitals are fucking huge. You also have pharmacies, grocery stores, drug stores, schools, military locations etc that also have a shit ton of medical stuff. If you know where to look, were totally fine for a good while. · Relief supplies is still around · People’s houses still have basic staples like flour, sugar, etc. its fucking pointless to try to collect all of it for yourself or one group. · Etc Also my biggest pet peeve- people are running around going “have to be lone wolf, pack leader, king of the hill, biggest dick, in control of all the things, etc. Yes, again, there are ALWAYS people who will do bad things because they can. Always, but not the majority. In real life, it’s been proven over and over, PEOPLE DO NOT GO INTO A ‘IT’S ALL ME’ SURVIVAL STATE. We would fucking have died out if everyone was suddenly looking out for themselves. Yes riots and things happen, but during times of disasters, again, again, and again, HUMAN INSTINCT IS TO COME TOGETHER AND HELP EACH OTHER. Because if you don’t you’re going to die. Perfect example is someone from our own community @The Marshal. He and many others lost a lot/nearly/everything to the flooding recently in Texas. What was his response? Was it to run around and go ‘me, me, me, me?” Fuck no. He grabbed a chainsaw, hopped in his truck and drove around to help people. He helped everyone he could, and REFUSED any payment. Because that’s what people do in disasters. Also because he’s a fucking awesome guy Go you! <3 So now that I have that out of the way…. A lot of people run around, torture and kill just because they want to. Which in a basis of reality is bullshit. Yes it’s a game, you get to be a bad guy if you want, but the level of people torturing others for fun etc is completely stupid. If I’m robbed 3 times in a row (know people who have had it happen) and each one decides to do some kind of damage, and one wants to perma me, hell no I’m not giving you rights. You don’t get to kill my character because you’re in a tiff war with someone or have to prove how powerful you are. Just flat out nope. Now, you come to me with a really good rp reason and strategy, I would be far more willing to consider it. At the same time, you need to use logic. My character is a doctor/surgeon. How many doctors are running around? Okay now how many have specialties? Think about it, not many. Doctors and especially surgeons/trauma/war surgeons are INVALUABLE right now. You got stabbed in the gut, guess who you’re best chance of living is. Seriously, read up on war surgery, its incredibly graphic, but the AMOUNT of shit war doctors know how to fix/attempt to stabilize is almost ridiculous. I have a few pdfs that are easily 20+ chapters, each one involving each area of the body, limbs, torso, vascular, skin, muscle, etc. They literally are there to stabilize any major injury the best they can and get you to better care. So people like nurses/trauma/war doctors etc (I’ve met one ic) are fucking invaluable. Trauma can also go into war doctor, not always possible, but my ch has essentially been doing almost nothing but war surgery. Not trauma. War. So she’s sort of in the learning process/transferring. If you run into a doctor that is willing to help anyone (which is how they’re supposed to work) your best bet to fucking live is to be nice to them. Not break their hands because you want to hurt them or render them useless. Not act like a big bully and make them dislike you. Taking someone who can help your survival as well as others, and hurting them is the dumbest concept in survival. You don’t stockpile a bunch of stuff and then set fire to it ‘just because’ unless you are in a movie or tv show to cause tension/despair etc. Now will there always be people who hurt others? YES. No one is immune to being hurt! I’m simply saying, logically, people like doctors are the absolute stupidest thing to damage during an apocalypse scenario. Yet we see it all the time. You want to be smart? Keep a stash of your own medical supplies and make friends with neutral doctors. They will come help you and you have supplies for them to use in case they’re out of something important. Win/win. Oh lets beat up/kill the pathologist, the person who understands how diseases and illnesses effect the body and typically work with an actual doctor to ADVISE them on how to best take care of people in long term treatment. Oh hey, you just picked up an STD? Tick bite and seem to have Lyme? Well now you’re fucked. Same concept for a lot of other professions as well. You are going to want to protect what can give you a self-interest, even as a bad guy. You have a hell bent idiot doctor running around determined to help people, you are not going to chain them up somewhere. You are going to send people with them to ensure their safety so they can come help you when you need it. Because if something happens to them, you’re fucked. At least that is what SMART people would do in a realistic scenario. Also omg yes the wound issues. I’m actually working on a wound guide to try to help with this but I doubt it will do much. People are way to trigger happy, which I account for most of this. Wounds are not easily healed from, bullet wounds especially. Bullet wounds do an immense amount of damage to the system, which is why they’re so dangerous. Even a through and through shot is going to have massive trauma to the area. There is no such thing as a one sized, ‘clean’ hole. You take a buckshot shot to the limb, guess what, that limb is fucking SHREDDED and probably traumatically amputated. Get hit with a military grade round? Entry wound, then damage and an exit wound the size of an orange at least. As said, working on something to help with this. But yeah, you break something, its going to take weeks to months to heal it. Major shoulder reconstructive surgery, you are not using that shoulder for at least 3 months. Yet people are running around weeks later shooting and doing all this stuff you couldn’t. I get wanting to have fun, but wounding has real consequences. I think part of the fact that people just seem to ignore them does not help. Now I’m not saying be forced to rp anything, but if people actually had to take the damage that is really being inflicted on them, like a quarter of the games population would be unable to care for themselves. @Lyca has a horrible shoulder wound, and she rp’d keeping it in a cast for nearly a month, an actual month. Because that’s what you would do. My ch had the shit beaten out of her, it’s taken 2 weeks from having a dislocated jaw snapped back in place for the muscles to relax and the pain to subside enough (even with medication like painkillers and muscle relaxants) for her to talk again. No talking, at all. Also only able to eat really soft foods. Her fractured arm and ribs are still hurting horribly. You’d be surprised if you’re around the right people, who see you see a horribly bruised person, using one good hand, trying to mash up pumpkin to eat who will come over and help you get/make soft foods to eat. Because people help each other. It is good to make characters that are killable, but I think it has to also be your choice and under the right circumstances. If I’m having people killing me because they want to, no, I’m no letting you perma me. If you have a really good story reason, as said, I’d consider and more probably allow it. Same with perma scars. I’m not ending my character because you are trigger happy. Hell I’m actually tempted to make a few NPC like characters that come out just to die. Not like omg run around and kill me, but get the virus or have actual problems and people can’t save them. Because even the best surgeons know when to look at someone and say ‘there is nothing I can do’. You’re always going to lose people, and we have to remember that in game. People are not always going to survive surgery, some the surgeon can even look at them and know, nothing can be done. That happens, and people need to remember it. For any reading/ ’that’s not true’/ ooh new knowledge Its scientifically proven that people are compassionate during disaster http://healthland.time.com/2012/10/31/how-disasters-bring-out-our-kindness/ https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-the-stress-of-disaster-brings-people-together/ https://cogsci.stackexchange.com/questions/4102/what-is-the-psychological-basis-for-people-coming-together-during-a-disaster-or https://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2015/09/hurricane-katrinas-lesson-in-civics/402961/ https://www.livescience.com/6146-post-disaster-looting-loose-morals-survival-instincts.html https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/kindness-emotions-psychology/ https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2009/12/091208155309.htm https://www.quora.com/Why-do-humans-want-to-take-care-of-weak-creatures-animals-Doesnt-that-go-against-the-evolutionary-instinct-of-survival-of-the-fittest https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/feeling-it/201306/compassion-our-first-instinct Here are some links to help figure things out item/survival wise Survival Tools https://gizmodo.com/15-tools-that-helped-pioneers-survive-on-the-american-f-577187190 Keeping Warm http://www.homethingspast.com/hand-warmers-muff-warmer/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/bed-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/bed-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/peat-fire.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/sulphur-matches.aspx Beds http://www.homethingspast.com/box-beds-bunk/ http://www.homethingspast.com/trundle-bed-truckle-bed/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-feather-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/box-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspxhttp://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/jack-beds.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/washing-with-lye.aspx Light http://www.homethingspast.com/early-american-candle-stands/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/tallow-candles-snuffers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/rushlights.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/tinderbox.aspx cleaning http://www.homethingspast.com/soap-sand-soda/ http://shemakesmagic.com/homemade-soap-traditional-castile/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-of-laundry.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/laundry-blue.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-of-laundry.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/laundry-starch-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/washboards-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-washing-machines.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/scrubbing-stones-sand.aspx objects http://www.homethingspast.com/basket-making-traditional/ http://www.oldandinteresting.com/besoms-brooms.aspx Food http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Butter-from-Raw-Milk http://www.oldandinteresting.com/history-butter-churns.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/kitchen-antiques.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/pottery-earthenware.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/ale-warmers.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/butter-crocks-history.aspx http://www.oldandinteresting.com/fireless-cooking-with-quicklime.aspx I’ll actually rp doing this and it hilariously confuses people Antique grinding mills
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    Nothing wrong with Kings.. right? ... Right?
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    To everyone i've been hanging with recently, IC. Thank you all so much for helping me to make Taryn's story great. We still have much work to do, my loves. @WulfeGirl @Darion @Vito @Lyca @Aristocat @Dank Mems @Roach @Brayces @King @Mexi @Otter @Saintz @neckrorazul @mark3390 @Jman14102 @Keira @Ade @Galaxy @Abu Muhammad @Lucky1911 Forgive me for doing this so late after all the great rp we've had. Also, Thank you to all the new people i've met too that I dont know the forum names of yet. Edit: adding @Rory and @Buddy because you guys are the shit too.
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    Well it's that time, after over 4 years of being here I no longer enjoy the place. The game is boring and RP just bores me to death, because honestly I'm all burnt out on it. I tried taking a break and coming back but nothing changed for me. Rolle did a great job providing a community for so many people to enjoy, me being one of those people, but I can't anymore. I made some cool ass friends here, and realized who the real ones are. @Dusty amazing group leader and staff member, you need that Admin rank. @Mexi even though we bicker a lot we can share some of the most interesting conversations. The best lad here @Dew Known this nibba for a long ass time, always chill to be around @Tom A new friend, we always got BF3 to chill and relax playing for times to come @Pep The flame lord @William Fellow American lad, play that flute @Odap the Corruptor A total meme, come by for that Mexican and Margeritas @Macbrine You too @Shane Hash Master, thanks for the TS to chill in @evanm23 You meme, made great friends as we got to know each other @Keira My daughters future mother in law, keep it high @Dom If this the right man, good man since the beginning Those I missed, oh well. Time for me to go spend time working on my new project car, and continue watching my daughter grow. Deuces
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    When broken pieces find the missing addition to their puzzle, the world that once bled in obscurity can look so much brighter. Let's talk about our dreams, our challenges and the darkness in our lives. This is a memoir about family. - A tale about society's flaws and peoples mistakes. About right and wrong, failure and reassurance. None of us are the same. None of us knew that what we had found in eachother, would one day save our lives. Our personal battles I remember it as if it was yesterday. The barn was shimmering in a deep orange as the sun set over severograd. I was holding my shotgun, flashing my eyes over to David as he held his rifle against the back of Jeremy Noivac's head. "What are your last words?" David asked, his voice clearly shakey in pitch, nervous over what was about to happen. Jeremy sobbed once before replying with "I have a son in berezino. Tell him I died a hero". I look away. The gunshot still rings in my ears to this day, wakes me up in the middle of the night. We buried him under the enormous old oak tree infront of the barn. We all took turns digging the grave with the rusty shovel. The dirt was still a little moist from the rain the night before. Fall in this country seems to be gloomy and dark and that is exactly how I remember the day we took someone's life. The first person I had ever killed. We said a prayer, eased him into the grave and pushed the dirt back over top. I reached for my old, rusty hunting knife and began carving his name into the cross we put up. Sometime passes and we continue our lives like we did before. Jeremy had been an enemy for a while, so we weren't devastated he was gone. He was going to become more and more of a problem. He had badly influenced the youngest in the group, Razz. We knew that he was going to kill the kid. Not literally but metaphorically. Jeremy was the kind of person that could twist your mentallity in a heartbeat. He was the reason we almost lost Razz to an overdose and he also almost killed David by kicking him in the chest so hard that a rib broke and punctured his lung. He would play with your trust, backstabb you and make you believe in his ideologies. All of this seems very oblivious to let someone do to you, but you wouldn't notice unless you were already neck deep in the shit. We stopped it while we could and although I, to this day, do not agree with what we did to him before we decided to end his life, I am going to have to live with it forever. It was my decision. Mine alone. I let my anger out on him. Tortured him like noone else would have. I believed it to be the right thing to do at the time, but today I know I was wrong. I'm going to live with it, even if it's hard. It was the morning of the 20th of September 2017. I had just woken up, walked outside of the Bar, yawning. I heard that David & Razz were awake, so I asked if anyone had seen them. I was pointed towards the hill and make my way up to see an ongoing conversation between the two. It sounded heated. They were arguing about Razz's recent behaviors, his state of mind and his mentality. We had been battling through a rough couple of days of him doing stupid things, not realizing what he was getting himself into. Jeremy gets mentioned in the conversation and bad words are flying between them. "I fucking saw him, David" Razz yells. "We need to get you help razz. Hearing voices and seeing dead people isn't fucking healthy" David replies with an aggressive tone of voice. As I listened to the argument, I began to recall a situation that happened the day before. "You saw Jeremy?" I ask Razz and both of them suddenly looked over to me, quiet. They finally took a break from arguing. "I did" Razz replies. David looked at me confused for a moment before I looked straight to the ground, nervous. "I saw him too". They were stood there in complete silence, staring at me. I remember making no eye contact with either of them and just glaring to the ground deep in thought. The situation I was referring to occured at the Barn north of severograd. The barn we killed Jeremy in. I remember sitting on the second level, dangling my feet off the edge, munching on a pack of pretzels and just sitting there, thinking. I heard footsteps outside so I made my way down, taking a look inside and outside of the barn to see who was there. Nothing. As I turn to look at the old oak tree we buried Jeremy under, I hear them again, coming from my left. I turned around to see the silhouette of a man walking around the corner of the barn. He was dressed in the same clothes we had buries Jeremy in. At least I thought. When I followed and walked around the same corner, I couldn't see anyone there. I searched the entire area afterwards for someone that looked like the person I seemed to have seen. Nothing. When I finished telling Razz & David what I had seen that day, David grabbed a hold of his gun tighter than I had ever seen. He turned around and ran straight towards the barn. Arriving, he threw himself over Jeremy's grave and began digging with his bare hands. All the way through to the depth we had buried him. He stood up, glaring down to the grave. I was standing next to him, doing the same. We both looked down to see an empty space with a single blanket still there. It couldn't have been true. We shot him. We shot him right into the back of his head. I saw the blood splattering everywhere. We checked his pulse and he was dead. Definitely. Unless.. We're all going crazy around here and everything we seemed to have witnessed was just our minds playing tricks with us. We either saw his ghost, someone robbed the grave or.. we never killed him. What if we're in a state of delirium? By Rory Taylor The first time I tried to take my own life was back home in Atlanta. I had just been kicked out by my parents for being different than what they wanted me to be. Sounds dark but happens to be the truth. Life seemed broken in many ways than one. I got booted out of med school for getting a criminal record, went down the wrong path with the wrong friends, was high as a kite almost every minute of the day and struggled with feeling alone all the time. I managed to get my hands on a pack of sleeping pills and did some research on the internet. That night I was certain that I wanted to trade my life for something better. I took the pills and fell asleep. I woke back up. I was close to going with the angels that day but something stopped it from happening. Whether it was my pure luck to take the wrong amount of pills or something I can't explain, trying to show me that there was a reason for me to be there, I really don't know. - Some time passed, I started my new life in a completely different country. Isolated from my old ways of living and especially my parents. Chernarus seemed like a new start and even the outbreak and what seemed like the end of the world didn't allow my depression to return. I got myself a new family, opened up a Bar in the town I used to live and work in before the outbreak and things were finally looking up. I was active every day and loved it. Could barely sit still. The wanderlust hit and I was ready to explore the entire country. I loved the nature and scenic beauty this place had to offer, loved to sit down by the beach and watch the waves and explore the forests all around chernogorsk. I was more than ready to get out there and see all the other places. The day we moved the bar to a different location in the town was the day that everything changed for me again. Me and Eddie were messing around on a pretty high staircase right next to the bridge. I was swining my baseball bat around and lost grip of it. It fell down the side of the stairs and as I was about to look behind me, I lost balance and slipped off the side of the staircase, landing on top of my baseball bat, my ankle snapping sideways as I hit the ground. I was in agony. A doctor named Taryn came all the way from up north. I had a clean break through my fibula in my right leg. It was bad. I was put under and the surgery lasted a good while. When I woke up, a bunch of idiots decided to attack the doctor's office we were hunkered down in. I was stressed, scared and nervous. Once the situation blew over and everyone had left to give me some space, I took some time to myself to think about everything. I remembered life before, I thought about all the stuff I tried to push out of my mind that made me upset. I contemplated the reason I was still here and couldn't find one. The town had become a war zone, friends dying left right and center. I was told that I may never be able to walk the same as I used to. The break was severe and the doctor couldn't do more than reconstruct my fibula and hold it in place. I had ligament and tendon damage and was told that I was gonna be out of the picture for a long time. I was so excited to explore the country and get out there. I couldn't do that anymore, not for weeks, maybe months. I lost hope in ever being able to walk normally again. If you go from being active all the time to not being able to go to the bathroom or anywhere by yourself, you start to reconsider things and darkness hits once again. I went to the bridge that night. The one right next to the doctor's office I was operated in. I had tied a noose in a long piece of rope and was ready to let go off all the pain I felt that day. I sat there for the longest time, thinking. I tied the rope around the ledge of the bridge and was ready to grow my wings when I hear a voice shout at me from the other side of the bridge. Some man found me that night and talked me out if it. Told me there was reason for all the bad and that I was still needed somewhere. That was the second time I got interrupted. - The last instance happened not long ago. Sometime mid September. The bar had moved to severograd and I was in a lot of conflicts with myself, my decisions, my feelings, the pain in my leg that I still struggled with every single minute of the day and my feelings for a loved one fading away. Me and Jeremy Stryder had been in a relationship for weeks on end and he helped me get through the first few weeks after my surgery. He brightened every single day. I also knew that I didn't love him anymore and a war was happening in my head, conflicted with wanting to tell him and breaking up with him or living with it and continuing as if I still loved him. Life in severograd wasn't easy. A concentration camp was being built by wannabe king nigley, who was also fighting king Niall, pulling my entire group into their problems. Other people decided they suddenly want to be at war with us for reasons that I still don't understand. Talking could've been an easier solution. I was working full time in the hospital as well as managing the bar, being the leader of the group and trying to make the right decisions. Ont op of that, people wanted to be at war with us, other's wanted to negotiate deals. More and more individuals started coming to the town, wanting to speak to me. I had a lot on my plate. All of that added together with the struggle of finding the confidence to tell Jeremy about my decreasing feelings for him, worrying about Razz who continuously started going down a worse and worse road, having to live with killing Jeremy Noivac and torturing him before his death and my build up in feelings for David, I was done. I was stressed. I was so overloaded with problems and conflicts that I just wanted to let myself go. I went onto the highest apartment building, ready to jump when the door opens and David appears. I was confused and reassured him that everything was fine. He told me to wait ten minutes, he would be right back. I told him I would but after he left, I made my way over to the barn. The barn we tortured people in and killed Jeremy in. I found a piece of rope laying in the corner and began tying a noose. I sat down, holding it in my hands. I was crying but knew exactly that I wanted to leave this world behind. Out of the blue, David walked in on me holding the rope. He talked me out of it and I ended up confessing my love to him and him doing the same. He told me we could fix this and I agreed to giving it a try. Since that day, things have been getting better and better. I ended the relationship with Jeremy and decided to take a step back from leadership of Viridian. I took time to rest up and relax whilst me and David now manage group matters together. Things have been looking up. It is odd to me that every time I was ready to let go, someone or something stopped it from happening. Almost as if I wasn't supposed to die those times. - If you're out there feeling alone or feeling like the world wouldn't care if you were gone, trust me when I say that you have a purpose. Everyone does. There is always someone out there that loves you. There's always a light at the end of the tunnel, even if it's hard to find. After darkness, there will always be a flame. Don't feel alone. Tell someone that you're sad. Getting it off your chest will be much easier. Trust me. You're strong. This thread will be updated & continued as time goes on We would love to share our group stories & the timeline of In Viridian with the community
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    *Bill picks up his radio after hearing about ''Gremlins''* *He presses the PTT* ''U fucking what? There's people going around called themselves -'' *A short and dramatic pause* ''Gremlins? Like, the little monkey looking fuckers in those films from years ago?'' *You would not hear anything for a couple of seconds* AAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *He would speak again* ''Goodness me, don't tell me thats serious now?'' *You would hear bill say under his breath* ''Fuck me, I should tune into the radio a bit more'' *The radio turns to silence*
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    bait beɪt/ verb gerund or present participle: baiting 1. deliberately annoy or taunt (someone). DayZRP rules say: 6.4 You may not bait other players into situations where you use kill rights or self-defense (see rule 7.2) due to their response to your provoking actions. This rule was created to prevent scenarios that include, but are not limited to following situations: 1. You leave a vehicle/valuable items at location and go away while keeping overwatch on the things you left from afar. Another player stumbles upon your vehicle/items and takes them. You initiate on the person and rob them from their items, or you straight out kill them because they are technically stealing your belongings which is a hostile action. You get banned for baiting, as you may not leave vehicles or items unattended and then claim them to be yours when someone in good faith takes them in belief that they do not belong to anyone or that the owner is not around. 2. You steal something from another player in a situation where: The item is of insignificant value or is not valuable enough to you to justify the need to steal it There is no IC reason to steal the item or it does not make sense in the current situation to be stealing things from other players You stealing the item would put you directly at risk of getting caught (for example stealing right in front of a player, surrounded by their allies) After you steal something, the person or allies of the person you stole from obviously confront you about it and either initiate or directly engage you (which is fair and understandable considering stealing is a hostile action). You, or your group then use self defense as a reason to kill the people you stole from. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that provokes another player to initiate on you and using that as means to gain self-defense kill rights is considered baiting. 3. You are at a hotspot location where a lot of players gather. You block a path leading to that area by for example blocking a road with a vehicle or stand with your character in a doorway. You do not initiate on anyone or act hostile towards anyone, but you don't move either, making it impossible for other players to pass. Finally, after talking and reasoning with you has failed to get you to move, someone initiates on you and tells you to move or you will die. You or your group use self defense kill rights to kill the initiating party. You get banned for baiting, as acting in a way that leaves other players no other choice but to initiate on you due to your behavior in order to continue their regular RP is considered baiting. 4. Two groups are hostile towards each other. Your group knows the position of the second group, so they send you in alone to their location so that you get initiated on and are taken hostage. Meanwhile, the rest of your group takes positions around the area in anticipation of the initiation. You get initiated on and draw the other group out of their cover. Your group then fires and kills the opposing group with ease, as your group didn't have to go through the risk of having to initiate on them and you helped to draw them out of defensive positions. You get banned for baiting, as risking your life and using tactics where people are sent in as bait straight to the enemy in order to gain self-defense kill rights for your group is considered baiting. Also, in all of these situations, as per rule 7.4, any kill rights gained from the baiting are invalidated and any killers from your group will also get punished for any invalid kills that may have been gained from baiting. Baiting is also a 5 day ban offense now. Of course, baiting can be done in many ways, but it's usually easy to spot since it has very close links with rule play (killing people simply because the rules allow you to - rule 7.5), NVFL (risking your life for something meaningless, just to gain kill rights for your group - rule 5.6) or disregard for fair play (using any kind of advantage that the rules may give you, even if it doesn't make sense IC or is not considered ethical/fair play OOC - rule 5.3). I hope this clears it up for both community members and staff who handle report verdicts on how the rule should work and be applied when enforcing our in game rules.
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    The UN Evacuation Event was everything I'd expected to be plus a whole lot I was not expecting. There were ups and downs, technical difficulties and disappointments, and loads of people stepping up and adding really interesting plot twists and betrayals. The event concluded (as intended) with the archival of the UN/WHO South Zagorian 1st Response, so it was bittersweet for me, but I am extremely happy with the way things went and how they ended. First and foremost, I'd like to thank the UN for all the time, effort, and passion they've put into the RP and the portrayal of the UN as I had envisioned it. For the last 6-7 weeks you have all done an incredible job, the fact that we were able to accomplish what we did as a bunch of strangers who really didn't know each other at first OOC and we were forced to spend the first few weeks of the lorewipe just learning who each other were and what we were like, is incredible. I would specifically like to thank @Mercy and @Lemons because the time they put into the IC reports on our private forums, and their effort into documenting the "zombie lore" has been above and beyond what could have been expected. However, the daily commitment to the portrayal of the UN as a professional and realistic military element that is bound by UN guidelines and international law would not have been possible without @Shanoby @Malet @Red @Lankin @Razareth and the many other UN PeaceKeepers and WHO staffers (past and present) who gave such a tremendous effort and contributed to the RP. Most of all, I'd like to call out and thank @DinoCasino without your countless hours of leadership when I was on vacation or busy, as well as your constant assistance, advice, and opinions I quite frankly would not have been able to lead this group effectively. I was in WAY over my head and I drastically underestimated the amount of time and effort it would take to lead a group of this size, and even when I know for a fact that you either felt ill, felt burned out, or would have rather been doing other things you were ALWAYS there when I needed you. I can't thank you enough. As for the event, I definitely don't deserve the thanks for it, this was a community-wide effort and tons of people made it awesome. Most of all I thank @Chief and @Major for their constant input and guidance in terms of the lore. Even though I was initially skeptical of their role in the event, I'd like to thank @Darion and @Galaxy and your people for the your role in the event. The whole element that you added into the plot really caught me and Dino by surprise and it ended up adding so much tension and suspense, really well done!! Huge thanks to @Dusty and @Undead and @Jamie and @Sleepyhead and the rest of Raspad Vosstaniye for playing the role of "Bad Guys" in this event and doing a tremendous job of keeping folks afraid and entertained. Finally I'd like to thank all of the rest of the people who took the time to participate in this event. I know it wasn't perfect, but despite all its imperfections you all showed up and RP'd your guts out and made it amazing and memorable. There are way way too many people to thank individually and in fact I wasn't even able to get any 1-on-1 RP time with most of you, but the fact that you were there means so much to me. Thank you all, can't wait to see what amazing stuff you all come up with next!
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    *The radio crackles for a moment before music begins playing, following by a voice* *The music fades off and the transmission ends*
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    It's smile cookie time at Tim Horton's
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    Inspection in Ground Zero Approved and edited by @Major Written by @Mercy, @Lemons and @DinoCasino The investigation of Ground Zero was led by Major Holmen to Kamensk military base. Coordinates shown at 079 007 directed to objective known as ‘the pit’. Upon arriving for visual inspection, the following theories resorted to: A possible cult suicide before the infection had started (or whilst it was happening) in which the situation was not able to resolved to graves hence disposed of into a pit as a mass grave. A mass murder of civilians carried out by the government state (or neighboured state) which they seeked to hide. Looking within the pit (apart from the bodies) appears to be what substance of hay/straw along with a pipe. Perhaps planned disposal by fire underground. Operation Pit Day One On the 2nd September 2017, approximately 2345 GMT an expedition was carried out operated by Major Holmen with the assistance of Dr. Capella. Advised by Dr. Capella, gas masks should be required when visiting the grounds due to unknown risk within the area. A hazmat suit was found within an area in the military base (North East airfield) close to Ground Zero as well as one based within Berezino hospital which Dr. Capella wore. Due to plans of Dr. Capella being sent deep into the grounds she wore a specialised MSA Ultra Elite-EZ Full face Mask installed with a light for visual assistance. Equipment such as: Geiger Counter (to test for radiation levels in the area) Lights (in assistance to lighting up the area if needed) Body bags Ropes Cotton swabs with vial sample bottles Travel time from Berezino to Ground Zero took approximately 30 minutes by double timing. Major Holmen assured for Dr. Capella to equip a small firearm in case of any risk of being attacked or unknown living beings in the pit (which was unlikely but for safety precautions). A rope was then tied to Dr. Capella’s waist and lowered down into ‘the pit’ safely. Due to Dr. Capella’s size, she managed to slip into the grid without hesitation. What was described to the peacekeepers above including Major Holmen, was that some bodies were found with chains around their necks along with bloodied knives. Others word from her was that she speculated civilians of all ages being within the mountain of bodies; this being children, adolescents, pre-adult, adult and elderly. Three individuals were pulled from the pit for further inspection, this being: A young teenager A suspected pregnant woman Male in his twenties All three of these individuals showed signs of quick deterioration of flesh including signs of bone of the individuals shown and organs which has been state by Dr. Capella would give a foul stench that weak gutted people should not come close too. The bodies were tightly compacted into body bags which will later be disintegrated for biohazard purposes. Major Holmen decided to rest close to the area without risking exposure to chemical, biohazard or radiation damage to continue to the progress when the sun gives more light exposure. However a concerning matter would be a few peacekeepers reported in to feeling faint as well as one report on feeling sick. Peacekeepers suffering from this will be ordered to stay in the camp until the operation is fully completed. Day Two Major Holmen requested any peacekeepers feeling any sort of sickness such as fatigue, dizziness and/or vomiting to stay in the camp whilst the others continued the operation. Currently what is unknown about the situation is: Any radiation levels (which will be monitored by a geiger counter) Any abnormal smells apart from rotting flesh: never be resolved due to the biological contamination set in the area causes risk. What the hay/straw is there for? Is it to set the corpses on the fire and dispose of them but did not follow through? Is it hiding more bodies? What is the pipe for? Does it have a connection to the hay and deceased in the pit? Any documentation within the military camp that would be used to improve knowledge on situation? Day two of the operation was carried out at 2000 GMT on 6th September 2017 by Major Holmen of the United Nations 1st Response Unit of Chernarus. Major Holmen, Dr. Capella and Captain Hawk found more hazmat suits within the medical clinic with full face gas masks. The caution from sick peacekeepers gave the officials more whereabouts on to follow from this investigation. With a successful found of hazmat suits and full faced MSA Ultra Elite-EZ masks the they continued for the monitoring of ‘Ground Zero?’ with a geiger counter which is measured in grey units. Upon inspection it was countered that the base begins to peek outside and into the base at 0 to 1.5Gy. From this inspection it is suspected the radiation levels are settled outside of the camp and outside of the forest surrounding it. However up in certain areas which are known as hot spot areas bring the most concern. Around the military base brought measurements of 0.4 to 0.5Gy from broken down buildings, vehicles and in the tents. Within the inspection inside of the pit was complaints before from peacekeepers that a burn their eyes which brings suspicion of chemical leakage. Within the pit levels of the radiation begin to drastically peak which evacuated the person monitoring before danger to their own life. The highest on the geiger monitor we got was 0.6Gy. Other areas to the west got close to 0.6Gy but unknown accuracy of the areas in total. The pipe within the pit and western proximity are suspected as more dangerous territory without accurate moderation of the areas to provide greys (Gy) due to the risk of lives close to units of death if no treatment provided. Inspection from outside the pit provided with a flashlight for confirmation, the pipe contained what seemed to be a welded back together. Officers will be warned to not provoke the area at all or to ever return to the area due to radiation poisoning. Which makes statements or suspicions of hay being used to rid of corpses false but cannot be proved due to radiation causing risk. Smells such as chemicals or fire cannot be confirmed due to gas masks preventing from sense of smell. Furthermore, the area which is known as Kamensk military base should be cordoned off or sectioned from civilians at a 1 kilometre circumference due to the inspection within the map of the radiation starts. However for safety precautions, civilians will be advised with a 1.5 kilometre distance from the military base. Major Holmen and Captain Hawk took aboard to seek over the bodies whilst Dr. Capella reported feeling ill. When looking over the bodies that had been collected from the pit mentioned from day one. The corpses had either shrapnel within them which is unidentified to be either a bomb or grenade explosion. The corpses provide a sickly rotten smell from them which gives image that they have either: Been left for a longer time than expected The corpses are deteriorating from radiation or biological contamination (bacteria rotting the bodies faster than expected) Side notes: Unknown smell prevents from concluding whether or not it is a chemical situation No documents to prove what caused the radiation Confirmation the area contaminated radiation and dangerous to others Corpses hits with shrapnel and missing limbs which have been ditched giving ideas of local warfare? Radiation poisoning to be suspected in peacekeepers and officials The hay inside of the pit is suspected to be there for decor and not to assist in fire/cremation of bodies Decayal of bodies left to be either: 1.1 Bodies have been there for longer than 2 weeks perhaps with the assistance of bacteria/organisms to assist in deterioration. The weather would help to prevent a fast decomposition rate. 1.2 Rotting of the bodies is assisted with radiation or biological contamination or radiation Radiation consumptions on peacekeepers and officials are calculated to be at: Units (absorbed) 0.2 Gy = 200,000 (Peacekeepers and WHO personnel) possibilities of mild headaches, fatigue (not lasting) for 3 days 0.4 Gy = 400,000 (Hawk and Holmen) possible more likelihood of fatigue, headaches, slight nausea for 7 days days 0.6 Gy = 600,000 (Capella) possibility of fatigue, headaches, nausea, possible vomit estimated for 11 days If anyone is caught there for a long period of time without no protective give such as an one to four hours can cause symptoms of the radiation. Symptoms can be such as: Vomiting Fatigue Nausea Hemorrhages Alopecia Diarrhea Disorientation High fever Shock Death Thanks to @Malet for this image Thanks to @DinoCasino and @Malet
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    I would like to give some feedback on my own group just because I've been wanting to let everyone know how I feel about it, especially the people in the group. Let me first adress that I am so incredibly proud of everyone in this group for making it feel like such a close family and such a great group to be part of. The Creation When the brotherhood of thieves archived, we all had been playing with eachother at the Pub in Cherno and we all knew that we didn't want to be a dyanmic group of friends. We wanted to continue playing together in the dynamic we had as an official group. We took literally 5 minutes to scramble the graphics together. The first logo we originally had came from tumblr and all I did was overlay it in purple. I did fuck all preparation and put literally zero thought into this group. I just threw it on the table for watchman to post and then worked on a Lore that, at the time, was a tough job because I had a huge creative writing block and all that came out of me was a bunch of garbage that a 10 year old could write better. Eventually I picked myself up and tried my best to write the lore we currently have, which is literally all built on IC Events from the last group we all had been in together. In total we spent about 15 minutes creating this group. The name we had originally was "A thousand Suns" and literally took me 2 seconds to come up with because I was listening to that Album by LP at the time and just fuckin' liked the name I guess. Then I thought.. You know what.. It may be a little OTT considering everything that happened recently with Chester. I wanted to think of a different name. So I was watching one of my favourite youtube musicians at the time and was scrolling through his Vlogs when I saw that he brought out an EP called "In Viridian" and I fell in love with the name. It just seemed super unique, something that could be memorable. To bring some sarcasm into the group thread, instead of using the Viridian Colour as a theme for the thread, we picked purple. For no fuckin' reason. TLDR: Sometimes the groups you end up throwing out there with little to no effort put into are the ones that will work the best. I learned this the hard way after Rebirth Why Rebirth failed When I created Rebirth it had been in the making since Lorewipe was announced. The name took hours and hours to come up with because everyone had different opinions on what they wanted. Originally, we wanted to name it New dawn but that had been a name before and we didn't get the green light from the past owner in time to throw it out there. The Lore took hours as well as I had to base it 100% on the new Lore that we got. It was a tough job. The members that were all going to join rebirth ended up grouping themselves together ICly and OOCly and I felt like I was a little left out, not going to lie. Every Idea I had, everything I said and did was pulled into the negative. The Vibes in the group weren't great and we had IC Arguments, OOC Disagreements and I didn't feel like i had control over anyone in my group who had basically started forming their own little highschool recess circle of friends and I wasn't in it. The majority of the time I would get mad over stuff and overreact. I lost my patiences multiple times, ended up quitting Teamspeak or the game itself because it didn't feel right. I am not trying to push the blame on them because I did lose my patience a lot and the group ended up failing due to both sides. To my friends in In Viridian You guys have made this group what it is and it would feel so different without you guys! I am just happy with how we all get along OOC and IC. Nobody rebells against anybody in the group, noone has a hate or dislike. Everyone is respectful and nice, the comms are fantastic and I am surprised to be able to say that to be honest. Sure, we have the Bar and everything, we run a hotspot. But what has come out of it since we moved to Severograd is a big game changer. We focus less on the bar and more on the people around the bar. We make friends, we build relationships up from the bottom. We even made a couple of business deals and alliances with likeminded groups. It's not a Bar Business anymore, we don't mainly do that. We focus on our group now. We have RP with eachother while RP'ing with other people at the hotspot. We go out and do stuff every now and then. We created something here that is going to leave memories. I love everything we built up. There is not one person in this group that I've got bad things to say about. Not one of you that is more important than the other. We all make this group what it is together. You're all equally as important. I'd like to adress some people here and give them a pat on the back because It's been a really great feeling lately. @Watchman we made this group together and you've taken a lot of weight off my shoulders. You're a great guy and your character is a very vital part of this group! @Boston Basher we've been playing together since before Lorewipe and you've been in every single one of the groups I've been in since then. Your character is a very good addition to everygroup because he's unpredictable. A lose cannon, a hothead. You bring some diveristy to the RP we have and you're a laugh to be around. I also trust your judgement and your opinion a lot. Thank you for being part of this! @IrishGhost You haven't been around as long as some of the others but you're an amazing RP'er who can really keep his cool and create great situations. Our characters have bonded very quickly and I trust you OOCly to help me keep things up. In Character you're a person that people look up to for advice and that I personally trust with judging situations and looking ahead instead of thinking in the heat of the moment. You want what's best for everyone, not just yourself. That's why you grew to be a very respected person so quickly. @Eddie Sorella You've been with us for quite a while now and your RP is just so full of potential and great development. I am so glad to have you and I hope you've been enjoying the dynamic we've had in the past to now. I just know that without you it wouldn't feel the same. You're a laugh on TS and you're a great roleplayer. Keep it up! @Mischief You've joined recently and you're a great addition. You also bring some different style of RP to the group due to how your character is. The flaws she has and what she's been through. It creates a completely different dynamic. Someone we all want to look after. You're also a great person OOC and I'm happy to have you with us. @SkinVest We literally recruited you through IC Events that played out which was an amazing experience in itself first of all. When you're with us, I can see that you care about everyone in the group. You care about the Bar, you care about how things will affect the group and you look at the bigger picture. You've been great help so far and I am suprised at how well you've made yourself in our dynamic. I hope you're having fun too! @Strawberry Again, you're one of the people that brings a different feel to our group, being the "generic survivors" we are. Your character is very split and very sarcastic. You're unpredictable and you've got the resources to keep us alive, basically. Thanks for being part of this! @Buddy You're such an amazing person to hang around with. Your character has given me some of the best RP and story development and I trust your judgement on everything that ever happens IC or OOC. You're like our thick book of wisdom. You always know what to do. I know you're busy a lot but when you ARE around, everyone loves you and respects you. Thank you so much for being a part of this group! @Paradox You're a great guy to be around IC and OOC. Your character is great at making decisions and I can tell you care about this group just as much as everyone else. I'm very happt that you're part of it! Good to have you! @Username I have only met your character a few times but I am sure we will continue to get you bonded with the group throughout time! Due to timezones and everything, your time with us is very limited but I know you're a great guy. Give it some time and people in the group that play a lot more than you will find a feel for your activity pattern. It's not a bad thing at all, adds something new to the group dynamic whenever you're around. People can start to get to know you more and more. I am excited for what the future holds! @Bowser Again, timezones are horrible here. You've got the problem that when you're around to play, noone else is because of how the servers are busier during the night time for UK, which is evening for US and morning for australia. By the time you get to play, we're all either in bed or it's too late for you. I'm sorry about this. But we all love you Max and we like whenever you can be around from time to time! @waavey You're probably one of the most reliable bartenders we have. When noone wants to do it, you're always the one to jump in. Thank you for everthing you've helped with in the past! That all being said I'd like to adress the fact that when we first threw the group out here, some people put as down as a generic survivor group. But you're only generic if the people in the group are boring. I feel like every single person in this group is making it more and more non generic because of how their characters are and how we all bond together. We've been loving this group and I've got the feeling that to me at least it will become just as memorable as Outrun was last year. <3
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    *Mikolas leans at the wooden wall of a cabin, sitting in the grass while he takes out his radio. He blinks a few times and takes a deep breath before he starts to transmit* *you are able to hear a male voice speaking in a Chernarussian accent* H-hello this is Mikolas Barta, Janitor of...*he goes quiet for a few seconds* Ex-Janitor of the Bed Station in Dubky, Chernogorsk. Several hostel guests and I have made it so far a-and we don't know how to go on. I am s-sending this request of help to anyone out there who can tell us what to do. The military was not able to and right now people are starting to act o-on their frustration. To receive the b-best potential help, I t-thought it is smart to introduce the people in need. There is Jason, he k-knows how to shoot and he is interested in everyone getting along. I think he is good in talking things out. Elaine, the teenager, she is like a kid that understands jokes *he stops to laugh quietly* that is pretty cool I think. Erm... She learns how to shoot a-and knows the area around. She also has a friend called Alex with whom she likes to get drunk b-but I don't know if this information is helpful. Pavel is pretty helpful out here, he likes to brain storm and shares his thoughts with me about potential scenarios. I do think he is wrong about Jason though. There is Adrian. I think he is a pessimist and french. At least he starts speaking french when he gets upset. He does not seem to like Lukas, the Swedish guy. He is looking for a d-doctor but I can't say why because we are sharing that as a secret. I-it does not mean we are attached deep down. There is also Jay. I think he has a drug problem but with actual chemicals it could be worse, I think. I'm not sure, I don't do drugs. W-we also have two more women with us. Samantha, she is smart and good at explaining stuff a-and I don't think she likes tea at all. The other woman is Ida. She is not a hippie but she sees a lot of color and likes nature. Sometimes she talks to trees. I -I still think that is weird but she is a very nice person. She is looking for her friend Thea, also German. *he catches his breath from speaking* We are all out here and the thing we have in common is that we don't want to die. E-except Adrian ... I'm not sure about him. Ida said we need to stay updated about what happens out there, I thought this is the best way. So does anyone know what to do? Any suggestions on a way out? I wanted to ask the VDV if I can rent a pilot and a plane but they are gone. Also Joshua, someone we've met said, I should get chocolate for Ida instead of a plane b-but I don't see how that helps our situation. Please if y-you have an idea share your t-thoughts over this frequency. Dekuji. *He releases the transmit button and stares at the radio in his hands*
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    i cant blame them. All the stuff they had planned was just completely shit on because everyone seems to have a hatred for bandit groups. No one seems to understand that without bandit groups, With out a concurrent enemy in RP this community would be boring as FUCK. I was actually really looking forward to seeing what offworld had in store. and i can't blame them at all for archiving. if i was them i would have archived a lot sooner. simply put Theres no reason to put in so much effort and work if all your gonna get is hatred and shit. But heres the shitty part. You will get a bandit group that you are going to hate. But you are not going to get a bandit group that's going to put in effort and make some amazing RP experiences like offworld could have. because they don't care anymore. Why should they? No one wanted to give them a chance.
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    You are absolutely correct in this suspicion. Wall of text inc. When destabilizing an area, you can't exactly be quiet about it. I mean, for example.. when ISIS goes ham by running folks over with a car, or shooting people in france they post on twitter going "Hey! That was Us!". Running folks over, and shooting people can never be described as subtle I think. On top of these horrific acts, they destabilize the local area.. causing folks to fear for their lives, get angry at the gov't for not protecting them, anger at letting in refugees.. you name it. Nothing about destabilization is a subtle work. More on that point. We have two teams in our ranks, team one will.. likely go BANG BOOM LOUD NOISES HERE!!! while team 2 robs the shit out of something or someone at point B. We have a fairly large membership so we feel this can be accomplished. It isn't really a subtly thing. Its a distraction tactic right? Furthermore, While I enjoy the RP from this place most of the time; it is impossible to keep a secret. At least a relevant one. Sure no one will spread a secret about Joffrey kissing dew on the corner of Czech st. in Cherno.. but you can be damn sure if I say "We're going to go rob the U.N. today in like 3 hours." Everyone on the server knows about it within 3 minutes. Everyone subtly metagames, which is fine.. thats just the way things are here so no big deal.. but to weigh in on my point... it makes trying to do "secretive acts" a pointless gesture. All attempts at hard work keeping things under wraps quickly falls apart. This would likely be possible if the server limit and size was say 300 people. That would be enough folks and things going on to cover up something big. But a small 40-60 man server.. yeah.. nothing is going to ever be able to be hidden. On a final note; I am flattered that we have received this much attention, and constructive criticism is always welcome. Most of the points made here have been fantastic, and thought provoking. In general, I do not like coming up with groups that "stir the pot" on the server. Grandiose goals, and entire re-organizations of local govt's and weapons remvoals jargon. These are huge, disruptive things. Unfortunately if we do no do these things... things that stir the pot, and move the server along... who will? And when? It has been just shy of 60 days.. 2 months.. and we've had zero events from any "Lore Faction" (Whatever lore faction even means). We've had 2 safzones, one of which disbanded after 6 days, and the second one has been legitimately abandoned for at least 2 weeks here and there. Martial law was never enforced, there have been no decrees aside from "Hey UN. Leave the entire country or die". The Cdkz just archives after a week... like... again.. thank you for paying so much attention to our humble group... but.. can you like... REALLY get on the case of the groups that are "Supposed to drive the lore" .. you know the "Lore factions" that are supposed to create RP. Right now the only folks who have created server wide RP scale is mainly the kovars market, The Pub, VDV, and Nihoos terrorist shit that he did for one week. You'll note none of these groups are lore factions. I am sure i am being a tad disengenious to the efforts of some, within the lore factions, but I feel on the whole scale of the server.. everyone would agree that the lore factions, and the lore itself is dead. No events.. no driving RP for us all to work with... nothing.
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    That feeling when players on top characters list have already played more since the lore wipe than me since I bought DayZ SA.
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    Link to the situation: TS PMs Any supporting evidence or notes: TS convo maybe? Feedback: The way you behaved yourself in the PMs and the TS pokes was very unprofessional for a staff member. When you are in a appointed position of authority you should always treat others with respect. Again the attitude seen in the messages and PMs above were very unprofessional for a support member. I do have to say though when we talked in TS in the presence of another staff member you were well mannered and professional. Even after I clarified the meaning of the PMs you disregarded the poke and went ahead with the salt. Suggestions for improvement: Calm down when there is a civil debate being had and always remember words are better than text.
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    No pls. No more erp let it die.
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