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    Hello DayZRP members! I'm announcing a few changes that will be made in the community, some immediately, some in the coming days or weeks. As always I would love to hear your feedback on these changes so that we can tweak them together to everyones liking. 1. Server switch It's been a few weeks since release of DayZ server files and thanks to @Kerkkoh our admin tools are now complete. Admins and GMs are able to fly around the map, teleport players, spawn items, zombies and wolves, and even more which should help enormously with creating role play focused events and unique content. All admin tool actions are logged to a file that only I will have access to, so any abuse of power will be found quickly and dealt with swiftly, so that you as players can rest assured that the server continues to work with fair play in mind. We are also planning to mod the game client side with some custom RP focused additions, which will require you to download a mod folder and start the game with special command line in order to join our server, but that is coming later on and we will have a separate announcement for that. Anyway, the current S1 server hosted by GamingDeluxe does not allow for modding at this time, therefore we will be switching our main server to the self hosted one where we have full control over every aspect of the server. It will also have 100 slots and is hosted on better hardware which should help with performance. What this means for you is a wipe. Not just of persistence (items on the ground, stashes, tents and vehicles), but also of all characters as the new server will work on a separate database and the data cannot be transferred between the servers. We would like to switch the server some time this week before the weekend. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 Server switch is scheduled for Friday evening server time. 2. Server changes New server means changes. As I already mentioned the new server will be 100 slots. We don't actually know if it can manage that many players and stay stable, but I suppose we will eventually find out and experiment with the max slots so that the inevitable lag does not harm role play too much. We have not one but two dedicated servers, each equipped with dual Xeon processors with SSDs, 96GB of RAM and 1Gbit fibre optic uplink at our disposal, so hardware should not be a problem. Besides slot changes we've also tweaked a few things and settings on the server, here are some of them: VOIP quality raised, which means that everyone will sound clearer and louder. The downside is that you will lose some of the 3D sound perception (from which direction someone is speaking). Let us know based on your experience if the setting is satisfactory or we should lower the sound quality for the sake of situational awareness. All players will spawn with a working hand radio on the new server, we hope that this will eventually remove need for 3rd party communication and reduce metagaming. If possible through modding we plan to vastly increase the range of these radios to make them more practical. Please use them to increase immersion! When posting radio chatter threads on forums, try to add a real working frequency of in game radio to it. Spawning points will be altered. After 3 years of running from the beaches of Chernarus as a new spawn, it's time for a change. When you start playing your character on the new server you will find yourself deep in a dark mysterious forest somewhere in South Zagoria. Will you find your way out? Because of overwhelmingly positive reaction to the suggestion posted here, the night time on the server has been extended. It should now start getting dark sooner and there should be at least 1 hour real time of night time, right before the server restart. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 All of the above changes will be present on the new server after the switch. We will have polls about the spawns as well as VOIP quality so that we can decide whether to keep or change them based on your feedback. 3. Events Now that we have admin tools, it's time to finally do some events! You can expect admins flying around and spawning unannounced hordes of zombies or wolves near groups of players, adding more dynamic and unpredictable threat to your regular gameplay. We also plan to do a large scheduled event this or next weekend similar to old Invasion events from DayZRP mod, where the objective for players is to band together and stop an incoming horde of zombies from taking over a city or other important location. More details on that event will be available in a dedicated event thread that should be created today or tomorrow. The event will be held on a separate server where you will be geared to the teeth with ammo, weapons and what not. Fight for your lives! --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 The large scheduled invasion event has been postponed until next week, I simply didn't have enough free time to create and properly prepare an event this weekend because of work and other RL commitments. The unannounced random events created by GMs and admins will still happen. 4. Character names Now that we have a known workaround for the character name issue, we will be turning back on the enforcement of character pages as well as tracking of character play time. This means that unless you fix your in game name using this workaround, you will be unable to join the server, as you will be kicked for invalid character name. The workaround is available here: --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 This will be turned on and enforced on the new server, so make sure to fix and test your in game names before todays evening. 5. Getting rid of leaving threads The recent waves of leaving threads are leaving a sour taste in our mouths. A lot of people suddenly feel like "leaving the community" for one reason of another which is fine, but in reality it's more of taking a few months break and writing a rant bundled with throwing a few last jabs at other members on their way out. Also the staff members are getting tired having to monitor and moderate these threads, close them after 24h, revoke peoples posting rights. Then a month or two later someone wants to come back and want their rights back, creates a support ticket, one of the admins has to un-revoke the posting rights, this usually causes an issue with restoration of whitelisted status, which causes another ticket to fix that... *breathes* Yeah, not worth it. Introductions and leaving forum will be turned into "Newcomers" forum where new people can be welcomed to the community as well as ask basic questions about it. Leaving threads will be abolished completely and instead users wanting to "leave" will be asked to execute a manual action, here is a demonstration of said action. No posting rights or whitelist will be revoked for anyone, no bans on request will be issued and existing restrictions for people who already left will be lifted. If you wish to post a rant about something or someone you don't like we suggest trying general or suggestion forums or even PMs. If you really want to leave the community there is now only one way of doing so and that is to send us a support request for deletion of your account, which we are obliged to do as per EU regulations. Your account and information associated with it will be then be wiped from the website within 48 hours and SteamID blacklisted. --- UPDATE 2018-10-05 This has been completed.
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    It's me. I'm back I guess? I'm not too sure what to say. Actually, yeah I do. If we ever had any issues in the past, the slate is wiped clean. I'm talking about everyone right now, you know who you are. If you still dislike me, that's fair enough, but still... My point still stands. Clean Slate. Bless up lads, it's good to be back. Thanks to @Rolandand @JimRP and the rest of the Admin team for giving me another chance. Also @Grimnir too... And @Spartan... In fact everyone that's still with me, before and after the ban. Bless.
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    The Brothers: Rezza Carter - @ApexCrisis Scott Green - @Scottd Robbie Gort - @Lonnonzzombies Matthew Hunter - @Matthew1996 Daz Grant - @RWKTA Dave Roberts - @lemonade319 David Drummond - @Lewis scott Dex Harper - @Harper Dimitri Gusev - @Skippy Mihai Petrescu - @Checkmate Will Yates - @JnE Informants JV118899 - Assigned to gather intelligence on groups and spread the word that Brotherhood are back (Forced) Business Associates EML118898- Providing Supplies (Forced) RDK118897 - Providing Supplies (Forced) SAL118896 - Providing Medical Supplies (Forced) Under Protection SIM118896 - Helped us find people wanted by the Brothers Brotherhood Media Thread
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    What's up guys scarce here. Just kidding its me Wumby. I dont think alot of my old pals are here but thats okay. Really excited to be back and get back into role playing on dayz. Cya round
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    The town is dead but the hearts aint - Falk The Tortugan State is a survival role-play group that approaches towns to inspect if they are worth adding to the list of settlements under their rule. The group also finds lone survivors to bring back to Tortuga. Radios are used in game for communication, for contacting The State as well as its council members. The group has a diverse set of characters, both hero and bandit that are willing to do what’s best for the State and its survival. It wasn't long after the outbreak when the town of Tortuga was born. The town rose from the ashes of a small village known as Stary Sobor. The settlement was created by a collective of people that would have never came together under normal circumstances. Originally it was just a small piece of land from which the Black Fangs ordered the Common Folk to farm to feed its members.Over time, the camp grew and eventually became known as the first piece of human civilization to rise from the aftermath of the apocalypse.With the Black Fangs now residing over the town and keeping it’s people in check, they order the Common Folk to establish a trading camp. The trading camp would become a hub from which they could easily “tax” instead of raiding. But as the town grew, problems became larger and more frequent.The leaders of Tortuga learned that the small trading camp wasn't able to accommodate for the new mass of refugees seeking protection and shelter. It was decided that a new and larger trading market was to be formed and all business be moved to a small plot of farmland. The problems did not stop there however, instead they grew even larger. As the towns population grew a housing crisis began. The marketplace was shut down, and the people without houses were moved to the barns for a place to sleep. After several meetings, it was decided that Tortuga would have to expand in order to feed and house it’s masses. This is where the Tortugan State was born. As the state grew beyond its borders, they learned that with expansion resources became scarce and with that food became rare. With growing hunger, people learned that certain travelers in the town had begun devouring human flesh. After trial, it was decided that the perpetrators would be put to death. The Black Fangs beheaded the groups of cannibals and put their corpses on display.Signs were erected with the heads of the cannibals put out for everyone to see. Soon after a large group of cannibals attacked the town. Armed with axes and other tools they managed to kill several civilians before the Black Fangs put an end to them. Here and there cannibals came but they were dealt with quickly. With the town on high alert the council members conducted a meeting but animosity was growing between the leaders. After a discussion ended with an argument, the mayor of Tortuga was shot dead by a member of the Black Fangs. Frightened and afraid, a resident of the town attempted to leave for greener pastures. Angered by his cowardice, the Black Fangs hung him from the church and called him a traitor of the state. With the body count rising, the Common Folk learned they didn’t have the manpower to run the marketplace or farm the land. Falk put out broadcasts to lure people for recruitment. Such people like Fae, Sofia and Kricket traveled to Tortuga in order to support the trading camp. After joining the masses of Tortuga, news came about small group of people that had opened an inn outside of Tortuga. Falk, not wanting the inn to disrupt the power of his or the Black Fangs rule took a group of men to the inn and demanded they move to Tortuga or face death. Happy with the decision, Falk and his men left to return to the settlement. However, the innkeeper never safely arrived in Tortuga. Rumors came and went. Travelers spoke about a group of angry cannibals capturing people traveling to Tortuga As the town of Tortuga was run by capitalist beliefs, a group of communists known as The Collective threatened to burn the town to the ground. As hostilities rose between the two groups, an assault was made on the capital. Tortugan authorities defended its territory, but the town began running low on supplies due to attacks on trading caravans. Without options, Falk made the decision to leave the town in order to search for a safer route for traders.Without backup, Falk soon learned that survivors of the cannibal group still lived on. They tracked him as he left the town and captured him.With Falk not returning with the supplies they desperately needed, Tortuga was weak from lack of ammunition and food. A final battle took place between the Black Fangs and the Collective. Some would come to call the final attack the Battle of Tortuga. This attack resulted in the death of almost all of the towns people. People like Luke Krey, Jhon Derek and other black fangs were some of the only survivors. Others fled from the capital to other Tortugan territory, but those to eventually fell to bandits and Collective attacks. This was the fall of Tortuga. Benedict Falk - Western Jeffery Holmes - Sebbepwnyou Jack Velez - Frankie Luke Andersson - Lukazsxe Bill Sanders - Sillygoose Joseph Green - BrainM Sasha Vasnetsov - UndergroundLV Kolya Vorona - Kolya Vorona Gladius Artemis - Darczone69 John Webster - Webby Carlos Bobko - Ahmatoo Jimmy Lorenzo - Zorull Jeffrey Goldberg - Ascension Jack Bridges - OberonTheBear Ron McDonald - Redfox700 Andrew Park - Park1016 Gary Sanderson - PandaPower Boris Tatinka - JahBless90 Arnold Danderson - bloocool A year after Falk was kidnapped he escaped. He returned to what was left of his home. HE witnessed destroyed houses and empty bullet casings. To Falk's surprise, some people had taken refuge in the destroyed remnants. The town was destroyed but the hearts of the people weren’t.. With hope still lingering, Falk attempted to contact the Black Fangs, but learned they all went their separate ways. Some became a part of a new group known as Anarchy. Falk concluded that most had been killed or were still missing. Without options, he befriended a traveler who came to call the Russian Cowboy. From there the two traveled South then eventually North spreading the message of rebuilding Tortuga. Some people agreed to help, others only laughed. As people learned of his plans, they flocked to help re establish the town. There were merchants, mercenaries and even lone bandits. The future of Tortuga is not certain. The only thing that is, is that the town has returned and that it lives on. *Coming Soon* History of the group. Media Page A big thank you to @Sleepyhead for creating the original graphics.
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    Funny how some peoples' characters change completely when they meet PSI in-game. Guess some people can't resist the screen-time.
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    After the assassination of Niall MacNeil, Ilya Sokolov contacted Mack and Dewski to arrange a meeting. The meeting would take place at Altar Castle, and the two men would finally get to meet Adrian “The Machine” Turov, commander and head of the People’s Army of Ukraine. Once the two men arrived they were greeted with drinks and fresh food. Turov awarded the two with honorary medals and gave them both 200 rounds of ammunition of their choice. After the meeting had concluded, the two agreed to only accept contracts that both of them agreed on doing, and no innocent would get killed in the process. David Mack and Joe Dewski would go continue on to go into business as hired guns. Along the way they would recruit individuals they see fit to go along their lifestyle. Mac and Dewski would be willing to accept any contract, no matter the severity as long as the price was right. @Ghost Of Pado - David Mack @Jewell - Marko Dukov @ExoticRainbow - Adrian "The Machine" Turov @jakem10001 - Jake Stubbs @Cow - Matthew Cade @KpopKilla - Toby Dookiez @JoffreyRP - Tracey Smith @Sasha - Maksim Golov @Diamond - Tyler Weston @ShaneKOS - Shane Jewell @Shortround - Viktor Sebranek @Jackfish - Jack Fisher @Zig - Martin Brown - Those who pay for our services - Randoms - Targets -closed- Shoutout @Sleepyhead for the graphics
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    I'll make it real quick. - user was warned for this portion of the post - Imma follow my girl out. Not like My leaving even matters. I never played in game anyway. There was no reason to.
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    Hello! Chernarus is a big place and, often, you find yourself alone. Maybe you're on a supply run or maybe you're trying to get back to your group. I often find myself just running from point A to point B and I thought to myself: "why not make the experience a little more "realistic"? So, I've implemented some quirks in my solo RP, to make my character feel a little bit more alive than just a drone when he's alone. This list will be expanded, hopefully, with your help aswell. I always check houses with my gun up. My character wouldn't just barge in a house, searching the cupboards before scouting it out first then patiently clearing each room. Infected can and are hiding in every corner. I always come out of houses with my gun up. All my rummaging might've drawn some infected. I don't keep open cans in my pack. All those delicious beans would just spill away. Fresh meat spoils. Cooked meat spoils. My character always tries to eat game that same day and always wraps it in some paper before depositing it in a pocket. I drink some water every 30 mins. I also do this in real life, just to keep hidrated. Always sleep in a bed. There are plenty, why not do it? Also, when I need to go afk for a couple of minutes, I find a bed and leave my character there. Towns are scary. Tons of infected; my character wouldn't just run down the main road without scouting, maybe climbing a high place and sniping the visible infected then clearing the other infected drawn by the gunfire. Double tap. Infected are tougher than normal humans. Just because it's down, doesn't mean its dead-dead. My character always hits or shoots them again, just to be sure. Change your clothes. Infected munching on you, rain, dirt, blood, gunfire...all those take a toll on your clothing. Wash your hands. No, seriously, are you going to eat those beans with those dirty as* hands? EDIT 1: The following suggestions take longer to implement but might be fun for other people aswell: You're wounded! This applies especially if you don't have any body armor. If my character gets hit by an infected, I usually go OC for a second, let him pound my sh*t (if the conditions are safe) until I get a limp. In "epic fights" where I fight off multiple infected, I usually leave one alive and let him get me to red. I then take my time, clean my wounds, apply some antiseptic resin (use bark), bandage properly and limp away, ever vigilant. Just don't die. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. This is tied to number 4. Usually, after I bag a nice boar/wolf/chicken/etc, I take my time, find a proper place to gather up some firewood, build a nice fire with plenty of wood, skin the animal and prepare a nice dinner of steak, side dish of beans, some bacon and for desert, roasted fruit. *sigh* My character eats healthier than me. Land 0. Hospitals, firefighter stations, police stations, apartment buildings, churches. These places I consider land 0: high chances of tons of infected. My character dreads going into these places due to the high concentration of infected. OC, I always come out blinking red with 30% of my current ammo "gone". EDIT 2: These are less than "solo" tips and more "stay-true-to-your-character" tips. I'll use my Artemis as a template to give you ideas you might apply to your character. KILL! KILL! KILL! Artemis has to kill 10000 infected. It's his only drive. No matter if I'm wielding a hatchet or a fully kitted out M4, I always get Artemis in trouble by slaughtering every single infected he comes across. Silencers be damned! You sure you want to approach that person? Of course you want to, OC, but filter that through through your character. Is your guy/girl the type of girl/guy to simply come out of hiding and go like: "Yo! Nice weather we're having, eh? Small chance of rain, big chance of horrifying death" Act according to your skills. I think I mentioned this before somewhere, but if you are playing a "professional", act like one. Artemis is extremely suspicious by the huge amount of doctors in Chernarus that fail to uphold simple surgical or medical protocols and have little to no knowledge of BLS/ALS or common meds, not to mention a serious lack of anamnestic or diagnostic knowledge. Also, why is everyone treating bullet wounds like they're splinters? They're the single, most traumatic and most difficult to treat ( even with the proper supplies) injury a patient can suffer. Must be some sort of conspiracy Stop being Superman. Artemis was mauled by wolves ages ago so he can't sprint much. Also, running is painful for him, especially with all the gear he hauls around. He sometimes stops and walks and takes regular breaks. He also switched to smaller backpacks, not sporting the huge Alice or Coyote. Bullets. Mags. Medical. General supplies. This is more of a pet peeve of mine. I try to put supplies in a "realistic" fashion in my pack. Mags I place in my vest, or, if I don't have one, in my pants for easy access. Bullets I put in the big lateral pockets of my pack (to the sides) to be able to reach them easily. Heavy supplies, like cans, cooking pot, hatchet I try to put on the top of the pack so as the weight is evenly on my shoulders and not on my back. You get my point. EDIT 3: Realism. It is important. Try to be realistic. I'll use Artemis again. This guy likes having a weapon for each ocasion: his trusty Mosin is strapped to his back; a handgun or SMG is concealed into his pack, so he has to take it off his back to get it; his SHTF gun is strapped on his other shoulder so there's no room for a big axe. Even though you can fit an AK or UMP into your pants or vest...could you, realistically speaking? OC, I DO have an AK in my pockets, but that's because DayZ is stupid and doesn't allow me to use my shoulders how I see fit, so, therefore, I don't have a melee weapon and RP as if I have another gun on my other shoulder. These are just some ideas to make solo RP a little less boring. What do you do when you find yourself alone? Feel free to contribute.
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    I do one thing, one group of friends leaves because they don't like it. I do something else, a different group of friends leaves because they don't like that. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ There's no satisfying everyone. Good luck to all these groups finding a place that suits them better. You're welcome to come back if you can compromise and cooperate with other community members here, we'll be waiting!
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    Few of you might remember me, I have been allowed back into the community! I can’t wait to rp with everyone once again!
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    "This is an end to suffering, an end to lawlessness. Do you want to live in an apocalypse, or in a civilization?" "We created the Bank to give citizens hope, to help bring humanity back to where it should be." "Our dream is to save the world. Will you help us?" The following was provided for all users of the N.B.C to help promote our services. We appreciate your time. Section P.1, Our promises Section P.2, Ammunition conversion rates Section P.3, Currency On-Hand. Section P.4, Goals Section P.5, Backstory (so far) CEO Salvatore Palladino | @GeneralTortillas Partners Markus Reilly | @Herico Vasily Burov | @RussianPotato Joshua McHale | @AwesomeSnow Anatoly Petrenko | @Shazzzam Zerin Eliz | @deserteagles72 Michael Winston | @Brett Couriers Derek Vladimir | @Derk If are interested in joining, please message me directly. Thanks!
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    I tried to make this work with the admin tool but it didn't for some reason. I'm still gonna look into it but I'm not going to be able to do it by the switch over so initially, everyone will just have to extract a mod into their dayz folder, which shouldn't be too hard. I could, I don't know if we should though. A lot of stuff like radio ranges, water/food intake, stamina and stuff like that are defined as constants (you can't change them) so I have to override entire classes (the systems) that handle how the food/water/radio/stamina systems work, which isn't good in most cases because almost every update will change something with at least some of these systems, which in turn means everything will break and it will take me days to fix the mod once again. Since modding isn't yet officially released, it will be a world of pain for me to figure out what breaks the mod every time there is an update (every Wednesday pretty much at least), so I would rather only add new things and not so much change existing data structures in the game that could change at any point. At the moment, the mods are a bit broken after the Wednesday update and I'm just absolutely exhausted with uni work, trying to stay alive and sleeping at the moment but I'll do my best to fix things before the switch over to the modded server.
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    Hello guys! It’s been a shit load of fun but it’s time for me to leave. I have meet some wonderful people here in this community which have ended up becoming friends that I today consider some of my closest ones. This is something which wouldn't be possible without this community. I won’t tag anyone as you all know you who you are. For anyone that wonders why I’m leaving there are multiple reasons, but the main one is because I no longer enjoy playing on the server. I remember the times when I would rush home from work just so I could jump on the server (fucking nerd). I have been trying my best to immerse myself again but it simply isn’t possible anymore. I used to blame a specific group people for all the servers problems but after thinking about it for the last month I have realised that the main fault lies on my side. I would like to wish both the staff team and the rest of the community the best of luck, there are some awesome people in this place. Thank you all for this amazing time!
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    I'll be setting sail for a little bit with the others that left. Much love to all those I know, just hmu on steam if you want to play a game or chat
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    just a friendly reminder when you see a bird point it out
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    mfw when they thought the zbor gang was finally gone
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    At a wayside hiking trail shelter north of Chernogorsk and just a few hundred meters due east of the castle Zub, a first aid kit bag has been left behind. Inside lies a can of beans, a can of tuna, a couple of bandages and a saline bag, along with a small note that reads: "To someone in need. Sorry there's not can-opener. - Your friendly neighbourhood ranger" The pencil used to write the note has also been left behind and the other side of the piece of paper is so far blank...
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    After 5 years in this community I will finaly do a face reveal. (hey whats up guys its Jackfish here)
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    o7 Some things are beyond a joke, my time here is done. Was gonna leave a long rant about how some disqualifications are a joke but that much has become obvious. If you want the reasons feel free to DM me, I've told a lot of you in the past why you're great and should keep your chins up.
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