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    If you're all on the same deathmatch server, isn't that just bots vs bots? Doesn't make the scores very impressive imo
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    Hi community members! So I said to myself: "let me post this nice screenshot": But then I thought - "let's maybe just edit it a tiny-tiny bit" :
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    Nadbor Regional Broadcast frequency (102.5) LDF Public Frequency (103.2) As the War against the Russian Military and our own people being infected and rampaging Livonian land, Livonia has fallen to a state of ruin, last known communication with the Queen was around the same time as Operation “Terra Mariana” slowly ended without any known outcome. Far beyond the capital’s walls,the rolling hills of Nadbor region slowly recovered from the scars of conflict, as nature has reclaimed its place, the region's wildlife sprung back to their natural homes and silence has filled it’s mountains and valleys. Around the year of 2019, the land has seen an influx of refugees who tried to find shelter from the elements and flee the infected, only to discover that the Nadbor region was also populated by the same disease and walking corpses in the streets. Along with refugees also came violent bandits, bands of heroes and recently… surviving Livonian Defense Force soldiers. In the capital of Andrejzow, many believed the city had fallen to anarchy, but little did bandits in the region know that the Parliament was a very much a working structure. Underneath the Parliament, an old Soviet Nuclear bunker sheltered the Parliaments officials and the Monarch itself along with remnants of LDF command . A year after the bombs fell, and most of the harmful radiation was gone from the northern Livonian border, the scoured LDF soldiers and the remaining first responders, civilians patiently waited for any higher commanding entity to resurface and kick start the rebuilding process. And their wish came true. Underneath the Parliament, the Queen issued a defense protocol, which sent out scouts and messengers throughout the land in order to recall any citizens in defense of the Queen, and soon after the first radio chatter in years came back to life.The remnants of Livonian Defense Force and first responders soon swept through the capitals streets and wiped out any remaining criminals, bandits and anarchists along with any Russian dirt laying in ruin. Their first push was to clear out the neighboring buildings around the Parliament building, where state criminals made bases inside the apartments, some even possessing Russian documents which were used to seek out key locations where the suspected platoons were hidden. Next strike was along the facilities and inactive factories on the south of the city where the city’s power plant and water pumps were located, during their investigation they found Russian insurgents holding control over the facilities, which were dealt accordingly and quickly, along with them were prisoners, majority engineers, with their help, they managed to re-establish connection to power but only remotely, focused on the center of the city where their command center was located, this caught wind of the anarchists who noticed the power returning, aiming to take advantage and sabotage power lines, but were unable to complete their operation after being shut down by LDF patrols along the city blocks. More and more, the Defense Force found it hard to stop bandits and Russian forces from sabotaging the power lines, a new plan came to action as the sewer tunnels came to use, moving the cables under the city, unfortunate to the Russian forces, they were unaware of the cities underground built after the Livonian independence in 1991. The mission was a success as both water and power was established in secret. Equipped with electricity, they established spotlights to rid any attempts on attacking the Parliament by night, and with the success in reclaiming the construction sites, the forces in the city built defense walls around the central part of the city as the infected were also starting to cause problems. A small number of soldiers perished during these operations, but their sacrifice were the building blocks to their resistance and strength. With power back, the Radio towers atop of the Parliament building also returned to full functionality, thus beginning their attempt to contact anyone on secure channels. The Parliament was reinforced and became the central point for both her majesty’s reign and the remnants of Livonian Government’s control in the matter of days. The neighboring streets were blocked off to house the people and create a safe haven for them. Through their sweeping of radio channels, they came across a broadcast from the northern parts, more specifically the Nadbor region. The region is known to be mostly abandoned but with the recent radio broadcast it was proven that it is not as abandoned as the parliament command has thought. Three remnants of the Livonian Defense Force were in the region helping out the local Livonian survivors, with a dream of rebuilding the nation to its former glory. In a few days, rumors of the Capital breathing life once more caught the attention of Russian insurgents still in the area and other bandits looking for supplies and an easy grab for weapons. Little did they know that the remnants of the government fought relentlessly and were well equipped to defend, while also sheltering any civilians answering the Monarchy’s call of hope. It took a few months to strike back the sieges brought by the two forces, but standing strong, they never gave up and successfully defended the heart of Andrejzow Only a remote number of NATO soldiers were left behind when the bombs fell and took shelter with the Government members to provide protection and aid in case any further assaults were to arrive, unfortunately… all NATO frequencies were dead and nothing was coming in or out due to damages to the radio towers caused the radiation, they were on their own and with their strength reborn and with hope sparking flames in their hearts, the Livonian people marched on out of the Capital, purging infected and burning them in mass piles. Clean streets have returned to Andrejzow along with the Government that helped and sheltered the common folk. But now a new question has risen, what about the rest of the region? This sparked a new operation, a rebuilding of the lost lands. The Queen issued a command over to be sent to Nadbor region, along with a platoon to follow north and unite with the existing forces in Nadbor. They will become the Capital’s reach north, while the rest focus on the more devastated regions east of Andrejzow. “Żelazny Jeleń” is their name, translates to “Iron Stag” to symbolize their iron will in rebuilding the lands of Livonia. The soldiers from Nadbor region have finally rallied up with the platoon sent from Andrejzow. They have acquainted themselves with one another and received 4 envelopes with 1,2,3 and 4 marked on them. The men opened the three envelopes carefully reading their objectives set by the queen herself, the men reached to open the forth envelope but it was marked to be opened when the three other objectives are completed or are to fail. And so the men sent from the capital together with men who remained in the region went forth to complete the phases set by the queen herself. - Sync and document the current situation in Nadbor region’s groups and meet with their leaders - DAY 993 (2/12 Groups Met) - Inquire with survivors and members of groups within the region about past events that happened- DAY 995 (Completed!) - Supply and find a good location to establish a temporary camp - DAY 1005 (Searching...) - Gather supplies and uniforms for the Platoon from LDF or NATO Military bases in Nadbor region - DAY 1010 - Create an automatic broadcast transmission within Nadbor region for any surviving LDF or civilians - DAY 1013 (2/4 Towers Configured) - Build temporary establishments through major cities in hopes of finding any Livonian forces (0/3 Major cities) - DAY 1020 - Document at least 20 survivors 5/20 - DAY 1023 - Plant posters throughout smaller towns frequently traveled by survivors informing them about LDF presence in the area - DAY 1027 (3/10 Towns) - Inspect the general infrastructure of Nadbor region, power lines, roads, buildings still standing - DAY 1031 (55% / 100%) - Fix the existing radio towers in order to have direct contact with the Capital- DAY 1036 (2/4 Repaired) - Find a possible location to house Livonian citizens - DAY 1040 - Scout and gather building supplies from construction sites scattered throughout the Nadbor region - DAY 1045 (0/3) - Find a suitable location and begin constructing a settlement for Civilians and LDF Members - DAY 1050 - Attempt to repair the wind towers found east of Nadbor region - DAY 1056 - Establish a new currency form through bullets or euro bills - DAY 1060 - Democratically elect a representative of the people of Nadbor region - DAY 1064 - Attempt to rebuild the power grid and bring back electricity within the Nadbor region - DAY 1070 - Survey the inactive factories north of Nadbor region and prepare them for exportation back to Andrejzow- DAY 1075 - Gather supplies from Sila factory to supply the capital with any available weapons and ammo - DAY 1081 - Find a method to transport the supplies south towards the capital - DAY 1088 - Await further instructions from Andrejzow - DAY 1095 - Perform purging runs against the infected plaguing Livonia’s soil - - Patrol the Nadbor region for any active Russian Federation military personnel - - Gather all remaining LDF units in Nabdor region and sway them to our cause - - Help Livonian citizens and try to avoid any conflicts when possible - @Highlander_V @Commander @Nonplayer @Greener161 @FatalShot @cheeks @ThePanda @Jonaaaaaas @Stiver @Combine @Dylanamo Team One - (EU) Antoni Nuwak Juri Sobecki Dawid Wolanczyk Szymon Lewandowski Tomasz Syzmanski Pawel Gawron Team Two - (US) Hugo Kaminski Aleksander Dabrowski Bartek Krzys Jaroslaw Kazimierz *Any active and identified Russian Fed. Forces will be targeted for hostile RP, but not citizens. Recruitment will be limited to LIVONIAN Civilians, Officials and Armed Military members only, some exceptions to allied EU Citizens will be done IC if it's fit and accepted, recruitment will happen with an OOC Chatter followed by an IC meeting. Radio transmissions IC via Discord is also available, see CONTACT US for information. Recruitment Rules : - Familiarize yourself with the lore of Livonia - Be part of the group as a team, not solo, we encourage a close bond relationship within LDF. - Try to be active as much as possible. - We welcome any inexperienced players first time trying Livonians! For any discussions regarding the group, members or possible recruitment, feel free to leave a comment on this page or contact the following on Discord or PM's for information! @Highlander_V | Highlander#1208 @Nonplayer | NoNpLaYeR775#0724 @Commander | Echo#6758 OOC Notes A big thank you to everyone that built this group from scratch and for the help from the following : @Nonplayer | Group building and planning. @Greener161 | Lore help and planning @Commander | Graphics @Stagsview | Lore review and additional Lore + Everyone that joined us during the process! Chwała Livonia
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    In the words of the famous English playwright, William Shakespeare, fucketh no. But why profane so Aristocrat? I hear you cry. Chernarus is so 2012 and no one plays on it. Apologies mysterious, otherworldly voice but I’m afraid it is there that I must burst thyne proverbial bubble. Aside from those pesky whitenames, three dedicated groups currently make their home on the server: Ladbroke Grove, Redwood Radio and my own dashing Cavaliers; along with a large host of lesser-known dynamics. Also, the 5.0.3 and Poitus Cras seem to pop in frequently to drink blood and eat babies or something. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve had to take a map behind the barn and shoot it. However, that was Deer Isle, there we had no choice but here, we’re actively encouraging the destruction of years of interwoven storylines on what seems to be little more than an ill-considered whim. Bad Choices With very few plausible options to travel between Europe and the Americas during an apocalypse, and the author’s staunch refusal to sail the island to the Black Sea. Some unfortunates must make the uncomfortable choice between creating a new character for Stuarts Island or buying DLC. Essentially, pay the court a fine or be prepared to forfeit your character. Forcing people to choose between money and roleplay is, as far as I'm aware, something we're supposed to be vehemently against as a community. For those willing to bite the bullet and send their due tythes to Bohemia, as I have, be prepared for another very convincing and plausible excuse as to why all abandon our abodes for yet another Eastern European country, plagued by war and nuclear hell fire. A decision that would not be made by any sane person, let alone a patriotic native. Of course, this could easily be explained away by making Chernarus an utterly inhospitable wasteland, ala Deer Isle. But once we’ve done that, there really is no going back. Sorry Roland, there's a reason you have LMs on staff. Hasty response to a complicated issue The current server split of 80/20 (80/1 since the suggestion), doesn’t exist because people desperately hate Chernarus, after all this clunky yet loveable post-soviet state has supported this community for six long years. It’s rather a consequence of its age and Livonia’s new, younger, flatter, more attractive landscape and Chernarus' recent period of Winter frigidity. I believe we should act with caution and wait for the excitement of this fling to die down before proceeding with a costly, lengthy divorce proceeding. Saying that, we must to some extent accept that this community will never neatly divide itself between the two maps. As we saw with Deer Isle and again with Livonia, people will always favour one over the other. This decision will by no means alleviate the low population issue. No doubt there’ll be a rush to try the new map within the first days of its launch; then, rather inevitably, the population will gradually decline and plateau as people lose interest or migrate back to Livonia. One server will always act as overflow for the community, no matter which pairing of maps are selected. People naturally gravitate towards the greatest concentration of roleplayers, regardless of where they’re located. That’s a big part of what makes DayZRP so successful in general. So, it’s either go back to one server, forcing everyone into the purgatory of an endless queue or come to accept that one bauble will swing lower than the other. What certainly won’t help is taking a rusty cleaver to your uneven knapsack every time a hot, new map pops up on the workshop. Chernarus is O.K. It really isn’t that bad. No seriously, it isn’t. Okay, it’s a bit rubbish but at least it’s our own refuse, something we’re familiar with. As someone who is active on the server, I can confirm that the rumours it has devolved into a Mad Maxesque, PvP slaughterhouse, where gear goblins wage eternal war on each other across the barren wastelands of South Zagoria, are mostly unfounded. Not only is it the reliable, sturdy bedrock of DayZ, with pages upon pages of lore to build upon but its lower population, abundant resources and sparse landscape have encouraged the industrious goblins to huddle closer together; fostering great, settlement-based roleplay in their sprawling hovels of mud and sadness. What’s more it has provided an ideal nursery for newly hatched whitenames to thrive and get comfortable with DayZ’s unique brand of RP without being embroiled in the constant battle royale that is Livonia. The Future of Stuarts Island Community maps are not guaranteed to be updated and improved and are very much dependent on the enthusiasm of the map maker. Indeed, by the author’s own admission, this particular project isn’t even finished yet; there’s not even an official iZurvive map available for it, a veritable death sentence for navigationally inept troglodytes like me. Now, I’m sure Kerkkoh is, as the kids would say, an absolute G and has worked exceedingly hard on this but he’s only one man at the end of the day. If he gets tired of the game or worse, decides that he’d rather not let DayZRP use his beautiful baby, then there’s not a damn thing we can do. I’m sure everyone remembers what happened to Deer Isle when we lost that custody battle. Additionally, the map is, not to be rude, well… rather titchy. Even smaller than Deer Isle by the looks of it, a map widely reviled by the community; it’s not certain how typical roleplay dynamics would adapt to such an unusual environment, if at all. Yes, forcing people into a claustrophobic cage of a map to encourage roleplay sounds like a good idea on paper but if I did that with hamsters, I'd be fined for animal cruelty. In all likelihood it will result in a cramp, chaotic jamboree of broken toes and poor bar service; culminating in a report section a mile long. Also we're still waiting for official, fully fledged lore for Livonia. How long are we going to be bumbling around waving cowboy hats and eating deep fried chicken before we get some coherent scripture for Stuart Island? The Solutions I've come to realise, as I type this long, rambling, incoherent mess of an argument, that it's far too late to change to people's minds regarding this particular decision. At the time of writing, Rolle and 61.83%* of the community seem to have already settled on the matter. However, I have conspired to create two small suggestions which may alleviate our collective suffering in the event of an 'I told you so' outcome; they are as follows: If we must embark on this perilous, one way voyage to the Pacific then I strongly encourage you to give Stuart Island a thorough probation period on a third server. Receive feedback on it before you go poking holes in Chernarus, you might find it's the only seaworthy raft you have left. Our gracious and benevolent masters of lore might deign to consider and provide a plausible, in-lore explanation as to why characters can make a onetime migration to Stuarts Island. i.e. A big, ol', sexy boat shows up, selling tickets for twinkies, the undisputed currency of post-apocalypse America. Thereby saving the destitute masses of Chernarus from being chased into the abyssal depths of the archives by the bloodthirsty, armoured bears of Livonia. Or we could just tsar bomba the whole thing and have ourselves a jolly, good lore wipe; allowing us to sweep up the irradiated ashes into one tidy dustbin. Alas, that, my dear reader, is a thread and an exceedingly long, pedantic rant for another day. *Still a larger majority than Brexit
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    We have 45 active members and we are attacked 5 times a day people are more than welcome to form coalitions as they do to attack us when they want As they did today when 30 people came into our base and raided us for the fifth raid that day you may not be part of a group that needs supplies to fight a war where we get attacked 5 times a day and have 45 but we are lol you guys are welcome for all the gear gg well get you all next time
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    Glad to finally see a neutral group on the server.
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    Chapter 1: Humble Beginnings Chapter 2: Paradise Lost Chapter 3: Awakened to harsh reality After the fall of Green Mountain, we decided to keep on going. Becoming nomadic seemed like the right way to continue our journey. Answer radio calls for any assistance we could offer. The affiliation to whom they belonged too didn't interest us. But our kindness was being used against us. Hostages & punching bags, anything they can use for fun. We became exhausted. The group separated, members traveled far and wide. Noticing that they were missing fragments. Pieces that were comfort. As time passed we noticed, a family is someone you trust, the world may have ended, but our humanity will always be in question. We started finding each other once again. Sending radio messages. Regathering, uprising. We are the remnants of Green Mountain Charity. Seeing our home abandoned, some of our group members felt Forgotten Mountain was the name we carry now. We are here to trade, help, donate and contribute. Ongoing / Completed / Failed / Indefinite Acquire a base of operation - Day: 1029 Build up trade route (Only trade what's in stock) - Day: 1019 Help survivors through out Livonia 3/50 (Indefinite) Protect our members at all cost ( 2/10) - (Indefinite) (By providing food & medical supplies & ammunition) Build relations with larger groups to protect the interests of the group (Ongoing) Neutral / Allies / Enemies Maintain trade alliances with established groups ( 0/5) - Day: 1060 (n/a ) (Providing specific items that each group request that of which we have) Make enjoyable experiences RP We wish to guide and help people learn the RP lingo for things and help guide them to improving their RP Develop story lines with our group and other groups Keep an active presence in the community and forums President (Kat) - Katia Soto - @Kattsura Vice President John Brown - @Wee_L_LR Secretary Lucern (Hunter) Lux - @TheLamp1 Road Captain Oliwia Maciejewski - @Mia SGT. At Arms Mark Walsh - @marauder1838 Enforcer Leader Deacon Johnson @wastingdoor Enforcers Madrious Perry - @EPerry William Burke - @MrBurke The Farmer Pavlov Krasnoff - @vanon02 Master Chef Christian Falzy - @cfalzy Full Listed Members John (Fox) Oakwood - @ImaginaryFox Kia Blackwood - @Snorf Prospect Ronald Wardell - @Mysteryman03 We prefer to meet our members by IC means. If you join you will need to simply follow three rules. 1. Take personal responsibility when you mess up or cause trouble. 2. Own your choices & fight for your beliefs . 3. Remember to have fun & don't let anyone define you.
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    Happy to announce that THE can opener has been destroyed. Nadbor Region is now safe, no more can opener bandits shall be around.
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    Idk bro if not being generic means being can-opener bandits i think @Apollo would rather stick with being generic
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    Friendly reminder because I know people will get confused; Nirvana can only be spawned in by LMs. No one else. And should not be spawned in by any other Staff. No one should actively have any Nirvana as the server was wiped and we have not spawned any more in yet. You should not/cannot RP using Nirvana unless you actually HAVE the IG Item. We made the item IG for this purpose. Unless you physically have it, you cannot use it. Do not powergame people for various effects of the drug. If they do not wish to RP out certain aspects they are not required to. Forcing them to do so is powergaming. It is not badRP to not RP out the drug effects if the person does not wish to, it's lore states it doesn't affect everyone the same. If they are unsure, link them the RP guide. Or ask IC/OOC for consent. Yes we will spawn more in hopefully soon. As well as progress the event series but we are waiting on Roland. The item is RP Based(duh), you have to RP out the effects. Just like the "blue candy" and weed items IG. Any other questions about it in regards to usage and stuff, ask us LMs in DMs.
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    Positive feedback: I miss our daily meetings Marek and Sabina! But with all the work you and I have on our hands, I always look forward to visiting the camp. Since day I've met you, you guys always gave visitors some good ol' RP and as stated before, I'm really happy that this ongoing project was developed into an official group with a prefab. Becoming a hot-spot is a really tough job in my opinion, because of full spectrum of RP quality passing through your base/home. Just keep up the good work Soup Kitchen! Negative feedback: False advertisment: almost always there's not a single bowl of soup for me and always hungry friend Dima! This is a recording of us checking the cabinets for soup:
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    https://thatbunnyart.tumblr.com/ @Kordruga
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    This is the media thread for dynamic group Wulf Company ltd. Enjoy the content. @Wulf @bunny @SidChaos @ScouseViking Some company stuff Pictures of Mr Wulf Other Screenshots
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    dumb lil coloured doodle of Aaron and Eve - she's a brat.
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    We have removed suggestion channels in Discord as it was difficult to get communitys opinion on suggestions flying by in chat and no easy way to vote or comment on them. Here are new guidelines for suggestions: All kinds of suggestions should be posted in this forum, this includes suggestions about the community, rules, our DayZRP mod, new mods to be added to the server and any other issues. All threads MUST include an unbiased poll with a short and precise answers, ideally a "Yes" and a "No". Polls that are deemed biased by for example having an option "Yes" which is the suggested change by poll creator and a "No - explain why" which suggests requiring to explain negative votes will be closed or edited. All suggestions should be reasonable and you should have done some research beforehand about if the suggested thing is viable or even possible. We will be locking suggestions that include things which go against core values of DayZRP, features that are impossible to be added to the game, mods that are incompatible or unfinished, etc. Provide as much information as necessary as well as explanation why the thing you want added would be good for DayZRP. We won't be requiring using a template to allow freedom of expression, but add as much information and pictures as possible and avoid one liners.
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    @River, @Kerkkoh, @Voodoo, @Oryx, @GDate, @Tomu, @Searoz, @Lamb, @Imagine, @cheeks, @ItsChocolateMan
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    Had a really fun time at the Soup Kitchen today! @OxeN, @speirs and your group, thanks for selling @neckrorazul to us also. Was fun meeting you and listening to your rambling, haha. Hope the camp wasn't too overwhelming for you! Thank you to @Ronnie and @God for playing us some tunes on the cassette players and making a spontaneous dance party for us, haha. And to @Eagles @Militus @Cracka_tee @NiceLime and all of my wonderful Soup Kitchen friends. I love you all! There's way too many names to list here, but thank you to all who showed up at the camp today and roleplayed with us!
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    Should make sure that The BanditTrainingBook© has a segment detailing the correct use of a can opener
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    Formed by several like minded individuals, who, at the onset of global destabilisation caused at the hands of the undead hordes, the group saw a chance to both further the prospects of humanity and ingratiate themselves with whoever might emerge at the top of the inevitable power vacuum that would form given the current deficit of an established government. To this end, a vicious sweep of Europe was enacted, with museums pertaining to military history being their main target, firearms and other militaria, deactivated or otherwise, from various points in recent history were collected, with special interest being showed to many of the last ditch firearms produced by the third reich in its death throes, moving rapidly west, sacking the historical institutions of many European countries as they went, taking advantage of the ensuing chaos caused by the collapse of the world around them. Eventually the group arrived in Livonia, and found their pillaging could continue no further, as the Belarussian government had mustered the most resistance to the undead threat, and had taken every precaution to close their borders, deciding to push further east, the group had no choice but to secure passage off-road, a precarious endeavour given the sheer weight of stolen arms they possessed. Bribing a local woodsman, they were assured that passage further eastward could be had by means of an abandoned logging trail through the hills, left unguarded since the days of the USSR given the freedom of movement allowed to its member states. Setting off on the road, the convoy made solid, albeit painfully slow progress due to the steep nature of the road, several days into the journey, they were plagued by the extremely violent storms that frequent the country, their progress ceasing all together now as the very ground beneath them sought to see them undone. Several more days passed, with frantic attempts to un-ditch the convoy being made by every man present, though to no avail, eventually the futility of their actions was realised, the decision was made to bury their loot, the process was even more arduous than before, but eventually they buried what trailers they could, and sought to fortify the ones they could not. Now trapped in Livonia, with the weight of their bounty cast around their ankles like a leaden ball, the group has no choice but to prematurely enact the next portion of their plan, hoping to create a hub for the cheap manufacture of crude firearms. At first hesitant of their new surroundings, the group took a policy of isolationism, their interactions with the survivors that were now their neighbours being limited to trade, both of supplies and information relating to the local area, being an eccentric bunch to begin with, their continued self segregation served to paint a peculiar image of them, first earning their moniker of "Brass", as those most involved with them became accustomed to their incessant pining for ammunition in any form. Whether in an attempt to be rid of them, or through a genuine interest in seeing them prosper, the local populace notified the group that far to the south of the country sat an abandoned munitions plant. The fabled SILA arms plant rivalled the Brno plant in Czechoslovakia in its heyday, and served as a bastion of Livonian pride until its gradual fall into disrepair and eventual abandonment. Fully aware that the plant would have been largely stripped clean of useful machinery, an emphasis was put onto finding and assessing the possibility of making the place liveable, even workable once again. Until being able to do so, the group has focused their efforts onto the accrual of arms and armour of any sort, with the goal of distributing the most desirable luxury in the country at a premium they can decide, to this end, they have also made considerable efforts to contact those they feel trustworthy enough to help further their cause. Masali Salamander Markus Lawson Reynauld Petain @Liam @LewOS @Suave Sniper X Richard Bennet Nikora Iosefa Tyler Wicks Manvej Ratesh @Jpurts @Phoenix151 @Bishop @Dirty Dave Ali Amir Julian Amir @Scrxts @Johnyeh Establish an area of operation from which weaponry and ammunition can be traded and sold [Completed] Refine a process in which old weaponry can be made operational once more. [Indefinitely] Begin researching methods of creating crude firearms & ammunition with minimal resources [Indefinitely] Harvest large quantities of expended ammunition casings and any other brass scrap. [Indefinitely] Take steps to increase the status of the organisation within Livonia. [Day - 1000] Actively seek out alliances with other groups in Livonia to ensure survival. [Day - 1010] Help supply allies in order to counter our enemies. [OnGoing] Run any competitors out of business through any means necessary. [Day - 1050] Recruit individuals with specialist skills to help. (Traders, Security, Engineers) [OnGoing] Take time to Explore individual talents of members and develop these so they may better contribute in future. [OnGoing] Find, restore and modify a truck or bus so that we can operate a mobile shopfront. [OnGoing] How To Contact. Either Messages me on Discord (Lewis#4428) Or Just Message Me on the Forums.
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    Dew told me to hook you boys up with some shitty graphics so here you go Good luck btw
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    Bandits prepare to meet your maker, no where is safe for you
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    To be fair a group can say it's neutral and not be, in Anarchy we'd say we were all about freedom but we even ran a slave trade ring. This is also true, I can see why people might be intimidated and I think a right way to ensure this problem doesn't pop up is offering to talk things out, like we did with Anarchy, however as @Roland would say, GMs and Admins are always free to ban people on the spot if they're breaking rules, they were trusted with such powers and must not be scared to use them as they see fit if they think it's for the right. Also everyone is by default going to be scared to be honest and I do agree with @neom that going up against a group with 2 admins, 1 ex admin, 2 ex GMs can be kind of intimidating. I don't know the specifics of the situation but yeah, just pointing it out. Also, a group should not be forced to change it's ideals but a group that wants to promote organic RP and in general having an open mind should be keen to developing a different mindset and approach to situations which would involve the restructuring of the group as time and days go on and as scenarios carry out, because we play in an open world with other groups and people who all have an impact on each other, what I'm trying to get at here is why RP something when you already know the end result in your vision? If you one way or another want that to happen then sure, no one is going to stop you but what's the fun in that? Now from what I understood, someone getting banned over doing something because someone is not changing their ideals, yeah I can say that's the first time I've heard of that happening but with Roland's clarification it shouldn't happen again. This is a situation where the end result will vary depending on where the group leaders want to take it.
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    If you build a base for roleplay reasons then you don't need more than 1 gate.
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    Just wanted to say I got nothing but pure enjoyment out of RPing with you guys the other night and I was grateful that whoever shot me shot me without saying anything made the RP way cooler thanks for all the fun
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    To add on top of what Hofer said, Corona-viruses are a sub-family of viruses, examples of outbreaks that have happened in the past were named SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome-related), which is also how they were references as. The one that is currently in the news is COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease), which is why it is references to as 'Corona Virus'. The previous ones were not commonly referred to as 'Corona Virus', but rather their nickname. The reason why the current one is referenced to as 'Corona Virus' is due to the fact that it is called COVID-19 (Corona Virus Disease).
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    You left the 5.0.3. on Saturday, which means that you are not allowed to create a group till Saturday as per group rules. You may not have been a member of another group in the last 7 days You can PM a Mod+ to have the group un-archived once you meet the requirements. /archived
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    Was a quiet but fun night @Inferno as always enjoy wandering the wasteland with you. Had fun travelling with @Hegedraagen another blast from the past. Always fun when I meet up with you @Replaceful the banter was fun and enjoyed our little trip @Mysteryenjoyed the banter along our road trip and my character isnt fat but nevertheless enjoyed you winding me up @GreenySmiley it's great that we meet up with you. Your another blast from the past it was fun and we should definitely meet up again for another road trip For the folks in the soup kitchen sorry there was alot in both occasions that I went there the roleplay was great as always.
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    Thanks to @FaeRP @River @Tomu @[email protected] @Husky. @Korha for the awesome rp for the first day of my new character. Hope to see more of all of you!
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    We thank you for alternative options, i honestly really do...But to be utterly honest? From having the ability to directly effect the server the last half a year with events...I know what works server wise..I cant rely on volunteers...they arent consistant....I cant rely on staff...they have their own duties. Its why when having tools we made the most of every little scrap we had. Working with every noot and cranny. Look what we could do with 1 person with tools...map and godmode with the serial killer event series? We got nearly the entire server on Red Alert...
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    @Atrix17 "Can we stop all the big dicking on the radio" continues to big dick himself
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    ONCE UPON A TIME ... ALEX DEPRESSED COWBOY INVESTIGATION THE COLLECTION AN IDEA BORN OF PASSION FROM SUNSET TO SUNRISE RADIO TIME Click to contact us! Set up a public outpost where the group can offer help to survivors on the radio and direct them to the outpost without making the radio station's location public (day 1030) Organise local music events with live playing musicians to make the world feel more alive to survivors (day 1040) Reach and find people on the radio that are in need of shelter and offer them a housing option to establish a more social and helpful living environment (day 1050) Provide a radio show with music and news to both entertain and inform survivors (ongoing) Recruit suitable people that have some experience with audio or radio equipment. (ongoing) Keep a constant supply run going to collect necessary items to keep the radio broadcast going. (ongoing) Establish positive contact with different factions around the area to ensure group safety and receive necessary information for the news segment. (ongoing) Provide a good (audio) quality radio broadcasts by using professional grade equipment and real vinyl records Provide a qualtiy pre-recorded weekly news/story podcast Provide a proffesional looking newspaper with stories of current events, lore or propaganda Make the IG world feel more alive, by using the radio aspects in the game Provide RP that is different from normal bandit or survivor groups RADIO PERSONNEL Host/Leader @Basko TECHNICAL PERSONNEL Handyman/Leader Radio Tech Engineer @JobScholten @Gandidoor @Comrade Politruk SECURITY Guard @DrCrazyGamer STATION'S PERSONNEL Medic Quatermaster @Bastage @Daisy A full log of members joining and leaving Press this to see all broadcast! Press this to see the newspaper!
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    “You didn’t expect this, did you?” says a man covered in dirt with a long grin on his face. “You prey upon the weak, belittle those that you deem beneath you, laugh in their faces as you point your precious gun at them and taking their stuff like it’s a charity.”, the man smirks as he nods towards his two colleagues. “You tell yourself you are invincible, you play god with people’s fate and lives and you keep lying to yourself that it’s the right thing. Which one was I supposed to be? The second? The fifth? The fifteenth?” “God! Please no!” yells the man laying on the ground as the two others approach him. “Oh, but don’t you worry… We see you now.” _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Global warming, wars, discrimination, poverty… all the problems that we once faced are now all gone. Those people that protested, people who fought for what’s right, who took time out of the little they had to try and make their quiet voices heard; their dreams came true. Funnily, it wasn’t them that changed it, no, it wasn’t some inspiring young genius that found the solution to all of this, no… What wiped the slate clean was in fact far worse than anything we had yet faced. All these issues disappeared and were forgotten about in mere moments as the world we lived in morphed into something new. People said it was Ebola, others blamed it on people eating meat, some believed it was some new virus coming out of China trying to eradicate us all. Theories and conspiracies were thrown like shit at brick walls, anything to keep them occupied from facing what was happening. It didn’t take long for the dead to begin roaming the streets. Some countries fell in the blink of an eye, some managed to hold out hope and some might still be fighting, but the landscape of our world has fundamentally shifted to a place of no return. In the midst of all this, there was but one thing that has changed and that is us. In fact this whole situation we find ourselves in has even brought us closer to who we really are. With no government to police people’s behaviour, we have all become free in a way. No longer are there boundaries we are told not to cross, social norms we must comply to nor people we have to greet with smiles and kisses when we know they are as much of an asshole as you can get. So while the world around us burns to ashes the question we should be asking ourselves is not what will become of it but what will become of us. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Well, what a day this was. I thought I’d lost you too. It was around 10 AM when I decided to head to this baby store I picked out on one of our maps. It was a quiet morning so I thought that might be my only chance, so I got my bag, grabbed Sofia and got on the boat. As per usual, Venice’s canals were full of both dead and alive bodies, but still safer than taking the main streets. I was half-way there when I heard some shots fired pretty close, just a couple of streets away. Shots crack off inside the city almost hourly, that’s the norm, but this time I was out in the open and exposed. I’d write more about the interim but I don’t remember much leading up to the main event. All I know is that at some point I looked to my right and this figure jumped from the streets on top of my boat. The air filled with my startled yells and I tried to punch whoever this was out of my boat, but it was just a matter of seconds before he hit me in the head with what I think was a pistol. He grabbed me by the hair and pointed it at me. That is when I saw him. Blood covered his face, angry eyes staring at me, heavily breathing, clearly trying to catch his breath. Words came from his mouth but they were foreign to me, I think he was Slovenian. He pointed towards the other shore, so before he decided to pull some more of my hair out I pushed the boat that way. He began climbing onto the street when he noticed my backpack. Just like in the films we looked at each other and tried grabbing the backpack. The damn thing was empty anyway but he either didn’t care or couldn’t understand what I was saying to him. I tried to fight it but to no avail. He grabbed it and started climbing again. As I began to crumple in defeat, a loud noise cracked sharply from behind me, echoing down the narrow canal. My ears were ringing as the body of the man thumped back onto the boat, almost capsizing it with heavy shaking. I grabbed the backpack first, then looked at where the man jumped on my boat from. A group of people stood there, silent, four or five... maybe... rifles in hand, one of them aimed at where my attacker had taken his last breath. Running never even occurred to me, having been overwhelmed by the shock. For a moment I thought they would shoot me too, but just as one of them was about to speak more shots came from behind them. They looked at each other, nodded, one of them waved at me and just like that they were gone. Sofia’s cries snapped me back to reality, welcoming me back with the realisation that my face was covered in his blood. I pushed the body into the canal and carried on towards the store, got the baby food and now I am somehow back in one piece. One question keeps rattling through my mind: who were they? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Day 419. Things were looking good. People seemed happy, the walls looked strong, we had plenty of food. Tereza had done an amazing job here. She had that fierce, determined look even the day we married. It was midday I think, I was talking with this kid, Jan, when everyone heard the lookout scream that someone is coming. I ran to the watchman’s tower and climbed in what felt like 2 seconds, grabbed my binoculars and looked for myself. It was a man, pretty tall, ragged clothes, so gaunt and disheveled had he not been holding a bag in his right hand you could have definitely mistaken him for one of the sinners. I looked back, trying to find Tereza but she wasn’t there. Must have been in the infirmary. I guess I had to think for myself for once. I signaled the watchers to be prepared as the man was approaching our gates. When he arrived within speaking distance, I asked him who he was and what he wanted. He simply looked at me. I could almost feel the sadness in his eyes. It didn’t last long, as he just keeled over right in front of our doors. If this was a trap then it’s a damn good one. I climbed down and before long I felt myself pacing back and forth, I could tell the rest were looking at me waiting on my call. “God, what should I do?” I remember asking myself. My conscience got the better of me and, the next thing you know, we were carrying him to the infirmary. He seemed to regain consciousness and started muttering something so we sat him down on a chair. I rehydrated him and we gave him some space to relax before questioning him. Words didn’t come easily, it seemed like he’d gone a while without proper food and water, topped off by the fact that he’d sustained a bullet wound some time ago. Before we could get to any more talking, the door behind me crashed open, sending a loud shudder through the room. Tereza was standing there with a face that said more than I’ll ever write in this thing. I got out of the room and closed the door behind me. What followed were screams and berates that I have never seen, not even when I called her fat by accident that one time. I wanted to argue my side but it was clear it wasn’t a discussion. Two guards came in, grabbed Tomas and carried him away. Apparently, we can spare neither food nor meds for “outsiders” she called them. This wasn’t like her to be so territorial but I guess with everything changing around us, so must we. Day 421. Don’t even know where to start this one. It was a… weird day. Me, Teresa, Jan and 2 others were in the back of this garage, we were looking for something electrical. I still don’t know what we picked up, I was just there to show Jan how the supply runs usually work and to keep him from messing anything up. Anyway, Teresa put some bit of kit in her bag and we stepped through the front door. As we moved outside, the sound of a safety switch flicking snapped off to my right, paired with voices and men to match those voices, all with rifles aimed at us. They had us dead to rights, easily 7 of them ready to fight and us loaded down with equipment. We are good at farming and repairing things, it lent itself well to creating our home. Fighting, however, has never been our forte. We put down the guns and raised our hands right above our heads. One of them quickly moved towards us but instead of grabbing our things, he grabbed Teresa by the shirt and pulled her forward right in front of all of us. No point in lying, I was a pussy and didn’t say a damn thing. I closed my eyes and waited for the bang but when I opened them all I saw was the same Tomas she kicked out 2 days ago, sitting crouched right next to her, telling her something none of us heard. When he finished, I felt my heart nearly stop as he turned his gaze towards me. To our surprise, they didn’t take our stuff; no, they just let us go but with one condition and a warning. We grabbed our stuff and headed home, warily looking over our shoulders the whole time in case it was some sort of sick game. I tried to comfort Teresa, as she was crying, probably thought that would be the end of her just like I did, but she still hasn’t fully snapped out of the shock. Judging from the mutterings around me, people think she isn’t fit to lead. Tomorrow, if she isn’t better, I’ll be assuming a much more… generous command, as instructed by Tomas. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That fucking snake. I shouldn’t have trusted him. For three fucking days we ran together. Stupid piece of shit. We stumbled upon each other in the middle of town. I was getting ready to go to sleep in this shitty McDonalds when he came out of the back. “Friendly! Friendly!” he yelled. Should have shot him right there, but no… I tried to act like the good guy for once. I mean we bonded pretty fast, Artyom and I. Probably a fake name now that I think about it. He said he saw me come in and he had a plan to get out of town. Place was full of fucking drunk heads and I didn’t have any better ideas, so I listened. Apparently, there were a few working cars at the OOO Car Factory close to the exit of the town up near Myru Ave. He said he needed help finding some fuel and carrying it there. You can’t really hold a fuel can and shoot at the same time or so my dumb ass believed him. Next morning we set off to make our escape. We looked around town but didn’t really find anything, so we decided to push closer to the factory. The fucking things were everywhere but this Artyom fuck seemed not to give a shit. Again my dumbass didn’t question it and before we knew it, we were standing in the pitch black with nothing but dog shit and tomatoes to our name. Fuck me. We broke into some school and slept there for the night. He told me he really needed that car, his wife was sick in Velyki or some small town fuck knows where north of here. Apparently, he came here to get some meds and he showed me some antibiotics and shit. I mean, it’s the end of the fucking world who am I to question him. We woke up and tried again. I remembered an Okko Gas Station close to the hospital, which was in our direction anyway so we went there to check it out. I went inside while Artyom was checking the pumps. The store room was easy to get into, after searching it I opened a door to the next room and wouldn’t you know this fucking drunk head flew out on top of me, looking to give me one last goodnight kiss. Snake or not, Artyom knew what was going on and shot it deader than it already was. Problem was it alerted all these fuckers around, which, if you hadn’t already fucking guessed, was more than a lot. We made a run for the hospital with them hot on our tail, then barricaded ourselves inside. Another day, another fucking failure. At that moment I thought of him as a brother. Saved me from death and all that. Told him a bit about myself. How I was once sober but now I can’t be asked to keep it that way. He laughed with me. What a fucking actor. Next day we kept moving up the road. There was an ANP gas station and opposite of it a car part store quite close to the factory, so it sounded like the perfect spot, almost too good to be true. Our golden spot wasn’t just ours, there was another man there when we arrived, covered in muck and carrying… a fuel can. I heard people see shit in the desert, well I at that moment I thought I was in fucking Sahara. “I need that fuel. Should we rob him?” I couldn’t believe that this houseman Artyom was asking me to rob someone. Well, I’ve done it before so fuck if I cared. Ran up to the guy, didn’t say a word and just took him down. If I were born in America I’d be a fucking megastar football player. I told Artyom to come tie this shit head on the ground. He comes up and instead of fucking taking out the rope, he pulled his gun and smacked me in the face with it. Mother fucking snake. And then guess what, more fucking idiots showed up. Fucking picked me up from the ground and started laying in punches like fucking savages. Made me spit 2 of my teeth out just for agreeing to rob this dirty fuck. And if this shit couldn’t get any worse, snake Artyom picked up by last bottle of vodka and smashed in on my head, fucking waster of resources. And when I thought it was over that dirty fuck gets right over my body with a the stupidest grin I have ever seen and starts going on a monologue as to how I am the scum of the Earth or some shit. They fucking took my guns too. What am I going to rob people with now, my fucking tuna? Artyom… Stupid bitches. No clue who they are but fuck them. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So you wonder who we are… where we’ve been… what we’ve done. Crisis has brought out the animal within our fellow man. Fear, desperation, greed and selfishness push them to openly defy what is right, turning away the weak and hungry, taking from those who have done them no wrong, hoarding what little provisions remain in this world, all justified by the world around them collapsing into primitive tribalism. So, you are undoubtedly asking yourself in a world where there used to be limits, but are no more, who will step in and stop those that have gone too far? The answer is us. We have no name, many of us are right-minded men and women that just grabbed a gun and a vest, some of us are trained, some of us did harm like the people we aim to correct, we all come from different places but are united by one common desire: to right as many wrongs as we can, for as long as we’re able. @AndreyQ - John Smith @APositiveElmo - Jora Ilyich @APositivePara - Riley Pearce @Realize - George Banks @SquirtleKitty - Tessa Graham @Mugin - Tomas Linhart @Conor - Grzegorz Kowalski @Wolfen - Lawrence De Jesus @Ron - Olek Kowalski @Terra - Iva Lasek @Hofer - Filip Bila @MajooRB - Viktor Novak @Dr Brandon - John Wesson @RoCKiE - Alexander Rudnik @Kordruga - Kyle McMaster @Jannik - Kasper Nielsen @Ducky - Tymon Pasternak @Franny - Lidia Wojcik @groovy azu - Steven Shillingford @Watchman - Jakub Christiansen @DrMax - Leo Montgomery @Ozh - Orion Zitchev @George - Kenny Kong @groovy willsky - Dobieslaw Krakowiak - Actively test people's morals and beliefs (Ongoing) - Confront those that defy the good morals we believe in (Ongoing) - Stop individuals/groups from working for and/or assisting bandits. (Ongoing) - Assist those that align with our views (Ongoing) - Locate a good spot and gather supplies for a potential HQ/safezone (day 1050) - Find a bard that can spread the tales of John Smith and his bandit hunters across the region (day 1020) - Turn the 503 into the 0. (Ongoing | Currently: 468) - Gather information about the mission of the new Corporation wave in Livonia (day 1020) - Find the distributor of Nirvana (day 1070) Completed goals: We are currently looking only for people that can handle themselves in a fight. If you are interested in joining the group you can send an application following the format below to @AndreyQ and/or @APositiveElmo. Age: Country(Timezone): DayZRP Experience: Previous Clans: What was the best RP scenario you participated in: Briefly explain what the group is about: Why would you like to join us?: Your activity in a week (the times you are usually on): Are you willing to start a new character for the group?: Brief backstory: Character skills:
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    It's funny how people always have recordings for their kill compilations but never when a report goes up
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    From the album: Iroslav's Journey

    We give a final salute to our old home
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    Thank you @bunny & @ScouseViking and all of the people who have been involved for the roleplay today Thank you @DrMax & @Ron Love you both @Wolfen I love your roleplay, funny as fuck.
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    Since bladed weapons are exclusively used for PvE elements of the game and since said bladed weapons seem to be made out of bronze and last for around eight interactions. I would like to suggest an addition to our crafting recipe's. In the form of a craftable sharpening stone. So. Instead of just stat buffing melee weps like has been suggested before. I think this would be a much more immersive way of alleviating the, current, unrealistic situation of steel alloy melting due to the titanium that is a zombies head or crumbling due to the beskar that is small sticks. Furthermore. In terms of crafting, i would suggest hooking into the pre-existing recipe of a stone knife adding the extra option of "Sharpening Stone" This would also add to the survival aspect of the game, using and understanding your environment to make your life easier. IE where to find stones and where to find the right terrain to turn said stone into a sharpening stone. Its a little thing but little things add up when it comes to immersion. Finally. As far as balance is concerned, I personally can not think of anything that would make this mechanic broken. However i will admit i have not toiled over this idea for more than a day or so. I could easily of overlooked something that may seem obvious to others, if anyone thinks of anything that makes this broken, do share. (Also Devs, i'm assuming tinkering with crafting recipe's is something you as a team are capable of, if not then disregard this suggestion as it would then be irrelevant)
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    Eagles a big boy, im sure he will be just fine without roleplaying a nazi.
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    Thanks for the great RP today lads.
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    I 100% agree that groups should stop coming back so many times. It's just big . I'd much rather have people use some creativity and start something new. Unfortunately I don't think moderating it will do much, people are just gonna start the exact same thing under a new name.
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    From the album: Ivar's Ledger

    The Family grows ,the loss has stopped at least for now. We all have our role. Some here, some there. “Most people learn to save themselves by artificially limiting the content of consciousness.”
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    Hello lads, just a bit of feedback from John focking Joyce. I want to thank you lads for the amazing RP I got today. From the moment you guys captured me just outside the hospital to the very end where we had to build your walls. All of it was fun and you guys made sure we didn't get bored. It has been a fucking long time since I got captured but im happy it happened. Thank you! A tip: Some people will maybe not enjoy the really long period of time you guys held us. Maybe make it a bit shorter next time. (I enjoyed it though )
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