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Server time (UTC): 2023-03-23 02:59

There are several requirements you must meet in order to be able to join DayZRP. Before you even start registering or applying, make sure that you meet all of them to avoid unnecessary questions, blacklist or even a ban.

  • Be mature. The recommended age for joining the community is 18, due to the mature content created by the players in-game. However we will allow younger players as long as they behave and role play maturely, play as an appropriate character suited to their voice type and they are under parental supervision.
  • Have a clean, long standing and reputable Steam account. In order to prevent cheaters, griefers and otherwise unwanted people from joining the community, you'll need a clean and long standing Steam account. Smurf accounts or private accounts are not allowed and if you have a VAC ban it must be at least 1 year (365 days) old.

You need an account on the website in order to be a member of the community. You can create an account by clicking on the "Sign up" button at the top right of the website and filling in the required information.

You are only allowed to have ONE (1) account. If you ever have any trouble accessing or recovering your account, do not create a new account! Instead contact us using the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of every page. If you do create multiple accounts, all of them will be banned and you will have to create a ban appeal explaining yourself.

You can apply to get whitelisted on the whitelist page, here you'll be asked to link your Steam account, answer a couple of questions about the rules to make sure you've read trough them and fully understand them and are asked to write your application.

Applications are usually handled within 48 hours, but can sometimes take several days depending on how many applications there are. You'll receive a notification on the website when the status of your application changes, so visit the website often. Your application won't be over looked, so asking "how long is it going to take?" is pointless.

While you are waiting for your whitelist to get accepted we suggest reading through the newcomer guide, it contains a ton of important and useful information as well as an instructional video on how to role-play properly. Also feel free to introduce yourself to the community by making a post in the newcomers forum.

In order to play on DayZRP and connect to the server you will need to create a character page. This page describes the character that you will be playing in-game. You can create a character page by going to "DayZ" at the top of the page and selecting "Characters" from the drop-down menu.

Here you will be met with a page that shows the "Top Played Characters" and the "Most Recent Characters". It will also have two buttons at the top-right of the page, a green one on the left for creating a new character and a red one on the right for managing your characters. You can start creating a character by pressing the green "Create new character" button on the left.

All characters need a few things in order to be valid:

  • A full first and last name - this must be exactly the same as the name you will be using in game.
  • A picture - can be any picture found on Google Images or similar service that in some way represents your character. Pictures of realistic humans only, no cartoon or fictional/sci-fi themes are allowed.
  • A date of birth - for reference how old your character is.
  • A 500+ character backstory - this can be the same as the one you wrote when applying for whitelist, or completely new, it's up to you.

The rest of the fields are optional and you can fill them in if you want to.

The character you make on the character page does not have to be the same one you described during the whitelist process and you are always free to create and start playing a new character if you want to. You can also have multiple characters and switch between them any time you like (with consideration of rules like Combat Logging of course).

Head over to your Steam games library and download DayZ. Once it's downloaded, either double click it or right click and choose "Play Game" to start the DayZ Launcher. DO NOT use "Run DayZ client" as that will start the game directly, without the launcher or mods.

In order to play on DayZRP you will need our DayZRP mod that changes some aspects of gameplay and adds new items, as well some other public mods from Steam Workshop. The easiest and quickest way to do that is by subscribing to our mod collection on the Steam workshop and letting the DayZ Launcher update it.

DayZRP.com Server Collection page on Steam Workshop

Click "Subscribe to all" button. Then run the DayZ Launcher and it will download required mods for you.

Before launching the game you need to make sure that the required mods are enabled and in correct order, you can do so by going to "Mods" in the DayZ Launcher and checking that all mods which are listed on the DayZRP.com Server Collection page on Steam Workshop are under "Loaded mods", they are in the same order and the boxes next to them are checked. The order is important when it comes to some mods. Community Framework (CF) should ALWAYS be loaded first, while DayZRP mod should ALWAYS be loaded last. Otherwise you will receive script errors on startup.

Next, you will also have to set your character name by going to "Parameters", checking the "Profile Name" box and entering your character name. This has to be the EXACT same name as your active character's name on the character page.

After you've done all that you simply hit the "Play" button at the bottom left of the launcher, this should start up DayZ with the mods loaded. From here you'll have to go to the server browser, go the "Community servers" tab and search for "DayZRP.com".

You are now set and ready to start playing. We suggest playing a more peaceful and / or neutral character in the beginning so that you can observe and learn from other players about how things work in practice and what the expectations from players are in game. We get a lot of newcomers who try to play bad-ass murderer bandit characters on their first day and get hit by a ban-hammer fairly quickly when they break the rules by killing someone they weren't allowed to based on their experience from other servers or communities.

If this is your first time role playing on a strict RP server there is a useful video guide by one of our community members that can help you get started, you can find it here.

If you want to customize your characters look in-game then make sure to check out our Item Shop, you can purchase items from this store which you will be able to spawn in instantly in game. Don't worry, this is completely optional and you can find all the items in-game as well if you look for them, but it saves some time if you have a certain outfit in mind for your character.

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