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  2. Welcome back to the community! I think I've met you in game before as well.
  3. Aiko

    Stupid Rule???

    Keep in mind these are from two years ago but just as this was made, there were threads made about the opposite. Also keep in mind that opinions change in time, so who knows now. One has a poll, that was 10 off of people wanting it changed. Meaning to me pretty even at the time. There are probably more but these two are from 2016 when you forgot about who killed you. Things change though, so who knows what the difference will be now.
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  5. Where can I find the suggestion / discussion / poll page these good amount of people wanted this? So it is clear how many people wanted this, and how many didn't, and how many didn't vote
  6. I mean to be fair, this does sum up pretty much every other day in DayZRP nowadays. When the only hostile RP that realistically is "allowed" is Revenge RP , shit gets petty, boring and repetative, and let's not even talk about the sociological implications of this, Or may I remind you all one of the "Pillar problems" that keeps cropping up atm is OOC hate? Doesn't exactly help when the only Hostile RP is 100% personnel "you fucked me up, I'ma fuck you up" over and over again)
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    Good luck mate. 

  10. Eagle

    Stupid Rule???

    I asked when I was in staff for people to forget what happened to them if they died, but nothing was done and this is what this rule allows and it's stupid.
  11. I wasn't saying you were contradicting yourself, I was saying the people that were complaining that they were getting robbed and executed and couldn't do anything were contradicting themselves due to the fact they shouldn't have been getting executed during a robbery. Robberies for gear is a rule break, but if you're getting extremely good RP you shouldn't care about gear anyways etc.
  12. I’m not sure how I am contradicting myself. The point I made was that these rules were set in place to develop relations between people and groups. You can take people hostage and “double tap” them and that’s that. Nothing else from that, just a quick robbery and he’s dead and there’s no developing that story. I never mentioned anything about gear, I’m not sure what point you’re trying to make. Gear is never a factor when it comes to making the rules, stuff it’s so easy to obtain, when people are upset about it, it makes me laugh. Its moreso developing more prolonging stories between people.
  13. This in itself is full of contradictions. If you're robbing someone just for gear, that in itself is a rule break. If you get executed in a robbery then you did something wrong, because a person coming up to you to steal your gear doesn't have execution rights unless you give it to them, or you don't comply. If someone comes up to you and robs you and they're giving you extremely good roleplay and in the end they have execution rights, you shouldn't be sitting there thinking about getting them back for it at the end of the day. Gear is gear, you can always get gear back...I understand the frustration if it's just someone taking your gear for that sake and not giving you RP at all though. This however is the reason there are permadeath rules on most RP communities. It forces you to take a long hard look at the actions you make in game so you don't have a million people just running around robbing people with no repercussions. You manage to rob someone on a non-permadeath server such as this, you've just filled your stash at someone else's expense. You fail? So what, you've probably succeeded more than you've failed, you go loot what you lost in your stash, and now on this server you can apparently seek revenge as well because you remember someone shot you for robbing them. These rules allow for a vicious non ending cycle of abuse. These rules should take into account a certain amount of realism and logic as well. You would logically make sure someone was dead and not give them a chance to seek revenge, but since people choose their deaths, you would realistically then put into place a rule to deal with unending revenge cycles, that's why a rule about remembering things is usually in place. If people aren't going to perma and they just get to remember what happened to them, I think I'm going to focus on what the point of doing any hostile RP is a lot more heavily than my RP being affected over not being able to get revenge for being robbed...
  14. The story of Jack Pope starts when I was 21, I was part of the British Army and at this time I was a Sergeant, i served 2 Runs in Afghanistan so I wasnt scared of conflinct, on the 10th of July 2017, I heard Rumors that some of my fellow collegues were getting deployed in secret to Chernorus so I was interest and want to know what was going on. on the 11th i got called by one of my superiors and got told what was going on in Chernorus ' I never thought that is was going to happen in my lifetime' I was thinking to myself and they wanted for me to go and help where needed, obviously I wasnt going to say no as I want to help as much as possible so i said Yes and I was flown out that day with a handful of my collegues. We arrived later that day, from the information I was told the best course of action was to go to Chernogorsk area and provide help amougst the checkpoints and Military camps and Refugee safe zones, on the 12th we awoke for sleep to find mass traffic jams and Infected attacking those stuck, we got ready as fast as possible and headed to the traffic jams to help people and kill the infected attack people when I got back with my other collegue I was unregrettably informed that 2 of my men were bited and taken to he closest medical centre for treatment so I decided that the best course of action for there was to stay at Kameka outpost to help people, on the 18th my collegues were asking if they can go home and trying to come up with excuses to get home and I wasnt having none of it and they even tried to desert the mission but I forced them to stay or they would be arrested. on the 19th the local military asked me if me and my collegues could go on a patrol to Zelenogorsk, I said Yes as I would normally do anything to help and we went, about half way through the Patrol my collegues were acting weird but as It was probably the first time they had Patrolled i didnt play them any mind but about 5 minutes after seeing them acting weird everything went black and i woke up about 2 weeks later in this lady's cabin not knowing anything but my name and I was part of the British Army and thats where my survival begins
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  17. I get all your points. As someone that used to enforce these rules back in the day, I’m more for the old rules. But, I’m prepared to enforce the new rules because of the main reasoning for having them in place to start with. Before, you could take a someone hostage without much risk. You don’t have to worry about them running back to the group to cause more hostility, causing somewhat risk free intiations. If you took someone hostage and killed them, there wouldn’t be anything else really to prolonge the buildup between the two parties. People complained about it in the past where they would get robbed and executed by someone, and they’d come across the same guy again but not able to do anything because of the rules. It can get in the way of your role play because all you’ll be thinking is “That fucker robbed me the other day! I can’t do anything about it!” So I can see that it was added to attempt to build up more relationships down the line with more repercussions. I’ll probably add to this, just at work atm.
  18. Darra

    Stupid Rule???

    The one problem with discussing things like this in a forum setting is we only get to hear one side of the story. And a very short side of the story at that. So, I’m not going to comment on either player’s role play or lack of role play. As someone who was taken hostage often early on in my DayZRP career because of my association with Camp 101, I can tell you it was just as awkward not being able to “remember” what happened after being shot and waking up on the coast as it is now being able to remember. But, if I have to choose a side, then I’m with Rolle on this one. There should be consequences for the choices we make in game. Sometimes we get burned when we play with fire. It’s the chance we take when we choose to initiate. And as for the dude’s wound, maybe it was just a mosquito bite flesh wound. Maybe that’s how he role played it out. Or maybe not.
  19. Ty for the support buddy. Zombieland is my fav movie ever
  20. it's quite fairly stupid in a sense of realism.. say someone takes hostile actions towards me but I end up victorious.. I'd made sure that whoever I kill i'd make sure he's dead for good with a double tap. it's an apocalypse after all. Why kill a person and then have chance the person isn't actually dead and comes back for you. If I was to come across someone i'd shot in the head a day ago,and he isn't braindead i'd say the rule is 'p game breaking.
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    Stupid Rule???

    To be fair, Europe is sleeping. well, waking up.
  23. @Roland I hope we've made some movement with ye. I don't think i've seen a comment on here that agrees with the current NLR system. Hopefully something can be done and that would be amazing since i just came in here to rant xD
  24. Zero

    Stupid Rule???

    It is all over the place. Nothing makes any sense.
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