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  2. The Last Light

    Bring back those LIFE vibes
  3. DayZ SA modding discussion

  4. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Money, hands down. I could do whatever I wanted, and the last thing I'd want to the media shoving their noses into my business. Fuck fame. Would you rather loose both legs or your dominant arm?
  5. kRCvuHt2.jpg

    Hello there beautiful, massage my heart from the inside.

  6. Evening All!

    Hey! I'm Jack. Another British guy. I spent many many hours playing with DayZ Mod. I fell in love with the game. And with Role Playing. I have recently purchased my new gaming computer, along with a copy of Standalone. I will clock up the 10 necessary hours as quickly as possible, and I look forward to playing with you all very soon! Kind regards, Jak
  7. DayZ SA modding discussion

    I'm giving this about a twenty mins before this gets merged or closed....
  8. Jack Bullshaw

    Growing up in the rough neighborhoods of Hemel, no more than 20 miles north of London, was never going to be easy. An only child with divorced parents at 4. Sure, two birthdays and Christmas's was great. But that's about as far as the fairy tale goes. Living with an abusive mother, torment and neglect had become a daily chore. I only felt safe and at home with my father on the nice estate in town. But he had to work. And boy, did that man work hard. I rarely do talk about what he did for a living, but he spent the majority of my teen years and early twenties in prison. And I still don't want to talk about it. I spent far too many years putting up with that wretched woman dragging me up. I'm not a bad guy. I'm really not. It was self defense. She didn't deserve it. No one deserves what I did to her. But I don't want to talk about that either. To save myself from joining my father, I had to run. With the unification of the western world, there is no where safe for me. Chernarus seemed like a small, peaceful country when I arrived. I planned on keeping myself to myself, keep my nose down and live off the land. No tech. No TV. No radio. It was bliss... for now more than a week... I just wanted to get away from it, but violence and anguish seems to follow my every step. I am a good man. I am a good man. I am a good man. I am a good man. I am a good man. // I'm sure Jack will open up more about his past as he gets comfortable in his new home.
  9. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Not Trump. Trump doesn't do one on ones, he needs more people. Money or fame? Can't have both. If you choose money, you aren't noticed at all. If you choose fame, you won't ever be rich.
  10. The truth will set you free...

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      xD Sorry I had to.

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  11. 'Before vs After' Screenshot Edits

    To be honest with you I'm really new to editing, and I feel that I'm not experienced enough to teach much yet. I actually learn as I go, and I am still learning more and more for each edit. My top secret is to just play around enough with the pictures in any editing-software (could even be some shady free website) until you feel comfortable with it. Like I did with my recent one for example, I was messing with the saturation to go for a theme (originally had Halloween in mind) but it reminded me of something completely else, so I went with that other idea. From then on I just messed around until I had something that I felt was decent enough to post here and if nothing else works, just google some tutorials made by real pros (:
  12. Its a whooole neewww worrlld! 


  13. Morgan Foster

    Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice and a Master's Degree in Forensic Science. Joined the FBI in 2013 and still considers himself to be an agent to this day. After two years of working white collar crimes and bank robberies, Foster was sent back to Quantico Virginia for training. He then transferred to the Washington DC field office to work in a counter-terrorism task force. In 2017, the FBI heard rumors of a disease spreading through Chernarus, but it was much more than that. The FBI decided to send Foster and his task force, who had experience with bioweapons and evidence collection, to Chernarus to try to find out what was happening. Determining if this was a weapon or just an unfortunate plague was the Bureau's top priority. However, this was outside of their jurisdiction, so the group of 4 agents had to be discreet with their investigation. The agents arrived at the Krasnostov airfield where they were met with military presence. Mass evacuations were taking place. Mass panic caused departing flights to delay. Soon, fights broke out. As the days went on, the agents realized this was much more than they could handle and needed an evac. The runways were littered with military vehicles and bodies, there was no way an aircraft could land safely. Days turned to weeks, the agents were attacked often. To Foster, it seemed each day brought the death of a teammate, until he was the only one left. He continues to investigate this case and still considers himself an FBI Special Agent. He seeks assistance in his efforts, and hopes to find a large group to settle in with until he can make it back home.
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    This song gives me feels.

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      Yes. It does

  14. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    certainly not dayzrp who would win in a one on one fist fight between trump and kim jong un?
  15. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Never get tired, could use the extra time to make all food taste amazing. Favorite Dayz community involving RP?
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    MI GENERAL *salutes*

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      *salutes in front of helicopter*

  16. Quigley Ko

    Quigley Ko was born on the 2nd of December 1997, in Durban, South Africa. About a year later, his sister Eave Ko was born. As a child, Quigley was often upset that he had to share affections from his parents with his newly born sister, and has always felt a little distant from them as a result of this. However, this had not made him resentful towards his sister. In his early years, around 6 or 7, while on a family trip to a large shopping mall, he noticed a man hurriedly grab his sister’s hand and pull her away from his family, into the crowd. Quigley, frightened and shocked, pushed his way through the crowd and attempted to find where they had gone. After tracking the man for a few minutes, Quigley managed to catch up to them as they was about to leave the mall with Eave, and screamed as loud as he could. This sent the man running, and several nearby people rushed to the children to find out what happened. Since this incident, although Quigley still felt neglected by his parents (without reason, most would say), he formed a strong protective attachment to his sister. In late June of 2017, Quigley was enrolled and studying forensic sciences at a university in South Africa, while living at home with his parents and sister. His cousin James, an English teacher in Solnichniy, Chernarus invited him to come abroad during his university vacation. Eager for his first opportunity to travel out of the country, Quigley accepted, but not without first inviting his sister to join him. This would turn out to be one of the biggest regrets of his life. On the 11th of July, Quigley and Eave were awakened by James and ushered towards the TV, which was broadcasting news of the infection and resulting chaos. It wasn’t long after they saw the waves of refugees spilling into their town that they decided they needed to leave, or risk being infected. James suggested that the trio make their way along the coast to the larger cities, and try to reach the airport, or find government assistance. The day before they were set to leave town James started scratching at his skin. Eave noticed a rash had begun to spread across his body, and whispered this information to Quigley when James was out of earshot. Fearing the worst, and knowing little about how the infection might spread, Quigley silently decided that he and his sister needed to leave that night, to avoid the possibility of becoming infected. When darkness fell, Quigley shook his sister awake, and told her that it was time to leave. With a few cans of food, and some supplies that James had stashed away, the two set off West into the woods. Quigley figured that if their town had been swarmed with virus-carrying refugees, the bigger cities were sure to be death-zones. Abandoning their earlier plan of moving to the biggest cities along the coast, the siblings left their cousin to his fate.
  17. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Are we talking about the administrative team? Cuz then my answer is all of them. Every single one that takes their time and uses it to make this community progress. Without any of them, we would be nowhere. All food tastes amazing, or you would never get tired ever again?
  18. Eave Ko

    Eave Ko was born on October 13th 1998 in Durban, South Africa. Her mother, Grace Ko, treated her and her brother, Quigley, with love and compassion. Her father, Whillis Ko, however, was very distant. He rarely spoke to Eave and when he did, he would call her strange and abnormal, as she didn't talk much and only wore dark colours. When Eave was about 6 years old, her mother took her and Quigley to a local shopping mall. While her mother was distracted, a tall man with a black coat grabbed Eave by the hand and pulled her into the crowd. She was overwhelmed by all the people surrounding her and struggled to break free of the man's grasp. Everyone surrounding her looked like giants and she felt suffocated. She couldn't scream. For some reason, her throat felt dry and the words weren't coming out. She tried screaming again and a piercing shriek filled her ears. It was Quiqley. It startled the stranger and he let go of Eave's arm and ran through the crowd. Nearby people rushed towards the children to find out what happened. Quigley had saved her. The rest of that day was a blur to Eave. Ever since then, she has found it difficult to open up to people and is distrustful. The only person she can talk to is her brother. At the start of 2017, while Eave was taking photographs for her Photography college assignment, her brother shared some news with her that their cousin, James Lategan (23) an English teacher in Solnichniy in Chernarus, wants Quigley to visit him. Quigley was ecstatic and wanted Eave to come along too. James had always visited at least once or twice a year, but now it was Eave and Quigley's turn to visit him. Their trip was scheduled for some time at the end of June 2017, as that's when both Quigley and Eave had college holidays. June came quicker than ever, and it was time for Eave and Quigley to leave for Solnichniy. They said their goodbyes to their parents, Grace giving Eave a loving hug and heartwarming kiss on the cheek, while her father gave her a small nod of his head. On the 11th of July, Eave and Quigley were suddenly awakened by James. The T.V. was blaring the news of the infection. Quigley decided that they needed to leave. The day before they were set to leave, Eave noticed something strange about James. He kept scratching a rash that had spread across his body like wildfire. She secretly alerted Quigley. That night, Eave was awakened by Quigley. She heard painful murmurs coming from James and Quigley quickly told her that they had to get out of the house, because James is infected. She didn't really understand, but she trusted Quigley and would do anything that he said, so with a few supplies from James' house, Eave and Quigley went West into the woods, without James...
  19. Let's all get to know each-other a lot better!

    Grizzly Favorite owner of dayzrp
  20. That Sabaton got me like 


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      In the army now or life time of war, not sure what song i should use....

  21. bring back the triangle pls 

  22. DayZ SA modding discussion

    With the climbing anticipation of mod support coming to DayZ, I've been asking around with friends of mine about what they've expected out of it and what they would possibly want to see done with said mods. I want to find out what it is people would want from the modding community to assist DayZ as a game and possibly the ideas of making DayZ RP a much better community with the additions of mods. (This is excluding features already planned like the new player controller and such) My mind has wondered quite a lot about the possibilities modding could give us as a RP community. New ways to interact with players and the world. New countries (maps) and the possibility of hordes of infected. As well as thE possibility of hostile AI humans.
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