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    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    Good read toez
  3. nisbo

    Interview With A Community Member: ToeZies

    toez and his super low speed crash
  4. I understand the point also but I dont think the issue is group size. Its hotspots. Even big groups have people spread in different areas However, I like that theres hotspots. It gives you somewhere to head if you want interaction, and a place to avoid if you dont.
  • Drezen

    What music describes your character

    What can i say, my character loves his country.
  • Rover

    Linking Discord Server

    Hello everyone. After a number of helpdesk conversations, I'm making this guide for those that search the forums first. This brief guide is for you if you are experiencing the below issues: I want to link my Discord for the first time. (Skip Unlinking step) I want to relink my Discord because I joined with the wrong one. I don't have my roles on Discord anymore/or I upgraded my premium and Discord doesn't show it yet. I got banned from the Discord server and I can't join it again because I am already on it. 1.) UNLINKING YOUR CURRENT DISCORD Check to see if your discord is already linked. (Skip this if you've never linked it before). Log in on the forum. Click on your name at the top right. Click on Account Settings. Click on 'Discord'. You will see your current login, if you have one, as well as the 'Sign Out' button. Click the sign out button. This unlinks you. 2.) PROPERLY LINKING NEW DISCORD Go to www.discord.com and make sure you are logged into the account you want to use. Go to www.dayzrp.com, and login to your account. Click the discord banner located by scrolling down on the homepage (or any page on the forum, for the most part). Link the account. You will now have the server in your discord. Done.
  • coolman23

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Ah, thats a shame, but im sure you love your group... Do know there will always be another time that we can take your priest in
  • andysuter

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    ah man, if i hadnt just joined the railroad group i'd have jumped onboard with my priest character. He was the island priest in the quarantined group.
  • Johnny Navid

    The Messengers - Open Recruitment

    Good luck with this. Met this group, Creepy yet understanding. Nice RP hope to see you guys again
  • security guard for 23 years on vacation in Russia when the events unfolded in 2017 in southern Zegoria
  • Left the chernarussian Nationalist group, reformed and now traveling the road as part of the Railroad group
  • Hofer


    I miss GIF verdicts

    1. Voodoo


      I do aswell

    2. Hofer


      Make them a thing again @Voodoo

  • Me and Vegas the one you had hostage were both headed down to Cherno i was about 200 metres ahead of him in the town when he says some people are rolling up on him so i turn around he then says hes putting his hands up so i run asap to get vision on him when i do you are just entering the tree line with a gun pointed at him i wait for your guy too slow down and take the shot then follow up on the second guy before scanning to see you running away in the tree line i tell my boys the direction and we spread out to give chase after a few minutes i had to eat IRL so i left south then norway says he sees someone at vyshnoye well describes you vegas identifies you and they kill you. No video here
  • Arri Graham POV: Met some sketchy dudes at GM following Oiram in a car, I ran to cover Oiram we speak shortly then leave. Oiram the flips the car, so we leave car to meet with Vegas in Kozlovka. As soon as we hit the town north-west of Kozlovka we hear "Ok i'm putting my hands up" Helix spots them escorting vegas from the south headed north, so Oiram and I attempt to cut them off. Unfortunately for them Helix brains two of them and the third guy ditches his friends and runs away so Oiram and I bloodhound him. Oiram spots him east of Pulkovo so we tail him all the way to Vyshnoe, we hold eyes on him as he sprints through the woods until Vyshnoe until he stops to drink from the well so I brain him knowing he had A. Initiated on Vegas, B. Ditched his homies and fled, and C. Would probably try to shoot me if I talked to him. So I did the same thing any careful man with defense rights would do, I brained him with my FAL. No video
  • OiramRP

    KOS in Vyshnoye (Possible Metagaming / Green Mountain)

    Me and my boys just met some edgy guys at GM so we decide to get some of our boys around as we were in a car. Later on because of my shit driving skills we crashed in Zeleno and decide to meet up with my boy scouts that were heading around Kazlovka. Shortly after my boy @Real VegasRP goes ''Okay yeah im puttin my hands up'' before cutting communicationme and my boy @NorwayRP decide to run towards kazlovka to try and rescue the young lad. However, before we could even get in view of the hostiles, my boy @Helix pulls up and blow out a few brains. I get eyes and decide to run towards my boy vegas. He then comes back on the radio and tell me and norway its the boys from GM, and that he ran towards New Paris. Me and norway do our classic bloodhound maneuvre and I see a guy the looks exactly like the guy from GM just past the north-eastern hay bale and I be like hmmm. I describe him over the radio to my boy scout vegas and he confirms it is him. I chase him through fire and flames and spot him again entering Vyshnoye. I wait up a bit so that my boy Norway can catch up and then we do a push for the blood that the bloodhounds were looking for. Norway steals my kill and I get pissy about it. That about it. No video evidence, my bad staff
  • POV: We're heading back to cherno after another scrap when I'm run up on by 3 guys in the field, sketched out i pull my gun and begin to converse with them relaying everything i say to my boys on the radio, they initiate i double mic saying "okay putting my hands up" or something along those lines, we walk into the treeline closest to kozlovka where two of the hostiles get splattered. I drop my hands and grab a radio to inform my guys what the clothing of the 3rd was and they hunt him down finding him in vyshnoe where he's killed. Really wouldn't be difficult to find me as I was maybe 100 metres away on a road from where they initially held me up. No vid on my end cause my pc is garbo.
  • WombatLover69

    Legion Corporation - Recruitment [CLOSED]

    Welcome @Undead looking forward to rp with you again
  • FalkRP

    • FalkRP
    • Phoenyxx

    Your roleplay for a Canadian Armed Forces Captain is lifelike 

    1. Phoenyxx


      Do i see flame?

      flame thrower fire GIF

    2. FalkRP



  • POV: @FknSnow, @TheMcCafeMenu, and I had spotted a man just east of Green Mountain, running in the forest. We follow him for a while, far behind, making sure he doesn't notice us. We manage to catch up, and as I approach him I shout to catch his attention. As I ptt he pulls his M4 out and turns, startled. We ask him if he needs anything and he replies no, so I walk behind him slowly. I pull my gun out and tell him to put his gun away and drop his radio. He complies quickly, using ptt often but never shouts to his radio, and had his hands up for 90% of the encounter. @TheMcCafeMenu finds that his radio doesn't even have a battery in it, yet I disregard that comment and tell him to keep his eyes peeled. We walk the man into the nearest tree line quickly, and as we enter it I am shot in the head. No video evidence unfortunately.
  • Hebirura

    The Dollars

    > approved 3 days later Well that lasted long didn't it?
  • Server and location: S1: Vyshnoye / Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:50 Your in game name: Stan Dahmer Names of allies involved: @TheMcCafeMenu @Miles Benson Name of suspect/s: Legion corp(?) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I'm with a couple friends, running to our destination, when we spot a man. We had just run into a group we all dislike so we thought we should rob him for information. He immediately pulls his gun out as we start talking to him, assuming he didn't know we were there until he approached, so he had somehow contacted his friends, while holding down the ptt on the radio and while holding a gun. We hold him up and start heading to towards the forest near green mountain. Suddenly, @Miles Benson is shot in the head. Mind you, we had the man put his hands up and took his radio, making it impossible to make radio contact. (Them finding us is possible through him telling them beforehand but I'm still skeptical. Video evidence would help a lot from the opposing side). While we are taking fire, I decide to flee, (through a forest or two) as there are too many of them. @TheMcCafeMenu dies sometime as I am running. I end up at a barn and talk to someone who could have been with the Legion (Same type of accent, running the same direction) and I talk to him in the barn for a while as I watch the door with my gun. He says he has to leave and I run off. I make my way through more woods, turning corners and such so It's very hard to track me. I get water in Vyshnoye and head inside a building to drink. I walk outside and seconds later I am shot down. (I assume it was legion but I'm not sure.) Mind you, I had changed a few clothing items and taken off my mask so I looked different. They ID'd me based on my color pallet if it was them, ignoring the fact that they had to positively find out my identity before shooting me. Regardless, if they somehow tracked me the whole way, they had many chances to shoot me in the back.
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      i dont get it

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      Slava John Johnson!

  • Scarlett

    Attention Ladies Once Again!

    *mary sits on the bed having just woken up and takes the radio and presses the PTT* "Count me in I never went to the last one i could use a girls night out to let my hair down and forget my worries not like that would be hard I forget things all the time now. Will find some alcohol to take to the party"
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